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What are they are responsible for? Seventy five? It's a nice numbered visible by five. It is like that. I'm suggesting the main thing that numbers That's what I taught Matt. You taught map of suitable kids, how to do percentages so they could learn markups and stores. Oh wow, that's fantastic! No one! There get screwed air which is most the time. Is it turns yeah with them? I had to explain them cds work as they were young. That's the grave crisis that what's gonna, get that's what's going on cover compact disc human, when you by your first compact, is like having ten mp3s on it Why would we have ten mp3s? Because you got another technology at the back of my favorite senses, I don't care, they serve to explain something. I don't care.
Cut him off, they look shocked and hurt. Are you waits or you really Sweden docile here, but are you a bastard, oh yeah, I gotta take unmarried yet somewhere and that's a neglected area sit down in shipping routes and shorter Maria, just just the horrible trade genetically. Even if you try to do that, I feel like if one of them just started to like like scratch behind your ear. He beat it out here you have. My leg starts to shake Elsa Land. I roll onto my belly, like the word YA, get at heart dogs, tough, it's really leg. It first, like all sciences fund than go. No, all my weakness is now. I know why part dogs should not each argument. Teach substitute teaching but we're fun. Disney movie is great. This episode of the podcast sponsored by stamps that come, do you like going to the Post office Kyle now nobody, the final vote as part on
probably feel some sort of particularly angry? We really are postal men coming by their dogs, natural enemy, after cats. Ok, good, so use barking and then they won't take my package because I'm the man whose bargain you is this: let's call you a cane o Safian. I like it. Ok, you get angry going into the post. No half will now you have a solution. You don't have to go to the post office. You can take your paws and type in standstill com. You can way out. I write ramps, not wrong, like a dog would visit still take as their its racist against came sapiently. I can say it, I'm gonna save me I know, but when Scooby do came out, it was very Oh man anyway audience BBC. Now his whole body throws it needs.
Then collapsed under his own? Just ITALY's hit me just like a thousand pounds. Yes, is like being shot like s just point blank with gig: let's do the message coming from but serves our makes. It super easy to predict the exact posted you need right. You have it they're, gonna, A hundred ten dollar bonus offer using the Africa nervous and then included digital scale of up to fifty five dollars, a free postage, they'll, never Africa, the Post office against. Don't we going to dance. Like I'm afraid, you anything else, click the microphone top homepage type in work. How noticed Well done genuinely started to say Don, I know I know, stop its aid to the compulsory for not my red death come into the promo code, nervous this absurd. If I guess can a man who is the new Robocop, who is also on the killing, who is a fantastic actor and who I not know before we
we're gonna do that gas. That is, if we swedish had no idea now. I am just sounds like you on the streets, and he is but he's those streets are swedish street. I s other their cleaner and and run by good social system. Really cool guy really charming, and I saw Robocop, which is in theatres February twelve and also the killing, is the lassie there's gonna. Be a netflix, but Robocop is really fun. I really thought the movie I mean they're, not paying me to say this. I really general The enjoyed rubber gloves the sex money to say Robocop dollars? There is no Robocop sex religion there. Now either now get out. I have to buy a robotic saxophone other run that it does look super awesome. Every eye was why was projected Rebecca probably Mozart in and then when I set it really. Have to not, unlike the other robot argolic with the internet, like me, and told me that they burn all the old copies and then I was in
you might get more robocop it over the old copies of ale barium in the desert, like they did the eighty artery game, but when you can explain authority or students to twenty six hundred with that might be outside your d, even try to my tie attraction, the fifty eight hundred the shovel something more recent, but they didn't know everyone there still like. Why does that adds? But but yeah, but your favorite Robocop is it's a really fun actually been. I think, and totally it's different than the average organic up and so you can like both Robocop, that he was a boy. I think it's a good example of a rebellion. It'll teach children about throw a cap which the most important thing yeah power man becomes both robot and carbon dead or alive you're. Coming with me, Germany, the rebels have any asking the if the old yeah court I was that was immigration is a meal, is investing unravelling, often those in those black in those graphic, organic and any punch dogs. In the face which I was a mixed emotions about.
As a danish avian yeah, you must be really felt chemical race trader was well now. The girl and I are gonna, go listen to Natalie umbrellas torn or, I guess technically Edna swaps torn referred. We really technical agreement on its deep wilder. Thank you. I guess there's Pike S or for seventy five with joke cinnamon now entering nearest star com, senator, began about bonds. You don't have the headphones, sometimes it's better. If it sometimes It s really still my own voice. Yet, yes, that's right! You just this is,
radio. This is what it would sound like them, the beautiful music you avoid giving a voice give a radio river really good radio lotta people tell me that I said you know: try career radio if they're, not gonna stayed out there I say that much longer than you know, you don't look like most radio, guys, most radio, guys or not tall swedish gentlemen with handsome airlines There's a reason. Alot of people go and radio circle. I worked for a long time I am aware, but I think you can make it on both sides of the leg is very kind of you. I'm super excited because actually was able to see the movie. Are you dead? school cool. There was a screening last week that I found out about last minute and I couldn't go and we beg them to send over a screen and so what companies do now is they'll, send you it allows them to send you a tablet right. So the tablet has a certain number of viewing than they can track it and they know, and so
large eastern european man accompanying that's right with a big gun, just the whole time, just stare? Why how come you're not enjoying they laugh, yellow Dammit Julia had not so we did not have to kill my face because either the movies great cool, I really loved Tony Robocop is grades. Us awesome, as you know now with all the reboots, you don't know, you don't know, but you guys did such a great job of somehow paying homage to the movie without doing the same movie. It feels like a totally different, but there are not in the movie alike. He quoted the thing from mad at thing right there. I don't wanna give any away, but there's a couple that when there, when you stated people see, the theatre is gonna, be on that, but one he's in cats. I mean between between you and me. Jackson and Jackie Euro Hayley in and Gary old man. His eyes, are you ok
and Michael Keaton. What am I saying? Article K Williams? Yes, everyone's everyone's great, so we you know its top- that sort of talk about the movie in moves specifically, so we don't give out any spoilers, but but in broad strokes. What I feel like happened is as I saw the original Robocop in the theatre to do you old enough to have seen it in the movie theater I mean I don't know. I have this memory that I thought that was a real memory. Were my dad snuck me into a theater and saw with me. He completely denies them out of studies, afraid of the repercussions that that would journal have with my mom, but I thought I might have that memory up, I do that quite a bit you just bought. You know what but who's to say what a memory is really the past stories that we tell ourselves
exactly so. As far as I am concerned by that's what he did a good job that that that either could have actually happened or not or you had a memory implant, I could have a low chip. Hello total recall across airship if it is effective and going to figure, but there is a real government, I would say as much more of a satire of a man fuckin, violence in capitalism, men and a nuclear cold war, and- and- and this was really just like a straight action movie with some of that as Wraparound Berea fucking great, it's a grey actual movie cool world thanks man- I am so proud. Movie, and I also think that there is there is a lot of interesting philosophical questions that the USA will was able to bring to the film with there. You know like well where what happens when
you oughta made violence and and and the whole alone he had it was. It was a great experience shooting out With what chosen and user is such an energetic kid director, but also the other philosophical questions like what makes a person in what is what is a man and how my eyes, because the again in others, one scene where there limiting with a guy and is talking about like how to get the emotion with the. I can't talk too much about it, but it, but just those but just those questions and also, I feel like this one gave a little bit shed a little bit more light on stuff that the first one just sort of tossed aside in terms of the characters kind of having an existential crisis but really seeing who he was as in the movie throughout yeah, I'm a big difference between the original in this one was that
Reginald, then Peter Weller, was when he was play. Robocop he died and then it was sort of his life was slowly coming back to down in our version he's alive when and he's completely aware and, as you know, just is reawakened into this nightmare- that his life has become an and become
you know also a journey for him to try to find purpose of wanting to continue to live there when he wakes up as Robocop, and it Sir revealed what's left of him and he was to die so so that in that sense it were out. For me, that was what really drew me into the story and why I thought that this was can be such a compelling story. Arctic to play was was that whole journey that he goes through yet, and I just I again, I thought there was a really nice job because a lot of times when no reboot something they just sort of trying to suck the nectar out of all the stuff that work in the first movie, but just with more see g. Yet this was actually like. It
on totally its own story and- and it was in the Sioux, looks great and at but every time I saw you like fuck. That looks like it was such a pain in the ass they get on and off and then get out a motorcycle. Neither hypocritically every square inch of your flesh was just like bolted into that thing in the was, I mean the first time that they have army. Try on the suit I was out in Pasadena. Adolescence was in. It was a young smoking hot day it was just dumb it'll go about an hour and in forty five minutes to put it on, and it was just you know that made all the adjustments yet so everything was like digging into the wrong places, and I was sweating like a fuckin pig and and just the eye that I was gonna have to wear the suit for fourteen hours a day six days a week for five months. That was quite daunting and am but but
It was ass if I had a journey with that with the suit, though, where it took me to a place that I hadn't that I couldn't imagining and just a feeling that, the eunuch, as you know, wearing any clothes enemies, so you have this kind of naked feeling. Sorry, Have you ever had these dreams? Where you were you. Of a sudden you in the middle of a city, and then you realize that you don't have any clothes on and there's like people walk around him, but he's looking at you yeah yeah yeah, once only me out, I mean but I've. Never a barrister. Animals like ladylike died of ivory people and you know I have emotional versions of that. I dont have the physical representation and I have the emotional version. I mean a situation at, but I'm emotionally exposed in some way so
it is a form of nudity but yeah. It's not! Ok, ok! Well, I have these these dreams anyway, and- and I think that sort of them that feeling of feeling naked I spent a lot of time. Thinking about you know what the feeling would be when you wake up and realise that you are amputated pre much from you throw down, you don't have a body anymore and its such horrifying thawed, but if you really try to think of what that would feel like, I think it. It would be a naked feeling that again exposed like oh yeah, I've another's nothing left, you feel exposed. So how does nothing there, and so in weird way. The suit was what led me into that train of thought and and the suit that he knows makes me look. Our full and bigger than than I am was asked
We the the sort of the gateway to understanding some of the characters, vulnerability of its really interesting idea to me, it seems like there should be, rather than just acting classes like acting for safe. I should be very specific because others have you done. Your guy is like ours guy worth jacket. You know it's kind of a street dug a cool jacket were cool jacket, inner the killing of a minute. This is like you have to somehow act your way around this weird obstacle of being squeezed into this thing and still being able to look. You know somewhat natural and then also do the acting part, but yeah that will simply be acting part. His last at the very last thing you have
do beyond all that stuff! Whites were actually not. You know it, because this is the story. Had such it was such a clear arc. Yeah, and so are you know that you have all these obstacles, but but actually was it? Will it it was a very the fine line above we know where the character went. Is it me or we would not have any fucking idea how old Gary Open is, because you see in the movies, and going back twenty years, you, like that's an old guy annexing like go he's kind of a young guy in the next one is like little game in dark night is like always ready for retirement and does what it looks like we can figure out. All very old man is
yeah. You know he's somewhere between thirty and fifty at least is, I would say it could even be like twenty. Seventy, I'm not I'm not out of that. There's like I think, there's a fifty year. Somehow he keeps being able to go back and forth. Yeah did. Did you meet the rest? The cast beforehand in an ordered was just like onset pay. I join MR now actually Josie this whole two and a half weeks rehearsal before we started shooting the movie with super uncommon, especially in these Big Kennedy, with I've never heard of it. For so we had to say in two and a half weeks for the whole cast would get together and we'd walk through the hole,
grab, then rehearse every scene and tweak described and change it, and that's quite a you know. I haven't had that experience of those working in the theatre to be honest, Anna and creates something that is quite invaluable. It creates a feeling of ensemble the hardest thing you can do as actors to go in and have like fire days in a movie spread out over a couple of months. The easiest thing is to be led by far so what would it help they will just it made. Everybody feel that they would you not telling the story together. An sort. It took ownership of the story and- and we also it you Know- got to know each other a little bit during their process of so when you get to set. You know, it's not the first time you're staring down Gary old men. Like a kid from me. That was very helpful. I am. I did some. I did some research on you,
it is rare for me- I was actually election made me- feel somewhat professional- those very like a visit. They should use of research I am very honoured, so you're me I didn't over me. I did Google, you me, I D, Google, you and I we made it You are in your in good order. You saw that emanates nihilism. Zero point two seconds and there's gonna be a lot more, but you you're from I read your mother's Swedish in your father's American but you're also part jewish, but you grew up in Sweden and then came back to America for a while to go to school and then went back so what you say Joel that your somewhat of a culture Robocop when all of these different elements bolted on to your exterior. Throw up? I would say that move because look up. He can do any nationality again, do any actions. I am. I move right than I am, and I actually gonna play cultural goods
Russia gap that have one accents go in other countries. Oh yeah. I mean I grew up in a house where you know my. Might. The friends of my parents were from from places in the world- and so I did have a- did- have a little bit of a multi cultural background. Did you grow up in Stockholm programme? Sarcoma ceased beak swedish. I do a hundred percent two hundred percent. I never ever ever I've seen you in a bunch of performers? Buddy is watching the killing. I never. I was never like about that. Guy's from Sweden like that and never even end my mind until I looked it up and realized what you're what you're heritage was. When did you come to the states? about four and a half years ago by a serious. How is but you sound like if it sounds like you're from you.
How is hell? You know my dad's American, so that helps yet, but still there. I don't hear any like, but there's just that time was your little sometimes I start talking like this, and this is how I am thinking but you're thinking at an exile, so went so. You acted because you ve done a bunch of swedish film is well yeah. Oh, how does language affects a performance How do you? How do you dig down to really understands you know like because very little of what a languages are actual words really so much more to language than just words. So, culturally, how do you write those? two lines but a thing also like when when it comes to characters and- and I think nationality plays a big pardon in how people carry them of their their posture or their body language, how they talk to all that comes into play.
I was fortunate enough to be an exchange student here when I was seventeen, I went to high school for you and I think, a lot of them. A lot of the archetypes in american societies is somewhat formed in in high school. So will after I started playing american characters. I realise how much I had gained from going to high school here in? It was a lot easier for me to connect and you guys go in Texas, yours, oh well researched, good, that's all today the hurry, I'm we I've, I've seen the movie. I've seen your other war I know that you went to high school in Texas blessing. My left, I'm watching you through your house what we're part its excess was evaporated. Yet they told me
it was gonna, be an asset, and that would have an awesome here. The old it's in Austin trick. We keep driving, I thought I saw Austin receding arise and then it was just read: third roads and trailer homes. Oh wow, that's amazing. Do you have trailer parks in Sweden? We do not do that. Then we too, I mean well, actually we had got trailer park banal He's gonna be not fancy trailer buys you guys have here. Oh yeah, Deasey Prefab houses and the double lion, and you know that the panel's that cover the wheels and are important. I have these old round around. Travellers and their exclusively for junkies. Ok, ok, goodwill! We hear its four. Families or junkies. You know either way as more high and so when, when you, what was your? What just because I imagine the educational trackers
probably not identical to America. So how did they place you and what was the curriculum and did you have to come in and you know learn a bunch of stuff first stored did you just kind of slot right into the American high school system? I care should have been a junior age, wiseguy sixty when I came, but then they, let me be us. In your, so I could graduate now it was a builds a little bit of a thousand bit startled some at the level of something that wasn't am quite there standard. I was used to really I had had a geography teacher. They told me that after the yugoslavian war, Yugoslavia was divided up into three countries. Sir Croatia and Romania, as they were, Romania, different countries and never been there for a while. Bosnia, Montenegro,
Slovenia is the internet, may listen Swedish, lieutenant governor, but about Romania. Thank you now, you here you know shit shit, they're, stupid map where sloppy were actually I've been I speak. Ok, honest dulcet quietly and when I got angry, she went hippy Army and so like Egon die with bad karma, really allows not the response. I had expected graffiti flags us thing. The delegate a definite die was so. Do I pass that on? To that mean that my kids are no detention right, not an I get good, I would add, will look. That's way. Cares about that and wait. I will be dead. You won't even know even know at that point. What is how would you describe? What are some of the differences between you know? You're in this is a complex question to try to pin down into a few words, but so what are the general by between swedish
european and american culture that you feel like a few words that maybe help condense those into into a couple words. Let the difference. I think an American called Sir there. There's more of a need to bring out the lightness sore. What does show you know like a happy ending? get in. Sweden. There is. There is a stronger sense that you have to be true to the system, Are you telling an end and that it said it has to be true to life like if she was telling story about some junkies? You don't necessarily have to end it on a high note and- and I think that people want him more, get that
life of life, but at the same time there is a lot of going against myself. That could, I think, there's a lot of that other kind of more poppy fluffy cultures. Sweden as well, is there any did this? Is there any him you see any kind of commonality of american cauldrons which go go? This is the same over there that are or is it? Is it country like these things are just like two opposite ends of the spectrum? It's not me we're very. Americanized them very used to american culture. There is there so much. You know american culture in flexing in Sweden, but we also get a lot from France and Eastern Europe as well. So am I I'd say generally it's a bit darker darker subject: matters care more depressed characters.
All that good stuff is what what's the comedy seem like in Sweden is comedy clubs in its actually quite bad. Really, I I'd say that ass, we has so much to learn when it comes to american comedy in and then take the stand. Obscene is not even close. There I mean there's One can me in every ten years that it has some kind of edge and em riding for television, as is very tame so Mina when it comes to comedy. I think that the USA's maybe were. I think, World leading how wide really? Now it's ok, good? Well, that's it Let us remember, wanted something excited and, as I say something nobody deftly thinks I'm gonna, but watched a lot of comedy from around the world. In the meantime, you find funny stuff from from a lot of places, but in general I think that, that american comedy comedy writing yep it's on top of it
the swedish comedy physical comedy or is it more it is it? Is it more like spoke in order jokes, more based in the words and word play, and that sort of thing it's a little bit of that and you love Falchions me You know like two thumbs up like bright. I mean there is some goods and then then you know every now and then there's like a little group of people that that fight something in and then they put they run with that for a couple years and it is actually pretty funny and can be quite a g and and and and dark, but that the best swedish comedy, is usually not in comedies
it's in its dramas words. The drama is, is dark comedy, I think. Maybe part of that could be that you know like myself, and you know in America feel a comedy is born out of sort of feeling different or weird or may be ostracised or something and every and I'm sorry to make us generalization, but every person, Britain is fucking gorgeous, and so they just don't feel any sort of weird outcast need because everyone's like guinea. I love my look, I'm sorry about this and I thought it would be. Ok, it's not. Ok. All right, I'm sounded a bigger table here, is that you bigger divide, put both hands on or just now on my hands. I could ok, it's good to Joseph conversation just to establish boundaries of alright. Ok, what will
The end will see how we're out things are going well see we're gonna Lucy work, but but I wonder you know what was your? What was what was like Highschool grade school like for you, and indeed do you feel like what were the different kinds of classes, our tax within your ear with or within your school was there was there? Was it gets complexes like an American oh yeah, and at a think it was. I had of ETA, weird River, different kind of them time and school, because I wear this is my dad was american. I went to a public school that had for some stupid It had like. We were like thirty and each year and in the whole go. There was maybe two hundred in each year and they have your classes a b and c, and then we had the S classes, which was for all the kids that had
I was speaking parents. I was like one school in stock on that had this education as a regular public school, but we had our education and English okay. So We were playing like about soccer in during the lunch break. It will be us against the Swedes Oh wow yeah, so I grew up with the sense that you know I was apart from the north. And am in them I grew older in in Sweden and in many european societies we don T, we don't have These ethnic, and here it unites african American Hispanics, in many european countries it's it's much more like immigrants and in this sort of bunch together and, of course, there's all these different the groups and a lot of the problems that the peace,
that are economically on the French, are usually immigrants or second generation immigrants and and are discriminated against, and so I automatically had ass. I felt an creation, because I grew up with all of them: ok, Anzio, sort of emigrants your father would yeah, but I wasn't discriminated against of course, because I look swedish right and- and I didn't speak with like an accident- is in Sweden and as the same as in other european countries, like the hoods they're out in the suburbs, and I lived. I didn't live in the suburbs. I lived in city, but all my friends were living in the suburbs, and so I mean I had a different way of looking at things archetypes, but I think that was something that I was. I became aware of real quick and an end to see that, like my friends were treated differently than than how they treated me,
That was something that was interesting growing up another interesting when it comes to my I am my sort of national identity, yeah well, I'm in Sweden, I sort of feel like it. Again and went on in America feel a little bit like a swede and what is that, and so is that does that field gooders. It feel like I've won a feeling I belong somewhere. I mean get it I feel like. I, can belong when I want to, and then I can you know do my own thing when I want. I am lots of folks with a dual Sure thing is sort of country, hop that I could you know. If I wanted to, I could get a triple passport. What for what? What other country, Israel man, that's my nose in showing that's the only thing again. That's all the Jew. I got everybody everybody, Israel. Now I'm giving you go someday,
I might at some point right now, busy right now and you're busy right now, too I'm busy right now. Are you so? Are you done to you Are you immediately working on something else at the moment? Are you working on that? We work on the tv show, or you were right now, you're on promoting the foam and then I'm gonna do six more episodes of the killing of some do that in the end of February? And then after that, I don't know you don't know really unemployed. Are you Just sir, do you are you thinking any? all about the premier and my go it gives the movie. Does this could mean this or it could argue, does not think about any of that stuff, a minnow pitching myself to different radios. Since the pay gap, but you will have the house, but I think it's a good. I think it's a kind of an exciting placed two things are really exciting place to be actually cause. It's the movies. Gonna be
high profile and people going to see you and then you know, then I think you'll get to this part in your career. Were you gonna go, ok well, now, there's a operating at ease and what's the smartest opportunity you know like how do I? How do you make sure you know to make that next? What's the next choice, after that, it is an active choices it in another action movie or what are the specific? you know, is it a crazy character, early leading man and you can sort of social between the killing in this? It's obvious, you could do you can play like a really intense character. You could play like bad mood in man and that I think that's it. I think that's an interesting place to be near, I mean it, I always try to find to do like as different as characters are possible and I'm trying to find characters that I haven't play before in order to find that gonna write talents- and when it when it comes to acting in general, like it were the one
hard form. Will you know we have to be invited to play an m and there is the sort of There is actually a real reason why you wanna so to climb the latter, because the only way that we can define ourselves as artist is how we choose and what we choose to do in and if you have to put food on the table, that's an easy choice, but it doesn't really define you as an art. So. We try to get to a position where you have a variety of choices so that you can then, fine who you are and what kind of stories that you wanna tell near and is there are their specific stories that you feel like you know is the is there each somewhere we go. I really like to do this kind of thing to show off this thing I have. I gotta go William, desperately waiting for my left for two
my other left for the animal s just as rightly urges my right foot in another. I write that would we seek or the reboot with just one boat. I really just get away like that. I would kill that. That's fucking amazing the magazine, a rampaging like this Robocop thing. We re it's a great our good eye. What I'm looking to reboot my left foot, I think he's Christie Brown, had it twin brother, that no one saw named stay you around the name of the character. I did that's really impressive. I have a weird brain that is impressive. Yeah. Well, that was the movie that that was the movie the protein your day, Louis area never was lying. You were so fuck like. I know he had done at a supper for the, but that was the movie that you know like the atta me a word and he and then, and then it was there was the begin
of his? What's it going to do now, and I think that if they are precisely does a movie every few years and then you maybe I'm sure yes, local made an ivy league filling his time, acting as almost a psychological burden. I think I have to go. This life for like two years in the jungle playing suki personal. I decided to go to Africa. Libyan just live or monks, big game to really understand, lived like arena. The aid both of my feet, so I'm out of the running purpose equals dived. I couldn't be, thereof in that's why you know I could do this one, but I hear Joe is really good. Has an excellent foot the people that you that you that whose careers you think our not not. Do you want a motto? Yours efforts, everyone, but it but just sort of like the inspirational, because ip I look and I go. I love with that. Guy doesn't have the choices that guy makes years ever you I'd, say Merrill Streep, I think she's incur.
Double human being and I've never met her, but just the way ahead talk about the way she works and I've also gun some inside on how like how it's at onset and when she, when she does her work, and I think there is sometimes when people get a little too successful, they add they start preparing enough and they sort of freedom. The essence of the craft and when when just show just them showing up is so valuable, so they they stop doing a little bit of the work and- and she shows up you know at the red. Threw off book. She knows all their lives in the movie, that's just showing off marrow straight up, but I love it and that sets the tone you know that sets the tone for everyone else You know that you're gonna an end. If it's one thing that will always give results, its preparation and
and I'm I mean I've had that experience many times in Hollywood. When you show up- and I mean you ve- been working on this- seen for a month and a half and they show up and somebody's like holding the little white side. Then they don't know their lines yet and ended. I remember the lines as you rehearse the scene. Unlike are you kidding me you have just described may, even if I had like a page obeyed dial, really what is one of the reasons why I am not an act of jobs and here we are. I can hold the shit out of anything. I could I get home. After show. After anything, you do but but but the acting thing is just like the job see you're good No, no, no! No! No! No! I just that the process of it is so daunting to me because in its e controlled uncontrollable craft, if that makes
essentially, errors are structured to it, but when people are really when people are really hitting it, it feels effort lesson. It doesn't feel like they're trying to directed in any way it's just happening here, and so it is to find- the essence of that in something where you know ahead of time, what you're going to say and what you're gonna do, but then make somehow make choices to me, it seemed like I am. I am reacting, I'm not being pro active, I'm just reacting to things that to me, it just admit stresses me out to no end to hear about it. It's it's a loss of control, but but for me the best way to lose control or to be comfortable losing controls, be
incredibly well prepared- and I think it's it's like with all- are you gotta know the form to break it and and that's an assumption that minimal street she's out she just a bright shining example of that and and when and when she, when she's in heard the story from when they were shooting August and assets county. You know where she does another incredible performance and- and she says she's got the scene with Julia Roberts were Julia's trying to take the a body with a pill bottle and when they were shooting that in America will Saint Julia? Like you know, this is going to be one of those situations where I let you take this pill bother you after pry, it out of my cold dead half an hour, but you can have that you can have the unified for it and she had the fight for it and and and and you know they were tumbling around on the round and and and the next day Mile Street would show up.
Bruises Oliver arms in and you know she didn't say a word about it and for me being such a steam actor and and with all the respect that she carries to lead with. That kind of example, for me, is, is so commendable and respectful, and that some that someone who I really look up well, that was an interesting word to say to lead, because really, if you're in Merrill's position or even in the position that I assume that Europe going to be in more and more is that you are not like a leading role in something isn't just like. Oh that's, the most famous focal point of the movie, it's like for the entire production for the I like you need onset, led, the energy like they follow you you know, and a shitty set prob he has a shitty leader, you know, and the and the sites that are really friendly and warm in inviting have a really good. I mean you, you have you ever responsibly.
In Africa. You know you know what another example that I thought of have no idea could have an early restores from that set, but just from watching when I saw wilful wall Street- and you could just feel like the positive energy of Leonardo, the Carpio and cause you guess every other actor, every other actor that came in I mean I'm sure. That's cassese has a little bit to do with that. Well, but everybody was warm yeah. Everybody was feeling good and everything you could see that people were performing at their best and we need to look at how Leonardo is playing like it's. You know you, you could tell that he was influencing everybody, positive way, and for me that's that that's I so much respect for that yeah, I mean it's important to make sure that everyone's comfortable, because sort of like waking up and find yourself naked in a city
people are essentially coming onto bear pieces of who they are and their silence. So that's a little nerve racking, sometimes and if you're not comfortable than your less likely to do that, because then you have this barrier of like
this guy's a kind of his dick or this Ladys mad at me, and I don't want to be here. You know it's a holiday. Yes now, but it's it's gonna. When people settled Malambruno quote like people confused there tell him with a paycheck, guess yeah. Well, I think they also, I might my theory about, is that you know look first of all you have whatever, whatever baggage you had going in, gets magnified alot. So you know, if you're a good person. I feel like that. With that Matthew see more of that, because you know it just because of that umbrella effect on you know on the on the production, but if you come in and your kind of an ass all the match, asserting its magnified, because this
Definitely a business where you have to police yourself, because other people, if you're making the money, will let you do pretty much whatever you want to do, and there's not really does not really up and accurate barometer in place, whereas most people, the workplace, if they were Dixon, would be like sit the fuck down with them just yet but in this case, if someone's making money than they were, then you know how easy eyes out How dare you know, like everyone sort of justifies the behavior, so it's it's really dangerous I've, every once in a while? If I come to work a little cranky, I I have to remember, like oh yeah, no one's gonna say to me, like you being a cranky, jerk they'll, let it happen, and I have to make sure that I don't put them in that position, to have two. You know to have to say that I can. I can therefore so that it can be like that. I think, are you know: some people create a life situation where you know their friends scientist just their friends there
I have something to gain from you and a lot to lose yeah. So then you don't get that normal feedback yeah. What's here, is your friend group or they performers a non performers are above, but I mean a lot of people Most of my friends are in earnest. For creative business yeah. But I have some director, France, some music friends and in a bunch actors, but yeah I'd, ask you know it's her. To keep in touch with people that have regular job, especially when you move in us as seventeen hour flight away from them. Agatha about a mile at friends. You know that that aren't in me you know its aim in industry or or you know, any kind of performers. They deliver Sweden and I'm not there anymore, so yeah. What do you do?
creatively to when you. Obviously you know, like you said you have to get permission to act like someone has to hire you before. You can just go act What do you do when you're, when you have time off, and you sort of feel like a kind of need to feel that thing that I normally would feel from acting? Do you have other types of creative ballots? Yeah, I'm out, I love you know spending my time with activities where I saw to have to face some kind of fear tat. I train like boxing in thy boxing and started surfing, which is, can be fuckin, terrifying, yet scare. The idea of serving to see a big I feel like people take for granted how incredibly powerful the ocean did. It is. I was this right of two new years. I went to Hawaii onto the North shore and woe and and I was out surfing with this Hawaiian.
Our champion, and I've only served maybe twenty five times something like that and and it was bigger since then I ve ever been in the ocean with abode or anything, it was there they were like come. What do they say that it was. It was like eighteen foot Maybe I am exaggerating, but like fifteen fifty foot waves, let's say seventy states lovingly feels double and a half overhead Loretta was ain't, so it was big fuckin waves and at first I was sort of I caught the first. Wave that I went up on and it was amazing, and then I you know was- and he was you know, tat like paddle left and I was like why and then use just paddle, paddle left and then there's like massive body, of water, just keep crashing down, I was like I would have died. There would have been the end and. And I was round you know like in he would be pedal ripe, hell out and then and now when I was gonna, try to catch away be a little bit, hesitant vows afraid you not to get in front of the wave and then it just comes crashing down on you. So I'd miss.
Couple. You know maybe five or six in a row and then This guy was like the man. You should totally just take the. Why bad you know you're not gonna die did I today, but I would die and they now negative. They would wipe out like this, but it's some incredible feeling I should wish. I had someone just behind me. Life all the time going, paddle lavish I'll ride, cheapest waves, ass. You are I take the wipeout? No, it's it's! It's good to it's good, to sort of have some type of stable, something in a business. That is not. Mostly stable, it's an emotionally stable, its insistence that the ports that they will I will not say, but I can't I can take a very few businesses that across the board really have such instability and oddly attract unstable, p,
at the same time, it is sometimes that's like two places mixer or to minuses, makes a plus yet says. Times so that sometimes it just makes quadruple mine asleep, but I'm a must. Fortunate enough to like with ASEAN, that a group of friends from Sweden- that is all sort of bam, had success over here at the same time and in different directions and I've been in. I had a great impact: me in and we saw to help each other out and and it's easy to talk and bounds idea. As of one another and an that's been, oh, it's a sort of a little support system that was a very back to its swedish culture as obsessed with celebrity as american culture. Or do we cut our or is it is it? Are we just disgusting here? That's too,
Leah Worldwide phenomenon but yeah- I guess it is we didn't it's just that the national character just makes it a little more quiet and and the sort of unsocial nature swedes makes it easier in Sweden because they're just too afraid to come up and talk to you in a way. We have limb, seventy eight months a year where you don't to anyone. You don't know, because it's just too called shadow. You gonna point eighty point B and like don't try to talk, meanwhile, I'm getting out of the cold YAP saw the whole country is sort of trained in a way were you know if there's a dozen if gonna bust in Sweden and there, as in others, one empty seat or in theirs there's just one person on the bus. The second person is going to sit the furthest away from the earth,
and you know sometimes in illegal immigrants that have come up. You know come we don't recently. Another obviously gone sit next to the person and talk to them. He ran the swede with this guy's crazy per annum and saw it. There is there is that quality of swedish people then That is a little unsocial, an M, and that makes it a little easier and do you think it is that there is a sort of nervous about talking to people or do they just feel like and then like me, the initiative, Ghana, Sweden, I Americans do in Sweden what they do pretty well like gum And we were so influenced by american culture and were so well versed in american culture, so I mean it totally depends on what kind of american it
but like a urban in a well educated American will do tremendously well aloud How did you know We wouldn't do as well my next to the wood shirt, but but maybe would do great in Owen northern rural, Sweden. I really want to go to Sweden. I real it's one of those. Now there's a handful of places. I wanted. I really want to hit I hit Sweden, Finland, Norway, I wanna, hit Reykjavik really They want to go to Reykjavik two, yet you are way close. Are there no them never been by me all these places you just gotta, make sure the you you go between
July and September YAP and do not go there at any other time? Well, I mean you know. Most of the United States right now is basically the planet half. So it's like, I feel like a deck big. As I'll talk to people back on these costs, and I, like you now, the can't get any water pipes are frozen, I'm still frozen in my pants. I can't get out of my bedside shit, no weak and then, and then, if you like, it was for me to play Robocop frozen. Your very rarely does exist. I would shit, but I gotta get out of the suit for weeks I like to think that the suit had its own waste disposal system. That was that high tech, I just go, and you just Now it is the only later that's how committed it gets. You it doesnt things that you don't think about, like maybe really doesn't play Robocop. I better shit before
That's because I cannot get out of it that working hours, but it seems like such a rash. I feel Oh, my god, it must have been terrible like the prickly heat after three months. They just burn the suit everyone like this is not salvageable at that. I don't do anything, but does the gimme an ethical duty. Oh damn you used that they give you wonder they give you a suit. Now Am I wouldn't take it vulnerable cod target about? I did give me the guns, though: ok I, which didn You know that was at a time when we were talking a lot about guns. Yes, oh my the extreme happiness to have these guns. Didn't you know really rhyme that well with every conversation that I was having about gun control everything we are. My friends is God's. I just got a hypocrite see I would have asked for the visor, because then you could be Robo anything you could be.
Global banker, you could be like Robo astronaut, like you could be anything robber farmer. All you need is the iser, like once the visor becomes a gown rowboat toilet exit, whatever I yeah, whatever rubber toilet, dishing guy any any anything any any robo class. Are you? Are you really needed? Is the helmet, I think to make it work? I would have asked for the home it was it was it was it a composite like? Was it like a play, material or like a rubber. What was there was a suit. I don't know. Those are different kinds of stuff. It was thought stuff, yeah, hard and soft stuff. The added together when it put it, goes the suit YAP. Did you We could do more about if you want. I would like to know the exact chemical composition. Every one of the city, I am sure there are price suits where you are a little more of reassurance pursuits where you the silver suit was a lot more uncomfortable with a bitch, but the black one. It was better. It was a good and sometimes it
this, sir. You know I was like this karmic device between my legs like sometimes, if I think it was when I ve been, boy I when I sat down it would pinch. My balls are on our way of telling when it would do that or how I would say that six months is using it. I couldn't figure out like what it was. I did you know or what the suit like in just sometimes it just pinch my balls and it was I must go now and I would like howl, like you know those old dogs that sit down. Really. I want to see the logic like you're under arrest. Now my was be role was not their ads unfortunate and they never addressed not unfortunate. They never addressed in the move. They never addressed in the movie like
Rebecca below the human action, then robot can gather exactly that. Just like one out take we're like really not not one DEC you gotta give me like nine decks and, moreover, I could is that a dick we I didn't give me anything. That's the sequel, amazing actually did an interview in solar, it's the sweet. Good morning, America, we did in the sun. Promoting the Swedish found those reforms- Google shoe Robocop Anna- and this is a particularly amazing event because the the c o of state run swedish television, so he took a step, down to the common man and hosted this show from my all during the summer and society doing this interview with me. In another case, member of the movie- and she was talking to my my friend and aunt em, and then she turned to me- and she just look in deep into my-
then, and this is live television in the morning. She was like an Joel you're gonna go off and do Robocop after that I say that porn words in our lifetimes. It is put at you to lead. She did. I was that there was the one she wanted to hear his yes, yes, if there was a protein slip whereby each using other continents continents, society, my English, it's not very cock, I mean good. I mean I'm thirsty for Carter, I mean a guy Hosting is hard, but I like it I'm sorry you are the other- shows are they in Swedish or a mixer, our English or your television? In Sweden, I mean it's a mixed. We in our home made productions- and you know some friends chosen a lot of american cells yet and register, and british television to did you do. Did you did you, like british comedies,
was it the joint british television as well yeah, yeah yeah, there's been a quite a few. I mean the offices in credit credible. What would you say was sort of you know like pop culture. What are some of your pop culture touchdowns like what influenced you the mouse say: STAR wars was sure French Musical LAN hate, which I thought was one of the reasons that I will start acting after some movie snoop Doktor Dray, when I was eleven twelve years old and too short, you got over that. We like six three, was very like six. Three six for three gentlemen, have two and a half. I want to give you six three: will you know the wrapper gods? Who short is there? I didn't know that
see that I didn't. I got this. Tell you where, where where I live in Canada, Christie, brown reference, don't know that for donor bob references? Ok, I mean I greet, you know what I write my group in it I grew where, when I grew up like rap was just blossoming yeah, and so it didn't really become like hip hop until the ninety- Even so, when I, when I was when I was listening to the music, there was like I run the M C and Como D and big daddy Kane like it was like they were like rap you now and then, and then I didn't make the transition a hip hop by that time. I'd I've been lured into like you know, like whiny, british caucasian music of you know like this, the radio, adds, and you know it then that sort of so I went to. I went down that path idea and I feel that it is not a bad path ago. Actually, the first album that I bought, as you know, almost white haired blonde media boy I went and bought
fear of a black planet. If other gathering up again- and we as the first item I but you know, is always funny to start to see that you know the crossovers between rap and like run, DMCA Aerosmith the cross over and then public enemy kind of, wonder why I am indeed anthem that cross over the anthrax right and it was just like you know all these. All these white people is just like the door and like What is this? radiant change that, although I do have to convey that in the early nineties when I was in college, I went through a pretty fear. I you know, I lied, actually did go through a hip, hop phase like boys to man, Belburg device like those guys and and I was wearing God. Boys demand, Hiphop phase Swell motel freely, up above I warlike You closed moody and they were more
just bad job that fuckin Zadig was like it, the it any any television series that had a finale for like ten year like they would play that song at the end. I come to the end of the road you fuckin song, but that so that that sort of ended, I think I had put my hip hop stuff away because I was like I looked dumb doing this like, I did not could not rock the clothes and then and Grunge was like that much more comfortable. I can rock a flannel. I can rock a flannel shirt. You can indeed a flannel shirt that kind of that that fits you know chain. While it's ok, fine genes, it's a man, easy diseases you work in a gas station. That's all you gotta do there is that that was. That was all the flare than I had in me. So how long will the movie comes out what is more, we cannot February while twelve and not like MIKE Williams, Instagram- that
and you returned by come on. What are you doing now? Budgetary You're gonna be really angry. You're doesn't mean it all. You have twitter account or now now I did. I didn't you. You seem like a you seem like a fairly comfortable with yourself and secure kind of person who I need the valet concerning social media. Like I do all the time I live fucking it's! What? When did you first? Start playing around on the internet, or did you ever become obsessed with it or was it ever? Was it always just like me? not at all. I mean I'm always online and I do not have accounts on these different, like a have facebook and twitter and all that, but I don't. I only have it for like a small group of friends, so nice I just
Like some, I don't. I don't know why. Why would why why I feel like that is really the perfect question that I would ask a lot of what's on the unit is why I think the answer that shouts back from the abysses voting on nobody else, go see him why you don't, because no one, because before the internet, no one could see like a husky poppied taking a shit on a cat. You know, but now,
like twenty of those, so I guess it really is. I think we're so obsessed with having to distract ourselves at all times. Maybe it out, I mean- maybe I'm just hopelessly old school in that way, but I I still feel like the the less people know me the easier it is to you now suspended disbelief when I, when I play a different character of its really interesting idea, had never occurred to me before. That is vague. Yes, that's true, because you are, we see a famous percy go out there. Tom Hanks as that guy, it's slightly different and I don't know if what value it actually has anymore and now you you have to do so much promotion, you're different found, so you are incredibly exposed anyway, but for me that's a good enough reason. Why not too? I think it's. I don't know how much you know attention one person can. I think if you start looking for that attention, which you know I definitely do, but I I
ride to keep that side of me a bay yeah, and you know it's such a narcissistic job as it is. So I think, the more than you can. The little part that you can't role in you know trying to be successful in this profession, the better you gonna be off, yet it must be. It must be weird for people who were very relate. Let with giving dignity. Louis is a perfect example of a guy who clearly does not want to be famous. He just wants to do these roles. I mean, maybe to some degree- that's not true because like well than rise, while I take a big movie, if I want to be in I'm, so he wants to be famous for his work right and then that's a big. I think that's a big difference, and so what do you want to be famous for four Lena
tweeting. Yes, I do. I do I built a short but it, but it's a very different thing like if you're, an artist or a comedian, you know, like that's, that's a very different thing, that than than a feel for me at least that that yearn in your art. You never pretending to be any one else right and in that's your work, Joe. For me that's the reason that I have now. You know you don't. You might see me in on posting from Youtube Video Russian. Until my twitter with twenty thousand followers and I'm so proud and is changing but for now them I mean because it could get to it. Get weirder and weirder. You know like the more the more stuff you do. I think the more that kind of gets whale a little bit and I think, to a degree in keep herself out of all the tabloids. If you really want to get down
lay into it and they now got a certain place yeah and then I think once people find out like if you can, if you can get kind of, make them think you're boring than theirs. Yeah a guy's not known as I'm gonna sell anymore. So I think that sort of that sort of the way that sort of aware on that, but it does at some point it probably sort of could get kind of in the way of like I just want to do this thing in this other stuff is weird, and it's not real, but I dont know added. They should get have fame classes like teach people how to really deal with its psychologically ace of U dont spin out of control and it doesn't give into the narcissism monster. I think that's what case I ll again working Phoenix Lou that with that movie that will lose out as a famous class. It's really interesting idea. They they were doing something with it. Yeah sure there is something that was incredible film and also the commitment. The advocate
commitments on my guard to allow yourself to be perceived as crazy for a couple years as part of an experiment. The bravest thing I've ever seen. Anyone to two just do not to jeopardize your career and your public persona for an experimental, Did you see her I've seen it yet, but I heard it's amazing incredible I've heard of Green ridable yeah. I mean that that damn, you know of course, Working Phoenix. His friend had always genius, but but that script just what they were able to do with that ideas, as is mine, blowing that script do not deserve every it's fuckin, as at its best from us in this year by force and credible. What else did you see that you, like twelve, his slaves about, was credible? I really
the american hustle, I mean: what's Kristen bail, do anything you know yet newsy. Would you watch movies? He was a news. Is now you didn't see, news is was nosey noses was the movie. They gave us christian bail You ve seen knew these you must have seen, as is. I knew this was ethically it was me, it was like, with a dizzy the dizzy musical, the Disney musical. Tiny christian bail, a tiny christian bail, it was as before, empire the sun. It was after empire. The son I think right wasn't before basically was because I would say that empire and the sun was what gave a scratch about what worthy delivering newspaper. In nineteen thirty fashion, and thinking about it it was not. Well, then it wasn't given to me because new mothers are one that eyes offers new. These will basically like a newspaper boy musical from the thirties,
and so knowing what you know about christian bail, now it's sort of funny guy, like you know, it's a sea like Patrick Bates, I'm not gonna, see abatement No, I'm not I wanted ruin. This would ruin or enhance. Ok, if I could do, one thing is just to get you to suitable maneuver, please don't watch movies, because then you blame me for having watch movies. But but you know that's why kind of like seeing where film is now as possible. I was growing up and everything was very segment and it was like action. Stars reaction stars and you know, like real actors, were real actors, and now someone figured out like oh yeah, you can put real actors and action movies and then you they can go off into artistic films and then also you know, do these other types of movies as well. There is, there is a lot of possibility, so I'm really interested to see what we know what you decide to do next, like what part of you you feel like you really need to kind of fulfilling. Do you go? Look?
for it or do you just kind of like you know scripts come across the table and you go. This one seems like something I might like, nor of actually been in trying to developer, a couple of things that I really want to do and and we'll see you know see how it goes, but am now. I don t. Try to I mean that that's the deal What our most amazed by the position that I'm sort of coming to an Robocop really helps. You know that it is as though you were, and this is impossible- We then either that, in the United States when you an actor, you reach a certain level than you can start to develop your own projects in and they might actually get made. If you want to do them, I mean I'm not quite there yet, but
almost unknown, and then you really than you, then you can really be part of the conversation than you can. You can be a factor in what stories are being told and what kind of the people and what kind of problems need to be highlighted yet, and that's really, the kind of I think, those careers at a really interesting to the people that you know the cloning of the war was like. You know his hand as in everything he does, and if he does something you know it's, because he really loved it in some way and felt like he could do something creative with it. You know outside of just acting, and if ashore I mean I think steam Mcqueen would have you no gun twelve years a slave made. You know he would have unsure. He would have gotten a made in some other place to, but
hidden Brad Pitt them in a very much ass, very instrumental in making that from happening, and maybe wouldn't have been able to do exactly the film that he wanted to make and so mean some of their some people in this business that I think, are really in putting a lot of energy and energy using a lot of the stock that they have into something good, and I think that's worth a lot of us, but you could do a steep Mcqueen, character. I think you can do so. If we go to all you need to do, is just stay out in the sun. Wait too long smoke a lot more ghetto, leathery smoke it through this. All of you, I know, but the several cigarette. That's a guy like that that electronic they baby that's a vapor thing, not communicate its as hesitated Is this what I'm? Sorry? Little guy? Hey! Don't wear this point things are well that'll give you cancers are worse, everyone gets it. There's plenty of things in the world, but it's this is.
You're worried about our our respect and our ten? I think right now we're six does its flies by George. Really the absolute flies by. I hope that your press schedule is does not crush you in the next couple of weeks and- and I really do hope people see Robocop here. I think it's a. I think it's a good example of how to reboot a movie of hang paying homage to the first one, but still kind of being its own thing and then being a slightly different kind, a movie and it was really. My only regret is that I thought on a tablet and not like a giant screen. Oh you sought on tablets sent to me on a tablet. Yeah member, whatever your east european guy, with the gun member, you gotta seed, and then I will Argosy interfere too because they feel like it. I was watching on the table, I mean, and it was a really great tablet Sony sent over, but. What time does like funk and was really one essential tablets for you. This will special tablet and you do not touch the tablet. The tablet touches.
We ain't we win the broadcast by saying, enjoy your burrito to people. We tell them. Or the Brito, in other words like enjoy the process, enjoy your presence sort of a mantra and I feel like I would love to hear what that sounds like in Sweden and Swedish I'd love to hear it in Sweden, and I would also be heard in Swedish, so you enjoy burrito obscure the very thus fantastic temporary. Does it know. Please forgive me for asking these dumb american questions. She goes up like light in cars over there you eat food. Yes, as we put into their mouths. That's crazy as we with our assholes here. If we ever got to tell you if you want to be cool, Are the cool american kids at noon today, Joel. Thank you for being here a lot of fun. Best of luck with rubber carbon Beth and please come back sometime in ruins, run it's ok, excellent
joy burrito in swedish needs of Britain. Now leaving no, dot com enjoy your router
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