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Chris sits down with Keanu Reeves in New York City to talk about Keanu's lifelong love of comedy and experimenting with improv and comedy as a teenager, the slow process of making films and the importance of staying passionate about the project and his new film John Wick. Chris tells Keanu about the first time he saw a trailer for The Matrix and how it became such an important part of pop culture! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Work on the notice Pakistan over five? Eighty seven, I'm recording the central from inside a rental car in Rainy Portland, it's really nice here in the full. I came up to those who have been called the hired webcam for those really fun. There was really nice to know pulled over the side of the road to record this. Actually that sort of true, as I finish me from my house there is- I mean, a warehouse district and there's an office furniture liquidation center. I dont know what I'm going to expect to buy in there or how I think I'm gonna get it back to Us Angeles, but I just like all furniture. I don't know something to go and I guess I have their effect their voice for unloading over nature. Do you have any credenza says, or maybe a graph? Technically, that's like an old time. He's your oxygen,
This episode of Ghana Reeves an account who was kind enough to squeeze the pod cast into oppressed day for John Wick and by the way I hadn't seen John, which at the time of this recording, because it all came together very fast and I was in New York, but since I have seen it and it's amazing, it has a hundred per cent rotten, tomatoes and nine point like free or something on. I am dvd, so it's an it's an awesome movie and he's great in it and he was a super nice guy. The only thing I will say about this is that he gave us all the time he had, which was literally a half hours. I think maybe the shortest part, as we have done, but I'm not gonna not talked can't over an hour. So if we more necessarily able to go as in depth as we normally, do when it's like an hour, our fifteen minutes, but he was still a super cool guy and maybe you'll come back
now seen that it's so easy, breezy, an older nervous part by gas land so maybe again it is back so there we go. There is by guest Cinema five. Eighty seven, we cannot leave me near Stockholm you get more organised around you, and this is the beginning of your rest areas. It is so you are you mentally prepared. It's easy to speak about a film that you love. You know so In that sense, yeah, it's sometimes is not easy, but to dignity. Would when we see what it
We really cannot really be like, oh boy, but not very off what you don't know, because you you you say I mean I was to me the fact that a film ever gets made is mine blowing and the fact that if we can get maiden be good is the secondary. They had happened, that's true. Yeah you go in with high hopes and ambitions in dreams and hopefully they're not shattered on the rocks, disappointed, but yeah was one good ones did. I seem to recall I've heard of your amendments at all, but this is like ten years ago, but when I first kind of doing a lot of stand up around LOS Angeles. I feel like you popped up. Its cowardice shows the Yankee Eyes is good. Common shows, yeah, scum. Where you stand a very fast. I am absolutely ever since I was a kid really. The aggregate, Ronald Canada. We had a metropolitan Toronto library, which was the big library
and I would go there and and replace and listen to comedy albums. I would listen to like cause be woody outweighs whilst was gone richer prior and then some of the two thousand. You man guess yeah I've ever seen in about any those guys, love nursing cause. We love, you still forms yeah. He still do. I've seen a little bit you tube so you gotta go in there and see that the envoys voice both stand member. I sell sand Kennison in eighteen. Eighty six holy shit yeah Our prime Canada tax in Toronto perform their yes, yes, it was. I was not there and it's not the same club anywhere, but it was like young and old general. Yes, yes, ran downstairs, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah a comedy. I think a comedy clubs should feel a little
shit city city exceeding did you feel, like you shouldn't, be their yeah like you're doing something I don't know not nefarious, but something came to a little subversive subversive, but I remember when he came out and he did that things the move towards the Buddha gives us this you saw never laughed, I never gets. I never got to see him live cuz I was, I was just slightly too young and he died when I was in college. So I just get a never never down the battery of firebolt that he was made. Did you ever around with live stuff? That way.
I did a second city, you didn't yes always going through the second city training programme. Yes, I can see classes and stuff. I gotta play guitar sports lost two kids in the hall, a bully played against kids, nor do they would at least mashed have you talked to the media? We just got Buber Extror mad and they got laughs and we gotta do bricks got less than ever with Europe was your your work do you. I was nearly seventeen yes, but you move moved a shit, I'm right as a kid, runs. Oh yeah there's five houses in the city in which everything alot of people do you live in the same city which five Ok, sure my family did the same thing you guys we moved to all over the country and then, when other countries same sit in the same city, we would move around about much different places. Too. Was your dad shifty, my dad,
everyone be my gems of professional bowler. So as much as bowling is fifty. Then yeah like the comedy star in it's a little subversive, boy, some person, it's a little car park corny. But but now there's so many like super nice bowling alleys words like now: that's all history, unlike Hancock, were you. Gotta know this should be shitty, and I should there should be a sense that I could get killed in the park lie somewhere. Drugs can have a real nice. The kids jovial kinder grows: yeah beer categorized! Listen, I don't want very by telling you this, but I was at a party years ago and yours sitting on a chair. I don't know I was at this party because I was there. I was not upon.
Party person. I immediately was just like in the corner just uncomfortable. For some reason you are sitting on his chair and this girl came up. You knew her and she just said in her lap and sort of making out with your life whatever. That is that's what I want that it was the most and I guess you're I'm a slap on the slide. I think you're gonna kick them because you yes ended the approach he has continually say now. That was amazing. Those such an amazing nomes, I assume you, but it's just that I was for a while. You you just get the others meditative and almost look like just someone that president of the ether? This is incredible. I have much. Does the leading power, I I have been a fan of yours, really long time and I think
I mean. Obviously I was the perfect age verbalance had like the owls, really care fix high school age. I was funny amazing amazing, but I thought you were so credible and parenthood. There was such a great was lovely role. A kind of nice innocence to positive energy. Yan worked with Working Phoenix at the time to use at eleven years old when he was still leave Phoenix. Yes, he wisely he a tiny little phoenix yeah he's a little phoenix anywhere in the area of leaving really lucky assistance. So is it? Do you do Doing comedy. Do you want to do is comedy something that's important year, similarly, I haven't had the chance to do it for a while. I'm united, a romantic comedy call hangs crime a couple years ago, but other than that I haven't yeah yeah
because represented not really a comedy, not but finding by funny what I'm looking for my fucking french fries, Recital Glover genius Crispin W. On the back ass, he was a real area is based is really interesting. I ever seen his movie. Have you seen any these films? I have. Seen. No, I haven't seen the one that the most recent one, but. His whole thing now ass. He just wants to make these pieces. They just make people react right. There is a specific ways right, wonder which raises, provided you yeah use remarkable Martin origin. Can what do you do when you literally jumping really fast with NATO? Have a lot of time, so I apologise. Normally we get the conversation breeze a little bit I'm you can jump around a lot, but.
When you can essentially do anything you want? That's not true, Nothing! So no y know you can't can't you everything you want. I mean making a for speaking about making films, stories I mean putting. You know you mentioned earlier to to make a film is a kind of miracle. You know I'm not certainly at there's opportunities and stuff, but it's not like it's not like that. Girls you're right. You know and, as you said in your lab, that never once lab you know, you can't quite do that but dumb, but you can try. So, is that just? Is that a myth that it just seems to me that that people that every morning you wake up and then there is a theirs
The latter a platter restricts the new. I feel like this. One doesn't quite work like that. For me, you know you still you ugliness description combined things, but even if that happens in you still to try and put it together or if its put together then well then said your script is it we have financed yeah we ass kings cried the king. Cravat I mean it's, there's always something to be done, but the painstaking process which it seems requires the utmost? Patients of all the platforms in media film to me seems like it's the most maddening, because it can take five eight ten years for something to get yeah. Absolutely I mean it is it is. It is collaborative so collaborative in telling the story
show so collaborated in terms of financing such show business to get all of those pieces together. Even before the artist show up is tough. Do you like being on the pretty liking? we to or do you do you also sometimes just like acts Can it be an actor and now have an irresponsible? Yes, you have in the past few years, and you know that producing, and I really enjoyed it and I want keep doing it. But there are Times Regis Steel, where one hat it's whatever you astride, pretty good, pretty good at being. Can about everything, none on sand about anything kind of the ever am afraid. I concerned yeah,
What do you think that is what do you think what you think this business attracts Fred Hers, but then also, it also does the worst things to people who friend at the same time, yeah that's. What is its passion and maybe there's a cup tickler kind personality trade to any of the creative act or producing or anything it takes. You know a particular kind of focus and attention and mean, even when you hear stories are people who don't sound like their focusing attention in that much yeah, it's probably not true, everyone's it I mean I just feel like we spend so much time in our own heads is the great. Oh, it's not always great. Sometimes I. The horse, Buddhism anyway? Why my spending so much time I had I still am.
Had tumbled over my head, like? How do you know do? How do you get out of that are how do you have you take time or how do you do you shake it off yeah nowadays, probably just go for a motorcycle right. Oh you do, for a motorcycle arrived Eve try kind of fast and then yeah yeah also spread time with friends and family just lisco decent. Focusing on other things, yams tried now arose. How do you say that you did that often it is this. Is this really it's our only grammar thing to say: I'm older now. Would you like the way you look amazingly against the police, the suit suited
It's not the same, as does the fame stuff get annoying? Does it get in the way. Not not a visa, not the work or the life. For me, the impact is really just. You know, piece on taking a picture of you by your gas near motor site or the said Keanu me me, or the average, whose hands hassock and and then like maybe once in a while. An airport is, but I mean it's now: you have, as you seem to have a good. I I saw you read it am I had four months back again. It was really nice I'll get it. It seemed like you It was really really cool and playful with it and at its like that's that's. That's just haven't conversation of a kind yeah yeah Are you a do? You spend Are you internet
I'm not the wily, yeah yeah yeah, but you don't have a lot of social right. It is like your job. It's it seems like it. It seems like it's a joke. The people love, will it is, but it s really can be but again it's all not an atmosphere culturally were creating these little bubbles that are forcing us to just stand our heads all the time you know we're not I don't mean to be complaining about it. I mean I'd like social media, but I mean we're. Essentially you know your faces either in your phone is far from these people saying and what is it like? You were just creating these. We Do that I posted in what are all these people saying and what is it like? You were just creating these weird little isolated is insisting on vacation. Can we assisted give it's going out because it's because if it is going out
but as you, but through the lens of you yeah again, so that people want to know about you and now they want to share with you wouldn't know everyone here they want to be entertained. They won absent insight come on man. I know I know connectivity, gotta, try you haven't twitter or something. I know how to treat this right. Now I got I remember: I was hosting some sort, screening or something, and I think it was like one thousand. Ninety nine. And it was for me was that goes ahead. This will be heading for analyzes and before that they show that showed the movie to college kids. You see a way ahead of the release to promote it, and it was the end then, and then the trailer for the maid escape was the first time anyway, the traveller matrix, and this isn't it wasn't a free internet era, but it was free, mass consumptive internet. So it's not. Trailers we're all over. You know online all the time for everyone and people
so using a well a lot of the time and Kramer started, and, and this again it was time were, people just didn't, have any idea what it was yet now, if you like that,. Possible. Everyone knows every little thing. And the trailer started people people of giggling. What's there was this and then halfway through the there was a it does make sense a deafening silence, because people's mouser alike, and it was one of those moments were, and I always feel like. I wish I could go back and experience that movie again for the first time it's one of those films were you just like? I did you any idea when you were making that, but that was gonna be the case. I didn't We have a would be received by the audience, but the first time that I read the script, you noticed
ideas in the setup. You know the matrix in this alternate universe and agents, and you know discussing you, know, concepts and controls, and you know the kind of philosophical underpinning architecture. For an dissidents. How to fly out it was, I really great you know when I met with the Wachowskis Skis and they showed me picture book about the concepts and stuff. And then, when they said, would like you to train for four months to learn movie kung fu as like yeah. I knew that there are some going on. I just didn't know the darlings. How look at what it would be yeah
So when I saw it was it was pretty. It was greater than my gosh. These visionaries have created the vision, seeing a bullet time, reproduction design and now the performance so was prudent. You kids like going in to that, you can't really go. I mean if they go. Yes, you do this. Miss bullets can always by your head. You ok, I guess that's outline. How will they shouldn't be done a previous, so they had had like this kind of version of volatile with a camera moved his gun shot going through barrel fire and soda an idea what they were doing. They knew what they were doing. Just no one else knew what they were yeah and then we found out yeah. I've gotta go myself STAR wars, remember the true or four star wars knows little kids
I just was industry. Is a universal gaiters, really great screenshot big screen, I'm just like lays down. Is that Alex cool? So we don't get dollar? we also disagree? Excitable gunnar movie? Unlike what do you see and we don't we Many of those- and I feel like in our lives anymore like I just because we ve seen so many things you know, and I think that when people are so rapid about spoilers because there were so desperate to have some kind of especial saw something yeah, something that totally changes. The way that we see everything This film makers right he had to go to so good a Fincher. This film makers at you you're, always wonder what have you fear, what have you not done yet that you wanna do is? Is it is
infinite, or do you have? No, I don't have any in your arm still trying to makes you no work on working working on making certain projects but- in terms of a genre or love to make impossibly romantic really do Do you wanna thing? Doesn't when your music, but I always have this vision, my head, like some kind of a yes and possibly romantic, it might have to be now an older man story, but about love, MOSS, Paris. Yes, somebody classic. I know it sounds the in Germany, but I wouldn't Sunday somehow. That's the best reason do anything. If it sounds fund to you, you don't want it. If you like,
I'll money like Africa. Cannot do this kind of money does indicate ads in final. Do you really want to do that? Then you should have slowly. You should just do it and the best reason we're back again to passion, and there was an if you want to throw in some slick- you could happen the men who want to make it even more violent, crazy movie called berserker. Ok, yeah, I'm on my just crazy, like just over the top to fuckin. Alright avoid were Germany, that everybody was. I know it's ok, southern, so no, don't know to preserve or starts off as romantic comedy, so the first amidst the first have to travel and that you ship genre like half way through and that it becomes fucking crazy, deserve them yet displeasure and in an alien at the ends, lands and then some
its loose. I have really worked. I did that. Don't militants bogus journey as you did not got better cut him. One a little jumped the sharp you think so the station station people still reference. Mostly I love station stable, still basically twisted. I think, anti something I believe TAT. I think both his journey was awesome and I think oils? Oh yeah, yeah? Well, but you can you know you made it's hard for you to judge. That's right, do you we don't have one I'm with you and so many can wanted Del more. What can we do in four minutes? Did you see the movie? I haven't you they sent me the like last night, but I was working until late and we as it were,
days and then finally came last night in it and the way that the systems work now? Is that the super civil, the links I got the lingered about eight o clock last night and then it was like you have to sign in then, when you sign and you get a text and the text gives you a code and then you have to enter the code in sign on in their logging, like it's really intense process. I've knife I've been in Europe for forty eight hours and I haven't stop working as I got here working. But what does your job make work kind of social sort of, but no well. I showed I have. I have a work and a few different thing. So yes, so everything is my schedule all planned out. Why You know you reply. How are you free crews you two hundred preserved her with these will be where you murder, everyone do feel in general. I'm just curious some defensive sense of you, kidney removal as lies a kid.
Do you feel not settled in any place for any period of time, like I always feel like a yours like, I probably should move year this better. Gypsy were wounded, is at its or even for the wounded gift. Is there for us to do something good with that? Yes, no, yet is little better than also a meaningful. If I'm coming out of a job, if I've working itself focused and sudden, I don't, I don't get that wander lost, that kind of jewelry for at least three weeks. That gives you plenty of time to set of refugee unpack and then slowly last item comes out and you put them that back area. Is a gun and then take assist awaited. Do you live in any disdain anyone city for any periods? the I Los Angeles and been there since five but
Yeah, it means there is that thing yeah what's next and what are we doing? You have to be careful what you Jochen sakes. I think I think it may have been with my company You talked about making it another speed. Was it might break and an ever was a really have any like. I think he was fucking kidding I, and then it happened. You may know, someone else did what they did it. But they are, but you can do now. Ok, let's killers, rumours now, yeah, no more point break no more speed. Preserver circumscribed push. People is, it comes Yes, after back and innocent and wild during a musical number, and then you get away, and then you say, and then you kissed, the girl sets an eleven cases. You, yes and I feel, like that's a perfect place, then this is what the pod cats felt like
felt, like an emotional lady sitting on our laps and kissing us it's a good day. I hope you have a nice day and I hope I am super excited to see John with other. I'm bracing emotionally? Because of that what happens in the dark? He asked what you need that so that you can totally go crazy and for people up as much as possible. I would imagine you need that counter about you. Do you need you need to have a reason That is a good decision movie. Thank you. Being here. Thank you, sir. Driver it burrito everyone now leaving noticed com.
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