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BioShock creator Ken Levine is on the Nerdist podcast! He sits down with Chris and Chloe to talk all things video games including their reactions to BioShock Infinite, how science and video games are related and where they all think the future of video gaming is headed! SPOILER ALERT! There are crap tons of Bioshock: Infinite spoilers. Ye hath been warned! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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What color, by December three eighty nine my feet or tired, because I went to a place that I almost didn't come back from today Skype our nigher in Toronto, and we on the Pacific Mall in Markham, Markham remark him! That's it that's a fury. That's when no more camels in your entourage, you can go your backup, therefore judge him. The extra aims for extra and get wet. Are you serious
what is the result of friends with which it makes that way. It's it's! Ok. I will admit that where's, your levels are slightly increase in theirs. I purchase system bringing into precipitation up in the southern regions. However, it should be strengthened. We saw this should be so that we wouldn't it. Where did our dna when war? When you hear the words John him it just it just happened during voting rights Well? I got the visit thanks. Mark hams and it is an asian law that has a place that you never want to leave when you go in it, has everything
just use just filled with key ass I bought about Lego back This is your prayers to friends, so is going. We like that, like the old illegal games, where they bumble as though you make any sense to me, a french class tat so, I highly recommend the Pacific more. We got a of good Green T, kick cats, genes, knelt, candy, so great so great. Your Kennedy should go there and enjoy yourself. I like thank for monitoring this episode of the nervous pass, carry central state of direct this I'm away behind this, especially as I happen to be on. It. Mandate is now available on ceases to have direct for five bucks. It can be yours of limited download, streamlining device check it out. The website was its direct died, cc, dot com, radios, twenty two other fantastic specials- that
Hopefully I didn't you podcast listening time, but I would understand if they did a very special other adventure in my browser animal verse, though Burnham me PETE Homes, Jelinek, can aim Joe Coy crawl out Madrigal Dmitri T, J Vermin. Java, Lady Camille Jeff robberies get rid of all of its ethnic Jeff Ross, Christine shawl, Jamie, Smooth, Nick Swords and politicians an entire. So that is right now direct, that's easy dot com and thank you so much comes of lonely for putting it up their Michel. Whatever we start there, but also takes a prick. Especial Havana carry central stamp direct for five bucks. This episode is came Levine. Who is what one cofounders and credit rector of irrational games? Rattled responsible for Bio shock clothing? I played the shattered by objective one of my favorite games of all time,
now- and this is very timely because there are some there's some deal seas of the season best for some deal. Seeds available clash in the clouds which looks to me from the utopia that I saw looks basic like up like a combat mode. And then also burial at sea, which seems to take place. It seems to be rapture related. So if your affair, by a shock of those happened, cavity, said this the perfect time to release the came of even passed, who was fantastic by the way there are tons of spoils nearby shock evident because we grill him on all the stuff we wanted to know. If you have, the guy was grave rector, you gonna pain of doubt it ass his questions it is generally. We just said John Hammond, anywhere member memories. S presence and then also can is, is right
Love is run for June, eleventh right and he's writing it, because he does not have any problems so ever with good story, because otherwise exercises friggin, phenomenal and and is also a huge sofa geek. So this was a blast and you can follow, can on twitter at age Levine that would be rational, easily and you're gonna like three eighty, nine with KEN Levine good talk with a very good talk, Now, entering nearest star com
cattle arenas joined us in the. I don't know what, All this cloud city I mean we ve, less than the did you just reference browser wont use reference rash by higher price, for its back yard. On my back, because we are at gray hair in the room, I would mean by now. I said it's better. If it's only me you're tired, Louise Arbour, Would you shot a video with him for two to promote our its neighbour relay run. We recreated again Tina
guy who made all these. Just for a Volkswagen commercial. Let us use like eighteen of his canteen creatures and we had Billy Williams, like we basically created what was like, hey whatever karaoke night most easily, and so we and singing and all the creatures endless guess who he play. I had to play hard it. How do you I tried to get Nathan failing to do as like you'd be a much better HANS, oh and it was literally only one that didn't have. I was gonna. I would just been in the background and give a shit another part of your backing this. Why try to get naked feeling to play? But I guess I I'm so tired of taking Nathan's parts just again in a girl k, failure and I will take another part for you, you're mistaken for him all the time I mean it is constant, yeah, its constant people, I'm like no, not castle, not castle, but it's really great to have you here you can. We had a. Conversation right after I started playing infinite, which I gotta say was it's fucked, unreal, that game is unreal and I'm sure
it's gonna win all the awards then, when we talked by the way, I will tell people that there will be spoil isn't was by gas, because you know we're gonna talk about stuff into munchkin have seen the money you can take that current put on the front of the box revise again when I heard you might get over, it can Levine. If I get my tweet anything ruse still, if I tweet anything remotely spoiler like even my power, they were correct. Why are they gave him? Will you my follower, if you're not gonna, buy the game by now? You're, probably not gonna buy. I had no idea that you already played by Russia Invalid, which was a voice. It is their right. You told me when I was out of you. I was about how I was actually just about, and her Comstock houses and use ok look you're either Fucking hate, my guts for the ending or you're gonna love it, and I know many people hated it there are other people who even the ending, I think, you're a people whose who There are some people who were then by like
what happened not mad at you know. I know. I think there are people who thought who didn't they were fresh evidence but get like it wasn't fully and clear write them and they didn't like the fact that we should have a bit of opacity there talking there. Some people were like now, I get there, but he also great about it is that is essentially like theoretical Physics is just trying to wrap your mind around like shorting his cat stuff like ours. It Ok, so there's all these different parallel things and when they are observed in this reality can happen in this reality, but it was just the idea of and then what I love about it is that it it just totally brought I don't know like oh guarded, How can we ever to me a just wrapped everything up in a nice in a nice little by means of the thing about Quantum mechanics is live as little as I understand it. Every time I try to understand your brain just want to say like now. They don't don't. You took Eric and don't don't try to me. It is pretty boy its safety becoming critical. Of course
well like I'm feelin. Yes, we have this problem by everyone, just let us be alone with our looks ahead of their under swooning. I can't stop supporting role, I guess there's no heir, and maybe it is one of the things you start like we had out. We had. I am a physicist coming from MIT, decisive sullen and I see she tried to talk and it is just one of those? Is it your brain really should not we're not understood not designed to understand? I think a lot of radical physicists, don't I don't understand their like loud? I mean because there is no doubt that the first, tried to read a book on when they were searching for the Higgs, both on and like ninety one. Never this book these back than anyone it took me forever, read them as every time you you did. You have nothing. I had now two related to it is so foreign of a concept to what the experience that item
Mr Savary, like ok? What can I compare this to? I have nothing to anchor this too to try to go all. This is what it is. Actually, the best explanation I ever read is of any this kind of stuff. but more did in watchman. You know with the Doktor Manhattan stuff right did a priority. good job of getting a sense of what it was like to be a person who could experience time in a different. You know not at the autism, linear whether the giant Filipinos yeah it is also somebody you're mistaken for constantly I'm missing over the penis blue Dodger manhattans take. What are you doing around trying to exist here and on Mars a bill that eyes castle on Mars and then I'll be back after of everyone. I'll. Take the heat on this one come back in a century or so. But it really was I mean I thought this It was cool, but I also just I mean that the game design was just stunning stunning and
So how long did you say you guys we're done an eye for an eye have here long live alongside but why are you just over it by the end of you like? I can't I'm just a year over your also like, if you really, the game, you're working on your eye, passion about it. Even always, spend more time on it, and so they really had a poet like it was a pet. There was a pencil down moment in December for makes Donna, Press, Torreon, you're, really them, and even now I can't load clay than anything. I welcome goes back on. I wish I had time to do this. I wish at that, but I can go on forever at some point, you need to say enough is enough move on yeah. Did you were, were there some elements that you were really attached. You that you just couldn't. Doesn't just whereby a shock, but as someone you're when you're creating a game in your literally building the universe. You must have some ideas going unlike here's web thing that I want to happen and then the rest of the stories kind of starts revealing itself,
other things you like shit. I guess I gotta let the single than I loved you Look you. Whenever you want out of narrative room, you know sometimes like Daisy FITS rise, a character who I wish. I had more time more running time today, but we have to make choices along the way like it. Really, the end of the day. He was people. Ask me developing like always is a game about American accept was a MRS game about quantum mechanics. Is a game of this? the other is really a game of poker and Elizabeth Joy about it. Store in everything else was secondary to that story, and withdrawal of will happen a burger and how he became spoilers already sought her offer them the yell maker and how he became calm Sarka an end, and that moment that that moment of of up by precaution- but am I so we have to make choices and you choose like any other grave and areas. What what matters here to want to go further and that story further news story or you want to stay with us
Tibet, and we always which you spoke journalists, but what's often that games rather than movies, I mean movies, don't really have an equivalent to this, but with games you back now, just ass in the deep sea in remain like. If you wanted to really go into Daisy Fitzroy story a little bit more, he could always just do a deal feedback and give it there's a wee bit when my guys wrote a book, I'm a short list extended short story about daisy in those aboard incoming out and there's gotta be comic books. Maybe you know you have all these other places you you could do that stuff, but the problem with you no telling store incidentally, in games, is that its tongue, story, as you expensive reality, expensive its nose, you have to really you make your choices. we are of course, playing he's very awkward, we decide the causeway as boyfriend Elizabeth now. Rather we had finished the game, and so
started. Hazarded, having made you because dooms and then where were we too far longer than we are like she's is. Why haven't you like fighting romantic evening so we're gonna, be there you go again visiting boy, warlike may getting scared is really did this is, it is there any reality. Were there not be some reality where there were people ass well, along one has made like also so tell me about the romance and like any others could like saying whether, of course it does, right, but I was in Africa. Any sort of how to figure out how to answer that question without telling people what, when I first I dream about the game. I remember I was looking up like I was so excited about this, and then I saw somebody saying that the relationship between Booker Elizabeth was like a father daughter. I actually read something like that
member really met as like ah me bomber, but a totally it blew my mind. Even even though I heard that I still didn't even think that that was the case like it was able was we're, because usually you expected you, never met unattractive now unattractive female care for any can almost any kind of media. Do me some kind of a connection, nobody Actually writing it. There's a book but the in any kind of her son Will you tell a story? There's always a it takes work together. Romance going like you know like like we have two or or just feels fake. You know like romance happens, usually no game eight hours, long, tenors, twelve fifteen hours which arose or movie too. as long as there's always a bit of forcing that goes on their things happen very quickly. Certainly falling, I am sure, will be attractive, but found love in that period of time is actually very imperative, right there, some artificially out there, but have the kind of relationship. I found a very nice but a right that kind of intimacy between the two of them.
Because I don't even have to incorporate that element, but they still fail to be like very much like when you find out there their relationship, the Etsy. Listen to me, I felt like it was it worked on in have this sort of it would have it in sure layer, even if in a totally different story, to write that romantic element on top of there's gotta, be one universe where there in bed together in Comstock, comes a news like all. Well mention something: oh, oh, no, no is elbowing this well. I I was I was trying to figure out how smashed to how many universe He had smash through from the very beginning from we first see what if it was recursive or if you know, but just the idea vague, he also gave a demi, gives a nose bleed. That's a horse tat hole,
universe, instead of experiences that are like matching into his brain. Did you have any German mapped out somewhere or is it sort of nebulous? We had, we did a lot. Of whiteboard mapping stuff out because, frankly, for us, we have to keep it as we develop. Do we have to keep it all on our heads like every it's all like? As far as I know, there is almost no like ever there's. No, there is nothing that does it actually makes sense like from from a Pratt logical principles and with some of its fairly opaque in terms of how we chose the tortoise shell. The story like for you know, there's a Ellen Comstock Pass and why he's as racists, he s, which is really very, very deep, but it's it's their issues buried very red evenly. Couple people picked up on it, but we mapped everything. There is a lot of people the march of drawing up a lot of lightning lie, the mayor, like back and for what I have to be wiped out why they have to be?
I ports the Comstock, make that up I became a movie. I didn't think I never picked up on that like what was it? What would mean it? Isn't your since we're talking about stuff it now, there's an audio log where he talks about being in the army and how people would have the implications. Are people who thought he was had made him murdered, never and body right, teepee in his family tree and his reaction. What the wounded knee was every to show people that he was on. Their team. Oh he just got super racist. He asked the engineer. Lesser goes back to look like you, don't like, oh god, who is it till she died. He rough president, forty eight he was married to get outta here about child. And he ran and segregation is platform and an M others over compensation. The tablet, had haggard eyes of the world. I write an idle deck. These he's got these natural constantly over
I would say that the fact that there's something about themselves, if they feel days should marry the MECCA, is born and do the Math California, what happened recently that they add that the main people that we're trying to turn gain straight, a camera under the name of accidents, exodus excess. Yet they do the guy came. Like I'm sorry, I'm actually gay like here that I might be good news- is that what he cried? I read have already beginning knowledge, meaning that I've been trying to fight the urges for a long time and like yeah, he just seemed English, really genuinely sorry in it just happened. It's crazy! yeah, but you guys about was the reference that was the year. So that was that, because I ride you, remember that on dialogue Antilles finishes in these people who, instead of accepting what the hell they are, the legal all these backward handstand I too, like I'm gaze, It's called don't worry about. Instead, you have to create this ridiculous life. Were your teaching people have
come out of homosexuality there's some kind of conversion therapy which of course, doesn't exist yet causing and listen it's a misery. You know it I'm just saying: hey, I'm gay, it's cool or a guy ever made American is going round up was now I'm that never know how EU I mean that that was prepared. but the racism in the game in the game is like the worthy Colombia's. Not predictably, racist for the time it was me there were certain to the country of which casual racism was very very very. It was a standard that the notion of a of somebody being in irish or jewish or native american aid. Others, it was suddenly racist time, and my college well Ya- think people so weird make a larger point than we actually were asking pretty trunion, actually just portray the period as it as it was a modest being alike. Modern needs Europe. To hear really just was in our time where Thou Wishest a casual part of our society.
here by a shocks were kind. I mean I don't know Nestor necessarily if they were making a statement, but I mean you know what I ran novel and now all of the correlations there I feel, like you know what kind of expect big statements from Biota yeah. You know. I think that we are important, the function of that yet research we should set ourselves up. You know that now that we are we, Serbia and, I think, probably means For history, known as I was, as I wrote, the thing seen very natural, that that would be a part of that society where Every time we showed something people would react to. Oh, my god. This is it so these are the answer and for me the game is always about book and Elizabeth. I can't really wine people, because I think that the average person doesn't necessarily like you don't have a really
their picture of nineteen twelve m and what it was like. A genuine media does show something like racism, it sort of becomes the oak, the focus being such a hop on top of our about nineteen? Twelve, as its task is unthinkable and at the heart of the ocean lies at the bottom of the ocean. She had the letter to let him go. A matter that was no opening the matters it that's the nineteen too I know if you're saying, there's some other fuckin world up in a cloud can ok violent that Iraq has advocated that suspended, whereby some sort of a quantum, the idea that you keeps everything held in place: yeah society with all its I'm way. For the day when someone like yourself comes only like well and went away game, and here is the size of the bomb, this game and America helping you write it, and then they discover something where well. Actually, we found so I had this. So I have the sort, the theory for how this was held up is like something I certainly made up in Poland.
my bottom, then I went to talk to the young that it was a particle. I was constantly big movie. There's a single part. Those countries state moving backwards in time out a second time each second I went by so is based staying input into position because it never falls because it never go forward. That's mine ready, so I thought I thought about like other mercosur and then actually talk to the physicists into a sort of kind of, but then there's a five hundred issues have contracted entities. I saw this: is you video this thing called arm water. Tunneling levitate No, not a limitation where it is. Actually they have this. This is suspended and its significance I get drop, he's a dry ice or something at suspended over a magnetic field, and if for votes in like it's a genuine China Angolan all share, similar, continual lady. Even yet, ever since I have not science me subsides, it's real blowing goddammit, but it, but it is, but I do believe that I do The more scientists should work with artists because
the artists are the ones that don't have necessarily think scientifically right away. They just go, oh, what is this where possible and then some I didn't come on. Go. Oh actually, I might be able to connect the dots for you and figure that out that naturally get about these things, which I thought some big stupid idea I talk to some scientists. They allow you now, if you do this, while we're after Bush of one why I want to do nearer view about the science about shot. One and one thousand no not if you want, but these are never gonna fly out of your hand better, whereby at so the little optimism they thought I had really thought out should agree that I had not thought it out to that's a culture where this music laying down there, yeah. I just go ass, an eternal them now about this. You jump manned put your foot, I get satisfaction in a nice word, but I want it was really quite sure. Ok, I'm theirs,
when the songbird dies- and he makes us or add, makes it creepy noise, but in the let me explain you can hear the sat. The exact same sounded the songbird makes in that game in the first game. Here's the thing I won't. I won't talk about. Ah, I dont want to look like want them out of business about the names of people have a lot of theories about various things. Like my, there are things that are factual, like Comstock talks about you know being potentially native american magic in along but I don't want you like, say yes or no to think that our work, but I will I love the fact that people are debating like this stuff because its it lets them like I'm a guy like I'm like a too thousand one guy Miami Potter Anderson, the master guy, I'm like a guy who likes that opacity and things, and so and really trying to avoid getting involved in, like you know,
going out in their views. In saying this means outward: oh, that's, true. Origin of people there's a lot of theories. and it may be true- maybe not about like be on her, whether one twenty in theory now There are some bells getting a gaming and going to the White House. You had the first one once a second one twice in the third one: twice and then there's when they meet witnesses, time when they have the coins lips. The hundred When did you marks on the a wow, and so you know, there's a there's, a debate going back and forth about the meaning of that and people asking. What does it mean? I don't wanna. Rather, So what is the matter when I? So I have a question for you than I ever storyteller at what point you feel that a storyteller has a responsibility to share things at the audience and natural things at the audience. For instance, you know like like amid a glorious. Would it do we really need to know what the forest was? I don't know,
probably not, but but then when other. So like we're fine, just knowing like where there's a force in the universe, and then I've heard other people like people and shows people and people who write on shows or who write movies that have a certain amount of you know a mysterious element that they never explained. They go. Oh well. You know it's sort of way. the force in it and then sometimes you go no, but that you should explain like what are you? Where do you feel the responsibility lies the story teller to like what it for me, Do you think the person should have all the same? It is interesting to see. No, I think it's great iron gray question does the end of the game. I think there's a lot of people who were frustrated. Well, I want to know I well understand what does this mean? What does that mean in part of it? Is the quantum mechanics Anxious said, even if I explained it it would it make. Any sense because people generally, unless they have, and I'm not one of those people. My client, I have this background monsieur de background and quantum mechanics. It doesn't. Holding doesn't make sense, a video infinite realities which certain mathematically well, there's
there's a many worlds. Theory, and certainly something is going on. The light is both light when its it deserves both a particle and an away like that's true release from matter is much need the mathematically, knowing that a certain implications that one implication, maybe that there's infinite number of universes and there is infinite splits for every micro cosmic decision can be made, was into another and universities, the many world series weather it's true or not is is a is, is up for debate with Russia, but it is true that light as both a part me observe both simultaneously as a particle away and then in two different states attributes Tat is an answer, comes from about that thought, expiring consular. So there are things that, like just our workable about use because we're brains are really designed in other things about you know. Well, what is what is the ending in a way you see idiocy Dakota were yet
that's where he goes into the room now, what's that about well issue in their having acted? That's that's another question. He said he says that a budget on actual machinery is she in the cradle our citizens, our little quantum mechanics, Easter egg? Is that everyone, Yes, we will ask me she in the cradle. Well is the cat in the same I'd love to know with something like this, where where You start this hurry like because the idea When I went I'm sort of was able grasped the idea of you know, and think. I'm right about this that Bit Elizabeth has the ability to make tears because she her finger, gets cut off in it it when they make mechanical tear. So now, she's existing in two different universes, and so now that means that she spread out across that she has. The ability to cross the earth is. That is that an idea that you
had to stumble upon the justified or very early on real? This is gonna, be the thing that basically unfolds the whole story to the key actually was a way for us to splain visually what she was. That came, super late, if you go back- and I am- I was an honest here- that we didn't have that notion earlier demos, because we do we were going. Ok, we're have to explain all that we knew we were going to a place where we have to explain it. But what you have to explain how you explain. It is critically important how you expect it doesn't matter what you're spending, if you don't have a good way to explain it. So that's it it occurred to me in IRAN that we, a visual element that you had seen the entire time? That would both explain tomorrow, you will realize who she is that this is the baby is, is Elizabeth, but it also is the sort of
explanation. Neither the background of the explanation of why you know why she how she exists and multiple universes, but we knew we had to have her. He knew we won her to be I really need a reason why she was special and we just sort of for the longest time said we'll figure that out and we didn't. We have done that, Sir, when I go back to your question, the erratic where he felt responsibility to explain everything you mean she could have just been That was definitely one of those thing. I've I, but that's one of the things you have do. I feel, like you have Try to explain you can't not yours billet, because if you don't, if viewed, you can't wrap your mind around. Why she has it ability is just like a day: six marking an earth like, oh so, she's, just a weird freak. You are completely right. If we knew we need to explain Erika, I don't think I think we just said she just a unique snowflake that that I wouldn't have have the audience having whatever we probably said: hey just go right about this but so we knew we had to explain.
Something about why she was. It just happened that all those things have dovetailed into explain that mobile Spain, a bunch of things for us that it was that when you saw the finger Jane chopped off, he had seen her with their finger off the whole time without assignment a very late always have a wanted, her missing a finger, and so all those animations where you see her like in other We ve been getting reacting that stuff, we added very, relatively late in the day because It became the way, was explain all this stuff, but also thought like. I was also nice character thing for her mystery at hiding in plain sight, the entire time, but it was also says that we knew we had a very distant honestly nor how to run a minute by minute. I'm gonna get up azure governance, as I'm sure you probably have talked about no less than four months, but I do have one more question, which is another and then ass ready to ask some questions because they they had
actions and I want. I want the people. There was Chloe's idea and so- and I actually did get a bunch of question. So I wanna I'm gonna wanna for gaming, good ones, not scary, were never its former. Just from just my creator, standpoint was: was this heed of the note. Was the notion of this game, but what the original idea, when you first had the concept of this game, was it too tell the story of choices in redemption and changing and or was it well We want to have this game that sort of her. You know a guy running through this world and there was the opposite of underwater like what what what what was the work of the idea of a region? Eight, it there's a napkin and our architecture did its consular. Did and I wish it get ahead of the visual for you here which, when we started working, it was a a like a wave and then a house this is the direction Bible forbush I can. It was a wave and then a little has the bottom of underneath the one
now said no and then than a cloud in a cloud and need a wee wee em. Are you having oh my gosh Exmoor? Why should it out at the job you persons anywhere along the ivy asking of you know if I can get a duty, I would love to the towers body. The ESA Scots unclear there than in that's again if he wrote, as you can see like food stains on Sunday, but you know we knew we want to do something. We knew that the only then we have the beginning as we like that the city and we like the time period because it was really untouched time period. Besides, as you said, the per what the blue, but hardly Hardly anyone gets. You got that you got back, that's close to your heart. I could see you got every year on year. Far wherever you are right,
it would make the titanic videogame went studio even could make them take the spoiler we're doing all they do to you. I don't want that underwater hundreds of workers, more one of my favorite games, was an adaptation of Dugald Dogmas, Adam story with starship Titanic, and they did a bit like a pc game, Social Titanic and it's it's fucking guy. Did you ever play gal really cool but basically or on this, and I think it's Terry Jones, maybe it's one of the payments by things Terry Jones, exclaiming, AIDS, the game and you're alone on this, the starship Titanic and it's a puzzle, game and you have to go through and do about your crazy shit. But it's fucking gorgeous emanate was sort of like a man, Douglas Adams version of like missed second, the nineties yeah late nineties. I remember when I am pc social Titanic and it's a fucking gorgeous game and dumb
So I always I love thy, so they someone did a virtual, but no don't know. What's he gonna make it and put down the other would happen. Is James Camera just be like I'm to invent a game engine at the bottom of the ocean, so this fucking do I care about you? I like I have two last look here. I don't think you can. I left I'll look basically what we relax, we're just behind awareness. Whenever Cameron does the underwater and we'd five years later heated avatar is gone over and above the clouds we would help. We like the period we thought is an old hat, now. People done gazes period. We like the art from price, all they all the forward. Looking often a pretty sight lots of idealistic like science fiction and the notion of a city in the clouds and serve that serve the really discipline, came out of that absorbs. I bought the biotech soundtrack hoping to get. God only knows the quartet version,
It is not on there and I imagine because it's probably a really hard to license soberly. I will I loaded. I said that the now I watch a movie economics it doing soundtrack would be like deadly. this latter found your answer is so amazing. I mean it's shilling, like all the signs are there and Elizabeth Cover so did you great coronation, crucial, garnish beautiful voice, insane regime. That was like my favorite, like, like the result, but every day as a great If you re like you're in that year and a studio you and like five hundred other nerds- and you like, hang out one day with at least do like beautiful actors- and they start like seeing him playing at heart together in and you like, and if you like you, we hang out the popular it's all of a sudden, my college, I want a crew by hung up the popular get inside, but I've been up. Try Baker as the Bi Regional authority through he's a nice guy and and
Maybe the acting in the game is is fantastic as well. Is that all around us is the great game it I'll, just I'll slobber all over the games not forever on a girl, I was bombed when I finished it is only now have done what it. What do you have favorite vigour weapon. Its combo either kroes you like, I rose and I was like a shock. I go back your doom yeah shock. I dislike crows birds. Shocking I was shot gun in sniper downright your favorite, and then I love you. I love looking Bronco and health kiss. Those are my two you like raised when the air sucking light among those of those are my friends we're gonna get a we're on we'll make those vigour bottles for the damask? Yes, for your cell ass, any I'll, send you a drink? What what's it? what's gonna, be in it drink it about my arms. Let's get not crazy in and weird you can make the best cocktails. We had actually out of shot one large party they had some
some like. when he caught on cater may like, but Miss allies made theme. I was ass him there. We should just. We should just do a pop up bar like Comstock House, and then just forget inside you come back a bit. Now the next nervous. Thank you too, for your final, your team is already done. That's what happens if you aren't you gonna campsite. Gaza was great, I'm a real I want to sort of you know, just as I did their sorry areas and I want to ask things around you out and then in all its many questions, but so you knew You started the game, you sure you were right. I mean I know you. I was like a ninety seven. Maybe his rational go back to ninety seven yeah. We started in ninety seven, but then before that, was it What did you want to write for television and Philip Morris leading with this is Logan's around, but about, but did you do television, a felony like you know. I think, there's a lot of really great narrative things to be happy.
As you know, in the eightys there wasn't as much you couldn't really tell much of a story and video games, because technological limitations, but in the nineties is that you like. I want to do with the actual stuff, but I really feel it goes a future with gaming I mean I was screwing I'd I was like me out. I was I was, I moved away like eighty nine or something like a long time ago. I got a call. A couple years are gonna, go to college and I got a job writing a movie for paramount makes some horrible romantic rewrite of some horrible romantic comedy get made a goose it was terrible and I made it slightly less terrible, was really it was really like. I was young and I was like I came out here- Orson, how the new bodies were taken into Spargo. Anyone like me and then turns out like anxious than the kid, right, new writer number, seven thousand nine hundred and forty two, and which can a heartbreaking and I could look kind of freaked out and what else I just was not ready. I thought I was not raven,
intersection, art and commerce. At the time of his too young, for when I was like, I became a computer, can sullen and like graphic designer, seven years and over centres like on my aren't, turn thirty in Ireland. Do with my life and I apply for a job, they looking glass and Russia twenty eight or going on and got the job in like a year and a half later assure rational. I I just always play games. I don't think I was even thinking about being a story, teller and games. I think I've got a hired me, but I just want em. I disorders quarter games, and then I realize What's he got in that the? As you said? I was pretty low at that point. Four four storytelling games and I as a guideline film and LIVE tv, the kind of story but I like it, really see represented liking the first game. I worked as a thief and its basically, this film lar character. Basically, I got SAM Spade or I need Protein Filmore detective character debates,
Fifty that whole idea of a put into a mediaeval setting- and it felt original unique, not because I sort of came up with the largest, because I figured out like oh this whole kind of storytelling is just not doesn't exist in gangs danger that very much like either space Alianza worry no damage the dragons or just some sort of asides, growing thing really going to go through and shoot stuff and then there's stuff is a goal at the idea. You kicking punch and shoot an announcement that it wasn't the place. There wasn't room, to tell any store either or the mechanism to tell a story really, there wasn't the technology to tell us. There is such a huge responsibility with video games that they know the movie it's an hour and a half you will have our someone's life and their basically the boiler and with a video game people are, they smelled with. I fear, I think, that's why the guy The community is more passionate than any other consumer, because they basically form these funds.
Vulcan Mine, males with games for their there and they control them in their gates? For, like you know, twelve thirteen I mean I always there again good. If I can't stop thinking about my my planet like right now, I'm thinking a little bit about. Last of us are now just like they came out, we're gonna go naxian I mean I was the same with biometric infinite. I couldn't stop thinking about it? When I wasn't black like what am I gonna get play that again in our workers is, by definition, Yuri, engage in a way that turn off, because it requires and ass things of you cancer to fall asleep. In other words, Bosley watching a movie earth. Like that you're cowboy for a month during read that would probably because it like inroads like you, could go ride around all of a sudden, like the rain comes in over the horizon, and then you decide to go sit down in front of your camp fire and issues that kind of experience that nobody's telling you ok, it's time to move on asylum law in each other s. Writing that know that games, you told me that one
compelling gameplay experience for me would be riding over her, you know towards a horizon when the rain, when the storm comes in and the music high it just makes his feet. express you just don't have anywhere else. Since your experience is your moment, and that's why it ensures the storytelling I've always I never really like cuttings, because I wanted, even if it's hard even if destroyed it leaves the missing people calibre confusion over him and comes across the factory will miss certain things. You know you don't see that define the audio but I'll as a game. that's. What makes game is unique is usually they it's. You can't miss stuff, but when you find something But when you have a moment, maybe you'll never catch at sunset, exactly the artist intending to read it. But when you do, you know when you catch a moment. It's something credible, something powerful that no other meat No other media has it not no other media at all. it's a sort of like that Red Randy Pickford on a couple weeks ago hampers the bike as yet, but just
There does seem to be this sort of fraternity of studio heads who all sort of talk, and yet you know, like you, said your your chatting with your friends, Gaban and Randy think he said did. Did he have you play border ends and if he came out to buy me his sweetheart, he came out like Randy this incredibly busy guy came out to play infinite number. Yours are getting at the end to give us his feedback and was, How do we help over all these years jigsaw undo? What annexed Carmen Randy and took a bunch of other pillars. People are very generous with her in the engaged with her time in there and he put the hugging threw him. That's not trivial, a while to Boston by the whole game room and that's not a trivial now task Ask somebody is really busy, but he daddy's use. Have you seen the industry changed since ninety seven arm the monies have is a lot more money are marketing, people militia thought more money for people
it's a lot more money out of the council's arbitrating. I think the audience I think the audience is grown obviously, I think there is some I think back again, when we talk about fans and the intensity of the fact that part of it is as easy. As you said there, they are engaged in a way there, not another media, because they play there aims and we have a level of engagement. There also equally engage with the dialogue. Now I have hurry Twitter followers, and I talk back. You know, I'm constantly engage with them when they tell me very frankly what they think. You know and that's great, I think, that's very common and against our how common that is in in in other forms, media, but by because came to some new, almost all the things we ve? about a mere Nina, whether it's our well, I have to tell you all that comes out of the game space. Originally, out of the internet, nerd space and so
it is a very it's always been a very interactive. Waste of inactivity start again space. So I think there's really good stepped available interact in your activity? I think there's also a sense. so I dont really connect you as a game like I'm a fire like I like like movies comics, I don't I'm not worry about like a game like me, good or bad, and have a ton of anxiety down criminal action of emotion that I like it? I like it and I play it. Excited. If I don't like it, I cannot I kind of move on, but there is a sort of there's been a level when tensing in TAT anger, sometimes even which I guess I yet, but I dont I personally feel right. I don't know if I understand the anger before I feel like one thing that does happen in in the very screening and gave a community, and even in just in regular in other media content, where people just get so angry at stuff, for they even experiencing or they'll just go that takes functions
have you seen or better yet now? Well then, if you just experienced it and then made the judgment. That's that's what bothers me as I put this whole E3 things. People are really upset and like it, it's all sectors and the government is implanting this boxing ass, but you'll have to spend money on a council that you don't like. You know what I mean. The Abbe, like somebody said answering a common thread about Microsoft. Amounts entered an issue like oh it's, too little too late, and how is it too late? I know I think I got mad at me because I am opposed to the story. The like they reversed. The stupid people mad about me was like their legitimate as a soft sales, not for not because of their gamers there. But I, like you, got what you wanted. I don't give a shit why they did. I say that, like every company, every movement every company makes is to make more money in the end because they need to keep the company girl have accompanied exactly. I think it's important people should know that going in that. Look that a it's good people do
The business, however, doing things that people like in their fans appreciate is also good business, so, but it is at the end of the day, these people- and I Should it be very clear it it's a business and if I don't run a good business, the people I have losers. lose their jobs at isolating is important to do things that make the visit the other hand, the gamers have every right to say in a vacuum. Not for me and they should actually, they should exercise our right to completely, and I hope that in their old and innovative there, the ultimate authority, I think them the sometimes they might you. The emotion get in the way of actually like judging what they might actually like him. What might not like, but at the end of its it heartily their prerogative, like you, ve, never tell somebody social costs You know essentially feel this way or feel that I, but there is business in making people feel like appreciated and good. Listen to that, We really parts. Why I'm on Twitter, as much as I am just means that, because I like having people coming,
you're back to its. But personally will love it. When you do that to me, when you come here, would you gonna do How much you know I gotta be honest. I think it's probably realistically, it's probably not as bad as you say. What's otherwise I say this because I am sure the majority of where it happens is not at me. I'm sure it just happens in form I dont go on by It's like eighty five. Eighty five percent of the people are really nice and fifteen percent of the people, or you know I really mean you know no, no, no! No! It's fine of did so, and so we find any ideas like I don't you know, I don't need everyone's everyone. Like me eyes, my only thing is like her. You know you don't have to go out if you know like something, then just you don't have to go on your way to walk up. Some legal scares me I agree with you that curb your enthusiasm, we're like Larry costs,
call, somebody to your recommendation for some assistance, he had given him and am because our David. I did on the side. I did Seinfeld egos, never I am not a fan of why. Why didn't you? Actually, maritime open sort actually have some are affected rolls and we're gonna miss them when they go away because they are written on. The anger is eventually your game looking at the right way. It's really entertaining gathered help Russia. You cannot get here because then they went. Now. You know, however, for someone like I to send you some deputy forty, two unstick, that caps lock by clearly had stuck because it's all calves all only have to push at once Just a minute. Just comes right. Yeah I was I was like a lot easier than having to hit the shift like repealing neither do I believe it that way, but but Being said it is, I mean, I do think I weirdly thing
but like running against. Your great game is sort of a brain profession, because you know that every child that you make is in some way going to divide people, and You know they're gonna, they're, gonna, they're gonna, let you know, and so it is a sort of up the right thing. It's like war, but there is a little bit of a well, I know that you know whatever I do, because as someone you like. If you play games, you take great ownership over the story. Like basic infinite is kind of yours, it's everyone everybody's, and so you no choice that you make up, particularly with whatever you do next, whether like people might go. oh that's wrong, you're like really I, but I thought of it, but you have to be ok with that because it doesn't really belong to you. I think I heard a park yesterday, MR anything there were saying and they had interpretations. Happen, and they said if I find out that actually means this, I'm gonna be so am I how are you gonna find out like a popular mean, anything them? What you thought it Melick? What happened?
that mining, that's what I'm saying it's like is not ours, whatever you think about it at once. Looking to answer some of those questions is the authority Does it really matter that much like the edit? Have you bring a couple of things? and you go when you read in you read like people written there, theses on various bioshield things- and you read in your eyes at most academe- is complete bullshit, because you don't like it's all peoples interpretations of things and generally they give a lot more credit to the thought. civic, greater than they ve got up the creators, usually at three in the morning you're trying to get something done and you dont planning out nearly as carefully as sometimes she would think they d never a whole thesis on biometric one of the naming of the characters, how all the, measures taken from all these sort of literary historical precedent and related problem my but maybe subconscious level you actually worth doing. Matthews didn't realize the Ottawa address how smart I actually, but there might, but you know your brain has a lot of your brain has
my terms worth of stuff in there that influences you and monitoring you're, just not aware of so maybe you did, but but again, the danger of a fund for the person is a man like you forget I personally more later. I think it's great, you know was there anything that you is there anything about your work in general, but you discovered after you made. It is if you like. Sometimes you can make a thing and then, but you see in front of you and you go. Oh. I guess I really was trying to express this thing that I didn't understand before, like there was We pointed out like so there If you now there's a them city laboratory play ass girls. I want to have five minutes on the beach and I live. I knew that was the right sound and we have to wait here that we would take these modern songs and represent for the periods for fears. Judge affairs are created, credence speech and the sitting A profound decided right for that point for me. Engrossment often visit those out for the first time. the time period is a line that song. So some some some.
Man, just wanna take a beautiful girl and hotter away from the rest of the world. I wrap. I read this whole thing that you're afraid to like they went through every single song and explain why fit into the that that the fact that it was that particular that line totally didn't recall that line in the sand, and I was complete happy action, am I got a funny and years, although things you're like well well well play living like all these are really. This is waiting for that. I thought I had. A lot of them were like a lot of them, have a lot of even with that particular languages, so accurate about. was about the house exactly describe her situation was complete. Japanese, that's! So out! You know the time travel element I didn't fully with was Fink Jump forward in time, somehow beaten I won't let you say I was like. I was about to explain it, but I'll have you got a rather looks, but who is going to explain what you think
my name there's an audio lug were they all realise. Equally, he found there is a terror that was in his studio. Any certain hearing me songs coming through the tear his arms, and so he stood surgery right, regulated brother thinks we're always rather yes, they were. They were both Bari, both think on his brother, when one is bothering one was boring. Music the brothers musician he was think was leaning more towards the science and industry interesting is it. I want to shift a little bit up by a shack because right we don't have time we're talking about Logan's run, which is, I think so I mean just the eight the of the story that you are writing this movie, is so huge because it legitimizes gaming, as I mean I don't. I beseech you know when play games and the industry's you know, like people pay millions of dollars and games
sell films, and but I feel it from a creative standpoint. It legitimizes what you guys do it in in the rest of entertainment, which I feel like for the longest having grown up with games like the rest of undertakings like games that kid stuff you know like it, made it sort of film looks down on television and television looks down on the internet and the ito there was pecking order- and I feel like Now- that is something that helps legitimize it as a real retelling medium, which is pretty things very exciting. That I think you re always at the and dumb I've always felt this that create a people or creative people alike. You know when I talk about like arrows and working games as long as you don't they're. Gonna put, you know their heart and something like a course of course Gammell. Just how can it be making a great game of course he's a really tell the guy needs a nurse. You know like he. He cares he's passion about this step, but for some reason that's only
that is in fact direction. You're gonna away, and I had I have meetings before what does it mean you know you should do. Why? Don't you and this serve big, coming rector work together, we could play in a room with him and you can help us make a game and, unlike the spot, you know that's optical inches. In the same way, he We can come to me and say: oh help directly help me direct a movie rail he's, a creative guy we have a ban on his own and if I you're moving over to me. I would just do and on our behalf, Vince family with the money that out to make that happen, but for some reason his gaze when viewed as junior varsity hum and that's very comment- that's been how about it? Until you start there are people who shark went in to me. There are people who are, who you don't recognise that all maybe SK, I might have something to say here in this medium as well: I think it's really good for games. I think it's really good for not just for gamers and gaze. I think it's just good for a therapy who are passionate about things, you know in it
they can demonstrate an ability to do it. Why should they just be doing in one area and this product in particular me Logan's with something that is, for loans wrong. There is no virus shock. You know this hold this Toby and was ten years old is elegans run, and I remember there isn't a trailer for. As its not into the originals. It's a movie of its type varied other. I listen. I hope I'm not upsetting anymore, and I say this, but it doesn't necessarily hold up. Like the all my Yahoo, I gonna tweeting resumed her eye. No, it's not you in the morning, but the heart set that communism is great. Celebrate and disease I felt. The concept is so strong and I read the book a hundred tries and issued a movie hundreds they're they're, not the they have a lot of problems, but the concept is, stay with me for thirty something years and it was- The term yonder is stories, and so, if not for that, then I will never would have read ninety foreigner. What a red button
then there would have been no utopian games, I feel a responsibility as a crater to say, but I of this in the same way that I was thought objective, ism and art. go were interesting and corn. I wanted to make something that could show other people like hey of use at all. He'll do a gamer of ten years gonna die from the average standard yeah, but you have to find a way. Will you say that this is cool one hears why its core and the same slogans that as I'm just as an Third, it was so sit a part of my birth, as I did. new creative nerd that I felt fruit for Oh like this is really I wanted to make popular to show people why it was cool and naturally the impetus behind it I just want people to see white gonna, get it buried under all the seventy staff for the book on raw some sixty seven
Tom, you know, goofy special effects and all that, but there's something deep down those so compelling up. I want to bring out, I always love. I was love those to be I'm just not not just the dust opium. future, but also the idea that there is some none corporeal consciousness. That controls everything, whether it be a you know a computer or dislike some weird high mind or like them. I don't know. Even if it's like the Cretonne, the Krypton in council, just like some weird group but somehow has wrestled control to say you know to reorganise society a man they have a better idea of how life your life should run then use yeah exactly at it. Edit. And it's you there's it's it's. It's got great ideas in a comes from hi before people were really before. We knew how to turn science fiction into popular like science fiction. Back then was you know it was her out. Will you a science fiction? Movie area is at once.
such a movie at year. I'm forty six. You're not going out there like. When you there's roller ball in the next year there was Logan drawn and their westward world and then the westward sequel, yes and I was hit by like one or two a year. Rail showers, hidden, enormous envy, barrage written in there. There is money. The banana stand started, I'm five episodes into the new Rather developments since the six one is really really that's it. It's all everything starting to sort of come together now, Joe one in and the Annan joviality. Oh my god, I'm so that the fact that the great regret it, but it's true people didn't think there is money there and then all of a sudden they risers made there and then people shall it be in islamic lecture you're like when I was a kid there would superhero moving a Spiderman television shone with terror, always really bad at you. It's funny. You say that because I was Telling our friend Matt Key, who is the biggest comic book, he's pretty biggest come up ignored. I know and man
had no idea that there was a seventies, a spider and tv show whites workers, while he did know about this, am show he didn't know about his am, and I was like tat- was issued them showed it sort of looked Croft. Ask it wasn't. It was did that when it is a shame, are I think it was. Shame- or maybe I can remember anyway, but the other. the spider man show in the seventies it was rumoured. Webster, whether the analysis I just looked like the ones you another and it just it. Just looked like rope rope, because it was it was but hope, its armed it's on Youtube. Isn't I follow a great somebody called obscure media and if you go, your media, this, if you follows obscure media somebody, it's all, all fucking or some things are just literally obscure media. Like I saw the other day, I saw like a failed monsters. Animated pilot car, like the little monsters or something? And then there was a wait this one,
this one. I have to share with you because it's own brain Crampton, stuff I've read it notes the natives, Oh, I think I closed it. It was this weird like act, a man we like a nineteen, seventy one movie or those like a part Octopus guy, using Skype to our space. It I'm done no one should go, I don't do that are we are able to go easy about our dragons fucking car Surrey are now and where you go, it's better. That was better so what? What does your ideas with low run all these years. It's been in your got. So what what? What do you think I could have been better? about the original Logan's run, because I think it's important for people to know that this isn't just like other going. Video game guide. Make another remake like this, that this is a very passionate thing that you probably watch this movie for years.
Like all. If I were to do it, I don't have it started, writing an Irishman, mostly thinking about it, and but I think the key thing is that the third look there's a bunch of. Challenges that are in the way of making that story accessible only one is that it's really hard to get on Board Logan cause he's he likes to kill People and until it is time to die of any like we're, not gonna, do that anymore, you're right and then learn? Jenny just goes not strictly a stronger, interesting character. She just sort of issue. very much a female psychic of the period and then there would be no. What's her what does she want and why did you interested in basically the elder brother, amazingly just he finds around that three dimensional Fucks area right where you just tunes around is like. Let's do it yet you're going downstairs. That's dead bleed over the noise but
was a Jenny gutter, many other yeah yeah. She was the outcome of a London. Yes, of course, yes, loves. A shower. Seen did not go through your head right, no, of course not enough there. There are some things that you with that in terms of the characters in terms buying into them buying into the world that are in the way that I think you have to sort of like figure, out behind em. I am in the process of that, but because this is rate new giddy middle. That's like got the certain. very tough shell on the outside right and you wanted the or that shall see people get to the new guinea metal deserves a great deal, still be a new, and it is indeed used you sort of feel like the tears, but that that the new guinea metal is sort of kind of what's happened. What in three what's happening: gaming is it there. Is this consciousness saying here? This is good for your people going like that that sort of the revolution,
I'm enjoying a comparison of drawing your browsing. The loads run reality of the consciousness in the disturbing in society, and you know like this base. this pleasure society that the big we're mentor whenever the body is just telling them what's good for them and then now, but then it at some point. You know like day revolt. Why I think it mean to some degree you're you're right that, like you can't just how people the society or the game or the high where you're selling his great getting people to believe it is the harboured by into rather that, with it then he just Toby and story. The reason know I think Rapture worked was because we started setting up a game, as with the guy Haven't you why it was also with right. telling you yeah making the case for that's the hard thing for any kind of civil society. It has to start but gave new world thoroughly issues it is you followed, is topics? was a sorry I'm make any for does it is it's nothing of misery, appealing about it, a great it when I loved about by
I foresaw the trailer for Lovins wrong when I was a kid merits alike. twenty threerd century you like, you can have all drugs the Saxon on its great staff and its awesome with ITALY, when catch, and I remember like that was like a line evil having my head are. You would have deserved dichotomy of This amazing world that is perfect slept in this one little very profound way, and the problem is that that case, you after me that was made really want. The trailer was made as well and in the movie. Why are you telling me why are they killing people and how are they lighting up and carousel yea, and I ain't you gonna walk away feeling a little that scene I wash out movie, I watched them ass highly you are wasted. like all, I'm, I'm not sure I'd be one of those people cheering and that crowd, and yet how can you have to be there? it has to be young lady. I think it's all some! Yes, yes, because value. You you have to take your
it's on a journey in their value have to shift their values throughout the movie I yet they have, they have to buy into why somebody else it would bind us, and I think that in in in spend a lot of time in like this. Why rapturous beautiful you know like because we had given her she'd like? Why would you want to live here, and this is a lot of people cosplay like these games? This, I think, there's at this. Very appealing about both colombian rapture Colombia was. They serve notion of all time. He America and were you know this little like the music, unlikely that allows what I told the guy's a sluggish feel like the music man is perfect turn of the century world and never really existed, but who would want to kind of living that world that could exist within their Jessen library, the Ark oh yeah, there's an epidemic catches. It there's really dark underbelly right. That is, which was true of the time. People remember this time, America, where everybody was happy in respect of course, in every fuckin existed there were things about that were great and things about it. There will be no real,
not really not so. I have some questions here. One like waiting for, I know I know you're right, but I just have one really good pressure. I want to know You mean, like the game industry right now. It's kind of being revolutionise is a bit of a cluster fact, because on one hand we have always indy games that are staring they like pick up. The gauntlet minecraft was in India, in Germany, and then, on the other hand, we have like holiday making billions of dollars, and then we ve got a beautiful games yours, which is starting to get more recognition, people playing it end, and so, mean people rejected the idea of Deer M, which would have sort of made gaming serve more internal thing. I think I'm in what way You think this is going away. Movies and games? I think people reject the notion of you haven't made. You haven't told me why it's good for me, maybe we'll get seem friend sense. I think that, as a It is this term and enlightened
Somebody told me that I was coming up when our starting run the company itself, the company value proposition. Like you know it's like any page like I'll, give you this hamburger and fries and shake for six dollars a great then he says well, four hundred fifty dollars, I well that's good value proposition in the same way with steam has a package of stuff. They give me no one. Is you don't worry Europe is one. Is you can't? We say yes, but it off Oh by the way, you know, hey you hate. When you get a new computer, they have to re, drag your destiny. I know you hate me down patches. You know you hate not having east. waste a mind: your games, we're gonna wanna, take care about them, Hey. You know you hey there. No good thousand games, we're gonna, take care about after you and that's what it's about anything about any particular thing. I think it's about. Am I making a good price? listen to you in the audience is always the one who tell us whether it good proposition you can never tell them and they're, gonna answer that question, and sometimes people like digital downloads. You know for instance,
now. If you download a game on you know from Pierre Santer, something it's there ain't dear em, there's can't resell it, but they can be yet for some people is a is worth is worthwhile almond. I feel comfortable with it, but if they're not but there is no mountain telling them they should become when this will have to be a compelling reason to make the compromise yeah there has revalue add to them that the gaping liquid by Jacques Incident I can- I can beat somebody up. By the game. I can't tell them it's off, like a lot of people. Are members may said to me when we were we're going. Even it tell me I shall priority your game. I said I'm not gonna. Do that, because why should you believe me? You know, like day your priority one priority. If you think it's cool one yeah, it's really up to you, I'm the last guy. You should listen I have an ebay that, even if I didn't care about money or anything like that. Of course, I do. I have a light. My Maybe so I have a vested interest in and loving you now
we're gonna forever and the question is: is your baby gonna be in the Caribbean? You open the door, that's her. Maybe it will be a motley pick that our work is burnt down the sort of my we'll take it, or maybe I won't take it, keep it going yeah. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe she's your girlfriend and your daughter, my lad. Not me. I have a doctor manhattans penises, Blue Gilbert, Google. Oh, my God, Google for displaying its basic, and I guess what I could see him good, but now that they decide to go
back from the go, go, go, go, go another. They burned down this sort of model to the ground. You think the games are going to be going more in the direction of multi million dollar franchises already think they're gonna be going more. Indeed. I think the arena just be split right down the middle. Look the great thing about, debt or distribution as it lowers the the barriers to directly. Communicate with your audience and allows ways to like you, gotta gimmick, Minecraft, it's an indian sold. Fourteen whatever Marietta. Now that's given outlier right, because it does something so cover about its. You know somebody a friend of mine, described it as its leg over the veto. it's it's modern day, Lego Jangle leg out like a zombie game yeah and it allows allows expression, although since a games that that is a very beautiful brilliant idea, and not every ideas
most any games aren't gonna go anywhere near that sort of an outlier phenomena, but I think that actually or more complicated distribution, the amount of People in the middle. Get me do so greatly. Did the barrier actually get reduce so greatly that you can see this much smaller audiences with much more Nietzsche stuff, and you can make money off of that. But you know you could you couldn't. There is no way to make. I got out a pc game development in a few years ago, eyes out of a strictly peace again about because against us. Making there three four five nine argonauts, unlike tries to end its Swan freedom force. There is just a market was disappearing because Hosty get down on the shelf was so expensive that That is why, in a by your three four million dollar game, when I can by somebody spent twenty million dollars on a game or thirty million dollars, but now serving it,
There is no way to service in each audience. Now you can totally service newtonian seen you can make a lot of money doing it. So I am very optimistic about thing about the future. I think quality, ITALY, it's just are you gonna make something of quality. That's what it always comes down to it as a matter of it on Ipad or ice or or an Xbox UR pc. Can you make something of quality he's gonna appeal to an audience and I think that's great, not only just with game. But with anything it always it's always the magic formula that like well yeah. You make good story, it doesn't matter if it's a movie or a game or a television show or comic book. But as long as long as it's a story that you know that's good in, but that's that's the art, That's the magic molecules like, but you can't you
just engineer that I just have to someone has to come alone, make it, but that's interesting about this about immigration. That happens is yet. Instead of having three of I don't know I they're probably be room for this huge giant blockbusters but you're. Seeing something happened. Television like you, you weren't, you you shall ride the talking down which is about wishes. On a very successful television show. No that's Tobin Show was twenty five years ago. It would not be a success, for television show when one eight or nine may be watching, which is huge, a huge numbers, but if you twenty million people liked. What? When there's only three stations when you, if you don't, have twenty million people watching your show? But that's a great thing right goes Are you the Hamish showed its incredibly successful that kid sure audience and not of eight or nine million people that doesn't have to make any compromises for well. My mama great aunt in you know: Manitoba wants to watches we'd better, have a lovable kid right. You know seed ought to do any those compromise, not that cousin Oliver, it s like up its quality.
You think you think the qualities not lower over time, because no, I think I'll go up because you can make audio. You can make quality things that you, because I like you too. Flax avenue, no new model which is allowed and a focus on your somebody said recently that You know what used to be movies like real adult movies are now not omit porn. I mean like me: I now tv you know like that Now the walking out its now breaking bad is now mad men and they because the map market of big move. He's now. You can only do huge blockbuster, really there's only economic for that, but there's netflix and his team will enable shows in there is direct distribution and that all the other ways people finding ways to two and you too, Men are always other ways we were going to make money. Having that's great, you were a kid there's three channels in our young. Now is it and if you weren't, if you can imagine that appeal to that many people,
meant, by definition of a sort of a middling Woody Hata all, but I am a lowest common denominator approach. Well itself, and then people had to. Whereas now you know why consumers are very spoil because we have tasted what it feels like to get. Our very specific desires met and we don't have to any more like when we were growing up? I was like, while, if you want to watch we'd better fuck and figure out a way to like one of the things that have gone because otherwise you're not gonna or you know you have to get pirated tapes. England, if you want to watch you know like we were left Python or whenever he can't catch PBS, so it's sort of, like God, now we're so used to the idea of like oh, I want exactly what I want when I wanted and a better be invalid, in these specific way that is suited to me or fuck everything right ran and and that's what we ve sort of come to. You know that's what we ve
to expect I do I want to get this right outside the first one. I think that that that the biggest read a question, of course, is is de I'll, see you know what, with the with with buying them with MRS impasse that he'll see- and you know ones that happening and what are your plans and so this was a really interesting conundrum. We got ourselves into because we very carefully listened to the audience about. We do not like pass off some thing you didn't put in the game as deal? you're selling us so now that matches we had a way to finish the game. To start on anything we're very. This is one of the disease, and the intensity of the audience feel nervous may actually be united us their stock. I become a game, was it didn't get Allama game with which we could maybe I'll see as we think it's actually. But this has a role here, which now we're not going to. Are you You say what area little will get mad either tat, there's some character models so that we are really good. It is didn't what weather
at that- our memory, we couldn't low Domini models at one time aside, that that would just didn't. Finally, in the game, and now I'm just make up a them anywhere near the deal say because I speak on behalf of gamers and say it's ok, because I would love to see some of his character. My word I'm trying to find a way to get it out. There were four free, so people can see some way, but it's kind of ashamed that basically, in that now there's with art or toolbox, videos he's all right I took a very, very serious that people thought really strongly about it. Now that people, my twitter, like where's the Fucking deal sea and the truth is we started afterwards and I get why people are impatient. Video saving our hand I caught Arab attractive in a rock and a hard place, we're trying to which, at the end of the day, I'll take back as I want to do its best. Audience, and I want to make them rapid, if some people get pissed off generally the audiences which might lead I am very much like now we get it, we get, we get why you're doing
and arm elbowed out we're working since the game. Finnish, basically working nonstop on about these things, take time and we'll talk about it allegedly soon, but I you know, I'm not gonna. I dont like just to pump information that doesn't like. I can't hey. It's gonna be a right. I want to show people why it's cool I wanna be when we're ready to show people. Why till we can do that, I think people find it to be very, very cool, but points are taken. sort of negativity about it? Have you given people relative time family? gotta be six months or a twenty four t, nor I don't want you don't want to. I don't want to do that yet I will say that, were we gonna work in that's all we do is stop because if you do, if you do get people a timeframe when that rules around whereby like what you said about about like you have to be very I'm relieved me about and attempting to some degree, I think what the intensity people feel over things like this decision can
cannot necessarily be a good thing for them and I am trying to any other day I'm trying to respect what they want and that's why we want. have any of its content. You just base would go away. Because there are things you do cut from a game like the notion that you got things so that the issue is not is theirs is there is no way I can manage just not how it works for us. We do We did the things that generally will recover, be so far from being able to be used anywhere there levels, and we just went I thought we were saying, was you're afraid appointed the Elsie, because people be upset that they were paying for something that bade already painted on a level with our coward models for rights that we have in that we rise all becoming
seven civilians at a time. So we could ever use this model or there's an enemy that ended. It wasn't right by the bye against, but his character models really cool. We won't ship any of that, because I don't want the reaction of people to be how come you are making us pay for Oh, that's, ok, we're sat with her vision warmer. I e in our people just get so upset and I think the bet that really should change and I will go on record saying that you guys don't have to, but I think that people get so Islam is looking for me as a gamer like they used to be the so called expanded. We caught exposure pacts are adding, there's not a new thing. The US is now moving there, look- I do people- I respect the people open their wallets. However, these things, so I want people to feel good about. in the end they are shorts in their best interest, entrust the said because they want they won't get this content, because I don't want to make them feel like they are paying too
retire, but they're not but in the end, the down one respect that an end down, but I don't know if it's necessary, they don't. their unintended consequences. They may not know is a very good way to point out the consequences from mad, so this from empty. I Chris was uneasy. When what do you like your pizza, A vegetarian suffered the most boring question ass, a after us up hemp. Now, really some of some of these good, some Norma, I'm I'm partially vegetarian committee is very budgetary residency that and I found it you know I was. Such a carnival for that go you know if I don't really feel like eating meat, I won't eat it. But sometimes I really do so. I beat it some of the time and other times now my wife was she. She was the Mediterranean and then She knew me out in the sun, and then she- and then she found her like she was getting.
Really tired and stuff. So she started eating meat again sometimes- and I think for something like this, I and I think some people thought of light like it doesn't bother me like a permanent Finally, I believe you have you been here, you gotta eat it, but by the familiar so who you and your pizza I used to relocate, or was that journey you really like Hammond, pineapple and peppers Europe's you're hawaiian, pure white and red onions, and then I now I just get it without the help. If you have your body like earth we'll meet over on a bitter I haven't now we do this. We go to the sky. Restaurant is really good check out this issue so that this is where this is from biscuit hammer this spoiling. Why would you want you want now you weren't, you need to repeat the question you weren't It is in our really deportation artificial meet some pizza. I get it. I get well and my birthday, here's a desperate. I have my burden always makes me. She goes by stealth.
restaurant and comes home. She makes me a pizza with with onions and fake. pepperoni and fake sausage, and it's a good thing ever found them who is this has a couple questions at a pretty good we're going to get closer from Robert and Rosalind Lutece their existence. Vienna game is questionable and I really like those two and then his personality. we're doing it? How do I get to say where they do the same person? They indifferent universe is right. Yes, that's true. They are. I would say that at that that, on the record, I'm terms whether they're doing it that is not my call to make so that's either valley, tragically masturbation. Technically, it's technically enter dimensional masturbation around with that no new home for your opposite, itself, through a window and in the universe, almost Evan, I met said if they could meet themselves. They would have said to himself. I might have you seen me like. I would happen.
I have been very modest, so is other question was ever consider making game on a line of telltale like the walking dead from the neglect by Jacques Games. Were someone hampered by certain gaming elements and it would be interesting to see be able to cut loose from us of tourist storytelling perspective, which I think in the broader sense, a budget we were like when world have our shock open world. Well, once again, is is really focus on the narrative right, like the game now than it actually is. Very there are the total won. The argument is actually very from a gain. Respect was fairly limited by design when so they didn't know it needed a great only by the previous gray characters in his great situations. I think for me I'm I like I'm a guy I've always like guinea but gave Venus. You know I have always enjoyed games stems in arm, but when I play games actually generally when I play as they like
position ex communist right, more systemic games. Rather now the game, so I think that I would have trouble like I had to work on. A new venture. Sal game want to start. Your came from other, never never made. It was really hard for me to come up with like the moment in it, because So that's all there was. The aim is actually serve. Player in Dublin minor design moments like any adventure game. You know, as you know, in any Sierra style game. You know exactly the points along this plot. Half along very clearly, there's no systemic rather live out. So as much as I presume as much as I would make my life easier. As a writer, I would miss working on it, as a gamer, I like sick game system. So probably probably not I like the mean you noticed it stuck on sky room for so long and overruled game is dangerous for me, because it is difficult for me to get off it and so having having basically direction. The ban
the band having one direction in my life is really help me realise that I'm a thirteen year old girl but have having basically like one one really main quest to accomplish and get through just a linear story. His is better for me my personality because I would fucking play it, for I I would I get is a one of these places regal. I went, hunting live here and I run run. I all the terms the average like would having been an open world you don't ever there met? There was the walking dead, isn't isn't open world but it, but I think of like that. That was the walk into question the gaming elements, and then I said in the broader sense other people also one. I was actually two questions hello, my one another people read it want to know like wine. Open browser was open world. I think I think those are the designs. I admire the most having this radically difficult like each other. a deadly having those moments outages entirely.
RO. You know that you come out. I really admire those it they're, they're, very difficult to correctly and their difficult too. Then even has opened. His infinite was really I don't mean in terms of like it. Wasn't a warmer game. I should be the fact that, like we're not having since in the cabin China Tibet Narrative, it anything is vertically a vertical space and as open spaces, it was was it really really difficult? So I would love to do a game I got. I just think out have to. We think about how it will be done. Please please do it this way. A predator victorious has a good coupled with questions Rwanda, the voice of the circus of values clown. Is my wife, AIDS I did my as my acting like. I uneasy acting. That's. Where dusted? Did you do? more time. We won't talk under you and then could people ribbit new and would make the return retard,
the game: isn't it yeah, but but you doing it means we get to control you're like a puppet due lines or unaided, Welcome to the circus values come back when he got the money body Wait. I made my accede. I'm in the man and allay from acting what's religion, iconic sound in the game like when I hopped inner infinite, and I heard that voice just like, oh god, I'm grown as an actor, You gonna live any machine in the new game too. I am, I really developed as an actor. Even then you can sort of being, then you could be some sort of ascension Apartment for in Logan's, run. Halo Ganny have not one word of others. Just ripped up the agreement, you didn't say he was gonna, be a voice robot boys of this. And inventories also want to know who would win in a debate. Comstock Ryan,
forget one now be hogs out, will be like you know One in one of them is an atheist. Sally out, be thou, be a tough one. I think they wouldn't kill em. They want to have a lot of common ground. Even debate upon I've been, I guess I would think the atheists would win in some as it even though I was even more time winning and debated. My in my view here. This is from Nick? What lessons have you learned from by Jacques Infinite that you are gonna take on future projects with you, you know, you think I think I've Learned was only we learned a lot about telling story, narrative and things like that. I don't think I've like Oh, my god, I'm never do that again. You know anything from the game. I think that I don't necessarily.
Like to repeat ourselves as much. I think that I'd be very, I don't know I get the answers. I don't know whether I didn't off another very dry. to give you a smart answer, but I don't know I don't like an arrow. I took away. Lessons are small things like hey, like what's bounds the web, this kind of weapons should be balanced that way or back and weapons should be balanced. That way, but most things that happen in again, naturally the time that word. What we wanted to be was really a function of time. I'm an action. You know four limitations, and things like that again. When I finish, Just one was that we like wow thither. I really should kill off Ryan when I did. This level sort of the game really without not a lot left to do, but I don't really have any be take away like that, this time, nothing people like more unlike last, but nothing that ITALY makes I'll take a. Why are you or are you good with.
Completion in the sense of. Can you walk away from an go? That's you know, that's done we ve been. they were like when it when everything was done and it was delivered, are you were? Did you feel your soul was satisfied like this. Is it or were you still like a fact? If I could just down everyone needler, I could noodle on it forever. I don't think I know that it's probably not a good idea like it. I think it it's done, the game is done and, I could not go on forever, but Anthea sincerely productive, it's hard because you I am sure that you know especially four and a half, of your life is significant. at a time to spend. On one thing I mean: that's, people could have numerous. And do numerous things and four and a half years that you know that I often wonder when you're working on something that long, how do you retain your enthusiasm for that thing. The year three, when you're lying, for three years and we still got another year. Lapping, it's like you know,
aid of a sixteen hour flight. But that's it that's, never problem, because it is key evolving for me, always like it away like it's, I'm always trying to make it better. He's, gonna make a better, I'm always learning like the pinkies stuff, like it all come home one day and like wool I've thought about all of a sudden, like I'm so enthusiastically again, because I feel, like all now and now I made progress towards telling the story. I'm I dont get fatigue format. I think that its but I dont Knesset every. I think that is a long time to spend on one thing and I think further The arc of your life is probably you wanna. Then the little less time on something then more time once you ve. did you think, there's gonna be any any Easter eggs and Logan's run from both short run of your favor games or anything this sword like while not not you not just that, not just songbird, but you know it's like is like hearing Ellen Maclean in Packer him, you know it. the voice of like hearing were glad. I was basically everyone
when I showed you the jailer backroom you're like again totally cried? Oh, why? I think that's that's good, being very smart and realising that he has decided he's a fan right there abandoned he no audience to, and in its that we there's a way back. That's that's some because that is fan service, but in a way that really smart, but also genuine untrue to it didn't break it I'll make you doesn't they don't say anything for somebody who die nobody here and you also known agreed, I dont get the sensitive like these kids recognizes, like that's, obviously a thing he loves and he wanted to pay homage to it. A hundred per cent he's a real. They find a question that has arisen dumb question. I feel like this, my being well ok, Somebody says here: would you think people going catches, the dancing dynamo, he says what do you think of people getting tattoo?
of or related to your work to find a flattery are entirely too much, and I think it's really funny because I see people because it would lead to change ideas. Why why? I think that Why dont you there's anything more flattering somebody permanent. Altering their level. You do. I think that I think people find meaning in and symbols that sometimes you never even intended like this change rob waters whenever Artis gesture. I have an idea that constantly with that come out. If I was a sizeable judges on his answer, I don't rob. He thought it. I'm not sure I left ass, rob anything even decided to cool visual and when I saw it all that's great. Let's do it was, it was, and then people started putting on her hands, and I bet if you asked ten people
that meant a lemon, probably you're, pretty handy for Asia and because I could probably you know what you're saying I think is very valid is like well. They imply that this guy was a slight yeah. I think probably, but also hee hee hee broke free, known to some degree from us hey, I think. Maybe that's. What maybe that's I can't say get a judge you to my and our heritage is what I'm guessing there's more for the story of a life rather that, yes, it actually does. I think a lot of people probably feel, some job and you're not throw with any US emboss innocent, we're probably feel, like you know, somebody else's is pulling the strings of lemon maybe they're way of saying well made. That's not how I feel about it right. Here's, a good grocer from a pariah things. Are the actors, have a direct impact on characters, working with drawing court me changed the story of infinite so ways? One is when you have a strong actor you nurse they make.
Frank's apparent to you, and then you write to her strength is fighting against at your strength is not a great idea, so they both in very strong as to what the characters I wanted, but they often there be a line which I will ride him that come in and I have it, and I would think that you all this is great liner. comes in and when the act to read that is just not lines, does not the right line for them and quite often they would say. Well what, if I said, destiny with no regretful something I was marching erosion, the almost every time it was exactly the right. They had an excellent things. They really understood. The characters are really understood. What meant in the larger story and frankly they had to put our trust in me, because that store was involving all the time and I- and there are some things that would change, there are substantial when they will just role with the punches arm and dumb. So I think that if you have good actors
have to put a lot trust in them, and that was a I will never spoken was trusting creativity I've ever so there's just you questions accident is this is almost an hundred deaths, not dentist. The dentist like its election, it again I'll, tell you what you actually ended. Somebody, I wouldn't that was the guy in the Midwest gave out his people, tepid Titus by reusing, identifies his name was his actual AMOS doktor pain. I did you know. I have gonna college, whose name is doctor. Who is he I don't know this. I knew a girl who's, gonna I'll just was Doktor Jerry What is the name Oh my god, I gotta look. I'm up is it has dispelled use easy. I make that what is his oh,
and then my man, Doktor Ferguson, reach down here, doktor Dickie Oh wait: that's my eye! Doktor doktor dickies, my! I know you don't want to get those at once ass, a man doctor. You know four. For the winter. You have a special penis, Sumter Urology Oh he's. No time become the cochlear right. Ok, we'll play soccer, who caught your doktor dickies for the eyes, doktor bender. Oh you're out, I'm not I'm sure, I'm not as I'm as not excited about having a Europe is named after better as he is right now is excited as having a patient s. Name is Hardwicke So this is not answerable question by the way, but I think it's the soul of it might be. Something happens. Very Why you most stories and video games suck is a lack of money time.
This, was running a game, a combination of all three? What's the biggest hurdle? When can when creating a story of any again I'll, give you a good example or get so when I was working to start again image before his eyes first thing: writing ever did of industry beforehand, I wrote the union of the cold openers and yet users I should uphold open for the game. You know which on start rickets encounter something in there. Well attention- and I got to go to the advice of the coroner when I was very standard- is a start wider, Jane Way. There's like Canada, ship in the ship inspire them in the lurch. I'm writing was Janeway. eyes widened as the plasma torpedo does the enterprise whatever shape the Voyager and the guy who's? I really want to confront us. Rational easily programme on the game said, can Janeway, and she was like a sixty four by sixty four pixel
guys, you're, not gonna fuckin wide, and I realize, oh, my god, I'm writing. I'm not writing to the media here. I'm writing. I think I'm running a movie star. I gotta figure had a right for this media. I think that's a mule either you have you have the biggest promising Writers who come in from warrant studio and they hired as account doctor and they haven't written for games, and ah or you have game writer should don't You haven't immerse themselves in retelling outside of the meat, Rick suddenly would actually make us is brilliant storytelling, we ve only seen but a few things, always in a few science fiction if they haven't expose themselves to it. A broader range of storytelling. So, like I steal liberally from autonomous, understanding and correct in all these other people, because I'm a huge molly found on the huge and steal from all these. I'm also love cipher, shallow
whenever I steal from a broader range of places like I said that a worn and thief for instance, and so there are there, the rest Some points are smaller and its also is really hard to write for games because Europe When you read it really, does it obviously right whenever you want to write and then they all get it and figure out. How can we do this in the budget and not in those able key recovery right the scene without that the games are, every time you try to change something right, something it's ok! I want another. For this higher extrinsically size got a model that character newly have twenty five miles wherever the entire game, and you have the right to the metal, as I say you know like I'm used to specifically to the assets. You have the resources, you have to the animations, you have to be environments, you have and that that's it. That's all they acquired scale and takes long time to learn that? a member on the present accompany. So I can put a I can put a kind of pre me.
importance on the narrative tat say I have a different he's, a writer who isn't the present accompanying. He has constantly fight for the narrative in a way that I dont have to write because- I can say what this really matters in and we're gonna. Do it to spend the money on always from the resources on it, but is only so many resources and money you have. Let me add, something else is gonna. You know he's gonna, give die time, money, quality, exactly examine. You got to get a eggs a exactly and and So I think it's really having gained narrative is very. Very. Very tough. and misery and others are few other reason, I'm sure there's probably others, I'm thinking. Why that when I run off to people in Colombia they won't look at me. Yeah me, that's you don't like. you also have the basic problem is that when you have gained characters aren't like you, I took drivers for Elizabeth, like when you hired after diesel. They just bring assortment of software with them down. Like Elizabeth
didn't, have any about software, so the work we did to make her feel natural and I think the guy Roger Machina, feeling very, very natural every we have to think about every single moment everything the player might do and she had no software. She had no natural software, you know She didn't do anything just by default. We had to create all that, and so with them You can hire that actor and that we have the voices we can develop. The voices of reactors ring up voices, but they prefer meant rarely or how to come out of, we and things intersecting and working properly together, we get any benefit of unnatural Schumann, the room. One final question: Melvin excess who would want to no holds barred beard match your beard or pre? Twenty thirteen TIM shavers. Dear said, Schaefer I'll find might be futile fucking by Europe. You name the place, you name the time and I will be there
Oh, my god, ass beard, right, I think, is united. We re more has to be right. Pre twenty thirteen year he perceived out he's, got a gun and hadn't stick just got a little harder than it was before this beer talk. You grow another beer, Schaefer I'll, see you in, and I really what. Why would you learning about is no he's not get his tongue listen. I know if I were I'd, be in better shape, undressed better. Well, thank you. So much for being here can Levine, and this was it is a really nice. It get to know you a little bit and we have a phone conversation. We're gonna, fuckin, hang out with a sky. So thank you for spending time, I hope, the way to hang out offline. We know whenever you have time around among these coastal online to know so again, What's your game, which ordinary day were dug the one course little sent any game development like that. I give a public on major now to ask me that,
several years ago, and I answered him and that was the stupidest got Africa like I could out I'm trying nice in like manner. We reject people's gamer tat requests. I'd have to like right, o them along. No it I'm running all these notes. With that fucking out of sight, I already have the full and I'm sorry don't be hurt your feelings, but I was not a good time while your people, please, Thank you so much for being here and congratulations on everything and I can't wait to see Logan's run, which is probably still several years away, but I'm excited about it. star gaming, first submitting a bunch of questions and thanks for Macedonia, being years ago you could sit in case. You know more about our shock than they do. My frankly thanks one enjoy burrito now leading noticed dot com. You're worried,
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