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Kyle. I welcome you to the nurse bud. Guess number five. Seventy eight personal greed yeah! I want you, enjoy your time- that's good breeding much enjoying the raiders doesn't rabbit with values. The twist motion is when you start to flag up up up up up up up up up is put at risk and then after it's like a pepper grinder was Yahoo exaggerated, evangelize one counterclockwise. But then, if you do that then you run the risk of other Glock shooting at the sides before you ready severe, very careful gonna. Do that if your enduring Brito in that fashioned enjoy responsibly, which is haven't. Instead, let me a broken lizard and of the nervous pot. And shoe and aid of an earthquake has tune it. Who are great, do you should listen to in it which they have as nobody gets
they talk about the rating process, Meyer top favorite broadcasts and their super Superfly funny, and there actually are who are now so go to Heaven and let me dot com, h, E, F, F, P, r and an l e m m e dot com to find out there can be performing. At a venue near you, you and I know, Katy loves China to Katy, produces the share that show. Don't you there Good task is not to go ahead without a microphone thanks, Katy, there's no spike, as there are five seventy eight given over to see where we are now doing star, calm down
and I mean you know suddenly he was gonna, be it, of course I would, but I dont think I don't have that expectation at all. What has happened, those red material, if you're down and it never. Let me making up, as is obvious, what is put in one of the shots and when you get in there and you get mad, me up like one, but I wasn't actually in the show, but it's a long process like it too, the make up his long processing like for every extra via the simple the simple and rubber headed that goes on and then a shitload of people there it's a lot. You know their day start really early to get everyone, and- and also you know, usually they these dates are shooting, unlike may ass. Well, fucking heart, but I am also just afraid that I should just do it some time, but I am also afraid, like I don't want,
people to be taken out of the show, because they recognize me as is Albania, although he knows me for for really being thorough chances? I'd survived Zambia. Lips. I very well, why didn't you would make you failed Zambia, buckled mode. Make me failure. I don't know I desire for something a certain kind of food- Helen, gay, fuck yeah. I just really would just get a pizza guy frat just like the old days, but they should do that like they have yet? Those few should travel and find like a movie studio and then like that, just but it's been locked up, and so like you know they go on and it's the set of like, like friends, are suddenly. Instead of the Big bang theory and all those people who don T all of em, but there still having the same types of personal dynamics, if they yeah, but just zombies, yeah. I don't see any reason I mean you know: they'd have to travel pretty far West yeah to do that. But you know last offshoots in ITALY
That's what I'm saying you know, maybe there's a good real housewives of were now, that's like they were shooting their reunion episode and Andy Cohen, and them all got trapped inside they blow their yeah and well meaning I bet- meaning what survivors Army Apocalypse. Well, I don't, I don't know which one that is because I've never seen a show, but I guess she gets sure. You have actually sounds like a pill. Thou Knowest. She was the one who is on that. Unlike that abc the new normal. Oh he's a large woman with my platinum blonde hair, ok, ok, larger than life. I've never seen, urges the memorial housewife show of any time either. So I thought he had not seen one you will my wife like Bravo. If, if I'm not hovering over the tv set its own, Bravo for second, what you're my wife abroad She's a connoisseur housewives, yes to the housewives at all,
unlike the like of below deck and the The state flipping shows and sing alone, I'm on board for dealing with rage. She tv yeah, because I love process shows, like reality, shows where people just fuckin exist. Right. I don't but project runway, I loved and I love the house slipping ones because those people actually have a skill and you see them take nothing and turn it into something like this, something to nothing shows actually enjoy. Those types shows, but I just can't watch people just existing because their fuckin loony Ex almost survivor guy you're yeah, that's the gold standard yeah. I guess it is don't think. Well I don't know if we get this far. What is it with you? Mister? I mean what are they like their twentieth season here, but you, the big, the big marking ploy this time is a little disappointed in them. John rocker. Really Yo John
progress? Is he a baseball player? He will use the guy and manage our racist later. They went away in a racist tirade. He would definitely be a zombie, and yet he is a zombie areas is very big. They are mentally as patients zero Yankees they aggregate yet, and so he's he's the guy either That's how their drumming up their new excitement online. Shall we a racist. What sort of greatly they probably races one company based on the show. You know it's not listen, you no point of view the re support of use that really heavily representatives or you, nobody, really nice. If we get one team, all racist wanting non racists, a pit them against each other, as you will see when I was a baby I'll turn out well at all regulatory, I'm like this. I know em liking this idea, so you were watching since the beginning, the area, I wasn't I went on a couple dates with a girl who was on one of the original seasons of survivor, really like in two thousand hash
What's that, would someone hassle back who's? The one is the crazy we're. Not none of you know Elizabeth, she's on the view anymore. I, whenever she was, she was in the original season over. She was survivor, that's worth that's where she came from work when the famous and when the rules they was Colleen. Ok, Okay, she was really sweet and I, but I was still a big veteran the time can win out a few times and she was I I remember her. Very sweet, yet very sweet. Was she didn't like stun, castor in and out of Santa Maria? No was night or movie the end of the animal right. Now. What do I remember that? Because I addition firm? Will we- and I remember like eyes like I'd, get the peasant part, but they cast the girl from survivors in Iraq You don't the crazy! That's our colleagues that calling those calling you ok! Here's ruling. As I remember at the time she was attractive enough that, like that, actually got me to tune into that season, survive and then I remember like when she got stun cast here like it's actually see like a no brainer. It was like. Oh, it was just a matter of time
because she's that you don't know yet this was like two thousand and two maybe and an ye. I was just a gross string drinking guy and you know we, we went out a couple. Times and she was really really sweet girl. And you know what a certain point I think I think she was just. I mean I completely take the blame for that I have just I think I was just kind of too much of a mass murderer. You were in your life. Where wasn't my land? She was just like you know. I think I can I just wanna, be friends, you mean you as you know, but he was yet, but I actually like as but I was really liked her as a person could ashes. She's really nice like really sweet down to earth cool cool girl. Yet, and so are you drunk reciprocal Peter hard? Because I refer to a lot of times he fucked up, ok and we're dead. You fan of the show survivor no, I mean I still just wasn't really of a reality
The really reality show person rat, because my my previous girl and was on real World London used reality shows. Then you know that on one another about hard, I have a bet, that's his thing that he likes that reality. So you know I didn't like real it's. It's real distort reality generated scripted. You never know what is going to mean that the funny thing about reality- television is its entirely scripted in the sense that it's all, like all of the square of the scripting, is done in the Post press hard working jaded it data. Ok, ok, really just been his daring Janine out amazing race, and I had a really funny situation. Crazy, I've met the highlight rock or you want to tell you about an amazing, raise the whites. Yes, that's what he should have it on Libya, but it's not I've. Only
was only I mean. Do you said it was long term relationship. That was our ears, but you know: can we now electricity nailed Amargosa That is unbelievable. How have you haven't you nailed in reality, tv ropes, J J while smoky, not job, not job, not nailed either one of them, but I am aware of the situation like, where I sat a wise, I tried variously traded. I try to drag my dick through the ridge. Like an excited rat romanian. They called out an age, it's an abbe from the situation we have why it added who has anything as nailed more reality, checks you our GDP on this one. I don't know, I don't know he's it is strictly scripted. I thought
it's just a game. Is I've been going? I moved over to scribbler? Ok, then you must be eradicated. That's what have I gotta give level other mulatto notes. Gonna get a lot yeah. What about any any late night action you like, like a Chelsea handler type, a girl, I never knife and when the spotlight, you know, there's no there's! No! I guess this is anyway because of the hard work is a rake stories he's telling love, I'm a rake, that's, unfortunately, been locked in the storage has not been taken out required. To do any raking. Now I think the idea of being a rake is very fine, but I dont think I have the emotional fortitude for it. S too, strange very by those those days are behind you there, where he I gotta, get there. You know booze raking
The book I lacked the rake up with the with the boot. Let me ask you this danger like because obviously you no notice has blown up gigantic, that I guess so there are enough, but I really wonder ones like that. I don't like what the early days like when it was when we are strictly in the pod casserole it do you get like a lot of pod cast pussy approachable. No one has ever said that phrase before they doesn't exist level. I first person, upload. The crazy Casper Edward Podcast perceive no y know. I gotta like no no like check out with him up. He was like I love your pack asked. Well, people do say I love the podcast, but it's not been followed by a and here's. My vagina awry that ray. I would like you know here, but also this. It's not a fan,
you're talking about the behind the sea like another host of another, like you. Thank you, think I'll tell you something. You know it be really great. If there was like an early adopter groupie whose, like you know, I'm gonna start early, I want to start being in the tech sector yet because ahead of the curve and emerging market right, emerging market pussy, Margaret Implicit- but now I feel like that- I don't know, sure there are some? She speculating exactly speculative put yeah, I'm band they really as regular, perceiving the great man they fuck I'd, buy their first ashore and have you he's beckoned pussy risk? There goes the first single ab job. Is
really good at that job. But the situation is in the video, its back it s. Amazing they got him. How did they get em right? Chris Hardwicke is actually fucking. His stomach money is not from the inside. He somehow comes out of a true in tribute to John. It's like alien. You can see hard waste a face and many stretching through the ads and that's all You know what I really it's really a spin on the old Dickens, Popcorn Box right as the old in a situation where a girl goes down to grab the situation, stick em in my right explodes through his dick, or they just want to feel his absence. You now get out. It would be a nice apps, holy shit, cathartic Dixon! You touch my desktop provisions ebbs, yet it would make its way through the podcast community. They re, like, oh, my god. Hardwicke is the biggest scumbag of all his move. If he gets inside,
of dude and puts his dick into their dick when you start giving them a hand, job actually giving him the hands. That's what this is like a stone riff with no we'd yeah, but are you like me? I think you were enjoying an hour if we were standing, think we pay when every laughing I were. I would actually. I would call that I would call that x, melting Natalie, because your basically like smelting down the outer layer right yet into the inner Leah yeah Jack right. Yes, oh how I was, I totally adopted. That's an ex levels. That's like smelting! A serious shit later really serious, Hardwicke invented smelter gets a lot it's. It takes a lot of planning because it very difficult to share surprise rude It's like you. You know what the planet's amazing that they agree to an extra costs. Have to get in there somehow and leave it unsullied. You're going in I mean you are you're either going
now for the ass Lyman there within the situation is getting from both ends. So he's probably about you, I guess it's like a like awesome. Amsterdam, like it's, you got, you got Hardwicke up your ass and in your dick now I think here, jam is opening for our exercises. A dollar bill, Amsterdam, man, so good its visit to have sir on a product turntable spinning because he'll run really fast, and then that has been the Avonlea Right stop right and it's really by the way. Having some sick, some Wiki Wick, no, have you seen the nuke that nuclear ad You know how they do the hamsters in their cars and they ve got the new one. We're like they start like these high heels shoes and an awesome like tight black, like Sandy from Greece,
Like you know, nice boobs unworthy and thence gotta hamster head on that island. So disturbing we're on our confuse borders on red, and you know what it should because it may have, because you want you like care when there's a hamster head would like buck teeth. Or is it or what is that we have discussed here fetish, I'm sure, there's a percentage of people who are like a guy, now. I have that like there's a thing that there's gotta hamster so do other I'd smelting when another? Now, what are they were smelting? The situation and the he started? a jerk off about the hamster at how out of its everyone, I think you'd have to let it go right, because if a guy is willing to let you enter him and basically sheath your dick with his dick near then you sort of deserve what whatever you get yeah cause you to do,
you have to uninstall has deck you haven't, take the sponge out then put in the year putting years in there somewhere leave, but this bunch. So I'm a smelting the situation here In this, the situations ears are burning writer, whereas amateur burning learning. Something is where this blood was burning. Yea, theirs it was on fire. I am a very delighted by the complexity of where this riff went, like rather bat like it started there. This is like the merry honest trench of of of of smelter dick rifts, smells like spyware, like here. Is this your day planter and though this is the guests book? Ok, when we're done your sign that made from real working for yes, a lot of verbal key activists. Don't appreciate that, but when I try to remind him, this is vintage working for a soldier's. Yes, before it was before the embargo on the working Tran,
Because ain't done you, nobody knows pay or let it sort of like you know if you have, if you have taxidermy that's a hundred years, all right like it's. Ok, it's our that China is not new work. I have is this is this: is it happened along Yannick as having galaxy vary, but those working poachers fuck index such tax? There really is everything they have no scruples bottom of the barrel. You know YAP Falada Fettes, like how many above others bother that he sat Jovi Bilbo Freddy know about that, then, who was not really in support of all of that we know about along for the ride. You make tat happen about yet network Do you? Have your it'd take a deep dive on? If you go to work you period, which is equally hours, Wiki STAR was repair their more fettes than you you could ever. You could ever imagine in the extended sorrows. Yours there might be a stand
zero clones of yonder. Is there like a you know how they have those like pimp named generators or poor, named generated that they have made a fat name, is really just pick one you can just Goodwin Chris FAT Chris, that's pretty good. Christmas sounds like a dick, though Crest, yeah yeah, respect, respects the guy Chris, that's the guy. Like he's he's he's like beauforts. Do she Saunders, like you fucking, my dad is Chris Bet might yet spoken. The fat yeah can hunt you down and it got me into this club, yet little pussy feathered blonde hair yeah. He won't where a helmet you aware helmet, he wears leather pants. He in lieu of the helmet? He wears a net cap to the gym. Yeah
He wears he, whereas like tat, a wind of which ensured so would have like a parent, wider yeah. That's at heart it. It's all the same. It's all it's all the same. Tighter affliction, shirt, shaved, deck. It's almost all of the stakes are changed your holiday to system, because remedies are three decks, they're all safety except the one in the back you can get to that. Java skulls yeah. You know tat tat, yeah he's such a fucking prayer. His attack this outbreak is like you know every week ends when they started doing. Those really cool knights of the cap must ivory canteen he's just like argue, with the bounds of the whole time Yahoo. My daddy's fucking, you fucking, know yeah, but you know the thing about it, then the inferior to things that he just gets laid nonstop everyone and stop like a queen, dollar. He factor support queen over dollar dollar dollar and she knew what she was doing and
I know I'm sorry, I was going through a phase. I just got bad boys. Evangelist. Really, I really was into them yeah yeah! That's when, like his art, like his arch enemy, like finally date screen amygdala and he finds out that she actually nailed Chris fat well, she missed that tells him she'll, Marlboros well, yeah mean because after She programme mildly turn on after Anakin started to make the transformation of the dark side. Of course, for political reasons like she couldn't really like. It was because just bad politics for her to be fucking, It's like dating racist, yet so yeah. I would first of all does
later it black face like a real right uncle, and so so she Ino Fishing can extorted. She started deepening the fat waters. He took up with crisper foggy what he has banned, but they're. Not that good did tongues we're wagging. He gets to open like he opened. He gets to open a job as palace, but just because a who was dad is yeah. So for MAC reopens from acts. Repo makes for a moment I dont automatically, but actually both the little blue sort of elephant reacting a greater at right. Ok, do you know every like? You know every star wars you're, not everybody. I know quite a few of them. I used to get a lot a lot of action from being able to say who salacious crumbles, salacious chromium, let's go, but we made us not actual how'd. You get action for that that high school
like when you're, like you know the name of the job of the Hudson Sidekick Salacious, for all the others, chicks the called chromosomes, a guy who know really around us. You made isolation from job onstage recently and it got crickets because no one knew whose life is going to do in solutions crickets. Now we know which member new member that, like you, thought to be a funny where we in San Diego around COMECON. Now who now we want it? I would have gone over well Loveday right if you re like Peoria in every night. We were just talking about Peoria five minutes ago. Why Dan common text may be ever performed at the June. You know you're in we ve done a couple times. One club yeah, it's good. They hate, salacious, crumb, jokes uber, they wouldn't get. I've got it, wouldn't gonna don't bring us yet again. I do not talk salacious Craventy area fighter, tomatoes. Are you guys?
go you guys doing stuff on the road you off. We will go back out much data in the fall, but were we can take the summer awful, but mere renewing a Boston and DC in October? Those are our next to matter. Were bosses Boston, last Boston, which is the new club there, which I ve never been there and they are linked in draft, has worked out so gray. Let us much foggy I've. I've done that a couple times. Yet what every venue air we didn't like some there's, a short one, we're movies online. Like an Thursday night, namely autos progress by three point. What are you show? What would you show on the road I do know they ve done what we ve done, the usual like a beer fast event when we go there and I like a beautiful thing by not they ve done superfluous to though she was also in their letter. I think I audition forbear fast. You did to be a German at a German. I don't Member did you. Others reject with Jake was ejecting Amber is that it was a tennis or sent yet
for news, yet I did vote for action for beer, for it must be a German. I right remember you do german axis. Businesses, I dont do it. Sometimes I can do. I wonder if I was there I just as we all know it was not there. I know that is that's misdemeanours. German all in all I know is that serious Hardwicke was not impede. That's a good Germany S doing it now its rules, and you came in with that german axis we'd like fuck yeah, because there are a lot of bad accidents that I play more logical for speculative pussy. It's a good by a tale. I must not have been cause. That's the kind of german I like that, like I want it's like mischievous. Just like some of my friends and I are going out smelting tonight. If you would like to outline its fetish chairman, who would it is high, God is high. I'll shoes behind closed doors. The garter belt
not in a vice determined. Never german, Mr German, but that's a smelting in Europe as a whole. Different Bala wax worry in Germany's melting. Well, for the record, Chris Hardwicke did smelting in a german accent who assist Chris Hardwicke, my name's hunt how best the german name I could come up with, but your crushing that german accent has really get right and that is german evil. App. Prepared melted threadbare. What already to do to prepare, could imagine Darth, Vader saying prepare to be smelt it, but nor do yours, you have your blown that point. Men, literal, lechner and fucked,
literally a smelting in Europe would be like a whole because you have the whole uncircumcised ongoing, oh yeah, so that would be like you know: you'd have a second layer, top that yeah yeah yeah yeah there be there definitely be There will be a second step to that to that process deed. Is it possible that we're losing listeners right now like people who like stuck with us whole smelter. If I think what is happening is losing listeners to people who are like. I have to smell Let us not forget that this is a good idea. It smelled. Terrific is what I thought you were in a scientifically the English. Please don't smell during not during the champagne it's not during the neutral. You do latticed live dates. These days there are two billion dollars to have a well, usually take the easily take the summer off. Like you go said, get its life shows our peoples don't go out to live, show as much during summer, yeah they don't and stuff in the sun, and then I
did not accompany tour, so that was like fourteen cities and then, while how many nights like it was like I every night different setting idea, and then I guess once winter roles around I'll, say doing this treaty has been talking. Dead comes back is typical, for me to go on the road is much because I can't travel on the Sunday, because our shows life. Life so, but when winter like in between yeah I'll, be out alot I'll, be out in a lot of cities. Doing stand ups, peace. I need to do in other special soon. I headed the about coming to our work is ice sides for ethnic, really interesting. But like did you do forty five minutes? Or did you know it was you? I did fifteen to twenty. There. There were usually like a comic spare for people for comics and then an intermission and then for comics and the you know Louis was headlines most of them, and so he could do
anywhere between a half hour to an hour to three hours up to three hours and everything that we can never do it. And then you know there are other people like Aziz or billboard, Sir Silberman they would. They could do twenty five or thirty, and then I was doing you know than the rest of us we're doing fifteen to twenty. Would you do like old material? Are you trying to do like nuclear to get ready for special? No, I was doing I was doing very tested material as well mixed in with I'd like fuck around the audience. Alot yeah, so you know, like half of my said, is just talking to people in the audience and then just sort of being in bits, but the greatest like talking to people by ETA. Hey, what's your name? What do you do for work for your shoes in Alec were dish groundwork, yeah groundwork, suck it yeah MA am what are you drinking yeah is negative, So yet no, but you know the audiences were too big for me to really feel like
workshop in ass. I didn't Emily really workshop, but you have to do everything special Yessir, you really have to do that. Alot yet and you're gonna happen. I have to it was hard. You know at the beginning of our Walter was harder because my it was hardly figuring out which fifteen minutes from my set to do cause it's all great was, I can't say, resulting there or can never did like all the bids were connected into like a longer f. Our long shows. That is what happens as I do. I feel like I'm depriving the audience if I do this fifteen minutes, but then what like, they won't have this. I just feel for them, because they don't know what their missing and it's. You know it's sort of like feeling bad for a baby who doesn't know
What an orgasm feels like your ear? Yes, pitiful, that you know he will some day right, but over it yeah, we'll figure it out, but the but the audiences it's like it was just try and figure out how to condense, because there's a lot is not enough that the by wrote the setup our Yanza settling lingering on either? How do I take all that? How do I take rapid? As the chose progressed, I figured out like what the fifteen minutes rise and then and then I found the door was on the right road that so yeah? Do you guys do you? How much do you write? You mean stand a comedy. Like you, I mean I m sure you write scripted stuff that programme never a lot here, but we will we did when we started doing Stanhope like I guess I spend my five years now. We did a broken lizard tour during the writer strike at Helsinki started like we got back on the road there. Could we originally a sketch group re ever? Did
a brilliant and we'd inter to New York City, but we did a broken lizard. We, it was actually like half sketch half stand up and then like It was so annoying to bring like all the costumes for the sketches. I mean we had like we're the Super troopers customs, with the beer fast costumes there we had, we had like we eggs and we had to very large Let the builders of those that smell like grape flat sketch yeah distributed, reschedule various catches, but then it was like the after that cabin. I d love to the stand up so much. We carry uniforms euro. It very free of the talk, no microphone yet it because you know like you're, you're so bound by you, get to a city like the Box of costumes, didn't make it through and then now were indeed You have not been able to do anything else who brought the belts yeah. You got on this thing, no belts back, my pants again fall down, but we just got me to get to the point where we live.
Of it and when we were getting into the stand up stuff, could somebody other guys I jitters like our at Dunstan up in her passion? We'd, never done it. So we, we kind of said our agent. I taken we let's, we wanna try this outbreak of muscle, we never Lex before and so he started booking us around a clubs Lucky thing is that we have the rest, may the movies which allows you to drop, of course, but it eat it, which it but it's lucky in one respect that you you can headline. Could draw the audience, but it's not lucky its unlucky. In that, like we haven't sharpened our teeth, we cut our teeth on like dealing with a heckler, for instance, sure or like or keynote like the first time I stand up comedy I was like. I didn't know that you can go out there and try your jokes and they're going to bomb, and I wasn't prepared for that. So it's like, I did my first joke and it sucked and then I was like I started.
Short circuit yap, because, as I now I know I do is- I have not come here to the cooling was a new ass, the Asian, to throw you to the wolves yeah. He really did. He really did. I was like I love it. I love you so much. I want to do this and he's like, while you it's different than doing in front of audiences they're, coming pay to see you, you should do it for a random audience and as let's do it and so Put me up at the emperor of fourteen tour that yeah. Oh, my god, like five o clock in the afternoon, I'd suggest the major quickly explain to the public s audience who is not shut off the pot chest asserts melting vigorously. The team tours the improv during the summer gets these team to or groups in
in an end. I guess that their children from other cities and these kids are lecturing the country during California. What I will try their faces has been field trip, and so it but wait what you haven't the improv in the early evening, some nights which is ready great for colony, is decided at two hundred like a bus load of thirteen. This nineteen year old with councillors, were also younger than we are at the other. There, the ripe old age of usually like twenty four and So it's just a bunch of teenage kids. You know with smart phones and No alcohol, no alcohol and also kids are fidgety. They don't like to listen. They're posturing. One another and assured material that their uncomfortable with yeah yeah, like what I did fifteen minutes of mass. See! That's when you actually masturbated. You just talked about it. I
I mind it ok, I'm a mind whether they should have been fuckin with, but the fifty year olds is not comfortable with that as a joke. Yet do none of them is there still figuring yet took to make that took to enjoy that joke? You have to be of the age where you can admit that you masturbate right, which allowed people still doesn't even happen. Well, if I ever do I'll, let you know, but they at a certain point during the show- and hopefully you're not lucky enough to experiences, but they give all the kids ice cream. So, there's a moment during the show where, like two hundred bulls of ice cream drop on the tables and then and then there really not interested in anything, you have to say so it is it's an exercise in you know, I'd say what it feels like. It almost feels like it's, a weird twilight zone, episode a weird I M night, Chauvelin Movie, where you have died and you dont know you're dead. Have no one can see you
and so you're. Just like I don't get, it was wrong. Will we be able colleague I. I actually wish that had happened right about that I was about how I had a friend who used to masturbate by fucking has Teddy Bear, and I owe Evan actually, and then I mind, if I might, I did in my impression, not true serves not through any true. I did my impression of Kevin's Teddy Bear getting fucked bike. Literally. I'm glad I share getting pushing going help me help me. Like a girl literally says, stop. Oh I'm a girl like the girls looked at me like I was the devil, like you know what that like, like washroom like Maroni Lemme Maroni not impress the gymnast, do not impressed face and light, and the boys are totally uncomfortable. It was it was, awful, but I called him up afterwards. It was like I have to thank you, because I was fifteen minutes of me bombing and action
came away with a lot of strength from that, and I will show you: how are you learn a lot from bombing it's good. I'm here is so you fuckers anywhere from being I will give him face to face with this. It wasn't me what would I was he had another friend who did it and when we were driver of litter tour he started doing routine as it was made of. The audit will appreciate that the other guy They got it so we started attributing this bear fucking to me sure, which I never did. But then my parents came, you see the show, Mom knows the Teddy Bear that I hadn't as little kids like oh, my god, and then she like had disappeared and she came back and stage shop sat and am I tried to explain or not and she was like. I know that Teddy bear that squeaky, now it is now crusted now wait so does the did that personal cut, a slit in it or just fuck the surface of it. It's a good question. That's a good question why I would have investigated further, because I know I know the end.
No good. I know the internet, I assume that he put a whole and in fact it, but what he told me as actually he would put it on the mattress and he would fuck the space between it mattress, so he would just like damages Jews, and it was just like mattress- Bear Jill, yeah, yeah combo bear it probably like you know, like whoever cleaned his his sheet, but fine like little tufts of such a strange while not a strange, we go about it. It is about this and this whole routine was about. I had called together strange while not a strange, to go about. It is about this and this whole route was about. I had called together one such story that I included in the end that routine was attributed to the proper person of his ears, our foundation or second ok, and what he used to do. He had Poster of he says, wonder woman, I remembered it as being too close for comfort, close for comfort girl here in Mercosur Calibre comfort
yes, Lydia House, which also describes the bear the mattress yeah exactly so who's that, but the brunette General warriors Mark Yoga end at what he would do is pulled off his pants and then he goes The post was on the wall and he would kiss the poster and and fuck the walk. Wait. How do you fuck the one? That's what did it? He would put his his boner That's it flat. Epical get like flushed with the world's smear at all over the lightest slighted, along an injustice that is on the poster. Just like, however, high up he could shoot. I was there, when all the little hash marks, like all the way up here, I'm gettin their fourteen years, fifteen years or like measuring progress here a great, but here's when I was fifteen years when I was twenty five years then its eyes to go down in history. Is I've done it for a week? I'm gonna. Do it right over Monroe's head home as a great shout,
really everyone the lad for me when they, when he moved across the lake they did a spin off after Tickle in Rome, moved us Monroe spin off. No, they did a spin off with ten knights character. I would have the girls yet without the girl. I remember that, and it was just to him and they moved, I think, was like looking okay and he was called like across the bay or something like he moved. They were incentives, judging by the animal disco, when he moved, and it was just him working as a cartoonist at the newspaper. I think. Ok, I couldn't remember that actually done why you're just look up tat night. Now, that's a spin off the hook up tonight. Oh the proposed NATO through his poem no, but that was it wasn't called family business just look up tat night, and I am delighted that you don't have the Google glasses, because you could just like you right. I the right and find that information. I would have been night and day
TAT night night point was: there was called just another night: that's a good one! That's get on San Francisco night. We know it really happened when the Knights night churning armor, ok, ok, silent night, not silent night. No, that was the Tibet They don't know they didn't handbags war. Did they do tat? Extradition thinks that this was merely to maritime more spot as one of Phyllis and Rota offer it's over more. There was a ted. Those grant and Lubricant Lubin Grant was a drama. But now that's interesting to me. Yeah, it's like you, has any other show us come ever spun off into a drama. Mash. Our John M D, yeah nice job allowed wrong. That's a real drama. Ok good call thanks breath. Maybe the spin off articles for comfort was superfluous,
law governs levels of nearby school. More all, do you remember what it was TAT had nights? What has cartoon that he drew us in its tracks. Macau is a calf cosmic camp at me and he got at wake now? Why do I remember these hers? Have you used Google glass I've? Never I've never used them. Now. I would imagine that they would send you there. Now they're gonna would have for fifteen hundred dollars. But I guess I just sort of felt. Like I mean it, I've I've been a tech enthusiast long enough to know like what things I would use twice and then put down here, and I just I was
dubious about the long term functionality benefits of Google Glass and then also I don't. I don't always like my early adapter hood to be that out in the open occurs, is like that, like the day that the good like I was there the new. You know like a vcr bordered the new with new phones whenever they come out, but that's a little less obvious than just like wearing these kind of obnoxious short robot, glasses everywhere and interested gotta move their eggs yeah look at Ladys walking down the street in acting like their x, Ray Glasses and Verlag Hubba Hub in that area of natural thing to do as it is so yeah I've not have not actually played with the with the Google glass as yet I'm curious about the Google glasses. What did you do me? A catching on me now become. Well, that's the knock on them, as is there to do she
Y got the Bing shades made that I believed you seem a cock may operate what's the feature in everyone's in everyone's triple out of an actual riff. Now, so it's like that, we had I have an on our part: oh yeah ass, a bit ethic and he went nuts we have no money and he reached a new level of animal. I play with a little bit at the at comic This year day, there was a legend booth had innocuous rift set up. For me, like being inside a Yeager like it and pack room and its for its fucking fundamental aspect. I made it so it's you know it feel like the kind of virtual reality that was promised to us in law, more man, Riah yeah yeah, so it's just a minor involved, and yet somehow I don't think they're involved and the device its recent pride. I must add that sentence had gone longer. I would like to have seen how higher voice could have gotten J involved.
Maybe beer for many businesses, yeah right near you know. Now they could just they would just put you in beer. Faster Tommy. Toby like are recurrent MR tells us, is Chris, hardly be calling out you love to be in bed best to read, ok and by the cabin is on a non believers and embrace with them, but on a nickname like Tommy it Tommy, tolerance and Canada has got to be atomic. Tell me, I don't think he uses zombies well anyway, Modem Thomas, but like in like using a fragile, when I was in college, you haven't galatea, and that would you right now we're we're to school and silver. He had to be a Tommy Coma, broader on the obvious one day and see how land see what he that serious s you'd have me killed by some Chinese investors now. You know, and you know it is only ever been super nice to me. So I feel bad. If I just, I feel bad just on a human level. Yet if it is
give it didn't know if it didn't lousy, reside or nice guy invite is placing a ban or something that is completely banned. Jethro top Lucien Anderson yeah. There is a pleasant flu on one of Peru. We can the flute, have you ever seen the Rock n roll circus, throwing stones rock neural circus, no cause all its wonderful, it's fantastic but, like I always thought I always remembered in Anderson from getting started, is to fill, and I will I will, but being a very like shakespearean. Look like he look like shakespeare- and he was an older gentlemen to me in Anderson in Anderson and then we had so night and sixty eight, the rolling stones did, I think, all the rock and roll circus and was basically like they had I think the idea was that they were going to do but yeah like rock and Roll novelty act, and so it was like there was a super group called the dirty MAC and that was Keith. Richards John
in an era Clapton and then Miss Mitchell, Jimmy and Yefimitch was drumming from Jimi Hendrix and then like the who perform their first ever many rock opera on as they are trying new things and the stones performed. The Seville YE all the stuff from beggars banquet that had never been her before and it was like, but it's a circus ten ten at their all were either there's people around and it was ina like, but so Jethro taller was the first time they ever appeared. To anybody and their super young and the song they sing. A song like what's calls a song for Jeffrey here is what is called and their awesome like any breaks into the flu he breaks it frees up. One foot, though, he's kind of crazy telling flew down one for it's really a great out like a toxic crushed people would put into across my crush us and with the cool thing is like all. The bans are
sitting in their there. The audience was like the stones in the who and like all these guys are sooner watching these yeah pretty Colvin and then between the bands. They have sketches like there's a improv between Mick anger and John Lennon, whether even chinese food and and ripping do. We leaves and occupation, not an occasion journeys, round owner know you're going into labor, but that's what it is and then in the region, and then it was unreleased because the stones thought their performance was not as good as anybody else up. Oh no, so that in a release it until like the late nineties, when they put it out of the big screen, announced its avail. But it really is a fantastic amazing doc. You rock you, may you Netflix that business, you can't you. Could you do that networks that shit yeah we used to back before all that surrounds done stuff. We used to gather at my house, and I had the VHF take, and then I had the city
and we would literally, we would smoke pot run and get drunk all all broken lizards and it would take me, like fifteen, tries to sink up here to sink the city to the owner and then I'm not rank up here. It's like an old darkshire the wounds, but it was just once democracy. We only did the TAJ Mahal Zaragoza, which was an amazing summoned to watch the ship why? What's yours, the TAJ thing like he's a folk singer and very hello guy and his thing he came out and played like a hard rock, which is amazing because it makes it so there. Watch with everybody excuse well, rational circus would be a first people. Hopefully people know that you guys hosts chew in it with Jeff
we're part of the enormous you. I am to take over the world were worth helping. Did you did take over the world? A thank you for the opportunity in areas like we're all that Bulgaria will progress, pussy role, that's why they did it slowly in my body content here, but it is nice. It's like you go on the road one of the pleasures of going on the road. Is that, like you know, if we get is people, although Yucas oh here, their cries in your ear, like you want to try to sleep at night I hear from across the country I do, but is the people who come up to you in there like tewin it and you like a fuck yeah? Well, it's nice because its it surprising. If such a personal, it is thing and merely you make a movie, it's a big. It's very presentation,
these are character. This is the thing we rode obviously means a lot to you, but it's do you have a layer of separation from when you're just talking into microphones and people go here like that. That means that's probably a person that you would hang out with, because they relate to you never did. I s pose them that. We make whenever they feel like a part of the conversation with which call in in I always fond of meet these people that was what fun but anyway, which we had been doing, guess and a bunch of them, and we got no Katy in white. We try to put this thing together. It was phenomena we know I mean you know you talk to people at young. Just stop, do we talk to friends? We haven't heard from a long time. Yachts is a blast and you I know you and you guys had carried Clifford unto who I am so FUCK Indiana Change, your college of carries. Did you really old friends with cake with I love carry quivered year. Show great she's, amazing she's been a guest a couple times, and you know it would clearly when we have her on that show it
so dirty is uniquely smelt. Anything I just happened and Lamy descends into new level of junior high school. When he's with quivering be able clipping I We do have a great relationship she's. The gods of my first sun while and but so I can talk to her anyway. I want to- and I did, and I like whether the funny thing is is that her father in law so like that, like the first time she was on it, it delved like we got right into Liker, her being bukovsky, and like a sleeping with everybody ecology where we went to college and like her three way activity. All it's all means made up but like or is it but her father in law has like a Google alert for whenever her name appears in the press. When I met him, so he saw the hard core conservative like a hard core republican beer and Dan he tuned in analysing the podcast
and it was about who was appalled. He was. He was appalled. She had to travel for that when he was so appalled. He had to fuck it anywhere in a matter that is now that a teddy bear. I just saw. I just saw the commercial Amy carries old sketch, Amy the third kid. There's gonna be kid! Yes, ok, yeah! I don't even know what she looks like. I know that she is that's when I first met carries those prolactin years ago at the aisle. I probably met her through my ex girlfriend JANET because a sketch vest yeah area in San Francisco, Clifford kid and so fucking funny gather so funny. Yeah cliff is a great improvise. Her she does like there was asking in Clifford
and she does the sky and answer which is more was too meant to persons stand up with Mark Evan Jackson, you get no more capital, of course. Yet Margaret reddening, apart from thrilling, adventurer yeah yeah, he has been a couple were movies. They all started all over again. Let's get our mouths to gather together, yet it does, but just people know you have gets on Then you also just talk about the writing process, a leader, the edges fuck around together. We do two kinds of air. We sometimes we have guests, because it is our opinion that mean a people will just a lot of people. Just sack I hear that gas of theirs randomly turning into your podcasting. That's why we find you you get new listener. Rent is their intention to guess you have, and so we try to mix up, but then something of what is due to man, podcast and we'll talk about whatever and what it takes to pitcher movie right, a movie
We did one, unlike the odd funny audition stories which we all have funny. Audition storage, yeah stories from the road things like that, but one thing that allow people in responding to his sword: the behind the scenes stuff, the writing, the pitching the heavy stuff additions. Yes, but that's it I mean it's, it's like a pretty fun podcast and we ve had some good guess honour. Its funding has like I went by live out by calabash us and I went to a restaurant there's our Dave girl, oh yeah, there's just like a couple days ago and in with him, was gonna, be I'm gonna, be on Chris hot hardwoods podcast. I thought better of I decided not to approach on border using what would have Davis Looking at you guys gone. I hope they do Christmas. Podcast someday,
you can't go. They did those guys should really hook up here, because we know that we know he's a fan like we saw great picture of my son dance like Sundance. I think last year, the year before did like a history of Sunday answer yet with like it's like an exhibit of like son, answered through the years with like for us. They they got our uniforms and in some of the bales of pop. Yeah, like we sent them stuff and, like the bullet proof, Jacques Strap that at that I wore, unlike that, they made a display of it, and there is a great photo of Dave grow like in front of a super troopers uniform, all that's cool, which was cool, so I suppose I could have initiated and introduce myself to him. Also, we ve had we ve had Josh Army on that. Roger, had slackened funny, yet amazing dammit he's a body that is almost too funny he's almost to money. I mean you can't keep up with him. If you, madam, you would think, and you didn't know who he was. If you like
skies like good as an improvised. Merely he really is a comic private grounding or something and because you eat he makes like references indefinitely holy shit like you forget that we are talking to music. He's right, you're like an idiot coming, it's coming so fast, and it's so deep. Some of it is like he's coming so fast, and so the other having or she would like like ever one time. I think that the slim and salmon premier he came with with Jesse from from egos of death, metal and the two of them and ensure the guitar player from from from quantity. On it. They were rything and I was standing with them, their writhings so hard and fast and so well and it was it was like shut up guys back. I can't fucking keep up with let when you fucking we're about it at all, to start with. Rippling here check this out. For
Now the that Hamas is great and who, as we have John Popper on our part, Cassie did you did we dead as a fun ever so because we were, there was after a blues traveller show and we left the backstage to go back to his hotel and we get drunk by South Pole and he sang songs and play the harm disseminated us here, which I think I'll musician should do. They should say something I enjoy the blues traveller yeah, yeah yeah. That's that's one thing I think. Also like you don't protein for music, we traveled these comedy worlds lot and to talk to the people outside the common world. Sometimes the music like the music ones- and these are dying Oda Here- the package for the music S but I always find it funny when you have the rock stars off, because it's like that's when you really feel like a comedy. I because I like we shut up. We drove up and Kevin's GM, see Suv and he in harm you
up like on a fuckin motorcycle Harley, like a beautiful. Our triumph for some shit they put their like now like fuck like snake scarier elephants. Skin boots like enough from like an elephant really fucked backs I got killed process because it came so hard, yeah yeah and enjoyed his riff. So much comedy rough, but anyway, sideways areas find a funny to have those guys are so rocky. Like they ve got skull rings on tattoos, it his father, who had slash on for the first twenty minutes we talked about dinosaurs, did you're a deck as he loves dinosaurs. Look he's a legitimate dinosaur file in he he's. You know, he's not casual. It's not like directors are readily key. Knows dinosaurs right. Here's, a question about slash, needs
a top hat with a long hair, wig underneath and that he just put on his bald head now attached either we can attach to this hot air. I think it's real here. Ok, it looks it looks good, it's still gotta. Would you go that? Look you I think you Certain point I think, maybe it's the minutes it up or come out with like like us, pretty hair. You ever gone law heavier than longer. No, no. The longest I ever went was when I worked at empty, be in my hair was like just like in the front of it kind of hung, just below my eyes, but it was in every Beaver, Beaver yeah, but it was never button Bieber's short in the back. The grass was like it was. It was never really. My has never been long era I've never had my hair like shoulder later, though it has been relatively short. Rack me to night you yeah. Now I have I've got long tunnel. Do it again, you know it's like its way.
It's like. I go through this thing or noise. Like that, other haircut I had was cool heads are they haircut? I've got an hour and then I d come the road like my faces and look at with any hair cut. I'd have to deal with. I am I liked the male pattern bonus from Belfast. That was a good on that was a crazy. Time. In my life there's a creative you ve been bought. Ouch I've had my had shaped yeah yeah completely. I did. Why did the rob disrupt zombie movie years ago and native a thousand blow tat? Had a thousand health without blowjobs and what you'd think as a place? Everyone will want to go here. They ve no problem getting nervous for no, but it was too did unfortunate. Blowjob house was next to the corpse ass people, always Yeah address mixed up. A lot of people died. You know, like the mix up a lot of you, died in one house on a surly and then a lot of corpses got blown.
In the other house, yet I was the sort of a weird it was on other a comedy of errors, and- and so I had my hedge completely Schaefer that they had a wig on and it is in the movie day, legate scalped gear, and so they had to do this head appliance, which was its liberating. I didn't bother competence, but he he didn't male pattern bald for six months. Just you go, you know the heron aside and the ball thanks. You can't hide the fact that year yeah. It was three little midlife crises and parent Perma, the the remaining haired Africans have three months doing getting it shaved every day, which also means that, like on the weekends, I've got a five o clock shadow area. People look at and then what he had out. I had that I ever and then like that for three months I had to wait for the researchers so then like the perma Afro grew out longer and then the shaved,
start to grow. In short, it was like a rat inch long as like your wookiee notepad, and then the rest was a psych and the firm was coming out, sir starting at like just kinky and straight, but you got a lot of speculative pussy back them up that hair. I do do was pussy on speculative. Theoretically, I would have sex with you know. What happened was that it is kind of a fascinating social experiment that I went there and these guys got to witness, which was that like at I was single you're fast and so that at the beginning of the movie I was like trying to get action and what I would do was. I would apologise in advance for my appearance and I'd, be they hey. I do really look like this. It's for this. And it was. I was such a loser about it that, like I couldn't get anything, and I just I just like it's their hair
I'm not going to get any action for this entire shoot so fuck it I'm just not even going to try and then what happened so it like what happened was then. I just didn't give a shit and I stopped caring. I almost stopped being polite, and I was just like just kind of. You know like talking to pave the way. My male pattern. Baldness guys are you eat? Well, no, but it was like a lot of male pattern, bonus as will apologize or theirs and insecurity that's going there. Instead, this was like. I don't care. I know it's not gonna happen. Not going to be like a like China head on a girl or anything that can be myself really and what happened then was that all kinds of crazy stuff started and like I won't get into I mean like well one one girl asked me to have sex there. As things stand, much work, raise it with the glasses on the annex it like you know, you know you, oh my god you do.
Furthermore, you would have to you would have to you you you would you do you? Do it, how you do it in character, and so I would do in your character, doing your job that sort of like an emotional smelting it, as I realise it inside your dare ask. Even here: let's go you so you found that yeah, because I think I think a lot of the ways that guy's, about dating is like, oh, if I'm not attractive enough for, if I'm not rich enough or what or whatever it is that I'm not gonna like no one's gonna wanna day me and then I think it's the guys who sought to figure out like hey. What are you just fuckin, be yourself in yeah genuine and you probably attract people? Well, that's what it was as these. There is another situation at which was like a very the situation. It was I agent. Agent, he was like a like ball guys. I don't like you, you can't you put the glasses buddhas. Nobody,
It was a situation where these girls, for that said these girls, where they said what we found was incredible, was that you you're a bald guys. You shouldn't, be confident, and then you are so you were just so confident that it actually made you seem more confident than anybody else and we just had to find out while, and that was like it. So this is the kind of stuff there was happening, and then I was like I should on tour, do like motivational speaking for ball guys, even though not bald. One of you will bear with me here, take my advice and works description, a fuckin loser and relax. Thanks a lot elbow room. I don't you find when it if it helps recover than this confidence. Religious means, like like comfort being comfortable with yourself it wasn't like I was a has. Everybody was like I just stop trying as so hard and then it was like that
just being yourself and being honest, was what girls were reacting to, but then it was. It was confusing and because it was like juxtaposed with someone who shouldn't have that because of the afro and the brightness, and so it just let you be more meek yeah. Did you fall off your game when you're her back? Well, I'm trying I mean yes, definitely, try, remember what that period of time was, like others like that, I had. The only ways out was just a shave that rocks you involved, which I found to be such a clean experience. Like I loved having a shaved had I can't I kept it not totally ball, but I would do like get a one at the observer, every like week or so, and I and it was during the summer time- and it was just it felt so good so, where you going into like bars stuff and is hanging out, meaning people are where people coming to you that people who are pro May this honest we're in shooting Albuquerque New Mexico. The people who approached me were guys
randomly threatened to kick my ass, which happen on a number of occasions with eyes of symbolic, because I was bald and geeky looking with Africa in the male pattern, but like there were times when, as we like, I should fuckin kick your ass. What did I do like just cause? I just want to fuckin punch you the face. I literally haven't done anything I'm standing here, I'm just bald spot That's it, but no I mean you know that there is a situation where was like. You know you're making a movie or on location, and so it's that cast and crews hang out and out of college town Albuquerque, and so you know you know people I'm in this situation. It is easier to meet people, the eighth, the extras I'm Talkin, But it was I mean you were there May for the whole year is a really weird, interesting yeah. There's that time that dog I bought some drinks.
Oh yeah there is like are yeah. That was a different thing like a different type thing, but like a dude came up, we're bowling, yeah I'll, bring lewd, Galicia and in he was like, oh my god, I'm on the biggest Pham allow! you guys you. He came over the pitcher and five glasses of barriers, and so he poured out the five I want a cabin had won a J, wonder Eric want Paul and then, my head out waiting for the fifth one, and he took that for himself and then like was like guys and they all drank it was ass. He didn't recognize me so like I was deafening, like feelingly left out of broken the ball guy who's vulgar. Now it was this guy who's gonna get another buzzing back I got he gets pushing. Put What's a bit longer, that's what we have heard about Hardwicke. You know it's funny, because when I was younger I was super just awkward, immediate or it it's nice. It just feel. Ok with myself,
Now, when you know when I was young, those like there was so much apologizing into share, unlike are. You ok is to make sure that the soldiers gross ladys smell there, the desperation yeah yeah. You know what it is because they stay because anyone male female, whatever they can smell when someone's needy and when someone super needy it's off putting because you in people feel like their daily you're, putting responsibility on them to fill you in some way. No one wants to do that, but the greatest as the great sang desperation as the world's worst cologne. Yet because that's what it's like it so off putting forbear com is the best collapse. Grain, like yeah something behind the ears and on your we ask that of Tibet is actually the best will in the declarations bad, but I act mag. I recommend all guys shave, male pattern, bothersome just justice
I should like throwing yourself to the wolves at the team. Tours exact is justly learn. He'll, learn, friend, inaccurate, purposely knock yourself down what I mean like then. I was also more sympathetic to the plight of you walked in someone else's shoes for the sick. One like I know, but to bring up Solomon yeah, he got a lot of action on seeds, harvest I'll see, towns are determined and then I was glad to see Thomas and Spiderman were we I fell later. He got a little Demi Odyssey, hit a bigger arc somehow and then get cut out, and then it felt kind of weird yeah, buddy, then you know like he in the rest of the guys with those cranes around yeah for selling our Spiderman. I hope we obviously either at their New York's behind you, spider man. Here we got a bachelor you do know a you know. I might be a rough and tumble guy. I know what I know is right.
When these grains aroused with Europe you, your wrist web, the guy save my daughter guy. That's so I just got a hundred of my friends here, because we ll stick together. I'm gettin the fifty two guys we say a spider s way, those grains around an oath, terribly dangerous, running low flag aircraft and one. I welcome any that you, you should get a man they gotta Union Spiderman. You should join our union, be good for the fifty two guy. What are we was just playing himself in the movie, that is actually leads from Staten Island Dimas, who is working construction became argue that he was growing up. Maybe I don't know so what's next what it? What are you guys doing? Next? We don't you see what you were too nice is actually
What the big planets we just finish ceiling all the deal's. It seems like right. It's funny. Can we say that we ve been saying for a long time without real, it's really real and we have to have a deadline. We have issued think before March, first tribes, so, I think, the problem February. We need a german really. They are learning Evans, and now we Germans arcadian. He d, canadian women in Sagen. Do that already? Ok, or can you do enough? Thank your french as a french Canadians a little bit like this. It's not his figures, friendships, and I know that you re an accent guy. Try guys out now now that's what made everyone turn off the part ass, not all of the smelting doggedly toolbar. Once Hardwicke isn't the accents eye to ride out like gets up yet I could cite ravage. Attitude is character and traffic
They just doesn't know who he is anymore so superfluous. What to do that? I think in front February. Right does not with planet February that others, even some talk about like December, like nothing it up or are they going to be hard? But yes, reproduction in December wintertime unit has targeted, wondered India, but we ve talked about like the possibility that soup first you protect roses, all green and actually flipping and enjoy. It was too as a winter move, because if our gale like Spargo like fire, we have our gay. I forget I love Fargo far Had it so far go was how late it was just a loud fargo. Tag yes organic farms, but we actually just shot our new special we shot of especially the Denver Carmody works. Downtown yeah can best
not a great place. You have we done to show their arab because we cannot start one issued specials and we, but we re, like this kind club, feel that we get an like a lot of the cedars. They felt a little too impersonal, so try to want to capture kind of like triggered, bears and whenever so we shall therefore, because we have. We did also do some crowd. Work as well would yeah and popular onstage stuff, and so we did. We shall, in four netflix at the punchline in San Francisco, we're not gonna Maisie Club which have grandma she wandered out. He pulled me out to people like low ceilings in you and those funds. We want to try to find a place like that in county works is like as good as it gets its great that room and so well. We shot that enjoy now's, editing it yeah, but great room because, like the room itself, as is a great room for comedy, but also the crowds, it's just, you know I'm in their like smart,
stone? There are smart and but that's its greatest like each everybody to stand a communist. Every cloud has its own personality and city, has its own via aboard Mina personalities. Well, you and that's us one like their easy laughing. I guess may because their stone but in before was legal aquifers. Legal was always in ok works. Downtown was always wanted to hear the best clubs and, if such a good room country, so yes, we shot that and read it in that, but easy frescoes again we're cheating. You have told me an hour, we ve come a half an hour and then he got there together. Godammit and half an hour is actually too long and we should do twenty five minutes, and then we do a two men like fifteen minute bed. This story about the making movies like its built em back in a comment I don't know yet willing to finish it Imagine spring ok because they are trying to time it to the super troopers,
but I think it might have been sprang power, but we gonna with with the Netflix one we it's been. Our experience in workers were independent. Filmmakers is, as you know, what we originally dead after sketch comedy, but like we're always of the of the philosophy of like just shoot so like when we started to try to find buyers for the original special and they were like. You know it. Let us choose a date and go out of pocket and then will will shop after that a Netflix came on board when they found out. We were doing that, no nice, so as good as we were not a pocket, we kept the costs down, and so we ve done that with this one, we're like less Nina go out of pocket again. If nobody knows like tastes financed. With these deal done, then you like trying to figure days. I will we have this room for this MIKE S, brother, you shoot it says we did not remain means that, like actually just gotta a thing from my business manager, our business manager, you re
First may I reimbursed here nobody told me I was going to happen. I was like a twelve thousand by a set of fuckin letters. Have my guy like let's actually know you, I just wanted somebody to notify events people say me, I'm out at you on a daily basis, HANS a lot still yeah. What's fires? Oh, that's! That's how we get heckled. Instead of a local, nobody says you suck or not it's not your! I'm rich aims: bitch that's a year. We get the. We get those things we get there. People shoot thrown lines out from the movie right now Samia, but now I just editing a piece of the new special and where someone shouts out sake, I ramrod again, the man about that and you like Cairum rather like a joy. But that's not that's how we get heckled, which I think is confronting us.
As I have already had had got back there. There's events nice to be honest about it, you're doing both yeah there's a. There are two kinds of now people there they're the ones who say it properly, which is just substituting. The word now read like how you doing now, and then there are the people who just throw me out in at random spots: ethnic, that's the incorrectly that when bothers me, what those people from specula, pussy, yeah, yeah, exactly beckoned recent outbreaks and hamster Jim, and have to do good Paul by the way I like, I forget what it was it might have been when we were. We are writing a script, about college professors and like we're, there was something about like being in the woods and cooking, but I came across a recipe for Chile. Cone hamster who which has its like a redneck like a super hillbilly recipe that you can subdue hamsters early or chipmunk you made up for you found, and I found it really yeah. Ok
not going to try and asking if I will have it within the wood anyway, I found a great spot. The does that I'd like to invite you to offer. You too, is harder than who Billy Sheikh food movement here unless he saw the food is you know, because hamsters dislike top us really I'm here, so it bites as yet and the rhetoric I had to jam right MRS never stranded on to grasp. This is great. What is its hands? jam made with real hamster at so hipster. It's crazy the hips there's are using the answers that, if certain him through the air and that's that new bar in in the meat packing district, hipsters hamsters, love is a lot of around I moustaches in Amsterdam, variety of Hampton jobs, genes, yeah yeah. We human and yeah lavender.
Around three farm raised hamster free regiments. There are no free rage, hamsters, executive doc. There has to be done in the cruelty of the grocer. Have yes, hamsters, like living in little huts being raised for the chilly like aims? Blackened have CNN lacking CNN special reports, that is in June. It is under a spike gas network, and thank you for being here. Every day, I could see you you're the chicken again when you guys, you know in Europe, should move in Lahti tales about good, then enjoy burrito now noticed com.
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