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Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man, Bring It On, Fargo) chats with Chris about living in the valley, what music she likes to listen to and what is was like being a child actor. She also talks about what she likes to do in her free time, upcoming projects she has and what to expect from season 2 of Fargo! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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However, the notice Pike s number seven, forty nine, if you're in LOS Angeles on October, twenty fourth fun, comparable tour, doing stand up at the original room, downtown downtown Us Angeles, a place they d have now out of people. While people do go, downtown diva go downtown idea. I can't have you do who is the bars down there? They borrowing seventy such still. There, though, I don't know I don't drink. How would I know of bar one of my still there? I know there's like some. Where should eventually there's no tool that We have the ever widening out of that are still open, like you, don't have a small parcel photophone several juridical, but there is. There are sports things that have downtown and, as I gotta withdrawal again, where things videos play it has the staple had enables an staples, thereby adding to state how to stay in the aisles here than for those there's other pretty heavy stores. There- really why Ireland is rather than they can set the hoops up there make the hoops ETA paperclip they just
the files that remember that a little picture of the guy that looks like creepy clearly for the clippers. Exactly that could be the clippers. Both didn't didn't see bomber by the clippers yeah. So then it should be so a clip you should be. I can't be the first person arrived at the conclusion that I had never heard of that action that had you have existed before me, I'm sure did clipping being clever. Being the mask out for the cap, as to how we and I may have helped us basketball team. I wonder they get their living to show we'll take. I fear, sharing to win this battle. For what are you wrap your metal prong rung the ankles of the applauding be of service in some way clipping? That's your real name! Would you gotta manoeuvres Community Court board? this one is from the Arcade Comedy Theatre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the arcade is resting. The man
your dreams, Freddy Krueger, feature in Ulster lineup of horror icons, including and Bates, MRS Vorhees Chuckie, Hannibal Lecter, in more in you can find more. Actually, I don't have a website, but he invited out. It's called the arcade come We Peter Van Liberty, Avenue in Pittsburgh and its on Friday October, thirtieth at eight p m and only ten dollars more work, for you discover that, as you are reading you find them on their dwell. There's no upside down there. I re scroll down and ass. They didn't put a website, use your group food and just google it and you can find out more info. This episode is Kirsten danced who was wonderful, she's promoting season two Margo, which is an amazing show within the cast. The sheer is I mean you know: how do you follow up the first season of an amazing? with an entirely different cast, and then you now and somehow be able to maintain, if not top the level of quiet so excited Gazette first season was one of the
I think they watched their numbers. I love this Monday's at ten on effects so watch, watch Fargo. Here's a nurse podcast number, seven, forty, nine, with Kirsten danced nor any new star com w unofficial start. This is a sort of its already happening. It's happening right now, we're in its wherein it, where the only people conversation This is just us. Do Have you done along form, interviews, stuff now, I don't think I had not on not like recorded now. I don't think so.
I've always wanted to Howard Stern, but likewise, we do Howard Stern. If you wanna take care, I could it's just you gotta be care cardiac or you. I'm someone who I know he could make me very comfortable and then I would say things that I would regret. I mean like yeah you're, no word I don't have felt tat, sound, you dont need them, you have you don't need them here now, but there, but I feel like that's funny. I didn't expect that that would be the reason that you'd be nervous about going on. I thought it would be that he would hit you with stuff you be like I wanted. About that. You know now. I colleague over share hang our like, because when you're comfortable with bathing. You want to talk about things and with him I just you know things can get it's not his show. If it were We live in like this media road like pick apart, everything you say when manner by right. We now so that its it it's a disservice to everybody. At the end of the day in oak thought, what does one thing? One from a silk
it is because it's not sound body, and so there's no, you know like there's nothing to be anything where someone's gonna pick up something that you say and just focus on that and just put that out in the war. Oh, yes, think they'll kill us we're, not not you guys, but other people can always what's. It also be You don't do a lot of stuff and because you don't really- I mean there was a period of your eminence, but there was a period you and I were on the same, talk show circuit and we did found and Conan, and the exact same episodes within lighting two weeks of each other like for you, his name at this and the other so funny I do we we did Fallon when he was doing his other before he took over the tonight, show right and then two weeks later, we were both on Conan at the same time, sheer coincidence, funny So, but normally you really do a lot of that stuff me, you mean talk shows in five years haven't had much to promote,
I mean the last thing I promoted was this little indicates to face of Jane Where can I think I went on Conan for it, but I I did a movie issues are coming out till next year and it was supposed to come out the year like last year and now accomplished again. It was not this year and I was coming out next year, so I have been working. I just I did take a year off them. Why think the overshooting thing is interesting because, as you know really on social media, a lot I have twitter page is easy for works. Malalai just relax yeah, but as a human being you have an innate need to be understood, and so, when it someone write something or you see something do fight the urgent need to go. Talk about this problem of people understand me. I've thought that, but then I think it's best not to say anything because then it it kind of keeps feeding it anyway and says better, not just keep your mouth shut. What are you there
but I always do what I haven't import put in such an extreme situation, where I really felt the need to defend myself in early mean you have just been like: ok, whatever their do, you ever get used to it. When you ve been doing your whole life pretty much ado ever. Do you ever get used to that stuff or now give you know how to take it away where it doesn't effect you, unlike at like effect your day or in fact like me, I know you're in securities, are whenever it like. It doesn't really matter like I've. Come no point, my hair, I I can live a very private life and people right now. Things that it happens to everybody. You know I mean I even talk about how you feel like I'm not getting around me like everyone's gray. So is the way you know people a lot of their opinions with the current version
doing is really pie, Clatter Yang and I think that aim at all costs is good. That's good role model for young people to do anything to be famous like that, such a strange. It's such a strange time and having been the business before their research, before there is any of that stuff, and it was really just a handful of gossip magazines. I mean you ve, seen it exe. Load, since you were a kid and if you think the do you think that you big of information is a good thing. We should all have all the information the world are like me, maybe that ha. I mean it's, it's good and it's bad. It's like I mean I was writing a script. I'm writing a scream player, my girl for right now and like we always show click brought you by Google com. An idea, or if you like, we did, they have muster that you could skirt outlets, google it like. So in a way. It's really. How
and then in the other way? I am, I mean in the media way. I'm I think I was lucky that I didn't grow up. You know with the paparazzi bother me look at someone like AL fanning, who I know like only she soon Highschool leave the girl alone. You know itches creepy at a certain point like a man is chasing and seventeen year old girl, which is that just we're robe will also because you're the most emotionally vulnerable, when you're in your teens, because Europe developing your identity in your your bodies, changing and you certainly dont- need people commenting on Music that? To me seems the absolute worst this we like the worst to be a teenager yeah. Now I agree just that. I can imagine being in high school right now and having scram and everybody, and, like all of that pressure- and it's already hard enough high school like to have you know everybody. Judging you and other social media is just I ain't. That would be scary for me ass, a kid to genuinely to be
AMOS reality for that. It's just like everyone's everyone's kind of famous everyone's got social media, shrill yeah, and did you go to a regular? Did you go right, the other day I right yeah Sherman Oaks, because I went away all of earlier, which is another of the catholic Highschool experience. Yeah yeah. I went to Laura for that I started exclaimed the valley from New Jersey, so I've always got a normal schools that that was a good thing that might my parents did for me because I always had seated the lunch table in my best friends and I feel like I had very normal childhood, considering what I did was virtually LOS Angeles, because even people, just you oh yeah, I know she's unsoftened neck. I dont have a yeah, but in the valley to growing up in the valley, so different Sullivan. The valley is just such a different meant. Already. I don't know I just it's so much more mellow, there's parkgate lag I live with them like the people and their families. You know what I mean. I live with potential old people. I mean I just I feel more comfortable there, but I think that when you're in the scene about planets, when he's really start to like-
lose your mind or think I'll hit, because you know I also my faint. My family lives in LOS Angeles too, so it's not like I have no roots, you know I I I I lie lucked out. I think I love the. I think I've. I love the valley at Halloween There are so many neighborhoods in the valley that are relatively uncharacteristic it was his only. I know I live in one of them. It's so LUCA Lake, where I live, is like one of the biggest Halloween places in United States like rank to go trick or treating. So you do not share your door like this year, I'm going mark an opening to the public, but I just you just sit there. You don't even like you by hundreds and hundreds of dollars of candy. You just sit there and pass out all night time check your door, so it's kind of exhausting Simon fun at a certain point which is emerging the absolute joy in some eleven year old boys eyes when he
Thus the Spiderman you open the door you haven't. I am also dress. I know I've been very high there, which are very real custom. I I mean I too, I've done some good ones. I've been slacking a little bit recently I feel like, but the best when I did was the night porter, which was this Charlotte, rambling movie, where I did where bodies to pursue is kind of like she was naked and she had just suspenders on with like this, like military and it wishes and leather gloves is- is a cool costume, planets vaccinated sick of it? It's a very underground, weird call thong, but that was costume. I'm thrilled that you embrace Halloween. Did you been to how in hornets? Yet I did once and it was so terrifying because I think some of the people recognize me, and so they went after me harder than anyone else that I went to. You know little wherever little restaurant to eat and or to chill out for a minute. I've been screaming so much with my friends and they come up to the back. My chair and just hold the fake chain saw against until I got us
like, whereas their peace I was exhausted by the end of it. I was so tired, I'd scream, so much and I just the bathroom is the, we say placed the bad, thereby waited for a stall. We, the right ones, guy and a weird hockey running in while I'm at the Wall Urinal and I have to I don't know you got a terrible, never know I never knew you know, I always feel it for them. You wanna with which the performers there, like all you got me you're doing. Yeah yeah, yeah verses, like ok leave me alone. I got it. I got it! Stop chasing me now. This isn't funny anymore, but those really if I went with a group of six people in- and it was really fun this year- really know that with the big group to assist like our crew is so dramatic and sensitive. I just never over my one friend, lying like, oh god, oh no, yeah yeah, that's,
if you go in costume yeah. That will help. I think that when I think that would probably help do you go and caution No, you know is anybody, people do some people know and only girls, maybe you're not allowed to carry out, because you can, because you can, you can mess with people and like yeah, that that makes a lot of sense. Actually, that's part of the reason I freaked me out a little bit about a to excite was sinking areas of anyone could come in here. Put an American. Really messed with people in it like a dark way, saw you, I guess a true yeah. Damn. I now were so much more than they would also people, that's how people that's all some famous routed through COMECON is like those put on the cars. Yes, but I get it and the very protective rightfully so one of the performers we're gonna that there's a whole. Section, that's the purge, how do you get out and then it's like others, anarchy, because the purchase happening, and so when ran up to one of my friends and got in their face and he just sort of stood his ground a little bit the security got, Gimblet, hey you don't mess of the performers
wasn't everyone, but its heart mean if someone scared me that I would hit them. Obviously, like her sister Mitchell reaction. Is a person beer swinging, foam weapons, an inch from your face and send you could get hit in the phase out? Ultimately, but it's really fun. It's really. The maize's are great. This year you I'm not going back by Bob hopes house into local. It's been foresail forever. Liner was twenty five million dollars, but now they knocked down to twelve, which I get kind of Otherwise they would- and I would love that Luke Lake as stay right there and then there's a little theirs. I got one whole golf course. Men stuff, like oh sure, yeah yeah, million. Damn I mean someone really ass, love the valley to spend two million or above all, or at least just want that that section of it, because I thought I was curious- I looked at the pictures inside the how the media really see work to a million dollars. Now anybody we totally up day at that.
To this end you'd. If you're an avid golfer, they have the Gulf collaborate. There too, so basically have a Gulf woman. I just bought a house and I believe in the mode of just looking at stuff and seeing what people were seen. What p, we're doing, and you know I love looking so we have on. Where did you guys by or you don't his palace in the Both feel very yellows feel is how do we already have already been there for years, and it's just I like it- has its central roads, there's views of the city, but it's it's close to the valley is close to Hollywood is cause any unusual feel like when you get up into the hills, it's very peaceful, where two minutes away from everything yeah yeah. Now like I found, Likewise, I like that area. Is it but the vote, but to look a lake. It feels so it's got such a good vibe to it. Yeah relax immediately when I drive and talk like, I don't know what it is like. An affairs came east Coast detail, usually the undiscovered secret to look like this
you can buy hastened to legal aid for about a lot of my secret got out, and now it's bad now really bad at all. Now it's not unlike people can live a very low key lifestyle. There snazzy, Bob's right there, and then they closed moves, which was a great restaurants, went, and I was so good and now they have foremans, which is Laurel Tavern, but on riverside, which is really nice sick, a burger time we're getting better and better place. We advocate sushi place. We need like one really great restaurant there, how that no, no, no, you may not have anti yummy one zero do you have to you have to let look like become an economically depressed areas so that food hipsters come in and try to revitalize it with weird, like a weird grilled cheese snap, slowly happening. I would like the people. Aren't people aren't as dismissive of the valley as much anymore. I don't think I know they used to be. No. It really because
If the valley, I think about removing other values, just been terrible, averred TAT, which is of irony in time, petty with I don't feel like, because by large, been terrible of art is very ugly street. Just in terms of the how fast all the buildings went up, yeah and developed, it grew very quickly and opening, feels like nineteen. Seventy seven, don't don't update that, but but other parts of value very nice. I think, as I grew up there let's cosy to me sure yeah, but if I didn't go up there, I might be like this is really ugly. Does that one struck? Does it work? stretch. Words like change in and then made now. Oh yeah. I have in mind that at the porno place there forever I've heard houses some business. You know what my girlfriend I do know is that I didn't say that We're just guessing there's a place called second spin recombine cities
that's gradual, but how is that still? And they have a big spot? They hurt you, unlike how's, that so open, because I think some people really like the idea having physical things in their hands. I almost think there's probably a bigger market, for I think that more fur for, like after market music, then then a music store. If you like to go in and by albums and cities, and does it there's a cassette movement now too, which is completely baffling to me, I don't know like my friends car sales, a concise, alter, mailed press and its size. Set up what were the cassettes in your car? What do you want? What would you like books on tape or what it would read me? I think it sets from my car were just the Cosette secret Hooker Ipod touch. So that's the only Cosette ivories in their yeah yeah. In
I like listen to you know what of new stuff. I like the weekend. I like I like real. Ok, I just on music. Now more like sad, I let you know I kind of became that person, those so into music anew. You know I kind of became that person, those so into music into every India Ban, and I don't know the middle. It's very hard to keep up a text minutes amount of energy. It does and, like I don't know, I just rather put on like guns and Rex. It is like I listen the K day and I listened to the thinking some its whatever it's a college community radio station. That's really gotten! That's right, like listen to the young people's music, now I am thirty three by these carried out ashes am artist Epinal. Never actually, oh you or I will buy, would buy,
from shes Amman than never listened to the left right. I discovered, like eighty songs on my I found that I'd forgotten about when I was transferring over to my new computer, and it is that all you have purchases on him. You. It was like eighty saw like oh my god. I bought all of these have no memory of the much wherever I know my purchases are like you spent nine year, incense getting more lives on perform here. That's really depressing, I'm quite that now, but I'm there was a time where I got about three times about the few dollars I had spent on it. You know that game, so this group, at your
bring on. Yes, how do you motivate yourself to work? Well, I have a friend so that helps to have a colleague accountable, that that really s exactly and we had a deadline- recently said that helped as well, but we would just it's a kind of thing we're like ie. We can keep rearranging and making better and there's so much freedom within its base and a book, but it's it's really could make it anyway. You you can I mean to go, wait what it is I gets it It's a kind of book that that's so it's just could be so didactic and bad or you could, really make a life of something you really have to make your own scenes up, and it it's it's very costly gets better. Some can stay up too late or I am every day while I was doing press than I have good you press than you know, she'd be writing in fixing things than I come home and liked, and I have to go to a tv show again, but I was up to like five m everyday doing press for
Now is not the best for me mentally, and I had to do it in a year and and still finding time and energy to work on the. But what's that I can't I or rather I now, but I yeah soon, maybe yeah we're its early stages but its yeah. It's a book. The most women have read, is this a process that you enjoy. I want. I want to directing it so I enjoy just because, like I gets right exactly what I want to see so, and I think that the way I'm approaching is very money. So it's gonna be a dark comedy and its. I already have my actress in everything like that, but its yeah I've won as direct for a long time. So, particularly, what is it specifically Get me Dr Weir, I said is all the time directing sounds like such a nightmare. We owe it to war, it is now
but all it is a war laying by I. So I won't I dont I'm so you know is an actress. You, Then it's taken over by everyone else and with this you know, I can really- and I also have to get to her and make up either but in high, can shift work. Look like a slob and just focus on what I want to see, rather than having all this creating a character and then having it just taken into somebody else's pan completely. Now I just seeing the whole process through his. What excites me, I mean, being an actor and particularly being an actress, there's so much, unfortunately, there so much that people photos on and have nothing to do with Europe. Sure purple, with your actual work. Yeah did it it really. It seems like you really does need to enjoy the price.
This more than anything else you do, and I do like that's the best part of what I do and then, if its do does well, that's just like amazing. You can naturally with far go the fact that we use first season was so great, and now this season is being hurled. It is just like a could. I we could have hoped Oh your camera, you know you and tat Dancing and Patrick Wilson and Jean Smart. I mean it's in increased. Who can such a good cause? And no, I was so good at picking people that we're like not only so perfect for the role but also, really good people, you know, I'm in everyone's reeling hasten and we all hung out. I hung out the most with Jesse Clemens, who plays my husband in it, who is in front of the lights and Britain drug tampering, bad and black mass now, so it was a very hard process. But that, but the fact that everyone was like a good person, unkind lank, no one was the diva. No one had issues or any
Everyone just like did their work and wanted to the best they could because no wanted to be the person on the show that wasn't wasn't up to part with all the rest, so I think it made all of us having having coming from a season. They did so well till I do we ve been better. We try at least did you light was funded to television. Again I saw a protest feels like doing oblong movie does its heart, its harder work has like, especially with my character. I'd have sick. I like
They were at six pages that I love it's just me talking and like we're working till two in the morning. So the schedule and any don't get as many takes out there. So the schedule you have to be on it more so than a film, because there's a leaden pages together in the day and with films, there's like five year were you really emotionally public has listened the pervasiveness of nor culture, which is basically just pop culture. Now yeah, a lot of that happened because of exponent Spiderman. Were you remotely prepared for how much of a thing that movie became when you made it, or do you not
think. In those terms, I thought, listen. The auditioning process was rigorous, like there was definitely I met with SAM almost a year before even audition for it. So I knew that this was going to be something special with him directing and Toby at the time was lid, India actor? You know what I mean. So ever all the pieces were coming together is really interesting, independent film, but on this huge scale of Spiderman, so to me it was so I wanted to be a part of it, as I knew that it is not like it could be of of really good quality film on top of the fact of being really successful. Hopefully, so for me, I wanted to be a part of it. So badly ends yeah I mean I mean it by IRAN's. You already have a huge audience and doesn't mean it's gonna. Be good, though doesn't mean I'm gonna last year, and I think that's because we had simply meter
you don't mean you can't just throw any director that has a successful any into making a huge movie like SAM has a legacy inert I mean it's not like, and I think that sometimes studios one control, and so they have directors that not are not known. Early qualified, maybe or it's just it's hard to keep telling me sore, is over and over again to it's not like you know, said the fact that eighty rebooted spider man was just so quick and, like I don't know, I think it's a necessary but I don't know it was certainly made a ton of money that way it was a rights issue. It was. There was the issue of solely be needing to retain the rights they had to make a film or they had to give give up the rights so really just boil down to like a legal. Of like. Oh my god earlier as though we were gonna make a fourth thumb before they ended up doing that. What yeah they got like yeah stopped, basically said, then they decided to reboot don't go make it now
when your work it SAM who's, been on the Pakistan is a lovely guy yeah when, when you work with I'm curious to know that now that you're taking on directing are there things that you specifically learn from directors that you ve worked with, that you absorbs kind of observing them so for SAM. What is there anything that you picked up? I mean family as SAM for such a large sad kept an impressive amount of intimacy with his actors, and things because we did have
ray units at sometimes going on. At the same time and like I never felt, of course, over those days where you're just sitting around four hours, and you end up doing nothing and, like you know, we have those days worth all special effects, stuff and stunned stuff. But when it came down to the scenes p, it was always felt very important. You know like ok, we gotta get through this to get to the Juno Anodyne, seeing the comes next and like he created very because we did three films together, it was felt like coming back to a great family, every time which was nice, but for most of the directors. I've noticed that I like working with they create an intimacy ants
Look: it's quiet! No one's yelling action known screaming like the first eighty, every one is in the same kind of tone where it feel safer, the actors and its com, and I like that, the best I mean for me as a director. I would trust my actors, a hundred percent, not somebody who need to talk things to death. Like I feel like you hire you, you know, that's your job as a director to like higher the best person for the job, and I dont think think they trust in your actors is the best thing in your got it immediately and in whatever you're doing, and and it's just who you build around to support you, I think an end, your tastes basically, and that's all than you, oh then, then you know you hope that it turns into something great by it in from writing it. Then it's gonna change again for making it from then it'll changed again. So it's is. You have to be able to adapt with that. I think, and I've spent my whole life adapting so it's you know I mean, I think it will be something that that I'll be able to make a quick
decisions on under stressful situations- and I won't really be freaked out- you know your boots are when you say you spend your whole life adapting what are used would he refers to like I mean I've always had to you. No common enough school live in different countries and be no itches different personalities, even directors, different actors, european with your costly having alike kind of echo's, I'm, not somebody who wants to make a scene like I'm someone who wants to be left alone. You know, like even onset, I never have assistance or anything. I just the more people around you, the them harder. It makes to do your job if you like
So for me I've just I you know, I think when you're young and you know you're having your score denial of Vancouver and then you know you have to go home and pick up again like there was no blip but like I have always had to. I think that that my brother did too because he travel with us to so it made him like way more world leap and he is better at people for it, but it's definitely like not you know of a normal childhood in that sense. Did you ever want that? Did you? like it. I I liked you because I didn't love school like I was happy to hear you know what I mean I had my I'd like to month. Minamoto like I'm, ready to work again, just as I see it was so boring to me. I don't know school was just like. I was, and I think I see so little, because I never wanted to be singled out as the actor in school should also really nice, everyone could I mean, that's, who I am never want to be singled out as, like you know, you're!
It gives you act. You know I mean anything thing like that and I did have my good girls crew, like if anyone said anything that they'd have my back. I remember now, alas, me we're having a normal childhood yeah. Ok, so, but I say yes, I'm happy I got to leave school, I do think it would have been funded like being drawn. I will I wasn't a drama class but like to be in a school play or musical. I would have like that and I did miss. I went to most of the important things in school dances and things, but in other words, the occasional thing that I miss that leg I wish I would have gone to, but as a whole, I had a pretty good, you know. I got to go to the funds that maybe I miss like the night at Disneyland after you know, like I missed a few of those things that Bosnia I feel like you could go back and do all those things
you just get your friends, you gotta be like seniors, and if you want to do, I bet you could do a school play. You can just walk into a school the valley and go home, That's your school labour and other will be such a thing. Brok move me like. I was just- and I was just in our town in order this call Reynolds going again would be J. Very James, Franco of me or or you know, will Pharaoh denies that just like. They just do whatever they want that oil. That fail. I mean it doesn't. If it sounds funny you just do it understands or likes it who fuckin care now get really fighting. I think that's the best linked at sea.
To meet measure of a purse of like what successes. Are you doing exactly what you want to be doing and do not have to do anything that you don't want to do your right? I totally agree with you yeah good thing. I don't feel like I'm. Do you think I don't want to do I seriously doubt by yeah yeah yeah. I really wanted to a high school play. I can't you maybe direct one maybe kids when they are not the kind of awkward like few teenagers, and I mean it could, unless it's like him, school yeah. You know, I don't know, I think kids are to get there aware by the time there in high school but middle school kids, I feel like they were just treat you like normal. You Michael where the teachers, the Agora euro, could be more here right. Following and maybe the drama school teacher just go super weird with it be like played a tree, he uttered grade production of. Why does
sunshine, something we were in other words, I forget: what do you think you do you see yourself with kids at some point? I definitely want that. Yeah I mean in the next, like three years. Are something yeah yeah I wanna get directing under my belt first by, I mean I have a one year old guy. She turned one on Sunday and, like I can't help, but what I mean I love her so much, and I guess you know obviously inspires you when you you're around the a baby that you love somebody Of course I, like them, kids, all that's good! You have kids, you know, I don't have any kids, but I just got engaged a month ago, yeah. I never thought I wanted kids just because I can help you. Either it's like worth all the because when you're all than you have nobody, it's true that if there is work, if there was a commercial for that
kids that may help. You die arbiter, sino. Well, I just I like, two. I like things to be very controlled, yeah and end with kids. You can't you can't, because you can't control even have to roads. The idea. That was that's very scary to me, but it gets easier than you. You'll have a baby sitter help you it's not like. You know. I know, I know him and my fiance red and- and I fear she and I know she wants kids and so Ashley's I've started to feel at home. You know I could have had certain having dreams were I just have a babe and it's not my baby, but it's my baby ex ante ion is, as others is, a baby any kind of red, but I I don't know I feel more comfortable myself now and it before. I do feel totally comfort yourself. I felt good about myself. I shall get good,
however play tennis where I started with Wimbledon. I did a tennis baby is an I started again like I ran it, I ran to a friend of mine, old friend of mine, and she was at the time I work out there and cheaply sentence their nose, like oh usurping Tennyson. Should I get come have a lesson with me. So it's only been a few weeks now, but I love it sofa. What does it all mean and it goes right back into the universe- got please stop how long? How much time do you are you're done? Shooting Fargo! I'm idea! We stop that midnight. Ideas of doing essentially like a one season. Many series is such a brilliant idea because it I feel like it but part of a thing that scares generally film actors from getting involved in television series is that when you see no normal
It's like. Oh, you potentially sign on for seven years of your life. That scares and no one like most people are that's very scary thing to do. Yeah. That's why I'm like? Ok I'll, do a ten percent thing, but yes to sign on for so I wouldn't posed to doing a tv show, but it would have to be something that like makes me so happy. The concept and everything that I wouldn't mind spending- and I wouldn't also I'd- want to be like an ensemble so challenges, because its is a lot of tea tvs sums it such hard. Hard work, like my friend Lizzie Kaplan she's on masters, have so yeah she's graze. Exhaust like she goes into is like an austere or doktor. She just like it's such hard work, so it is because your hours are wrong and you have to stay focused the whole time and the night before you're just learning your shit for the next day. It's like it's a never ending thing like there's no reprieve. I feel like with that, and then
talk to people who are on that schedule and you go. I saw this episode, were you do this? They go our really and remember that economic they're just suffered the boat and now getting through through every day. I mean is that I don't know if there's a way to prepare if there's a enacting school, something or even better, if there's a way to even prepare people. For that, I don't think there I mean. I know got a lotta, be twelve shots. I think it a certain not point your mind is goes into autopilot. Unlike you become this acting machine. Didn't you mean I don't I don't know like. I was happy. I know I'm not one of the episodes of Fargo announcing oligopoly.
We rejected because they did not like us, creating for tests a lot of time in the way from prayer and work. With this lady, who I work with its very intense process, like every episode, I was doing all this work for like each episode, I could only have let's say three things in it, but the amount of work I put into is like doing little movie everytime sure. So that was a lot like. How do you do this with people were on a show consistently and that what we have to find ways of doing but yeah it's a lot. It's a lot more work than doing them. I think, would favour types of characters. Doo, doo, Doo gravity.
Words. Something or is it just a project by project basis? I think for me it's director base leg. I you know the same script in another directors hands. I would never do it like. I got to work with Jeff Nicholls who did modern, take shelter whose an amazing director I love his films, but you know what it was us not that it's a small role is important, but it's it's. I knew that. I just wanted to work with him. You know, and I knew that he would make something special. So for me, I just want to be a part of things that people think are good pieces of. Are you know I mean like. I want to be a part of good things at last. You know I'd rather not make money I'd. Rather, you no wait a year to work again like I waited a year until I Fargo so I'd rather justs. You know play tendency, you know what I actually I really works.
Yeah, because every everything was, the movie was like a series of paintings, that's beautiful and in it so I don't know I just it felt like being absorbed into this world yeah. That's a sofa does so well she's. Just like an emotional, she gets the emotion, emotion out of it, but it is like seeing thing, so beautiful that you haven't seen before, because she you now because what what her vision is and she's such a special director in that way, I don't even like doing melancholia. Like you know, I didn't know that movie will turn out to be so so either in and it's nice thing. Ok and, like I know, twenty years whatever. That might be a film that I did, that people have to watch inform school. You know what I mean like Virgin, suicides or or eternal sunshine, like its I've, always try to pick things that have the potential to to live on you now. So what do you do for her report?
fuck, you movies, like about good taste, comes down there. Really I mean like it's just like a good. It's a gut feeling in the gut feeling baby You, like you, know they're like me, you can tell okay, this is gonna, be crap and leg. You no one has the potential to possibly be good. You know and you take chances, but, like you know, I've been plenty of core happy movies too, but you really it at. It boils down to taste, in my opinion completely Will you just don't know you read the script unhappy I get. No one goes into oblivion. May, like guys, let's make a piece of shit. Like you, who gives a shit about the lighting and we like awry. Everyone comes together, you know the orchestration and it really is an orchestration. He ass, so many different sections that really need to allow
that's why I'm director driven because I'd rather have the crappy a scrap and know that this I know this directors work is amazing because you can turn anything you can make anything. I think like if you're a great director. I really believe that it's like all all about the director to me are you: are you move movie redirecting? No, I wouldn't do that to me. That's a lot of work and I feel that we want to work and its also, I hate when I watch movies actors wreck and they put themselves, and I just feel like that. So ego like I don't know it's so I'm not into it. It is equivalent to and this is something I used to do as I know that that is equivalent to going to carry Oki a lot just doing a song. You know you're good at you know what I mean like putting your open, a movie like amateur, highlight the best parts of my pays I mean it's such a future?
kind of a judge. Myself, though honestly fairly, like acting, was. I don't think I could do that like edit myself, Nothing? I can do that. Do you like sitting in another room, I mean it's like it's really Dar swelling. I've done two swords, and I don't know you like go outside, which exactly alike good day, more personally, kids, you can sit there for hours. Ain't gettin is holier than eating crap, and it's like writing you just get in this whole like me, and my friend, we can get out of robes filling days, whereas I think proposed maize, is actually having just talking about all talk of pizza in an area like what else is crap. Can we put nerve bodies? If no one is disgusting? Actually the food, the amount of food we ate during writing and like the choices we make, but that's all you do. Is you got to its leg posts mates? It is enough to use,
that's what I'm trying to be healthy. I announce it. I'm not like this when you're drinking something which equals healthier. Now we're like what you wrote: genocide taking a drain drink you simply to help these partners with the last two weeks. I've been eating like crap writing with my friend and that's. Why? Because I have to balance back out again, I'm yeah it was discussed. Had an array of like parmesan ranch hats. Score chose sauce likes. You know it was like a net. We just had a platter of your options when everyone to squeeze on you know whatever case India, but we did learn dealt go to capacity as are delicious to read, love and they really get like a pastry kind of hope. Not good, to know that a lot of the things we had we're good heated up me up and again, which, as it did the only get you really realise how what you put in your body has a dramatic effect on your emotional
they like what you put in your body regularly, and you do you know I feel like. If you know it's anyone, if you're kind of getting to a place where you're feeling bad- and you start having these large existential crises stop for a second and go. Am I in distress? and waiting a lot of shit, yeah have I've been sedentary, and if the answer is yes all those go, maybe I shouldn't tackle life, The moment here you know a guy. I should try to put some healthier things, because when you do you really, it really does You know you stayed here now. I know I wouldn't it was it gets. It gets funny at our Emmy. We didn't wash our hair. I wishes. We lived in our robes for her. Why that's pretty right? Now it is its grey, but then you yeah, you need to like either now you're bodies like what is exactly it's amazing, how you can you know you? Don't you mention before being adapted?
your body will literally adapt to anything anything, and you know you could beatings you're all the time, but then, if you stop it's hard to stop, but if you stop for like a month and go back to it, it's such a weird like your body, doesn't like it anymore, he almost rejected I had to do. I did a movie with my girlfriends Loring Kate. They have this fashioning called road darker and it was their first movie. They wrote directed after Fargo, I had eaten like crap in category. I was seeing leg, cheese and bread and different forms, and I didn't care because Peggy is not she's a mid west. Ga, I wonder, look a little mean data's anyway, but it's freezing outside I Patrick Wilson's, going for runs. I'm sorry. I like there's no Cybele, I'm showing running late, but he looked so beautiful and that's why you like runs everyday. Your unlike here I am with Jesse and we're like Clemens leg. You have
and within Europe wide. I ran out like the difference Jesse and I looked like the out of shape couple and he looks like a golden that then, after that, my girlfriends put me on this diet and I went to nutritionists and I dig deliver. Food every day and I didn't have dress. I mean, I literally to say, vegetables and salads, and these special health Shakespeare. I was miserable, because I was just Summit Fargo and then I want to take a break, and then I had to prepare for this role and my month of preparation is like not eating anything that I like to eat and I was so miserable, but it's interesting when you said about the sugar thing and everything cause I even having a bite of something normal like a dictatorship. Wasn't saltier thing. I'd ever put my mouth brandishing a break from all right. It's weird how much your body is affected
like all of it, I had to give up coffee. I d give up everything it was. It was terrible. Hair recovered really it's worth being pregnant with at least eight when you're pregnant you can like have caught. You can have things right like this was like nothing, nothing. It was like everything was so boring. I remember once they made me a brown race, Parson licking the plate. It decided that there would like an irish saying, gotta floating relative pasta at all oath yeah, that's so forty! You in your brain, Those like all. That's all that's why I've just had blueberries for snacks and things. I was so depressing. Make note salted aunt Hannah, nothing, I feel better though he knows people believe you're scared looks really like as I've, but if you know because I think your brain does do with a thing at a certain point, we're like well, you you can't be unhappy all the time, so I feel that your brain just goes. Ok, I guess I'm just like this now I guess it's like the sign on now.
At a certain point we're like. Well, you can't be unhappy all the time, so I feel like your brain just goes. Ok, I guess I just like this I guess I'll. Just like design are now. I don't like no catch up, and I note that nothing, nine continents to make wait, no catch up her leg and nor even a continent like nothing like brags is the only thing you can put on anything that menial acids Britain Rugs guy knows I was in all these dieting things like Stevie drops to make your coffee swede in case you want something so unlike dandelion powdered or make coffee, unlike obviously, I'm back on coffee, again like as soon as I was done with. This is now drinking coffee, but I have had a lot of dietary restrictions. It was in fact, and my mom makes big Sunday dinners every Sunday, so I would sit there and everyone be eating and drinking whatever they wanted and light I remember what I think was the supervisor. Oh, no, wasn't it wasn't easy rule, something she had chips and onions about nose like doctors
like you like three shared with an onion debonair like breaking the rules, but I just I was so angry tat. I had to do it, but it's you who are you? That's, ok, coffee. I did I looked better and that Louisa first was refers CUP of coffee back like just now. It was it. I don't know. No, it wasn't. Actually. I started drinking having at the moving, so it's just like. I need to actually do the scenes do so be like tired because among your your brain to shut down now, so with everything Native Fargo and then this film in you're writing an indirect direct call, riding and directing what is it that you ultimately want like? What is what do you want?
What do you want to show the world? What important to you? I think I just want to be a part of good things that people like you know me. I want you know I just you work really hard on something you just want people love it in a thought. That's all you can ask for what that stuff. I mean yeah. I may I e the movie that I've coming out next year. I've seen, I think it's really good. I feel like people really like it. It's a regional I find movie, that's really cool. It's great. Have you seen take shelter, nowhere, misery, you would love it. It's really good, that's as director who did much to our he's, he's special that director or I will beyond. The recommendation made way makes it ate like the midnight special. It's called it makes me feel like gets. It feels like an old ambling movie. Oh really, add. Does it sets call all that's good got a little bit of closing counters five to its really get its grey? Or do you sorry for him?
I mean good cipher yeah sure I mean here, I'm not, but I'm not. I don't know. Now it yet cause. You know so fine horror, tricky genres, because their genres that can blow up and be like you know, for not a lot of money can blow up so as a result, particularly in horror. It so flooded with a lot of not great things. People just try. Granted to a cash grab yeah. So when you find a really good one, it's a big deal. Oh no! I now look the one I do. My girlfriends summer has a horror element to it for sure and like one of my favorite movies on one of the best independent foamed is as some and Texas chains are massacred you now and as it is, and that's like one of the first India and it's so beautiful watchdog, one of the prettiest movies too. So I'm into horror good horror by, but I'm not,
I know not raise new form of beer, and would you think you do you think these rumours that you when a direct and you wanna do my first shore phone was like a horror movie. There was a ghost story with went on a rider so about it was tat. Was I'm into that stuff here? Do you think that a directory job should be too? find one thing and try to explore that over and over again or do you think it's better to try a little, but it isn't, this is a little bit of that. I mean that flag, real talent, to be able to do all that. I think I mean somebody like is like Anglia somebody who's done, that like you're, like he directed that and that an like he's, the he couldn't be John John or less you know what I mean, I I think that's pretty hard to do. I don't think many directors do that we will run out, in the past about three hours ago. I really hate. It was the same kind of thing where you I mean, I know the Sufis directed, but then you forget some of em like we did cuckoo. Oh,
Are we to parenthood like an eye opener holy shit, yeah, he's yeah, incredible, yeah and You know you see, you know, you said a very similar thing that he said, which was about not trying to control too much of the variants and just kind of going. You start here need to kind of let it be in your I would make a terrible director because I just don't being able to go and that were alike as an actor. That's what you have to do so I feel, like a sea, grew up. Doing not too. I think that that makes you a different type of director, probably Yes, are you yeah? You seem more a too. To how to communicate with actors and how to get how to get what you want, and you know and have you even thought about like do you think about that about how to communicate with people? Do you do you think? how to get like. If you need something, I don't think I'm good at that. Actually, I'm not good at like you. I don't think I'm gonna that actually, I think I'll get it
Blaine what I want and the scene, but also I want their input. I want their help to so it's. I know what the vine and the tone should be, but you have to be delicate and how you ask an actor, for that too, is becoming a very easily like offended or shut down sure. So you gonna get to know their style. I think when you're working with them, and then you either just let let them alone know that their third takes through where they have a like. Let them explore, so I'm not a big. I don't think I'll be a big note giver unless some things really we want to do is right after a senior one and ninety camera lingo way triumphantly Would it? What do you need to get in their face? It is because make anyone cry or anything like it out. That's not my method. Milk bilbil to do is like at you you're right. You do. To dance around the sort of doubt, because they're really putting themselves on the line and that's attached very goes method tat their insecurities. And how do you navigate that minefield ash if you're in the Vatican?
Why? Because you know what yours are, you know what you know when I was your someone said: I'm like I'm not ready to be talked like if anyone wants to give me a note like I know, because I know myself and I just say I'm big. I don't like a lotta notes. Exerting know what I need to get done You know what I mean by having communicated that then I fail on that so I already kind of like I I should know my character better than anyone else. I think so, especially with something which, like Fargo, you get a different director. Every two weeks That was we're too, when in some Sundays and one day I had three different directors in one day so that I didn't at first. I really didn't like that, and then I got to know each one better and better, and it was I gotta directed to deck style. But, oh you, because you're constantly having to recalibrate the relationship that your clicking exactly I mean it does seem to be a good crash. Courson
to sing as many directors is possible me asking how people work yeah. Why excited? I really am. I will be excited to hear what this project is, that it will continue in the makes ass o day. Where were you when we will be able to guess sake, we gotta get financing gather, and hopefully another was like to do that. Several film festivals makes me around Sundance, say well or something Mirza ended. In general, kind of winding down what he licked. What's fun. What's one for you, would you like to do this money? I mean my best friend has a one year old, so I just hang there Have some land watch him Nashville, not much like. I. My life is at their house mostly now, because there, my you, know she's my best friend, so I just hang out with her after a home, in the day. I mean I've just been writing, unlike I'm always like reading something, were you know, trying to figure out?
I wanted to neck so lotta. Reading in meetings makin of stuff terms, now tennis The tennis player. Are you I mean in terms of ok, I mean not in terms of skill level, I mean like how do you? How do you approached the game and you feel like there are things about your personality that you will discover by playing a competitive. It's funny with tenants cause. You start to learn something, and then you have like totally today actually had this new method of ahead, where I sing to myself with the ball rackets. I get it into them better, which clicked in something new today. So it s kind of like it. Slowly clicks new things for you, but the less every button to it is that you know is the best way to do it. I'm sailoring like I'm, not you know out. They're playing tons of games wrote it's good, though it's gonna get outside, take advantage of our being our vote wonderful southern California weather, which everyone should
some us Angela now I love rate. It is great that it's a beautiful it's already winter and other parts of the contrary. Looking outside there's like three cloud scrape, I'm not mad at our, whether at all no amount of money, the library you ass angels. Well- and you ask me anything- you want to come back on. Feel free. Thank you back on end and congratulations. Everything embargo is Monday nights at ten. Yeah a pitcher showed affects them. Long ago and just looking at all of the shows in their how it's amazing, unbelievable. How many good shows no signs of Anarchy Louie like
sons of anarchy and Louis, the shield and justified, and having a lot and Fargo and its there go back at an end there, all so nice to they took assented and recently in all the big heads everyone's I really kind percent like I was a very nice environment. You know no one and was very proud to be worked out, something and so humble about it. But yet like running a kick ass channel Tell you. Why think in order to attract the level people that their attracted to work there, that's probably very important. See. The entire Cassa GO, there's a million other things that cast could be doing and for some reason they decided that this is how they wanted to that. This is something that they wanted to work on. Like they're there, You know, and I see the entire kazaa go, there's a million other things that cast could be doing.
For some reason they decided that this is how they wanted to that. This is something that they wanted to work, I'm like they're there, because they chose to be in that kind of makes it spent. That makes it a little more special yeah. I can see that I mean the first is and was so good that way I was like ok, this is gonna, be do there's already in a well oiled machine and play so we would really have to be bad told this. You know we're getting zone that's no Noah Holly, you should any of you know why you would love talking ten I did so so so smart and really call he lives in Austin, but he's in a way a lotta, oh good, you're Austin. They did David the tiny little the burden Hang entertainment in a rubber Rodriguez's whole operation, as I now have to face, is down there like. It really is a it's it's a hotbed of activity. Next year for south, I sat last for the movie that idea the Technical committee. And often to that, the awesome yeah gets really good at it.
See Clemens Susan far he has he's Austin Valley. Oh yeah, yeah. That's really cool it at a certain point. You know astern Skynet, there's gonna be tipping point there. I agree with its great for now, but you're the grieving. Is that you don't really? have to live anywhere specific and be able to do this stuff, no, I mean I live in a leg. That's my friends and family are, but if they didn't live in a way, I definitely wouldn't spend all my time here for sure I would live wherever they live trouble way or the other two cities that you look I actually really like asking to be honest. I dont think I like now sure, but I don't know if I want to live there. Also, been one of my favorite cities in the. U S have you ever been to. Looming Indiana now. Ok,
When I love Athens, George actual Athens is great love Athens. I wish I could live in Athens to. I could also I've heard Asheville North Carolina great. Do you know what it is? There's a formula yeah and the formulas this in most places when you have this, school. There is generally a cool artistic community around it. So naturally United States go it alone. Council Vanderbilt. You have University Texas in Austin and Asheville. You recall the college wings in you, the university and act, sort of it sort of infuses the culture with with like budding create, Haven. You get the cool young bans coming through. It like it's a yeah yeah set the food in, but I can send it community still in its those are smaller towns. Yeah, I got it yeah, So then, you're gonna do your crazy to your college, down to her ear when you're doing your school way, and
underground ring the school flag. That would be so amazing at some point. Just do something we're drapery, I well. I could hear some thank you so much for being thanks, rad longest injury breeding and show your period that we have about now. Leaving noticed Are you alright.
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