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Live @ Bumbershoot 2010!

Special live show! We packed our ironic tshirts and trekked up to Seattle for the insanely fun Bumbershoot Festival! Matt, Jonah & I set up shop in the Charlotte Martin Theatre (within pooping distance of the Space Needle) and were joined by wonderlady comedy duo Garfunkel & Oates, the fantastic David O'Doherty (who is hilarious and Irish), a surprise guest, and about 500 lovable nerd voyeurs who just came to watch. PS -  our surprise guest was Doug Benson. I realize that that spoils the surprise. I'm just not sure anyone reads these little descriptions anyway. I could write something like "whale-fisting clown farts," and no one would notice it here. See? You didn't bother reading that. Carry on, then. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Hey it's cress walk into the nervous Pike S number thirty. Seven live from the Bumbershoot Festival will not live, but it was lively recorded and maybe you'll a mere wormhole. So maybe this technically hasn't happened yet in any case, a couple: click announcements of top I'll be performing stand of comedy jobs in Florida this week from September, twenty third through the twenty fifth, it's Thursday through Saturday, at the improv in Fort Lauderdale, in the following week and I'll be at the earliest. Draft Cinema in Arlington, Virginia soldier in DC area or in Virginia please come out of those shows. As well, details and all that are, of course, a nervous about Cobb, also if you want to join the little nerd Social Network experiment that we launched a nervous called the Knowed seventy You know that noticed tat, calm, no dicks, please! If you were a pulsating, massive vitriolic aggression,
do not send an email to note that murder stuck up, but if you like, nerds, like turning out real people tried out, let us not think aren't so. This episode is reported, as I said it, Bumbershoot, which the huge arts Festival in Seattle going on for about forty years and their accommodation. Is there and it as a comedian. The shows are spoiling because you know tons of people show up in their appreciative their super nice crowds and asked us to do the nervous. Cast up there with an amazing time, so we thought we'd make this Epps. Little more Buick themes. Of course we had to Garfunkel and builds on the show you, ladies I'm friends with, I may have turned up in a recent video that they did about hands because why wouldn't I also an irish comic that I had not been familiar with before, but he is incredible. James Dean majority. I encourage you to look him up on the Youtube's, he's a guy who's tour with a mighty Bush plate with a concord
he he tourists with all the right people and he is a phenomenon phenomenal musical comedian in its own right. So please make sure and check him out as well after you listen to the nearest podcast number. Thirty seven live from Bumbershoot again that love if we gotta go now entering nearest star com
Did you recognize my voice? I entered my own blog. Has that ridiculous? I try to disguise in order that night, thank you, but I beg you for coming out to our little nerdy package for the partners. They do not so sure about that. They think they do to the staff are clearly dividing people. It is certainly very with the bride.
Are you with the listeners of the nautilus dislike colder than I thought today, although this has never go, fuck yourself out of the gate. You gotta get everyone ready by how much we're going to swear I gotta times we don't. You know we have to stick to it to issue a schedule. Here shows only an hour, so unanimous Darius you're getting a three hours away. We are getting our asses gonna walk out. Joy. Seattle, I love common set of nine April in it's been supervision. Seattle, I've noticed is, is it? Is it just a much difference? Speed Otis. They brought back no poncho yeah Job Seattle Poncho. Nevertheless,
Jos been aware points, but I noticed, like you, want to see what the only don't sound complaining just think, maybe Work in the service industries, where there is a great hall foods here I went to the whole foods at breakfast the other morning. I want it offers a break this burrito in a week burrito with or without whose lives what business bucks. I want I say all the Miller. They say it's hard to see, but I don't you can get it How dare you hold the mere up to me to say my truth? That's how the girl killed ready for another announcer rear, more Europe is remotely master. The dramatic lawyers is number three of them.
Like other powers, since you got a girl, get all the powers that number five dream, job rosy moors and are in a hospital. Yet number two is pretty it also number two or three years ago, yet another six is ready. Never sectors, but they can also met a nightmare women whose and others, but it was also like the whole movie right. We have time for this, so I mean the low boots and let me tell you about my eggs. In writing. It is hoped they would have been funded bored, so it is only a little something like this. I would like your refereed- oh oh, my god, I'm dying from boredom. There's really doesn't get. Actually pretty would get irony, Freddy. Would whirling growing Caesar, let's go home, over twenty five minutes. Then there
no hurry at all and I dont want to be the l, a asshole whose, like payment greenow, but what happens when you five minute those like becoming, and indeed the guy, was like. I said I didn't I just let me say like I don't know, I gotta go at the beautiful related, nor can it taking of twenty five the breakfast Rio and he was looking usually so you don't want any more apology accepted and I like the idea, would like it people I d, be actors and there the service industry must analyse and they but my gavel, NATO had a fuckin, pretend I'm sick and turn on their super personality that why? Don't you try to show you how funny they like allay more than any other city of science like there? They have the waiter that sit down at the table with the figure what I want to view what you got. Yeah, I get the better to do that you like me, I don't like sassy waitresses. I have no time for
I have heard I know We are doing a macaroni grill. They would sit down and write their name and, Graham David I'll, be helping you that's what I just like tear off the table, where was saying at them in the first place and even work any riders roasters, they would take up a heated go. We know how to hold of and how to old, appealing magic trick money parties, the grown, came from the listeners, yet at nine listeners like a city and also that the lesson is all I gazed with analysis. I was you guys. We, our dog, pound, a double about what might be pound. I want a kitten
that is why the command to persevere So we about complaint about hopeless world problems world problems? I, like most people up your more well behind people are here more seem like they really gotta together. They seem like their wording, can hold their better dressed up. Here I saw one guy with a banjo words and, like a whole group of them. Just hang him. Whereas I just know this was like this shitty punks up here that once a hang it up Broadway and they have like a cyclist get upon drunk body go fuck yourself. I know you think you think that there are, you think, they're homeless, in the new relays. That is running that weird bicycle pan back there without report. Bikes together right, it fatty just walking by sir. You know you ride when those like you, it's really become a big. It is calling on you to see the thing other son you like
meat is murder. You know what like balance of past, and now I want to drive to be bigger. Well, the resident girls aversion catastrophe I want to buy up up up up up up? I want, oh, my god. I think I got here. Last night by one of the daily Warhol, Daddy Warhol. I think I got an echo by it anywhere. You want, if it's not if it with that. That was not the case. I apologize publicly to the dandy warheads, but someone said the daddy, warlike I did opened. I hope I do I opened, except on Pancho and last night, and there was just I sucked. Sometimes you can tell some do just have man swagger, you can just tell you just gotta lean back like this just sort of like cock. First just so, I could see after one of my jokes, you just went out and he kept saying ouch and I didn't have enough times those we're doing a family.
Right? But I just wanted to say like I, you know: I know you're in a band I can tell you, have the I should be on stage right now, because I better than you swagger about you, and so that was those kind of music I never thought you be a heckler, because Britain Ass also pass a better. I would, if I may, I would inform my retro pop art bans ask we ought where I dress up, assess, watches and then just put part behind me. I wouldn't recipes multiple sex and watches you can ask disease. So I apologise it anywhere else. That was actually case. I want to bring out a guy that we are true. Continue his record of appearing on every show. Bumbershoot lays gentlemen. Please allow me to say to MR
by then everybody. How are you a good? This weird like we're waiting for three of our friends. The shop The restaurant we waited for the girl come on. We don't want it of us want to sit next. To get here, really is an epidemic on Kosovo. I feel like I'm hosting or some kind of weird studs types. The out the girls I was ever so limited that I was on start when I was in college. Is now what she does not believe you have anything to do with a lot of horrible tv show yeah. Let's talk about shipmates yeah. I know my regiment is a graveyard of failure. Shipment I will say one thing about shoot me that I love doing as I kept turning the show down and they kept coming back with more money. I'm like I don't wanna do blind date until finally, I said I'll tell you what
I will do the job you, let me say whatever I want and they secure and to their word. They did because no other dating show at the time would have. Let me cite off by saying we should have. River door, the upcoming quit its trials, which you you know you're watching a show about, like like douche bag, bouncers, trying to date, rape, girls on a ship, growing drinks in their faces, and into here, acquitted, Reverend like that was fun. For me, that is a lot of producers. Thoughts would make blinded better put it on the boat, so do not about trap these people on a boat building. They didn't, let me say, was one time I wanted to. I wanted to compare. One of the people on the show to Mussolini. And they will. I can't tables leanings like while, because of the sort of the war refugees now know is going to do, that is to use double Hitler Double hit,
if no double Hitler had a little most out of his forehead rowdy. Shame that uses a lot about just through a little anyway. I don't have any shows. Have you been on it? Bumbershoot? All yeah cause, even when I the bill. I just water by the background, like you did not enough, but there's not enough extras. Any shows here like us atmosphere, rather just your atmosphere just gone about their business. Like other sports that I'm waiting for burrito unhealthy foods. Are you gonna? Do I look I'd people? Why not seeing extra movies that feel like they have to act their way through their extra rang like if someone the back reading, I think they're. Always they read it like no one ever written You see, you see a lot in jars because they're all those scientists we are looking to the kind of like the hell. We ask about what the fuck, when they were, they say they have to close the beaches and everything that Town Hall Meeting like
Once you know it is a peach community, that's really make their body when people are. Ours is like three weeks that about one woman, yells twenty four hours is like three way. Everybody wanted a year's they're gonna go right, say, I've known you for a very long time and you are the single most productive stoner history of guy. You know, there's a gets up that every once in a while. You ask a question about a conversation we already had a couple times, but it is a matter beyond that. You're, the boss, even people, don't smoke, lose your majesty uses you, but you are the most productive stoner I know. Well, I prefer say: productive panic as obliteration is fine, but This productive stoner works. Well, that's how I do it is I'm I'm highly time, but I like
productive stoner, because I'm a vein of accidents? That's the about one grammar grab assets hawk guys, but kill that grammar con What is it why these business card on the stage I fell for it picked it up and now fairly open his eyes. Twenty four hours, it says, I don't know what it is but, like I said aloud, to promote this thing ever it is there no yeah. What's good, there's no name of time talking about it, this lack of war. Let's get a yes or a very productive. You are incredibly right. If you have you have Douglas movies, you have the pencil interruption, which is now
television programme, you have a new seedy dvd call got better hypocritical, which camera carried out under one character, that's in stores, if you know how to search through stores until you find out that is not in that store, so the best way to go to the digital download or ordering over the people really want you throw. That other You like a contest when and why I write on Twitter. If you approached me on the grounds of buffer shoot if you're the first personal or come to me and say whatever that day's phrase is, then that person wins so I have to give it to ever. Does that first,
that's the phrase. You guys don't go anywhere you all day good. I go yes, and I give this and I go now. What are you a mighty might be? A nice trade can throw that council has thirty bore, shows that the pursuit of a city Have you seen any music shows it also Jupiter yeah, I have actually, I saw the aforementioned whole yeah she's see her again, in an amazing fastened to the outside, I heard the other review for the wholesale was good for her.
Thirdly, I love the now out there trying to make it happen. This great get up in front of the people. There probed quite likely pay you more than anywhere else in the world. Every time I see her her, it looks like her. Breast implants are more and more trying to escape. Her body was very far away, but she looked. She looked good. You know, like she really
well, you're a stone and hundreds of yards away. I was a different value, I beg my realize I was watching Dylan Young. I might have been watching viability, Corti love your cap together right, Bob Dylan looked like the fifth doctor or something I had on like like a jacket, best combo and then a white, a white hat at the same time, but he was really was really fund. A watch Yad an interesting. I was wondering why that the young people, their younger people, they're good, in a word he was like if they knew any the less yak, as I thought, beginning work where it was just all gravel a ban, and I gather that I'm gonna this procedure when I leave
I know who you are Bruce. Lebanon's, like a woman loses just like a woman. But then his voice will end up in any sound upon loses. His work for, character. Sweaty he's. He uses the Batman voice, even though he knows that he's Bruce Wayne. Like you, Still you see about that. So I'm just gonna believe as I wouldn't it be funny of babylon- was bad and, like you just wanted to Batman references, he didn't bother, make it a connection like the listeners got it. Joel raise the amazing deconstruct. Oh, break out any social situation, see what you're doing there. Want to bring out, we say with us and then I've loved you around
video hold a microphone Loretta people? What are you with a dandy worn out is obviously a bit a big fan of you like you had such like you, you didn't see like the guy, and he may be made the effort to comes in the front row. It wasn't me for patent children come to see me and, conversely, maybe you men, like you know, I could see him like, like other white guys like myself, with strategically shovelled, hair and a girl. A sense of fashion, like we weep we'd like were enemies in the wild and appealing such oppose, or that he came to patent joke. As you really loves King queens does have. I love that guy, ok, acquaintance! I gotta go see it this forty Grisettes Regos. I think the guy from Daddy Warhol in the front row of my show and I go- did he look, look and dress like you, Gaza. Last prognosis, bearing the name dandies in the title
want to bring out our first guess. This is a guy who is I don't know. If I were you, I mean. Certainly you been familiar with his work since Bumbershoot he's a phenomenal phenomenal performer and he has played with When the Concord sees to it with the mighty Bush, he is a lovely. Irish gentlemen by the name of Mr David O Dorothy is right here really. Are you my friend I'm I'm doing quite well, yeah, I'm I'm sorry. Just like I did the Edinburgh festival. I then, the day after came to LOS Angeles and then came here from there. So I am, I haven't, had a sleep since July, but now I'm good here. I've been stuck it I've inter finish, this book for a deadline at the moment to that's what I've been doing, the right a writer. I write a series of books with a friend of mine that are made a fact: Animals, so were writing made a Meda facts about sharks at them.
That's a very strange thing to be stuck at a hotel room, Lloyd. What Panther Magnetic is that you gave me the book one or two facts about pandas yeah. Do we well. We didn't sharks at the moment, which is so today's fact is a treasure. I went every day and today's factors nine out of ten shark attacks, take place in water of the ten percent that occur outside of water. The most common scenarios are on the deck. The fishing boats stopped sharks falling from their mounting in crushing people in museums, people falling out of badgering shark base nightmares or in the movie deep Blue Sea, because, as a side effect of sharks got smarter, what does the Edinburgh, but you don't Edinburgh or of what many years in a row
yeah. The Edinburgh fringe is. This is a wonderful vessel, but the the Amber the Edinburgh fringes, such an organic fast, like the Edinburgh Festival itself around for the last hundred years, and then in nineteen forty, eight after the Second World WAR, all of this sort of theatre groups of Europe cut back together and they all turned up in Edinburgh to do shows and the people are weighty. Toity people around the actual festival went no. No, no. No. This is an opera and proper acting festival. So all this people just spontaneously created this thing called the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which cross the original admirable yet, which is now it's by twenty times bigger than it now, but it's it's the amount of people that have come through that, in terms of comedy mean the boost started there. I Garth morality starkly started their league of gentlemen. Stuff
their Alan Partridge started there. You know. So it's it's yet such an exciting is like the tour de France the year and that you you just go and you see people have been touring the world with them for the rest, the and they come back with their their golden hours. You get to see I Daniel kids in it probably he's the greatest comedian working today, and it is never done anything and tvs. Never done anything. Does one three or four minutes clip on Youtube in and he does a new show their every year. It known to me, because I every year I gotta go- maybe I try to go. Do Edinburgh and then, when I realized, like mammals, references or to America based anyway, no the tea. They did the process. When you do you do like twenty eight those twenty eight days in a row and you have to get people to come out to those shows. What is that process but makes sense when you started to now yet the the the best line about Edinburgh. Is it not a sprint? It's a marathon, but a you have to do it spreading pace
It is it's so you start off. I went there the first time in nineteen, ninety nine and did like newcomer competitions and then to my first solo, show in two thousand my first hour in the first three years. Nobody came in in MM, There are five people have to show all of whom had one tickets on a radio give away. All of whom walked out together. Twenty minutes in the last guy said your shy, mate and shut the door. Just as a rookie comedian, I'm just a standing on stage with the microphone and the only other prisoners, the Tec operators. In the corner of his heart, forties, eater room, daring at him Lord, what is to showbiz advocates in this situation. I just continue with it show:
He he quietly put up the music, which was like the smiths as on their God. I think that I understood what the word mate meant a friendly salutation as he was leaving your show. You could do with you know the comedian, Red Fox Red flags VOX is a very famous greeting. He wasn't Sanford inside you get Sanford son in Ireland. Yes, ok, They probably bought the rights you and it was a bit dotterine. We may I just say this: we had what was that that shitty show you guys are told about as shit shit shit in the irish version of ass right, because they by terrible television ideas, do them for a cheap rights and in the irish version others is genuinely true. You can look this up at the ship. Sank,
Its floundered on rocks is there about our metaphor, for it as a concept and people know and drowned, but they all suit the network for millions, though the worse than the ship rocking today the eight Chris Sanford's that was based on a british show after the toads, oh and then the virgin Irish bought it from America, second Jen style and called the big Dotterine, yeah. I throw the day before I have to go to another show on the other side of this theatre, so the issue for the future, the one third, I guess I'll just take off in a whirlwind with red, foxy Superman, vague. It's all the time and he came out to do one of his late chosen. They played in line with the same prudence and be my purpose, and it comes out It is six people in the audience and establishes Shakespeare
for the export of other people. You just walks out state the bad the ban, not knowing what to do just goes. I get a proper put him off like Professor Burma, yet it does not just on this everything I need. I think it's the best possible to go and look at, but in terms of before I into Daphne to follow the conquered play there. They came with no posters or fly, is or means of letting people know their show was on and so for. Twenty eight nights played to between six and twelve people. All of whom were comedians, who haven't paid in and we're going back to see the show for the six times the vast they ever and and then they also they nearly got thrown
the first of all, I think Vienna with them in that show they got an area thrown out because Brett you get, you can print off twenty complimentary tickets. Are you walk round the city during the day? I give them to hear people lose you might they might take the show and they printed out tickets and we're so broke. They decide to try and sell their complimentary taken. The trick was that they employed was to stand outside the official Fringe Box Office and, as people went along looking for tickets to Steve Coogan or Bill Bailey, whatever Breton demand would approach them with this local go hey. Are you looking for tickets? looking the bill idea, tickets can prevail, barely tickets are disabled of gas and they go through the envelope of the conquered complementary, take its ago go in here for the concourse I can do for maybe five pounds interest in five pounds and they manage to approach the head.
Of the Edinburgh friends, and so we're gonna be thrown out of the festival, but I think he or she went to see their show and then quite enjoyed itself. But yeah cuz. I know a few years later they gotten to the point where they had a flight of the Conchords tribute band was playing there called like of the courts yeah, that's true, and there they got a bigger, cried as well, then said: the we ass. We did it a tour God we dare to an Irish tormented like three gigs in two thousand and four. We did Redding Town Hall to eight people, and then we did least in Ireland to sixteen people and then finally, drunkards came back this year and the two shows in Dublin and the two shows sold out too, that the data for two nights and they sold out and sixty seconds, which was the same.
A number of seconds as people there had been to see them for years previously, that's funny my phone and I played the Vancouver County plus within one year and we'd they may put us in this bar is we were music acts, and so they put us in this bar, but then they just let regular people and who didn't buy tickets to the bank over Festival, so everyone there are no any of us were and because I thought it was a music, so they just talk loudly over the music the whole time, and you don't like it I'm loud, so I can kind of compete within. But then you noticed Breton jamais Non State like, and I agree with space. It just keep playing that right now like competing with this loud obnoxious. May I add your New Zealand, the prestige was pretty good. You ve been moving toward than I impersonation in talking to me for the last few days, because I cannot say you don't like David ought already. What inevitably happens, people in this country love to approach me do their hilarious irish presentation it always it's always offend.
Of borderline racist, like you're from Ireland, ITALY, the there's a bomb and be potato Teresa. David sounds like someone could use a shamrock, shake you'll, never get me lucky Charms provide Ireland. I apologise that it's it's this year, a year ago in irish accents and so poetic to me that I wish I had a better accident than the one that I actually have
well, I'm not sure everyone would say it so poetic dignity when eyes, whose rigour put so many bomb warnings to british authorities and leave the building in twelve minutes. Lady Laura dealer, beautiful language- I do apologise for ever and I hope you never thought that there was derisive anyway, you're David you're, such a lovely man. So wonderful to get mean, hang out with you, I would love up. Would you mind up? I mean I know your recent beekeepers don't mind, planes are may deal with their just happens to be a musical look. What we decide. I have your keyboard already hooked up, yonder have orders and he has asked to think they might do anything I'll. Do it up again. I should again yes, I guess this is my third of introduction to your nation and nothing
very famous, I don't want to be very famous and that is going pretty well. This is man. David had already, and this should answer any other questions that you might have you goin to tee o d. You pour boiling Amber
where are you from my problems? What are your Hobbes finally bring me a lot of you got it through. Our foremost denies lay like a delicious cake at the post to align the appetite make. No, I'm the only one who do not have at all, yet there, the minute you describe your file, a comedy like all, at variance with more blandly. Apart from gladly do you have any other scales? Yes, I can such nice boarding word them in another pull driving like within other knowledge of geography toward water. Save me very rarely and withdrawal days. Where do you write your Missouri than tat of the commons? What wanna camera geography? What do you think you could have a great the median you're laughing pleased with my friends down on me terribly, you know what the right one of them. I would come to us quite a complicated question. I won't have to
Madame not actually asked all the frequently, but I'm pretty sure enough for me to do. It now wants to make out what other people have a view. If one is this, one is a brand new Sonorously is. Is it do it? Fortunately, the Cairo hasn't turned up. So I gotta be ugly thing both of our ports
it's a rainy night. I lie and bad tugs up and walk out of the storm was snapped a knock at the door. Who could it be? I run down to see and their scope to the skin style, a tiny woman.
Let me say one thing that I like to do that with questions really the forest on being sick here. Are you sure that you ve got the right as I am? Your bike ran on your balls low, let alone but sick here? How do you even know who I am? I watch videos on Youtube here rather than by, but you have a number which it here. Don't you think that's my point. Some weird obsessive crush on your part. That's gonna raw favoured, we'll get my hands on line, and I realize I don't have to seize the initiative, and this is a ridiculous suggestion. Era, rabbit mould of your listing south american war and ruin slackened and think about the of the building. There was a line between us jeez one chance. Would we have by the way? Was there doing things? And so are you so Lord? This need and we have to work together, and that would be that the people who like new, would be bound by me and the people like me with my new money for about thirty seconds. Maybe I guess there's it ended up Zaire David, but they are our dreams. Sick here by my dream, involve Lang. You know in room some about this gas like disciplinary yours involves like fools, names and arenas. Comedy, doesn't work and arrange that always yet just green on the part of comedians problems, women they are our dream secure and we don't have jury. What do we suddenly and a look of a picnic comes again
her baby could secure sings without without dreams. Then we just obsolete, and luckily The airport bus just pulls up at the gate. I had found it up and it is there and your security can be time to go, and so she lifted her. I help over the back brought all over stuff, like not just overnight. If he's got like sources and George. Woman and everything around with them- and I she lines the steps she turns and she thing
now. I gave up my tiny TIM bore, Amber Man ever tell this, and I say no, of course not were, you can best me once you're probably get away with this message me twice and chances are, I still probably well remember, permits the main numerous times across. It concerns a period in a similar way, digging out to get away with this you wrong clinging to lump who knew,
comedy songs, I'm talking about my man, things again and again my way tat. We rely on Lee Shap, celebrity nearing the end of real menace. Real new under tat fell from the Pakistan float could write like thirty thousand
dean, Agro areas, catholic allocation wedding ring man, come America, my mind that three years, it's not about over the new that happened in free, and I am sorry that the south and the other practical ended up junkies shooting up. In your way a larger telling me about your dream. I went to begin a dream. Last. I've saved me from the next two men and I was on a horse and the horse was flying given there was unbelievable when I believe what you want: Miley reintegrate latvian glass, I was like a can lodge failed them anything on computer regions, the dvd, if you doubt your racist media in particular, stop describing yourselves as controversial on your own posters at an interview you can't find yourself controversial. I can't believe I just said that. I'm not even sure I subscribe to these believe. How dare you be felt that way prevent thing for him all bring for years now twice in a radio interview in the aftermath of the boat daunting emailed, hammering need a thinker David you for mobile. It does not robot Superbowl, finally, people a day what it is doing on the extent of the form of that some day from where I didn't like this to me, it's not as of today. The first then both make your life standeth all them as possible. Another like that just had a picnic up a hill. What on earth
now you're, like nearby malaria crime around our every morning, but even more than that and the other one about to make it our blood you are about to undertake the mighty omelette instead to go now you might create a new elements made on the period of table were read my meaning tat. My friend task, I hurt you. I just realized that saying your native David or Dorothy is like you. Every time I saw you are like in all risk. That was,
Thank you so much for playing us. Your father was actually like a really famous jazz musician career. Well as much as you be a famous irish jazz musician miles. Mc Davis is worth the birth of MC. Who here we go again, my my father. He was the one I mean I play you. You won't be able to tell me on the pot costs, but that wasn't me backed by a full band. That was that's a tiny keywords. He played the real piano and my wants to be a jazz musician, and then he the moment when I was practicing quite hard, knows about seventeen, and he literally said You can't polish uttered listening to it, which we just sort of beautiful, because it is a strange kind of american Idol World where you just told like, if you just have to want it more than other people just go for it. Now is my dog. Now, that's bullshit, you just gotta, be good in the first place where body or our sovereignty goes thanks dad
David Ohdahd, everyone. We say we can have a good round table. I guess this is. You may have seen from justices, have been. I could even s and for a proper intro I've known you see, be they make wonderful, wonderful films on the Youtube's which gave which garner like wave. Hits than anything. I've ever made another very impressive ways. General. Please welcome to state the lady we order. So I hope you, like Cheesecake, actually had someone send me a text asking me to dinner, but he'd already ordered.
What are the real yeah? It was. This guy got my number from a friend of mine and my friend without asking was a here economic things. You know, and this guy Send me a tax. I don't know them courting perfectly, but it was like got your number from Dorie was wondering if you like to have dinner, but if you would you should hurry cause? I just ordered. Oh well, I've been passed, the Tina, which is like forty five minutes away by the way this is Stewart. Was that are the flash state where it like a guy. I don't wanna go out to dinner seconds on my way then she like a photograph of the meal that had arrived as well. I thought you addressed in this little to good use in hurry now about now
just like his wiener. Next to this I want to give you lay out of what were you this evening. I would efficiency. Expert group has always had a wider learns. What girls gonna be like? Oh my god? Yes, yes, yes, where you I'm on my way it! Obviously we must work at some point be well. She wouldn't do that might yet. This is a wider than I had, while not maybe weirder, but I also had gone on. Date with this guy, like me off I don't wanna, be oh yeah, that's true, go to strut apply was whether every little coward, even though I would have a couple of eggs from farm infirmities job- I don't. I don't think he knew that we knew each other, which was really kind of funny end and then so he had a mail me. Maybe ten minutes before Ricky gotta text from him when Ricky texted me like thing about this text, you gotta go my god, so it is evil. And back hey has dinner in Pasadena
shit, wait till we ve mailed, you will you just covering, like all forms of communicate with some with some other girl I gonna teletype ray. I don't know he was just like hey. I really miss you should not again. I use things we want this guy's name, so we can publication him Stuart something. I didn't know if they didn't know him. Metaphor eight second, through my friend millions of years number. But ok,
future. That's out of friend now performing made my biggest stoner Hippy Guy Lecture magazine. I know I still courtesy railway, secure saying I do I love why here? Why don't we get up there to break up? It's very sensitive is very intensity. No dog is the person introduced Kate night? Are you serious? That's all they know each other's through me. How did it go again? Also music to the world Did you say that you guys get together? It wasn't that it wasn't like I made them get introduce Like you guys, are gonna, be best friends. They just met, they both came to see me perform somewhere.
See we're in the lobby both on really boy did it. How did you guys get added like how to what was that? What was that one Garfunkel and note origin story. Well, we met in the We had dug show and then- and I had seen Ricky around at the conditions and things and those ok, I'm Cato, think I know you I soon you again shockingly untie he's like yeah, as you know, sometimes it gets me in trouble, Ok, I'm a burglar, I'm waiting for your house. The pollutants are voting on. Mr Verde, I make you a sandwich but yeah and then sweet we met, and then we were both kind of miserable on our date. So we were okay, let's hang out and our dates talk to each other and we just ended up hanging out for a long time, and then I saw Kate play the ukulele and bar like we have to do something together. I wrote a short for us to be an and we turn it into a musical we were three songs in two hours and this is really easy and fun. What's
doing this, and we wanted to sing our songs to somebody. So we went to Ricky's friends House and we made her sit on the couch and listen to a thing which is always an otter lagoon. That was a billion. I got it. Wasn't too, I wasn't really your sense of humor. This is like she was polite about it. Yet like good job routine, you gotta, let me show you backed by giving steward your number, but was where you things wearing my living no one of the first lungs. Was the song fuck you so either thing I do. I just took a while the boy where words in total stop crying to companies, organs carbon, but look it up. The short period of time. Like people already know who you are and like I saw earlier, the Bumbershoot Festival at first I was here, someone had I'd like a hand made Garfunkel and Oates T shirt on abated made like with a permanent marker and of what really yet so of attitude shirt with Kate based on it oh yeah, I heard about that things.
Garber going just kids. They think so had opaque. Ok, because it is our face of Garfunkel. In what direction is the ban go again? Well, let me tell you: I haven't really talked about it with Ricky, but it's just get a keep a girlfriend quiet. Maybe, but you guys have that sort of work you have that sort of five about your people will get culturally. I think possess above a view. Unlike what what you guys, you know there is an article about as an Ellie weekly like to eat it only weekly. They have, they get a list of things that are happening, that weak and every other thing in the list was lightweight and what we do, video they even recommend to go to certain thank young was doing nothing and allay per year per week after week,
What are the air? Everything else is just what was happening in hours. There was like this whole diatribe about how we were playing at the wrong than you and how like we were losing touch with our core van. We're playing like you know I was away, seems I bet you were like it We written by somebody who used to go to our you see, shows all the time and it started with it used to be about the music man. I bet it didn't know it was tat she was not fucking around. It went on to say that we are proposing to break up because of our drug problems and our only honestly I was really weird we're gonna get some people, I guess appear. Therefore, the beginning. They want you to never any more successful because then they Can you know that it's more like? No? This is just a thing that a few of us have and then and then they almost feel a little betrayed. If you're like we were playing at the emerald, Rob, or you can I get the feeling that we are playing legged fifteen minutes. Improv Erlich. Will we definitely we'd started doing this,
year ago. You guys, you call the Tsar eleventh month. What do you think, like we haven't gone through a whole? Haven't we together now two years, but really performing to your yeah, get husband two years during yeah because of them night show and you ve done up. The television sets. Where'd you ve this night show and television advertising breaking out. We did was the only one that will have us on. I dont know why the other ones are like man we'd like to do away with its note slick views, meaning and whatever we like, everyone else turned down, but right now Jane. I can't I can't be everything I thought Gabby archival goings on in that now we got our first dig it accompanied by a battle, Joe again Tombarel. I thought we were our growth.
Am I still up. We literally didn't, notably called us to the stage and would like to add that it would never played a comedy globally. How do we get this job and outward used? Like you know, I gotta tell you I didn't know you were two girls but european, funny and come back any times a who is really sweet about it. It wasn't, even though we weren't the real guys but were actually playing with John Oats in two weeks. Our Garfunkel apparently is not on board. For this, apparently not we haven't heard from him John. It's Myspace S like two months in performing and was leg. You guys Awesome you can use made
If I get free bury your show is level and like a month later, I guess there's been a month later, we played with him and we played man eater end Ricky had two different dresses on, and so she did like a striptease from one dress to enough her. Why would I really like modest ugly dresses and then- and I was- I played a trombone solo during man eater, so it was legal problem for our broadband for an hour and so Johns in the middle of both of Us Ricky stripping I'm pulling the trombone and he just kept looking to either side. Like he's, probably blade man eater a million times, but I dont think he ever bladed quite like that. Carry out. This is your cousin job. You know that new sound, you look. I am either this run in with the other David had already, whose a mathematician who discovered one of the highest prime numbers ever
It goes back a few years. We still get emails from it's, not David. It already is common name that he so we get each other's emails and I'm sees dot national dot. Comedies, never given me forgetting that out of death, he wrote a blog about us on David, already dot net recently and which he described. The fact that I had to come as in four Natalie annoying mathematician uses those words. You know it is pretty freak in Syria. I truly understand the concept of infinity. I, the other Chris artwork as a group excuse champions of you, goodbye another one or is it as one of those people are like? I don't know you release you, can't we like a fucking guy, we're like he's got like a red ponytail will solve a cue, would like one hand or blindfolded it's fucking amazing.
The other any other way so that we know the other guy formula notes. Are you mean people have there's another but could you that I know I would she do yeah? I don't know she's on Facebook and she looks really nice but she's, never written to me and I didn't write to her. Don't wait a bit like a fake facebook, page of meat, Melick Affair bids like an actual page, and they keep friend requesting me there's a there's, a there's, a young Hawaiian, Matt Myra. That is slightly filipino. Looking and his friends will read me all the time I think they think member him, but I'm not, you are slightly filipino, look, there's a there's, a Jonah re last goddess, California, and recently he got his girlfriend pregnant. I followed by other Jonah Ray any other dependents like, seven thousand, there's a lot of about, but I'm really bring. Yeah?
what is done something with his life. Do you guys? I love you too, to be able to close the show with their with. If you saw but I am really better adjusting microphone yeah. I should get better. Because you do a great. Should we kill time other doing that, I think it's helping over there That's so nice, one artist helping another out his three hosts sitting here with attitude, not trying to make an effort at all guys, David raising the mice,
is how one they can go, and I were really cool.
I never do this now inside Europe, something to you in times you can just like. I know you really. This might be strange and I swear I there too, and I really like a parking tickets so by land use planning. Even gonna write it ass. It is even your summits, Christmas visiting between us and our desire to keep going and going back to your place, only there's a value for money, but we do not come under the new
has crazy. She would you look at the time got to go to seventy five, but the dew in the morning got to help my friend move back to do my taxes out of check my email, plus it's Arbor Day or labor day. You think we're do, however,
but that does not just have meant nothing at all to do under the bed, but we never body we have finished. But, MRS Start, we were data because we never know you never do whatever membership. But you don't know me. This is the core of the moon landing. You may know my body, I saw you, I don't know, but you better go. Listen babe I probably reels, but my son, I'll, be out of town June. I guess he didn't mention
I am, though we not so I'll, be super busy. Otherwise we did so yeah one while the Douglas Ones real yellows redundant, is about cyber dedicated, my part to you.
We want this Indians evident basement actually about California and by how difficult it is to get a weaker there. Did you really think you
everyone knows. Marijuana is dangerous and medical really saws wide so hard in California to get a red card. Unless some things really wrong, then pay a visit to my doctor is alongside, but I gotta try hands me a list of all the elements I can have qualified can't believe I am reading me. I gotta get legally. We are that's what I need. Hardly ever. Ok all away, but it's not an addiction is mine on their GDP uppers, drugs or alcohol anorexia. Obesity is either way you limiting between depression, motions, Agnes begins or you can smokes would sit around four or five directive. The dream, nothing we hard as what I need. Hardly ever obey always an addiction, because my doctor gave me a prescription breakdown back baby Mary Jane can handle this new candidate status, but you may have an injury get by earlier hyper hydrolysis which gives you needed. I know it is a crime or tiny way card, but I need hardly ever ok all ways, but it's not an addiction because my script,
We are very, very sick man in desperate need a very sick man. What to say goodbye Well, what's been your biggest challenges, it is a major element of you to have it yours. Why monasteries ask other deals like what's it like? Are you guys do? Others are struggles like I want to go in this direction. I wouldn't honest, are you having those moments I feel like? I always want to add. Like would put the word comes in. There is something in keeping with put a rainbow. Can I can I can. I just met a couple tomorrow
even swear until at our first I'm a cop bug you served is pushing for some reason. It's a little easier to sing than actually say in real life. You know, everything, more adorable does just say? yeah So if you guys, we agree with you, we will resolve yeah. We have one more thing: there's a Chris Hardwicke preference and see if you can catch it, This is basically about how Kate and I were similarly rumours and about how Basically, we both like kiss them in Belgrade and the like. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing sex. When really twenty one. We never learn anything in the middle. So the Son of God. I don't understand job We made the beat ourselves which will probably be able to talk to men's awesome. So here too
your dj land. I understand you ve got to help me. I don't even adopted messed up child of a baby boomers. I was ending in the glass what a totally bloomer, knowing I see her to get off my chest went from Chemisette but never learn the rest in embarking learning. What to do. With my run, like a jack pilot, I block where there might be an investigating gowns like station now finally understand I'm like days Chapelle when I stood on the barrel of a Sunday morning, I feel more singled out at present, but I won t by the german people. Wouldn't let me tell you remember, remember let alone even want to learn how to make your Watergate slow, I'm resentments. Neuro might never know. How did he tell you and I will be john- no less about Dixons Amanda rising exporting criteria, but will we see a born in a quiet life zau? I wanna get my hands on land. I don't understand you. I spent doing these. Do I ever tell you how, when you always me now, I'm on above long investigations when one the secret of ejaculate translator, like I'm reading Balzac the crowning the roses down over your boss, you need a body had met, go on time, but they all remaining Darth Vader pegged is better like sand Jackson analyses a shock when it saw him lobby. Like President TAT S. A good deal now mean that you wanna make strained, but they may be right if my movie, like, as you will remember, that our dialogue giant you're never hit a master and man I ever saw him. No one is going to be my hands altogether writers I'll be home until I get such might, I think they're more. I am getting my dear Lord Angela Billingham remind your Mars again hard. I requested a by very what do you do with the ball? Lightning likely you I didn't like none of them all around or slow. They were already in the muffin show just sitting there, rainy and superb Louis. Unless you don't understand you, I spent doing everything. How would you always make me so how, when you always make me stuff.
Like I am representing the communal track, sounds like something Theo Cockroach made jam another one, but I also love a German. I just cut back to the overlap with the present attacks that merit is. Aid is like what's wrong with the present. I wish I were reader hand. Job saw thank you so much for being here where the work people find you on the data WEBS Garfunkel and that common others have facebook, etc.
You are regular home on Twitter and you hate Mukherjee unduly up and were also Garfunkel. Oats on twitter government was a twitter that ok, excellent and their work. We will find you miss retorted, stable it already dot com or on twitter. Its fly mo PH allay. I mean you acts, which is my breakdowns nickname when I was eleven sort for fly mobile. Ok, I love you guys are documented I'll tweet David's names that everyone here organic. As your follow me right, Yeah, do you have your you ever see how you doing a comedy central show, Jack always of to certain views? at midnight on thirty October, twenty eight after the cold, their permanent, our running the thieves on forward, as well as its right now what
First of all, I want is that one is that partnership gonna end, but I also generate wait. Did you ever get back on twitter? Drug one day was like don't need to intervene immediately was right. Why hasn't changed my life? What about all I know is that I don't hear about parties as much anymore, because all I can say you're not gonna get back into the sea, and maybe if the crowd wants, we back, oh, they were dying. Buggy cells, theirs. I do know the next time you make an omelette. Alright, I guess that's it. They could go so much for coming out.
Now, leaving noticed dot com.
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