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It's the Nerdist podcast live from Gilda's Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids, Michigan on March 15th! The guys talk about doing the live show from a church, witnessing horrible karaoke, and what the world would be like without chairs! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Hello, unwelcome affinities, biogas number, three, thirty five hope you have a nice day or night. I went over time of the day. You decide to listen to this. I would ever dimension. Side to step into outside of time, and you took a broadcast with you. Thank you for taking our progress in two dimensional. There are there's a big can a big weekend coming up this thirtieth and thirty. First for some others wonder cons. We have alive show at wonder caught on the twenty ninth and then on the third doctor who premiers at eight p m on BBC America and an orphan black and then and then our show the noticed is gonna. Be on that night. A tribute to BBC. Seen see America for our first episode and that'll be at ten o clock and
Sunday that thirty first, the season finale of walking dead in the season finale of talking dead cells can have a big weekend, cannot ignore this weekend and then, after that, on the road immediately Carolines next week in New York and then up a bunch of places, and I think it if you go to notice that comes slash counter it'll, give you other cities, but it's like having Denver in Portland in Baltimore and D C, and so that there is a lot of fun stuff so check all that out. I would like, if I may go soon, for sponsoring this episode of enormous progress. Start a business just start a business. Maybe you do want to start as or maybe I just part do you from your like fine, all right, I'll start a business. Let me figure out what it is, but a legal zoom is a really inexpensive way for you to follow. The paperwork start that business. If it's an llc an escort, a soul, proprietorship a nonprofit they'll, take it from start to finish and make its supervision.
And it's not gonna cost you a lot of money and you can start your business right at legal zoomed. Our com legalism is not a law. Firm, provide self help services your specific direction, but this, what's more now, every LLC Incorporation package includes easy to use business accounting software a tune and sixty nine dollar value for free to be sure to enter nervous than the Referral box at check. Out start your business protector family safeguard their assets those whom they come today. This episode is from a guilders laugh fist in in Grand Rapids Michigan. We just record of this last weekend on March Fifteenth, the AIDS of March and at last really supercool comedy fesole up there. I think a brain region was also up there and Joe Mikhail and a bunch of the people that you would have loved unheard of was snowing, Alot snowed alot. While we were there. I know most of the country, s idea of snow. But to me it's like
The ocean to remember the movie, alien nation and they would dip them into the ocean in their skin would burn. That's all. I am was oh I don't know why, but it just I don't love it. I don't want to look at that funds be in and I used to ski. This is way too much backstory, but you have left us is a fantastic festival that I believe it's over now, but you should check it out, what they do for next year, if you're, in that region of the country of their website, laugh fest, GR, DOT, Org one other fun thing about the show that we TED was that it was recorded in a church found street church. Emily was an aim it and not like some hipsters converted church into a venue. It was a baby King church, better by day they were celebrating the Lord. By night we were filling it with
itself, but it with a show of super fun and nice big crowd, endeavour that it. Actually, you can hear the crowd in the background. The audience wasn't really really might too much, but you can hear the size of the room and it does it has this churches, ECHO is the ceilings are really has beautiful facility, and so thank you for letting us bring our filled their hopefully next day, someone brought in some type of an extra assistance cleanse the grounds from from our evil spirits, but hero governors by guess number: three, thirty five live from guilders, laugh fest.
Now mean merely stir com, If we look back to the stage Jonah, that will the blue bird spurred overview, like you, press, hydrate, how dear how you're prop Coveney go. It was great, I'm starting a whole new thing. I'm only going to perform
churches that I'm gonna bring a boom box. Wherever I go, you sound like the hip is praise yeah, I'm coming to convert so many souls all that, so Yeah I want to turn this water into wine. Cooler tour, this water enough or not. We are for the progress audience. We are in a church, found three charges: a grudge downstream church, which is not like hip club that someone bought a deformed church. It is an actual work. Church. Earlier today, people were worshipping the Lord and hear and then tonight torrent of Dick jokes When you see the earlier people really praising the Lord and now can't it was created
gosh. Even I was coming back a bit juxtaposition. Money thing went like seven steps very quick and seven sacraments any steps. You should know that, while this is this is very odd, for I mean it's not a catholic church. I guess it's. I guess it's one of those. Might I just ask: are your stand of notes just a photograph of a real notebook, That's an air of pocket. Nerd was shut up or give me a note book. Not not only did I start doing this, but I bought ever know makes a notebook with which you put little symbols on, and then you take a picture of. It never know recognises how you gonna categorize your notes, and it makes all your notes searchable and ever note. It's gonna be awesome as the funniest thing, and it was ever so tonight you by ever him. Oh yeah. I know it's
advertisements interested ass. Yet I want us to be able to start photographic olive bicarbonate. Can I buy my ever know through the app store, I'm Kindle? Maybe I gotta Amazon com and click on the link on DVD. I owe you serve can chemical programmes. Sound alike. The aims are like we saw some serious pearl Jim Karaoke last night Chris, I we does that play zis sure. What was anyone there karaoke last night? Ok, good, it was the worst. Some guy, just clearing, didn't get to say again, tunnels ice I I the Carry Oki slot for a while. I would go to carry Oki and of course I as if you listen the pod guess you know, I can't control the fact that I
to sing at things, and I know you know I can't control. I can go drove after a lot where water or abroad, wade roads. All about green, we create, would kill. This way would face, please be with you so, Human, clear member, no sound over them, ass, it ray of protein, and so You know I don't I don't have anything against carry Oki karaoke use. I love it and I respect that. I don't make. What have we got in there? Chris was feeling very drink. We, like he's gonna, find this drink. I gotta find those drink. We get in the bar decaf coffee yeah. That's what I wanted to do. I just wanna Dick have covered because I just came from Austria. Where was seventy eight degrees and it was like twenty eight degrees last night and my paper, California, skin, which is made mostly of just a thin film of intolerance, can not deal
twenty eight degree whether at night you thought I was also very like it's like ban and law. You should try where's your crap, try a jacket or a sweater. I had a jacket and I've got hurt. I am I I basically have the warmth capability of a newborn calf like I'm just shivering and up it's really the durable image thing. So I have a virus just like a farmer in cradle me. So we order this bar and every person who carry out it was unbelievable. Someone we get up and you're like this? Is the worst character ever seen, there's no way anyone could top it and then someone else to be like You are doing. Fresh in a big MIKE doing the who's, who are yes, who are you who. I'm sorry. I really want to know what this is.
Thing? I've ever heard my life. Well, the best part of it was that it was in the corner of the room and the music wasn't up very loud, a music. You probably could just here on that platform, but you could still hear the microphones those people singing compel out of cheeky kind of bubbling just person after preserve diversities like if someone gets up and they're just kind of ok, they're gonna fuck take over this room? Vinegar, fuckin, just nail, the train song and as a right, which areas really nail a train saw rain. Even nail train saw it there, guys used was nailed to across for your sins. Funny it does feel wrong. I know I'm not even religious that I feel I like you. I don't want to look up, but this is one of those cool churches rights. Chris, the people who do Digital.
In front of you too? you're right and left cookies everywhere. A lot of hotlines, and here we agree with this reality. If that bar been in any other place, I'd be like to history but for some reason a grand rapids it is. It is awesome, its risk just called your city, the uncool. You just go, that's a basically! We said no, no! No! I just think it. I think that place balances out the everything else that soup I have stepped in it now. Even us even slightly think about your mouth. Just fills me with so much joy is like this. I really like this, whether GPS screens, keep it going. I just. I just think that this flooded fuck hole of ass juice. Call and rapid kidding? I love it. I'm kidding it's. Hold on we can set. What can we get down? The board flooded call up to
survey says why someone did the seriously like honourable, but for some reason like if it were one of many bars like that, I mean that would be annoying, but the fact that its it singular and the food is amazing and they had great video games and pinball have a nice time, we really at a romantic time together, it was when they even sat Ass, David David David said, like the lighting as romantic over here for you, we're having a five hour is paid for the bill. Tell how much it was. It was ten dollars. Night off it was Bergen. I've half off you go I've heard of you want cheese is in the middle of it sure is: where did you get a Jonah? You got in and got in a nine thirty. This morning I took a fly red eye allay into Minneapolis. Then ran two miles to my next gate. Two miles in Indianapolis
Appleby Albania a minute. Your version of India Indianapolis is very small. The races allow quicker. If you see minutes, Roger had its own rights because they didn't have durable happy. They take NASCAR shrink them down to one sixteen scale. They put tiny dwarf hamsters inside and the normal, but I was I was very far. God, I got into another plain to come to a grand rapids. That was a size, thirty six waste. It was the tiniest plain. I'm really apple for Minneapolis over two Grand rapids, the greatest city in the world, seriously, you sports team is the best sports team in the world Try others get all the ports ass says you are on a tonight, this guy's a killer, really
I did juices s, it sounds like you're having problems and like your past ass I was going on. I got some fighting asked uses brother brother. I need some ex lacks cause. You work for me, asshole That's a guides literally yelling at his asshole fuck with me, fuck with me. Well, we ve exhausted. Matters. Let it happen we're safe. Hotel with there's a weird team conference, and so there are hundreds of feral teens running through the hallways yeah. I get scared I didn't at first I didn't know there was a teen conference and then, when I realized it was all kids, I feel bad about a couple. I had thought the first to it's just natural believe everyone. If you pick up the book in front of you right now I give you thought you know we were never make it.
Haven't adolescence. If people can, I give you thought the first dead ass thought, the second them too would you. Why do you turn into a soldier boy song when you're creeping on? Did you superman those yeah pussy, talking Jonah. How is your flesh not burning you're in come to church every day He comes very day comparable with that over the mystery that pussy target Jonah looks exactly like regular talkin Jonah any. We all knew that fully transformed. Does anyone is anyone? A member of this congregation really is pitiful church in the greatest city in Amerika. I, like
Way so really beautiful. To someone told me it's not denominational and then I was like, but there's a fucking cross right there. That's the nomination of you. People know it just means it's not over. Economic actually rose. Yes, that's not Christian Nanda Donation, Jews, admission You do now is a comedy festival, there are going to be here for a couple days. Racism? Is it a race, but I was just being prejudice against religions. Does account I'm busy? again. You are you. Are you are an altar boy is well. I was another boy you were too well for a day. Well, how did you ruin that Jonah was a master? No chicks,
There was, I thought it would. I thought it would impress my grandmother. And then I realise this You anyone out weren't whether wasn't worth It wasn't worth doing taken time away from my weekend and I like that is like being onstage. I'm glad you didn't hear the horrible thing that I said did I did I just move chairs were just like any good person within the tables upturn? Usually I'm trying to reign you guys in in in Grand Rapids visit rain. It stop looking at me like that. Every time you don't just why? Why? Why why? What happened after just a day is
I'm going to say was bulls, but it was not my son, I just don't like it. I was I was bored with it and then all my friends were hanging out without making you rip up the robes of put a forgotten sticker on it or something Chris didn't make stickers they're. Not that kind of bans can you have taken big ball, point ten and drawn and anarchy. Logan hope other I am happy that progress ultra boy there is. Who is that? Ultimately, I can't take my eyes off: do need some wine its night train along as you do, for I was why my mom was the cancer in the church. So I would like most of my young life. I was an older boy and I know I hope it was most of your young life. It was most of your old life. Has an altar boy that be very, I gave it up a week ago, really rightly said the rope. Finally stuffing notes of it. I like things tight
you referred to two years or so at a good time, and I got my wrap them that what a rap soon a repetition sounds like a good and then I was like later Father, Did you guys get confirmed yet did get confirmed? I had to go to confirmation class. I sure. Did my mom talk, information color, I thought it was really a lotta. It was the best time of my your mom talk. Information classify was the cancer you totally hook up really swayed by my dad is like someone in Florida. He just went Goober Catholic, oh really back my brother. What born again question of these like fuck, you go and overcome. Oh my god, you're having fundamentalist christian wars, yet there are having their own little crusade in my parents condo, it's crazy!
that, like with other christian religions, it's like mexican food, it's all the same ingredients, just indifferent orders. Taco bells about one religion. Wrapped itself in a radio waivers. Rancheiras is a breakfast Merida. It can big while yeah, so my dad's like a night night and aid of Columbus, which is a thing I guess I don't know, I don't like an exit Columbus. Do. I think he's like hoping to eventually be asked to guard the Holy GRAIL or something treasure under the city of Philadelphia he's like he's got his Mason ring happening. I don't know what he's doing. My mom has always been pretty pretty catholic and I was taught by the I was taught by the Jesuits yeah there's a now there's a Jesuit Pope. For some reason, so latino
So he's heard for the same ingredients thing which raises, because people of the world Jesus will Legal You, like a cool ranch, Doritos Christine, do you know it's, not Mexico, the what is not actually always Argentina, less a vacancy. Bigotry says the same with an urgent accent: like these are you are you guys could be a little cool ranch until it out of your cool? I couldn't stop. If you talk like that, I'm getting a teacher. You would give me hard pop out, it was going to take a pre took. I thought I was gonna take up where they took the twenty. Our eastern picking a pope name is usually like tat.
Screen. Amory like I wanna, be pious. No, like sorry, we give you pious thirteen, but that's about it, but he went, but he went with France is that all I could think of overt Oregon. Was people's wicked ventured epitomize picture this? Where France Us Frances whatever you say you has bath and still be Pope Teddy fucking. Ninety seven, because I know that number one Ninety six isn't taken, but you just stay ninety seven year by myself here. people we can sort of per week a poke fun yes and we get the last pope was a Nazi. This pope hates gay people what they I began to deep waited.
Catholicism Averse sound truck in it back. Listen. I think I was confirmed Catholic, so I can call it bullshit confirm just did Joe my drink, you taken that's the blood of Christ, amen, got news for you guys, it's still fucking. Why? I'm sorry, I'm talking to my father, Why do you come home? I don't?
guess? I gather that someday. I want to go back to church and I wanna go up for communion and when they started can be wine, I'm gonna pull out a bottle of true blood. GonNA thinks about my own. You don't think that's all everytime! I have to get off the phone my dad like as I'm busy like. Yes, he starts cigarettes. Are we talking about this because my dad doesn't Savior? just like that, I paid a great italian. I gotta go when you come in. Homes No, I said Adela we'll get together. Fuck you dad. Is he aware that back cellular phone- you don't know her. That is, and you heard you heard the dial tone. This major donor with my mouth. Your parents are singing. That's your dad's, a thing! That's all you did. They understand the first ever that song is how the dad ignored the kid. Yes just him revealing The way you knows how, through song, I get behind that of what your comment. We're out of door, Norway? Well god. I cannot nor good.
The Elk ugly cajolery right Does that of its work, No rather than anywhere else lights. We just pretty I over real at one day the freeway self. I wasn't because we were still as watching television was playing the jets ends, and I just said this weird thought regula I or how old George jets? It is all you adorable man, boy where this AIDS, Wait a second grass was. Aren't you a little bit all your? I believe the character of George Jets. It is forty, yes, math, all that you turn it over. Twenty nine way is a do. You know for a fact that is forty yeah, you look it up and somehow got an answer.
Mediately, Dizzy, tweeted, yet sins Wiki drinking yeah, he's like like before, like the fastest Elton, could possibly get a signal. He pulls out his phone Ngos and what how old George jets? It is forty tat you could have. That you don't want me since thirty, eight, that's up bomber. That's that's unsettling two parts. Ten forever. I think fretful zones for about forty as well you're just make a man of your our Friday seems like you might be about forty years old. Well, how does it really will right now is about thirty one million, because that was back a long time ago. Her was placed gentlemen. There's pass times we dig a nerd hold that even we can't get out of here.
Running? Alas? How well do you think he is slightly with sixty round yet private fifty years ago. Is he dead, If the latter is the watch applying guide, try to navigate the world's it's like babies, day, album elderly man? They re just more apparent glasses and he puts on his cat wanted. Eighty is stupid. Moron wishing to do, as I say, about a retarded visas, I gotta go outside of our two Vertical records today, where we can restore in your town doesn't happen over, but I got out hipster. What's so there's a happened in an underground music right now, where people are putting out Cosette tapes. Now, here's the thing:
Josie Jaeger judgments. Yeah Do a genocide, cassette tape that Chris ran to get a prop blue box more that a proper to boot. So so yeah you got out have certainly like this guy. I was like a guy, don't I don't really dig in I like I like mine. I think it has a quality sound. I also like cities like mp3s, like anyway, you can get music, but something about cassette tape just seems a bit to try hardy. It just says. Was like they're just trying to just say: fuck you, genuine, that's gotta, clean over the past sets, don't sound great there a pain in the ass wear and tear. Yet it's like selling the bold for a record. It's like fuck, you get wax and make it is just lookin like just I would like, as a measurable, behind the whole tape thing Cosette thing.
I don't like it. He is. I guess you know it's not. Forever Jerry, you I'm the one that you this now I almost got thrown out of the public museum this morning. The integrated European Organisation Rapids. I wouldn't grand Rapids Public Museum next to the Gerald Ford Museum. Have you haven't? I know I need to know about that President snore District, it's right across my hotel! So yes does. For this. The sort out as the Richard Nixon Museum and then it shut, closes down, and then it's the Gerald Ford Museum. It's it's thank you It's the only it's the only museum, not elected, to get thrown out of the poverty. I almost got there and those on the titanic exhibit there's a visiting titanic exhibit. I was using myself, which apparently big no no and titanic term
cell phones didn't exist on the titanic, so they don't exist in the titanic, exhibit full. Neither does this thing that pungent buttons it tell me more about it. I've got the audio tour to omit area was very riveting. Riveting titanic rivets. I get it yeah yeah listen when they lay the keel. They used hydraulic rivets. It was the first time they had done because there are so many rivets delay and hard to reach places. They still did. What did it? Do? I learned so much just merit the film titanic. She dropped. Part of the ocean back into the Ocean Disney's Titanic, About all shoe was true love to save her. They could both it on that. Now. This vote actually threats that organic as they dont go. As often as we do the
but this is a whole. The whole second floor of the Grand Rapids Public Museum is just about their wonderful chair. Production chairs are useless, You're sitting, I won t you never know where would we be without chairs did did to do my bookmarks? I wish there was southern though it stop me from just fallen on the browser chairs don't exist because little Timmy wished them away boy, I'd like to kill that little idiot Timmy. If you had a chair, you could beat him to death, but that's no chairs. Apparently without chairs. We have no more chairman of the book navel gazing with carrots. Now it's just a man of the ball. What other things is a man of the bar. That sounds like the guys this it into this broadcasts. Well, I gotta get out of here and go get in my standing car. What
I d like way is: what are we you're about Eve sideways oh, yet now so second floor out I'll wrap up the museum for your real, quick here's. How goes ready first floor fuckin children just everywhere as an exhibit one car is everyone's fucking. Or is it a children's museum or children? You see I was I saw in the sense that it was a museum before all ages. When I walked in, I was wrong. I then went upstairs there's about seven thousand square feet of furniture. I get it. You guys did a great job making furniture in the nineteen hundreds.
What did you do? In the nineteen hundreds, exactly Grand Rapids everybody, Grand Rapids, everybody went a little more comfortable, follow a day Matthews around. If you add some fine Grand Rapids furniture to view ran, Lapis no they values it is head over to founders, get a keg. Then a logo rails revisions, three too well. I went this star Box, it's a local reference. You could be in Seattle and somehow not go to like the original our books be like I don't know if they make. My child tat is right. I gotta go to this new or one like I feel, like you're void, artisanal coffee shops that aren't Starbucks. I do it's. My one constant in the world is Starbucks. Why cannot be your love for you.
Over it. Pursued to arouse the rails, you sure about that. Cheers. What a virus guy came. The fucking amazing they'll be amazing. If somehow we had made this also, accidental and the sky comes out. What a theater out of all the guys. Here we have a lot of dorky love. Lord duty, I M sure whose like
like us like a big one through, I thought about it. Who said about doing that? Your girl, you can't it's too now it's too happy. You could have done it like ten years that article ten years ago and thirty- I'm not an idiot, but I thought about you and I am not ashamed to admit it didn't work out nodded. I thought I would be funny because just just a bunch of fort noises, I'm sorry, sorry, that's a great idea, but I think mine would be the the Christmas barking dogs. There's this there's this there's like red tape with me saying: please forgive me there's this there's this french grow that work
the commissioner, our house and like feeling like a liking to Deanna. Unlike what time we're like it was around Christmas time and she's. Like I heard this thing, it's barking dogs instead of singing. I guess the working groups with dogs is very popular. She's like it's like Google row row row row row: we re railway. Like you re wrong, I know is really Broadway should instead is I dont speak french programme? did you sellers use hitman you guys, Already Argo reveals like it did you take her out, in a three person way of no. I just heard that have sex Yoda, I did a three person way once a three person way and then I had diarrhoea. That's a true story.
What is also not on the not in this situation- and I don't mean the Guy Andrews sure I mean that's it. You re tabled I'd die raided the signal through two and a half years ago that we would have killed reprobating at about the same yeah I was I was so nervous about. It was a long time ago so nervous about it. What are the other guy? How do you feel? Which one am I right? Am I right? I want to give a high. I hadn't nervous, because you you think as a guy, you think maybe so fuck it allows them to have sex with to grow. And so what I will do that and you get for at least I got doubly anxious. It was like I'm going to disappoint to people at once.
How do you split up the three minutes of sex that you are able to give men and a half minutes to half its ok, ok, you're, ok and then after everyone felt I was that we were all really drunk and then everyone fell asleep. Yes, then it was. It was time to let that happen. So wait. That's like a thing that happens every three sums every three years, and then it was after the three. Some Chris knew that it was time for the thing I did not mean watery poops guys more like a virus. I can't, that's it that's the best thing I would have so unkind of puts up a high five and you're not really into it. We too want to hang in just give it a backhand like your Ike Turner. Just like this, like throwing do a do a do, a like a shitty line and then by area.
I'm just think of anything you would say: that's a bad joke anything. What No, I think you're gonna do first. I think you have to hold on to it again because loves her, that fuck. You you got the goats buddy, you, you didn't you first, you have to wait to let the person, I know that you don't approve and your being condescending to them. I wouldn't let it set, but I felt really awkward not as great as that three way Yes, it more dismissive we're like it just trying to get a bugger up. Your figure does a plant words way croupier. If someone holds up, their hand for a high five. If you wipe your hand down their hand, it's really grows older head. Why pit like? Never? Doesn't
feel. I love you and I like head budding someone's high five. I have to say that it is not for me as a bad move on my back. That's ok! You'll get over it. Are you looking at? Oh you not. I was a male by God. I do look like Billy maize. Maybe you could actually cleaving easier with us of Are you tired, bending over to dig shit up like my party, no was innocent There was a pride okay. Ok with you guys, we're all gonna, be there seven
Billy, maize, really made knots varieties not alive. Nice was all that my hand your visit ever. This is weird I do what I want to sell something well, you're wearing it like a Brooks brothers, sweater, yeah and a virtual assure her eye and a space camp teacher. Is it you gotta space gave? No, but they sent me a shirt. Did you short space camper? There were like here just take this here's what happened? I said I said something about space camp, on attack of the show, and they said a shirt and a note from me when I was in the office- and there are like now that attacks over you're gonna have so much more time. Why not come to space There were no those teenage astronauts got killed by that space, camping site, spacecraft, space where that girl go where you going in that awful to just, all the way down the aisle and know that ever lived
marry you When I hear that repeated, I said, is an admirable, though all the way down the aisle and then Jonah said I remember you. There was no one episode, the nervous man, that's not going to have it You know, I think you know we can get to those it three and a half minutes. What are they address? I don't know our all applauded by Ozma gave the route that allow aren't really all they Josie used to do like with their weird betting. Music pray probably is still weird betting, music. I don't know what I mean yeah like you, have a specific track that you would play. I did. What are you play now whenever sponsoring us, like no Katy, does it Katy Katy puts our music, she
He puts our music, she saw talent, and I know I don't I don't have to do in two years. I, but I had to prep the pod gas, which is always more work than you think it's gonna be, and so oh yeah, because it is to do for a living, but you do that, for you really do for a living. I did it for up part time. Fun There is like. Let me go party last yell at itself for seven hours worked. I've thought is my favorite eighties of summer camp gonna happen. We just wrote as animal feed. And you're welcome America. For that part time fund is like a fun cover band who, oh my god, there's a there's a Gibson flying. We
there's more in the museum in the Public Museum and you go up to it because you know there's Gibson Plan, Kalamazoo, Michigan, sure so great. They make some excellent guitars guards, it's as died team. Eighty nine flying be this was used by a kiss cover. Bear it didn't even says a like. It wasn't a opportunity. Since I would, if it wasn't, even we care serve a tiny case. Whatever they are now, that's that's west cause, I don't know, but somewhere out their guys. There is an ace freely without is likely that so here. He was so weird that they felt the need of fucking mention it like that. This is manufactured in Michigan you're in Michigan, enjoy it but no bad to tell me
This is what I was doing in front of the guitar honest well about now had to tell me what you're gonna hear about it internet this Eighteen, eighty by flying, we re issue was used by a kiss tribute bab. So I pretty much out of exactly right. I took a picture. The black. Memories that, alas, the lifeline. Remember that gave. Can really do you read me in a case was at a case, could touch it next to an auto harp is fine. I guess you this picture you. Can you not a sign of everywhere?
your job Chris out this process. It is Africa, debate,
story might be, but the point is that, as a college, I'd afraid that every point of view with masturbate he would call strangling the Pope because the reason that is peanuts, look like a pope hat, and so whenever he was gonna, go masturbate in front of anyone who was there. He would just go up like it's time for a new power. It separately
and it's not white smoke now would be fitted in finnish. Black smoke like comes out Diarrhea we only one to The question is a comment, its requirements Does anyone want to ask a question? I think we have time for like five glamorized, like fifty, you guys are good Also, the house lights up, see these beautiful Grand Rapids is always that we call you guys. Grandma is, I love rebellions rights. Come to the gentleman who is not doing any work to get up making me come to him. So I gave you see sitting next to a girl whose wearing a Brody shirt from all rats, and his looks just nowadays immediate
He looks like a guy looks like these, but the young ones, Viviani looks like Neil areas like the young ones. So what is your equipment? It is a question that includes or its common general question as a comment that agreement I would like to know about review was one question that you will always with somebody would ask you have afforded a hat, and the answer is yes. Where's. My reply to base is like asking: I don't know how big your dick, What's he talking about No, I don't it's questions. No one is a rather than how are we to know a question that no one's asked. These are questions that no one should ask
I don't know what credibility I don't have any there. Never do you want with people. I don't think that I hope you can ask me about my family, like I dont. If some was like Would you like a billion dollars yeah made a pussy like that? I had a billion dollars. I would make so many Veronica Mars movies. You placating piece of shit now, just being the internet. Now everything show the guy cancelled early is like waiting. We're gonna, get a kick started to try and bring back Frazier. Your dad movie? I want to the word artist. I get coach back on you
What are you gonna get your bones are? What are you really get your boat? Why you're reading your phone right now We had a seizure is really rather guys. I'm glad to see you for a second I'm glad he brought this up, there's not really applied cast. I just wanted to bring everyone here to the House or to heal little Wayne with prayer young money A little way money will waive body blow away. If you can hear me, stop shake it. Buddy young money gradually to your sympathetic. What's your name names, Dan and what's your weapons? question is: where do you go to buy animal ones either James,
girlfriend! Well, you can go to the internet is a place you could go. I went to little Tokyo. I would to Japan, town in in LOS Angeles, which has a lot of japanese doors and some of them cell kicker roomy, yes, key grooms, the plural, to other look, there's literally every my friend. I sense that you are just looking to get yourself into a kangaroo me and I may be the guide to make them in Asia. Oh my god, I would totally were ability, maize, Cougar, Ruby, these And what I might just dig you out and get inside you hired looking like a human dress like a human, take. Our worries me, quick roommate. Fast, acting Cougar roomy right gets on your body, and secondly, now will double your order
go on the internet or animals, there's all sorts of animals. There's dogs, squirrels cats, panda, red, pandas, Fox, wolves, Reddy Fox, there's, a rope. Yes, Red Fire Fox, all of em, all the foxes, the Fox network Robin Hood, does the innovative nature could represent. Yes spots in the fucking world agreed except for Samantha facts. Now I think I'll take the fox from Robin Hood. That's a very urgent questions over there. Oh shit, I'm sorry go to the internet coming over to you as quickly as possible on the balcony, wants us to question just too bad. I can't get up there. He'll be ok, we'll pray for you hang on a SEC. I'm coming over what is your request while question? First, I was worried that wearing a doctor who sure what kind of be like wearing them a shirt of the band. They are going to see that sort of, but none of us are in doctor
yet so bad. It's kind of a comment for MAC. I went to space camp in nineteen. Nine, be ok, so at its peak of technology tall I did the whole simulations and every time they will. First of all, they had different sponsors of the groups and they were people that were involved with the different missions, like fire call and work is through in this greater detail as possible. Ok rap I was in the apple group, so I feel Aquino's yes and I was also outstanding trainee. Why would you do now on personal trainer really and I've cancer? Oh RO that in at there
I really want to give you a hard time, but I can only say teetotally said well. How're you die should now get up there going to be bigger and better. You ok do around glass cancer. Thank you guys for being here and supporting Gilda, which have caused us more thanks to my wonderful friend for bringing me out here from the other cooler side of the story It don't look at their lady. There you go get their lady here. If you sell your fucking mouth and she says it's not hear you yes, now she says per second I was kidding, I don't have kids or you can cut her head off. I don't care, but as long as she has given you look, I'm sorry, this private law, every she says it's also do understand how it works. Ok,
this again, where you from now Clemens CS the greatest my men guides us. While I rises Julio Bureau, gay young men, dumb chemo, it's coming back in radiation and these things are going to be amazed. How much about that? Even so, why? What Jonah we're, how much about that even selling a medical marijuana Michigan Well, thank you, Yo Yo, YO call me when you tidies is, God, damn you please, please you bring their languages, I had to. What is your grim? Do you guys have a Clara theory for doktor who she's adorable
but what I don't have a theory. I don't have a theory at I'm sure she's, some sort of a fixed point in tears. What you here's? What I heard, do you guys have a clever theory for bonnet I think it's a bunch of hipsters or get together in the middle of Tennessee and ITALY, since it gives said there a little less I don't have a clearer theory at I'm. Just kind of wanted to play out a little bit, but I like I know I like her we're gonna podcast, where this weekend Stir out Kennedy: over there. Why would you make me come on? better, so here's a real people who didn't buy tickets I'll just come this way. I'll do I'll. Do this man and then I will do yeah. I bet bucket now way When are we going to see both either you or map Myra, Jonah, radio? We ve, never built?
We never know. Where can I get I why, by my hands, are tied guys shown Jonah Radio is basically like the teenagers room with the stolen. Do not enter street sign on it, the euro, the cool soon enough there going. To be honest, really with area again. That is just the nervous, perhaps with a meal hangs out of a hollow, my name's leisure, to applaud. I was just wondering thank you for doing so good. For me, that's very appreciative, so I'm sure she appreciation alot more than I do you're welcome. So I was wondering leg. Nerds normally have like their current obsession
not their ultimate obsession but the one that their most focused on right now. So I was wondering what you're guises we're right now close suppose, specifically for me, right now its nose, it's actually clean? Yes, you're right This is like a kill. It I don't know. I like Ella lights myself. what now currently its eighties jazz guitars. Does. I think it is a joy that world I'll get back. I just started playing minecraft about two weeks ago.
And bought it on the Ipad, because I thought all I can play minecraft on the go and its way harder on the Ipad. So I have way worse problems than any one else. You hear that cancer lady, yeah I've been I've, been kind of digging minecraft lately, although I just bought field runners to which has been really fun to play as well. Yes, sir. I have a question. Can we had a kickstarter going for singled out listen! Here's a thing! You think that show was great because you were a kid and everything when you were a kid is great, so wise spoil it. By doing this, show now and reminding you, like the show was that good, you're right he's rights also show, and I know we could get Jenny, Mccarthy back. We should kicks. Single that voting, but anyway I as an agreed to do it we just by everyone, vaccines. You know
they re, piloted if you re piloted singled out like five or six years ago, and it didn't work out, but I just tell I don't know I don't know what. So if we were to do, the kick started would be to make the singled out movie. I dont understand, or just to make want to know what happened. It was snapped out at its prime dealing. Anyone who got hooked up on singled out as still together so that they didn't they weren't minutes after the show was over. That show never worked. People always hated each other. I think that's one of the things that people love to watch about. It is watching some poor girl. Turn around and just basically seeing this tool on. The other I heard you could see interface like at least I win a surfboard. Or six of questions from this side of the room. His hand was technically first, so I want to be fair about this here I want to come in as what is my name is Skype and we came all the way from West Virginia to see you in Nashville, yes,
We came all the way from West Virginia to see you in Michigan. So when are you going to come more towards our area in our nerves and West Virginia know their art, then why do you keep coming here? We like Billy maize up there and believe is I don't know I guess it would. I know I'm so sorry tale not up. What are you the color at all, grant we're screwed? Oh, no, what what's your federal grant? We worked with low income, kids that want to go to college to be the first. No, no don't bother with it just like working big apps or something you know, let go where the money is strewn money. I screw money
night, he d J. We should come closer there, but it always it always depends on what's the venue and will they bring us there and can we are really gets its weirdly not up to us all the time? Ok, no you're right! It should be I'm way on board if it'll make it better. I will ride back towards Virginia with you guys. It is, as we say in the car equal within, I have three ways and get diarrhoea. Would you want another who is ok? Thank you. It's good to see you thanks Man, Scots or a couple more criminals was safety. Were eating picture yes, I Chris alone Sending Whitney close the
most name psychic, right, Todd, Sir TAT, sir. No it's Tom, I get almost get a ride. What Zira take a picture? I don't know if I should pose or not or if you like capital at this guy standstill. While I take video What's your equipment like when is life, My comment is that I've been watching our listening to you guys for about a year now. So it's like an anniversary show nice were happy, happy US adversary. I watched you Jimmy failing, which is why I have only known Jimmy Balanced. I'm gonna be on their next week. I was so excited me, I've always excited, and then you guys got me have done the doktor
somewhere in the study nice you how I observed so when you're on Jimmy found. Could you want like ask him to watch doctor who will be? I wanna do Hawaiian you, you basically just want to control. Jimmy fell like a puppet of Fiji these, but you ve just struck into a bed and you're, putting droplets of water in his eyes and just feeding him tartars cookies that you made and forcing them to watch doctor who, until you have to hobble them with a dialect mallet. So my real question was in and may I'm gonna be turning. Twenty one and I've never drink before ever and I that you drink before and Jonah Jonah picked up the slack There was no slack Elbow to make new slack. I send my fairies during pay when I turned twenty one, which is your first day,
be Appleton Friday, night girls, although they won't. I will tell you the first drink that I When I turned twenty one and then you can you can diverse rig. I had there, which are probably not to want what I had a was it like a Manhattan. Sort of weird was it was Dr Argon Heartiness fuckin knew it. Oh yeah has a because of James Bond baby. When I was twenty one at midnight when I turned twenty one hand I goes like Happy went inside, I had a flaming lemon drop, so it's a little. It's like it's a big kind of a shot glass and then they lighted on fire. So I had a fire drink. You can pretend like you're an alien or something and need a new blow. It don't drink it with the fire. You have long. Hair catch right away. Just yes, though, I had a flaming lemon drop. That was my first.
If that, if that our way out, I don't want it. Maybe then, ten years after that, you'll have to quit, because you can't control it and maybe you'll wake up with Take a shoe call back to the car. Special. What first drink first rank legally purchase, pussy You know it now. Therefore reels It was actually quite gross. I was I was downtown LA. I went to a bar where it was turned out. I was gay Ranchero bar just like dudes in denim shirts, denim pants dinner, We had make an out and I went in and I just like I I saw a guy with like what looked like a bloody Mary ass. I ought to take what he's em an ad like five alone. It turned out. It was vodka kilometer that they
the motto that they made their the alleviation way. So I was pretty, whereas I thought I'd buy your first rank. Did I not by you for answering tonight? you two bars when you were twenty one, and I was so you took me to pass on our twenty Chris totally didn't put out. Thank you. What is your name winning it's nice to see you sandy maybe two more comments and then more and more rapid up here. Yes, sir I'm so we know now that you have a note book that you take pictures of, but as a comedian, how do you guys store your jokes in the cloud? How do you get? Are you'd figuring out? How, U story not just talking about that bar focus for two more comments. I can only say that sort of monetarist via I just wanted to make sure was the same bar. I think that it was what
Do you story or jokes on my phone and then actually what I do is I record I put my shorthand notes on my phone. Then I will do sets and record them and then, after I've done the set, record them. I write out every word that I say in a notebook. Don't fuckin laugh is true. Then I punch it up from the written notes. That's how I feel about you I have a notebook that I keep with me just like in my pocket disturb jot down suffers. I should rang a half, that movie. What are you What do you use? I ever more scan notebook, pathetic, even my pocket. So much I gotta ball, scan My party- and I know that these are yes. Canada has a big fan question with explain its accuracy off their Irene?
enjoy the gadget Braun. I was just wondering if you guys were may begin to put that on the nervous you to jail, as already gave it does, that is they ve Gary Della, bought He prefers it from you. I don't think week. You know the worst thing is that people don't watch Youtube the way they watch television. So if we just put people didn't watched, angular show and they're not gonna. Watch it on Youtube is easier to get an attack of the show, though Directv I didn't see like the last two seasons of anything there there's a couple I mean you can see problem here, Joe wages to crawl over these people skills me, I'm so sorry gives me. This is really argued here. What's in it, that way you will reach Rachel was then no it's not what you re running Brittany High there is, I mean another really was a junkie, hey, Jackie with
John John. How I stand here and make on breaking no no touch me make eye contact what this man s question Zack? I'm from Detroit I was died on the way here. What because, So excited I was died other way way it didn't worth almost like the car was ok. Then they got lost, went to another guilders. Does everyone have some tragedy in the audience its befallen them. Don't another tragedy, the varying I ended up with the kids, who benefit called what's funny about cancer. They gave me a free meal than they redirected me here. What's happened who, who work with people circuit Is it really? A cancer benefit? Wait a second. You accidentally went to benefit and you just
I can give you food and you may gave you realize that this is just like the nursery before you go. They were feeding people you're. So would you like something that I sent me people. I suppose some clue There's no first like to thank you personally, for I noticed you on twitter. You interact with their fans and its other much effort on your part, but it means the world a difference. Your fans. I want to thank you personally, because you have internet. Oh, I presume that I think I have fortunately.
I interact with positive and negative supply should never interact with a negative stuff, and I think I will stop doing that because I think because people are nice, they deserve attention more than the people who live you bogus lunigiana were, as I wanted, to give you a gift in thanks for even entertaining me for free for years, and so I wanted to give you I made this personally. It is a tortoise winch. I, oh, my god. This is amazing, It was like a clock and a star in the doctor and he's he broke law on the way here, but I repaired. This is so adorable what would you do that? What be so horrible now? This is really great. You know I'm moving into a new house, My backyard needs a wind he's been saying that its true thank you so much. I really Yet it didn't make very about dinner.
Could I have that tartars over there is eating their food? Will. Thank you very much for what is an imminent Zack Zack. It's a pleasure to meet you may use, gives me well. I kissed the sky. Is we re just give me a really? I'm sorry. I know your best. I'm sorry! Please! Yes, have I have a gift I would get for all of you, but I'd like to publicly give mats his gift- oh god, if you ever have to, if you ever have pewter someone gave me a compact. It s elsie to eighty six, which was the hi tech laptop of the early? Ninety nine media, that rating we all know the absolutely so back. I bequeath this to you for all
groovy mad. I give you a device that will most certainly get flagged. Ts will turn at odd if it's not I can t I appreciate this like you can, I believe, but I only brought a carrier with me. This could be your second carry on you get to man. It's got a handle on everything. To put this in the trade next to my macbook. Pro you'll give man is complex, Jonah, quick question to you: have you named your third album yet yes, it's breach hall all die and it's gotta be underlined. Wonderful, if you, if you have second thoughts, nerdy Joe, not included, would also be wonderful news. You're, not gonna put them, hence our put the bathroom animals.
What was I think this? Is you messed up right now? It'll give men his to eighty six. Why has this guy standing all the waiter back? Love it? If you would take a picture? Oh oh, I was gonna. Take it of you. I'd, say: you're really fast. The kinds was I'm so sorry I just that time. One you don't know how to turn the flash back on you, fuckin asshole. This is awesome. I lost my view just copy of this. Thank you so much you giving me just copy mistress answer, three thousand a movie,
What a great present makes me to go through the lines we are saying earlier, every album I put out a line from this movie and it's my second favorite movie in the world. This is really radically after Edward from the back of the theatre, Dustin doesn't want to growth. Porto inside you, six son of a bitch, is a porno dick of what the fuck is that They made a removal keyboard in the nineties. Spoken, there's really buddy you, okay, so men Matthew, you just said they made. You are the Ninetys and the guy. Next to me, it would in actual wonderment did what is it. A question and a common format. Question is Andrew result is good. Looking in person is, he is on the screen. Really,
is one of our producers. He works of art is tv. Show now he's very handsome, and the comment is I'm glad you like the worked out that I sent you? Yes, you said a word about that visit this may make it for setting along a day s name. Era war. Thank you thank you for making me a small but still a part of attack of the ship Well, yes, I know it was on the air. You were out Agnes. Nobody I mean I am actually tackle exaggerated US inventors. We hello staff working wrap it up in a sexy. You guys. Can it one more? Well, I mean she's about to fall out of that chair. You have equipped meant oh and you're wearing the house. Do sure that I may be just do more open to more makes it creepy because I'm wearing the same short you have, but anyway I wrote notes I knowed freak out. I have claimed laments which our questions and compliments first on Jonah
Of your life joke, I think it's the funniest thing I've ever seen on Youtube your line, although you so harsh story about what I did. Matt was really awesome to hear you open up so much on PETE Podcast ends Really! It is embarrassing. I really just that our target. You were for three hours, but someone recorded it. That's what happens on real friends get together. Chris sorry, We have an hour in fifteen minutes. Festival asked grace you're the nice guy ever, who needs to stop carrying with internet jerk, say because so many more people love you that's a terrible but I can't really how I bet that people are really don't give a shit fuck and talk about that's true
you're probably wrong. I know it is an interesting point and I didn't have enough if any lately, that that I, oddly it was after a bunch of comments on the Avis club sons of bitches that I realise that I have been give. I do care too much about that stuff and I'm not gonna. I dont care anymore. I really doubt because it's just a waste of Energy Chris, what the and say I am your answer I'm gonna be answer. Chris I get up. My vote or rights shitty stuff about you on this, the No, we get twenty four hundred bowed to enhance. Thank you very much. What was my question? Is so keep it's hard to get into the Pelican rave you gotta get to them. Where's Dennis Miller,
logging in so doing a bit. I'm sorry comedians are funny, as happens banks Bob Working has? No, you comedians are fun that's what you're supposed to do. I don't personally get it, but some people do honey, you're, so ray. I could never get up MA. Am I a green confirmation class? So why is more like a mainstream geek and I want more obscure, I know you, I love really obscure means rainwater. She said your obscure so up to now, because I know because I have a really obscure thing that they all love so like what's each rises, favorite thing like pastor present, is going on and not like video game. Movie or show that really awesome, and you wish everybody knew about person. The video game. Jonah? Don't leave? We hang pussy
What's really crazy, I've been insect collection that I really like. What are you fucking laugh at me. You just ask me to tell you you just uncontrollably left in my face. You just said: me up to share something and then, as I was telling you my eyes were closed. You turn around and crept in my face. I have an insect collection, their gorgeous dont say: that's awesome. Now, like you, those great governors freezer and you would open it up and it would just be bugs framed. Will they weren't frame? They were pending boxes whenever it bugs the way they should be They didn't know how to behave the weird, the weird underground thing, I'm into as Cosette Tabs. You probably haven't even heard. I mean it's not for everyone.
It's, not like it's this kind. It's a good sound is just like a sound. That's like you know. What does Europe? I got two things one. Can I get a picture with you sure. So funny that here the fuckin wins I'm going Chris books that is that every photograph do right. This time.
Gonna, give. I say it look at what is the second part of its again? I know you like to hear our people have like heard of you in everything that well I just solicitude that I like it. What I actually said. I really like it when people have heard of me like it's, my favorite thing. Would people heard of me? Have you heard of me, God, damn it that's my least favoured thing I actually used to watch you anything eighty huge crush on you. I was like thirteen keep talkin now you're all grown up. You are grown up. Lady underwear, Are you grace watching? Back to later, I saw your special
afterwards. I was like Hulu shape. He came back, so I'm so excited. Yes, I'm like the doktor, revisiting Amy, Pon later and alive spoiler to roast meat was those who meet you to my name's, Jennifer and Pedro two hours, oh yeah. We would also like to do departed charity to take pictures pictures beckoned Jennifer, and I prefer the talking bird to the walking dead and had also, I really like Where do you come on river commercials? After really dramatic part that tell me the hashtag something you don't do that this actually thus in the lock into but every episode the tide elsewhere, it means you, but at school and work and what not well you're not gonna be prepared. When does Apocalypse means yes, no. That was the last comments now
there's a balcony guy asking wave, yelling right or wrong. Balcony guy Yell York, women. I'm sorry their balcony guy, the balcony got no love one more one. One balcony question job: now the balcony has conferred and agree. This is the best possible question could come for me right, ladies and gentlemen of the balcony. Speaking, may I remind you speaking on behalf of the balcony. What is your problem?
Liberal, hang on hang on board of on board here. Listening is if Wolverine didn't have his regenerate powers, but he saw the clause principle. He would fall over dead because a skeleton is covered in item antium and the clause would read through skin, which would take. Steady he'll, probably months. You have to get stitches that Russia with the hospital. I would plead out if he was even able to stand up at that point out, Adam Adams. That is heavy as you think it is. But today I think one item antium is that it is it's completely cut off the oxygen supply from his bones, and so what He will be able to survive, we went to survive, ok, so it s a body. Already sort, Canadian, no size Danzig Danzig be Fuckin Dixon,
Transit will heed of anybody Darrow, what weighing of general had regenerative powers and then there's other guy, like the other, like would worry without rejected we're just punch him with the bone in the boat or break off, and if you like my bones and then Darrow, would that be it and then dear? I would just slowly cradle because he's got really sensitive. This season, you guys got really sensitive season. So, yes, I think Darrell Dixon would went in there a case is euro? Is your life different now that you ve asked the question when we check now exam live ass? I was well that to do it for the nervous plug your Grand Rapids Michigan. You guys were coming out lovely to see you. I thank you for letting you say more about things in this church
We are really nice time and what are we to do with it sees it since these are you gonna leave us in the hotel? Where are you going to do with it? Now I live in the church next to the brutal acts. It totally makes it yeah. I got my computer hooked up through pupil, so I can listen to the one song that I was able to fit on this larger. You get a sounding a bizarre dry. Thank you. So much for coming out enjoy your burrito everywhere I have an excellent I'd. Stay warm leading noon dot com enjoy your worried.
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