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Welcome to the northeast pack, has number two thirty one. Oh my gosh, I discovered colic on yesterday. Let a moderate the doktor who panel on Sunday got straight in a car, ran and did to allay to do a couple of so the nervous tv show which were back on BBC America preparing July twenty Eightth and would like to emphasise that night. One is an absurd on toys and games and the other is a cop Wrap up show on which we had a demon, lyndal off and outs, Albrecht and John Barrowman, so Alternative BBC America. For that we're coming back, come back then, and also jumper amended. This episode noticed podcast way.
I'll talk about a minute, we're gonna, do a big hopeful, COMECON Wrap up podcast later on this week. So listen for that. It was unbelievable course of the forced. My great let us have happened, nervous we're gonna, go through that and then also sort of a run down a comecon, but all in all- I am I I I thought I was gonna, be like super wiped out and I'm just energized the Energy council. So wonderful Swoboda didn't let this week, but I would like to thank the sponsor for the absurd. There is black cats stamps dot com, so listen to me. You're gonna use at this point to being able to consume things whenever you want, wherever you want like this broadcast for poorest someplace. So stamps, I contest the same thing for you with postage. You can help prevent right from your desk withstand start com. You only to go the post office ever again, you pronounce the exact amount of postage that you need slap on the package and if you want milk Erica
pick it up from you, never even have to leave stamps dot com is. It has been a vital, vital, vital parts of building out our stuff at Nerdist not having to go and buy sheets of stamps or wait in line at the post office that there just isn't time. For that and it's it's not an efficient two to run your business or your life, so right now you can use a promo code, nervous, you're, gonna, get a special offers, no risk trial in a hundred and ten dollars a bonus stuff, including digital scale and fifty five dollars a repulsive, so go to stamps outcome before you do anything else and click the radio microphone at the top of the homepage and typing noticed that steps dot com. To the promo code noticed. So this episode was John Barrowman at the bellboy theatre during com, a kind of the Friday night of COMECON Friday, the thirteenth and there like a thief, thousand people there. It was unbelievable what it is. Let me the Balboa such a gorgeous. Are they didn't rootstock there the night before, and I know they had a great shows well and I was I mean it. It was a dream. It was a dream to perform this many people, a comical,
and we also Gary Dollar, that's a buoy whose doing show for us on an earnest channel coming out in the fall. And you know that Myra such me we're all stern from admires like super Super superstore advance, so Here we brought him out about halfway through and at sea thank Orchid, JIVE, arrogant and Gary Del about they have to talk about, and it was greatly actually everyone just click and afterwards get who said in thirty years. Do the Howard Stern Services, the filthiest reference in part of which you mentioned. Dublin, I believe, but that Barrowman was delightfully filthy and the most wonderful way, but we such an incredible time and so that, but I do want to warn you this episode of the extra and has have to have a here. So you know I've just give it adds up right now, but we are. We became super fast piles of urban, and I just I love again that so here we go episode of
podcast number to thirty. One live from Senegal COMECON with John Barrowman and Bobby, We then first things. First about a beer cans zone grab me of you. Oh Jesus already sledges had wanted. We're just back you're fucking gala bouncing around the fuckin trash. Can and I sat down those that have not made the broadcasters. Wasn't going to know how much that I fucked up the beginning of the show
it is like a shitty going to fire started where he just there's only my powers, you can throw garbage cans. You totally haven't seen anything that effort and the beginning of the nano We weren't allowed. We were living in a very quick recap: people listening other bike ass at home with their ears and man Jonah, who were not paying attention. The entire framework was empty, people were trying to figure out who is going to take the front seat and these four casually strolling, because this guy and an opportunity to get chinese food and then rightfully so John Barrowman came out in a fit of rage and through a trash cans. Our state because he did bring Chinese, but for everybody now you're all cotta appropriate reaction, John. This is, this is really excited me back. This is a much bigger venue that we play We're almost twice as big, so thank you for coming to this, we did two shows last year. I'll, even though I guess it does
no space? We did our course. The force wrap up here next year, ready but thought of it last night, but next year you do. Set your phases to run, The arts rank. Lamar burden will lead. The charge. But not about it. You won't The more I ran into the job I yelled by accident. I saw society address and I went over those running into some excuse me. We're going to someone's us. What are you doing here? Ok, you're a liar rating. I see you at the scheduled time of your appearance at this table. Didn't remember you, of course, I held out the three main item. Then he jumped up and yelled Matt louder than ever being on the planet earth and they gave me a whole.
And that is like you, remember bread right hybrids by now, Matt Breed, were you I have a special present for you spreads by Joan. I don't feel bad. I don't. I don't have anything for you just like. I always feel bad man, I'm a very special present for you and and what's very special about this- is that that's mad his loss enough weight that he is now into exiles, which is a big deal? That's a big deal given that size that they had to make in the sixties whereby people get fed. What's this large extra export live actually been calling out the big deal with this matter, where we going
impress you. I have not said that it all the time at our secret pizza parties orange. Let me repeat that biodiversity or you want to go anywhere. I plan for the next one is gonna, be this week: cheese by oh, my god,. Well, that's that's just like the inciting into seen in rookie of the year movie see his arm gets messed up. How did he has little tighter than normal? You want to throw it back as the Balkans, and now that I've been a picture, I know how hard that any throws it from the bleachers to home play some everyone's life happen then what happens? Well, it's kind of like see the league of their own, where the ball goes over a black woman takes it up and throw it really hard. They go. I guess black people can play for
well to another, the last part of the sea in a movie about that situation, the don't need as the Barrymore twenty Marshall you're, not a licence and then Charlie. She comes out, they play wild thinks he's got grazing glasses. I got an Garth Algarve starts. Things? Awhile thing had on the lady of the donor and then never Campbell makes out the need for measures that will be wild Adam Brody, beckons Dick. Ok, you do and then for no reason Harvey Cartels, oh yeah, because it I regret that China we're gonna, go these deleterious prosthetic but I'll. Take it here's what I have for you, man listed oh yeah, ok, I was, I was gonna talk because you said Charlie then I'll tell you about how I carbon birds, and yesterday you did
he's a program called cycle. The USA of Course Way: that's not its essentials. Percentage is Jonah, that's how it spell the precise silent now, because I watched besides it's Miranda outside an embassy age is a continent Bernstein as in its carbon birds and but what I say hello to spit they at the end of the seas and he the character, get shots. Cliffhanger right, now the spoiler alert, the cliffhanger we're gonna, fuck you're gonna end arise tv when it happened and live your life's, not taking pictures. He's wearing a share with a question mark me: what's gonna happen, I character whatever so there made of hearing is cast maids whose they observe this gave me right now, Tom and Bertillon Maggie. Anyway, I say that Ireland Hall, like what's goin on current birds and are you gonna, kill him there like well? Have one show would kill off shore birds that it would be hours and then I said which I'm sure they're going to cut. I said yes, you guys will succeed,
doing what cocaine in the eighties could carbon birds and take the veil, Loved it lying on that's been desert was good speaking. I have a very special present for you. My as you know my girlfriend Chloe's dad John D Extra. Did this of experts, star wars and many been met. Many films that you ve seen Spiderman movies, also worked on a little movie called STAR Trek, the most picture. My guess is Johns actual one of his crew shirts, the original star Trek the motion picture. It is, and so just kind of as a president and encourage and for the excellent job you ve been doing taken. Carriers are being held there. There,
you son of a bitch. This is my powers. That was your circle on it. I would also point out that the road map, get your girl all day ago. Happy not your star trek the motion picture so vast added windows to the clear battle cruiser it's yours big big idea. We'll talk about this at the pizza party. This way you will use your supper prior appear again, an aperture laboratories shirt. Yet she also gave me an original star wars. Crucial that doesn't matter does Matt
lots and that your phases to run you do that will keep doing course before. So I guess you could do someone did show up on the USA was announced the Torah, because what you think, way to go. You take a different way. Is everything every great life thing just get down to its race? the kind of all out of sight by reviewing the cannibal run. Should I buy member Reynolds and Jack agendas are about a car, Jackie Chant spoken here. We it can happen, but I will run over Nazi desire here on the show, let's be honest, excited? Would you be not really right? What's it going to kick ass, all the face pretend We learned and variety kid the original Karate Caille, my God, mad corporate birds in now Jackie Chain, is any. Save from those kiddies clause. No, I want to bring out our guest is
he's, awesome, seaward, Rhodesia, brought new, probably seen him like George Bernard, who in and also you also seen as one man garbage can hurling show please Welcome John had yes, he is dead. Samina have swing that way, but I'm thinking about that's all right I do so you're right, you know, I'm I'm open anything in particular. Your eyes are very piercing really start the only thing I can yours will exploit even further.
I have taken. I can t see what you're holding right ten me. Oh, oh, I got a job please, I will use my guy just bookmark places on the table now like the rail Oh my god, really going for a lot of good things happen? Why did you not know? How did you know that was beer that could have been we'll take it up into the bathroom and tested it Jonah, Woodward's Jonah, spitting work. But no less better, now you're drinking at the time of the incident you know it, s gets arise after that you can do whatever you want. Ok, the joke was that I did it after my gosh. It's good to see you you had so much vaunted. Thank you. First of all for doing the nurse tv show you like you.
You didn't ask me to do all of the earlier. What we're such huge bands of yours- and I mean it- so you know too, to take to take a character was on a show that doctor who and then be able to spend that into a whole other show me people love Captain Jack, It's good therapy I love em too, was it was an empty child was at the first empty child was the first episode doctor who written by Stephen Mamma and my Russell and it was it- was the introduction to captain Jack hardness and you know, and he wasn't he wasn't very likeable in the begin. We didn't want him to be likeable and I was only really expecting to be in a couple of episodes. But then, after the two things just started happening in it, just gel than it worked in When did the audience came along with him and his journey, and then he decided to become part of the team and from that point on and just to be, you know if I can get a little small sealed, but that's when my life changed completely
because of people like all of you out there. Before I mean I don't care they liked daylight, Captain Jack hardness. They were like. Not only are we not going to kill off your character, your character is never going to be able to die totally totally. You know that a year and when it's one of those things it's it's weird to talk about it, because it was like surreal when it happened. I had no idea, I mean as a kid I you know, I'm a child of the STAR wars era right and no applause were usually there are two young exactly as episode was no Jonah. No, no, no! No! No! No who
no, but I grew up. You know that, and also with the original doctor, who never ever thought the one day I'd be someone who was in the tortoise there. I was, and it was a total dream come true. I had a fan. Chasm, that's the way to do it, you're moving around funny. You know I'm not ignore the ban as Mr Coveney he's still coming, so what you go and I was penetrated what up its piteously is? Can we just well, you know what have you haven't seen it after This point is you ve already arguments up out is: is Captain Jack Harkness, the Facebook? you confirm or deny I mean, what would you would you like him to be seen as a there's a well leave years is, I think he is and when, when we were get ready,
shoot that episode David and I were we always we always would get the scripts ahead to have a good read to prepare and stuff in the week that the episode we were filming prior to that, so we were reading ahead. David came to be at lunch time when he came running top to my trailer, and I hear some. It's going to take Are you? Ok, Do you know what happens now spoiled so I left it Mexicans review ready. You read it we already have. It might not have ready at that time next day. I'm like this. I can hear him go. What there was a knock em like you did
talk to me in the future and I've. Given you advise us back but work. What starts to happen? Is you start to really think you are those who have been so I was you know it was like your life was planned for you, but you, I think, he's the face of all and I asked Russell. I said too After I read the script I went on in Russia who you smoking when you thought it was worth it. I say: well enough because a visible. It's like it doesn't seem like this. Where, though, about doctor, who is it that the things that seem like one episode gags like they face a bow? second episode of the nineties. Wanna see that episode where you get stung by a bunch of bees, bareheaded and thrown into a jar, that's
gotta, be a great, be another great plan. Really that thing is that's not the head off. My shoulder, oh shit, egg, said totally Betty way, though it's pretty weird, but to see I wish to go and be between episodes and go into the kind of like the stock room where they kept all of the problems, and you know that the targets is that they would use outside and stuff like that, because it was different, different tortoise use once they have lights, usually indoor Tartarus, because it gets. Please use your interpreter I found my new boyfriend found him. You already claimed it. What are you talking about already made my branded heavy load until as everyone rugged? No, so I see the face of both who, when the storm they take em out of his big container.
I don't want your mouth, no, they whip him out and they whip amount may slap on the ground and he just lays. Then we used to walk past icicle. Look at him. Go. That's me together is I mean you know it's obviously to so many things that we just naturally we like especially Stephen Russell, would say you know who this is their just just a reality new except we go ok sure, but I want to know the story of what you know five years in the future if you got, but if you go back and you look at some episodes eve- and I I can't I can't remember if it was in torch- would offer was in doctor who but Jack actually says he rattles off a bunch of lines of how he has been old and one of them. He says you know. I have never. I've never put my head on a railroad track seriously and so then, right away. I thought that all of a sudden, that's how it happens. Jack just experiments one day, a touch of touch and he gets
but his body just goes, but its head is right. There s still alive as ITALY, the jar furniture jar yeah, but that that's listen, I'll, probably be ninety five. By the time they felt that film matter, that of pursuit of whatever happens. All really look like the face of why you just giant head with nobody. I just I just assume like if you live, that law. Like, like one one person, would actually evolve the way that a species would evolve over billions of years. Just if you, however, illusion works Diana rib. What have you been smoking but? No doubt not just child lattes, that's about is deciding his eyes. Going, though, is not a good word brother. Let's laconism guises eyes a really nice. Others, though, that the ones that are caused- Is the Christians out very
realistic cause you car plant as intolerance got told. I was gonna burn and then someone else try to we're gonna help regarding one what booth it's like anything. It was money through that's a good cause to have Can you sorry devil shit forward again, above all, because obviously the devil in my head is the devil from the devil went down to by the Charlie Data. When is it that the devil is I get told them go to Hell all the time, but a lot of my friends are gonna, be there should be an absolutely fabulous. It will be evaluated and cannot be about a bit. Warm everybody, be naked. It'll, be well just screen ab forever.
That's what I I remember when you know what I was first started watch doctor who in first gonna get a sense of who you are, and then there was a what magazine, what some some online magazine had a gay man of year century someone's been you and your Patrick. Yes or no, that was on after out those on after out that they had a big competition and with all the different you know like Facebook and twitter and everything or getting together to vote for who is the best. You know, listen if there's two of this sitting the public, I know not afraid to say who aren't we don't have a beard or a woman on her arm, then good for both of us there may be heard there are so many jokes that I can do right now, but I'm ok Chowdhury! Oh no, oh look! Other glass, a Europe stand up your adopt. Till you're, the urine zombie, no cheese
Rosati those I hope she didn't piss in their CUP Sheep Robert. I don't think a lady could present a cup too Yes, they can parties girlfriend shutting out as this resolution I want you can pick and can can you can later piss in a cup creates They did not honour. Look at her she's like Hooker Bell yeah. I get out to help free card. I await sorry speaking. A relationships have a question for you. This is my question of the week. Will go The battlements grants and other weak today. Sometimes these thoughts Do we want to get a mad rush in San Diego dares rhymes with adds its question other wig? I wish you would you ever Everett Bob overboard, you
in front of your significant other, now know we ve had this discussion, I will not even urinate in front of my significant us not seriously because its we know it's not. I answer it is that you have a lawyer. I have these vaguely bid shoots p out of it, and I don't want anyone to see that I don't even like public restrooms electoral by defining audio, true intimacy with your proud to show what it but another stop right. There, even the light of her. Even then I, like you, don't look at me. Bad, up about. A helper early. One August I have to ask is because maybe it's because two men are different idle, but you know if ones in the shower ones, on the toilet docile, you ve, all poop, dear materially, ruining the freshness of his showering. Now
the aroma of Europe. These are you what's the problem, I just feel so much shame about me personally, as you and your weird. Do you you? Ok with it. I'm fine with it not listed by anybody. Go say John Barrymore MID, Pouponne, Scott! No, I wouldn't You're, not gonna. Pooped on Ireland would scooped poop near sky. I would sit next human poop, of course, that was our sea toiler like Russia, we have. We have back to bacteria tat, How is your job they all got. Something also happened to vote Why Oh my god, it looks like we're all ships or is already like.
Tonight as are. Can you help a brother out? Please yeah? That's the reverse. Heimlich replay the only the only answers be too. Would you would you, like? I said poop would it be embarrassed, hung about farting rose. I gotta, like I want mine, nobody like it like in bed. Sure that's all you would with Deanna awesome. I can't I can't I don't what it is. I am ashamed of the things like my body. I let her set the stage she's going too far in front of me. Then it's no holds barred. I put I do like sets second day for me because if it
like a thorough cables that then we're going to be ok, second, to hate Scott used to go off to the bathroom and not tell me when we first lifted, we moved in together and he were it he's. Gonna kill me for telling my nephew Turner will be paying himself at a party right now, but we used to go he he would stay over and we went to go down to the bathroom like at seven in the morning and disappear for like fifteen minutes and then come back up and eventually acid and where you going, he went up just going downstairs to the two. You know fix something in the Lou. Unlike what there's no broken toilet, Even I attacked there's no shower your toilet breaks into its fifty man. I am every soil and said: are you coming down their Bart? Anyone yeah? I said all commissioner So I spoon dental, I got cuddle fire, I spoon them and you gotta make sure you get. You can lift your cheek little but get it. On the third. Ok, ok, and then you just go, and literally you
Oh, are you doing it now? I just did all there was great. I care I just what will you silent but endearing action, because it all that your but we'll go and kissed his thigh and it's called a fag. Kiss now honest to God, if you do that, you're boy you are in one I dont know. If I go, Did you break? There's no follow through what what happens? If that is a scare escaped we need a curry the night before and not make it from a gay man. Don't touch it. Then it turns into a tie. French kiss was as a whole does not work like that. You know what you're talking about
reference is a danger of holding an apart around a love, one ideal guy who was those girls on the third day, the or at her place using dorm room had about the right next to her bed. They will make it out. He had excused himself because you don't want apart in front of her. He goes An end to the bathroom he's trying to hold it he's trying to get us out of the gas goes up and no stomach the painters, so bad he passes out from the paid face, poured into the sink bust. His face open. This is not a real story. This is a real sorry point its boy. This happened really guess o his face burst open issue like he wakes up like two minutes later she's knocking on the door. He opens the door his faces. Covenant- blood, sick, oh my god. Oh, my god, I'll I'll call someone to help. You is, I guess we hold on because as a door and then just start shooting. But you know what happened. He heard her loving. I love that we're Tillman Poop story. Me too. We were we were down South Scot I would I were driving
I love you, we were driving and we were. I had an upset stomach, really really bad right, really bad. I'm are dry, it was like. Alabama and to gay men should not get the sheets and Alabama From the point of my apple he's not gonna meet, it may be said that the prison immediately you're, given the game away so weak ice. It's got I've, I'm really sick. I'm gonna, I'm, I think of sums gonna happen here and I literally lifted myself off the leather seeds. Don't ever do it, I'm leather seats- and I I I let the when break as saints cotton, weary! You be let your when Gang three right and I followed through a man. That's what you call it. So you call it over here, following through touching cloth,
no! These are my. Rather, these are red. You for brain. You touching touching life is like the one which is ready to come out in its compared with just a little body what a budding bunny noble anyway. All I'm sorry. I completely lost it, and so I'm holding myself I'm going Scott. We have to find a place. We have to find a place. I gotta get, oh my god, oh my god, car starting smell, so he put down the side by up like a by you right, of course, Deborah Mariner Learner, they're lying around. I get out the cargo hunting honey honey. Where we're going to walk. Like this honest to God, I swear to God Hannah my heart. There was a sign that said no dumping. I took My parents off took the underwear off and left up underpants bullshit of shit hanging out dumping too bad not make it on the front page. You read it.
Above all, make it on page six of the cap and Jack Harkness. Shit out or no Durban. Those words you just say: what do you care about? Is that fact is we took a photograph of music? that's a very excited about it. That's what they call the attitude about that. That's about the attitude about that. I would be mortified that the next time I see you I want you have to have done. This is a cycle so we'll have to challenge. This is like something like psychological. You need a break wind, notably serpents. Up in a few ways. I know so much for that. Oh, my god. What are you trying to do is serious again, four beers fallen. Somebody get me a fuckin vodka tonic, ok oh, my god, you're gonna get nine hundred back. It's my girlfriend is bad.
That. I was grey. Wasn't what do you do later when you get back yes, well, just going to enjoy it to sit there and enjoying overflowed, I loved that's what things I love about doctor who and I- and it seems like you're, the perfect guy to be playing Jack Harkness, because there are no. There are no lines and doktor who, like nothing, is off limits like it. There's so much tolerance and and that's that I have an interesting. You know there is theirs sexual tolerance on the show and Rachel tolerance on the show.
You are that way in life? Is what Alex don't tolerate any will no doubt at all, but the one thing that I think what that was great, or you know with Stephen and also with Russell as they took. They watched us as people and they watched their personalities and saw how we were dealing with things in and everyday stuff that we didn't put it. I am a firm believer that when you play a character on television and there's a lot of actors that come to these things, I sought today where they just don't talk to people. They don't do anything there covered their glasses, miserable fox, right carbonate, birds in the bird,
dies, a covert Bernstein I bit that's the thing about it is that in I've lost my train of thought. I completely talk about had one of those moments. It just you're talking about you're, talking about like actors like shielding themselves from everyone and then and then, but actually just coming in and being open and tat thing with with that, I believe on television, with the characters that you play. Thank you. Thank you darling. Well, thank you. Venom I'll get it for you, like you, Bitch, that's amazing. Anyway. The the fact of the matter is, if you put a little bit of your real self into the character, it becomes more believable for the audience and also a little more truthful and in a rather than I never think of it is playing a character. I always think of it is
being part of me. That's why I think of Jack has been part of me, and it really is because I I've I've grown to know. I'm so well, and I can tell you everything about em in how long have you been platinum so eight year, eight years as most people most of the people that have been in doctor who or that they have kind of come and gone, but Jack has been the one. That's been there from the beginning, and you know I'm I'm I'm proud of that. You know it's like I've always said. If I'm ever ass to go I will do it at the drop of a hat. I absolutely lever. Sip nobody's pocket ass. We see so ok. Well, Is the nice society an extra one, I'd love Other one hello scares me froze hearing it No! No! It's ok! where everyone wants hammered.
Hey crews, this noble! Do we set him up with his got really well, I know I didn't think I was going to give it a go. Hey guys are you, I have to show you these hold on got the weight of a silver lining holding. Wouldn't it not can get down that low? Ok, you can have to stand up ready, sir. What what's happening what's happening. Something had excited over there happening something's happening faced with that, take a picture here, but you never got ok. Today. However, I now now that, though your pants, wait. I awkward project that wasn't it prompt picture, although I could not but notice. The fist was aimed the wrong way, but I can't tell
I've never seen. My own only like that. As far as italian than its authors, blurry, oh, my god, does I have Batman underwear that I brought comic condoms, not wearing them right now, but they have the they look like the batman. And they have the are you fucking kidding me another vodka tonic. I am Diane, Diane love. Oh, let's talk about, Eliza saw the doktor Bruce all the doktor, and I guess I got there still. Ok. No more about guitar, no more magnetize actually given to my sister she's, an alcoholic she'll take Carol worse it thank you it's going into Barrowman bless you liked it. She likes to drink and she's a closet lesbian. So girls have to my nephew, be God what she's, what we always knew
even call? It all has been all his life ass, a horrible set of hers. Is actually going on right Carol. Your closet, lesbian. However, you are you: are you always this comfortable with it, or did you have to learn that if something happened or did you just did you know what a young age and then you're like you know what I'm just but It goes on to say that I died. Save you want. I can tell her. Where were you just whispered court? Are you sure I don't care? I just grab it was a year ago. How does nobody? I just perspire somebody put it My mouth I want to see. I want to see a wonder years moment or a guys.
Thank God you to learn what is rather, like an that's what I know nobody is like a game bathrooms know: I've always been comfortable. I've. I've literally never was penal, maybe probably for about all of ten minutes and in school. I probably was worried about what people thought about me, but I never ever let it bug me endeavour, I never wanted to be anything but myself I dunno notions. Yoletta coded, were you did you grew up in the states? I thought you were like have happened. Half did you grow up and you will live in England and in Europe in the states. I I I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. I left Glasgow when I was eight and then I was raised in the MID West, South Africa. A place called whew Aurora and Juliet Illinois was where the wherewithal takes place,
we'd better in order something I went back to the UK and nineteen eighty nine so there ever since I've been I've been actually in Britain now I'm british by birth and I'm unnaturalized american citizen. But I've been longer in the UK than I have been in the? U s a while. So because, if you do, I mean there, there's, no, there seems no british affectation and it's funny like some people just going for a week and see if I'm going to get you don't leave something. That's what I was told. I don't know what you're saying, but I'm gonna get you don't know you don't have to know I'm seeing you're gonna do other markets are covered by not downwards but no more, my god, they're just piling up no mass market. You tonic went out when I sit with my sister, I wouldn't Caroline. I talked together. We speak
like this and when we're with my mom and dad or my brother, Andrew and you know the immediate family, I speak Scottish, but when I'm with people- and this is probably the one time that I was bullied as a kid because of the acts and so with americans- I always speak with an american action, but in Britain have been hired, is an american, so I just continue to use it. But when I go to Scotland, this is really schizophrenia. When I got to Scotland to form some tv shows Abdul Big Entertainment show for the BBC and when I got there to film it off camera, I'm talking to the audience like that. Ok, we're going to be run in this as soon as the camera goes. I switch back into the American, so it should be as we did it yet, because I didn't know about the Scottish started. When I dialectical it's pretty put it is it, but it's you can usually tell one and Americans trying to do a Scottish, an awful water water of this is for me, that's not asylum, you're fired
cause, I don't you go home. Thank you very much for my water. You never saw a bitter about it. Even in front of me. I don't do never gonna happen, never gonna there. There was a scene in them in the life and death, Peter Sellers with Jeffrey Rush at that hope that always horrifies we're, he's repeater sellers, just shitting and then surely Starin comes in and she tells him she's pregnant and then like to poop plots hit the toilet their minds. We have another, as a Dutchman dumber, where, where dumb put a bunch of fruit juice, decided summers juice juice, authorities zero? What is done
We urge them Jonah, that's that's Bethesda, they experience. How would it causes this for you now? How do you think it's my fifth yeah yeah and it's it's really cool, because every time that I've done the con I've done the con I've done it under with a different company like, for instance, one might have been with the BBC. One was a baby Amerika and I did it with stars, and this time you know, I'm not gonna, run off this time to review the worst thing. That can you tell me, but I still work for all but this time than about Here- obviously to do this and also to host the chauffeur g for tomorrow, yeah, which I'm I'm excited about, put off a bit scared! That's going to some of the tv shows no get this summer. The tv shows that I'm intervene, the people from we don't get them in the UK. I don't worry about it. Ok, I bullshit. I interviewed right there, I don't you think some of them are not going to do
don't worry that you know you'll, be ok, get its findings on canvas. I want to be I'm gonna be on attack today, and I mean I was yet you are their tyres are today it's great Europe in the turret. You can really see, like you really get an abusive comecon that you wouldn't do not that you don't get from the I've been interviewed up there before great great ray it's the birds. I view Sophie around tomorrow, come and see us, because we're gonna do some audience stuff and things. This now about how you make money by the head, lifting the super duper hosting or acting as usual. Performing I never answer that question because the dot the doktor- and I guess we thought we were yes. I love that you're random yeah. I am, I just jump around But I remember that- and I wanted to get- I wanted to ask the other doctrine. I was Myron. We wrote the lyrics some Stephen shorts and myself took this song from wicked the wizard and I and we re some of the lyrics in them. I know
or I don't know. I remember that the words really when I'm the doktor. When I approve my work, I when I meet what I've waited for sin since birth band, with all his doctor, wisdom by looks he won't be blind date? Do you think that doctor is done, or like boots. So small minded. No, you say to me jack up the screw up. He said I see who you truly are Jack a man on whom I can rely and that's where we'll be again. Doktor ran there. If you want download it off, I tunes on Itunes,
Does anybody know of it only recorded it with a huge massive orchestra and did a whole bay? In fact, I was asked to go to a stray Leah for Christmas to hope to host doctor the symphonic concert of Doktor, who But you said no can summer during Christmas, they re you're like well nigh and also don't have. I don't have the time I've already committed to something over Christmas, so you know planning ahead or what make it like that? I don't worry. It was a part of that. You should not antics road trip correct, oh my god, you're makin freak out about you. I am torrent, then surely talks about New York expert advice. What was David opera, yes, David Harper S, ferry He taught me quite a few things, and I learned that, with the stamp on everyone else to sleep, you know about the stamp on the bottom of antiques, because I I collect something
Wages are referring to the hallmark or what that? What's not really the hallmark of words made, because if it says, if it says England to meet in Strasbourg a giant. I know it may only meets we could just bought a party for debates are denied indifferent, myself apple and so what you by Rosa, realise raw volume. By really great, I bought a media. I realise its joint. It wasn't really an old grandmother. Swatting us really good. You, then I hope you're, not really what else I've ever met with holding up so glad tat, words sense possess, meant everything vice and us better. I made money, may everything and I made money because something though I would have no five, the Euro doing its eggs road? It was really good
made money. It was for children in need and that which is a british charity to raise money for kids and we we did. We made thirty five When we all bad, you pirouetting that, for me, the police, four hundred and we made thirty five! I wanna fuck! That's like a thousand! U S dollars what thirty five dollars here that America, thirty five pounds yeah I've tried I've got I bought. I bought a captain Jack Doll that I found for one pound and then there was another one that that was for a ten pounds. It was meant condition in the box and it was Captain Jack with the coat the better Captain Jackdaw, and I got the guy down from ten pounds on that. The three right so. Why do they make you pay for what you like done, That way, my wish I wish, because I've got an he's, gonna fuckin, money back and money, not less than three hours of those.
That was an amateur marine environment. I, like you, I got a sandwich here. About ways like the unhealthy, partisan,
As always the best wondering Christa, we are embodied. Here's the lean meat and these are the ponds exactly yeah, but it's a hundred per cent Angus. I tell you that it might be lean, but it's never mind. What's its, let's hit the second month kiddo. Oh, my yeah you're gonna get it not not did not that I'm asking you to pick favorites, but what dynamic did you cause you? You worked with a lot of different, I mean you have you have echoes, then you had Billy Piper. You had tenant like what we want me to pick knows. I'm just pick. Ok, I have I have to say I love. I love the show doctor who, like everybody else, you get on the journey and you go and you live
and those different worlds and you live in the world. The doktor who, but I have to say my favorite- is David Ten and that obvious, This is because, where David not David was such an incredible, and also I got to live in that world with him, and you know we it's weird to think that we become a part of iconic kind of british. Of its history and its amazing and I'm proud to say that he was my doctor and I was his jack. That's wonderful, adorable, but also one of my favorite is was is this latin yeah? What our rapporteur has a way of course, and I did up an interview with the doktor with Doktor who magazine after it happened, and I said- and it's really truly that every every
companion or assistant, whatever you want to call them or friend of the doktor? No matter who you are, I I'd say to them that you cannot be that person in the targets and not have looked at Elizabeth Slate and Sarah Jane Smith and taken something from it, because she was the quintessential assistant instruments that she was the mother of our ship. So you know anyway. That's what I want a little to President Obama, the president was lovely, and I was like that. I would like to honour her because she was such a lovely lady yeah and, I sure, looks like someone you wanna hug yeah everyone. People people were really really saddened. Gosh, it was. It was a massive massive thing for the UK because she was such an again, an icon of television, so yeah, but you know she's. In the Spirit world with us she held up our I do. I would seriously undermine the railways. Have you ever been to get everyone yet, in LOS Angeles, I've been worked together for anyone, everyone is done, is a guy who convention I haven't been invited, but it it's it's not because I don't want to do them. It's because my shadow,
is so great that America is british. I learned TAT, you know you know what one dries be knots and you got me a beer, although you so much. What drives me nuts in the states are right. Can you remember how you how they satan America, rather than people besides, we say Bruce, shatter shudder. How do you say so wrong, Bruce Scatter shot What were you gonna fuck says we're scatter?
they ve got a vision, their advertising. This Anna massive state was three bad. Bruce scattered because, where the fuck are you come from re, launched a red loss or all of garden, that's all you see those words were who share. Generally, you say Russia has as its aim to company where we had to present. It said new killer. So though cooler, yes, a nuclear, like God he's gone, there's no there's no way Well, I don't say facade, I say percent, which Chris and where waves I'd a teacher in high school or name was MRS Klass. Quite so we see colored misconceived. In job she wants to see, and I d like it at all at it hated it makes good then waits. What's the question terrible you care The detention of a fixed point in time where you are illegal is going to have a beer
you're barrier of that same one. You gotta tell you how I go to the area, listen side of my sister and I are due to signing tomorrow. After Do the g for thing? Are you really where overtime, what we're doing it and Simon and Schuster booth, because I've we ve written together a book called hollow worth, which is now being released and the states owe to tell and it's it's a book for what we were wrote at four in the UK market us for this market for like eight to thirteen year old, but we also wrote the book because it's a book that we would read ourselves and a lot of adults really got into it. It's about twins who have special powers are called animosities and they can animate and draw things and put themselves into it or bring the paintings to life or artwork and create situations to manipulate things through. We wanted to get bring art and paintings and stuff into it, and they
apple from London. All the way up to an island in Scotland called often Martin, which man was might my it's all I can to family stuff it's in it's really kind of cool, but very, very good novel and were carols working at the moment. Second, it turns away from England, Scotland ones that, like three hundred miles, you better keep your budget line. John you. No lube ass. If I had time to slip in this lack specific one of them, but other cities easily kid put the bottom hides. It were crocodile mile regarding the Bob you take a dive papa you so hollow earth is the name of the book. Hollow earth sounds like, like me, Zaki Kind of story like in a Japanese
stopping we're. No, no! No. I heard at a Mamma. Didn't you yes, because four beers, others more and more array at Amara. Mommy is tasty tree. We are all just county, nowadays to what I have to give you a piece of my liver marijuana I'm just going to go away like I really wonder what George affords would you but that's all the Susa becomes this week on my resolution. That programme So we have another special guess. I would love to hear you say on here: if you can't get rid of me, no, no, please stay. Please safely say this very special gets really good. We want to have someone come out that I thought you might want to meet he's due to show for international, so please welcome pop up.
We gotta go about like my birthplace, this is a pleasure to want to chair a lot. It really does downhill immediately as soon as I got you guys can. I would happen. Nerds splits bullet together is what this is. This is kindness. Really love, authoritative vehicle, be when people started doing this to use different Lisbon. Howard Stern, shouting at the Howard Stern show in the UK, our search, okay, so Gary's carries out its own Gary. When was there any point? We're like please stop shouting that at me, yeah, what time I was at the local grocery store, and I was the only one of the store and the guy that work there who was born gotta, think it is like pop up
we have the greatest today of all places. This can only happen. Comecon had the greatest bob. We shout out ever I'm workin on the street, and I get my twenty two days. I was so tyres come from from from over the place it I'm somebody goes probably about early and I just sort of way let me turn around so got closer and I heard a voice and I immediately recognise a voice. How many people are here fancy the wire it with Bob but our public media comecon, unlike pebbles these, like what's so, how How are you going over how's it going over there? The discern show now it's gonna great, it's going out again of so many days, you're gonna go to get up and I well. I heard I heard I heard Howard kind of terror into someone about tax are legitimate, but he just got mad because jug appetite
a tweet about how he wasn't happy that we are working as much, but they worked it out. It all worked out the work that we don't like enemies anymore. We are radically different about it. I mean it's. You know I but morning. Radio was something I did for like about a year and ruin It's just! I don't know how you are able to still be up right now. Are you ready to together, like three thirty four o clock in the morning, the you're ready for the show you get used to really quick our having to get up early and and and there is a good element to it. Eventually, when you get used to it, you do have the rest of the data yourself liar, which is which is really great when it comes to Christmas, because I would go Christmas shopping too in the afternoon a week
and never have to go another week. Erika was off work early, glad of paid off for that one week a year, gonna look on the bright lights up, let me when when so, when you know when the holes it because the sternest endlessly fascinating to me, because he really changed sort sort of did to radio what Norman Leir due to television in the sense of like really bringing about without Howard, There would be no part casting note. What would it be? I know people tat are waiting to my lot of things out how it when he really brought like an honest to humanity and what I saw just having worked on television and having to do like those radio tours all the time where you call it ten radio station, they are bad. It is you see how bad it is, and you see how many people think that all Howard's doing is just like you, like you, call induce there like hey, we got a couple hookers. Instead, like fuckin shut up, I think the best example that you watch parts of recreation there's this there's a radio show other.
It's a Jim and the deuce, and it goes the dish and that's what that's what these guys do it like that? You know the MID West markets, but I think how it even changed a lot of stuff that when we went to allay we get really big it alive. I really did see some of the language on television start to change, because you know he was in there. You know so to break down those walls every day, and I remember seeing I was sitting in this kind of freaked me because it is about twenty years ago, To the paper view special, unlike ninety one, ninety two, where he must biography ass out of it and he can any comes up like on a toilet as part man, I don't know that european added value, negligent, underpants, nowhere second etc. It's this raw wrought New year's Eve was when it came up on the toilet.
You're a better idea of yes, it was was the only words yet no, no mo yours are totally separate thing. So, let's get it right. Who cares? I care cares how how quickly I mean how I mean I solemnly private parts. Obviously, which was a bureau. I'm sure, was a sort of condensed kind of community had plans pretty well true to how it all went down. For the most part, what year did you start working room? Eighty four show my cache. Who is the worst thing you guys got trouble for. From like our owners or the US is to that that can be tell somebody asked me if I told you to questions to answer from our orders and stimulating. I spilled adore maraschino cherries on the carpet in the in the studio. They wanted me to fuck and pay for it shut. I weren't they were, they had just built a studio. The carpet was new and they were outraged. Why did you marriage, you know Jerry redoing Superbowl Party and we were getting messages from these
so they were doing it rich areas and arouse. Oh, my god, that's a term. Of course you are I look at borne out so well, what about for the Sis II, what was the worst? They don't know that was also to stop. I'm also a marriage. You have certainly not heavy with you guys yeah either the thing with how it was They would never say here's what you can't say they would just tell us after the fact you can that we would like. But how do we know? You never tell us what we can't say and if it came to sort around about thing, what think I specially, because just because you see works or the way even standards on television works, which you know you know, cable television, that regulate by the sea, but still there very loose the way that they just gonna go. Well, I don't know someone probably will be offended by that's. You can't say that you're like good. Can you just give me some kind of guidelines? It's true is there? Are other rules different in it? in english television. There is a lot of causing a lotta nudity, whether obviate after you can't you can easily. If it's in a medical book and its before nine o clock, you can say to you can say penis
It is a rather you can join us. Rhodium nipple If that doesn't work, I stated a medical journal. No I like they started after nine o clock. You can say fuck shit, piss, arse bastard, you have to get permission to say, see you next Tuesday ukase. Who do you ask the queen she would now. Now, you have that you have to say that if you have to submit a form to the misery of comes yet value, certainly you daily and if it is, if you want to put it in a script, you have to get so much approval to say, but if they approve it and if its relevant, you can say, do you know You tell me a situation where it was approved. Like I looked into this on aerial, I was like ok, I dont know because in most of the doktor who torture its grip,
You should start now, that's something I can get back to you want later to see, which was the I dont know how to stop ahead. Add up ahead works. I guess you can have you have to watch violence on what that's the thing you can't I heard in british television, and this is just sort of the funny just how different american and british television is, that you did bring bridge selfish and will not show someone shooting a gun. I heard you can't show captain Jack if you notice in the lead, you know eventually I could never. I did it a couple of times and we got in trouble for it. You cannot hold a gun and put it down.
The lines of a camera to the audience they would. Rather do they don't hold smell it. Doesnt work ceiling open real, no, but I think I they still think the trains gonna hit them, but I think this is good, though we would rather show sex and love may, of course, and killing- and here we gotta like you, but also that they have it so this over my buddy MIKE firm and worked, did visual effects for CSI Miami and there was a scene where her there was I'm seeing where this girl had been murdered and they were like. Oh can you just blow out the corn over an aerial, unlike her end trails, whereas you fucking, there is no, that's all the time and stuff like that when it goes like Luther, which has to show that I love that loses a pretty violent show for british. Yeah I mean that it is, but they don't I'm not, as is familiar with Lutheran and what what happens in it. But I do know that violence. You have to get approval for things like that, and you know it. We tried we try,
We are not a spokesperson for british television that beer vials- I don't I don't want to. I don't want to get on. You know cause some newspaper pick up what I've set. Another John merriment sounds. He knows all about british television it'll be the daily mail. We I've efforts are still needed than I do. Hey that's great, why nineteen twelve yeah! They talk like that on that? these are all Barrowman exposes Batman, fists and ours, and did someone just say caught it's the queen, in the garden and the brunt of talking about this ring live there set it out air. Ever you haven't cunt. You were a lotta was new, I'm really well glad I lost my.
I would like my identity Palazzo like identity, an errand I sadly could make. No such claim will ask Eric was a guarantee of at least favorite member of the whack back as far as annoying you at work, I can think about that. Its is it ass. In every minute, I feel acknowledge. Problem might be snap? Your library is a guy, it's a guy who calls us all the time, but then he calls me a lot off the. When I get in the morning- and I checked my voicemail it- seventy five percent him he's drunk, he drinks, he drinks and it gets drunkenly these long messages- and I mean that mean this show- must have done so much to form who you are just in life having to be kind of the centre that, like sort of that, the person wrangling all this stuff in this whirlwind around Howard, because you just it basically you tell it like it is
and then you have to make other should have and deal with these people right I enjoy it. I really do I really have come to enjoy dealing with midget strippers, porn stars, etc. I mean, did you sounded Workers are no. No, I love our called. What did you wouldn't? Would you guys made the move to serious was? Was it was liberating or did you feel like, or maybe the shows I could be as edgy, because now that we can say a lot like as part of the magic is to having to work around FCC regulate what it was totally liberating onto The first level was that there were no commercials or very limited commercials, and when we were terrestrial radio, we were up to like twenty two to twenty three minutes of commercial. Our which is really a lot for. I think that's like tv numbers, but the second thing that was liberating and- and I saw this in a lot of interviews and the first one that they probably within the first six months we had Chris Rock on the show and how it crossroads.
For about an hour and a half it's out of the two guys sitting in the living room, and I think they used the word shit once, but they didn't have to like dance around with when they talk about. So they talk about it very forthright and they did have to dance around. It just seemed more liberating. It seem way everything with more at ease, and I think that goes with most needed to physical on their now does Howard Seem Amendment Matt mats right I mean I don't know. If there would be this kind of pod casting without powered in the world: the did it does. He still enjoy doing the show, or is it just sort of like he's like ours can write it out now he totally doors doing this are we're just. I was just talking to be asking for about half an hour talking about stuff that we're doing on air next week and he still he still gotta still overdoing it does it liking. America's got talent in love that love to ensure that everyone has very has got talent is judge is very guide. Three already hugged added, see that noise great, because we don't watch America's got talent in Britain
see that everyone's gotta we ground were yes, that's where we got through the boil was from Britain's got, thanks here I to the dream What did I do know that she sold eight hundred thousand cds resources by cities. She put one hundred thousand cities in her first week in this country. Trees ass. If she cheese wasted yeah. She is sold more records worldwide than I think it's likes, Selina Madonna she's likely. Don't call me on that. That's terrific
regarding good acts of oil. Are that Elvis now Barbados, I didn't know, I don't know she's a polar bear raises had sex with the rolling stone he's got a yell. Sorry that you take it I believe that, given the elder, we heard when you would do well to show so he's even on the show for twenty eight years. So what what is it like? What's the essential element that keeps the show fresh to you, and doesn't you know to sort of feed another day at the office like I don't owe to its it's. It's basically have talked about his life and everybody, be. You know we're sorry about that. The show so honest, but when we come in and we talk about shit that happens to us like I'm going to be talking on Monday about how dealt
but be off a fucking flight, because one six hundred pounds overweight. They pull for people of random, laptop cheese is only us, that's it the right to live without me and for empty seats because they too much luggage yeah. So they had a delivery somebody's yet so because it is now a days on airlines cargoes more important and people. So it is true, but it media we're talking about our daily lives, for whatever reason still seems to be very interesting to people as personally Howard life. That first hour of the show every morning, that's my favorite, where you are afraid of it: the ramp up from six a m, like seventh are, then that is man is a super fan now illicit every day of the heart. So you could ask him anything and he'll probably know that the first hours where a lot of activity happens, could we have gas later on in the shows that the first hours over to get an end up on the hot seat,
its generally, where it happened. Yet that's where Scobie engineer usually gets the most the elder. While it's it's interesting because to have a show that, as as successful as that show and to sustain that for so long I mean I will see I sort of see some of the parallels with comedy. Unlike what comedians get really successful, they get comfortable, they make a lot of money. In all the sudden they sort of lose their age because they're, just not as our no hungrier they get comfortable. I don't know what it is so so I guess where how're you guys able to maintain the humanity of the show. I mean it's that wasn't nobody on it. It was the same person they were thirty years ago, but it evolves day by day. It's not like. We took two years off, it came back, and so I think that just do
the show every day and everybody just about the evolution of the shows. What keeps a fresh is terrestrial radio. Just I mean it's. I don't have to say I don't I don't owe fiddle ever go away. Not you know in our many times in the near future, but it definitely is it's a bad shape gets every financially yo, it's a bad shape. They don't. They really can't afford to hire big talent anymore, and so it's a lot of local stuff. And it's a losing industry, looting financially losing industry right out will soon as soon as you can see. We know that a lot of cars and our chemical pandora, but no sooner than the next year. So when you start seeing cars become mobile hotspots exact, then you know, then it's all right. It's all over the same is how, when you know switching to channel in television is the same as just like Cato getting over to Youtube or Digital dislocate means all digital now, but I mean like web content. Then it really does change the game, for everyone is that is that horrifying in any way, or do you not for you guys are pretty well, but I think I think of the field.
Is like we were satellite only what we started and now it's available on iphones. That way, and I think that their feeling is that maybe the technology will change, but content is the most important thing is to see and affectionate Howard Stern and its major league baseball, and if you have the, if you have good, shows and good content, people get it. However they're gonna get it. Do you find that you're getting a lot of new users, consummately users new listener, constantly or do you know I mean I wish you have a pretty solid base of people have been with you. Probably since the beginning we getting allotted to listen is because when we first started it was in it was barely anybody's car and now for like the last year or two, every car that roles off has it and they are they give you the cracks three months free of serious satellite or examine what ideas out and then what added value are hooked, because when you realise that its out better, but the thing is the commercial, like, when I altered to terrestrial radio every once in a great while, not be like? How can anybody listen to these? This many commercial does is commercial into commercial? I don't listen to when I'm in the car idle
cereals on what's british morning radio like what what's british morning, radio guy over there would say I met him everywhere. He wrote, I wrote a bunch of books, he's like a pig star over there. Will Chris yeah what's unless what is theirs Christmas and there's Chris Evans, their birth abbots savages on BBC radio you captain America? Now you can bear he's not gay and he's not as good looking, but there's yet mean the BBC. We don't have any commercials on the radio or television, so programmes and radio programme music or played without commitment. You have a very limited amount of stations correct. We do we Radio knots changed a little bit but again, there's the BBC. Radio stations are quite solid, but then you go to other radio stations that are the commercial stations but you're listening to commercial right. We have the aid, be radio which is digital, radio and dot. That's more so kind of our satellite radio, where there's not as much
Marshall, interruption and stuff on certain aspects of it, but we don't have serious or the other any other series. It gives a lot of people. You know serious there. There was a little bit of a scare like a year ago. Well serious, isn't gonna be able to turn the lights out on Monday, and some people go wait if someone's at all it's because their parents Howard show so much an end, and truthfully, I think, from what I understand. It's actually the reason that they should be making a ton of money, but but our Luke, you know. Sometimes it is because they have to make deals with these auto companies to get serious pact it with cars and it just is cost them like tens of millions of dollars. There's a lot- and I call on you know we have to pay the music artists and stuff. You pay the ass, kept fees and all that's also guys and I dont know business, but I feel like launching a satellite into space costs, money Let's not if you do it in China, they have all our debt. That's like radio commercials it's so I know when others a sail a guitar centre. Yup. Oh,
away. We always unless we know what furniture stores going out of business that we or where you get a mattress cheap a man who is the last ass, they say for savings! It lets me no one! I begin to the zone. The actual. Zone autos? Do you guys have auto got glass, repair, Otto? but I wanna know awesome was the carpet jingle worse, empire building like the motor boat? The thing that everyone thinks is local because the commercial success Is there anything you know, incidentally, the carpet the eighties its inanimate trot out with car insurance? Like is called one. Eight hundred general now also varies
but naturally even national, the other was a day with the national clothing. I just watch there was this: all the way is really not is. There is like a series of bad survival insurance adds. There was a political survival insurance they'll, these guys sitting around a table that just did just look like like a bag, public access, shot, commercial and their plane poker, and the one guys like among our money, here's the keys to my car. Neither guy goes. What is it because it supports the guy goes? Is it enough? because yet it goes by survival. No sorry, I can't take that I dont wherever there, but that would mainly by that ensure its motives. This would be the most ingenious way of doing ads in them. Of Applaud. There's that add that are here locally, it's like it's basically a pawn shop, but they make it sound like it's a public service announcement. We ve been helping people for years and we can help you and it make it sound like it's like you know that
not a business they're going to take we're gonna. Take your treasure memories and give you ten dollar thinking today's ring, and there was a place I could bring gold for care. I saga of the sign Let's go in all mass returning. Right really about whose end we re, don't worry about it. I've got old and we don't really have you can pick and choose whatever you want to be and what you have the show ass out of it. It's a big one it s about as it is now have a discreet affair today. It's basically you know, married guy, guys it's where women can go to hook. Mary guy us they know their demographic. It's ok, Cupid for married people is what it is yeah? If you want to, I guess, if you want to have a fair, that's that's where you there? I don't. I don't like pussy, I, like the other, I think a hook. Everyone You don't like the eddies you locked out is an icon there's no way I can emanating you
I wouldn't want is coming out here. I was like that you want to go out of like I'm, not gay, and I don't you but my wife are going to have nothing to Detroit Noble everyone whose honour so does something similar. You have in front of you. I want somebody, I have shit in the vicinity and I get a lot of for that yeah I'll go where she just arrived. That little boy you want it's a fucking back. Ok, it's your wife is your wife that that, like doesn't like it shone like do you care. You do. What do I care your brush energy issues like I gotta, take a search assessing a shit. You care at this point now I've twenty years in man I think I think you should do. I think you should do something you do and Howard shows take a microphone into the bathroom and shit in front of her for the first time Howard has it. Howard has a he's very clear on this. He has a no shit, no pee in front of your girlfriend, wife rule ever ever ever and he feels like he feels like he doesn't even know if his wife go to the bathroom.
You can do that. Just don't walk eyes with your wife no, no. No. What you should do is when you're, my start speaking to crap, is take off your parents, star, masturbating, insecure to say that this was a lot of things along with me. I could do we, Will you show us how you masturbate? Oh? Why today? you work of your really went for that really did gets called good space where John it's already training one everywhere, though it's like he was gathered you're, just turkey officers like do their work. Guy, like I did get this body started. I know that there was a guy because the corkscrew the corkscrew corkscrew where's corkscrew, that's out, and then there's somebody did that twister the tornado well all the way back there there was a guy
that I knew that when he would do it and he didn't mean to do it this way, but he will be like, oh totally jerking off with smear is over the top like such a window into weep over Well, yeah whatever. Why do we do? We know a guy who did this? There's no one here, whereas that's your frenchman, tug. This word overhead and it allows you to get right up to your mustache detour me there has to be an old piano playing that they will get at at at at at at at at at at at at. If you see this, what an in Europe is a force that's the worst thing in the world
What were they to dig like a jar of peanut butter bridesmaids there was some team run smoothly, know more about your tottered good It's more like it I'll just start doing it again. Tonight I breathed. I could do with our money up up up up I would go downhill so fast, like another one, for like the first like three light year. We talked about that When I had all the podcast was on the bowling show was merited barons and part.
You and me, and world sober Robin Sober a really long time, and- and I just I was just like- do we always kind I've height, we design this hypothetical like how much money would it take? You know like how much to start, and then we started just talking about how you'd have won and it'll be. Ok, we, like other, wasn't so bad and within, like you're, like Y, all take three weeks and like three weeks a bug it would all be gone. It would really be. It would really be that fast. It's like cigarettes for me, like I'm just like one the minutes and then you're like ok, I guess I'll be ok, yeah! You really have to know you always have to respect the power of your addictions to make it crazy, like a real serious role than it did, but I was gonna lighten up there, but I do not know let him out there that another word MIKE Mike. I was crazy. You know what that's when I really is Oprah, said remembered my spirit and got my get out of jail free card, and I just went after everything, really
You know what we have time for a couple of Jonah question initiatives. As requested. It's a common, its equipment, they dont know what this is. Where we have a common cause, I'm gonna go up here. I could use the right now you're going to save us. Let show and because number people here we can only take five Clemens, let's not make any site panel. Nowadays. How long do you want me to go and get the question no? Oh, I can get the question requesting that the public at the global climate, you go, the other. I think is reported microphone. So you yes, it does.
Ok, I see this part, appear waving their arms. This gentleman here the front I want to try to get them If the first question is what you question, what you're comin christian it's time for cardio do perfect perfect, so actually forgot. What I say why here, although now you inspired me to tell my group story from last, a couple? This guy says I just wanted to just let everybody knows that I turkish it in the middle of downtown San Diego last night and some bushes not dead,
is yeah. Are you serious that seriously you tell that story, thousand people, while rickshaws John Barrowman. That's all Let me turn around. You can trombone me, oh rusty. Silently rallied round and then you wouldn't shit and Sandy agreed at Eton Shit in San Diego. That sounds like a we're dream. Like I, the weirdest dream I was on the sore about, I shouldn't pushes and I was coming John Barons Balls and he was on that really happened. Yes, what are you Does that get geographic? But how do you cannot blame clean that area that I just sort of you know he didn't
he didn't clean area. I or my great shares our uncle diary. They had a bathroom quaint opener are: are you straight or gay? I'm totally straight exactly up up up up up up up up up up it, but I am seriously considering. Oh wow! What I'm telling you you'll have to clean that up before you got around me. I might do I kissed thing in part and in bed, but I don't like to be near my mouth lagoon and I will not shrink from my wife. Ok good good. I will share the middle down Tanzania of billions of people because you don't know them there was, is in the middle and I in there is one person. Is it here? I think some reason
in front of your house and you are like Canada? I thank you very much. What does your names everyone can know? Matt from Portland is really your name. What's your twitter hand, or so people can treaty, you M are Underscore Aubert's. J, W Bush shits pooper from Portland. I thank you for being here bad. Please don't shit out there in the lobby K one more. This gentleman right here right, a front runner question is: do you do I want another beer? The answer is yes in ITALY's the Vienna show that torture very much especially children worth yours. What's your what's your question to ask,
This relates to both of you fuckin our say as you and thank you it's time for Gimme that whole. Oh, yes, where you said the old Dame, isn't it you I'm like. I have two fuckin watching numb wachter. So have you and thank you. I happily. I happily except that. Thank you very much. I concur fuck. You know China. The other side of that is there. But thank you on the other end. So what sort did you ever I like this is running we can we can do what we can do a few more this guy right here. Let's get a kick with big boobs down here. Are you point out what I got so we will wait, wait! Well, here's one! No here's! What you got, what you guys! We do right! Yes, you'd know! I'm forward! I wanted to let down another Boris clause,
well good. She here. I would accept those sir pipe tobacco romance, I'm the backdoor men from earlier he's my back door. You have asked for more. Please. All I can say is that you guys have to write an email and tweet because we run better. Oh shit, I don't want it up, but Russell is obviously dealing with something personal within his partner. That is as partners and very well and We ve all taken kind of hiatus in a break, but we don't have any information beyond that, but I I really want to do more. My sister written and now at the first major torch, would novel comes out in October, a real yeah yeah
We know that, if I can, I can, I can just say it. The first chapter of what happened you have to reintroduce Jack to new readers, sure and it's absolutely fucking awesome oaken, I'm gripped in October. Great thing I take from where Does the lesters was I'm not telling you you're happy? Neither does know are two more comments. I see I want to get some people from the back ok way way way way way. That is damage I love all of you and I want to be able to. Romania tooth. Yes, please, ok the girl there in the white. Ok, that shirt sorry Ok, then I'll. Do that
that I think that that was the best wonder. Woman run I've ever seen those good. What I want to know have you not caring and Arthur algae? I wonder if you'd matter, your friends with them or anything, and if you want to work with mats, you maybe you're, look We like you wanna, do me she does have that look doesn't say, does that's nice total like men. It's like that that problem look of I'm gonna, do you she's, the car you know, she's thinking of Agro she's, like maybe just haven't, met the right one of us yet. I could turn you if you're to fix him. I can bring you back to outside unless your clitoris, nine and a half inches long, I go in their work. She is, happy birthday Sweet thinks the them. In fact, Karen stayed in my eyes
condominium in Cardiff that I rent to other doctor who people who come in making the money stop project Europe clearly way. No, they ve been met and I sat down and talked about stuff before he became doctor who we set on the table and have my son meeting I've seen him since but I followed my television and Karen rector countertop. So my kitchen, when the apartment, yet God knows what does she must have been like fucking really heavily on top of oh, my god there was. How do you think that would have gone down in detail? I think was right near the sink and whenever was scraping all over the counter. There's like scarring entry. Tried to cover it up, I shall try to cover it up with a wooden bread board, a book like I don't
Underwood well Blades well you're, very welcome. Thank you for letting me touch your boobs to market. You're the grand you that you're, the Green come down here, the green really not gain weight. Everyone just heard you say that here I've been telling everybody have been gave her years. Women. Let me do anything to them. What use Moonrise there there's one right there! Ok, single thought: you'd have fabulous boob! Thank you! Oh, my god, where development before I too, it's probably through what is I got your autograph last year. The court would say you did good did. I was a very very lucky for some good awesome. Yes, so since we don't know that feature of cartridges, yet when can we see you and me again.
Night, why antiques legislature boobs What do you want? A horror of our poor she'd? Have you that or of like touch me, though this was a defensive. Sure what she's afghani indecent question: she's a lovely girl, so on television, I'm just working with BBC America the moment because I'm I've got a format of a show, a tv show and we're finalizing. The deal should be this and sorry next week and I'll be on the screens and BBC America. Probably, if all goes well, in the fall and then in the spring, and then I'm doing I've just done too small parcel to movies. So that's good fun! You ve I welcome, you can have a hug and one condition you can have I just want to get someone from the back, as I feel.
There are many will gonna have the there's a girl waving her arms up there. There we're gonna have to wait for we're waiting for her goal for someone in the back there that guy who just stood up that guide, the other guy back. I can find out here that guy who's, crushing all the people in a row right now, because he's really excited backed outputs, obviously a big gay. God, I had. No idea comes wait. I can I can smell. It would definitely really give up a job. Where am I right or wrong? I'm wrong, but my question is: can have John John dear thing is
well well well well, thank you. You welcome, holy shit. This is one of my favorite large show's over there's. No way, there's no way that I didn't at least get a semi like there's no way it's not called. I send my taxi driver SAM. I sent me a semi, that's what's wrong! You got a long time now, get well a better, take these but flaps off, but take then They got you a bad vibes, rugged high hello, welcome come
How are you I don't kiss girl? What have you to pay? I don't mind. Ok, what's your was requirements, while I'm a huge and by the way? Thank you. Thank you and comment on. My question is actually for the big three craftsmen Jonah. Are you aware of
often you say the word phenomenon in the package. It is when you do do do do. Do you didn't you didn't you do you? Do you do it's the only time I will say anything close to, that is that we discuss our favorite John Travolta phenomenon. That's just a joke: it's only discuss the movie Michael, which is fundamental and his hair. I think phenomenal is an amazing word. What kind of amazing I you know I took it should support for saying phenomenal are amazing. It always eyes. There's only so words that you can you I'm gonna get you at the source Y know fallen asleep. They thought they were to point out that were generally of Jerry Graff
we're ones too, really call my god. This is why better is nor is there a word that you would prefer, that I use instead for all the free podcast do not have to pay for What would you rather than saying I would have paid. Thirty blocks were taken true, but all the plague has a very what what? What? What would you? What would you prefer you starboard bacon out, general make out with you what Sierra, what words prefer that eyes titillating our rights and TAT was like
Howard unawares, if you think about it. In that case, what is your name? My name's Caitlin Caitlin did not use, and in that case this Clement was not very titillating. This is what I would not back out. What does it mean its days? The redo absurd. But I would allow the type, but this show really was banal bottle. I think we're going to wrap it up ways to portray Barrow bed. You guys Jerry, tell about John K, who is recording the. So thank you so much for coming out. Ok, Do you guys are so sweet so we're going to we are going to attempt?
to do assigning out in the lobby. But just please understand that, because there are a lot of people will just kind of have to shovel through as quickly as possible, because we have a limited amount of time that we can be in the theater, so we'll come out will do as many as we can quickly, five, something and then and then that's it. But I cannot thank you enough to spend a wonderful. Joe enjoy COMECON twenty to enjoy good leaving. No, dot com enjoy your router This sort of unnoticed podcast has brought you buy stance, dot com, guru, stamped out conflict on the radio microphone to the top of the homepage and add to the promo code noticed.
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