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Welcome to the interests of the nervous pod cast number two, eighty nine. We have just launched our brand new show of international NEO, Patrick Harris, Niels Puppet dreams. Every time you have all the sleepy dreams and puppet and it's on the nerves channel and it's amazing, its musical its property, its NEO Patrick Harris Testing, so go to Youtube. Such a wrestling. Click subscribe, so you can see it. It's a it'll, be a weekly show for several weeks and enjoy. I would like thank I'm sorry for sponsoring this episode of the nervous podcast. The galaxy note too has a ton of sharing capabilities. Others, s being weakened, is TAT the backbone of the rescue, enable device and you can share large files and second so share shot. We can share pictures. Eight Megapixel pictures taken the galaxy with other funds up to two hundred feet away, there's an s pen which basically makes it a vice like a virtual, no pad and skill,
so the galaxy choosing a five and it happens screen and it's perfectly shape for sixty by nine aspect ratios for watching a white screen will be so. Thank you so much of the galaxy. Two into Samsung restructuring. This episode there is podcast which is well friend, Maria Ban. Further, I love Maria Ban for Maria was on the pod cast a couple years ago and then in the first year she came on, and I think I made no secret about the fact that Maria is one of my favorite comedians of all time. I mean like if you ve ever never I mean if you listen, but guess you probably seen Bedford. Like if you saw it, means a comedy or if you followed her anywhere else, but I think she is one of the most original mines in committee and I adore her and I can talk to her for a long time and I was like when you were Marie is I I had no idea what was she
it got through, but she'd sort of dropped off for awhile and it all came out in this podcast Edna number one. I machete friend, because I didn't know any of this number two, I'm I'm I'm really impressed in amazed that she got through everything the way that she did and I think it's so it's kind of its kind of hopeful in the end, but anyway, I'm just a door. This woman and and please check out Maria's comedy if you haven't- and here we go- the nurse podcast number, two, eighty nine- with Maria Bedford, Oh, I should mention that she has a new company structure coming up sooner, but she talks about it. In the end, the pod Casio Yoke you'll find out all about living is no mean in Stockholm.
Thank you very much. Day version every year. It's always the agreement. The kid I would have the yea, it's my birthday everyone's gone, it's a holiday and it turns out my birthday is not the most important thing this week.
Damn you thanks giving all. I am not great I've, not grateful that I was born around this holiday means affair. I think our programme for fathers would agree. That is not what it does not go. Anyway, yet it was Google here. Let's see lions up there in Santa Barbara eyes I'm sure there s something about you, their sea lions who carry you. Doesn't seem to be blessed by a sorcerer whale you drink from this magic fluid did come from his enchanted blowhole wonder: Greed and Santa Barbara herself up yet
a christmassy lesbian woman like workers workers was now are we what trade are recording our. How do I know this is happening around Jonah, believe Jonas, very ill. He has not been able to get out of bed all day. He and not in his lazy way, he's very sick and map Myers shooting some of the last strands of attack the show forever. So so it's just the two of us today. I hope that's. Ok, it's totally find em June. If you have a caretaker somewhere near by to help him he's an old mansion. He has a caretaker and no grounds keeper, though, if you seen him, you know what I mean Yes, his girl, his his fiance Deanna, is taking care of him. I know right or wrong to make the sacrament with Lord
It's just a piece of paper and a party, but not everybody delightful. Yes, I guess I only wish the best for them are. They were destroyed, forget probably at the member who brought with and urban outfitters. I don't I don't. We just want some fuzzy pink pillows. I just want some stuff. I just wanna Rascals Box said Anna Flannel Shirt and simple bless them old. Timer glass not do or die me. No, like madman old Timey, no, not like Teddy Roosevelt Timey that damage a partition
their picture of time, which yeah you'd one of you could be mad members would have to be the other part where the people who were Jack, Kerouac, glasses, those ones, yeah, yeah, bright river, so nice actually be able to catch up with you, because we have not spoken in ages, everybody so busy. When you move everyone's very successful war, Burgess keeping ourselves busy, yeah feeling some deep chasm that could be a remote and got away, gotta fill the whole recover. The holder to fill the whole of the whole cover the whole Ergo billion but we are building a whole, go to sleep Some people have a whole Gabriela Home Video games. We follow that whole. None of video games, I'm just a little
film, a landfill of distraction fully yeah, if only we could do something with the trash to fill our spiritual halls, Michael but more uniform and spiritual holdings recommendations. I love your bid about. I love your bid so much about it sounds like church, see I thought that it had all things only to alter the churches have such marketing and all you know that there more like self help groups like Dale, Carnegie, right, sort of like you can win in life, is where does it say that in the Bible about your stuff. Why not tell him anything about? It runs out it's about knowing that God wants you to have that house. You deserve that, because God loves you especially when you
You take care of yourself and get highlights regularly in a minute. So I would just like to church. That's all I got your church, which is to say I totally and it really move wipe here, keep getting plunder and blue hundreds like what's happening but have completely lost and they have completely sold. My original vision, but I'm redecorating, my house in shades of Gray Y, know the actual ethical. Torture for James, the guest room was, is have you read up? No, ok good, for you know, I turned it check occasion. Who is a comedian friend? Would you adhesion? She brings romance novels on the road, and sometimes I will love
look at them and their offensive. You know it's real Jackie? Ok, that's really happen. Geyser weren't kill young woman just wants to be they did. They thought just wanted to find the right tiger, come along and peered down what is allowing abusive and terrifying, but with a gentle street I wanna get neg denude huh, I'm trying to figure when I am what I went home to visit my dad over the summer, my stepmom in front of my step sisters like somehow fifty shades, a greater like in this book, fifty shades of grit and they all got Bored- beat red migration. Like it was turned. And I knew in no no offense them, but I knew that if, if they loved it so much- and they turned be read that I pray
text may not be for me. I don't know if this is. I don't know if this looks going to be for me, so I probably should not say anything about it: mom's are going ratio for it all key, so much I've heard about dominated. I don't know. I just I feel like a I get a lot of that in real life. The better tailor business is very nasty American Duma visits. Minute, I'm damned voting methods. I laid my it is mine gray torture chamber sometimes The longest time as it is, is the entertainment visibility tenets. It took delight, but it is not unlike apparent that this narrow satisfied except except it's like I'm, ok, I'm being pinned down, are being where's.
Orgasm part where's the release windows that part Heaven? That's when you have. I haven't new joke premise where of course, when you say that than its I lose confidence in it. Anyways relationships are just like stand up. The earth Really is that I need to put the same kind of acceptance and unyielding effort that I have towards show business, because it means there been weeks in law.
When the battle with a blot on the wall and I've question in a what I'm doing. Will I allow that discomfort in a relationship for any short you know, should prevent now know so, I'm trying to you know just kind of trying to suck up more in relationships like Y know. What is the equivalent of an open MIKE for our relationship is try. You know the suit first six states, yet you know, because people will ask you, how do you do stand appealing? He just do it you, but don't you have to sit there for six hours, nobody's listing yeah. That's it. That's the whole thing, your casual in the first stage, a trader material chinamen connect, sometimes work. Sometimes it doesn't. Then you go back and focus on the step. Does it's not necessarily easy, but then forty years later yearning
whose, with you sweet, peas, knows what everything about you and says you know people are like had you guys, do it inertia and that's what I like? How do you do But why is there no time role, graduate schools and there was no response, so I feel like this is good for crews is made doing flap person Claremont this weekend, those we good weather the girl, that's a very I look. So if you're so view went on a date with a guy named Laughlin and you went you as apartment There was blood on the law and any general silence when you exposed your deepest thoughts. Would you continued to date that guy or would you be like? Ok I'll, see you tomorrow night for two more time I'll? Just say I think maybe this is good for me to just develop
stand in my own. In my own personality, like oh, it's, ok, if he hates me, Udall Isn T if he didn't like me, we'll just see how it goes its two weeks. What's two weeks and my life right arm and eventually get me, you start seeing noted gigs, Laughlin or or you don't either way. I think I think I need to be a little less precious about dumb yeah. Just a did. Give me hope. Thinking about that like off, I put the same kind of you. No effort would be willing to myself heard, because if you put a you put up with so many things in entertain you nor or its stand ever being yelled adder whenever in a slake site keynote a month, I don't wanna get together with a guy who's like hey babe- I just want to let you know. I would never hit you because you can begin to beat
recently at political and all the good. We remember asking if you regarded it ass, a boy, maybe member just bring it up, needs to be brought up. I think there might be something come in my way on everyone but if that's what you're worried about, I wasn't even thinking about their daily said you wanna watch wheeler fortune in the new said. Cutting I don't know. Sometimes I get arrested because I don't like ice in my drinks. Although I got that awesome, I cry it everything let's make, let's make a knife baby. These are at their bit. Lactation try to be more creative in a moment he I love your I game of the progress in just did your thrilled european decrease very supportive door. You you and my favorite comics over and above that I dont get it. You know I feel like theirs.
Here too time are we to do a lot to show. I haven't seen you in ages and, of course, the let's largely my fault, because I'm the performance lay much anymore, no one. I don't. I don't even like I've filling working, your priory are. My priorities have definitely change wriggle. Ok, I just wanna earns earn some money out and out of town and then, when I come home, I go I'd like to develop new material, but I dont I'd rather good, all open MIKE or someplace really little pressure rather than use. He be immediately be eight. I will love love it there, but sometimes my ego once we do really well who of course- and it's like I dont- develop new material that way of freedom going away, though Scott Doing bang Bang anymore? No, ending in a couple of weeks, yeah I'll pull them. They just have melt down now I just have one you have tiger Lily. I take it. Take
and I don't mean that advocates problem, a man. No it's all in my head in that I could do more Ellie you what I love as I love that the Comedy bureau website ya. Is that not a delight of or operated by the kid named Drake and um its? It shows you all. The open, MIKE's and book shows every single day. It's a fresh reed and it's free. And then you can contact the Booker's from there is that's what I enjoy doing is alike. In performing the night of you're, going to some place You ought to know the basement of a chinese restaurant, paying attention and its bodies the basis, because there was the that one in silver. Gun Hill hers, it's the upstairs from the golden palace. There. It is twice a week I think you're I was I did. I did some sets they're getting ready for it.
Everyone is getting ready for the special in and that that was it so funny, because you it's hard not to have in the back of your head is a sort of aloft right. Let me out of my I just said the word cock and bled over into people's gloaming just fell over the railing into some egg dropped soon you can get an elegant restaurant, like the people down stairs a very elegant, there's a bar, and it's very polite. I do I do feel like I want order, something when I get there is. We would like the will have some soup and then those these chickens are so my boyfriend. What's, but no man, no more. We love comedy, not that kind, limiting it'll sneak up on. You will sometimes a frightened you I was
solar food restaurant downtown. I think the knell us end. People were having a delightful dinner of soul. Food. You don't beautiful meals, beautiful tables are full of people, I'm having special moments wanting till dinner, the last so you're saying that they were they were. Very ready for accommodation, and there is certainly feed back in the speakers. They thought what a relief as we were connecting. A friend of the family and am using soul looking for your soul, food and not only to fully it's mostly black clientele and it's gonna, be white hipsters go up and telling their story, which I'm sure
is entertaining you, I mean it. I Eddie was eight. I just you may be, as is its good, that it is good that is happening that there's some limit to people's freedoms. Ah, you know to have a good meal and rest and you're done now. The label so happy here in LOS Angeles gotta, have some limits or your touring alot. Are you going old Dracula? Ah, I usually do I currently twice or three times a month and I'll do like middle of a weak dates. Armed want a like Tuesday, Wednesday Wednesday was Thursday of Deal and and it's just great people who come out see me in
arrived or something is over. At least there out on a Wednesday slave thought about it and thought to our Mona it's Wednesday and at least they are willing to risk the worst brighter Saturday. People are less their mad, so they get free. Take him the mega. These breaches an unjust on mad about. I set a girl to be mad at this job and wise calmly, not funding. We did I'd like it to be funny Why do they make jokes about my office? What you're gonna make jokes about Nan one I totally, because there is a serious job going words like when you call the clubs I'll. Always somebody really funny this weekend on its like, because they want to get people in there, but then it can be a terrible disappoint for both parties. Well, it's also a you know: people some people just have an idea that common
Just this one thing that they can go. You know it's like it's like geese, you know yet our guy, oh I like it and then you go to the new, actually go to the cheese section at a store. Oh there's a lot of different kinds of cheese is in some of its thinking in solvents crumbly. And where a menu like, maybe don't like cheese, yeah, yeah yeah, I thought I'd. Yet that is what so true the cheese business she's business, a little bit of bit in the cheese business on a lot of levels and she- and I can tell you about my thing that I wanted to promote- which is my special special special drew you, Herman Schmid, partial, when no, your special, how did you plant but first, let me ask you, but do your special, how to upload your yes?
Well, I found out that I was doing it in December of last year and then I shot in February and then and so just to head, like six weeks really to like red and then and it was fun it was fun. It reminded me of why love comedy exhorts performing constantly in the trying bits and and there they weren't working and then reworking them and fitting a man and to look at the like. I would love to see the other to see the mute. Come on top of that six weeks elected that debt, the writing benefit making a bit. It's I'm putting them together and it was really fine and I had a great time- and I and I hope- and I love doing it in and I was very happy with it. What was working on a theatre it was, it was shot New York, ok, sweet pea, it was shot in New York at the screwball centre by you the internet early such a nice space yeah and was good
the great I'm. What about yours, and indeed was it. I have as the distributed by those countries that remedies such a sweet. Ok, ok! Yet I well I'd like these Lucy. Did the direct download. So I just did a version of that exercise, but eight I don't I was a little bit nervous about having a giant crowd been and what will I get a giant crowd site that just go to the source, which is my parents? So it's just me performing my when our special for my parents there's a keyboard player? I didn't know your mother, Did she talk back to you during this desert tat you like the interviewer afterwards, but there's not a study to name just how they're having a good time may need some critiques afterwards.
Thirdly, but I know why: what did your mom say about it? said she. Oh, she said the one of my jokes can mean and that she thought I should did you know that it's just It wasn't a did. You do. Did you do you material about your parents to your parents? Yes, yes! Yes, it with you laughing and last year. Yet they did. I have my most favorite between our all about suicide and I served pizza before I began that trunk you know, so they could have something to stuff down the whole. That's ok, you know overwhelmed. They were of a lovely, I mean it, they were also paid. Did you do that you bring to bear the digital Minnesota Nuno? I did it. I wish I d at their house that we have been Superfund, but it is my own house. Did you ever have yet my living room, Jackie Occasion, Open she warmed up the crowd.
And tested any and the crew kind of sits with my pen because there's no room roads, early small, whose living rooms or is it the same house that and for a while you love your head. I have re banks so that, yes, it was, it was funny. I hope it was. It was really fun to do it. You know when you have like a bunch of material. You just want to get it out here like just be like ok, this is recorded or done somewhere in an hour started new. That's that's was these parts along long had this stuff been brewing, I've here, five years area, so your excited to do so yet I was there I was. I was too there are some jokes regal if I have to fuck. If I fucking say this, joke one more time the universe is going to strike back in some way. You stuff it back in my stupid face. I can take place, yeah can't say it anymore and then, if you find it,
people like you're older material, better than learn your new material will, I think, a lot of it. I think, has to do with what you're comfortable with, and I think what s interesting about material. Is that Has this weird shelf life? That is not necessarily temporal as much as it is sort of men in the house to say it's almost like spiritual for you in the Senate when you're excited about. It feels organic and didn't. You know because I know I've had jokes before that used to kill and then, after a while some of some of the magic stops any ended Oh, I think. Maybe this just isn't natural up. For me any more and that was more representative of that time, right right, yeah yeah, that's has to protect their somewhere egg. There, like crowd, please airs and was hate myself. No, you should feel that they should further attack, as I think it should be.
I think those are fine, because I think a balance. You know it's. If you want to try new stuff, I think it's ok to throw a couple crowd, pleasing to sort of like Greece, the grease the grill yeah here, and if I mean I don't know yet form its self about mean people are just coming to see us like a thinking remembers wherever I go. Sean dislike. Will you show? So what are your crowding laser? What are your groceries visiting? Well, the current ones, which are probably running on seven years old now or no MA and Sundays. People make little request. Ones retreats. You sure good delayed old. They likes secretarial ones that I had from
a ten to fifteen years ago in it yeah, yeah, yeah yeah end they liked the other co worker and then yes, all I do what about love, songs and relationships, its annex it, so my laughed album love songs on the coast with Delilah, where you come from tonight. What your question dedication! What's her name was weary Conrad Amy, calling intestine Arizona with? Whenever the uniting. Through you network at that time, have. What do you want to see Not tonight we'll play that for you, that's any lover, bioenergy, it's it's! I'm a need to move on a need to move on, the lady convert joke. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah! That's an older one! Two year, though, vs Irma S came into my hands
I do feel your material now is more person. Or were aware. Where are you loved ones, wages recorded we're about yeah work. Yes, yes, some half personal half not end, but the womb. The suppliers super excited. It's about suicide, and just it meant, or else it like this seven thousand euros veterans dive suicide every year or just running, because you think they d up up up up up up up up
Oh, I thought it was funny because nobody was taking it seriously. Yes again in the egg get Yak say: I've had some experience of my family in with myself, and so I got row row row passion about the topic, because the whole thing LOS Angeles that you have asked spiritual, I mean- Self righteous, our friends, my legs they get on self righteous, isn't ass her, for it is wait a minute you're all arranged so like when I had I had to go into those psych word as you do. Sometimes you need a rapid blanket or on your meets in cheeses, but little feedback Michael popcorn around your neck and take yourself to lost at Sea hospital coastguard there
Is there and you are lost at sea and there you will walk or on a cement court yard with the schizophrenia man with no teeth. No pants keep saying things like beard, Gooch broader it. I do not believe you put your very sweet and am yegg it did you did. You did go to the hospital. You remember three, three, whatever guy What happened? You know it? It runs in my family, I turned forty or some one, and I had some in things gone, I'm where I just could not get out of it like I, I was planning to kill myself no yes, I know it is this one. On the other? The suicide material agendas, in your way around to express I don't fucking kill yourself, then is the funny thing is that people are so many people will be soon
you are here and it is genuinely an illness that your brain is is just screwed up. It's sick. It's not liquor. Is that like a personal choice like oh, I am I mad at the world. It's like it is unbearable. You know, and I think that earlier I felt like a golden understand you people PTSD like it is a living like is not just depression. You know it's not just like. I feel hopelessness, namely that it is literally physically and brainwaves like unbearable, and that That was, you know, like, I think, that's always eyes whom that's why people kill themselves is not out of. Like I mean, maybe somebody does it out of circumstance and I try to re joke, but you know like you but a waste is based number burden. Remember that also describes the Grand Canyon, but it
people out of money in a pretty hates me, hello, Europe, oh, but I killed someone of onion rings firecrackers, who gives a shit all, but I've done some other horrible unspeakable unforgivable thing. There are nineteen billion of us now lugal it. Somebody has done exactly what you have done or worse has gotten passed. It is currently on a book tour you're, never allowed do. I mean. First of all, I am very pleased that somewhere, you had the presence of mind to cheat to go, get help, whereas Felix alive, you wouldn't, you met the holy rethink. My mom's, a therapist live in LOS Angeles, one of the gravest places in the world in terms of mental health acceptance, and I was like oh, I got this pseudo I'll, take care of it like all you. I would rather kill myself then go into a psychiatric facility, cheese and I think a lot of people at least faced with that question, that's what my answer was was like, and then I was like what
you know, I didn't you Lloyd, obviously didn't want to do that to family and friends, because I am bull lover, but yeah thought well, this worst case scenario I'll help you
I'll go in and dumb. You know if that doesn't work or whatever in in, and they don't really knock you out like it's not like. I think it was in universal to be in the site where it's just so you don't hurt yourself, you towards basely, you take away your shoelaces and anything sharpen, and but it is kind of a place to be safe. You and that's what I needed was a play. So my I can anyone, my friends and family filling they had to watch me, which is what you have to do, because your brains going off the ito you keep having repetitively should idea again. This material, all, I think I should come us of all. You know what a gonna kill us off. I think up and then I realized wait a minute. I've had a lot of repetitively shit ideas. I have often thought a great idea to buy.
Deal reason bred in bulk and freeze it now, I'm not gonna follow through on that. I've also thought parliament when it has to be agreed in due to go on vacation with my family. They are my mortal enemies are vital to the very last we're just going to measure got ongoing capping. I will not be dashed upon the rocks by your siren song I like the idea that you that's almost a weird there was a workplace. We rig they should call myself but wait a minute. I have so many dumb idea, that's probably a double dear to that. Is this like it's too, where it's almost like other. It's almost like. Self esteem battling me. I love you too, Is it I m, so what happened to finally make you get work as I guess
not now that we're sort of talking real stuff and end with is the one thing that I always love about. New material is that as a sort of cartooning as it can be, there is a very dense layer of. This is real like if you really peel back the silliness, it's like no. This is for some fucking real shit that is being dealt with for I like to think of nothing to listen, but one that materials thought of. In retrospect, like I was an alpine hit for almost a year like I'd, really like my brain really went off the rails like I couldn't promoted a few work. It's just felt it in, I think was. The super disturbing part is that
I feel a lot of pride in my brain. You know like I feel a lot of like you know like that. I'm fast and smart and in a lot of psychiatric medications, perceive their taking one thing. The first, when they put me on, was the mood stabilizer thing and one of the side effects was that you have cognitive problems So I sir, going on stage and not being able to say words. Oh shit, I viewed it was like in saying, and so in anyways. Yet like any illness, people tell you you not some. The side effects are worse, sometimes summer condition, but yet took just a long time, and I think also accepting accepting that it was happening that it wasn't like something that was gonna blow over, that I had to take time off and
care of it. That's, what's that's what sort of hard, because, from your own perspective, when you're living when you're experiencing your life, it's it's hard, sometimes to realize that you are in the middle of something because it just sort of snow. It's the same thing with Ike alcoholism. More, like you sort of feel, I guess. When you look back, you go, I guess it was a gradual descended by Europe. Point of view is just like all the sudden you're in this thing, but then you're your words like any bad relationship. I know we find the time, and I know that person tried to stab me but I'd. It's probably not you know. So we know what advice were you if the people over your friends have tried to intervene, but you know that fifth person tat. What is that? What is this? What is the? What? What do you do? side to go. Ok what this is obviously not just generic I'm
down in the doldrums. This is like rug. Reels is issue that I should take care. I think it's like it. I mean sort of like a direction like unless it's bombing you out on less it's like if my mental illness, my depression or whatever is kind of working for me, which I was kind of agitated and kind of work, you know didn't need to sleep and stuff, so awesome I was hoping. Then it's gonna be either it's gonna be grade and then, but yet ended there. So many beautiful memoirs, stuff people written this one by Maria Hornback or of any funny funny tentacled madness- is so beautifully written about it owed. Just that gradual exe,
happens of either. You have to have some acceptance about the situation, otherwise it will not get better you're the words I wanna. Like a, I tried to keep working on changing modifications and that ended up with me. I want to Chicago to four shows and I was walking I before the shows like you, I couldn't think I could actually explain what it was like, but it was like. I could not think of anything. I like my brain, wasn't together and dumb. So a visually. I sir walking just turned it call myself down by the time you somehow I ended up. I lost all man inefficacious, it was bleeding and I and I was like. I call
a man from the hotel and like she's, like honey, get to the airport, get outta delta, tell them your gold medallion and tell them about your website up up up up up debts, and so it came to pass and I got a first class ticket home daily research area. It turns out a well and also I may white blonde lady. When I was I was shivering and bleeding, and so I think they'd come gonna. Get you out of the way church at Yalta goes There's a travel to free, frequently looking to get an idea is kind of look a bit distraught, and so you just skip the shells and just came home, and there was nothing in it was because I was trying to keep working like to go O. You noticed sucker up and do the to do the job. You can just say the words right then I I was unable to see the words you know. I was unable to think or say the words and, like I had some pride,
I've already did a short largo and was just devastated. Like eight, I use the word word as a punch line. Like, instead of were levanter use like not elevator, but something journal and like it didn't make any sense at all, and I should like in any think the whole brain. I have a lot of pride about it like oh yield and it's the one thing that's ill. So it's telling me shit, that's totally not helpful right now, but The thing that's trying to figure out how to how to fix it and it's not working very well anyways. So so what happened in the hospital when you were when you are the wrong? It was awesome and in terms of it was, it knows horrible. I mean alone.
I turrible it's like a holding tank. It's it's! Not! It's! Not! Nice sat nicer pleasant to mean I m sure there are some nice ones. You can give people if you have twenty thousand dollars a month or something sure but up, but it was see fino, it's just like that, killing of lake safety that I'm not gonna, hurt Mysel they'll catch, you yeah they'll, yet we think I you know I wouldn't be able to do it and then again, and that was good just to have some place to be, and I went in like three times: clay had kept having problems with medications just having eaten and then with the depression and just feeling like a you. Just think very distraught ten. Were they basically just throw me because I was a bit everyone's brain chemistry is a little different right right, so they just throwing medical like what try. This fact that didn't work try this so I mean maybe it's not as bad as it was your leg
my mom, is on theirs manic, depression in my family, so my mom s been hypo manic before which isn't the yeah we're she's, just gotten kind of agitated on one or two call the Pope Bunch times which lay bit media, is always in the realm of possibility, like somebody should call. The pulse of doing TAT was what she called my mom, my manager, saying that I was in danger and that you know I needed to be taken off the internet in
Third, actually not not too far off. No, you feel like. Sometimes you do want to get honourable so, but it so. I got on the scene. Medication at my mom does well on. They sit sit that sometimes I can work and- and I didn't want to eat ass dislike so stupid- I'm just depressed. You know they kind of depression seems more acceptable to me. So at what point just would you tell people Some signs of like okay- this is not just run of the mill liking, but you get get help if having of youth, if you think, if suicide at all right, like on a regular basis and in others of tape of suicidal radiation, that I've me I did that every citizen has heard of a fantasy of lake like I could just leave everything behind and you I think a similar moment. I beheld up my whole life
just like it's just a weird coping thing, but yet he, if you're feeling bad I mean I don't think, there's any time that it is in a bad time to do it. You know cause if you feel bad. Sometimes it's nice, it's a good idea to power down before you're hurt yourself like, as I was sorry Two because the unbearable eighty factor I was like- and they did give me meds and I was like movie I'll, take one of these nuts. You know cuz, my brain is like. Maybe they should take. Ambient now cried and utilised falling asleep. In front of us- and you know it was like- I was not making the best decisions- you no soul, I don't know, I don't know if I would have gone in earlier, but did not want to go and I did not want to, but I was just sort of like yeah. I thought I was trying to do what I think you know I would tell somebody else
do what are you? What are you do? What do you do all day in the hospital? Do you usually there see just sit? There is just as you can walk Sometimes there is a lake there's not a lot of money in mental health. It's no breast cancer awareness outta there pink ribbons and people in Scrubbs covered and Teddy Bears, because this is some of it is really, I think, it's very p, a lot of people been abandoned by their families. The schizophrenia is so frustrating a difficult to to treat it
and there is a lot of money in its? What's, it's really a direct drag. It sounded nice environment. It's like there's a big screen tv with ultimate fighting playing in four areas, just its silver depressing ended and at that it, but also the great thing about it is that you don't have to pretend anymore, like you don't have to like go everything's biblical like or you know be talking talking to people at work. Her you know target anybody whose like wants you to keep it together. You know Clave and had some friends you because we're because I thought low income for Mamma Mamma Mamma, Vienna Manic episode. I did not
tat door. It was really a bummer in I did was scary and- and I had in a lot of friends who are just like. Oh Jesus, you don't come back Maria unaware of you gotta, you know, and so it was nice to just be in some place where we not that my friends don't love me which they do. But, but I had some of that spiritual Elvis LOS Angeles Come visit. Leads this place is just really negative. Energy you've got to get out of here. That's what I said, but I'll six thousand one hundred and fifty right, let the cops came so like have to stay here and then they took away almost of he knew would go up to oh hi right languages. A clear, rave or, like you know, in a cold body waterway slowly disappear. That's what I you know. I just feel like. This is the story. Your tongue, yourself as we wanted to be a mean, my spiritual dialogue, that maybe you want to move on to the next world. Ok, you're horrible,
Please come what does it mean to Morrow and your horrible? Let's bring a little rest sunshine over the children's hospital. You wouldn't have to make a wish if you believed you know which I I just fine, that's sickening, I mean, I just think that's no different than Christianity here and there's some element of truth in it like. I think, a lot of things were coming to fruition in my life has lots of stress and stuff, but at the same time you ve got your link with the the soldiers who have been killed. There generally been through some trouble my it's not like, shut up and take it to take further brain has been injured by their experiences. Your brain chemistry gets all screwed up. If you ve been in high stress Croatia, for three years in a row being afraid of dying in our killing people. You know I just, and this is no way that wouldn't be like a knee that you ve been you know with hit a bunch of times of how to sport
around you're asking the wrong person. But this is quite another oil and then you're having moved some me ball, we can only as your knees it's not very popular beyond. These are user name is to enable? Meanwhile, will it's like that? Collooney use your brain, your brains, like your knee. Sometimes you have bad knees. So did you? Did you connect with any one of you. Did you talk to the lot of full of water? Ptsd are not known relics, I don't hardly have my doubts in the military's in the Navy, and so I feel lake urges feel some affinity of lake just like I wouldn't want to my dad my dad wasn't in combat or anything you know, but, like you just go see you just abandon these people and obviously there aren't enough resources, but there's enough resources for the actual war. That's right, you know like if you can't pay to take care of those people, and also
I think the military does do a lot for suicide prevention. Like my friend vacation went over there to Iraq and she said there are tons of things like how to prevent suicide over there, because it is such a big thing, but I think they're still such a heavy stigma from our how many posters You put up like you're, not gonna, go tell your superior. He freaking out right now, because you need the money. You also like it's on your permanent record. It's also embarrassing. I mean I'm a committee
and I was ashamed. You know I was ashamed to need help. You know it's like that's ridiculous, see clearly answer your wish was to be known furred. You know whatever needing some extra help or something, but I thought I just think is important for people to these important for its hard work for people to two not to have the pride issue and to to reach out and to not listen to I mean I'm sure it's hard when other folks who don't having I've, tried with silver before this very difficult to explain, anxiety to someone and I'm an impossible, I'm sure to explain mental illness to someone, because if some, if, if other people have an experienced it, it's sort of like like assume it's like You said where they just go. Come not really we're parent.
Scream any like no one is well, you know like. I am irritated by people who are depressed shamelessly, oh, yes, look out for you to be part of a test. We got a test of the life safety system in the building. I hope so this part is a test. We had to do the test, part you're, all in horrible danger, deathly excellence of forest fire covered. He lent support now is from one of Maria. What? If I just pretend like, I didn't hear that story. You pretend, like you, didn't hear that real act ass. You like on what like? Yes, it's all alive test, grocer, it sure, is
and you know we're all just trying to keep safe world start no barrier. There's a lot of things to the breaking lloyd. Above me, us all is that specific alone, oh, my god scarlet Judy Doo doo doo doo doo everyone character, but could you get ready? to people s for ecstasy. That way, what are they doing here like a fuckin, the worst re if it offers like look it's casual Friday. We're gonna have a ray, we're going to activate the life alert system and then we're going to dance, interesting alert system. You don't kiss emergency, I dont know if I
Take that much notice of it. You know I would it be like it's the test yes test, but there's a and running by on fire like the cover the pink Floyd album? I know these testing us to make sure that death said way a little back into what we're talking about a new fino people don't want us, we dont perceive danger until it's right in front of you know like, like people drive there, funds because they go. I haven't had the experience of crashing in Jersey MILES per hour, while taking a cell phone, so it won't happen and that's the same day. I think with mental illness like it's only goes up, fine, fine or or they go. Suck it up before. Second, before I'll think I'll do that Europe Unhandsome weird dots, cannot check out my guns, alive,
more, but no I'll, be fine by around two a m this morning before what justice also the same as some people. Some people wait until it's too late, yeah yeah, but then other people to identify more on the side of life this is the thrust of the murder of progress system, the boy however, it does my group feels sort of safe that siren, gonna protectors, right I would far more on the hypochondriac cited sometimes I my college by you- and I don't I don't ever like yours. He hears a great example of complete, irrational, behavior? Is it my girlfriend and I were visiting my dad and less Yes, and I were we're staying at thy way to go in the restaurant and above an insect some type of insects. I didn't see it
but also the spot. A chopper merriment look damage to see this kind of greenish. Second, I flicked it off at oversight and then this there was just a little piece of skin missing and it just like swelled up like this. The edges got popular like I'm poisoned. This must be poison because your skin shouldn't swell up and that poison- and I probably should go- and you know cloves like you're fine. It was probably just to go, but it didn't wasn't. I get Vito. Yes, it was green, grasshoppers chomp on that could have a grasshopper. I dont know what it was I dont know. Should I find it. You know Just immediately went to the place of like so, and she would be like you just get bitten by Your fine and I've got no you're right, I'm fine, and then there was silence and we'd be eating. I go where it will point you think was bred emergency room visit. Should, if in the future, in a bright right and then so, I feel like sometimes I'm more under two preventative re read the you can beat in and I totally get there to cause like I
mean again. Living LOS Angeles were all it. There's lots of highly sensitive people. You know a thing. You know I've gotta have this special food, at this time, you know crashed but hot, but call right, but what I want, but not what I want write on key thinks, and so there's that self obsession part of it, which I said I don't do yeah I'm not. I don't want to be like that. So yet, and I think you're right that if you haven't been through through it, that it is difficult to it just like anything you like, I don't know what it's like to an enormously to be married, it alone it's like to what our yet have have her breast cancer, whatever which Ike again
can only imagine how horrible those we, but I can only imagine, sir, I I don't. I pray dont respected as much as I go, where you ye breast ignoble error, two days last week. You right, if you have an experienced it, it doesn't become as a. I don't feel that way about risk. No, of course here, but I think people understand With the point that you're trying to make. I think I know I think it's just it's just to make the point of its it's very difficult for people to be there. I think they might be able to sympathise, but a civic over them to empathize, because if you haven't got through something? How can you know I mean just hearing you describe the sort of the video that sort of the other stuff crumbling and not being able to. I mean it's. It's me
that you were able to hold it together enough to go, get on a plane, go hopping, codify hospital and not just like run into the ocean right you damage is progressing that's what I'm talking about yeah, that's what's going on, but you need to have an alarm when you're, a life alarm, but the is I mean I know will be ensured interviewed my friends or family which him marking is now he'd exactly this very serious topic. Did they would? I bet I'm an irritating person you don't I'm saying I am one of those highly sensitive. Just ladylike Gaza feeling every feeling so much you know. So there is some element of where I go I don't wanna, be it yeah where I go like. I don't think my sister doesn't have these kind of
breast. She just like you know. I think I got the car reservations, yeah theater and yes, all an inward. How much of that is brain chemistry? How much of it is a choice and personality, you know where I am curmudgeon, I dont know. I would hope to hope to think that I'm up I'm a bright bright, eyed bushy till giraffe with a happy smile anyway, sir, but yet I don't know I can make its evils. Because I had friends, weren't depressed or have mental illness and I'm dislike gas leak as such, it is a pain in the ass. It is it's a pain in the ass. You just want to feel ok engages in their there's a contracting weird, like their activity.
Bombing, you out, you know it's like it's like. What do you know? What the other side of the two is that some people, I think, are so sensitive to absorbing what other people are feeling in a very selfish way, but I think there is a certain defensiveness that happens because they don't want to take it on, ran up fairly I've got to, but I can't help but think that someone gave a better audition for this job. From that guy I mean I do, voice overworked and so do you MAC. I was not selling it at all, or maybe it was, but that was the sound was that it was so real person every day, like he's he's so not voice over talent, they're. Looking for work to come in with it. Cinema, veritable to life life alarm system, because I could come in
give this big performers like this concludes that stop. I've seen it, but like that's, not what I'm about now, Chris There's, no reason. You can't put your as a man, you know put her I'll get our gifts. I think you should. I do about what would your take on the lifeline system be mad? I do like them up its available. Our raw rambler and then it didn't. You wouldn't even need to know what is meant. That's all oh, I think, there's a life alarm system, but to await the deaths at a bar or no wait, there's not a test, welcome to landfill arms. You have three minutes
the building here, but I would say that I think sometimes really hypersensitive people or maybe maybe seem like they're, not sympathetic because defensive, because this difficult, I find that I'm that way, sometimes, like you know, at the end of the world, and I'm that way with as my mom, where, if she gets upset about something, sometimes I get mad at her right because right because the these thoughts, its again, is very soon but the thought of taking on what I actually want to feel which is like. I need two weeks. I need to absorb this experience, for you right Ray is so painful pray My reaction is just like wall. I can feel that cause it's too much, is bringing down or its affrightedly. I find it. It is frightening. Like I hadda IDA friend, was an american episode and likely you know- and I was for a frightened out just like you know, which is just totally act
visit, bizarre go in and I mean not totally Bezukhova Justino the edge edginess of Brazil go in and his frame it is frightening. So yeah yeah I had a friend who you who his mom got suicidally depressed and had to go into the hospital, and you know who they were watch you're, all the time that she wouldn't whatever do something, and he was soup or anger, people get really angry, and yet maybe it is like take it personally alike. I mean like when somebody's is slake somebody's drink here, whatever new go, why can't you get better for me? You know why rise and this enough for you to get better in it and it isn't and what's hard because we think well in today's modern society we have the tools to fix anything. What is the problem? Yes, so simple, so simple, why should cease
up eating America, tv portion sizes right, that's what they keep telling us on the back of the boss stood tidier. Casinos eight portion sizes thing: no, the most adults only need two thousand Carolyn calories a day and that it has a picture of a giant plaintive, some pancakes sausages and then a more reasonable plate of two words and exert his language, and it says portions eyes counts. CS. I wish you the best of Us Beggar, the bus, those those those still still stands, Does this, but there is only one time: I've! Never you know. Even with I mean I I think I have DE manageable, like anxiety and and not a ton of depression, but you know Do I do get negative sometimes, but there is one time where I actually had enough: it was suicidal, but
years ago. My back had gone out and they gave me like it in right, and so I took a vacant in one night and it with just weird and then it didn't really work, and so the next day I had I had like a volume or something to try to relax look at the muscles were so not a good idea at three o clock in the morning. I all the sudden had this we're and I dont know if it was, I feel like it had to be connected residual. Occasion and it is. Why is this not a good idea to mix medication without someone who is maybe a physician? I had this weird, almost uncontrollable urged to just go jump off the balance. Rose like, I don't think I can stop myself like Greece and and and taught myself out of it, and it was not not feel like you're in control
your own brain is bit by its probably my biggest phobia yeah. It's it's! It's weird! Yes, I like I mean I like that. So I am very proud of that or something And how did you manage? How did you navigate those waters that I just want to show you? I could have avoided doing show, as are being around people closest, like I tried it. I'd try to talk with ongoing outpatient, triple firms go every day, is our patient to program and and and once had been in a hospital future. Your guts people lies then, and they give you mad so like it wasn't me making decisions on shore of as to give myself. Maybe I should take it now- k, rippled actor, Doktor Manfred, so that's another good thing about the possible cause. I will not a people is an excellent. That's like a high rate of death is from prescription.
And drag well. It's people make their own decisions, they make their own decisions and I think they don't realize you know I think they see like prescription bottle it safe. It's not like a malignant. Oh, it's ok, yes, I know their legal act of item I remember after after Michael Jackson died all yet totally. Doctors are a good start. DR drew he was doing attack of the show or something- and I was here and we were talking and he was like. You know. I've been I've been saying for years that this this sort of prescription, drug cocktailing, that people are doing it's a bubble and it's going to burst and people more people are going to die because they, you know, and an even. You know, even if I've had to like one day I looked up, I took an anville in the morning and that didn't really help my neck. There was fucked up. Can I take a tylenol, the everyone? And then you see all these drug interaction, websites and people like I took for and then I took a value, but also
On the other hand, there like they're, trying to basically like a stereo equalizer but with drugs yeah, and if the car you fucking people alive. No it's here I mean that is terrifying. Draw mix for two whole make your prescription drugs well, and I think we may, at least for me it felt like I was still six. I just wanted to feel better show us like. I just wonder that have honoured to feel better will all Elizabeth, I guess my kind of like November of last year alone. At this point, however, like it's been like, it's been like a year since I've been feeling better yeah. So, Serbia is yeah. I spent a year so very well. When did you start feeling better in the process? Was it sort of was a gradual or one day real? Like me again for a minute, it's been so slow. We grab like it's been excruciatingly painful, like I, I kept thinking
I've only really started to feel more, like myself like propriety. The last three months ago, feeling like I can work more and is part of it is getting the meds either because it takes a while for your body to get used to them, and then I was super sleepy link Aladdin and it also you actually got afraid of kind of going off the real. Again soldier. I think at first I think, was a little over medicated you, because I was a little bit scared of like not being able to sweep and kind of a great ideas so, but now I'm yeah filling totally likeness.
Off go and yes, lay through was in its sole minutes peoples. I think people say a lot about when you go through. Something is just how much I appreciate like. Oh, my god, I us this is exquisite. Breathing in and out is delightful. You're, just field has been able to exist in a state where you feel balanced and safe. And you know it's a funny when you're you know when you again, I mean I can't I put the please. I hope you don't think that I'm trying to equate. We know that my minor about of anxiety with what you went through, but just those times where you go. This is never going. Yeah it's the same thing and then later on? You like, I don't know a good guy.
Get anxiety. I got it. I should know what every time for a good do shows every time I d shows like a girl in every elect. Now it's been twenty years of doing shows like will the worst thing that can happen, as happened. I've been Buddha. Staging I've been yours like that's happened, so why? Why that my putting myself through this rigour, moral but seems to suggest to my brain, seem to like the process do nervous for shows no, I mean well a little bit. I guess it depends on what the show is. Yeah yeah. I wasn't really nervous about the special because I guess I just I felt like well, this is it you know I found it. I can't do anymore, yeah yeah, I'm a little nervous. You know so little is that, like the chinese restaurant shows, because I feel a little sense of theirs that guerrilla nature to it of
I don't know the environment. This gonna go and I'm crying new material like I get nervous, fun wayward like a little nervous excitement like you know, but it's it's I'm really that bed every event like openly, because everybody super excited. You know, lecture, I the new bits and it's a nice, it's a nice five. But then, of course, there is the element of sitting around which times. I tried it get around you put at the time. You're not you're not trying to cook any while the open, like is Maria, what to do in our aid. I don't want to do that, but I can see that there will be great you'll feel like
I must conclude over the countless children. Do like you don't work. Hamas must have put my act, isn't really light like I own benefit from, and I guess I am. He dared not townsmen after famous enough anyway number one of those things but budget that yeah, I don't. I don't think that would serve me at the time factory and say: can I do here just your quick sat now who spoke up their animals or some shit yeah? I think it it would be. It would be like playing russian roulette. Do you think this note? You think your neck special is going to be about this experience yet
I will therefore it is, and it is our has like, did the current wondering how the current liquor one has that has all, but yeah has landed and material in it. That's all I mean the idea of it just a step back for a second and think about the special that you did about mental illness, to your parents in your house. Is that it show that people can watch? That's that's amazing. It really is amazing. I hope I hope is good about why it is hard for me to tell him good or not, but its. It seems a european system yeah yeah, yeah errands, but you Emulous, I don't know you know I mean I I would watch you do any. I would watch you read out of a phone book. You know like. I don't I think what now, I'm so now I can think of going home and you can download download now yeah what
academic. Now I want you to know Nora. You downloaded another twenty eight Wednesday, the twenty eight they'll be available on chill that come Ok Hill Dat come see each. I allow tat caused a good domain. You try to coordinate mother fucker here Yes, it's before dollars, ninety nine cents and it was the keyboard players better. The opening in active dedication, those people, Marilyn and Jewel Bam furred. Currently residing on Little league peak, one Minnesota enable dogs meals, but there are other pugs imports of his answer. No, no! It's the it's! It's! Ok! It's not racist! There. There should pop hogs. Are you walks to bulldogs working see about that pugs, one pug and one? You are well pug blueberries nature, while
ugh who blossom past way. Then I know I'm sorry about lesson, but she was not an especial must caution. Was she likes to run around, and I thought I don't know me. I don't want her to feel like amendment no six, this really special here. What Boolooroo please sit down was its color. Yes, I I'll come to your place of business and business all over Europe. We know the fourth Africa here. This is my fourth, I didn't. Let you out up no birds, birds in tandem and he's an old hand. You know he's been on a few videos. We tried to shoot a cop series where he was there. He was the grizzled veteran and then I was the up start There were right around I'm a cop car together boy hope. You know. I hope you don't feel that we will feel that I'm taking any
legally, but I know, but I'm I'm home every thought homeopathy, but I also feel like you're here in Europe in your safe and you and you in, and you know I feel like that. So often with this kind of thing it is very serious, but. Thick, certainly talking meetings, I'd like it doesn't always have to be like this is the worst thing we like, it's a terrible thing, but I think being able to talk about it openly. Uncomfortably is their punic and good for people to see like this is just a few that happens, and sometimes you just gotta, have a conversation about it and talk about it and so get a yearning dawn of these sad evident electors because really funny the m. I got a ride every day to the out patient programme in a giant old, bright purple ban on by the hospital unmarked, but just
rate purple and then it was filled with various clientele with whom she and I got a yeah. I got it, I got it. I got a ride. You know just cause it to seem like better, because I was taking so many where drugs and arms, like others, can wreck privileges. Such a public experience like the vans here for you and get on in Budapest, partly quickly vest. Reasons like I texted my friends, Purple Van in five minutes and we, the Purple Van, went by their store and they came out like We will also assembled at sites, and I had some friends who came to visit me every single day, which is fighting hard core like goes it was. It was a dire place and became visible. You know we have like it's ridiculous humorous like it's. It's hilarious as well
no just starve experiences lake like that yeah and become a yak as it is sort of frightening in, but it was but its very funny very fun worth its import. I think it's important for investors back in Romania has not at a time, but I think I think it's important for you to support for you to be open about intact, but because a lot of people certainly bloody business. Podcast love you and look up to you in and to have. You come on in so that you know not a very but but that it is something that people shouldn't be ashamed of, and the fact that you able to make some comedy about it, which is, I feel like a comics way of life, it slapping at a situation in showing like I have triumphed over you You know it's important. I feel too for people to hear slab? Can they tweet? They can see that you are totally to me. Are you?
You are you. Are you re a beverage on Twitter, Berea, Bamboo, Maria Bamboo others already Marie Bedford, aunt em, but in their so many comic slapping open about it? Jonathan winters, in the fifties and cities he was in another psych Worden and and talked about it openly on the the talk shows that day did cabinet. Have you been on moon open? That's you. Lucian Airy back then you talk about God and they will just hand out they just what he said. I got to talk to him and he said there. They just had a giant jar of volume like it was just like that was the only you just ran its course and were in their four month. That's like fucking that That's barely not bloodletting yeah yeah. No, I guess lifelong bloodletting is Martin
down the mental illness happy I really do it gave earlier so pose great. Yet I just think I've only gonna get better like this science and stuff like that cause you there's people and yet we, I think about back in the day. You know you just there wasn't help or wasn't the medications warrant as specific again and yeah. I'm totally. I was I. I am anti medication on all levels was like all I've totally exercise. I e right, you know like tried it Goodwood Gillian support groups, you know I'm I'm doing everything on all levels like it's, not just I'm very happy. My career but an end, and that still happen lick. It wasn't like hey. You hey you with your poor attitude. You know Reich, know it. It. Yeah sister sometimes happens
there was, but yeah confer go for how, but so far and and then you know you can have an experience in an end in the healthy jack. What had to be willing that if it happened again that I'd be willing to go, get help Khazars kind of? Like always my love, you know the amount can story of like ends in they triumphed and never again when they enter you. Don't like working away and least mean and not to also say even negative thinking, but just to say that it's all hey to get help more than one hundred and eight ones are well. That's what I totally Philip I felt like I Gladwin, had depression, suffers a kid and gotten a ton affair.
You know like Comma Marie. You know your latin enough help and its lake well parenting. I still you know it when they always do those related with physical, almost like people with diabetes. Their origins stop nature, and so I am sure nothing is like diabetes only days. We need only think for diabetes. No, it is but it's but it's hard because you know so much of our experiences are thought basin. It's easy to forget like but those are chemical expression of the hour. The way we process that you don't there as medical is, you know yet again that it would be up with it would just be like you come here
cancer women in the learning of somebody who believe you will you bring me there's have you will believe that? That's your fault, too, that you are responsible like there's the Louise, hey, spirituality, something which is like you know all of your feet. Her, maybe you're not standing on your own two feet. You don't ride. Trying to make those connection with you have cancer. Maybe it's because you haven't been expressing year cancerous feelings towards something which eight I mean. I I guess I can. I see the side of that where there is some sort of positive psychology foot, then a solemn boy that leaves people high and dry and you're gonna go off your aids medication because you believe that you don't was just eat. The reason that you are diagnosed with. Ager. Hiv is because you know it's just some issue had with her father. You know full well. I mean I feel like that
hopefully, the alarming minority of people on when I leave those things, but it's really hard now, because you know I'm I'm so torn about it, because, because the pharmaceutical and so massive and it makes so much money and then you go look. Ok. I know that in in you know it's in some it's hard to know when it's ok when because name would like now, why is it really gotta be taking this? Are you getting at is this? Is this a pharmaceutical company thing an observation? that I have to be honest. I don't know you know like that part of it seems like difficult waters. Never yet. So. How did with their specific know? Me now was terrifying tutelage, because I was going to. I had a couple different psychiatry,
like one in hospital. One out of the hospital in both of them were saying different things, and I mean that's. It you're fighting poverty as they did in my dad's, a physician. It's like he doesn't know. You know like it's all like science like you cannot, but is the size of proving you can't prove something. Is it of what experimentation and others? Something like my dad whenever I asked a question like so does not work for you? No relation well remain. Sometimes you don't think it's just very frustrating answers that it works for some people sometimes and they're just draw two in their best but you're. Hopefully you get me what I finally was important with. The physician has just somebody wife felt lake at least. Listen to my perspective. You know like when
the way you even if I sound and Craig Cray in always like ok, it sounds like you know: you're not tabled a thinker was take my concerns somewhat seriously at me. I get it if you talk to people who were out of their gourd all day, it's like, but but also that mean that's part of the first part of the job too. I hadn't one doktor, whose really great he just said earlier. In the day I heard that
It's some a tool Gwan day, as he's ever, medical writer for the new Yorker, sometimes see rates, but how listening is half of medicine of listening to the patient? In that you really need to that. That's healing in itself right and dumb, and I found not to be true that that when the doktor was, you heard my experience at my concerns of that that was super helpful, like I did get irritated psychiatry See I talk for a living, but you didn't tat ended and the main side effect for this is maybe difficulty speaking. No one knew bothers me a heads up and do you know it's a job? You know she she didn't come. She just didn't think think about it. You know, and so- and I also
go on it like I was like. Ok here was a network does get a cell but yeah. I guess it is hard to know. I know it seems some people would do better without men like big your hey, what action live in nature play circling a Roman gets a friends and that will lift your mood. You know I mean I think those things are just as important, but if a person is is trying to do that or org or can't like can't like their stopping able to function I'm not a doktor wild. Just a car headline in committee at work in some
Cities are you performing anywhere before before we clearly fibres this weekend, I'll good, good good enter them? What's it, he had a Minneapolis at width. What's the name of your special, it's called a special special special. Twenty eight laboratory children yeah deal it I'm so happy that you are here and actually you know I know, but so too can be opened, was really nice to talk to you one on one and Anna, and I hope that I hope that people really listen in and can help and benefit in their own. I know I've learned something not said. I will show I wish to say you don't you need Maria tugs Atomic I'm hungry I love there. Has been enjoy your burrito everyone February, bamboo on Twitter, Givesthem eggs in this
all we turn our greatest. Can I have a biscuit papers, Kurds, life, her tears cuban real tears now leaving noticed dot com.
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