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I welcome the nervous progress number twenty five. Well until the Their next time can live will be July. Twenty eight that Largo, in LOS Angeles with special Red Willard. Also just added David Checker David. Edna Acre man, David Kirchner of thank you for smoking, David checking of the naked trucker into bones. David check, nerve of beer short mice soda- Stay, calm, right now and yet tickets for that now get tickets for your for free with the nerve gas number. Twenty five with Maria Bedford needs it. now entering nearest star com?
recording real centre carrying out he's, not gonna microphone. Every of ever do today Maybe a little where recur in August. Man for everyone to go on for a long time, and it has been like can you down and like a jeweler, yeah you're busy person you got some should go ahead. No kind of overwhelmed
and then I don't wake up filter noon. Name is me like two hours of good time where I got a cup of coffee. Back in again, and I gotta go to the GM right, and I read my copy, a black woman. Turns out on the same page is using different words. Voted, grant the same thing and that sometimes things are hard and you just gotta you just gotta I go and let God now I went out. Way back to something else. Go and fell asleep does raise. You gotta be pulled that knowledge is losing my mom's. They would software like ninety three with it came out there just so you know it's a very. Very good woman empowerment saw that you gotta be good
We know all I know and love or say today that the ears are the havoc in Asia there's some sound like temp lyrics were like a level. So the Deva Report, the song of the Spirit and the actual lyrics when you put the real I thought you were recorded. That's a lover My mom got that had the cat is why a cumbersome waiter was in Verona, here's my large, the guy seventeen comedy is on special he's also on Itunes of any wants to get it Santa like it had for years. It has got to check in a wild. I haven't got those by large amounts of stock a long time ago, but
we're here to focus on summary of everything I've ever I I don't know, I'm not exactly sure when this is going up. Adobe sometimes like us, but did I show you the improper last night last at first to it. Lucy came to it. He saw her room, my friends gorgeous stingy. They never some beautiful certain minimum yards. A brilliant Louis, really works in a different way than any of my other comedy powers in that I feel, like a lot of people will or later, You know me everybody. What I do I d like to write is many things but I go on stage and I'll fuck around with the crowd, but I dont just start ripping bits, You know Louis such a machine that just gonna go up with some ideas and he just finds the jokes and when he like hits a vein of comedy he just fucked. Punches it really hard in and really minds it for as much as its worth and his fascinating to wipe Israel, as rather writer. Also like is watching him,
watching as part of its towards like an apology to talk about something when you see em like onstage kind of putting it through the funny riser right. I guess I am working age and figure out what it is, and so, like losers assume. I remember like back in like early embargo is like they would go when it became do up every week. It's like you know at the moment, is arriving down, or at least you didn't used to for a long time. He would just kind of stuff No, he just said now you it's kind of work, the beat on stage. What would also great for me? It's just I just I also just did that just relax Chicago with either we performed, but it's been so long since I've seen you do like forty five minutes and it was, It was so great Maria ok, we saw as they were in a way. We only ever good to see you again like how much time you do a tiger lily. I love my ten seven unfeeling nationals, a good legislative. Twenty first line up, that's what's hard is because you know what
or New York. You gonna get into these rhythms, where you're only doing like ten and twelve minutes sets really hard to you know it's hot, to build your our by stitching a bunch of ten minutes together, because you really gonna wanna fine, like the arc of failures in figure out where shit goes right right reality, commissioner. This is disadvantaged, doing the road or to break it used in I get used to like them. You do just that hold, she's my element of a comedy club where his like right, You know the proverb Barlow mentioned now this is interesting. I could see where someone would laugh out loud even to that very much, and I mean I'm gonna see as he says. Do it
a dish tomorrow? Those are not really the comedy wandering. That's my voice were addition tomorrow, a router by level you might as well say whispered whispering and I'm I'm. I'm allowed assholes I know I'm a mumbling stage, which is great so helpful one, but you really. We were doing tat. I was I memorized my business even further, the mere over and over again seen one of driver. I memorized, would you stop it? So your stuff is is so flawlessly written and executed that, like you, you know use your delay that I've been yet something like you're doing like a theatre show. Almost in my opinion, will that's that's what I've tried to force. You know like now, there's no interaction, there's no root, pre, an ode, hurrah it is incredible? Ragged edge, agitated act, people, the emperor of a duke, intimidated going up. There is, like
it's so now. It's just after seeing Lucy can stuff on the slope, but comparing despair. Don't do that real we're all flowers and beautiful garden in the garden is grossly of companies is growing, is beautiful. See that's the last thing. Seeing new people. I went down to the. Have you been more than a say it wrong. The fuck you show the you're fucked show the FUCK O Koyo Polly FUCK, the donjon independent. I think him. I really like a whole other sea, Yankees, kids out of them their own little show and like the know each other only they don't seem to they're, just their own unit and people are really agree, is really get it I love, but it really exciting. You see, people were very good and or very
it is know, so, even if they're like to keep hammering added and people can like exports, You know I would have liked the cylinder like super grid. As you know, like yeah justice really need, lay awake, I've, always I've, always belike allay was kind of a bummer place to start to their during comedy Cosette. You started in Minnesota and l a sort of hard because, define real audiences and starting in front of every in front of the business like it. I was fully with so much more advantageous to kind of figure out. What Then you do and then kind of hone it here like wants it recalling that mean many many aphesis, just as like you know, people analyzing it down to an all saying you don't. I worked Peter Waitress and then I would have people you know, I'm at be shut down the drive and try to get people come to my show and then they'd come
Then there was actually bought. Then they come in. You know just one. Lady come in saying I did not like what Did that was I used to do is to do like an animal clay impersonation and then it will surrender is still see and so rather than a feminist statement right? What is I call them? a show boating yeah. You know where you can t get to do the appreciation prison, but then as well as benefit from their style of joy. They like within you also due to divorce, result from care learning. All separation like I do to perceive a comedian who you don't like the thing where I wish. I could do that kind of act where B. Also in his aim.
Beings who have assisted Likud leasing, but the truth is I am actually using that style ever to get the same laughs that fast, so you're getting two different love people. Let's get the joy tat, what would happen if you did I character and it became really famous, but you became successful not ironic version of their character would have produced, I looked I just haven't. I think it's just It is very sad because the same thing when people come up with a shudder, my God We give anything else, but I think that thing at the end. That's great! You no money all key, but then I ask feel good. The least they laughed at one thing right: it also work. It does work both ways like girl that it is funny lean. What what that act say it is,
funny and that damn that's that's the way to do stuff too I do things out of jail the low self esteem sometimes don't we? Yes with Taiwan Lastly, failure. You might certified gas because you feel, like you, don't have enough control over plan, but I've known you for like ten or eleven years we used to do, these these little shows and westward and you're accompanied her nose. Regular farther, but you started, you started I've. Never only I've ever seen video, but you started with the violin my land, and that was just itself up. If we didn't go well, he's got why she's great by us, of an Eagle eye going Orwell S great. If so, what was your? What was when you first heartedly? Furthermore, how did you? How did you of Ghana lottery. Listening might already know these stories, but I just for people, don't how did you get?
performing in what what kind of motivated to do this kind of performance pieces. Well. In retrospect, I realize it's all a vengeful act. You know to prove that I am a worthwhile regular person that other people, like me, even though we know my family was on the fence. So, let's start with and then? And then perhaps you are part of myself, but I don't know if this is any good and then you know you get yokes applause and stuff Oh I'm, ok, domino, gay person and now, but the Nepal stops again is an endless cycle, but but I was indicted for our islands like Wentworth, doing speeches like when I got to do a little speech reads: claw you will not occur to step in the speeches. Are re read some story where I made up a story about the couple to mate
those unlike one tomato was like a good New York to aid, and I did that in life fifth grade pol pot system, we have read in the seventies they had worked. All the classrooms are open journey disco free for wanting to another, and I don't remember this clearly than I do very likely that the other classes stop. They're, doing to listen? What was what what what sort of weapons We are especially when you were a kid like work accommodated. Did you watch how there is no? My lady, I would always stay up a large ass. I live with my dad. I doubt it Saturday night live with you all those jokes, you know it ourselves over and over again, and that's why I totally like that's for my best reason also seem this also seen laughing with my family and it just like making my sister laughing. Sister is ridiculously funny. She is now
on her. She has my sisters of log we're all closer to being constantly everything has been televised. We will be able to tell where I don't know, what's on the other channel, the other channel she but she's, really funny and my dad and so young mom, and so I young, a lot of warm and there they call without the characterisation of them the pop up, and you said pretty much my sister. No, I think it's been harder. Does my sister, when eight I've gotta be to hurry like sort of curl persona which faintly keys snarking, but now she has she's. Cheat truly is a person. You know she's gone through this server metamorphosis. It's not funny exactly and a nice normal person, hardly comedy knows supportive.
She won't. She won't budge As always, so now you I'm having to rewrite some material awake? How? Maybe as for the others, so that certain different did. But I think that that was hard for her. I think two year me in her and Surplus Starkey person. She lives in a small town. Duluth is so I mean it. I think I'm the only thing sides Bob Dylan that gets report about? So it's like people got back to him like seriously This is a personal she's lake. Now, what is it ourselves? because I don't want him I did I did a model Michael rally me
it was a menace. Little motorcycle rice was very quiet. You know nobody, is hampering or just can't we like to write motorcycles, and so it wasn't as frightening as that sounds, but I had my dad open I paid him three bucks. Oh, my god, it's amazing, he did ten minutes up front and it was This is just a polite listening, like a grueling about your parents does that make you might get up there. He was so great Irish Hearst it over and over again, and he didn't joke about me, which was total pay back. This is like he goes. We re already. Hang history is actual. What right do you boot reopen here, port and sherry? There may carry Marie. I can guess it, then we need to ask a pink a river uses or less
be true good fight. My friend boy, I see the ban. Foods is the new realities or that's what other ever show was similar to those who spoke. As you do know you, family members in areas like I do Wolf I worked on barnyard together on the back burner for Nickelodeon in Bedford, played the next or the meddling extra neighbour, MRS Beauty, and they would we also greater working. Barnyard is a day. We would you, written passes, the script for the neighbor just have us improvise and they use a lot of the revising, particularly with Maria they were just let her go. I guess far she wanted to go and so that character, ended up becoming so wonderfully insane and it was well, you know like almost entirely Maria, just just coming in and kind of like like taking what could have a pretty like stuff.
Typical, like I'm nosey neighbour, and just making this woman like a basket of insanity, so fucking gorgeous, which is what you should neighbour next I'll ask over force over in order, so that those things we were gonna I am here to day we're gonna material. Every takes meal, it seems well geeks. It takes what it takes to think Jennifer Amnesty. That was why we realise over as a future. Because I was gonna tell do a joke, you know how to success celebrities another just like us accept that there were moods, create weather and lake. How can I read this book about how people gopher celebrity because its survival technique of biology that you want to look towards them can you perceive as being like the most fertile physically strongest
if our privileges was not very fertile until recently, in my ray you issue precarious, that's what it says on the newsstand baby bubbles We have, I think her gradual quote- was my pussy useful, definite microbes. You no longer any more export a baby. I think with the actual work, as well as its arguments, pregnancy out of any. What I propose is like a horrible ways and say: like those like rope. The third element, but I think I think you're the one on websites reset brought prove a human right. I don't know it's. It's. That was all you know, I always wanted to be the glass cloud, and I was always the kid that would say stuff like you know what these will a baby in school and none.
The kids are thought it was funny was just like a fucking momentum killer and just do it like. I never was never. You are entertaining earlier class colony there. It is terrorism you got your lady gotta be caught acquired in ITALY. You know the belated anyway. That's my dad said: if you want, I don't like you, listen for gash going on in your marriage store. You know you you're one of the only way everything get away with dropping the seaward earlier, when you're murders will about her mom hacker parents, echoing her, that is amazing and shut the fuck up. Instead, they can for it is usually, you feel a chill like ripple through the relevance of Andrew Seaward, but last night it was,
It was on fire, worry of every head does exclusively bright. The same said to me: should. The commission was lying in a morning like getting into the ban, and I owe you good morning to you, Sir, what was their experience like fur is a company words. You Three, like very specific but kind of you, know, dominant oh personalities, exciting setting. I have never had brothers and then also link we had the best social skills. I would always just escaped like Ella get your Goodwin Open MIKE, I will know, is usually go home pretty frequently air like I just didn't happen, of anxieties was like better had been with people ok, I mean especially when being accorded everything's recorded
that's it makes it all were so yeah just It was really. Nice was nice to kind of like the and see that the euro theirs It is good to you know, like everybody has like somehow sometimes outside that evil milliner different or something, but they all these were worried about stuff and had feelings come up was. It was the Elles, it was real masses romance and they were very supportive Ellen at all. I think that's a I think all somebody yeah had a lot of prejudices and healthy Canon. If somebody you said, shut, copy stupid cut for a snap, and I can have like somehow like he's like really occur.
Do you like your girl, like you know, I'd like you to lose like it was like being now welcomed into the fold. Exempted, that's what he was in a pattern every morning during jumping by common. Exactly exactly He called me a cup. we go traveling with that cuz I've known Zach about the same amount of times. I've known you and Zack it's I love, you I don't know I've ever had a serious conversation with, because when you try to have a serious conversation with any kind to flex it and then like don't think! I really know you I dont Supernova farewell. Let me seems a good guy and I could see that he keys you gonna get till some weird like celebrity factor where or yours I kissed, I gotta think. Maybe he made me stressful. They like,
Connect with too many people, especially now is behind now be Superveillance only longer positions that over half of the world than about music What's a delta to like it. I like growin up like with another. That's what it is like a flat goes into Sunday, I had some really crazy, drunk moments with that guy at his house as House like WWW, like just being in other places, call the cab one night. This is the same night that I asked MARC, Maron, cuz, MARC Maron, I've been sober a couple years. This one is like in two thousand and three it was July. Fourth, actually, Those three was in the house in, yea ass yet has Venice end. His hammer now is my runners like sue your server. I like that. I call the cabin fell asleep on the floor, absolute, whose, no, no, I was rule
with a good basic ethical back was pretty fun. Border arrives, murmured dicks words ensuring by rockets of people becomes a weird earlier or you do you mind? Are you on the EU and the sober trainer silver tuna? Does it up sometimes, but not I don't drink too much come on so much medication like I get sleepy real, quick like if that's a profound for me like there's a good school vine tasting food personally, I do like Delicious fluid said you know, and also caffeine actually really was maranon that way he is always cranked up. I saw feeling discovered, jacked and trying to get off and try to get off that stuff drift towards what we were well used to be Justin. Did Coke head man. I dated somebody who is totally ryzhkov eyes cough, and that is a sweet like them. The eyes like that,
Why have also we obviously ideas? Rigour, driver glared yourself with the cigar like smoking, dancing around yeah, I'm trying to get up accept along like a win, the philosophy that I seem to adhere to the whole idea of lake. While why are you doing this like as a kind of covering up some sort of feeling? You know you're not like you know, and I go. I don't know why scared like whatever you know, caffeine is covering up. There will be something like you're gonna have to move from LOS Angeles and turned to become an empty. That's what you meant to do is to help people, Emergency situations get really anxious in those situations and final document, a lot of confidence and people, because your high voices, you're jittery hands, but they might just get that flash and with a little worried that it will mean that acted somehow,
click on a house and also and basic needs. They are not the same, but I thought the american dream If you buy a house and then you feel greatly in kind of feel part of everything and, in fact is been super lonely like within a house when you buy yourself man, I just how roommates were divided Craigslist. Jasmine. Just above our mergers, supranational nineteenth and artists vertical shared self on some Youtube stars video there in german oaks? only the Lisbon Super good supercomputer. Yeah cannot like that. Weird thing like that everything I've ever wanted, this happened. You don't like does it all. I got really deserves Nothing really need I've. U not strive for it. It's like, so you don't make enough money is like I'll pay and I know these are champagne problems they do.
They come from having our dreams. Times diamonds. They can a scratch, you complain bragging a lot. I love, I also have complained braying sessions of the oldest of averting that's like. Would they don't tell you when you buy the new anti century system to be within fifty feet. The cards like, maybe I wanna, be twenty feet from the car. Germany did you ever knows how to do it, it's a hybrid, hybrid households, female and can reproduce come on biological major finds a way. I remember the Caspian and we look to the future. That is the center of which will be left in getting here a brand new car that did you
considerably different where I was dating. A girl in Santa monica- and I was driving at six hundred jeep- does worry. Why arming exactly do you understand that your body is, I got rid of a jigsaw, got twelve miles the gallant, and then I got the civic hybrid and then immediately broke up there. In my brain I felt great. There was a very, very good, but that I was at the jeep anymore, because I was on driving like four miles a day back and forth. The work and but you know what I'm used to it, but it gets rate mileage. I can drive to Vegas bag tank, but yet it didn't change your all over mood or light feelings about. Better about not recycling bottles, today that we are the sort of kind of weird carbon
pretty enemy the contributing in this way all foods. Can I finish the way you know, The trend is what everyone used. I can keep popping you like this. It's only did because I don't have kids like that's doing something for the environment like I can take credit for that, but I'm not a great increase in the population elsewhere, You don't have to be very signorino endearing a number of different facilities, although I know that this is the best way of equal people this vessel. But yours is through business Joanna Volleyball good danger level. Do you really think you do sighed out spies like she don't I'll terminal. I don't even know it's not me. It's was happy. If I get it was an honour, was a movie with the pure Horton, see Thomas how's, volleyball booby from the eighties
it is more every sporting, how the movie, the eighty Syria also seen how? Yes, but you see this- please don't don't anyone. Facebook me about one or two other data unless they live within five miles of LOS Angeles elsewhere, with any, because I wanna do somebody from Facebook, where a new, through friends through high school, and it was. So terrifying. I can't even like it turned out link. It was really using all. This is why people are given the numbers, mean people a powerful, but please could you really no link. Somebody can have like all the leg, spears and you don't have a reputable breeze- is losing a wonderful home and are drinking at night by themselves. Guys doing that, you feel like a meal which I could go for Coca puffs Joel. But you just go on. While I I didn't realize it yeah, you do have to be kept. Klaus than ours,
I believe the Jack raping didn't turn down. Psychotic individual. You know air following I was sitting in the back of it, who is also a wonderful common good and we're we're just I mean I watched I watch. I deplore. What happened to your separate didn't want to leave so I watched I stayed. I held it in and fully, and I were just talking about how, like stop, is amazing on, and so Well then I love, I love the idea that I can see the sort of the sort of self stuff, then I'm sure I mean I know I've I've read about it. Stuff too, and I and I see it bleeding out and so on for other visits. Very it's funny like this should be your writings, verify and the service. But I love kind of looking at what are unemployed. Can damage she was then, through, like fifteen I'm hearing that same kind of phrase over and over again, if I hang out love yourself and don't let people in jail before that expresses your comedy
I left of abundant paternal self help nerd. I love about ways to, Life should be lived in a series of boxes and you just do a shore inventory earlier? What are your strong points and their negative points, and why don't you put that? the grass and then put it through a computer and then comes back to you and you get a badge. You wear that and pretend your life is a file. Forty Threefold Mulder file, links. I noticed you suddenly. Yes, I want you ready units philosophy, self help with Silver Unix wasn t. That would sell at least five covering all mean anything leaving office. Is the process of island cabotage. Your harder I like
I do like autobiography like, like was, did you read, em key Andrea gases. It was ass, its beautifully written. But it's all about me. The passion of doing something in being supranational working superhighway, but I mean does he hated it? He hated tennis, told Heimlich is pushed. Do it as a kid and Andrew. I think it's really beautiful, workin I'll I'll have to read. I love to read period after you reader. What are you reading? Is it? I'm gray Ferguson's will grant the American on purpose it's great. We had a long recently how the fuck am I going to say this guy's awesome and just one. No more about like his upper gonna, like like a guy he's, like you said, like you start like and pump, bands of them What I d like to accommodate like like it's like an idea that have the same thing was, programmes drawn up, and then I go to stop it I started comedy.
The great book really get it really really really a thousand be up to have the great Ferguson Voice in your head, while you're eating it, because it makes it that much money classes ending with a gradual marks on, though really gradually, I was really read. A business trip bear the richer Branson one, but now you know it's hard for me to read. It's hard for me to read: fiction, I always tend to read Nonfiction, because I want to learn about people's was always feel like. I feel like it's a waste of We know that I can be learning something by the girl who I spent a budget contributors for the nerve to sign in this girl rights. Put reviews just wrote, become ancestor buying and it's got secular and it looks like she says it was amazing, so I'm all, probably our primary that but I never never never read, fiction stuff.
I know you're, not a sufficient. Just got just didn't happen. Look here, that's very vision is like a comic book or a rapid novel, but I've never never like it. If its a book, I just read my love. Tat classroom in I've never met his novel downtown, our readers, nonfiction visions. No one is a waste of a book and they wanted to marry about what would your autobiography be like Hell, yeah I read a cat gryffons it now? and Sir solvents and the measure, both just so awesome and grated Adolf Chelsea Hamleys books, which are these creatures so often goes. You seems like I media. She's, very basic feminist, but she didn't you know she's in a part as just like, loving sex selection. Just like you just like yeah for this, I didn't plan mundane again not to deal with those present. You know I mean that that was proud of my focus
but but but let me see if I have a book and eastern were Van or data about depriving rent had the books, but depression and anxieties but that you don't one word, be funny funny book you that already exists, I d start work and that, in this concept is don't be afraid of the dark, even if it does That does not exist in your voice. Yet why? With his wife and you re things, you do because I mean I've? I've always have a history of you know anxiety in and what the interesting thing was stand up. I outlay, minor. How anxious I could be going to a show. I always felt better once I got on stage like it was the weirdest kind of
Is it the way it normally works for people like it always took me out of the anxieties based performing its totalling relaxing? I got it. There's no way to think about anything else on state aid can focus on yourself and be hyper aware and yeah yeah totally herself to be you gonna, be what's it all sounds Gordy with its two thousand earlier jokingly, but that's exactly through years of corn in your hands, and he said it around reassured on you. Gotta be, should give up pictured D like it. We like. What do you think about like like the idea, We preach? The choir like are performing for your own crowd, whether Techno magical and he performs
search, wrote you know and in his skull god I would like to be that comedian. It performed all different sorts rooms like anywhere you don't any time, and I guess I did it's all provide so bad people, I'm performing why do skull? Socrates, this until I get the hang, We thought we thought before, and you said that you had sometimes a kick it's rough on the road. You know if you get a super mainstreaming audience that doesn't really get what you're trying to feel like a pirate. A dummy there should eat more protein. That used to be an issue like I'm gonna put an area Pennsylvania and I'm just a rough week. Was a lovely club aware is like a committee and also the community tolling for pact there, but they were Leslie knew what they're gonna see like we all come down because its yes, retiring in this work, but he goes and area
and so I like. But they also had melted nobles for dinner and Oh Jack he's like get her subjects. Wags get her he's a delight to be? I listen. I don't feel like you have to You know I mean. Obviously there are exceptions every rule, but I feel like people who try to speak to everyone end up talking you. Nobody like you, I feel the people who love what you do. Across the board super smart, introspective thinking.
People, and I think that's a great honour to have. I don't think there's nothing wrong with finding your audience and performing for them and take them away monthly. It's your balance. Like you know, it's like the kind of music of amply is like the people like that kind of music, you're gonna watch that they like to date, Matthews occurred under moved by a fiddle three. When I get that someone didn't he agreed with those gave cause us trailing it. They don't have any hierarchy of. I get to hang out with all the other superstars with them who was Luke's who's the games there was the Skywalker in Romania with him. We also disagree with.
You better than him yeah you're better than him. He was lucky to be the room with you. Jumper wasn't notify movie specimens it out, for you I was not Australia. Performing performance is great, but it's too far and its desire to those of you know it's a sling again think unless a Jackie came for the first two weeks now was often and then I just gotta convince people, go with mean, which seems to be an issue now you know like a yoke. Let me present cancer, you know businesses when the ones who are being responsible for the environment have kids. Ninety I'd love to, but would I be somehow lowering the carbon footprint? I could take more airplane rights if I was a foster parents. What is good through your head when you start, as I feel like. You know,
Can I have these algorithms and our head is comics where, when you start, you start doing your acts and you go over responded at the prime economic for the next ten minutes establish. Where does here where's your go. You know when you starting you like? I don't think that into this I can try to vote, will check because of going to the vault web site, but I feel like an hour sleigh seeking work. He would, when I told him a couple times that he would like, he would just go and do as new stuff. Like no matter what I mean, he doesn't really strong. Personality rose and fell, but Burnham so you'll someday. I just tried it does it as many new ones and then when they seem like that like irritated then I got here, here's this, why I know you'll love it. In writing. Process, like you like. Where do you I just a tie, tat garlic. Only here just happened,
is a phenomenon where I get. Cabdriver. Sometimes in this not an all encompassing statement, but sometimes cab drivers are recently emigrated from a country where, if they were to see me- their country. I can probably be stoned throat ass, it might with a fence post and that affects the customer service. Let me tell you, because ITALY, I've just had a really bad experiences with like one guy, yelling at took me off the street, and the two OSIRIS yelling at, because I need it wasn't going far enough for him for a fair. Would let me look at me role. The wind was down one day he yelled at me for a while. You about how I using a credit card. Nicety has credit cards. Anything it was all seem to be about, like women earn fear. Why the goat talking a recycled as some sort of a regional thing about where these gentlemen,
where the hell were. You are a woman in you're getting in the cabin you should for commissioner, we can heal Billy every whatever days until, but you words like just the first question- is all in a church: women elderly, are you married? I mean I've heard, The first question: melodic, drivers is, are you married and what that means as a whole, while you're at it, and then I say yes, I am his marine, was a mercenary and you know what his name is. Knife knife gun we're just joking around I just want, like some too sometimes have set up answer man's said the embassy omitted and it isn't ever. One as Mr De I think it's like its eyes or were you It is a sort of like a thing that women she's got round about. Yes, have every fucking car drivers.
You know what I'm wearing something sleepless and that is and whether you are sure you forums for his lot. I can I can I can I wonder if the flicker then then what I do is as a whole and by regretting excess him. A comedian They go through a whole things. Like all you ve seen everything so I made, help yourself on and show you know, pitches over Tiger woods dancing to I like pussy money or reiterate Any Murphy's acts Lady five you know faggots how they put dick in a hole above the faggots, is so fucking funny you ve seen everything now want to see everything.
My friend is dead. What do you do do here? That's gonna tell you are for the government would only vote and worked with government. They will not bother yet that anyone is now I M, a bookkeeper Let us obvious DA's like fucking hard core enough and it's a weird thing to say, and I think I think I this would be the one that maybe the guy you're fucking with me. If you like a specific enough, do you have a gun? yes, I guess I don't think it is because there are way Americans would be. Same way like you over that same turning away, was a woman out travelling, by herself. Would you do if you have a gun badge decapitate one hangs out from your per no one knows anything when you did that
that's very, whose married you who can indicate that every time problem solver I've just because, like the convocation, solves a decentralized who get your rest, their answers about what are given it. He has generated young Ludwig Z, leg, work and delirious thing is that I never sailor. Clay adds friendless happened by their like oh yeah, just a friend had isn't much branches. Just like I told them. You know you know. Fuck off and you're not gonna, get a tap or whatever, and I'm gonna call it a taxi issues. The core of what I do is I go. I overtook them and then a really nice girl. I think I felt a part of freedom. And then a privy sooner like so sorry for like all? Well, I just stopped eat. All told me, they're gonna, learn about the country and their just.
Maybe the apologies for the really nice when you get to know him, yeah yeah, exactly red, it's totally laker. Why today your ways, data relation with somebody else, while the timeline means right I do tremble alive. It's me such a demi that we may face looks love work. I think I mean we noted this does make word. You might be my favorite community. I mean I have a genuinely genuinely bite, but one might be. We think about your material. Is that it is. It is on its way global king drive. These try yeah Applause
all. The same ideas were all having generally the same experience in also click. You always think he, even if we have the exact same, I declared somebody you. We had the same ideas: a young lady, let em there's idea that I had as well about how you I'm an abusive relationships with me South? I know I seem charm and we're together, but you know when it's just me sometimes all the sudden night and I don't like it predicted I'll, just start yelling at myself and have a baby. Well, you know like thing you just developed the shit out of it until it is unrecognised from anybody right here. Sit down and talk mean Jackie will do like a joke. We'll you realize you worked out kind of in the card. You deliver sit down the road you sit down and I'll. Tell me Jackie will do like a joke. Look, ok, I'm doing not ask for tags or not say I don't want any feedback on this into saying and allowed in oxide that that's hard to lick his sheep
but I think it's too fresh baby. You now I can't read yet. And you were, the baby comes out of the room. I thought Evoldo cut that good governance. Can I happen to believe that what we are forever? No, it's gonna grow, and do you not see that so I guess you could. I just would show that I mean I just you have outlined, which oppresses less live to see. My mom was like something they can tell. My parents jokes about my mom said that needs a network of privacy or whatever but my dear my dad, I don't know that link I have again Wickerwork HOLLAND you'll be up from like worry, I'm telling you Sevenpm was work it working at a job, but then also went home made, who bring, who sit up and was
the unhappy Nano Berlin lives toward, but I think he has some he's a dermatologist, but he also to studies on the side and as of its little, es nobody's getting older butter, but like the ivory trade or any joke about tat about, like They seemed sad now of civilised world who, sadly, people can go all, but I've tried to work. Like saying my dad, I ask you to give me a hard time, but my work ethic foolish goin down for a map british, coming up from an f o you away you taking a break from your vacation, traveling machine sabbatical ye shall around bars for years. You know leading french phrase. You friends, ninth query, get paid for attack
a partner poppy talked yeah, yeah, we'll shoot you don't let you'll get some people, they get a little bit sad. You know like it's like the trick. Jukes transformed, like all like all. Ok, you and you start with the initial emotion and I'd like on sound to matters, has two sad or something like that on Estonia before was like, I felt like gave a little tired for wasn't any good, but, unlike illegal dumping, jokes develop doo, doo, Doo, doo kind of producer, rift tags on stage or do you go up like totally you know exactly what's gonna come out, I dont pretty much, but somebody else gets premium. I wish I would let myself be were surprised. You know, like trusted NEA, in the moment, in the universe, in the
in the trees in excess. Are you were happy jokes? yeah more so now and I haven't awhile, but like I just I don't, right. Well, when I just sit down right, I write the worst things I could ever do. I just just sat down a ride, so I have ideas and then I take them on stage them with that. With this guy, cooperation with steelworker coup with greater barnyard here I'll keep in step with saying he thinks it's important to sit down and and write those shitty parts, because he thinks it loosens up the machine yeah for you to get to this stuff. So the later on, you'll have an idea in your car, but that was probably
shaken those because you actually did set down a fourth yourself to right, no matter how bad it was in, there is everything to illegal actually fallen, while no books, and I was going through it in some stuff. I know I tried and would like crash burned, but like seeing it now with the years Grannie far away. It was right, for it seems that now I was on my way and I think I can figure this out now. Did you ever do that? He ever go back to the old books, gay I'll go through a dick through a lot. I mean a lot of its really painful. We let go my god. What was I but every once in a while, you ll see TAT. I think it's really important to dig through the old sea throw away all make up. This is a very serious threat, Molly really as fast as possible, noble just throw away ethical, yeah I them away and all we did what it myself know all would be voting till it back.
Two years ago, with other experiences in your life, you end up with something that euro down. Will you had one angle it, and I have two or three different, like views so weird psychotic diary like see what your brain was trying to. You know like express at the time he is pending the greatest clutter like stuff said indeed, all alike, but what happens when you work itself? on and, like you just totally lose How did I get here at least apelike hurling planned out, even if people are and borders like where I have a plan I did a nice planned you know, they can see that I think these cookies shit he's, thereby if I now go to It turned out a dead end now just pillars. I've scope well Obviously this is not the old I live because
show me the shows no age you aren't like really, I gotta professionally shows their bars. There lay back. I think you have to justify it at all. I think. As long as you I mean, ultimately, the crowd is there there to sort of be led a little aiming like it formulated within, but they want to follow you like. That's why they're, You know I feel like. If you don't go spree ass, you know and you like something doesn't play. I can give you just kind of gloss over jump on some mouse they're, not gonna of me. I don't think that's really care. If you know, if you don't you can you can get some laughs to get out of the situation by commenting on that moment like like it sometimes at the improper, like that the kind of crowded like will like if you take a one step too far, though set back. You comment that they took a step back you get along Let me just go on forever and I do love somebody just as what is happening. The guy I'm a hard time. Sentinels is culturally, however, arbitrating, let's not mention. What's going,
the danger that was always there. Because in your mind, you're, not you not always the best judge. Where are you materials like how people, don't you think people dont like you and sometimes it's there listening or they're trying to hear, and so then, when you going too well This was a big pile of failure in everyone's colleague. Oh, I wasn't doing that and then your dear you're telling them that its opt in, and there like, I mean totally here you about the army. I, like you, I, like a dialogue even like just like you like getting up US agents by commenting on the right away, doesn't have rings over one into the now of the show was really all this person's really they're, not just forming it in Goin whenever safety, which, since it will try to try and takes an attack takes tee o tango. I believe not fridge french, toast French, just eight thirty p M,
friction said: son Ass Sunday names. Is that that's what I call that show that do they serve or is it a french toast, like all of them? The other. Last week, the Cairo and broader on in or some other members of this house for people who have some memory gift and talented as well. What are you sort of wooded rear? Do you know you cuz you earlier? You said no, I feel like I have everything I need. Do you have sort of long term? I mean it's. It's it's baffling to me that you're not on a show like you, you are, you would be such a perfect character on a show like you,
surprise that you're not on something right now. That's what I keep telling my Lord Jesus Christ. I thought my sight. He hasn't plan for sure I want you to resume roadwork should both Jesus Christ. I let you gained. We read of our british, but of course we also saw what footsteps in the earth, because I took a brake on a wrong because of what was sort of critical note. We were carrying me tat. I was rather like a. Dear dear equivalent afoot pigs in the sand and other religious deal bandwidth is one about here is hindered
Buddhism waits I come there is that stance. Statue: that's dirty of Buddha, immense corn and risks. Dinner square and then Buddy rub next to it and it was cold there where's, my our wherever given Billings HOLLAND, useless in haste and then somebody rubs it together.
Lay solid. Gold and thing is like all you don't notice. What's a treasure, behaviors warrant Ledger primitive Univee trace back over mythologies cross over all the religions, real gimme, the fact tat. I was not there, but I wanted you always easily parallels between security and the misery is a matter not even the babies with gas gets mad when I've never see the year. When there were several matters under greater freedom to Jesus Christ, they met the red Sox as well. You can appreciate I shall ever like today, please ok, ok, the what's happening? I'd like to do it of you so, but I don't really know what it would look like, because I want to come
rate was somebody, and I was trying to get em meal was married to Colonel knew a holy man right now, Maria I'm, a network executive and as such, I lack a lot of imagination. Midmost humans possess really going to have to paint a picture for will actually paint a picture for this reason for lost the girl. There's no origin, this painting on you, I hate you. I would order in it it's whatever you want it to be. It's a modern art peace now so that he may be achieved So the idea is its neighbourhood sick com, where we will have the same evil. People observant cavalcade of characters were never better in my head, there's only one person in the series that acknowledges it, that was my roommate actually not living in the said, come and one of the character. Is a monster. Who is
call me my mother monster down the monster in the garage and then each episode, the monster is something else to everybody liked the monster represents. You know whatever like racism or maybe fire render some huge whatever people put on it. Physical character and yeah yeah yeah, I heard a monster as well and then the master is whatever you think it is. But it's you know, I'm playing playing it and its allies in the dark. I don't like a duty, Hauser Volor where's, that gets my diary where attacked the monster, unless you didn't say anything for those party and his gurgles and spits and stuff like tat, and then he added yeah yeah nuke,
There is certainly a brave ever show, but I was thinking with with outside character's coming in who so not album acknowledged, and only one person acknowledged that it's in my head, but everybody else's on board hey as your mom and unlike well, she's the language of United States of terror, but put no there's a term when I don't want any river eat, all yeah mental illness or like there's something where I know it's just like that, I'm just its meaning on Sunday night. You know why I'm back home wish. I had a parliament, give your show, I would love for you to get. Can you just go shoot? I can you just go to think I was gonna. Do that's gonna try to meet with new links for lunch? I was gonna eat. Take him off the lunch. I if I give you a thousand dollars Would you shoot this one thing? Maybe creative content Amelia listening if meal
If meal does not shoot your show, I guarantee you that we can. Someone tissue, you know. I think you might be if he's busy like it. If he, if he's working on something, is never everytime, I would produce Moreover, I would I would you give you having free time just I believe it is right not to go there. I didn't throw money, money go, make a thing and give it back to you when you're well neck. They have none gets to scold such what job in each day the Avenue Flee ruthless Julia Native fantasize about to do everything to do it. We were settled.
I view just. Do it a shell words to stone. Is it's an hour long and series and issues fancy farts wherever it just situations. People were heard that who might perceive as fancy
at some point. I would like to see the title Garda like us: the invisible man robustly someone for together, like your color MRS, comes out there, but it goes into calligraphy Armand used to record all. As far as I can I got my Cosette recorders are no. I just wanna use of digital recruiter. What we started doing was we started naming man had different personalities so like if you looked under the who me you'd here, his actual parts, there is actually a fun exercises. Furthermore, buys them real, I'm. Ok, I'm I'm! I'm it'll launch on notice that tv, a larger and I'm gonna producer show again and then we're gonna sell, because you need to on television they'll, be able to do in the honey and then yes
the street I'll start writing it right now. Resorting priority wrote one one episode, but yes I'll get you the script and then I was trying to things with no nothing We in the EU do she's your imagination right, who needs perhaps when their fingers That's a big know about that. If we can avoid the perhaps when I think that the gradual, but always kids today with their amplification of their life, was yelling and vineyards are making very two dollars a year. My yes, the big tat. Instead of talking to people, we just pull. Even our rights had rats. Ok, Google, my God, so delightful. This happening you now,
how many of you have in your ear. Super submarine be goddamned. Second dreams happen very excited. I address no borders that we want to be in the shock of I need to have people Michel said Omby Amby, they were met mine. I was an apple bought behind furniture, I'll be Jonah obey me too. He was well. Maybe the crazy, through mighty met my run of the truck Stefano, each other's jokes, women gray saw the sun which jobs can be. Never messing ouch I'm gonna, junior I've read your daughter. Asked ask that needs Representation Hoover. Had that happened, some one asked you know about my dog and went like a dog. Thing at the heart of man, and then there is this dog agent there I was trying to say
hard customers had put her on the? U dont? U verse black and yet you plug split a parent, she was too old. Does that sound familiar, but then they saw my friends. Dog was not interested in show business. Might a terrier and their college did my dad happens that someone else got all our boy. Those gather all available before our boy, maybe Moreau anyway, don't line that we need get it when he leads when you're, in which tourism is its when you're a dog who doesn't have any understand, construct and highly solemnly wanted, pop out there. Asshole and left her tail curled up over. You know, you know what they're doing about relationships eliminate filled. My colleague Hollywood,
Scott really ones in Lisbon. On twenty thousand, I implore you can see the Hollywood sign for my arts got box, the Hollywood sign some time remain, and then he jumped off. A guy from family affairs. Mom yeah. Exactly does like that. Everywhere on the internet. Now there has been a you'd call to get you on twitter, but I feel like you're gonna be unstable in this matter. I dont know what I was well. You know I would I know I could write funny things right, but then the problem I know a lot of people are running very funny things and I got it right. Work on Monday, but maybe I'm falling behind loop. No one has your point of you. You know you shouldn t you shouldn't be on twitter. If you feel like it's a chore, but I know that a lot of fans would love for you to be on their because they shows you start off now The news your way to the euro, the jokes we'll. Let me hear, let me put this out. I'm gonna start whispering what I'm doing in the moment at all times and people monastery
Let me add that school was literally. He me right now, I'm at Chris raised, but other powers would actually be comforting. Arising commercial increase. Can you make this happen hey boss, where with the show like people can network to to do, share right here and go The comedy shows together comedians words like oh, you other set at big fish and other should replace, Let's get together. Nobody nor ruling economic, Ireland Herbals. I like that sir taking the audience are undertaking the communist. Just the cap are what they are talking about. A bus service. I went with that already to transportation. Service report is gonna, be entertained. People were being picked up from bars, they don't have to drive home no comics by comics FC
you're, not hang out it's a book, but you armoury, you have Maria Ban for dot com and you can download a free one hour, candy special that are made for last Christmas shot by any of the honey which reached my two poses no laughed track, which has like it of relatively now? Only mature steps of the british people is one of visualize things at for free. Shredded put it on a thing dice it whatever you need to do is for it's yours and that's that's what I'm selling that's and then- and there were some kind of launching a website in the whole purpose of it. Is this thinking third sourcing, where we crowd source with nerves, and so, if you have a project with you want to shoot this thing. My hope is that we can get a bunch of fun creative merits together. That will come help, get it done for you and then you
get your thing out of it made to work with you and they get to put on their resume like. Oh, I made this thing with Maria Ban, for everyone gets everyone yet something sweet, but no one in this way is like Scully has people are frightening. You know like even other nice, they can be. You know we were. We don't shoot at your house. I was thinking I was gonna, be no well suited to the location where the location like we want yeah we're, not gonna but what about all k? Ok, oh that's perfect- is prevent manoeuvres that I'm a generally afraid at the plant just had a couple weird experiences. Now what I definitely. I definitely think it's it's it's harder. If you, if you're a lady comical, you can kind of its Magritte subdued I'm not gonna, generally afraid of the blood. Just had a couple weird experiences. Now we'll try differently. I definitely think it's it's it's it's harder. If you, if you're a lady comic gonna, get some aggressive dude, I warmly thank you MA am. I saw you
nineteen eighty, two and I've been thinking about this just want so your border. No, I mean yes ethic and the Ngos. We would never do that, I would never go ahead. No he's playing cards on tv and had just like the looks and on the shape and wit less than a common one. I just However, here just a couple of minutes of this time would never do that you don't you harm reader. I know we're gonna. Be brief. I wonder. You ve done your mentally legal or saw them in some of the public's. Croatian and now I'm gonna, go ask for something or
William CAT, the greatest American. Here I get asked evil Phillips for advice. When I was twenty one- and he said I you just keep doing it and then he'd do and pretty soon a lot of people seeing in and more people of, seeing in then pretty soon whole bunch of people senior. Is actually in the workforce photocopy. I was at the progress all right I'll, send you a said like us, it s was a like a really big fat. Think you're a great I've really big Michel. They thought forty five minutes, given me advice like others, I don't know women. Do you think about going to bring all your brain every moment, let's covered by saying how operated as a kid
Whilst my motto missing something the the maiden was attitude and ever heard zalm reality. Everybody Whitney Houston David, longstanding agreement, skilfully mother money. I have it. I have five version six version, six version, the crash enemies. Let's go, acoustic. I have no doubt that these
he's very kindly when all the personal way, why would you be able to have a solution has got to do? It is rooted my new neighbour, he's young guy and open the door like whenever this is on recording of things I dont every time we get away, solicitations like people's Europe in their life, You weren't magazines, inscription that unlike know, and then they make you feel You don't want to help their youth group, and then you always here like oh, it's a scam, don't give it to them. They have to give them money to someone else who, like their dawn, and he takes almost your problem and in the countryside and the throat so So I totally was just superstore short, the guy and then it was like. I do next door and then proceed.
That's what I got on a large penny, farthing bike to back pedal all consumers, we just witnessed gradually me. Why did you really I never left the Pakistan attended before. How did it go for these gentlemen s? We eat you, that's that's. My Albemarle needs to hear he this new it enough. This is overnight shall want to do in my neighborhood anybody interested you know. I've tried to a bunch of places. Will they? Let me do it open like in my neighborhood, and I can I, the bowling alley and opening up and then thereby Gazeta that stays austerlitz. You son, folds there I saw then falls there when I first mooted allay, saw him performer than Weird AL came up and say it say it baffles. Vices Most of my life. I offer the doktor. There was great. But like that's it that's a cool place that that entails oasis down you work towards more towards,
hi ceiling like it might not be so good Likud Single should ever Riverwood spiritual poisoners very loud Nor did the borrowing desire office. Africa has a won't. You have to walk through door to get listening unless an unspoken have massive beverages savages epidemic. Is it still chinese? Restaurant just road into the changes I dont know I haven't been. There- is a packet turned down by a couple place in my country, A lounge I tried all. I did not try to capacity of celebrating my train coffee cup of coffee, Jobs are also also always good. I'm gonna be goods agreements. Rivalry between climate will sing along a popular tunes, like while the hand of lyrics to some of our population. You know some slow there, like lollipop sandwich method, because Jack he's like one trying to think of a way to get her to call hosted a great.
Rebalancing alone comedy our present. That's! Actually. This is like a blessed. I start leads us an enormous debts, buildings that are before us. That's information that useful tonight we get you down and about where we go to my dad. You have to go to war. There is like AIDS, we know it's totally stuff will tell those weird into this. Everyone tries to talk at once. You can't see their face, you don't know when they're gonna start and understood to be clusterfuck, so I can already get air ticket accused of interrupting people enough as it is I for instance, if ever it has been wonderful, haven't you that I'm sorry I didn't happen sooner bring legal aid for everyone
now leaving noticed dot com.
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