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Recorded live in front of 800 Nerds at San Diego Comic-con on 7/23, this awesometastic mashup of television space travelers yields some of our best podcast moments. Talk of leeches, Steven Moffat Muppets, Karen's love of Lt. Commander Data and how The Doctor and Wesley Crusher pilot their respective ships--namely the TARDIS and the Enterprise (1701-D, of course). THIS. EPISODE. RULES. SIDENOTE: Thanks to BBC America who sponsored the event by allowing the attendees to "enjoy their burritos" which Matt and Karen helped hand out in TARDIS sleeves. Genius! SIDESIDENOTE: There are some spoilers if you haven't seen this season of Doctor Who yet! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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No I mean nearly star com however redress, I've got everywhere it all day they dressed like a grown up. This is my final plaid I really pulled out all the stops for this one. You really did in a hotel room. We share a hotel room. Are you really sharing a hotel room? Yeah? We aren't bags. Oh my god! I want that by this up. I want that to be a reality.
I want you guys living together. I jump. I dont want that's very out. As I know these snores like you would imagine him. This nor write this by local areas. I wonder how that I got it. I know exactly how I'm sure you have your fair share of idiosyncrasies. No, I sleep like a hot baby How does your convent so far? Have you seen anything? It's been good. I bought like original cells from the Ghostbusters car to render the real, like Ghostbusters real Ghostbusters when you first saw the real I've goes plus, if you like TAT, is not Peter Bank when and why you got Spangler look like he should be in the Band ABC like Big Lion, pompadour, another recreation. Yet no, no, Maybe saddle generations ABC well what I was three years old. I understood that they legally couldn't use. The likeness is Peter Grit in Europe.
Smart was a guy like out by looking through the cells, and the guy tried he's like hey this majority. Batted Eddie shows me this thing with Peter Rank. Remember guerrilla from the ghostbusters. Remember the cartoon ghostbusters, the on the other wandering- and I was like Now- do those attitude of cartoons he's like not us both ghostbusters, as I know its, not that's the real ghostbusters, that's not put it away nerve. What a piece of shit right back! I was the Assad about. You a body. I bought a zombie dull with a detestable head from the locking dead, both oh, my God, no one knows it's the door will about over my girlfriend. Oh my god. You guys, I have a present, for you know, vapours going to run up and get it. Sounds like these, where we miss Chris all right That is gone. He is keeping we have no patrols eyes. We
hopefully literally hope supposed to be like this one, do you did you guys here. They, Robert Turkmen Podcast, that we did a couple weeks ago this I don't want you guys to lose control of your boughs and how awesome this is, but a couple days ago be that as it may, the Lisbon Vigo incontinence its everyone's problem, Damon Window off had tee shirts made of the dry did them over one four with a broken yeah, and it says it says: what did what do you do in Zombies attack and it's got rubber curdlin in its task,
its jerking each other up. Hang there is yours, and even the bag like little up is also like the bucket last Monday. While about seriously right? That's great! I don't like that. The testicles are censor the well you Can't you can't wear it around the earth when it comes about reality born. I think you see a ball. God come guys. We really gonna sit there and dissected basketball. What we're doing a show hold on that's great! Is he listens to this this spot? Catastrophic? and he does is a matter of very name and thanks a lot further. I want a kind of the show having we have S prize guest for you, guys who's coming out.
Where are we that's been our secret handshake for twenty years now, That's a secret anymore turns out it's not, but if you try to do it will know, you stole it from us on account of its secret. No one else has a hat like I, the hat being, Lincoln style had ever meet was always a bowler, a bowler us all a guy that is obviously Lincoln when he's on the job, but wasn't Lincoln. Today, Where the boy did you see that we will win. Who was he was with a guy in regular casual closed with a union soldier had no areas
that is very confusing, there were rumours about like and rumours. I think I know where they met this this spirit, Thank you for waiting in line. I know this is sort of a kind of an odd part of sandy. Ago. You mean that far away from everything, far away and it's a little but close to Harrison Poor, so exciting, all thanks for bringing me the bear that my girlfriend bought me you're. Welcome I think that any one that makes a baby fucking joke should be rewarded with their strengthened every big word, raw perceval. Where we congratulations, I move! the other night. That was an incredibly poncho. It really was you guys have done such credible job you and Adam Savage and Poland storm. When did you,
actually, dont know what was the what was idea behind like wanted. You started what was it was two thousand nine I I've known posed or for really long time, and we were talking about figuring whether we can do some kind of show together and Paul said so. I you think about doing, to show that's like that, this american life stage show, but it's not like nerves and not hipsters and bound, and I thought you ok that yeah great. Let's do that and he said, and if need more convincing us? No, no! I'm on board. I gotta. That sounds great, but if you want me to make that make it like even cooler, know Paul, you don't have to make a cooler. I've got it out of Savage Gimme. That show. Oh ok, so we we have this lady, we're all excited about it and then, like with all great ideas that sort of our are like require an audience. We thought nobody's. Gonna come see the show really nobody's gonna wanna watch it, and so we did a. We just put one show in San Francisco because it was convenient for Adam yeah,
and and- and I think I was already gonna- be there for something- The show sold out almost immediately considered that myth bus and then we did another one. We didn't glazed over that into the environment, regulating language but say like yes, it was boasted that was hilarious and they laughed. And what do you have to keep fucking score of Christmas jokes? Nowadays they replace she's here, normal will, as backstage one curse, is doing his eyes set our primary. Just like this. My fair, it's true, I just Sunday. I want to have a cape made addicts. That's my minded I was gonna have to go to a card and some craft nerd is going to make you a cape of yarn dicks.
And they are good yarn alarm. Will we yet because, like actual till those are heavy, they really are, and it would be really. I mean I've seen guys in big expensive, heavy costumes, yes, but I think the guy and capable of dicks, I probably spends more on chiropractic than his hands on aspects, not warrant that it's like it's on the execution. They need to be felt. They need to be made out of felt or yarn. You mean felt in the other way than our own. The elderly that have crooked backs with keeps the cakes of dicks we're just pull them straight up. Is there anything dicks can't do that. I don't have to be comfortable. Looking at you brought your son brought you Bryson Ryan to the kind of their hats. You brought him before the right I did when he was when he was a wheeler, don't say he's sleeveless and has bigger arms than me. It looks like he's
though it was like he's others does deserve? No, he does all of those really incredible gymnastics tricking, so he does par core and not as all that stuff like he sends. You know. If your parent, my son, sends me videos from college. Ok, look what I just did and it's like. I ran up a palm tree in back lifting corkscrewed and landed in somersault and ran up a wall on the other side of the coin that back flipped over there. Did a hands bring up a guy would have worked and show boat, We should let us citizen website, but they don't end up so good will that's. The thing is that I've seen those videos on web soup and, unlike rhyme, you just watch this, though one in turn to eighteen, his girlfriend took him skydiving. So I got this phone call from from my son. Hague what I'm doing in three days or medical skydiving, and I said, let me tell you every. You just did wrong. You need to call me three days from now on. Go hey, dad, guess what I didn't just die. Do it right because for three
his mom and I didn't sleep- we didn't eat, oh my god sexy time, thanks a lot Ryan legs were cut. How can you do with your bullshit parachute story? Jump out of an aeroplane? Daddy's got me. His body was wrong. Will I just can't stop thinking about our sun plummeting too, as I just can't get it up as it goes down? What's that they were all it's your ovaries drying up? I'm sorry! It's like you were all in my bedroom. It's really ensure that we're, but at least ride knows citizens elected safely. It was sexy, that's all right! When he landed on earth he just shuddered didn't die or allowing. I can't see you and I
Never that adventures when we were kids, we were all these paranoid. Little nerves were afraid of the out of doors. Should we go outside? No, that's an instant, the UK. Yes, oh my god, we pass those red and simply tapes. I I stumbled across run and simple just casually on a Sunday on Nickelodeon about one at eleven o clock on a block with, like Dugan, regret, I think, that's the tubes and isn't that a weird match. It was a totally weird mash up, especially I you know recipe for me was one of those cartoons that totally changed my world view like right, you can make it that way and space manifest, Episode that I saw instantly hit record right. The show hand on very long and I taped it and we like I've, tried to make it as virals. I passed. Those tapes around we watch them over and over and over again. We want to talk about this when we did it with the other Pakistan about willing. I also discovered
mystery signs, theatre together, it was only back in their back in nineteen hundred. Three sides. Diana was once you ve already go forward when we were children, and if you wanted to see something you I had to wait till it came on or you never saw again, but we just you know where we live. If we had in his apartment and went in westward near you say they were going to school and whoop. Rich people? Are you the rich people well you see about areas I rather they were rich until the ticket masterfully. Let's make us all aware that idea. Now, let's go into the next, so we don't. We Basically, we just used to like stay up and like have weird dumb like weird beer.
Like microbrewery beers and watch misery, sides theatre until a two or three in the morning of us. I still do that my girlfriend young and adorable. We react. We frequently have Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett and MIKE Nelson Jasper, Lou, we haven't been Woodstock gather going to show those having been a lot of different routes, dogs and First time we haven't Woodstock. I did that thing where I was. I just said I just have to get this has to happen now. You are such a huge influence on me and and There are things that I think are funny because of your show and my sense of humour developed. Because of your show- and I could see them- they were like thanks. That's really nice and it's like they have heard. Eleven million times, and that the amount of influence those guys on guys like us and I imagine on a lot of the people in this theatre and listen podcast is workable.
Is it really is that that that's another one of those things are just kind of changes, the way that you see comedy when you no way back in those days there was no every was so polished in network like that. Show never could have existed anywhere else if it hadn't started on you know that public access right there. You know like that local channel in Minneapolis First butter, but I don't think they mind that everyone farming cause it's better. It's better than hearing a harder fuck you for shipmates, create that show size. I said I was sorry to develop We're running a tv that people get very familiar so they'll do say, stop to you because they think people kiss your ass all the time and they don't so people go out of their way when you're out in public to let you know like hey. I know probably only hear people kiss your ass, all tat sort of governor. I wanna be real for you, so a guy said to me right after shipmates came out, Hardwicke decide the latest show not your best work
That's your password wikis valuable, compelled the reviewed. I'm sorry did you say my best Werner Regular does worry if Tom was almost like you're welcome to the model of television that was singled out right, but yourself, innovation. But your scraggly. Mustache. Get out of here. You don't get to use my dick cape to fuck, no privileges that have just been miss all go to the back of the cod and find one. So what have you seen and it would also be seen- can this year that your I'd, so we did would dog, and then I did well. I did the moderated the Eureka panel. Yes, and it was really cool and I really want to become see you moderate. The big bang passed so much. We kind of overlap the little. So I missed it, that's worth problems. Anyone could ever have
So I did that and then I had to do. I just did a bunch of press and stuff they get to do really anything up work. Yesterday and today my wife went home today and Ryan and I ran coincidentally caring gaily comes into town, and I wonder how in the world I areas for that and and surrender. I went to the to the quantity and honestly, it was really you're walking around in a wooden leg. I got a teacher, actually I bought this teacher dismiss gets You saw it and if you can see this in the house, but it's sort of a grey athletic teacher that says Musketoon economically, that's where I go to school, everybody wink actually have a muskets myopic user to learn about it. I'll see you in the courtyard over we're about to stay away from
the drain and yet Geier so so so I bought sure today every sure they brought with me to comment on some references doctor who are really. I didn't want aware tonight because I've already going a novel hard enough time. Didn't wanna be like I didn't want the moment than what what mattered care to be like. Yet thanks a lot you fucking dick. You brought me under your show the doktor, who fanboys number one wearing the doktor. Who d also he's attached to Karen like a cape made out of date because actually made one of those richer goes, but its orders on the back of his by right up at it. Now there soon is there so night it solely with that? That was the big thing that I saw was like. We did this and we walked around a little bit and- and went to only press and I bought a couple of books at look really good and
and then we were just like we're over this. It was so crowded today and then you could move and I mean just like we're on the cards like Vegas a little bit where you going, I got my guy came in, and Africa provisionally I beg you really do. Is walk slowly and smell horrible things. Well, it's a problem because, like especially to people that have the more complicated I'm looking to use, deem bunkers and it's like and hot San Diego, and you know like stop saying at some point.
It's in there a little bit as would have happened, beckons in Julie burns deem punctilios in steam on days, obey it issued steam on and evaluate its doesn't really everytime. I watch deadwood organ biggest. Those people must smell great. I think us all the time when I look back on what I look like the historical dramas, and I think that that must have been the stinky is time ever especially calamity people early on. How did people have sex in the old West, both because of the dead wood Sid, You I wouldn't have opted for the rest of their lives. Not a giant odd, for I'm drinking. It gives us an occurs like up. Oh, my god. It really feels I don't who is more offended
but like putting a really hot neuron and Ed hardy teachers, Whether selling me ed hardy line at target now aren't father. Douche bag. What happened you target it used to be cool regal, diagnose eyes, while our a t shirt. It's a girl, normal sexually assaulted, but I do want to pay an arm and a leg for it I want to wear so think that shows that I feel the same way about gay marriage is the store I bought it right. He shoots in this society, notably in that's right, not to go to target because it raises licence. Landon throughout the EU by target the headline in the onion. That's like target sharper looks down on Walmart Chopper. What you're famous
in headline my favorite Anita. Of all time is in their news. In brief section, it just says: Shit parking, ticket, fuck, That is like local residents, James Mcintyre, what got a fucking bullshit party dig it today when he left his car for like two fucking minutes, I went into the goddamn fucking grocery store and some asshole fucking cop. Let that I did when she of entire twenty. Wondered where those fucking cops, where what is staring still look memorized it oh, my favorite matvey redundant. Her light is holy shit. Man lands on Fuckin, move, yeah wholly living flocks. As Neil Armstrong, where's mine is mine, I don't think actually linked to a story. It was just one like just like it a smaller sub ahead behind just sick at Ass for home page
there is another one like it- was like GM recalls, neck belts because of explosive decapitation, again: not another entity that you know that really speaks today. The nerves? How? How was it would only have a presence at COMECON here today presents at all well we're here: yeah, that's true! We are alone and by we I mean nerds yeah how'd, you seen you how you can come, how many kinds of even to know I've I've lost I've been I've been coming since it was about comic books. The first was the first one, the right that I came to the entire COMECON Fit inside of ass of what is now just vendor space. While what was your favorite thing to see, but back in those days, electric
Ah, there was a guy who sold plague blankets and if we cannot get double Rebecca, Tesla Oil, balloon you know what I love about. Wooed mixed. That's not now listen to them! Blue, Edison, right, dry, geology, as well as you know that back in those days, I really really loved that it was. It was so much smaller with so much like it. Just wasn't as exhausting as it is now, and I I love being to go through like collections of comic books and find old books than that. I wanted, and I I really love being. To meet cipher authors and fancy authors, and I know that it's kind of
like it's annoying to me that, like I do know something that should that I just don't associate with nerd culture actually know, that's not right. I totally socio play with no culture gay. I ask just gotta just not in an obvious way. Tat is in short of a guess what I found in the Woods guys kind of way. Why? Wouldn't I always in a word- I don't know. I just imagine that there's some guy who's like pay and forward. I wonder we'll be fine by a little boy in discovering a whole lot about himself unstick. The pages we're going to take it back into the horror. I know uneasy. Anyway, I had I not an issue, I had an issue from like eighty four, eighty, five with Julie Mccullough on the cover that I am sure that Gesine is away pregnant by now. So here's my story about Julie, Mccullough, years and years and years ago, when I was I was on. I wasn't bad times
working very much in and I was struggling really hard to like sort of figure out what does in there's a guy. You turned out that promotion on the enterprise has a matter. Kid fuckin prove that that guy cry that spaceship into US jerk. Now you ve got Would you care to space worms, so I, when I went to the show I was like I have to pay my bill, so I went to this like autograph show and and- and it was a sort of like your favorite starts from. The kinetoscope. You know it was like it's really really all that I sat next to duly Mccullough and I knew, of course, who she was cause. She played an important part in my coming of age and things harming. I we got when he said Matthew, sorry, Chris
my robustly big see them it may exceed thanks for coming along. Captain explains the joke that better Russia name. I already made tat if they could see it's an honor, but I love you too to actually know you. Ve been demoted two sub ensign, like crewmen microbe rioters, open blow, you don't even have a name will now our banks. It is the one that had acted on the lipstick. Never watch us collect that their work, their way. For you in the transporter room, put on a red shirt, so I know who she is and I'm like having a weird feelings right. Even like in my twenties and she's the knife, person in the world, yeah she's, unbelievably Sweden, unbelievably kind and sort of got that I felt like my life is over
I'm here and She was really nice to me and at the same com, exciting thing, Bert Ward, Adam West Frank, Gore, Shin and and and like to other Batman bones and invite member who they were. They were like that, the big ones, but still a combat Manville there their inch- and I was like oh my God, Adam Wes Dislike- on the other side of the room and she said really nice. Would you like to meet him, and I said no, I really don't want to meet him, because if he's not nice It's gonna ruin Batman. For me, get a movie with Rucker how're and he is an asshole really and he's he's an awful human being he's a horrible gigantic richer than ass all keys. I know hard to believe railway at at at at at at at at men and Robin ruined Batman, for you know, because as far as I'm concerned that doesn't exist so I I had so. Yes, he like the ruined labour for me, it's hard for me to watch play. When can you imagine having played undertaken away from you
right. Ok, so I was sent here is never me Rutgers our so so it's like, I said I frame afraid to meet him. You know, he's a really really nice and I think that you would. He would be really happy to meet you and I said, not want to do it. Then we trust few hours later Adam West comes walking over to the table that I'm at and I'm like. I love you and he says, will weaken I'm a huge fan of everything. If ever done, an eye was of I've. Been I've been like your across give me all day and I'm like I'm afraid, to come over and meet you because I love stand by me so much and I was afraid that you were going to be a jerk and it was going to ruin
by me. For me, oh my god, and I thought that it was best and he goes on to tell me everything. I told Julie continue to achieve aptly blue women and he was thanks for ruin. You I love. You go to the transport, all right, my goes rid of all of you guys who has just care to go before the show is over. No don't applaud you have to leave to some other than it was. It was just that kind thing like she went there moves like look this list, nerd loves you, and would you like to be nice to him and he was and that's a big deal. I mean, like you, know, part of what school about sort of working in the north, the Neuro sphere is, you know like we. I feel like we're very fortunate that we get to meet people that we that we respect, and so the idea that someone knows who we are still very hard for us to wrap Army
drunk is where do I make huge band boy about star, so forget freaks me out walking through COMECON. Today, people are like, oh, my God, there's no wheaten and, and I'm like where, I don't know because I did you like. Oh my god, there's personal excited about right. It's me knows where you like: shooting repairs, rubbing. Don't you do that when you get nervous all the time, I just want to know we're. Just like you, earlier, which nervous shit rubber ass. They suffer from shit, rubbing, you're, not alone. I know I do. I will weaken and I've been a nervous shit rubber since nineteen. Eighty five, that's why I'm promoting the towel shirt? It's a shirt that's a towel, its incorporate
microwave fibres and remove the smell of shut out your hand in age, and if you order the next fifty five minutes you will receive this can of wax car Neuber wax and ashamed bucket, because it needs the bucket it may not be sending people into space anymore, but you can read all the shit you want on your servants right Nassau. Just keep make an upside down and things that right under water and what is gonna be the future of the space programme at the other sad said, depressed well moving on. Well, here's browser, it's it's gotta, be corpse, right now. You know rail projects workin out great for America right, I get so they're gonna just do things cut costs and we got so like just in timber. They could go to them.
Now that we really do need to have sexy brought back ever since it was Aldrin got back on the spaceship. The moonlight come on come on earth. Why you know bring these sexy, who, out of you There are some people think that that you ve met that are really like blue your minds that they then everywhere and then who do a fail story where you're like this a bribe me ok than you said something in the person just did not respond. Rucker, Howard COMECON, like three years. Three or four years ago I met Randal Monroe, who does Ex KGB at its edge cigarettes. It's one of my favorite web comments and he was with my friend Jeff, who draws questionable content another another, really really great web comic and I walked up to Randall
and so you be Randal avi me, ok, hi, I'm will weaken Iver. I love everything you do, and oh, my god you're incredible, and I remember that one comic that you did that one time where the guy was like: hey look, it's a unix joke and I'm making a nerd thing, and I was like kiss me and my friends think about that too. Why am I still shaking her and then at one time- and you did that other topic where the guy was like these, like Encore darker focus, because I know corridor girl and I was like- I can relate you're comic, even more and I think you're amazing. I can't believe I'm still shaking and then and then I went and I ran away you run away. I dropped his men around where I was so mortified. I just I couldn't help it. I was so excited and I was so exhausted. I've been doing stuff all. I would like to autographs graphs like meeting people all day, and I would just like at that perfect peak of like adrenaline ploy. Exhaustion equals I'm an even more hyper nerd than I already and, and I've been in that position.
Before and like I've been the guy who's like then, Randal Monroe in that situation before I I work really our disorderly, put people at ease and and and and help them like, not feel the weight. There are, though, when I left there there it's weird. I do not like the answer, not crazy about being, No they don't. You think it's odd, like. I think that they would like it. Peter was amazing, though, is that I feel like someone. What was it just a route, all right? Allow me to translate I'd like you to come down here and pet me No, sir, that's not going to happen now. I've been super lucky, though you know like that. All the people that I work with all people I worked with leverage all the people I worked with on Eureka. Everyone. I've worked with a big bang theory. Everybody I worked with on the guild. Their awesome. There is not a not awesome person in there and you know who's. Incredible is Stanley. Oh yes! Yes,
Yes, we heard about item one upon tat once I have met people who are not a fifth the legend. Stanley is Yahoo or not. Kind. Generous and and entertaining and and friendly. Joan of that example, the transport of animals has as Stanley I love staggers. Is death toll your guy that he'll say something it's way over the top and then be self effacing you're like a girl. I just would love to be it. Opposition meeting me for the first time. All no one cares that I'm going to be on your podcast I've. Only the most important person in the world. Like I love you so much when he came so so I'm sure I don't know when this podcast we'll go.
But for you in the audience on Monday, which I guess there's two days from now on that weird COMECON time we're days last, sixty five hours or yet go wait. Wait just wait! Just wait for the kick, so we can get remember, Van Ryan. I thought that bad, Why do so much out of Savages Party was so so we're stand, was working on you? You can stand as a candidate in the upsetting rigour that errors on Monday and he's really funny thing about. Eureka is it. It is probably the most professional cast and crew like ever immunity, as it is a well oiled machine, and these guys, the crew that works and Eureka they worked on X, files, infringe and and and and and twin peaks enemy. They ve worked everything with that. Like huge stars in the world right the day Stanley, That said, we were all twelve years old, Oliver
and Stanley was like? Of course, I would be happy to sign your picture come over. True believers. Every time I see him to eat out general your generally female is going to bad. How can you be my grandfather? I maintain my grandfather, sleep well Stanley lobbies daily, I said I was out of sight which is party last night, you really fun for the last year Natalia invited, but I was I I didn't- I couldn't find it I did get invited. I fucking did we call it up on my phone really yell and see that that's an email invite that Spotify well. Well, you can select your own tracks. Wow, that's revolutionary know what I can do that with records in nineteen seventeen. I don't understand. How could you oh yeah unlike like where irregular couldn't make all the other day, but already do
I got a hundred thirty thousand nerds, choking out the network. If eighteen t were smart, what they would do with add just mobile towers, beep up the network and then say your beefed up network courtesy of eighteen t them early. Doctors are here like you need to make their parents have progressed, send people out cause playing. Is functional, cellphone transmitter exactly exactly wise everybody thought of this, so Adam Unharnessed caused play. That's one hot Asians extra up like Bill Cosby right, if I may do people being debated it already, visas for I came here and mechanics, Were you would take a picture very real, using putting me draw your reprove cell phone signal I am actually a school girl from Kyoto. So Adam does this part? in the same hotel in the same sweet, and it's really funny brings all the myth. Busters come up and lots of interest
People come to this party and it started out really swallowed. It's just larger every years, like you know too interesting people and by two other interesting people on it, sort of like the atom, Savage party pyramids and animated people right of people to people and and and in the sales presentation, is terrific on great yeah I've. Only if it's only a few minutes, so last night, the parties in the same room years in a row. Some genius at the hotel. Put us Only a new has nothing to do with comic cod in the room next door. How does a fuckin civilian even get into Room, a common when we who came down to the trade on a tray there's a couple in front of us and when the guy across the aisle says so going what're you gonna city egg, affords an older couple ladys like all we just that we go down for a quiet, weak and I would like yours, you are as fuck does a person.
Can be you? U yours fucked as a person whose attached to Peter North, that is how I got. I thought I saw Peter North and Britain person Peter North as a porn star. The eighties and now the own explained and make up all right, you can find out every you need to know about Peter North at Levin Party Doc. I got all donors are ignored back. I got really angry sat right you're, gonna Randy West is just a super tanned Guatemala, like that guy's, crazy and ice and put that anyone is gonna play John Vainer in the debt Crisis Board Betty. I just see just what's a porn star whose dress to look like the United States gobs Florida,
I actually why I watched the Simpsons born Verity, I do it exists, did exist and its there there there their human and their colorized. Looks like they have joined us talking and you think you think it's gonna be hilarious until the guy, who does homers boys the ideas that that that homer has traded his home video camera for a bag of doughnuts and like you do yet so they beggar done it, and so it's just around the town. You see all while the place the cameras been whoever road I've seen a lot of symptoms. There's a big bang parity, there's a big there. There's a cookie Kwan number one in the West side who gets back by MRS lack and end, but it would still creepy about it. Is that when the guys are through in the boys, like all merge, it's like it's so close. You exists like watching relatives pocket so awkward,
might not like I bought it going like here. We go this gonna be so nobody had better put on. My travel should urge. My friend April is in the STAR trek porn parity. Yes, you play of colonial yeah. She plays counselor, Troy must very fulfilling for you. I kind of wish that it wasn't my friend who placed counselor tribe at heart, to watch and- and I saw the I saw, the outtakes of theirs outtakes. It are brokers webs com. Put that right, everybody to every every candidate or their sorry. So, there's There's a sea where, where the guy that please Data is, is like having all that looks like it has joined us, is, is you like he's doing his data lines and he's like blah blah blah, but that's not how data talks enemies. Reset so that he does it again. You know that's not how data talks fuck. Why can I do
my cause, you weren't cast for your ability to play data, but its very and what are the one of the outbreak and to everyone. Now I apologize to deliberate children of the show. I want to know, and they all good cell blocking cock balls, wow, hey the in in this discipline- see it's in the outtakes on key just unloads dislike Peter North. Geyser like explosion, money shot on this on this girl, freedom of opinion, as a base, ropes, spacer and and and and and and the arrogance of the space and as data here ejaculation complete. That's what data would say also like that I just received the text we had been waiting. Our next guess, if been doing a line of press that's all day stage,
I am very. This is their reward. This is their Lord, so I hope there ready cause. I am very pleased to announce lesion, unprovoked stage, mats method where it is coming ass. Well, god I'm how's yoke They come yachting foam and I got it so charming when you say so during its out so classy. Well, yes, I love it. I'm on having the best
this great to see you, I don't like the kind of your truth. We I feel guilty because I, like you, keep doing podcast and I love you keep doing. I bad. I hope you don't feel impose a listen, you're cool car. Innovation bleed, yeah, yeah, it's it's it's it's our pleasure to be here. I think Karen's being kidnapped Cyril she can't she came in with well. Well, will favour the little they were these utility, my girlfriend theatre of the lady, but how have you been? I've been God. Have you been all right? My dear you know it's a
I don't have it The big led then yeah. I was like because we were just ass of talking and then We must recognise that we have anyway, I told them. You know you guys we're doing press of all the way up to essentially this moment yet- and so I said, will tell me when they get here and what does bring em right out. So there was no way to there's no way
I know you would deserve boards. He had your photo nobler blue, written out of luck in cameras on you guys, ready now, so is this? Is this your first comecon? That's? How is a bit so far? I heard you they actually walk you out to the floor must have been met yet put like? Can you hear me when I'm here just cause? It fills me? if, on their gravity, just take it. I won't. I Oh that's much better go round them. They walked up to the floor We went to the sort of the dock too. Maybe see America Shop, which is wonderful, tomorrow we got a panel looming in his chosen teases. Stop, which is gonna, be my friend item Rogers is moderating your panel mandatory wired and he is awesome, so you
yeah, so he'll be you'll need good hands. Rogers written, I feel like it's, not they fan of your show. It's almost not fair that I get to hang out with you guys on a similar regular basis, and I was doing a show. Will the other night and I went to the CBS the drugstore to just get some pro lozenges here. To shout everywhere to talk to people, so my thoughts and- and I run it you at the CBS, like it's, not fair, that I get to keep running into this should have been another doctor who ban paternity beyond my show it to you in the drugs. And I thought I heard like hey characteristics. And then I saw one of the BBC people just kind of braced like we're about to happen when there's like just crazy, he's harmless, my My wife doesn't understand my doctor, who, like crazy obsession, really work as I've been watching my entire life a coup and who was
sort of doktor. My first daughter was: was Tom Baker, but always really felt like, like you know, they say, like you know, who your doktor intendant was. My doctor begins for a lot of people, and I I have to tell you that you gonna, be such an jack ass. I was completely on board with you as a doctor inside about five minutes? There was oversee huge kind of scepticism, wasn't nursing who the hell is this young? It did your hair is so awesome and that's just the thing we nerds do like it's. Just that are part of our thing. We have to hate the things we love. I don't know why? Don't we get attached patterns first, so we get it. Oh like every week, savory enterprise out Wesley Crusher Gray, are mad about thick down it. I've taken out in our
is supposed to be another way team. I know why are you still here on a man at getting attacked right now you should be done. Planet getting killed so I survive, so my my wife is not doesn't get it and and sort of tolerance so much doctor who so a couple of days ago I was, I was doing, pressed for the show that I do and my wife run into you in the lobby of the hotel and and she Send me a picture of the two of you together. And she knows list everybody else knows so you may as well. No, I love you I know it's weird and its creepy in its good that match between us in a try promise that don't bring me into this man did you guys are not. I would really like to give a signal that we stand by me. No, what war will
These will always gordian stand by me where the link is really about. Stop these though one matter does fall, come I feel with the each is the first place. You weren't you couldn't Uganda like an you. Had the girl you're, the only way that we didn't know activity issues would mean literally that man. Is he now? I'm really starts to my wife, you knew we weigh things. I did yeah. We were very good friends, I mean if guys know he will his Wesley Crusher STAR Trek that accelerate, I may not have. I dont think that air it anywhere except in California, on BBC America, verges on reason
what happened man I mean I mean you're cool, renewing, stand by me like turn up and got awesome. That's not! I use it to see. You should see what happened to the other kids so the the end of my story is that my wife just sent me this picture of her posing with you and she's. Like with no message at all, because she knows and held it over. It really was like ha ha. I guess what I did so you got. Karen. Do you guys you? You were pretty quickly like Superveillance, like it happen like that. As soon as the episode started airing bid, I feel like people just knew who you were so what's that experience been like the last year and some change it,
quite a drastic change quite quickly, especially over the UK like quite instead. But he knows well, you know I mean it's, it's really growing. You know it's really annoying. I see you guys. I see you guys, you know, and I have to say thanks to people like Devon and Joviality abuse America really investing in it and pushing and stuff so there supporting but it's it's bizarre. It's weird thing to comprehend: America were shut away from all because we felt for nine months of the year, so you don't actually see any of that and then you go. I in somewhere like low, You done the show before I had with David Tenant What do you want to say is now one of the things in the eye, so they knew that we talk about this. Did they know that when you are auditioning for the companion role,
currently the new, but I didn't tell them about either water. I don't know. I just not complicate things. You think they're, like she's, already been on a new anti. That can happen, but it was. It was because we did sort of today's of meetings. For that Rowan and What did you have to do for the other circle, with both the other first audition? I just read with the Caspian director, and then I got a recall and then I met my two year and yet we read. And then we did a whole day and then carry mooted in a red coat and she did the meeting and she walked out and Stephen Mafia is arms up. When that's I go yeah. What do you have any idea? What did you have to do for the addition of what was the addition? First audition, I just read with the Caspian director and then I got a recall, I met my two year and yet we read together. And I thought we link into. I thought you were until we genuinely gag, as you were, going so minds, whether that you were spent in point
Have you seen? The episode of friends were like Gary Open, tells him to spit good actors, Whitman No, I thought he was very, very eccentric and it was quite exciting. I thought this is gonna. Be good. And then we got it and am we're great chums outweighs it's good cause. If you can get on with a companion, it would be a real he's been allowed able together, you haven't, you guys are trapped in Cardiff, basically air, so you do. You have any one thing I would urge you guys are just like. We have no friends now welcome to Cardiff and hang out with you. I didn't make it. Come to Cardiff and I'm, like I'm gonna fuckin, do it like. I want to show you don't even understand how much I want to show you to show up with a little suit case with a bunch of stickers honour. What am I gonna do Paddington Bear had our guys. I'm here
what best in the toward my no, a guy. I lay who does a doctor who party any actually built a tortoise and he does his party like every year, so he built a tortoise Jonathan Rhineland. He puts yeah, puts the tortoise outside the front of his house, so you when the door of the targets- and I go into, is how tat figure on the inside, like you got into departed, Are you what what are you guys doing before before doctor? Who I know you wait? Is that, like someone telling me, I know a guy who made the enterprise bridge is living room and then you're like ok that year like there's a bar in Cardiff, we always runs the ever in Cardiff. You should go to book which the Dorothy we have is a tortoise. So you walk in and then we're all who help its go. There we lose a paper by any other kind of fills a guy like you,
what we want. We do before the before doctor who well then I did a lot of, please. You know bits in boxes of of kind of tv and stuff, but I did a film with even green room, but in a kind of nothing like doktor who Has the notoriety Anna just do service as inventive and brilliant, and it's a kind of the loan job and I don't think I'll ever have one like it. It's pretty yeah. But what about your region me? I did kind of loads of one episodes of things dramas and I also did a sketch show, which was quite finally Committee on youth and using it, of course, I've smoking. Looking man, you don't want to know how much you ve seen its banks hounds very funny
you know, I totally we when we hung out when we went out in New York New in the earlier, but I didn't be like because I do love show, but I don't want you guys think that I'm super creepy van. So I didn't, I I want to give you a little space, but, but I saw you and end and other daughter who is also equally Tommy eyes, lovely guy here? He texas both today, actually saying stop having so much fun. I hate you both because he's he called be hit. So it's a shame. Sorry offer no, but watching the three of you guys hang out of it. It was. It was so like gas. This is what exactly has a beneficial, but I want to see you guys are still around and make a joke. And it s been a kind of that its existence. Isn't it how all info, The way we are really needed and we so ridiculous set because I you you know just need something to pass the time, but also the characters, a desire,
in a normal life. If you could see the things we do, you think that we need institutionalized is its it's really honesty. We often go, God really did where we need to set an example of that would be No doubt we clay weird, but now we have been in the moment like right now, we're being quite civilized, you, U Judges, picked. You could never do anything wrong in front of these, but you guys could step because I've been trying. Since I sat down it's really hard, you guys a bunch of poppy in the face of it. Like I love him, I don't want to say that the best people in the world, the public that a company relocations while they partially- but that cannot be said to me today that you punch kittens. Oh,
I mean that's. A euphemism was the chap. It was the chance to. We want on the g forcing today that you have to show that we will create. We dig him, he's really cool. Who is a year he eat, he punches kittens four times I looked out of the one of my favorite. Things of all time was recorded that New York show the night before the show I did. I get a email from Devon Johnson formally receives like that. Canada. But one thing alone. It's that video of you guys singing at me and I, my body, might firms would mean he's like. Why are you what's going on? That was the nicest, but I also just think that in cap, The late like who you guys are that you know like every charming thing about your characters. From my experience with you, is you guys- and I think that that's really
using that you can bring an end to the wrong mean. I think I will we kind of lucky to play people the cooler learners. Because of Aimee Palms way cooler than yet another that doctor I'm. It goes without saying. You know, I mean it's, it's it's it's it's cool. When what am I going to say that the their basically cooler than us it has nothing to do with us, really yoyo your it's it's some am I making sense No, not really are you going to that? You say that the agenda for eager takes that that you that says, let's keep it behold sniffing given I know this Miguel Mcgill embarrassed. I don't even like cool I play and I love. I love Instagram operators a mad genius round of applause for the more committees he's just incredible he's really.
You feel about american actors, who used to be on STAR Trek being under I'm asking for a friend, Yes, you care is Michael Door, isn't it How would it be if thing if someone could combine a tart to stand? I me and like placed the body where it has to be asked. Someone would have to have not already done so Jean Lambert PATH. I guess you I mean the other day who data from STAR Trek like she's into Britain, spider? Until I, these totally my friend I get like you know. I talk honestly when the latter was less than your brain spider honestly talked a week ago really. Well I worked with him for five and a half years direct. Did you like the movie? I loved I loved, and really I mean we're. U I we we
She's over this do they re like I'm, I put. The media was great. What are the movie was. It was a lot of fun to watch and I thought that it did four star trek what what doktor has done for the last several years for doktor who it cool and relevant for the duck today. Generate a kind of William. Its so man about the lens where's you're mad about the lens where's. Really it was distracted, fewer distracted by the lens blurred yes doing wrong. What can I can? I also say that it's unbelievable that you don't have an insane nerd boner right now that the guy from STAR Trek is talking about STAR Trek with the guys from doktor who I assaults you I thought and you'll general direction.
We have made. Fast, growing, up we're gonna live more than merely a flash yeah, you really love my fishermen. Have you met having met John Place? No I'd love to a lot of policemen. Don't he'd make a great doktor, also yeah so many those guys would at the bottom, apparently Eric idols big fan yeah yeah yeah because I met his daughter at a thing of all is I endorse what someone in them. She was saying what what a huge fanny was exciting, but my favorite movies life o Brien. I think that's us. Absolutely one, two main issues. The roads, or apart from the roads as this is my I took latin in height and my land teacher showed us that whole scene, where this intention corrects the all of his number one is trying to do the graffiti on the side of the building I was about. The cooling that came out of Catholic School was that
renewing around that girl that what are you, he's gonna do have you ever been panel tomorrow, you gonna get to do anything else. Why you're here? Is that our work, so we have the panel, yet we did it. And we got some present morning. We're gonna handouts, imperialist, you guys afterwards. I think we're not gonna handle any burrito still be awesome. If it happened, I ain't your schedule. Could you work into the BBC? America guy just ask them to bring back bargain hunt I'm tired of downloading it illegally on the internet. What? If what? If you can have bargain hunt with Light his flares. Here, is how big a nerd I am. I got super excited and Amy's choice when you're watching bargain hunt in the kitchen when you're making things
I notice that, while those guys are really, I didn't know that you're watching boggy known seated, wanted not somewhere. I notice that what is that? What is that? What are they? and reactions like over their verses overheard, you see different types of fans are we are what what what's the difference? You're really express if over here, it's really nice. It's love, it's in the kind of its users, Empiricism palpably different in, My ways I have to say, but it's great away the year and I mean also there's a huge culture science fiction in the. U s I think as well, which is I don't know it's well because it England, you guys, have a huge culture for culture. I agree very natural over I actually
weeded out today and ask people if they had questions to ask you guys. So these are. These are a couple of questions at one with the fourth says: who are your favorite villains? in life are well ok, let's turn on the show and then and then in life. Here, ok, ok on the show not to show the aging and my favorite and silent I got to say? I think Toby Jones is remarkable as the three great New Yorkers, residence. I really like the silence. I really. I love the silence because I love the way it sort of tied back up, yeah, I'm so fallen and- and I just I- love the whole concept of them as as a villain that you forget than the second You'Re- not them here. I'm gonna. What's a grandma Stephen Hughes seminaries, villains off psychological, and I think that's really interesting with with who you know, I mean when you, when you think about
also. I think I think that what you think the most popular villains I think they, probably the dollar dollar dollar dollar soviet history, but I think modern villain people and to go with the angry angel right. So that was for that. So this is format at Jerry. Fine stone says what outside influences did you use when you develop your personality for the Doktor Einstein, Albert Einstein, and I would urge you if you ever on the toilet. You got nothing to read by his book you have just given us a little window into your, like, obviously, is bloody, brilliant. You feel, like you come out. Feeding like you were more intelligent, went out with bad in with the good literally, Can you remember any of the growth of the clothes
What is most notable roads was way to shoot their work. It was great interest, is Spectre on the well that cause he's visa clever, and he doesn't really leaving religion will that sort of a sort of pleasing cosmic religion and a cosmic forcing he just takes it he saw himself Britain in the way he looks and as a perfect description of her, where you read them. Is that a basic is out of you, Did you look For me, palmed get me back well No. I was just looking at girls of my generation and why I know about that, and I feel I I will say that I love, and I know this is this: is it's been really fun to watch your are with Rory because he was such that poor guy?
with such a level doorman, humble episodes, whereas like Rory and then I think it's a real testament to the relations with you guys, because we all want the tension between the doctrine. The companion, I think, is an audience So when we made it is another like a companions companion. What's this guy about the sudden you'll love em as much as the rest of the everyone else on the show of gray eyes so funny and so goods, and also highlight the fact that their relationships started off like that, because it has a long way to go. There is a big journey for them to become serve equals. I was really interesting. Now is it kind of inverts itself, because now it's very telling the doktor off alone it must not. Now it's got crazy, there's river, and then you throw river guys this and I mean like in the next. There is no day: let's keep Hitler. She is on fire,
yeah. You know it's like this. There are so many great cipher moments in it. You know- and I think TAT is done to great stuff and then Alex just comes and delivers. Can we can we talk about what happened at the at the end that the clipping? Ok, you haven't seen the cliffhanger leave. You haven't seen the cliffhanger. Why are you here? Other rural busy I haven't got up here tonight so far yeah my ears. I closed my eyes now, you're going to concerts and things that hipsters do you're tired, What about me and my friends going all the parties involved answers with our bongo drums. Take it down the system, man let me just say, Riverside Melody pond. I know I know
and also kind of Stephen, just doing a great how much to a kind of star wars. At the end, I am melody pound your daughter tat. Do we What I mean is I'm assuming the logo excited the astronaut suit, and we see her receiver regenerate. At the end of the day, the motor was you're doing it that that river- or Do you not know that secret dammit knows boilers, that's a secret, but that's an interesting secret and was in the silence of a really interesting part to play. Still, I think, tat you're the silence for actually just here, but you ve, forgotten. There's really. Picture and read it. That's gotta, silent sitting at the head of the table is a birthday cake in front of minutes as worst part of opinions, I was told, remembers river. I want,
They also invented the suit They did consciously why we invented the madman suit. Oh my god, if you could just if we could combine silence, walking the back of like Labour Cooper, gave a rise in the background, and then I go, I think, I'll put on a skinny tie today, like they don't know their crews, that new guy, what yes, I have an idea of how to market silences like smoking is bad for you right. I got that silence like. Can you help me land? The American airlines account so at burn for brain for says Karen, which asian country would you want it? oh
I would like to maybe go to China and Asia before known ever. You guys are really have time to do anything. Rested a year? No, no, no, my time at all to do not be so cool. What's a tip, what it? What does your year look like so where we start shoot in in ordinary, we start in workers and immediate through two April, and we too eleven day fortnight. So we were six days and weeks stay five day sixty five days, but we do in Cardiff fly into me in the middle of December a call sailor who episodes five and six of this year, the gang of stuff. And could see it was so called by. We have a laugh and we remind ourselves that we get to play these characters. You know so it's not always gonna be ships literally sounds like all good was lucky, but but like we do go call
law, because you know, and the Tories never gets boring right. You is that we want to turn up. Fuckin, walkie talkie back when, when I drove the enterprise all right how he did he did not, even even though it was just you know it's it's dislikes behind plastic, because I was a young nerd spoilers, because I was because I was a young nerd like it was important to me, like everything meant something, and I made it mean thing so like there's, there's a way that there's a way that I can I can make the enterprise go to warp speed. You know like those of the buttons than a flat rate. So do you do that with the term this, is it like? Does it like do stuff like us to make this? Do this thing and ice crank this thing and yeah yeah yeah kind of has I mean I've taught you notify Evan? I am yeah. You have. I covered member this. Basically this is fine,
different areas and he lab, and yes, it's kind of navigation. System and if you notice always always go, I think again here I go a nice flickr ham Break and Hamburg can work both ways it makes a corner is going down, I mean you watch and you'll see I buy what do the same, because as actors, we want to be specific things than to mean things when you know well, when we were teenagers came up the world, I, like your star, trek you like your track now that you feel like it's going to church arm Karen dealing with what I used to drive the enterprise leaner, like plan, never drew the enterprise of my giant wiener. I use my giant leader programme. The holiday, when you guys are our location together, is zero patient Europe, Europe in and typically when you're on? you end up having you like, you form,
the family, which is just a gang of survival right. So I wonder if the written, the resort of experience the bees like isolated and on location and working towards the goal of creating the show. Does that inform the relationship between in the doktor, where you're sort of You know you have. A kind of isolation is worth living somebody had to ask a good one. Current fan we turned, for instance, we were seventy you're right. I wasn't it and I mean whenever dude no way to tie singled out into doctor. You ve got this one. They got very early in the doktor, we're like set up on a date on a ship. Oh my God spaceship mates
right now I don't know. I have always done this. I use I hosted dating shows when you guys we're toddlers I've we're talking about there is no, I am like I'm sure they had not lucky anemic aren't equipment and if that's, what you're going out on the street is leaking Ps3 Bay, no different. Was it bargain hunt was not bargain hunt Sunday will be so that was interesting question. So what? What is your answers? that I think the answer is: yes, that's an early, it's really weird as its merging our relations. You have been so in our relationship is so blood. It's it's yeah! It's really is yeah, it's definitely hoped isolated- and I think you know what's really interesting about through
the journey with avian and the doctors that sort of main Karen came into this show, and obviously with resident Julian the billion everyone thinks I popular it was it was? This would have on our own and we were filming the first episode that we filmed actually was the end of time, the angels episode and I'll? Never forget. We reach the beach and we must have at first day going hey, ok Yet a tortoise was them, you know and wherever you place the tortoise, it looks like Van golfers plucked him popped it down. It looks per everywhere. Did it because it's so sort of pretty
No, yes, and so we have it on our desks. I've got so many different innovations. Avatar does that got your entire disease? I've got the tardy little usb port authorities. Here I was there's a little party here somewhere and there's this idea. I saw you in line outside. She will be able to sit down with a fucking thing. We listen it's just my in town. Irony. But if you call me, that's that's what happens I now please don't please say: please stay you should make a special would prevent that's the enterprise taking oh, my gosh awaits differences. Will calls it it's the tortoise. There would be awesome, hey, you know what we listen
Ringtone right now, you just do. The next generation theme died at at just one thing at Singapore the directive Don T Cry This is why calling you pick up the phone cause. Everyone is man we will. I am in the cave. Reading. Einstein quote Ike MA am I just welcomed without partly never stop said. Hardwicke wheaten men like call believe that you're in standby name, I love Africa, listen stand by me, the Goonies,
about just Germany through which, in the eighties I mean as having a big, come back to the future chat with money plays a guitar yes, yes, just kind of remembering fully back to the future, but in a Huff anything and just how I've wanted to hobble of reports to be real. So real solar power, huh verbal now is more willing. My skateboard I've had dreams that I was convinced were actual life like do boards man, you don't I've watched back the future to a number of times, no surprise at what a bit faster for Marty to just run other border, not fast there not fast. Also you! write them over over water. You ve got you. I wouldn't. I want to be able to have a couple fan base questions for it for you guys, so let us just take like three or four questions. From from the honest, let me let me take your wireless them out the coup.
You can use to get out of there. If you aren't, you having Jonah can't talk now the question you have it. I have a question for me: oh god, I want to die well is it? What do you want to go was turned out. Do you and your ample bosom was the doktor and his companion and feel breed take as long as you like with your house like ITALY as possible out of makes your love, Oh in your question, could you At what point did you really trust Stephen to know that he would take you to the right place and give you the right stories and and give you what you needed to do to create what you trying to create. I got those guys Joan of ARC
Now go my girl, you guys are one thing I mean look. You eat one page of a mafia script and demands a complete genius and doktor who in his blood. Is bones, saw you know, he's either he's to my mind, is the greatest science fiction by on the planet. You know, I please it's. What sort of incredible is the weeping angel For instance, I mean the cracking time came from his son. A crack in his bedroom? Wool being afraid, the weeping angels based on a children's game who groundless footsteps? You know he is he's been in. Observing children actually and and and and finding out what sort of scares Probably no five more relates above therefore scarier. I think visa homage to Stephen Moffit, yet seriously to be doing here to do.
Doctor who and Sherlock almost I'm thinking and having having written Tintin as well as I do it's interesting I'd. Always I'd always just assume. Like all the time aerospace, Sherlock, space, Sherlock and then, when I met that at that New York, he said They are completely different, reactor is compassionate and Sherlock is Associates like they're they're, not that are not the same character at all, because, let's I saw your I'm gonna die. Oh Jesus, you're your hand went up lady in the in the red tie what is What is your name Madigan, and what is your name Madigan I? ass you that wrong upside words about about weird may no talk good. What's what is your question? Matthew makes really bold choices with theatre that face. Fuckin awesome. Well, you swore that phase.
My uncle. What plans do have four? hopefully very, very far down the line when you guys are not the doktor and Amy anymore. Will Well, I'm going to go on to the states which I'm so excited I'm not hungry! you're play in London this year, which really excited about so That is why it is that you, You know, I mean it's, it's a! U turn we ve got hold of the season of who tissue and we can work between. I'm going If I could do something about about roas, we leave for the BBC and then and then you know, then we get. Then I see the Christmas special which I saw the first page of the other day, which is very exciting Stephen like you, we got train up to Manchester to see this.
And and and be, which is writing the Christmas special and it kind of we did me out because Families, writing and I'm sorry cross from him, and he was getting really weird. I was there and then he should have rightly taps when it looks up and goes like an interest. We did me out that likes even actually has to think about what he writes anyway, just staring going. I'm gonna make you dad I'll write Madigan. Thank you for your comments. Are you? Are you saw from China? Does she has gone from China on you? I am. I have a question about writing when it was a really big deal for Europe. We of the show was a very big deal for US Neil gaming. That is like. Is that? Do you get
I mean it's a thousand or is it a big deal Claudio there's no game, and I mean yeah? You know he came with a great wonderful idea. I mean it's yeah. It was a huge still for us ungrateful show to have. You know? A writer with his sword of science fiction parity you're going nowhere, but I was so excited so excited to do it and was talking about. Like a little kids like I get to do this and I get to play with these toys and I get to play with this stuff and it seems like I do know who was were excited him or all of us will acquire like one of our favorite authors. Writing for one of our favorite shows. You really changed. He really would I couldn't talk with us. We had one upon caskets, I didn't wanna despoilers, but because these people are seen it, but but the idea that, but the idea that we never consider that makes you rethink the entire seriously. Though I had the doctors,
root? True companion is the target yeah exactly, and you know that someone that he's kind of beholden to cause each its was a doctor is gonna get here. Do they do that, but actually there's someone there's someone above when its and its hepatitis there's a tumor questions. There is that the gentlemen at about, I guess this, and that there is that there's a puppet in the back He's not gonna go well, my god, you guys it's you guys, pay what is it? What is what is? What's your name Chris? What I'm Nicky Nicky? What what what your question? I wanted to know what for both of you as actors, what was the most pivotal episode figure development in eleven and aid,
characters in that? Would you home I sonic screwdriver? How many times you have been in a locker room and heard that, of course, absolutely This is one that guy's outward. Figures as well. When you got a fascinating, How, Does that feel to the actual you're? Not getting this very much, and I was very sorry, don't give up the people of Europe want to take it. I'm kidding, I wouldn't take your internet speed, so there a desire to Chris so get ethical question? What what Well, I think the eleventh hour, I know that was just the beginning, but is hugely important to introduce in their relationship both of us. It's right here isn't haven my cousin, who played young Amy.
You guys got up and then it changed again when, when I came in and then I don't know, I hope it's evolve in every episode, may I say that as well. I think I think maybe the big bang was pretty pretty several, but with a you know, I mean at thirteen of the seasons, put a huge I gotta say guys: Karen in episode, ten coming up is brewing. She's got a disease in such and such a because I love who were they? kind of in Tripoli Insight, Dela condemn? This is a great episode, she's she's, truly really it's a remarkable performance. Anagrams everyone's have requested, and it does so
spare me. A fucking. Great question comes with this. Remember that put the might the guy's face. Not the public not clearly holding a tiny may no press that is generally elbowed. Even a tiny elderly gentleman who didn't have legs of his own so had to be carried in Serbia, his spine towards them less face very or interrupting the public market. Today we are really a Christian. This no, oh, my God, does Berlin. Chris, the poisons inside the bucket parliament. Now we heard about this, apparently you were the torch would panel. Today right, we heard, We we heard there was a Stephen Moffit.
Maybe I'm gonna go live living every welfare. I gotta at that time on the train. I was right in your debt. Seen one devil do I look watch your question. Oh here, did you this jacket from Eu State of her village as a state is a generous word my my question is everyone's always talking about how many doctors you can get back for the Thirtyth anniversary special, but I'm wondering if there are any companions you want to come back. Like I know I've got I've got
two were enough. I think you know I mean who could come back. You know it's, it's Have you seen the Gun ABC Berwin here the No he's am I going to this kind of which are going to give it. You buy, put cool it's it's. It's invent nice to meet much of it. Do it come back? I mean I gotta say with such such a tragedy that leaves past because she was She was a real joy of a lady. Sure you John, would be nice if in Israel this is done. I you know, but it's it's. You know. I just think I think companions coming back. I think it has to be
for a really great reason. I think you know I do think it's a more interesting choice to have a doctor come back. I think that would be, I mean, imagine having to doctors in just going. Well, what are you doing? What are you doing here? He meant imagine if Tom Baker could come with me. Is there any reason? Why? Wouldn't I don't know I mean I don't see why no like he's kind of like he's groovy reasoning in his innocence. Latvia's, but who knows the humming already companions, you might see, come back. I would like, paper is rose, my favorites report and then another custodian of autonomy. I'll, go letters with you, because I think we really progression. Did you actually eat fish because the custard yeah, the lines. You all
ok, it was it was, it was custard, coconut employed comes, but I like twelve of them and then I did try. I mean I've tried. Fishing is in costs which isn't there but really it's kind of November. Is it not that bad like veggie? Might not that bad excited thing? It's really. That bad. It's really not that I tried on attention programme known well. We ve, we ve had you up here for about four for about forty five minutes, and I know there's a special thing that you might it'll go gave it I'll. Do idea. Why? That's? Ok! I mean it's a total surprise. I don't know either I'm not gonna. Let you guys go get set up for that, but I do want to say that you don't you. You have to know that what you came in to was a show at and just because came into characters that we're beloved that the odds were stacked against you with the nerves, and you guys totally,
when everyone over like right away- and I think I think tomorrow I mean how could not a kind of like six thousand people, I'm so excited about it could well and you those you ve done Such an amazing job at really you know, staying thank true and doing making your own choices and making at your own and really creating aspect. I want to be too lakes and well, but Creating a space in our hearts were the doktor Davy POD. So these guys also just it's it's a great support. Here that you guys give us- and I think next year, with the figures anniversaries going bigger than ever regards. It's gonna be huge, so yeah so really quickly. It lets
had formats movement I mean, I don't know about you guys later. Ok, don't worry about it. I remember is most surprised real. The BBC has this. I wanted to make readers and target sleeves they will be served over here on your way out by two very special guess: lazy. China. Thank you so much
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