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Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds, new book Rumple Buttercup: A Story of Bananas, Belonging, and Being Yourself) talks with Chris about how they handle busy schedules, the time he did @midnight and his love of magic. He also talks about directing, working on Criminal Minds for 15 years and his new children's book Rumple Buttercup: A Story of Bananas, Belongings, and Being Yourself!

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Welcome to the eighty twenty podcast number, one thousand in one I'll, be in Nashville and SALT Lake City at the end of may and beginning of June respectively, so good at eighty twenty dot com to get tickets to ten of shows at does Amy's and wise guys, respectively, and also speaking a comedy? my pal J, Mandy EM who had done at midnight. Minister oh really, sweet guy and really funny. Its head lining for the very first time at Carolines in New York may twenty first, first headline in gig and I M very excited and proud of him go see him go support. Break out artists goes support, comedy go support, emerging comedian talents, the styles of tomorrow,
but Jays great, so go see him if you're in New York may twenty first at Carolines younger, Caroline is an amazing club I'll, be there in the fall yeah? That's it. Also. Let's talk about you, the eighty two anti community who can send events and identity like Melissa, who writes my husband, started in India, Bookshop my hometown, Springfield Ohio called Raven books. We have over fifty thousand books that are either new used rare antiquarian, instead, which include a smash, really awesome: science fiction room and every July wheels to Harry Potter, upon resubmit, all things, potter with party present merchandise and, of course, the books in Abundance David. I ve Kate, ourselves to not only reintegrate books but sharing our love of the written word with everyone else were the only bookstore in town and we need you know. Nerd support, Raven books is located at forty seven thirty, two EAST national Road, Springfield Ohio just off I. Seventy
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delightful delightful heaping of happiness by he's, is just the sweetest he's such a wonderful guy he's so funny and talented, and just all the things you would I'll, be all the things you want to bring home to mom. It is promoting a new children's book, rumpled buttercup, a story of and his belongings and Debbie yourself, which he wrote and illustrated He has an amazing work ethic which are going to hear my during the show. He is just a heated. Supernova of creativity and the final These and other criminal mines is on CBS, Fifth seasons and anyway, Matthews a sweet guy named I'm just I'm proud to be his friend and This is a really. This is love fast episode, so grouchy mood you wanna get cheered by positivity, and this is for you, if you're in a she mood and you want to stay in a grouchy mood. Then maybe put this after later, if you're in
Gee Mood use one. I hate on people who are in good moods, then maybe it's a bit so there you go those the as the editor deprived custom. One thousand and one with Matthew. A global role it. I can't even oh, my God,
Lydia said said, tell her hello from a yet. We did have really funds come with us together, she and I a few times, but we did a short film to Knox Dollars in Nashville yeah was really cool. Just decisively whose area the Pakistan today Better Gregg. I do this job. We're gonna kill, is a cool she's, rest she's regulations, man to gradually ginger you you're just going to be so happy in view of the giant Taunton you with a duck this really is an obsolete turkey? I've never seen an isolated turkey. What is going on so he's got its bid. Physically. He has a blue head and and and a multi colored plumage. I call him a theatre, Turkey, the editor, because Europe is It was now now now start is giving the Lando carries out of the years. Thousands of citizens who know no one knows it we're talking about. Yes, so he's an obsolete
and also because we owe you came to see you guys arbitrary is trying in beauty so touched by these birds. Plumes, he's just so beautiful, dare not because, nay, I don't say it twice. You'll hear shop behind you in the bathroom needs the candy made of Turkey as a candidate, and everyone knows that the austrian Turkey, I mean. Listen. I don't think you just did I midnight once writing it would so sad. I had the best of my eye. You, your great honour, thank you, for I was very nervous, I'm I'm a big fan of yours and everyone on the show that knives Whitney and it was Nick Sorts and because I was so nervous. Disabled users, which I regard I got to be on we too blast. I got making the warring. Imagine turtleneck. We yes, but I was so dreaming like every I'm gonna go back, I'm in a big chrysalis back on and then, when I find had time in my schedule, my age, it was like that she's gone over the always there was the last summer had fun on tv that every show runs for fifteen season. Did you? Oh, it's been awhile. We help beyond that. Thank you, brother.
How long we did that show for four years, and we just six hundred episodes you're the James Brown of nerve. Have you heard about our uptight, going that I just can't you literally you'd? Why don't you do so? It's what I'm leaving a building is someone Thoreau like around, so I gave my letter around. That's that's what that's? What? Maybe I don't know they yak as the What I'm trying to do lately is figure out the work life balance, because at a certain point you love. What you do it is life right is the thing tat idea is really love what you do. I do, but then adult, but then I have a great wife, and so it's like you. I don't want to see my friends, I wanna be social split, your friends you, what I've done with my life attract Walter. I All my friends I work with now or I've become friends with all the friends from old days are now working we're making stuff together, that's the best way to balance and my dad and my mom, that was nice. That is really nice, though I mean it's, it's it it, but you? U can get so caught up in work, yet you just
I know you want nationally just work, work, work, work, work and then one go by, oh, I know you like frozen in carbon. I haven't you know this feeling as you obviously like this whole, we I've been living in this rumble buttercup costume and I've not like answered attacks. Ok, I my mom and dad. I quickly responded like that to their look up and everyone else. I just I don't know it's been I've sleeping three hours a night living out of a suitcase, so you don't have a social life red, which is sort of sad and my friends now as yours do I'm sure as well understand like oh, they vanished for little periods. It sure when deepen the males, yeah people people do like we do come to have that. There's there's a very sort of a transient. End of Harney we're the party with a gentle plan. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, cardio coated with a country with no shoes, considering issues, issues the issues, are only this actually These issues are very fancy there. Oh my god, locking debtor
leopards, leopard print platform shoes you guys have actually you're very cold technically the dead goldfish in their letter, I, like floating airlines. Nineteen is that only two years ago to shew advice but you're its agreements been really see your risk rooms always really sweet, but especially just going around happy like Sassou. It's such a great joy to have this to get to write this book and everything, but to get till I gotta been reading an elementary schools. I wanted to know if you score, we Esther Day in Miranda Pass itself Pasadena. Entire. The two hundred seed auditorium is filled with kids, it'd handmade bananas, that of construction and wearing them on their heads and one of them my character as a floating eyeball. Where the kids had an eye ball float, of her head made with construction paper and applied clean, that's pretty sweet. So so that's pretty sweet. I mean you Do a lot of things.
I do. A lot of things are really worrying early. If no other painting is a males ain't. You brother, it's amazing. Thank you very much and our other systems that you just one of those guys like energy use. You just do it you're good at a lot of stuff, and so, then? The question is How do you know what to focus on? Do you just sort of focus on whatever your inspired by daily and the same question for you? Could you you're you're, amazing everything? Dear renaissance, man I don't know it's funny I'd. Whenever I'm doing anything, I I just I don't know how to not give a hundred ten percent sometimes a bath. Like I break my knees sums I broke, my need: dancing in a movie went away give it my all channels. I want to try everything I wanna do everything I are you. I got a My focus most of my life was being a magician when I was younger, which then translated into being a filmmaker which was accepted me the ultimate magic, and then that led me down a path to becoming an actor which I really enjoy and doing all
The paintings, I'd ILO downtime on said so, would start to make drawings and paintings, and I kind of you follow. I never try to pinpoint myself into any one box, but at more radius circular. Radius that I can hopefully operated in just try to do whatever in the day feels greater should make something new everyday, that's good cause. I also really enjoy be depressed old address, I'm looking like really signs and everything so written. I sucks mentions the press Jonathan. It's like there was one help me. Do you her other you? You were talking about something and then use went manure, like I'm gonna go to sleep, eyes arriving at a new started: mouth snoring. It in my levels or other I those mean I'm so thank you. That means that you are committed genius and like
now that the press, Jonathan, you ever get a little blue when you're doing a pod cast with a guy. I really admire and realise that you drank too much water. You gotta go the path dude, I'm so flattered. Even know, D Dj J J D. John Dene is DJ purely communicated because to me it feels like there's there's also something like a nothin. Piece of him, is just like you know, Matthew. Just wants to reach out to people in a way in my current. Thank you see it. You know, I everyone gets a little blue, sometimes and my hope with every I do end is TIM. You know if you can smile something, but my hoped I sincere hope is that on my death bed, I'm laughing so hard tat. I got our guy leather innocent. Whenever someone like, oh I'm, depressed or something my Minos, I think look for those rays of optimism is the most important thing is something I hope to do in all of the things I whether it is an actor writer director and with
depression if it was just hopefully making people who feel blue eye a targeted at holidays, Glinda that holidays, I love holidays and a big fan of a reason to celebrate, but I know that is also sometimes people who cannot bummed out during the holidays, so I thought feeding character. They like air after each holiday, including Arbour Day Memorial Day Post something about while why it was sad why you need the most other, whether it was being born in a bucket and then Fremont Street, or whether it with his you no waking up in a Its trash can on Valentine's day and just hopefully making people that didn't have a good Valentine's day. No, that depressed shouted and he's still smiling, even though he can't blink. I also at every level, never blinked in those. I think, I'm a method. There I posted like ten of them before someone like you always sixty five seconds without and I didn't know I just know character, never thought to blink, and now I'm permanently a blind. I can't see any more than I can legally drive for what it's worth it. There was war that, because the videos are great dude Chris, that's the swedish thing. You know there is a well I mean it's. You know this. I
I enjoy about your answer and feed, is that I feel like you, you, social media, in the way to make people happy into you know it's like it. It's just very. It's really joyful like there's a relentless optimism behind, in which I think is very antithetical to what is you know, seems to be very popular like I know you need a break from all the other stuff. Do you will your ears provides? That is well, I love everything you pose. Any of my dream is always been like. There's always these, like pop iraqi magazines, about this celebrity didn't hoagie kid goodbye at school, but I wanted you to start the magazine. That's like hey. This guy led an old lady cut in front of them and why this did you know that yeah this lever decouples been married for twenty five happy. They are enjoying a nice friendly, sit down to dinner with their family to talk about their here. They are not going about feeling a little bit and a column agonizing when called smokes smile. Its while tat. While I smiled down it is smile. Tat smile tat is good. Yes,
that's good, small, good or like super in touch super. Oh, I like that. Yet Hog decide Mug Magadan, not hog. I really nice, yen stars, they're, just like us Day day happily and love you're, so you're in Europe brings me such joy you're, so madly in love with Lydia the battle that shouldn't. How do you how the fuck do you ve? How do I find How do I can? How I find you're a ball I'll. Tell you how I know you're asking
You are a ray of sunshine rap. Take you in a withered by many video, like a character that was cut out to say by the bell. You learn to live in years old and even children, a big innocence to you that I have not seen and I've met Hayley July's meant you yes well a guy. He is, he is I've met him. Do we really need is a very sweet, if not worse, you earn their leader unite. You know, lids. Is I've been the fact that we have the that said? We like the exact same stuff, I mean we diverge but there is some there, so she Halloween due to how do. But you see, I actually think that you know, like our our arguments, are things like thinks the movie Wolfe was a good movie and unlikely with top with thy Jaguars Yanhamu lids. It was it just doesn't
gonna lie level prepared like that she's. No, I think it's really good and with your new years younger than I am, you saw when you're young, her you privately grant aggerawayter olives met then, but she like one of those horrible. We probably she has downstairs with Jack Nicholson's face catlike like I'm wool Let us be Frank is because she thinks it's a masterpiece to each their own. Yet, but then you know, but there are a lot of other things we happen to agree on. She loves ass bash verses, we'd ocean, gloves, army of darkness, Rash, Brazil to every evil than wander yielded to, which is your preference. While I you know that the argument for evil dead, one that was no aid by law by five nineteen year olds and they were literally like camping to protect dollar thirty year, while they were shooting in Mauritania so I think there I'd their merits to both. I love the idea that a second one was like now that we have made money when you gonna make it funny you're s lap sticky by so I think, thereby honestly think they're pros and cons too, but you and you were dude knowledge not to jump in
Rob Zombie, which are very curious. I did yeah yeah yeah. I've never met him, but he added I see I can imagine, is casting a spectacular. Yes, he always finds that the nuggets, the gems, the people it can't be replicated and put them in movies and I really apply He is also an insanely good artist. You now in everything that I like his music. I like his hair and he has a good work ethic user lagoon at his house. You guys think you guys are really would really like each other on he we became friends when I was working in MTV. I met rob really dated thirty. When you read MTV was Jesse of E J J. He might DE member Jesse. I remember just let it happen him. I love like I don't know he had won the visa code guys I was so busy with the years were, for the judge I was. I had just are working on tv in late, ninety, ninety four and in eighteen. Ninety five, I did, I was doing correspondence suffered. The video music wards, yeah, hosted by Dennis Miller DA yeah data and run was there with white zombie, and
like. I just expected him to be this lake for good stone, then any ended up. We say we swim sweetheart. We were laughing so hard to sort of me. In front of everything, and the waste became friends right then, and there you know how it is, I'm sure you're Expressmen same the people that are mired in the world of, like I love horror movies. Those people blew up. All these things are like this and they must be scaring Creasy there. Always the sweetest nice ask over it. I ve actually Ozzy Ass Boys, guy Jeffrey Dahmer, not so nicely, not so nice, but a great makes a great meat loaf either make films no, it's always the case, and I love the imagination and anyone with imagination, and I think to be the horrible, ruled you gotta have a little sense of childlike wonder well the whole world, it's very because most horror films are not huge blockbusters and so most or films, are made out of love and care and passion, and by people who truly the general and
and so you know it's like there. You guys: don't necessarily have a chance the planter, because there are other than they have no money to make a movie than they have to think outside the box to to scare. So what's your favorite? Normally, oh god, she's off top Thea, I mean I mean we're going to be a fan of phantasms. There was the first horror movie that I saw when I was when I was a little kid. How will we saw a island areas? Well like six or seven were I sought on, like my parents were out for Hallo is how do we know those eyes here? You know it was on HBO. A baby sitter in our eyes, fucking, Terwilliger nightmares about that the tall man to fly the tall man and the flying wall and the Basel II and that whole like just that mausoleum feel and so yeah, I'm a big fan of that. You know you, but tonight you know, but then you got a throwing stuff like Shaun of the dead, like you know that you have to peel and was great like I like for work but yeah yeah.
Oh there's the aid they like every You know korean horror is different. The japanese reddish more, which is now going to regular museum. These aren't you interact movie, I you know I mean, I know what I want to What do I take my hat off right now, Joe you take it. All. Ownership must, like I've, been offered a chance to direct a horror movie, but I have a written. So I don't know what it is right and we are right to some one. If you know what writing is its, you might have, you might suffer from some working. I have I love to make everything and sometimes you doing everything you have a lot of cool opportunities. You don't have that like six months to be alone, writings, very solitary thing. Why don't you in six months and read or write you make a great low. You know get a ghetto collaborator because what's funny about writing with people's, it makes you accountable, and I just I like the collaborate experience, because you know I liked it. What comedians do it's going to get around each other? They just one up their doing so it's sort of funds to try to improve
To try to have the fucking around is fun. I feel like the. U know going going somewhere in being isolated cabin. They re writing. Writing writing running. I just feel like dealing. Deadlines are below the prestige. I let the balloon you're right now, homily alone, I gotta go to the bathroom. I think you re run of imminent eleven zero, pocketing iguana bathroom and a little barrel to it. Bad timing, accomplished. He rode away to make do with my life.
Oh, it's all gonna go. It's all gonna go to shit to us, but it is the pressure that is that this that voice in all of us. It's a little guy just makes you know like you could go to. The party would talk to those who serve little little. Please the needs. The hogs reality wondering I do want to make a horror movie in an emblem houses offered me the opportunity to do that now. I just have to do. I have to security and do it we find I'm excited to suit your take on it would be. I love gonna, run zombies. Also, an incredible horror fan. So did you and it is a horrifying watching. Movies is like so much fun, but you would be interested to see what you did with ivory. I because its it. So it's so easy to it. So we he too, you know, fall into in horror in short, cuts. There's somebody like short cut of so many story. Short cuts would like you wanted to be different, but you, but it's not
No, it's like a very rare desired peel come along and believed. If countries use amazing, usually it follows you. Of course, I sought thousand real nice bend on everything I want impressed by that jars. Modern horror, it was yet I mean it was it definitely its if we shot Sandra sounded in the concept, was great and super creepy and with simple it's that that's the truth. With everything I mean from John CART from Palestine and nineteen, seventy eight anything at the simplicity of it. I think there has been a trend lately of what week, what Lydia I call already whore, where each one did, you fall weeping I gotta. Nor is it why don't wanna say because I dont want to sound like I'm shooting a hunting. I copied I've gotta but its, but its movies that where they just really drag out the story and I think the intent is just is to increase the tension Do you think it's like a deliberate audition, the japanese film, like, though it If so well, where it Trinity
it draws you into tricks, you in an opposite, wholly smokes actors, insane yeah, yeah yeah, but little baby. I haven't eliza that worked. Well, that's what we're rhetoric exactly where they like an hour of light. Yet is what does this weird family and all Nicholas Super crazy, but some, but sometimes movies, just drag out and then nothing really happens at the review is like one now you need. I dont want dont want now than this, the italian or from your biggest and a big responsibility that I feel is a directorate and entertain her your own Lee. I respect all anyone that makes a movie. I love you and if I don't like it doesn't have to make a very I make a movie, but you have a great deal only responsibility you have to the audience is to entertain them So I know I know that the enterprise subject that we are used to respect them and you have to give them a reason to get out of the house, give them a reason to smile at the recent. Be scared reason than I know. You're saying: company episodes of criminal mines redirected like ten I've done, leather teen, damn yeah, that's a lie. It's freezing assets hours. That's that's an eight hour
yeah, I mean you're gonna, get anybody filmmaking as my my first passion after magic and you still diametric. I do I do magic, I do is where I need it. I own a practice it before I saw it coming and hard. You probably magic is when no I'm not I I just know, but you do if you dont pennant tell her show. I was one of my first. My first times on stage NOS ten was with pen and tell her. I was called up from the audience and I and I was I was kind of I was stage. I do a dark, it went two cards pen asked me to ineffective, we're diamonds or the queen of spades, and I said, since you taught me to pick the four diamonds before the show, and I look at the audience. It was completely stones, silent and I'm like a bad joke, didn't land, and then pen lovingly looked down at me from nine feet. Perch cities is ninety tall and he said
it again kid. The MIKE is in my glasses down and I set out at last and the audience the audience last as it is, and I offer us experienced on stage, but I love and tell him obsessed with them, guarantee learn. Harry Anderson are my favorite for and Harry. We lost everything on the greatest. In his early someone s, an l The con man thinks he's such a special. You need town where they don't do that in a cell anymore. These that I was the only days yeah Joe Hodge, that, like somebody, is used to come out and do sets and then make a bad. They killed that every state bring that bash. You bring it back now that it's kind of gone to a big cycle that funding go back to its roots, discovering like there's, not there's, not a lot, discovery platforms for comedians until about emu have been was that's where his mighty now stuff was right? You have voted off yet so directing its something that you you ve done. Of criminal might be in, but one when you gonna start have you got a movie I so right now I've been on criminal mines were fifteen year. Yet so right at a film school, I was very fortunate to like,
for a director as an intern. Who then put me in a movie kind of, is a joke playing and in turn, and then that lead to me my directing agent saying like while you were in a movie, you after, unlike in a body, even though, as I think that this year and then music telephones, tv show from the lines and I didn't years so I and again I give everything on a ten percent, so it shoots ten eleven months out of the year, so only have one month, hiatuses right try to do some funding, deforms and things or make books like this but now the show's over in exactly three weeks. My writing to writing directing and acting in a feature which Emily somebody gets a grown up. My ass is done. It's done you ever we're film. Your laptop is our last day. May tenth, that's weird. I know it's kind of nuts. I mean it's weird. It was weird for me to finish at midnight after four years ago, my god, but ten years is its and also between climbed Rama Schedule is such that it's like so different from. Like love, my friends on three camera comedies. We feel Minos twelve hour day
every day, fifteen years Simon, I liked unrelenting do another free time Will you make up your feel creative energy, and where does your? Where whip? What is it core like if we could ring you out into a test, tube and manufacture away. I was born after the Hornets ass. He lay back in the test liquid optimism, fuel Hug magazine where, where does the weird is? Where does this relentless optimism come from? Is it is it innately or you or is it a? Is it like? Nice choose this. I chose this rise from an insane darkness I'm totally kidding to know where I am. I honestly identify the character. Then, if I've mountain most with my life, is every Disney Princess and Larry David. So somewhere between those two I I I don't. I
I've wonderfully supportive parents is very odd growing up in a kind of new from an early age that I was like different and not like the people. That would Minister Everyday School, but from mad, I kind of I was very Tommy like early on. Not really worry about what people were thinking about but really encourage by my parents and families who, after all, my jokes and I just on a nice you like, if you get, if you can choose between, smiling or frowning, you should always make someone smile and that's my only hope with everything I do is to try to make up. I think it's almost wholly thing not to be all crazy, but like the sound of After is you can, even if the train, to every country and also people falling stairs is very funny. Humble accessible holds us. There's, there's no sun title. You need there's no movie pushing me to pitch. It is just inherently funny thing that summit. It connects everybody in it's. What I said for in every moment of my life, Eminem alone, unlike hilarious laughing to mice I should be locked up, is what I'm getting at. Can you can you can be developed? Not no, honestly, I like whatever.
Whatever happy virus you have, I wish we could really sets its hepatitis c. You I'm going to have that. Doesn't that is currently going on many other things than Bergamo. We gotta rename this disease every listen. If there is like the opposite of Zambia Virus, when you re all, I like those do that make your horror movie at the giggles then get everyone's rights to adjust. Just to laugh so hard take out. I taken root the brother of operating idea, the opposite of a zombie yeah. It's everybody's happiness apocalypse. He was a comedian to a uniquely suited to make this movie, I'm serious, run without brother. I may be honoured, I'm going to go in and pitch it. It's a happiness apocalypse get the fuck out of my arms lamas like out I'll get out get out. You're, trying to come up with a bitch that makes this
oh concise and makes sense words like because they did the perch series and it's like you, can our wine. I it's right there, one night, all crimes, legal for twelve hours, brilliant one family. Really, you know like trying to deal with that. Oh god, that's fucking great, you know, but I don't know what that one pitch is accepted. It is the happiness, a partner with it man I'm excited via a movie and talented. Why Brigitte then you're soon stand up all the time you never stop working with. No, if we I mean quality, but thankfully, just like an hour ago for my love I, what was yes should be home. So nice socialism, local issues, so you're gets here, but really but yeah do stay. You know I'm doing stand upon. I do stand up we're. Not only do we stand up for the first time. Did. It was in college. In Lord, you got what you see. I was the night from their lives everywhere as our good. It's all cool things worked out. It's ok! I think you are to criminalize universities have here and that you have d of tenure criminal and yet for some it did. It wasn't like ninety ninety one or two it was easily, and then I didn't really
again. I saw doing a full time and ninety ninety eight so now, twenty. What's your favorite thing to do like if you d I know you do a lot like. Is it like being under the MIKE stand up, as stated was probably it because you everything, is satisfying. I'm curious to know your answer at the students every its creative things, satisfying in a different way. Yeah, drawing is fun hosting, shows, is fun, hosting different shows this fund in different ways in private less than is like it's the purest, form of who I am acting to an audience in real time, yeah and it doesn't rely on any one or anything out other than just me, so so late I've been I've been experimenting with with Writing in playing songs on stage I just I would take a piano
since, but I also just enrolled in an extension course at Berkeley School of using died. There too, I was denied from all yours because it you're going to not even kidding tsar. Anyone can take an extension for now, I'm wearing and I have yet to be oriented UK somehow deny me yet so that we are able what I don't know it just stick. Why break it trendy, but yet I just want to learn how to play guitar stage, which is a very scary thing, which is why forced myself to do it Now I really want to learn scales and shit I get off on its often in different ways. So what is it for you like? What is your? What is the core of your favorite thing? It's so it's it's kind of whatever I'm doing in the moment. Someone, though recently unity very well, was like. I think this kid's book is the ultimate form of your expression, cause it's painting it's a little but a humor and obvious story. It's optimism, which I think is a great compliment in the most satisfying thing that ever happened
me when I was making this book and come out yet mental I've out for six days, but this well one instagram for firm mentally, capped adults was doing with a twelve days of rumble artists, if it were every day saw that on your feet, and it was the honestly I love every day for member state. My life, the like that was this the most heart touching thing? That's ever it was like the people that understood that the reason I wrote the book or to make people I welcomed the fact that the school was, as you know, effect was touched by them. Be a small part of their inspiration for that weaker twelve days was like that. That it was. Soon in the world. If you like this I definitely someone laugh times a thousand. What the I also yeah because when people are when people get pushed her. I've talked about this before, but when people get pushed around a great score, they, feel a lot of people feel yeah exiled are not part of the group or whatever, and some people take that
the negative place and they re express that genetic art and I have always wanted to do the opposite, which is never want anyone to feel exactly rather than I want people to feel. Welcome, and you know it. That's all, can be a tricky thing with comedy itself already. A company does boundary, sometimes tat because there does there. You know it's like there is none of us and them too, to a kind of comedy so figuring out how to not be there, no, but you nail it and that's wondering them a big fan of yours, you and I feel that we show us a similar, cuddly feeling you, you know to me. The most subversive comedy gets my foot. My first love is comedy, but the most of type? Is that which can make like grandma wound and my nephew with the same job, that to me is actually gives very. If you know it's obviously easy to come out there and be very specific and make
Oh everyone is from twenty to thirty in kind of pretentious will love this joke right, but if you can make everybody laughed, would you do all the time with everything you do? I think that's the biggest the matter well and endurance, and I actually think for the longest time. Like a super and if a comedy was submerged had. I think, because so much of our culture has become cynical, that I think the news comedy, like kind of positive check out Mitch, Hedberg just popped into my head, yet his jokes, those funny for everybody here, you're a genius zappia arrogantly he s, so we was and an end, but so that he had so many personally nor Ruggles that it, you know- get out The community is so important. And I just might my hope, especially with comedians is that they in inasmuch as they are trying to create communities and express things that they do take the time to,
care of their own, because, if your scooping out here time, you may forget to take care of yourself which is it, which is important, but it doesn't sound like you how many of those issues it sounds like you have you. You have a good good, solid, elegant things. Thank you brother. What do you do when you get bogged down I do depressing often videos getting you make area. I exactly. I try to make it into something else. I try to grab that ray of whatever in shooting upward your parents, particularly upward, In my view, both parents in the world, but my dad is like the funny man alive, but I didn't know it until I was like twenty he's doing a bit for the first twenty I'll do an impression of him. This is like, I can call my siblings and they think it's my dad on the phone Hey you, Chris Missus, John
I condemn the hurry yards of us. Heck of a house like this, I think, is a caricature. Isn't it has dragged out of an yeah they were just you know again, wonderfully supportive in always at my mom has been with me on this rumble tour like every step of the way and my dad came to the l, a one he literally drove in that day from us Vegas to allay stay for two hours and got back in the car and drove back to LAS Vegas two nights right you're from vague from US babies born raised at me. As part of others in the on. In my blood, there is all my friends in Vegas, especially that are entertainers. Now I think it's weird whether or not it tells me you're, not because it there's a phosphorescent glow out of our own because I know the vaguest that you know the vaguest that most people yeah, the antenna Vegas I like, that is a small representation of what Vegas as whole it's funny. I never knew. The city was different.
Weird until I moved to New York and those like well Vegas kind of weird like this is, I guess you can't get Breakfast Alex Library. I argument you met in New York, New York and I went down here during our talents and a third the third floor of anything. There aren't any order without political place out and eager near us a lot bigger industries are clean, and yet, when you went to bed after there's somebody surprise there wasn't a roller cause. I was looking rail or economics using irony that somebody, the roller coaster that did one that goes around the building blocks of gray rollercoaster. Is it a good what he really is one in prison are the biggest in the world. I M scared of an astronomer Don T. Do it. I dont have rights Disneyland. We do we go a lot yeah yeah, but it, but Never. I haven't seen that one that goes around the
the border of Nevada. That goes around like that big hotel, like it's called Buffalo bill, yeah that tat, I d never seen that operating southern up its elaborating yeah, I'm not sure either plants and I love amusement parks. I live for them. I am terrified of roller. Coaster is evident, splash mountain once, but has even rollercoaster me that Gary Rollercoaster. I know I know I should do to get over to the other. I know she park in Pennsylvania, which is just all roller MR despite just go into the tailspin, just go into the EU of all at once. I love that yeah yeah, you really which do you love roller coaster? Juno hundred houses debris? Yes, let you Fahrenheit House, you mean as a white Guy spook House, I know what a mattress pray my favorite rider Disneyland, but as far as like actual hundred houses, we do halloween whore nights every year. We have fun
do not scary farm is glaring opted in the last two years. They really ass of renovation. They don't and also its important you're going to hunt and houses to have separation in the lines was on a Congo line. Yes, oh boo, hoo, but they also integrated technology as some other stuff. So they're, like the one walk through you, get a fly, flight and flashlight. Has this and and if see technology we and so like it in different parts of the house, it like figures are it turns into a lack later. Does is, but I mean it in terms of you know like work I'm, like a huge fan of the ones where people can jump out and grab, you fuck with you all know either they them. Though there like the December a merciful and wrote the letter there was, if you will agree that the word new look. Look unreal, oh, but you and open after Hug magazine takes off our venturing, my hope and a hundred house. Together, you vote. I voted. I the story about what you said. Actually I live. I love haunted house yet big fan. I taught my four to go in a haunted house every year, the first year that those types that you just wrecked red reference started the lake Michigan.
Talking about a syringe like I am I talk to all my friends are going with me. This is called every. The name of those in Manhattan was asleep, No, I love sleep, not that I like a long story short on the guys come with me on us, we're ok, Google go through in you're funny adventure we get there. There's like, like forty zero boys checking you in and like a hooded jacket and they're, not unlike where's the spooky skeleton decoration, unlike the grinning pumpkin followers in here mobile, and they call you unlike sign this waiver, and it's like. If you kill me, I'm ok, yeah, well, anaemic, MC there's, no one! In line this thing and it taken off this whole trend of light, these super spooked super like intends on an average, is literally just getting robbed exactly long story short, unlike other, if it's a wonder to time: assholes. Ok, I'm like where it where's like rejects Jellings Endued, where he wears a clown. You follow me electors safety If you get scared, you say safety, ok, February is literally side of you long story short, I will in my last exactly nine seconds, I call safety, I'm
Gordon out already paid all my money. My friend you like that you I got a media only lasted nine seconds ago things I can't handle the like real life like Libya, the floor stood your head in the toilet. I like. How am I supposed to be like that's more fetishism is outlining a hundred how, where it is, you know it again. They all sort of have different mechanisms of cause window when Rob Zombie first before he did have thousand corpses, aren't you The house is concerned is great, yes, very first, one that he did was in ninety nine or two thousand, and so I went with him and his brother and sharing, and we like put on costumes and like jumped out at me, boy s, brother, spider, punching faced by those people who want to be scared, but but
side of it, was really fun to be any other ended to be in the amount of interest to like be picking through appealing you're, like you know they go. They scream like that bar respond to so you know like the walk, on it houses fund, but I but the thing that's great like a good haunted house will really and again, like a low budget, horror movie its Seeing the creativity with becoming like magically, imagine any doubts about how do you put how'd you presented in a way that seems new and innovative evokes your imagination? That's the irony of the horror friend that, like the Iphone journey of the horror fan, is I know that you know night, you know Nine out of ten things that I see, you're, probably gonna, be ok, yeah too, maybe not great, but if that tenth one
or are you see ones that have amazing Elam elements yeah? This was great that I know you're like me, we're like even the ones that aren't next level. I still love, unlike all of it all, but those those ten percent that work a great there's a company shot out. It's called its in LAS Vegas Freak Ling, brother. They were the bet it's the best on how, in the world the guy's a genius they created in Sunday to duty moments, also very cool Diana filmmaker they utilised old vaudeville magic tricks to create the scarcely you walk into a room biscuits. On the ground and sixty two be tall, a guy will pop out of the trunk, because you realize you raise platform, mailed walk up to a set of stairs and stares open up and a guy pops out, because, as a mere above, creating the illusion of stairs. There's like all these. Its level. Things are so simple, so expensive, but just as we give our biggest to LAS Vegas, their geniuses you're, like a hike with a high coup of haunted house and just at soliciting elegance. No Gore we're gonna go back as you go to freely brothers. Oh man, there, the there on a slightly I'm like I'm. No, we should go. Yes, cost lives.
I ve been talking about because there's a zombie burlesque shown vague, as so we're talking about like just going to for a weekend going to see pennant tellers, drowning, the real time ever less and then and then maybe the frequent brothers and then you should go. I would be so on yet I wouldn't. I was at the door I take all of October off of what I M doing to just go a different cities, and I was gonna Vegas for a week and you would love I'm telling you? I know you love this guy. We'll settle passionately within all of you guys it maybe that's, really loves escape rooms. I didn't you. I just got into those. Those are great Mangi likes escape rooms, but I But there is a small party that sick. That's sure that it is a real escape route. Where is already getting locked in the exact kimono increase our lives escape them into the back of this s. Did you see you are turning to walk? You just leave it using the Nathan for you without it houses? No word, I don't wanna ruin it, but it's hilarious. It's a bit, see it as a great big red yeah, I'm trying to tell
we, but I want to. I want to figure out so now the criminal mines is ending and now you're gonna do this movie, which you can't or can't talk about. You know the minute, I'm like them. About the next time we took a great around here. Is it a big thing here beyond excited and it's it's again it's ago, maybe I don't know, I love love all those India films in the nineties. You know get like so hopefully in the vein of those ok awfully undefinable, something funny in kind of touching sort of nominal, because I feel like you probably have a lot of options that Europe really you're gonna have a lot. If you re, probably already have a lot of options, and so it's, how are you picking and through like what to do quite. Thank you for asking you all I play is very serious character for fifteen years, which is the exact opposite of me. Up forward. I love acting. I love directing our making stuff. I just want to only focus acting wise, unlike any
comedy related or anything. A friend of mine is making zig. You stay live long enough. You pro experiences. I realize, like all my friends from film school or now, like published or whether all like detailing? How am I bodies like making the new Spiderman movie with demand movie fun, Indy film, so anything work with my friends. Anything you do comedy as far as an actor goes and in directing you know comedy l of horror movies, I hope to make things that haven't been done before Think eight, twenty four as a company, that's doing like spectacular, like projects and I just rode over Christmas Hiatus, kids book. I don't want a comic book, kids books, action, wrote it for me is what about that? I wanted to read and happened, have pictures but making more vat painting. I want to do it like you know everything we stop and then, as is we're gonna become like an animated like absolutely right here is voiced his voice. It's very funny has actually kind of similar to a friend of ours is a little bit like I used to the honourable table,
it's it's it's it's I'm scared and I'm scared to do it I'll do it for you later. It takes a little bit too. If we vote for the companies. I, like the rapporteur, I I I I'm planning a hope, everything I always have open or even in its executive rubble would do. This is exactly would keep me, go on stage like tank and walk off for the bananas. The character of this is the character version of like when you're with trained appeared a trough area like I just can't it's not to go. When I try what I really want to try it similar he's very similar to depress Jonathan like it it s a little bit of the same world, of him, but he's he's been living in a surer for many years was voices a little raspy ensuring kennicotts more in a whisper. You do a lot of ways over right away. Yeah. I do a lot of us and I haven't you- have I do but had always. I did. I worked at Nickelodeon for like that Fourteen years you do you a hundred and five abundant five years. Are you do this? You know like I've been very formaldehyde, were amendment should be, and
but I wish I had this thing where I kept. Characters that were really aloud. So it was like wrecking my voice. You know like just wrecking yeah, because it was always to get the job would like a really loud, and then you realize what you're doing a four hour session words like yeah. Ok now screams again, I can't do you know I would leave, and my fucking whole head would be might be. Like Silver Godfrey looks to aid. I love him body was Kane, can turn it turn it. I can't I can't, and so it's I have done as much voice. Lately, but I still do like in all video games. Occasionally or something something someone comes along, but it's too to beyond to get to he put on a show you where you have to do it. Every time I was like yeah. I was telling you telling my voice, but it for a boy's respond. You must do what I do a lot of us,
the two yeah. I love it alive at all so fun. What, then, are you crooked? create a show. I want to create a show with rumble. I've got another idea for an animated. I've got a lot of ideas, it's all and again that attention question earlier. The way I pick them Don't know I'm age I should probably be more diligent or something I kind of go with whatever Funnybone says in the morning to do I I I want to focus This feature that I'm directing and then the I'd love to earn a decent rumble are gonna, be in the future than I am actually yeah. Yeah yeah have you directed the kind of guy had a zone will enable donated first started. When I first you know, I love is setting directly never in a million years with a cast myself, but then I learned through criminal, not with you being. Forced to also act in the criminal minds. Episodes at I direct that I'm a country freak in its while of making this book I lose hand wrote every page of including the barcodes, but am with directive
sulphur MIKE? I don't have control. If I'm not looking at the monitor, then I learned the most sacred thing ever, which is when you are. Resting in acting. At the same time, you can actually like live manipulate. The everything's you're directing from within the frame its euro utter colorist to me that actually gives just a better view and a better sense of control to crafting it. So it's really that wonderful, I want to be in the first one and then I would love to do movies. I think I've ever do a horror movie. I wouldn't be in that because that so dependent on a tone and on silence and things that suspense, which you can't gauge inside the from your living in the frame to kind of observe the frame, is I can imagine just like directing yourself wheeling and you won't get away with this got right. Click on it like you that the shining like you like to the blood and the whole way. How can we ever the blood? Ok, perfect Glinda, perfect curving balloon like that when cubits like take two hundred and forty flying, you like, I got blood.
The bottom of my luck, what sack and now my Aqua, my actual facts are already saying that worried by the way. This is a great clarity characters like the guy instead of who is really specific space. He ever you haven't noticed how incorporate makes you due to an invaluable dangling away like I just when you have a blue cheesy platter, given notice when corporate makes you bet, you died in the snow and he has it there. They put get this not got out a cutting candid about Shelly Charlie stand up devolves. There are the only one of the army is laughing everyone also just like Bobo, but that is the character of Jack torrents. Doing stand up in the overlooker quota. At the end, we smiling relating to open a great movie that it's a good move, really hated when it came everyone, everyone reviled it when it that's a word, it was dark, naughty, wanna Ratsey for worse picture. No one got it. Do you know this vital if I didn't know what, or rather I think, a bird do you not just by receiving aid it king do not care for it, but I know
it was. I was thinking back as everything I was pretty much critically, despite So I always look at that and let you know and that's why I've never made anything for anyone other than the people that we want to see. Which is just me, my mom and and the I love them movie. I can speak. However, the shining well it, but it also did sometimes sometimes people, just our ready for something yeah when we are doing something very unique like that people like way. That's a change in peace we have no doubt that what we say was that's called Jack Jack's performance over the top. I call it brilliant personally, but they, they said that human rights, even worse actor, hats. Yet, and that is not to this not to be specific. I feel bad saying this, but the same person. That said it was the recently the year, Roger even within ten years later saves money. That's whore piece of all talk! Any effort now, did you sign back? Are you running? One is passed away too, though, about it?
but it but you did he didn't I I don't know I'm not a fan of like I love the people and I love the fans and I hope to only things for them, so I sometimes get a little bent out of shape. When I hear people especially like I know I'm gonna tangent, starting with nobody, so it so easy to be it so easy to be negative and its eyes. And one are you try making something like I don't I don't believe in and are now I just I might be able to speak we make things better way, then you it s a really hard to get elbow shots in the snow, good job row yet like even the movie. I like the least. I still think it is impressive today, a bit like being able to cut together any his heart yeah, it's hard it in order to get people to show up, higher. Everything is working against you and that's why to me, the most beautiful medium is filmmaking says a merger of every single thing you to be a visual ass. You ve understand communication, You do understand, Whiting, you Tennyson music, and if you can get
at all in concert. You can have a masterpiece, but is very hard to do that. It is because everyone has to be on the same page and everyone has to bring in the same level of enthusiasm, have the same, be in the same realm of vision have like work well together, have a good look to you is. It is a deal Acta captain like who'd, you heard what do you see as a director, the great to me and my style of directing a very meticulous in everything I do it. It's it's. It's part of its like my superpower and sometimes my own handicap, but with directing The directors job is to know how to do a lot of things and then too Hopefully inspire people, my dream and under acting but to make everybody they got into the business. Remember why they got into it and remember the pure joy being in their backyard with a camera making something for money not for credits, but because they fucking and if I can do that, I've done my job, and I also I happened to I'm very specific about cod, dune set design.
Sound design added. Academics was a bit about everything that the ice realise everything, except for sound recording I like to have a hand in and again I know the camera very well. I feel very, I very I've. No training in anything artistic as far as like acting or painting. Or the things that I do, but within making I haven't insane like obsession, so I do know the technique of that and that something I do have a very great confidence in from a technical standpoint. So I just you like that. But the main thing is speaking the vernacular of every department in the language they understand so with assuming its knowing a bit about no they're, not knowing, and if Thou corduroy here to be able to communicate with them, but then not needing to actually so every stage in that's right. Gonna get mired in details, especially at criminal minds. We're like I try to make everything someone have a personal feeling and on a tv made an eight days like I always. Must die making it because, unlike pay painting, the pictures that the killer made or I'm like hand, making the marionette puppet that Brad Door of manipulating
and I just if to have a very personal handmaid unique feel. That's incredible. Thanks yeah I mean it's. No. One else is looking at this picture. I know I know that my generate. Thank you. I care so much and I love so much and I just want everybody to go home like you know, tie, from joy and tired from knowing they did a great job. Tired from joy yeah. Now in my favorite, that's that's guilty line and hug magazine reactor tired from George, yet just like just pictures of like Orient Grundy, it's a muffin and it's slightly better than she looks like that on things like that that Tub magazine, we gotta do it man, I'm excited for that. What are vice, do have two people to it. Floor because, Obviously, if you are an optimist there,
lots of people who were like book, you who do you think you are because they want to destroy your joy because a lot of the world and yet a social media is a joy vampire yet, and so what? How do you? What what advice you give to people who want to explore relentless optimism here here has a clear something. I discovered today that I love to do I've been on a seven day, nonstop simple, to arrive and living in this insane costume and dumb whenever I go, I've been doing, I did like fifteen I chose today. Maybe my favorite thing to do in the world is to walk into a big room of people, their other computers. It's ninety I'm on a Monday. I find the one person, a kind of looks like they're not having a good day or maybe I've never had a good day and are kind of fraud, thing, and I make it my point if I can make that one person laugh or smile, unlike yes, that to me, it's when you re seven foretold, lizard costume, is very easy to make some get rules. But, like I want to find that guy. Able to find the guy omitted adamant, shadow names but Marcel from E. I love you brother. We had a great moment early on lot. Alas,
Why am I in my my leg is my advice? Would be fine? The one person that needs at the most smile and that's a funny thing like. I think. That's what What is the most important like it? in funding make someone laugh having a good time, but when its most needed most holy is when the person really needs a letter. I think he's again, I hope, my funeral. I hope people are laughing so hard that some will die in my lab in a magazine. Profounder everyone's dead about magazine is a gasoline news, lash the founders dead, but it was really funny real funny time really gonna see. That's that's interesting. These advice, because, basically that's not did I hear very often is usually the advice is like: oh, you, gotta, Your join! You gotta do this you it is, but your advice actually get outside yourself into
Looking for someone else guides and that's the best is the hardest audience to mess. We really challenge yourself. If you can make the one person doesn't want to be they're gonna, be there that's cool to me that that is not that I've ever done it problem, but I rock, but you never did then I, that's my like first joined the waterways. I realize I've just been doing a nonstop stand of actions. Are three but I would like that, and that is another passion of mine that I hope to pursue, but it's our funny, and maybe you can relate to this- like I I can't, love for that luxury of being able to You know it's weird man. You haven't been on tv over fifteen years to going to stand up, like maybe people in the audience are going to laugh just because they see me for fifteen years on tv. Maybe I just its finding out? If I do what I want to find a unique, unique way to break into it with respect, I mean it
it is just one of those things that you would just have to start. Respect to the art form not respect to anybody, but now I ve got something like lots. More people would come at sea when now, but I want to make sure that its I wanna make sure that it's not like free laughs from the guy, that's been on energy. I s allay which isn't what I want a man, but let me give you just a little hint about the that the right ignition card. Yeah yeah, you maybe five minute. Ok, I'd like that. You might get a couple minutes, a free lapse, yeah, but you can't it's with anything exactly it's the it's, the halving the back, but at a certain point, if, like you know, if it's a joke a bad or its, not working or the connecting with it? Then there are not You don't have to worry that perplexity minutes or forty. Forty five minutes, just gonna give you re. Lastly, on certain points, they'll be like as we know who you are down, get on your hair. What thou know what what have you done for me in the last two monygham exactly exactly? I just feel like I need to get a picture of what said. Oh, please do so people can trigger.
No, I just like his head right, we're like that magazine picks up red. You pull yourself, but you know that to my mind, the cover every would unite on the cover. Hugging revenge is hanging over us. How do you know you notice that I really do now? I love that unless you are living, but that's a great anyone whose wife will dressed up as maleficent is young. To go. Our friend table shields took some pictures of us and make do you have any costumes, Likewise, Batman Costume, initially put it on, and so I put on sixties ban and then we took pictures who's your favorite them in boy. That is, I mean we have ever Joker. Well. I'm curious about this answer. I don't know I listened no way? I know I know you say, youth organization, I predict. Yes, let me hear you say more camel what oh joker yeah yeah yeah. I guess it for me. It's jacking goals.
Ok, I've, his joker. I I actually, I think Jack Nicholson Joker is we have as yet I mean yeah, I kind of thanks. First of all, I think that in western security, I'm with you there s a highly gotta, well Microgram, and I mean, if we're talking about serious man that it might be like Kevin Conroy, where eight adamant about it. I was already today cellular. Yet you said a right now, my eyes about why, because I've, a story that appreciates it evolves, COMECON and Kevin Conroy guided the one thing you never do it COMECON by accident was very nervous. Does a comic comic five years ago at a voice? The riddle are unworthy of the movie. The bam in item in the movies this long line were signing the posters if you ve done many times, I'm sure and I'm very nervous, and with all these people, I respect you know we get the cabin right next to me. And I'm serious long line of fans, and I'm I've done things like this before for criminal mines and what not an area so nervous depositors sliding down the line of the assembly line of actors signing and I'm towards the end with Kevin? And
before Kevin and every time I cited, I see this weird thing have not seen on many fans faces, which is like the minute I have in the poster. They just look morbidly depressed and they walk away with her head down and, unlike what about hundred people in I looked down, and I realise that this entails your time. I've been inadvertently signing Batman and then handing it directly to cabin, and I was like we gotta- come all we ban. So sorry, cabin Kevin I've been signing. Am I got out of you noticed, but I've been accidently signing your head and you Timmy goes I've noticed and don't ever do that economy. There are so many bad men yeah I and I was. I was charmed bye, you don't know there were a few jobs Schumacher. Bad men, I know you know what a thousand people do album and some apple and broke.
A panel in your comecon ahead full years ago and George clean. It was on the panel, the first thing that room was like hey man, sweet Bruce mean cosplay, his response to that was because if you look at the oddity was like by the way, sorry about that. You guys I'm sorry any at this awareness to apologize for his batman. That was so charming money that it made me like love ended it made me, love ASP is bear it. I mean he was sort of like happy go lucky heavy Batman, while they are no use likes. Nineteen sixty values like a little bit like our gable about give. Thirdly, we're about Maggot Clark, Gable, Batman, and I was a little concerned that well I'm really right of parents or I'll kill them. I was little I'm set about. My bettering is caught him by utility Robin Alfred by take us its biggest drinks yeah, if you could play
super here, it's good you bought it. I've got it. I want to be a supervillain. I love the violence and I was a kid. That's all I collected everyone. My action figures, the villain I loved always the most interesting, the most visually impressive retailers good for you to learn that I love playing Edward Enigma, where the real fans Enigma, I love riddler. I mean the Joker is spectacular. The jokers integrate characterises, it makes no sense a bat and a clown. I love. I love a lot about him. I love I mean working Phoenix. This Joker looks pretty good, see any great and very excited about itself. It's so interesting to make him an empathetic care ha. I love, I should add cloud yeah. Is I'm more beautiful and sad clown, but just to see like I mean that's what I think. One of the most interesting is when you, when you see the dimension of like a hacker out, you know, that's remained worm. Yeah, you circumstances. If you were put an I'm, not saying that you would become a murderous supervillain, but if you were put in if, if life started,
Can you in the face and a horrible way, literally and figuratively, who You know like one who you can become. You know what she regret. Would you be four hero, Merci supervillain. Well, a superhero I mean I I always have one have a superhero dream: it's always Spiderman. That's cool with organic lavender, you're, good spiderman! You know like. I also it be great if it was like well Would you be spider man, but with a little bit of Wolverines healing ability, you know like there? You discover take a couple of things. You can have your own superpower. What would it be if you can create your own zebra,
well. I've mine would probably be you know like magic like it's like I've yeah. You know like I always play wizards. What are you doing bad magic? What you're doing like some flowers out of my sleeve? Now I mean linger: wizard magic, oh gosh, yea, but by Define wizard magic like floating or like making turning gold into water spells. You know, like guy hurriedly wizards, yeah, respect wizards. Whenever I play like our Fiji's yeah, you know like. I always pick that remember your request, yeah as a good game. What yes boardgame, unlike the nineties, that really from humiliate those like it was pretty cool man was was. It was more like. Was it more I gave a board game. Secondly, in the exact adding fast moving Europe, it was, I relied ten year olds, Galilee Yucatan settles ten Also can, of course yeah yeah I mean there are so many more games have come back with such
engines now. I'm back is, I think, a reaction to screens man. Yes, that's exactly right. Its people is the innate ability and it'll happiness it'll. I came here to cycle back, I'm really terrified of technical treaties. And wait for the pendulum swings money that you're back towards your Tarifa as a filmmaker that guy that's the thing I learned, I was very lucky and when I went to school I was like the last person to learn how to shoot with actual film, but I learned the crafty filmmaking on a black, so web browser holding. I was cutting Einstein Backstreets back. Are you pronounce a child to John Steinbeck, as we say donating back of his head, jostling, beckoned where's, my ribs, or rather the hell out of me, Stein virgin Mary seem very. We love you do so, where'd, you learn on those like the classic yeah which to me is so funny. It's like antiquated technology. But even now I love shooting video and, of course, but I in the process of thinking about filmmaking from an analog perspective. I think no one has to now. Technology just tries to recreate like we.
Just use, I know not measuring. I want to shoot my film on Super. Sixteen may now I'm doing a man, though you should see Buffalo Sixty six. Yes, I love that film, you shot Eighty five millimeter reversal, which is if you Your expose it by two stops: you're completely screwed such faith in his day He will probably himself knowing Gallo that it. I love that film under masterpiece. While will that yeah like that, that's a whole other level of a balancing act and the same time, I am not going to do that. I'm going to tell you I'm going to use the easy. As you know the now, that's it that's an order to very rational choice, since one there are good, like you know, the Dew plus brothers, a creep like it might have been shot on an Iphone yeah, totally weren't work as it now because it just like it. They give the right and haunted quality area. So I don't know I don't know about ideas up here. One of these points out is down. That is bad. It's ok! Do it's all every day good. I mean because think about it if, by same logic. You can, you can never know I was in it. I don't want to
I was on this conversation with a waitress yesterday that asked me about a bad name for her banned because she had an idea for a bad name. Her ban, maids didn't agree and then I reminded her. This is with great respect, the name, the Beatles. If you really Looking at? It is sort of a silly name, beat all's yet they're. Pretty really great, so becoming a thing as a good sonata like even items its own identity, can imagine that page being not well laughed We can, of course, on the beat all say, but it looks like a beat all you can track. You can make any idea good second veto, but then it there's a meal obedient music and it's like a that's terrible. Where do we stand a Tom Hanks movie about the wonders? I love it: alternative employment in the name of it thing. Nothing! You do masterpiece, Catherine S, resurrected it by the way did yeah they can they they want. Call their ban the wonder o neither the yemeni readers yeah Tom Hanks, he's gone and hug magazine for sure he'll be undercover history on the cover scars cover here for ease our Marilyn Monroe,
How can I see Tom Hanks standing over esteem very well, his dry, precisely that's gonna, be great. Hug magazine is good. Anything anything else. Any other joyful things you are quite right, I mean rumble, is available now, for anyone who hasn't doesn't what it is basically a character who about accepting who you are. Basically it's an acceptance and and loving yourself kind of he's. My hope was to create a hundred thirty six page hug for anybody who is ever felt winter weirder alone and rumpled as a sort of low and lonely monster that finds a lot of friends good, and that is that Matthew. The only get worse. It is basically an autobiography, I'm not kidding. Oh my gosh. I finished it and I'm like this. It's just my story. That's my complete with with banana peel and living in a sewer and you. Where did you get this this is a hand made one of a kind costume that I designed and made with a somewhat
amazing angel may or may not even sure. She's ago, ELF, from the North pole helps me to make it physically wearable but it's Yanza one of a kind handmade peace, es, thank you I'll figures. Bananas detachable. The tragedy that spent ass. They say when we take a picture, but an actual minute ogier lose. Please be honoured. Matthews or anything else that I can help you with anything else that I can do for you Jimmy I want to give you an example. Real actual you can actually so on increased, I'm really fun, I'm flattered Add me I'd so much fun on your earn on midnight tonight the world of you. I feel the same, and I support your quest. To support other
people and your relentless optimism and putting out good positive things? You brother, in every creative expression that you have possible you make people feel good happy and I see like the people who follow. You are rabid. You're, just like the luckiest you're, just a beam of you're, just like Edible sunshine. Can I tell you the sweetest thing that happened I'm electronically, I want to say this. I was due Evan doing these amazing, like book events for the book and getting to like me, people I'm things- and I didn't realize at the stores- relate limiting them and not letting people in, but on on one more recent ones, and it's been these cricket that Iceland bragging, which I think is a kind of inherently em but long story short. There was David Bit devolving going until at one or two in the morning we pass closing hours, but in the last night there was like a bunch of people didn't get in and they are trying to shut down. And I was I let you let it, but the fact that the thing the people in the audience of other people are like no Matthew. I of course waited for them and got to meet them all,
person they try to stop me. The fans themselves are like go home when are you gonna take is a day for the tour and they could tell that. I look like the end of it is a lost our nazis, your men, getting no don't do it. Just go home and sleep there, maybe just wanna meet them or their horse. It did its aims. Idiot entertain you just one person would make me happy with it it's more than one makes me over the moon, you ve been listening to her magazine. This is how measures and thank you for joy, taking the earnings and Hug magazine over here to give yourself a hug out there never forget how you're so ever forget yourself give yourself an emotional hug and yet be like me. You and be like Tom Hanks and be like Chris hard hard. You brother, thank you, enjoy worried us. I will listening to word. Salad, Rep Revers wasn't apples
I'm not going to do it again, not doing it again. This is the one. We're eleven does I want to record floor and I got game when a record and others submit Desert Europe its second dickensian chimneys. We rejected five hours, in reality the moving. Now you for you Matthew, regular thing, the other is the sweetest elevate. Guy.
His old hardware optimism, I think, is sir. It it's a great boy. If you can do it great most people aren't necessarily relentlessly optimistic. See might say, were how do I get to be royalty optimistic? You you take. It takes some effort. You gotta figure out how to see things differently, because again, as we say many times, you can control the world, but you can control. I responded to run, wouldn't be amazing if you could find an optimistic, take everything right, lids, you're, good at that yeah. How do you do it the time? That's it
in simple terms. Can someone explain their before, but what business is it if you feel like you're having difficulty doing it by yourself, get a friend like Matthew, Gray, Kubler for meat and optimistic person and be friends with them because It will rub off you will I mean I even just like recording that podcast with him. I was so my job here by the end of it, and then I listen to when I listen to it again when I listen to it back, that super averages injure like buck. A guy all the time I can, drain is obscure measure. Google and bad latency talent on an instagram add but yeah. So in addition to
choices that you make in how you choose to view the world and how you choose to view the events that that happened at you also. Look round. Are your friends pretty optimistic people? Were they phone hope is a mean. Wasn't of all your friends are pretty negative fine. You love em they're, your friends. You could probably find an optimistic friend. You know it's just making little efforts even just little incremental efforts every day. It all adds up even doing stuff. That sir manner now that you can't really explain where you're doing like, for instance, although I feel like going to be able to explain this one but living iron, ITALY and we're gonna head back and, like you know, what we need to go. I've
I've been to Disneyland Paris. We need to go there. She was like, let's do it, so we are going to do. We came to Paris just to go to Disneyland. Is that weird. Boiling investment is lovely. We're like what of all the things the imperative discipline and I would say well done groping. Why just isn't needs in here is just that centres, but Disneyland outside a bears. Is that a great name for apart Could you know I think it's just an embarrassed. I think they rename it does you embarrassed I'm pretty sure they learn the Arab. Actually, I don't think I think they did, I'm pretty sure they did look it up me. There was a device You'll will never know we're not in an automobile,
tomorrow. We legacies deserted pair zero Disney going to tell you you are you looking at me? I thought you said what Look of early one morning. I can look it up people. To know now. They're, not gonna, wanna get up at their own phones. They need us to be their Google, so look up Disneyland. Well anyway. I google your eye, NATO's new and Paris comes, will lose insurers seeing Lou will it's just do it bears says desolate fares are mere originally Eurodisney resort. So we're both re Lily right was movement, that in a world that it lacks an old school, oh geez,
This is? U being optimistic, you putting Europe to move things will only around like a guy respect that either when there is a choice, I get of interesting element so be optimistic. When you, and you're not going to be able to be all that time, but just little choices when you can even things it seem not that important. Can you put a positive spin on something and you're not doing this? You can be some. But weird, you know I'd everything's, perfect all the time, but at least building up this skill set building up the most You know for when you need it s, not a bad thing to do so. I don't know. He paused and read something today. Try it look up nice news story put yourself.
A positive environment go look at a puppy Jerusalem self that kinda makes you feel happier than just gonna hold onto that. Then remember that when you need it and Hope you have a really great day boy, so I said about design in Paris say: if you have any suggestions, I don't know how you could You can send your Disney Paris suggestions to stir. I think that this email is stuff at eighty twenty doc. Try that I'm pretty sure that our work, no its not stop at eighty twenty backup. Oh it's what are you looking at? I detected outcome. So what are you looking and then at that symbol, Indeed I, where you, why are you? What are you looking at the weird aside, I tariffs
this time, but I like it. I get it. I, like a big reviewed over you where we really very likely, and we have therefore tabled in once break. Is it just a medically files and forever yeah, unlike Eurodisney, which is not what it's called now as for ever? I forgot results. Where, were you a very heavy review in Europe? Your old results, right everyone. I appreciate you have the full day and night. Evening middle of an AIDS and whatever it is and does see it in your ears next week for much those targets. Is there a member that I have to come up with a while ago. I wanted the abbot
you're, the one in the use of the term but he was egg. Instead of a jury of little use in the past. There's one thing much: those dogs, you feel helped. I mean people, no because of course I say every week, dont say at any rate she doesn't listen. Other package now you not say a word nor do no know. I have some Skype much those dagoes I ii and incomplete you're worried
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