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The legendary Michael McKean talks with Chris and Matt about his talent in musical comedy, his time opening as a comedy act before rock concerts and how he and David Lander got the part on Laverne and Shirley. He also talks about the importance of not being typecast and his part on Better Call Saul! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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because the names and dairy just release my first short story on Amazon dot com. Could you please mentioned the name of a short story? Is less Eden ECHO Book one and again it's on Amazon dot com? You can also find it on Facebook that come slash, echo stories. This episode is Michael, a keen and I'm sure you can imagine that it was difficult to suppress the comedy nerd from spewing out. Michael Mccain has been in several of my favorite things of all times across all platforms, talks about a lot of stuff like great spinal tat, stuff. I hadn't heard before that. We talk about, but the two things I forgot to mention. I forgot to mention the big
sure which is one with ever movies, but I just forgot to mention it. If you haven't seen any, should Christopher Guest directed it Kevin Bacon, like I'm a keen, Martin Short and also sort the grand inquisitor, he plays dull buzz of girls who basically, as your narrator, for easier guide through that game. That is one of my favorite games of all times or the grand inquisitor and I haven't found in emulator to be able to play recently. So if you have some suggestions for that, please let me know but tat he is promoting. Better call saw, which is fantastic by the way. If you ve not been watching, saw you absolutely sure, that's on aim seamen, he's at ten p m. I was nervous, I didn't, I didn't know it. People going to be like the council to breaking bad valor. Now I don't I've room for sale in my life and you know what there is room for soil in your life. The show is fantastic, Odin Kirk's, killing it and machine is great and is also Superfund in this tat. Guest now use nurse pike, s number six, four, six, what the brilliance, Michael the key
now I mean merely star com suck my dick. You know patent actually like his but his output his high, but then it would mean depriving please also got a child. You know he does that available at extra comedy right. I think, as I remember Patten Woods number one whatever together particular, were. I did a show with him on a Tuesday and following Tuesday he had twice a completely new minutes, then at work
All amazing now he's completely inventive, but the thing is he to a book the premise- and what's he locked into that premise, he kind of has to mine there for a while, but surely can't go. He can't suddenly go hey, you remember, when you know he and he could do that on the stage. But a book is a certain kind of thing. You know right he's right, book ostensibly about his film addiction right, it's really just about Patten's years between eighteen, ninety, five and two thousand bought or what it is just interested in what I say is prove us. Wrong Patten write a book a week right of other way. What are you afraid of recalling who is covering up matters. What are you hiding, but ok for sound we're good, Gary we good everything's good. I am so beyond cited in thrilled and freaking out to meet you in person beyond.
All those lie death. No, because it all please be careful. Now I intentionally left the writers room to come to this point, as I was saying about uttered in here. That's our identities, and it's not even as cluttered is good because it is really a third. I applaud gas given notice. Those morning shows- maybe just don't encounter them too much the morning? Radio shows if you ve ever done law variances. You go in the DE walk in and you can the number of new girl. It's going to be nine sharing or a level of yes exactly, and then you go what market? In my hand, where am I again? Maybe we can do in the movies spinal that that would be great instead, the main guys like who was to do with the minutes
guys the guy was already swallowing. You know he's saying we're we're all thinking. What is the deal with enemy to sing early break it down into its philosophical basic? Well, I dont, like I, don't listen to me talking in in the morning to much unless it's the boon show us that. That's to me that's talk baby out of the best known. I mean they listen to music, but I'm in control like your own car and stuff. But you know there is that thing. That job. You have where your basically reminding people, what time it is and how late they're gonna be in that traffic is to organic and what the traffic is exactly right. So it's just not really. For me, We set our intern to go via vibrator and had sent to your mom's couple. Go out. I don't even know my favorite story about doing, because I I've had to mean
I've got to do a million of those two and there is one in Texas. I think it was Texas and if Listen to the show. You thought there were like nine guys on it, but it was one guy doing like seven different character, voices and I in person I was like really they also make their coming out of the same guy, but when I went and did the stand of show that night people world Did you hear the one guy arguing that the other they had? No idea that it was the same guy like how many people know what that's that's the deal that was the genius of Phil Hendry is when he was really interact. Many still genius, but when he was interacting with people on the phone and he would get, he would have three completely. People in the studio with them or on the line with him, and then hall in somebody who's listening it say. Did you just say? Did you just say that whatever it is? that Babe Ruth was black around ever. That premise was the guy and again on any fight with these and then, as Phil himself, he would moderate the argument you know between his
who made up people that he's also doing and the real person on the line. It was just an you'd, always think at this point. People know like they must know, and then, but he would always find people that they would always stumble across it and have no, I well on the way he put. It was the people who listen to me, meaning Phil Henry. Not the people who generally listen to one thing all the time they just go on with their radio dial until they find something. But it sounds anger and they stay with. You know at its true, is like you find the suckers, you find the people who are taking life very seriously and they always there. They got their mouths. Our wider than any ones for the big cook? Yet the Tom like
was an android that was engineered by industrial like magic. He was not actually rather absolutely actually took forty five people, the port of ivory, without the proper everything cost efficient. I was thinking that a medical thou, no medical coverage, Grenadier, rounded Amaze costs two hundred and forty million dollars a year on that radio show it in the end. I don't think it was worth it, but you know right so who knows but you're on your doing you're so now you're about to be you ve done it, but now it's about what yeah It starts Sunday night Sunday, night, eighth of February. Yes, and the second episodes on the next night. Yes, because I normally do a show in the time sought that solves gonna beyond in their sliding is back in our two premier, salt, after walking dead, which are a very smart idea, to get eyes on it and the world thing that I know Vincent in saying to a lot of people like I have
it's not it's not breakin bad. I want you to know it's not breakin back so just up it's a different story, different guy, so good. I love- and everyone should understand that it is. It is a different it's! U northward watch to watch, especially if you're bringing back then, but don't how come you there is no doubt that its first of all breaking bad was for all its myriad wonders was also of crime, show show that revolves around crime. This is it Oh they're revolves around the law and the practitioners of satellites. Just it really is slightly different angle. It's also six years before the began before two thousand eight, the beginning of the breaking bad years. Right so cannot Solaces Jimmy Miguel not solely so you know. I think that is going to be very interesting to see people take a run it.
This Rehn. You know this, then there will be people who will never forgive the chauffeur not being breaking back red or not being breaking bad too, but the Vince had always talked about this. It always talked about going back with that character with sound into his roots right. So if anyone could do it, I think not meaning with the cast but Vince, I just a door that guy here he so he so brilliant and lovely, and yes, he is, did a couple of of x files that he wrote me rota in francs, bonnets and bunch others had to it and how they work. Things at expanding, but was a show. I really liked and then did all of a sudden the show enemies to partner and everything it was this. Everyone seems to be really enjoying doing what they did like. I thought people always will
then people on a sad are not always really really digging what they did array and there are a lot of people have been at the same job say at a studio or something in it. It's become kind like working oppress in oh, it's real, there's a kind of on waited set said, but these were people as a gay we're getting to make movies end. They had the money for it, because x files looked great yeah, I mean every week it was like a little movie. You know, Sobs really impressed with them and That's it? I talked it over the ensuing years and you know about doing it these things I was usually not available or Denmark out whenever and this time worked very nice. Well you because I mean if somewhere to go to your I d be page. It is probably one of the more extensive I am db pages and never catch up to male. Blank arguably cannot he'd had shouted, pleasantly go anywhere now and he got easy only person who got credit in cartoons in those yeah ever so. He here literally knock out a bunch of different you know- would take it
a year to death as jobs them out in an afternoon, will have you everybody there, some of that guy, what weakening had awakened. There's some sites with musicians, credit and you get some of those guys and they were guy who literally dead five hundred sessions, he heard what session It might have been. You noticed coming in and laying apart on top of this Fredo lay commercial that. Do you know we don't not quite happy with me. Needle extra legal targeted doubles We'll scale whatever his is usual ray, isn't he goes down? The road love to know. What really amazing guitar us like a first is Stevie reborn secretly on. Like us, the raven was we play. The lead guitar on David Bowe, is let's dance yet that's used in that area. Here that all the time, but the VIC Flick is the guy that was sort everywhere he played the
He played the guitar tone. You here for the James Bond, fame he he also helped Jimmy page out in some session up. He also played on me or Kestrel, soundtrack too hard day's night, all the music that you would hear that we are leaving. It was VIC. Flick also was heat, but he was freelance. He were signed social role in different studio. All these different things in England, it's too bad that Rick Flick never worked with my friend the base player Bob Glove Little Guy. I think that I am asking is no. He sees awesome based Blair and his aim is Bob Gloves, erect lack of economy, Rick Flax use may lie in a way. That is a great name for a baseball Eric. A basis kind of lobbyists and I'm gonna Bobby, and it's all about with VIC flick. It's the flickering rhyme glove. Now I ll give you pick that I want to do it.
It's about a guitar planning flag in a basement embryonic. That's happy that who saw well, let's not write it. That was not enough to say we ve had that experience you move on. I was a huge fan of I had the money in the squid tones because doktor Mental played legion of love. Has grown up and you fantastic. Like a really great musical, I mean I don't know I mean. Obviously people know that they know about spinal tat, but I think more people should do deeper and see that there is a will. There is a farther reaching history. Of musical comedy in your past. I suppose but did you know? I don't think that while I was, I wanted to make a garage band album at in wanting to alive album, and I wanted to just like really put it out- really small, foreman and and make it look like these guys really did it like. It was D. I why you now, as known,
Blues brothers out was a big head. Neil Bogart Casablanca is now it's all. You gotta do alive em, and it was, it was ok, it was ok but you know what, in those days in the late seventies and early eighties, the music business was a little waking. You know what I mean: people kind of war you to her in Casablanca, was in an incredible place. This is, it was all up on sunset, and you would go in and I actually when in their one time with met with David and our manager, Lander David Land, one other person, and we want. Into the year the chasm like a building. We were already we had been working there for a while. We were gonna, think and come out yet, and it was the day that hot stuff broke. The single this day. The single drop down a summers, hot stuff and swear to God as we walk. There was a courtyard situation with two stories and is lacking
come on get motel which regulated originally what, but it was the record company walk in there at its glaring every speaker? Everyone is dancing every literally every one was dancing. It was like the making had one imagined, forecast up the music, to course sweeping in there we were at the village people movie, it was the bill that movie! Yes, indeed, where you and that now ok, we had. We had we'd severed ties with Casablanca. By that that's an amazing move, it isn't Bruce generals in it. Preussag Steve, Steve, Gutenberg leave Gutenberg than it in the Bowery HORIZON Rye, as whatever yes and the village people and who people might also know is miss test marker
Round Superman. I really thought your own clay who people might also known as the police, man, the indian chief, the well that's from the sole albums David Lee, the theoretic creation of the village people in It's not. The music that movie rising I side when for some reason. I saw it when it came out and- and it was and it was around a time when, like Bay, and movies like like sergeant peppers, which was really not a dire? Not a great movie came out with it with the beaches and and and so they did not a great success rate with the you know: here's a fictitious account of Helen and got together. Yeah yeah boy, the days now courtiers had one ass. He was Kiss outcasts got together moving. There was a kiss moves. Jarring kiss
caveat. I think, maybe I think they're I feel like there was. Elements were an evil scientists, crude oil, robot, KISS baby S, phantom of the park, wow originally called fan of the Palisades or The Palisades part, one of those and Palisades said don't we're not like clean, actually catches use it whenever you don't put them Deauville Stamp way within the one that Paul Williams is in close and better. Paradise, Paradise. I got my plea. I got my phantoms really different. Like we re seventies, rock movie he's a nice really was a couple days ago. Piling business such a sweetheart yeah, it lovely guy, have run into maybe five times in my life and he was always kind of play. You kind of an impressive
nice man, yeah yeah? You know him when he was younger. He was here. He had some issues to work through, as he did I fully he survived dozen became, unlike other child actors, methods never needs nad. Rare rarely works out. No. I would like to see the theoretical construction of Justin Bieber as a movie about how he is the collection of just I feel like there's a garden Laboratory somewhere her Cooper. One could imagine how much he would be worth if he were still in the original pack. I mean you know they made such a Canada really fucked up when they took him out of there yeah yeah yeah yeah. They should have left him in his, the right of any original left. You that's what I thought you ok good, I it's uncomfortable about. It goes not to learn mom, I'm ok with that got. So when initially unnoticed. Never really seem to talk about anything, I'm kind of like
You want to talk about some things. No, no! No! No! No you! It's like you! We keep meaning well more interesting to talk, it is too big to be interviewed. Yonder is Michael, so I hope you are. We don't interview really we have. Conversely, I know I've been living. Let me let me just give you the matrix code behind a how I'd how I do this I know a lot of things particularly about you and I will start bouncing around those things and then eventually will find something that will dig deeper much in the way that you wouldn't come all right. I would add this proviso, please. It should be something that you really want to know. Ok, and I end of it. If it is an I'll say, you'd want to know that ok, great, that's where I would have done anyway, but then our, but what if I was late, but now I really want to know that then can it'll be. Ok, I gotta go. I will say the most they ever spent on a dvd was the criterion Spinal tap, which went out of print, and I had that is where the incorrectly encounter and out of character
tearing. The character is the one that they have on everything. Lou. Rarely as the in characters like I want to hear that there was great, and when I wanted to hear cargo and I remember I was like Eighty two dollars in my first move to allay was in one of the cases at at amoeba, right, and do not steal, and I was like I couldn't. I couldn't afford it and then like it was only like three year. Go. I finally was like walk into that and by that dvd and I haven't in its it was everything I wanted to make more thought. It was a hundred twenty dollars by time about how well you know how much Superman number five at the time it was that there was a lot. It's gonna, its goods, actually less other paper there. I would lobby. You're a little bit about the credibility gap to hear about your early days with sketch, because I know you and David were in it
with the hairy here right and so wanna hear? I just want to hear what got you, especially at that time. Was it we're? U inspiring. Fireside theatre like what was it that made you guys go Hayworth comedy group and in the seventies we can go, do something with their. Why the first real experts- and it was very british- and I didn't get a lot of it when I was growing up twelve thirteen would have Mary British and I didn't get a lot of it when I was growing up twelve there, this is really economical than off the dress up so much that it adopted. I get the idea and I'll just he pieces, economical, they dress up so dress up so much it did. I get the idea and I pieces on tv. I didn't see it and in a theater, but you know I am, Allah I did a little bit of with Chris Chris Guest and I work in the same group whenever, just in arbitrary groups robust, studying acting in an. Why you
and so we were friends and you know it we're songs together and everything, but we didn't really interact because we did the same classes but a sky Tom Leopold. Who is maybe you know it is it? Is it producer writer novelist, very, very funny, man he had been hoped. A lot of stuff in o Marcia, please improvisational class was a classical games improvisation so that was kind of fun. Then I got to allay because David Lander, whom I had met at Carnegie Tech earlier Carnegie Text, they called it before the melon money occasion and so, he had a rate was working with these guys and on this right. Oh shown Eliza nineteen. Seventy I came out to allay and I became kind above, a frequent guessed you know go Richard Baby, David Outlander Lantern Harry share with the main in the main fliers I was the stoa so event We were all working on another
station Gallo, freer and MR doing stuff. That was the credibility gap. They were actually actually I didn't sixty eight guidance. Lou Erwin? and lend Chandler was a singer. Songwriter was like a kind of kind of a prick sir, to what it became because I'll carry and Richard David and myself were all really into that kind of radio comedy specially area who had been on the radio since the aged ten used for that voice dropped then I am he was on the jack penny- shall it be Plainly- was one of the New Northern Everley Hose beavers that Boyscout Marquez, so any aid that guy just really knows rate? so I kind of became a radio comedian and then expand on our lack of success, but we have to exploit it as it were. We decide to go onto the stage in the early seventies. Seventy two three four we'd lotta Falada stage work opening for bigger
action and headlines on our own coffee houses in places like that that wasn't in how did the? How is that going? How was comedy opening for a raft acts going at the time it depends very much on whom the act was the first to the worst experience we open for Richie Havens, ok, where she havens not terribly well known, died a couple of years ago. Very big kind of you know kind of well put together black, I you know who really kind of had still had the feel of a street singer which is kind of what is Persona wasn't gonna where he was Prob, and he sang a lot of big balance it sees interesting character, but he was very much a for an audience full of people, especially in San Diego who they were. Half sailors and half just greasers, and a lotta, lotta hippies, arrogant. Low population is half sailors, something
They were guys. That's what you find anywhere and at a local market gave everyone an orange on the way to the Hague. They were. They were crazy about. I saw, and yet we saw some orange action. We had an ever give the audience projectile. I wasn't our idea and Richie was very nice and his his entourage, which, for five guys just kept looking at us like a sad that you have made up, but we had a little signal and it was. It was like a trap door signal. If we were in the mid the sketch and the audience was either yawning or yelling at to get off or throwing oranges. In this case, we just do this little nod and we'd go, we cut right. The last number right to the last thing, which was a musical number. We couldn't hear them anymore it out
usually ended with the lander guy. Foggy light is not argue very mad about you, you're less than kind, and then I met off. We weigh favorite favorite part of watching Michael. Do that if the beggar there was a real microphone in front of him, he chose the pantomime s rights regarding I had this gets theater, but here take this guy. He's gonna do space weren't, you know what. If I had a hair brush her, what to use the fuck, you fuck you very much like a dream. Come true. How do you guys go? I mean we're for with the burden. Surely we? U pitched, is as low as a sketch do or not. You where do we were doing the act? You know and Richard Baby left the actors. Just we were the power trio, a very sure, lantern can't and we would do. We played the improv when it was just first
breaking. It is the umbrella before that we had done in seventy four. When Nixon was resigning. We know whole Watergate thing was happening. We had kind of a residency at what is now the improv was called the pitcher players at the time have flung story and so we got to cover all that on a daily basis. So we would, it was like reading the news, which is what we used to do it, the radio stations we're doing new sketches and it was really really fun so as like. There was a time Briefly, where we, the satire, was kind of concentrating on us. We the epicenter because we were We were transmitting the same thing that people reading the paper and was really nice and everything and toward the end of that time it was sort of well now what you now, what do we do and we to do the radio commercials. We did a couple of other commercial things and penny Marshall sold is show she did. Did she and cynical aims done these two characters on happy days and her brother, Gary Marshall,
and organs and Mark Rocksmond with the characters. The writers who created those two characters, They said we need a shout, so they did it. A kind of a presentation fell musings, from their happy days, appearances and Mr Eddy MECCA as the only other character seen in that presentation film, and it was little scenes than showed up in the first episode and penny said, you know, we need two things. We need writers and we need maybe a couple of other characters that are not what we have here. So the penny said you know you guys do those guys. David. I been doing those guys since we met in our teens. We had always done thus those characters under various names add but never commercially. At the end of the credibility gap run. We actually did a couple, a pc couple, Linnaean Antony pieces. And so penny said she'd she drew a party to celebrate. The selling of this show
and some of the producers or there she invited. I said at one point: Rob Reiner who was married penny the time to turn turned to us and said: go ahead: do it gotta You never say any more than that. It just gonna sat back, and we did that fifteen minutes that we had never done before and that we will never. We have never done again, never did used to and of the two guys discussing whether they should go to Butler School. That's all we have animals like we had the right house. Everyone was everyone dug it, and so that Monday we came in, and Gary said, okay I use writers practice writers, cuz you're, not in the guild yet, but will do whatever they have to do. You know and maybe we'll try and work those characters. So we wrote ourselves into the first shot up. We were no dummy, I recommend of anyone does a supplement to that story. Red pennies book that she just last year is not I've been saving it. So,
she's awesome. She is she's a queen rebellious, but it pretty much with. Did you feel the effects of which are one of the things were? Thursday night we were on television on Friday was crazy, well a little bit low Ganz is it? Is it guy in DC, was where the creators of the show He's gone on to write a lot of a big movies and and dumb anyway, really nice guy, and so it came the next day. The they overnight were ridiculous. We were the number one show that so we, the number one show that week so when the Equally ratings came out, which I guess was when's that the next day, we were number one for the weak and I've never seen Lowell more worried his face. Fallen, even kind of a Lou yes look to him anyway, but is is like. I now know what is, in my view, this terrifies me has on earth. Would it do that what they are
If everyone saw it and hated them going out- and I really had no good answer for it, but it was I because he couldn't really describe the work, but I thought it was a pretty good sign and the fact that we were you know be days in the mornin. Surely word one in too you know three years was a very good thing, but I looked so radically Wasn't like this sudden turn. The page like happened with you'll, be like Robin in right as Robin and more look pretty much this right, you know, and he couldn't I'm sure he can grant suit penny too Robin and Mark, look pretty much the same right now and he couldn't. I am sure we can grant penny too. You know I mean it really. I remember watching I would watch that that come the happy days of unusually Cambodia and- and I also I remember, watching and getting very excited when the door would fly open and it was you guys like there were episodes I was like. When are you gonna get? The answer? Was there ever a talk of but spent,
these guys are fillets. Yeah, I've never told us we had been on the air six times the showed than a mere six times. In the end, the guys getting really nice response in every they saw me thirdly, Fred Silverman ran ABC at the time, came to Gary's spin off now, spend them off now So Gary said: okay, we want to spin you guys off. We gonna to an army shock is nobody's doing an army shop. So plenty squiggly in the army. His basic What we wrote it in about there was a We had an hiatus week so we had shot. I guess the first nine and six have been in the year, seventeen and this so we had a hiatus week. So we wrote it and put on its feet, a presentation film, but fifteen? small, with a bunch of additional gags from the first bunch of liberty, surely shows you know just in the kind of a real clumsy flashback.
And we did it and had done by Friday Oh so gave it to him and by Monday Fred said, that was it and they went with them when they circled homes and YO yo. I remember that show when they asked what the robot cow about Dear John John, shot John shot yeah, whose super guy by Miss homes in Yoyo eleven million, run very long with. It was basically like a grizzled detective. In his mind, he had a robot partner and John Shock you know Johnny Chuck S reign, was amazing, well wasn't made. I haven't, I haven't seen you since I was a kid, so I remember if anyone remembering amazing know, we had a couple of jokes the week who had later can, belies the elsewhere. You know they were pretty good, but it was not something I am I I had no regrets at the time that it didn't go we didn't think of military showed, beat all that interesting afterwhile in about two
years down the line David, I wrote another one where the guys I was based. Lenny in this great towns and hit the road and hitchhike from mill walk or from allay to Newark, which where Lenny Man Squig might be finding his father or someone who knows what story without remember, but damn it be later became relevant, but that was kind of it was like and it was a band of track travelling. But it's amazing to have said no to that but they do not have to now are we liked. We actually wrote it, we thought they could be really funny and we had. We knew the people we wanted to be in it everything it. So I never got made to set these guys just kind of such losers. We see, sir. I bet it couldn't see him at this, and I now understand that is fine, but this Wednesday I mean to been on a show and been like pictures of pop culture. Its easy for the rest of the business? To then go, will you
You guys only to work ever again because you are a just those guys and now people associate with those guys, and so you know I I I your people understand, is like years of retraining, training in focusing on craft and focusing on character, work. It's like the the craft of it is we're gonna bail. You out like if you get lucky enough to get on a show and in Europe just associate and like well you're, not really do anything else than yeah. That's kind of gonna be yet, but you were able to break through that. Well again, I think I got out at the right time you know of that. I didn't. I didn't go right into Other series, you know time was really sort of interesting because it was the ass days of Laverne and surely I was there- I was barely on the last season. Practically One was only what the California, although they ve been California for three years already last season Cindy was gone. Penny was gone for much of it. I was
for much of it. I had it in my deal with Gary Marshall, I went to impersonally said, look if Sell this movie we've been trying to make for two years. I gotta be out of here, so I actually put it in my. He put it in my contract. If Michael Mccain's do you know if they gotta go on their spinal tat movie, then now to do. These last six shows or whatever it was. It was an amazing d. I did it because he was a good guy and still it so anyway, those those last days were peculiar, but the best was the next two things that people saw me and young doctors and love and spinal tat were neither more aiding like what I've been doing on tv. If had gone into another goofy neighbour thing or you know it's like you know, I'm I'm I'm kind of glad it worked out that way, because you know I died right after tat came out, people couldn't say he could only do one thing right. You know, and there are some people who can
a lot more than one thing, but they feel comfortable doing one think as it's there's a Czech right, so they keep doing the same thing but where she's fine, if your Cary Grant, but you need to keep doing different things right. You feel like you near here. I think I better call solace is good, because I am not too telling you the show is goodwill, but it's good. For me, it is good by the way, but it it's a really cool thing, do because it's not like anything I've ever deaf and dumb. It's just stood a different guy Do you have a tendency to get into these boxes? I did the Brady Bunch move. Of course I played the Anti Brady, I got a lot of a lot of attention about movies that were kind of exam Firstly, the same kind of guy, the guy, the asshole, whose and has a lot of power pushing our heroes around right and- and I would I got to the point where I would say I know this is going and I go to the back page.
Just to see what I wind up covered and now our fetters Ba exactly yeah yeah, and it was my instinct- was unerring you know. So I'm glad I didn't have to fall into that. The kind of thing again you know. And I was by the way we watch the Brady Bunch not long ago in this very funny I hold out dad, doesn't let it was most genius way to him to have covered. As a movie right because it hit every single, like it got. The people who watches general series. It got kids logic because it was funny kind of slapstick ie, but also, but then there is this week. You're a layer of like Adult Virginia your time for the families in for no reason right well and then, and there, the only one yes just as how fucking display you know they were at the hour about outta, my favorite part of it.
Like the whole fact marshes still fixated on Davy Jones Davy Jones comes on, but it's ninety nine they feature does. I think other things where, when their writing that ago, that doesn't, It's funny like it's a honey that they don't, but they don't acknowledging. I got to work with generally Cox. Yeah do you. Amazing, always awesome, yeah, she's, she's, just one of those people whose chest who just like books this kind of weirdness. You know I just a door. Yeah and Gary call with Bulgaria has, I think, like all build the last of the movie villains, that is his goal, is to build a Strip mall I know a bit and I Louisiana now this repulsive and remove them availability really mad.
Was actually. It was funny movie ever seen it since it came out, but I'd Rimmer liking it. Why do you think? Because you know, I find that a lot of Missouri, stand, standard comedians, but a lot of a lot of strong comic actors. Improv people sketch people so are pretty amazing, dramatic actors. At the same time, I think, but why do you think The committee, which I would ask to be harder than drama but unbiased. Why do you think that that doesn't get the kind of, academic recognition of like a tier jerk can accommodate harder to make people out. I don't know, I don't know it's just a matter of fact. I mean you can make people, see fluid from their eyes. Then you're a genius, but if you just make them what their pants then Aragon, your kind of working class or something I don't know there, maybe this is some maybe laughter is is as common as it needs to be. No, ah, who knows, I mean
I've I've seen gags and heard gags on in recorded stuff and red jokes, where I was overwhelmed by their intelligence. I love out loud, but I was more invigorated by their intelligence, but I think in general, people think that committee is the little dumber. You know that How does rounds care exactly exactly? Why don't, I suppose so you know, but some are ardor its house objective comedy is like what is funny to someone might move, and it is, I think, it's more of a. I think it's kind of what you're saying worth it: it's just it it doesn't it recognizes being elevated, like oh the commoners, this it's like vaudeville like well, it's. Maybe this is these are. These are what the collapse of doing this is a high arts. So I don't. I did it's one of those things. You may know a poker dead properly and I saw the so figure this out and put them
we are, I think everything still Martin was esteemed Martin lowly Tomlin may this movie all may also make my very very funny movie. I am one of the most brilliantly funny comic Format, city up of all time, and ass. I why why doesn't this I know what why didn't buy, just to take an example, why wasn't denominate for an Oscar for the right? I think there was something about all that Steve. In that they have his body. Is a woman and hesitant yak that's so easy right, ay and others and every now and then given client is one of the few I can think of you gotta for an out and out comedy. Mormons Scott and asked for in an outright it no fora, this may well wonder yeah exactly, but how many others, how many others for a just now
also Steve is acting to no one in all of me because most of it is really time and projected into reflected image. So he's basically just acting at yourself. It's it's it's. It's kind of a remarkable thing for spying, How did you guys know it is? Is there it is? a mountain of footage that no one will ever see now you could find, a lot of it. There is a lot of food is no one should ever see. There was a sub plot with where they brought into the guitar into play a guitarist into play for four Nigel when he leaves the ban and it's this young Turk who's. The probably twenty Who am? I was really good, really kind of Iraq. Enablers elastic ban his get last etc as it Tarzan can like bounds it almost floor and at the end of these tricks and every, and so It's me trying to like be, alpha mail on stage with this guy, and he says
they shit out of me and I'm just and I come up behind one time to share the microphone banks. We try, and so there was a couple of and they worked like great. They did. It have the same, be no, they weren't is useful. There's a whole supper. With. Surely curry of the runaways where she plays a girl named Stella Zune lead singer dose, which is this kind of punk ban and she's the one who gives us all a little coal source, so there's that whole lot, but her whole plot had to go for time because introducing internet it wasn't that much but it was just we see or on stage looking really hot and doing number and at a sound check and all the geyser come- and I have some of that, so we, Wind up with this, except for the drama, is the only one that is the only way of that is that joke silly slays, the rider, maybe so yeah
how do you know when you have that much? you know, and I guess this is you know, except and to the subsequent crisper deliberations, but you know when you kind of have Europe, more for what you're doing and I'm assuming your improvising good chunk of it right little store all of it. This there are four or five written lines in the play in the play, in the movie and everything else: improvise, nay, their workers, names of things and regular certain reference punchline, you click my love bump. Come quite right out of the air was just it was. That was the part, the construction of the joke. In that case, broad dialogue was provide. So is it so a lot of the writing on this happens in the post production process right because you're trying sure, if you're trying to take off of the shit that you guys Deanna moment and figure out. How does this lay yeah Rob had about eighty hours to work with he's a lot at now that, if you
Frank it even a little bit it's because there are two, sometimes free passes, Eddie say, but mostly was. Would we tried it real time. We knew we did hers, but we kind of Cotonou at the essentials of the scene, where only just threw him and then what you're left with if you have eighty hours you want to get down to about ninety minutes, you have to start throwing him chunks out and just say: no. We can't do that. We can't do that. There's no way. This happened before here, because this in this oh cried, we didn't think about so all compression, damning rob edited for close to a year Jesus, and we saw a light. Conversions. I've had we saw the two and a half hour version, which was you know, a kind of, hard are united so that what we are seeing the two and about our version you going what the fuck did. We do like? Are you not seeing the movie or oh? No? No, no, we know is there? Ok, we know is there and we, with God bless rob that,
actually sat there with the Bob Laden and did all that Bob Laden, who is also, I believe, edited. Every single one of prompt, other films, eddies he's worked with Chris too, and editors I feel like I've. I've saved us a lot. Editors rarely get all the credit that they deserve. Absolutely right, because they really are an additional writer on a film because they have to make everything yeah play. They control. You can do that. You can do the best comedy too in the world? But if the editor doesn't catch it at the right down? I'm minutes not by the same token director who doesn't give an editor. Choices and room to move is, is is due to his own work. You know, and they do not always perfect in ip if, if a guy delivers just a handful
shots in, seeing that the editor thinks cheese. We need a lot this leader need on this. You don't have this. You have him over her, but not her over him. You know and it's like that cause. He asked he has to make it a movie. He asked me the cinematography, the directors work into into this movie. You know it is an incredibly our job, but I'm here when I was about fish, I saw movie called the loneliness of long distance runner in others from an amazing English fell by Tony Richardson with thought. Tom Courtney, Michael Red Gray, anxious rocking movie and it's it's the movie where I saw what a director and what an editor does together. It's great lesson on its night button, It's a great great movie, any break your heart but What it really has is this kind of? Oh, that's. What a director does. That's what an editor does and it's like amazing to great experience,
Is that anything that you did you do? see that and go that makes me want to directly go. That makes me not want to have now directors don't get enough naps. That's it that's about it. I've done a little bit of directing you know, directed a bunch Tracy almonds shows HBO shows and I directed a handful of spots. I see and a bunch episodes dream on. Yes, pretty much it and one episode of the burning Shirley long time ago, and it's not something I I pursue enough. If somebody jumps out with a with something that sounds interesting, I'd I'd say fine, but it just you know the only couple: times I've sniffed around doing that. I have been very enthusiastic about nothing. Has it's just you know it's it's in credibly hard and you really do give up minimum two years of your life. You know, and I'm running out of two years- is out. We all are by dream on by the way so far
of it's time that show. I feel like that. I feel dream on had the spirit of what internet like like what internet videos our are, which is sort of their dropping in the footage. Would cry subtext illustrate the sub text at the scene and a quick jumps in, and that was it. People seen that it was the earth early HBO, early eighties of whether an early omit. Any lady was late, eighties, ladys hair, but it was early, a mare, we're gonna, make scripted television thing. Then Herman's had being at the same time. Those are beginning a fox. Why dream how and why dream on got, create no universal universal. I'm thing universal and might be another studio had believed universal. Had all this footage?
all these tv shows that they had done and a lot of movies that they had done that we're not in packages that were shown on tv. And they were being shown anywhere and they were in danger of becoming public domain. So somebody Universal said to John Landis Think of anything to do with that, and he and Kevin Bright and Marty Crane David Crane and Marta copper government think if they said how about that they put gather. This show where this guy watched Lotta tv when he was growing up any flashes back to these moments. It go good, do it all those that's that's the reason it eggs. It existed to begin with why o Brien Ben Van Ryan Benda and it was like the first kind and Wendy Malloch and Wendy Mail as the best eyebrows in show up ass. She was great on that. Was she his ex wife on the show on the show, and so, as far as I can, fiend, which I was it
basically watching a really funds, marked single camera, sitcom that moved really fast and occasionally had boobs on it? Yes, because we don't HBO yeah yeah, when I had the ones I directed, I, we actually had flashing auditions Boob Phil. Worse about that and unless they had hitting I've ever done in show business and it was Stir would get to the end of the interview. Thank you and someone else not me would say: may we see arrests and the girl would but to no toss amount annual two felt like irresistible legal known, and I knew I knew was like the way that they explain that they had to do it in and some of the tax they ve been stung right, help on the day right, You know and it s just never, never my fate, I love boobs, don't get me wrong, I sort of life there, but it. But it's a strange
strange, but there are some directors who got the literally go into directing so that when they tell me who think the tops off they, the girls will take their tops. Those people called Michael back all of them of us not just to know of all of the other things that you can Think of as your favorite things that you ve worked on, that maybe armies in stream, or maybe that people that you would want people to go check out if they haven't that's a lot of things that people can check out anymore, because I've been work on the stage last twelve years. I've done a ton of stuff on the stage, and- and I mean it's not hard to talk about a cancer folks run right out and see me in our town right at the Barrow Street Theatre cause I'm not there any right, but for two months I did that that play is gonna. Great american play at the Barrow Street was to serve the David Cromer production
Chicago and thought of amazing actors in it and I got to be the stage manager part, which is this huge part. I learned in eight days to use in Maths Park and at worst it was not a perfect thing first week or so, but it was as was it go to play as there is, and it was such a great production but stuff naturally see no I I I like recently. I really love the show. The crystal family tie family Tree Christie with Chris or doubt, and now these two amazing actors- and I really love doing that- you know- Didn'T- didn't, find a home The bureau is probably the wrong the wrong approach, but who knew he kept him more blood tidies in puke reacted to be down HBO right, but which is not that no not at all, because the audition processes exact. Could you not
you're rescuing or there will be blood Now I listen. I still. I still am amused by tap when I sketch a piece about a lot of people to talk to me about clue because they were grow, they grew up with who is a big following men to end its thirty years now so so, when I you know, when we did that film, it came out, it was disastrous. Flom Jarvan Lynn did not work. For two years guide. Rarely didn't work for two. You couldn't get another job. What a cast, though, why now amazing collection of Hannibal boy did we have fun lunch? You could you have all have any mandolin con stories suggested this kind of awesome. She was kind of great and she went every now and then she launch into something. Staying at this. My friends cabin up in the woods, the outer, whatever one cat, skills and
I was. I was looking through her drawers, which were all empty of course, so she doesn't use the place for a much I open up and I told wired what it is little chocolate candies doing in there, and I the jar and then I would have thought those your mouse duties, and it was very ass. I know it probably from me at rub it. Does this name it a very good, Madeline condemnation, but kind that made us laugh. She was just shoes yet Eileen to Eileen Brandon was she was, We funny actress and kind of a great and whatever she did. She just took a big bite of just amazing, its shitty that their dad, you name it. You work with all these great people than sometimes you long after. You said goodbye to them, you know stay in your life and then everybody has to say goodbye, ventrally, let's not get on this. No, we don't have to get out to get on this, but it is
that was lucky to have worked with melancholy, and I lean Brannan for ten weeks, yeah fabulous and Marty. Marlon slide knows only ten. We need that was ten. We may have gone a little bit over. We were hired for ten weeks. I know that it was much longer than that. First of all, we were all we never had to go anywhere. We were all all the whole, set was on stage eight. I think a paramount which I could get too in my sleep at that point. You know and we had a real pool table we get to the end of a take, you know, cut me and Marty mother look at each other's little nod and then, with his gloves retire back to the billiard, get you ever get nerdy because you ve done so many. Things that were influential two people. Do you Did you ever? Do you ever get nervous, meaning anyone like do you ever gonna get like comedy nerd thing or yeah yeah,
guess so I guess so. But but you know I, the card I play is pretty untrue. Nay. I know I know that I'm not just some guy huh. My guidelines lay this. That can it be that you know if somebody I admire, I tell them right away and I do if I run into people like we admire just on the street. I see them in the street. I have to say something in now and I hope it's not too nerdy to do that, but I get my wife saw Eli warlike on the street about one year ago and when to just said you would have to say I have to tell you how lovely our legislative and thank you. Thank you. Very much is very sweet and then street or anything it was just. It was just a happenstance for him, but for her was big thing to have done that I went up to him and said that, because not because you know kicked anyway
down the street or anything it was just. It was just a happenstance for him, but for her was big thing to have done, so I try never to skip that if possible, again yeah, who can you think of any one that you ve, that you seen that you wanted that you said hi too because people must have the thing where they go. Oh, but you and then they they kind of whip it back, and we too can it gives you a nice it gotta give year conversation, Peace yeah pollyanna recognize, you know not necessarily really know depends depends. You know, I can't thing anyway off hand, but in if I'm working with somebody that I really admire. I do tell him that, and I do it kind of parent grow rail. Just I don't have hadn't, so we want to go and if you'd, like a bore you to death with how great I think you are but right now I'll give you the pocket book which is the lovely, immature boys, blooded murder, where, whatever are you still cool with people running up, including spinal tap at you, which I'm sure must happen. Pretty none.
If they're not holding a weapon, ok now is really nothing. You can say if someone's leg you know like this Accordingly, we like earlier- and I was in the movie- I don't know I was here- yeah, it's it it's it kind not exactly every day but yeah. That's it does matter yet people are mainly really nice will accept nice. I am do you have any questions before we left this man to back into his. I had a feeling of a billion billion actions by land. I am sorry I somehow missed the folks meant opening for smile tat in my life. I will never get that moment that we think about maybe sick. Seven times. Total here was fun good bye. Thank you. Thank you guitar. I do I don't like it. I keep. My head above were very high. Are you a
consider yourself Abe an actor who plays get Are you a closet like now? I'm a guitar assent. I just act so that I can play guitar. I think if we go on roots about this. I have to say that I wanted to be an actor and assume that was my my a game very early when I was but fourteen around this time I got a guitar and started playing, but I so soft that I didn't think this would be something I could ever do and I couldn't be a session man. I can one of those guys you put a piece of sheet music in front of me and I nail it and pick up. My check, I couldn't do that and I'm a pretty good improvise your, but I'm not like a guy who can just go play all night like while, like your favorite guys, who can play on nature. You know You know I really love is and about a no one is Pearl jam yeah. I had this jam channel on my radio, my advice, serious and I got these car at its
and I heard a lot of their livestock can ever they released every live shown this when I bought at least five of those- and it's like I said, if I have a pet band. It's probably I love the chilly peppers and I love bands. Together any more you now I still like credence, I mean I still listening MIKE Bloom feel able to create for a second. There is indeed very word. I know a cream decreed o creed known at other watery eyes. Yes, credence, randalls rain and the right of the who and the king some. You know, you know Patrick murmured, I know I never. Madame you'd haven't now he's a big music Earl JAM Guy, oh yeah. I rarely any you much whether whatever was programme mainly through Alec. He knows every pearl jam everything I wasn't. I was an early fan and then it was sort of like I just. I was we're. Just gonna was out and out of it for a long time and didn't. I only bought records by dead
but our defunct or given another cacambo. You have time and energy in your life for new music new bans, new staff resources. Like you know, I got I'm just cool with the depends on its something jumps out at me now, if I just discover somebody or if someone who I kind of remember from a long time ago, is suddenly releasing a lot a new step in its really interesting. There are artists who keep making new music. Tom Tom waits puts out an album, it's kind of new music. Could I no one else is touching that right. You know. No one else really goes where he goes on it so side and in others, but I hear like a really good pop singer like come. Oh, that's it likes to die. If you know them no, ah, this girl Rachel Ok, victory, Dive Lake Street die right, we'll get actively in hell, I feel terrible about member name which incite
shall waters from the real simple. I shall price Rachel price who is here vocalist. So I just heard her on the radio and Danes who what's s neck, like Street diamond no. They didn't have made release is out, but I caught a thing on the on the nice little thing of them doing street corner version of I want you back by Jackson, vibe die so sudden there, and so that's nice when that happens in, but I dont really scan everything. I don't I don't. I don't listen to the top five things that shit, I'm tells me to every you know right just because, generally speaking is not for me it's for people, you know younger and distinctive and other stuff, but then you know listen I like Bruno Mars. I had no idea. He was in the least like this puts Nature, really saying last year was the which the Superbowl performer, The latter was fabulous now described it really. So it's like it's good
people are still working and doing their own thing and and and also my in the year not mine, mine rocks rich tapestry. What do you do to unravel at an odour under lock and you tear that shit? I tried it and you make a new one here. So a couple more annoying questions and then I will release you is. Are there things left that you still want to do or like what do you feel as a performer like? I really want to be challenged in this way. I really want to try this type of thing. I don't know, I think I've to love working on the stage more than anything, because I kind of love the routine of it. I know where I'm gonna be at seven o clock Tuesday night and in others that certain kind of age so I'd I'd. But there's a lot of things I haven't done Mariette. There's I'd like to do a lot of you know really really hard stuff. Really by hard I don't mean hard.
Which out is stuck challenging stuff on the stage and end comedy and drama doesn't really any difference is still the same kind of weird gig. I got. I got a chance to play J Edgar Hoover. I and all the way last year on Broadway with the brine cramped and his elbow Jane amazing asked, and sometimes you fear, in the middle of a gig like that and you to stand there instead, you, I am so such a simple and because I was gonna group on Long Island, new, the and I thought more. Our problem we live in this house and I'll. Take the train and I'll do my Broadway show and then I'll come back here didn't work out exactly like that. An apartment in New York City in a kind of the home. I've is here, but I get to do that. I get to work on on those stages
here too in Chicago London, worked a lot of places and it sir it's just. I love meeting audiences one by one. Some of them are horrible by man You have to give them money. If I can very well, you have to do the same show for then, of course, you know it's a this other. There are some of those show. Where you do want to say at the end, like I mean as performer, of course, you bear most of the responsibility for the success of a performance, but sometimes an audience, and you do on it The end, if you ever get the chance to get together as a group again, please deny that I'm not leave you now congregate, there's a thing: they do it steppin love, which is where we did this place a period doughnuts for before we brought to New York. And in Chicago your final dress rehearsal instead of an invited dress, which have you no China? Traditionally you friends come, and so you have a positive audience whenever they have that night.
And they get all these guys from the of all the warfare. Who are living in the in the various you know facilities VOR for four veterans, that's the audience and they are not the easiest. This little now superior I've had a lot of cursing in it and it had a good. You know for the fist fight, and you know a lot of bad guys and a lot of good guys who work that good, but were at least better than the bad guys? And you know- and it was it's, it's a bit kind of a wonderful play and it's very it's a play that you can. You can dig if you ve been alive. You know for anyone of time. It's not about. Oh, you have to know this. You have to know this is so wonderful play and they told me about that was gonna, be in at Sonoran Sky Elementary sometimes it gets kind rowdy. It was one of the best,
experiences I ever had for two reasons: one. It was a great way to concentrate on the play because you you couldn't take in all that they were saying, but also the act, that, by the by about half an hour into it, they were hooked and with and rooting and when the fight at the end of it was it was enormous and it was a big mess and warmly out every night but sixty or that of the deck, and and we did to took it into your behind of abbreviated in whatever. So was this big sloppy, crazy fight, much bigger guy, and I thought I best I will- and it was like I rocky for once, the only diamond, my life, because the audience went nuts, they went racy and it was Fabulous could have been a better dress rehearsal and these moments, where you're having cause you gonna, do a lot of amazing things. Are you etc? We
said: you were on stage with grants and in doing this plan you have that mom. Are you go fuck em? So lucky? Do you force yourself stop and take time and appreciate these experiences as their happening around you in retrospect. Go oh yeah that was experience. Are you able to have the presence of mind in the moment when you to the end of that performance when people are finding out, then you allow yourself to say you know what happened tonight about nine thirty eight I I hit I hit. The but just ass it was now the excuse me. I just did a of short run for the bandwagon Brian Stokes, Mitchell, nor Agnes and and and Tracy Tracy Almond I repaired up the third time we work together and she is one of those poor people with whom I kind of our gears kind of mesh. You know he's just brilliant and funny and an awesome and a
four times. While we were doing that that because we had a couple, a really big numbers together and a couple of those times, I felt that same thing and coming off stage It sounds so corny. I know I know it's hard to share it without sounding corny, but that's where its additive for me that Skinner, those those are the does a great plague. That's our corner, corneas. I think I've had moments where things happen. I go Unfortunately, this is happening right now and I'm literally like trying to fan molecules onto my fate. I want to remember every piece of air every trying to grasp onto it is down to sleep. I feel like You'd be doing something else too, but I know how to sponge this experience YAP. If I'm, if I'm in a strange city for a very short period of time and its beautiful- and I I always that city. Even if I therefore a month, I always leave that city going well. I completely way
my visit to whatever city was because I didn't see absolutely everything right ice, but I would spend a month in London, two thousand twelve, and I explained I had been there before and I always did you know I tried to see everything, Assad, zillion things, and I still left with that feeling. I didn't really do its duty it ourselves up you never these. Nevertheless, he never will see and do him knowing now, maybe maybe part of wisdom is not beating yourself. Every time gold, let's do put on their wigs and it again you better. It's been really really difficult that we ve been but as far as far as the work on stage the end and in films and stuff. What when I, when I have a good feeling about it, I'd I take the to say that was a good one often do what is it every so often it makes you and Chris Gaston Mary. Go let's do put on their way, and do it again,
you know it's been really really difficult, because we ve been a lot of different places. I've been in New York a tonne Harry's been in London in New Orleans Alot Chris is Alain all over the place. You know it's just kind of an been hard to do that, plus the fact it sort of the last time we did, it was kind, there were a lot of frustration about it and you know bless our fans. They don't buy a lot, their life right and we you know of the earth at the last lp really LP, I'm just The last see me really real. Now, as our own or cylinder runaway wax Elinor enabled Bell roll back. There were very little man. It's time. We don't know that, but it was it was redoing we re did a lot of our stuff is for our own way, which had sent better bring into where we really copying the first,
just songs are reduced to adding anything new side. Just didn't think it was do know anyway, if at all works perfectly if this decision so many different elements. You know and there's three different guys doing three different thing is all over the globe, so is just been difficult. Mainly just disorder wrap up. Is there one? This is a really dorky question and I apologise but is there a? Is there one elements for you that you think makes David Saint Husband, take is there's something in him that you go back to where you going doing this guy there's this. Maybe it's maybe there's something that you ve never talked about. That you know about his childhood, they made him a certain way like what is the essence of that guy well picture this guy looking in the mirror and his vanity makes him adopt one hundred percent denied we he looked in the mirror. He saw Peter Frampton, he said something that cute and he
his dress sense. He was what we call color deaf yeah yeah it there's just it's a guy who is it feels that it is perfectly happy with the exterior that the interior can take care of itself and its interior thinks there's interior is very well ordered in fact, is just quite empty right and he's always piling information in any by swallows at all, and he can talk at length about pretty much anything without knowing anything he's a lovely man we'll, but he is in a way he is because there's a romantic there's another there's another take on those three characters where there are bearable, assholes and not lovable, like Yahoo, like that, guy that you do I could have been a complete dickhead, yet still the sort of the empty, Is there something of that year? Like that? It's true. I really thought about it. A forbidden
the guys in that Band ACT mean tonight, I want no further Sheila muzzles, rather than this very upset. They don't even know what I mean did there's that there's. No, I never really thought that's like the Joe, also where you like, could only tells you all these years, by a majority in the house, and you don't, but you don't. You feel bad for him because, like he doesn't know what, if he doesn't know where he is half the time tat, he just he's his he saw. He should have been swept up the system. You know it's almost and it's kind of not his fault unawares. Knowing your delirious and being happy with it has raised. It is kind of a nice nirvana but veto, but these guys but David, doesn't he's delirious right. He really feels like he can now here thinks he's deep as a fine line as those who wrote the joke. There's there's there's a particular joking, that always makes me laugh extra hard. It's when the manager says there
Your girlfriend dresses like an australian civilians, nightmares which such a because I dated and Australian go for four years and I've been the Australian. So I had a very exact image of what that meant yeah, but I guess both most, Eric, maybe not off the top of their head, would nodes, but that's so fuckin planning right Tony Hydra. That was yes, whether he had ever used before or not or since I have no idea. But yes, he that deadline came out in the planning of the scene and it was pretty much now. Well. Thank you for, me do what I said: people duty on the street, which is called spinal tat. You really are, and we didn't come up against any topics real like you do want to know about that. We I feel like we don't know that I am. I mean I'm good with that. You should know that to better call Sol isn't gonna be on Sunday night Sunday February, ok and the next show is on the next nine next Monday. So do I on at ten p m on Sunday, the eighth, yes image, walking, then talking dahlia Monday,
saw its almost a Monday, so we had a at hammock between king dead and talking there? That's right, we are so smart wish. It was night is now at a smart bunch. There I ve spent a lot of time with did all these AMC people up and at Sundance just recently and they're nice in their smarten? What more do you yet rate and an eye- and I have every- I have every hope that the show is a huge I mean for it for you and Odin Kirk Infer for vents and everyone else. I really Jonathan banks and Jonathan banks. You don't mention him. He comes to your house, might be ass, you out back, you know he if further for the brakes bad finale. We did it. We did a little thing, The hallowed forever cemetery in ass was on and this guy, who you think, it's like you know, he's eat. Were you think he's like an Easter island statue. Piano like this unbreakable. Like saw this like sensitive. You know always like of Amerika
target. I'm gonna get Terry idea. You're you're spongy on the inside here, universes like that ASEAN Mcshane. Ah, who is like where did apply? within in New York and he's just he's as awesome as you want him to be, but you get that feeling about this. Either you play so many successfully threatening carer scary sky in the room and everything. More good, didn t, you know he's a guy at my Manchester action is pretty out, but but you know he he's that guy- and I remember medium for the first time in thinking the same thing you know, why am I not provided yeah start thinking elsewhere engine yet but we were on stage one time and produced it was during the Sir Broadway cares thing we do. Collecting fur for Broadway, cares and fight aids, equity fight aids, so we do that for six weeks or whatever it is twice a year. So I'm so we would take turns Dino reading than this.
Why should give today on your way out of step with the end of the play and die, they fell to me to do it because I kind of had a quick version, and I just did it. And then in wanting to do one night because suggest we wanted to, and it was great is going long, really fine and I tried to throw something in you know, and he threw me which was the e in Mcshane were all afraid of another element and in I can't do it on the radio on you know audio only, but it was
It was really frightened. I can picture the exact look. Yes, that your jogging about ass nailed me from eight feet away, and I wished I shrank to decide. If you do that to me again, you got a man in a brief breaks into then he's the best. You are amazing and I am so relevant chat with you for an hour for ten minutes and please come back another time and who I too will be amazing that have you back on. Failing that, I will listen religiously. Thank you in my earlier burrito. Everyone who get the end now leaving noticed come, enjoy your
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