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Michaela Watkins sits down with Chris and Matt to talk about growing up in Syracuse, NY, her life changing trip to Tibet and Nepal and getting her start at Groundlings. She also talks about her new show Benched on USA and how she came up with the idea and characters! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Walkin winners? Pike S, number, six, zero. Eight, hey thanks for bank tickets to the van comfortable to her second shows are starting to be added in other cities. So right now, second show in Boston second shown Portland second show in Seattle, and I think some more gonna get added next week you gotta fun, comfortable tour, dot com to get tickets and info on that at the start January, sixteenth and then goes through May and then actually, I'm also doing much shows at Cobb's in San Francisco. That is its technically part of the tour sort of, but that's similar eleven to the thirteen something five shows there with my public of ash is gonna, be upon the shows. Well, so good old cups comedy cops comical that come at an old Google cabs. I'm sorry, that's the second do right now I just cut up the second ago he Mikhail awakens, who is genially funny and groaning her show Ben
on the USA Network Tuesdays. Ten. Thirty p m. Here's nurse Bacchus, no six away with my kilowatt now entering nearest star com as one of Europe's great wondered? If we just start these big without you ever feel no we'd. I'd doesn't high rewire yours, I met me as I am sure you are to the people. S literally just say it. You didn't
we're coming here, did even ventured because you, I suppose I had the lightning- has started one right and what not alternative at long last time you just showed gas Saturday, That is a fairly the week before the people right Do you need Europe? Do need a bigger patch Mina? I do have a quill I do. I have a pastoral lies an act that immunity- You may have heard. I guess we just passed at its very it's very nice in here very Chile. In here you know. Well, you know resorted to get into what some people in LOS Angeles recognizes, fall boat, which means that its basically higher seventy years, but it?
Chris bits crisper that I now at night, you need to pay me. I love it. Christmas hugging be space eater. What does not an ongoing you can get the more. I talk the more I swear. This is cardio This is what we're doing where did you grow up Syracuse New York? It s very I don't know, I've got in so much trouble for saying terrible things about it, but I read in a desert, use the behind them on the spokesperson for Syracuse I wish it was like Portland Oregon words like don't move their man, ok Justino lay Nobody goes to Syracuse. It's terrible place up thy grid through so cheap man, but don't come. Ok keep Stana lay at now. It's it's! So you go back a lot. I want my dad lives their logo and so now,
It's it's it's pretty. I mean they have the finger lakes there's some. The thing effectively and get things in big. It is if my fist pond it is our daily pathetic that if only we were of the bacteria growth, it happens and still pond water now want to figure bless them. Thank you. No! No! Don't you figured in the figure legs helpful that should be the maybe you should be the more out of your mother- died about bigger and bigger legs. Although I would like everything get in the way I did, I did not survive getting figured in the printing of ethics Those family stick figure things on the back of a contrast, our finger them. My parents went to the finger legit. I like I was fingered in the finger led by my uncle initiative. I gotta one parent household many things
they will all get in trouble. Yeah Syracuse are making fun of Syracuse. Don't just go inherited, threw down basketball, finger your word it doesn't like rhyme or you know, just thrown out ideas, t shirt guy, that's also work with the phrase route on basketball legged table well, meaning to Syracuse These are the company now under way. I got a business first finger finger, begging, Bumpersticker are not selling. We thought that we are moving out of the bumper sticker business back to exclusively teacher, or I know I have an idea- and I hear me out. Ok, is that a teacher? I know it's a bumper sticker. I just said from the old minutes. I didn't have a chance amazing. They will all businesses. I am late guy. I've got it all right. What is this about
stick our teacher. Its have bumpers unaware, as a teacher was just says, finger socially without mascot BAR none. I figured I'd basketball. Can you figure Backstreet book just for like a minute, my idea was to make a bumper sticker. Shape of like three fingers number bigger in three fingers like now. The whole hes earthworm attached to think he is curled under fingers are sir. You can't be in here. So I have to ask: take your threatening their ideas. I thought it was understood when we fired your uncle. You would no longer be here. Think otherwise things like we're works, then. Why did you leave here
he immediately. As soon as there was I saw out, I took a witch where's, my mom. My parents got divorced, and then Mom got a job in Boston like see later Syracuse Atta here- and I say just like that- you weren't wrong. As I was leaving going up the Newark state through our how old were to Boston. I was fourteen it's good, aided and abetted age if he'd get if he had not, and think and see a gives you gotta get back market and give fingered bear who referred to the greens are again line called fingers yet derives called icicle figures virtually what they call the Boston, so they say you're next go. I would do very Fenwick games
our finger. There knows that was that was there was that, and then what did you do in Boston, any company stuff in Boston? I went to college that was hilarious, video Emerson View Beer yeah me to get my greater funding and then, if sooner I saw out guys matter, though appointed gonna leave. This residual about gas goes out. A good idea to back out I then went to New York for a year, starved Portland Oregon on a road trip was like this is nice stayed for five years and I came to women, and I sign out when the wind, the comedy, stir. Well, I guess you know I mean I mean
guess. I dont know college I didn't I I was trained to be like Shakespearian like I was doing the classical. Training view, and I just always remember. Sitting bags, I did, went and did regional theater, and I was like sitting backstage import doing winters tail on I just like I want to go, be an ethic. Come I'm going to allay the thing I ever literally just it was that it was that the harder turn, because I always liked to make people laugh, but I kind of gun down this other, more sort of the thing that you feel like you're supposed to do, which is like in and the east coast. Nobody does sitcoms, you know it's, it's you go and do theater, and so that's like doubts This will only portal. I need to know if the long term, that one word it is a place where you go and you find and make a lot of friends. Poking work has no parking.
Now you carpool all Gruber consider that ban yeah now so I like I like that robbery of theatre, so I came in I joined the growlings. Can I liked being on stage with other people? I don't like to be alone at our goods very devoted his joy, the groundlings, so you you obviously I mean like. I just want people understand that at the very hard pressed she was an area, does not give the go here We in the growing secure takes years. You gotta you really have to be really funny. So, just just to give you credit for thank you. I will go and take that. Thank you has felt really main company has in the main company yeah, but I have to say that when I went to drowning show, and I saw that they are doing on stage. I was like that. I like that on Monday, do that? Did you start racism media the the process immediately and then I promise we probably would have taken longer, but I'd really lenient teachers who are like maybe take this class again, and I was like
I don't, I mean she's, yes ending already, that was denied, aren't we. That was a maybe and impose a reality Yes, and I will not take this glass. So that's yes, and I feel that I could move on up not saying I got into the main company, which was good cause. I started late, universally bloomer I went like I said. We talked about this important a big data- and I started to me now, but I was already almost thirty at that point, so so I had a hustle I knew I had a little little minute to take a kick at the can, so I kicked it hard. Really heard in the can guys were indicating kicking the king in like a bottle, but you kicked. What did you kick in the bottle? There
and kicked. Kicked it my right on the cancer but holds no man. Where have you been welcome to the world It's a brave new world of late. They finger you and cans with, but that's right, that's what I would like to see. Ultra become everybody's learning from this package. The taking the groundlings track always seemed like a really daunting task. Like structure thou, I needed it. You know I wasn't, I'm not one of those people like. I got a camera and I guess you know that they're gonna fuckin make some fucking. Are I needed like structure I needed somebody like be here at ten and then remove it, leave it to and and
then there's another level and you'll do that and I needed you know aided sea like ok. If I do this and it ends up, there, I think it was a pretty much a mega started, taking classes there. The issues I start paying classifies like it is that I love it. I'm a pagan shit here I just this is awesome. I liked everybody I mean I mean no, it s. Actually I liked so light. I like how many people that I met and time and then I am. What has really cares about was writing for myself, because you know, as actors you just saw at the mercy of whatever and not being you know, a supermodel. You're sort relegated to these kind of you know a best friend her whatever and you're. Never really the EU, you you just have no power. You can't determine what What you're going to say and do and what your take and what
money and all those things you don't get to have that say, cause you're sort of there to support whatever is the funny vision of whatever it is. You know I'm not leading lady. That's that's just stay that so when I got to take the writing classes and then you can start writing for yourselves, then it was really awesome, because I could put my sense of humour on the page and dumb and then everybody in the audience had it endure it refinement incorrect. I used to hear that I heard that for so many years about why wouldn't get parts like well, leading man enough. Another billing really really like mediocre Looking people on Tv- and I know I to sort out the industry, but it is its sort of, but your career. You got the american Q. Good luck, returnable
Why are you posing so my right now alone, charged retired, stretching, would never worn a watch right on origin. I want you to be here. None of those raise is now you're growing waited is let s watch with presided that said, I don T want to express my great antiquity. That's what we just like find out who's, sending digs to whom the stick watch out. Should there be a big Davos they quite average. I can dig the duly coasting stuff it all over. The river hosted such a weird question that you ass. I just did a fundraiser the other night. Do you guys here the eight over that's good? It's probably them pouring measurements concrete and the new part of the studio. Gertrude well structured around here
So would you hosted a fundraiser yeah and I was so terrifying, but I loved it. I thought it must be really fun or people who have like daily show writers, writing super funny drugs for them, and going on in like making fun of Donald Trump at the White House pressed her hand like, last you should do that does that's about it. All now know the kind of what we do for you every word that I think the wettest correspondence than it does now no really does. I think you and unusually would crush that. No, I don't think I wanted to. I think you have TAT Dick watch crash wars, Dick Watch, I don't either does not if I am ever asked to do that, I think I don't know if I had enough enough. That's really my you know how it is not now know, because I don't write political jokes
No, but other people. That's what I think I know we will not be Chris is a wonderful person. Trying to go right down the middle appeal to as many people as possible and the divisiveness of doing a political theme. But you must make fun of everyone gets. I don't think that's what I like to think that I'm trying to appeal to as many people as possible. I just don't like I'm just not don't wanna, be a dick about. I just don't event and I dont want to have to I'm entrenched in social media. I just don't want to deal with people being How did you say that, like yeah with job like I just don't that's true? Every images catches in the aftermath of no dealing with with other people It just sounds so that when sounds really intend to basic a room full of people who are the most powerful, and also not, you know like it is supposed to be kind of
How many of us were there not really Lafferty? Really, though, I think that I think the hardest one would probably be the asker, so the unease, because there's nobody is just like geared and ready to destroy. You dear me for sure, asters a million per cent by a lot, because not only they geared to destroy you, but it's also a room full of people who are taking themselves very soon. Who also a lot of them are just on. Comfortable and nervous, and it's just not it's not a good support the Oscars room is not a supportive room for comedy. I don't think I mean obviously committed things can happen by thank Neil, having meals. Gonna. Do a great job next year: NEO Patrick! Yes, yes, yes, Can I pretty things edged, but he's got that like he. Just cause any just like you it out. He comes in loaded, but the two to you, that's all That's what I'm saying is you're, so affable that I feel like you know. We appreciate your son.
But to me, have imbibing there's so much, but I'm not just for five seconds. We may ass well ass to unify if she would ever Hosea ass, for she was like open I mean careers are made on people thing, horrible things about the person stiffly The sword of Damocles, like the the bad reviews, are pre written and then this the second in like the second abroad. They just name failure. There is both with started with David Letterman hosting you think. So, if you like, that's what answers being real, like shit on who are resisting this yeah, the opera, whom a thing which I thought was a liar. I thought that was great too. I do not think that deserved all the shit that it got. It was amazing you and the fact that I remember the shit Will this area the Oprah Oprah Boomer? It was night before the Oscars before him he was introduced. Capsizing relate area. Imagine you just enjoyed
as as they ve Letterman often does funny sounding names, which is why he also enjoyed thing Boutros Boutros Ghali Alot when that was yes Oprah. Naturally, they were in the same room to keep introducing them to each just a keepsake, Oprah Boomer which is a very Letterman s thing that has been put in people like what? How could you not violate like rain or the US Those are the Tony's for movies, just in case you didn't find time did they have to die. Dance man covers a song and dance when competition, I just feel like there's there there needs to be, I feel, like people run, other things to sort of hate, and so They're just should be a bureau of like where you going like. Why hasn't been hated yet like or suffer I wanna go rail on. There is a narrow, it's called the worldwide web right. I know.
The president's. Isn't it just amazing to me I mean you, you create anything and you put it out there and there's gonna be some idiot like just so idiot he's. Got it fine one thing to extract from it and say this is an example- I'm not saying this to put my show, but I have a show bench, the echo created and its twenty two minutes of Eliza Coop being awesome, and Somebody wrote an article that sad bench doesn't thinks career women can have it can handle relationships that Not here take away no show from our lead. Woman single. Is that like benched and others, you know a company called and then that we sit around and go I'll, think women can immediately.
Television either way lies. A coop is really fucking. Funny she's really find and punish using your. She was on her show. You are also on the show in, and it was eleven for machines from Portsmouth New Hampshire. He asked whether we actually had a regatta to live free, adapted, she's, she's, real she's, very, very, very funny, so it is when you're like that which is making a show, and they would you files that way. Would that be the thing yeah you're like but which is making a show, and I why would you fly? Was that way? Would that be the thing yeah? I know I now my writing partners like gang, didn't you know breaking bad things. Our teachers cook Mass, every single one yeah. That's the message. That's the take! Oh, I don't know what else you can get from it of a man of your science teacher, you're, making mirth and killing people now. Only thing above criticism is cereal, wife, Captain cruncher me No, I can't let you
Greater madame could point out. Our cereal thinks that cereals, for is, for the hour, thank you. Amy Naval out, ok, I know I don't want to see is a care than he was devoted. Knows a cap him he's a cap n used to be admiral crunch, apostrophe are Admiral Admiral Cry was advocate for a while. He didn't know what to do without his command of a really wasn't. He was admiral crunch and then we kind of my dick watching use devoted to captain when they went to find vizier. He took command back. That's.
For those the story behind. That's your command, the cabin of your colleagues, but I wasn't laddie wandered in a sort of drifting. It's a grudge! It's it's important, though. I think that you don't be too affected by these types of things. Now I stopped eating for two weeks and counting right, you can control a starvation. Diet means I am protesting this one. We have said this to put the figures it so funny about. However, is that there is no, I mean, like I wouldn't know who is due to from and the thing I never heard of like? I would never normally ever see him, but its listed like if you start googling reviews or something like New York Times.
And then this clown and then like a cloud like variety or whenever and then get out, though the Kansas Euro Steamship Crown there's, like some reviewed scripts had actually I just get the Sunday steamship Chronic delivered of fanatical Cooper vanish not be about adventures, bogs, advertising, no steamship have a pirate on it I raise our they all you sail rebuild, so I think we are like marked. Why are you telling me that you can have like idiots Lynn? Pirate, knowing you think seep that can have an inland pirate in Pittsburgh, does may play baseball. Pirate racism right there to say that with high rates are not capable. I raised about one thing: it's pirates I see so pie
can't handle smaller bodies of water, then? Is that a mat pirates just belong on the open sea and they tell The same kind of pirate propaganda has been keeping the pirate down all these years match guys. We just last Tenaya downloads down to make those where weirdly our biggest demographic, no one. Actually people's Somalia start uploading. Our party, there's gotta, be it, of course they would do. They would have to pirate about getting rid of the like, of course, do not in any way they could escape. My guys, you know you could just get. This were free on Itunes. You don't doesn't matter, I'm the captain. We we applaud your biogas. Derision and who badge guy I'm to captain now what I audition for that
it is trying to keep out right. I did I went in areas like I'm that captain now look up to now. The country comes back to play a symbolic This demand is that he is allowed to be in black faces like battery know. What's wrong with. This is what I want to do. This is what color they told you I'm coming out of retirement from this shoulder. This is desired. Science is all this is going to put this on the shellfish. Show me the Y got every underclothes shellfish inspectors. Shellfish just took them shelving using a picture of your soul
The fish and shellfish over from IKEA shall be so. If you want to use any bench dead like a covenant derail. Thank you hooker yet knows better staff gets their power and getting out of season so great hypnotists getting cancel Secretary General Herschel, am I sure that never you bring it up? You router show runner person. I do I do I I like acting more and I like, but I like what I do. I mean it's along those lines of what we were just talking about about having you know some sort of voice and authority in turn of. What's gets put on the air, I mean there's something really amazing hook when you're shooting in no haven't. Haven't do that and I ll do it better earnings and then it gets you now broadcast. Other reviewing plan. I, though, it's so much responsibility, which we now as you have earlier,
I d go home. I did go home, but you never get to you never get to turn off. You never get to like on a show runner until until the whole thing it's like in the can adjust. Turning to air and then went to does ere I mean I was just. I was travelling for the entire amount of October. I went to South EAST Asia to Nepal, Tibet. In due time aware when the show but I didn't know before I was leaving for the trip they are going to put the pilot up online on USA Network, so I was in Tibet, which I dont know. If you have been to Tibet. No, I do not have We re in love, I I well I eat and I yeah, dad I probably there, You know how I want my husband is loves, very adventurous and he's gotta be Superfund and really cool and he thought it would be better than those like I'm gonna,
kill you and leave you their beds. In that event, fine. How are you reading is dire. Is that uncanny he's as honey one day now so he's just adventurous dude and he said came home and he was like honey, sometimes life is present. An opportunity that you can't say no to your husband Instead, I would like you. Have you been drinking and my nephews living with us right now is like? Should I go and, unlike I dont know, stay here and though he said we have an opportunity it. Basically, a friend of a friend is put together this trip, and so we really month- and I would like sadly- had no reason why and so I like yeah, let's do it, but I'm terrified of flying supersede, for super scared. Lifeline from here. That's about it, so
especially Bhutan, which has the world's most dangerous airport in the world. When when they say the world's. They mean it, meaning they don't get her out and crazy runway that lake, but by crazy you mean because wedge between two giant mountain yeah, it's not to say it's dark cloud original you can. The land they go down exponentially and so the day. So once you land that you're like what did we just do? As I just looked at the wing and it was like kissing, the tree tops of the mountain to the right, and then you look at the other window and the wing is like new varying around this other man. I mean this. Not one of those flights for they. Just the pilots just push a bunch of buttons and go. You know, unlike some kick back, this is like they have to actual. Fly weathers again, three degrees, knelt thing. I can't even bearing a time to talk about numbers, so they d and and- and I spent the entire we going
fly out of here and then the one morning we are flying out. It was total cloud average, and I saw online in Bhutan where it says you know they can't use instruments to fly and navigate there. They have, they have to go out visuals and twas like there's club. Average. So I took a lot of outer van and then I approached the pilot in the cockpit and said so. What's the plan, how again that guys and pull back hit you Anna had, but what they dont tell you new travel in sort of. I guess I guess it's sort of third world he is the planes just gonna make stops and other countries like bus stops where people get on and get off, and you don't announce it so we're flying to Bangkok. But you know fifty minutes into the flight were landing.
I'm going. None of this is a two and a half hour flight, juvenile, ur, internet or now no Which articles like higher even given, have I wouldn't want to deal with them, even if they want to do with the logic of that think you're gonna go Molly pirates. I don't know couple at least a creative chickens, Creating chickens are these which article five Nobody was given by what are you gonna do with them? I want to do with the logic of them because lack I put chickens are blackberries dog, no John, please! wild scotsmen. I put the animals are Marguerite. What is his daily life like now collecting isn't ornaments arbitrary starts to make my first black lecture various. I want to get it right, more protectionist, all that theatre training?
the window so you made us on the way to Bangkok. Now we stopped in Calcutta I came. I gotTa India people get people get now. There was a noble, greater ITALY, pebbles hang onto the site of the poor him like a tricky things, just pooping. No, that was the princess crews line just happened a province world ground for growth. Grandparents is not the Lobo if nor virus at attack the LA boat. No, don't agree! oh my god, just Gopher inhibits like having a way through the air God we're the problems. So did you guys get out? color you to state owned by the way. How big is this plain? We can just approach the pilot. I think it's a seven. Twenty seven asked you now I made a request. They look at me. Did he didn't answer you at all
dead. I stared me until I backed away. No, he answered me. He was. He was really nice. She just said men. Please return! Do suit. Everything will be fine, so I did know behaved. He said they they got it covered and, unlike the most handsome blue eye,. Gorgeous specimen was in their copilot see and I was mesmerized and then I drifted back to my good hands. Don't worry gas, since an android. It's just that it is the model they hired. You know passengers star hot, like I say when he gets out of wages and exploit you just have to look and see what he's doing, which just matching his hand on the instruments. You doesn't really no trouble both for a zombie eating them controls. Nobody was great, it was great, but Tibet, you know, doesn't hat like you go online.
You can't get on and are now are you? Are you guys huge Tibet should I just lay out where we are now I'm killer? I want at all it's pretty crazy. I didn't you know it be one thing there is no internet than everybody's cunning in the dark, but it's the worst kind. Because it's you know when your phone wont load a page, you can lose your might. Who Tibet imagine? Google, Facebook, Twitter, New York Times, I don't know, deadline anything like any newspaper and if you go on Wikipedia and right, you know the name of a city into battling. She got say: it'll just stay put, Jane and then blank space, while nothing's knowledge ideas that it acted gotcha. So till it just bizarre, has to realise that that they could have damage control over this I mean it and it does work following the look up like tiaras. You know I could just that will load immediately.
Not that I was ok, fine guys? What do I do this thing where it has, and I was wondering what is this a good price oddity our watchwords what's right now, but I find it strange that you wanted to bear to use the internet like yours, like I don't know if you really understand what she beds for audio now seem pray, tell the theme so right yeah it. It's too that's a very beautiful place. To travel around to better use, their travel around saw a lot of monasteries good to go and those with a good story. Tellers goes not below maybe just slow the role on that mine was very relevant. Hollywood vulnerability is another. It's it's! It's it's It's a very beautiful Buddhism, kind of makes sense. I I don't know too much but the little that I do now it's on very compelling to me. I like it. I like it alot. What was one of the most interesting thing
that you expect? You have any revelations or appear for me. Was it just like? I know it's nice, it's kind of a funny kind of travelled when you jack, because you know when people go to Paris or something there like. Oh I'm gonna be this. I'm gonna bees and there's a version- south had lives in me and I'm gonna come on parallel smoke, cigarettes and drink espresso and that my eyes with a gentleman collar Jacques De Luke's, embarrass you know whatever it is. People want to go there and the like. I'm a red Hemingway and I will have such a good time, but there's no version of yourselves You want to be in a place where, like they don't believe toilets. You know me. You know it's, it would be it be. So you see I felt like a lawyer. Mostly inertia serve taking it, and- and I guess like if I had a take back any sort of big impression- is that the Chinese are going to run the entire or hostile.
It reflects the terminals, people they got. It down, I like Nepal out that places just a total free for all there's. You know. That's decided climb from climb every year that their side? If you wanted to couples, you know I'm not sure. What year when are we read, there was actually the unfortunately, that big avalanche killed others some assurances, I very much you really plan climate, though brain You know me we're trying to climate justice Look you but you're, not answering the question. Just figure me out. Ok. What I'm trying to tell me yeah! I got it in me. No, what link avenue I mean if at some fingers doesn't ring yeah, I always what I'm obsessed with the I'm obsessed with non ever us, but we didn't climate, I'm not in shape and that shape. But that's
the thing you walk round to that's like fifteen thousand feet, just feel like you're just moving through molasses. It's crazy, but I am I about Ninety four, ninety five. Whenever that article on outside magazine came out about you know what into thin air, Look. I just that article- and I remember just not sleeping for two nights in which is thinking about. We had to be like and then my dear years later, my dad, I went to this science museum in Syracuse that I'm acts museum and we saw Everest and that expedition was the team that went up. And then there was a hurricane, they lost all those guys that wasn't too thin air. So this, like you're, watching this beautiful I'm acts movie about everything that it takes us hard turn and because about like poor. Blind you know, naming his baby over a satellite phone from the top of a man just before he goes. Hypothermia. You don't just like it's just
this picture, I saw by sob somewhat compiled much pictures of. If you die there. They just leave, you may justly you can they can? They can exert the energy to bring you back down damages? cause you're all day long eyes in some of them, just like decades. Old p edges still equally the same area soon after the trail of like how far up you are like. Oh that's, the game, green, that's the in blue and that there will be a great target and that's the gang rape. That's the woman in blue. Any questions nor be funds will be completely disrespectful, but for fun. Sketch is, if the guy to the jungle. Crews disinfectant is the fact that they had stooped puns all the way
I'm not saying that men over there is for the environment or anything, but it certainly is going green over here. Now is the part where we have run out of our oxygen tanks for being with us out of the blue light. You know like just like that have in guys guise of growth. By the way, laugh or used up your ass back, but not laughing killer, so no one but yeah, but good stuff love it there Paul you, where possible, should go back to you than it was it seem like it seem like. I haven't been india, except for one hour plain, ended there without anybody telling us, but I I everybody tells me that India Nepal is like India light. You know little cleaner,
nonetheless populated and dumb, but everybody, stunning, stunning, stunning people, a great food, Lotta Currie sure what to do feel like when you came back on your landing. In LOS Angeles. Did you feel different light touch, I'm afraid of finery I also know that didn't you didn't go in Vila, go we're all interconnected and its I'm, not I'm not weirded anymore. It maybe landing back in LOS Angeles made me so profoundly grateful for our lives. Here. I've been truly it it's very strange, because when I first started dating my husband, we went to Africa for a month, which was a kind of an ambitious trip for a new relationship. In fact, the night before we left I made to iron anti assurance that I gave him on the last day. In one said, I survived a month
for with my new girlfriend and the other one said I had a socio time in Africa with this girl. I barely know little fast when he proposed actually is wearing the first one was sweet, but that was so. That was just such an experience having because it was so is my first time so so completely far removed from anything that I had ever experienced before and I just thought you know so bandit and richer for having just experience together. Side of the world, and an answer was a very similar thing with this, but but this was a very similar kind of a trip and but such a different kind of a culture I mean a sort of the day, asian influence, the Buddhism, the all that is just it's it's much more
it's very peaceful to very peaceful, docile gentle kind of culture and kind of people. You know it was really is really nice, but sad I've had so much weird anxiety there and I don't know why, but I think is because roads aren't maiden, so you keep Maginnis yourself falling thousands of feet. Into a ravine for you know you don't ever see ready in a uniform and yet somebody is directing this planet meaning in Katmandu. The airport is a purple of rubble and I'm not getting like to go through security. I'd seventeen bottles, a water on all the time and nobody has ever like you can have your water. You know just nobody. I don't think anybody was man in the store there, so red cedar, let up on and great it turns
and before I left you worry about petty things. All the time and allay, and I haven't, were kept given a crap about anything since I've been back or just feel really just hey man. Worry about petty things, all the time and allay, and I haven't, were kept given a crap about it. Thing since I've been back, I just feel really just hey man. We had a good like you go to the bathroom, the toilet, flashes, there's toilet paper and things that you take for granted. You just go. They were so lucky where certain doesn't grow up your boat. Oh it's a totally clause at my I got leeches. When I really mean it will all yeah we, I wrote an element of a river, I'm sorry. I forgot how big it landed on my brain know it we wrote elephants I'm with them in the river and in now and in the jungle and then I came out and leeches were, mean literally you're kidding now and I created when yeah saga. Man do you just like Flickr
offer you a drink, how you pull them off. Actually I was in the middle of mounting the elephant within not not how it sounds. I was trying to get on top of the workers. If I can take it all bets. You tell us about a mouse lacking an open, but I was in you know. People can the new step on elephants, snout air transport and then it it lifts. You up. Very beautifully in just drops you so gently on top of it if you're doing it correctly, which I watched other people do, and I was like there's going to be great, and so I go to step up on and then This will take so I'm in the middle of the lake mounting an elephant while trying to pull off these bloodsucking liters of my legs, stepping on the elephants, eyeball
I'm sorry, I'm sorry! This is in everybody's filming at my husband's filming it and it just it's my ass. As you know, in the air and thick apologizing to the elegant and pulling off blood suckers and adjust is socially just or is it just like pulling it? Aren't they don't hurt, but they leave a lot of blood. I mean that you can, if their if their fallen Nino this one particular one of my leg was very big, so it had been gone. Gone it Had it been feasting for awhile people, it's a very good idea, treatment of the spot hurry it and what are they setting out of you toxins? That's the only thing tat it works just where they can charge you money. Just let leeches but maybe a little bit of old Chris. So don't fuck elite without a condom. Now, don't you,
How would that even come? Because you don't know where they ve been? You now wait a minute. What did you do over there? You know anything about me? I'm curious what you took away from groundlings into you, know and in the creation of shown in the writing of the show what tool sets no, abandoned in starting from scratch. Now I you know well funny enough. The for the opening of our pilot and the opening scene is actually a grounding sketch funny enough, so I wrote a sketch about who already guessed passion, for promotion and then tell everybody in the room- and you think it's a you know
I like to look at her. She lives remind yelling and everybody, but really that telling the first minute in the next four minutes are heard, trying to get out of the room, cause the elevator doors one shot, It's really a thing about an, and you know people running in the elevator and the doors shut instantly in, and she, MRS Ahern and she's like standing there, and then Europe is so it's all about the elevator, but in tv it is a really translate so nobody wants to just watch the show that an elevator and plus you only get twenty one and a half minutes to tell the story. So you don't one of the things about growlings. It's really. You have to use her to come fully loaded. If you have five minutes to do the slice of life you ve become pretty fully loaded with. Who are these people? What what's what's going on with the what's the big thing that's happening on this day, and why do? Why should we care? What is it about these people that specific and unique and detailed enough that we invest in care about them immediately, so
I think that was one of the things that we serve. That diamond and my writing partner Damon Jones and I sort of felt like we wanted to come fully prepared with a world. That was very rich in very we all that we can tap into and- and I think that's been- hopefully that's been Workpeople Service- really responded to it, the people say already feels like a show right away. You know, I think it's because it using a very lived in world. It's not it's! Always it's because with the least billing, sir, with any, like my preference at least you can judge right away like you can scratch, you can scope something with the audience right, but when you ready for televisions Well, I hope the audience in my head is good. I think growlings starts to. I mean guiding you're so often you're. Writing a scotchman. You're like this is gonna.
This is very funny and then you get out there and as crickets, and so in never surprises me how much how wrong we are, or I am at least a lot I am finding that I know what a joke work with, if not the overall concept of it's not gonna, just if you would own grab onto the concept immediately. That's one thing, but you know a joke with genuine. You know if I hear something in the writers row, and it makes me laugh, that's good enough for me. It doesn't. I don't have to you know, ran up the flagpole with like five other people will think it too. I think you start to calibrate in your ear a good sense of like while this is probably I think this is funny this funny right, it's funny, but also, you know, growlings is all that collaboration and impede. Oh you, you write with other people constantly. So I love working with other people I can work alone, but I prefer to listen other people I take
What everybody says you know and end the only thing that we felt like we knew going into it was the was the tone. What was was how absurd or how real we wanted it to be. You know and then we got the other writers on board with that they ve got it right away too, and so then the room became a little many growlings mean we actually had a couple. He's in there, and it also was in higher and the show you hire lot, your friends cause there's a shorthand immediately. They get it. They know you're going for you, do you do for Helen you in doing so we shall have assets. So do you like. I learned all this stuff in the first or have we do more than all do this? Yes, I mean it there's so much
It was a role that was really written for me and I now that- and I was doing trophy wife at the time and can do it, and so we thank God, got Eliza because she just you know she and I in data we just get each other. I mean right away off the page. She just gets her rhythm and gets and understands who? What we're going forward this character totally a hundred per cent and so once we shot it like, there's no way I could have had any kind of creative you know in this and as much as I have you know that the the imprint that you want to on it. You know picking out the music. Maybe I never wanted to be, show runner writer, creator, producer person because quite honest, somebody's. I ll actually use the blue player the Red played. I would like to give a crap what play right, who cares Then, as soon as somebody ass you and you go out there and they.
Away you're like will now I do care, because if I get others can be a blue play almond, which rightly, and so is all the son! You are making every single decision, whether you want to or not, but then you, but then, when you stepped back, you realize. Oh, my god. This is like we birth. This thing this is crazy, so so for those. So if there is a second season you now, I feel like that to have all that stuff already figured out you now are you involved in every part of the process? Yeah yeah, it's bizarre, but yeah I mean definitely answer in the room in the editing in that you now listening to every muse, accusing too. You know every MAX airy array, everything so reading. I read every draft ever in our following: the actors home yeah, making them dinner finding them matching out their actual and potential mates.
Yeah or ever more breaking them up. Breaking them up in them. Find better means. I'm working, you wanna know this relationship is a blue plate. Yeah. You really did evening Lamb, that's a big lion. Bathing reactors just does leeches failure and leaves in every change the water different in August. Seventeen alas, is like which to bring it out you know my bathtub as like I'm going to talk about the elephant. That moves. Well, the points, twelve, of course, the allies. If money I've been by bugging you're about coming on the purchase of action, I shall celebrate the gas. So are you completely done just waiting to see what happens within a yeah yeah pretty much. What are you doing with your free time? Besides going in Nepal? Guys, you know so such as terrorism from the Tibet size. I am acting a bunch
and I'm writing a new, a new pilot with my raining partner. Oh, how worked so well but you know you can't work and have a relationship at the same time. Are you now that the Arusha says that I'm glad you between an alliance is exactly what I want you down women. If we figure out just make idiot prisoners and I can't handle relations was larger than you. Did it ruins that you thought like this is gonna destroy averages, but nevertheless I did this woman who, I thought would be so funny if this one woman was, I woke up one day and realize she was fat and that she had ago burn off all her on her fat that day, and so I wish just her running around like getting ready just having a realization. I call Shit, I'm fat, I didn't know. How did I miss this kind of thing, which is me?
morning by the way and then goes running, and then camp shoe. She goes and runs and then comes back and can't move and the rest The scene is her not able to move but has to get ready for this day, and so it was. When I put it up for other growlings, we were being our and then I put up for paid. You know patrons of the arts. The huge looking from the minute I said, I'm fat they relate, I hate her and just the whole thing just kept imploding on itself, even more, even more like with each silent thing that happened, that went by I my confidence, you made it, but my commitment level went to the point where I was actually really hurting myself with six will pay and so it,
did you have other sketches and the show after that, our sure? What's it what's going on in your head during that, when you like, I don't know, what's going on your head is, is sort of like I imagine right before somebody is about to get shot by a firing squad, we're just link Is there any way added I can think of. Is there any way out of the idea? Is there any way is not a door? I dont you can't get out. I know I'm here, I'm here I have to be here. I guess maybe I don't know at least I'm blind you can see them Khazars light in your face, but you know either in their seats going this poor women and men. Of course, the blame, all the other groundlings like what you tell me. This is gonna, be like the idea of an eye for an eye out of his eyes. Like you guys, come and you really miss misled me with your laughter, you know not supports, not always
good. I don't need it. Ok, oh needs. Your pandering to restrict was busy resort. The table, so that was the only time you did that it there's another scatter. I think facts this thing in the whole wide world and is just a person ironing for a really long time and like somebody in the boot making large eyes is- and I just was like this- can not be amazing how long dear relationship before you and your husband could fight in front of each other mete out really. Yes, thank you so much for asking them to serious, because I've had before my husband. I was in a very lie, relationship where it was just a minute free for all and This is good. Advice were all of your list of Oliver Listeners, but instead it's like that's death to relationship. I think you gotta keep it. I mean if somebody does, if somebody has like little somethin squeak out, we just
yeah, it's so weird cause. I'm filter, listen I'll talk about anything to death, but that is one thing that we agreed very early on. I said you know, Our third data, like I, will never fired in front of you an he's like. I have no problem with that. That's no and and so we don't- and I had to a keeps The figures are we I'd. Typically, don't. And I started back back you'll want to open the door yeah I didn't, although when you was one for a really long time, every once in a while, just because it's unexpected I was, I was David girl. This was JANET
stating stating JANET Barney many years ago I love her she's, the best you shoot. We, I think you came first that girlfriend of the past what govern she can't? You had did you have her before you had than the pack whole years before you have always like we dated from two thousand four and then when he eleven is it I've been on her podcast yeah Jamie and did did? Did you inspire heard? Urges you fascist evolve, podcast! How did we had one zero workers? Will she- and I was so together- and I saying to her, like you should really do apart guesses. You really do apart categories, one funniest peoples who survey, and then Sweden warm and lovely in so, but it wasn't until after reacts, it wasn't will after
broke up? We remain friends regimes like on thinking about starting a podcast now like we have have to do it, help produce it with it with you and and such a Jamie Club was greatly yes, she's she's she's great, but I think it was probably Wow, it might have been like two years into my relationship with JANET and we were walking through. We gotta to Tucson every year cause for families, here, we would go rear for new year's and we're walking through like some desert park in each of its efforts, and I were horrified to fight in front of people integral relation for the funding. For that very reason, it was just a wife would really was just instilled in me like a slippery slope men. I do the head of unit that way- and so I
one in the chamber purposelike. Why can't I had a camera and generous up like a gallery? I like can't. Let does not let this this opportunity pass and so decide, this, though, and rectitude professional ethics open, the first you're gonna. Do the absolute best way to do it I found out that IFOR in my sleep and we'd, but snoring.
I hear you can't you have no control over that now, and this is from my ex boyfriend. As I told you, we don't talk about these things, women, but my ex boyfriend, like you so annoying last night, and I go. Why pick this fits you by your sleep, but then I go. I didn't it he's like gathered you would go. What happened? Doesn't then I would be like you fired in an hour And then you let go. That's so am I saying, and then you be stop yelling and then it would happen again if you like what happened
okay, love when a dog farts but doesn't understand, what's happening and it had whipped around like that's that same and I haven't yeah like like, and so God of some baron was, you know. Maybe what was there now is. You always have now is what am I a barking spider about what The latter is the asshole itself. Grandma anyway, my grandmother had quadruple bypass surgery and she was never a funny person ever until after her surgery and we went into the
to visit her my mom and I and she's pose. Did the nurse I don't know. I don't know what blood pressure good or bad timing to throw a weird in numbers, but remember the nurse goes. Oh she's doing really. Well, her blood pressure came down. Really nicely mangoes. Oh, what was it and the nurse Gozo was one thirty over two, forty or something, and he picks up as she goes too far, If it gets any iris. How is it that you are that we are like? Who? Is she and then, after that, youth polarity? really all areas person did they they must have scooped out all the stuff. There was blocking her re funny flow bright. I heard you
no virtue due to our anxiety. Well, when is benched on and when should people watch it and how can people watch it? People should watch it completely naked, what's with a rush of oil. Ok, now people should watch it sitting down, because it is a real thriller. Now its people should watch it on the television set at ten thirty Tuesdays days on USA, unless you have directv- and I think you to watch it at seven thirty years on these gross food air and then and they should watch it promptly and they should watch it like there. You know, like they're, just ready to learn about legal clarity, great yeah, listen really ready that really get a real you. Now this cavity,
legal it should it be it the way you haven't the bad, take a metal, crazy objection, Nobody in beer accused t shirts. I'm away. As an there's, a couple there's a couple tag lines, if you want to use for benched, okay, let a failure in the finger lakes or benched like being gingerly place in the back of an element by its own trunk. Why you step on its? I love. If you want to know how Have you been working on that second line for like it's weird, that you told a story that are working on it for like seven months? Yes, so is decisive. The deadline, article of what the deal is strongly started immediately and I still do not. As elephant research is actually the girl was dressing room. It's just like. What's wrong,
your time like wow. It's just full of corrupt pictures of elephants and law books, entwine close their eyes to see like when you murder people tell me you're gonna come finer apartment leg, the snakes. Since in the world. What would you think I would do that? Nothing? yellow, yellow, came true, detective, oh yeah, right ferry. And behind them everything. Now I just I just don't, have a manual creating not consuming. I was doing regional theatre I'm sorry have time television, but if you like, I will soon a theater. I think television is dumb, except for budged. A lab out loud made all comedy, it's good to see you nice to see you thanks for having, of course, is so wonderful known far for New York
go far in front of your significant other act. Don't do it? Don't I in the Pope in front of them shut the door of serving lunch was the other day and explained to them the phenomenon of surveillance cameras ASP king videos, where people get caught and surveillance cameras in public. Just jamming their hands hands and I started laughing so hard because I just started to Google woman scrap and I got like s? We are half way why, just as it was when I was a woman scratches ass and in store like buddy, I got one. Says, see, are and then Google, railing is generally auto Phil immediately like the top and was scratch and sniff my landlord and it's a thing. It's a phenomenon the people will dig in an endless I want to give a the woman. Had these like horrible french press
I saw a nail, Jerry Dear just, went down in their necks, using line guide and then just like a hand. Comes out And then sniffing now and then you see her leg is harmless, whereas I she was very home, work, that's crazy! If she would like french man, french man, if you can like trashy, like you, know, very ornate genes, type of a woman so that boyfriend I used to, and I would maybe five million per annum and line timing out my twenties. He also got me to admit one time that I had gone out at some point in my life picked over and tasted it and I'm were watch benched anyway, but but then I came home from work and he had
apartment. Building, written assign said burger, eater lives here with arrows that went all the way to my front door. Relationship was built to work think you're gonna be like that's hilarious. Let's have sign our cell mortified. I wanted to die. I just fine and everybody in my apartment building sites is bigger. Eater lives era, arrows all the way to my front door. Did you fight about this? Now we fishery he's very funny. Like one time I came home from work, and I ve been home, and I like and the kitchen and I get on my computer and he comes realize anybody was home, and so it comes to the into my office holding a bachelor, totally naked and he's sick.
And those like what you cause. I've been lying naked and the bedroom floor with a special in my ass hoping you'd come finally hasn't he's like I've been there to twenty five minute. You didn't even come. Walk in the badger walked the bedroom I p in the bathroom, went back into the kitchen rifle rounder, verdure, rater, easily late hours rest and left in a half hour like our real on the wheel. When you pick up and refer to look like this, didn't work out. Do you have to date someone who's, but I mean like you're, not you're, now you're married. So when you day, I am but weirdly, I'm the guy married is the one person who is not like professional funny pants than so that obviously worked. Yeah he's got a sense of humor, obviously or beast such a bummer. Yes,
damn see the reason this is funny. Honey is because a whereby person put us, but I just don't think that's all In your last relations, I only put labels in my ex unlike leaders aren't funny. I was really worried when we started dating Lugano, I'm sorry. You try to wrap this though I encourage yeah. I was just. Like I can't do this guy can sleep with them, but I can't data road toll his, but then you realize that that that funny thing is great, you know, but it's I always thought little funny had to be number one, but it turns out it can be. They can appreciate funny, but it's not a relationship makes that makes sense, because I got really freaked out. One time we were we have our first road trips and we weren't doing bit the entire time and weird,
oh, I gonna like just completely dry as a committee enemy. Just gonna have not be generating funny in my off time to use when I need it or something might is gonna atrophy and the answers you have probably but aims, much happier. Words well said, good way to engineer enjoy your burrito people there. The path is the kind of urgencies and opening bigoted scratch. Your ass and film it and send it to us a stag scratch and thank you. They expand me now, leaving noticed dot com enjoy your worried
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