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we work at the same gym. That's right! We're fitness people shelves the end from every experience that I had with her was always super cool and she is on true detective, which is an h b every Sunday night and then also is in a new movie called better living through chemistry, which is out on Pi Day March Fourteenth and we're gonna have some more nervous now with the nelsons about part is well so the shape I recognize from she's been a ton of stuff. Is a mission impossible, kiss kiss Bang Bang, which is one of my favorite comedies, and the other thing is that my wrist ex girlfriend trains- Michelle are the government as a comedian in a trainer and she trains Michelle. So there's a from Matt was in on this one and it was a fun dynamics, so here go there's pets. Four hundred and five with Michelle Monaghan dot com.
So where's, the feel of us not sweating. We all go to the reading when you talk about like not crawling on the and I wanted to quit in the middle of a session- was today really fucking? Stairmaster? No but five minutes of that it was the most excruciating thing I hated it I hated it so much, I'm never going out there master again I'll, take the stairs I'll I feel like I'm accomplishing something, but on a stairmaster is just brutal torture device. It just feels some deep level of Tartarus not to fall
It's already on American, but I think it's I think it's for the you guys know each other. We do because Matt's Ex girlfriend trains, you yeah, that's exactly, and so we all go to the same generally. She can do a very good job training. You are you in training we've got to. These. Are the dog whisperer, killing and and now my mother with me, everyone this is so funny Kiki. I tried training with her a couple of wouldn't You don't know problem you problem
trained with five. If you know I feel like no, I wouldn't know now you can train with your significant other, but you are a monster in the gym like you'll. Be when I come in yeah and you're, doing all sorts of crazy shit and then I'll leave and you're. Looking running on the treadmill said that you know what I have I'm going back to work, I just had a baby, I'm going back to work and it's kind of a provocative show, so that's basically had to turn into a gym rat for, like the last couple of months 'cause. I'm scared shitless, basically we're back working out like two weeks after that you know I was back like five weeks, but you are. You are in the gym like full on pregnant yeah like
I was. I was like doing squads doing weights. I was very active all the way up to the very end, weren't, you concerned at any moment that you would go down for a squat and be like. I have to go to the hospital. It's not it's, not not how that works. So I wasn't actually because I felt really good. I felt really good. Do you think you could deliver that vision? I think. Well, if my movies are to be believed, all you need is a newspaper in hot water right yeah. I mean she lived with a baby for a year and a half delivery when he actually had a home birth. So I was prepared to have this baby Holmberg anywhere yeah good yeah, just like in your bed, yeah holy yeah. Is there any now? I can tell you. The fatality rate is extremely more with a home birth, so it's good that you both made it well not necessary
yeah yeah. So it's very helpful to be you know, very active and, and what not like for free for your home, birth and yeah, we had a midwife and it was just an unbelievable dare I say, sort of easy experience having at the comfort of your own a clean up all that after birth on you, what they really MAC could never have a home. Very. What made you decide, I'm a do I'm going to get the midwife and not go to a hospital? Well, we first daughter at home as well in my whole thing was, I just didn't really want to be sort of have a bunch of needles and all sorts of things and in my arms I don't want to be confined to know when, when you for that- and I just wanted to be able to sort of move around and walk around and sort of have the baby as it as it would calm. I wasn't worried about the pain and and I just wanted, the experience of being at home and it's incredibly peaceful, there's no transition from hospital to home. Your
there, and you have this incredible maternal health care. The midwife comes every day and looks after you and the baby for a couple of weeks, so it's actually really supportive experience in I want to know like what is the experience like after you've had the baby in the bed that day and then you go to bed that night, you like, I had a baby in this bill. It's really like that. I mean I remember when we had our daughter. We had her and it was late at night, as was our son just recently, an we fell asleep with the baby in the bed and then, like you, wake up I've been there. Is this baby right? Next to you like? Oh, my gosh, I just I just gave birth this is here now yeah and it's yeah, it's remarkable, it's incredibly! Wherever, wherever you have it, you know it's just the most incredible experience you could ever have an how's, the first child with the new baby. Well, it's funny she's. She seems
we accepting of him now, but there was a period of time where she was coming home from school in the last few months. It was like family photos and she's here's, mommy, here's, daddy and here's willow in my, even I like where the hell is Tommy. Where is Tommy Tom still hasn't made an appearance in the family photos but she's doing better. She gets she gets a kick out of it. I was that I I I I I do die. I'm familiar. It worked, but I wasn't familiar with your background. Your personal life. Even with your husband for a long time, yeah yeah like since you were both Young yeah yeah, since I was twenty five we've been together for over fourteen years, wow yeah yeah, we met New York. It was a great it worked out for two years yeah I mean, and of course I was always that chick telling my girlfriends in the ring you gotta by you know. But after a few drinks you Anime guys in bars and- but I
happened to me one of the best people that I could possibly ever know. And yeah he's. My husband he's totally rad tell us your secret. Oh my god, how does it work? How do you ok? So, let's so talk about other stuff in a minute, but solid relationship from advice from from someone who's been in a relationship for a long time and still seems really really really happy. Yeah, I mean, I think, number one you have to have a sense of humor about. Everything you can't take anything too seriously. I mean you have to be best friends and you really have to be considerate of the other person in always put the other person first and and yeah. And that's it. I found that it's also when sometimes it's very hard to do, especially when the well, I guess for any but yeah, also not not using.
Your significant other is essentially like a dumping ground. For all of your know, exactly I mean that's what friends are for yeah right? I read it yeah I read everybody's in you know, has stress or whatever in relationships but yeah a sort of a sort of like to leave it at the door. When I come when I come home, you know, leave it outside the door host You seem generally positive, like you, I am a very. I am very positive person. How did you have to we will? Is that way, or did you have to find that? No always this way, and that's just a testament to my I think I mean we were raised in such a really positive environment in terms of just all, being told things so cliche, but we could do anything. You know we set our mind too. Is that sort of Envir in a very like glass, half full kind of person. There is something about good parenting that make sense exactly in I'm working on it, I mean it you're in this very straight.
I don't have any kids, but the thing that always scares me about the idea of kids is that you could offhandedly, say something in front of your kids someday. That would all of a sudden, like forge my belief system that they would have for the rest of their lives. I'm so conscious of that all the time of just saying sort of the wrong the wrong thing like it's so nerve, wracking, because it truly is the most important job there is- is sort of raising children that are good people. You know compassionate people and kids that don't feel entitled to think Well, how do you balance that between you know? Between acting, I mean like to perform. The performing arts are kind of you have to really this in in getting your own head, and you know like you, you can't really have a lot of outside stuff get in the way so
Do you balance those two? Well, it's it's very difficult. I will admit it's very tricky and if it wasn't for my husband being so hands on in support of, I wouldn't be able to do it. You know in terms of my work. Typically, my work takes me way come home, and I leave our family. So you know I'll, sometimes be away for weeks at a time, maybe three weeks and we've chosen to do that, because it's much more difficult to uproot the family and then have them out of their routine and sort of just hanging. In a house or an apartment or something like that and then and then I could see them anyway, 'cause I'm at work. You know fourteen hours a day, so I'd much rather be the their person be the adult and miss them and be able to focus on my work, one hundred percent, and then, when I come Home- and I finish, work be able to devote all of my time. Energy into my kids and my husband, but I I both at the same time, it's nearly
simple and feel good about. It feel like you've done a good job with either one of them sure yeah, That's amazing! 'cause! You worked, I mean you've worked on a ton of stuff. I think I think kiss KISS Bang Bang is one of the best comedies of thank you. Twenty years, so they just one of those movies that I call it same place, looks really interesting and then I went and saw it, and then I immediately saw it again wow you're, one of the very few people that actually sought the theater. I I mean you know, maybe maybe because it wasn't Peter long, but I know that when people talk about everyone so kiss kiss, Bang is working Great movie yeah. It's sort of one of those movies that caught on sort of down the road for people, and now it's a bit of a kind of a cult classic there I say, but I can't, recently MIKE. I mean the latest was like, I think it was a couple of weeks ago and Ralph's, and you know the I was like. Oh my god, are you that girl from kisses baby. I was like yeah he's like. Oh, I love that movie, you know. So it's just random people talk about that.
Would be more than any other movie. I think that I've been in now Kilmer in Robert Downey Junior, have that sort of about them, where they're really great dramatic actress, but you but they're fun hilarious at the ST, so getting to see those. You guys together was the way What was the vibe in the set kind of felt like an indie film? I mean like that. I should never said I wasn't on the set, but the viber. The movie was like this like in India. A bunch of friends it made. It felt it felt very, very much like it like that. I mean it. What I've found really interesting is that the two of them and never met prior to kiss. Spank bang, which I thought was shocking because they have great chemistry number one but they're. Both eccentric in a little crazy yeah. That you'd think they would have traveled in the same circles for sure. Well, that's Marvel DC yeah, yeah ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah exactly it's their parallels actually diverse exactly but you know we shot at. I think, for I mean it was ridiculous,
I think it was something like forty nights in a row, so we all were just living like at night basically shooting this in downtown aelay everywhere and it was it was it was great. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had working. I remember like bow. Knock on my door every now and then- and he be like, is tonight the night and I'd be like what valleys like. Can I watch you draw, Annette Santa costume, not tonight check the account of Heather Knight in any other profession, human resources, but if it's Val, Kilmer yeah exactly I'm just wondering right right. I don't have a Santa outfit. I brought my bra on asking me to change. I brought one so do you. Between working on that or like bigger, but like really huge, huge, huge movies. What's the I mean, This is a movie there's like the mission impossible Series is that does that feel
personal in any way, or is it just like? Oh, this is a giant movie, going it's like a feel personal to me. You know I'll, never, sort of the movie that I wouldn't go see in the movie theater, that's sort of my barometer in terms of- I read something like well what I actually go and pay money to see this honestly say that then I'm not going to be a part of it. There are other factors go into it as well, but that's sort of so it feels like something: that's some personal and intimate for me, but obviously doing an independent film. It's I really appreciate, doing independence, because I love collaborating with first time filmmakers. Writers, I love working with a small crew. I love that Missy love, shooting things really quickly like hard and fast for nineteen twenty twenty five days, an I love to just be in the thick of it,
and I really love independent film as well, because they're very personal stories, you know slice of life stories characters people that I can really sing teeth into and in really like great shoes to fill. So I preciate, that about independent film a lot so the wife of an international spy is not quite the same. You know that was. There's a flip side like I got to do a lot of stunts for that and love love doing stunts, there's so many aspects of personality that sort of get some sort of get filled. By doing you know, by doing say studio film, doing independent film. Whatever it is, you know I they don't end up together right, they don't really. Isn't the last shot he's like sort of spying on yeah, he's sort of letter, he's sort of let her go at that point. Well, next time, next movie yeah, it's gotta,
but she was a counter intelligence right, okay, all right and then it's and then it's a battle between the two of them. Okay movie about that would be awesome. You make that happen. I'll speak to Jj, about that it from the top of the bill, yeah yeah exactly exactly on my pinky the entire time. So it should have thought this through. Haven't seen true detective, yet I know I have the. I have the dvds, but I realized I don't currently have a cd player right, because I'm in between moving yes, an my lap, does not have a driver. I went to black book air. This is Michael Garrett. There's no optical drive on it. I went to uh,
as are the ideas close again one player there. Sorry, I can't go to circuit city now, behind Comp USA, also close by is barely hanging on no it's like decent by and they had the. I was looking for just the little quarter, inch adapter to plug my headphones into a larger. You know like a receiver, you know yeah sure, whatever it does and they didn't. Even as a for picking up. Ladies yeah, I was looking for looking for a quarter and doing up there all right if there's and tell them to stop doing that, it's probably Neal Brennan doing so but it was in there looking for the tiny that reduces the violence of you must intimidating. I got this. I'm training get some of that energy. I have a section I was walking by this home. Theater second may have
he's like Martin Logan speakers and Mcintosh Receiver, yeah, I'm looking at them like this, like fifty one dollar equipment. So that's how they're trying to save themselves by selling fifty thousand dollar ticket just sell one we're good. We who buys a fifty thousand dollars from best buy is the yeah yeah, exactly exactly like, where you going honey, I'm going to best buy I'm going to buy something at this best buy card from there might fifty thousand dollars. I don't know there might be just like it's just twenty five dollars on weekly stuff back twenty five dollars. Thanks act quickly, fifty grands I'll just take you know it don't worry about it. I'll just go the locked. Thank you. Kyle they're all dead, they're on a break permanently disabled in accident.
We kind of want to do some kind of weird superhero movie, where you get to kick the shit out of someone and then spit out a dumb, a funny hashtag. No, I kind of did I did the latest Justice League animated, you wonder woman, but I played wonder woman, and so that was really really cool, but it was only cool it was for me. You know that actually, like and you know I grew up with brothers, so I mean I know what those sounds like you know like. I know what it feels like to get your you know the wind knocked out: it's Anna's voice. What did you say your voice? I did my I kind of did my voice. Maybe it went a little bit deeper. Get frustrated, yeah who is cool was really it was really fun. It was a really fun fun thing to do,
What do you you? You said your guys are working on something else soon yeah I am. I am starting work on a show called Open, a new Ryan Murphy Project for each HBO show right yeah yeah, so we shall we start shooting at on Wednesday. Actually the pilot which I'm very excited about are you you're working. You talk about yeah, the show is it's a very provocative show it's it's about open relationships and yeah like I tried that once before? No, I don't think I could. I don't think I could do. I don't think I I don't think I know, and it's it's it's really interesting, because it's sort of it's very progressive. Obviously, this kind of idea of open relationships are people kind of going on their sexual journeys, but
I was in one once. I just didn't know it. You just say not working outside it and that's what this shows dealing with this kind of the betrayal of relationships and why people are betraying each other and what, if they were just more open and honest, about it and and so the show is sort of very modern. In that respect, uh. So my my character finds herself engaged to this guy that she's been dating for five years. And then she realizes that she is a lesbian, and so she And it goes on this on this journey. Does she stay in the relationship they stay in the relationship and so they bark on an open relationship and they think that's the better way to handle this 'cause? They really sincerely love each other and she doesn't know
bisexual or a lesbian, so they in a polyamorous relationship. I think I think and I think the idea of a relationship would probably be unfair to not the guy, because I guys, if you like well sure I mean you know, we could bring another lady into the situation. But if the girl was like to bring another guy, most you'd be like with lucky. Would you talk about what he yeah yeah? That's right. It seems unfair, like it yeah what we are, what we, what I, we can society in general except is like an open relation, exactly it's because I went to a couple of talks on polyamory at burning, man number eight months pregnant and it's not like I'm riding my bike in there like wow. What is this chick doing here at like with all these like damn polyamorists a couples and there's like this vocab
very like there's, this whole dialogue that they use in specifically to what you're talking about. They would call that commercial. And conversion is when you practice actually being supportive of your husband. Bring or your partner bringing in like another partner, could be a male or a female in there like 'cause comes right, will listen. I was just really just jealous with this specific partner in a like manner. You really really need to practice. Conversion you want to be. Happy for them at their living life to their fullest, their fullest potential, and it was so fascinating. My friend was like just make it back to our camp honey. Please, please, don't commercial dad know know commercing for you, but it was really, but it's really really fascinating. So I really feel I'm excited about the concept of the show, because I feel like in someway that's part of the site. Geist right now and
I hear a lot of people talking about like. Are we really meant to be with one person for the rest of our lives? Are we really supposed to be monogamous an so this the show really touches on all aspects of and how also how we bring technology, into our relationships and whether you know you know you too much porn is is crossing the line or more texting or sixteen is like. Where do you draw the line and all those different aspects? so the show will yeah because there's an idea of you know you I think people can have an emotional affair with someone, even if nothing physical, happens, and then so then it then there's this kind of weird relationship existential question of, but if you're, heart and your mind- are over there. Isn't that isn't that just,
I think it's just that in the last step. Before you know, I don't know, I mean I don't know what the answer is, but yeah, but it does. There are a lot of there's a lot of gray lot of great a lot of blurred lines. Are blurred lines? Marvin Gaye! Just do this. We just got from the grave, but I know like you know my my girlfriend is attracted to ladies and but I'm not attracted to yeah, and so I would never feel like let's have another dude in law, the action I would just I don't know. Maybe it's my own security. I would feel weird and you'd feel it'll emasculated so, and so what is that I mean I go that I cannot identify, because I sort of feels like you know, is that demi problem, or is that really like yeah, that's kind of a strange thing to do? I honestly don't know what note yeah exactly. Are we not involved enough to be able to accept that you're saying like? I might not like I'm clearly yeah, but that's the question like and I think that's the way the people
decide to be in an open relationships get themselves and say: ok, I am really sort of emotionally evolved. You had to be in exactly the same concert level. Two so what do you think that thing is about us that makes us like? No, this relationship is a walled garden. You like what do you? What do you have you? I mean: is it stuff, you've obviously been doing research and you really thought about it. A lot I mean I guess it's. I guess it's sort of, I I mean, I don't know if it's a walled garden, but I guess if you I I I have no idea what if this was really just trying to your husband, yeah you know like honey
you're going to be working long hours, exactly my husband's going to be alone is going to need someone's gonna need some support, yeah, exactly yeah. That's ever heard of a show called my two dance. I want to bring Paul Reiser over it, but I'm not in car coach that was the coolest living room set. When I was a kid I was like, family member might yeah? I do remember my two dads Greg, Evigan and wow good pull. He wasn't is J and the bear yeah, I'm older than everyone, yeah and Stacy, Miss Stacy, she went on to step by step by step, one step by step, amen. I want you so much money television addition. Did you watch a lot of television watch, a lot of television growing up, we didn't have cable, we saw I grew up in a town of seven hundred people super small, where at in Ios seven hundred
well part of Iowa Northeastern Iowa near Cedar, Rapids Waterloo, so we were performed in Cedar Rapids last year, so you're kidding right, yeah, there's a guild is laugh fest. This comedy festival, yeah yeah. I know I know that very well. That's so awesome good! It's good! It was a church. Church. They do their built in jokes right there and it turned into a comedy venue, and it was one of those things like in the podcasts are religious, but there was still moments. We were like. Ok, like you know, yeah no, I feel I feel really weird going to church. I don't I don't know but uh yeah Cedar Rapids, it's a cool part of the country. It's in you know in very cold at the moment, but yeah, it's very small, it's very rural, where I grew up. It's all like corn and beans and cattle, and and oh yeah, so uh, yes I grew up there and you know the nearest movie. Theater was like in an hour away, so I'm going to watch it the tv, but we outside like all the time. My
It was a factory worker and part time. Farmer in my mom they're, both retired now. Well, they say they are so merry my mommy to take her out of our home for calling my yeah yeah yeah yeah John Mellencamp. I think wrote three songs exactly yeah. It really. I mean did when you were, bring up the dude. Was there any part of you that entertain the idea of like you know I could you're, saying in this town and just kind of continuing this salute Lee. Not you know, I don't know what it was. I I always sort of knew that I wanted to be outside of that. Although I loved where I grew up, but I think when I when I say all the possibilities. I I think it was fourteen and we drove into Chicago, which is about a five hour, drive to see a cubs game, and I saw a city for like the first time and I was like holy shade, wow, I mean I was so naive, but I was like saw the Sears tower and like it was
I blew my mind and I saw I saw the possibility and from that I knew I wanted to live in a city and so when I graduated, I moved to Chicago, and that's where I went to college. Has your says your hometown become? Has it gotten like the Walmart, we'll be Starbucks Jack in the box like is it is. It is well there's nothing in my town. There's there's there's not like a stop light. There's there's nothing! So there's like a gas station in like a little market still in like the corn elevator and about like four churches, hahaha, but so there's nothing there but like than the next town over yeah. It's like there's a super Walmart there's. You know. That means the burger king, Mcdonald's, yeah, yeah wow and I will say the Mcdonald's there is the best Mcdonald's I've ever been to, and I feel like everything is so fresh. Like you go yeah yeah, they don't get that many people there. So you go through the drive through and you're like
three and it's still really really good, just make it right. It's like yeah, it's like really big and it still thinking it's not all so much down. They just use the cattle prod. It's going to be a minute. I really love the idea of just getting house in a small town. Cation, I yeah several is ago. I stayed in this place called Driggs yeah, which is just over the Grand Tetons from Jackson Hole, and so it's like it's like Jackson Hole, but without you know, but aren't like four four million yeah, exactly at least at this time in two thousand five, it was still on really yet you should be talking. About it then 'cause. Now I want to go. Look it up, but there was just like the town was basically just like a little cross yeah one intersection and a few you know, and then there was an insanely good, sushi restaurant there at the at their tiny little airport, because I guess it was just sort of bleed over from the
kind of, like you know it's like 'cause, there's yeah there's like there's rich people scattered around even though you could buy at the time you could, you could buy a plot of land for, like forty grand you like honey, you want to go to the airport for dinner tonight. Airport airport sushi usually sounds like a bad idea, but in this case is actually very very very, but I would think it was a restaurant. I think it was reversed. I think. Restaurant what were your obsessions obsessions in growing up? Are you obsessed with comedy at all because you're funny, so I feel like? Maybe there was a comedy In your background, I don't know you don't both. My folks are funny. My brothers are funny. Thank you by the way. That's a really nice compliment, create that jumping around at the gym, yeah she's, funny yeah, thank you Kiki Funny, but no
I mean my interests were very simple. I mean it's a funny and never really had the desire to even act. I mean growing up, although there were signs that pointed to it I mean it was. It was a part of the drama club I was a part of the speech club, but those were I think I did those mainly because scared to death in key to get in front of people into sports. Like I absolutely that that the petrified me the thought of, like standing up in front of an audience in like playing basketball or volleyball, or something like that, I think I'll be the one and I was like the water girl. We know you're in better shape than pretty much any because of your workout regime exactly, but funny and then so I mean those are. Those are the sort of my interest in terms of like in School just yeah, but I mean it was very. I mean there are thirty five people in my class, so was a really really forty five yeah. Really small it was just so what does that? How does that affect your? Has that effect
the way that you deal with the world? When is situation like that, you don't disappear into the masses, like you probably always, is a sense of oil. I'm accountable for anything I say to the entire town or anything I do through the entire town. Do you feel like that growing but that level of accountability affected say that you interact with people later in life. God that's a really interesting question. I mean probably apps, because everybody knows your business for sure. I'm we even have like what are those radios. You know he would listening. Yes, like small town stuff, but- yeah. So you definitely you know it was I had one like. I had a high school sweetheart. I want boyfriend, basically 'cause, you know you're not going to like you know. I could be promiscuous in high school right now, because, first of all, you don't have
extreme pickings, anyways, there's not a lot of options, yeah, exactly there's that guy named Slim Pickens is seriously, I mean, there's probably you know, statistically there's probably like eighteen boys in your class yeah. Exactly that's exactly right. It's like well one for everyone, yeah, that's exactly right! I mean, I think I think to answer your question yeah it may have. I mean I haven't really thought about it. That much, but I mean I think that we were raised to Be- audible for everything in in my folks, you know still you know I mean I don't feel like I'm entitled to anything, and I think that has a profound effect on the way people deal with each other later in life, because you learn. If the skill set that you learn. Let's say you go to high school of five thousand people and you just feel like everything. I do doesn't really matter and nobody knows it, but then I think you sort of you know you don't feel as accountable to the rest of the world, and so I, but when you do grow up feeling,
everyone's going to know or know or or yeah. Then I think it does really Carey assume it carries over soon in your extra careful about. You know how you deal with people who make sure that you don't. You know how you walk through life. You yeah. But it's very good point. You have to trick him really. No one finds out exactly exactly exactly what What were some of the other obsessions of years when you working on God, Michael Jackson, Kirk Cameron, yeah, one of them. What happened to him um. He found Jesus. He I think so, but I feel like that's a case where Jesus is like. Please let me know, too much. I'm gonna get. Restraining order against Jesus. Christ is going to get a restraining order against Kirk Cameron, writers birthday at his office.
Like a platter of half subway sandwiches and like one person in the him like with the it's like a birthday hat, it was so so well when you're intolerant, that's what happens. She's, not many people show up to your birthday party, so you love Kirk, yeah and Payne's? I loved You know I love football. I still like football. You do your football band, Hufflepuff like I like college football yeah. Why college football? Well? I think because- I wouldn't have a sports or a protein and I'm a I'm a Hawkeye fan, so and I love that they're like these young players- they're not they're, not getting paid, they just have a lot of. Right just play just play their their asses off I just love it, and you know he can tailgate Do
is there a particular? Did you not? Would you watch the Superbowl or do you not? You know? I did. I watched Intel Time Warner. You know when, on the side and on the plane it was that would happen, yeah really right during halftime yeah yeah. It was really right now. I think this merger with Comcast is going to only help the problem yeah exactly yeah, that's right! Holyshit! wasn't really much of a game anyway. No pretty you missed nothing. Now you miss nothing exactly. The you that you, don't you don't you know met. Maybe this is the maybe this is the year where I watch a sports game and see. If I can understand what Are you you don't like? I don't force real, Why did I my God,
I am here for your husband. Name but yeah. I know my. My parents were sports fanatics and I know- but I just like to I like to- but I am the one by cancer so hear me say that I don't understand sports, but it, but I liked you know chess in computers and video games and common right and yeah there's a side of sports. You haven't. I feel I know like, although I love these best answer to yeah, we have Joe to carry on who explain everything to you. Well, we, that's fine. Then I'm great, that's totally fine. Do you do get into all the numbers or you just like seeing people hate each other? I don't really get into numbers all that much, although I like, I like I mean I like March madness, and I like I like college, I like college ball, alot whatever it is, and I kind of start to get into the. Do you know what March madness I brothers to do you know what I mean it was like football football by default was always on okay, I was I would get my ass kicked if, like you know,
the the the the the open, was on and I turn the channel. Do you know him he well I got on. It was always one of my march. Madness is a college basketball thing, give of explain it to me. I don't know, We really don't know what March madness. I think it's where they all take a bunch of lsd and then they go crazy. This year we will have an office there going. It's usually like beginners luck. Where you don't really think you don't want to think too much about laughing at me, Katie 'cause, there's! No! You should do there's always upsets, my mom is. This cute little blonde italian, lady and she's very but then, when sports will be on you hear from them what the fuck these refs are. You fucking kidding me damn flying around. He was like that kind of how we learn this. Where is my mother watching Red Sox game? This is kind of how I sound and my husband is not my husband, like he's not into sports at all.
And tie in a in in in Willow Willow will because it like the all the ball of the college games, start like at nine, am yeah and on the West Coast, and like a sad him, twenty am always these like. Is it too early for a bloody Mary? It will. It will come down the stairs and she thinks she's going to watch cartoons or something I'm like sorry behind Mommy there's. That's our hope around affect the accents exactly exactly yeah. So what do you in Iraq that there wouldn't be one yeah is a mid western affectation. There's there. It was it's it's a little bit less than the Minnesota way. Yeah yeah. It is a sort of like yeah, you're, you're, right, you're right in between southern and like upper yeah yeah. You know everything gets like this, yeah exactly there's a little bit of that. Definitely between y'all yeah yeah, I just want to know if you've ever did your mother ever cool a pie on the windowsill and-
but she's to and put it out in the snow. We've also made ice cream with snow all as a part of that. That's so appealing yeah. Just like I mean I, I don't think I could go live in a small town for the. Rest of my life, but just going for like a month and being in the remember. I will okay you know, show you always go back for a couple of couple of weeks or whatever and I was sitting on the deck with my mom and dad were having a beer and will is running around and like basically she's like half naked and then all of a sudden. I see her like squad Oh yeah, we're going on the end of two weeks here. She's definitely like going outside the problem was we ended up coming back to Laa few days later, and we went to this nice lunch in Beverly Hills and they were like. You know some people in the industry there, whatever it is that this beautiful beautiful table- and I put willing
pretty little white dress, having lovely dinners at twenty I look over and here she was, she white dress, jacked up behind him. Oh my god
just imagine between Scarpetta Ambush and that's where she was yeah exactly you are as a mother, I think you are duty bound to make your child feel. Ok and then you go over and do it too and be like this yeah. This is what we do in the wholesale gets up and then it's like the latest trend. Sweeping Hollywood is Jordan, kissing people, everyone is, do you go into a garden fisting party, I'm going. I haven't peed in like four hours. What happens you drink cucumber water, he that out that's great, but the strawberry infused? It's so I mean it's sort of it's almost the same mentality of like open relationship territory like it's natural man yeah. I think it be brewing found by your rules. Parship there get out of my my bathroom habits, yeah. What do you think is you're a fan symposium
Bernie mentioned, but I got. I got the thirty minutes on Vernon yeah. What what do you think is your greatest strength as a parent like what do you feel like you really bring to the table? oh gosh, that is God these are hard questions. These are good. I didn't expect this wrong. So sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. I think I think, I'm I think, I'm a fun. I think I'm a fun mom, I think, like I have if you were, we have a good time in a week for around, and I think, like I do. Things are light. Hearted around our house- and I think that's the big, when you smile. I feel like that's probably your face most of the time and when I smile, I feel like it's weird like it's. My face. Isn't doesn't just stick there, like you know like it always build. You can tell like forests you know when people like when people have a face where you go. Oh, they smile like they laugh like they're, they're joyful. You know and then there's a little bit of a like my mouth, like
is down a lot easier than it. Curls up urged aquiver feel like it's not you know here, roads does everything just collapses. I used to be called smiley as a kid. Did you really yeah, but you laugh. You laugh when things are really horrible. You're like just broke up, so I'm so little things are always I Barbara in love with him, my husband and I sort of joke that, like he's our hall pass, my husband is no interest really it's our job like we. We love him. So much reading is just so hysterical, but we saw him in in Santa Barbara yeah. I think last year, the year before that yeah yeah right it was he was awesome. It was incredible watching someone do comedy to a bowl to jewel, like God,
One thousand people really yeah, that's on the upper edge of like almost too many people for comedy 'cause, you need well, it was just a fascinating. It was a fascinating watch. It was fascinating to watch him play to a crowd that large yeah, like you get you get half the crowd, going, I've got one thousand people laugh and you still have to. Then you have to is it going through the rest of the one thousand people played really well like yeah, I mean he opened talking about the rape joke. I mean why not exactly mean that with yeah yeah 'cause, I was like right after Mister Ben folds function, so I'm being too I mean so that you have to go. You have to go. I do you got a daughter to pick up my jacket. Human life, yes possible, for you Sofia blocks away. If you just sit here all day, making jokes with us and talking about the missing and gardens and open relationships. He said oh she's, peeing outside when you pick her up. Is it sort of? Is it's sort of ironic that you're in a show about open relationships? And I assume that there are scenes where you're, probably fooling around with people, and it must be like the shows about
and even though this is work, it's still like it's still kind of a strange. Well, it's it's totally. It's totally strange, I'm shaking in my boots. She or did. It, was one of the reasons that you decided to do it to sort of like well. This is something that I'm nervous about, so I have to yeah it's totally out of my comfort zone. I really like to tackle things in terms of all of my work, things that make me nervous. And then I know I'm pushing the boundaries and I love Ryan Murphy. I love HBO, obviously had been working with them and just I loved that this was going to sort of challenge me and and I have my husband read it and he was like hello grace ok, but it also it's completely unexpected. It's something totally like a one. Eighty from what you would probably expect, me to do so. I like the idea of doing something kind of new and fresh and oh
Are you going to be able to watch it? I don't know, I don't know we'll see. I mean my folks definitely won't be able to watch it. No, but that's alright. They don't have HBO. Now they do. They got HBO for true detective and there could be like still after true detective you've seen everything you see on HBO about game of thrones. And I'm sure that you find that a lot of the the stuff that you do. I know the sent me this sounds dumb, but I found a lot of this that I get pushed in the gym with Tom is almost like. There are applicable. To like these are bound. There are boundaries in life and I've learned that I can push through things and when I think that my my brain says no, you can't then I go. I think I can completely completely and I think for me too, it's more about the sort of the Saxon, and all that thing I think that's sort of an afterthought to what these characters are really sort of throw in sort of dilemmas that they're sort of facing. So I'm looking for to taking this character and really humanizing her and having people actually really be able to relate to what
That's the best thing you can do, because ultimately people will see it as a black and white sort of a thing, like those people, think other people and those people don't and there's a valued system, but to really show like there's a command and I mean emotional, watch it. I don't know if it's going to change my mind on the hey. Let's everyone funk everyone, but I will I will. I will I'm very so you're just doing the pilot pilot now. Ok, now yeah so I'll, keep you posted very excited to catch up on true detective. Michelle is a delightful. To have a longer talk with you. Then, when I'm panting appropriately stretch again this year, we could workout yeah I'm going to pass out. I'm going to go, run five miles on the treadmill. So what you do goddamnit we have to. We have to
We have hit the Monaghan BAR like that bar. Where is that Europe here were like here in Europe, I'm talking about the actual money and free drinks, no bathroom just be outside. Alright, wonder woman. Thank you. So much for being here enjoy every day every one thanks guys. This is awesome. Try again now leaving Nerdist dot com. Enjoy your burrito,
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