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Over there is progress and are for seventy eight talking dead, his bag wait a minute just go, let's see and then launch into the same way you intro. Every part. Cats for like seven hundred up is still try to understand the matrix. That was my. It was like watching it turn out. Well, you know why, because I I just to think about what I want to talk about. You know like music watch, DAS computer. Some people get cranky about the controls I save us is that we keep the podcast free. We want to do business where another package, the matter was traces of furs, another bits. First, science experiment Mihail doing reviewing Inter school projects. Ok, so I was born in lieu of working. You grew up in Memphis, it's about famous zoning as they appear, science project was brought
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and I have been expected to olive Phil Age. You half a minute auto fills Huffington than I can enter, but something that is how I wouldn't to go to the hugging, but sometimes they had hug and enters goes to hug dot com, which is nothing right now. So what are you saying is guys, let's buying someone's gotta on it, someone has to hold back on what we could put there. I want to look it up So if it's not it's over, it's available now will be by the time. This goes I'm going out and also, if you go to my mind that come you'll see a Google search of pizza cats. there. what Morgan Murphy was the guess, dear dear dear friend, of ours, will sort of comedy around the same time, I would recall that the breakup Morgan has a new special irish by which has come at meltdown.
at nerd melts at the nervous show room at melt down. It is on Netflix now so check it out its if sword like in the b Genova passwords, you know it's, maybe it's lame that we have to sit down for a project to catch up with the important thing is that we do get to catch up and Morgan's great. So here we go the nurse Pike S summer for seventy eight, with Morgan Murphy, nor entering new staff Welcome order, mercury to be no thank you for having how are you doing I'm doing ok
It was late today, but I got here. Am I not so that there are no titans irritably? It's five? It's it's not! late person- I'm not like you assume we would have been a meltdown where we do a lot of shows that you lived there will now I live here. Let s put my time actually get to buy, don't get to spend a lot of time not they more because everything I do is here Trance I don't I get to up over from time to time, but it there's always stuff going on there. I, like that, I can watch it was twenty four hours and there is some crale, their big busy Tom Crale, oh yeah, for german canals junk mail. It only central show that a lot of really cool our work on the likely painted the walls, but this really cool mere own looks. It looks pretty red like place. Place, looks great.
get them to leave a lot of stuff, so I can make it look like we're really trying the rest here. That's the way to do it My I haven't seen your special yes, because I'm not separate my girlfriends been watching it and anxious much more than worry funny and and I go waves little bit trivia, I blot Mortimer Murphy. Her first legal beer here was a to drink it was. It was a beer and you and Zack were I. Can it, can't hurt. Somebody was you guys, both balmy drinks, like the second, I turned twenty one this year we went to Madison's right. We went to that bar man, it was it. We read the gipsy or the brute coercion. I think we were the brutal and then we went to one of your many all of them. Hans yes, and they had if they had beer. I would hope that, yes and
and I had my first legal and yeah. You bought me my first legal drink. If I'd known you, since you were like Eighteen or in your line to acknowledging hasty, I feel like I started out like turning nineteen, I was eighteen turning. Nineteen that's amazing. I really wish. I had got after comedy when I was eighteen, I wanted to do it. I did it a little bit and I mean I did it in college and whether with a comedy group but the idea of eighteen of this kind of like going out, doing, opened my eggs and trying to tackle it. Yeah. It took me nine more years before I actually got the balls to start doing something. You're working I mean you were work as a person who presented things and you know both calculations- you there was a plan. Her spoke eloquently
what would you think of the philosophy, major, Where is he? Let me I feel, like the first Gush LISA First, three five five years of stand up, like you were a constant wonderful presence of those a phone as a thunder was that we were just talking to beat. You know back about that the other day to because he, u and video, kind of in the same class in Turkey at that year. You know, like you and be J dead men. Seattle have other other people, but it is really infused with this new young energy and defend a new kind of joke style which people were really had weren't. Really. It wasn't really
the sailor was really in fashion at the moment like coming with the two I jokes diarrhea and then it really like. I don't know it's sort of open up the doors for this whole new wave of of quick joke comedy helped up in dollars. You did you hope I mean it. You know so weird, even think of myself as being someone who is not New or yeah, I got it. I saw, though I see get out there, they show up, and I got I don't know anybody. Oh half into the host, Even I still feel that way, though, and and I'm way older than you, but I still feel that way. It is positive. I see you know, like I don't know just groupings of comics like older comics, oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah, now there's a whole I'm a way way past, especially the term the show you did at the improv that I jumped up on all right right. That was really fun. That was fun and it was
of. On the one hand, it was sort of a reunion, especially the earlier Oh being you know how Kramer Chip, Pope Morehouse and General clean and all these people in India are shown its around. Newton, hang around there. There is great, but then So there are a lot of young younger people living very recently, some guy there's some commenting upon your shoulders like twenty years old. Oh yes, really find kidneys. Name escapes me bad, I remember talking and before and he was didn't. He was really and he was shocking. Funny, and I don't mean that any disrespectful way, it's just that, usually that nineteen and we're all did I re hundred? Don't witless with poverty are aren't as confident and don't form the idea is that way now onstage, yet cause they're still figuring out in their young, but he clearly, like, I think, is names like PETE Davidson or something, but it might. I could have both names wrong. First and last Dave, Peter David Peters, do Davidson Peters Steve.
Mr Stevenson, piercing Saint Peter states that in the twenty year old Son, Athena Peter Steve's receives them, but he was grave and in the whole show and then and then after, This guy, who apparently was super huge comic in England, TAT who is really funny whose name? I can't remember now. his agents. I guess or mine mine wouldn't really, but they all like left after. I was like the literally like going up my God stage and I think that's my agent leaving How are you did say? What's that's so funny yet? Is it is sort of money when you surely do someone in the short term but in the new thinking, for you with a male surprised, to see you. Oh oh you're, all right,
Ok, ok, at the other guy there. The other day I was name was Jack. Whitehall guy I'll hire messy simply. He seemed very pleasant, really pleasant, really funny early funny and real, like plays massive any area but- Are you performing alone around town or you dick is now specials out? You start you, starting over the ass, already over it mean technically, is starting over from like when I taped it, but I've I write on others. Ro curls and an eye it so hard for me like work and right at the same time, for myself it just interests as a link. Really I loved you said referring to my table for you right. Thanks gave, you know I don't have to sift through the someone eating the Baker phone,
but use it is. It's so forget, venereal sage, rigour, the rhythm of work in our joint work, the blood in the dark here you're really give a shit what their names supper is like trying to explain to you don't need anything. I share your view that we need a european either names, but I'll just I was explaining to juggle couldn't get on the air, and I was trying to play paint a picture, Just like I there's two people lose to reveal a Mozilla. If you don't know the show, it's not gonna matter, I tell you, do their names. Are you don't give a shit? Do that the need to fulfil. What was the joke? Do Who was the joke was out. I wanted the other, the I wanted, the brown hair say, hair one percent, sunlight that and then the blonde hair, the hunter robust get a cavalier, adding another load, the yellow ere. She said
the best. That's very curious. Those Elliot's croissants, the tea is silent, and then I wanted cantonese character to say. I will then you're being a real con. I could you couldn't get it through the quartet, Canada. I thought it was like. I thought it was the closest to enquire. How can you get on the tv I only with the guy get away with that on comedy central, much worse, seep CBS right, you git, there's no we'd like most families the work of the major networks and there's no there's no way that they, but that is a gorgeous Joan here, because I might start line and saying like it happened me in my life and is putting it at my stand back. from the sort of thing I was at this french pace participatory and this lady was like there's no tee in precise. I call them I love I love how well, I think, I think, that's a quicker way to the Joe rain,
and also doesn't require any knowledge of your show and doesn't require any knowledge of like network pilot rang standards in and it gives it celebrate joke. But I like, when the lion sort of get blurred about. acceptable amount of lying on stage here. I love that Louis, a sort of opens his sort of open up the floodgates on that I'll tell this really long story NGO. Another actually ever have ass, like you know about it, so we'll go away they were those earlier watch like, if you like I mean- and I dont really- I don't- have any Haider turning anyone comedy, but I would laugh a little bit like, like men, see as last big special. He just give China and then this guy came up to me and said Carlos and just said what he means.
you just with the self employed in the back up- and I was always like a guy came out to be said- is that I was like that guy doesn't exist. I do. How do I get into this joke about this thing on this? Guy came up to me and he said set up so I said punchline the sea, There is such an opportunity to make a character out of that guy. If you're, really aware of what you said is so that it it's like he's just this week, recurring guy that comes up and ass. You all these dumb questions over and over again, I think he'd, like a weird genius at like at premises. It is good that there are good team, but, but I like the idea of, like you know, essentially making a cake of true. but the icing is lies the autonomy like we're. It's ok right as long as the meat of what you're saying is true or or at least reveal some sort of truth about
or whatever, but it just like in your case just for efficiency sake, you kind of need. The lie about the set up or out of it in order to service the joke, the best known totally. I always like the thing I close with special having closing with for a while and now I'm trying not to be very difficult for new closer is very difficult there. I don't know anything else, other than this site that the US is going to work now he s going to work as they works, but because I have been doing about some dirty thing. I text to a guy is The whole story happened in a joke about, like I wrote an accident, I wrote you know come in my eyes to some guys. Sixteen may and- and I had meant to regulate coming me. Yes
can I wrote my eyes and, like the whole thing happened, except I never had sent. I never sent come in my eyes, but I looked at it ready inserted laughing out loud, and I was like I'm like what? If I like it so the whole joke as kind of a lie. I never sent attacks but yeah, because it just for like to economise that and have to you know You say all that, then it really did sucks. The comedy read out. I just put just getting to the media that ways. I think I think that's totally illegal, socially acceptable. You have to. U have to? U have to fudge a little bit to make two makes of the funniest trim. Did you tell a story on stage years
go every time they ve started this language areas? Some story that I wasn't was the same public. I feel like it's gonna, be a power of all Rabelais, your affiliation with the Communist Party, you silly about or other what. If this wasn't something you said onstage and something you said to me as a friend and will totally cut it out, but it had something to do with like hooking up with a guy, and I think I you were a virgin when I met you yeah not to suggest that you are not. After all, but the timeline was that when I met you, you were that ran by someone else's reconquest. You were no longer so so I've known you for that long. So there is sort of a little kid sister element to the way that I sort of feel about you, and so you told me this story said assyrian stage after you had just kind of started really like put up with people realise this.
This is on stage three, what a guy he's a nice guy, you're gonna, my first like joke that I ever told that story, but it was. It was a bow, yeah I was in New Orleans over five thousand com I was not twenty one, yet I know all I can say member going to New Orleans and not being twenty one, but I and some guy his finger and my ass and I went and told that as a story, because it was so Millyard me, I think, like the whole jokers Lake, I remember the structure, the joke, like the punchline or something was like goes like our fingers, my ass for me, He said like, are you sure- and I am then I realized, like I wasn't sure. That's how well
no, my body or southern. I hear those. Oh, my gosh, that was that's like over ten years, a ten year old, took over ten years got all the old plaything of that was a fine time. It really was because I felt like it was felt that it was a supportive group, but it was you know it was. It was a good. I don't. I was just a really nice group of people to all kind of learn together and tat kind of watch every one so to go off and all of their different directions, and you know yes and people are still in that seen. Some people went on to run other people went onto the coveney, some people like just watching I mean. Did you stand up just watching where everyone cable got Mary Mary had heads maybe got divorced within their probably within the time,
it seems like someone would have had to, but I can't think of one right now. Oh good, we were good marriage. Success rate the group it was, it was in a sea airily agenda from a plan together, your shows pretty happy in saying that we would have made like a good like remaining group. Unlike the walking dad, I would have made a good legal die. Yeah persist. Did you ever make the mistake of going back and sue Ann, and I I went back to that scene, maybe like four or five years ago and arrogantly I thought I want a crush this room, because this is. I came out of the sea right and I you know like some kind of like I'm working on the road for real, like I'm really doing it, you know, and then I went in and just got bogged those like what happened like it was such a great. It was such a
it was such a moment of. Like oh yeah, you know you still don't be a douche bag. You still have to try. Did you ever go back and I haven't been back in a while back for one and the like number three shows all over now. The brute yeah I haven't been biting. Go back to the big final, thing. I, like we ve tape on Tuesdays, and I remember a cup wanting to I didn't set ban, though it's what I was able to go either. I mean honestly if this is six farther from my house, but I it is probably the most like defining place as far as I am think of anywhere other than link. somewhere, like a large goers name words like so exciting when you get in there, like the brute cautious you just I guess I saw so many people become comedians their yeah. That was the cause part. But what would a crazy thing that you got to experience in that most people don't go from essentially being
It's rare while doing comedy and then growing up while doing comedy like you got you had comedy, is an outlet through a lot of your growing up p Yeah yeah, I didn't think of it, is growing appeared I felt like I was like move. I'm a little grown up, I'm a little grow. pulls out here doing doing whatever I just felt like every levels at the differences, those at college during the day and then would come to. tell jokes and child. I hope I have relevant things to say to people older than me. Where did you would you do good Elam, you yeah yeah, don't did you graduate yeah? What was your degree? English noise I mean I wasn't doing things like tat. You learn their while Europe of academic layer, anything but you're, you're kind of like did you think this cavity thing, I'm in a system mega make career out of it or is it no one? I thought I
It was definitely in the mindset of lake. I would like to re. I think I like to re comedy. I really don't know how you do that for tv, but I must do this in Isn't that what you thought I was its everything it actually is. It actually is pretty great. I I didn't expect to lake work expected it to take longer delay, get work and I inspector work like a college in and out like that sort of stuff was a combination of luck in other stuff, but. Oh hell yeah, it is, I mean I love doing it. I just I didn't expect to expected to kind of do whatever people do in their 20s. That's not working and have it hit or something then got lucky enough to like
It worries me now in school a little bit and right out of school, and I think that was a little bit like a whirlwind from annex. I am not sure like I entirely new like this is what I want to do. It was just sort of there to do. It makes any sense at all. Well, I think I feel like you're one of the ones who said that, when you Where did you grow up? I grew up, like all arrive, moved around Allay Connecticut Oregon that when you said that you, when you kind of, came in and found comedians you're like there's a whole group of people who think the way I do. I thought I was weird before I am absolutely I always I'll in I've. I was such a not a weirdo in high school. I just again because I went to three high schools and I and I didn't have a strong sense of it.
my own identity or what I wanted to do in and then I suddenly, my comedians it like eighteen, nineteen and I was like oh, this is how it supposed to be likely of commerce, it with your friends is exposed to be or again taken, for they say something you lab uneasily, they lap and it was like its literally Nino. Speaking like Chinese, your whole life, but you grew up around people, speak English and then use meat. Another person who speak Chinese, you got no. How do I get it? Imagine if you never firmer eulogists, but work just fucking, weird area, no one. do not connect with anybody. You really are. If you really do kind, I have that how many brain it you don't acclimate to other socialist You were visions very well until you kind of learn how to communicate with us people like. Oh right, not. Everyone is going to say the most of its think. They can think of a re write a moment or they're, not gonna crag, like just start, cracking terrific,
something while everyone else is like what are you doing. Have you told me when I was twenty one that there be a time in the not too distant future that I would enjoy the company if, like non comedians, and we like no way man like. I would also say that I comedians where'd, you get it. I was a little gang and I and I thought, like vision, you know these are my people in a sense like these are the people I can talk now. It's it's weird most, my friends like not comedians, and I don't have that like riff, their constant refrain, which, like I always says, one of the best parts I think about Your friends are funny, though my friends are funny, but they're not I was so no. I think you have to: u have to worry. Lee gravitate? Let you know that you have to graduate from like. Everyone, I know, is a comedian till I can you know being with people
the real world and guy like our right, I don't have to. I- can no regular people and not be like they're, not funny. Guy grow, no regular people and they can be fine like they can be great and get me some of my best friends are not to be the funniest people in the world. Right, I think, are used. Little bit like a comedy snob. We all were when we're young, though, because we just get buried, scared fence about our own little lake desire to build like weigh less common Maybe you know those guys so to get older. for those people and ran yours for these people in the bottom of applying their own. That is different. Ratify that that kind of young, like you understand me man, a feeling, I've a picture at the game picture of the night. You turn one. He one field. We were at a bar and there was a photographer there like em, like a bud light photographer like taken picnic.
Promo picture someone took a picture of me in that so I jokingly was like. Oh you sign this picture and so weak. He grabbed it and with a sharply he wrote, TAT, Isn, T crickets, who ended the two of us. It's the two of us like face to fit like to have the side by side. I he fruit, Dear Chris, we You weren't here I have that picture somewhere and I think it's from that night. I feel like it was from that night. For some reason, then that's that's exerts me. That's my mom's favorite, like celebrity that now that size I says, Akerana shows that. Does he like his box, she got him. A wooden box is a thank you get for her fur my college, graduation party, in his backyard hadn't to seek out of wooden box and like for ten year she's been going. Does he like his box?
you like something out of debt tenure lie. He was ANA sign, a billboard, nice and I got him a box and was really weird is being in LAS Vegas in them. Did the same way that they have like the spider man's in the baby in people like out on the sidewalk and characters you take pictures with there's like Xanax as his character from the hang over there's like bearded, do needs with a fake baby, Bjorn and the glasses, using just like it just like
fuckin batman right, what that's all you're, bendy, we're and weird to me as really weird. It's trying to think that there is like- and I will say it, there's a Boris Hamilton guy, so I think we should really fun just as it is a personal prank that would only be funny to like, maybe sixty people. We should just this go out and in dress people up like people up they open MIKE's would put them at the man's chinese theatre in a dress like young, more Murphy, this giant explore Jim of red, curly hair. I just why wasn't footage recently from link that era and dogs had got all my tapes put on whatever digitize that I want your aunt jerk off. Israel, weird a watch old Emmy, Annie
like I don't like something from yesterday and I like I've got better since then. I, like better watching staffing year beginning, is hard yeah. I wonder why anyone to state in Rome, well, you're style, evolved a lot from just doing like to learn joke right to this kind of interesting, hybrid version of that, but with stories around them too, it's! So it is it's a really specific. You know like the guy. I knew how to download again it was like right, a joke say see if it's funny right a joke say as if it's funny liked me that was, I wasn't a like performer. So journeyman like I wasn't like I'm in again onstage and kind of filled. The space with my with my father would be genomics it
Who really is he said he was inspired by Dan meant who is doing comedy when they forget each other, and he said why wasn't a stand up, so I was just like while just try this yeah I'll see if these jokes are funny, but it fit really nicely in context with everything else is going on, because you're coming out of a pistol, comedy history, you're sort of coming out of a period of like you know, em bar was sort of post alternative on cabaret style of like hey. These are just loose store. Yes and no real point. The other than this is just shit that happened in its loose and there's no real jokes, but it's just sort of You know it, so then all the sudden have this infusion of people who were like over joke writers and we're going to write Joanne there's a turn at the end. that you're not gonna, hopefully not gonna, see coming or like two pow. At the end, it was antithetical to the rest of the stuff. You know exact brought that in too rhino, so
just when you sort of look it like where comedy and almost felt like it was a rebellion against all that other stuff. But in the end, I guess it just seems like none of these people just wanted to write jokes and it had nothing to do with anything else. That yeah, I think, is how they also huh. For me at least the idea of telling a story at nineteen. The people would care about about. My real life just seem like a daunting task like let go through my day, going Nothing here that anyone who's not also a sophomore in college, is going to appreciate so I'm just gonna, tell these we are little lies. I call jokes and see what happens, but that embargo time was was pretty that actually won the highlights
I think that the highlights you have like coming up or so little it's like owes so and so so they liked me and like that you're. You know your favorite meetings as they like you, and you know that you're highlight for the next three years, like I remember when they were pretty business cards, that was popular fur, citizens cards were vote really popular comedy for awhile, and they had business cards for the comedy deathray at the embargo and they were somehow pregnant new cards and me and be Jane Dan. We're like last three name. The car was light. You know, like said the cook, the enemy, the cut. It was like all these, like dig, you know all your favorites Louise and patents and Sarah never ever like. At the end, it was like a black. We made the kind of the card I revealed so excited like marks, I couldn't dig at the time. I waited have expressed this excitement Would have been not called horribly on cooled normally eyes like a long years of about, but that
I remember means really thrilled about that, because the because it's very hard with what we do to quantify your progress right, it's like trying to discern whether or not you ve grown an inch in the past year. Like you just can't you just don't know, so you need these kind of outside markers. To tell you, oh, I guess I'm doing something like this. I made that Carter I got booked on that show that's, not a bringer show, that's an actual book show. Do it or not be shop, but you get a free coffee for political.
like that. You don't have to you. Don't have to buy a coffee again I'll, give you a kind of EU wide line where different story. How exciting you don't have to bring people, but people will show up that. You don't know yet to see you yeah, I think ever like, seem impose a pagan music patent or per se in or somebody in the back of lulus beehive going I glanced places like a guy like you is fine. I was so excited That is no bigger you worse. The people that you love were in the room. You're like. Oh, my god, that's how comedians judge the quality of a room, because there's no other way to know how good a room is.
Someone asked you to do is show any comedian most of the time. Their first question will be who else is on the right cause. You're you're, trying to gauge liar you know, are these comics that I understood that I like these comics, that I respect or the hammocks that you know that our fuckin, I don't just do any- shows a special and somewhat you're. Just we know we have to. We have to guess we have two minutes, so these are just these kind of external markers that when that's that's all that's the only road map. We have it's. It's kind of a weird path me like the fact that we have to find ways to be encouraged to keep doing something you know is, I feel like it in a lot of ways. Comic, Sir, like the little sea turtles that are just trying to get to the water, and you know that, like seventy percent of em, we're gonna get swept up by Sega Halsey, but thirty percent for Gonna get through and someone will get to be generated, see tortoises once they get into the water.
So it's been fun to watch. All of us become see sea turtles and can then I'm sorry, it's really nice story for the seventy percent that were killed yeah. I feel, like I remember when you met Lorraine Newman in your like. Oh my god I, but I met Lorraine Newman and you know as free there's. A lot is using the shell. yeah. I sovereignty, the improv she's she's amazing. I think I think that I mean in this could be maybe the suggest me, but I think that of it by the way, a tendency to apologize things. I say before I say that area apologize, but with that
that is after that I am. I think that the interesting thing about my motivation was always very soon come selfishly would ever like. I always wanted the people that I really liked to respect me linked people. You know, like all the women like people selling Sarah Palin Lui enjoy no gap, whoever whoever it was like the people that I come. It came up watchin. You know I remember thinking like like owes. She said she likes me that amazing that amazing, like once you kind of run out, appears now that I've come through them. But when it's like, you like once that stuff stops being a motivating factor it took you have to find. The new motivating factor is like I've never been somebody who got that huge rush off the audience the wave some people seem to like people are like. I just need the audience I need the sound of.
However, unlike I've never been that person, so is very like I still given a few years ago, the good turning a I guess, turning the page and elegant new chapter, of whom I doing this for now Rosalie lake- I'm not I'm not at twenty one year old, like really trying to impress my peers like that, Scott, no old, so now it's like I, I have to kind of just do it for me and then where's motivate, add enough. You, like ever found yourself that place Rita like I don't know why. I'm doing this any more, and I have to find new, I mean The Englishman I like I like forming their relationship,
with the audience, I really do like that. I do like I really like the process of figuring out. I mean it's, it's the closest thing that we have to science, where it's just it's very much like a scientific method where we form a hypothesis about an idea and then we tested and we check the results and then we go back and adjust and you know like so I do like the process of five being what works with an audience, because that Russia, like oh my god, I just discovered a bit and then figuring out all the different ways that you can build a rounded and then it's a thing and then it's a chunk of, and maybe it's your act and you know I love that discovery process almost as much, if not more than going on stage going like. I know these five jokes, that these five stories I want to tell her gonna kill because their time tested Gran. It's like a lot of times. It does feel good sort of
your brain off that way, but I also really do love the discovery process in between, and I mean this as a compliment. I I can tell when you're on stage the huge don't give a shit about what the audience is doing, not not in a negative way. But it just yeah I headed by the low in my head. I was like: how does that sound continuity doesn't like. I didn't mean that care about guardians as people at all, opposite of that. No, it's just your! Not your motivation is not whether or not their goal.
to fall out of their chair with reverie sober, which means that you don't come off media or desperate, and it makes you a good leader because it sort of like while you can be a war with this or not. I am going to say these things right in and I think it makes you make more daring choices because you don't. You know. I've found a lot of times that I know. If I only have ten minutes, I might make less risky choices, because I don't have the runway to really get into the stir source like one. This is really just about lapse per minute and not me trying to build a whole thing when I probably should be experimenting with stuff more so the opposite side of that is that you know for the first. Several years of my colony was like there's no spaces theirs,
air because I have to just keep talking all the time to keep the audience distracted, sound at so weird like how talking about comedy can edit. I could talk about it for hours and they try to figure out why things work and why things don't work and, like that moment, you're Talkin bout, belike figuring out a bit like there's still nothing better than that. There's something better. Like writing a new joke, which is so. I think that I don't know how you become a person where the best feeling ever is writing a new joke, laying that's like my parents, my my aunts and uncles and stuff, like people have lived with there
everyone. Can it goes where I'm not like any of them. You know I'm just like I don't know, I don't know what it is. It's like that at the heart of it is like that. What excites me is give new jokes. I when people say like gum new another performers may go back. I can never do stand up. How you do that that is so brave. Do that I always go like. I appreciate that you're trying to complement me, but I would think most comics would tell you that it's not a choice, then there's some sort of a weird thing that motivates us to get up on stage in front of strangers and say things and have them go. Ah, you know like it it's a strange thing and I feel, like I don't feel like I mean at some point. We choose to start doing it, but I really don't feel like
It's a conscious is that it's just like I M just the same way. You know and in an animal knows that it's you know, how does a certain squirrel no exposed to dig underground protected subtly? It's just this kind of an eight thing where you go out. This is feels like I'm. I feel like I'm supposed to end this year, not totally, then there's no part of my life. That would have pointed me towards like stand. It was like I had a performer parent. Turning in I didn't there's, nothing in my life. That said this seems like a logical destination for like sand of comedy on a stage like an also like I don't think of. I could never do like sketch orally I don't do characters, I don't do it always says I don't do like Ireland, I'm on my way I get on stage, I can only say that I am not of a big presence or a big person, I'm not loud, I'm not move
around a lot you now it's just, I insist we gotta was wanna, go like once a sketch doesn't work, I dont isn't working in a moment. I don't like that, I don't have the ability to go outside and others is down and we're not who we say we are and we would like. I have such a need to be myself tat. I gave really I'm not. I really dont, whereas I think a lot of sketch people. They need to be in character right, because that is a that is a layer of protection. You know it's like they're they're they're in character, so it's not. It really isn't them young. I we saw my whole, like Sketch versus Weiss. My whole reasoning, I think of the told his story somewhere, but I dont think maybe haven't bought. Why stand up, I think, is easier than others up. Is that you're only lead in yourself down You ve met him up like a man who really go in a player and tv, or some like that. A few
you're, not a sample and you mess up. You make everyone around. You look bad and I really can stand up. If you mess up you just failure self and to me fairly myself as ways than failing and other people sure, so that it was a lot like like improv and all it says to me just felt very it felt impossible. Could I could never never one pillar, one simple for all these other peoples and the fact that at last to rely on other people to do you re that you can just go like in theory. You could just walk outside start talking and people would crowded around your new. Like you have shown It's not like going to call this guy. We gotta do reversal and I gather you know how he didn't show up, so we didn't get to do that. On the other hand, it can be crippled mainly loudly yet on the road. Again, yes, I mean so much of
being able to take Chloe with me places on the road a lot the last couple years has become so nice cause it's. You know at least it, and it felt like ok, good. This isn't I'm not going back to my room and then calling my girlfriend being like. Can we just stay on the phone till we fall. Asleep it's nice island. Much rather be. I would much rather go on the mostly because, like I've been, I feel lucky enough to to make a living writing comedy for other people like I don't. I would rather go on the road and open fur feature for a friend and be with a friend than headline by myself, which you know I mean I wouldn't say that the two hundred zero time, but just for your now, your basic, like a lot of the gigs at all and of taking during the year, because I have to
pick very few because of my job, your pic like the little festivals in our like seat, Portland, Seattle and music vessels. Things like that suggests. It gives me an opportunity to see other comedians and, like I'm, gonna, take off this weekend and work Monday to Friday and then work all week. And then work again, I don't if I wanna go, be myself somewhere right, isn't it there's a bunch of good ones coming up to there's a bridge, town and moonshine is coming up sketch vessels this week in earlier. I am there's a by others of Manchester. That's also sat like that. Like the said, two when you're working on other things having to say no to what you know would be a fine time and a good comedy opportunity. Obviously what you said about having the other comics in the room you know like having the promises
look up to in the room and just kind of wanting to be accepted by them and thinking about how funny it is that need to be crushing in a room of like five hundred people live in the back of the room you saw you know, someone like Lui or were so dislike, leave the room during your you'd better. I die. You died when I was better people were like ready to carry you out on their shoulders after set. If you saw that happened, you be like failed. Why even though they Louis has really what I've, after like a larger satin and that his eyes problem, my favorite communion and husbands and so's you at seventeen. Eighteen, like I, he said to me some, unlike some something like a compliment and then. Everyone knows on stage it out, and I was I
and I like I just couldn't air like I'll, go right, leg, AIDS. I can't why do I have notes on state academics way Nan like him, memorizing good, and that also you now? I guess he cared enough to say something well, but he also he's like he's a comedy analysed, yeah cause. I I remembered did a bit somewhere and I repeat, it was The Jew was something about. It was like a one of those dream. Machine alarm. Clock said the different, sound effects that would put you to sleep, and I think mine, was like tat. There were a few. U I pick some wacky ones, you know like canneries Santer and then Tom like us and it was just like those made all these dumb noises and then I did it again.
he's in my head. I was like oh alarmed goes off, you go the unit snooze button and is going to come on again. You know a few minutes later and I got off stage news like this could set, but why did you do that part? What did you that, when twice, what do you that voice twice, and I tried to explain it to him and I couldn't explain it well, and so I got really flustered, but you know he didn't stand to gain anything by asking me that question. He just really wanted to know like from a purely stand of comedian, comedy standpoint, why you know what was your motivation behind doing that, and I just I got so like I mean well, I just couldn't answer the question properly. He is like a rare, not a rare example that he is a very good example. Somebody who jelly
All of his successor, like of course, deserve like fifteen years ago, is like this is my favorite commedia, though I am glad that you now fifteen years from then he's like everybody's favour. Comedian, like it's nice, to see somebody who you thought was great already get better and ensure that, like you know, I mean how many people earn his ashes like no no money, I mean he's really at the top right now he's the top he's kind of the top of the pile right now, but you know it and even he sort of recognised like well, it's a dynamic System in time they now by the who knows, what's gonna happen later, I was like I did some shows with him in Irvine, I feel like years ago. So we would drive back and forth and you know and then hearing the cavity advice it. He got from Chris Rock working on Iraq
he's, like you know, don't listen to music on the way to a gig. You should be focusing on your sat and going over your jokes and you- and I was like oh my god. Okay, fallen? Any that advice? Could we're brain doesn't work that way, but I getting the Emily was really cool too. Here, like this was passed down to him, and then he was passing it down and you know, is one of the other comic said something about we're, like passing things down people who are like four years ago. I really think it goes out. Chris rocks elevated there I felt like there's sums Ancient taxi Arabs, like a court jester who had put on a scroll and this text says do not be entertained away to the calves, but it you know just sort of watching some more and it really. It really shows.
That comedy really is even though its expressed in an artistic way. It's really like most other jobs, where you have to work ahead. and there is a serious you know, and you have to be consistent and you have to approach it very kind of pragmatically, even though you sort of feel like this, this weird free form that we have a go thing like its that's the illusion of it, that's the magic ass, that's the magic of it, but it's actually very structured and it's sort of decorated to be a historic step start up. It's out my head, Europe, we're gonna, do irregular gonna save you like I'm going to write anything, it's gonna go upon stages, fuck and see what happens. I've tried why doesn't work from Adam? Have any my stories when they're not planned out are fairly meandering with
and like it. Then it is not I'm not good at that. I'm not. I don't think I'm like funny ha ha as a result. Regular lady, I mean you have been so I mean I I'm just not I'm not. I don't hold court the way some comedians can hold court. You now make their people like a Todd, glass or somethin who like who like will be as entertaining at a party as we might be on stage or human disease control of any room and he goes in and the best way possible. Yeah I've never been. I've never been that person. I feel like those of the people who do well just freeway Ellen.
Age, but I don't know, I may I also, though, why would I go up and say nothing when I took the time to write down these tasks are drip. I feel like I'm pretty, go to crowd work and I still can't just go up with nothing yeah I just I just I've pulled it off a couple times, but the majority of the time of funds is like asking to see what happens. What always happens is like worth and go. I think I've done that a couple times like stoned and I don't smoke. pop a foregone stage, and there has been a few times where this girl I M like five years ago, and I were all that's like my third- show- the festival like others how to do it. I get like every time it's just a massive failure which she stowed. Yes, yes, that's. The ads are. Last time I was stowed outside I ran on stage going. I apologize I use while everyone know that I miss timed. My part, smoking
I thought there were two other people before me. You're gonna get through this, like I kind of walked out the room I did those just. I was it upstairs like like. Ok, we got to more people the girl, I'm in a good place. I should come down a little bit heard. My name I freaked out ran downstairs to ITALY It's almost like a mini nightmare. I'm not ready to go out there really stone. I know you don't understand. I need twenty minutes to ride out his. Can someone just do longer? Did you spend the whole set talking about that? I talk to anyone. I ended up talking more about about like things that happened. That night like like, I ended up kind of doing what I said I didn't do. It is little more like a free form kind of thing inserted with jokes, but the house down those downtown ally, and I ve
you're talking about downtown allows, even even as a going went into. I was like China, started thing, you go downtown ITALY's crazy in your head. You go, I don't have any doubt material, why am starting to talk about them away? the which shows it was of the independent I think a bar near there ok no what's going on in the early comedy seen now has a great first of all that at our over. I know that I was fine, a matter that was fun. I feel like. It's funny that I might in my head. I might go you're, not there's much of an airline company. Seemingly You know, there's a lot of one. You just don't go into any more because, like I know the Chinese replacing oh right, and I only know it cause. It's two blocks ripe, her very active, and it really it's eventually a really. In this event, tat there could be a very faint ass, dick scene, but just the thought of
park in wages deduced Sergei seven minutes, say meal brand as a great show, but it's Sunday night and Santa Monica I get so far. I gotta get up the next morning room it so easy to get sorted spoiled by doing an hour going on the road or human. I do it's a harder thing to do when you're comfortable in life anyways, I think like Shhh I could write or be is was never prolific but be is. consistently creating new material. The way I was ten years ago like I don't I don't know if I all ever hit that again like when you're starting, you writing everything down, everything's a possible new bed, and you know you're just in it and then I think I don't know. I think the comfort of the rest of my life at times probably probably has a negative effect on how much do a terrible. I turn out
yeah, but you know that some more probably happened at some point where you right now. You know I get all its. If you really want that, you can experience that you should take a trip, then go experience, something and then express it. You know like it, but yeah in the beginning, there's a lot of writing because its everything, that's everything that you're dealing with in your life. Up to that point that you ve never yeah, it's just like us play. It takes people like ten years to cover their first, our and then they write another hour every year to have to like it's. Like you know, it's your! U gets you get to put so much into that first hour. I think, like I think that tends to be white peoples and are now, in my opinion, like a lot of people's first hours, are lay a little better than their. Secondly get light, and I like not another count for everybody, but
oh yeah that was like ten years of material. That person took to make that and then they made another hour a year later yeah. It's. mine was two years ago, and I'm still you know, because I just don't have I just don't have time beyond the road every weekend right now, so it's it's to be a little while before I can really get out again and like make it happen again, but I also think your first one is so precious yes, so precious to first one copy copy, amazing, you know it's like losing its like. The first semi have sex verses like the second or tenth time. Words like as begging me to do this, and I know what this is was put in,
I think that the time I put the one out that I did it nerd amount. I guy, I think I just dumb. I had recorded a city in oh six, that I listened to hated never put out. Then I thought about I'm gonna. Do this special and recorded in land I, like couple years ago that didn't work I ll get I kept by the time I did just like I just want to make. It was like three people and is put on line and see what happens, but basically we suggest of it that I didn't romanticize that might as much as I was like. I have to get this material out there or I'll keep doing it. It's pretty exciting for me to have a space where you did your our like that get so excited. You know when you wanted to do that. There is really find it s very
at an earlier in my head. I am, will I get a little nervous, someone's gonna, find it on ethics and be like would scissors like fifty people where, at the same time, that's what I wanted, and I think I like to think that the joke sort of speak for themselves and you can ignore the fact that there's like you can see like the ribbons tied like a pole or something I don't. I thought that was exactly the environment that I wanted to make something him, because I could just have like Clinton, Charlie two guys who in producing bobcat Ike. It was just the three of us really and then a crew, but I didn't have to deal with some outside production company. I didn't have to deal with people whose ideas didn't align with minor, really do it at a theatre. Do here like now, I just like to make it a little thing making. My friends will see what happens, and that was it. It's like
its intimate well the MAC Special you do, you can do the leather jumpsuit, Carnegie Hall, ten cameras, fuckin pyrotechnic electric guitar yeah, like reaches riding clothes with a job with a musical. Nobody has a guitar, comes out of this feeling you know it could be really. You could be super energetic you know I convey convey. What do you want like feet like? What are you want? What is it that you want? To happen like what are you writing on the show, your and develop your own? Showed you wanna release me no like yeah me. I think that's the ultimate. I think the ultimate you'll be on its writing. I would love to our love to create a shell. I mean I probably for somebody else to me. I would do my own thing.
But I would rather someone say like it. If I could do whatever I want it, it might not be my own thing, but I wouldn't, and now I just in a perfect world, I write some vain and someone would make air and I get to keep doing stand up and say really. I mean it's not that some back crazy. Would you want release especial every few years or do you wanna tour? I would like to release a special as often as the material but not not feel the pressure to to have to do it every year. If I don't love, I like writing, and I like I will I really like seeing other people. the things. I write like. I really like that part of writing for other people, and I think that would probably
I don't know I just don't know if I would have time to tour regularly and So do the work that I want to do here, but I would like to be more for sure. I think it could be kind of interesting to approach joke writing, especially with the show that your honor, like, Way that you write comedy is trying to come up with jokes. That you know would never clear and the show that European networks, the weird thing, is it a lot we get a lot on. I mean it's it surprises me sometimes are suffering in armour, I'm like, unlike other. Let us do that like it, but it's better. Now! It's always. It is always a surprise to see what they come in and say can't do you you were Kimmel first rate was that I was a kid all. I was at crank anchors and came all really in college. I was on a pile. I worked on pilot, that's got argument and be J Porter produce that
that me in and Dan and be Jane. I think Jonah worked on Alyosha go a little. A little think got off Are and then and then yeah end than I did crank anchors and then came all and then took a little like break. HU. I did some pilots, like I act in pilot and and I did a fallen and I came back out here. That's right! You run Jimmy chauffeur aware if thirty years I mean they're, so there such there's, so many tectonic, shifts in late night right now, like more than at.
Other time it feels like yeah is pretty crazy. I mean I am really happy for I'm have fallen in camera, like I think camels really mean when I was there. I don't know if, like I've, it's so nice to see that show become poppy like become like a big popular presence in late night, and then I have now. I have not had any bad experiences like with either those guys it's hard to another, you ask me like I'm rooting for her. No, but I think the the sort of the post traditional late night mentality is over. Yes, where they're all not.
I mean if their neurotic, they hide it. Well, you know like they seem cool like everyone's Ferguson's cool yeah schools, s, cool, Kamal, school pizza, some cannons greatly african cool. There are, like you know, idea of you know when you watch will like when I watch Letterman and I go Betty hates that person I do not feel that way. You know seems like IRAN likes each other too, which is really interesting. It doesn't feel a hyper competitive mean I'm to expose. It is competitive, because what is it but it seems, like you, know, continent camel and fallen, and you know that wave like there They still seem to be good with each other. Now you're, gonna yeah, I think it was just over. There- was a different there's, two different systems.
Waste before where there were like three networks really been kind of than for cable. Wasn't really at that time a viable source for real quality entertainment yet and so is just super competitive mean they were. You know, No one really understood the idea of like me shouting. Yet. It was like wow, it's all or not They re either get all thirty million of these people or you know fuck it right, and so think it was just. The landscape was. for an instant everything which is different back then so is just more. Can you can't do that? You, if you do my This is only right or places, and I can't let people now that choices are info. doesn't even fuckin matter. I do know that guy was a natural monopoly that myself, so you like him right. So it is just that really is different now, so I think they were all this a reaction to all of that that previous many hours
we're all gonna have less people with everyone. Ok, we'll worry that it's a lot. It's a lot less people, but we all get some. If you add up all of the audiences from every late made show if you add all of em up and there's a lot of them now. It is still dramatically less than Carson was publicly in every night alone.
Magically less I mean by like half. You know, I think so it's it's! It's pretty interesting. It's pretty interesting that better way, I just as a writer lay late night step is to me that's the best boot camp fur just having to generate new material every day like there's. No, I gotta, like I like mighty non tat, comes up to that I, but if someone had not been making me, have you told me of the stand up? Gagging could get up every morning right. Five pages, your own jokes I be like I can do- is nowhere. I get over money life. I pay of jokes about this. You, like all k, and I want you think you can do that and I can do. That is pretty interesting like how that helps and other other areas to like Moliere, because it seems it is hard, but I think it's seems scarier than it actually is. Once you once you get past all of the
I don't know like once you get past all the bad self talk right like you, I have a brain and I'm a person, and I have experienced doing this and naked. You know they're not the great jokes, but I can still right do you know I could write em and some of them are going to be good. You know, yeah now does not sound like you, ve already experienced bombing you ve bombed, my people have literally you know not like you to your face. so what's the Vienna what's up, in my turn it in a few crappy jokes on a page of few of them are good. You ve already done even if hard even told you suck in the worst possible way, Obama. You know, bombings really great, for that reason is that if you can survive it, you know it is sort of like the walk on coals sort of a thing like that
done, but I'm ok, we lived a guy. I want to do this again. I want to figure out the worst thing in the world is bad, but you know you know, I feel, ok, tomorrow's summit, the words not the worst thing in the world, but it still it still. You. Can comfort really is kind of the enemy a lot of the time, especially if you're you know? For me, I said a sort of get used to performing for people who came to see me on purpose. If I drop into a room And I know those people know who I am there. I saw its reminds me like I use data toes the people. Don't know you so they're, not you're, not going to say hey. It's me they're gonna go yes, you know like you, have to earn it again and that's different here. I don't I get that once in awhile here, like a mumbling of like us, our Josie lately, I gotta get like well like here. Someone say that as regards age, but I don't, but I don't get like the big crowd.
come on out just three which I like to live in a well, I think, with a spurt. You know like when you put the special aware, whereas the special on net flats Itunes, album, I think to be tremendously helpful because Netflix will you know it'll pop up it'll people it'll get recommended to people like Netflix One of the few really great platforms, because it does put it. It takes a lot of the searching out for peace, not search their netflix, but it has a thing set up where if someone goes look a comedy for now, you're special is going to be one of the first things it pops up.
oh, that's, tremendously, hopeful. Now it is its great I'm happy that it it wound up there, especially because, like I say we want, we made it. It was like you now. I just wanted to do it with friends out of pocket like not deal with what the end result was going to be so like Netflix is a good end result for me. Do you think you'd be a good Miss person now think I'm too many. He has too many like anxieties, like Social anxieties, already Workpeople Lake at em, I'm already like socially anxious when nobody knows who am, I can imagine the I've been around like famous people when they are getting yelled.
I am very sorry that I get like anxious other people, yet he now that, like it just doesn't seem I did. It doesn't seem that fund to me to be, if your future fanned in your audience, people who know exactly what you do. I get it, but to just be that guy from thing to someone that's when it sounds like scary and weird and a huge imposition like when you just say: hey it's dead, walking to the grocery store in someone's. Like are you sure about figures in Europe? anyone know what are you doing you get like a lot of those reactions to people like really like to would eat a cheeseburger for years that euro some reference to joke that warlike, like the set aside its example, was after half baked. You know it could be out with his kids and people who are gay. Bob said you sucked
How can you put right here because they think you do you're you're sort of you sort of this kind of one dimensional thing I mean they. You know they. Essentially, while they see you in two dimensions right, they see you as a flat thing, so you know it's it's just how they relate to you. I mean the really doesn't you know from if we know if I'm somewhere bewildered, talking singled out by gas bides or whenever they say. It doesn't really has a guy who know so much about you and yet so little like or doesn't know, you're not mature. Does it there's? No, your name doesn't say hi caress. They just liquor like. I know, em from little known from endless every single thing: heaved Auburn, to go about risk. All members,
to say, whoa. What yeah? That's that's right that that that was the only that would conflict management. Isn't people know intimate things like how you know that you know, but it's not really. I mean again. None of this is ever a problem for me. I don't I'm totally cool with it. You know, but I think there will be a day at some point. Were I mean a really like motor, something horrible, and then someone like poor in only please I'm trying to heal from this thing. Why don't you understand I'm a bit of equity? I can sort of. I can't picture myself ever having a meltdown, but I guess I can sort of understand why some people, at the top top levels will just like freak out targets, offers a freak out at people just like. Please just give me a book
space. Yeah seems it's in achieving a lot of Hitler's become very private, a minimal people who you know the minute they became huge. I see them anywhere again, based Vivian, socially air people tend to hide out. I think the best comparison I have, as you know, you have dog room now you can. I have a dog, that's, unlike my instagram molecule, all the time, because I baby sit it. Let's not actually allows people thing. It's my dog. I follow the ensuing your grave you from your place. Thank Yahoo, ruinous parliament thanks, but one letter Sunday Rail route is rate. Will we will vary from there, but I the comparison, have a seat coming home from work in the end of a day and having a you know having a dog was like, in this case closed dog, and he just really excited to see. If he's real Did you see the gown? I gather that, but if I'm just not the moors like please,
give me a minute even with a dog who just want a little, but I love you know I don't like. I just need to adjust the types of boundaries. I just give me a minute to decompress Senor saint fans, airline dog saw man, see, I know you're gonna say that way, and yes, yes, I do just like Chloe's dog, Diego, but it is kind of its it's an interesting thing that this idea that people- I don't know why. I guess because it makes us feel superior this. This obsession that our culture has with fame and linking famous and having people- I don't know, I think it's nice, you know when it's pleasant yeah, but it just the dark sides of it seems so fucking, so dark weird and dark and devastating in like if you do you now going to shave your head and public than ever, their representatives and then new freak out is everyone's poking at your poking, a union
Oh my god. How can this happen and go with there being poked at bay in different directions? There is that is it? Is it any shock? The just and be were keeps doing easier and crazier shit in the more. I could look at this thing. He just it's just going to get worse. The anything a comedian, obviously like you have to do. If you want to keep doing stand, if you have to say somewhat in the real world and it so hard to do if you're some big superstar, namely that, but you know ironically alive Comedians are not graded interpersonal communication, so you know like seeing a person that I mean even like an Louise case. You know Louise the most one of the most flawless people on said you could see, but if you see him in public in Europe
he can be awkward. Yeah go you're, not the ok. You know that's at that you're supposed to be, and that can be kind of jarring for people you know if they did, they don't can get what they want and experience are like you know the time I ran up, the steep Martin and that he actually doesn't love it. When people run up a labourer all over him cause he's very shy and socially anxious. You know that we can have that sort. do all I can do at the duality identity of like how but you're on stay, no sweetheart understanding began used onstage no. I want you to do me, the real me: that's when you throw the smoke bogged down, it disappears so the space It was Netflix right now in forever in Itunes, and you feel good about it
you like. You got what you wanted. I mean I I I do. I feel like I kind of had kindly some freedom to do what I wanted. I guess I mean I do feel about a good wine being weird about. That's funny know why places we will submit it. Yeah feels weird to say you like your own thing. It's you know, there's a sort of fine line between. I think a lot of his habit of the sort of self deprecating fear of not being comfortable with. You know that things can be okay. We can be proud of that sort of exposes us until we have sort of way too to have to stand behind the things
yes, because you know if it lifts later you're like you hate it and it's like eyes. You know I got pass that I thought that was heard at the time, but I got past it. You know it just sometimes it's hard to commit, because it makes us more accountable of the things we do in that's very uncomfortable to be accountable for everything we do and say as terrified to to put it out and although its beat terrified to put things out, an immediate despite classroom to say why am I do know. Almost a year ago I, my head, like that's, the inner voices like no want to see it stay here and I had with that voice is when I wonder everyone had that. Come somewhere. Feel like mine was being sort of like unpopular at school or being popular for being unpopular, and I wonder if that's where I don't know, what do you think you're came from? I don't I don't know I just it's a weird. It's
kind of, like my only my confidence comes from like seen things Dino see myself, rewarded first, certain things, but not from myself, wrote it's a whole like outside factors and, like all, must have done. Good Cosette person said I did good you again, it's it's it's. It's varies it. Say some means good in my head. I can do I like it is a good I put it out there yeah. I do like it. I think you'll like it. That's what I want to say to people, but it sounds they might like whenever wherever it starts, my head, unlike dont, tell people D like it. That's, u dont be an asshole, yeah, maybe that this issue is, as you know, we have this horrible fear of being the guy. Whose just not aware of himself right, where you know where you, you ve seen people on there and it's not even that you can't put someone down for being hopeful, but if they just seem completely blind to the way a situation is about them.
Sounds like a guy. I think these killing any the killing, but he has no, which is there's nothing wrong with that, but when someone just doesn't want to acknowledge that, like all might be, therefore, or not. You know I got to fucking audience. I don't want to be the guy that thinks you better than the x. Yes, oh god forbid you be. The guy tat says something good yeah now and have people go, your Morgan on alpine cash. She said she thought she fixer specials good like well. Just it gives it gives people it basically its expose. It's? U expose yourself to getting smack like its basic leg. It is it's it's making yourself vulnerable like going here. I'm going
open up my shirt and expose my heart there. So this gives you the opportunity to kick it with your shoe. If you want to, and so it yeah it is it it's, it's fear. I think it's just fear of being hurt, fear being expose, and- and I was I did Gregg Fitzsimons Podcast say in it and it feels like he had the same sort of thing. I think a lot of comics as much as we expose ourselves on stage. I think a lot of us actually have a really deep fear of being exposed in a weird sort of way like he everything, because all the curtains are drawn in my dress harmonies. Let go you don't like the sunlight. Oh my god, I don't like the people could walk by and see me even like. Not I'm doing anything weird. I just don't like that. I could be watch when I don't know, I'm just don't like feeling exposed. You know. sounds like a lot of what you want.
They get into you think so I don't know I mean. Maybe you sound just use Milo privacy. Maybe it's simple wonder how many things are actually that simple boots like know me in this time. My step, dad didn't pick me up on and I sat there when I was thirteen and my brain was forming orifices like oh yeah, just uncomfortable, it's weird till a weird. I get it for you that way, live one people looking at me like I'm working nor you weird about like there's a girl near near my girlfriends apartment, there's theirs, it there's a there's. A girl who lives in another apartment in her were drapes are always open. So with your work by its anyone, like you, don't even have to try to look in. You just see her living her life said another computer, her computer,
If I really stood there and stared, I could see exactly what it was tat he was looking at window in the kitchen like. I can just watch her to sit in inner pajamas and to me that feels weird. I get uncomfortable for her, even though she doesn't give a shit, yeah I mean I'm not, I feel like I you're made a diamond and be justice and type. People looking at you in the windows and will not, if you don't feel that way, I guess I would be very uncomfortable with anybody, I'm very not protect, not that I need to be protective of my privacy and other people are true. to invade it, but I'm very I love my personal space, my private space- my my alone time and lived with a guy before we. I never had a. I never had any siblings and I had a couple remains, but now
like live with a guy or or even where I may have from most. My life had lived by myself or with apparent. Do they give you if you do find that one really special person You're gonna be these visas are gonna, be like you have your place and I'll have my play, sir. I think that's how it will be for a long while I dont see myself moving in with somebody like giving up something that important to me, which is my own space, Can I go now I'd, be I think about it, a lot of my my morning routine and like maybe I do. This wrong and no one knows examined scene. It yeah, like I always like, like I just that's.
I don't know. I've never had somebody in my space that much- and I think that part, I think part of the obstacle of light mean someone even is letting somebody in a little bit and I'm dislike out enough. I'm ready to do that on on so many France, like my spades and my life, and I have a routine works seemingly, while I think we're tunes or great. That being said, I should desperately me somebody. But you can't stay with me now. What did you say? You can't stay with me? I was being you stay with me, though. I would like to me you and take you in doses, and now it is time for you to leave yeah, but there the guys like that is. Hopefully you meet someone got their own life and you have your own life and you can somehow figure out how those two blind without you know, I don't know
Maybe the girl who wants to be with someone one hundred percent of the time. Maybe not or maybe you know it- maybe you'll meet someone and then it'll just be like all. This feels easy yeah. Let's do it. And I'll leave everything for him yeah, my dreams and hopes. You're describing the plot of bewitched show about rapid sexism, HU. I want you to deny who you are SAM for me to live in my world. I can weirdly see myself doing now is and should like. If I met a guy and he lived in like Michigan any made boats or something using your witchcraft witchcraft, I would I would
would not use my witchcraft and I went on a few years. Girl of Michigan makes him boats concerns those you wanna come or one hundred boats with. You will read comedy bolts, both shapely dicks. just painters, canoes payments, canoes, cock, aeronauts running methods didn't want to happen so square peg ran home monopolies, and this is a kind of at the end of the park ass. Now it just it flew by decisions. Bus ammo, like a big funny, sorry notices in the companies that have you can. If you want to you now, I don't want to stay down. Did you ever figure out where
This being said here that I think it was in my, but I'm pretty sure as if I, but that I have just sort of figure out the difference. You have an end, our fingers, my, but since then that was like I am sure I am more my, but I don't know this and you just you know eventually, you'll meet a guy. The item with into your apartment in your, but until that time there's no rush. You know enjoy, enjoy the personal its base that you have so nice and so nice when your when your buddies, your, but nobody else is now ready to give up their relatively mobility for soon, but not yet get away from my bird dog. I just got married. That's it thanks for having me on your podcast for being here, Morgan Murphy, it's good to see you and I know it's a fortunate. I really want you do at midnight, but your schedules just doesn't,
Yeah yeah, I was fortunate. I will, I would love to do it and I love the show was good to see you good to see you You know you should tell everyone enjoy your burrito. You good boys enjoy your breed and everyone so pleasant. The end speaking the microphone, a break the new microphone. I'm sorry virtually! No God, though, not ok, we're. Gonna have to do that all over now. Leaving noticed com,
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