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Neko Case (musician, The New Pornographers) is back on the podcast! She talks about wanting to get so famous she can own a race car, they talk a lot about caviar and what she grows in her her garden back at home. They also talk about the problems of HD, what they think celebrities would taste like and her new box set, Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule, coming out soon! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Luckily, there is progress, seven, fifty five! Woe! That's right! Man, that's a lot! It is a lot of podcast how we do it. I don't know how you do it. You do I'd be a village! You do that many episodes of Bacchus this week this week, I'm only recording eight well, we'll get Thou art that is where it has got monotonous, commander, cardboard, here's Katy, Levine version. I didn't tell people to listen to the you made it where necessary. Plan again who owns Largo became a weaker hotbeds of so good. He tells us crazy murder story wig. It was phenomenal and then PETE Girlfriend of are you she said in on it, and she also I wanted to put some of her. She works for this non profit called a real girls and they help empower girls and they have like you, know special programmes for him, but they are hosting a evening of powerful woman arm wrestling for the impairment of girls key Michael key Mary Beth Monroe and Emily Gordon Earl. Judging and all the proceeds go to the real girl empowerment programme, its Monday November, sixteenth at seven p m at that bootleg feeder and allay
and you can find it more. Information may go into an e a bee. Oh gee, you eat dotcom, excellent. Thank you. Carry Levine Marmara, yes, Sir, which one of your multitude podcast allowing people went to Israel, I mean I need some help from our nervous fans. I would like them to go if you have half a second and here in Europe in your day- and you have you know like three hundred megabyzus spare space on your computer- go on Itunes, look up the make tech, human podcast deposited Fur, Nokia and wired magazine, and wanna get the numbers up a little bit right now we ve got eight episodes out so far, really interesting conversations with just last week. I talk to the guy who founded dual lingo and invented action or mother? Oh that's a Louis Louis Banana, correct, yes, I know yes, yes, he was amazing Monica
its key John Ransom with a lot of interesting people on there talking about sort of technology and humanity, sort of bridging the gap. But I would just like it if you guys could download it. I don't care if you listen to it, but that's not how to make attack a human settlers Adieu and fasted H. You eminence spent ass its grey. I mean I'm asking literally. All I'm asking is that you hit the subscribe. But I'm download all the episodes that are out I want you, should go to the apple stones down, there's only one I want to see how I want to see if than if the nervous listeners can get. I know that exact number whereat right now, and I want to This comes up tomorrow. Right with this is Wednesday. Your ass, you do on a Wednesday, just download this let us see if like in spite of the numbers? Ok and if you are so inclined, please listen if you don't feel like listening to it dil.
Immediately after you have downloaded it. What a low impact requests. That's all. I want you to do guys if you could just please help me with those numbers I would be thrilled so Nokia, so wired you can make it mats what Presently, he's got banned, weapons only moved slowly as if just downloaded make tech, human make check human Isn't it by Nokia and wired and my neighbour, by wired? Yes, this episode is Nikko case. Who is King Rad, I internet life did she is for I now, the first time she came on. I always knew she was funny. I don't know how funny she was and how many than she was on a midnight she one, and so we got her back she's promoting her career Retrospective Box set entitled truck driver, gladiator Mule, goes on sale November thirteenth and is fantastic.
Ray, I learnt acting she's. The best is the best she's pretty unremarked right now. She might be and tomatoes right now, just recording music. So this is NEO case returns episode listeners by gets number seven, fifty five I've Negro caves returns that Katy robot thing now being murdered in that's your chair is assuming that's your microphone were in its happening. We re still
from the outside it rain for five minutes, and I already started complaining. God did and we desperately need the water in this fucking part of each state, but five minutes. I was like Job Falk. Ah, meanwhile, other the country or swimming through their streets? We get spoil their where you come in. There's no way to ruin the Platte guest, There's no way is. It is unreasonable really glad you're back on their cause. You were so fucking funny the last him again and you are great and at midnight to have to give it a man alone now, but that guy fuck that guy but you had that dude show up in the sure like that was the biggest coup ever. It was a good idea, like german genoa does Jamaica, Ella, Manga, no other trader
I feel that there are so many more comedy opportunities for you that you you mean you're, just letting them go. What what? When? How am I going to convince you to pursue more comedy stuff, Don't know is that you might get over now, I'm trying to take the compliment like a graceful adult gotta being like now shot up, Germany, people, I've, told your description of Dolly Part, is still such an amazingly succinct. You referred to Dolly part in a couple years ago as a benevolent laser. She is a benevolent live you can make the highest sounds still and who can play instruments with nails. As I mean, I guess you can use them as the pigs, but still she says to fret with a hand and has those fuckin thing. I don't know how she those, I think when you would,
for you know like forty fifty years how she could do that early on yeah, yeah, she's, afraid, nature, I think, is what it is, and still to run a good way and now carry Rogers is about to retire. I heard he was going to retire at using a due to earlier quit. I didn't know he wasn't retired, because I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and there is a big Kenny. Rogers exhibit, and I thought I guess I just makes you think people are retired for some reason, which isn't I don't know and you're like that works figuring, looks real and he's like excuse me, I'm Kenny, Rogers and then hitters. Actually him I was more amazed by his owning is on race car phase. Oh, which I want to get to that part of my career, why own moon risk and what risks I've never been that famous outraced our fame. However, we had departed micro where I'm kind of flagging, so I get a race car
now. Is it you sponsor risk? Are your own raised her to drive around? Is it like a negro Kay car I derive an eye sponsor it, along with man is or whoever holds right at you in home and actually, but you and mustard Mustard and I are going to be killed, infringes mustard and second love an unknown eager based condiments yeah, I am away with you and vinegar as more vinegar, something my favorite chips, but I'm not a. I like, Yellow mustered the bright. I like the brown mustard, but then that's about it. You don't like the seed mustard. I mean I like theories are good, but then it is just like the sea, the texture of it at all love. I think it's it. I dont like fish and I've never put caviar and my mouth ever know, but I would assume that that's probably what people like about it is the seeds go, maybe z.
You mean the eggs of the carrier, the mustard eggs, the mustard glowed in your mouth and create a tidal wave of flavour, Cynthia from US mustard Fit for what is its eggs. Aren't. You are duly because its plan on your tongue directly, that's got it does and it doesn't. Then they can't reproduce unless you smashed them against the roof of the amount of fully paid up, that's how they reproduce so that another fishers to come in and using your record within uses vivid out and in those bids rabies I think they might be one of those kinds of fish that they're just self fertilizer, eroding like a jewelry like every mail see yeah? Now I think you might be right. I think you might be right budding. Maybe I, the idea of squishing, thousands of tiny little eggs in motif isn't gonna eat meat, but there's something up,
that the ethnic at my head, a kick it may have on the roof. Your mouth feels like a tiny little ribcage. Written while up a rib ribcage that smells like an aquarium, or are you just we're just tastes like like that beach. That's where the mustard comes into clean. Your comes in the muster. Fridge comes into clean artificially. Taste at your mouth was right. I feel like someone should animate this process and then send it to us. If it is to get it right out of my brain rain, I M maybe is a video for a song that you were has yet to be released. Maybe a negro case join. My bank account has to be labelled, have to resurrect the over the fabulous misadventures, a flap jack. They would have to Canada
fuck that show what was that it was that show that that therapy, Norman Guy had about the little kid. In the end, the pirate guy, who was played Brian Doyle, Mary in his greatest finest role of all time and they lived in them, met whales, mouth I got to the top of the whales may know Thorpe. No, I don't owe oh I he worked. I did a cartoon with him a while ago. I just seems like I feel like you guys would be friends. Well, I definitely probably would be I lived in its neighbourhood or somethin like Linux. I live far. I live so far away from anyone who even thinks about making curtain you ve heard about it. Chronic male right. I mean there are ways even keeping contacts jails and this too, This means not a lot of people. You know making cartoons
on their tractors in my neighborhood. Do you live on a full on full on farm? Are you and are you a flag for real deal farmer now, because I don't sell my prejudice but give I give it to restaurants, because it's not in its professional stages, it's kind of in its early stages. I currently have time to do that full time. So so you just give you just grow stuff from an ever to the restaurants pestering what are now. What are you grow? tomatoes or my my main love, but the tropics of Vermont make it a little heart so, like you'll, have a really a year, and then there will be a year where some asshole, you know, puts a bunch of box store most tomatoes in somebody's compost and then you get blight and then are NATO sigh and then are you greenhouses? What I'm saying,
You like it's an almost feel. It gets almost a metaphor for arts in a way you know the tomatoes you have to wait all year here you wait a year and then you find at other all fucked. You know like what it yeah you and you can see the fruit in their database four things in their so many and then all of a sudden there are brown in moulding weird near like thanks man, you fix nature. That was so much work and you could spend it higher year, making an album, and then you put it out like what happened. You know, yea you just? Never not as disappointing to have a record flopped made up, and I can say that with accepting that, like why do you feel like it, their babies, it's cold, trio and junior little weird huh, that you play your see then and freeze.
Seventeen below and you got your Peters out. Your lights on, you know cause it's fuckin April in it still and I ve grown from. Babies any of the fans, I'm so they blood, the bodies of law around and they build their little plant muscles and there there's so much consideration goes into it, and then you gotta not why them from the top in its they're just really bitchy, but then when they start to grow, and they have those hairs that smell like tomatoes and there's like oppian everywhere. You just feel like a fuckin superhuman. That's great! You know a dream,
no tomato crap has ever been killed by some want to be right for pitchfork either, who was just wrote a bad blood boast about like, as could happen with an album yeah? Well, I don't know if they are capable of killing and album either, but they don't our greatest, but don't you think, there's a. I feel like there's this kind of myths that you know there's a stratum of theirs stratum of the blood. This this blogosphere that you know if the right handful of people like something, then it's gonna be ok, and if they don't like it, then it doesn't really. You feel it. That's not the case and more now I just don't have any idea I'm so far removed from it. I don't know I don't ever read music press at all. I mean. Why would you and what would be the point. Well, I mean there was there was a New York Times and the ban on the way over here the announced Joanna Nuisance and recognise like ours,
the news and put out a new record, that's cool, but I wouldn't go looking for that kind of stuff. I can't wait for it to come to me in this weird way, so I'm kind of the lame person that people would have to reach out, the blogosphere. I feel like that's, not leave it all. I feel like it. So it's it's very tempting to get caught up in all of the people say, but then it I don't know if you ever really win anything when you find out you, don't you gonna, don't, but at the same time, if, if I didn't produce my own records, and I wasn't there for every step of it. I might feel compelled to know what other people say. No, but I checked off on everything before it came out. So at that point in life I don't care. If you don't like it, you don't you don't have to. You know another very likes everything that does not her. My
links and some people just honestly, they just like the right about themselves. So then there's that so you want ignore that and then add another just so many weird things to think about, It is music riding really an hour anymore. Was it ever people say that? But I only feel. I kinda like things written by the artist themselves later, but I'm not so crazy about, like like, for example, like those things like the legs Macneil. Please tell me book that just seemed like a super Can t hangar on, like I rode in their ran once like I saw them do drugs? I get to seem like this really bitchy, whose second, whose dear coups doing drugs
for someone like me? I really wanted to know how the records for me- and I really wanted to know you know I wanted to Know- I put posters weapon, their practice space. You know if I don't care about the drug. Seen really make make it about that and they were. He has some really bitchy little dismissal of Patty Smith and most likely that weird, but then reading, which she writes about herself and the scene at that time legitimately. I really like it and I feel I can actually getting something out of it at work, as I saw her point of view yeah, it's not like. I never trust those books that other people write about the bands ever like an unauthorized biography yeah, because you know I could read about Louis Armstrong, but reading his book about the early part of his life in New Orleans was so much more mesmerized.
Because the stuff like his early jobs and like the scenery and the people around him at the time meant How much more to him, then somebody who would be writing about like those of their kind of things. I think he wanted to get into his music, whereas if you didn't ask Ilium shine, you just decided what you thought it was about right. Car wouldn't really be the real thing, but then again he now I'm probably dick about that, but I do want a swat them away like you're, not doing it. You didn't plug that in fuck off yeah yeah.
There's music journalism. That's really gray, where people are saying what's around and what's coming out in their excited, and so I dont know. I need music journalism and I I respect that, but I dont go looking for it because I don't want to be a snub about it and I don't I don't want to worry about it, and I can I just don't have time like remember when I left Seattle. I figure of ninety eight. I think the stranger in Seattle, which was this paper, I loved, had turned into the weirdest bitch Just you know gossip rag and it was purposefully mean and that's how they were getting readers and getting attention, and I just thought who are you people, you weren't the people I grew up with who wanted nothing more than to make music and thought it was a great thing, but really they just didn't yeah. It's just
sort of achieving that still happens in it so happens that I think it sort of a cheap containing it's. It's incredibly easy, tear anything down, it's much harder to build things, and so when people take these are like one. A chair, this thing down and then a bunch of people who our wannabes, who are doing their own thing, but just sort of bitter at the world than communal again, like everything and living with me, use that energy and do something constructive and positive. I know its effort and its ox, but would then be more rewarding to do it. That way. It would in the end there are alot of writers out there who love music and they compare and contrast and make connections, and that such great who takes you're tomatoes. If you're on tour, though my neighbour Dave, Dave, Davis right on that's pretty red and he takes it very personally. If a plant eyes
well. It's important ideas about your corner. You want him to care about as much as you care about in its basically his garden till we just cannot share it. Cause Or tomatoes, the main crap. Is there anything else well now, but if I could get it greenhouse system going and if we ever legalise marijuana would grow that your grow tomatoes impart yeah, but not because I want a smoker cause. I've We know interest in it that way. Tissues of fibre would, if you cross, would have you made like a pot tomatoes. People would probably really enjoyed. Do you think? Yes, I do. I mean like a like a beer, a teenage c b, L tee with absolutely no question. It would probably be fine, but unless you were me, pot makes me a apoplectic kind, but
I'm not really seems to be that guy ever and I don't want to do that. Other people, but I dont mind watching other people to it. There has done its nose into thousands, just made me really paranoid. I didn't get hungry angry and I had a little bit of a tantrum and I had to go to sleep. Can then the next day It was the worst PMS am. I live like I'd like it, I'd like a double The order of hash, Browns and Coca COLA, please, and then I don't remember what happened after what happened is a useful. You said I've never gonna. Do I just as basically the dumbest thing I ever did. I think I'm super lucky that I didn't take to it, because you know I know people who get anxious, which you know I get sometimes it's big people love it for two to sort of take the edge off for whatever reason, my brain chemistry, just it doesn't work that way out of a dead.
I think our man, I would be such a huge to Hooker FIFA. Now I feel I feel I'm sure part of my snobbery of pop culture is to do with jealousy re a little bit, but I can imagine if I don't even know what I would use to take the edge off. But if I had it, I would use it to be ass. It constantly. How long have you been on the farm since two thousand and seven but two dozen ten full time, but are you been there for a while? So dear? Do you like? Is that where you right do you run a farmer. You go into a studio and start writing to you need like. Oh, I do both alright anywhere either practice base in town to not here, but in a town of Saint John Spray, Vermont NICE, everyone's heard of They will now read or capital world yeah the six tomato plans. I grew this year. The people are flocking for miles around
I get lots of pieces together and then the banned or coming later and we're gonna make them into songs, but I should be doing that right now, but you came here instead, but I should be doing that right now, but you came here instead, I did. You know why this is funny than thing by myself in a room in my underwear going. Should I drink the coke in the menu bar really wanted I hope, in the menu bar twelve dollars, for that little girl now he's gonna, make me crazy and I'll blow Up into a weird water, ballooned creature, will you write about that now? No longer I I listened to your stuff. Pretty nonstop is perfect. I just had your. I had an apple music channel on today. We know what it was ready for might show but you're on pretty. I may playlists every year in year on almost every year, you're on a playlist somewhere. Thank you, but I do have a go. I guess I got a lot to supper. The internet were,
are you thinking at the end of dirty knife? What are you thinking? It's that doesn't it green! That's! Why couldn't identify the words it it's just ukrainian for the blood runs crazy with giant strides you're. Just Sorry did you know what I have heard? I was so happy. I didn't know that you're just repeating the lyrics and you re a light at the end, but it sounds like this phantasmal lullaby. You just taught you just like pattern. Channels it for me. That makes me so happy to know that what made you decide that to drop a ukrainian bomb at the end of that has in the story is how Turning to Ukrainians who live in America that that record, I was basically working on making up new world fairytales for immigrants from other places
that one is based on a true family story, which I can neither confirm nor deny cause. I don't really know all the details, but apparently a couple people my family went crazy in their house. Anna is cause. There was some sort of poisoning in the well some sort of heavy metal lead, poisoning or something. Went crazy, gradually and gradually and gradually error. They burned the furniture inside for heat, oh my gun, so than they had to be taken to Thee sanitary sanitarium. I guess your or am I dont know. I was never told the end of that story. It's obvious girl late an hour and other people who did nor dead. So I'm like well, there you go, but I mean there's not really. Concrete, ending, which makes the historic still kind of compelling to me sad. You know that's a terrible thing to happen, but we're going mad inside your own house and not really-
the standing. Why, in their real a terrible at the time they private going well, the wells probably poison their baby. I thought they were cursed or something shitty was happening, and God knows what they were thinking, but it would definitely be a very eastern. You. Paean thing to decide that they had done bad or view there were tiny little. Demons in the house, minting, or I don't know, but there would also be a funny element to it. So it had you play that so just a sort of understand your writing process. Little bit. Had you plan that out, or did you get a certain point in a song where you thought, oh, you know, actually might sound cool if we just throw em. In other words, how intentional is it when your record you know exactly what you're doing when you go into record, or do you just fuck around as Iraq? go to try. This might be weird and fun. I coming cut a half baked and then it can reforms itself out like.
Sometimes I don't think I ever have gone into a song or gone. With the sun, was fully fully fully formed at the end. You know have bed tracks in the based and drums and guitar our economy the solids, but then you add weird things over top it up and then do you ever is forever consideration of me. If I do that, if this goes too much in this direction, is gonna be difficult to recreate live or do you feel like you know, it's ok to have simpler lie, versions of songs, brilliant, like really produced stuff. Oh yeah, alot of people, don't realize that you know how the camera adds ten pounds of the studio. Takes away a lot of pounds, so you got a really put a lot of things on to create the same sounds as people on state. Actually, it's more like the other way. It's it's more like you need less people live,
make a huge sound. Then you do on record. I think, and you can make a huge sound with fewer people, but the dynamics of my own voice or whatever I I tend to go in the more experimental direction that isn't dear experimental just trying different things and adding things on kind of orchestral, ear, collage and then taking things away which I like to do, but it's really hard. To be in a studio and not want to trial the bells and whistles you know, so I would weaken put up gambler piano on their from nineteen twenty. Why wouldn't we wanted just your bad, you know, and digital technology is made limitless amounts attracts though it's not like limited the sixteen or twenty four anymore so
it gets a little unicorn me in there and for the four I just a friend of mine who is a complete devoted of eighties music, seventies and eighties music she's. My friend April Richardson, like the biggest Morrissey fan and that follows Morrissey unto her everywhere loves like a baby's music? And have any stuff and we were touring, and so we were listening. Wireless seemed a queen and I go. I think my favorite songs, private profits on and she'd never heard the profits on. You know the broadening their profits on not by title but I'm sure I do it's the one where, in the middle of the song, there's less Is it on its? I think it's on a night at the opera, it's on an ok opera, so there's this week, your dough breakdown in the middle. The song where I dont know if this actually happened or if this was just a myth. My but me and my friend said guy. In I heard Freddy Mercury just locked himself in the studio and just built the it is a key issue
same track of just his voice, any it's almost like he was experiencing. How many of his own voice he could layer on top of his voices and its complete. It's fucking incredible in his experimenting with left, right channels and filling up the sound and don't you gotta get right. Thomas Baker in here. Ok, he's on Twitter even live in LOS Angeles, but he loves to talk about the vocal hearings of queen. Ok, my ear GB retorted hours. Forget you get document that for an hour I mean I like, now at the opera. It's not that I know monsieur Heart attack in queen to back to back every single, sound overborne Orient and there's a lot of moments like that on those two, and so obviously those moments make me hold me
hands together, like being the merciless or something? I may tell me more about how you did these things? Yes, another queen time so reason for surely selfishly if, if we could get right, Thomas Baker in Here- and we can just Four likes twenty nine hours or something straight yes, but then you would have to break down, have to help me and I could buy interrogate him. That's fine What happened? I think you might like that. I mean when you here, I'm just guessing, but I mean I almost think. Sometimes I think limitations are actually better yeah, you know so when you say like. Oh, you know, we have all the resource in the world digital. We have all this endless. You know something like that: a hindrance because doesn't anxiety- well kind of a man you don't it doesn't really force you to have to be. You know when you have limitations, you have to be created, What we don't really, we can't really make we're going to have to put this in the left channel in this in the right channels have yet rate this, as opposed to just now is
you know so how do you? How do you kind of dig an extra layer deeper? How do you force yourself to push boundary is when it just seems like it's only a gondola ass, their careers because I am the limitations show up with that. Glockenspiel, piano, work around me, orchestra bells and I don't know yet work around me piano work around me. Orchestra bells- and I don't know yet your own stuff for? Do you constantly prettiest olive producers, Oliver, and not by not alone, because that's one thing
for the Eu Council produce all of their produce all rules not but not alone, because that's one thing that is always bothered me since I started making music, which is what does the producer do? Who is the producer and it's very different in the world of you, know big money, and you know if you send all the tracks of someone you go do with it, what you will wizard and they go do it, but everybody who is contributed something to the recording has made choices about sound and that is also production. So you gotta give everyone credit for that, and then there are the people who use. For it, but me I have musical things I do and I right- and I think and I play instruments and then have limited amounts of
engineering and then the actual decisions about what sounds need to go where I can do that easily and with relish. But I dont do any of those things alone, because it's boring and I really need someone there to be the voice of reason. Or even sometimes you know how, when you look at the color read for too long, you close your eyes and you see green sure your ears become saturated in the same way that like you, I cones or whatever those are become saturated and after what you just can't hear certain frequencies anymore or you ve heard. Somebody is something so many times if you are describing how the sound looked. It would look like a tv screen of news where somebody's faces scrambled wrote you like
how is that guitar solo with that? You know thing right there and all you would see was a digital cloud, and so you got to ask the person next to you. Could you help me with that? but I have no I've, no judgment left in my body and I need some guidance here. My brain stern de Mille Johnny! I knew and you try to do that for each other and get ideas from each other, but whoever the each other may be one person to people, so we really better trust. Those people yeah why you know if you, if you hire people who are really great what they do in the first place, there is very little direction. You have to give them, they just come. And wipe it all over and you're like a fucking, because what's your goal, each time you gonna suited different goals that just like I'm just ready, I heard about you not helped us make I'm
prolific, I'm very, very precise, about like this is what needs to happen. Some people can go in and with that shit out like This is a scourge of how I was feeling after my divorce. You know I can't I just kept, throw things away like that, not throw them away to throw them out there, I'm not prolific it. Also, I get in I'd borough into my magic mountain and do lots say answers and now they would work. I just I like. I focus really really hard on really tiny things for a long time and then have to go away and when I come back and then have to go away and come back and some things come. Easily, but a lot of times. There's a lot of consideration. Are there things that you write that that in it Your question actually get into my question: I'm all tangent today, I don't mean to be- you can be whatever
one other worn out, has seven on planes. Alot someone, you know something. This is your time know about you work. It's our time, but its mainly about you and you can be as laser I'm where, yes, I'm snazzy. You had intention when you left your house. Well, I was shooting a tv show so now I just came over and wardrobe, not that I mean, of course I would draw up for you. My intention was cover your shocking body. Take it out of luck in a way that is political for everyone. I mean you and that's confidence and you're here with intention. I am forced to dress this way by by design of my job. I mean like I've, it's funny. We if you were to go to my house, my closet has more. He shirts, then you ve ever seen in one place and work, is where all the suits are and it started to get to a point where, if I'm wearing a teacher,
we'll go I'm not used to sing. You wear a teacher and I feel like oh well. That's all I would wear if I could do that all the time, but at least you can do both at the point where I just don't look like I cleaned the baron, I feel weird lipstick. Forget people are looking at my face, handle it don't fuck all that stuff. I know I've put sometimes it's fun. Some others found upon lipstick and go out and dress up or are you know, lipstick no lipstick dressing up in a dude suit sure, but I would still feeling somebody's my mouth I'm gonna go. Certainly, can you get worms and weird as you keep living as you keep living, also if your any, if you're in kind of entertainment and some people. Know who you are. It is strange you new start kind of get. You start kind of getting like out slight.
Paranoid about dumb things, even if no one in a restaurant knows who you are you sometimes just feel like that person. Just see me like pick stake chunk out of my tooth, because Really you know and as that weird one can only hope and one time after a new pornographers show. I was so tired and I think I had, then dumped and I was so bombed out and angry and the sound had been bad news like I want to go home. I don't want. You know, inflict myself in any one. So when I would leave new pornography shows like I have the kind of face. No one ever recognizes they only recognize my hair, so I would put my in his hat and I went out into the street and I was waiting for ever in the rain. It was just like a what's rom com moment, which is funny cause. There was no wrong, however, in the scene, but
There is a cab in New York, it is raining shitty and finally, I flag this cab down and it came over me and this glittering young couple ran out from my show, and they stole my cab awe, and so I was like they then manner as like, this is my cab and their nets, not your car and I looked at the guy and he just shrugged his shoulders, because there is to them and want to me, so he could charge them more to say: oh fuck, you dude, so I was like I don't. I felt the curtain come down a switch flip inside me- and I took the woman by the arm and unlike Korea, where we go in and I got in the cab either, and I had my hand on her arm and I felt my body turning into like this weird nobby tree preacher and they were going on. You're so yours so psycho
just realized. These people were just my show. Looking at my face for like an hour, and they had no did you ever hear yourself. It was me all along needed, and I got out I backed out of the cab. Slow em like you're gonna go to jail, do you're going to go to jail, you gotta go home and like ball over a toilet, don't need to buy over the jail toilet people are the hole in the ground like back out like a like a mongoose surrounded by a couple cobras or something when they want to me cause later I'll meet you on the battlefield, glittering young couple and I'll destroy, right now crawled back a hotel room and embarrassed myself to myself near the basin of a near the base of the toilet. Eminem, it's one of those rare times the mongoose gets nipped by snake yeah right, not today, but you Norman back and murder you? This mongers was born
and humiliated, but this Mangus went to the toilet basin and sharpened. Its little thing is just talk and waiting waiting in the shadows. I give amazing a credible, will live their entire lives and never know that they were in a cat and I'm actually kind of surprise we have to rush home and make love. I remember Asia inspired us so much at this new pornographers show. But then this weird lady got that have been ruined it exactly what happened but you're the weird. Do you think that you and I wanted to buy, you- could have taken your hair? It's gonna be like you were like oh I notice you were just at the and they would have completely given you whatever you wanted now there the weirder. You think so Oh yeah, I pegre what I also recently.
Leaned down to tell a young woman to put her phone away, and you know when you're at a concert, and you have to kind of put your hand over someone's ear, so they can hear you're saying as like you, gotta put, the phone away, are you're gonna have to leave. You have asked you three times and she was like. Ok and those like. Thank you later that night I got a tweet from someone Nikko is physically and verbally assaulted. My friend and I was like ok, this kid is a kid under age. I had to touch the sight of her head with my hands. She could hear me. So yeah, I could have totally gone to jail for like assaulting some maybe, but I also sort of feel like it you had assaulted somewhat. You were arrived at after I told her to put it out. She was, she was doing things she's, filmy me and laughing as I'm telling you to stop all right, and, unlike our I did, it's funny cause I didn't
where and as I was telling her, I was co telling her like. I was like hall monitor right and she was and they're gonna like ok, sweetie, you gotta. Found out and you need to go out there now, because that is against the rules measured Lee and at an IRAN miles also go and tell him you're, not swearing. That's a pretty good. I think you ve made some progress like that's kind of amazing, like none writ later. I really If you had physical someone during a show that would have been a bigger new story, it would have been bigger, but I had no desire to do that. I seriously just wanted to say just fuckin pathetic women, but it was not as a goal and this or does it bother you does it bother? I know it. I know there are the rules and it just irritating right off the bat when people feel like all the rules that apply to me, like that's irritating right off the bat. That's what the Iphone that, when it's in your annual I forget, I am in control, when they mean everyone else, but not me I mean I can radically so for you is it that you don't want video of your show?
getting out into the world or is it just like you know? Could you please just joy. The show like a human being instead of it's mostly, that it's mostly just the people behind, paid thirty bucks to be here and all they can see as your screen and that guy screen and that guy screen it's dark in here. You and you know, people are really fuckin passiveaggressive and they will not tell the person next to them, just complain about it on social media. Later, that's how I know this and I know it from go. Two shows you know, try. See adamant in all of his glory and I'm freaking out and there's like for people and Let me standing there, you don't give a shit that the shows happening, but I can see their phones and I can't see him. Sunlight was kind of a drag, you know and then, and then there's the part of me that I get really nervous when people point cameras at me of always hated it. I've always like a kind of don't mind of people just snapshot here and there a casino people are excited to come to the shown its their night to totally cool, but people standing there were they.
Camera pointed out. You is really unnerving is posing as people don't realize that on most of these smartphones the focus is fucking laser. That goes in your eye. A suicide their pointing it out. You there's a laser in your eye and you're like I just forgot the words to the important part of the song that the people paid thirty dollars to come and see. So that's not fucking cool, so as quality control. All for my own rock show for the people who paid me. To get there. I also have to take a hard line on the lake. The people don't enjoy this and I fucking hate it, and it makes me kind of kind of aggressive at a certain point. Weren't you're not right you're, not really fuckin over the man here by taking a shitty picture, video of me right now, like you're, not stand up for your rights and fuckin American
Eggs are flying everywhere. Thanks you, it's more like you just kind of shooting on people's night. Well, I think it's also more. The intention is also a little self for some of the time because it's like go you're not enjoying the show. Now. Can you want to put this up somewhere where people will tell you how read you were for taking that video which you may not even ever watched. So you really missed a lot of the show. And I M really watching the video yeah. Why did you come here exactly and it's like? We deserve thirteen days be here. A lot went in to making this show happen. A lot and a lot of people worked really hard to get us here, even though it seems like a simple rock show. You know it is a lot of work and the poor Sean costs are really high, especially because the price of gas is like twice as high as when I first started touring road, and I have you no three times as many people on the road of me so If you just do that, Matthew like oh yeah, it's really fuckin expensive, but if you want to keep your ran working
and your little tiny many economy inside the economy going. You know you d, try to do a good job, but you still have to give a shit if someone's just acting like I know it's not a petting zoo man, I don't think people, I understand that the economics of touring, really the margins, are pretty slim, especially if you have a big banned, it just costs, and then you know if you're too, and especially if you're, if you're touring, like union houses, everything costs there's a charge for everything, yes and so just turn on the lights. It's like a well we're put. You know, you're playing a bigger theater, but it costs like twenty grand just to turn the lights on eleven April in the door like right off the bat exactly and then so. On top of that, you pay the ban in it there there's a theatre ones, bass for projector, and there like, okay, well, that'll cost you a thousand dollars, and, unlike what do you need to go round?
Now we have it, but it's just a charge that we mean it's locked in the audio closet and we're gonna have to get the av guy in here and he's not here today, yeah there's all kinds of weird simulations. I do not want across the stage, while it's dark, or there will be a five hundred twenty five dollars fee for workings, just crazy shit that you would never expect to hear so you gotta work around now to an airline. Yeah I'm in times. That's why it's you know when it can seem like oh you're, you're, so much more. Says what you're playing a bigger venue did. The last time you go yeah, but I think I actually made a little bit of money the last time because then the jump up yeah, can actually start losing money? If you know, because you obviously you know, you know, want to charge your fans like too Box a ticket. No, and I want to make sure that the merger isn't like fifty dollars for a t, shirt yup, that's some bullshit right there. So you know, but
a lot of innocent people well, you're thinking about them. A lot of annual take like thirty percent of your irony, that its that's. Why they're expensive, exactly which I never agree to? Never let him do that if you're in a band. Never let him do that. You can say no, you can't, but I do If you wanted to shower now, ok, where you can do that that, and that often happens or- and this something that they don't want you to say because it'll it breaks precedent, but sometimes you can say look I know that you want to keep this precedent in place, did you make a little bit of money this way, even though we don't ask you for a percentage of your beer, you sold tonight road. So, let's do it this way you give. You can have five percent if you give it to.
Local charity- and you can do it in the name of your company that works out really nicely in that way, don't break precedent and the people who are actually super nice who work there, who don't even want to be fucking dealing with this? We're doing this to you because they know it sucks lobby like got it like those creative ways around everything like that. That's nice, it is nice. Sometimes it isn't nice, but mostly size are we're like, if they provide a person to sell your stuff like tat, you should pay them for that. Absolutely like that's, that's a totally reasonable thing, but usually we have our own person. So we don't. We don't got into that, cannot hold over Mafia theatre shit travelling with the travelling with a ban and having to recreate a specific, sound every night in am basically when you have a half it to put it all together, sounds so stressful to me we again following and then it's pretty fun. It's if you feel like you feel like you literally live like a pirate in a movie, like there's swearing and dirt,
Talkin delightful sexual harassment, and you know you definitely definite- feels it you're a gang like a super polite gang, and we definitely like to get things by being nice to people not by you know, thrown our weight around or trying to read. You know the alpha mail in at alpha male school of business for future stockbrokers in eighteen. Eighty, three! Yes, greed is good, greatest good, handshake, the other guy before he has a chance to fuck you palm on top squeeze hard like it's just like the first. This is such an I'm, the art of war. Here it is such an obvious bluff just makes everything. I know you got a board for those people before exactly. Is this like farts coming out your eyes at someone, people are medium
decisive year, not only. Repelling me right now, but I know I can Oh, how down you are out of you, ask me, though you don't have the boardwalk and I followed at Amoy exactly how do people leave works, pretty good Toyota waste prettier? What is it? What's your favorite part of a show? It is it? Is it the minute when you come out on stage you the instant or is it the end or is it a middle Erlich wet? What what do you look forward to the most? I think I'm usually pretty excited like around song three or four, when you like, a sound system seems to be holding together. Ok, I gotta get monitor sound, alright, clearly the banned or happy there chuckling behind me, that's good, maybe Hogan will say something, to me this funny or you get a chance to lake fine
who were adorned with people in the audience who are having a good time or get excited about a certain song and that's come when it gets really fuckin cute linear, like I yeah, that's the great part. For you know if you fuck something up and you laugh about it and everybody else laughs too, and they like it there, therefore They have your back and will. I think I think those moments are better, because if everyone wants to a perfect version of the song. They had the album making here a pervert version of his own issue, but I think the reason that people come out to a show. I think also the reason why it is very difficult to tell about to shoot these types of things because it's such a communal experience and in such an intimate experience, and so, if you fuck something up or if something like. That's your special moment that you guys created as a group
and everyone feels like there are part of the island to give. If I'm thing rang and you and your feelings, I don't give a fuck an Iphone out to check attack sentimental because I'm workin for years on my technique, and I need you to be there with me. You just nickel case fingering? My friend then yelled don't even let that go to air because we're going to jail. No. Why When I don't know what I'm gonna do not lead to make jokes about finger banging. I guess it's. The audiences consensually finger banging me back as I finger rang them so etc. It's a two way isn't here over the room, there's a finger,
dialogue happening. Yes, it's a little bit of you come here and you come here. Our communal fingers gonna make the swaying see. That is the girl. Slants together, yes and then Charette, it's beautiful and then by the end of the show. Just full blown scissor and just full blown you in the audience. Sizzling together, I leave my father's scenes in movies of you know in the orgy where things have happened and for a few hours and everyone's gonna like drinking ebb than hanging around partially this row. What movie is eating all kinds of movies. You don't mean literally you may literally all kinds of movies like the orgy single candidate, alertly out what other orderly work legally, isn't really that movie. I think I noticed that every time and much tighter
like everyone's gonna, worn out there like we're still of the orgy, I think I was watching something a penny dreadful. The other day in everybody was perfectly artfully arranged in the orgy moments like there were stage directors at the orgy Literally their work is its tv show, but you know you actually use a spaniard disbelief that shit and of its fun. I mean for us why I've not seem pretty dreadful and I feel like I should watch, because you know I, like a good anthology show but it is worth watching you like you like an unjust sowing, the evergreen, I don't really care with anyone else, does Even green is so she's, like the she's like this super babe, but she is so Ex excited to be. Like is ugly ass. She can possibly be she's like that me, Sir Darras of Europe she's like I cannot wait to be every character that ever was an scrunch at my face and if.
All over the front of my nightgown like take take me. There will be other thing I like. I need to express and I need to do. It now put some blood improve on my face, Mr Bonde, I think the thing about her that I love the most is that she's at first of all, nominal actress and also fucking crazy. Smart he's crazy, smart yeah, but it is kind of funny because she does just have this this this natural elegance that just task aids off her and I moderated a panel for a movie issues and I think it was the three hundred sequel maybe was at COMECON, and it was just a day. I know that she supermarket is really funny, to hear her say. Well, I mean in reality I'm really just a big nerd, and it is. I think a lot about its are like you are like, even though she might be Teddy little Tier commanding the little dear. Yeah but she's,
good star as a toilet, bull brush in a movie. And come off is a smart, bad, ass doing at length. She just seems like she's she's gonna shit together legs. Doesn't she cares hard, but she's like so be it? Yes, That's it you're good attitude to have. I mean I M only just figuring that out now, instead of getting so caught up in or if I do this What are people gonna and how they are going to affect? Knowing no, hopefully it'll, be fine, these. Are you d? Are you at that point or you always at that point? I myth is weird crossroads: cause I'm forty five, so. And in India taint entertainment industry. So I have to get my picture taken out. Otherwise I would never think about that sort of thing, but I sometimes walk around and I see like airports are great place for this. You see
Ladys who had a lot of cosmetic surgery- and I saw a guy, the other day was obviously getting those like chemical peel burn off treatments that take off pieces, ear, phase kind- and I just it makes me so sad, we'll get because I just feel so depressed and undertake. Third, there is probably nothing. There's nothing wrong with you. The issues that I just. I just hope that I dont go through a thing ever because now I go wild yeah, I'm gonna get older and honest, I'm gonna, look different now, don't especially when guys do it. I don't know. There's this weird thing: where the surgery doesn't even it's not that it makes you look better. It just morphs everyone, these weird animated, fuck dolls like they just that they just gonna, have that weird I want to change my body for each d ever dearer, see that thing where, like DVD, I was watching too
like the one in the morning after some show- and I was I hello, trucker movies, dying, Patrick Swayze, see how you doing, and it was that we be black dog with him Anna Randy Travis, and it was obviously made way before hd, but the channel, I think, is what was at eight. A m c is hd or something so it's like. You could see every little poor on poor, Patrick Swayze, phase and like all the make up over top of it in Randy Travis, is terrible stuck on beard, I know it didn't look like that at the time, because it wasn't broadcasts in age dear something so I'm like. Oh well, that's a bummer alike. Hd for nature shows. But it's not really. Nice people at all, no man, I feel Falcon ripped off that we are now using horrible fluorescent late for everything. I feel I'm pretty young lookin for forty five, but its being stolen from me by the flourish
Fucking closet ball but, unlike you know, I've very clean all these years, it so hard to get so hard when someone watching something in hd and then someone, Slovenia journalistic. Well, you look pretty I it's the I Where is the lighting zip? It hits you at a certain way. It looks like you have more under your, I know, but you then you just sit and then I know I just sound like a complete narcissistic freak weather like birth while ago, yet the lighting in Zambia them all. Would you care that much like? I don't know to me. That's one of the worst things you can because I'm hell I'm fine. I want I'm still fertile in young and Dewey. Another seven, which I really am but an you know Honestly, I don't really care of the rest of the world feels that way. As long as I find one person you think sums, super focus all tell em? Ninety, it's ok, but at the same time like this is in Greece.
In the new like and does anyone like pictures selves. Anyone in the world- maybe probably not. I don't think so, because you always the Good NEWS. Is this whatever you zero on unless you haven't undeveloped, twin sprouting off the side of your head, is probably like. When people look at you when you look at other people, usually just see them as a single image like, whatever you focus on the Mario, like, oh my god. I have this weird thing and everyone's like most of the time: people. Don't they don't notice that shit or they don't really care but what I want to know is why do we need hd for movies that aren't like, because the three hundred pounds more a kind of a fucking falcon. I dont need to see it that way also needed, because there is a real
No, that's exactly what I'm saying Chris! I dont need to see Fucking Bradley Cooper, that's probably in hd. Have our falcon. Could never watch black dog because I know its original form they'd be like. I can see the make up and the beard I know that I dont want to eat Bradley Cooper from here flurry. I don't need a free hand in hd. It is puzzling, but I think I've had three miles this morning and I don't mean that only the very day of the exasperated vowed and I've had three mice. Oh, I was but dab, I'm gorging on mice. I'm just get. I'm just shame. Eating these mice and is it is it is? Are we making television way more crispy than the human eyes he fruitcake football. Note thing: oh you, oh yeah, like forty television acreage like it's just you knew that the rest,
Lucian on. You know, ammonia, this, this camera, it suits. You know it's a fourteen million picnic like I don't, but you can't, but then somebody's twelve and you're, like that's a lot of make upon the twelve year old you make them feel. A weird you know. Well, the kid looks tired. You know we're gonna make em look good for television. It is, I think there are some shows that you know they should just leave alone, but it's because, especially when you buy old movies on Itunes and Erle, let go you could buy this we in hd like, but it wasn't sure do you wonder why? Why wouldn't I just by it in the smaller standard, deaf file size? Why do I need to try to Yes, I know I think, on your computer. I've done that accident live accidently, bought hd and I'm like. I just bought adventure time, two dimensional cards. In hd, like I don't really know what that's going to sharpen up for me between hd billows like it then rather make enemies that you're gonna. You know it's gonna be like a gig sized file,
there, never gonna watch a bigger than those. So it's like it's never gonna be corrupted whatsoever, but I just paid you know twelve dollars more. For that it doesn't make any sense you. I wonder. If there's gonna be a wonder, there's gonna be a point where there's going to be a device for you can t that's almost like an electro magnetic pulse or something that disengage some it turns off. You know. Portable electronic device So when you go to a show, you could turn it on and it would basically like make everyone's. I wonder. People go fucking bananas that happen. If you could, if you could deactivate everyone's devices, but just just during a show, I really want that there has to be something I really want that serve. Somebody could make that his listen. I know I'd be great or if you I also want vampire region where we have a tv show. Where is just like the news, but you can see
everybody's bodies and see their heart, beating and stuff, and I think to myself if I was a falconer vampire which one of these people what they eat? That's a great looks healthiest inside Oh my gosh, who does look healthiest inside you like news people will ex healthiest are just people on tv. I mean I don't know. I feel there are some people who is not about sexy, it's about who looks most nourishing, who yeah, who looks the least like caviar yelling? Haven't you thought that on a plane before, like ok, if we crash who would I because I've? I would feel bad about that. But I don't mind if anyone it's my flash. If I die, I'm pray, I don't smoke or anything. I promise you'd alot of organic tomatoes. I do but I also eat artificially colored sour. Andy when I'm in the wrong mood, so so you'd be Swede, be sweep. I could be a cancer park
Are you sure you don't even know what that sort of the risk? Like look eat me, but at your own risk you know it's up to you, you can have it. I can't guarantee. What's going to happen, I sort of like there's some people that I imagine like you know. I don't think, What are you Charlie rose? I feel like Charlie rose. Be a little cheerio. What, if he's like, brisket? Ah what just delicious little ass, unlike husband, soaking in like Brown sugar and scotch or something and needs just fucking tender and delicious. I don't know, I feel a key be at best. I feel, like he'd, be a mildly flavoured. Pork round I dont know if we will, who would you eat? That's Venus. Let's see it's a really good, action and they can go straight for children first of all. Well, the tender as meat like reveal a veal. If he's cauldron, sure you would
would you would you ones aren't really contributing start with those? You got it. You got us first, the method he's not here anymore work. You never pick up your room tender you don't exist. In other words, still do. I will do it for that. You know, I don't know. Is it the? What I mean you know, would you really? like a like a marbled? You know, would you a girl that was in true grit. She looks like she would be super healthy but in sums are really good actress. I probably wouldn't eater cause she's too valuable, but she she's, like Cobby Child child, made ready to begin personally, I think you'd want to go. I think you'd want to go athletes right because then you to have the most robust everybody says: stringy Lake is because data
everyone animals to get well muscled, oh really yeah, but is that what you're eating yeah? What's to talk of its well nestled? I guess that's true. I don't! I don't with that, but so you wouldn't want to have like shack stakes, because those would be used to the meat would be too tough. That would be. Hearing like killer whale meat or somethin, I just I would just be restored, just be dead, giving a tiger steak, and you just feel like I'm not worthy of this. I can't approach on predator action is fucked up there. There is an amazing picture and read it today of an eighteen foot crocodile who had a both shark in its mouth, and it was funny to see like predator versus predator, but the look the sharks face, and we normally there. They are just sort of like dead I'd, but it it could aid. This tone and the sharks face like what the fuck this can happen, like you, just seem so shy,
but now the other she wants to go down. A crocodile was fucking monstrous monstrous and the shark. Never, I think the shark just didn't understand like this is a thing that I dont Google, unless somebody tells me something like that. But my brain just want me later in the hotel we gonna meet up on this one year are, I think, ok, some still try to think about who I would eat. I think Katy who'd you eat, I'm thinking of actors or news people, you know no, I would do you need someone. You couldn't be better, you just want.
Kill use. One year like I can throw rep like like American and we're off in the London stock. You know what I want to eat the cast a game of thrones to castigate thrones like they do pretty tasty or you need somebody with a really nice skin cause. They're, probably healthy. Did you watch came a thrones beyond say as really nice skin. I bet she would taste pretty good. I think beyond saying Jazzy together would take, would be like a nice course. I think that we really think that we really do have a baby crests, that's my rule! No, I think you know I'm go and then wait what she's a toddler by now. We get that that religious law like they get they become self aware at seven or something you can eat them after there
even after their seven they're, not contributing gander, not contributing. There's a lot, I think, there's a lot of rules that would have to be put in place of the court's would be like our right. You know honestly we're fine with this or, if your taping add one of your shows the autumn adequately. You become food about that rule. Nine only those people know teasing pity suddenly but the real stand or others do you think people in our real stand or uppers like that's where I can. I can see the ghost rascal under them just looking at them in the crowd filming leisurely with their shoulder arms, just lock in place twenty there, like a tv tray uses, no, who I think, would actually be really tasty, who Anderson Cooper, Anderson Cooper,
psyche be really good or legacy. Legged, venison, stew, style kind, o Anderson Cooper Year, Flickr appeal. If you have a smoky flavor with some heritage, peas, yeah in a nice brown sauce fringes finishing off in a nice way. I think that I also thinker Vincent Carter. Who played PETE Campbell in mad men would probably be pretty taste aegis, just nor those just not on the cheek in our ears. He looks like you anticipate corn beef to me. Do you think? So? yeah and corn beef always tastes like you're trying to hide bad me. With another flavour Conner. It's like the argument. Well, I don't have reached chuckled ice cream cause chocolate, masks every bad flavour, o interesting, no offence to the guy ways. Peak ammo cause he's fucking. Well, it's always amazing, but I thought I mean we delicious. I mean earlier in his career, you on the show. I guess he didn't look so corn beef yet ripe,
I was the whole point, as they age demand that he also still at Corned beef, yet out age too, to the make up department at Madman. I have to give them a huge. Could us for that? Yeah? I think that's good, I feel, like maybe there's wonder you know. I think the cast a supernatural be pretty tasty too. You watch supernatural well, Jonah Madman, what it s a fantastic without a doubt the lady glows, her skin is fantastic. Yet without a doubt I mean that would be like you know we wanted. I took my friend Matt for his actually dinner. A bunch of us went to Mastro Stake House in Beverly Hills, either maiden just melt in your mouth. I feel like. That would be the experience. Just
These are all hypotheticals right. Forest Whittaker, scared, fat, man, snakeskin yeah, forest Whittaker would taste delicious. Who else anyone from the avenger is cast even Jimmy, render it tastes, really good, Katie's, Katie's, throne and thrown in the had four Jeremy runner Throat throw rent or on the barbie. You couldn't Terence Howard else. Anyone from the avenger is cast even Jemmy, renovate tastes, really good Katie's Katy thrown in thrown in the hat for Jamie Runner, throw throw runner on the barbie. You couldn't Terence Howard gas turn tenants. Howard would taste good. I don't see any reason why we couldn't wages and we're Beverly leg in the silence who is sitting here with our heads, cocked and our mouths. Just like her the lad. Who would be?
he's gonna, be when I go home tonight, and I see my fiance like honey. Who would you eat and she's not can have any contact for this at all, but I'm sure she's isa. May I just the unique Gonna marry a woman. Doesn't just answer that question right. I think she would just answer the question she would just answer. The question could she's a very much carnivore she very much like meat. Will she answered that question slave, but the ring on it? So I went and now we're back to the answer to the answer I feel like anyone whose still listening to this needs to I've been on the thread on the website and let us know who you think would be delicious this is a matter that others anyone out a sexy question no served us there's not a fetish question it who looks like they have healthy and delicious meat to eat on them and who looks like there. You know, because if you are a small
If you drink too, is just like it's gotta make the mere like. I don't want a hurried, instant and even though I love hurried Indian now, I feel like that would just that would they would just sort of be like eating old continent where it would be like giving a cigarette felt. Maybe I've done by accident. I got a cigarette filtered that way, for it had been smashed under a boot because you could see. The little sidewalk pebbly imprint on those cigarettes but it was in a piece of Peter to utter a word of it was under the cheese. I seriously had it in my mouth. I didn't swallow it. No grow so I feel like I know what it would be like to be served a bit of heritage. Syn now no offense area in San Jose, I think, he's a really great act or two. He is fantastic, not not to put you on the spot, but do do. I look delicious.
I'm weren't tv make up right now. Yeah, but you'd be like having colonel like it's a present so you think I mean Amy, no offense, our game, you got it between like you'd, be between, like cornish game had in pheasant. You know one about here, you're, not as small as the cornish game and that's why I, with pheasant pheasants present, that's a risk. Equitable size, emerald bird? It's a sweet, Paul, yeah, yeah right, comfortable that yet and there really great it eating, ticks if you have a farm other and you need game birds, Seti taxpayer. Do you have friends on your very own, I'm about to Chris. You know very well that that's what I'm? So I am so
I dont know why haven't irrational fear of lime. Disease are just an irrational fear of it. I don't know it well, it's not you. I know a lot of people with lime disease and it's not really irrational, because people get it a lot and it's totally disabling in a lot of ways and ruins people live. Then you may not know you have it for a while and if you can catch it in time they can. You can be ok, but if you don't you just are, but if you I mean, if you don't, there still good treatment there, their treatment options out there but yeah, but I think it's just that being attacked by a tiny invader that you don't art aware of its fucking grows, what it is, but in Vermont they have like a horror movie, oh yeah, I have asked I was looking at scar on my classical yesterday from attack that I got like I don't know two months ago, which happened at LA
sketchy s night of my life at my own house, which I didn't think was possible in my eye Dylan Countryside. I went for a bike, cried and ass. I got this great I'm done cleaning the hay out of the hayloft. I feel all brawny and manly. I'm gonna go for a bike. Rhymes put it over the top lake. Look at those clouds MAX field perish. He wasn't lying with a single stroke of his brush, I'm going out there, so I can happen and I'm letting Lily literally ring attained up unlike fair shorts and fair shoes, and I have the bike, no no light that you didn't herself on her severance. I didn t get it and take a flashlight. I didn t water because I've just come for an hour and I knew I would be back so I went out on this issue by great it and I was already done in those like so beautiful. Still, I'm going to continue
by cried. So I decided to go down this road that I thought I knew, but the road has the same name, both forks, that go in a fork like so you dont know which one you're taking and I'm like. Oh, I know this, and so I ended up like twelve. Miles from my house, and I notice that the they're coming in much like today and I'm like? I don't, really know em and unlike well, I'm not I'm. Just gonna go up to somebody. House and ask, and they'll probably just give me a ride home, because, though, that nice, because people are always worried about you, so ass, some people, knowing Oh, no you, Mr Wurtz, far. Ok, I ride like another six miles and I'm like there's big hills, I'm exhausted mosquitoes or come and which is bad, and I wrote up to the little.
On the edge of the road and there's an old guy in there with what looks like some sort of fire department kind of stuff gone on. So my ok fucking, thank God. I got a real vermonter here They will totally like carry me over their head with a lantern strapped to their forehead and give me a sandwich thy. That's how nice there woke up in the guys. I oh no you're. So far from that town. Guess, Vigo, that way, you could reach the highway footnote by an I'm like holy shit and unlike what How do I do, then, is a go that way go that way. GonNA is getting dark, and so I get on my bike and sad, and I at least know where the truck stop is that I'm going so MIKE, ok and Matt will know where the trucks up is cause pearly. He spent much of his youth near the structure. He would To me up and given me arrived, he would have it if he wasn't here in LOS Angeles. He soon I live. I know early anyway, so I get to the truck stop like
the second I pull up to the Turks up is just done during lightning pouring I'm soaked and basically a nude little claw at this point. I'm like a chicken claw with like kind of exercise, clothes on, and I put my bike behind the fucking eyes, Machine Cosette and have a lock and I walk in, and the fuckin guy. Who sees me every fuckin time I go in there. I MIKE Can I please ask you where's the pay phones, I? Ah they went out with the Dodo those ally, ok, fuck, you man, since I'm standards and freezing as the mayor of Summer session when freezing, but it was like there's only air, fishing in this place, I'm soaking wet, and so you dislike reading his paper like eating candy and others. Like you, fucking asshole, I'm I cannot and I'm centred no cell phone, my roommates gone, his best friend is gone and unlike whose fuck
number two, I now so the story is gonna gonna, wait till I basically what happens is is I'm stand there for a long time, and these two dates from Brooklyn feel sorry for me and the like hey what's going on and unlike just my boy You know I got lost in the night here. Odds did not expect this happen. Guatemala and the like. Well tell you what I mean, did it with my family over here. It's gonna take a while I'll, give you a ride if you're still here, so I'm waiting there and I go to the phone book. I call people's parents on on that. I think I've found in the fund, but nobody answers. The phone anywhere is like ten o clock on a Friday night back, so I stand there for a long time and the guys still does eating Kandian, like whatever I look like some weird
prostitute like all I can see, is like the no lot lizard sign like a flashing on my forehead people are coming and going and licking me like an empty I'm trying to add up how much money have spent at the structure. In my life I can't get any help and then finally, the deeds come out with their family. It's their two brothers. It turned out and the guy's wife hates my fucking guts and she's ok he's a slot you're taking home and he's like we'll be back in a minute. Gonna drop off the wife and the kid and will come get you my great their Otto retailers from Brooklyn and but
These guys are the only be were willing to help me anomaly great. I don't know anything about you, you reek of Cologne and I'm grateful. Thank you. Your wife wants to slip me open with a box knife or whatever, that's ok, so they go, and I can cause he myself in the door- and I I see like this weird. Unlike had I cut myself and I scratch my classical and it was just a tick just living on my boy, Let me say this is fucking great, so then eight so there's the Tec and then they came back and I get in their tiny. Weird, like it's not a see our acts, it's like whatever kind of and furious mobility would have from Brooklyn moving to some weird suburb of a suburb in New Hampshire. So I guess, back seat of the car, I'm shivering. They have the bump in system cranked so- and I think that is trying to set me with his brother in the front seat like so so.
Boyfriend further husband to come pick. You up is like the first question, which so the first thing they do. Is they turn under the dirt roads and I'm like great? I actually do know those roads and so Car Edward. One around really fast and then really slow and then they're getting lost, and luckily I realised that they just wanted to smoke out of their Bonn while driving me and get super wasted, so that was fine. They kept running made us move by tube and they kept. Kennedy and like wolves. So what what about your husband or whatever and the other guys I get my axe, blah blah facebook and if that was the longest river told, but I d get home there. And I we were well. You know what they were so bad, yet so great because they were Only people willing to help me and I felt bad for kind alike, prejudging them like. Ok,
we're gonna dump my body, and you would never. You would never say have you heard of the new pornographers rob you'd? Never nobody will ever know that staff in the EU, We do that. If, if it's your only if, if you're looking for a connection point when we like you wouldn't walk into the trucks, are me like me, go gaze buckskin rather than another but if you're in a dire stating you're trying to connect with someone they might, it might help them understand. It's the thing You know that there are five people in this county and, like you know, I've been here every other daily. Don't act like you, don't know me when I'm freezing and I'm cold. I can't find anyone. You know what I mean come on the Euro zone with those guys don't think I have two you have to No. I have talked to some people are theirs and people I hate, but they don't deserve songs. All right, then that's too much intention. Fine. I hope you cut out most of what I have just said only because I think I just
the most boring started. What was it about? I was very and you make me feel comfortable. Why appreciate that? I was worried that you died in the story. I wanted to make sure you got a whole okay, if you like, I could have done. And start you could have. There was We usually there were many points where you gonna died. Nestorius dudes, they could has been traveling through, will even just getting to that's two regional dry public biking eighteen miles somewhere to mitigate the many points. Many points, and you did you- do the tick check make sure that it wasn't like. Ok, I don't have the balls. I know it we been on me for like two hours, even newer, I've gotten it at that point. They have to be on on like thirty hours or somethin okay. So I I'm worried about it swelled up all weird, but what you gonna do you seem fine, I'm fine sent for me, Peter Brady Voice was puberty, is very
I have this weird disease where I'm going to purely at Rio and again, the columns period every now and again, every now to guys go here, twelve times a year, mercury why're, you know we should probably mention that you have. You have a register. The box at the gas is pick up yes, ideal, which I have your God truck driver, gladiator, Mule Amendment thirteen whom this is your entire solo disagree yap on vinyl up all aid studio. Titles! That's right on. We know it's on venal, it's convenient, there's a book and answer will be another book companies book at a later date that I choose honestly. I I I'm not just saying this, in front of me, and but you are legitimately one of my favorite artists and I everyone when they say
your family, you see me, I know you sometimes like I lit, and every album is like its own experience in its own story- and I know that's what am I supposed to be, but legitimately with you, every album has its own vibe and thing and story in there's got thing too, and I really they are problems that Ike I dont cherry, pick songs. I could listen to them start to finish and each all on the song. I really like the song to submit expanding that could sat way. It's four do not get you more is still well it's just I get most things digitally cassettes. What happens? I live in the middle of nowhere. You know there's not like an independent tickets or next to my house. I I do that
do by vinyl and cities and whatnot when I'm out and about but I'll only get chest do that anymore, either. Yeah I'll I like that she's gonna get a record play like an old Terry record player from my house. Just a citizen have to listen to stir the way that it was intended yet well, I mean it that if we did work really hard to make it sound in a way that you know if you're a stoner with a huge disposable income- and you had an amazing stairs this eminent in seventy five like sound sweeten the Cannes Stereo Imaging would go right through yours, go in and out like a park like pong whose back and forth it would be beautiful, and you know the dude
actually know how to really do that. Shit from that era actually had a lot to do with all these recording, so they know what they're doing, and it will sound good like that. I'm gonna journey time soon. I think what we did show yesterday in San Francisco at the hardly strictly bluegrass Fastin Sore kind of on tour. Hopefully there will be more later by a colleague gonna make another record to, but I have to say I'm talkin about social media and all other stuff, like economists, rare ness and so with the box it I didn't put behind the scenes things so much as just snippets of things again the book. I don't I don't like it when everything is filmed. I don't like it when
every single part of the recordings US processes photographed or filmed her, but I tried to put in lots of things that are like photos or little images that were happening during that time cause. I miss ruinous. Remember when you didn't know everything about artists like were pictures on the records. There were liner notes and there were videos sometimes, but there were still radio. So your imagination. I had so much more to do with what you were listening to and where you got to write the story yeah and you still can what's the songs themselves, but you know it's like the: u, no chance the votes behind the scenes of session of a little behind the scenes, surgeon yeah it's it's kind of overkill, and that is another reason why I don't want people filming the showered. What have you keep a special? It's
that yeah that, in its like, is just not all that interesting and also think that if aliens see the cloud they're just going be like humans, think they just shit gold the most arrogant rays of creatures like. Why would they put all of? Why would they commit all of just as guilty unlike well, I can't I'm really. A great. I can't throw away like the different test runs of how we decided to try a different filters on some photo of. What have you you know like? Oh, but look at the look at the procession or I don't know what that is the shitting gold problem there. I guess we'll me all this zero. You actually had to create.
The look using the world and lighting the masses digital. Yet so it's it's! The virginian furnace from well by canadian AMP blacklisted, the tigers have spoken. Fox confessor brings the flood middle cycle and the worse, the worse things get to her. I further our efforts, more levy, which is what you were the last him you're here. Yes, that was that and then in eighty page, for color tartar few books of not everything but enough cool stuff. Well that that, when I realized that is, there was I had so much stuff. That it wasn't going to fit in that book, so I will make another one as well where there will be more writing in it, which is what I'm kind of work and are now. But then I'm like you're, not a writer dude. You gotta make a record you gotta, so yeah option anxiety come to famine eat a fuckin tomato. I won't. I don't make me like people have pictures of their babies on their farms. I got pictures of me
made us I'm not kidding Cherokee principles, favorite fine, this year. Really so there's a lot of different strains of tomatoes it is all the old heirloom varieties and they just stay so good. Can you just eat? It's him you like an apple, oh yeah, really could just snack. Oh yeah, the flavors are so complex and you know most people I know say that they never had a tomato. They didn T successor foam until they were in their thirties unless they grew up on a farm, As you know, supermarkets meals are just all mealy, read much that you put on a burger. Listen I'm in you I'll come over and have a tomato you're welcome any time. While I mean you had come over. If I have the tomatoes, I guess I got it all that you it's gonna, be about
a more months. You said where's my fuckin tomato. You said now, looking at the tomato it will ripen. Now we have the disease Charlie Rosebush, That was no I'm sure he might taste. Ok, no, no again, I think with him it could be. Like Jerky soaked in train Billy, a g S, Jerky soaked in a dream. Buoy spawned like it was just submerged in dramatic. Barely here I get a little buzz he's. Probably a Charlie rose is probably a dessert meat. I various deserted he's gotta divert red eye. It listen! I want you to come back whenever you want to come back if you're ever Lay in LOS Angeles. Have me back all the time. I promise and never tell a boring story like mere Syria was over. He was a very weak hail of someone who was attacked by Why was I move? We? Are you really going to walk out your front door and totally screw
off over and end up being carve reopen by a couple. Deeds who want to make your skin into. Bar and you never know, but luckily there it is Maybe you want a drink, a couple majority rum balls. Melon balls. Unlike have uncomfortable sex with the public manage room and you could get lime disease. But yeah, but then you also have pneumonia from being soaked in the rain. The jokes on you take. I just gave you HPV like he's giving the take back. It's you, Gimme LIVE Disease, a give you a privy. Take I like that. I also like the story of it You know it was just literally till the last second. I was waving goodbye into my house. He was like it is. Europe is
husband, her boyfriend home, but both of them has Richter above home and they're. Both they ve temper idly I couldn't be all feminist and be like it did. I was just he's he's away, leverage I used to see the way you'll be back. I didn't quite say it like that. Fortunately, he cares to help me with this, packing device that I have in my skin. So all I want right now is a fluffy towel I'll say any Forget it? I just love it. Would you know it's a nice day, I just decided to hear what a great it was majestic out there. It's one of those days were. The intention starts off so good you're like when did this go sideways and for that makes me happy and sit on your fuckin, dick and like making things worse. I just think how long two point six days in the world than unlike her amendment should feel better yeah and then but then I wouldn't did that normally do you cannot maybe
were rude and mean to people like they last about two days in the wild, and that makes me happy instead of going you're, fuckin dick and like making things worse. I just think how two point six days in the wild man, I'm like her and then it makes you feel better
yeah and then, but then I win did that normally do you cannot maybe or the boyscout you think you are so remember the next time you steal someone's cab and they get into it with you. That could be Nikko case and I I might buy you savagely on the face yet and I ve probably will go to jail for it by we're gonna, be the person with the weird you know: Crescent Crescent Moon face scar of perfectly shapes, tiny teeth, courtesy of major case that we like what beautiful, statuesque women, but you on the face I'll just be able to tell by this the shape of the by those are really proof that is those are perfect. Bite marks near those are legitimately perfect by Martin.
You gotta watch or you don't have to do whatever the draining. You know what to do. A great show that I keep telling people about called homicide Hunter homicide Hunter. It's a real! It's a bit its clarity, Laker its cards on investigation discovery. I think we're gonna get him on the pod cast a cop named Joe kinda he's an or even he's probably seventies now, and he was it the homicide. Detective in Colorado springs in the early nineties in the Eightys and Ninetys in it there just all stories about. He saw he sobbed like four hundred homicide. There are so many homicides any solved like four homicides in every episode. He's kind of narrating and end the reenactments are really good, but he's just sort of narrating how he solved the case back in the day, to get your front door and saw the homicide a third paragraph you like I did it,
I am, I really you did it. I think you will enjoy their job homicide hunter, misled Hunter, withdrew, ten a joke hinder. That's, can we make a capture yeah, where we just hang around the office, yup hardworking cave, get without case closed Nick make a cake case. Could never that one rule for wait a minute. What any job you could ever think of someone's name here. They ve never heard of it. No, I didn't. I thought I stump someone the other day upon it and stop someone how of all the things that little kids thank our mean
to call each other. When I was a kid it always was about being gay you're like every single one sure and any name here it was. It was wrong, but that's how it went, but in the old days back in the old back in the seventies value. There is every reason, the nineteen hundreds Iverson Single nineteen hundred square, for I made a joke about our steel player being sold even using high Ludovic something nobody laughs. Words applauding angry yo. I think you're audiences undressed and how fuckin funny you are and if they don't like awaken forgot day, if they don't laugh about his fuckin trench warfare experience and his hide glue skill, they are too. I don't need you much time filming your show
there. I phoned brazilians guys all of you wax go get Brazilians and make selfies just rip out that hair from post about. What's that, what's that grows Englishmen, link from soup to terrorism, ah so gross yeah. I think it's something like that. I don't know what we need to have on your show, who is Sally Thames, make HANS great. I think I think she's a funny as person who's ever lived.
What just maybe I was thought you close your eyes like I saw her yesterday and I think I better, like God, Sally you great design, seen around any. She said, oh god. Yes, I've lost a lot of weight. I hope it's not like a cancer, as you say, the word bergopzoom hope it's not like. I can't We need around the sheriff and encourage those responded. Judge. No, y know are well enough to know that that's pretty hilarious, She probably actually meant it for a second. What did I tell you? no no. I think it's funny you if you respond money might be you know like, and then you walk away now, she's too candy for that. Ok I'll have a candy she's, the funniest personnel have on people. You recommend November thirteenth took up the discography on final. If you want till it's your personal choice,
Yeah! No one's gonna force you, but for now we worked really hard and our work and the mastering we but don't, but don't let that way you got stuff. It does come with the digital download codes to such. If you, if you're one of those people are so weird, he can't take it out the package in use. One look at it, you can sell us into it digitally so you have no fucking excuse, but don't let that way you know, but what its when the terrible salesman from I mean this may be. Who you want? You know, I'm sure, there's other stuff. You could do with that money, but don't worry about it. Just pick it up only if we really want to yeah, but then that would make me want to like ah see she doesn't. Pity by its not that we want it. It's just my life, my life, that I gave you.
So I am child lesson alone on mountain now. You know you have a lot of children. May you ve made you ve, given them. You view music babies. Now my my womb my womb is a dusty haunted. Billiard parlor is for balls now for some reason. I just invasion the games room on the titanic or something at the bottom of the sea, but then it was dusty as trying to make it as bad as I could in my mind. I remember my turn and get flooded yes and it's very desert in there. Just just all those just old spats inside and that's a weird weird opera, gloves and than is currently the shining there yet so anyway by the other. But my room is like it.
Steve, men's room on this in the shining. That's not your next Alan title than you are doing something wrong, because that is preferred Elam title. I think I just a myth. I would like to say at around Cover- no, no, no, no! No! No. You need to make that just for the the market alone, the album are behind. That would be amazing. Second, mother, goddess sn g food. Coming soon to a record player near you, yes and children in hd, empty Fifty S from encroachments Falcons supervision, deodorants, re! Does your falcon feel now leaving noticed tat com.
Does it.
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