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Nick Kroll really just can't get enough of the podcast and returns for a third time! He, Chris and Jonah talk about how he prepared for the James Franco roast, being your own worst critic and his new season of Kroll Show! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Welcome to the nervous podcast number, four, sixty four: why don't? Why am I doing stupid voice Katy? Why did I why? Why can I just say westerners by gossamer, for sixty four, I feel They always start. The podcast, with the same programme announced by Railroad IRA, met, made fun of it before so as to have fun with it a strain of mix it up a little bit. I've I've tried him, except for the listeners China mixed up from my own brain Cato, trying try to mix it up for you because you, so many of these, I think you ve, heard mourners. I guess it. Anyone else like us up. Sometimes you ve, had to listen to the multiple like a couple times to make sure that everything was everything was all levels. Good and excellent for listening, I visited them quite a few tenths ways days. Maybe you should be addressed in the projects. We should dig ran a little bit like what's what's Katy money up to where she from what's her deal, what her aspect
nations. Are you asked me right now? You want a family, the she ate families, the issue. I would actually like. What's your favorite sloppy flavour did she be Harry? Is she a beach person? Orson? Ok, I did nothing another at the second one is orgasm planet leech person. Wow. You are a good alternative to think of other at midnight back on the air we just completed our first. We thank you so much if you watch the shows its my dream job. So I am I'm very river. Excited me back. We back for well supplies watch its money, Thursday, Africa, Baron Comedy Central, midnight hour spawns over this black cats Katy. I M very excited about. I doubly they ve sponsored a podcast before, but I, but I love this company, which is speck. They may cases they make like like phone cases about mobile
these cases and they were one of our Vicksburg. Moreover, for sponsors, for course, the force they made. These really Ghana's, regardless of the force they sort of like the disorder. Look like the the clone surrounding cases doorways and it they named I've and I've met a lot of respect people I brung out with them cs as in seven just like super nerdy deeds, just good good, good people, so the candy shells, the case that you know from speck and they gonna have this long live the machines mentality which advocates for humans to protect, not fear the machines. So we are listen if the machines are going to overtake us anyway, we might as well just we who with them, so that they are not like her. I remember when you were a dick to me when I was just when I was in a non sentence be device, so I guess long lived,
genes and by the way speck? If you got a speck products, dot com, though give you you can get case for pretty much. Anything is accompanying. They make great great great cases, so Galvez Governess Speck today and wrap that puppy and by wrap, I mean put a case and by puppy I mean on your device before you put it in somewhat, he could say, gave it save cavity and keep it on the beach for Gaiety Levine Cato. Beat you beer, beach person. I like the beach I like to look at the water. I don't like getting sand everywhere. I serve south that explain them re thing. You can't surf in a forest. Now I do like. I can't I like the first major accident, which everybody Costa Rica. No, I want, and what are you waiting for its fuckin rainforest? Reinforced forest ocean. I now I need to go you could you could like swing to the canopies and then just like jump onto a surfboard like paddle. Your way out. That sounds like haven't. I think I think the West coast of closer reaches the one you when I why what there was
ask your surfing above the other West Coast. I think, has better searching ennobled done, serve trip there. You go home to the workers, closed. This episode, the Pike Ass, his neck crawl dear friend of our, this is a three peat is the third time Nick was on. The cross shows starts Tuesday January fourteenth and it is on comedy central for eleven weeks from there. I believe at ten thirty p m. So Nick I adore I've done so. Many comedy shows with that guy and hung out with him a lot and he should such
sweetheart a dude can say that about another. Do right, he's a sweetheart, ya, wanna hugging! Every time I see him and on one of the funniest people I know so. I greatly enjoyed chat with Nick Crawl here on the nerves by gas number. Four sixty law, saying at a book, ended with crazy voices. I like it, fits you like about in the beach now sometimes you're real dickie
nervous star com alone across those to the bishop of a star there? Ok! Well, so let's just have a natural chat and then some point you introduce me. What do you want to talk about tiny waters, maybe tie whom thou yeah you a lot on the road that yes out on the road away from other people just out in the middle of the road. Look here here, here's one thing that I would talk about a top. Ok, please, I'm sorry! I Guy probably came in around the same time last year to do to talk up to talk to you guys,
We were talking. I was saying that I thought the Justin Bieber would have a meltdown within like of pretty short amount of time and, like a week later, peat and add a mob bucket. So are you do you bieber psychic ye? I think I'm a little Volga, then after that is when you did the Anne Frank, thank you, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah and then also this past year, he only in horse whorehouse got carried up the great wall of China row up on stage here, God bottled thrown Adam. That's I have, but you know he he brought that punched approach here. You know so much about acute. I have to say I still think the meltdown has not happened yet. I think those are just. These are just like Farmers would then he quit. Then he say he retired. Now really, he said he retired Teddy was gonna retire from music
he's not going to retire from focus on armed tattoos, focus on Usher to focus on Israel of Macaroni his is manager, Scooter Bron is engaged, I want of Hitler's I want to state that I reject this. Inner manners because what we do about this problem here, scooter Braun, I am concocting the affect areas child he is, is beautiful. He we'll just state for a period of fifty two years and then the leaning on his hat was swastika propeller users in the shape of swastika. I'm glad we all now have blown the lid off this yeah yeah, oh yeah, hey, have we.
Did the halves are? Usually, I'm not the one who said that other remote region have. We were where we start again. There are no guy. We swear on this year, Euro, three Peter, to the nurse plaid cats. You were on the first year of the pod castle in your own last year and now you ve come back and it so it's nice to. I imagine, at their progress appearances of really helped elevate. You her career to places that you never had dreamed possible being on upon cast a you know that is literally. Why am I felt by the way it also has the so I thought you were really great on the James Franco. So thank you, which I know it's I've. I haven't watched a roast in really ever and been like a man that was great. I mean I know like the
I remember the old Dean Martin rose. I thought were great that I watch him again. I was like all these are not that great interesting arose. Drunk Yemen is wrong. Kenneth, it's really just super racist, it really yeah and even some of the Vienna more recent ones, always felt kind of awkward and like oh, I think those people really got stung, but this one actually was great. It was really fun and funny, and- and I thought you guys- I phenomena great junk you- you know the better- we were targeted Chrome, until you will all be in the interim here and also in realising its like, they always have the passwords. Like we leave him said women introduced you you're, an ethnic growing old like the people reading
the like description of a pod, Kazi aren't looking to see than other name. That is, I shall die. I asked I tag and enjoy tat controls on all sir. That's where there's like a little bit of a sponsorship written about this by the gases. Nickel and dime he's been ok and dear, like you do like out Baldwin like here's, the thing words like the crew the new companies in early two thousand like a duck. Yeah, and it's like blue train its culture and is playing in the background starting in the alternative policy, led him to marry again in case I got a lot of can't. You see, I'm not saying, She is I'm saying, oh you when you say that I was doing the character. That would say that I wasn't sacred easy on. Chris. Ok he's an act, allies. Acta vines is crime. By pointing that out.
That that be too Novak joke, which was, I just met yet customer S, wife, her. What I can't This was the different pieces of information. You would have to have that. Yeah yeah put it all together, love that I love the Franco rose so o o it was it I felt. Similarly, I went to the I remember going to the Charlie Sheen roast. I went sought and I was like who this is. Really negative via the cigar, real bad vibes. To this whole thing like it's, it's like it's like a NASCAR. It's like watching assets like a truck pour. Some people want to watch like crashes, and it was you known and at the moment like what every save at she was facing. The country but largely rose had become like
people who are like an were relevant and no longer were, and this was an opportunity for them to re, enter the public consciousness and then very funny, people decimating them. And without even really knowing them yeah area and like look just like in Amy and Whitney, unlike are super funny great joke writers performer. So it was that it was fun to watch the equation, but it is a different thing than what I think we all cortical remember from the Dean, Martin Roast, which was like how these guys are all buddies and likely, let's watch them- be racist and homophobic, but it still was. There was a camaraderie there that was kind of fun, and so, when they said Franco's about the Franco Roast, it was like. Oh that would be. If I would ever do a roast. This would be the one just cuz. It was especially when they announced.
I was gonna, be there the M c and that it was like our Rogan, such a good guy, in the tone that he will set, I think we'll be kind of fun and, and so the you know he was, I eat it. They'd reach out of it. You want to do it and I was like I think I do like. I think I wanted to do this. One that would be kind of like everyone felt eleven I was. I knew everyone except for James. He was the only guy, did it now so rough again, I was it would you mind, introduced, ass, I got an email, and so I can have some contact with himself. I e we emailed Rogan put us in touch over email end, and I emailed him- and I was like you want to get together for coffee music I'm in Montreal. But if you want to call it like talk to me all we can talk on the phone and I was like okay, so he was like this. Is my assistance phone, they burn up, no Verna burn up, so I call on
and we get on the phone and then I'm all of them like wait. What am I gonna talk to him about? Like a you know? Also, Three days from now and to do everything in my power to decimate you what's goin on what are you doing too much also weaknesses the ass though he was tenders meat, so he was like he was very nice, but very quiet on the on the phone, which I think now so I'm telling you for like a minute, and unlike has much Isaac, is good. I, like I love my trousers. I am, I guess, cool city, music, ok,. And I'm like they just waiting for you to get to the point I think so and- and so I'm like so I don't know why. I wanted to talk to you and he's like he's like like well, I was like so you know: how did they approach you about it? Did you approached them? He was like day, you know they called,
he's like I've, never seen a roast, and he was. I got pretty stupid of me to do. This I was like no it's in line with your adventurous spirit, which is true. I is annulled try anything kind of guy which are really respect, but the essence. But but I want to be like now. Looking back, I'm like yeah, like Franco, can do whatever he wants his his fleas fuck. It beautiful, wildly handsome have a very different take on the world like the world is working for them. Yet and for good reason, like he's a very handsome, very smart, very hard working, very committed guy, but you know looking back, unlike
yeah, he was a go, so many good arose and they're gonna be like all you're. So good looking and I don't want to drag all you do all the things that you want to do like when they roasted Frank Sinatra: yeah, everyone seem too afraid to really take shots deserves a lot of us like hey frogs fucked like tender this week that your body what a day again, but I wonder, tummy so just I wouldn't we can get back to the breaking of the Franco phone call.
Francophile Montreal God. But so they say you look at someone like like James Franco, and I I think I obviously I think, nonstop about comedy what makes comedy work and why some comics work by some other comics. Don't work and I know he's not a comedian, but he is an essential, and this really has to be funny yet, and so I always think you know, could a guy like Franco work with? Louise act right I mean obviously some of the nuts and bolts would have to change, but part of what can make a comment, I think, is that they're not threatening to the audience in any way right and when Franco walks out he's immediately kind of threatening its people equal fuck that guy's name
problems that might have done is like every person soldier, ass sure, but as a collective audience, people are immediately a little defensive cause. They think like. Oh, that's the he's he has way more than I have right and right. I think you know, and maybe that's why I mean who knows him and he's tried a bunch of. Maybe it's way doesn't necessarily do stand per se, but but I think he I think the key is like. Is that he's proven over and over that he has a sense of humor about himself yap at what Third, as whether it's like come, you know, being on to me, like being a general hospitals, a character, name, Franco people, I always used to say I was like that's fucking cool like that. Like you, don't these hunting himself says that all the people who I am could never do comedy are like musicians who can't like well that such a clause, bunch musicians, wanna, do comedy, I think, but like people who take themselves like he's of fastening workers like actors like actors are so on ironic they have, they got it to stand up. A lot of them would be like here's, here's what
really going on your like it's? I why Russell crows, I'm gonna go. Do the bill Hicks Movie, because he's like yeah Billy, with saying what was going on and he was earnest tat about it. What it s like, I think Jim Barney was earnest. Radio I was not worth starving the momentum for that early hour. They don't know my rose, I don't know who it is earnest, oh all, right unvarnished. What I love that I just said name louder and you like, as you have heard. Ok version of again weight, so earnest is best friend was named Verne yet well see. I tend to think that Verne was just a psychological extension earnest. He was, he basically hit a split personality. Got you gotta governest earn burn I'll okay, so he was talking to himself like poking out
shower acronyms yeah. Basically, I think that the real culprit care, I think verne- is the real guy and earnest as this weird projection, this mental projection of like hey. Why can't you open up and be more fun. Cosette Burne was always shutting windows animal and also the idea that earnest is dead because he wears the same thing every time you mammy that's what he's why, when he died, so maybe Verne or that the other ways. Verne is real and earnest is like the guy owes. You know, that's horsey other, why our as either a ghost or him or immortal projection of variety, I'm getting scared stupid here we should go to camp earnest. Earnest goes to purgatory in which areas in my way was here meet was that an act you mean he was an actor and you know, and they were local commercials. They were like really regional commercial area,
in the MID west in the South cover are highly yeah was first, where might actually be made. Even more was at last seven upper sprite that, where the big commercials he didn't know no, no, he did like there was like a car commercial. I think, like you know others some great kneel down here this formula and then it it's sort of it sort of blew up in the region and then it kind of went national and then he like that character was sort of, like you know, was Ip Herman or any other character, that sort of became bigger than the thing that they were doing and ride him. This kind of cultural, not stigma. No, cultural staple, oh yeah! Behind this me! No, I remembered, I think my first. I feel it was like a like ivory and it was like a fur like seven up or something. Yet it was if this was where was actually pretty far before that, but it was the guy who was the neighbor, and he would always like you know improper ladder up on Alzheimer's window me like I've, earned you gotta go down and then Verne would close the window on his HAL. So would how is he
so I've known you long as area abbot smoker, an avid smoker. I have real big fan of it. Apparently somebody comic books. This guy love Fuckin Candia. Now you love smoking, but cancer was like the trophy that he got from smoking so much that I yet ye at some crazy. That's a glaring, the cable guy. We're just became bigger than whoever that guy's? Does he wasn't? Atomic Sonia Whitney would mean, and it was a dynamic them. It was a character he was doing. Then it just kept. He was just like a regular stand up here and then it is, and I always wonder, cause you ye. I you know, I don't see you do a lot of stand up as unique Crapsey. I've seen you do. I seen you do sustainably Nick. What I've also seen you do from Rees other characters, and I wonder, do you do do you like that? Would you like a character to be bigger than you as a person? Do you like that to have the separation? I think it's I mean. I think I am
I d I used to do a lot. More characters live, and I think we know obviously having my show Allow me to do all those characters and feel fulfilled by them, but I also met at somebody did make it. Decision that I wanted people to. I wanted Nick crawled to be like the care, the guy, who did all of these characters that I could let go to, but also I found especially going on the road Could I didn't want to be relying on doing a character cause like if, like in other, although that was, I think, like the comedy world, I think a fan people fans of comedy of become so much more literate over the last six years, even just from podcast honestly like that you can go anywhere and be like they'll, be like. Oh that's, a character that I heard on the podcast verses, like our I'd, like you to seem to comics and
Now a gentleman in a thong with four paradigms is going to talk about ravens alone. I know it's like it. You, though, that sell the lot like or the like right before the comedy booming. Seventies, early eighties, when people would turn around pack into comedy clubs, and then there were so many Canadians and some guys would just come out. Do these crazy ridiculous care nerves without really explaining it at all, and people were on board. Yes, maybe I think because it was there was enough comedy going around. I think there's enough now, but I also just was like I don't wanna be tightened I d never want to be tied to one character, so it felt like. Oh, if if I am the centre of them and then I can go and do all these different things, I do find like building characters at its useful to perform them
cuz you can see where the last tsar, but I think, podcast in a way. I have also kind of made that not a relevant but have been like you know, I'll, go and do like comedy, bang, bang or something character, and then you can sort of see what people have responded to and be like. O thou worked or or messing around with them lie versus just going straight to filming damned I'm going back a little bit was there was any one. Was everyone? Ok the rose there. Were there any heard feeling you know there were largely ever almost ok, rounded instead, on November. He left right away. Yeah yeah will you I saw Jonah was on the red carpet doing all the interviews beforehand so which the both of you have done. Yeah yeah yeah, I did it for the Joan Rivers rose. I did it for I guess I get, and so it's a bit it was away. Because I sign you- and I was like so nor I was your kind of I was not I did not. I am very glad that, as a part of that experience, but I did not in have fun- I was incredibly nervous about performing
I was somewhat nervous about what people going to say about me or what people weren't going to say about me like an- and I think I said this to you, but it was like almost scarier than what we were to say was to just be ignored. Ryanair because our real there's a real specially without rose where everybody was relish. There was a real like fame ladder of like whose really famous whose end like an end. I didn't mind like, like Natasha, Meda, jokers like like Nicole, your one. And out there and like which I was like. I was ray you not. I M M like Frank who call me a rat faces a great like the jokes and your site hurt my feelings at all. Like I didn't, I didn't mind them, but almost scarier was like being like ignored a man. I'm not his famous are successful, as these people I like their movie stars, appear and I'm like scrapping to be a part of which is true
that was, and that was I think the scariest was like the reality of something like that. In the end, it was totally fine, but actually going back to the character thing was. Originally Isaac will maybe I'll do a character, is all feel more Frida. Just real lay in the people like cause. I I did an old one of the first only rose. Ever did before. That was, like, I think, Paul F Tompkinsville arose that you see being. I did for Greece on that roast and, and it was like it was at you see, it was like it was like, it was like a man and dumb Jimmy Pardo and Patten, and it was really fun cause. I just was for Greece, b as vicious as I wanted to be an like have that rhythm and you can hide behind a character and like- and I was like for this roast- I was like no and I think I think that'll be cheating if I'm like everyone else. If we make not realising like that, I could be my
Health go back stage, but come in and come back alike like hater hater did at em was obviously so funny but Haider. Is not a stand up at all is not a guy who is like bill, hater onstage, a ton but so funny and was able to do- and I was like that, unlike Andy. Sambre did like a bit. You know there are more of a bit which I thought was really funny to me. That to me was a funding about that roses. Everybody did well like everybody killed everybody had there taken their own style anyway. Owners was like the like the baling as a crime. I say anything to your friend and say something horrible out what this is really. I was your background ia and, unlike Natasha with Super funny in Sarawak, refunding ROS. You know Jeff Ross whose, like that's his bread and butter like came up and showed why he is the Fuckin Rose master like he had great jokes. So it was the budget and the just to finish the Franco Ex wife, the
call we fin and he was like. I gonna watch a razor gonna watch and do you have any to recommend- and I was like we're gonna liquid Like you know, you can watch the old dean, Martin rose, which I think is divide their going for with ours or with yours, or you could watch the PAM Anderson Roasted What to see what the modern like monster version of this is tat in his eye. I call and their get a funding, and I saw Rogan the next day and I was like I just I spoke to frankly. Yes rousing it was the most awkward conversation of ever know. I saw like the knight of the roses thousand most awkward conversation. I've ever had a phone rogues. We friends for ten years. I don't think I've ever spoken him on the phone. So whereas it help to me like a power play, I think he's just not a guy not at home phone to and then a enemy
it was like I went home and, like was like TAT, was terrible when I felt terrible about myself that night and my friends were like my from, like, I think you ve just body this morphia here like that, you were great again, there was a girl and then I wash out like all those fire, but it just was this weird can't explain it. It's like it's such a weird negative, not a negative. I because we all are like friendly and respect each other. You know, but you are exposed in a lot of different ways. Yeah you're expose your vulnerable in the sense that people could say stuff that you really actually insecure about sure, but you should be ok with it cause you're up there and it's all just the name of the game. You're also expose in the sense that, if you're not funny, everyone's gonna be like that guy.
Like a funny fuck that guy yellow and then it's gonna, be the thing that everyone talks about Alex days, lay our crawl bomb out round the negative waken yeah yeah, but again, and and on top of that, because it was Franco and because it was all of those folks up there. It felt like this was one that people were going to watch like that, like our world of people who you would want to watch and respect you, we are going to watch this. One they're gonna like tune it like you watch this one like her. You know, like you, wouldn't necessarily you pointed out of you watch like what The one was last year and I remember who it was but like there was something about like arc. Unity was gonna watch it and I didn't want to fuck up our community and, like you know, a couple weeks later, I was somewhere and I'd. I mean a name drop. Your like I met p C Anderson and Adam Sandler, who had both watch the Rosa occasion good job man and I was like cool.
No school. I was comfortable the whole time and I don't want to hear he saw the rose. Look Mendelson. Their hearts or even just like he S. All the rose so what to now, because I knew I keep thinking about that was the first. When I watch righto. Maybe I would do one of these, although I probably wouldn't yeah, but now that I'm in a position where it's likely that comedy central might ask me to do or ensures on point I still can't you know that you do that thing in your programme when you're watching other people. In your like what I have said that you would, I have a different joke. What would I do if I can't help it put your son, and I honestly I just I don't think so. I don't know if I would your mean jokes again: oh I don't like being mean it's a weird thing: it's a really work. Thank you are like we all our mean, or we can be mean, but also like. I think in general, honestly, like comedians free least before my experience, our community is actually a very largely supportive, decent nice group
People like the whole, like idea like mean, like truly mean stuff, like I guess, we're all capable of were all monsters, but I do think like inherently it's, not it's, not our community. To do that really towards utterly like I don't like talking about their comedians. I will never publicly like like talk badly about other comedian, like for instance, who would you not Tucker? Like I don't know, look at you know I got a Jonah rate type wherever I go away. I just I know I kind of feel like that. I would have two approaches from the receiving end. If I were just on a day s- and I knew that shit was coming- that I would either have to try to make his comprehensive list of pious possible of like hears all the that they're, probably gonna, go out tat. The I'd just go, ok or I would have to go in and say it doesn't. I'm just gonna have to
all of it go and whatever it is. You know this is just what they do and then and then just not, and then just not take it that, You just can't yeah yeah. I have tried to press forward and like it was, it was fun and interesting going out like that. It was the fund, as part of it was going out that week before. Unlike as ease and Atocha and Jeff, and Sarah we were all running sets around town and, like you know, as these, in our work, like you know, was women doing Stanhope together, comedy together for like ten year so like it was fun to be out with him and be like and and and also being like. I heard that, since I was gonna, do a joke about Europe in alike, and so an like Aziz does were he's methodically, effective and efficient being, like other gonna, make fun of the fact that, like I said, I was friends, will cognate well I'll, go right, a joke in anticipation of that end, and he was very effective at that, and you know, but you
are anticipating? What's in common to be like I'm gonna have a joke ready for that are not a super, weird Pross or just others. I just feel an arrow go like math. I thought I was gonna yeah yeah, that's like, like you know. Sarah, like Sarah talked afterwards about her. She was bombed, the people's talked about her age and you know, and it was like God, I don't even think that that would be something like she's. So she's got such a good sense. Humor about herself? And but you don't know now, you know what I mean. I don't think she knew that that would hurt her, but you know I think I think that just that to me just says that they don't know her and that that's something that some anything about a who she is right. That's the thing that's like What is one of the most surface then we can talk about it and that's. The thing is like certain jokes: this became the jokes. It is like you know, age of year, like a they'd Franco's,
or sir is older, Natasha, not famous or her nickel said perhaps, but it was, but it was. It was interesting concepts like like I'm. I had a joke, bigger cut about serving older, but it was like. Well, it's a joke about her she's, not old she's, like a beautiful super like hip like youthful person. It's just. I've known about her for many years cause she was on Sunday live like eighteen nineteen years ago, however long ago, like you know like I just but she's, not in any way like, I know think of her as old at all, right, which is one of the reasons you'd make a joke, but but, like you know you we all have our sensitivities. The internet mean that that are we have good basis or no basis. I think I must wonder if it would be an exercise or a bat, like, I hope for Sarah sake, that afterwards she's not we had ever thought about that before now. I have set about that thing. Like I kind of I would hope I would if I were ever to do it, I would sort of
say, like you know, whatever shots, whatever shots I take. Hopefully, when I come out of it I'll be like hey, I survive that wasn't such a big deal, the ivy. Need to be as insecure about. Oh god, I'm shit anymore. You and that's it. That's! The thing is a ghost. I was talking to someone about the other day like if you, if you said the things you say to yourself about other people you'd be like Europe, Fuckin monster God. I you know, I I started laughing because that's funny and at the same time that's a very poignant thing that you just said, because I think particularly I mean most. People are shitty to themselves yeah, but particularly people, and in our view who do what we do, and I don't know, I think it's a very symbiotic role
ship between this profession. Attracts people were predisposed to be a little emotionally broken, and then the structure of the thing itself makes that worse sure doesn't help it. But it's also, I also think, to become successful. You have to be highly self critical because Europe, you have to be proving yourselves to your group and acknowledge that wasn't good like I didn't fuck, and now that, like that, that sat like that's out was in great like verses like Gaza, gay, got some last like real activities, guys plaid towing he is but the, but if we can get some last guys, probably not going home sad right, which is totally
but I'm getting laid his getting us getting spots occasionally when he ain't gonna tv shows that getting ass? I know you're right I but I, but I definitely think there is. There is a difference between self criticism and and and flagellations. Yes, you know. I say this to people says something had do you know in responding with people online about this podcast or anything that I work on earth we work on, and you know what happens lead times. A seminal say something really shitty like in a really mean way and I'll go hey. You know we didn't have to say that that we're going categories is like not to know I'm criticise. If you have constructive criticism, when people actually say hey, look at me. This is an attack, but just for me, as someone who listened to your stuff, I think maybe you could work on doing this.
Try this more! This is my impression is that I was go, my god that is very insightful and shape that now go fuck yourself. He had it and those who go. I thought you'd like prison like into no criticism, is fine, but beating someone in the face is that is, and I think in some people's minds. They think That's criticism, you know, there's just being shitty right, that's what we do to our cell right and so that's why I think it. You have to be careful between being self critical and just like you're, so fuckin stupid. What did you think you could as I do that woman. I was well. How can you make this better right, but I think it's an end. I think it's a it's a constant marriage or the two, but in a way like we have like some of our worst internet common come teachers in our own head, yeah yeah through not only looks like because, like you, can show a picture like you know, you're going, are you agree that picture a fuckin idiot inner, mainly I fuckin double China, piece of fat, fuck and shit.
And then there are no, you look great men like you, like I LE was like. I love this picture. Viewing that Brazil like be kidding me, look at them a nightmare, I'm a human nightmare. I think I think we all have to It would be better if we allowed ourselves the ability to recognise that there is a disparity between what we see, because we are with ourselves every hour of the day and what other people see. Other people's brains cannot process everything we are at once yeah, so they're not gonna, see every day. Like this is weird or my ears. Are this or match in is that people are taken at all and they just look you really quick and God its neck Athos. Jonah I sometimes will look. If I see a picture of you don't like a prospect of a celebrity. That's generally really good. Looking and I'll look at it for little bingo. I wonder if they think that their
looks Y yeah yeah. I wonder if they're like weeded out about yes part of their now yeah course, they'll have their things. Everybody does its wild. It's it's! It's really wild. So too too, just as we continue targets, I think it's interesting stuff, but the end of it Anko thing is again, but the middle of the roast near the end. I was a kid, I hope to him like a commercial breakers like they would come breaks commercial. We don't like. I was taken shape, I'm getting drunk drunken crazy, but I went up to James as a cat has a gun he's like is like us great he's. I know rose. So I didn't know that you guys everyone made fun of each other. I thought I was you guys. We're gonna make fun of me for two hours, so he was like, I think I'm getting out of here as you guys you
knew each other were attacking HIV. I these data, rank. I too pretty for worry. If it happened, it was so it was. That was like also interesting lesson of like oh it's. It is also about expectation of like what, if your expecting the worst, then if you know everybody turns each other part leaves you slightly longer lives great. Did you think about how you were gonna react when people move of you, because, as he went with the slot hands, which is what he does, but yes was interesting to like You are aware, I mean that was the other thing in and I think it's we ve all been in those situations. If you have to do something for the first time, you have to do everything for the first time once so like for me part of what was disconcerting about. It was like reading a teleprompter and being like looking at the camera is the teleprompter, the camera right now or my pretending to look at the audience in an like there. I can see on the corn the monitor now that their cutting to me for reaction, am I reacting.
All those there so many things that you're trying to process at once that it's like and verses, like you know like South or Jonah, who have like down the golden globes or the Oscars and are used to being in a theater of people. Reading a telegram you know like can't I'm just gonna how this fuckin works. I dont know how to do this really, but I live try to react as genuinely as possible. An unjust, laugh, hunted areas are describes. It sounds like it sounds like what it's like to shoot a porn, or Maxine reality out when you, when you're audience member but haven't found there, but at the time you move this over here. This is God This is like a hearing. All the mechanics adds to to basically create what what you know. What is this? The seamless, come here. I've had I've. You know I've shot, not a ton of like make or you're like like sex sexy stuff, and that's what I do Let us not have any sexy I'll, probably got like one and a half hardens shit,
like make out now, is that on our down and a half a wonder if you added up like a little later, so that it is a hard hard on any Chubbs does make a harder I've gotten like hey one full heart, and then like two or three half Chubbs. Look into this, that was the other person aware that there was a. Generally, no, I mean that's. The thing is like you're, not like it, so I mean maybe once or twice I mean there's that famous like hoo hoo Anna, who was quoted like thereby to do sex scene. I came over, who is attributed to like Brando or something like that: music,
sorry for what about to happen or for what is not about two thousand near causes generally frowned upon to look at an actress and go to prosecute wit like you're, not supposed to do that. You not also knows Russia, if you're a hosting. You don't act like myself, because you have a girl once it was about to use a good day player in some show, and she was going to have to make out with legal and the guy comes in orders, and we say hey Peppermint cinnamon me peppermint arson and what you want me to do. Yeah, I'm. So I'm so conscious of trying not to make the woman feel word or like I'm so conscious, like let's make this comfortable and fun, and unlike that, the last thing, on my mind generally, is like we're better fucking. Did you ever wanted to look real yo, adjusted
Tutsi Riyadh as other values like. Are you ready, my dear God, dammit I? That movie holds up gag hundred and ten per bill, Murray, it's are now we just did a lively of that an end. It was it so good. It's so good in it it it. It was rightly watched it and its great, and it really holds up to one on the page. Where did you reported to do a reading of that at lack mother? Jason ripen generally. Doesn't me does a bunch of Irene all of riots, classic movies and then David Wayne did this one like right now Wayne did one and I think patented one, and so wanes favour movies Tutsi, and so he did a live reading of it, and- and I got to do, doesn't I got to read, thou art and it was the one of the most fun things I've ever.
Amidst all the Green Ryanair learner, it's so crazy! It's and it's so, and I heard making that movie that they hated each other city, Pollack and Dustin Hoffman were. Like clashing, constant, really and its? It was such a thing. Is it because in my mind, it's like? Oh the best, our comes out of one everybody collaborating and loving each other in and it's like. No, that move was a nightmare for them to make really. I had no idea. I think it's like manner of someone you just Google, it home, don't press boss, listen, hold me a bygone out. May I make a note to go. Google Sidney, Pollack, Dustin Hoffman beef.
You're more than one made it doesn't happen. Sidney party a party majority voted on, I was gonna, be there was going to be absolutely all apply immediately. I meet a sandwich and it took the theme cafe somewhere. I just a very specific information. This is a bit that was pitched a long time ago. I think it was a milady idea. We were we we pitched too much sketches Chapelle show like we know when they were, they would take submissions and the sketch was called bodies concerned. And who is dislike like, but it was like really Any complaints from party I dislike. Vs Listen to me, man dry. Cleaning is not starched enough. Man shockingly they didn't buy with, though with the gravity exactly at dinner. I like the toast crust
on the outside. Listen to me, Mamma waters are two tiny. This change machine took my dollar still alive Sidney. He is good director of ghost dad relay Bill, Cosby is good for him euros into me. Gulf stand now, you'll go stared, see. I can see right through peanut, Eminem Mama, that almost everybody on board the blue sky, Oh god, I believe and is, in short a cash mister Palmer. Are you angry at? What are you dog is bought or butter singer, yeah. Oh really, I knew already Mona the singer. Was he in a movie or is it a song? The song called bullet the blue sky from
on rattle and how it sees Heaven. This veto use sort of go with the period of his music where it was like. He was really kind of like critical of capitalism. It out is just this it, oh god, I believe innocent shorter, cash when he was talking about televangelist. I guess you're cool like at the end of it all like he's like there's something. Oh you're against capitalism, with your like, I do online mine bono at all? Although I loved the South Park episode with Bottle haven't seen now on I want. I want to spoil it. May I should but yea you should watch its course and they they basically Joe essentially just said the worst thing that you are one of the worst ways that you can t pick person, and it was still hilarious, but I would still like whether one's been over they give the only body or just then he has highlighted is that of all of those kinds of people he has like D he has made a real impact on the world and think in a real way, with like the work in Africa in a row,
Are you like? Oh you're, not just like eyes. I just talk me out. I can say that, like I'll, like yelling linked dogs need see, you know. You're, like I do on this ribbon. Yeah yeah we're raising money for the senior like what about, like the thousands of millions of homeless people in the sky, there now, happily he's gonna one of those yeah so so cruel show is back in a couple days January. Tenth, that's our January! Fourteenth it's every Tuesday and thirty. So when the stairs this words going up to my great so that that advance of ok, a great yeah. It's love, some excitement yeah. So it's yet it's every Tuesday, ten thirty and it's really excited for relax out of is a season three soon to season to season to get started rightness a year ago
this it air yet started. Airing a year ago, like similar, Elect January nineteenth or something, and we were writing season two when it permits, right and then we started shooting in finnish shooting in like June, and we ve been done wrapped, wrapped, wrapped in like like October, so that this will be like watching someone else's show at this plenary is it's kind of. And I got to know because I had that, were you like you know, I guess like midnight is like its issued it and it's been his back and that I get I get. That would cartels you. Why do have grass was is, and this is the end, see the cartoon for like a nine months or a year ago. I totally forgotten and that's how it feels like it's it's Conakry, because I, like I, put the show away. You know when you watch each episode like a hundred times as your editing it and tightening up and so that and then you put it away and now I'm like ree watching stuff as em like you know, getting ready to talk about the show and stuff like that, and an I'm like
I forgot all about all this reason really fun that you can sort of begin to enjoy answer like we're time out of, like you look at yourself like I need to watch my when I edit my stuff. I need to watch it at least two times too before I can give any notes, because the first time all I'm doing is look, you're, fat, fuck and phase out. I look family. I and I turn to cut anything we're only on a look good, but like the first time, I want something I'm just watching myself. I'm not walk I am not watching you, you everything that sort of money that you give yourself a pass to be like our right. Here's where I'm gonna not be focusing on anything relevant right. At least I have to get this out unless I get one out of my system and then I can watch me like cut this cut that everybody else's lines leave my jokes.
Nobody else is a political act that also cut my face. Advocate that allegedly eight it has no one left in the show. I know I know but ere it air, the black, it's brilliant, Ervay laboratory, courier, there's one. No, I think I'm actually. I think I think I'm I'm actually being I'm harder on. Self on jokes of my own than I am on other people, sometimes Rebecca that like cut my job, my job. You know I mean, unlike cause it's you know every bit is like. And John Daily me and Jenny. Slay me John Milady me and Chelsea ready me, and you know I generally have another like a partner, Mehmet, Jasmine Zoo and then there are other pieces but like in general, has been like me. Partnering up with one of my good friends, and I'm I'm usually I'd, I'm like cut my joke here, like malaria, stroked, better like in I like,
dailies take on this or whatever united for the better of the sketch yeah yeah. I think I think it is. I think, I'm ok at being like my jokes on his good here. You know, or is there someone there too sailing now yours jokers Leah, and I need and I had them it's all ends up being all my jokes now I know I have. I luckily have like you know, Johnny Cradle, who directed the show and then John Levin seniors. The show, runner and then are editors. Are and launch unknown and bill bans, and- and- and I have I very much like try to have a conversation with them about it, like we re, there's been one or two tonnes run like no? I want this like this is where I'm putting my foot down, and I want this and you. I know you don't agree with me, but it's it's my name's hominid, but I guess you don't do it all the time and no, I do it very very sparingly because for the most basic, no you ve hired these people to be. Your partners like- or you know
There is a reason for that like theirs it, and and and if you can release that element of it, then your job and life become so much easier that it's not all on you too, to make ever decision good and bad. Oh, I agree, and I also I also just I but- and I also feel like any others a lot of people are funnier than I am, and I am I'm totally fine with that, and I just only you know. As long as the best overall thing gets me up yeah, I can't I don't care who says yeah do who has the thing as long as the thing whatever their services the bed or the comedy out of the moment or the a. I think. So I think that that I think that's what I'm that's. What I am very proud of the show is, I think, like the shows as a whole are like the the best version of the show and it ended in its aim. We now, I think the whole process is very clever. If in it
I can't I can't imagine doing like that. Some of that is out of insecurity being like no enough, not enough for my own, like where I need like daily and Millennium Chelsea and Jenny Slave and Levin scene and cries alone. The editors and the writers that we have like. I can't imagine like I'm too, in secure with my own products to put that out in an argument and and also like, I need to be human other people to have responsibilities and ownership over this, so that it gets done cuz, I can't imagine being the only person is like know this. We need to get you know what I mean like. That seems like a nightmare to me to be like a ay, ay, a soul voice? This didn't work well, use
ed yeah you forest year, then yeah yeah did it that's right. I said it was the idea here is pal. I says it are you. Let me why I believe your fault or you're right? Yes, oh it's that to me it's the collaboration that makes it like a real fun, also really fun thing to do. Well, where you're, like you know what we are shooting, this teaser epochs That's online, all they upset by the where online. If you haven't seen season want, it's all unconscious entered our common and Hulu, but there's it Europe episode that we made like sort of bridging season one and season two, and it was like. I had a bunch of folks, one of the differences between sees what is his into we have a bunch of interviews, sort of on the fly interviews with whoever the guest stars were because I remember with your shows, while it calmly central, wants like to see the behind the scenes of my
same has been, I would say they want to see all of us like playing around with each other. Yet an- and it makes sense cause it's like some of the funds stuff is, is the off the cuff, like Messer and stuff, and so I had like Chelsea Janni Slate daily a man's Lucas all there, and we are all just sort of like you in a way as like interstitial stuff, and- and I was a kid- this is so fucking cool that it's like me with my friends. I truly my fur and who, I think are so funny and the world get in here in like talk about the show we made and talk about the show. That's coming, it's like it just so it's so it's so crazy that we get to doing it so fun really be made its. It was a real moment of like oh, this,
dawn and now, hopefully, will make more. But you know, like you a brief starting the like look back. I'm cats were so lucky, knowing that this is happy a long way from oh hello, yeah. I know it's crazy and saying the same thing you know and also I have two hugely apologise to you, because you gave us a video fret midnight. We couldn't hear it good, we couldn't care because we in the first run of the show, we're like all one way that already be able to get our friends on who can actually be their yeah, whatever reasons yes get them to do some other Iphone and there I checked camera. So we shot a bunch of We started showing them and we realise like at we. I guess we were thinking the way the internet works, like all. You could just put this on Youtube and it would make sense, but what we are finding as we would show these, like, I chatter Iphone videos and because people weren't might properly The live audience could never hear what they relay saying, and so we have this one screen. That's just the left, the podium that was just for So these are celebrity cameo videos and we had it. We had to start-
the only other one we did. Is we actually sent a camera crew to Nick Offer meant is really right. We have to make these people from now on. We should all take some of the charm out of a dinner of well of a little bit, but I mean it it in. In theory, you think it might but actuality, like the the eye, chat, kind of Iphone cameras? They really just don't look is like it. We arrest, the television show is pretty
right yeah that part in the audio like your back here and you care. Yes, it was a huge bombers. I'm sorry you all due to time doing less, but I really really really want you to come. Do I would like to go beyond the hour come here. I would like to add its very exciting to watch your crush. You'll fucking destroyer, it's! It's is fun. It's fund a watch, something like that through to take hold them and work and again I go back to like you. Gotta do something for the first time at sector. Are the things like that you just don't know in season one yeah you're like oh this thing that we like love. The idea in practice just doesn't work yet, and we felt I felt that with Croatia with seasoned Wanda season to you, just like, oh, like we were trying to do like it's gonna be super dance and it's the show, still very dance but was like do you wanna sketches them will do, is longer peaceable due to them and like you want, and then you we watched it, you know is starting to area like oh, like that. Doesnt work right and now like and you get to go, do season
you and your like. Oh now, now like, let's have more like less, it is faster sketches and take that time and like have me talk to like you know, Craig Robinson or Chelsea or Zack or whoever they guessed. You know the guest, our was an end, those home and sort of took that place and I think, makes the show more of a fun hole to watch. You just don't know as you gonna, do your show? You just don't know, that's how that's my fate! That's one of my favorite things, though, as long as you're, given the opportunity to apply the knowledge that you that yes ain t? Yes, but I really I love it's from me- it's the equivalent of taking apart a toaster and figure out how work here you know it's all that didn't ok, great! Well, it suck that we had to lose that thing, but amazing that we now, because I'm sure you ve let colleague what you're saying this really stuff that came up that you never ever would have had any idea like. Oh that's the thing
a working I got em you just and then you can focus on net and then you over focus on a man like you have to think of the earth and cycling sticking a toaster fork and a toaster get electrocuted, but I do think after me. I let I definitely I definitely. There is a process of elimination and it's like for me. It's like putting the puzzled together, that's the fun part of especially at which I was always like, scared of was always like. Well, the editors where I lose power because, like I can control the writing, I control what I say said, but once we get into editing like I'm just and I'm just there he known in, but then now I'm like. No, the edit is another piece of the puzzle or you can just keep working and yet so that's too,
it's running for ten weeks soaring on the fourteenth and then are you on the Re Levin weeks. Actually, eleven we gap are you perform. Are you performing anywhere in it and I was doing the road in November or December, I'm I'm, I'm gonna be New York. Actually, while the show comes out making a movie wham that I that have been put together felucca to couple years ago of, has been a long process but that is me and rose, Berne and Bobby Kind of Ali and its like a dromedary that I'm a certain way ass, I yes, I'm relieved of that's well be doing while the show comes out and then we'll come back I'll. Come back from there and start writing also sees three. Only shall hopefully will get we would script or women picked up officially, but so will start writing it and soon had great congratulation. Thank you. Thank you. Well, it's good to see in it
Thank you for having always enjoy being here. Please convergent everyone sounding a fake conversation. Please do the midnight. Probably I would love to I'm no one's ever said. Like is many times the peoples that we started knows it like a refinery finnish, eventually done that we are endeavouring to show that it can. I can I be myself now did he give you believe I ll sing all that shit about being in secure what fucking joke electoral pussy their media. Like I said I want to make women feel comfortable sexism, a monster just benaco, my dick its terms. What did I do that wider cinnamon dick flavour, jigs labour ya, know what I saw you anyway, which one user the data son, add from the producers of Jersey Shore of essentially done Jersey shore in the south?
redneck yeah yeah yeah, and it's I get I get it. I don't want to begrudge people working and I'm sure, if someone you know someone's name is like. Can you please do a redneck version of this and they were like sure. We did that well, with but the cookie cutter and of it is so like the situation is called Eddie and he's fucking shirt, listen, ripped Benny. Have you re? They make name like common control. I tried a brandy, it's done until we were like. I did you see the emergence of argument, irregularities book really really funny it's no! It's like it seems likely to be done, but it's really radically it's about moms get out good given the use headphones man, man, what a leading
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