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Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead, The Boondock Saints) chats with Chris about how younger they seemed when The Walking Dead first started, how the show and characters have evolved over time and recovering from his accident of being hit by a truck. Norman also talks about what he thinks is important in life, dealing with unruly people online and how he deals with family life and fame!

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between flesh and Mallrats. That is fantastic, so yeah people should go find that if you want to share your thing, events at id ten t dot. Com This episode is a young man by the name of Norman Redis who's on a little show called the walking dead, which is the mid season. Finale is this Sunday at nine pm, followed by followed by see Finale of talking dead it would be the 24th of November If you listen to this after that, then you missed it. But if then go ahead and watch either about those shows and also does a ride on AMC, which is really we find it's essentially like a podcast, but on motorcycles. So I recorded this with Norman. The on in San Diego in July. So when we were comic con in July and San Diego. That's why so here we go. This is the id ten t pen by the way, Norman is just such a sweet dude and
very wise. I don't know if there's real good stuff in here about flexibility and so living life as it comes, and you kind of hear some of the stuff that he went through and you know You told a lot of stories. I've never actually heard before so you know whether or not you are super familiar with walking dead or normal. However, I still think there's something: there's some for you to get out of this as a creative entity. So here's the id ten t podcast one thousand and thirty, two with Mister Norman Ritas initiating id ten t
call yeah Dan folders yeah. Yet, and I've done a few and there's you know, I've become friends with Terry MILES, uses that rabbits, whom he did. You know that podcasts notes for great it's great. It's a guy. It's almost like a stranger things, sort of story, but but like real nerdy like
all about finding clues. Again, that's fantastic! It's awesome! It is there. I mean this. We are in a podcast renaissance, there's literally a podcast for anything anyone. I mean it's the idea that we are so over saturated with great content. I mean it's where there's a glut of good content in our culture. Right now he's he's he has like four five podcasts and he sold for the, television shows like the c one hundred yeah yeah for real. It makes me happy he got in on it like in the beginning and it's his whole living is making Bacha. That's fantastic. I don't think I think technically there was one year and it might have been the first year it might have been first year that walking there was a comic con. I think they let me post that as a podcast that first panel around, which was like my unofficial audition for talking dead. I think no, two thousand and eleven it was that summer. You guys are first, did it are we?
we're doing great it's happening, but I think the thing that's been most fun for me to watch the past eight years. Nine years ten years is in the beginning, used to get super. Service talking in for like up on the panel and then coming on our show and now you're just so like the evolution of the comfort level and this sort of around with the audience and stuff I mean it. Were you not you to doing live stuff before. Was it just kind of a strange thing to do? Yeah I was I was I I don't know, yeah I've. You know what I've always been nervous. Speaking in public, I mean even you know in the classroom, you know and and grade school. I was not the guy race man because he won't talk, but I you know it's. It's. It's it's. I guess just from doing it over and over you know, and and and and kind of it. You know you everywhere you go you're. Just people are on you all the times he I kind of got rid of that shyness. You know I mean what I'm doing
a scene or something I still get a little nervous. When I I don't wanna, I still get nervous but for some reason the comic con world of kind of settled into it. I mean you're. Also they'd love you too. So it's like you're you're, coming into a warm room where you know people, it's not like you're going once a favorite okay, I thought that guy, you know what they are very happy to see you yeah, I you know and, and I and I You know, I daydream a lot so like in the beginning. You know I'd be nervous and I day dreaming of you trying to pay attention. You know and- and I think that that helps me become super nervous. You know that you know it you know how you do it. You start at the end and you kind of work your way down and I'd be like two people away from him, like, oh god, and then the next person to god- oh god- oh god- oh god not just like, maybe I'm sweating and I'm freaking out. But now it's kind of you know I'm just doing right I think helped a bit. You know what that show is basically an outdoor podcast. It is,
because it's likely that the and it's a genius, because the writing arounds of ride. The show is just an excuse to hang out with people and talk to people and get to know people and sort of humanize people yeah I'm on the other end now so, like you know, suppose on it. I could tell he was kind of nervous. You know You know Marilyn Manson and he got over real, quick, but people service. You know now, I'm the one. That's kind of like trying to engage them in conversation, so I get both sides of it so yeah, but I mean in a way you kind of do the same kind of do the same thing exactly, but you do I mean the thing that fascinates me about you is- and I and I suspect, all the stuff that you do most people probably know about it you, like you, have like secret art stuff that you do for yourself. Cuz, I know the charter fee and there's it's did you you paint as well. You know what I used to paint a lot and then I kind of got into
doing sculptures in wood and metal and then I had a little moment with rock and then I kind of ended up. Doing more photography at United Photography in high school? And you know you take the class you're in the dark room and you go to like a cemetery, and you just shoot a cemetery over and over again, but I still do stuff. You know I just had to show in Paris not too long ago. I had one of Barcelona we're putting together one in Tokyo right now, I'm going to do something are basil this year and the head director of the ' Paris Contemporary Photography show that they do every year. The big one sit just sent me a letter and asked me to do that one this year, so so do the art surface of a gallery in New York on Barry and KEN Mayer Collective Hardware and then in what used to happen in New York. Is I had a group of friends that we would we would make?
he's with little films in you know so, and so has a camera so and so has the lights, and you know we would. You know some make masks and do these things. What we make we make these weird little, our phones and stuff, and we would claim around New York an you know that turned into two of my friends who would dj with mexican wrestling masks on and I would wear a panda bear mask and I was pandey to an there was a program that you could do to dj video clips and so what I would do is I have like ten screens in a room. They would dj up there with the mass on over there right next to my computer, and I be shooting different things on these on these things, and we can. I did that for a little while, but the art gallery we, you know the first floor, was gallery the the base. The basement floor was a creature,
shop and we make like a saber tooth tigers for the discovery channel into my gut yeah and then every floor. Above that you know it was like you know. Blown glass is for welding. Is people painting, you know all. It was like a factory that was ideas make a world factory and electronic could phone was in there like a Ronnie used to work with any on the eve came at a big pain on his own. He do like those big Woody, Woodpecker's and right right right, right, right funny, and then that plays you know. I started doing movies and stuff and you know more on a regular basis and. That please kind of turned into a party house like everything in the York does after six months you know I mean so that kind of fell apart a car on fire at one point yeah I do. I am always doubling on and stuff yeah, but that's it. I. I think that kind of, like the devil or is, is a
good, I don't know, what's a good life because you you try something for awhile and you get inspired by something else and each thing kind of bleeds into, accents like and also the crossing platform. Gil sets like things I learned as a painter. I might take into photography and things I once the sculptor I might take a hold of this or that or this and it's so it it becomes. This. Nick Artistic Animal, because of all these weird little fun things that you do along the way it also, I think, helped me get over the fear that you're talking about in the beginning, because whatever your process is to be able to do things in it, it was kind of you know. I I didn't go to school, so I on any of the stuff acting of it, so certain things would trigger certain things in and they all kind of believed together, and it helps me. I think that was kind of my secret crutch. You know I mean that to learn how, to you know certain things would trigger certain other
things, which would give me ideas about other things, and you know it I'd like a. I was in Berlin in which the Berlin Film Festival to get a a rising STAR award like ages ago and the first I get hit by a by the eighteen wheeler, and I you know I haven't Titanium Eyesocket, my I know yeah. It's like like fifteen years ago. So I'm there doing that I get hit by the truck. I go into the hospital Ann right before I got to Berlin, I had to read this article about MILES Davis and Ann. He used to just fuck with me This is get a response rate and this ladies interviewing him is. He has him at dinner, this fancy, restaurant and he's. He says something really crude about about her children because they just to get a rise out of it and he's the fight with his his wife at the time. Bette Davis. Is that some of you know or as a singer, okay she's like because I don't wanna love,
like right on cue from get in that's why I read that I'm in the hospital this friend of mine's directory. He brought me the estimate, Israel Army, so I put. These is alarming, then all on the floor and I would take a little video camera and I video tape camera moves and I wrote a script about being inside the head of MILES Davis. So I snuck out of in n out, send that stuff to a producer in la this friend of mine and yeah. It's not going to hospital two weeks, early, fluellen. Made a movie about being inside that they had a MILES Davis and at the very end of it you kind of go into a reflection of of the sound booth and, like those old blue note album covers, you see the reflection of MILES Davis. That's how you connect to the so I got all the the end of it, and I only thing I did. I was a reflection shot and I go out on Hollywood Boulevard and x we shot at the Roosevelt Hotel in the big.
And I go out there and I like a cigarette and I'm like well, I got everything but this and they do that was supposed to do it didn't show up. So I didn't have my MILES Davis and uh, I like to say that there is a God well. I turn on this. Dude looks just like miles: Davis Ann. I like If I tell you a couple, one hundred and shave your hair back a little bit. Can I just borrow you for like an hour and sure so everything kind of leads into other things like you know it helps to be behind the camera sometimes, and that you know I guess, if your dp or photographer than you know to see the show but to direct these little things and see the nervousness with people and figure out how to talk to them and make them less nervous. I think helps me become less last yeah, but there's also, but there's also the, but there's also the idea of that. You kind of have this safety net, where you know you just kind of know like well
I'm going to try this. If that doesn't work, I'll go, try something else. I'll! Try this like it, doesn't it doesn't, because obviously the acting It's going really well right now, but I'll feel like if you whatever reason didn't if it, if you did be fine, if it feels me like you'll, be if you'd be fine, no matter what and I think number one because that seems to me VR essence. I think that translates into the character of Terrell which is one of the reasons why I think people are so drawn to him because it feels like He's gonna be okay, and but I and I think that comes from you- it's clear that you have that in you. I think you know I I think I mean at least for me the key if you're open the just whatever is going to happen, you're going to make it work like you know, be nervous, if this doesn't look right and you're like the camera, people are going to make you look cool, you know, but if you're open to think you know, like the very first day of walking dead episode. Three that I was on,
I don't know how it's going to play this character. I didn't know. I had an idea just being a nasty redneck, dude and- and I didn't know the depths of that the first seen a man was second scene. You know I go to you know or I'm like, like Meryl get down here, I'm going to still up these squirrels right and I'm like super fucking nervous and you know, Andy on and Serra and all of them have books had become really good friends already you know and they they were doing press together and stuff and then I was like the new guy and was super fucking nervous and I have to these crazy lines, swing and strings of squirrels, and I'm like I'm like you know what the and I was I had such a. I was so nervous, but you know I I walk away for group and then I turn around and I start to confront Andy and I see all their faces and they're all fucking
judge me, amazing with you, and I was like a a chip on his shoulder, so I was like you know I just it like that, and then I slowly found at least the first half of what we've done. That way. You know just being open or whatever going to happen happen here. An that happened found that and then, as a group. You know Andy and John, when they're figuring things out trying to figure out this goes, I goes they would stop. They would look at me and include me in the conversation, after a little while and I sort of ran with it yeah, so it kind of naturally developed, which is reflected in the character, which is that he's slowly was accepted over time. I mean it's so funny to me that the show was going on for so long. It's like oh yes, season to Darryl was different. I mean it's old of us we all looked like were twelve oh yeah. We were very much adults at the time, but we all we all just look like. We were twelve, it's so funny. How long
that has been going on the ball and it Naturally goes that way, you know the as new choose come on sometime, I'm, I'm the guy on the show that they go well. If you accept his character, the audience will accept this character and you like it did with cutlets they've done it with you. People and. And it it'll be, it won't go in line with what we're talking about. It won't go systematically from the first episode to where we're at it'll be out of character. For me to do that, you know and sometimes I have to do that, but eventually it always kind of find its footing does relationships it's it's. It's still don't want to gloss over the fact that you got hit by a truck. You were in a hospital. They put a plate in your face. You know my brother because you said you'll be fine. Doing other are working and I was
You were in that situation. Yes, because you, because I know you were you were modeling at the time I did a product campaign user product campaign in Boondock. Saints by that point was like five or six years old and everyone loved movie in the end. So I understand why you were there. I mean just the juxtaposition Are there to get a rising star award and you get hit by a truck and then is it? It. You must have had the You must have had to go through like what the is going to do like is everything ruins everything gone, everything that I've worked for. It was just starting to work out its lost, I'm never going to work again it you know. I mean I looks like my face like hamburger for a long time. You know they would have point they would. They would put me in a hotel across the street. You know because I was in the hospital for ever and they put me there in a nurse would come and check on me every day and I'd answer the door, and I could tell by her face looking at me if I was getting better, you know and
'cause she likes. You know like literally looking at me like. I was a hunchback or something in an, but you know it all kind of works itself out. The craziest part about. That, too, is. I was supposed to go back to you know after the concert I was supposed to where I was going, was back to the hotel to meet a directory from Denmark Ann. No, you know obviously never made it back to the hotel, an. While I'm in the hotel that I'm talking about across from the hospital I started answering emails. You know an she's emailing me. I was present supposed to meet you you know, you know on morphine and all this stuff in my emails are just ridiculous and she making a movie called meet me in Berlin, a short film about never meeting me in Berlin, an it played at the danish film,
it's so there's a movie about that that happened. That way, in a severe we'll. Yet no, but that's, but what you're describing between that and setting up the army men in making the thing in bailing out of the hospital two weeks early, which was a an insane thing to do, would I would I would be I would and asked to stay longer, like I'm sure I can leave. Are you sure I can make it? I should stay? No one spoke spoke, English. I was kind of losing my mind. You know between what between that she made me think you're doing you're, essentially talking about taking horror cool things and making art with them. If you look at my art, it looks like that. It looks like you know I like to find The pretty in the ugly you know I like I, I make pretty things out of grotesque images. And a lot of people have said that to me you know in the goes to my first photography book. You know I had people Kim Gordon
Debbie Harry Anti, Lincoln, did it I maybe going to toward it with. I have all these intro is in there and they're all kind of saying that, like you, you you take the grotesque in you, make a beautiful and out of it, so it will take the realism is doing really to be honest, but they it. You know a if you're open to whatever is going to come with you can it just sort of settles by itself, which is a very hard thing for a lot of people to do, because you know we want to feel safe and being able to kind of control your environment and try to control outcomes. That is at least a perceived level of safety. I mean, I think, of course it's an illusion that nothing is really nothing is very few things are certain certain, and so if you know what you're about, is essentially moving with life and just sort of riding the wave of it, and I I think that's I mean really,
the best way to live, but if you can figure it out, but it is hard to let that go because you know you you want to be prepared. Oh my god. If something goes on it's like earthquake, oh there's give me earthquake. Ok, let's go get office boxes will get all these food will get all this water we get. But again you can only be so prepared for everything. So at what point do you just sort of let go and just and you know, live like I mean I mean I left home and uh. I left almost twelve, so you don't do that 'cause! I it's a long story, but the I ended up in an apartment complex playing tennis with my friends, mother who was a big tennis player, but I would go over there and get food. Sometimes you sneakers in you know That's where the food was. It was my friends House Ann, the mom kind of adopted me 'cause. You know I was just roaming the streets and she taught me how to play tennis, and I got really good at tennis
and I played a tennis tournament and won the tennis tournament, and I would just I just not to show the ball that it's already get alone, not to sure of it, and I got really good and a tennis coach came is like it, you know and try to eat it. Tell me when you take me and train me and take me like voluntary: isn't John New comes in these schools for tennis and I was like why you gotta talk to my mom and he showed up and at the time the living arrangement wasn't so great. So she was like you should go and like what she's? Let me go so your mom did or the adopted mom. My mom did my room. So, but that's why I played tennis was the adopted one sure, but we were in adoption. Just my friends, mother and your mom thought it's better for to have take this opportunity than to stay here. It was it was. There was a physical situation. That was like sure I,
it was just like you should go. I think what the fuck, but I kind of, went with it and it turned into this and turn to that and an I think because I started out, like I don't know, what's around the corner. Where am I going? What am I doing like in just let you know I never plan on being an actor. I you know, I would. Never thought? I was good enough at painting or Haga fee or anything like that. I just like doing it, so I just did it and You know. I know how to I know how to live very you know what I mean. I know how to make a box of like last a long time you know right. So if it wasn't like, I was asking for much. You know I wasn't trying to get to the top of the mountain I was just trying to like. You know walk around it you know: we're going to take another quick break to think another one of our sponsors better help. So is there's something that interferes with your happiness or maybe is preventing you from achieving your goals. Well, better, online counseling is there for you, they're going to be able to help you get
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You know four pairs of dirty underwear in three pairs of dirty socks and I'm covered in dust 'cause. It's dirt bikes, all through Costa Rica and no time to do anything except make this plane. So I'm filthy, like there's dirt all over me and I'm just I'm uh, some horrible, I'm sitting on this plane- and there was this guy sitting next to me. He's. Probably sixty five and he's got shorts on in these kind of looking at me, and I can tell you know, he's he's not like me. So people going up and down the plan, he can get an autograph, and so it is, it can get a picture in is happening for an hour write an finally leans over and he goes he was. Who are you and I said I wanted tv show, that's what that is, and we start talking for minute and I'm like what
you. He was I own one of the largest fortune, five hundred companies in the world, and I was like oh man. He said he goes, it doesn't matter. He says his mom dies right and he's on her deathbed and she says: please do me a favor run away and he did it doesn't, She means, but he's in trying to be. There is a young at this point. Is he no? No? This was this was ten months ago. Oh, my god, and then his wife died like seven months ago and when his wife died, he realize what his mom said, because you know he goes home and when there you know they, I guess maybe they talked about it, but he tells you. People with this company like to. Can you guys take care company want to leave for awhile and for seven once this guy has been like. My name is so and so and there, like you, know what you should go to Bolivia and he's like, ok and you'll just go to Bolivia.
And he was on his way to Uruguay. He said he had just left chili Ann. He was out of nowhere and there's an intersection and he's looking around there's no one for miles and he takes out his phone and he puts on a prince song. He puts it up on the crosswalk thing and just starts dancing like crazy, like no ones around just dancing like crazy he's telling the story he goes. He looks me right in the eyes of yours. You know I've worked my entire life to be successful and make a lot of money, and it's just it's been nonstop. He goes. I've wasted my whole life and he's like if I knew now. If I knew then what I know now, because I wasted my whole life, he was I've all of this and I wasted it Ann that dude he was like. He was standing. Tell me stuff like he was a little kid. You know like that. You can get trapped up with like trying to get to the top of the mountain and it's like
in the you know it. It can wear you down to make you nervous about everything, but he was happy. He was happier now than I think he was two years ago. Well sure, because he's there there's that thing where you know we can attach identity so much to our ambitions in and that's really dangerous, because your ambitions are generally tied to external things that you not only have control but also aren't really innately, who you are you're. Just That you want yeah, but then those things can go away. Winds, change, ships, there's earthquakes, there's this there's that things fall away, things change you know, and then, if you guys attach that, then your funky farms and it sounds like he and thankfully he realized this before he was on his own death bed, that there's really something about being a citizen of life about living life rather than put off the living of life to acquire things that you think are it's just like that, here it is always out there it's never going to be enough. Never
to be enough until you, you know let it all go and focus It's like watching a concert through your Iphone over here, so that Impose the concert, hey, you're, not watching, and then you're not gonna, go back and watch it on your phone later anyway, yeah really, is you know the yeah? You you hear that this book called the book of letters It sounds familiar. What is it that it's just letters but there's one of the letters about Nick Cave Nikki writes a letter that he's about to win like an MTV. You know recording artist of the year or something, and he writes a letter to them saying I can't accept the award I feel like if I accept the award, my muse will leave me. You know I mean so it's it's. It's that sort of doing a do. You know if you do it because you want to do it, you don't do it to win the right yeah. I wonder I mean there must I can understand. I mean I definitely come Then that I also wonder, like you know,
is there? Is there a happy medium somewhere where it's like you know, you can show you can allow yourself, maybe and maybe it's for other people, maybe it's just so that they can say: hey thanks, hey. We appreciate what you're doing If somehow you are able to still separate yourself. You know your real self from there. You still can remain intact, and this is kind of reminds me about how Andy Lincoln would never watch the show 'cause. He didn't want his performance affected. Did he watch it he's he's gotta couple things slip every once in awhile. He goes. You know that scene last night, I'm like what are you talking about 'cause? I know you don't remember that scene from six months ago. You know I never push them. You know what I mean I mean. I know probably Gail watched a lot of it and told him exactly what happened, but he might. He might have snuck in the room once or twice. Watch now, maybe maybe I'll watch now, but I do think it's figuring
I live in the present figuring out how to simplify figuring out how to you know not focus too much on the past, not be weighed down by the past and not be by the future is a real. You know it's a real skill and it sounds like you were. It sounds like you, natural. Evolve. That way, because you had to you know that I was curious or maybe It was right on the corner. You have, but you know it's it's it's it's if all you know like, I wish I never read a comment section of anything in on the internet. You shiver I gotta tell you like you know, I got into a trap of that. Published seasons ago and like what the you know they. What is wrong with you? You know they, You know it's like that. Jane's addiction song in very goes. If you got some big bucking singer, won't you sing me something you know like I was like
I used parts of the internet in parts of people hiding behind anonymous posts that are just nasty that I got wrapped up into for a second, and I was like. Oh my god, you know they're, like you know whether it be something physical or their. You know they'll attack somebody that you're with or they'll just be they'll just hate hate hate on, thing and you're, like my god, what's wrong with you, I mean it's one thing like listen everyone's allowed to criticize handle like this thing. I don't like that thing. I you know even they had a I. I didn't really understand a performance it in like a performance. Fine, that's your opinion, but when it gets a like your sucking piece of shit and you should choke on a turd in Fuch, often anyone in your family should die and then it's like. Ok, well, that's different! That's not watch the show or not watch it.
Why do you need to tell me your opinion on why that why that arrow hit the tree and not the bush like? Why do I need to know you know what I mean like literally I'm, not even asking for your opinion. I'll do my thing, you do your thing either watch it or don't you know, but what I'm saying is like that flow of letting things happen in being open to it. You know Also not reading comments and I'm like look listening to these opinions, and I'm like I had to like this physically, take the computer and for road across the room and get back flo thing in because it's much more fun well, yeah, and also I mean it is it's just it's just part of the. Package, I mean you know like the Good NEWS is that I think sometimes people get will angry about walking dead, ticular or any our game of thrones or whatever. It is because I care so much and it becomes a part of them so like they really it. It becomes like a
their family and so when it when it doesn't and you know when the arrow lands in the Bush and not in the tree or whatever, but it's a land in the tree or vice versa- then it personally offended, because it's so much a part of who they are and the good the positive thing about that is like they love to show like they're attached to the show. You know it's just it's unfortunate that sometime it's expressed in a way that can be very toxic, but it, but again I mean it's smart to be some people just live in that space and they just it's like. I got gotta everybody back over. I got understand it's like you're. Never going to you know it's like let people have their opinions, you don't have to engage in it. It doesn't have to. You know, like just live your life. You know, you know it came as I wanted to do in your own. I'm like taxi driver like what
why the mohawk the Mohawk I mean nobody has a mohawk anymore, like he be like what the is your problem, and you know if your stand, I love that character so much and he should have had a strong say. You sure wouldn't hear you talking to me feeling you know you can watch a David Lynch Movie, like literally a must. There must be so much criticism and that. It doesn't seem to bother David Lynch ones like he's doing his own thing, except for what we want. What David Lynch a particular is like a master of transit on meditation and has been for you know fifty years, and so he was, you know, I'm sending some cement and I'm gonna do that. I recommend if you do it, I've been doing it for like a year and a half, and it's great I mean it's really great. The thing that I can tell you about it and I think the reason that you would really love it is that you know, especially because you just hearing about like all these are. Gallery stuff that you're doing and then you're shooting ride and then you're shooting walking dead, and you know
and you have a new baby and you also have a son who's like twenty, you know it the more we take on much like the fortune. Five hundred guy he's, Prime Minister, because he had no space in his life yeah and what t m helps to create is space between you and the world so that you don't always feel like this raw nerve being telling me that they did have someone about whether a bell, but across into a bush or tree you would that you would be able to it's. Like that scene they're in there in the first same rainy, spider man where Flash Thompson goes to punch him and then he kind of stops and look that going by he's in like Spiderman time, it's very similar that. Were you like, rather than you, you you allows you the ability to respond rather than react, which is you know,
that would imply some jack and coffee and I'm super jet lagged at the moment. So maybe that is not really, but I honestly think, but I honestly think that you know that was such a powerful experience to talk to this guy Ok, this this guy who thinks he and again again, that's also subjective. Did he waste his life? Who knows if he hadn't you know like he could have, have younger, but then would you appreciate it as much now? He really appreciates it because he, you know, unfortunately had to suffer through Lawson, had to suffer through the misery. The responsibility of he was enjoying he was enjoying letting it happen right. You know he never did. I mean, like the best motor. All rights are not like. I'm gonna go down there and call me back on Tuesday. It's literally like let's just go west and not having a schedule, but those are the best one and be open to whatever. Whatever you find them, I mean it. What are you doing to pass the
time when you're sitting in a hotel in Germany when your face is all carved up, I mean, are you before you start setting up army men and making a movie. Are you. Is watching tv. All the time are you writing. Are you trying to photograph or you going out in public or you just basically like imprisoned in this hospital? I was just freaking out I was I was laying in bed and you know if you're they have you hooked up to everything she just kind of like you're sort of in a vegetative state the whole time. But when I started to walk around- and I can look myself in the mirror- and I was like- oh my god, what am I going to do? I went to a little panic thing and then started to make things with my hands. You know like I'm started some to pick things up, as are to move things start to think of things other than myself and that turned into that, and all that was that was a very powerful sentence that I don't want
people to lose. You started thinking about things other than yourself. That's exactly it yeah! That's it. I think. That's exactly! Maybe what that guy was experiencing too. He was experiencing the world, so he wasn't just yeah. We get so up we're just focused on ourselves. Yeah, it's a dangerous place to be there. Yeah did having your first that that give you some like life, is really about this, and did that change your perspective on what was or what was sort of the? How do you feel, like you grew from Mingus verses, the new, the new Chai
It's you know it's similar in it's very different. The you know Magus when he was really little was already on a path like he was a. He was a smart kid like he would. He would do things he would take like boxes of little animals little twenty Twen animals. He would put him in a line all the way around snaking around the room, and if you, if you moves like the giraffe to the left or we swapped it with the panda bear. He would come in and knows who move that you like? How do you even know that that is moved? You know I mean you know what I mean like he would do so I knew he was on the path. So you know you know I'm I'm I used to I used to take like that gallery. I was talking about he's done
with the we did a show we put on the artwork for one of Heidi Klum's. First Halloween bash is in New York eight. So we had artists around the clock. Making things to put in this in this Halloween Party right and I had ordered these these bugs that were what it is I made it. I made a giant like nine foot, Plexiglas Box in made an eight pound, polyurethane foam life size statue of myself painted it blue in my underwear holding a knife and the thing was, I was going to fill it full of flies and have microphones in there and speakers on the ads. You know the fly. Larva ended up melting 'cause. I in Mingus is asleep right here and he wakes me up. 'cause I put in front of the heater I was like. I don't have time for this fuckin' hatch and for some reason I thought. Maybe it would. The process and not do any damage, but he wakes millwright, daddy,
smells in here? You know, and I made love soup. I had to replace those bugs with a different bug but and then doing with rats Mingus and I go to all the because you know around the city and jumping out of the car. We borrow card jumping around doing of the dash when he's diving from the backseat let me get the rats, you know, and you know he He was always around that, so with him being the type of kitty was this type of personality he just wanted to be there around, you know, if I'm doing stuff, he's doing stuff and he's helping me make things, and you know so. I just them in my life is what I was doing. I you know money and stuff like that. I didn't have as much then as I do now with this new baby. So I wasn't worried about it, but but you know I have a nanny
I travel with an air it's different now, but the little girl thing is different because you, you know it's like it's, you want to protect it in a different way. Is a big yeah. I mean I'm she's having wrapped around her finger, make. I was like: let's go, let's do stuff and of course he had me wrapped around his finger, but it just Mingus I knew he was going to be. Okay, I knew he was he could handle it. He was like that with the little girl you're like if you just want to put it like a big golden wall around around nobody hurt her. If you know it's a different vibe in a different time in my life, and you know. The partners are different. Are people are different, the times the different so there, so they were very, very different and once a boy once it's it's different in
Mingus and her get along great. I mean they little he's so fascinated with her and when you know whenever he the chance he's over like holding her playing with it like it's. It's really beautiful! it's he's going to protect. You know, you know it's really really solid combination of it. Do you still feel do you still feel like you're able to live open or did this might be a weird question, or do you feel a little imprison? my success in a weird sort of way. Do you feel, like I always know, I got to show up at this time. I just that you might my next year's planned out. I'm gonna be here this time here this time. This time is that if, if you live kind of really life, where you have a little more of a transient vibe? now. You do have a lot of material things that you probably is young actor like. I want to work and I wanted it, but it is there a part of it that feels a little constructive. No, it's just different
I was doing what I wanted to do. While Mingus was a kid I was always busy and I was I was under always under a deadline. It's like you know. I wasn't sitting around playing with paints, and so I would do a show like ten about putting the show together with that we have that showed we had in a week. There was always a deadline for what we were doing. And there wasn't. You know some money really going into my pocket. Not really but I was doing what I wanted to do this with the baby girl she comes. She's she's on set right now, with with Diane and in Europe. And I just left there yesterday. So you know all live together in Georgia. The nanny Is there we all live together in New York than any has our own. We travel as a pack, you know so it's it's just different. It's an it's it's not harder. It's not.
It's tonight everything in anyway. It's just a different mode. Yeah, which I will see the the fame thing is different because you know weird Didn't want pictures of the little girl all over the place we weren't going to put it on Instagram we weren't going to it was like our thing. It was like we wanted to protect her in Mingus when he was, younger not at that age. Of course, but you know I mean I would I would get threats about how it was going to hurt Mingus like season two of ourselves. Like God, you know I would you know how you get to Norman. You get to his son. It was constantly like? Oh my god? Oh my god, oh my god, an I didn't
to do that with her. You know- and you know it's those it's those those internet. People like you know and that's not his baby and media. It's just writing stupid, you know and they call the pot paparazzi whenever they go. It's ridiculous right. You know and I I do there is that element to it now, where there's photographers and you know across the street like all day long so there's you know in New York, specially there's there literally camped out in her house all day every day, and you know. If you don't hide the baby in the stroller, with the thing down over her face someone's going to go, always parading, like around, but you don't want to have to live like that. So you, you kind of figure out how to
good and live your life. The way you want to live it and and be happy about it, but not being supportive and not have the people. You know we're going to say shady stuff bother you it's the little bit different yeah I wasn't famous would make. Is you know I mean I was just this weird New York it in us making is things, but you know not like now, not not after work and I'm going to take a short break to thank our sponsor for this episode policy. Genius tis the season to elect benefits through your workplace. Now most people in open enrollment is decision time for health care coverage, but it's also the perfect moment reassess your life insurance needs, and that is where policy genius can help, because easy way to shop for a life insurance plan. That's not tide to your job. In it's you can compare, quotes from top insurers to find your best price and then once you apply policy genius, will then handle all the paperwork in the red tape. So you do not have to do that. The life
policy genius stays with you If you leave your job and policy genius, doesn't just make it easy to get life insurance, they can also help you find the right home and auto insurance and disability insurance as well. So, you're looking at your workplace benefits this month, make sure to double check your life insurance options then policygenius dot com to get quotes an apply in minutes policy genius the easy way to compare an buy life insurance, I mean. Is it? Do you ever envision a time where someday you're going to go? You know, I'm. They go live in some rural area every day, every fucking day, yeah, Thank you right now. Is it a farm is a cabin? Isn't it what what kind of lifestyle I get my jungle spot I go to in Costa Rica. That's literally for that purpose. I have an upstate place that you know and I buy go hide in, but you know
it. You know it's, it's I ago, when I was in high school, was to just live in a house in the woods by myself, with a bunch of cats and make art that was like my goal You know that's who I wanted to be some. Shuffle circle, I might end up doing that. You know. And do you see it as photography? Do you see the sculpture? Do you see? It is just like anything that just goes right. You yeah, you know um, You know, and I and my tastes change all the time in on it? It's it's all kind of connected. You know, but you know I mean you know my schedule like I'm literally I'm in an airport all the time an and that hustle that hustle, like I wouldn't mind, winding down, maybe I'll, be on the producing side or something maybe I'll. You know stay over here and over there, that you don't spend the thing.
You know when I did walking dead? I was constantly in Georgia and I was like racing back to New York to hang out with me, and then I have an hour off. I'm racing riding with me is like I don't want to do that again with the new baby. I don't I don't. I want them there yeah and if Diane's doing a movie, like mind going for a month in just walking around a foreign country like I I does not bother me back out. I I'm not I'm not. You know that. I'm not crazy, like that. I can find something to do and be happy doing it, but I don't want to be away from my cake. I don't miss any time right in right and I think that's what happens as we start to get older, that we really do understand and it soon aren't that we're pretty close and we're pretty close in age. Is that
You you know you just kind of like oh yeah. Time goes fast, it's already mid, two thousand and nineteen. How funny that happened July, where at comic con right now like how did this happen? It's going to be false soon, and it's going to be Christmas, like I'm already making plans for Christmas Christmas, two thousand and nineteen, it feels like two thousand and eighteen just started it, and it's going by quickly. It is going by quickly. So you just it's like it just kind of feels like this, the little heel that you got a time is that you just got it like figure out how to graph and write up a and right along with, rather than just watching him watching it fly by you can't buy time. You know I mean they, it's it's. It's the most important thing you have this time. I wonder, did you happen to trade information with that guy, the fortune five hundred guy? No, not even a small company. He I didn't ask him, I I was just gonna, let him keep doing. Just be so interesting to find out like what eventually, if he decides
go back to work or just bail out and continue being a wanderer to just experience the world yeah. I'm is it me, maybe name, sir. It's Chris Secretario. This one want to any this morning and I and I was like- It's so weird that you're not here as I I miss charging all my incidentals on your he goes. He goes as well. You know that's the sole reason why I left yet. Yes, it was in a way, I landed Paris LA and I'm at a hotel- and I have a meeting at breakfast meeting in the next morning. I walked downstairs like half awake and burn fall, runs up and gives me a hug and I'm like wow. What are you doing here and he's like
in a direct about a film. I just I stood straight up and walked away from him. You know it's it's so nice to see all those days like you know, John. I talk all the time in any. I talked to Steven and you know, and it's it's been, what a wild ride on the show going from that and be one of the last people. Last this long. It's such a trip. I have to tell you- and I and I love the fact that you know in our can see my hair get gray on my chin throughout the years like can see the character evolve and of into something else it's great, but you know I don't want to. Let by with it. You know I I don't. I love doing the show and I I've I want a book in the, but I I and do another fifteen season show at this point? You know if I was on, and I want one thousand dollars. I wouldn't go for the five hundred thousand dollars prize. I go I'll, take the
you know I mean if I outside people will take and someone will want photo it not just coming on anyway right, have enough money to live off. My kids are going to be fine. I want the time you know what I mean like I like to work, but I've been hustling since I was twelve. I don't need to hustle forever also if it mean just in terms of like Even if you're, just judging by material success, it's like well how much does person need really like what do you like? What really, you know it's like. If you going to get to a point, I mean scientifically, if you love to survive in a little bit more. On top of that to be comfortable, it's like everything else, how much how much
do. You need to fill a whole. You know what I mean if I'm a billionaire- and I still don't know how to turn on my surfboard I'll, be finished. Ok, and I want to learn how to do that. What is it? What do you? What do you particularly. Joyful about in the world right now. I assume it's probably your daughter. Is there anything in addition to that that Yeah, like yeah, I have a really good relationship right now, I'm going to like Diner, really a strong and it's it's you. I met her on a movie, we didn't know much about each other and
The movie is about two people fall in love and we generally fell in love and it was like a you know. It was a great pairing. So she's, that's really good. It's you know it's it's funny, because I you know you come to LA and you know I still live in LA and you have yeah you. You have that friend of yours or couple friends, that you know, if you see it all the time you see like a guy and he's like in his fifties and he's you know still looking for the twenty year old a friend like for ever and ever and ever and you just like it's just not a good look. You know, I mean like it's, not a good look and you know they. We've been up till I shut the chili peppers in ninety one then what are you doing now and I want you to see the photos on my yeah falcons arm twelve years ago, but you know it's. You know If you find somebody you click with just make that work, just and that you know so it's you know. I think people
grass is always greener on the other side and they don't realize that it's sometimes really nice weather standing. So I just I'm happy well that's good too, and it also again that's about getting out of your own head and relationships, do take investment and they do take care and they don't just. They happen in the beginning easily, because we're all you know hopped up on new relationship energy, but it did but a really. Good, solid relationship takes care and nurturing my mom's, my good, is killing it. You know that there's a lot to be thankful for this. The off like a love being a the of working with those, these people still bring up Boondock saints, two, how we like there's a bunch of other time,
Conan and on the way out the security guys with when we don't own dogs, my probably never yeah, you know I I've. I've really enjoyed the ride. Make I'm curious to see where we go next, I I don't. I don't really worry about things so much the only thing I would like is like and that just a nap just enough just motion open somewhere? It's not be lazy, and I can't you know You know sometimes like if I take a sleeping pill or something you know it supposed to knock you out for five hours. I get like an hour out of it, but yeah. You know I'm I'm always always in and that maybe the team I mean it's good, because it it it it. If would you kind of learn how to do it? It can be like, as restful
as is sometimes, if you take a nap depending on when you wake up in your sleep cycle, you just feel worse. Yeah are you wake up and it's dark outside and you're, just confused and sweaty the elk were following day. It is where it you know. T M's, like twenty minutes you're in the morning, really should do in the afternoon too, but I tend to just do it in the morning, because I it caught up and stuff, but I heard Howard stern talking about it. He's a he's, a big guy. Do we decide felt stern? He was, he said he just go. He goes into like a closet at work. Any spends twenty minutes and it feels like he just slept for hours. Yeah yeah yeah, it's it because it it it. It seems that doesn't require effort, it's literally the opposite of effort, you're just letting go. The guy who runs the David Lynch Foundation, Barbarossa. Just imagine like you're holding a ten. Paul and you just relax our hands and you just look at you know I I'm Bob Ross by broth. I'm pretty r o t h s email. He was on the back as he gave out his email about the will give about tm.
Barbara yeah? That's yes, yes, yes, the team, yeah yeah. That's him! That's him! you know, he'll get someone who can who can teach you how to do it and I think you'll really appreciate because it it does, give you space. It does let you sort of pushed the rest of the world out, an in as much as we shouldn't focus on ourselves all the time we shouldn't neglect ourselves either we shouldn't neglect the self care, so it's good that you're thinking along those lines, so you don't end up like that guy who had a yeah brushing up if any. You know that at Smith on the show, yes, yeah she's. We were talking about it and she found a place in Atlanta, so we might and it's the same people good, so we might start doing together, that's good yeah. Let me know how it goes. You know, and if I can offer any help, reporters or whatever then then, let me know I mean I'm. I know nothing about unknown. All other I don't know. If it's a mantra you say or if it's a you know it's something
Tasia given as well, but it doesn't mean anything it basically, the mantra you repeat in your head, because I'm so when you shut your eyes and you lean back your mind is going to wonder you know it's like you can call you're mine for a second but then you'll start thinking about bills or this or that, and so, when you get to those places, you. Remember the mind you're, never supposed to tell anyone the mantra, because it doesn't mean anything but they'll give you the word and then it it's a slightly different word he chooses your word Well, I you know like the person who taught me how to do it, gave it gave it to me. We did this little sort of like gratitude ritual is not religious in any way. Based on your personality, your word- I don't know, I don't know, did that she just said don't attach any meaning to it doesn't mean anything it's just designed, so that when your mind starts to wonder you repeat the word, because it's sort of pulls you back into the center of what you're doing and sort of just like clears everything back out, and then you know Chris back out and then you really do do and and then then you know twenty minutes later you you
guys yeah, you feel good, but but there, but the long term effects are again feeling space feeling more. Like I'm calm, you know someone coming up in traffic and I didn't scream at him. I just kind of I think that's why I like riding a motorcycle 'cause. I just shut off you shut off and you just ride. Yeah yeah, which is the. When is right. Who's back in October. This season, crazy. We went to Uruguay Costa Rica, where, from I I'm at okie Okie or Osaka Alabama with Rooker 'cause he's from Alabama, which was insane and then we went to Kentucky. It is a crazy season at the show's fun like a real. I I've just met Tom Cruise return of a yeah like I want to go to Vietnam going to be enough. I got that said like something you would totally do yeah and he said he would end, but that his stuff motorcycle stuff with him in the mission, impossible movies, Greg Summers my son down right oh wow, if Tom
he'll do it he'll, do it because I moderated a panel with them here handful of years ago, and I just at the end- I said he would you ever do the podcast. Any look me in the eye. He said I will I'll do it and, like nine months later, he did so, if he said he'd, do it he's just one of those guys that actually does what he says he's going to do. You know the phone when a producer, this call Tracy Falco, has worked with him and she saw a picture that Jeffrey Dean, Morgan, Morgan Post with Tom Cruise and she's gonna guide. You met to see, and I said you know what also he he came out to you- guys really good on the and I was like Tom Cruise Watch is our show. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, and I told her that and she's. Like that's amazing, I go I go. Do you think it would just be like like trying to be nice and she goes. He doesn't lie, and I was like
I'm coming out of that time, because there's no way around it, because he doesn't really stand to gain anything by coming up and saying, like he just wouldn't say anything you know because he doesn't like we just need to and she's like he. He doesn't live at this thing and I'm like I don't like it like what a great way to live. Your life, the Tom Cruise episode of ride, happens, yeah right. I really hope that happens. Well, I'm just I'm so happy for you and you know of all these years, just sort of being in the passenger car that is the sidecar. Basically, and it's just been so wonderful to watch. To watch. Everyone appreciate show and the fans and the experience as much as they do, which I think is also led to the success of the show, because I think people know like you're in it with them, and you appreciate it with them. Yeah what hearing it was into like you you're your part of this as well like it's, it's a group effort and Everybody has each other's backs, which is great. You know, and this show started that way. It started with the
the producers, the writers everybody involved with had each other's back. You know, that's that's the about the show I like the bus and then we're kind of wrapping this down any piece of advice. Do you have for people like artists who are trying to find their thing trying to push through trying to you know, maybe if there the hospital after a horrible truck accident, whatever it is. If emotionally in that place or they're physically in that place and they're trying to find their inspiration, they're trying to make art when they feel like, maybe it's hard to make our everyday. Like some days, you just feel energy, you know. So how do you push through that? How would you? How would you tell people to push through it to find their thing, while everyone's different in on I guess you know just give yourself a break this, you know, take a breath and just like, like could something and just focus on it like in a different way like
I mean the world is hectic enough and I think you know if you know how to cook spices and you know heat. You know, flavors you'll probably be really good at piano. You know what like it's all sort of connected, you that's great well, thank you for Here- and I hope I know that comic con is a crazy- I schedule for you. Yeah? It's not! You immediately go back to Atlanta after this yeah Sunday to work Monday. Oh my gosh yeah as I'm doing eighty adr for ride at the same time so well take care of yourself And thank my pleasure good to see you I scanning complete, enjoy your burrito
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