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we're code nervous and then you download the free up for your ipod or your Iphone. That's go to my pc dot com. Try free with the promo code noticed and others have also knows bud gas. Its hosts file. Gotten s love. You will completely because to do hustle, Bergopzoom war, you jerk now that's not, may not be how the one comment on my website sounds, but that's how I hear him whenever I read a comment that he's mad at him? because he thinks shows falling apart cuz, we can't do hopefuls every week we are trying. We have full time jobs are or Madame boss. Madam, we are doing our best, so when we can get together, we do but No me in the sister wives are, you know, like mad mats full time over its Agatha show, Joan is doing some over the soup that he seems to have an office for,
run a rattle of a place. So we are doing our best. We will continue to do many hopeful episodes as possible. They're not going anywhere just between travelling in other things. Happen sometimes is just not possible to do when you understand it's only a small percentage, and even then I should get out of sick as they just they. Just love too hard is what happens Katy. Sometimes I just love too hard. You know what they just want to Lenny this pod cast a death and hung like a buddy, and then they just want to hug this pod cas until the limp little legs dangle from their Lenny, like grip, but other that pleasing driven, there's pike, s absurd number, two fifteen posts. For goodness,
now entering nearest star com about your blue ribbon, more hopeful with ok. Let me first of all, I think, it's very sweet and that people get upset when there aren't hosts was, but I just want everyone not stiffened were we're working other jobs and we'd on record the hose we dont bank, the hosts holes like we're, like with guests, you can banking episode and then you can play it. Let me know the few weeks and later, but with hopefuls we like to keep them current and-
of theirs, so we record be no one a week when we can, but their weeks when one or all of us are out of town or our scandals are crazy and we just we can make it work. So it's never. You know it's not it's not the beginning of. End of the show. It's just. We know that some weeks, we're gonna have more I'm than others and so sometimes crisis on a trip. And he goes and as a recording and that's why we're not on it or sometimes manner busy, and a quarter. One of us is busier. We on the other, an yeah. That's it it's not not a grandkids. Piracy is just is just now, but it's it's a conspiracy. I guess it's an unintentional conspiracy to very intentional, so you're saying the opposite of everything. You don't understand everything. Oh my god, he's writing. So there are people in this room lights. With my about destroy us
I would have him design besides. I forget that inheritance that he promised us what they guys. I promise you you're gettin inheritance. If you can both keep me from dying, and then I just keep trying to kill myself and use them to devote your lives to keep the jumping in future. Forget it really fun, show last night at Club Nokia then erector, David Hill and Duke spirits, Ella nice people, one person wasn't nice, who the guy, who taught you guys to get rid of and that I was a sock and I was the worst who that guy we didn't he, and I now feel bad that I didn't we didn't say was that really drunk guy with the glass allies? Like all of you, the answer we re about, he was really nice to me. I want to take a picture of you. Guys then said you gotta get ready pointing at me. You gotta, get read this guy, he is the worst, and neither of you did it
I didn't hear him say I now hear that I didn't want it. I didn't want to draw attention to it and it made me feel really bad would have on the little kid with the good air who said diamond teams that was nice. Those very nice area and the other companies that have the record and really get here. Now there was very nice just like it's like it's getting. It's getting really tiresome of people coming to me go and I'm scared of you one version of it. Three peoples that there really yes and then there was a one guy. That said, I should just get out of the fucking, but maybe you're tall and therefore of top people. That's it its cause, you're tall and your hairs law
girl, TAT eight year sphere, forge a gives its origins thing, but a states think of a great for think of a great fruit, maenas mayonnaise may raper referred he's got his dive. Never heard of doing out of this thing. Why? So? Whoever the person who tells you that trick tells you to think about? Becomes your thing, I think of a great fruit and I think of biting into a great fruit, and then the sneeze goes. I was told in Asia, and so I think, about main is being spread onto the body of a turkey knows main is only in the month of May nays, no maize, but no mass names. I think amaze, I think, of the traditional word for core for corn. Yes, the Indians clouds, while dealers oh, that multi. Why don't we multi colored corn on the carbines unappealing, though each of us now filling the husk off while,
That is the objective of the efficiency and Aviv. What we're gonna end: alpaca ass with a horrible pomp where's Bernardo Del, should attack at the sheriff very sad last episode of attack of the show and I'm IRA. That was rough. I did not expect to take it that hard, but it was a great it was a great last show. Was the perfect last show for Kevin he's such a guy he's gonna. Be he's gonna be a ok that having Pereira yes, he will there seem to be undertones of these show up. I wanna guest house for a couple weeks. You shit, you should hosts the shoulder Listen mats been there for a long time. He knows when something's wait, Johnny's living there, they gave me all, can never mind about everything. I just ten months I feel, has been ten months or air while so you it's almost like the show got him.
Maybe with you and then about I caused all about a month ago we met my regret front poop. Debt of the attack of the show- and there you are now it's time for you to host, to take your rightful game of attack of the thrones where our leader I don't know the dragons. Can I like the emphasis, the Baker Lizzie? Yes, you can be a dragon. Lady! Thank you. What does this snazzy guitar that's over? There seems to be an important case. It is the Martin. That's it. I'm twenty eight seems to check out then in our twenty. I picked it up from my caves in Santa Monica Mc Caves, which is a guitar store that where they have little shows and stuff and organised over every? Now I am you, wanna go to call guitarist or go to go to a cave. There's two, the two really good, guitar source, that I know I'm a caves and westward Isaac, Gunnar no Jonah! I mean it's fine.
You know: you're sweet legs, I haven't even as Marshall earlier my story- Ivan S, legs look at their, so is it Gunderson, like a regular plain backward since left handed Qatar man. I can't help but notice the strings look upside down there, not there perfectly does. Which one would you, like a barely worry that crash yeah? This is just trying to get laid on the road now, just this solemn announcement, the psalms coal. Pursues. Trying to pick up on pushes role,
not pushing Ro Ro Pusher was rowed pussies assault. They met these did, or did I dream that it could have a deep cut red pussies already got roses fanaticism the guitar have for a long time and the electronics where little fucked up so I gotta fix what now plugs and play some what you what you want. What do you like to play? We pick the case. I have the original receipt in here. What I like to do is put on a cape and Azora mask and a little hat, and then run around with a cape, oh and throw it on the neck of a guitar NGO, capable strikes again. I run away.
Can you play? sanitarium cable I may room, but they are you going to tell you a sound ok, I'm acoustic is nothing. Nothing else matters yeah the one we don't have to even touch any strings. Tell them baby you're gonna get her back the barbaric. Data. Sweet harmonic legs, Myra,
the square Square, applied to apply, so no matter Jonah was for wherever there. I think there are some lyrics about another matter, never all mass bazaars, where everyone can get sued by someone.
No matter wait. What is it those are visiting. The fuel loveless thinks it has been trying to figure out of metallic mercury. Pick it up. Scots Alligator metallic up did it it to do it did it did? Did it do
it was a notary beetles I buy. Could I some five zero we're doing or play remains very regular knows I love almost every Nick Drake Song except except for I was made to love me. That's what am I gonna? Do please? Don't love magical item? A drugs pegasus roleplaying what city clock You re, not a Donovan. Now no sunshine Superman deny Donovan. Do you know about it?
you have sixteen guitars, not one of em lays down the reality of these amounts, and then there is no mounted mother Jonathan. Yes, you know, there's a on the second green jelly record. There was a song about was like I always thought was like a the first is about and that there is no matter another risk. As a result, the Bare went over the mountain to see what he could see. The other side of the mountain was either he could see. So he went back over the mountain to see what he could. So, let's ourselves that amount there was over, he could say green jelly, change their name from green Jello. Have they got? There are released Eighty one really getting started, anyone ended, just kind like this should give been with puppets and some of that and then he went on tour with war. The war was like own. This is how you make like fuckin costumes are prosthetics and the issues paper, machine and foam from couches and Nike. That's what kind of
made them more popular green jello and then, when they put out that album serial killer that, just as both the videos only it was like a few years before it became popular and MTV. This job radio moment has brought? You buy Jello Jake. You know how oh somebody associated Green Generis. It's another delegation said you can't use, are put Bob's and caused cause gave me now, but this is an engine and a green jelly wished. It works. Fine works the same thing across by a pretty racking guitar. You get the wanted three of these world what life we left handed this now, why couldn't someone just restricted right handed one and make it a left handed one I mean occurred, but then you you get the saddles. Gonna be different. Hooey angled differently, o must not go. That would have to be replaced different, not yeah, that's brilliant!
pick our so really, it's just laziness that there are only three of those in the world and now thoroughly three actually manufactured by Martin, because what are there must be like six Lufthansa guitarists in the world right. I thought your guy offender the other day and he says that it's down to two or three percent of guitar, as are made left hand. Now, really to be his highest him mast and two or three how we got a correct them, sir. Well now I mean, advice. People ask me a lot like a kid, must learn obligatory unease lefty, I say Tom. The start right now: you're the Linux of guitar players. I can't I can't condone it left, aiming to Turkey's it's just that it's a difficult life to live longer, Just imagine you're. Just like a ban on the road. There hang on a SEC,
your euro? Let you play letter or whether it could tar Raby. Let us show so everybody's breakin. Anybody here have electronic Europe is the worst thing at them now. You got a United Europe if I get to get back into good. All twenty second floor was a war is with waste I think it's a lot higher than that, whatever ABC amateur Seminal now on the internet, tell me was a raw had already see that guy you're, as you know, will be the day till one of the biggest rates of that guy? Is they preface everything with don't mean to be that guy, because they are aware that there are about to be back, I'm sure you ve gotten thousands of these
but the very diverse, but I'm always you're the only guy, but I'm gonna be that guy. Here's a surprise. We forget everything. We talk about the minute. We leave the door, but also pay ways wise men's guitar out the guitar, the silence I wish it was near where you ever did you wanted. In a band or remove you like you're, just gonna think that's ever want to do you're, just alone STAR guitar slinger. I just I just love it. When I was a kid, I wanted to. I just wanted to play they Matthew, songs. Honestly, I was ten and that's why I decided just like every an acoustic guitar for Christmas, and then I got an Ivan as performance, which is. It was a pretty good guitar and I had that until college biggest steps are now at last it now the performance was an acoustic.
But I guess you could break him. Have absolute NASA relieve the point. I mean right, the eyeing he would use it more for blunt force trauma here than Venice stabbing. Land and has had the pointy viana do the pointing out or the flying these chop. Somebody out with that there were called the flying thee the idea of the rear. Scriveners. He was yet a rare or splore. Yes, p. What's the weather James have values like it's like a gas explorer and in these latter Jackson's over their Metallica town? Really, Otto without her work germane, and yet we do not so much Tito. They had a falling Ribby Tito down. Ruby, Jackson, Tippler TT, Tito downloaded the black album that You gonna do with the other thing. I got a path,
when you get out of it hall, gravy Sower E3 this weak areas this week. And I gotta be more underwhelmed. I swear guys use aware by your mayo there's not a lot of your mayonnaise today on a lesbian vested Rancho is there's not a lot of huge games this year Similarly, I just got. I just got the apple of three. I haven't played it yet I just got the other three. Eighty gonna play it on my MAC border, I'm my my air Macbook air beggar, really sure I mean No that's gonna be amazing, but I want to try it giving our might be kind of culture that that's something I wanna play. Something ought to be playing on the road. I mean how bad it is. Europe is going to be playing it at a computer
probably can't handle it on on hotel internet service is a recipe for not working. I, by the way the airport express my living room. I have reconfigured that things so many fuckin times apple has simplify I'd the airport utility point where its unusable line. You can go into the app store and get the old version. You can't. Oh, that's fantastic news, that's what I had to do. It really is ridiculous. Its I mean I get. I get I've tried to make it a simple and, like you I is possible, but it is so simple that you can't fucking do anything with it and if the, if it recognised that the modem is there, but it's not it's not working, you just can't click on it, and so you can't do anything it just it's fun. It's a huge. I dont that when I didn't you guys pretty fucked up again refined apples over Doug Benson screen. We did a movie interruption with John Carter, the other night, it's in a family
now the only the iter that there will be sold out, and so the movie itself at first, I kind of just thought will maybe it's maybe the title. You know dissuaded people from going to the movie scenario we two hours and forty minutes long and a space where we should be amazing, but it's We just like two hours and forty minutes of walking through the desert, and so at the very end of the movie we sat there was an intermission like that's how long this memory was dug. Have information on like that it was it was there was there was dug inserts over in a bread and water mean it was of the bid, the daddy. I can't imagine scene. Will be any other way than just fucking fucking around that way, but not though, at the end of the credits it says dedicated to the memory of Steve the entire to lead this care because of pigs are only this can breathe Why that's? What killed them? The maybe was at an end so hard.
So many people worked on that movie for so long that there were so many credits that they didn't do them all. In one vertical line, the credits were chunks and clouds. So, like all visual effects, part of export we're getting a cloud of credits in another, and you just watching you like, oh my god, I feel so bad and prison. Like the poor actors who prey like you know, movies coming out Friday, come Monday, you better by some sunglasses, cushats gonna get paparazzi up in this motherfucker and then it's just Hooper I'd, say: you're, not gonna hate watching like a really shitty online, like sketch or short that then, like afterwards, seeing the amount of funding credits Without ever best boylike, really, this was a shitty internet video. I am I before the longest time were like for probably ten years ago.
I think that I wanted to do with firm and is a short called parking meter and you just basically it kind of fades up and then someone get their car and put some change in a parking meter and turns it, and then it is fifteen minutes, and then it just goes the end and it's just fourteen minutes of credit. That's good, just always felt like The latter were ready. That is Pre Youtube's. There were like what we're gonna do with that idea. Dave Seeger! whose are really awesome, Channel onawandah guys get did IKEA Heights and stuff like that. He he did some short or it's like its call again. Someone's thirtieth birthday assumes their second birthday. It's him and his girl are about to go into this guy's room. To wish him a happy birthday, and she goes like- are all right on like on three and then like She goes like one two three and then he just goes for five percent
then he literally goes to like to thousands of them. Turning to the very end he just like they do, they go their own way that I can use going three two one bright. He just go the other way, unlike you, gonna, go their own way. I think that with this she had long gone. The candles went away without another's another's of theirs. Now is having on Youtube. Is it people are taking, the US and then just stretching amount to like ten hours of just the same. Her like the girl go a little girl. I hope like the least of a really big dog, and this you just yells of the cow. The dog takes up she's still whole, not least, and she just like flies board flat on her face, and the noise is Burke imperfect is gal. I heard her voice is the path it like this
I thought, imperfect and soon made a loop of it for about an hour, I went to apply where they were like it was this one is branded. Parties were like a common hang out with these pre drinks and ill luck, a Google tv you guys want to play with it and see how awesome tumblr about a go ahead, and so I just pulled up that video and white screamed it and then just put it on repeat then I took the batteries out of their about rascally year rascal. I do what I told you guys by women Arizona, but I do wonder about I've had more time to think about. Take this waltz by Sarah Polly. Yes, the movie. Why said Polly starring Michel Williams and set Rogan and Sir Simon, and if you want to be depressed as all get out, go and see tat, love, Gerais, says if you,
they depressed is all get a ghostly. This man there's a needs, a beautiful movie. I had uncomfortable nudity, there's some nudity. I was very comfortable. Did you watch it now? Did you see it? nudity in it and its its five year. Just it's a thing that happened the movie by just don't. I feel weird about seeing my friends naked yeah. I didn't know everything that happened, that those are the we were alone and there was Albuquerque Current Albuquerque but yeah. It's fucking depressing, a shit movie. What's its coastline I dont know because I, like any delay the last world a clear take. This won't take this while the last walls of the last sitting, this one's own shovel take, bears the wild sand of one two three one two were game here. No more, you know take advantage of your own wheels, make a lazy, no, no, no you're thing an eagle song ways: you don't you think
it easier ways. The USA, or maybe the sound of your own wheels, make sway z who never survivor, less we're gonna lose swears was the sound. You? you dance and the tears out some his throat So where is the only man? Wait for you to be busy man away, but go all the way here. We can figure this out. Ok, so basically you're, saying anywhere as some would say, crazy, you can just puts ways have known, I think, is much more deeply How was I was killed in the future sways there's so his foes What was the the Aerosmith one I go,
How can I get around? I go? house Russia has Patrick How fast your grow. Ass, that's a good name that is a good name hours name so to take as well take these walls That's a girl is married to a guy Michel whims of marriage, says Rogan and ass. She meets This is why there is, as part of this is just Canada, the premise the little guy there and they have a connection and then the rest. The movie plays out depending on who you connect within the within the characters. For me, it was, of course, set rogue interesting. The guy and a loving relationship and uneasy. Nothing wrong. He does nothing wrong. Even those girls is like having this. Action with his other guy, and then you know if the whole movie, like a fucking like it's like those of the saddest break up They get work, husbands and wives.
What's happened, just like you like, like you know like in the herd, is guy can't even running into each other in, unlike this you're, just like door, don't do it did saddest em in the saddest breakups. I think the other should most miner. The said says: Breakups Patrick Roadhouse. There, sir, his brutal groves, as we know about it They really? Are you where you just there's near to good? no there's! No, you can't hide the other person. You just fall out of magic love with the other person. It is it's just like an you want, so bad That is the new ones so bad to have that connection back there really care about the person interests. Isn't there It's like the one weird thing were Euro bid, you bit hot you're bit hot, it's it's it's a horrible thing because it is now.
Anybody dead, there's, not one thing. You can point do and say this happened and we broke up because I fucked up or she did this, this happened. People are the things that you grow and people are like sound waves that vibrate at different frequencies, and sometimes those are in phase, and sometimes they just go out of phase, and that's just on Finally, I will ever on everyone's dealt with that you guys reasonably well now it now it's been almost a year, his neck, raising it aren't. You die my guys, the citadel, It was ended your beginning of July. I gather that are years. Eleven away from my fingers put up at all. I have go on my grandfather's times getting away from me, but of turning back in June with the black man. Take this walls. Yes I'll, take us walls in its and obviously it's you know it's a problem of its affected me and its stayed with me say I will. I would have re I would have
there was a prank movie called take this waltz words Christoph whereabouts and you're, just cranking him, and he just he can keep on giving us after holding like now Christoph. I don't want any of that stuff it in the ground where what is inside move on me to keep it into these are now also need you to carry this egg. Babies is a lot of egg baby looking, but they can't be broken. Grier nor, okay, there is great means, is egg american history, they being very, very much very, very fragile Chris up now I gotta go in. I don't leave me here that I dont have a table. Now, I regret not having tabled, should put its able during this network for more sick. This waltz, wouldn't, whilst I still hold a box of waffles Now tat, we told TAT, he has told, contains a puppy crystal what any of the stuff in the ground please. I want to see my family ably. So does
The movie, the movie outer its kind. It's on demand. Believers, covenant, theatres, but also you can learn to easy. You can get it on Itunes. I believe I can rent it can't watch said movies I desire, but it's beautiful. But I absorb emotional intensity like a sponge and then I'm just bummed out it's the whole fucking. Next day like I was not in a good place. That sounds like one of those movies that you get over it after well days and then, a week later you wake up the middle the night, just sad like having one of those sad stress dreams I think that after the future now do we want to know yes, you're. Ok, so today show, shall I wouldn't have a beer that bar next ordinary sand of live, and I watched clerks with no sound on the tv for a bit over there. There were the two Marines there did you drink with them? No, they kept I'm getting kicked out while the one guy kept on work, the thing is it you know you you wanna be respectful is possible because their military
but the one guy was so like, like spitting drawn on recital darting. I guess nor did they get aggressive and he was like super ripped, unlike had hit those big giant hands and in his neck, will obviously like he was in a product twenty years old, and it was one of those like this fuckin guys great and then each of you when you're like I, please, you haven't too much fun and then you you go and you were kind enough to to You know you before I built this tributary away from me. Casual the guy captain want you. He won't give entering with you or like just your hang out, and you didn't understand that I don't drink like he still like he would. He was so drunk What are you gonna? Have only I don't drink it s like you were Doug drinking right, railroads, that's how he took it and then, like a hey man already too, with the girl could I was like a slot at the end of June. Israel's holding
the owls holding it away to serve, one could get out of there until I fuckin by think they must have had some kind of portal gun because they did keep getting thrown out and then I would see them like banks like. Where did you guys come round their side of the road already doing few q, so I was ever better watch the clerks without sound, and then I remembered someone saying that, like at the hotel nearby, there was a there was a like a zombie dance, so my that it was like the others. The comic central They ve got we're gonna die. I was walking up. Those clearly done- and I just see this care that looked like he could of local- just looked like some punk kid in the lobby of this, tell us is like an honest kind of snacking Haiti, nor of ways to get some food on here, and then it turned out the kid a fan of the nervous five guest wow. So we had to just catch adding it in a bunch of his friends. Come up.
And then they all their drink out his bottle as vodka tastes like cake, no well yeah exactly like cake, infidel dangerous, because there was no vodka tasted. Even it was hard to drink. So you just think like em to strengthen cake yeah exactly in and so then everything it out and then they say they are there like. You're, like yours, like Carl and Karl was their friend heading is aims Jason with a calm car because I like they all seem to hate him. Ok, they all hate his God. I hate call get over here, you'll like this guy fire. Then it just became this thing. Were there, I we like this Carl way better than that car you're, the new car on the new girl, and then I runs like a thing was fine. Place to go hang out as a guideline we like going to get some food right, click gal get food, and so we get to catch the eye hop outside a tell these back in there all like these punk kids from Fargo North Dakota. That are just in time
for the Con holy shit there to get from Fargo gather Emacs there. I do you ever go small coins as the fuck it best wants to go to you just go, get the hell outta the kind party all night, there's always working, just read, kids, the great like when you say kids. Would it be like twenty twenty one and gather all I probably like twenty to twenty three around there did you did you show those button? Kids had a drink I like, and what of on the guy? That was the father. The package was drinking the vodka out of his job. He burst. Coffee might get mugged like at all there. I cut off g that, like like its Lee, was sure it's not just like you like, just like smelly, like drinking out of his Jordi CUP, came about. An authority might make it of stupid Carl
our local bodies without stupid girl and then so we all go to the eye, hop and and just like in Chad out some food is a really good time. That's fun and- and I picked up the bill just gazelles like be really cool. If I picked up the bill, Does anyone give a shit now they're? All like that, I won't allow chasms like the bills like I think it is. There was like eight people that were I was aid while activated. I know it was like those like, but you'd like sixty dollars. I know a lot of money like you, like you know, that's a good in the hall with their minds were blown to feed that enable you to perceived, I the slight, also like you're, not even bet you'd Ivan Buttercup anymore you're, just Carl, that that I saw you just really were just transporting your time, and I didn't want them all pulling out twenty dollar bills and trying to figure out that's
actually the reason, ghettos, I'd hate, a big, complicated check, it's one of them. I landed in things like I opt out of work and pay more does. Unlike don't, worry about it. I am well, but so I might Tipp should be based on the because I only have I mean if you're doing They only had eight percent of this bill, and so my tipsy we teach you beat fifty should be. Fifteen percent of the eight percent, like you re somebody, adults about it in fact, and bite the bullet you're, the worst Karl, the hours that there already like, really awesome, thought it felt like hang and I felt like going like you know, grown up, one would mean my friends after like a puncture would go to. You know a Dennys or the coffee shop, and just like me, late at night it was a blast, the trade informational than him they they found me on Facebook and Twitter. One of us was he's an easy in Fargo he's. An ad sales is can't like real long. Hair was very like a fuckin head back.
Just like the crusty, is looking one of all make a guys. I sell ads in Fort worth so you got a new little team posse near all of us. It was fun NOS one, Margo contingent. And I gather all really really nice. Awesome people may all sounded like there from the Midwest cool they don't you say: hey. That's me that their security bug say this cake is take back, is the best cake fakirs they called it. The complicated it's gonna take Bulgaria. I wonder what was in it. It was from the bottle. Is a brand rand vodka tastes like you, remember the brand now just it. It's called sloppy birthday: She had a birthday, it's called regret it. I can't stay up that late anymore gone out to meet his email, it wasn't the best ideas and early flight.
You are able to do that. All the time, though you we finish shows and after we're done like signing one thirty in the morning and then you go out. Even though you have like a seven. A m flight I'll fuckin know how you do. I feel sick to my stomach for you. I go with him about forty percent of the time. Maybe thirty percent of the time- and I I really don't I do your body must be just like built for it. Maybe I've been trying for a long time Trick, we'll trainings a nice way. To put you know, I didn't related ringing specificities into a training workers, but I gotta use growing body has been in Denver late. I training my consciousness. Averted, my body, but these is usually with elections. We do a lot of fun, but essentially as flying in sometimes going,
to the veneer and then doing the show due in the main green, is great and then go on to the hotel and back to the airport. The next morning and I like travelling a lot and I do like to try and take in what how has the offer I'm going to a lot of places have never been before, and I do want to see at least a little bit of what it's like us. It's hard to get a it's hard to get a field. Just go into one venue. Yet in a way that is getting a little early yeah. That's how I mean the constant way to justify getting drunk all the time to number that on him as your problem- and here I just have a good time, not trying to. This is Jonas illusion, partner friend, a score of demons. You're trying to party with you dig events: yes, they're fine man David. These are usually like. I do like it's like you know, I'd I liked it I like to drink. I liked agenda conversations with people that I No, I like to go to a bar and young speak too and hear stories about other people. It's some
I enjoy, and it's like what I try to Sweden when I'm these places, any genuine Cham bore coming here with Georgia forward for a cake. Vodka, Ray ideology sways a up in here, I'm not going. You know it's not like I'm just going to some barn extort unjust and by myself down at a napkin. You know I'm going. I suggest to him he's not drinking alone, that's good, but you said you have. You said you you haven't been doing for a week, because you're gettin ready for Conan yeah. Now why that is funny Richter would like is I want to drink and our decisions can refer to be undertow and he is, I am well. That's cute, I think, is anything to worry about that. That's ever know like nobody is really like everybody's like why even our manager.
That's wonderful economy! We, like you, know not be as bobbing who fakirs is. I guess who's ever said that really fit guys. Gotta be hilarious. Right is the threat of, as you know, and Joe Pisca got into amazing shape. Outbreaks, in other words that you want me to propose. Five really brings up this command about it. If I just like our work, Time does Lego eight better, you like is: are you the guy? that low really help your jokes. I will say something though you should you should exercise as you get older. Not so you can have like not be ripped, but just
that your body doesn't collapse eyes out. When you had been fifty, I am the last week I started a new work programme that has been hurts, but it's good. I just I was like I googled Chris Evans worker from Captain American Armageddon. Unlike an arm again be rendered adventures, I would I confused that everybody similar yeah, you know, spouse onwards in space, you yeah, yeah, yeah, no adverse witnesses, not only one of them right right, right, Aerosmith is, Soundtrack do what they want, but that that were spared, Z, swears and spray. Sir How come you didn't do more? We too will never know that through the Brenner, Holograms lazy, oh I think. I was part of the work out programme,
Were they inject? He was something and put you in to hay an experimental chamber. Yes, I'm going to. On figure Ella in a warehouse. That's what that's when I got to inject me, I, by treaty that the picture the cover of muscle and fitness, what I saw the hotels, the whole and it's like here's, our work out to get ripped like the whole, this radiation and predisposition to anger and nobody wants to be ripped like the Hulk. I mean enforce them, You can't claim that you can read some unlike the hulk there. You kid well: did you use a silly girl like if you put Louvre economic cover, different story, it was not. It was. It was see. G, OECD, CD, HAWK Fiji mediocre this procedure, reveller cd Buffalo, you did you're gonna have yoga like I was now and I was stuck in a museum,
Lastly, I believe feels good hunting overspend class manoeuvres than I don't. Wanna go Lisbon class they're, pretty brutal yeah right get a bike. He's gotta, guided by Guy like Legrand down the early river and then back through Griffith Park is very nice, a really good work. To wait till the allay rivers full and then getting a bike and try to sum up with it. Actually don't ever do that and avoid I don't know, I don't think people realise how strong that current is that, whatever It's raining here about someone else just cut their fuckin car cut. The river there there, Engrais realising, and I just think if I just think it's good to especially because we are on the road trip went to Glenn would springs the hot springs and there are a lot of them. Of really old people there and a lot of them. Just look chewed up an end, its and its obvious that you know hey, listen,
so they live. Define life didn't really lift a finger to be no for any kind of physical health and then so it just feels like, of you, invest just like an hour or two a week. Maybe then you don't have to spend the last twenty years. If you could look I've balled up, but I knew true love to it was keg vodka, my name's Patrick Roadhouse, thinking about take as well, but I don't think I can watch it. I just know what have you bummed out in that way than that? That kind of that immediate sounds like the most true sort of accurate representation of what that situation is life, because, if you're in a long term relationship, it's probably gonna happen that at various times one or both of you will connect with someone.
It's me whether or not you do anything about it is the answer This is not the kind of that's the assets of employers, not island air decision man you're, not sure if it's you know but but the sad, but that you know the the sad parties. I think him some told me that they saw The memory of a really old couple that had been together for like sixty years- and they said you know what was the- what was the secret to your relationship- Stena, both the secret to keep interrelationships along and when the woman said that to you we talk now. My main Wayne sounds like started with an air of maybe mangle the. Mango the ESA character, they were there on the negative refashioned. Ninety,
we gotta get back to give everyone the heroic bachelor's others gets so the citizen euros of what was a secret to Gimme a relational universe along in the woman said we never out of love at the same time, so they were just go through. You know like that. One of them would always hold on my great grandparents were Italians and they were together for seventy two years and then died within like a month. You have each other. How does my great grandmother died? My great grandmother is like my like this ain't, a giant following a great grandfather with his humour. I dont get are assuming enemies, one I dont know my grandfather had
it was. I was left my grandmother died on the debts, I'm like my grandmother, like my grandmother died, and then there were just this lady hanging out with my grandfather aid. She was. There were very familiar as I go. It was just kind of satellite, yes she's been around here, but like now, she's just a friend from the bank. They go on. I think I might because it like you know it. You didn't take away anything from my grandmother now. And if you're, if you're, that person you dont want to be alone for the game remaining years of your life exactly so, they seem to have any issues. A widow like he was a widower. It was just making a lotta deposits. What and the banning of the giant as We will do to doo doo doo doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo, but all Playboy reference, but what
Are you getting at the board in the attachment pay I'll get my headphones work with second work yet well, if he puts the speaker under the speaker, is given that the doctor, I will admit this issue to be addressed here. Know: he'd have to put the microphone onto now, but if he puts the speaker of the headphones speaker turns it up there as that on the MIKE. Oh, if he can ok, so you can up you're gonna plug that board into those headphones. Anything there were never tell me about your research Why
There has been much talk about the year poor, dear borders, just like. Ok, you, you go, get your ticket and wait and lie now. Why do get away more lines? Judges, Jonah, radio, no one's, listen, Man is better suited to change what data that Diamond Subway get the fuck out of here. Sure got about my repeating Canada. You guys get down there. Because that is now out you just let them on land. It was kind of money and I feel it getting a cold, so I should get in the water after I bought a couple strikes
That's me all right. I will destroy the Matthews crash. Yeah yeah, both plates I'm sorry, you upsets God, my god, I'm gonna get out of here right now, but first summit, a book and with you at the submission you little pussy, yeah you're Levin, do I gotta go get out there doing great. Thank you. Thank you very much. You for listening to another addition of instant replay, sound effects. Theatre Your master at that complicated and stuff for better ground, my heart. He always stops hawks
But one thing is: you know back to return to my arm eliza. So lifelike was way loud. I must have turned it up didn't, have ever done. No heeds area family. There really work, and I was a lot of fun. Well, your life wondering has been realised. I guess it's really all downhill from here. We're options. Are nowhere no no way. A fifty options on their what you want, there's probably like ten sound banks on their buncher like I want to, but you like it a movie and tv things by war. Thus the most second like the noxious out of like morning, radio, Let us do just wanna hear like be the ball Danny and, like the word, when someone asked you, if you were God, you say yes morning. Joel Joe Joe no radio
I ordered my mixer yeah. Oh man, good Kitchenette, Hamilton Beach, Hamilton Beach, now ordered an eight channel mixer. What do you do that ain't channels and start it was? I was on a cheaper them or town. A cash heartful got a couple, microphones Asus, who makes it Tell him you talk ever, but that's a step in the right direction of making Jonah radio Rio and had spent the money. Maybe that'll make him do it will aboard that that expensive, so as not to committed to it just yet. You know if I have a say on our space in a garage type situation in the back of my house, that I could use That sounds like someone else's using nets base yeah. There is your right. Maybe you need? What are you just take over the crack house next already or do some good with ye re her
should not turn it into a crack up house Jonah deadly to do for real the bags where's, my fucking out of acts. They give New York you're gonna do yeah yeah, that's a company chain in Canada. The up to here like a huge, and they have not can economics. No second economics, and I ve been up. They have quite yeah yeah yeah acts as a car is egg, is was basic, They had a monopoly on comedy in Canada for a long time do not ass girl. Am I right so that, if you and Apple, if you are a comedian You played anywhere else than Yuk yuk, so be like all right. You can't play here anymore, but they were the main coveney chains and get it as a sort of a sort of a bummer for if I play the UK's makin Nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine, my wife's.
The good to be the king spring. Who. Screech cat, he cable, the third Fred sometimes I like third wreckers Open court awry army now we're gonna need you to play more than words higher? Oh wait. The other saw no sound like you're about to play, Mr Big, I'm the one to be with you You know thou and weight with which the US is one. That's that's also extra. That's hold my hard as the other that the extra more than words now that's a good riff, uniting from unplug nerve
No, oh, I could play a by could play about a girl if your heart, if your guitar was strong, the correct That's easy! You can do that data. Do dear data, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo, that your power to get to do they doo doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo. This happened did you did take due to play like this? They did not like a precautionary. Got you pick up your views. Guitar as a drum right now. You just use a beggar, hippy and drums we are bound to get, are diverse and so high and danced on street drugs that he doesn't he just uses. Tar is passive, instrumentality ambassador, topical best sorts. They aren't they technically topical topic. We are planning a your skin anyway, you do you put them in the bath and Nathan.
An enemy loose, but somebody else, somebody face facing every I may I guess I guess that's topical. I just I want to hear you play something. All the way through Laity Matheson. Which one you on it's not gonna matter to either of us, because we won't know it. What about what about jumper My jumper jumper Americans I have no bad. I do know that What do you start singing? seeing her etc.
They made his eyes a lot of it's a lot of like this is pretty much. The disarmed me break is well. They like they would open bird for forty five minutes jazz referenda middle when they do alive. Can you play some one that I used to know by Yoshi AIDS, burning, Turner, Petra Roadhouse would play it. Would he ever, I think, that's gonna, be your stage name Petrograd have set about us I'll take it would just have to get you to saying. Evil would fuck that of less than Myra does have to get you to sing you. I can't do it. I can't sing for some reason, my brain
does not attach itself from guitar playing. Here I mean oh yeah, you actually my hands, don't follow what I'm doing enough. I start singing. I can try to operate the two track. I saw you betrayed slowly. I can't do it will yet not with that attitude. Now I've tried for eighteen years. I cannot do it obviating only eighteen, come on. I know why here comes the sun, seven terminal losing street level I bought a I haven't play that years by closer so the sun sort of coming out its of boom boom boom king Do you know any Herman's hermits do you know any?
Star You know I can't drive fifty five by Sammy Hagar can you play cranberries? do you know any any of it? Sunday's. You know I wish you the Disan jumper. You wasn't about Burma not blows method. I blind now. I know I know of the sign on I mean I could look of anything. You want me to look at him. Now I will yet we have the internet to an actual like look at the cords and play its probably deasey. G, you know I've Jamie by wizard. Oh shit, you might be have reminded these e g separating us Jamie now. You know any reason
Do I Stacy's mom, it's gotta go in rivers is half is so it's an weird ham. Where were you just asking Stacy's, my? Oh, I don't know, I'm just words are just coming out of my mouth and I'm not paying much attention to what they are just like right now, my brains disconnected from my mouth and words, are falling out of their fought, like all that fast. Road house a song words are now murmur of air, don't know what all right. Now go, you Graham all the optimum down Bilbil. Moreover, no wheels on vodka marrying again with you gotta Really. A new round of gold. Where do we go over your shoulder mules, boob tumor,
Our usual noto pool gabble about an old should send this to Adele of any real leave open for business. We did it, but what do we do? We have an episode. You had an episode all right. What do you know what that means. Can you play? can you play little big country Can you play sticks? You know any America. Can you play Anything by art, Garfunkel, Do you know I cannot, do you know any rabbit? Can you play? islands in the stream. You know you
anything from. Oh, that's a thing, a statement I do enjoy your bereaved of address. My visual dryness. Oh, I died of AIDS in my wasn't aware of saying anything. I'm friction fetishist think about ways it. Oh god, I'm fine, I place out man you're already played out? Oh my god. Oh my god,
I have no desire is go, six, a job in a clear and well known as tourism thousand dollars thousand down on the table on other rare by an ever about it. No, I went to play and never our does not mad mammals gather about our man got out.
Many of you were to night. We gotta MEG, aware not rang out o ends. Mono put some south on the dragon rectangle upon some Salazar Toggle downtown to my best friend buckle thing about that around. When tackle. Some really needs a bridge. How run
Well that we could we built the city was a bridge was rejected. I usually do I need more force as wavering button for you to stop playing cards miscommunication. So we still keep us dramatize without paused began to them. Do three: two three cords ended up. Mystery fucking know easy, since the touring, the promotion technically but this waitress
Let's do another bagration, Asia is so glad to meet you. That everything just to the embassy. No way you can either do we see baby d or any of these costs family ABC meeting these goes family. My bad at your that EAST Coast swing his back again there much unfairly, yeah doorways go so again. Now leading Ernest dot com enjoy your router to some sort of a note about gases body by go to my pc by centrics. Go to my pc dot com could try free button and enter the promo code, noticed.
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