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It’s some hostful goodness! Chris, Matt and Jonah catch up with what they have been doing lately, and they talk about getting free movie posters when they were kids and watching old Simpsons episodes on the FX app. Jonah then talks about Seeso, the new platform that his show Hidden America will be on. They also talk about obscure SNL sketches and Jonah’s cover band Snake Plissken and the I Thought You Were Deads, Chris talks about filming his new comedy special in San Francisco, and they come up with a slogan for Pop Chips. Plus, they have an interesting theory about Baby’s Day Out 2! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Walker's podcast number, seven hundred and eighty six. What do you got on the Nerdist community? Corkboard, hey, there's a new inkshares contest, Truax, Nerdist and Geek and sundry. It's the first of six concepts, they're going to do in this one, the fee space, opera and writers can submit their pitches or sample chapters in the top three books with the most unique preorders their book or pitch will get automatically funded and at least one writer will get their chance to have their book put into the Nerdist or Geek and sundry collection people can enter at I'm going to stop reading copy there don't get. There was really gotta felt like you from it was really exciting. There was a call man, I've learned from watching people can go to any are I s t slash inkshares one go: into the short url. That's all there we go yeah I bought is cool and I bought any. I bought the nerdy dot ST
we've seen it like domain extension, yeah, it's it's an international. I bought. I bought it. I bought it because I you know I because I didn't want to this was pray like five years ago. I didn't want to know five years ago. What's that yeah five years ago, didn't want it's a bit Lee when I posted your short, your us make in the U r L shorteners. So I am I am I tracked down DOT s. T is Thomas, maybe I think it might be the island of Saint Thomas and and they actually make a fine. They make a fine come on their domain extension, so I bought any. I any Gov sharp cookie no pretty face. Jamie leaned. In these things I am good. I'm good ideas are on the run. Yes, so we so that's R. U R! L Turner can I have short url that can just go to picture scout with some sparkles on it. Yeah can you play some Katy got legit smiley at Bass pro YO dog. What do you got kidding? I want to plug this Thursday February 11th at one thousand, and thirty on TRU Tv is the premier of those who can't
sprouts they're. All great I've seen the so fucking good. I've seen the first three episodes and it's amazing. The cast also features worry Scoble, Kyle, Kinane Maria Fair in a bunch of other hilarious people like Jonah, who plays in a band in the show with Mark Hoppus. So those who can't this Thursday February 11th at one thousand and thirty, The person gets to and say yeah. I've already heard about this episode is a both full episode, which people keep saying there not gonna, do those anymore. Yes, we are, but you guys do finish this when going and that's the end of the series yourself in gasoline four hands, so it's very not true, don't you listen to Kyle they're all dead already we all hate each other still bring in laundry on the PA cascade. I am tired of scouts. Diva attitude. Consider doesn't give a shit about anything. He doesn't like just now.
Runs around coked out of her mind. Thinking she can just do whatever she wants. Dog is not coked out of a times. You see it's funny. 'cause the dogs to sleep in a little ball would call the dog more heroin chic and also we got the dog does have amazing cheekbones yeah. It's amazing this episode again Full episode good to get them together, always fun to see Katie laughing yeah Here we go number seven hundred and eighty six goodness now entering Nerdist dot com you're a long. I am a longshoreman. I was working on the docks all day.
You got hear that also the third person make along servant well, then maybe there's something to it. You guys can't wear beanies. I guess cold enough fucking freezing outside here from Hawaii. I forget: alright, that's fair! It's really cold! A lot of there's there's something specially specific about that. One though, because it barely just like it's. It's so tight to your head that that's a such a specific laws is a triple XL size Beanie, as you're just making by the size of my head, yeah yeah you're, like a bobble head, you look like a parade float is, it is very easy. I have a ball, will have a I have a bottle body, so it just matches up. That's why I look for Paul about it, about it, but yeah welcome. So, let's just clued! Actually not I mean it doesn't. I know it doesn't matter. We cannot see each other with their years. Jonah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah metadata combadge. What do you guys doing what's happening? What we do
but even okay as having what we, what we do. What do you even know? What do you, who do you mean where you would be wearing? We wear? Yes, I said exiles, no, I didn't see the third one yet, but this you know the first x files I was like. I do it's a little choppy in places, but it's still good. Second episode. Amazing! I love the second. I was the third episode in v. Excited to see, because I know I know that Reese's in in a recent e mail, isn't it yeah it's it's one of its. Like a funny episode, I think I saw it last week one, but
company was awesome on here, and so I was really excited. I was a great yeah he's it's it's it's good, it's I I have I'm having fun. I mean I. I would not be surprised, if is, if they agree to it. If the actors agreed to it like thirteen twenty, two more like: let's do it yeah, I don't know if they do twenty two right, I feel like Fox, wouldn't pay for that. A thirteen sounds good. It's weird, though, because it's like you know when they kept on pushing at the six, so you're like a sick at heart, Venter, six series event, and it's just the shell. It's just a show. It's like you know. I thought I was gonna be maybe like, because of like an aren't bad at all yeah. They were going to do it like a crazy. I amped up yep, but in these days that was that with the first episode and there is sort of that a little bit little bases of it, but not the third. Three hundred and three hundred right they're doing like three of those arc. Episodes with three monsters are ok, yeah! That's why you're doing It's a good time is, I I really have the series was yeah, I mean I
movies were really just long. Episodes too, I mean they've, always kind of been that way. Yeah I really had to x files fight the future poster from the movie. Was red on one side, blue and the other was a double that was supposed to be in a window of a cinema. Oh yes, yes, yes, no! No! I bought it somewhere. I bought it web head comics in Wakefield MA. I just remembered where about it. And you don't have so many movie posters yeah sorted. I like it. There I used to live next to a video store nice and I would just go and ask for a later today, our using anymore yeah. There is like the bad ones that one is use. I remember like, like the guy that would have he's like you, can look in the posters, the box there's or just be like Beethoven's third, while all right I'll go in the door. I want you to to to pose. As a member of my childhood well yeah, three Steve Martin from the the the full that of the wreck of the album
yeah. I think it was wild and crazy. Guy was enough. Quad, like a four fold situation, windows, light alcohol, just to get full or or or maybe didn't cover the number. There was one that basically, it was best fishes Steve. Martin, that's the head shot that came in while Chris a guy I've been. Maybe that's what it was. A Eurythmics poster and a poster for the band Taco, oh well, yeah. I don't even know them. What are they working on the red so now? I know them yet and write it of course, but they performed it. I had any video Joe was the video store in the town. I grew up and when they closed, like I worked for them. The closing weekend, for work from officially because they had porn and I was under eighteen, that's and so like the like. The guys like hey we're, closing I'll give you. You know eight dollars an hour credit. If you help me just pack up the store- and so I use pretty much all that on video
and then an imposter's and I had like posters- removes that I didn't really even care much about had a high school high poster Having a movie poster felt like it was a especially in those days it was a harder choir thing. I got wind of light. When I worked at blockbuster, I took a quad home of gladiator. What I had that I've, my rent, it didn't even my way it was so big. It wasn't. Even I think it might even twice in my forty four times that that's like a subway poster yeah, there was huge and it was you know it was broken up, so you could break it up in the window of blockbuster and all along the split. So I took that home and I put it up in my bedroom for some reason, and then I had to like cut out the window of my bed, because my wall wasn't big enough. Because it's a movie poster these are official posters that movies use like a big deal, but most of 'em. If you get it from a video store there specifically for the video,
like yeah Vhs, like April twenty eighth yeah. It's a got a mall rats one and it wasn't that cool comic book. Looking Mallrats Cover was like them all standing. It was all them standing there and then the the the comic book them of the mall rats. You know yeah withdrawn one is up in the corner and then like clerks was the same It's like you know on Laserdisc and Vhs coming soon, who wouldn't want a house party to a road to Wellville poster? I had their bedroom and a star trek for the voyage home Vhs either I had city, the the city, Edward Poster, the one that they use for the via vhs cover. What's like him, Johnny Depp in the chair, yeah, just the cheers of the other celebrities in the movie, Martin exactly what else I have. It's really going to grab the
in this Dracula, struggled and loving it going to campaign so hard to be an asshole. In the background. That's all I have Judah to get in STAR wars episode, seven. I think I could get into space balls, two just even kind the backyard going YO yeah, that's all. I want Do you feel like get Rick Maraniss out of retirement? Well, this is what MEL Brooks said in an interview, I'm very up to date on this, of course, MEL Brooks said it would be right to do it with out american idol, but, like he says he won't, he won't have someone else. Do dark helmet right. So if someone else
play Barfuss either he's going to barf would be gone to. Oh no, this is falling apart. I don't know about this. A Pullman's back Ok, this is the space needle prince, Rupert, japanese and eager. You don't have Joan Rivers. So there's no secret PLO character and there's no John Candy. It's going to be real tough shit. What's the king to the king of Judea, Dick Van Patten he's not around no kick. Regarding Patton, I mean Wayne's world really. This might be. This might be a tough, now. Listen I'll see the shit out of it. You still got Michael Winslow. Get Bruce Van Pad, yet still got him. Look up. Michael Winslow still got one. So if you got the beeps increases, then they were interested in going to the guy who played like the general, the bald guy he was in Fletch. He played the attorney for flesh his ex wife. You know
bald guy. He was in the he was in space all to replay the he played the kind of like the general too yeah. That is interesting. Who's left of that can slur cat. No, it's not like a kid in a man. No it's the guy that looks like Download, yeah yeah yeah. I know it's basically Bill Pullman's, left and Daffney and Daphne is an ego and there's gotta be gotta, be more right. Well, you got it like. I said Michael Winslow get MEL Mel, that's two characters right. There yeah you could have Yogurt yogurt Captain screw presents group. There's done devils, I'm sure I'll still alive, yeah sure could be totally should be totally fine, yeah anyway man anyway, I hope it happens. I do too, you just remind me of all these people I like that are dead, turns out, happens. Everybody different at aunties gun, Joan Rivers favorite, I loved. I do love,
I loved it and I loved eight is enough to, and I adored I mean I really like to Dick Van Patten, but I just I I love. I watch I like that. I mean I like that. You liked him enough that you kind of like I heard it actually. Absolutely you got a little stung by that DOM Deluise Pizza, the Hutt he's gone to fuck she's, probably more people I from wash list the STAR war. There are more people like from star wars in nineteen. Seventy seven, then there are life from space. Balls fuck is going on offense and yeah lot of radiation. You interesting factoid about film Simpsons world, or none of the fx, so great, no fx, now app yeah yeah Simpsons World, I'm actually, no, the random play I've seen all these episodes. I've never seen and I'm just having a grey.
So there are a lot of. There are a handful of them that are not in heavy rotation yeah that you've completely forgotten about, and you think you've seen everyone you're like wait. No, I have a Thursday. Or Simpsons episode right now that I haven't seen that I've ever seen as I tapered off in ninety nine, and that was season. Seven. I tapered off season ten, the last one I really remember watching and enjoying was when they go on vacation and Bart falls in love with Christina Ricci. Oh right yeah yeah. I think the last one I really remember watching when I remember watching tv is on steam and well that's an error in our bridge man, councilman yeah yeah. What kind roller yeah yeah yeah I'm truly shakes the yes, I think the head of sanitation head of sensations that I think that's a what I remember it'll just say yes and anything yeah he's comfortable chair is yeah yep yep, so he doesn't know got really that's right! That's right! Yeah! I did watch a couple on that,
like from very recent seasons like one where homer gets a magical. Meat smoker. I can't remember if it was like a Julia Prescott or Ally Goetz that like claim or no no, no it's a gill says that there's a like third, like seasons, Chrissy fourteen seasons, fourteen through like fifteen or another classic heyday, of this thing and let it she's like she's, like all put it with the best of on but like no one knows it, because everyone right over the talks about the heyday Simpsons doesn't watch it anymore, so they would have known and she's. Like watched every episode interesting, Where are you? I was just looking you were. Might the Simpsons you remind me of the SNL app, which is fucking fantastic? If I can grade it spectacular, yeah so and see so
you get all episode now, anytime, you want! I don't! I don't see you know in here. I don't know if you're big enough for that plug. It's really good things. Do you mean see so quit Gestione A and we tried it once it is totally separate thing yeah. So see so has tons of classic subjects already yeah tons of stuff. I can watch on Hulu yeah, so did you watch every episode of module flying circus. Kids in the hall, Garth Marenghi Start place, Nathan Barley every Alan Partridge thing ever you are losing by Python Python episode, I thought the same thing as a Simpsons, where you think you've seen every episode and then you see someone you're like. Oh this ones. Ok, yeah they're, not I mean,
it's brilliant and groundbreaking shows like not every episode knocks it out of the park. So that's like a lot of valves. Mister show to you know not every like it's as if I can but I down. Then I got the snl at because and listen. I I'm only explaining this to give you a little backstory. I don't I'm not suggesting anything, I'm not making any accusations. But now when will Sasso was on the podcast. We did this whole thing. I had April sedan because shoes and shoes very very upset, as we all were about David Bowie, which took a particularly hard she's a with fanatical, and so you know she was having a down and you know just come sit on. The podcast will will sass. Is gonna be here before correct? They were given told the store, sorry about her friend hooked up with a dude who had an exceptionally small penis but then went down in there for like an hour 'cause. He said because he knew probably went down for like an hour. Then we started riffing about uh.
If all the Van Halen songs were about having a small dick. So we did the small Dick Van Halen Riff and sing songs. Two days later on SNL they did a music video and it was about The dude who had knew they had to go down on a girl for a long time because he had a small dick while and then they sang, but it was a rap. The rap about have a small, dick. So hello thinking very parallel thinking very coincidental, but you know I had about enough. People are like hey. Did you like? I don't know so got the apple watch did. Did I mean you know, I'm the last person ever goes? Hey? Yes, oh, I absolutely believe in parallel, so it all that all those all those things we were talking about that Amy Schumer stole from you right, no yeah. That was you right now, but I do it it it done with us in a lab and then just fell down a rabbit hole of yeah. There's a sketch that so obscure that I was convinced I was going to stump the app and
low and behold they have it. It is a cartoon called tippy turtle. As far as I know, they only did two of them and it was on. I remember 'cause, I still debate just copy. It was an episode where Jesse Jackson was hosting wow and they I remember the cartoons so well. They go to a sketch where Jesse Jackson said he's going to go to the control room, so they're like quickies coming, so they swap out the control people room with all African American and then he comes in he's like hey and then they roll this cartoon. And it's this tell me if this rings a bell. Wait, wait, wait, wait! I gotta say the thinnest battery, no
just little Creek new way to relieve other people. It's so simple! So perfect, it's so annoying! First, you go to a store that sells. Greeting cards, operating card store will do and your my one of these new fangled it plays a little song, remember to pay the cards. Don't shop live next rooms, a little mechanism from inside the card. These things have a little battery inside of a blade for about twelve hours. Look how small these things or anywhere what is the best thing? No,
so it's just a drunk turtle who fucks with people from probably one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, two six yeah yeah. I don't remember that at all does not ring a bell how about now. We were also the bell has been rung four years old and that happened You know about other things from before you were born. You're right, eight is enough, was fantastic yeah. You know it is enough: yeah yeah, Lou Reed to Bing for all slowly become
the cast of Spaceballs yeah, hey, no, what it means missiles, Mega medallion visits yeah. I take that. Take that, oh, my god, it was, and I had a half a second in a half a second I mean I think about it. Let me it's faults and die or don't die. Yeah you'd be in Spaceballs right. Yes, of course you know what happens to everybody they die now. I know it doesn't happen, everybody being in space for exactly, but if you do it, there's a chance. You might die before it comes out and you never get to see it. That's not true. Every person there's no chance. No chance. Everyone live long enough to see it in the time later, yeah exactly probably choke on popcorn from. Nothing is so hard right. Baseballs to this is for more money that was all finished before the movie start. You know you get it early. Trailers play of course wow how fast you pretty fast sounds like it.
And then we gotta get our popcorn is all gone before the movie starts. We gotta get our history of the world part. Two! That's right! You ever happened. I need to see Jews in space. He needs the Viking funeral. What's that, there's some uh nice to write Hitler on ICE Hitler on ice Jews in space. I love MEL Brooks he's a good man. He not enough to die for him for him, I'm dying for well on my terms might baseball to usually from about it is a life choice. You sold me on it down at my choice. Do you do you? Do I mean there could not be a better time to really space so genius yeah and that it would look? I would. I would hope that they do
practical effects. All I just to keep it real, absolutely yeah at. I would love it. The fact it like I like the idea that Bill Pullman would do it too, because it means he liked the to Scifi movies. He did would have sequels independence day in space will also. He had been a rabies in independence day yeah. It is the two looks fucking great. I think you should play barf. I see you can ruin that like mystery bar- I am concerned time them to do it I'll piscopo it up. I swear to God, start to work out. A lot gets super ripped, yeah join the cover of muscle and fitness yeah just will, but would like and we're in the the gives, Monica a jumpsuit, but it's like
muscles rippling, like kind of going to be the buffest. You can't be added. MIKE Ness is pretty buff. My pretty buff like this. I don't. If he was cut, you know, control shape, couldn't tell is good. I still gotta drop some pounds for that for that it's hard to look trim in a jumpsuit you're doing so many nice. Things your snake plissken in the I thought you were dead playing at Rydell, a different fucking awesome. That was fun. That was a good We had a nice little. I thought you were just saying that Jonah was snake Plissken I'm also going. I was like I another to be yes, escape from Flint. I tried
capital. You went with a 90s, hipster joke because you're wearing a longshoreman hat and I just figured like if they were going to do a hipster version of it sure escape from Silver Lake which are really just be getting to like echo pas, yeah that sounds like or just change like the city of LOS Angeles. To what happens is gentrification becomes self aware and they have to wall off E part of Hollywood to stop it from spreading. Who is Jen to be in that and then also uncle or buck. Have you seen anti a new, updated talking a lot about a lot of transgender issues? So but this could be my new movie and baby's day out too, and it's just walking around the city. Now he's grown up, yeah honey. I, the kids, are exactly the same. How do I overfed the kid?
It's about a dad, that's juggling with it. Just let's also say it's actually a sequel to MRS Mrs Dad yeah and then the club for all those kids get together like a weird in high school, but every everything seems fine. Now I just like the idea that any movie could be a sequel to baby's day out and we don't know it The walk was be amazing. Kind of amazing, so for all the upcoming projects for all that all the cool stuff. That Joan is up to right now, yeah we're very excited here at Geneco. I don't hate that name. That's great! Conan's name is Conuco. Now I like yours too, now I'm not I like them both. I don't like there's room for two gyrodine,
hi? All I wanna do do Myra MAX my of access, but you can't read it because everyone, because Miramax or I'm near lax, which is a it's a great day, listen if you're feeling blocked up my family it's going to clear those types right, relax, just stirring a pot. Well, I'm wearing I'm wearing a mask as it's just powder I send out powder. You know and you want to inhale it too much you'll be shitting for days, but having worked in a few, I know how to pump everything out of a body. Just you it's in I'll get. You'll get it out of there. You will get it out my relaxes store. I saw store in Manhattan the couple weeks ago. It was just it was called Myra and it was. It was jewelry for women. That was also a fitness tracker and I was like great and I do their research on that name. Not something I would get. There is a MIRA marketing in San Francisco there's my remark. It yes right across from the Kabo key, it's a great
I almost didn't make it out of New York. It seemed like well, I left listed in this came from New York. Wait a minute hold on it's Saturday, night and Sunday night, Lord storing Joe Piscopo Kenitra Vance Charles Rocket Allen, Clegg Horn, TIM Meadows, dolls, rocket shit, Tony Junior, Joan Cusack, Brundy Quaid. Probably all in the app store, let's say that every time Randy Quaid comes up, which is surprisingly often in my life,
they just go. If I don't shave for a little bit, people who bring up Randy Quaid they do you ever is the song. I think I played it on the podcast. It was the song Mean Hollywood, star, whackers, yeah, yeah yeah, and it's pretty good. You mean from his break period. Yes from the from the time of Randy. Could I mean it's still that he's still in that break period? Yeah, I don't think he's ever getting out of Canada, it possibly not yeah, although why would you want to leave Canada's great pretty great? You see that Electric Boogaloo documentary no one about not about the the movies included but money, it's about cannon films on Netflix right now, it's all about all the cannon films, that's cool! course. I remember Canon it's like it's the crazy store and the Dyan Cannon was that she associated with it.
It was two israeli guys that, like made like a like a bunch of kind of schlocky movies in San Tova, so I just made a connection that was not at all you're thinking of the Lakers. What could it be that wait? She's not but like? No, it wouldn't, because it was like they had their own company. Are you a golden globe, us yeah and then, like so, was owned by two can't golem Globus, yeah amazingly close to golden globes? That's great and they never won once, but it's great it's a it's just the store in the judgment or itself also like just like a just like a cat and fell
like the you, don't think the Asus thought about it too much because it just goes right away, but it's great because it's just great stories from all the interviews and just clips of all the most ridiculous moments from all their movies. That's a definite check that out also a great it's like a like a show like you know they have all the stuff like there's just tons of boobs, another movie and I totally forgot like I was like was like weird memory flashes like I remember that it all came back right, yeah, there's something about 80s boobs, where they all looked like they were about to pop, like they were. Just I don't. And it depends on yeah 80s boobs were like really 80s boobs 80s hips, like they all, were the high cut bikini line yeah like a way up on the yeah yeah that was enjoy those that's bread and meat yeah. It's weird, it's all very specific to that time: What other cannon films wall I mean like most of the death wishes and Superman Four, the quest for peace. Yes, yeah!
You know you got your mass invasion. Usa, american ninja. What's the masters of the universe, Sargon boards that sounded like a sports sure. What's the sports update goals over a I Leo Camera, yeah yeah COBRA was in there. The armor over the top. I knew what you were taught Distribute sister in this space work of turning his hat around and I knew exactly what you were talking about going to switch over the top dead. It got last american version virgin
most depressing ending of a movie ever yeah. What else is there it's a like romance movies, yeah, there's so many it's it's just such a fun movie to watch and just how they talk about. There was a time where any script they came and they had to either give it to chuck Norris or Charles Bronson, so they had the piles of two checks. It's like it's like it's like, so the person who would do covers- and they would just be like who is it for who is it for Norris? Look forward to watching? That sounds great. It's a lot of fun. I fucking love it and it just makes me want to watch the apple. That's like some! I will, because when the guys is like kind of like a Roger Corman Guy, where he's you know, he's a really good business mad, but he also fancies himself. Aggressor yeah teeth, and so he has like first big, like they get a distribution deal with MGM and he's like he's. Like I'm gonna make my Tommy,
So he makes this crazy rock opera called the apple, and it looks just I'm not aware of it. Yeah the skate, my radar, I don't know its I mean like there's because there's so many they made so many movies and then ultimately, what put them out of business, making too many movies that work. So exactly what you'd think for MR to be too many bad movies, it's like they would. They never give themselves a chance to stop and think about. Like you know what worked and what didn't, because they're always already on before by the time something or to be, it would become a head their next. Third, like they already on the next two. There is a little bit and they were starting to write like that, a sequel to it like the they did break in and break. It became like a huge sensation at them like it became head.
Like break into like a blue and they did even wait to really write a script. They just kind of just started making it yeah, but it's so much like it's like that scene, famously somebody, the stores like that scene and ed wood or like he goes into meet with the guy, for I changed my sex now. He like he he's like a he's. A Is there a script and the guy goes fuck? No, but there's a poster opens in three weeks and Tulsa and it's like that's what they would do. They would make posters for movies where they could have flashy title and then paintings that kind of look like celebrities, and then they were going to like con or other like film festival or distribution with american film market yeah, and then they would just be like
you want to buy this movie, and so people would buy a movie that they thought was already made, but only had a poster and they would take that money and make the movie. Can a junior reverse ponzi scheme? Yeah? It's not it's not. Can a genius yeah? It's it's! It's a lot of fun. I saw a movie, I think, in a text you do this. We saw a great New Zealand horror Comedy called death gas I'm, which was it was a pretty pretty great. Did you see it? It's really great. It's basically just like a bunch of up high school Hatcher dudes who formatted a death metal band and may acts they they actually some and the end of ten times
through their death metal. This is really funny like it yeah it's got. It's got a lot of fun. Shaun of the dead moments. A little to fear than Sean, but it's that, but is really great yeah. It mean your comedy is real tough, it is tough, but but they, but they I feel like they did it. That's great. They did it. So deaf chasm, fun, movie, fun movie to watch nice to just hang out. It's a rare, hey. I shot the comedy special this weekend. Yes, that's right! Yes, you how when and then Matt said to save it for the podcast. So here we are so we can both hear about every first. It was fun, but just a blur. It was just a blur. Really yeah. You don't remember it. I do remember it, but it just I don't know it's just like when you spend three years kind of building up to something and then all the sudden the moment happens. It's like wait. What happened- and I had then I had been performing so much in January to get ready for it and then those because of the snow I had to cancel Atlantic City
some of my last two shows for the special. So I called up Jamie Flamm at the improv in as if you have any sets on that that, like last Saturday night, it was like yeah yeah, there's two shows the main room and there's a there's. A show in the lab, which is that this other side room which I heard is all right now it was great. The one of the improv was going been there like. I was there like a year ago, and it was so so I'm like I don't know, but the first show was RON punches and friends. The second show is guy name, Michael Kosta. I saw so many great. Comics that I really love it's like a more seller Guerra and it's great and Tiffany had ation like all these really great people. I did three shot three Where is the empire, which is crazy in LOS Angeles, and they were all great and someone said yeah. Well, you know the comedy store really stepped it up, and then the improv really stepped it up and Club Comedy in LA is like back. Are you listening, laugh factory yeah laughter is like the only one that haven't been back there in a long time, but there was like five years ago I was supposed to go up. Dom irrera was doing a show.
So he was like hey. You should come to my show. It's Tuesday like ok, so I show up in their doms, not there Odom said I can there like what all right you can go up at eleven sorry before I'm supposed to go up. A special drop in Dane Cook couple hours literally so now it's like one hundred am most of the people are gone. I'm like I don't feel like coming back here anymore, like it was just one of those. I just didn't really feel it is neat out like I think the stigma of clubs has gone away just because, like they were kind of abandoned and then no one is going to him, so they had nothing left but to start embracing younger, shows or younger sensibilities, like start improbable, do like more live podcasts than any other club. I've noticed in a really great. I really I really I'm. I'm definitely gonna get because you know
the thing that I've learned is my first special was mainly built out of ten minutes, not ten minute but shorter sets and sets in front of strangers. So I felt like it wasn't. Actually it's very difficult for me to even watch the first one, because if you like, I don't like any of those jokes, it doesn't feel very personal. So for the second one I thought you know, big Lia had come on the podcasts and we were talking and he said you know I go to this place where I feel uncomfortable and that's why, right from when I go, I'm going to try that, and so that's this in Your special that's great, and so it's a bunch of stories that I you know would never have told out loud that are embarrassing. That are uncomfortable thought because, like all the fun comfortable and then and then that, but it's so personal that I sort of feel like I did the opposite, which is I I had more trouble performing in front of strange rooms because so much of my stuff was you know now people come to see
on purpose: yeah they come in already, knowing who I am so I don't have to. I mean the jokes have to work, but I don't have to convince them of any. Yeah, you don't have to you. Don't have to be like here, get to know me through these jokes then once were there will pop into this stuff. That's more nuanced yeah. So this next special I've which I've already started planning the is I'm going to get out, and you know now that I have more time during the week. I am so because we're not doing a mill a million podcasts a week and I'm gonna go work it out with the special is really great. The production was great. I barely even noticed that the cameras were there. All that's great pals fine arts was great. The show was really fun and dance cross. My fingers that all cuts together in a way that looks okay, sure. Well, I it's gonna come, isn't it all a April thirtieth
comedy central April three. That seems like a quick turn around quick turn. That is really three months: yeah nice, all the artwork done everything or no, but during this material for between now and April 30th just run it run it into the ground. Well, I already kind of knew thing that I started writing in the last two months. I just started pudding in a new folder 'cause. I thought I don't have time to develop new chunks, and so I just started putting stuff in new folder. So now I'm going to start doing more beta tests and I'm going to start. You know doing all that and I'm trying to convince comedy central to let me release the special as a Nerdist podcast for like a week, so if you're low on funds or whatever or you can't
it or whatever you? You know. You have like a window of time where I would just put it up as a podcast and you can just download it for free. That's really cool idea, and you know it if you like it, hey will go support number by the video of it or whatever you don't have to it doesn't matter, but I just just to just to give it out. I think after that, maybe you just like get them to like subscribe to her name. They might they might they might? Actually they might be. That's really cool! I like that. It's a very like me progressive idea. Well, I just did something that I wanted to do something that I wanted to be able to do so. I think I think it's I think it's the back of the people who don't like the way of characterizing. What is that? What is that one me? I don't know it's the guy who doesn't know. Why he's doing what he's doing I wish I could tell you, but I think what you do know is. I think you should just be the guy that says you don't know, but then you just say something completely unrelated that you do know. I don't know I think about that, but I do know this chicks get wet
for Popchips, that's the character Jonah there. You go about that. Introducing Popchips new sultan, vinegar flavored, like it just seems like such a weird viral campaign, Carl's junior mark. Guy took over the campaign, the like, so you know, says interesting man in the world here who died, I don't know much about. I don't know any think about flying a plane. Yeah super wet, someone's gonna. Do it they're just gonna have the fucking balls to say I don't like people will pass that around. If you want brand awareness, then why not chicks, get super wet to pop chips every since I was talking to a guy said this thing. Had
horsepower than any other vehicle on the road. Now I don't know about that, but I do know it gave me a that dented the hood Dodge. I wish this was a thing really wish this is the thing someone's going to do that it would be like the like: the movie crazy people with Dudley Moore. Oh yes, yes, where they basically the the the asylum and then, like all the people who were there like start making the campaign? So that's right, yeah and there's actually a really funny movie that it's like the truth in advertising. Takes over and all the commercials are like. You know, Jaguar for guys who, like getting hand, jobs from gay They barely know yeah, that's funny. What do you drive appropriate
yeah, his weird that you chose that? Well, that's that's! That's an example from the movie interesting and you still if it wasn't a real campaign, it's a fake movie campaign with cars, real yeah and this is Asian doesn't work. What about that executive killed himself you know in the in the car? No way on a what's your face? Ice Tina Hendrix need more facts. I don't know, I don't know what is this super mad men, really Jaguar executive killed himself in the checkout in real life. I completely forgot about the men, men storyline. Of course you in America are off tv and you forget about I was emailed you? Yes, let yes, because I bought a. I bought a podium. Slash fan replica check it in my book. Is it quality ray
Miller and distressed version, so I'm glad I saw. I saw that I saw that on. I couldn't even fall, you're really those on board from one. Well, you know just things depends on what mood he's in. Has he been through the juku incident or not? It is a website. It's a what I came through the exact? U R, L, but it's it's a that's like a film jack.
Let's say they have a whole ball. Yeah yeah! I know there're disposable income Dhaka. No, what do you do? Did you see like? Was it that much of a difference? The you know you should you should got one for Lydia, the one for you? Well, I yeah. I I get to be cute and seems like it's something Chris would want yeah, but it's not something Lydia would want. I here's why I bought both of them clothes professionally around professional distressed jacket. It was very tough to tell from the website exactly what they look like I'll be very,
I bought them both and there's a thirty day return policy and I'll keep the one that looks you can't be wasting one hundred and thirty. Three dollars is one hundred and seventy nine, which one do you think you're going to keep distressed, maybe but the but the you know the Unp distressed. One was looked pretty good too. I know it's gonna be embarrassing. Everyone else and that's like buying a relic guitar a relic guitar like one that looks like it's been put through Hell one slash two: the fun of getting a guitar is to do that yourself, yeah, but I'm not going to go on space missions to distress. It will think about it, though how stressful is a space mission. My guess is not very Sometimes I just like things that look a little distressed sure as opposed to just like totally, but but there's also something that looks engineered distressed, also, isn't that great either. So this is why I wanted to see it in person so great bid on the comedy death Ray compilation, CD, where hardware
talks about distressed jeans- oh my god, oh yeah, and if you here ironic. This is give a listen to that completely forgot about that I'm a clumsy, see I'm a clumsy scientist accident scene was jeans. That's right! I love that bit. Of course, I remember it's a great couple of love that you remember that yeah, that's like that's so funny is referring to it as the the death Ray CD. Yes, but it was death threats, but it was also has the I think we talked about it when he was on, but the Daily God season, this guy and then and then halfway through stops. Have you seen this? Have you seen this Sinas? Am I right genius fucking funny? He really is.
Has everything it has everything going has Dory what it? What do you guys doing what's happening with the New York till the twelfth hi for she's, been out of she's, been that's? Why you're smoking meets A court had nothing to do yeah it nothing. It was like MS will kill a Saturday and smoke a brisket. It was fucking great. I use franklins recipe on your instagram. So this one yeah Erin Franklin from Frank, a barbecue had a cookbook door, got me the cookbook for Christmas and someone to Cosco but brisket turn? The Austin Franklin began that that one and it's a it was a there. Was I mailed it because not only took about seven hours pulling at a reasonable amount of time to smoking. Meat well depends on how much per pound you know. How may you eat it, tend to do like an hour, a pound
and depending on how hot it was, but it was it really work. I'm actually surprised that being the amateur carpenter that you are, that you didn't build a smoke house in your backyard, just drive to just smoke out me. Well, it's interesting! You know we just we rent, so I feel like I already, but I already gave them a shed so I don't need to give them a smokehouse as well. Now I get to green egg. Dory also got me for my birthday last year. She got me the big green egg, which is the ceramic cooker. That's amazing and there's like conventions for it, and everything people are really obsessed with egg and it was. It was fantastic, so she's she is in New York right now, she's on book leave from Buzzfeed's. If he's finishing, amber through a book she's going to very soon she sold her novel now. She's writing just finishing it up and she'll be back out on the cover of the book.
And she's so this it had arrived at so the to Southeast Asia, Europe and she retained international Rights Field in America, said all flour and brown paper it's also going to be, I was very sad and she is she. Her publisher also publishes the Michael Connelly Bosch novels. I was very, I know what a box fan you know shows very excited. Her editor gave me the new, the crossing, which is the Box Lincoln Lawyer team, up their half brothers. Why very exciting. They are yes in their universe, being the university at Lincoln Lawyer and Bosh or half brothers. Now, I'm not even out now, I don't know much about regulation, but I do know pop chips. Get chicks with so sorry kidding so over all of it. She just doesn't yeah no shared universe, Bosham to make
lawyer. Please let us know if you're eating pop chips, if you get super wet, male or female, doesn't even matter, I do the opposite of what they do to your mouth right. All the moisture is right here, but runs right to your lower extremities it just it just for fun. Make your deck lake. I hope. That's not true. Let's break up right yeah, he yeah great red right, no, no, but oh just main. Ok, so long, the asshole, oh indignant, std guy! Oh I get it
yeah. So you realize the leaky Dick Fan club was here in the audience tonight. I think that maybe your pre comes broken, so another name. Another term would be burning. Bro, yes, Bernie would appease words, but where I got it weekend at Bernie's to three we're gonna Bernie's three in you're gonna, be in that too we're three, it's just Maine, making a tiny house out of human bones. When the music starts lights come on inside the house of bones, I made that's right, yeah, it's real and you complain of a bone like as I'll phone. Yes and a Democrat is there, but doesn't really do that? Much now he's just
Just kind of hangs, interesting, really really done. Anything in awhile Nope turns out. He just quit. Just like he's had like three season arcs and now he's got a he's, a very he's, a very successful podcast or he changes and Mark Meron. Yeah. This is I mean this is really blowing the lid off everything and a Mccarthy is actually Merrin. Yeah yeah, it's a blast. You know he's doing some great job, the to the president on the changes night. He changed that sort of like boy next door, image for like salty acerbic, sort of brilliant, incisive, comedy type talk about Fertility Sandra that that was frank. Whaley. That's for It was frank. Whaley well said I just like the reference I Frank, Whaley to Frank, Whaley was fucking great, really was sharks. Great movie. Yes, that's right does but yeah, let's, let's back up a little bit from insurance, is not a great movie. It is it's a it's very much of that time.
Of that what ninety seven, ninety, eight, what you're like me, yeah, like the in the late stage, play here's the here's, the behind the scenes of what happened and what people contains is not my concern like that, like it's a lot of like if you really watch it again, guarantee you it to it's, not as good as your member, so long dreams here comes a met, my wrist arm. You know that will delight your I actually have not Washington quite a long time swimming with sharks, poster so you're the post, I'm not lying. I had one so I can attest to this that well, I was like the fuck. I was the biggest Kevin Spacey planet fan on the planet, like every. I tracked it out, every even albino alligator, every Kevin Spacey movie I track down. Well, on DVD, like I was obsessed with Kevin Spacey, so something the sharks, I saw a lot and maybe someday we'll get him on this very podcast would be fine,
ask the movie it's kind of like that. Was it a company of men or that one? Yes yeah, those around the same time. I have for some reason I was kind of basic catalog. I don't know it fucking talking about. You know the movies that don't have space in it. No, not anymore. You forgotten all of 'em you everything you want to look don't get rid of all non spacey movies movies he's not in a bond movie. What's the bond movie, the worst part is now. He doesn't even know about space movies. Does know about space they're like we can't do only spins, who is the left that we've not had on the podcast you still one of the podcast. Besides Dave Matthews and Kevin Spacey Dave Kevin Spacey Dave Simmonds about this bill, Simmons build a great great
John Kerry, has been an amazing addition to the nurse practice, never to be. Having listened more, it's like that, Jonah Jonah was the right guy and Kerry was the right guy. It's not that I was opposed to doing sports with there is. I just want to find the right guy who could kind of straight after listening to this, and you didn't even know that we have the nerve to sports guess what John Kerry has broken her to see. Alright, it's going to be doing stuff for us and maybe writing from time to time and bringing me as for his writing. Yeah. Just because I don't understand it doesn't mean that other people don't right and it's so that's that that was a beauty of that that's what's night, Vale exists, I don't understand it, but everyone seems to love, so you so you know Dave Matthews. Yeah. I had a couple of conversations managers who is a very nice guy porn captcha. And uh and he and this guy red Light management, yes and
very familiar they on the publishing rights and they and they and and they're not opposed to it. It's just. I think it's just a schedule, guess what they just announced. Two thousand some fifty the sixteen tore they're taken. Two thousand seventeen off so we're gonna get. Are you okay, we're gonna, get we're going to get them. Remember the last time I took a year off you post. I was like five years ago it was yeah. It was two thousand and eleven eleven yeah. I remember 'cause. It was the first year of the podcast yeah. If you can really upset when I was bummed out about that, I buy my requested tickets for the Irvine shows through the warehouse fan club. I've been a member since December, seventh, nineteen, ninety eight so say it Kevin spacey. We had spacey yeah spacey Dave, Matthews, Simmons uh. Who else would love on this podcast that hasn't been on any other bar camel?
oh Hamill. I did a QA with Hamill, and that was a podcast great. I think it wasn't. I did not get to sit in on that yeah, those two thousand and twelve Hamill's great By the way I mean I guess, if I want to collect them all, we need to get gates Mcfadden on this podcast Gates, Mcfadden, who turned out to be my neighbor yeah. I I don't see any reason why we can't get the going about any of the other bonds like you. Would you want Timothy Dalton, I'd love? I'd love appears bras. Conversation like nobody's business. Well, apparently he's negative. Well, no apparently Pierce was very good friends with Lydia's pair and they used to spend a lot of not at all surprised they used to spend like vacations together. Sure they learned how to fuckin paddleboard together. I thought he does right he's a big paddleboarder. I don't know Tony you know all about Pierce browsing slice right, nothing about Pierce, Brosnan.
What I do not if it is a pop chips, mmhm. What do they do? The young girls actions any of you guys and get to see you you look at those and a to get to see the orchestration that went on with Matt and Chris. Do it do the water pop chips to the ladies? They get super watt, Oh hey happy six year anniversary of this podcast a dead today, I believe so, no fuck February. Second, oh my god. This February, second, oh! No! No, that can't be it. It's not it isn't it not not Februa It was not inside anniversary more then. That means I still fucking forgot.
Did you already forget your integrating check to check the date first date anniversary, it's not yeah, yeah, two and ten thousand and ten. What was the super bowl two thousand and ten will find this out. Find this out. Ok, guys, one one, five days, five days that was in, Very clever, hey! You know. How did you not know right away that that wasn't the anniversary of your wedding? Well, he says because now they're married, they have a wedding anniversary. They have a first date anniversary. They have That's uh, you know it's, it's not that I don't know it off hand. It's just that. You know we always say Super bowl Sunday. It does sound like you didn't know it off hand. Now, they always say Super bowl Sunday, so think about your wedding anniversary. No, no! No!
The wedding anniversary, yeah yeah civil Sunday myself, because it's amorphous and it moves back and forth all the time. Yeah right, we don't really have a so that was the issue. Is that it's like you know, because it's a we are first, it was the night the night before yeah gotcha right, sir. He has got a fun Friday planned her. No, it Besides Saturday February Sixth, so February, Seventh was the Sunday until now, it's a Sunday coming up. Sunday will be six years wow right here. We are, and you know what I have to bring this some guy on on Instagram. Did this way post on a picture of mine had nothing to Instagram, and it was saying how sad it is that the three of us aren't as good of friends,
as we used to be made me very upset because of how wrong that kid is, and he says like because you listen to last podcast he's like like, and we were all exhausted when we did that last. That was probably the last thing. Any of us did. So it wasn't the last thing I needed that year 'cause. You still had to go away and do a bunch of here in America. So, and so we were all like just like we found the time and we did it. Oh yeah we covered this Sunday. We both like I just got back from New York yeah. I was on my way to talking to it was the last day of the year, and so this kits it's like that were not friends anymore, and I wanted to. I wanted to respond to him, but I didn't, but I did because I don't want to get the satisfaction, but it was like a
heartfelt actually giving you more satisfaction, probably, but no one knows who he is okay, but at what I want to say. Is that, like it's like you, we were we've been doing this for now six years and like you know when were like it's like you know the surface level pleasantries like argued, they go out the window when, I have friends for this long and so, like you know, we make digs at each other, but then we move on and we're all just friends an and like I was like very upset for anyone that questions our friendship. I get really upset by yeah. I mean we're still friends. After all this yeah then it's not going anywhere. I think it's also just kind of like well. You know, I think it's that feeling of like oh well, you don't really know what we do when we're not podcast. Yeah. We know we all do it. You know everyone's run off to the they're sort of corner of whatever they're doing we do text each other. We do still communicate, will hang out when we can hang out. We still see each other,
Actually, I feel like we I feel like we see each other more socially than we did in the beginning of the podcast to be honest, yeah, which I think it was. I think we were just podcast. I think, as you guys didn't, really know each other when we started out really yeah, and so I feel like, I feel like we're a million times closer now I actually didn't meet or talk to Matt MIRA until about a year. Into this podcast yeah you go back. I was important to keep. You separate, go back and listen to it like we actually, never, there's, never actually any engagement between us, it's like the dude and Donnie. So. Basically, there's never any. I want to join like to make eye contact with people. I wanted didn't want to be uncovered. We didn't know anyone else was there was a reason you away what I just turned my left one day Look what you do is that there's a good girl. You know it's Matt MIRA, MIRA, yeah. That is pretty crazy, that I, but that guy is wrong. Yeah we're still good friends. We still find find the time to get to
and we can. We will also find the time we found that I find that I'm online the time we fall right now and we found it right now. Yeah. Sometimes I found the forms of desk Tom Surge from Beverly Hills COP, enjoy your burrito search shares you have. The most trouble with is actually have to be somewhere ten minute, I that that add here Matt Myra six years, so the pod has you guys Thank you for being here. Thank you to pop chips for sponsoring wet pussies full. You know, I don't know about the oh wait. No! No! I do not see you Matthew,
but let me man yeah. We got an hour, that's great! Alright, let's start it now, it's got everything else out from there can we talk about how we're just not good friends anymore. I don't like the way you're pointing your finger at me, I'm pointing all five item that makes it five times with Chris. What it's been Chris, the entire time she says cry, What is happening for these new people on the Nerdist? I don't know you're a longshoreman Matt, just laughs. He doesn't care who's mad mad Molly Raw Chris Matt hasn't been on the podcast in years. Oh, my god, you're shutter, island, still good friends, still good the sound you're so still still good.
Don't you worry about a the good brand? No, you hang up first, no, I love you more and you want to do you watch or the robot yeah. It's phenomenal. I watch it when it was still on. I mean I watch it when it was airing their two. More episodes left the new breaking bad, so many spots we're just like what like what do you like when a girl gets checked. Yet, like you just what the I know, I know I know, and I have a theory about where it's going next season, I'll text you when I'm done with it, but boy? Oh boy? I love it, good friends have good conversation. Did you see that television program it's my favorite one mine too love. It love it equally as much as love you more get out of town, that's impossible because I love you more
there's not enough room in town for how much I love you and you. So I going to have to choose and it's going to be very difficult. Well, I don't know about that. What I do know is that your name of the wind am I your pop chip you're, my pops, yet. Now, leaving Nerdist dot com enjoy your burrito,
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