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Hello- nurslings- welcome to another hopeful edition of the nervous by guest, ok, couple, a quick Dayton outcomes for my chaotic good stand, comedy to I will be in Minneapolis Minnesota may six at the marshy theatre may twentieth of the little field in Brooklyn, drew forth the shoebox in Seattle June, tenth to show that the magic bag and firm Dale near Detroit. eleven Renate Theatre in Dallas, ticket links and implore nervous dot com also check out our new you, to dot com, Slash noticed page there as well video on their it's brand new, its doctor who related who is surprised not I do I like answering questions than answering myself. Yes, I do also throw us alike on Facebook that calm, slashing earnest and check this out at. Please stop telling me what the fuck did you Chris Hardwicke flash nervous, aright shut your eyes pinch your nose and dive into notice, pockets. Episode number eighty, you, ah good people nor entering
star com recording in my head right down the line? coding earlier areas. Podcast ever I have recorded pieces of podcast as early as last Five thirty in the morning, while in o, tells doesn't really count you write to her, you know it does. Campo Jonah seems to have some sort of scientists I don't know, I don't know what it thou. Wilt thou just happened like on the way to work. I wasn't. I woke up find another way to work, a start sniffling. Why are you so weird you allergic to driving to work
Yes, I think everyone is really to Wednesdays her wet it's the hump, You guys humpty come up on the weekend. Gotta get a two day here come on. The two day who dare up in the weekend we're gonna get into some son sued by oh, my god. You should totally be doing it. contemporary right. That's that's! Boyd, Michael producers of websites like he will. You talked about sunlight dj that, like them or what was always gearing over the weekend. At the weekend basin. One thing I got for more days: we again five more days after that till the next weekend. After that and then so on and so forth. Until We die and now his and fear master of the pen flowed. What I've been as every year? their fear went away with Johnny Montoni chug Messianic. With
on a anyone go anywhere about. It is the only still around here. Are you I just got a lotta can still at our demands. TAT he might have, you might have feared, might have transcended abundant this week, I there's an awesome metal show in the desert scale the big forts Metallica Anthrax, Slayer and negative and make it s in the desert. today that the good group offence to get dehydrated in a desert Clive aims same spot as since, but as the old capella music vessel really out of the polar feels there. I heard I kind of one or two. To control this year, but I didn't go while I'd ever have that desire really pretty horrid place unless you have like the federal pass in the one. What but I but one year they did comedians accommodate. Could innumerable and I guess it on it, and so we had the super we had. The God passes yeah where you could go anywhere and it was totally it was totally worth it, but I can, but I heard this year I heard there this year
can Western did a show with his rhyme talking rhymes forgotten All rapid development are known, ass. The cholera galleron docking, someone tweeted about later I've never heard somebody by white people in a huge groups in the inward signal, I think about it's. Ok, they're out the lyric, didn't I stayed trapped here in the desert, I'm fine! I go to that and also because I was actually went to a metal should last night you twisted your foot. Did I I'll show at the foundation room in the house a blues. It's up. These guys put it on its called, get a lotta, but oh yeah the fund, show remember when we did the same name are grandmother shows the night that George Carlin died. We did it then, like anyone, got swingers food, adwords air we frequently written, The traditional hipster salad, George Garlands, passing bad celebrate, but I've been born yeah, that's it. I mean the opposite of what I first said:
Wasn't me? I really right. I guess that Syria esther- but that they like in the main room of the house. The blues there was a ban called evil dead. Playing answers is like the guy who put out It also works as I come out. As it mean Kyle can aid and Chris Airbags and we all ends watching and just seen the the other marsh maybe I can get reminiscent of my days of younger nets, that, whereas of younger and is of younger ness, and that I am I went downstairs and I did a couple revellers since in the management and the realize I had done it and probably ten years and was lot less coordinated than they used to be and EL down twisted my foot when you're, then you became a now be there. We have all that, but I was the widest biggest dude and he in the pit. Did you go
I did with their vote, that I was thinking along that route of various countries. Man, hey doing, have been better. Your back still air. My leg is thing that hurts my back. Feels. Ok, but she's got stuff, go in it. You ve got your call You got that. I have a crazy inner ear thing going on. I just want to sleep what is wrong with table and what does the curse of an earnest exec I've taken the mixing, vague it in a sleeping pills, probably not the best idea, and what are you doing it, but that is how people die. They feel like. That's the only way I can sleep now I only get four hours out of the matter. You can't do that. That's danger! Do I do I don't know what to do? Well, I don't The pills and dilute our day asked me. Don't mix, don't mix pills, that's clockwork, I've I consider it
excellent morning. If I wake up and the sun is out like if I wake up- and it still I gave you pretty normal if I went over the body besides letter, it scared that will never come out here, but I am pretty miserable and I can't sit. I hate that anyway and eyes are not the best idea buying a manual transmission that clutch Is that what you should do is you should have a SEC mounted? a car, so you could drive away ass standing up yes to hold, I get a jet skis car majestic There's an hour you away. and do a land do land do I've taken away. On the floor alive that actually, not you forget the Duma the lad. Do Caribbean! It's! Why? What's in that model? Jonah? expanding the US and in the head, you're, not gonna
You know you, maybe you should do, spend a little less time about every goddamn night lashing when you could we get ready for the weak. I heard you re for the weekend. Come about Portland Bridgetown, colony, festival, insanely, fun, Company, Deathray less, I'm always love doing deathray, but last night was particularly phone. There this is a good cry, like the crowd was great. Scott doesn't really announced the lineups anymore, so you dont know who's gonna be on the ethical out. It was like Nicky Glade HU, I love and Amy Humour was really funny and Sarah Silverman and next words in disease in white kids. You know hosted refers for now we find a way, and there are some canadian nervous pod. Fans in the audience, came to Africa, child and stop by Deathray and then I guess we're going back. The canadian awhile road trip yeah, that's a pretty, and they re really revenge tonight what an Doug Benson on for twenty, but they really stuck around for the Mariposa there that yeah how
was the meltdown? I've got an idea that great Garfunkel note Do you know you know, I'm excited cause. I cut together the more my friend Jacob cut together, although the doktor who footage of them, sending me the video and sending them the video and then stuff from the panel, and because that podcast is going about a spot gas. This week, who wrote a third party POD, GAO just for doktor who moreover, the atom Corolla show overhear rabies. Target as all the thing about brilliantly actually gonna think that maybe an atom bomb so I got that got together and then we are, we got. Some more funds have come up at the old. Oh, this is Superfund. This is this is sort of equipment, sort of equipment.
Ere, I put you know it's because you do you think of any. Do it from the metal show, as you reminded us, remoteness its contents, less than it was just the thing I did after a garbage whether legos like my home. This is a fine climate, because this guy, this is simply a story that he was telling me. but we still have our deal tweet audio. If we were to adopt Yoda concessionaires, you get ten dollars off the old here, but there are some getting about give us greater the wicked this, but I love this
it's one of the reasons why I loved tweaked audio so much at this. This makes me so happy to yield. To read this. Guy's name is errand wolf hatred of students onto others over some color, some sweeter boats from tweak they got here in two days. They sent amazing in this special request feel that the order form I ask that they please draw a dinosaur the packaging, because my life needs more dinosaurs. The day before they shut up, I received the following Emil: Aaron. Your order was sent down. Yesterday we make a real effort to pack and ship orders as soon as they arrive. Unfortunately, in our haste we neglected to include your special request. Luckily, our warehouse manager snapped a picture of your order being picked. Hopefully this will suffice best Ignacio special request, apartment twig, daddy, and they said picture of a velociraptor with tweaked ear buds in its mouth, placing it in another? Actually neither have a velociraptor who works in shipping in receiving. Are they
There were two Photoshop evolves and picture, but because we put them- and now I ve over every two examples- gonna be like output of ass. They are yet another very clever girls, big, an open door to lever girls though I like it. I like it the Azores a giant space aquarium doing audio. Why would you do that? Any Chris? I tweet audio the artificial, make a wish this, Have you could really thought now repeat what no problems at around my gas have a kitten breathe into the box before each ship. It though we have a kid at the idea of the body or is it just give a locus? Could you just We're just give a little. This little swiped is also able to get it on the fact that human rights, our shabby, wasn't mountain goats. I mean the banned the van. Yes, Sir Sir was going on a momentum last night leader, guile. Isn't a mountain goes like reared its we're that also like
Everyone, in the comic many contacts about it's like almost Gallagher about gotten TED Leo, are now and super chunk girl, like they're all comedy in Iraq. Bands and, like everyone seems like you, be friends of them thought with a, but now that's a good. The guy also had another band. They d, like a one hour project, was called the extra glens which was like you know he record bunch of songs, and then he sent it to another guy who layered in some other stuff. On top of it and then the last track, but as them doing a lifelong, but with one guy over the phone o awesome its. But let me among us a great deal has he's got em night. Black poppies is like other, probably that's. My favour. One is earlier sounds like really FI, but it's a yeah. I recommend a guy like earlier loaf I stuff so is politically on things that are in line with my my interests. That's good. I, like me, they're, they're, gonna, bet they're good man. That's all some death, its logic. The man Gus about? We lost Elizabeth Laden Sarah Jane, I was set.
Of the thirty chronicle that arises. Is this our geographical stone production? Wasn't it? I believe it just started airing yeah. I don't tell me that the british we don't get the surgeon chronicles, irrational and, and I get them on my computer yeah. I know with all your weird british, antique and taking argument bargain hunt yeah, thrashing trashed up as if my fresh does that issue, I watch it. They don't say, there's nothing of value. They just go through stuff God is gate, a banana peel, there's a diaper, those half a syringe, early watching Tralee, Iver watch like the four episodes of Sarah Geographical that David tenant was on end. Not Smith was, yeah enjoyable that shows delightful, it's it's there was. There was a sad and so from, The whole community we're we send. Our condolences Where were you watching right now stepped into the time for tat? We did What am I watch and right now, I'm I'm! Just I'm real watching the fifties and just ramping up for the sick.
an idea that I won't Marjorie now the impossible as you and baseball is on Netflix in streaming libraries, Mary, oh oh, oh, I am a baseball itself, no, no killed as I've been watching them. Man I get sucked into this. Can burns civil war. There dammit What you mean these the originals of ordinary men? Yes, I just haven't, I just went on and when I was in New York last week here just kind of in the hotel and I could not fall asleep because They don T really funny is confirmed, and I used to travel. All Furman didn't have doesn't have a tv in his bedroom and he's weirdly addicted to late night. A vision, and so, when he's in a hotel higgins, I I didn't sleep last night, I couldn't turn it off. I watch the same. I see NBC Show's over and over again I watched him on RP. I literally had to pick up the road.
And throw it across the room. Man with the tv turner, because he just he's so is the only wants beyond just like that. Four of the tv yeah me. I like that. I like having tv on the background can't do that anymore. I wake up and turned off the asleep, but when I was a kid there was a pretty regular thing. I got put on board, and I might please ever her game into sleep timing. I was away a lot of that way. The sleeper avenues to watch live black and white deviates. Yet Embassy Watch Carson and then Letterman Loomis, as I slept For some reason. The other night, I had a dream that I was sleeping on a sleep number bed. What was your number? I think it was eight of its very firm well, but it was soft in my dream because Its- himself from his can be I my birthday. I might have their bad. Those might not be actual numbers. We kind of. I can't really perceive actual characters in Europe.
Is a real. You can't do that rear. You know, I don't you, don't actually read words I mean they're squiggles other matter. That of I mean in your mind. I think you think that's what they are, but they're just sort of squiggles. That's the camps were different party or brain about Ankara's. Oh, you don't have there is great about saying you don't have to know about much of it for its work, but other people do How can we know that every week I gotta complementary more more and hurrying alone you well I mean what helps is not being able to set a helpful You have a lock everywhere by clockwork lack. The dialogue to gather to the day was gave a cheat. They was good this weekend at a good cheated out there that day in and see much he saw a little bit of it. You gotta, but little glimpse into it when reckless a break fast, yet only wanted to ask each ease. Danish is all day
and I really didn't- I only had Tutsis danish but thus avoiding right. Fucking way rise. You disgust. go fuck yourself enough I remain, may the stuffing, so I went out and bought a turkey had thanksgiving giving up and said NATO's. No, even though, if that was the case, I beyond your mom's house, are you fucking my mom? Well, I don't want us eighty, well we're raising berries either that they were my court, where I'm really I'm really high strong. With that, I made this hippy girl and she is adapted berries either and were raising him. There's gonna be all right now yeah forget is. Was in I feel like I do. Car accident are beginning to see in West Hollywood Rice minor thing, but I am going to tell them. I think leg tightness right,
has Medea anyway. Baseball base of Facebook buys ethical, hey, yes, its nervous podcast friend, bread line by wake up. Surprise guys, Will you really? I didn't? Oh, my god, I can't noticed unless you're making noise I operate on echolocation get up on bread, you gonna just gonna Yanza terrible microphone. What have I can I take this? All you could you, for? I do not know about it. but this guy's attacks that my if I say anything that started with the p, you may ask impenetrable base his own fuzzy battle over? This is fuzzy baffle. I believe so. Linda
you have been. You have been named, checked on his podcast before, as well as a comic that we enjoy quite a bit. Thank you. When I favour its brand, yeah. I don't really like feel. Thank you. Press Yoda he's right there you, I know so start ass. You wanna have good relationships. You need to know how to open up some time owning the plan. Oh you're, such a Miranda wait. What does that mean? I don't know either those is the first name. It came out every two being whenever let me be Charlotte, I'm ok with no dummy leader of the drama that have created just now from sitting here. That's that's! What happens when you mix the part, and that goes for podcasting airline, but the dynamic gets thrown off or we'll start attacking each other. Now, brick Leo. The girl, the room, it's crazy! There's! Never in the room there I've my bodies, I love this baby seal love that Germany is about a wonderland. I want
here's your body, minority languages, wonderland your body, is a zombie land. How come no one made that dumb parity song, I'm sure of it? I'm a writer. I guess that's an awful idea, that's why it has ever done yet the when you said it, everyone knew it but I think you would use her this weighing up a start ripping Morland like red meat right. I please take it up. I mean breaking take your time. I've known, as I said, the first please without why you said it again. I think I'll watch every I don't want it only whereas are rarely is outside it does Dorie brutalized by Euro, say P, really hard right and Gunnar P our policy Wang dangler. What it's only what we will have been you. I can make a pop even with the fuzzy meanwhile Yes, you to the microphone. I see. If I can do this cover going on these were Dobbin. There was a visit, my pop, in its opinion, carbon, that's my problem.
After tat, you can learn how to the autumn dvds, snap in pubs, Brain Now I know you from I rivers you in the in the San Francisco comedy that's true, and then you migrated southward, that's true, but Brent Wine back when you were a schoolteacher, I was for yeah I'll have a Jew procedure and in the end, the oak and the ok in in Oakland area, Oakland barrier natural mean people really want to know some see. industry stuff. It was actually Emeryville out an end. Berkeley yeah. Just some sego, though you may, and Driver Clayton size of the schools, are as ghetto as you're totally are actually did there. I mean every rely was worse. Actually that's coming, but am reveal was there was only two schools actually because one of em closed
The originally was three, but then what I'm close down because of budget reasons, and so they tell you much budget there studios you much positive. Let me close the school that will have even more budget debate. There was the there was the man school, that they they closed down, as they had the seven greater move into the high school and the six gutters move into. There are measures that some stash turn away. So these are much people just got a bunch of it'll skip the butcher grades were now. You have to be addressed, great, while I'm some time eleven Vienna Senior that's occupying the seventies greater there was a big fire between and a greater an eleventh greater G oh well, you can imagine the two girls and in their parents came to sort things out and then the parents are fighting physically, and I- and I didn't see this- I thought if I were the girls, I didn't see the fight with the grown ups by
I actually, they may not have been grown up, they were definitely their parents. I dont have, if they're. Actually, I don't just like eight years older, but they other like that, and so they I heard that I heard that two hammers involved. Oh I'm saying something and some other item. I can't remember what I will now turn to hammers. While oh no, there was a gun, it was a gun yeah. I heard a gun Two hammers were involved not two hours ago and if just one hundred million of these weapons get my well, there was a flaming cross in the morning, but the rent you, my friend, how are we ve taught? We talked about this like one right. When I first met, you were like hey actually can play like a lot of cool ape and you can play a big music on piano right, yeah sure I knew you were doing. Were you doing that in your eggs? I was doing in my my lounge act was
yeah me too, to play, piano also for a living Adam and hotels and restaurants. Did you really, yeah. You know really ground you to know that. I don't know that their rights are mainly that idea here, no knows it and so as to do at a restaurant in and enlarges in France and of eminent lounges in hotels and stuff, and I would slip and video game music. You my my settlers in a there are enough I play that song is, is a little too years too will base Chris Base. That's pretty happy for April music. I don't even necessarily describe it is a bit music, but I just called video. I got a bit era yeah because because people do confuse ape it in sixteen, but I think a lot of people say if it when they
in sixteen, but like all the same stuff with sixteen year. We know, but also, though, people also confuse a bit music with video game. Isn't too sometimes I mean like in the case of where there are a lot of like current bans that play a bit music, but it's not the video game is it gets it's. This is news aids using the technology of the eight bit technology automatic gucci, Google, but others. Bands are just do straight up. Just no live of musical companies like pause, which I think is from their from Sweden, and they have like great music. That sounds like it could be they about about a duty, as I said, give em a video game, but it is clearly an updated version where I live. Basic pasta are just the straight up. Just it's just the electronic! Well, that's the thing is that I think that, for me, the what makes videogame music sound specifically likely to gain music is less about the way it's their hop de technical, aesthetic of it by more the compositional aspect of it and the structural aspects. You talk about me once before its set its specific to the composers
from Japan. Have a japanese music background ripe eat? Well, yeah, it's! It seems more common in Japan that there's a compactness to the songs that that the rule- a dynamic melody, wise and but they and their elders fit into like forty five second loops and it's sort of, It seems like the western composers are more or less spread out and their songs can be more repetitive in and they're not is there not as melodic there more like background music, and I think that, and so, when people when there's ape it music, that's not, you know videogame music. I think you can hear it sounds more like western videogame music. I think a lot like a lot of current ape it music Hannah and so anyone so guy. I just think that that's what really makes vetoing music so like its own jonra, though, is that it's the weights composed, like there's a certain there's, a certain ways, structure that makes it sound like that it has less to do with them.
where you no earlier than you know that that is technical, aesthetic and you actually do do composer owner videos, music, well, I've composed a couple apple. Now I've I've composed a couple of co couple pieces: Ed, I kind of inspired by I didn't realize, but I totally ripped off- and I repeat, I was I definitely like lifted from, unlike unconsciously from mega man- six, this is then there was a piece for mega six that I definitely I didn't realize I copied until I re, listened and Bangemann section, and then I was like all my toy stole that an accident you go talk, o Hara talk, a horror is the composer. Is anybody I was re part juniors excuse to deliver. I want a new drug, so so anyway. Yeah know I used to plant on the piano, though videogame music from the eight bit and the sixteen bit era.
And sometimes we were recognisant. Sometimes it and I do love to watch a good Youtube. Video was like some korean kid on like on a young. a piano. Just then a bad about bad. That's! That's it s better than that. At that that, don't you know, there's some really good. The two guitars like I was crazy. He's gonna, just one on the front board as if it were a keyboard Uganda. Yet you have seen a Molly others. Some really good note of this great cover people. People do covers and stuff like that. You know I kind of when I was doing it and stuff. I would kind of jazz it up and make it seem moral you couldn't tell you, can tell difference between the video game, music and in the jail Standards Darien has had Chris another daily. Better goes but atta bothered about about. Applause bad about about that yeah. I recognize you know. I know I know you, and I can say, for the delight of today
he ordered, ordered I'd rather not where's your favorite videogame songs are like what video games mean right now, what I'm listening to right now is such act against our heroes for Genesis. That's really good! I'm gonna try to play sample and a little bit like just to give a preview of some also be talking. You hang area, we should think, has bred Cosette at the nerd MELT space nervous, a meltdown on on April thirtieth, which is a Saturday right. There was yet a Saturday night, Saturday for thirty three june- a legacy music dance party yet which is which is basically a tribute to video game music. Eight, sixteen bit videogame. You know basically I've this pod cast. it's called a legacy. Music. Our do with a friend of my name Rob F and we basically just share our favorite videogame music from the ape and sixty bit era. We just take turns, but we pick a topic and then like race,
games or we do just to focus on one composer. We just take turns point different tracks that we lichen and talking about him and more, just really dancing and even before the Pike S I've found myself thing to a video game music and I just thought wished. We should do a dance That's all video game, music from the ape in sixteen but era, and so and so that's what it is. You know it's a word does not even know no remixes no covers no videogame inspired music or you know like no eight bit music, or so and big music. It's like eight bit and sixteen bit era, videogame music specific to their original, pure music. From from from those games and set up, is it actually are people? Actually? dancing are. They sitting with them is like. I want them to be dancing. So, like a like eight bit, bandstand exactly we're gonna be shooting a video that that is that actually write that that's another thing that now the auction little romantic meeting side, but then, but then, for this, though this is not
Like a comedy related thing, really I mean people live Money laundering is ETA carbon. What you should do, you should make a punch ball out of ice cubes and then make little red Jello squares took as the punch so that the thing? Everything looks a bit does take some time to do that, whether really really tickled you thought of that, like many others, the visually You know what you oughta do not bear against every. Does Greece dollar that tat? I showed you nobody dies. I like ten years ago, my mom told me I should be on Frazier, ok, Chris, you should be free great I'll go beyond Frazier carrying out of you could be the third brother. Yes, yes, I will tell them. I will note so you people say that you should, or you should go on you gonna tonight
are you sure, do these things that are like hard to do? You should be in a movie use your brain, you don't you should do you, ten million dollars here, having become famous, may not maybe one day, but I love that you guys are doing the legacy music transport. This is fucking asking you know we will be fully integrated straight up. Dance party to it's not like us now show really, but do show up on time, though, because ruling be doing this from nine to twelve. You know so, and you too, on a miss any of any of our sets because we're we're gonna do I'm an two sets of music of thirty five. And then Rob is going to do to set the music to thirty five minutes each, and I mean I just have some all of my tracks that I've selected are all top tier there in the category of my face, music, but they're all and audacity side to their and Nintendo Super Nintendo, Sag, genesis and second masters. Some one else can economically them and it would if waste, because when we get the doors the beer
reference, everyone, whether that is another. He was another good rhyme talker these. He he was it's the rhyme talk as though, like a character from the book of Eli RAM talker. This weird pose the packet lipstick, the results are gonna, be contests and prices, and so the contests are going to be. We have a Carry Oki contest where you can come with pre written lyrics to any sovereign level. Aren't you don't like or you can make the lyrics up on the spot, for what was it around? may grant I resign talker behaviour rhyme talk, you could do a rhyme talker situation to be arrived, Tonker letters of journey.
All right. I'm going out there, we talking's, so so you can have you can have made up me. You can make him up on the spot or you can just mumble, just your home along to the songs and really were the audience. Is gonna judge you on performance overall performance, you come and pre written stuff. Make up stuff on the spot or genetic make up words, but just perform along with the music. Anyway, that's a karaoke connoisseurs acceptable, though no it be beings. Performance is good. You mean you're, just like I'm doing a bad job ass, a witness the perform say it's a visual thing. I think you are make the rely visuals, yes, chauvinist led lady Gaga outfit with logos, bus sparkling cover get an egg pod. Let's do this Let us not forget my rose to food our doubled out about. I would do better than that
did it at at at at at at at at at at at at at at it. But that's why you guys, I knew come early two's. You can sign up for this contests. Also So now you gotta remember the farming. Are you guys people who do not some of these you're really going to harmonise this also be they danced battle also and and I'm out amount agenda if it wasn't for. You can't promise now and will get her during the dance battle. Lisbon against battle. You won't know what song play and those songs we're gonna pick harder to dance to stuff. So you know just that. Your timing, likes dna, something you're crazy, night time. In another context, we have is a name that tune contest, which we call name that June we with that's what we call a pot gas and sell their races. it? Is they that June? Really this as just you can make erases ignored Let us not allow it actually no sounds more like a sexting, I'm gonna make bad chewed yeah. Sure. Ok, I just gave new meaning to them. I think.
By the way, if you want to information on this, you gotta legacy music, our dot com and you can listen, the bright light, Podcast was drawn re or science. Cyber waits these again to secular human ISM had to. I don't have any more to. I think you have the floor. I dont have a good knowledge season, voting on it Everything is in its own right, allergies, to his Now it is now you are yeah right now, but I will I do when symptoms do you? Have I get you most sneezing Snuffy knows kind of situation. Ok, by the way prizes, though, are getting our curse. You wanna give us immigration uprising, Argovie Kurdish, their courtesy was right to derail him there. There courtesy of Golden STAR Games there. They ve donated some some give prizes that we're gonna be
You know he's something we never are, which is prepared, lie eight, I'm nice! You know I wanted. You know really just get the listeners to just really excited about this, and I think there I think they will, because it sounds like a super sweet itself, because it was we deal and actually I would. I would bet that you that you scoop up some listeners, because the idea that you guys have a podcast and and break. Leyenburg is a phenomenal comedian. Like you'd like about this. That, aside from listening to his broadcast and like you cause you are, Syria were genuinely serious about the video game. Music. the podcast is not, commissioner, I voted as I did. You two guys want people to know like that. If they also have the opportunity to see you to stand up, I would love to get you on of our upcoming Stanhope special. Oh yeah. like a fucking love to have you do a set of tat left. You are so you ve got you. We ve just books, you for that several now, you're stuck do do guys. Wanna hear shy playing a sample of something
You guys want to hear it like someday. Do expect others at the dance Paredes s like a do guys want to hear a nintendo, trackers, superintend, attract or genesis tracks, planet and their work. Well, guess what am I gonna? I'm gonna wanna hear Genesis, yeah, yeah, ok I mean Well- let it covers- doesn't deflate my phone in your letter of creditors by others. As this is my new GM round, spitting image puppets ominously police work. This is my way, so this is my my latest Jim Got me. I just been really into this song articulates particular from gust. Our heroes, composers, Kazoo, o HANS our, and this is called dice dance days that depends.
when the vanderdyke plague him on he's the basque region. carried this chick was stuck in MECCA. We're gonna do read, as you can me that mp3 and laid on edited anyway. It is the part that really like later this morning Like a kid, that's really like upwards That is good at it. Finally, my last point is that we were bright Barbara. I was like my computer quivered like no don't ever do about who say that, as you know better than I said, he was like degree of freedom
many, we don't have any Youtube capability in the radio station which tickled him is like without sounding finally sounds money that you know I don't have Youtube, gave it out ass Youtube capability. We do not have the capabilities, so you know that's something to expect. I will be playing that in as part of one of my sets on There is not just a computer yadda yadda yadda! Yes, all crowded around the Mangaboos kids are right so that April thirtieth that Saturday night at nerd melts that's Brent Wine back with a legacy music dance party, eight, an actual dance party with video game. Is it all? Signalling video game is already optimizing. Karaoke DAS, bad, named variety last prizes, just gonna be real made there anything else you want to promote before release you back into the wild. Now that's thank you. You. me let me- and let me mention you brought me back on the twitter yeah, but it's nice don't do funny things I don't do. Is our committee not always
really show listings. Is that nobody it's like? I'm not, but you can check out a friend of my name, baby Dubbs. Ok, that baby Dubbs B e b d- you be yes, but you are bred, my back right. Yes, may I guess Johnny, he's our discourage people from Father violently, with no no it just for show listings and stuff or like there's a new podcast episode be which is not comedic. I'll put you have laid down, follow we not required it. If you want to find a better life of coming to those of you, I mean really well, why not languages? I don't have the LOS Angeles Times and you know the aim of the brunt. Wine bug video games, long you'd like to hear it's all its very just. You know sorry guys it's just a boring twitter. If it's not real, it's like witty comments and staffing. If we start bore today they Dubbs baby, don't worry, twitter, etc. Have these all adverse nine following so check him out his baby baby, Dubbs? Kids?
bit his kids you want to. I feel your guy is that a reference of big were beautiful women. No, but you know what it's could, though, with beautiful that's their like that interpretation. We don't die. We multiply baby his kids verbascum queue of one Thank you for dropping things around me. I got up lots of people come out check it. I'm sure they will and then what will? I will have you back in the pot cast May or June and we do a scan of show another Wednesday night proudly June, manslaughter miserable tat. Someone star is open. Like me, if I'm on the mat Myra Day, obviously adorable than it is at a they met, Myron Policy, the sign of circular started seven thirty than the shows at eight. Yes, every Sunday come do stuff, yeah so base for the way it works, as people come
and they further names and a hat. You draw names and then you'll have a list, and then people can pick whatever slot. They want that still open and then you'll kill try to get to everyone a trap, but no promises. I mean I gotta. Four hundred people show up in there's only fifteen forty slots, we're fucking, do in it or do however, as levers working, Imelda knighted stay, I would put boxing gloves on you see you stop banging the desk. I don't mean to. I know you just get. The funny thing is that the people of Europe that the punch Pablo mad You guys just new devalue ragged sit at me. Happy frat could turn back Matt, oh my god. Let's we should play a bunch, a doctor who footage around if I could turn back time, but no action that it has the area now. That's it that's bad idea.
Use, airports that are narrative of sure. I always wanted to do use sons, army from other cranberries and then put together a big compilation of a zombie movie footage, but make it do that thing. We get the perfect moments where it looks like people are mounting the words of the sum that is really. that idea now. Kenya, he had read in a and she looked like a dandelion like you said that big head. just one or two like blow all her hair off and make a wish girl when linger came out. No, you guys were too young. you and I are laying down after the highest my brother spread. That was hilarious because you know say: did you have to use your finger? Anna was he was so you that was so far, megaphone, then he also these areas ahead. I know one did you have to let linger afar that is yeah parities, work. Well, when you have to add addendum the, but then again
The paradoxical dial up, but always that is what is cleverly mash railway added the far that is, what are you going on this week? J J J generate this weekend I'll, be the bridge tat out of us. Will important legacy reached down such a fund, festivals, gonna, be a blast, and I couldn't go this year, breadths gonna be there to remember you gonna, be there now be there soon yeah. I do- and I think show on Friday, then the two shows on Saddam hosting the Mount Table Theatre, that's the big one as the bigger theatre or the Baghdad theater, The Baghdad is that's a bigger the area that is actually the best one. I feel Baghdad is awesome that used to be a porn theatre, our really there everything here's Leghorn Theatre, that's like people it will. There was no Never have never I've never heard of a port theatre with a balcony there. It yes There is no internet in the old days you had to go jerk off in theatre in groups. The other you, if you are
How many you could conceivably conceived, regulate onto someone like you, but I guess you could conceivably ejaculate to person sitting next to you too, there, is an extremely important around I have low. Could you considerately fertilize someone's egg? Why but I'll be there? You conceivably conceive can see. Conceive. Yeah, you can see we can see. That is the part. That is what are you doing? we Matthew, I don't try to feel better, so we're doing very vague irregularity doctor, please not buying it, I'm sleeping pills. Actually up doing I went to sleep you, you just you have to be very careful with that stuff council. Would you like go like like do like, though the gym right before that I know what I do is I walk like four miles.
But you, like view, like an elevated, hardly think the problem is when I went immediately when I lay down my leg, just start throbbing. That's what keeps me up so reposition. You stand up at the foot of your and then just wait, you're falsely setting up. Then you fall down on her bed and then your fucking already asleep boats emulate arabic and other. I some gravity boats like like Michael Keaton, Batman, used to sleep upside down. whether we re emerging table goes all the way upside down and is helping at all. I don't know I feel like it does help, but, like temporarily, press bought that thing in vain. Never by bad anything again, but that was the last thing you ever get out of five years, Mademoiselle yes, like that inversion table, didn't work for no Christa really need this thing. Out of this time, it's a kidney less than it was an emergency which has a kidney. All right. I guess gone down again, doesn't really work
hell war? No more! I need a brain, aright inversion, kidney In my view, are someone asked me they want to go, the zombie genre, and why should they start started naval of debt and seems pretty easy right yeah? that russian one? That's one that euro that's when they enter as the first George America we base its. I now of dead, then watch down of the dead than two seven eight version, the watch, data dead and then watch return, limited return of the living dead and watch. I withdraw all day was returning living dead, the one where the whole problem yeah, where it was like that, like the government had those people in the drums yeah yeah, it's one of the time. When I was a kid I did those posts to be as funding is it actually has now watch it as a comedy. I didn't know that when I was a kid
I know the zombies design is run and his armies talk and his armies are our brain. That's where the brains thing can I got popular, but it is a fucking hilarious movie. I have. I have since just some old video tapes like in the eightys we used to just two the television death is an event like we had control over the best part about those things is looking back at the commercials. Tat was a thing, so I have a bunch of old personnel episodes from the eighties and I remain on. One of them is a commercial for return, Olivia dislike it and it starts off like Here they com is like one of those. It was really Campi supercilious, good soundtrack too, but like it's like the two guys that work in the area, the warehouse like the Khartoum Ngos. Turning in his armies. There, like it's, like that, some of the best committee performances I think out of any kind of movie. It's like it's really is a very strong claim,
I think I think it's great. I think there is really funny, I think, just because the concepts of a being like a very serious scary situation and how funny they are able to be guided Cnet movie in ages when, if it's not it's a watch, it's not, though it is not an instant want, just so specific to swear, though I like John Refined, I'd like these sub genera of zombie films that have at least two airplanes, and then you can predict the instant watch what's coming up by be gold box, the other day on Amazon Road. If something to go back to your day, chances are three weeks later on in some cheers is on, and there was no pretty awesome. Cheers is oh yes, chairs on some toilets and season some really good stuff on right now, I'll get tv just got added. Hitler looks like it one or two questions
from the notice tat comes with the consent of the government, is from tray, hey guys of the package to questions on what to do with black cast number twenty nine. I don't know what you mean: it's not available on Itunes and does not chauvinist outcome. Was it removed her number two, do any of your plan, I'm coming in New Orleans when you go on to her. No, but not islands, nylons, not twenty nine is saved for David tenant. I don't know you're talking around you're talking about that, but I don't even are even under and the numbers that that number, I thought and where I didn't know, even that was part of the secrets here. This is from Brenda Mccullough says he just listen to one of the last hopefuls large puppy, which is what I call the mat Jonah. right back the future musical from the point of view of marital they Wilson.
No way. The question song is improved is improvised on the spot. It's done too perfectly. They think that the equipment saw really is too much yeah. They think the Kremlin song is from something else. I guess what I do know well know. It's like it sounds like other things, but it's a fuck yourself, it's an amount, but now he was complementing you there. Now. He can. You know if you ve, with his complimentary This is from Brian Egon, hey. If anybody has ever decided to check out psych it's on Netflix streaming. Lotta people are a lot there's a lot of psych crossover. I've not actually seen servants in it either, but you be good. In that case, you should get on that on. That show is another guy that shows how to snarking strategically messed up here I could probably fit and Annette show to Cycles Alec burn notice for some but Bert for for, like a fart, We certainly on burn noted with the other pro european. Others is also from briny can forget
Mention four Joan. I have a detailed zombie plan near me as the chatter hoochie river, with large rock islands. I would take all the knives out of my kitchen in my baseball bat as weapons for food. I would take my fishing Poland partner. My remaining can't food and put in a backpack go to my friends house and rescue them from them for and take their carcass, EVA Suv with the Sun roof, which I think is good for killing zombies, one percent. Tom Hanks in the big limo seen so then we speed and find our way to the rock island and set up camp there. This all depends on a very important zombie question can zombies swim and I know we ve been through this before we have talked about that. It is your contention that they float. until it lungs and lungs, Philip right. Here's this first problem, don't go get your friends, don't it is lacking. You're gonna die, trying to save your fucking Idiot friends and no one of them. It gets obey the United States. Is the more people have around me. The worst is going to be so just go to the island. Zombies we'll walk into. Why didn't you don't understand the concept of like what it is this? What are, though, that they just either journal like how you can teach a chip to poor
What are you can't teach them when a glass as full stop? It was only with just one like if they see or they want to get to where you are and as water away the walk into the water and now float forbid. The thing is, you know they don't, nothing body, works really that well, I guess so there, though those swallow author Nl Oil, are their lungs become disintegrated. By that point I just maybe it depends on what stage of decomposition. I ask you this distant zombies, like a certain self awareness when they fart. Is it like when my dog, farts and he's links awake as he doesn't understand? What's happened? they don't know they don't understand what that has been on a bit another reveal it has like a zombie fights. We kind of Turnus Kok is head of aside like when I was a weird thing that has happened back there. You know it's actually that that is possible if they some kind of gas or mongan escape their body. That makes a noise. They will probably turn because I don't understand, what's gonna and I thought you said Mongan but still said escapes outhouse large. My last night, like one o clock in the morning, walking, and
I just wasn't pay any attention to those who had my headphones in and I let one rip- and I was like when I looked and there was an old lady waiting and ecology look over maritime reside, I know what you're, rather than I was like a fair enough and I just kept motion as she changes or p bag like I can judge you that's ridiculous as Makeover Oliver whenever, but I just I just like I just. I just hope that zombies do have the same experience as a friend of ours. Jessica. Maketh, then, is a tv over there are then that work because we're in the studio right now there's a there's basically of a module where a clip such as being pulled in for other issues and and so we d gas believe out my children and when life deliver. The council. Yes,
I was wondering who still watch those like. How can how can how can like a hyper dramatized of fictional soap operas compete with with we're dramatized, semi fictional reality, television merrily The answer is they cannot but area. Does everything, though, though, fill up with one and they can still walk along the bottom of any kind of We want an yeah me if nothing gets in the way for it to get through it. They could current can take them home without but though, still walk along, and then they can end up. Coming up on the other side, the shore It is in this example: ism Trans mutable to other species, other other forms of life. Now it s a strictly human thing: ok, yeah! they can't make like living as I do the lightest squid now and then there's a zombie squid, no, no, no, not near not in the lower than I practice now you may.
You're right just asking. Maybe it's a stupid question but zombies, as you have said before, could conceivably run until they have used up all yeah. They have likewise do zombies have a certain lifespan of usefulness as zombies before they just fall to the ground start things once their muscle mass of God, and I hope they can't move here. You see those obviously movies that are just like when they do they build Muslim nodded out. There is actually a does nothing. It's just this just that they just have the instinct to eat people, but it does nothing. It doesn't cost her body. Like you, so like eating, corn yeah exactly doesn't really give any ruptured zombie up it. Just where would just be dead inside of our it's alright Did you get round Miasm? If you fuck a zombie accelerated or is it is it? Do you have to say that pollute now you get you get has like if you get, if, like you, you slash amendments, some of their
their blood flow is get into your mouth or I, then you will be infected with ok, so don't fuck a zombie facelift, but you could have So above vaginas, though you use Condoms Adams, going to focus on various. If you're, not gonna, be serious about economics is trying to say is no glove. Zombie love I get jail of Europe. you're just hungry for brains. You make me say I was out of time how long this is our betake before the before the living dead, zombie poverty tat make that sexy it'll just just won't I therefore regret Grantline boxes raises a question like with TAT had do zombies have sex at all such a moment?
they don't they never do the concept of they can't do that. There are probably some deviant humans, I mean you. Can you like dolls or like to expressly foursome together Ray, is getting owners now they would get bonus. You needed. Looking should like you, because you know hunger like a lot times. Eating is really is associated with the sacks ISAF and are always hungary. Wouldn't they be very sexual people, since there hung realities, we're not people. Were you step web browser, you're, saying that you said that animals cabbies armies animals game is over the dead. And by humans or animals, or to kind of gallons, it's very specific you think I've seen a zombie dog before an a movie or some yeah. That's a shitty moving turn off microphone, omby dogs having sex with each other s living swimming. burn the amber. Well, this, I think that's an excellent place that the Erika again so so, yes, said the doktor our data
special doktor, Hugh Q and a is going out here to hear that you keep the doktor Hugh he Renee the food aid, the who and I Toby. I should have an who, in a God, damn it as a genuine surprises, I gotta go. I improv myself into a surprise that actually going up as a bonus podcast this week, because the panel was shorter than normal, because it was in a movie Peter that's right about it's, not real, that's, so it's only forty minutes long because they had to turn the theatre. Around for the next screening of the first two episodes of the new series, so that are go up and then, of course, impossible astronaut. The news of doktor you actually impossible ashen. I have you know I've seen the first. You have sodium, partly because it is the first ever yet correctly. I requested that May or may not be as boiler, but what error is the impossible astronaut from as far as astronauts concern? I'm not. I can't tell you. Ok, it's probably Paulo guess,
and I'm gonna. Do I'm not I'm not gonna say. Would you just say I'm not going to marry and stops slew habit. you have to watch it Matthew, you have to watch it I'm or dismissed the trailer and figure out what the spaces but I'm not giving away any spoilers though, and their owners in the who in a panel. If I'm sorry, what who and I owe who Tapioca yoga know who day that's that's when you check half the doctors, the her tits as you know, is a five nerds chuckled everyone, the pod, cache, etc When asked what we get five of that just to go back to this army thing, roquelaire growth or are you like? Jonas sisters, like you know, very, seem very militant about about zombie, ISM and Things Sammy related. You have sympathy towards zombies, known at all. They are they disease that and we are the cure, other diseases, need to be eradicated.
Never was there before when people say you not a zombie sympathiser. No, no, not at all as always the supervisor. I believe they should be taken to court now. Now there. There not are you afraid of zombies, since you know so much about him, yeah. Of course, you know what to do that. like? You know me? No, no! I to attempt, I know know my way around. You can still be afraid of one of your encountered. One yeah, of course, is that the other suggests a natural fear. When you come across. it is the embodiment of it. Did I do I do it usually go online and I look at Samara Swords wishes the weapon you should have told you, I press about press about it. Wasn't. Why are you so that you might actually in swiping at a zombie, cut yourself and get zombie blood in your kind army? Also you, you should have proper attire. You know you should have mass gloves, like I'm glad lick Jackie like it owes you think over your face glasses. But how can you swing a samurai sword with a thick jacket on like you need
Mobility, you do you, do you really need? One of those old like like one of those old Jake many samurai really does have a classic samurai get up yeah, but then they can easily is now gothic building it up, but those are flowing in them. Like you, you know you can get caught on something or you can get in the way. Gonna have to be slim, streamlined where does it wetsuit now, by right through that wetsuit like shark mothers, shark cage what suits with chain male over it. You have that heavy. That's true. That mean your lawyer, water. We really get a figure. That is, if you be came a zombie. Would you feel bad about that? I wouldn't feel anything niner but what you really want to steal you step, as that, would you want to tell you before you became a zombie or if you knew you were about to become a zombie? No, probably, if I got there, I'll do it I'll? Do it I'll do it out? I would try to go. I would try to help out there's much stuff, as I can before I turned, but which I feel really
sad about it, though, before you returned: You know how I got very above downloadable down just feel so sad. I would feel sad, but it will all right rapidly. Outcry, probably cried the whole time. I'm no heroes really Sunday. Here. He is a battery of whether fermented. I pleaded Philadelphia a couple years ago. There was a there's, a karaoke place like or they they had carry ok at this place attached to the theatre that replayed unfairly, This guy dresses up a skeleton and horizontal Eleanor Roosevelt Karaoke. Yes, he was any and he's as is amazing, scatter outfit anything skeletal theme song, so he was singing hero by. Is it a record? What is more, I carry no, not that here. I'll show you, the human brain, so you would just add leered, like I, oil take
are your breath away with her magic powers and you'll die, so everything is sitting with skeletal arrived to regimes that, instead of Betty reserves, skillet or as he's got yeah skip he'll. Let your check him hall and what is aid for Our brains had placed the end. I mean a zombie debate rages, I'm sorry, I mean ridden solve anything today. Really we just answered a couple zombie question that you really resources all fake. Nothing. Can Believe me, I would always have their opinion on what they think the fake thing should be Jonah. Your bodies is ambulant, still work, but maybe the third time in my youth the role of your brother, thereby whereby no with a job like that you have to keep on going are you should like keep on bringing it up as much as you can? Yes noodles?
move those living everywhere with the food with our mouths and your ears, drapery Jamie, enjoy leaving noticed, dot com enjoy your router
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