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Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia chat with Chris and Jonah about how they balance making a TV show and having kids, how their senses of humor complement each other, and creating a TV show based on characters and not premise. They also talk about getting Danny DeVito on the show, the many other projects they are working on, and the new season of Always Sunny! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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man Petals, some really good teamwork, eyes, What is the girl and now this episode of two of the guys from its always Sunday in Philadelphia, Rob Makko, Henny, Glenn, Howard and a truly day was supposed to be there, but he had to get sick right before actually trailer hope you feeling better, actually really open feeling better, because we recorded this weeks ago, if you're, not you need to go to a hospital. Man knew episodes of always sunny are Wednesday night at ten p m on ethics, absolute six, forty three others by guest now entering
star com. what a data break the sobriety you should call me that their use I can do it- I would I would want to be first now that would be like Bob staggered then may write. I would probably have like a thimbleful a beard. I do like it would only the worse.
Who I have that dream all the time a Temple folder that then I fucked up that I'm not I'm, I'm like we re actually, so there are twelve years so you have that I have. I have that recurring dream. I haven't with smoking due to quit smoking tenure eleven years ago, and I the two or I'm gulp, what did I do you guys you're in the middle of a why was havin fun? What are they With wondered rose and will create either of us. I hear that from people and recovery that sounds a wonderful every ass! Well, I quit smoking to an idle and I gotta know you're feeling like I know I don't crave cigarettes. I sort of wish that,
want to smoke again. They grew absolutely the other nice because I miss that's what I mean: satisfaction that you used again yet like cigarette now you're going to create that satisfactory, crave ravings told me all. I got out with those the same time like to really you know, because great I could for years and years and years. I drank this these these child days from Starbucks every day, because or so their sugar goodness and in the new year. I just stop drinking them and it's been a month now and when I think about I'll be really fun to go back and haven't. I got it. Just doesn't sound good anywhere, like once it's out of your system now urging caffeine, no you, those years to tell you, I think caffeine, is harder line and spoken down I'll tell what has happened, though, is that our way, but we are ready,
Why is this happening? Data we're having fun we on everything, but I would like to say that when since quitting like any caffeine in that and that we should today, I'm not as stressed during the day I dont rash during the day, which leads me to having to have another one and I crave them is hard because I'm not coming off the sugar and for years you know, I was just convince like I'm just not going to sleep more than four or five hours a night. I've been sleeping so much better since I quit ass, something you're. How much of this is based on vanity because you want to stay in itself. It is a curious I'll. Tell you that an excellent question, because when I first could drinking it was the thing and actually wrote about this brutal. I wrote a book about it and I- and I said I tell you like if, for no other reason like let your vanity DR constructive decisions, because she wants you make them and get pass it in. You go out. There's a million other reasons why shouldn't
this, but vanity. Of course. You know, of course, that one of em- but I also I also like feeling better and so are not doing it like I physically feel feel about yet. But yes, of course, there is a huge vanity issue. I went off of coffee for eight months and I felt fantastic if necessary, about an hour, and I even during the day, I really thought I was done. I really thought I was done and I realized I had a problem with caffeine in the same way that our policies have a problem: alcohol. When I did the classic thing of like I felt great, I was having a day we were shooting Sonny was like season. Nine, maybe she's an eight hour murmur anyway, and I was like you don't act. I feel good, I'm a little tired today, I think I'm gonna have little espresso and its fine now cause I'm off. It's out of my system saw not like dealing with the affectionate. I have these days
was so good man. It was felt like you know, I felt like you know. I think, the first time, if anybody's ever done, cocaine for semi to cockchafers like holy shit? I know some people do their diet. And so so then I was like, but it's cool, I'm not gonna have it tomorrow and I didn't I dad had another one like maybe three or four days later and then was like and then started, and then I was like every other day. There was every day, but only at one time it and the next thing. I know my right back and yes funny. I have a conversation with a group of sober comics, like mare and in part own great Barrington and like how long, if you took, one drink again. How long do you think it would be before you are like way back in and they are like months six weeks in public because it that's the trick. Is that you go it's not that big?
and then you do it again and you do it again, they do it again and comments between that maritime between drinks get smaller and smaller Jackson. Next thing you know you're and that's how it is with me, but in us, but I think, there's also the psychological component of you know of ritual listing behaviour is really comforting, because when your life is crazy and frenetic, it gives you just a moment that you can control, because you know exactly how you gonna feel when you drink coffee or have a cigarette or have a beer, you know exactly what that moments gonna be and when the rest of your days, uncontrollable and your guys schedule must be In the case I mean having to like right the show and shoot the show, and I'm sure you probably edit the show was well and ITALY you're. I mean I can't even imagine what that schedule must be like. What's funny, because the sunny aspect of it is in sight.
Is the more manageable because we ve been doing it for so long that we ve gotten that down to a little bit of a science. It's now the fact that were also producing other things, whose now we ve all got kids and were getting older sino. For me, I'm try. I'm were a little more concern while those little concerns and nutrition stuff, like that, you know how to feed myself so that I don't get ill and fat and ugly and not like find time to go to the gent, like that's the hearts of finding how to sketch- my life and get all the work and that I would add, also not drive myself completely insane so that my whole days so rigidly scheduled, which right now it can is, I bet the kid factor really does make, make it go down every kid. So for me, and I go out to work out the morning before worked,
but you're dealing with children in the morning before you go to work so right out, you know like that's your, maybe you could just like bench, your kids, you know just up, reduce our weight in yet that we're just just to release stress from time to time and yet you get after those waits you get after. I don't have any time and again- and I had like my- I have to schedule time for myself. The worker is that really is best become, sadly like some of the only time that have to myself. You know not really by myself, from surrounded by beef, cakes and really obnoxious, music and resilient.
The Korean, how relax gray! I love it though this is. I ve been working with the same trainer guy for ten years this year, while his great he's really great and now, if you don't, if I don't do it for like a couple weeks, I start to feel like I start to feel like the like that the moment in a movie where, like the youth Alex around the witches wearing often she is now or later nag back it like. I feel, if I dont know exercise you know cause I'm sensing someone's obsessive yeah! Well, you of course, of course, M years with the same train that just because I, like other he's just it he's a good guy dude. If he wasn't good, I would given up on a long time ago, he's the reason that I kept doing now. Do you find that your as obsessed about working out, as you were about
drinking? No, not really I mean I, you know I go when I went. I'm in town or go three times a week. I got two sisters, isn't saturdays and I'm not a guys, with our poor tar today, like I just go in, I like the you know, it is it's more ritual for me, and also it just makes me feel better, and you know I just I don't want to be. The guided hits like sixty and Ngos are far as should have really taken ass, a preventative. So for me it's more out staving off there. You know the inevitable decline that were organ, yeah, I'm with you on that, like before, when I worked out when I was younger, was about glamour muscles and looking good, and now it's still, it still definitely little bit that. But for now me it's a little bit more dislike, making sure I'll throw my boy doubt when I get my kids? Are you you're back link if you're not if you're, not stretched and kind of, and you're you're, not yours, core gets a little weak. They act like you can literally just turn around
like I'm down about down for a couple of days. Yes like us, there was that one Louis he gave them on Lui. Where he's he's going, he goes to like a sections store to get like. I did for his girlfriend camera. What it was like some recent by a dildo, it was great, is the whole set up of the scene was, can we really awkward he's gotta go in this place? Is getting Zack not comfortable being in sections pick out a dildo hills, weird about the lasting Europe's backing as it is, the scene actually becomes about, which is him pointing to the dildo he once and for all, because it's amazing so funny like these, like I'll. Take that message back pointing at the detailed you can see from this humiliating moment of his life. You go to a place where we start to get older and you you don't fall down anymore. You take us and the more scared a guy. I see some stairs and like the only whereas I would have you, I took a spill and then like a living for weeks. Yet it used to be used to be. You take a spilling you, but you know
ask yourself off now: fallen, you like bash, my elbow on on the desk editing all down eternal push us close. Upstairs you some day is doing dips having fallen down the stairs. Like you turn it at all. Dounia man, when fall down the Arclight Hollywood Stairs ones thin ass, a girl on his work in there and she was like russian downstairs and slipped on the top one. All down rushing down the stairs one nationality which you gotta, I am actually walking something like that and you can't help but think we're first. Your first not, of course, is that's awful. She must be really injured and then, secondly, as you see them tumble down the steps which was what must have been at least ten straight seconds. You like. I will stop here,
So here s, a brace yourself ends. You'd must go now, writes that so embarrassing, are you gonna quit? Yes, you have boy there. Are we working together as a kind of like it? I guess there's other people there to take everything to alleviate the situation, and then I got suspended from work. You know no regime the gesture that Mona, not at all that I like the idea of seeing somebody fall down an extremely long flight of stairs and yelling at them. Stop letting you what're, you just cut that out, which is which I think loops Baghdad to obsessive behaviour, because
Are you just stop right going down that obsessive stairway? Yet it because you there there's a little bit of a little bit of gravity at work. Are you not obsessive about stuff Maybe I don't know I don't know. I'm Glenda Rally be embarrassing position to answer that. Would you like Yeah I'd like to hear you just maybe no no you're, not knowing what what's funny about robbers is he he gets really really involved like you're you're. Your days tend to be really really pact, but that, but it's not because out of obsession is that you have this like thirst for experience and knowledge, so you're constantly reading books and costly like arm and learn how to scuba diving. Then you get super into that for, while, though that's lasted longer than some other things, and I am exuberant jujitsu yet no you too, I heard you talking to somebody about cars were more both building houses right now,
he's doing it with his hands power to where he recognizes this shortcoming fired. You talked about how you put you like you put jujitsu mats earlier, and I can just take. I know, what's going to happen, you're put the jets who mass I bet you did too for little round. That is like these. Can you just don't judge to anymore moved on? I gotta put the bad engaged in Europe, which is going to be a Gulf simulator Yea Karate chop the ball. They got eyes ass, if that's interesting, so so it says like that, might be a little bit of since it. You may be a little bit of the addiction to the change. The fee, of discovery. The you know like the honeymoon period with with it with, although, as I've got an older, I I think I've curbed the the desire to two to just quit after a year of something like gather. The last few things I begin into I've been trying to see them through.
Although it stopped to see it through when you dont have a lot of time and it s part of the issue, but yeah. I've noticed that too, like you, you, you, you less and less you'll get into something and then bail on and after a couple weeks like you, you ve stuck things out a little bit more yeah. I think it's, but you have like it it's like for me. It's also trying to find things that your passion about and enjoy outside of work, oh yeah, which I don't have it those right now which bugs me and it's something I'm I'm working on it? Just don't over those things? Are you specially feel the weight of it for some reason, at the top of the new year real and has it starts new year new. I got to start a new thing, but then it is it then, an ordinance you're like having kids, that that kind of wit me into shape in terms of looking up,
mortality. You know, you're, looking at your this thing that you ve created that looks a lot like you and starts to act. A lot like you and sound a lot like you even at two and three years old, and you realize, like you, VE, created a replacement by now and like I'm, I'm hurtling towards the edge of this with that, eventually he's gonna. Kick me off in that he's. Gonna be now the guy experiencing life. So I like want to try and get in as much as I can along here and you just gotta. Have a battle hold them up in Africa Savannah as a budget animals thing together and then they bury you yeah ritualistically read out what they say, Emma they all kinds, there's no way well, there's a locker lying legato economic area, in part of them. That's a second Agatha kilometre on watch this morning.
Kids, I can't relate to these guys. There lie fallow light, marketable, edible, don't talk, number one problem and it looks fake there is no real would certainly flat assault. Was the thing that ever boast about about that movie and who could Natasha is when my body and I might firm and pass caution wet floor, sign that in spanish good out of he's, my motto that means wet floor. I dont know why is this year every single time that I agree with other than my head? When I see the creator peaceable hollow sign, that's when you know you have your with a true friend is that you can say that on this shit that comes into your mind with to that person there, like, I gotcha man, I'm with you my brain works that way too, but there must be fun about having a show with your friends that you are writing is that you can basically
eve all those in and make your private jokes like public public jokes. Were that yeah. That's the chemistry right, because it's funny with these extra three are actually so different, but I'm very different from rob and very different from Charlie were also different from each other and there's this place where our sense of humour meat, which is really nice, but at the same time we all weirdly come at humor from a different. Place. So I find both of those guys so funny and it causes me to strive to be funnier and try to be smarter, because I am trying to reach the level that I perceive them to be at. So I like to think in a way we sort elevate each other in that way and and and fill in each other's guenaud gathers things that those guys just better than I am, and then I think I like to think there are things that are better than they are, but but it it's. You know it's nice. When you find those people where they they enjoy your sense of humour and make it better
right it and then you are also yet that you, a centrally, are elevating each other, because you know you compliment in the rather just there's something about a specific type of person and your personality that activates the right joke centres in your brain and yet altogether make a thing yet like yeah anytime, you have, I mean I like in it to having gonna be being in a relationship or or having dance partner, which I'm not a dancer, but I like to think you would you work with somebody you feel like makes. You brings out the best in you and that's that that certainly, how I feel about these guys, I feel like they bring out the best, and in me I know, that's the case not only what's also strangers that we're, not we're not aesthetically compatible and a lot of ways either like we leaden will go and see the same movie the night before and be like I'm gonna. Do you see that movie, I loved it Glenn hated, and I knew he hated it because I like a very deep
minions about so many different things and yet for whatever reason, then somebody or pitcher in the room and glad, and I laugh at the same time. So we like similar sense of humor, but at the same time we have completely different yet ways of looking at it. I don't know, I think, that's. Why think? That's where you can continue to.
This is a dream sunny and then like a classic sitcom. Not just the way is the shows presented, but in the way that you know, sitcoms essentially are written funny and then they just sort of plug people in and hopefully overtime moonlight go. They find this balance Gabby. They understand the cares about when you guys all know each other and the comedy is based off your actual relationships in your personal experiences. It's not like you're gonna run out of personal experiences like you know, Louis could make Louis forever if you wanted to, because all he has to do is just experienced things and then express them in and that that such a that such a more interesting approach to Carmody, then
writing a stand back and having someone else perform exactly. It's just yeah me when you're writing your own material writing to your own strengths, writing to the strength of the people around you idiots and much more organic thing, because we're also friends and we worked together on different versions of the show and other things together prior to sunny, so the others there's that that does the chemistry that's bill to end as opposed to writing something in them casting actors, it's like it's even more difficult for the stars to align its aware works in a way that is really really special and unique when you that much their view, that extra step removed the actors at that extra step right and the materials that are trying to protect something but yeah just it's different angles like it. It's like every time they ve tried to do like America
I just it's different angles like it. It's like every time they ve tried to do like an american version of the show picture. It's like Alec Mitchell web like they worked together for years and that's what made the original british people work and then they try to Unimak Britain were they trust, cast to different actors to be good, buddies and like a debt, and it hasn't working. I gotta try CAS Loring fry primary, like yeah yeah that states Cassim frightened you lorry work well together, yeah exactly we get because we produce shows now too, get a lot of foreign formats right and so will watch a dvd of a show in England that does really well- and this just happened recently, where all three of us agree that we really liked it, which is so rare. So with a great. Let's look, let's see if we can adapt that for american Television and the like, ok, great and lecoq. It lets me with the actors. No, it won't be the actors, ok, we'll be there the writers and will not really it's like an executive producer. So what are we buy? Just the idea for the shop and will I pull the idea for the show is fine, but that's not what
a great shout. I mean the idea, for our show. Is five people want a barn Philadelphia, it's not a very thy vessel. There's not a great idea Mean Seinfeld was a about nothing, the Simpsons is a family in Springfield. You know it's about the who's going to execute that particular vision. So we run into that all the time we were in specially television, you not buying the idea or the premise you're you're, hopefully buying the people that create yeah yeah I mean, I think that's another thinks is, will gets I'll, get sent a script from somewhere like air wrote, a pilot is great. I read it, you'll get it's pretty good checks, premises, premises really really interesting, and then you talked of these like will do run the show, while I'm really not Russia inside, but that's really what you're buying, especially with the show, because a shells could go on for years. You get right. So many episodes of that thing. The most important element of it is the people behind the brains, the point of view behind it, because a premises just like anybody can think of like a plane, lands on an island in its and then use.
Then you run out of it. After half an episode, Zactly galloping yeah, I'm most of the most of the more successful, shows really the premises cannon extra simple anything about cheers certain for comedies. Yes, certainly for comedies yachts, it slightly different slightly different, but even when you think about some of the most successful dramas, that's the case law and order, and we set about like this, this Emily. When will we see the criminal justice system is divided, our hearts nobly police investigation? Yes, ok, fair enough, fair enough prosecutor, that's about his high concept, doesn't get somebody you think law in order to show about cops and and lawyers yeah we gave at the four half of the show is about the crime in and then how they solve the problem. But I do know that exists. I Miami specific, that's about it, that's a character driven! No, I think it's a format, Erasmus things you don't say
Like the procedural things like it's almost more of a format than a premise. You know each week we're investigate, investigating a new crime as opposed to you know, something- that's much more. Syria lized, like I don't watch sleepy hollow, but when I first saw the trailer, lousy show by the headless horseman humming episodes, you gonna be able to do about that language with its unity and again I've seen it. So I can't speak to that, but Did you know? I don't know I never did it earns. You offers a viewer automatically because you don't wanna necessarily yet course. That's just me because I buy. I know too much but like to the average person they might go of cool awesome like that of the opposite reaction that how you gonna do show about that. Let me watch it. As post a man like, then I can report that our society that give it a shot out of it. I think I've been alone order, owes you know for access to the format and also I am always enjoyed watching. The marathon is to see like which
of my New York. Actor friends would yarn: oh yeah, it's all of its everybody's, for literally in IRAN and my first jobs, and I can't tell me that part of lawn orders success initially wasn't due to the fact that it was created by a guy named Dick, is that Greece name you re producer, the greatest name, Dick and walk in the same. That is, a conscious that the image of men who constantly hungry for I gotta, take predator somebody's, like always on the hunt you down? No, no, it's worse than that. That is not a domesticated, did not dig investigated dog war that wild dogs he'll do anything for you he does it gives no rules will be like decline versus Dick Tabby also occur, I didn't like a shitty wolf. Yes, I throw dick worth yeah
The other is no right right, yeah. Unfortunately, that's that does not, unfortunately, not wear. My brain goes well decide our shadow other. Basically, you see where you want, but Charley was action. To be here today and yes, and then he got sick, so I will be sitting in as tarling, because we looked somewhat similar. I've been told many tat. Yes, you do actually going over the year. I do that would you like that higher that was actually cross. Your answer me gather there's a handful of us that are cut from the same genetic clock. You got that me Charlie Day, Aaron Paul and met Bellamy from mused like we're all we were all in the same room. It would look at me like that I like zone, where they like, where someone goes in picks out the type body that they want
like it is legally kings of lay on similar, looks all just alter the now. Would we if we were to perform together would we all have a distinct spin on that look or would we all try to? You know like beat like
Lee Beetle style. Like all right. Look the same, I don't know. I think that that would be. That would be up to you guys me. You know, but I'd like to see it. I think. Actually, the way to do it is that we all take on the pursuit of a different points of the same characters, life and we resent those altogether in one in one musical extravaganza. At the very least, it sounds like a good funnier to ask where we could pull that which accurately thing like minded Mcfly, guess I'll play different version of modern Mccloy. Not enough of what could be more, it could be Mcfly or could just be all like. Whatever the whatever the myths of that specific we create, whatever that is worse, all different parts of that are different personality types.
It's one guy but is different parts of his life in history and you guys, all time travel to the present to start a band yeah. It's like the Beatles me threatens me. I think the ultimate seller project just a bag full of you. That's so we're gonna definitely make this now. What are you guys in season? Six, and idea, was tat tat. Now that's what I'm not inadequate, discredit to you. It's just time is moving now. I now realized. I think nobody knew it was on for the first four years and then certainly when Netflix came in the plan, we got up on ethics and an Hulu and who and hullo first but networks is really an end and also when we syndicated comedy central, then it almost feels like. Like it became ubiquitous within like this yeah seventh year yet, and that question a lot with what season you guys in two three and we run eight, that I thought it was six or seven. That's that's intangible, that's unwell
ten Azeri. Now writing seasonal Levin rush visas and its effects just Basically, is their opinion just keep going and until you dont want to do. The show anymore seems out. I think it's keep going until we can't afford it and it's probably rapidly where there at which you know what hopefully push them to that point. It says, assumes possible one year s, let's get this figure is done sketchiness before now. Will you know it's weird because were reduced not as a sketch grew put it, but they haven't annals of shows. Go up now I say get the word sketches a little of its kind of a misnomer. There are sketch groups and improper for this also stand up and panels Ryan Music chosen and went down the river,
Invited us to veto went up there one year and did something which I think with James our Brooks in some sort of a hundred off. It was quite like a cheers room, but there was a there was a handful of people there and apparently no one recorded it, but apparently he told the greatest fucking stories because he had no filter anything like Egypt. Zanzibar at the stories were apparently mine, blowing. We amazing and an eye there. No record of it anywhere. Well, you know that. That's why you definitely no fear, it's always Godiva? My turned on around you might get set. But it's been here wade through a lotta, indeed his anger, you need to get at it. I'd, say: you're, gonna, you're, gonna have to Zambia lot of fat, and then there will be a lot of fat gristle and then you might find a little nicely negative, filet mignon in their real issue and is allowing marveling does it adds a flavor then edible? Yet not not yet others Robson, not. Unlike his,
robotic we're? U, I think he'd be great on the girl, like you is that I think I think some to veto sakes again would get. There might be a tough now. He gets me I just want to week. They hydrated he well with logger potato the man, seventy its language. We have. Seventy seven know: what's unbelievable as you, if you come out and hang up, Thus, on a Friday or Saturday night with him, and then you see what a seven year old man can do. That's what somebody reality there! Madonna yeah, really he's he! Well, I don't think I've ever. I don't think I've ever state well nigh. Yet he will he couldn't tied on and stay out later than any of us without Marcela with him a couple of times in its its bits, it's mine blowing. How human being can take that he, and though just
sheer length of the day coupled with whatever it is that he's putting into his body and in every difficulty? Music, all different kinds of music and he'll. Go to the heel, goaded the tents or go to the fact that the sideshow carnival freak type stuff he's into it. I mean he's. No he's is something to aspire to, certainly not with regard to the things he puts inside his body, but with regards his you know as a seven year old man, he still exploring life Leonardo. Like he still finds fresh and new things. Interesting, he's constantly exploring constantly searching for. What's next project gonna be you know and an he stays in touch with. What's going on with somebody boo young, it yeah that has what he does and that's how he stays relevant yeah. That's why he trees transcended. You know that the last three generations of television,
you're, because kids know who he is and at your parents know who he is your grandparents know yet he's got. You know he uses his kids as a gauge for that cause. He's got a three kids in there and their twenties, my once down and authorities, but you know he I mean. Actually, I think was that was a damper or was a job that turn them on him on tar show uses its yes, kids watched ourselves. So when we protest about the show he knew about the shock has kids were fans of Africa, for what is done in a fat man for that and where you were you initially was there any sort of common intimidation and all were you immediately. We didn't want it really yet now we get forced into it, I mean in the beginning. We had a show without him, the first season was with was without any and then nobody lost it, and so John refuse the president of a call me and for meeting. It was like a nose watching the shell, but we love it. We want to keep it on, but we don't have any for marketing and we need to add somebody with some panache that weaken. Hopefully
lay into some public relations as story just so we can get people talking so We were really reticent in order to add anything to the to the chemistry in. Oh that might destroy the chemistry of the show. And they started knocking around different names. Danny's name came up and we would like well, I guess that kind of makes sense and TED Mckinley Walter will we it's not, that we were reticent to the idea of adding Dan, It shows that, where reticence, ethical Danny, yes, that we were reticent to add a name to the shouted, because we can I liked it were no names and that it was this weird small Diana, and you also don't want it to be all the sudden that guy's show yeah right you ve built. This thing is like I will now it's the dairy, Russia or the who ever outcomes, and now we get a right for that guy than we do want to add in Pooty yeah yeah yeah. With an- and I remember our first reaction was like you know. No, I don't think we wanted and I'll just now, We want to do that. Never like alcohol in Europe that shows over and we
I will remind you: could we do? We will do so then Nielson and Danny's named. I brought up, and I went over to his house and talk with him and he was exactly you imagining debates gray, I mean, as is the terms of the kind aims that were being thrown around Danny was perfect because it is one of those guys is made. A career out of playing a another is that you played only despicable characters from these played a shit load. A despicable characters in our characters are kind of despicable, but their will.
To think that their level in their own way- and you know Danny'S- one of them- is very unique career of man- is played it so many despicable people and yet every where he goes, you'd think that he always played the the happy uncle or dad. You don't sound like people love that guy, but I think because they do loved despicable characters, but he's such a lovable likeable person that I think you, since the warmth and like ability underneath all of the despicable ness and and that's what people like him. So much suspect that he's really funds eyes. People like fun size things in what would you would you eat, Snickers BAR, which valve refund size
We live right there that's three times the fund. That's right, says: fund right on the package. That's right now. Those areas that fund size was a genius marketing campaign for charging about the same for a lot less anything. That's all it's fun! It's worth it. I mean the other ends. That's right, you're, paying more for the extra fun. What do you get? I just get this weird, this other ones. Just this dumb, plebeian, brick of boring chocolate. I like fun is who doesn't want that yeah? That's how Danny's agent, the only negotiate. Let's face, Instead of a trailer, you can set up a mini Cooper you should have put a toilet and refine the irony being that his trailers, by farther
of course of other, and that is seventy zero Mary, absolutely, but he bought it. He bought it for wasn't war the roses it reasonable! No, no not was later in his career that now it was earlier at what was the one he did with Michael Augustine of Romania telling the story. I was romancing the stones small. This is it's pretty smart dogs. What he does. He bought the trailer, but then he charges the productions the current range, so he's pay that he's paid for me. But the problem is a great idea. I'm telling you man, there's so much money to be made from chargebacks, because you just go well you're gonna, rent this forms what else anyway, enshrining you gonna, give him a little bit better of it, the its genius with we figured
yeah, yeah Danny's, but here's the downside, Danny's trailer since it was bought in nineteen. Eighty four, it was built in eighteen. Eighty three and I don't think it's been updated sense- posters of Heather Thomas again. It looks pretty good for a fair trial. It at all- and I say it was less than we were in their wherever genius of each is why you know that's cool in its own way, and it is unfortunate that there's no way to interview a trailer to just Ghana to just this stories. Yeah, it's the stories like if you could animate an object right debt, learn whose trailer would you want to interview Annie out of any celebrity and earning any movie star? I think you gotta go. I think you gotta go for,
you'd, like Stallone, or someone really famous in the Sixtys and Seventys, when you could basically get away with anything right, and there was a big people. Weren't is concerned about, like that. There was just You know that there was more random, blessed sexual lawsuits and you want to say that afraid to say I was there. I was they like just more where I think people united lesson inability, blaze, accountability that, yes, more aware more, not everyone had camp Now you more draw I wanna, maybe there's just as many drugs now, but I was thinking the seventies That's when people were really. They were definitely more back. That I mean it's not that it's not around, but I think we should not assume that gives much more out the opening of our culture, because you could cheat on your spouse and that it wasn't dig it. There was no way for that person to ever get back in contact with right right, there you're one step away from just a little better pasting, Sexton somebody's spouse and random. It
very worn, Bade, worn baby would have it yeah? Well, you know. Well, you know Bob Evans did I wrote a book, but I'm sure that I'm sure that would be an insane Let's see worn baby would be pretty amazing. Yeah, I'm gonna, go daddy, you gonna go thing or the other. Schwarzenegger are getting one either with a most poor. Finally, we get there He has doing all tat fact. Why did I picture Tom cruise. No, I don't think hampers show that would be that it interesting. I think I think we really have to be like Reynolds had a pretty Liane sailor, but you know like son I'm always yeah, not having for a different reason. But that is what it is something going on in there. Why Don t I dont know what it was going to sooner than I think it's pretty small, like farts,
Marty, Feldman's trailer, that's what I want a weird shit, I charts and she who else back then had a. Why don't we Lee Majors, leaving Adramiti on a team on the tv sanctuary, Charles Browser we may not like, like we'll see you gotta, think volume in short, in short, burst cause you don't like Schwartz, or would assume? This is never gonna end right, because I've been a movie star the aim of the other lines of immigration? Sociopath? I mean you know like you, you know that he was gettin after it like regardless, but likely majors knew it was a finite amount of time. You think you know, no one ever knows everyone. I think I think most people like this is this is another. I like we gotta go farther back when I think the disparity between a person's public image in their private life was immense. Like a thing you gotta go like Cary Grant you Bob or like someone honest
being on television that you would never think anything about because they played like a tv dad, but in the but life it was. It was probably like you know, harnesses and make a light dildos. That's all my great aspects, of course, other of ours who might break, was this man employ alright rubber read the error rates are completely different life outside Russia, the bird who played Perry, Mason had had like an island and a completely different kind of delete. A very secret life gives it the site is. Why was his life's a secret? What was I believe he was gay, and I didn't know that it gave you move it up, so I'm not linger haven check the internet. Raymond Bur be you are, What's the bigger slander, slanted saying it or saying that
and are for saying for saying I mean I'm right, that's a gag question in this, as in England, slanderous them, it's only slanderous of sir, if, if the recipient perceives it to be that, but you know have, but but particularly actors that time like round Reading Raymond Bur there was the zero tolerance for fur right for Ba called and you know, and so they really had the right so so yet a whole island of fantasy, seven like the ship demanding and say that's the trailer Merv driven out a few islands. Oh yeah, you had more money than most people, yeah home again industry got in those days you magic, owning a piece of a television show again this seventy owning of punch, a tv shows and seventy thousand sentiment with yeah. Now now it is so hard to make that you can get make that kind.
Many on television now, not even on network no cause. This is too many. Things does audience to spread out and now they, you know now, networks to this really funny thing. Were they they and there's no real Reimer reason behind of other go where we were going to shoot a presentation. Really you mean a pilot now yeah, it's a it, but for less money money, do you don't have to pay everyone? You want everyone. One out of that in the ways of getting the thing that I have experienced lately as they go it's I will give you money, you make a couple scenes from it and knowing full although everyone they hears us go fuck that will make the whole thing for that amount of money. It's all right! I guess that's what I'm doing right now. Let's go, would last year benefits you to give them before they can see what they see, how
maybe for how achieving you go, but that's right so many favours did it once now, you do it again. It was nothing but favours yes, that's we just did that. Actually we just did it at presentations, they were totally sure on the thing in and we did exactly. We said yeah we're like we're like working lives and suitable thing. What is missing, I just a pilot that we produced for billboard idea. I think bill might be the best atomic working at an amazing he's. My eyes are he's starve. It he's married too, in the show, is married to reaching a king amounting to Cancun and of your seem black cheese. No, have you not using it out. There are oh yeah,
already, I believe the premises just that Jesus is has has in fact risen and he lives and in central. I do know that they go into. Why he's Jesus, but but basically, this guy Gerald Slink Johnson plays Jesus Christ, Lord Savior, but he lives like in what is complex, complemented lives in Compton, just hangs out with his armies, but he is Jesus. Toxic is bridges, hangs out, like smoked we'd, all data? It's really find the guy plays M is, is the third led in the show, sets a series for effects and we just delivered the pilot, so we'll see what they have said about the bills great that's it I'm love to talk about some look as some of the like I've gotta show that's coming on innovation. Will we have a show? It's a music documentary shall not accommodate all totally off brand, but what is it called on the record with MIC Rock guess, Millionth Mc Rockies was rocked tug of war and seventy, while he still is, he still, you know is a major photographer.
But he's like known as the guy that man shot the seventies casually. Eighty pop and Marie David Bali do he's the one who did the the famous part. Yes, Diana gets out right, yet exactly ass allows necropsies. Our house is a madman niece Plenary, as you probably is better stories than we already yeah. He's got amazing, amazing stories. And of a travelogue. We gotta different cities made up a different artists on great music documentary. What else we got left will give we ve given animated sear. Well again, that's it some of these things are the wet like the music document shows definitely going on the air, the other things are more a kind of in development or we shot a pilot at various stages of the process or being held up by legal departments. Yes, that is that's right, that's right now, those who, with one I did produce a movie, though that's coming out February, twentieth that America. What does it go? It's called all the wilderness mates in India, so its limited release, but tat is from great people in Cody, Smite, Mcfee Virginia Madsen
daddy's in the movie Evan Ross and Isabel Furman since a great cast, it's really good movie. I met I met region. Imagine somewhere at some time in she was arrived at issue, is great. She's really funny beget it'll, be in it'll, be in theatres, February Twentyth and video on demand. At the same time, nice of you to the Arctic Sea following two fats and introduce a wash ok yeah. She was fine, no cashiers, bigger girls, But why would like she was like chocolate sports shoes? I you should have, Get on girl fit fit this one target Zackie gone backwards. I feel I am again. I could totally be. Wrongs have never fallen down. A flight of stairs, but I feel like if I was I'd be able to fuckin stop myself as my own law that it's it's will you? Zat. Let's forget when you find out that, maybe you know those that war is ours like pretty steep, but I say
we will end up yourself after after. Like you just Albert, I think it is. I think it's like there's moments. We try to stop yourself and you only end up like middling Helen firing yourself. Well, yeah I'd, say dismayed, worse, is better. Hatchables, is that your rather than for babies are carrying out a way to make our sea is gonna slide in and catch the baby. It's probably better. That's like when you take a tumble, been old, skiing or snowboarding. We just the it's better to sort of get into the position to two not hurt yourself as you, yeah Davis, none of us, if it up an arm to try and stop yourself as you could break break your written as I am sorry to ruin the momentum of this conversation, but I just remembered how much I loved indigo see it in the Untouchables, really forgotten me was in a movie, daddy was fucking great yeah fucking, everyone was greater than worry. It holds up. The untouchables holds by a bluff,
say it, but I've never seen that movie. I know it's crazy. It's been a guide, literally bought it to watch it, and I ve just have not seen it. I think if you want it for the first time now, brand Pomerania might feel you might go. Oh it's one of these movies, but when it came out it was a completely union, that's kind of I'm afraid to watch it cause. I I just I'm afraid. I'm not gonna, be able to appreciate it now as much as I would have appreciated it. Had I watched it twenty years ago or even fifteen years ago, you know to be right, and then I'm just gonna be like So if you like it, you CASA yeah, I do. Like all history- and I like I like Anti Garcia of shown countries and the other three you did it, You gotta check it out, I am I like Burma to sometimes snake eyes. A couple, a message
Making a movie as hard as you know have I have a year is even harder, very different brass, although let's give brine upon a little bit of credit on snake eyes now that he's gotta he's gotta Man, like wonder at the beginning of that movie that goes on for, like I don't even know it may be, fifteen minutes is all shut he'll beginning of that movie is shot. Is one or two remember that yeah in around two blocks and are doing to us together get so it and it's pretty astounding, I'm there must have been cut points in it. Somewhere, but I mean literally everybody is trip out over that Wonderin bird monkeys and they shut it was it was incredible, but diploma for such a bad movie did such an amazing wonder at the beginning of snake eyes its seeing the first fifteen minutes that movie just to watch the I'll think they could teach an entire class around birdmen and just the technical
marveling that was cause. I just I just when I was watching like ok, that they definitely there was a bit of a dark spot there. That could have been the cut point. But it still in a well it look. If you can make the adventures Ike it. I could make anything. Look like it didn't cut. Really I mean, but but it doesn't change the fact that you still the Corti graph it in a way. It's it doesn't matter. If you cut it still shot as a wonder, and that's almost justice impressive to me as actually making it a water. It's like almost donating care, which is the fact that you were able to choreograph one camera to make it seem like the whole thing was just continue, as we should get an episode like that this year we are, we did one continuous shot. That's Helen! Thirteen minutes its long. It's like thirteen minutes
yeah. It was actually coming off. The Bergmann had come out, yet it was coming off the heels that one or from true detective that everyone is talking about an amazing one. That's enough movie and- and we had a story that felt like it, supported that that type of storytelling during the winter thing- and so we just as a challenge in return seasons annually where's the spice it out supplies and by marriage, write another lover into the bad guys. I said about stuff. I've got stuff, yeah travel times present, but that is a thirty minute that matter a heavier that mean. I think people would people the peace. People spaces would melt up with rage. If you did, they cause people hate change, but it did you get to like you, you're, like season. Fifteen of the show, like you know, pocket and you just something happens in a meteor lands and
city and then everything Sera, earthquake and the show completely genre. Have you ever look when you're pitching ideas? Do you ever by getting that point really? You know why? Why not it well, I dont think we would ever want to do anything that would change the entire trajectory of this. I will say, though, if we decided, we collectively decided that we were going to do like South Park thing just like gonna, keep it go on forever, the Simpsons or whatever. Maybe we would something like that, but what we do, what we will do as entertain. The idea of you know it is about finding a way in working on season, for we did hold ups to place an assent in seventeen. Seventy six right enemy, but we ve got to figure out a way to this is our characterised telling a story of something you're, a meteor lands in the city and you all types of aid after we would probably that for an episode yet and we ve done, we ve done a couple. A horror actually won intense the horror episode, but it still comedy it say it's the like, bending the general, but not really still comedy yeah
it's always sodium krypton like uses its like a pre krypton destruction, everyone just kind of a why? Yet I think what so that you can actually that you don't have enough superhero movies in the fucking. Do you got you have to have it and see? The irony is that it's the sun that ultimately destroys the planet right. So is that what happened with the krypton? Well it doesn't. This doesn't their site like something something unstable about the core, and then I can understand why more as a game at a brand s mouth so idea, that's why. That is why the council did believe in their like designed about Anna, it's under conviction, because I can't understand gonna hack, like what he saying is false. When really I can't understand jars about our lawns are going to get mode. Why is that a problem at a bad thing? Isn't the most the most recent one that they did? The most recent Superman was
some allegory to climate change. I feel like every every movie is some allegory for climate change. Now we're like something that they did, something that that the what's the race called sorry that John Eames, what are they cartoons other from Krypton yoga cryptic of Tony, and did that accelerated the this process of their own destruction? One right, Oliver Athenians we we should be or flings earthly out. We are a thing we are the exact Erika. I think it is getting something in the region. I do when I think of the richer done. Version. It would suggest if you dont. Let me sometime around what are you guys going on about just revelling in being earthly self railways, your favorite earthly thing to do breathe oxygen, it is to assume that everything we do here is the greatest thing in the entirety of the universe is not no earthling vain earthly. Looking up at the other end earthly elegant rohingya people as humans, but I think now
Things is kind of fun age gap. The change it up a little, but absolutely so you are? You do have the freedom within an episode is, like you said you just have to find whenever mechanism it justifies. Why look I think at this point I think if all of us got really turned on at the idea of doing a really out their episode like what you're talking about like the whole assist we're like. I think we, I don't think we would have any qualms about if the three of us really passionately like, let's do an entire episode as if the showed took place on Krypton right and we all really wanted to do it. I think we really can fuck and I don't care rises to it and not even explain it and that's doing because your audience understands like sometimes they're going to do stuff like we did. We did a sequence in which we push into Charlie's headed into what like what he's thinking he thinks in cartoons. So it's a whole episode of us animated.
Even that's more grounded than then than the idea, I've just been like we're going to do and it up with entire upset, as if this was a bar on the planet krypton by the way of warming. To this idea, I think about the more we scramble for new ideas that are unlike. I would not be against doing something like that, not explaining it and then the next week, you're just backup, patties on earth and who Catholics was wearing a dirty t shirt. But it's like that. That kind of reflective black with, like a silver Why is we would like that? We have exactly. Does everyone would? Just
his shoulder. That's all that's just sitting there either set dress, is actually really has a space paddies to veto up. I don't like the of everything being space. Like is like that, as you like another space baby, we're just in space, you could just call it. We don't have the well they face. Had typical where'd you get this I wonder what they claim is based bogs. What are these? fuck you know why not, I think we ve learned that right. I don't have to do it, but I think we ve learned that right, I'm not I'm not against it. So how do you do you guys bring in when you how much I love you have off from the show like? What's your production year like it's about six months from writing, shooting in cutting, maybe seven months actually pretty fast? It is we like, so we we know we, we surrender our cells a lot
really great smart people in terms of our crew and our postproduction team. Lot of people have been with us since the very beginning or close to it, and you know a lot of people just are really good at their jobs and makes us be able to do much more efficiently. In the only reason we ve been able to do it. This longs because we cut the episode order back to tat besides the season- and we can do it in a way that allows us to have lives outside the show, otherwise I think we would have got nuts. Do people constantly say things in front of you and go. You can use that like most every single absolute good cause. I haven't idea: ok, ok, I'm sure this is it's too it's it's just my liking to see universes collide. I love it I'd by the way, I'm I'm all for it. It does me we're doing ok, I love offer us oh by the way. Sometimes this happens and we have the person right it and then we go make. I am. I think it would be really amazing if,
you and Louis tested on each other shows, but as different perspectives of the same experience where you crossed paths and on your show, its more your guys perspective and Louis came the guest and then, if you were to watch the at the Louis episode yeah you he would be in the foreground and you guys have been the background so that you would get us this disc. Like I did take place in Fargo. You know it's interesting. I think I think you could actually do something like that. The place where my brain goes it because, in my mind, sunny weirdly takes place almost like an alternate universe, where the rules are very similar to what they are in the universe there, the dimension we live in, but there's just ever so slightly askew power I will say that that's really only the case with our characters like when our characters go out into the world we meet, yet we sit across a desk from a normal guy.
Looking at us like what, where what planet to these people live on your enemy anchors. So so in your scenario, Yak has Louis show so grounded and sold it sort of like that is well. He goes into a tangent, yeah yeah reality. You have heightened reality, it's all right. It's looking at the world through his perspective right sometimes in that You can do that. His girl for a woman is on a date with gets on a helicopter in the The data is often this. Oh yeah ass men come into his Hartman. I just. I just think that creative exercise of yeah you both you know he shares and experience with you guys and then you both come away interpreting it in different ways, but it still you know it's still connected by. You know this for you and you don't see that very often more these cross over a kind of things, and you know I'm certainly the request I get a hundred thousand times a day on Twitter is that they want us to do across ever with work Alex
which makes a lot of sense of lorries, and I love those guys. I think that shows really really funny. You knows so it s funny. I guess it's it's Yeah I mean I don't know why. I don't know why we don't entertain it more, maybe just the logistics of it seem a little bit daunting. How we can, but I don't know I mean, there's just my weight, a pitcher mildly clingy idea. The sea by now, it's ok. This all following see you guys cross over with the property brothers on hdtv high they're gonna help you find a home and we ve been. We ve been talking about across over with game thrones, which I think will be our. What those one of those guys wrote an episode of our they. Did you really? Yet? If anything, it would be. You know it would be like the kind of the Krypton idea? Where would be any tyrian? No, they wrote, they wrote in
episode that you. Now there was a cross over, you guys know I'd not. They wrote an episode of sunny to two seasons ago. There was that what the so it kind of happened like this, where we were at the dinner and they said here we have another. So we want a pitcher and they pitch it to me, and I was like Apple, God and they came in and wrote it, and then we didn't have to write me that I was right. One less episode for us. It is always that strange, active basically be saying someone else's no because we had them, there was a little more of a process there had come into the writers room and we would pitched things and we cannot walk them through how we, can episode and then tat the draft, and then we sundayfied it with them. A little baby girl came in with a really great idea. That really sounded a mean very much like an episode of the show and which you'd be surprised. How often that's actually not the case was need. Somebody thinks they know what the showers they purchases.
Like that. Has so not anything sort of like a crisis that was pretty good. But again I was, I know you don't have to it's. Fine, don't be so mean a handy who says about no one's I'm on my side, but they gather came in and weep become, boarded it out. You know and and beat it out and kind of change their break. A little bit went through beats me now and then they went off and wrote a draft. We did some rewrites on it, but they gave us a pretty. I mean it turns out there talented what's funny you know week we get. I get a lot more comments from me that the community of drama television writers than I do from, and I think it's a cent like, I think, for drama people when they go home. You know you spend in the entire days breaking dramatic stories. Really heavy shit when you go home. Lastly, you want to do is then also sit down a watch breaking bad right.
Go home and you want to watch sunny or you want to watch the Simpsons or you want to watch work all you want to watch it. It's just like light and caught you note. So with a lot of Michael in the drama world, were like bigger fans of our show the people, the comedy world, because not like. When I go home, I don't watch comedy spent my whole fuckin day, working on Comedy Why have you in the last five years? The three shows that have reached out like various members of three shows that have reached out to us to say they like the shower. Come the sadder. We become friends, game, thrones madmen and breaking bad. However, right zero, comedy people, and I think that people just all their like ass. We go home and I rather watch mad men, then watch parks and Rec nah cuz, I don't think parks and Rec is a great show. It's just time to do. All day long right. That's not that's not taking a break from your work and away you're gonna Mamma to watch a comedy imminent to be analyzed exercise at analyze. It you know it's like. I want to do that. You know and as such I don't watch any comedy. I do. I do watch some, but but not much mostly. I want to take a break from comedy want something
yeah, I'm kind of the same kind of the same way I do watch the true detectives. The world would still was hoping that be weird supernatural element at the end of the show. I thought that's what they were leading up to they did they didn't what're, you Talkin about the true detective. It will have the final word higher final see that was plainly superintend. No, that was all an extension of the all the drugs that were in his brain. He was having those weird visions. I don't think it was Surely, whenever we talk about the data was outlining. He went on a location on the man and nobody saw about a weird spiralling that words. Borrowing first, a sort of a sort of a reference to the to the er. I believe just all the law around arkose like like throughout our this, like throughout literary history, because it dates back to the nineteenth century, like they're, they're kind of cancer references in that show. Yet this old story that keeps getting retold in but but I I read that is like not
because I think, if their worsening supernatural, they would have paid off more because now, the there, the other Sturgis scrapping and starting over so they're not going to expand on then I think it was just we're vision, throw away you disappointed in their final episode, yeah yeah I was I I really I felt like I was ten episodes of building up to today's insane and all of a sudden like there's, shoot him and had no idea, neither in the hospital making jokes yeah and also that he believes that the that the light is winning right was not like when the final lines yeah good is triumphing over evil. Yet but the series didn't seem not to not too long as people died and I added I kind of I liked him in his dark place to me to me. I thought the show was building to something really big, but it ended like the end of a procedural right lay like like an like.
End of of an episode of just a regular procedural csi Tarag like Sesar, like cereal, without even an ending right right, like that. All of that, and also not ending right, just no closer to say yeah cereal was Syria was a big god, It was there was entertaining many times, but there were a lot of times. This in turn, is like I'm gonna stick this out because I spent so many hours with her already. I may as we'll see what happens at the end and then at two episodes towards the end. I was like this is not going to end well for me and lower people that upset with the first Paradise lost documentary when there was cut an didn't know who and there are no like an hour with us. West Memphis three does not yet mean they get. It was fifteen years and three documentaries worth until they actually got somewhat of an ending and they still like they're, not sure who killed those kids yeah like it's very similar like I would argue that is in many ways a better story, though,
yeah, others more and spelling out there if Syria delved into it. It re simplifications of that town like like how yelled in protest lousy, talk about like billion against the occult and death meddlesome yeah right ran it just super demonstrative of what we need an storytelling like it's just simply not entertainment alone. We need closure, which Yes bring some some level of solace to the fact that we have no clothes about our own lives when it ends, and we want to know that it has learned somebody to people and closure, and that's wonderful where it is there that is, they re Rupert Christian POG ass well say that now we lose our statement called prey on a brain. Until the good pray but yeah like that that I don't know that said to their told me a lot about myself or what
need out of a story or what are they need out of entertainment, which is look? It pass the time well, I was sitting in traffic and I was riveted by four hours, and yet I came out of it feeling like I had wasted my, Let me, while I enjoyed it almost all the way through that there's an open lupin, your brain, yet once today AIDS able to resolve that, and I think you know I've said this a million times, but I think it's one of the greatest gifts that Vince Gilligan gave the breaking bad fans was here. Is that ending in a bow? And here is what happens, and I think you know with what stuff lecture detective first or or things it worthy. I think chauvinist writers ten to manipulate the audience by kind of presenting seem to be outlandish premises, and so you go ok, I'm on board. This feels weird and I'd love to see I wrap this up and then they get to the end and they realize, like oh yeah. Well, you know, I think I was writing ahead of myself. It's actually kind of heart. I can't passive
wrap up all this all areas yeah they kind of right, weird for the sake of weird, because that's intriguing yeah, but without speaking the landing at the end and going here because that's very hard do it very hot, yet no, it is without, if you dont know exactly view not exactly have away to sort of tie up every loose end, and you know what I know: you're taught you're talking about that you're talking to join, emanates human beings desire for there to be. The ending you know because it brings us some level of comfort, because we don't have that in our lives. I know we don't get exactly. We don't know how it ends a boy who would you guess about boyhood? I love. I have not seen it what's its very much just like it, when those kind slice of life link, glitter movies, we're just like our stuff happens, and then it's over what by them I think I've got a landslide ended. I would say nothing really happened, nutmeg, it's not yet. Nothing really happens, but but but because a slice life, but it does end because the stories of this of this person's boyhood his boyhood ends and then he
Zander, something else gesture. I don't think I did it and analogy to someone's life. I just need financially to the story, that's being told yet, because, because boyhood didn't really set anything up during the movie, there wasn't really much to tie up at the end, virtually no I'd like to live and live in it. Many women and now the credit but exit out in the desert becomes a man right, but when I became a thrones geyser kind of right, the middle right now, which is that George hasn't finished, the the books isn't finished the book and their crews leaning towards a season in which they're gonna have to write without really knowing because George, why'd, you know about hasn't, we're has written it. Yet you know- and so there there writing these stories without exactly without knowing exactly it's gonna happen, internet browser to lead horizon here or there ahead of the they're gonna, get ahead getting really clause yet which is sort of? Why that's why I think it was very smart for walking dead. They want to be like
yeah. We different universe and the comic so dont because it allowed I have yet. I think anybody that gave does to where they were there. They'll pull the rug out from certain store, lasting certain characters, but its things a little bit more true than I think walking dead ass. Yet I mean I can see where you every day right did enjoy the bride. I enjoyed the process. I just really my expectations were in one direction and then at the end, when there is nothing just five cases violet right now. A far far worse, however, though, if they just never found the guy- and there was no conclusion whatsoever in Syria that because at least you ve got licit ended, but I dont say I think the other problem and then and then you really only get barely a glimpse of the guy and he's doing weird accents, and so these crazy errors,
I don't know like. I wanted their abuse like the boss at the end of a level on a video games, etc, came after media outlets that weird big guy. The janitor throws Inzana go like that in three days and while he's laughing, that's me and that's what you get the idea was king him about letting it is those linking up, but I can't I wanted I wanted did come to delve more into what he about an hour day, and it just sort of you know ends it just then stood on a very strange. Not what about like the sopranos? Did you, like? I don't know I don't like it where they got. That was amazing. I like endings, where they just gonna, go you up to you like. No, it's not up to you're the fuckin writer? It's about you don't you know. I feel like that. That is that a cop out,
like a cop out when you're writing a book report. You didn't read the whole book, and so you and your book report going if you want to find out what then read the book instead of just going. This is the definitive I feel like because it's very hard, it's very hard to wrap things up in in a satisfying way, and so then I feel like the default is like just make it weird and open ended, and then people will assign whatever they wider and they did it up. I think that at an incredible job of kind of, given you the same feeling that he would have of just kind of not knowing where he stands or if he's get killed right away. I don't want that feeling. I am that's why you never go into a lot crime. There was a test yeah, but they do set that up. They don't they set up a one point. The series is like the one. Second, the ass. I saw a right before you read the secondary, that was a. He says already says: yeah you, you won't know when it's common it'll just be one day, you're you're having dinner with your family, the next minute, you're you're dead,
but designers, so they say you know what happens when he said, but I think the writer was a chase navigation. Yeah but he said in an interview recently that choice Brenner does not die. He did he came out and flat out said like oh yeah, he doesn't, he doesn't die right there I have read your shirt music right IRA. Second yeah. I know I know how to get rid of it. I take the opposite sort of approach to and using I really like the church when I felt it was a compromise, because I kind of like
the existential way things I'm a guy like Cormac Mccarthy Alot, where he sort of like you're ruminating on this thing, that, like life, like your saying, would like LE life and death, and the way you go is that you want that satisfaction but you're, not getting that satisfaction, because neither the characters cause. That's like a more true to life psychiatric approached a narrative, and I think that that, in some action detective what I kind of had to compromise and take out of it in that last, even in the hospitals like in life, you had these traumas that legal, these, like existential crises about stuff, but you do have these tiny moments where you move on and talk to your family. Do others that and it's not resolved in none of its gonna go, but you still have to like learn how the light winning is like. Oh that's right, I can't singularly focus on this thing is ultimately kind of meaningless in writing. Run you have it I dont, but that you know that to me as an art projects like I feel like that, but I believe it is worth making art is. I don't think so,
I hear what you say, but I think it's different than watching like the wall, where you're like. Oh I'm, supposed to feel all these weird things cause. That's what he's going through like true detective, does not lead you down that Patsy. I totally saw that leads you down a procedural path. I guess I was at breaking down the concept of like a procedural thing into the context of having you do this essential thought words like the thing there focusing on his it's too handwritten magic trick when rain. I ve shown you that what you thought programmed bite, the region and culture was not what they're trying to show you the whole time. Well, I'm kind of with which the EU also feel like that. First of all, breaking bad is probably one of, if not the greatest series in television, I loved, bring better loved every second of it and I love the finale, but but afterwards I felt like that was great. It was totally satisfying and I walked away, and I haven't really thought about it since, because I feel like a closed that loop, and that's done I'm done with that now. But I've thought about this.
Rhinos. You know once every few months for the past few years, because it feels like it still ruminating in my brain sort of what you are talking about it. If I say it still fucks with me- and I feel like that- that have to do that whether or not I want it or not is irrelevant, because it's what they did and that's what you said about boyhood words like a virtue didn't like it and then and then likely you kept on thinking about it and isn't that something that, like a good entertained
should bring out just add, and I must admit this is coming back around too many things, and I realise that I have time to be like when they go to the desert. Like I don't have an energy, I have work and I just hope it shit wrapped up in my brain is too feeble to be ruminating on things forever, like I don't got if the I've every single series watch like ended, that way you to have the ghosts of all these things like to weigh down soprano in a bar with Al Swearingin. Right they'd be jeers together. Just all see that now that this is fascinating, because this does not jive with the rest of your life, where you have wilfully discouraged yourself from jumped from taking those that those things are bring you instant gratification, whatever it.
Algeria or cigarettes are caffeine wherever you're in it. For, though, for the long haul for the for the for the more holistic experience, life right serve in your art be consumed. In the same way, I like, by the way, a true story- teller, Rob Macaroni ringing things back around at the very beginning, good to deny it up and about the very good it. As my duty I like you too, have them say it's over: we get the fuck, I would say in those very skilfully done. I would say that that some things I enjoy that, but you know a lot of times with television. For me, I just kind of needed to be
a little wonderment. I needed to be a little more one. Dimensional, it doesn't have to bleed into my life is much if, if I know that's gonna be experienced going in and I'm ok with it, but I don't like being surprised by it at the end and feeling like my expectations were because in some cases I feel like it can be intentional and in other cases I sort of feel like it's, the writer just kind of copying out, because it's very difficult to tie up the million loose ends that they released Europe. A life of us
areas because they had to keep intriguing people to watch the shows they had to write, weirder and weirder and weirder, and then, by the end of my way, I can't I can't find him just not a sort of an see. I think some of its a little emperor's new clothes and a little less like no man there be an artistic in some cases. I think that's the case, but I do agree with your point about bringing about the length of a closed loop and again I gotta gather the butter and now I feel like we're going to end the pod cast on an open look as we didn't really solve anything. I want just walk out without saying anything else.
And then it was just me, Jonah here by myself The first time would seem like in forever. I learned a lot this broadcast in these past five years later, you a new thing, I've thy as watch it. Marathon, wonder years, I say now leading noticed tat com Are you alright.
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