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No, I mean merely star com,
make sure Natura Workin out his face in Europe really fucking warm, and here it is warmed. It is warm- and here I wonder, is there anyway. I think there are a lot of sound controls, but no climate control. I think it's a building thing, not a run on the weekend. I was watching on the region, they don't want. You hang out too long service. The worse has been in it at a ban. The weekend physicists can have an avenue. There does heats up a package,
I have been stuck do not before yet as the works to use it in the tyrant sweating. Like I don't care, I like that. I guess every regarding our anywhere you're amazing. You always start, and then I don't know that we started and then I always go. Are we recording? apparently the where we start every that special interests on business. We recording now rob zombies, air other start yet yeah we ve already started. Drag you into the Fabulous Comcast boardroom, its actual, much I thought only sounds you can't shoot it I know a guy actually is very nice. You know it's still, listen the like capitalism, the glass one know this:
the glass room, sometimes recording a glass or something you're, a goddamn echo chamber to people watch. You like the today show for the way in the background, yelling signs. Eighty might have our lines. We don't know you you're kind of people who can levitate telecom attics hover outside the window anyway to them even legacy. By casting now. Is this just it's just a great like a lot of we'll. Do it there's some great podcast out there, but still for some reason. When you ask someone to do your podcast, I was just feel me when I'm having a different name, feel weeny want to do our internet radio worse. When does because they feel badly sure has honoured as only get a pod decency going dragon behind the entertainment truck lover. How like the basic, is all that works out for you know, or so we do, and we can we can. We have gone with Paypal at, but I hope it works out currently working out Chris WHIP
el- the terminator three money as the fact that nothing day after he shot terminated at lunch, most automobile, the ticket home from Sarah characters name, I remember they actually had a name. Why doktor something over I wish to those that Serbia was engineer number to actual name. No longer engineer know. Maybe I just imagine made sky met. What could be better, but we don't know what's happening with all these robots labels. You just call me Ex relational scientist. Number two here was a funny thing about but terminator about getting the part in that movie was there was the worst one well, unlike yeah. I say that I didn't see. I didn't see salvation. I can't remember, but am I I had gone in this guy was. I was really at the height of my. Dewey Alcohol days
leave that was hustler, that's what has really worked were jerry though they being fat drunk. I didn't work for some of the. I believe you actually didn't work for a couple weeks. Yeah and came back yes fatter I think maybe you watch your character. Scoggins Roger Hamley is actually fatter. I can say that our good use limiter lay. My character relies, so there will be no. The people bought about that regular. Like there's probably meeting we weigh heavily gradually. I value the illusion of a jaw alone is actively with people being tortured, storm or fat, because you know that he's gonna do a hybrid asian move. I was just gangster plain: it's a real was correct or choice of my porno. There were also feeding you like the dream child of your neighbor. Had Amsterdam, Israel, you they also towards our sins or color. Well, that's what I thought I haven't so returned her three, this I had gone to audition, for this is crabby movie called by
biker boys or something where I was busy like fastened. The furious on motorcycles, because I'm a hundred it is about was pigeon. I go in and a good at all. I'm doing Blatchy and I've got that curtain hair hanging down in my face and. and so I addition for it to be a biker boy. There, like you know or no hey, do you think play. Like an engineer, I get somebody to go from, hey sexy, biker to what about a fat engineer. You went into audition for the biker boys and they were also casting terminated three. At the same time, the end, and so I gotta get the small. they made an engineer on the bikes. No, no! No! No! No! It's like a boys are fixed up real nice. Just like you like. I was too proud to be a big engineer, but not you. Ve got to be a robot engineer, robots but so yeah the corpses, because she was fun and a new shaved, my head, and then it was the best part, tore up the fate of flesh off my body.
Are you still remember my the highlights for me are trying to do a life cast on you? God knows what, because some people get really claustrophobic in freak out when you put a life cast on bullets, everything I don't want you guys, I didn't realize it was gonna happen, but it doesn't sound like is going. I want to deal I once her child above complaining about that at the grove. complaining about having to sit for another life. Can why why do they live cast him for the girls like he's like the guy? Well had the grove, and why are you the have nots, dorani knocking firing fucking doing another? One they can just use the one million a Jones and, as I the only thing you're like that. How do you know any analysis? Liquor? Oh Jesus, what What happens when you're like when I didn't realize it was gonna, be like that they just sailors. Gonna put some, you know paste your face and then it'll drive and you'll. Be I will first this those straws in your nose. And then you immediately go us. not ass. She was about to happen a movie star,
pasting it on your face, and then covers your eyes and it's it's just it's dark. As you ve ever seen. I mean it's dark as you ve ever per Eve to have your own eyes Amanda embassies to sweat. Eleven you like, ok. Now I think I can do this a way has long yeah I Wayne TOP, and then he covered up my left ear and it was just went like deadly, cyanide you're being held under water deprivation, complete sensory deprivation, and I never felt somewhat claustrophobic in my life. I saw that they do they do that in the little chuckle tears, which is that us show and he'll see about the little people that, where the chuckle up like a not real, shows that real, it's still see it. Oh it's like little kids that little channel little people that have too many kids like every show they are daily. They lay did I like, like a crown like not a crap, like they just molded his his manners.
When one of they have omitted dating, show called small chance. You can go out with the latest recently. I had an idea for a about it before in indian baseball team. That almost makes it to the big play off game, but they don't make it. So it's called closed, but no sitter about this too, About this too, and I now and twins open a casino in Vegas double dance ass. They heard MIKE Burns. I think at this joke was. They should call people that are obvious, that they should say that they have doubled double down syndrome. Wow not double double down syndrome. No, no double downs is that's the new KFC that chance aiming for without syndrome right? That's what I say they are going have to be to put that in your body so anyway, as as Wayne taught there was smear another suck my face. He said you might get a little claustrophobic. So, just let me know, and by the way you only have to keep it on four like ten minutes, and I couldn't do it cover
I left you know like we're. Gonna have to not do is anymore and I wiped it off my face like throwing it on the ground and had a little bit of a freak deactivate. My recalling him later how to go with Chris and need everyone's, this ain't that so good did they stays dailies? Don't they so? Basically he cast in pieces and then lady do it up. There was that and in the other thing was member, we spent about fifteen minutes getting you strapped down the operating table and then I had to pay in any happy clear, she's a share that view had come out of the room where Europe can give can against giving whisky. He does modern operating tabled, used in an ivy in the developing world. I was bunkers we That was the second that the whole experience movie with so fascinating to me, you call, hold me and like the sea, or of ninety nine. I think you're, like him yeah, I'm writing a movie.
And there's a character whose sarcastic asshole and I will be perfect for an and I didn't, I thought out I'll just be one of those areas for network can somebody times. You know if you talk you and it's the caught up in the ideas and they sound raven forever reason, because the business is just a steeple chase of failure most of the time it stuffed, as does happen, but it really did and end We made the movie fur not a lot of money. And then universal, but Universal gave him more and then you shot the second ending. Did you ever release the original ending on anything now. I mean I don't even know anything is one of those things it and was going to put out the deluxe version. Blob elaborate might who the hell knows or any other films- guy unawares has now gone. I have it here. He felt at our Salvation Army captured, listen I've gotta people have actually had that. Happily for kids, like hey, look, I found yard sale.
I will get back to me, but I love. I love the idea that studio. Would call you in and tell you you're spending too much money at a in use. You say he would say, like it's a lunch that they catered for life thousand dollars that they were charging the production universal was funded, aiding care about nothin I mean ever say I didn't you know when you ever you. If you re in a job, you don't know how good you have until you don't have that yeah, that was a place where we need more trailers give us this, like. I guess I'm just asking arrives and have every many sensitive when I don't think so, but universities blue, that thing is bleeding money and then and then they didn't release it because of the weird violence Anti violence campaign that was a weirdo. Me. I don't want anything to do with horror, movies or anything, and they suddenly did did you did us no good to they put out hostile now, but they are, I think they did dawn of the dead and everything else, but they had once, but I mean that was what and when we do, two thousand or so we didn't do that
For that brief moment, no one seemed to give a crap about horror, movies and then for those areas, and there was a big bloom again gather the Olsson started up and that watered down like instantly like like also came out ever and I like it, everyone like talked about how like oh, it's back, then instantly. I think the next year like yours, who weekly things like torture, porn whores too much. Isn't it gets tired of it so vast every time the soft branch donor still making them. I mean they still have made US resources. They ever did not Renault streets or they weren't thirteen other at six. Now further thirteenth is eight. No ten. If you count on J socks, we'll just when you weren't without ever material, it's easier, the printers. To forge workers. So do you now you pretty much
I'm having the universal things pry. The best thing that could have happened worked out, get going. I mean you know that I like talking about it because it became like George Lucas situation. We can have this master plan that we formed after the fact were first without let's try to get someone else to buy the movie, but everyone didn't want it, but so, which was whenever a year and have done without like well. I guess our only chance is to convince universal that the movies oh incredibly, worthless up and make him by it back at a reasonable price, and it really went from like what we want our money back. We want fourteen million dollars with this thing, there's like well we'll take twelve won't. Take ten we'll take seven and work better gone by the, but as the months when buying two years later, I has a hundred. grants. Oh my god, may there was some ridiculous number. We gotta back and immediately sold lines
I saw, was basically was the major league plan where you run the franchise into the ground, so you can move agreement and it was greater than what marches meaningless. So we won't get those Indians ETA Cleveland. Yet I worked. As That's a funny move, because now it's been long enough that you know when it came out pretty much everyone hated it. They think they sing about Europe farmers in particular is: do you single? That's exactly what you find that your phone as they should immunity? care, latin and, lastly, the ring to it. what does more. I think a classical musician is trying to reach you on the telephone agitated magic ring through like that, like Jerry Socio. Actually, they would say start your ring now and then you would just a yell at the phone and it would that would be playing leg of us. Calling you have cressets may answer Chris, and that was
we're not invent where we know you remarry air, tat terrible. Actually you could do that. God you that, if you wanted to cause you can like specifically have ring tones, were No, I mean live like alive ringtone, no sooner shouting. I law shouting overrides playing that shout to By ed, hardy terrible lie the number four hundred and seventy three I really am or semi do. They think my fingers are here you got you got any blackberry, their hand, type anything sacrifice text you anything every single word of this programme. Will Finally, that that's a new, that's new blackberry! You have I gotta. Yesterday I had the psychic to genocide, two for a long time for years and every time I brought it up, people thought it was a joke. Still on the various powder on. Why were we bring my psychic remember? I had the same like dual Cosette recorder and in vinyl reykir player for Blake
years and I was growing up the now. If someone has a phone for like two years ago, is through their own idea on others they get it and got crap anyone's comin out the idea. You do take this another wrapping tat now, joy I got a new found, I was using my psychic still the volume work anymore? So I would have put a speaker: fallen, hold the speaker phone right to my ear. barely here. Even this guy's tell us works right when it working at war was slowly trying to poison itself again, please We pass on to the other side how my friends are so lonely, so I I first met. I first met you. Nineteen, ninety five, viewed it was. It was what year that I get to work the video music awards, Yemen, What a fine and you invited me letters, I rang, and I remember we were bombed, Jovius Plain Times square. We seem to think I was wearing that others will areas on radio, not only five. We remit, we were making bond jovi slab of getting back and only five still seem fun, and I am a mean
I just I don't really know much about anything at that point. So never gave an interview White Zambia, like ok, Reno, Random rock band jerk and then like when you act as if they could partners in interviews know what our planet exams reading anyway? I knew I was annoyed because I had seen singled out and I actually had thought you had done the one episode we were wearing the depot. Yes and I thought the show seemed horrible with them. as actually really nice? Secondly, I like I, can tell I thought it was funny because you hadn't you did not even slightly mass you're contempt for the show now, or than can it has now anyway, what that George, any Mccarthy or common electoral? I found it to be very funny. I did like getting Carmen the contestants. I was completely there. full of people that I love,
in college. It was just like this evening about clear this kind of threat like the greek system, fuckin organism that was belts doubt by the asshole of the greek system and an end, so they there was just one those people and I hated them all in college, and so I was just sort of the angry nerd just started. mounting under his breath into the microphone cause I haven't got people at home would hear it, but it was too out on the sets a novelty. No one could hear me saying show very clearly here that I forget. I learn that pretty fast funny, but it, but this within within, like fire, seconds of talking to you. I, like my kind of the antenna whenever, like oh shit, this guy's fucking, funny, like I smart ass? Is that hate everything? That's right, and landed on that for years we buy them. and then we did that contest in Indiana word they broadcast from some. Kids, how ya brutal and
and we just about get, I'm talking about comic books and movies and stuff, and, unlike all, we should run zombies, awesome and then, and then we became friends. We became friends. Evidence comes in here, it's really sweet. You like it thing cod castle now going as com with your friendship, where did it all go inaccurate, MTV, working the universe, Herman abandoned buildings under your master plan d phase yourself out, is almost one project at a time I'll make this business forget about me upon Cast Chris, who complete yesterday's away now my training would presumably be my fucking garage with
like an art bell, radio, just epithet that are going about aliens, but though about animals, not I've thought about our belgian fifteen years. When I have so. How does it. You guys you been in the business for a while now, because I didn't really for some reason, like eighty five yeah. So what tat like? How now now that you ve been doing this for a while. How how's everything changed? I mean what was what was was was the music is in the eighties. Fifty boycotting I got, was often they just through moneyed everything and now everything sucks and throw to me no? I mean I feel like the secret to my success is doing everything the wrong way. First, for I mean you know, I'm still the same work on Cuba
Nothing like I want out of fear of meeting you go into. Some big studio have a meeting a walking for five seconds, and if I don't like the attitude and over it like I, just can't get with the like walking around his neck was asked. Your job thing. I just I totally agree with european donor, doing it right now, you're right Chris sigh, I used all my life. I've got a really dumb idiot. You got his heavy. Maybe that's how the ban started wives, oblivious to everything in the world, and this can do your own thing and somehow, I think more now than ever that I find I keep getting offer these weird, really like mainstream sort of directing gigs, and I think what they like is that you don't give a crap that that's loses some jobs so yeah, but I guess because you they you reek of you're too much trouble. deal with in, not because your trouble like you'll shop on time, you'll nail it, but you won't be a studio puppet right, which is what they really want long terms. It is want someone like take them
brains, while they're not looking yeah, I mean they really want to direct it. They really want to control and they just want you to do jump. When I say John, I won't, I won't say names. What did you say that one studio had to ask you? If you are a lot of money on stuff too, they ask to see if they have as we have. the example I read it gives a lot of debt. I said no, I'm fine. I made a lot of money and you could tell looking at I am not going to how we want to control those guys are motivated by money. yeah cause you you need this. How much do you need, though, that you ok does a hundred hours in my hand? We are directed me to go from there too there now, but it's funny cause. I do see a lot whether you know certain studios, and everyone knows which one that is their thing is to tie up young directors who are broke for the most part, yelling. and torture them until their whirling around their lives there will in and towards them, but they have not in the islands like they have to do it because of your living in apart.
Trying to pay your rent you're at the mercy of cause using off. I just do this. It'll make this work and it doesn't have you know I used to think it was. You can get away with that little bit like if you are like a team player people respect you and be a great disguise always here on time and he's ready to work, but they just take it for granted it's more like if you're difficult and go. You know what fuck you. I don't need your and we would like we're. Gonna have this guy. We get oil really a dragon up I always I will go back and forth because I mean I tried a pretty much rather be nice a tribunal, everybody I want. I mean if you like. Work should be a fun environment like that's me too, like we get, oh and by the way, where corpses. You ain't Halloween was so much fun fun because you know you
You have seen scene the way you write it. Then you go cages fuck around and have fun and like it it's a completely. I think of everyone's having fine like it'll make them that the outcome of like the product, like that much better yeah, it's like if everyone feels comfortable enough to kind of like maybe submit an idea or like just feel comfortable just being around every one else like they will only make it seem better, yeah yeah yeah, I mean. Ultimately, it doesn't matter who gets the best joke as long as like as long as you get the best realised. The best joke is on Israel does not mean it, but it's amazing too. I mean I didn't really realise that I mean that was oars way. I looked out like webs. Get the best idea wins right now. I don't ever came for me, but I mean it's amazing actors, there were so shy to ask. Why do you mind if I change this one word right. We mean I'll think about I nothing at the, but some people get that crazy. I wanted exactly you know like this, and sometimes that doesn't work, because just that person can say that in a way that
sounds right, it's a seems where it and then we shall, owing to the scene the night. The thing I was with Malcolm Mc Gowan and in his hand he caught making eager alike, hey, are you still friends with sand and I know I haven't thought about Again, I were drinking bodies for a long time in the old days said the tear up the town, I'm somebody stories about just turning up after hours at a bar with Zagat and running into lake dab me comin in Harry being signed both were really fucked up, inheriting stand drove anyway to another after hours place and then, finally, by when our like, I don't think we can keep up with GAB Nicola now, European Stanton, that those are the old days butter and I still haven't, talked to recently in you go well, I need you know like. I need someone who would make a great couch. Guess too, you know to give Malcolm's character shit and I go.
Well, I'm hanging out with weird alley. Neglect you got a fucking, so you know like two days later he's on a plane regime in the scene, but I loved what our nerd out over Malcolm yeah. It was, and I love the fact amalgam had no idea. He was here where we say he tells us that it is this, so Malcolm but was Malcolm like to work, because I found him to be a complete delight, but I know that if he doesn't like you then he will tell you no, no, I mean now I've I before worked Malcolm. I was kind of like not sure, because you can't tell gothic equity to be really funny and follow. He could be a terror read, but he's just amazing every time. For the moment I met, we know we went out to lunch with a blast and from then on he's just like down for everything and just loves it. I mean I can't imagine him being a problem. I really can't in any one of you Zoe,
the blast noise awesome he just either. Then maybe you just you know. I know some actors, it I've worked or that first or a little weird and then they in difficult. Then they rise wait a minute. I travel in good time than they totally to shift modes. I think a lot of actors that have been around a bit different situations coming guarded. Sometimes they allow this may be another fuckin bunch, a bull shit, I'm gonna hate so Rebecca. You know those Danny trade likes to say yes, sometimes by a yeah, bring my a game of ivy again to argue the anyway. He purposely costs while, but now Malcolm was always kickass and so guess I'm sure, I'm sure you're able to melt David Caruso, but with more populist, well, Malcolm and Caruso added
but I guess you guys don't know, Rob recently done out of us. Yes, I am. I am, I didn't works and I figured listen. I think my impression was that it took more than Colonel Tall, just directing one that one episode of television and like any of the movie ever I made it was it was great opportunity, unknowns, aiming bag has no Marco Black or you might remember, market was greater weight to produce phronsie assign out. That's why he called me to just, as I am a great opportunity, but TVS just not my thing because, but it's weird, you know you movies, you build it from the ground up, it's your crew! It's your everything is your baby tvs. I came walking into these guys been doing for eight years rider and Therefore, like a change anything in the next two weeks, I wanna hear I wanna hear amalgam Crusoe story, the well came in with the attitude of fun, loving attitude that he was coming in the short
because he had heard the stories about how they might be so just stood at the scene. I don't know what he does or doesn't do on purpose, sometimes, but just one of those things where you know it's time to do David's close there on it, and it is time to Davis closer Malcolm, had already walked to the bathroom Athens like the ones I go no or like this stuff world. there was one scene where he know Horatio comes in and he supposed to scold Malcolm's character, and I just took off my size at whatever you do. Do not let this character get the upper hand on your character, no matter. How Are they trying to see so they walk in and Malcolm's playing us like a lawyer and he's supposed to be all scared and they're supposed to come in like we're at Miami PD and Malcolm's on the thing on the phone for him, pretending, like he's talking to
girlfriend. Is I can't let you? What are you where naughty little Nick is that is going on and on and on and Caruso staying away from? The stop in milk of does indeed is keeps going and go and hang up the phone. The fact is that fucking fun games, like still does it is I who kisses. Let me we're just going on and on this whole area, Russo, Mick Jagger, gives the other producers like. Oh god, no yeah because you guys are going to leave. You know that I met for everybody was stir up. There was hilarious, threw up the be heard, is a good moment to some good moments of Michael Madsen, nice and members of the cast. Would you
What do a tv show or is to deceive even if it was like York, like you said, like your crew from the ground up in, like everything I think, maybe if it was HBO or something so you got some free network tv was so uptight. We just couldn't figure out what to do. Half the time. Well, let me through these words, you rob zombies shipmates. We bring back her maids shit may yet we hear of authority. May I couldn't shipments she's two guys that shit shoot for living last coffee table and never I think it would be really awesome shove. We did like a reality dating show, but everyone in it was a supernatural creature, and so it was just like that It is just sort of its sort of a side effect of the world, but it's actually reality dating, shall not the whole thing is shot on video and it's just like you know, just werewolves dating vampires and alien.
Frankenstein monsters yeah, I think tv would be where just because doing the same characters over and over and over Ireland crazy cuz. He we did. How are we to do at the end of that? We all can fairly enough Michael Myers Lorry strode, nobody in this house want to move on, but I want to see the characters from like when devils rejects came out? I was so excited tat. Those characters were coming back and like a war, the other thing I just once I wanted the movies to keep going gonna part of illegally. We wanting but like it is I wanted them. It just continue that when I was gonna want to continue a little bit too. For some reason I was there was more funds? Will that's fund like that's a that's a super funding, british television, does it all the time or they'll, do a series and then the next version of the sea
These will be a slightly different, John Raw now or will focus on another aspect of a smaller thing from the first series, and I feel that we don't do that enough in America, but it's too cool idea, and I think we have the patience for it now than people are like. I like this thing don't Jane. I want to refer in our two hundred episodes of just this episode. I want Taylor funny yeah. I know it's a different. It's different bag man Now I always feel like I'm pretty busy. You are ten times busier than I am how the fuck do you mean you're goin, on tour and a couple days actually applied. Be unto her by the time this goes up to your going into her eyes. Looking
your counter any website you're going to her for straight months, is just four months of dates. Is that are you just used to that? Or is it does it? Does it take it all real account for four years to it? It goes by fast. I mean we used to go out and tourists and ties for two and a half years solid. We wouldn't come back for two and a half years and not just beginning, and then when they are, that's all crazy. So, let's just do a year and a half that I was very funny when, like sometimes a targeted, not you, but some committees. I coop did a week in my God, I'm home, really, actually I've been gateway to chuckles for the weekend. I think I did me retraining, Hiram, Jackass, F, F, retraining calls once and I think I left late. I think I left a crazy message on your phone at one point because I was, I had been performing all weekend I think if we get out we just like fills just like a week. A week's worth fighting.
is how to get into the groove you now. It's like it is like a circus. You just pack everything up and even like last. I was back in my case and likes and staring at my wardrobe he's like well. That's my house ass. Our months this. Let's see underwear ventriloquist dummy Elena tour for like a month straight once with a ban and its its work, as it seems so daunting at first and then you have few days and you just which is the constant motion can accuse you. Distracted from how it's gonna take. I would love to be able to go out with the two of us, but I go back and forth doing comedy data at an early death. It's gonna go. The one thing about touring that I find I mean if you're with people you like, it makes a difference. You have you have people like that's hell, but like we're on the tour bus and after downplaying we're just watch in curbing enthusiasm or something what a life is. This you know it's like his height. Everyone can be fifteen forever. We really don't have to
Accomplish much of anything, does it feel here that a kid we do that, then you know we have to hold it together for that our and a half on stage in the rest of the time we can be completely use. now as musician, whose head a bunch of its own what I would I've always wanted? It I've never asked anyone this. What what is it like when you go to a concert, and then you kind of want the ban to play like one of the songs that you love and then there, but in their their colleagues, not fuck you're, not gonna, play that song anymore. Does it mean I try to equated with jokes but I guess I'm a hawk as I would feel like I'll just do whatever you know. I got up I'll, say the old stuff. Well I I mean, I've always been a big absorbing interests me, I'm just doing a quick, Sonata regretted it hello now, Robert I'm doing imprisons podcast in this conversations. Part of it was crazy. I'm Sudan presided from shipmates reply.
sergeant who out with available shamans, I'm guessing. She doesn't check your text as much as I do. Actually, if you listen to the hallowed Malcolm a gal likes to call out- and if you listen to the Halloween commentary track, he calls me actually, while doing it talking on the phone about how's that work anyway. Would you ask me We were just talking about like like playing saintly playing the songs, and by that I mean that I have always been a believer in that a lot of people get really pretensions about this stuff, but I dont think like if someone comes they paid their money? They only pay their money for one reason and your job is to entertain them at. That means playing a song for three four, but a three thousand time some songs. I think I've play that may time these and you don't go. I'm not upon staged for my own personal gratification year entered their entertain people but I'm kind of like. I still think that his show business. I think a lot of people think that as our own,
Personal Bullshit right fit, but I don't think that way and I have just had a long conversation else. Cooper were gone towards he's very much like that to yeah he's like into thy. They show business and I was that we were sort of like kindred spirits in that way in because he can't really grew up at that. That great time here, where he was like friends with grouchy marks and may well, was very much in show business at the think? That's what you do he's great Irene, Bobby, oh and Molly would mean we are. After all, we did Alice actuated. That's often he Why worked at a golf course when I was in college and he's cute golfer, and he came to that golf course, and the only way that you knew what else could break as his hair was like back and a typewriter, a hat, and he look. He was dressed like a golfer, but his golf bag had his name drift in fake blood on the delicate professors. If you see pictures of him from the seventies playing golf and he's out there, like the hairs down he's in cut off shorts, like that's a runaway t, shirt holding a beer looking totally like owls Cooper bodies would like
that recycling on the golf course everyone had cut up short in the seventies. I think that was the only shorts they made in the seventies, but you do, but you took me to see you show at the wheel announced the Gibson. Amphitheatre bodies are universally theatre before end It was phenomena like his. He still super energetic on stay. I was greatly Emily takes its here is in every good tour. It's gonna be awesome, but a majority to yet just the two of us. We both to a full set full set up, but it can't goes back, but I'm just a finnish answer. Questionnaire you just gotta. Do I mean that's? Why you're there you not, there do not play the songs. People want to hear that the total rip off, and even if you have new songs, you might be kind of fun to play. You gotta go ok, we'll play like
there are more people to death bathroom break, exactly Barillon, shorter, now, you'll live shows pretty intricate. I mean there's like there's a lot of shit going on like on the screen and unlike the characters like you know, like these massive robot characters. Last time I saw you- and I mean I was afraid people can be bored, so I avoid that you gotta, keep it like him, I'm gonna get everything starts to foot. The bill is beyond the board. They board quick. Do you ever look at that? there is another very robot during steer resort of feel like factors. The yoke is obviously I mean even just doing stand up on this issue in a MIKE. Shit goes wrong, but when you have a ban and characters and video and pyrotechnics and in a leg, you disorder
That I do not use did like get really upset if something went wrong because they entered the world nine or care at all, because the thing I realized that nobody notices ride like like the guitar would go off for like four songs and you ve got my god. It's the worship over the need S summit in what about when the guitar enough for signs at every single person has really did not even on us while the ship I was naked dancing and since there is no sanctuary there was a giant robot behind you want to know. If you saw that I should start during a robot handsomely decided me one doing jokes agree. There was a pretty amazing. There is every s. Guy camera were being used before me that he was called captured by robots, and he was so ago the guitar that had always pre all the rest of the music was honour. I come from sequencer, but he had to robots undecided. What chains
throughout the thing in between you saw, he like argue with the robots like like poor from either side and force them to play music for everybody was captured by robots. I think it was one of the guys from that ban. Skanky pickle, like he quit, take a big only just did captured by robots. Just like you to look at out like, I think he did it to her with a manner ass. Your man la genius Gallagher that countries like me, but I'm so I had to ask for the name of the ban- was mostly with a man with a goes Catherine robots, slippery sales. Never heard of this, let me say things are astounding. Threeg, so what I mean I, what is it you think that drives you too because you're you're scheduled pretty much seems to be. You know record. An album writing will be directed movie, go onto or make another album do another movie like hackberry much. What is it that you you know like why, as I often wonder, why do I
plan my life so that I have zero free time? What do you think that is my theory? Is that when you do what you love for a living, what do you do in your free time? Not do all the things you do you know I mean I can't not. I mean I can imagine that because one in that it actually writing music or music or touring. Are writing a movie or filming the movies? I'd go insane. So let us just start other projects like Avenue comic project, that's coming next month, and that was because I had five minutes. Ok, let's start losing my mind, Sars, like out quick, start a project I just can't be. I can't bear the idea of not having a reason to get out of bed to work and I always thought that it seemed as if help this theory hold some water, but that the people that worked until they died, like George Burns, Bob hope
live forever, because you can tell Jesus I'm late. I got to dig a ninety nine years old, but I got to be at the sands, but I see when people retire and they go from sixty to eighty. In a month Johnny arson? Don't you know how to z S? We really have no reasonable. You kind of no reason live a mean I live for. What I do. That's all I really want to do. I have to force myself to do like take time off now, cause that's what we moved out of delay, but even then it's like I look like a month off. I can watch like eighty movies and reach out my battery unite that time, the second more influences and just
and things and you dont. Have there isn't really I mean from what I notice about you. There isn't really anyone who works really directly under you. Pretty much. Do everything yourself yeah I got. I may I mean starting off. You have no money of nothing's arising from Iraq than you do everything yourself. You make the fly as you plaster on the wall. You run from the cops when they try to bus genius. Stick with that attitude and then, when we signed a definite that our great was signed, a gift records is going to be a whole team of people. Doing everything for us- and I quickly realise Miller- is nobody's gonna. Do anything I mean because you are,
in these offices, in your grand like this office, could give to fox if I become a rock star right and give a shit who I am or if I do anything and that's when I was a man, if you make it happen, you better do yourself, and now I just figured out a way to do anything myself, I'm having a small Corbett, people that three or four people that between Austria for people. We can pretty much accomplish everything, but I was funny exploits think, like you have like this office of people in space. We me like this. Do myself, but it's better that way, and you always and- and I feel like like movies were kind of always. The thing seems like movies are always a thing that you wanted to do. That music was just sort of. Was that aside thing or work? As you are you You literally have every horror movie ever made in your house and allay in a giant closet of yeah he's. It was always- Breathing I mean I was. I iconic tried to keep that its. I think. Sometimes you can really benefit from being completely naive as to how the world works, because
someone explains you the reality of what you want to do you forget it? I can be an astronaut. I know that's it. You're not thing wrongs that that the jerk yeah I build everything but the dean of yeah me I've were I can I had that little can modality. One has little kid. I you know you have those books when you're lucky you pusher. First great pictures is: what do you want to be when you grow up and fill it out? I want to make movies. Do music may comics in have monsters rulings of sand? I like crazy ideas and stuck to it really like. Why can I do everything can be? Why were you can't do this? Because of your wine fuckin gives a shit. I can do anything. I want a new. We would school for graphic designer YE. I went to Parson school desire for a year and a half and
The day the teachers, the teachers brought him their work was a day I disowned valley. Oh my god. I saw this guy's. I get genius he's telling me in my work as this that the UN thing- oh my god, I'm not gonna, be here and they brings in his work, and I, like you, it can't fucking bullshit, you like hot glued, a fuckin fuzzy pieces to appease the car. Ah, my hair nice. It was a joke. It was a real I opened in those two, what a scam it was, but it was worth it because the only people learn from there are some other kids there. They were so phenomenally. Talented de Gaulle shit disguised canoe, eighteen, Annie's, brilliant, so that's really was once, but I gotta have a school and do you feel like it's better to invoke? Is when you're still starting in the eighties? It's not like. I have
this home, recording equipment that don't ask any money, like you really kind of have to get studio time, and you have to you know, like its expenses more expensive, to start start doing that stuff, and I often wonder if it's you mean like making movies was impossible, like made some like in the eighties when I was in high school, but it's like just get the Cameroon, the film and develop. It was like we're going at this money that could cost up to forty dollars so that was- and I ran same with, recording and everything else. I mean early days wide zombie. We would do all kinds of fishing stuff like some ably. This ban left their gear. Backstage Have the keys of the horrible stop I gotta, within our users, have paler you're out their failed ban remains. Lamp were missing from a club in nineteen. Eighty four youngster,
the band white Zombie stole my fuckin gear. Absorb I'll. Tell you! What are you gonna do? I was so broken my voice. I guess I would treat their lounges. If was a supermarket joe, the knapsack music, and then I would take over cities like guns, roses stuff just go directly to airlines which has gone, but that's how I lived up selling the catalogue of the given clear that whistling guy comes around a closet money. I own eyes were recorded votes beach, like they're, just be guys like bans that just broke bands like, though just come to bring their cities like this, that I call the promoter they were just like load up and ass. We would sometimes not have to buy new stock because, like we knew they were going to go
men and just like backlog, Oliver Verona roars Markham. I gather that J haven't when I worked. Kara can allay the interns. Would take the disgrace of the of the promotional see me. I did at the culture incision go to college place to hang out the contrary station in Hawaii. I started out as one guy, then he may be the coastline. Sometimes you just want to show up, so I had my own realisation without having to go to school and but like I'm like they would get rid of a bunch of their again. Our cities are just nab, him, take put about a cassette tape and then some sick thing is. I still do That does not have any children like we're like hey, there's, like ten boxes, are one sheets for Halloween to whatever my car will sign and sell em onto our something once it
well. You need your horse if nobody at least but it he's a MAC. If you will come here, shows, are getting something coolly. I mean I see some writing on adoption. I see like a pile of money sitting, Brennan Small excels tons of stuff like yours, you get some like promotional thanks for mental laccoliths, oh yeah, he now just like, is like constantly on Ebay, just like selling stuff. That is I like it running Jackson, this whatever worth it. I should start selling the Chris Hardwicke hosting MIKE the microphone my picture on it be just like recycling. You know I don't hold them. I condemn letting everyone's never had any money earned paranoid about it. Again? Oh I'm asking me yeah, I'm I'm I looked. I mean they say that about Leno, like he's, the inner ear rings, gotta hundreds of millions of them. there's, but he still, he still. I can't swim tonight shall money. May I remind you of a gradual march is another guy. There was. There was always paranoia because you asked a bunch of money in the stock market law without who have no money left after rejecting our problem right. What are we gonna marshmallows later,
Now we can always talk about the marks. Brothers words. Are you making a few things, because you may damn elsewhere, bestow which was Superfund to MIKE, and I did the light from an idea: music hard and end up to turn it on Do you ever do you think you'll ever make like a live action comedy or do something I would like to? I actually might my soda at a three stage play on those superbeasto and I thought like make a comic book turn into a animated movie and turn the animated movie into a live action movie, and that's why I try to cast everyone who kind of looked like the part they were playing thinking. What, if you made this live action movie the same, Did the voices of Tom Papa? I must assume that everyone else guy the same, get him away from the marriage. Ref, please let us it will be I have filthy wrestler, go out a porno to accept that
great. I love you but is he is he's? Larry's is murder of stolen it is a start. Has it ever really been on, though, have been alone has element? Has it though unit has, though hasn't it meant? you put it that an expansion of the unrelenting has anything ever really What are you? What do you say to somebody? Ask me the other day I got what I do if I want to start hosting stuff, and I might I don't know maker hosting maker
you can put on the internet now. Why don't you just know? Yet I can't go back to what you say like what I think. So I wonder if you know what I think it is a little bitten like what'll I no binding, but I feel like when it was harder to do stuff that immediately separated some people who are never gonna. Do it. Rain yulka was already so hard to get to point a that had got rid of half now. Anyone can start shooting their little web videos in a kind of like floods it with people of this. Some talent lost out their roblee, but you know it. It just doesn't thin the herd quite as much as you do, because it used to really quickly like hey we're gonna get in the van and drive to Minneapolis. I quit I'm gonna keep my job at seven. Eleven I quit like is any. Little hardship would make people quit now it's a little easier, but I don't know that all that stuff helps us and when any one as well, as for they have the same conversational Wayne yesterday about the something like I want to do, effects for movies, and I am almost felt that
As soon as someone asks you for advice, they're not going to do it right, the people who are going to do it already doing it right. I never ask anybody with EU partner, I mean just do it right. Those people somehow instinctively know what do they know they. Don't hang me there's down because they will tell you about their non existent without try stuff, they just try stuff and we people do it I say you had a good idea with her. I think I think starting stand up is probably the easiest thing of all, because all you have to do is just start doing it. Easy was frightening It is frightening, but I mean just as for just in terms of like logistically it's it's dial up, but you don't have to assemble a crew. You don't have to shoot anything edit anything you just you just start going up. I found it harder to start standard than it was for me to ever. Like started ban grown up. I learn a badge seconds like this fund Like hang out your friends, we have something to show for it. Like Stanhope was such a like. It's a lonely, solitary thing
It's like I'm just gonna go! This open might get this coffee shop. I myself on pico and it has largely employment on the dreamer, Figo exact here s. The thing doesn't know the weirdest part about gone from, like just grown up play music. Do you like do instead of words it's like? If you fuck up, you can go! Oh no, like it. I used buyers, But let me up on this get back. The lowly yeah seem really hard it is. It is also an rewarding to like you you have to, and I am sure this is true for you too, with anything you really have to be in love with the process, because that's the like the goal,
and isn't really gonna would always be the thing that's reward, and sometimes there is no equality, and you know you just have to do. This is why I was looked at it. I think everyone who does it did you do it because you have to do and if you can't do it, you would rather be dead. Rare, like if someone says to me: oh, what have you couldn't do musical I'd rather be dead, yet I do it because that's what I want to do. I did not because it like that. That's the only thing that fuels the reason why you feel like you're alive and I felt like I was a little kid like these- are the things I was so obsessed with it. If I couldn't have these things, I didn't care about anything else. Simmer like a like. There was a thing in school once was like. Would life be like worth like? I would like would like be as exciting if it weren't for music- and I remember I was like when the only cause of pulling no, because I went what do you mean, as I imagine like star wars starting and then ran when it's a star wars like is not just the let go blank, and instead of like that,
build up, you know gas or the music companies like it makes things that much better like like any kind of art. Entertainment will always make things worth living yeah I mean, I think, I'll, affordable Sri. This probably some people think this answer, but I think that the only thing that makes life worth living is art in people that have that always seem excited to be alive and the people who don't they get that kind of like there was seemed disappointed in life. In a new car, really didn't do it and then kids relating cut it and have accurate governance like this? Just because the art can create something the potential of something grey, than yourself that you always this driving for that you'll. Never achieve now need the psycho perfection that you want. The you'll never achieve. Are you have you do? Have you sort of made peace with that or do you feel
do you still emotionally reward yourself along the way? It's really hard, because when you constantly critical of what you do of of your own work and your constantly critical of this didn't go right. How can this be better? I mean like: do you ever kind of like life here? Yes, in the sense that- and I think that you use use you suffer from this badly- I noticed that you will never finish it, because you think you can make it better doesn't happen. I'm not always vote member, we're giant making comedy workers. I Chris, I just saw you be fucking hilarious yeah. Ok record it. Yet this yet will that with those when the alone, but he's only old drinking days, rob offer to produce to stand up for me lakes, seven years ago and as I go ok, but it's not ready yet and then and in all the Miller, the opportunity just passed because its relationship with it was warm brothers records of theirs. There was some about us, given I think it was given. And so, and so it just I was so worried about it being perfect that I just never. I never finished it and I mean a fortune
hey, I've changed a lot since the anytime. I was the same way like you'd be, and I think what made an it change very was, if you do something long enough say even make music for ten years and everything that use fucking hated that you did ten years ago. Listen for a long time ago, back listening, I actually kind of cool. I don't know I was beat myself up over it so hard, and it's like that with the movies. In anything, it's like you just in the new government. Sometimes you can't realise what it is and what you hate about. It is exactly what someone else likes about it because of such an intangible quality that you'll know. The reason I liked it satellite shit. It has so different, yeah yeah I was trying to mix it into came out terrible. I'm glad you know it, you see,
doesn't answer comes out low, FI and that's what people like to get in then you make it out perfectly like national again and also what I've realises it's better to. You know it's better to make stuff, and then I mean, obviously, if you should wanted to be issued, wanted to be good. You should work issuer continent, but but not getting to that sort of that sort of perfection fantasy cause you make stuff and then, if it's not perfect, when you learn from it and then the next thing you make is you know I'm sure, your beer learning curve between movies well yeah, an amazing. We totally and even if you ve felt you get a perfect and I figured I guess, quit yeah it's perfect and I think they are saying to us at you. You have to decide like war who you're making it for two different people like you, can secretly see what you ve done. A go, see other flaws in I'm gonna fix annex I, but keep it self, basically, because someone else and I was nose out with every rectify. This is the best thing we ve ever written ever got some kind of sucks.
Then it's just something I think is total crap like that created on, I should ever a bed in a minute and then you go there's. No. It doesn't matter because the day of numbers and active on this same same thing with jokes. Whenever I write a joke that, I think is: oh, my god this is gonna, be a slaughterhouse. It dies and instead, like this sort of thrown out their stuff, is what people hook onto an eye, and I guess I agree. Maybe it comes from a different place in my brain stuff that I like might be too inside my own head for other Pierre and or maybe it's just not the time for that joke to hidden scene. I don't know what you see is. I think there is a real danger and over thinking- and I know a lot of people robber used to do that, but I ve gotten overwhelming they over think it to the pilot. They don't do it cause. I talk themselves out of it. What have everything I've thought about it to decide not to? Do you still get up in the morning and you cuz, you know for a while you at least me right in the movie. I don't know if you're doing this when you're not working a movie you, but you would get up. You know you wake up at like five or six. If you start writing yeah. I still do that because I figured that,
once I, if I get up supercilium right, I can always like solve all the problems in the night before I don't make sense, because you brain just as does seem fresh, I guess you're afresh. Could you slept, but then, if, as the phone starts ringing, the dogs barking and you have breakfast and you get done aliens are few me- emails like Africa to my brains like screwed now so really is just a little bit of just working a little bit at a time without necessarily, I always think of everything is like baby steps does sometimes how'd. You get asked us well. If you get up every morning, euro, two pages in two months, you're scripts done yet and if you just keep doing it's weird, but you think, but by a lot of people, I know that have that from it they think about the halving the script Donegal, all that'll, making I'd. Do it you just gotta. Do it
tomorrow, the we two pages, four pages, ten pages. Twenty, then that's his face reality because I'm times, if I do look at the list of things that have to competition at any, given time words I can get a Finnish described at its desire to emerge for a target of song represents a brand hurts. Looking, the list, but then I realized while then I'll do on the same day, right now, you're authoritarian he's got sometimes on the movies that you get overwhelmed with your well we'll issued in one day at a time when a worry about this scene. That's not what I'm gonna get you for three weeks. I worry about it on the morning. What else we're down crucial? That's right, David Alan. Getting things done was a complex seen. He says he had a great things down into bite, says chunks yeah through. So that's my time and hey what I was talking about those We comecon scares you. You were too COMECON when you were a little kid area. Therefore, what were they In early seventy over the counter wide proton programme,
basically, whether first I've winter owing to start a convention in Philadelphia? Nineteen every six lies, so that was like seventy six. Like our failure. Seventy six, like that's the place where they want to go. It was the bicentennial Comp NY ass. I have the programme bookings all bicentennial doubt and I still remember litigation biotic, nerds yeah it in that was like the boom of STAR Trek, the second wave member when the meagre actually figured tempers around seventy six when it kind of hit huge indication and I remember it was I was so thrilled with George to when he had long hair, big. Brains ah yet likely still like that. It's ok, I'm sorry! I'm sorry Majesty
You're right, you're, right and about sums gracefully Whitney. Unlike Harlan S, Janis ran her rosy three crazy and then so what what? What without cause now there's I mean, but actually found all the pictures. I took up my little camera awesome and ass. I call my god he's room where I left. You know, George, this with a huge white male model, doing magic tricks. You dress up this way, The gate was doing magic tricks on some other guy Gazeta magician. I get hold of West Africa, like acid rock bands and like space outfits playing that it knows adieu Those are lebanese, and I just have this thing you mean obviously its load. The compounds are totally different. Now, like every major studio is their promoting every major, then there was almost nothing to buy. Nobody is promoting. Anything was just like hey. This is my fancy. Just people, Nerd surrender connect yeah. It was us
I love the idea that that was at the point, the sun so bad that pathetic this. But you know like you're in school. You can't relate to anything and then you go this place where everyone's fuckin weirdo gives a shit yeah now and there is no internet and the only way that you can connect with people is to go out of. You know to drive an hour to fill to Philadelphia. That's gonna fell by like the punk saying when I first started going to puncture, or just like, I didn't know, with anyone in school and like I randomly go a show at a cafeteria like on a Friday night as high school in the next town and like it was just like holy shit. All I know that ban on that sure, like Moses, it's like going to a place where you Oleson find this Godaddy. It's a good feeling, I don't have kids will find that anymore. With the internet. I do think that I'll have my internet. They find it on the internet. Why don't? I just take it for granted? what of it? Might that that's the one thing or the internet, that's really bad! Is there You know like when I moved to New York. That was that feel I got a New York like, oh my god, everyone's a freak anymore.
We here are the more they like you, the, as opposed to like people making fun of stuff about you and you can figure. I wait. There's too DR some ideas, so I don't understand you. Sorry, I have a giant ad hoc. Everyone does exist. It could be laid down so sooner yeah. Like a soup can ok, it looks like to supervise Lando iced tea can happen, but now I think that that forced you to get out and go find those people and move away from your shit. Small town in something and I think, a lot of ways. I know a lot of he. The internet, it makes them feel so long as it so easy to connect to those people, but you don't make a reality. Yes, you can. I would have liked feel safe from the comfort of your bedroom and I think it is eventually Polje deeper into a hole
not everybody is something everyone, but I'm saying like it was. I was shy and withdrawn and would have been happy to do that, but you don't want to sit around here. So fucking asshole doesn't ever talk to anyone. I can force myself to get a life. Some of the internet, which do not have to get a life where I have this theory that those those bigeye little bald aliens that you are with the people always see are actually future humans, that's how we evolve giant eyes from staring at screens and the big heads were isolated and don't happen. I would answer he pale and thin whether woe is now that there is so that, like that's away like their time, travel back. That's a theory, I'm gone with works for me, that's the carelessly Ariosto bring in and around you re looking at him on some time. I gotta go daddy, but they got abducted.
abducted got about. Did that and that their nothing else, but well. What would you workin on next after they have to the forum on the tour de right when you're onto indicators onto a knife right, because I have two because everyone expects me to come off toward the script, which I would do what do you do when you feel overwhelmed some days? I just feel like that. You don't get through this. They usually do this. I guess it ever meant a guy for that, I usually do you do need to take those moments, though you like you, do need to take. I dunno like just a moment just go far. Ok, let's go I mean. Can you really don't have that, like specially, if you're in the middle directing a movie, sometimes you do feel overwhelmed, because I think that what happens to you not sleeping is working on eighteen hour days and us and sometimes you have to go and trembling. And he had sat at daybreak affect everyone. I had found a p that one
Jim action on the ground background. People tat was really good. It's a joke that would only work for us realize got into the background extra panda, jokes and worse than that, internet radio audio well. This has been awesome. I thank you for was at a quick Yeah that was a good hour who or what working out. What we're gonna do. That's what I am well, I'm one might. What am I doing? Basically, traffic at the next movie is no mere that's part of I'm doing here and elsewhere. For example days I wanna go lockdown like ok, because several projects and I dont know which one is gonna, go next time when you're. Ok, this is next, so I come after I hears the script done boom. Don't production on that probably early, two thousand Levin Hokosa touring will probably go chilled November. Yet because is more to come, then went words without ask: what's Samir favorite hormones in the past couple years that have come up
I tend to avoid going to horror movies for the most part they liked Rosamond. Can I burnt out on you, I wouldn't think of Samara, means jive into Hell or to see how the devil? I see that dragged mentality, get like you, like God. Oh my god. I want something. I don't get it I thought let the right one man was really cool. Oh my outlining the woozy s. Swedish swedish temper they already remade it did. I think he's come. Let me in the teeth title giving the house Stern Chris Tucker as a vampire but the right mother fucker. Words that are covered up. Let me do the things that are coming Mama, I'm curious, because, obviously, in other such do and then more and more rapid up unless you go with it, such a drive now for people to just be famous like that's what kids in schools or to say they want to be famous yeah, and you know-
anything that you would say to people like once used once you We have achieved a certain level of fame and it might not be exactly what you think it's gonna be like what I don't know what I mean. I never did anything as I wanted to be famous right, uniting any, but on think you did anyone, you did it because you love comedy of movies and music and go out and make some money in some gives a shit who I am that's bonus to, but I mean that's gonna, make it you a commentary. What the bug I'd aliens- that's gonna, get new creature, people that it is famous for being famous yeah, you're famous, because you have too many kids right camera. see what Europe June twenty year. What's your next project for kids, yeah, that's good! I wouldn't call a pregnancy, a project in development and, secondly, to underscore the gift of life from all those people? Gonna have less already riches who the hell ones that kind of fame with no money yeah. That's like any scene. I Joey, but a few go right in the subway.
and I want to be like a boy real himself go away. He always let him have it really famous for anything. His whole life was letting go. The identifies I'm doing this author, who is that I do custody eventually out of on tv yeah something they have? I don't. I still don't know that Justin Bieber, Bieber Bieber Berber kid the hour of the night I'm not sure I think, he's a the case. The gay verizon babble. Well, good luck on the two and hopefully a catch up a view of the summer at some point you don't even live and allay anymore. I come out to the lake and rock out on that. Yeah, tell me how to jet skis. Do really awesome basically grab this.
Why is it in hold in we're? Gonna live by water that shoots out of a bad, although I did take JANET out for a fast right, o my grandmother, catapulted or off the back, and she was laughing because I think that he knows what he's doing. Yes, What are you doing? Dig it below seventy miles an hour on the turn. Let me turn that I want to make a u shape and Willa will collect. The lower part of your land will reiterate. This was no boating accident perfect would, in my view, they gave us the beaches. Thank Robin. now, leaving noticed dot com.
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