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Ron Perlman returns to the Nerdist podcast! He and Chris talk about nicknames, the movie he worked on with Brando and knowing people who are close to death. Ron then tells the story of being roasted by Don Rickles, why he speaks up for things he think is important and the new season of his Crackle series StartUp! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Alarm. Chili Gonzalez sent me an email. He says I've launched a nonprofit, all expenses paid musical workshop called the gun Servitore. I will bring six musicians eighteen or older to Paris next April and spend a week with them, not just pianist or classically trained, by the way, and he really just wants to spread the joy Ann, the We call it the emotional science of music. It sounds amazing. There is. There is an announcement video which you can absolutely check out. If you just search for the
guns, Vittori G, O N, Z, e r v, a t o r Y on Youtube, and it's just it's on chiles, it's on Chileans. Ours is you to page so there you go go! Do that the musical in France I mean come on. Why would you not want to do that? Why would you not want to do that? This episode is RON Perlman returning for a third time, because I adore him is putting the new season of start up. It's a series called start up crackle all the episodes are on crackle com. Perlman is a phenomenal guest and not just a phenomenal guess, but just to do you want to fucking hang out with, and I'm so fortunate that I get to hang out with him. But RON came to my house turns out. We don't live that far from each other. So well now we're going to get to hang out. Before you ask anything. No, I did not ask about Hellboy. So please Spare me the Coupal even ask about Hellboy so many times. People can I believe I don't ask for stuff but believe it
it's the reality. It just didn't seem. Listen. Millions of people have talked about it. They've bug him about it. He doesn't have anything to say about it. If you look at his most recent AMA, he just and he didn't really have anything to say about it and didn't want to talk about it. So you know that's why I didn't do it, but that being said, we had an amazing conversation about. Other things. Have some great Marlon Brando stories and he's just he's just a guy. You want to spend a lot of time with I'm going to stock you round Roman we're going to be friends. Goddamnit! I'm gonna come to your house and borrow sugar, and even they don't need sugar is going to keep our own sugar and then I'm coming for a little sugar. If you know what I mean, so this episode RON Perlman also brought to you by champs dot com. Yes, the post office is a sucky experience as consumer, because it's just there's long lines and a lot of people not even really know how the mail works anymore, right, 'cause, I still used to that elect.
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oh man, I don't know, I mean it's, not the 80s, I'm sorry! No, I'm telling you it's not it's not, What was 80s RON Perlman doing them dishes dishes, but didn't they don't tell a person nothing. Besides, being there what is 80s, run, chrome and doing 80s was beating the beast big yeah, but besides, what what did you say you didn't? I did yeah but I met where I heard it. You did hear it yeah. I heard if you were on the show called beauty and the beast remember earns you remember it vaguely what it was so like which one was a do you? You were all boy, that's a great question. I could have been either then again the point of view. Then the Hamilton is back in the term, Linda Handelsbanken, Terminator how how freaking I say, fucking. Yes, how far how freaking cool is like that you back battle is she is she is such a dear. Dear dear dear Human, that's awesome.
I'm so happy for her. It's going to be great transformation between Terminator one in Terminator two was spectacular. It was man, it was and then would have but anyways so what is the 80s studio? Fifty four know that, 70s see I get it get it sunset Strip was 80s which which which was the Joe Jordan measure years, those today is Monday and we thought they'd. Never ok did. I did I hurt your ears there. Ok, The door will little engineer here. Are you are you? It are. You as adorable as they say now you the engineer right. She's the engineer the producer and the yeah does everything she does the catering she does decay. She does that she does. She does some light therapy, she'll Social, listen all your problems, she's good sounding board. You know if you're going to be,
the all the things that he just described you as on a podcast. You better do a little therapy. I feel like Katie, boy baby so interesting to find out like do you have to go to a therapist and go, and then I had to listen to these fucking assholes know. How do you purge? That's fantastic, that's fantastic! That's part of what he has to do is listen to the stuff that you could go to therapy over They have a lot of comfort animals. It's so good to see you man to see you too. I know I know what have you been up to this crackle series and randomly seeing you at premieres. Oh god, I don't know tickets to pick a topic, what is your favorite Sunday? What's your puts rod promens perfect Sunday. What do you do when
get up. In the morning uhm I like to go to the gym on Sunday, nice 'cause. It's only. Which is in there on Sunday I love watching people drop weights on themselves and spill sports drinks on their on their perfectly ironed running running pants. Do people that's what I mean. That's the only get that on a Sunday in the gym, uh the gym, yeah, I'm not done talking! I'm sorry! I apologize yes, yes, my question! Now! That's just that's just how it's done. Oh yeah, I actually got out hours before the gym, 'cause, I'm suddenly. I can't sleep anymore. I wake up like five hundred and thirty six o'clock and I tweet for an hour two gap very healthy watch. Some news get
get more ammo for tweeting get angry angry angry. When I get my blood pressure up to about one hundred and ninety over one hundred and seven, I go to the gym, that's in work it out, and I tried to see if I can bust a vein in my forehead and then it was known as an aneurysm. I think that's what they call that yeah. I think that's what they called it and then, after that, we're going to have some stuff for your boyfriend. When I get finished with it, he's really going to have any or fall tonight for Anthony's capital flows move, tonio it on it, you're calling Tony. You only call me Hey Tony to try to go home tonight, go ahead Tony to see what he does and then give me a call. I'm just curious, I'm just curious to see if he accepts it or if he's like do you think you would really you were seeing someone else like you just called me the wrong name, thirteen he like had a month for and he's like yeah I try to.
Like it, what about Ronnies anyone call you Ronnie Irani, do a runny. What's up running, I went through a very long period where I used to bristle. When I heard people call me Ronnie yeah, because it it was like what was it was it with you? I talked about my my my life in psychotherapy. I don't probably but maybe not are you seeing other podcasts in no, I mean I never heard of MARC Mero, my well, if you're talking about it's like if there be might have been met with Prime Mark Merritt. No, I think about my book, but anyway,. Ronnie was the name of my shadow. Ok, has anybody ever talk to you about the shadow? No I've called young, No, we call Young invented the shadow, alright. Well, let's, let's,
so the shadow is is you know, is that helpless, ugly, completely To be shunned at all costs, little private secret place in you, okay, that you that you you that makes you have the worst office team, okay and alarm in the psychotherapy of call young has given to me by Phil Stutz. Is it the main centerpiece of this therapy is to identify the shadow and and then become its parent and take care of it in their shirt and and and tell it that it has absolutely nothing to worry about it cuz you will protect
love it unquestionably forever. Ok, and in so doing you get making beautiful this very thing that you couldn't. So my shadow was wrong. All those years when I, when I When is shadow was like you know, not just a radio show yeah, but you know a state of being. It was, please call me right now when people call me Ronnie and I'm sixty seven years old and I've just been through so much therapy an it's so much peace with my shadow. I love people who call me Ronnie 'cause. They like they. Really it's like a real endearment. You know it's like a ron. Is the call, guy, yeah and know, and Ronnie is like squeezing me so so cute,
he used to be this ugly little shadow when he blasted, when do a beautiful Ronnies man in the shadows anymore, that's nice! So is that so the goal is to grow the shadow up and nurture it and make it. Are you supposed to supposed to merge the shadow with yourself or do you keep it separate as well? It is yourself it is, but it's What is the part of yourself that you found that you didn't want to associate yourself with okay and by identifying it and becoming it's it's benefactor, best friend, parent and guardian, you, have arm made peace with it in a in a way that was as very, very proactive and that causes it to no longer have this hold on you, where you've you've actually turns it into something loved in beautiful. That sounds interesting. 'cause everything that's loved is beautiful. Like the minute you
Miss something is loved, love, The sudden they're, not as quite as defensive and self protective briefing yeah, absolutely because it strengthens comforts and and then you don't feel alone, maybe that's what it is. Maybe it's the maybe it's feeling alone and when something's left it's not alone, but but I guess you have to love yourself and that's a very hard thing to do. Well, yeah, that's the that's the Oracle! That's, Self right, but it should be Slash, love myself, which is that which you know, unfortunately, can take you to figure out the data and, if either of them or both of them are equally daunting, so you That's not what I'm here to talk about yeah. Let's talk about showbiz, a little shadows full every little shadows when I talk about showbiz, what do you wanna talk about showing those Mets? I mean
but better baseball. That is baseball. On that conversation, let you lead man? This is your. This is your world man, I'm just so happy to be wallowing in it. As I always am. Our conversations have been one of the highlights of my. Easily little talent exists exist. I'm so happy to hear that, and whenever I hear like hey RON, so I'm like? Oh my god, it's great people, always love you're, one of the guess where I will hear from months as people as the there's kind of trickle in and listen at their convenience. Oh, my God run Chrome. Fucking great on the podcast. They just you just have a thing. You have a nice thing. Well, I didn't know what a podcast was till I met you, that's right. I was like
I remember. I remember I came in a suit and tie I've used those the cameras to my first one. What is this? Podcasting I've been to look nice for that comb, my hair, you know now you're in a row, but I eating suit. I I I I trimmed my my notes here. It was rock and roll them and he has a question about nose hairs because they do get worse. Oh my god, so I'm I sneezed yeah, I whipped my entire family horrible things after having treatment room. That's that's what happens when you get old? What happens you get older their nose hairs, but you know 'cause, I'm sure it's nice to hear that you're aware of it because I'm sure Are you going out for whoever hookers? Don't don't you know people, but it's sometimes just swallowing, but can you not with your exit, your hair or the nose hair, and it feels like people just not give a fuck or do they not that's what it is. That's what it is because by the time you get your hair and nose hairs.
Shooting yourself. So the last thing you were worried about is a little hair on your ears. It's a good day. If you only have that, that's right and not sure, that's right, ok, yeah, you're cleaning it out of your pants and you don't have to worry about harvesting your ear hair. But do you find that Are you happier now in your sixties than you were when you were younger? I'm I'm I'm happier what I'm you're. Looking at a guy who can't be happier, I mean I guess I could be a little, but I I I'm so happy it's insane how happier person
really um my knees hurt so bad that it's a kind of a mixed happiness. Of course. Of course, you know I'm so sore all the time, but very much at peace, very, very, very very. Whenever we never spent a podcast post book the book I wrote: no, no, I don't think so. We should maybe for the tenth anniversary of the book. We should set that up we're going to do that for the tenth anniversary of what was what was the release date. Two thousand and thirteen or something seven years ago were coming out in three years, will do that was about three years ago. We have seven years with seven years to go. God only knows so, right after it will become of us think of the nose hair doesn't if there's even still going to be a fucking planet in seven years. You know that would be nice yeah, We have had conversations with your own kids.
College may not matter, maybe don't you know, there's going to be some beautiful oceanfront property in Utah that was Lex Luther's whole plan and Superman. He bought all the Nevada, CO sleep, all of them out of the land in Nevada and he was going to sink California into the water. In the news going on on the beach front, property does Dc Comic as men. They were prescient. They figured it out early on them in a she whirls yeah. Yes, I just watched time time again the other night. I love that movie. Do you remember it Malcolm No, they. What I do remember there is- and I I also remember, having a conversation recently with somebody about the subject of island of Doctor Moreau came out. I was in a version of that yeah and by the time I in my version of it, which is almost exactly a hundred years to the day when he published the story which, which you know.
On a fantasy level, dealt with the notion of vivisection and gene splicing, so that you could create a new breed of human there's a combination of human and animal yep. By the time we did our version of it, which is the third or fourth movie version of it, but the first time it was ever actually a reality right where there was cloning and gene splicing. This was the Brando version right yeah. This was she lack of a better title. This is the version where he was like. I want I wanted, and just to give you a little coming attraction, yep teaser, of what our book conversation will be like yeah. I worked with Brando on that movie a total of five days and I turned it into two chapters in the book. I stretched that mother figure out
you would think. I spent twenty five years with the fucking guide me and Marlon. That should, I should have called it. Five days does feel like it could have felt like twenty five years, though well you'll see. If you read the book, you'll see just just just a little bit of a how about just a little taste, so people go. I gotta go read that I gotta go read those two chapters now in that book who the stories are long and they Along which is why it wasn't hard to turn it into two chapters, because everything in those two chapters is absolutely word for word how it happened, but um just a little tidbit yeah. I play this character, called the the law and whenever one of our experiments steps out of line, we have to have a trial in this area of the law. Does these incantations as written by Hg Wells. Reading the rules of what these
this new community of slash animal humans, not walk on all fours, that is the law not to slurp but sip. That is the law and it just this long incantation and I'm station next to Doctor Moreau who's in this case, judge, jury and executioner for any of these experiments that dangerously steps at a line because they have out of power right. I decided to this area of the law blind and I went to the direct. I got permission to play. Blind and I went to the makeup guys Stan Winston's, guys, cuz. The make up on this movie was like the thing right right right and I said I like to play: I'm blind: you have these lenses that can make me look like milky and I'll pay and they said well, we have lenses, but they will unfortunately make you blind
completely opaque and that's the only one we have. That really looks like the real deal. I said cool and that was the biggest acting mistake. I've ever made in my life because once you put them in, you had no idea whether you were in Poughkeepsie or or- or you know, Siena ITALY of Course- and now you've committed to that. You've committed to that and you and and then I found out that I get nauseous every time I put them in and take them out. I decided just keep them and once they were, I put kept the mental to lunch every day and I find a rock to sit on on on my spot, which is on this rostrum Listen to the doctor Moreau who sitting in a throne, conducting this trial, and so when Marlon Brando kept getting called back to the set he
to walk around me 'cause. This rostron was very small and he was four hundred and seventy five, oh my gosh, and he just I would hear him. Mumble should like Jesus. Christ is fucking fat, mother excuse me, I'm trying I mean he would he would like have to move around Maine and because I just couldn't do anything but sit there, and for five days this went down right and so on the fifth day we will finally winding down. We were finally getting ready to shoot the last couple of shots of this sequence. Um they called, who said, I'm sitting on my little rock completely blind and he grabs me Highland lead by both shoulders and I go. I turn around
and I hear him say what the fuck is in your eyes, what the and he says, wait. A second are you? Are you playing him blah, and- and I hope you fucking kidding me right- you've been standing a foot and a half away from me for five days. Even walking around me for five fucking days you been Pist off that I can't see you to help you get around me for not you're, just figuring out the plane there of the law. Blind like justice is blind. I go yeah, he goes. We got going to start shooting the scene again. If I knew that I would play a completely different. So that's just a little too did you shoot the scene again now? I see it was supposed
take a day and a half to shoot it we're. On our fifth day I mean the studio was already pulling their hair out, because you know everything was just complete. Clusters look, but also I mean how do you have the presence of mind 'cause? I feel like most people if Brandon was like You do it so sorry, how do you How do you have the did, the gut to say to him yeah have you been doing the last five days like how do you? How do you stand up to Brandon adored him so much I mean I, I just fucking he was the only reason I was on the movie, and you know you know at that point I wasn't looking to put on make up anymore and but you know to be to be in the presence of my god. I mean he. He was if you're serious actor you know, Brando is is like Zeus right, and to be in the vicinity where you can watch his process, trying to find out find out yet here
They sell right out of about one. You know I never realized that was that was that was like a really stupid, but I was still both to be in his presence and and and watch or experience, the guy who created Stanley, Kowalski, the guy creative, Terry, Terry Malloy, the guy who created Vito Corleone, who are you, know those high water marks. There will never be ever be equal to or touched on any level internal. If you ask any actor the people don't know how he did did those characters. He went deeper without ever um violating what the writer had and in
on its most primal level, so he was. He was really a god and you know he could do no wrong. He fucked with me you'll see this. If you read the book initially, he fucked with me 'cause he flux with people a lot. He liked to fuqing test out his firemint, and he did that by testing the people who are around them to see what they were going to do, whether he depend on them or not, or whether they were just going to be sickle, Fantic, Marlon right, you know and he tested main Ann for a couple of days. I was like heartbroken with the test that he pulled on me and then I just said: fuck you man, I'm here to do a job to and from that point on it got good. That's incredible yeah. I mean I guess. If you are someone I mean every. I think everyone really does need some kind of boundaries. I think people go crazy when they have zero boundaries. I think that's. When people really go crazy, like you need and if he has zero boundaries,
then it's probably impossible for him to know how to how to live or relate to or work or anything while he was brilliant. He, with two says a moan. You know that this there was a side of him that he wanted to purge to the world where he thank you. Where am I? What am I supposed to be doing? I didn't really read the script, tell Maine. What's in it you know, and then there was the actual side of him that read the script. Twenty five fucking times in the right, exactly where he was and what he wanted to do: An when your Marlon, Brando or Marilyn Monroe, or a couple of other people that exist on Bob Dylan, there's not very many. You can name.
To the world, or so on human, because they're a such an incredibly vaulted mission, you tend to create games for yourself to figure out whom whoo whoo, whoo whoo whoo around me. Can I trust yeah who's, just sucking my dick. You know who's just like bull make you know well and who is like truly like would have my back. If we, if, if incoming started, you know happening right, and that was my perception of why he was so good at that this gamesmanship um. I say that because I was obsessed with figuring it out. I was obsessed with figuring out like what what the fuck is your process dude. Why can you can you do things that nobody else can do
Why are you Bob Dylan? Why you Marilyn Monroe? Why do you have that gear that nobody else will ever have? Did you figure it out? No, but I approximated enough for me to say: okay, I had the brand experience in that and that's you know, that's I'm I'm not Renta to sell copies of my book, Amazon, the px? No there's! No! Px90 just go just in itself, just go just go to Amazon, look up easy street the hard way or not. I don't give a fuckery RON, Perlman I got RON Proman book. I don't want to you know I can't afford to be in a different tax bracket as it is. Please don't buy the book pirated. If you can, it keeps me in a lower tax, went through the book called steal this book. If you can Jerry Rubin Right was it
one of the yuppies. Can you look? It up steal this book? If you can yeah, I think it was just called steal this book, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. There will be little buddies that will best pals, that's been tested at Abbey Hoffman, Jerry, Rubin yeah. They started that was in the organization. I should know this. So this was my period yeah. You clearly didn't steal that book. Hello now in with my peers. My exclamation point, hey, I know yeah, it is, and now it's a big question mark I've. I've gone through every form of I'm sure your colon. When it comes to this thing, let's not now it's more of a semi colon. You don't want. I don't want to if the colon of a man, my age, you think the nose hairs are taboo. The nose hairs get longer the colon get shorter. That's out, as you know there yeah. I wonder if part of what happened I mean I, you know, I know, there's a hole in a documentary about the making of that movie. But I wonder if that, if we're here,
what you said if he was testing boundaries and people were just going hey, let's let him change the story in the script and everything because they were too afraid to say. I don't know he never said a scripted were never which which, which you know, became problematic for those of us who were trying to like to take to, of course, you know the our job is to match what we didn't take one, and he just says whatever comes to us, then you have no idea like whether it is you're playing too 'cause he's just well. I did that already, let's see what else I can try, but I think do you think, there's a short trip between like brilliant and someone being an asshole like brilliant and, like I said there were three times in his career where he nailed it yeah every other time, with this guy fucking around and those three times streetcar on the waterfront and godfather part one and I'm pretty sure in those three instances
he said every word that was scripted and he immersed himself in those roles and he did not fuck around will try to improve them And all the other ones he had not that kind of respect for what this is. My theory, I could be wrong, but you know on three occasions he went so deep. It was like you know, watching a Mickey mantle home run. You know right like holyshit, that's less! That's the stuff of right, there's stuff of John Henry Kind of ship. Did you do the same thing on apocalypse now? Was he just making shit up? Was that your phone? I don't know, I know, mines off. That's yours. I up. I come to your podcast time. I didn't wear shirt and tie. I knew better. You look nice though, but I forgot to take my phone off. You still look. Nice got nice button down shirt on well, I did some
you did you did on today, yeah yeah. I have this new show yes for crackle for crackle I'll, do anything no seriously. This is a pretty proud of this thing start, had one season without me, yeah, which was so phenomenal and such a strong ensemble that I even doubted why they thought they needed to augment it in any way shape but you know the role that they offered me was quite layered, quite something I had never done before, which is kind of like my obsession. These days is to just keep expanding. You know like keep checking off not bucket list, but you know this is a role I never did before. This is psychology. I've never kind of
delved into before and that's where all the fun is- and it's just great writing phenomenal ensemble Adam Bro, Maria Marrero Eddie, Kiseki and Martin Freeman. And this Thursday night season two drops I mean- and I'm in I'm in that moment that mother Fucker, but I'm such a huge Martin Freeman fan to think I so good he's so good he's he's he's in a class by himself MOD Freeman. And when you watch this whole body of work and then you season, one of startup. You don't realize he could do. He could be as dark as he is and he is so dark in startup She is so compelling you use like the matter
Who else is on the screen? There's some great people on the screen with them. You just can't take your eyes off this guy. Had you worked with him before never worked with him before I met him before, and we don't work with each other and season two verses, one separate storylines, but hopefully so you still had technically have not worked with him know, I'm still a bridesmaid. Never never replied, but a person can develop bug again with them. What does that say about me? oh, I went down a rabbit, hole, the other, the Youtube rabbit Hole and I was watching Don Rickles roast Jerry Lewis in It's really easy to go. Get onto the I want to. I want to see him rose Carson. Now. I want to see you just you just one Rickles thing yeah and three days,
so there like slipping meals under the door to you know like you're. Still watching I mean it's the kind of killing where he's killing so hard that people are like slamming their hands on that day. Yes, you know what he's and he's literally can say. I mean seems like the only guy that could actually insult Frank, Sinatra and and Frank seem to think it was amazing. Well, you know the story right what which one the slashes the Don Rickles? No, I guess not so Rickles Is- is at the sands hotel guess in the fifties or sixties. This is Fred I'm seeing this girl tonight, I'm having dinner with her an I'm on like third base. I really I'm really trying to close the deal your plan tonight. Can you stop by the restaurant around eight hundred and forty five right just stop.
Are the table if she sees that. I know you boom, I'm in Jesus you're done whatever sure enough quarter to nine Sinatra. Weather table should say Don, how are you Rickles looks up and says Frank, I'm eating. Buck ingenious, I don't think I don't think he ever wrote anything down. I think that he was one of those as little lived right on the seat of his pants, I think that pretty much it took to the stage she probably had some stuff that was planned out, but I think that pretty much almost everything he said and did was was on the cuff. And he would never. Unfortunately, he wouldn't he never wanted to do any sort of podcast to talk about any of this stuff, because I guess he just thought. I don't know you. Do comedy don't talk about it. However. I met him at a party and it was. It was a quick Ferguson's House and Craig introduced me to
So Chris is a comic and he was sitting in a chair and he was will come down so, like I literally just knelt down, and he talked comedy and I just felt like saying you're doing it now, let's just record this and it was, it was so insightful. He was so so sweet and warm and lovely how? before he was he had passed was this was in two thousand and ten. I think so. If you years. Yes, a few years before he passed it because I started to get to know him. Maybe around two thousand and ten, maybe a little earlier, and I kept seeing him in public although
to the very end, and you could see the decline yeah. What I find with those guys is that they they don't want to talk about a lot of things until they know that they're going home and then that you can't stop them from talking about it. I found this to be true of a lot of people who, but within six months of of their you know, right passing on would become you know, just you couldn't shut them down and you couldn't stop him from talking about their lives and and watching them cry and like you, it's almost like they had to get it out before they did the cool thing about that is that that's that their their bodies seem to know yeah that that's so weird me out, because I'm not I'm not to religious anyway and I don't believe in any kind of weird
I don't believe in anything like that, but but, like six months before my dad had a heart attack and died, he started like getting all these pieces of it. Life in order I mean it just maybe it was a coincidence, but when you sort of but when I look at the timeline of everything in the last like handful of months of his life, it's eerie like all the things that he kind of went around in his life and wrapped up and then buy it. He was seventy two perfectly by error, but as far as he was concerned, healthy, like didn't, you know, went to the doctor- has gall bladder out, but that was it, but it But it almost makes me think, like, oh my god, does your body know it's coming. You know like before your brain any concept and, what's going to happen, yeah.
No I mean I don't know if it's fair- to tell the story, but Charles Durning, the great actor yeah, was a heavily decorated veteran landed on Omaha Beach watched dozens of his guys go down saved dozens of his guys brought them to safety, got you know, Shrap yes live through, it got out, turned into an actor and I got to know I know I know I'm over the course of years and when You brought up his military service, he would change the subject. He would just start telling jokes 'cause. He was like you would love him. He just like you know every joke ever told and was happy to just sit there for three hours and just swap show yeah and about three four months before he went away I was on a movie with them Ann
I would sit down in the chair while they were waiting or we waiting for them to light a shot, and he would just start talking about how he hasn't gotten through a night of sleep since one thousand nine hundred and forty four without waking up- and littering and crying and his wife's arms and she having a rocking back and the price that he paid, but he kept it all in. He wanted, wouldn't one and suddenly, when he knew he was going home, he couldn't get it out fast enough, so wow and sure enough, and he would sit there. This was a brave do. This was a real fuckin' og. He would sit there and shutter and crime and, like all the guilt of like watching his friends, and then whatever he had to do to just get get on with
life and live a life and have a and and and and have great humor and positivity. He went and did it I mean this is what Brokaw was talking about by the greatest generation. You know those guys as world war, two guys you never. If there was PTSD, I guess there was, but the. There's something about their makeup where they were able to just get on with it get on with stuff. I'm sure that there were a lot of people, I'm sure I'm over generalizing buttom It was, it was insane, I mean I felt so honored to be able to to. See this person who I already loved, who was desperate to sort of get his house in or Emotionally did he know he was dying or was it was a presence and that's what I'm saying yeah, I think you your dad did too must. They must have there's a there's, a there's, a some.
That's going on that they're not letting on, but they know they gay. Close to going home and and they start doing things that you know that are uncharacteristic with the rest of their lives. Yeah yeah, I mean I mean a hundred. I mean a hundred percent that it seems like that, and but maybe it's maybe it's that last. You know your bottom. You know it hey. I need to be heard and I need my story out in the world before I go because it just needs to it. You know and then that need to spray Your you know, like your emotional dna, I guess I don't think it was that with Charlie. I think it was just on burdening what he was, what he could go, what he was. What he was you know holding in, and you know the out of
the price of him holding it, and nobody knows about it, except his wife. On those you know night after night, at her having to like rocking back to sleep, yeah um, I just think he needed to unburden himself. I just think he needed to get right. You know get right with it all and there's a spirituality that that that It leads me to believe personally that there's more to heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophy's younger ratio. I hope that's the case. Really want. That would be great great well, if I get there I'll I'll, send you I'll, send you I think you'll outlive everybody. If it's within machine I think you'll outlive everybody would be like one hundred and fifty year old, run, run, chrome and look, look round died, go look. I got a tweet from. I got a dm from it's. Just a picture knows there's just you, then like Rapunzel style, just as one of just under four world.
All around just wrapped up what was Don last few years Rickles yet uhm. Well, he was beautiful Whenever I would see him he would just like you know, I would get ten minutes unsolicited. You know it's like he would roast Maine it was beautiful. The roasted by Don Rickles I got over. You know what out of me in the couple of the friends I was within him. You know it's not done in the friar's club or you know, on Dean Martin's. You know right in the light of day, but I got roasted by Rickles Math, that's pretty huge and I I mean first time I ever engaged with them in a restaurant here in El Ai walked over to his table. It was my 60th birthday, Ann
I was out with a few of the guys and stuff and we so Rickles. It was like one thousand one hundred o'clock, everybody in the restaurant and got home except his table and ours and we pay our check and, as I'm walking and I said to my God, I said I can, if I can say hello, Rickles right, it's my birthday, I mean I get to do whatever I want right. So I walk halfway across the floor and as I get halfway across, I said. Excuse me, Mr Rickles, may I approach and between. There and me getting to the table he fucking roasted. He went through like years of my career. He knew you completely and he we ended up by saying this is a man who will do anything for money because he lives. All these really late projects, but he knew about and I turned him As I said, I can die satisfied I've been I've been roasted by the best in the business on your 60th birthday, and then I kept running into him
restaurants. Like that remember we were in a different restaurant. It was like Father's day and my family was taken me out an at the next table. There was like twenty five seats. They like put a bunch of tables to go huge party and as I I took a glance over and I see all the way in the corner. Among these thirty five Jews, you know is Rickles an. I go: hey, hey Don Happy Father's day. Yes, hey hi, he said I said your families. Now they can that make call the police nobody. The tail was left. Nobody at that table got it except me, and my family it's so interesting to me that were like Rickles and Joan Rivers like to people who had very caustic senses of humor or two of the love
sweetest human beings what you find out about comics and comics of the most sensitive. You know who, like feel things deeper than everybody else, of course, and that's world humor comes from, and yet that's where the gallows humor comes from great comics man of other most feeling full sensitive people who ever lived and doing funny was their defense mechanism. Yeah was to their survival tactic. I think yeah I mean it's. You know it's funny. Now only can you see if you see a young person here, an older person? Joking go ha. You can't say that that's offensive like up you have been, you have been kicked around enough, just waits either. You think you'll diving is funny and like twenty years yeah, if that's where your is that, where your sense of humor comes from yeah yeah yeah that that's
very, very highly chronicle than the book too. Then we may as well just segue right into the book with the tax bracket. Let me let me say a couple of book now you should shut up about it, yeah, it's very much, so you know not to deliberate but yeah. How often, how much do you work versus? I mean work nonstop all year. Do you like work a little bit and then like take take time off, I'm working a lot now and I'm enjoying the shit out of myself, because I'm working on I'm only doing things. I love and there are so many things that are coming out made that are really interesting and really good. You know I started my own film studio, so we've produced seven movies in the last three years, cheese an and basically it was always a fantasy of mine to be the shotcaller to be the guy who picked what we're going to spend money on making yeah and I made a few mistakes early going, because I wanted to just join the club sure but
I'm only green lighting stuff? That I think is just fucking mind ending the interesting and original and in great, and sometimes I'm in some of that stuff. Sometimes it is producing it, but I'm having a ball. I do like, after a bit heavy duty gig a couple week breather because you just got to recharge the battery and clean. Pallet and stuff and- and I'm I finally learned after all these years- how to do nothing and be happy. How do you do that? What is it what's the secret? I think it's basically just you know you you you, you grow older man. I don't think, there's a big! secret through it. You just grow older and you just start liking your own company more and you just don't need the animated in order to be happy. Oh yeah, I think that's it it's not! It's not the desperate need for attention or the desperate need for constant stimulation or distraction 'cause. You know when you're working, your it's, the ultimate
You don't have to worry about any of the realities of your life right. You know like, like your accountant, is your children. Are, you know you're just in some like? Never never land. You know right. Take about you know, and it's like out of the of the boy who never had to grow up. So working, especially in our business, is, is a state of grace slick. You know, and it's like a a deferment from from right, which is why we love to work so much. What do you? What are some of the things you're producing right now that you're sort of prison, so I just produced to back. Feedback movies in New York. One is called through dust: ok with Matthew, Broderick and Geiser Orig, the actor who was in son of Saul huh, and then I produced a movie called Asher, which I store in directed by
Okay in Jones and that it had found good Johnson, Richard Dreyfuss, Jacqueline Bessette, Peter Fashion Valley on my my brain is is is fried right now, but there's just nothing but great actors in as Richard Dreyfuss seems like the greatest guy, he's, really really really very, very down to earth warm loving human who you can't love the business anymore than he does and who, so you know if I ask him a question about hey on the set of close encounters. It was at one he will regale you and for me, who's like a film freak being a gal by that guy, whose argue Rubin been in some of the you know, coolest movies of all time. I'm Heaven, and we got to be. You know I hadn't met him before
we've been in the same room before on a couple of occasions, but here we were working head to head for a few days, and I actually His friend I mean he's just he's so warm and generous and and huh Gobal. That's nice! That's nice to hear 'cause. I think it no hearing that someone whose work you respect ends up happy or is person or isn't jaded by the whole thing. It's kind of a nice road map, so you can go yeah, it's possible to not you don't have to turn into bigger pile of ashes. Yeah know he's he's, he's aging, quite gracefully, and he seems to have a a great deal of is what the Vive still in correct yeah, which is nice. My ex girlfriend from ten years ago went to see a screening of tootsie at the Cinerama dome and it was for this part of this film Festival and Dustin. Hoffman was there and he spoke after the movie, and she said it was
the greatest 'cause he was so he wasn't. Dismissive of it at all, like he just loved it and embraced it and had great stories, and that makes you mad or not makes me happy to think that. Ok, this wasn't just that. Sometimes people go it's just a job. Yeah? That's it yeah, it's just a job right. Most people have full of shift. I'm telling you man, It's only you know. They'll say it, but don't believe am ok because if they really do mean that they got no fucking right being in this business right, yeah fuck you! This is a fucking prick did. You ever are standing. I said this in many times I'll say it again. I probably even said it
on the Nerdist, but we are standing on the shoulders of geniuses. Anybody who's in this business right now, yeah, and if you don't get that, if you don't get how you know rarified the areas that your breathing is a working entertainer in the film business fuck you yeah, fuckyou. That needs to be your twitter, but that's the bio, oh! No. I treated that as seventeen times already today alone. I'm a very angry guy. You know that it doesn't smile. About I mean I got a lot of reasons to be angry. Is there I mean it You know we've covered some of them. We've covered just a few of them, but there's still so much more though my God Especial seven part podcast unending Amanda, it's in for a night, do you recommend getting
it's good to have social media for you, or do you feel, like No, I'm spending a lot of energy and some that maybe isn't, because you know you get upset and you go okay. What was going to go to eat this out because I'm pissed off about something? Is that healthy? Or do you think that that's not healthy? I'm trying to make my peace with that right now. You know I know I'm I I do it to the to the degree that can easily be considered a healthy, even by my sure the fact of the matter is, though, like, if you told me ten years ago, Twitter are you kidding me yeah and now I'm like a fucking twitter king, I mean I'm just like I can. Stop myself, you know number one. I'm obsessed with the
in which I live, and twitter is the fastest communicator of what exactly is going down the minute somebody dies like. What can you print style, the minute it happened right. He he went like this. Moon tried on beats what it treated yeah, all right, p, prince right our so it's good for that, but also We are really in a in a in a right now, there are, I feel like lost our way in so many in so many ways, and I feel like we've gotten so far away from our better angels and I'm not saying this blank, because I think that this tremendous amount of good in the world, but the tail is wagging. The dog right now is fucking, corrupt and stand fucked up and in an instant had a stench to it. That is outrageous, and it is that is Co. Opting
our better angels and that is becoming normalized and desensitizing and all those things, and I feel as though as a father of two who basically has had a great life, and I don't need to worry about me anymore. What I do need to worry about is is is the is the world that I'm passing on to my kids and hopefully their kids? If there is a world for their kids that I have to participate, and I have to be vocal and I have to make sure I orders orders. I could for the things that I think are important. I did, and I and and and I say that I'm apologetically and it took me awhile to get there because you take so much in common. You know you're an actor stand your lane, who gives a just tell jokes right Cox sucker? This is affecting people who would not normally wouldn't be speaking up.
And it's affecting the quality of our very existence, is a threat to know the fundamental tenets of democracy. It's a threat, so our first amendment is a threat to any semblance of decency. It's it's uh, terrific and I, I know I would never be able to live with myself unless I felt like I was doing every single thing I could to stand for, but what I think is important and that's actually and that's helped you a lot. No, that's! That's the takeaway when you ask me like about my overall, I am a social media. Has helped you a lot with that as well, I'm using it twenty years ago I mean I mean I'm using it very, very proactively, as as as as a way for me to articulate
self number, one like what what I truly believe in and then if I feel strongly about it, I share it with the world. When people say fuck, you you're an actor shut up, you dumb cock suck or whatever do you engage with them or you just go. You know you kind of just kind of spiritual ego won't follow me if you don't like it. Well, the three hundred people say it to Maine. Page with maybe one or two, and then I left it for you. Let them fight it out. You know Tab a into slot Bi just like IKEA, just go back to the original, the original five instructions right right right right, which is go fuck yourself, you just you just put fuqing reality show clown into the highest office in the land and you're telling me I don't have a right who combs his hair the way he does telling me. I don't have a right to fucking, have an opinion right. Are you kidding Maine well yeah, that's it. You know yeah, it is kind of interesting. You know people, people they want it. I don't know it's just such a strange, pier
for humanity and I just and the planet. Yeah, but I mean just for our safety, but I mean, even and even with the way that we engage with the internet in the way that we engage with one another. I worry. I worry for for humanity- sometimes 'cause it's just so it can be as much as feel like oh we're all coming together. I feel like the manner which we interact is actually incredibly isolating and I think it's very, very dangerous for people yeah, it's very it's My book, I know interesting well, is it that would Amazon be able to find that you can get it on Amazon funny. You should ask interesting, I'm just taking a guess. I was just taking a guess, a Kaganda. It isn't available on Amazon. I mean literally I think that's really got his his cabinet.
And it wasn't even prime. He was just on the regular site at the regular deliveries are not going to pay for prime come on now. Look we got Mnuchin. I mean Amazons Amazon. I wonder at some point someone's going to break company up right like it's just too it's a lot. Amazon is a lot. A lot of everything is that is it? Is it an antitrust situation, I'm in She got talking about. You know a world I mean. You know. Count me out count me out of that discussion by the way I am I've been welcoming it. I love that I can just go. Get literally anything on Amazon. Convenience is really the enemy of progress. I still like the bricks and mortar I still like going to the store to buy my groceries and and One two, that's
I did everything else on it. You could get groceries too. I know I could, but you can't squeeze the plum. No, you can't. No, that's true. You can't squeeze the plum, though, you know what happens sometimes is if we're really busy will order the stuff to get delivered and, like I bananas all the time and like eight times And the, but in a shop in there just like a solid green, I'm like a man, it's the most privileged problem, though I want to beat this banana now three days. If I just go out of the bucket, so I could pick my own banana Zachary and he did it right there in. I could do it in the store. I'm not a wait. Are you somewhat? You mean? Is it really like eating the ship there they haven't bought? Yet I was felt like that's a violation like you're, not, to do that. Are you in that supposed to do that? You need it before you buy all the time I've opened. You know charge just certain set to the person who stocking the shelves. You got.
Spoon on you yeah. Let's go spoons around four, ok, great thanks thanks pal! So then you're using a spoon that you haven't bought yet d peanut butter, you haven't bought yeah, but I'm good for it. Yeah I'll. Take those things to check out. They'll get checked out and I've been shopping in my local stores for so long that they don't worry about me. That's not really around he's going to Ronnie. Rat a neighborhood he's going to pay for it. Ronnie can open the peanut butter in the aisle. It's ok he's good for it. Not he's good for but you know not, everybody can get away with that shit. So I'm not I'm not! I don't don't don't be like me. What do people say to when they come up David soon up to you and go hey what What do they say after that? Nothing, that's it and then they just away. I have a thing: why play a game went when I, when I get out of the corner of my eye? If I, if I see somebody make me you know like, I have a little game that by the time they actually recognized me and walk up to me.
What project are they going to? How right are you most of the time? I'm usually right about ninety eight percent of this, and you know It's really easy to tell when the person is going to say police Academy seven, more of those than you can fucking. Imagine really yeah it's fascinating yeah I mean, I'm sure you still get beauty and the beast. I'm sure that much not as much anymore lot of sons of anarchy, sons of anarchy is the Hellboy Hellboy yeah. So uhm, occasionally, like you'll, see somebody who's complete, like you know,. You'll say: oh, he went to Yale it's either going to be the name of the rose or city of lost children. Oh wow, an I'm right, I'm like twenty eight percent of the time. We've done so many different kinds of things. I'm sure they form a psychological profile around the movies
that person would recognize you from like. Oh, if you like these types of movies, you this type of person yeah- and you know it's like you know it's like people, actually look exactly there's supposed to. When they've just committed the most heinous crime you get there, Chattanooga, of course, that person just walked into a church that tracks. That was like an action of waiting to happen. The you mentioned name of the rose, which I will I remember that movie from when I was in high school. I remember watching that movie and I just became miles of Christian Slater and he's fucking rad. We could do so funny and cool that was his debut man pretty much yeah. His mom was a casting director. Mom cast me in a bunch of stuff at New York long before before Christian was even born, and so she and I were kind of like tight and then it's. You know
She hears that I get on the movie and you know she said, keep your eye on my boy. Will you I didn't wanna tell her. You know it was impossible to find them 'cause. I won't say why, but but for reasons for reasons, he was very popular he's, such a nice guy. He said magic, I'm so happy that he's there he's there found this very success with the robot thing. Yeah, what you working on now me yeah, you got start up. You got this book, that's a couple years old. You must have to write a new book by the way you know who is the funniest this is, how old I am about month ago, I'm working on the, and I already know now that whenever I have a good idea, I need to write it down in two minutes. It's gone, had the idea for my next book and I was never going to write a second book unless I had,
cool idea that I had arrived. I had the idea fuck. I can't remember what it is goddamnit but when I do it's going to be in search of that next book, so what am I doing? And I don't I produced all those movies on producing more. I got more and more movies up in the pipeline, I'm doing the show for for for crackle, which I love, which we go back into production in Puerto Rico. By the way which is where we shoot in January. If they're, if they're back up on feet again? I hope and and that's it and then the rest of the time you're just living off the fat of the land, chilling enjoying happy to be running around the world power stations like this with people who have great conversations with I mean, I said I think I saw you with that premiere last year for fantastic beasts, yeah and and where to find them, and that you know
did those these types of events are very stressful to me because I still feel like. I don't belong there and it's weird and I don't still don't feel comfortable, and so, when I see someone that I like and that I know it's an, I saw you on the red car like, oh, my god, then I think there's pictures of me actually just hugging you so happy there. I bought those like a lifeline, very wonderful pictures, I really appreciate it and you you know honestly and now that you know we're kinda neighbors you, you really should just come over and hang out from time to time. It's really nice to be here with you man. You need to come back and hang out spot socially. Thank you. So much blow up your spot by talking about how amazing the house I'm sitting in this, but it is quite a bit. It's a fun. It's fun. What year, what year was this house? Twenty nine twenty Nice was a good like they were really good decade for building, especially spanish, yes
part of the in this part of the country- that's kind of spanish yeah, build a shootout at homes. Back then too, this is like solid. We found when we were just doing some restoration of the house. We found these really amazing things and, to the extent that kind of maybe- open up all the walls, but we didn't. We found like old strips of old these papers that had been there was one. Will you opened up? Were you? You found her all the Rivera he was in there holding alcohol, this Valka poems Treasury was. These are all compose bulls, but they were in your walls all time I've been trapped in here, the whole time whoever thought he would put his balls up here. Well, that's the magic of it. Isn't no one would have guessed
but here they are gonna do and then we have that's a good idea, but we found we found like cool stuff in the ceilings in the walls and- and it just makes you want to do here- I've ever opened up if you ever done renovate we're about to to renovate my house. This is a long standing dream of mine and I keep putting it off and putting up with. Finally, a is upon us nice. I don't think I want to be around user, which my walls, well, you don't you know. We lived here while it was happening, and I don't recommend that you know but uh I'll move it out, we're doing it completely from street to street. Are you gonna? Are you? Are you going to restore it too old to its original kind of state? We are going to definitely not only try to keep it in the same flavor. It is but we're going to enhance it even more and make it you know, go all the way with this cool style. It was intended to be 'cause, it's kind of full between kind of a Mediterranean yeah and a spanish yeah and Russell
huge amount of space onto it. That's cool, so did all the the stuff that I want in the house. You know the location. I love the neighborhood you I love the street and is that going to trying to find some other new place, I'm just going to. The house, all this love. It's always given me, that's cool 'cause! I really wouldn't If we see like an old spanish house and then you look inside and someone's like totally modernized, it kind of breaks my heart a little bit like no, no, don't buy a Spanish out. If you're going to do that, just go, get a modern glass cube. Exactly know I mean I just I'm just a complete esoteric for the warmth of spanish. Yes, you know the tiles of the the the the the colors that are indicative when the tension to detail all of the iron yeah, the wood work. You know that's juxtaposed in a gray Spanish, like Hacienda kind of thing, yeah, it's my favorite kind of architecture. So going to double down on all that yeah
in these old houses. You can tell so many did that all the detailing was like. Well, they had to do it by hand. There was a one of the I think we have these sliding glass doors upstairs these closet doors and sadly, one of them place during the restoration process, so we make another one and the process by which edge the glass like nobody even does it anymore and the tile that we tried to match it's very the just to make it that I'll a certain color with a certain glaze. They can't do anymore because of course, We toxic, but you know it's like the, but just the process. Is there so much artistry? You know there was so much artistry in it. It's almost just replace it all with something instead of trying to duplicate it. Well, it's almost impossible to do to get you know we did. We did. We did the best. I think we do a pretty good job, but it was it's very. It's very high. Can you just you realize what I've seen this this house is spectacular. Thank you. I appreciate that. Well, let's will rapidly
guess. I will show you around a little bit and then you go and then you gotta come back beautiful RON, Perlman just enjoy your burrito. Everyone see you in now leaving dot com, enjoy your burrito
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