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is about gas, so does buy stuff thrust This is a very special observatories, Bud there's a guy that I've wanted to be on the show forever and sketch as we were never able to make work out. And finally, we got him sat green, a fantastic dude such a great guy nice and laid back, dare I say the chill, but a good good dude and Someone who has been working for nerd right, for a long time now, perhaps you ve heard of Roma Chicken he's also an avid avid avid action figure collector and super super super smart and I just you know, he's a guy that really blaze a trail doing the kind of things that he wanted to do you know in it. In tandem with having a successful acting career. So it was a real.
To have him on end, and this was a superfine episode. So here we go the nurse by gas and up to a one with Seth Green nor entering Minister com when the UN, the bar and then also Karen, rub the gospel servant. Yet we did our show, we did our show in Atlanta and we got out of there by the time we get done was signed. Examining it was like to in the morning when I started recording by the way we do start loose, such as well just? I swear that no use where a lot the ideological, remote XO, visibly mind, that's perfect and then make
You can be on that one the usual to pull out a little bit closer, so Yes! We're in Atlanta, oh yeah, there's another! Sarah had forego, there's no judgment there's no hell I'll give you these values. These my we'll just use our normal years and I think they work, but. Nature gave us our own headphone headphones, and I like it. Got it intended us to have supersonic hearing will then he would have given us written powers like it with respect to recording is then I can hear exactly where I am in relation to the Michael, exactly Jonah Ray. We finished our Atlantic show the show that it about eleven o clock and by the time we get on with this
and everything it was about two in the morning which I dont like because it doesn't mean I can't go out afterwards, I'm so sorry, but you did go out afterwards when there hung out with in from turf war, and then you did not. A bad and you just got on your plane, the next thirty I wanted. I went back to the hotel to get my stuff Jesus Christ South has been working ridiculous hours on Nineteen things he's doing you now when it rains airports and you get you know, and the thing is: when people go, oh, my god, you're so busy. It must be awful and then you go nowhere. I mean the entertainment business. I know what it's like to not have things to do, and I much prefer this year and I've also like known people than have to break up concrete on the street as their job. So it's not that hard for me. Yes, tired they just get bigger arms will itself. It's I mean it does. It does require a lot of mental energy. That's that's the hardest thing and I've been putting forth these days. Is the men,
energy, because I've been directing our special, the the DC special at the same time that we're starting up our animation studio. The same time, to my wife and I moved into a house and our unpacking and spreading out at the same time that I'm building like a place in New York at the same time they were making that show with George Lucas at the same time that were writing our sixth notice bleeding and hasn't do invariably. Guy lie like my brain is taxed. It is like it do you get dig it those things at the end of the day, we're like ten o clock at night. You can't see straight, and it's like your brain, feels like it's in a gyroscope. There have been points where my partner Matt was busy sayings them to me. Like six o clock, and I know we still got another hour to at the shop and die. I knew little room and I just I will answer for a second. I go outside and get that stuff
look at me like that you're married and liked to be able to be like just mentally available to your partner. How, at the end of the day like after working, is like as that's another hard part, I feel really lucky in that regard. Just as my wife does the same thing and I do she, she acts and produces stuff, so it makes it easier for us to relate and also she does on care. Rostov so, if, like I'm acting in something I've had your typically, you have a debate with your your girlfriend or your wife. If you have to do, I can on camera kissing scene, but my wife does plenty on camera. Kissing stains would like hunky deeds. So don't care about that. As I see it I'll do it both because she knows the way I think about it like a thing about it, like all, go, get a free cheating,
Word right, we're just like Nazism. We're working yet emanates awkward when there's a lot of people staring around and you dislike. If you get to intuitively creeper, it can get really awkward. I had to do a lot and naked stuff on Buffy and we always have a full crew. Oh yes, of course, of course, of course, cuz you're a werewolf if we did a bunch of change backs in Griffith Park, and so I'm like a micro dance belt out in the fucking woods. Oxides eyes the day that people want to visit, I loved Buffy? So much I just saw Sarah like an hour a half hour ago, really back into the kitchen she asked about us. She did he say Chris, I'm sure she did well. You know I've been getting all getting all these emails from rights who, by the way, is still not on Twitter. I said desire, how was
we I mean like you, you cause, you came in part way through a series it was it was. I got to be in the end of the first season, like back. Nine of the first season was first came on, so the show didn't have I mean it wasn't like super popular at the time, but it had already started. Find in its voice was already like well well into what it was about. I think the show I mean for anyone who hasn't seen Buffy and I soon must be Willissimus podcast have, but it really. I mean that's a show them really started to expand the boundaries of of open mindedness like it like. You know, willows relationship. It was a lie. It was a lot of things because just how unabashed it was in its like geeky celebration and and also You know, prior to just doing that, show the only new speak. They really been available on pop culture came from
Others wasn't a lot of all the stuff they just did. That was so revolutionary. The time has just been no cash. When we adopted into pop culture all the ways that he had characters speaking you know sort of narrow. Themselves in postscript their own dialogue, like that's, that's all just Sweden, I think I think for me growing up as it is the way that I did just. We have these conversations before the budget's growing up. Nerdy kid awkward dead. It was super satisfying, and I dont know if most people even think of Buffy this way, but the fact that he basically forced a hot, popular Earl into being a nerd on the show. I like he basically forced her into the third world, which was what happened. A bumpy summers like that was so fucking said fine to me and then watching her force other characters. You know to do to do the same thing. It's the
through cultural evolution. You know the archetypes at the breakfast club don't exist in the same way, because the breakfast club was made and brought attention to those architects. So people started to expand their minds beyond that, just being categorize, so completely in Buffy did a similar thing just pushing forward the way the people thought about a person who looked or who looked a certain way are linked to certain thing near the I. I don't know how I feel about a Buffy movie. Without you, attached to it that's kind of weird yeah. I don't know how I feel about that either. I guess it couldn't be like watching the g. I Joe Movie right as you may, just not watching it has. Nothing, does really have anything to do with e g per se. The same character, names and by the way the original Buffy movies still holds up. Like the Christie swamp the fairy movies, like them parliament's fact, an amazing the vision is slightly different tore it totally.
There is more of the atom West Batman version of yes, those all rivers that he was his first movie after, like you know the blow out right there, I love him so much is great and he was phenomenon that movie yeah is Larry, green and blue and think I've ever seen, who not be awesome, he's even in Batman, return. He's as well as the penguins father. Oh yes, what part view that might have been them open before Buffy right now, yeah that was before Buffy everywhere. That was, I was only leg, seeks tee. I had to be like seventeen, we didn't you we we have this conversation off them. Cast, but a swell ignited ways can I just say this before we get to deepen, knew that I am doing the nervous podcast and again, I am sorry that you're finally other we were talking about it for a couple years. I feel like I've had to chase you guys down when I was in the last one
representatives on the the girls verses girls, panel ripe and and I caught her out on it to us, except with me, never on the package. I you know, there's the rub. As you know, it's funny is that there are some people like we had patent pattern. Oswald on, Finally, he was like. I thought you did, Let me on casualness wherefore I was like I assumed you were too busy, so I didn't want to bug you as well close friends say to when they don't invite me to let go out of parties work at last to sixty nine. Our solidarity is, I didn't even tell you that we are all going to see a girl with the dragon there is a will. There is a very delicate line with this thing, where you want to ask your for to do it or people that you know, but you don't wanna, I feel, like everyone get at, gets ass to do like pocket so, whatever now and everyone gets ass to do, he said, can you be my short film hisself? Can you directors pay? So I can do this, and so I just I I just do it I'll get to know everyone says. I'm sorry, your friends homeless, birds that is making us your
as I voted Albion well each I daresay I just don't want to be a guy that puts a burden on people that I'm friends like I do is, I think now so that it was. It was more chalked up today than anything else is I feel like we're all into the same stuff and as the new model evolves in media. I think it's important for the people that actually sincerely love types of content is stick together. And continue to make it well and you all Oh you know, especially with robot chicken have been you know, along with South Park in the Simpsons, and just always on the forefront of satirizes pop culture. Like here in our names together through, I mean like it's: it's just that idea of of taking pop culture and and sort of flipping in fucking with it and peace. Think it in a different way and live in finding comedy- and here I mean
Many similar to you, I realise there was only so much value and standing in the street and shaking your fists in defiance at all the things that you don't like about the world. Instead of actually getting in a position where you can things and have an opportunity to be influential yeah. That's what I'm trying to do is just like show people, those there's alternatives to crappy content, and I think people and I think that having people like I think it gives you ve been in the business for so long, but I think people kind of like seeing that evolution and go all this up. I thought about this one guy. He actually does all of this other stuff. I never would have. I would say I would think that there'd be that breadth of distance were one has the time to absorb you in your career. But all I've really noticed is that people have shorter and shorter memories and a shorter attention span and people who are like fifteen or sixteen right now they're, not even aware of the fact that I acted in movies like they just think that I may cartoons,
That is kind of weird. That's all that that's that's it we're testing. Two. How lie own fault I just haven't. I should have asked making movies gas alone. Obviously a cable modem is making large. They know exactly what I'm doing is every day when I, when I have a really important meeting with like ten or twelve gathered heads a department and I'm exe, in detail the difference between the nineteen eighty two snake eyes in an isolated force, nay guys, and how critical that's going to be for this as as have the laugh, they don't go, it's great just. Do it the best part about it, as they are all intently, listening and taking notes, and then we go get those toys and shoot. Should it sounded like a how? How could I complain when I play with toys all day, but you know you, and I know that you are an avid toy
Doctor- and I know you- you have an insane action. Figure collection well doubled when Miss Clare Grant needs, married and combined our toy collections. That was a sweet story that we had dinner. Like a few weeks ago that the story of when you, if you get started dating then you saw her to my collection like this is what she knew before I did. Then she held her tongue when she came to my house and saw my toys and was like really really funny? If you ever come over to my house and then the second I came over to our house, which is like two months and us hanging out. She had so much awesome stuff arranged on shelves and but they cheat Jonah. Oppose toys really well, that's very blame the balance, which is why she always by statues. Ok, whereas I spent my entire childhood learning how to symmetrically balance toys that they would. Stand up, no matter how flimsy they were. So I was like a socio economic issues like hey, would be cool, oppose repose of your toys,
It was like a nerd version of queer. I like we're, gonna go in and repose your toys. I cannot help but notice this tab. Low you have created is lacking a little sincere and although she is just a bit more OECD, does she these to be leading the junta right, I'm not just as a mechanism so about we're gonna be late for dinner. We really go given that what bang need all of you, you actually did put magnets in people's in India and in the far right you might have been with magnets. Yes, so that so that when there's an earthquake, no fall down and so that if people come over to your house and want oppose your stuff, they don't feel intimidated by. Are you ok with people Senor figurines. Unlike him over yeah, that's kind of the whole point like toys were really meant to be played with that's my that's my motto and I stopped buying stuff about ten years ago and less I was going to open his eyes. I got so crazy with the kitten stuff in boxes and none exists because he's not here
why wouldn't you know you put him in a you'll? Be protection law comment, a cabinet someone unless you ever gonna displayed or traded or sell it? It's like what are you? What are you doing you about your building that your bill? that that vault at the end of national treasure, no one ever sees for hundreds of years, but I had a lot of stuff. There was packed up in its original packaging that I never got to look at it. I thought why I'm? Why am I buying this? If I'm never going to see it, hold it or light touch it? We're gonna, get the guys from fear farm there. Like you, a lot of us still having a fatal farm, guys one sentence when they need some extra money to make something Zack one of the guys cells, one of his old gee. I chose and that's what they used to funds, makes me so happy here fatal invited those eight that Denmark Hamel episode of Amazing story Oh yes, yes, yes, this nome. Yes, this nome here's when he's a kidneys like there's treasure in your room, hold onto it. So he basically just a bit
this entire life and just he's just this travelling he's just like has this this EL shell of old toy, society is like a crazy old guy and then finally, end of his life someone's like here. There are nineteen video to read Gunnar whatever, and then he ends up becoming this I mean the lesson I took away was like avenue, like eighty by the time that paid, I can't even enjoy it, but you look at a guy like Stanley who got that Spiderman check when he was in his eighties seem to have paid off. I guess I guess it that we say that now like now. I don't want that Spiderman check now, but if your, Do you still going to appreciate the spider man check? I mean Stanley has a spring in his steps since that movie head It is an unrivalled by by his other above extended his life, just
just having their money and also how nice fur for somebody that spent so much of his life being told that what he did would never be as important or as relevant or as financially successful. As some of you, a potential applications to literally be able to from your nose at everybody who told you that and be like well, I'm quite reach the ones that are still allow. Unfortunately, all the rest of them pass away. I will dance on their great. I will buy their graves, dig them up at such a shit, solid gold into their graves on there remains and cover it back up with a less those grave robbers be tempted by the gold, our collect logo Excelsior would you would you mean himself? These amazing he's the most I love. I love the balance that he plays between. I mean it's Hague, gets how relevant he is, but he still self deprecating, and so, but it's just that way that it's the balanced back and forth and why
Why would anyone want to talk to me? All I did was change, fail. Look at Ireland's! What in Europe? Unless COMECON knows what minister is like an old sharply dressed man Like the other way, I wrote to me, like a guy, looks great the old awesome red sharply dress. Dude and, unlike a guess, causes steadily his sharp far too early coolly. This is like a cool guy, he is doesn't mister B. Would you bid? Would you Ok, as you know, you're hitting it when you are eighty or that happened. You know I remember when Kevin Spacey won an Oscar for american beauty and part of his speech was saying how every one told him his entire life as a character actor that he really wouldn't be successful until he was in his fortys and saw it just always thought of myself ass, like a standing,
Hu Jia David stood there and I'm only a lot of us do not. I mean I've always thought of myself. As more of apology Almaty, I thought I never thought of myself ass, a Tom cruise or a Brad Pitt, I'm just not that kind of actor. That's not assist. Now what I do so, I feel like. I hope that are always be able to act for the rest of my life. Regardless of what age I am, and I hope can always be- would make somewhat of a living doing that. But I'm definitely stuck in the deck in my favor by building show is that can be on television, while also that the funding about building something is that you're. You know the very. Very few actors will ever really live beyond their actual lifespans, like it's really that zero point. One percent Factors will be panda down from generation to generation and be remembered, but building a thing that building in a hopefully a thing that I'm building it sort of like it's almost like a weird chow I'll that will live beyond you and is bigger than you and that's that sort of the fun of it? The I know that
you know that I'm anywhere near like legacy, but at this point, but I I worked really hard and up- and I put my heart and everything that I do and and I hope that when people look back at the work it I've done that at least they could take Take that away. Yeah well and yourselves are still really young, so its effect is that, like you're about to check out now are you you still got plenty of you get decades, though, but I've been listened to that blueprint three and wednesdays he's talking to have in the ten number one recorded and he's right You know? I feel like I'm just slackened, I'm just not I'm just not up to speed. That's They have to listen to music. These days when I was a great record, how are these guys or twenty fuck this record the fact that there you can t wizard, so I won't get that no one could say that Jesse hasn't put in his time he's definitely been slogan in a way that yeah yeah for sure and and just the famine. He is one of those weird sort of profit
These were his like I've, never written down lyrics like what. What do you mean you ve, never written down, lyric like he does notebook stuff, but when he records it's all from memory which is bananas, have you ever seen a faint, a black that the documentary video that they do Yoni. Here's the Baden is easy, his eyes light up, but there's also that awesome moment because he's record that record with Rick Reuben. I think it's MIKE D from the beastie always comes in casino mineral buddies and just watching Rick explained my d, like you, gotta watch this guy and seeing J C c mighty. There's something amazing. America's wouldn't think all those guys are the same thing you ever watching them all meet. Each other was like really inspire s, really cool the level impacts of rap take just like the challenge of the super spurred on will go further than that was TAT night. I know
I gotTa Kevin Chinik. Who does he does mad? Now he was he wrote for us and as a bunch voices Russ, he did all the announcing for the hour CDC Special, oh really. Meanwhile, at the legion of doom, I just think of like a coped up ten. Like they call him in it has no idea what is talk about exactly or black Vulcan Mobile phones, nearby, school overalls, meanwhile, at the home of justice of doo doo, I love tat night, there's a guy. Who didn't really hit it till later in life, either to pause for a number of maritime are more like that. I was in his fifties by the time he hid, we, I guess cell and then Caddy Shack and to close for comfort, and you know that the whole thing it just goes to show you it's the wrong and the timing is always on my desk.
We said to me when I first started out and disease, like look, don't be discouraged buddy absent, didn't make it till he was fifty five on Beverly hillbillies like dad. That's like thirty five years. That's that putting both by the time. I would be successful at fifty five I'll, probably two bitter, but I think what happens is look. My career is full of holes. Full of failure halls and I think, any manner of success that I've achieve now I am so grateful, and so when people say like, why would you stated half our three hours Aparicio inside things like cause. I However, when I didn't yard and one that was not an option- and I M thankful there is that in those that too much too Argument with a lotta folks know, there's so much sure, when you are a young person to evolve in a particular direction really quickly. You know- and I remember when I was young-
My reading level was impressive because I was so young and I call you can read and you're only like five, but as soon as you get to be like twenty people like wow you're reading, and I got five- you read the same books. All of your accomplishments. Don't seem as much when you get to college. It's like you're, just gettin by YO. You motherfuckers read that path. The bunny we moved on a viable falling. But how did you feel? What do you feel like growing up in the business? Do you did you did? What did you? through kind of like a young dickhead period, or were you always pretty well adjusted how nine young dignitary for sure it was. There was a hard transition for me from doing? Radio days ter between when radio days, unlike Stephen kings it where
I had grown a little bit and didn't look the same as I did and was a little bit older in there just work the same kinds of roles available to me. I wasn't quite tall enough. It was quite cute I wasn't quite strange and offer weird enough. You don't have any new sounds like a right in this nebulous place. Another word for solid year to visible, not just through my hair out as long as I could start listening to guns and roses, and just hate and people but then I I got lucky again. You know and found like the right mix of things and I've been proud to have been pretty fortunate, a hustle man. I never did. I mean milestone, collect under me right dude you, you must be a good audition her do you do work hard on audition. I do I do, but it's never it's almost never about how hard you work. It's whether or not you are the thing know and that's the that's. The only way to live as an actor really is too kind. I recognise that
even if your great, even if you kill that you put all your time and all your thought in if you're, just not right for the part, you're not gonna, get it and that's not your fault, there are you gotta, give her the fantasy of them. Seen him go and you know what we were wrong about, what was in our heads, your it not to say that that doesn't happen. I did this shell. First even Boxcar called the birds, a paradise where it was written as like a kid. They could become a surfer. They wanted like a handsome all kid and I had heard on my shoulders and was just strange enough and then they cast Timothy Busfield was which just like edged the whole thing towards makers, Were they paused, veiled. Ireland remember that group was one reason who I know that shows a big deal. Where'd. You were an Kyler kind of Y yeah. We were, we run a law who
for six months, and I never really got off that Ireland has travelled all around the Asia Latin, like women, Allah to name the Jurassic Park Valley. Exactly him. It was of love away and then, where it, how did how did the How did Austin powers figure and over did you know my Myers Europe's relationship with you just audition foreign gotta, I'm? In addition, that was actually in San Diego do in American Buffalo the summer that they were casting that and I think the fact that I couldn't go on the regular additions. Helped me get that part because they had seen a bunch of people and didn't didn't feel like they hit it and were told that I couldn't come in cause. I was out of town due to play and then I, like squeeze, did at six o clock. One night and they just like it, but I think it was that lie
up against the wall and run it at a time? And I set about that, but I also think that, because I was doing a play and working so hard on dramatic detail that I approach that character in a way that I don't think other people did. I played it like a drama and I thought that was gonna be hilariously, funny the more dramatic and serious and wounded and bitter Scott evil. The funny here it is the doktor emails I gotta get to tat. It could take a shape and the more unlike dead series, like you have gone, my entire life- and I have raised without father like any wonder that aim with that. Does the identity of a young man? Do you even how much you ve hurt me and I just played like everything was done
pain. I can just imagine the additions for that of everyone. I can see the bad editions of playing the comedy and, like you, build its thank thank goodness for David Mammoth if he contributed as far as the only reasonable told this story before too, but I got offered Caricom's chairman of the board, and Might Myers Austin powers on the same day, and I had to wait This is, then, you got to bear in mind at the time the heritage had not made a movie. He was just this rising comic boy that critical another direction is super super popular like right to the point where the likeness to do so. It has made a care tat movie, you that point wanes world had been offer of quite a few years. It was worse than that because so american acts murderer came out and underperformed right, so people were not higher MIKE so MIKE took that deal around two like every studio in town, and nobody would make that movie and he wound of getting like a partial financed deal at noon
I think it was part of I came about work but knew I was the only coming to be assigned to it and it was a very low budget movie and it didn't perform in theatres performed on on dvd, and it turns out like fifty million in theatres, but then, I want to make so much money on the on the growing dvd market at burgeoning market, but I had both of those movies on the same day and ass Jesus. What do I do here too, and I ultimately just thought that MIKE's character was better like the character that I got up was a better character laughing that worked out pretty well so far, so good idea that one forty thousand Smith was kind o Brien with nor Mcdonald and she was promoting, has won the best things, emeralds she's, promoting the board like, like normal, has been making fun of everything all night, then she's at ease his eyes. Norma corny, with which your movie college is all it's called chairman of the board nor is it you guys think days up. Is it chairman of the board
Lord spelled be. Oh you d. His he's magical like the best actually August is these brilliant, I loved him. We can update his Essen out there. I still think dirty work is a good move. It'll underrated could move I've got a lotta relief by who started and that's all it is this. Just a bunch of parts is a collection of light randomly and saves dahlia the eyes- and I d like to have above floppy body dummies thrown from, a faggot directed their salutary norms. Dave Kirchner the nature of the transfer of dead horse. It's it's like France, packed full of people will have to
watch. That again, I have an out of action. I still have it on VHF. If you want to borrow it, I dont have a we adjust player at our camp and leave you you ve moved on. I did I moved, I thought you guys we're, never gonna break out of the age s, and I there's a lot of stuff. Does that make it over to DVD, let alone Blu Ray, there's a lot of old like eighty slasher slack stuff that will just get lost in time strew? What are you gonna do with our laser disks, What would you do with our criterion? Collection, giant late? laser. All that I mean all the dvds of Algiers put onto hard drives now my wife and I ve been steadily just burden on our dvds too. Hard drive and will probably keep discs of ones that are really nor can I get rid of all the rest ya mean I have. I have boxes of cities and storage that I have literally not opened in. I probably eight years. Is this how it happens, though? This is the consolidation of culture too, moving away from paper like every civilization has fallen before us. They always ipod that they might have had things like electricity or any kind of technology. We can.
You know examples thou over the world and archaeological recoveries, but I think it's in this in this moment where we are feeding too the digital age and sort of eradicating the notion of paper and files in keeping tangible things in a hundred years from now like they're, just be none of it well and maybe maybe, when the singularity happens, maybe it's not us getting off this planet as a species in physical form? Maybe it's literally us uploading ourselves. Some sort of a digital consciousness that we can learn more men can love, love more men and I give a shit. What is Europe Jeff Faye? He you're a fucking love lot ran views arousing Jeffrey. Have you read all job I want true, or what to perform some experiments on your job that that's pairs brethren do trend American actually have you guys ever read that the book, the short story- that that's me, The data Stephen King, even King one, is not about virtual ray
it is about a man and cover all that eats lawns. What's it all about, this is an actual book. It's in there Maybe I did agreed data that right shift its desire is that its nature What are the black when book so? Did he really isn't it? I got it right. I mean I was about. Nice was the challenge on burnt out loud recollection rise? I write cats. I yes, of course, Bachman Bugs well back and boxes those four stores of one of which is the hunger games. Ps, the running man that money man is the hundreds right, pretty much orbital railways director robot arrived at the moment. Yoga really has been a guy's gonna go see, white, better Royal I've been saying: are you gotta go see the running? teenagers, but everyone about the Schwarzenegger movie, which is really different from the book for those without them. It might be a part of a movie that was fuckin. Richard Dawson was so awesome when you have sex with Richard Dawkins fundraiser Dozen, says
He was killed like everyone else I just slipped into. I mean why it was easy to get in there. But everyone listening you this right now, as is like who They know people seen running man, even if we talk about family few people be like you mean, though, that we and the remainder who is also good, that Steve Arvid Eve Harvey now has to say about the way where I get all my five quality suits. May say this diversity leg, who told him tat. He was a dick Tracy. The fact that we are proposing is really in the swing is really it is I mean I'd I'd, say somethin about it accepted he has a suit. Like he runs, and he really does yeah yeah and he sells the hell out of them so high, Clearly there is a market he's a good business man, that's Eve Harvey. He is man he's another one of those guys that it's something I feel like. I feel like we're all, even though its different order they we're all sort of doing the same thing of finding different ways to like you know
radio and now is the family feuds and he has it like. He has a pretty stable business. That's the army, Steve Harvey is neck and neck with rising they right there, but they are right together, building the same empire just in different sections of the Sunday. They have a battle of building the different sectors of Islamic. Doesn't doesn't the secret axiom just give us all hope like we all have the kind of stand back and admire how much Ryan is accomplished. I have three like early kissed, the the Rhine model is, is the perfect confluence of a guy. I who is willing to work super hard and do whatever he has to do and strategies and then just you know like American. I,
could I happened to anybody, but the fact that had happened to him and then he fucking blew up into a bunch of this stuff is mind. Boggling outline Doug omen can be as big as rising of Asia, but Duncombe didn't than that talents show on tv thing was going anywhere and slammed argument. Dont go, my hat same approach to american idol that I would have had, which is kind of you to do. This is gonna get you wasn't? He really was not wrong as raw all Ryan Ryan. It's like Rupaul Rupaul saw that that that void in the world stepped in and said. I will be this. I will be back. I D Clark was, with declared was literally on the wane and Ryan stepped in there and is doing the declared thing I mean it was the stronger the the astrology of it is best like right, guy, right, job, right, age, right time like that, but but it's always interesting to see. You know the sort of that that the correct mindset,
and then that cause any one can get lucky. Anyone can catch a break, but it what you can do with it. If it is that it's taken advantage of the opportunities around you in- and I think is, I think, is hearts in the right place, even disagree with some of the content is put measure, but that's only but but he's he's feeding this beast Americans, their yeah, all of them All the reality shows that these producing other subsidies helps create the market. Is there in spades and he is doing something dressing now with ABC those? Are my Paley seas against our televising Paley Centre stuff off? So that's it maybe he's gonna I refer. Am I may not like needs me as a cheerleader, but he is such a hard worker and leg. I really believe his heart into my place in an end. It is it is, you know, I'm on the same page. It feels like I dont. Really. I don't watch the content, but I, but I watch this sort of I watch what's happening. I might go
that's good, that's brilliant damage, because I still you know it now. For me, one of my eighteen years in the business, and I still don't feel like I've had that show. That is put everything over top like whatever I have just been cobbled together by whatever I can build myself. It's actually always that, like that's the one thing that I have learned from do. As long as I have and really paying attention to the career paths of other people around, maybe they successful or or whether they hit stumbles along the way. It's that you never really get the touchdown dance. You never really get to like. You know, spike the ball, and but the Jason Robart speech from parenthood. I love you for now. You'll, never spike the ball. Always marathon, yes, frankness down. They even stop but that's it. I love that's what principle that movie it's full of so many
the aims and gems that are like fucking love it that affair, but now that when, in particular of it, gives you a little bit, it gives you a little bit of comfort in it. A we're a weird little bit. For it, and you know, and how many times have you sometimes you really have to stop to force yourself too look at your surroundings. You know specially you're working to thirteen fourteen hours, and I'm working thirteen fourteen our days and it so easy to get caught up in the New share of things. Worn out Campbell Arena, and then sometimes you really have to stop ago. Wait a minute, I am an amazing toys successfully, it's not so bad, and it's not just that. We call all kinds of actors, both ones that we know and ones that we don't know we just like and their interest. In the same thing that then I am that's when it comes to have fun perform their way around. You know so we get to meet people, then we ve never get to meet under other circumstances we ve created
something where everyone can play along and that that I'm really proud of and its also even this new. Generation of media is very analogous to our path its generation of work in the sense where our parents and grandparents are like works, not fun. Work, thing you do that you hate Avenue, home and eat, spend a little time with your kids and try not to take out your frustrations, then, and then our generation kind of started, to see like no work as a thing that can be found that you enjoy in you pursue things, are passion about a now. Media is catching up with that we actually have outlets to make shows and content things. We love, rather than the old model of why you have to take any job, because I'm working performer nets. I don't have a choice low in its also that there is a celebration of minutiae in a way that there wasn't before, even though guys, like Andy Warhol predicted things like reality, television set in the future, every human being will have their fifteen, ensure Ankara's how inane or or unemployed
their job or life may seem to someone else well and we're all it did its and then there is an interesting challenge, though, and because because everyone is calling quote famous because of the web every does a thing. Everyone makes a thing: it's like it's it's it's funny. Trusting challenge a game really to try to find how to bow to rise above? What, then, is the noise? There's always that moment on American Idol, where everyone realises that the cute person they ve been rooting for whose spunky and maybe not quite as strong a perfect former as the other ones, that it's the you get the emperor's no clothes moments where you're like well. If we're going to pay someone to you, no thirty, two sixty dollars to see them in concert a hundred twenty dollars to see them in concert all across the country. They better be good.
Singer right, they better put on a good show, a meaning when people go and see british fears, but in a lacklustre performance everyone's upset and disappointed? No matter how much they were. You know that the cub favorite bright among the bull pen reflected wait the going back to the no touchdown dance. I have seen just over the course of my career other people, whose careers, I thought were awesome, see them give bent out of shape. By their own competition in autumn in the movie that diet, but Jim, carry and Tom Cruise and will Psmith all want only goes to one of them and one of them. The other two are like mad about it and kicking themselves like Heaven. I earned it at this point to just do what I want and the truth is you? Don't you get your opportunities and when you and you make your own opportunities, but when you get them, you crush him and that's what that's? What keeps you cats Wikipedia Well, how do you? How do you what's what's the sort of under?
philosophy behind like how you crushed stuff like when you have that opportunity. How do you just fuckin rap yourself around it? I'm not you know, do there's no substitute for hard work like Buddy can tell you people the people they get it easy it doesn't. It doesn't always have the same staying power right. You know when I get an acting job, it's usually because I've worked really hard to get it, and then I work my ass off when I'm on it. Like I'm energetic almond shaped by no my lines look clean. I'm taking right a practice that I've thought about it. I've I've made decisions of research, data of I've gotten thereon purpose, not a man, and then I just do everything. I can that's so consistent with success in it's funny, the term you know. Sometimes when people are like
What are you? What do you do like? Even I just said: what do you do about the truth? A manner as there is no magic formula? It's just you just have to work hard working time and you can see the path in retrospect. He looked back and sail this led to this that led to this. But in those moments there's nothing. There is nothing that supersedes the strength of your work ethic and also a you know. I don't think it's necessarily. I used to say the term, and maybe this is an old model of of entertainment of like well, that one job just tips, everything after a while, you gonna, go mad, the total of all of the staff, and that's what does it rather than you know like it that the I just got to Hollywood I just gotta show and now my whole life has changed that pretty much never happens anymore. I mean it just happens in different ways like I've known plenty, a kids to forget one of those guys who the very first job you got was the seventy show. I was fashion culture to end, and you know those are both guys who have taken advantage of that
significant moment and groaned it into something more significant. Did you see his cut of the idea of what goes on one of the people they got to see it My got invited to it then I had to go out of town and I couldn't see it. It's not like it's really neat what he did and you can't say one is better or worse than he was still bound by the footage that was shot, but what he did was for for. Anyone who doesn't know tougher grace did in a mysterious secret edit of the principles of star wars. And consolidated them into one. Eighty plus minute felt so you lose a ton there's. So many things that are extracted from us that actually thought we're cool and fund a watch that that I like that was happy were in those prickles, but what he does is hyper focus on the Anna. Story the attic and rise to Vader story, and it's just streamlined. Everything that doesn't that isn't directly connected to that is is extracted from the moon is that health is anyway,
see that, although these ever gonna screw again, he said he he legally can't ever show it publicly, and I can't really claim crew from because he doesn't want to do any disservice or insult to George Lucas right. He doesn't like his took great pains to make a speech in front. That said, this was just one of a flight, a fancy for him, an experiment of editorial for him, as opposed to you know a scathing condemnation of the principles. It was more but you could cut a lot of stuff out and now the same story right well, I am only I'm only like assuming his motives. I can speak for him and you we were asked Rob doing some of them. But you ve been working with Lucas for years and was that, did you just get their attention because of the stuff that you during a robot chicken, and then they were like oh hey this guy is, I mean, that's exactly how it happened. Tracy Kenobi, oh hello,
we name, she was in a pr for lookest women. Their departments saw Our emperor phone call and reached out as invited us to come visit Currently they do that a lot of times like you're gonna, call very large Yoda wits. They go, what they hear that whenever they see whether, when artists do stop when PETE, when fans make things you know if it's a certain quality than though reveal it, and you know, George has hired artists that interpreted star wars that he really liked their bootleg interpretation hire them to do so for the company. You know the day, there's so much more. Inviting and collaborative and people assume, because there is there such a big and presented as a as shrouded in mystery in You know legally like highly litigious, which they which they are, but only in efforts to defend the copyright that they ve paid so much to establish near its that I,
gotta go Skywalker Ranch once and it was fuckin amazing I mean it was every bit is amazing, as I had hoped it would be at its less like a big nerd experience than just the most beautiful place you ve ever been to like. Don't you love that that's what he does with his money is build a picturesque ranch for people to work on yeah. It's amazing! You can't see any building which, by the way, the buildings are all these beautiful. I craftsman houses, they don't look like building they just look like homes and you can't see any structure from any their structure, no main roads like ear buried in the valley. So it's as if the rose don't exist, yeah. So it's just all this. Just all landscape he's just preserved the land he uses it for farmland ranches on it, Catalan staff. Its awesome I did, I did think of that. Maybe it would be a good place to be in Some people have yeah. I told him. I told him tat. The ship goes down like a hundred, and I want to hold up in the tunnels, because I know he's gotta, where you would you first better where you I've? Never met him, but were you
Was that one of the situations reelect because Africa I met, I mean I met him like six times before I gonna handle on how to not act like a retard. My guy, that's that's why the worst word I could have chosen, but I I honestly I just didn't yet it took me a while a couple of times to meet him before I stop saying stupid things to him just because I d, I was it's such a loss of what to say- and I forgot that there's a human being on the other side of my adoration, and that was where that was where the breakthrough happened was when I realized he and we have seen a lot more in common than I would have presumed he's a filmmaker he's a you know. History and travel enthusiasts t appreciates food in lovers, architecture and likes movies and tv, and things like that. So I tried I made a conscious effort.
I got invited by Mtv2, with with over the matter fact to walk toward around the archives on camera at the revenge of the Sith Skywalker Premiere. So I knew that I was going to be talking to him and I had to kind of change my approach, and so that's what I did. I just approached him as a preferred. I suppose, is as a fan asking about the junker that you ve been doing. I knew he'd been doing it at international junket for the movie at that point, and I had just a junkie percent We commiserated about how difficult it is not at all. What was the question with the one? and they always ask one question over and over and over again, no matter how smarter prepared all the journalist think they are, they all key and exactly the same thing. Ass do exactly the same question many he had something. I can remember what it was now, but.
And I asked him what he wanted. The interview to be and what we would talk about at home is. Can we really easy I take care of, most can be fun and don't worry about the cameras will just talk about stuff, and I talk less do about star wars than I did just about the advancement of digital technology and the difference between making the first movies in these movies and what that meant for him as a filmmaker, and was he excite? to do anything pass this now that all this is done now that his worlds obligation to create star wars is essential. We finished if he wants it to be what you really want to do in that meeting just went so well. What do you say he just that he wants to make a bunch of small experimental films that no one CS snuff films and, as I said, I want to be a part of that. Suffice now films, yet looking dissections that sort of thing you gonna think that protesters. Pretending you don't know who he is so slow,
best our war. That's what that's! What actually happened? Madsen, Russia's wife? Could she didn't recognize him really he's really unplugged from pop culture, she's she's a I was with the correct, where she's a shut in Non Oda, hermit she's a therapist, but not quite a psychiatry. She sank psychotherapists, I don't think she prescribes that's. The psychologist is more than just the counselor cat counselor, but she's she's, really successful sob and privileges doing your deserves, but she she met Georgia, backstage she's, an emotional escorted out and when he did the Paley Centre thing for young indian Mountain, I got invited to that and they got their early and were hanging on the back room with him and she was so. What do you do to your books and he was like I may I make movies. Does actually my night, oh with them We will make a series of moving pictures, amazed that, like a few master, but
when they found wells about three or four years, and you have the really really fast you that everyone has a right to a four per. Second, that's pretty is pretty created. We got to go into the M, the archives or they keep all the original everything and there like hands in the package. And- and it was I mean- I can't even This is one of those moments reeling IKEA. Has I shouldn't I can't I shouldn't be here. I can't believe I'm here is overwhelming and exciting to be close to the filmmaking magic. They created something that so significant and important, Danny and seeing the original Yoda was more impact to me than any famous person. I've ever seen. I've ever seen in Paris my entire life. I got to hold the gun that Luke Poles on job that he still from this gift card that drop them into the incorporate like. Touch, their guns mounts matter so easy.
Now you are what what are you doing with that? What's on the horizon for Moluccas, film, and you guys, I why you know I can't talk about that. We're make were making a show. Everybody knows that much is animated. Everybody knows that much and it's all Georgia's idea, everyone knows that much to do those things that organs. There goes in depth interview. Cloning is exclusive off the air for the services. Ok, ok! So if you are pathetically to do is show with George Lucas. What are their pay? Well, I would have preferred we opened our oil or gas, almost journalism, curses famous worthy nabob grounds. They never think of it when you put it that a hypothetical, no but you're working on a bunch of other as well number what you're doing the sequel to Sabre? Yes, with with Clare,
Sabre, if you haven't seen a line, is the specific, the light Sabre acts, bodies fray barrier, which is why my clear and I met she was put that whole thing together and they shouted within the first couple weeks of us like knowing Other and hang out, and then I they entered in that adam- asked our span film awards wonder presenting them one of their phantom, where they want to fan from awards best they, the audience award, also best action. There were you dating at that point. We were dating at the time, and I got to give her the award, but now there are making it both people too that would have an act that would have been so amazing rely, congratulations and use fuckin make out with her. Oh, my god, I was happening, you look you then I too, she was wearing a Griffin dirty ah you have given your tie to lead to their cuter on girls. They're I've got a raven clodagh I on the other. The blue and the blue, and pretty I you know, I always sailing a low profile. It is, I always say, like
the agreement or, but I think I probably would have been sorted into Raven claw. I can. I kind of like the Raven clause has been Raven Colombia. I don't know this is, I think, Raven Clyde, get more. I just get a nerdy or vibe from Raven claw. Then the Griffin doors there like the depression of advance. This I guess you to go to the Raven Club like celebration, the party guess you guys go into the rave later renewed Raven Rave exhibited people are just like, aiming their wives and casting ecstasy spells on their tongues. It's actually a really. I was just on my brains, networking fast enough to do they condemn as extremists. There must be that fair picture out there somewhere that must, The remainder is thoroughly thing about my time at Buffy was it was the beginning of the internet when everyone was on message boards and so message boards led to postings, but there wasn't a lotta interactivity on it and the first time I read
like eyes fan fiction. I was horrified that was my introduction. The fan fiction was I s pose this throbbing methods. Wolf, wiener. A greener waiter view that storage, That does not really gonna. Take the edge off of Wolf is looming. Throbbing wolves in Dingle dude of last week's Hadrian no Dingle, no visible. Maintaining the vampire p p, no way to get us back on track idea. So we may we made a sequel to Sabre the girls want to do a follow up to that which you direct, and I got a directive which is really funny. You know everyone, see and a couple of days, if I have my math right, we're pretty a nervous? I believe yes, yes, on the nervous channel. Thank you. Peter Youtube. Dekom sledge noticed them about, but I'm super excited
you that you guys are I mean I just I I I want to find more stuff to do with you. Yeah I mean if we might have, even though you have a hundred job. No, but that's kind of my philosophy, man and and what I like the most is just gather, not people that I feel are out to make the same kind of stuff and make an stuff together. That's really the best out of no man. I grew. I came from nothing. We were like low middle class struggle in Philly, your fulfil it and want to make us out to be like poor anything we got by my family, my family worked, but we didn't have like excesses are niceties and the fact that I get to make a living just hanging out with my friends and making stuff that makes us all laugh and smile. I think, is pretty incredible. It this is like We have generally, since I don't think, could even really I almost feel like if I were, if I'd been in a previous Jenner, born in a previous generation like if I were eighty now I'd be really fuckin bitterly, or do you mean you can do
do stuff. You lie virals for thirty five years little bit, my friends and I made stuff on our video camera and we did like real we'll editing, unlike in camera, music, sound innocent, like, but we didn't have any outlet for. We didn't have the tools available to us: can do. There's a there's, an app dad J J put out that motor car crash. That you, like your own areas, granite, noticed, ranking gray eyes. It looks amazing, so you know I can't be bitter about this stuff and I didn't have a most excited for the generations coming up behind us. I think it all push them further forward. Then we were ever able to get that's what I'm interested in seeing some of it this goes up. Sabre too, will have already prepared. So you can see it at my lungs. Were this around is like the beginning of May right right, we're gonna, put it in time for May the fourth fur four August, outward metaphorically, with amp exactly
and so that Europe can madame- and you can talk about your cartoon network thing now- read the leaves along the robot Chicken Dc Comic special, which should be coming out. This look for it. It's all the stuff tat we loved about easy comics. It's it's interplay between these comics universe and a lot of the super friends in regional do motif. This is the the episode where our common furious by having been distantly abused over all the time that he served the justice league. He decides to join the lead you to do better, and then show dog is something as your partner Micro, Winslow, Michael Wrestler, who actually knew from Jack's Pacific. Enough and before that in early May, playmates toy Hush Africa, friends from the toys is we need editors, migrants are thrown about gas he's been in the whole time, but now he's joining us about your concern on my Abd can't be that bags I've never stay quiet for so long.
I think you're in a little. You know I get. I get different opportunities to be a part of things both from an investment standpoint from like publicity standpoint, and the thing that Michael has been put together is a technology that has made so much sense to me. It seems like exactly I can believe. No one else has done it is it so relevant and practical. Yeah yeah, I don't explain. I was literally. Let me jump in unexplained little so centrally we have a technology that allows any type a smartphone to wirelessly, send any type of content to any second web enable device. So another that event. That's fancy speak for you can send video from a phone to a laptop to it.
What and any kind of smart tv. This is crazy. Surely this in this technology has existed before, hear me out on this, so the way that Apple tv works is it's like an integrated platform based on its own is its own software. It's a walled garden exactly! You can only do things from your Iphone to your ipod to your apple tv. What this does is it's it's, it's a platform, agnostic program that allows anyone to interface with any enable device, and all you need to do to enable the devices to download the up, that's great and is completely portable. So eventually we think that people should be able to watch whatever content they want whenever and wherever and, however they want to watch it. So show dog enables that. So in the next few years you should be able to watch robot chicken on your way home from work get home from work. Push the button on your phone way if you're going home on a train or boss and not drive, will have auto drive systems by then you know we probably war Johnny cabs
you're in Johnny CARE Base to catch up on madman, while sitting in traffic on the way home really gonna guys, we're gonna. First of all, amendments not to show that you could just casually watch the show that you, you have to sit down and absorbed that show idea was that traffic is the dashboard. This is the sounds, really don't tell kids to do the other other, more responsible people who have waited, but we, the idea of being able to display anything from any device to any other device. Just is It's it's so intuitive! That's exactly! What we need well is a sufficient are available now or is it coming this then? Maybe If you come out may begin my first, we should be Unburthen, Android marketplace and the apple apps or how was it developing for
right where you gonna have to develop for different versions. Writer Jesus was that the them in a way that it actually works, is it it keeps the content marked by its actual provider. So any of these web distributors that create content it'll be it will still be invented. The still get the view. Ok, this is just an application that allows the interface ok and it's free. It's free up, fella, some of his great get. So you go get content from any place get a two year. Your phone, your pdf or you're, are your tablet or your device, and then you can be met wirelessly to any other traveller devices. You can collect something on your phone. Friends House enabler TV and then watch it on their tv and the coolest part, actually, as you can create playlist of your favorite video. So if we have like sets First, you can share that with all your friends jobs out of this social and well, it's like you can you can have a party and DJ the tv that's us would enable. Play through the tv
the web enable tvs, I'll go smart tvs only like nineteen people have them today, but over the next couple of years, it'll be millions and billions. We think about think about just the wifi growth across the country. Well pretty soon. You know I'm I'm hoping within the next five years. There is just a blanket of wireless there's, just like a national in most major metropolitan areas and they They try to do that and subsidies I would love to, but that city specific and you're gonna fight on the telecom companies that want to tax it like we're already at the place. If you go to Australia, others there's tax on telecoms and you get a certain amount of content, a certain amount of of like MEG's same as you do. When you are on your side, you get that with internet like Alan a limit of what you get for your ninety nine. But what stocks is that even even talking about it in in MEG's like we can go, there is extra in video, we need in other than that, the cap that they put on that
atta plans like it's not hard to get to three gigs. It is really not hard to get the three gigs in a month at all. Well, that's why I say the real. The real monies in banking I beg you, get real estate real estate. Gotta come back, you guys, I believe that, but this, but the work on the interest in being a part of this task was, I felt like it's a very forward thinking thing and it's the kind of thing that they will work. It just needs our people's awareness of it. Yeah admitted it will you know at some point it will Tipp. You know if you can get enough. People have been. The thing is, we still think of this country, like we, I think Think of ourselves because where we live, is like an hour America's super tech savvy large chunks of it are not at all and they don't have twitter accounts and they don't have broadband, I'm not interested in ever they divisive separate from my vehicle. That's my dad. It's like dies location then again, unplugging email address my dead, seventy he's just like mad. I missed it when I'm like you didn't miss it.
He's Doin areas. I like it better when I can take the time to touch a piece of bread, you're gonna write a letter, the newspaper, no, I just like no wonder, took full time. You know dad you. Who would like the email is like electric paper, that I get some urea Korea. What dead? Do me a favor? Ok, polish, this Will you am? I stop talking, was a child and follows this bowling ball? This target really get the bowling, shoulda be fun. If you, if it that's a real happens, I'm down for that yeah, I'm not a good bowler. Chris! That's fine! I'm not a good, but I have not been bowling well lately, it's in your blood, but I've been. We ve recorded a couple episodes I've been bowling like shit and I am disappointed because I'm too, in my had about being on camera bowling and it's hard for me to fuck around and bowl. I take it really seriously hidden camera
the light hearted I've ever seen you bowling, I dahlia. Usually it's not like the first time that we went bowling just as friends. I realize it wasn't s friends. There was a competition for perception. During the time of the day. I don't have time we're. So when I bore with you, we did the first ever so I bought a bald like that. I bought the worst came, my bold in probably twenty years that we have fought as friends. That was good. They would like took away. I didn't help me sleep legitimate Chris, our this should come out. He felt it a couple of days. I'd like to tell you. There was a disturbing then the bowling for my dad felt they woke up with a shudder doc does it really carriage is sort of like what we expect deal practice? It's it's the games about spares thought about strikes. You know it's! It's like it's like a short game and golf like it's a you know, that's what you want a fidessa, isn't that the basic truth
why you succeed. We all go back at our how'd, you get their hard. What exactly I didn't work very hard, no Bobo Shit and I don't know. I just wanted a complaint about something I felt like. I was more magical than I got so that green. Is there anything else you so you ve got them, you ve got there the superseded practically Lucasfilm. You ve got a robot chicken Do you got show dog you ve got Sabre to what else? Is there anything else that you want people to know about system busy? All the time Well, we can. We should treat each other ok for anyone who is not following yet either of us at soft, green, yeah, etc. On the tweets may had a lot of thought know that When you came onto twitter, what was really uncomfortable
and as I hate it when you do in Ireland, has been its weight of twitter banana pick up. Those papers, farming, like really slim for such a volume, is entity but you're, not one of those guys that I have I let's, like you know, I mean I can't say that we ve been like super great friend over the past twenty years, people literally no new. For twenty years has been twenty years, he advocating keenly aware of everything you do just cause. We know each other, keenly aware of what you are doing hello because you are in that, you were in the same group is running your Patrick hairs. On the by catch this past week and we talked about my ex boyfriend LISA Referral. Who is, being called, kill, Lola now, which is a Superfund ban and and and LISA when we were dating when I was twenty two may be was friends with your sister. Oh you and your friends. You work. In that Breton Meyer Group or broken I like from when he was seven. He and I guess we were like seven-
and was when he and I met members all had all the friends in common yet, and so it is, it's always fun for me to see, like just people go on sort of do the things that they do in life and we were all kids and had no fucking idea, we're doing we're all scared and sarcastic with each other, and I guess this it's it's. It really is my fear thing about getting older and like if, if any Silas can be taken in the fact that we can't stop the one way train of time that that I do kind of get pleasure in seeing like yeah. We're will weaken, went on to do this and set went on to do this, and then I went to this is the same thing like the time that, at the time- and I spent with George Lucas, have become keenly aware of how much it's exactly that with him in like Steven Spielberg, inferences, Cobler, Rapid, gone Howard and bombs and Bacchus, and that's inspiring to me that these guys we're just dude, went to school all into the same stuff into science in history, reading and interfere
again and they just become these legends and the industry like it. It feels like they were just guys who watched each other from the sidelines and you know championed each other successes, kind of drove each other forward. We with healthy competition and healthy competition, is so important. Not in that none of the sense like some it. It can go bad really quickly of people getting their heads about it and vigour to semi. Take personal but if you, but but by seeing what people like you were doing or for like Felicia Day or will are these people, I don't like it possible yeah like oh fuck, that's a really good idea. Well, maybe I can do this like it really. You need that I think to sort of drive. Sort of drive you and move the momentum forward. I think said so. It's important so thank you for doing You do, and I thank you for doing you do and I'm glad we become pals as as of late, and I finally did the fucking pot. I now lay like five years from now and I'm done an eight or nine times pure. We, like our gas, remember when set, wouldn't do that.
God. I can't even remember a time when it was like that weight. Michael. Is there anything else that we should say about how awesome invaluable and useful showed argues? Thank you. Just ended up well run at cop download the ep. Douglas S, H, audio double GI, yeah, it very easy spelling, I know, and also at show dog and our twitter as well. Will you can't you look as they show W deal G as bad as you like you couldn't. If you put that into Google like so you spelled it the way that you should spell it s likely, so we got advice from sniff always ate a second gi always set so That's a green is Gigi are iii, and I can't even do that. Yeah yeah, it should be. Double Jerry S, set Devil GR, double in set devil. Georgi answer. You did happen overnight. Practised Thanks guys enjoy your burrito everyone now leading noticed,
calm, enjoy your burrito
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