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Seth Rogen (Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up, Superbad) returns to the Nerdist to chat with Chris and Matt about doing improv in high school with Nathan Fielder, why Canadians are good with American comedy and coming up with the idea for This Is The End. He then talks about his experience pitching Sausage Party, co-creating Preacher and being a productive stoner! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Whatever the notified CAS number eight twenty one to anyone, and now it was better for refers winter and the new day new problem. Dna Twond, genuine, doesn't work in only one is this name is run. Go like the previous episode, yeah I'll, listen! If I like the guests and on hopefuls guess what I like: the guest: oh, no yeah. Sorry well you're with them anything on the internet. I don't give a shit. My preferences are your problem. Oh wait that doesnt really this lifeward wasn't, I guess you're insecurity, lady and handle crisis, a mellow, I'm just saying that I'm just a little thing, leader. Whatever broadcasts Iraq have really means room at excited to introduce Katy Levine of the nervous podcast producing fame she's going.
Now to the nurse during the Court Board DES Katy one more day, we have two very exciting post for sought. The hilarious Kyle can indeed stone have upon cast called the buggy monster in it. They took the aliens goes big fit parent activity, but they also talk a lot about barbecue and fried chicken shit that they enjoy their both hilarious. So, and I am sure everyone, the lessons of this love them. It comes out every Tuesday at the veiled on Itunes, nature, Google play good for their mood, get it. And then also last year we did, we did a team nervous further best. Friends start your much event. Error do it again this year, its October twenty second and Exposition Park in arriving at all this much strutting, but every scouts and mutton she loves to strut. I just mean boys. You want to put these dogs and cats once upon a guy I'll were destroyed, strategy. So much throughout this year. I, U and Bow, should actually be there.
Where anyone can join the nervousness named due to work through. Anyone could join the nervous team again its October twenty second Exposition Park and allay, but You can also do you know virtual walk if you don't live and allay, or you can check out their site and find where they do it, they're doing them in other cities and is only twenty five dollars to join the team and all the money goes to homeless. Animals find out more info or join the team. Go to any r D. I dont S, t slash stretch your much team, I'm dumb drum going to start your heart were you can bring a new, better different huts simpler, you gonna take when a party declare your bar to like a matter for the nearest thing. I hate the Hudson well, there's a whole there's all hot lore, if you, if you'd, if you jumped down the Wikipedia well, I guess I'd rather not well I'd. There was one hot near normally there criminals map it. There was one huh actually a jedi. There was one hot that was a general, so
What will the lights were? Those tiny? Well, he just knew how to start as hut ago was like is there? What is that? I want to know what is like the normal body weight of a hut like? Do they all defect? Giving job is like a little I think he might let himself go a little bit, but they are giant snugly creatures, that's true, but I feel like in star wars. As you know, the original star Wars picture, a real slugs have curves meant, listen in a new hope when he visits harm. You feel it is very slim, he's very small and I think a hand like walk. I think Hon like walks through his tail whatsoever yeah and in a way that is like you pay, It looks like when Pooty leaves earth, that's our shitty, That is why we must go back to my local energy guzzling, but the way they make you care is imported jump. Work ass. He walked around me actor, who is going and hundreds of jobs. Bugged
later quadrupled in size between then- and now I mean you know whatever is putting back Hampshire wasn't Wikipedia has there are to ease and woke you by the way, stop fucking misspelling internet. Thank you. You sing Wilkie. This episode is set Rogan. Who is God damn delightful?
set Rogan great lack his laugh. I just thought areas such as the lobbies, the good guy, such a good guy enemies. We have generally be happy when good people succeed and set the set as an industry all all onto himself, and I could not be happier form I'm so such a nice guy and he's brooding sausage party, which is great, it's filthy. It said animated food movie, that's filthy, that you should see the billboards border everywhere there and it opens August twelve. I haven't seen here, but I am very much looking forward to seeing you add argue: Lulli wealth need to see it. Artist, twelve isn't inspectors array twenty one set Rogan
now entering nearest star com, everything feeds into decreases ecosystem whereby where's, my others, our space arson awesome. This is. What I am saying it owed is. What
I really do japanese vital toys. Look like we cause and run English and those guys, but I have one and an, but it all started with ex superhero toys are going we're going Japan. We can have it. I need to know where to go. I went to the men at com toy like headquarters their main office in Japan, when I was there and it was like glucose. I collect like currently bear bricks and Cooper like that America makes him. Yet it was incredible. It was like the cool place, Ah, that's amazing yeah process yea. It was really amazing. I talked to the we're guy ones: Medical who was like wearing like he was like what he was like a cat, you're out of a Gazelle Landor amazing wandered to the kind of animals over them, but and they don't know. I don't if I could get there call me like I'm on a couple cable shows
I can remember, I think I think you could do it. I think you could do. Is this? Are there we don't know rising at the very least, your wife could probably get him life, the almost while by you, go to Japan by the timing and the urgency will be like in the way Missus Hurst. That does. Mrs, yes, yes, why? Without layaway its clear was I love my but hardly because a terrible ass it is, I don't really I mean they both very like hoity may I have a good friend of losing name, Darwinism and just to ever which every member of the couple has better, lacerated. Both you take yet again that yet so I could be. Maybe I could maybe I could reverse hyphenated Chris Hardwicke Hearst I'll be fine. My wife's name is Miller and Self Miller's, a cooler name and sovereign adapted those comic book artist, Sef Miller, yet totally digest goes right because a frank
yeah. I guess I basically I just maniac and Emily, just as good last day Miller does sound like a he does sound like a cool. I coming to say, like a DC character is like a cool dc care. We can alias yeah like an alias he's. A young scientists, kid man in his spare time Robot hand, yeah he's a robot hand, maybe no other real superpowers, just a robot evacuated. Improv beginning we voted as we should not be using here that I am to see. That is really. What was that that's is out to Regos visited Brompton cities are known for being able to adapt to any situations. Louise robot had, as a literal and a comedy crotch same thing on both sides. Did you do? Did you do improv for awhile? I did. I was on my high school, improved him and with one eye what does what Nathan fields we were on the reality we get there.
Yeah, so I was on yet we were on our high school improv team and we were very good. Actually we will complete. I ever have you never heard anyone describe their fiscal improv. The Ngos we were voting on. Several members of the team have gone on. Jesse Cruikshank was on the team she's like a host, like a high and on empty, like almost like half of the eyes of the people on the team went onto like action. We ve ivory hours in show business like I get. You feel them on the team. Another guy right method worsen like Canadian, film and television. Like a lot of the members, the team went onto like organ,
Canada. That's why I know there were. As I know there are many remember in high school pupils, the bowsprit was like almond of theatre sports. Would you would you theatre will feeders works was from Vancouver. I want to know that yet, like Peter Sports, as like a thing like that, like look, I think I think the company feeders, like vague, lazy, organised like tournament of improv originated just like us very turkmen check, I would claim everything was a russian engaged, so they could area deforested early must remain a wonder. I can. I wonder what it is about the canadian DNA. That is so I mean there's like endorse them. They do like indoor stuff, but the dryness of the humor. I mean it's. It's almost like it's almost like that.
Look the british dry humor and then let it dry, some all added became ticketing froze really grow up with, like even dated by british comedy. You know like it's on MR bean and faulty towers and like Monty Python is just like on a lot when you're growing up in camp- and I really as I do that I think like I always look at our stuff and likewise it's a weird and I think it's because we grow up what you kids, the hawk sciatic inundated by like I'd like everyone I work with, has seen every episode of kids in law like and everyone. I grew up with ASEAN every episode again all like for the most part. You know because it was on every single night, and so I think you like, by like weird comedy- I think kids in the hall was a more cohesive version of what
what kind of like the canadian version of it. It was. What did it was, so it was very strict where I think, if you like Python, was very much like we're just doing kind of weird shit for the sake of weird shit, there, obviously all brilliant in the attic, their Polly Maths, and maybe they do their sketches in German. But they always inclined aware- and I feel like kids in the hall really did have like more of a sketch of structure to for sure one hundred percent and they have, as you think, that's why, like Canadians, well in american com because I think it is like a more accessible version of a type of comedy that is not american surrounded does feel a little different like when I started working. One of the first I mean I've had was analogy, show and Sasha. We found just like didn't a lot of american cultural stuff. Like you know, like spring Break, was unlike we did and we didn't have it like the same way we did in they do here, but
we grew up like with all the same with empty. Being shit like that, and so you'd see likes, we'd go to spring break up like that, and so we knew out all of America stuff we didn't we view it as our stuff, and so I think it puts Canadians in like a very unique situation to comment on american culture because they have its re like a part of it, but it's not like there like one notch removed from it. Right, I'm ways you know what I mean I can. I don't even like play out like I just thought at first hand was Ashura Oleg we're the bridge between US as the writers of you know, four allergy at this moment, you know it was. It was interesting, so like digesting like the most pure form of it like you're, not you're, not experiencing what a real spring break is like you are experiencing, MTV, exactly the only culture alive,
version. I think I mean, whereas Chris Experience MTV Spring by did. I really would like four of them. That's crazy and they were rediscover laid left and right Brown well now the brain, because food was really funny about about being a bit about being singled out. For some reason I just didn't. I was not sticky on that show to the extent that I was in a bar one time and this girl came up to the guidelines ending next to me and goes didn't, I just see you again financing of standing Guide ever even notice me that's it grows. Oh yeah tested readability, repression. There do you also have
then that I had just come out of college and I was still not so very socially inapt your way and not you know it as much as MTV like scruff me up a kind of me look nineties and my hair was really long and I had gas station lieutenant like. I was still a nerdy kid. It didn't know how to talk to these types of YO comfortably and I secret, and I really can't hated them, so I just didn't you know I didn't like it, and so I just was never comfortable around it. You'd go in and you'd shoot and then empty because they were cheap, would literally trade. Are you out the same day or they could provide, bring great yeah? You might stay one night, but then they would. Would fly you out, but I just don't. I don't have any good. I almost got to go to one because in his rider for undeclared sober cyrillic, two thousand are twofold:
one? It was probably one of the last big MTV Spring Break. That was happening David Crumb, Holts, that's on show or something and to promote it. He was on, say what carry out MTV. Add he invited It goes as guest and I Lily River go to Judd every variety of die bob I would merely gearing up to shoot or something like that I go like take Friday offered gotta do these we regularly That was the only item now by avatar, really believe it was Edwards. What he's, if thou, what by like twenty year old boy is cheap up to me here was a joke and I go to spring break up now declared was a fund show my overrun jerk roadie was on that answer. Grotius, wasn't Charlie Honeymoon, drawing on Amazon Jabez Stone
yeah it was. It was a lot of fun. It was weird is I was like a college age guy who was writing and acting on a college tv show, but I had not gone to college so I would go visit my friends and call it a lot and try to do with intensive kind of research expeditions which essentially imagine you just getting like super messed up. But I had a really good time. It was what it felt like college to me like that was kind of my college experience. I remember geared we'll talk about. You're a fucking, great writer is amazing. Yeah I mean we. Let him improvise like every single thing. He ever said he's such a phenomenal heat it one bit about like people who bright with people who buy Brittany Spear thousands of people who are like
honey is too heavy to have allowed a weird, zero energy, innovative jobs, and he would always talk about this british guy on undeclared who was really he was like. I don't know, I just he's just that doesn't seem that fund and he would come. He would go to Jared and Jared me, like I'm, told your funny, but I don't see it. Just like that kind of stuff and then ultimately became that turned out to be Charlie. How do you know you, and he had an amazing courier and drama, to gather ridable, dramatic, acting courier? Pretty spectacular writing I mean just to be twenty and be right hang on a show, and I mean I know how I was even might have been eighteen like he was in two thousand two thousand one random, yes and cakes on eighteen and nineteen. No, I didn't I would try. I would actually like right scenes and give them to judge in the writers and- and I think that's why they may be started- letting us like improvise some of the scenes more, but I would I
Try and Indiana. Maybe we went on for second season, I would have got in there just go hang on the right is the logistic sit there and till they and they will take me out general he's. I wanted to be a writer so badly I'd written super like averting of super bad about point already, and so I like really wanted to get more. I want to be a writer more than an actor, and so I would try and then that's. Why would undeclared came along after reaching used was cancelled? I was first hired as a writer and was actually specifically told like they don't want any of the cast members from freaks and geeks on it, and it is right for the show and then slowly. I like work. My way it was already thy wrote the audition seeds, and so I really would write seemed that were specifically tailored to make me
self look good. I was reading with other actors yeah. If you met someone who didn't know you, what would you say you do I prize I'm, a writer really yeah. Yeah Hollywood takes up think I would take up the most majority, your time right, yeah its pride, the thing that I'm like the most comfortable with all the figs, then I mean director, just sounds kind of like Nancy and I won't like I'm a. Why does does like the director it doesn't sound had for some reason producer. No one knows the, though in those That's it that's a vague job, I'm an actor oh yeah, I just again it sound it's kind of like it's, not it's a duty like I'm embarrassed. To be an actor like. You embarrassing to be an actor is like an actor. Embarrassing job like it's an embarrassing job?
Sometimes it's just a function of all I'll. Just It's I don't know how you thirty dollars to a localised, sometimes ice. You know, as well as a writer that I, as the actor, would be the best person to do you know and not just just out of specificity sake, not any skill security. Think like that, it's just like. Oh for specific reasons, I think that- and I am, I think, I've aren't you got no better and acting honestly like I was much less comfortable with it. When I was younger, like it was something that I kind of fell into honestly like I I I I didn't think I was gonna, be like an actor. I followed him you're, a writer and maybe a director and but yeah. So I was very, I was, I think,
fortunately like Wales, people who got to learn how to act on. Tell us for your very I'd better after by the end of undeclared work, up up up up like a serviceable actor. You you and Evan do these things that I know the kind of things that I think you would talk about with your friends about it. I'll be really great. If a bunch of actors just played themselves Apocalypse movie, but then you guys just get to make that yeah than we just to end. It takes a long time we not just get to do not, unlike things years and years and years, an odyssey too weird or the idea the longer it takes to make. But yet, when I look at this but may not all you know again to varying degrees, but like my favorite stuff, that we ve done like I'm almost as more time goes by I more shock that we were able to do it too, like, like, I think, like as I more distance from this is the end, as example, I look at it
I really would have gotten tab exist. Even in the world. Is ITALY House at universal? We gonna wait. It is amazing that was all kinds of frank that all like somehow came from a James, Franco, Ebay. Outwardly. I think I know a guy you could get us a haunted house like a word, we only had a life Milton as we would have. We were why we're walking through the house, where that it has with Brian Husky wondering if he had made it into the thicket birthday you didn't. I am ever wish that somebody I was out of town old, was open, to get a commitment level of Channing Tatum on a leash was on believable. It was I actually recently I found the actual email that I wrote.
To chairing tailored to ask you to do the movie and it was shockingly like up fraud. It was like I did not sugar coated at all. It was almost like a technical issue. It's like the buzzing technically here what the films about it. We have actors. Look at our house, the apocalypse happens, data be brought, its kicked out. He makes a cannibal gang had sexual problem. We thought it would be folly if you were that all reality will be you, your heads at ease for barely two nights in New Orleans likely like you a little easier baby Jussac, it's like we're, like we regularly really body that that's all I can ask and like with like an hour we gotta responsible. Yes, I will do. It is exactly the dates of more figure. If he's a remarkably cool guy. Who is incredible, I was absolutely amazing. It was one of the boys like impressive, acting things. I've ever see because, although he's wearing a mask for almost all of it, like you didn't have to be here,
You get. You was a tough guy earthly signal, so crazy, but really it was. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life. I've. There was the level of commitment that deep well said. I think you used to say took five years to get sausage party made it look like I mean it took several years to write it, but yeah there was probably like the report. A solid, then thought of three years to write it and then like a solid three years of just trying to get someone to make like just going every meeting ever like we ve got every studio every producer, something you know, new people crop up legal. They have access to some dude with money, though the hero- maybe they can do it, and we did that for years and years and years and just nobody ever one loved it and thought it was great and funny, but like no one wanted to be the first to make an already did animated movie. Basically, which was
crazy to us, but also made a lot of sense. So we crazy I'm a sense as the ITA rightly brain, let it really very likely they did it similar stuff in the seventies yellow like they would do, are rated comedy year. Animated fell really heavy metal metal that, but I think over fringe. Import of our whole idea was like this should be a fringe movie like we want this to be like a big mainstream like comedy like. Hopefully, this will appeal to everyone who likes comedy. You know and begin and also what was so weird is good. Like tv, adult animation, so popular with, like the Simpsons and family guy in South Park and Suffolk offers the most populated The popular animation on tv is for adults, and so it was really get. It was whether things like ebbed. Thank God we did it ever was like we should we're. Hotdog suits
it is because I am sure a bidding war is going to happen. It'll be very competitive like. Better way to show our confidence that eroded hot dog like we did, and thank God because, like before we were like even like to our cars. We would get the folk hobby like they loved it not because I have to have turned it. Evidently, like reread hot dogs, you trying to do is to be the worst day like this is already not the greatest day of my life, but if we were in a hot dog suits that which is compounded, the so much more and then Megan Ellison, who has a company called an opponent who made zeal dark, thirty in the master and american hustle, and a lot of very few, see movies by all means. We met with her and she loved the script and we just really gone along and she's like I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna try to make this movie and then once she got involved, then Amy Pascal, whose Sony at the time was like. Ok, this kind emitted.
Our risk and afterwards agree that it becomes something that we are willing to do and we got a company called nitrogen, which is an intimation studio, bayside of includes, were from which was a nice coincidence, animal canadian credit? Exactly so? For us, it's it's cool. We can't be accused of taking jobs out of mere know, but in others the canadian film Very many I do. The Ionian Filmore had so made some great animated short, the log. I turn wall, sir. Whatever it was called was one. There is a campaign of adding lags amazing. It lacks the cat, came out of AIDS, yet stunning, no yeah. Those things we grew up was on television all the time like I've won That came back thing so modelled Ives ghetto Barker Insane. That's amazing, and I think I think Bill Clinton did some of them them yet again can intolerant lot, but this law
writers waltz one? If you haven't seen that you should look at it, it's the most like decidedly canadian thing, you'll than the Red Green shades like yes, it's it's it's it's other similar tone. I would say it, but it's like main lining. Canadian, so I could take them. Think you, three years or three years to write the script, what's accepts you're doing other things at the same time. Yes, that just every once in a while, you and Elinor popping jokes back and forth to sit down at has what is here In three years it took a long time to really there's like along, like Marianne nation phase. That happens with, I think, of our more out their ideas like we don't rush into it, because you know like with this is the end of a similar, we're like it took a long time, to go from. I gotta be funny when Jack you're throwing themselves in the house during the apocalypse too, like on actual movie that is worthy of its own existence. In a night,
minute format, you know what I mean and and saw his body was exactly the same, really go into food and a grocery store Fraid of getting that's like you know. How do you turn that into an idea that actually, hopefully, like you know, supports itself for ninety minutes and has like deeper ideas? I didn't actually like unpredictable and takes different turns that, then you expect and evolves and changes throughout itself, like those of we want our movies to do and an end. It sometimes just takes years and years of think of the ideas that allow us to do that. You know what it's like a slow compilation process and the actual writing of the script often is like takes a policeman time out of anything like once. We have raft our heads around.
Like with this is the end of his years. To think of, like oh, they realize they can get sucked up into Heaven still like that. Like simple thing was like I can I get it took like two years to come up with just like what happens like. Where does it go? What's the evolution like what shape to start to take and their several ideas and sausage party that you know I won't ruin because their very unpredictable twists throughout, and I hope that literally just took his years to come up with like out. This is what the movie could actually be about. You know and then, and then writing. The scripts takes like, like probably one out of that three year process such a long process. That area is was something something such party, which part of the sale of it is that no one else has really done it. Are you worried in that amount at length of time, like someone's gonna fuckin? Do it somebody ass gonna it in their like right, as we get to the finish line? It's you know for sure. Yes, that always
with almost all of our movies and almost every time, is some other movie that actually is looming. That kind of ultimately turns out to be completely different and we feel stupid forever having worried about it, but with what is it we are making pineapple expressed? This is really called without a paddle, yet that has accepted as a green is at an end, it's kind of about guys on the run from we'd dealers, because they burn down their we'd field, and I remember it came out we heard it was getting made. While we are working on pineapples wrestler like oh, no, it gives me the ruin of a movie, and then we saw we're the office could not be more of our economy, and yet We're were very afraid that someone specifically the South Park guys, most of all would make some sort of our raided fully seizure and there was like rumblings of other on that kind of common gone in the last few years, but none of them came into being.
But there is more of an interest, marinated already puppets, so I think they're they're good. Exactly like we're fine, I think they'll. Never do puppets again, really are really really hard really hard due to do already of yes, the deeply who shot preacher shot, team America and he had amazing story. It will be difficult. The preacher. By the way was I mean, I know, looking out of sight. I really did love you satellites and with the three or over all the visits by those it is it. You know I guess I do get every like wall yeah. You know you get fired I dont. That's not the real contracts. Eyebrow examined every word you who just avoided.
I could not say anything about it, but I think you know if people can I'm so, I'm so excited to see. The second season about show me so much happen in the further so much to cram into the first season, yeah that I think for people who had trouble following some of this stuff if they, if they appreciate its and then get because it now, it feels like. Oh now, this story is actually of yet art yeah. I think it's like built on so many crazy ideas that, if you're not a comic book fan, are alike, very abstract ideas for our long, dramatic, coop, till character, based show right out and- and that was our thought was like we should not assume that, like these types of ideas or like easily digestible vial people in like a lot of people actually like these types of ideas, could actually very alienating if you just leave them out and dump them out and don't come to teach them or build them. You know or establish like an emotional reality.
In the characters that you're invested in before you unload dislike crazier subdued matter. You know when, really are thought was like how do you kind of explain all these crazy ideas and get people emotionally invested in it so by the time, the seasons over your kind of where the comic starts witches they're coming out in the world and on the road? Basically, how are you focusing on like what I'm just. I think you might be that I don't know how much we you smoke might be easily Kevin Smith and dug Benson were two of the most productive stones that error, but you're, very productive. So how are you We're just with Ricky Williams, is born out of a more productive stone,
balancing out. Ok, so creature is you know, January to March, and then, from April to this time were focusing on this movie and then we're doing just music or something in motion a highest everyone. I bounce back and forth between things. A lot like there was. You know several months were like I would. Going from like the preacher. Editing room to, like are production offices for the pilot we were gearing up to shoot to, like the other editing room for the movie we had imposed. You know- and I have always been like three hours and each place throughout the day They were all in Hollywood. Scientists who driver to end that's how it is sometimes or sometimes will schedule it out to be like ok, we're making the movie from the months and then, as were imposed on it. We can prep this thing and then maybe you know, It's all very. Like organically comes together. We have very low
strategy is our couriers. We probably should I bore, but we really, we gonna take it as it comes because you never know what actually gonna happen. Rice movies and tv shows and everything like until you're like two weeks into filming it's. I don't actually think that real like like like not even people like the first day. I know if I have a few weeks what that they spent like that, what you have to get past like the terminal velocity of spending in order to make it that you're not coming back and in the first few weeks they can still shut you down. It might be worth the money to them, and so we had that happened almost like enough times that yeah like we really don't count on anything happening until it's actually happening. So that's why we have a thousand things are always trying to do at once, because we don't know which was actually happen. Rather, you know, like of all the things we have developed and right now, I I could not tell you which one
actually going to be the next one that materializes? Because you never know how do you not get overwhelmed? You must have those moments where you like. I think your brain is going to just split the seams. Actually, like the only thing I get most stressed out around the release of all these. That's the only thing that, like at this point, I I guess it's it's just that it's like just as such. I have no control over it and I think that's. Why distresses me out everything else. I have a lot of control over our work. I have a lot of control over my schedule. I have quite a bit of control over like that one of the biggest things I have no control over just like we'll people like our movies and will they make enough money that they keep letting us make movies are my two main concerns when it comes to the release of our movies, Ed and so literally in like the two weeks leading up to the release of our movies.
Are really the only time that I am like and then I'm doing. A lot of promotion, which is this is not about stress, hopeless. You know going on to talk shows sometimes stressful, unlike just the thing we find it exactly. The trident travelling of travel is stressful and going all around just stresses me, you know, and so those though at times that I really start to get stressed out but yeah my data, they being busy, doesn't trust me I like it like, and if I like the things I'm working on them, then its bottom actually just really enjoy. Is there an idea, You love so much that you haven't been able to push through somewhere what crazy sausage party and preacher were like the last two of them
a lot of ways which is we're Devlin kind of a different like there is like the where we occasionally we hit the end of the line and some regard as like the things that old things we ve been working on. You know like those of the last and they're, both things even try to make for ten years, basically so and its work, it could have been promoting both of them and there they could not be more reported at so many days like a cover God, it was like Salzburg one day breach the next day. It has its up by supplies such party. What they preach the next day, like its enneads, want to talk about over my love, both eleven. They The very like representative of like where my taste and sensibilities lie you know, but it is funny that those are the two things and I ve been talking about a lot lately, but there isn't really anything no one. We have a lot of other things, things
slowly becoming those things. What makes it so in our own three or Europe, then we will be those things that that we can't get made that we should try to get the here's the right others still do, because we like there must be like a library of Alexandria. Under Hollywood, somewhere of amazing things, the jail or whatever political reasons, yacht got suppressed or didn't make it out. I mean I don't know how you would ever find out, but there must be some harmony with great pilots. There must be. But they may the tonnes a body like that's a weird like now. What we're doing more television is like as your shooting a pilot you're like no one might ever see. That's like a movie. The worst movies people can watch rang like even link the greatest pieces, a ship of all time, don't get locked away into a vault where no one can see them and their like great pilots.
No one will ever see eye to eye like Amazon doesn't if they pay for it, they air them. Yeah I get a chance to be like I like this one make more dangerous experts say: yes, it is it a bit people. You know we were able to drive traffic to it and thereby okay now do GINO them arrives. Amazingly, there is also the Netflix way, which is just like the one I can give you pilot here's the UK and I M going to tell you how many people are watching as it doesn't matter. People subscribe locally as the dream scenario in some ways where it like you, dont know, if you're successful or not because then you are successful, Aren't you are in your own hands which has been tested. Nobody measure that we don't have started. They haven't like it's gone, but how do you know? How do you have a text
naw man, you're fine, exactly that's it reductionist waited puts, doesn't give a shit. They have like a billion subscribers. It's not that many, but it's just you know they have money upon money, so they just send TCAS. Ones worried about a spent spouts Vanier Manuel we're gonna like triple how much money we spend they don't Erika is still getting money, though it it's and its, but it ain't even just a money thing. I subscribe to watch Frazier. Their driver aren't the new black to my mind, not oranges, the new Bats Y, all Frazier on DVD and democratic. Did he be days, my emergency and the internet, but it but it but just cut, but also that this quality, the supper mainly just cause people have money, doesn't mean the quality is gonna be good, but you know the ring gets up very weak and real rates of.
No tell me word consciously doing more television cause like tvs. Great right now, like with preacher, is a good example of like that. We would never get those resources to do something that weird and movies and their only when you
Let me end even do it if it was movie hopelessly theatre. Let's get somebody who's done this before, like in tv, just the fact that we were like movie, people was like flashy enough that we were allowed to try something that was completely unlike anything, we ve ever done, which honesty Gatwick. If we wrote a movie like preacher that had the proportional but budget of creature from movies to television, no one would ever learn. Who did you say was gonna? Do it and then you'd pitched yourself as our space to salmon bizarre mandate was going to be like that you would do the movie version Roger and we kept trying to do it and that's why we kept getting overpass, but when it went to television, maybe we were you know just. I think we're like really does in the right place at the right time, because we were like the movie people who wanted to do it. That would have been a tough move.
The Duke, as you have to see how do you set up, I gave you can't really really set it up. If it's a movie, you can adjust hundreds got into it and then it just. Why wouldn't out there was movies parasite ever read any of, but I've been great writers wrote trips movie John August rule one oh wow, ribs yeah, Johns grave, yeah, amazing, and so now that we ve done this. I was afraid you read it because I was afraid I would subconsciously steal from arbitrary. Now that the seasons over, I, I will read it because I'm just gonna your history. I wasn't gonna fascinated by and by we I mean it's like, the is letting us do things so far knock on. Would that like would be very hard to do in movies, thee it was funny to see how many people, when income He was on the after show, like oh, my god, she said
adorable again looking at other levels for about, but in the com, is our sets. It really was an open Canada. We did it when it made his life a lot easier on whole time. This time in the makeup chair his essence, comics he's pissed Super fucked up way. Grocer yeah, we turned him down for this show make here, but there is an image online No, if it from the age we owe there was an inch. We owe pilot that almost got made one time and I think it didn't get made, but there is some John, I may be just and affects house. Did it really does do these things sometimes like of like what our space looks like exactly from the comics like done on someone in prosthetic and its likes, it is so hard to look at oh yeah. I remember we looked at that.
This is the proof that we should not try to replicate the exact from the call back. It's just is just too much yeah. Someone did that. I think they did that with simpsons panels were they did like this is what they Look like a real if they were real. That so amazing is it's really disturbing. I got it. Legitimate leave its legitimately disturbing was amazing. I think it's great. That's the guy who played Kelly and bad news bears, is now one of the best after per year in the war jack is amazing and he's really I was like I always are intimidated by actors like as a director I dont like dealing with actors, which is not a good quality. Haven't I didn't like it, that's what I think I work with my friends along as I've, I've just intimidated by actors, sometimes, and so with my friends. I more comfortable with them but Jack your Hayley was on it. I was very intimidated by because I was
The directive now and he's a real actor is like one nominee for Kenworth stuff like that of an avenue so nice, he couldn't have been cooler easier and an he's made like the weirdest character. Ever it's like the strangest dude of all time, which has great did it when you like, would would you allow yourself to direct some crazy. In other Laguna do a Sony pictures classic like an epic period like. Would you direct like hard like it? ass, full of Academy award winner yeah, I would I would not only in a movie, I thought I could direct you know, but because that you'll think about good actors. Is they do make your job lot easier and they make it they make you look good as direct cherkis
well like they're so many days. Actually we're like you have a plan like you go in everyday filled me with a global plan. You look. I want to show you like this, listen for this line on this on their like thirty shots. I want to do throughout the day and as soon as there is a performance problem, your plan is suddenly out the window at its like. Oh we now we just have to shoot the scene in a simple way and focus on getting the performance right and that I was to every act like I've Does that to happen on countless occasions that I've directed so that's an order by this, but with you know, obviously, the higher caliber actor and the more you as a director have done your job and talking to them beforehand, the less that happens and the more style you can actually inject into your work as a director. I find because you little more time to do shots and stuff that make it look better. Have a wonder if your directing someone like Daniel Day Louis who won't drop character,
Do you have to say, like President Lincoln Exact? Currently you take that up and then maybe saintly can you that's? What route is acting is very technical, sometimes, like sometimes area like the camera, can't see your face. Unless you look that ethnic, how I want to say, Mr President, are capital are about generic photos, boxes Verde hires like two rounds off fear phase visitor with gender. They look, I know he's going to rend fair where they were always rapid, some magical nightmare. How do you just need a bathroom? I just need a working bad. How do I tell you you're? Not here, you're witchcraft, words it, so I've never done with them think will that probably never will, I am sure, dangle dealers will never work with me.
You know, I know you as I would imagine. I would imagine people that you, probably I'm causeways residues world we must make fun stuff, and I think there is this. I think there is also this kind of myth, those that has developed around it of like oh you're, all friends and you hang out to use, happened to make stuff, and so there's there's almost like this bigger overarching met, a relationship that I think people like like there are part of two. That's great. We all hate each other in real life. Could it's nice and we are glad that the illusion has upheld itself for as long as it has no, we actually very much get along at its and it is one, but that you did it. Didn't like them. I would still want to work with them because I actually think they are the look like the funniest, most talented people. That available to work with, generally speaking in so it's an end, I met almost all of them through work, so it really isn't like. Oh, I hire my friends, it's like. Oh, no, I've become friends with
Why think are some of the most talented people who are making movies? You know and I've just maintain those friendships and- and I keep working with their mostly because I just they are so good at their jobs. You know, but I would imagine, and also for the reason I can predict doings because it lets people like Emma Watson, do something weird that she wouldn't net. Normally get to do, I hope those people view that, where its by all, we hope that they come out of it, feeling that I got to do something further, not like what what the fuck happened. I'm sure we ve had an even split honestly, but sometimes it's. Why? Because I bet Michael fast, better a few times what we're filmy visit the end. We they were making twelve years of slave and we would hang out sometimes an end very similar, and I think, like dramatic actors like him, he kept saying all I want to make one of your type
movies, you know and then we're taking the Steve Jobs Booby. I was like I bet you'd ever thought, we'd be working together on what are your time. You did think I'd be lower. Your art forbid the thought you'd be elevating by artwork, What was I did hang out with was quite a bit actually lives like a super cool guy. Who denies this guy Entire Robin S, amazing stories, and I really got along with it like we still emo everyone's I'll, and he was nice enough to auction awesomely charity lunches with me and him. So I like I ever what's the while, I have a charity. What's that I was able to reach as great as I we it's a good time to catch up nice enough to do that or yet is new, and I'm telling you yeah. I know I know I did it. I bought I bought on Ebay about a five and floppy that he signed. This just says was on it. It's really amazing. Yet, like he's one of all the people, I know like it's. It's super weird that
no Steve wants. I always didn't like it's weird, like people I could call like if I had to make a list of like how did we get to the place that I know how to call these people like was is very You know you have a guy who invented computer system will have to put him on his be doubted, so it just as I said, was that it was love you you have. You ever meet him when you have a bit of a couple of feeling of lovable down the world. Right is a weirdo yeah he's an old old computer weirdo, an old billionaire computer, we're great keeps a pad of two dollar bills which costume EU yours them and has them cut and turn into caraway, adds that he signed from any old eyes for people. It's like. I went to the mass and more to make the pad than the other young I went to the MAGIC castle with was for six hours that is really see me shows is only just starting out always I appreciate that was amazing. He loves magic, shocking.
Why isn't a by a bit? He could just buy them exactly probably go on what it must be, the responsibility, I guess, if you ve been a billionaire for a long time you you probably get over the idea of, like you, pray dont dry run ago by the score by the two Nick bride. By that here, likes a deal. I was like he was easy excited about a cheap, cheap restaurant super rich people. I know loved yeah, they loved each other. The lower deal he's into a deal we'll talk about. Do you think it was like? Maybe one of the few people you can like? Maybe talk about that? We have both are evil are not so dear, What could the coop exactly how you got here? You got twenty bucks, often
No, I got to thinking about who is well then bitter, like sex age, sub lunch tomorrow, you have the economy, walk country just I personally have given you like five hundred thousand dollars over the years by body, just like figurative riches. I've directly give it. You buy body like a good about a bit over that over the years, do their jobs movie make. Did you like just being an actor? Yes, I really did us because I was considering not acting any more like like in other people's movies. Is not so. It follows that, with our decision makers, I don't get the opportunity to set a date. It's not like I'm really not like it's like I'm getting tons of offers that I'm rejecting like I dont, get offered a lot of ports and other people's movies, and so part of me was thinking. I mean measures. I closed the flood on that, and just like only act
our movies and the ones I was making and then and then that came up, and I had a really good, I'm doing it, and I thought I will you know, and I will continue, as you know, the people rubies and since then I ve not act, and anyone else does. No one has offered me the opportunity to act in their movies. So, as a purely symbolic decision, most people see You are the even like they're like Emma Watson or people that they all those people very successful when they do, they could probably do anything. I think they don't realize, is you can't and that of the film business is actually quite restrictive, though, if I was just an actor and I didn't write and produce indirect, I would have two movies seriously. I would not be at all successful, like I
would not I'd. Probably me like three other jobs to support myself leg. It yeah. I don't it's an that's the reason we started right. I mean, like I knew very early in my career, like I'm. Gonna have to self perpetuate my own work, like there's very few holding like I needed like a chubby Jew is my movie: that's not how it works. People like we should put Brad Pitt and our movies- and I was like oh I'm- gonna- have to make movies that need that type of role. In order to function, the method we need a chubby jewish. I too finance exactly GB a long line of work. So what are you Are you working on what I remember you are you writing season to a preacher guerrilla, just starting to talk about those or anything else that you're doing that's happening soon, but we have like a pile it's for effects that were Gunnar shoots. That's why
working on right now enjoy start rewriting. The script right now are working on the script, but will formats alive in the next, year basically he had set announced. I know I know, is I think it is. I don't know if it is. It's called it's about singularity it's about cars while yet about art. Well until it's it's a half hour comedy about about the singularity. Basically- and I won't say anything just as I honestly don't even know. If we, What is happening is already fanatical bunker. Oil does exactly it. Oh it's happening it super scary and so we're trying to make a comedy neuro. That's basically, just like you know, just like small particles that work you no kind of like a catholic nanometer young ass sort of working
system in can wipe out whole civilization. Julia I do know is that they are. There is barely kind of pity. The good suffers can help your body with functions that maybe your body. If, if you have problems with certain functions that can help get in there, It was probably exact. Prank prank shows that I think it might air next week, but where the guy were breaking thinks he is responsible for the singularity that's nice, destroying we saw. How does one respond to such OECD? Dig you well, everyone takes it well, unless it's funny, like all the people that we have shared like casting, would do tat they, wouldn't they you it's the funding of the so called family. So the point, the premise of the show is that if like people have wanna be famous for.
Percent of all reasonable, talented Irving. They just want to be famous, and how do I get on this? It was interesting we sort of figured out throughout the making of it was like if they have like We sort of like improv training or we're doing stand upper commoner. Was they work and take it well right, but if they just want to be there, they ve had they had fun with it likely that one the wide that airline the seas and permit the one I wrote that was lake sort of almost bore budget was like I had we had this girl come in to read the shoes I dishes aiming for to anchor the celebrity news on his internet news network and what happens the Apocalypse dart happening. Alas, broadcasting news things, that's amazing! You are able to convince her of that one or two people, as they do now was stunning we had. Let me just around the studio. We had different people station as alike. Are reporters like Nebraska Florida, whatever that we'd have like this rolling,
fog would come in and what kind of an apocalypse was that it was an alien upon created to make. We had network was like mixtures, doesn't look like territories and observe the world's legislature to have, or are we going to do, a third person, but the second girl, like bodied so convincingly like at the end of it? The fog gets into this, video and, at the end of it, she's on the desk, trying to stay away from the far too. Like finish the news good, her stunning, Italy has been struggling. Reports are gonna, be used now, remove yes, grounds. If you ever want to go back to stand over one of you stand up again I don't know you had said. I wasn't it I know I'm a remit that he was doing Europe it funny. I've been doing a lot more than has been he's been gray. I saw me just loves like two weeks ago when it was incredible. I don't know pardon me things about it and the Burmese like what the fuck am. I
talk about it. I don't have anything to say and and and I'm so busy that I don't think I like really respected as a thing, and I dont want like half ass it and I I promise would just be half enough. It didn't go out and you feel bad Miller goddammit. Now I just you know I just like every created a new situation to make myself feel city under the general abacha wisely as agreed, Hulu circumstance. That being that, I just went to dig sporting goods exact thing from the paper. I got five baseball for the price of three. You play baseball Nova. What are you about that up? Interactive ITALY, free baseball's on the day that exact, but it was a yes or no. There is somewhat
deep pardon. My brain I was like maybe they'll be fun to try again, and maybe it would be good for me as a writer I think sometimes, and maybe we could have sharpen some edges, they should use sharpening, maybe so yeah, I think about it sometimes, but I don't know why I feel, like you might know, unlike this movie but and wheels Retirement Canadian severally, do you remember that everything will be called the wrong guy? What they fully yeah. My god was incredible: love their marine and almost no one knows about only he came out and I didn't come out. I think I've got it was just it was part of the fight was come on. We're talking about was near the followed like a weird political. Yeah, it was like that masterminds movies, like those often I guessed right, just got caught in that exact same situation. Reducing the wrong guy on its great fucking amazing, its day, fully a farmer divergences in it of yeah a bunch of funny it's when I was a little
is really like two days ago, because I was at valid, show and Steve Higgins was there and explaining to the poorest vows without, like David directed at David, I can't we retain their got the wrong guy, the casting greatest composed of the if they now get all the kids or in it at one point or another summary I think of a minute, but essentially such a forty. I do it's a genius idea, Dave at the busy the beginning of the movie Dave fully walks down his boss in his by like he goes into like tell us boss. Often his boss is dead and he's convinced that he there they're gonna think he did it. So if he goes on the run, but they immediately know that he may once have other basically chasing the criminal across the country, and he thinks there chasing him here, but he jumper
though he is steadily, though, that he did not arise really body and he's going to like it. Save lights, disguise upset all right: Arabas David Cyber David David Cyber directed at such a funny idea, and it's a funny really really really great and Dave Higgins CARE Dickens works for the police work for like the FDA and he's basically just using it as an excuse to get the ape like all going to be in New York. We should see Abou, it's just the play, so he's basically is using the FBI budget to go. Do You too lazy play the cities that things to fucking great it's one of those great movies there. You know that articles, but not that now, I'm a ban on peoples in well. I hope a lot of people see sausage party. You and I hope that not a sentence, you thought you'd be eleven per hour. He I apologize. If you'd go two thousand very dot com, it's exactly what you think we'll use
like a week ago. You said it is the filthiest movie. I not just of you have ever makes this a familiar. I've ever seen. It really is still shocks me. Is it shocking? It's a shocking move. I'm shocked that we got away with it's what I ain't, even and in a few more years, all look at. Like it's even more shocking What what happens if you can, but what happens if you end up having to make a trilogy of their Molly would be amazing. I would love that I would make sausage rubies for the rest, I would do. I look like what Samarang media with those Spiderman movies and think we have also just just dedicated to data by five to talking. Hotdogs did it did it did didn't it opens this weekend yet August, twelve August wealth and when it is going up, Katy Levine, I was going to forsake malaria midnight screening tonight. You could see it is a totally legitimate by the time you ve downloaded, listen, listen to people, listen, I thank them, so they re just. Secondly, the audience it does the data Swann
I say his name on the welfare and give it a shot. You dear only audio, does have a laugh it by years. That's it finally, a ring. Everyone's Zuri be someone's bugging rings, observers when they all here it as a ring toad with money. There's a guy who lives it s only when it was a miracle of licence plates NED. I see a periodically and everyday Zeb he's just a barrister. Eddies like I'm, not happy Nazis. Hustling like this, would have it the first time I saw. Was it a parking lot at its core, also I what literally like, walked up to it like, as he was pulling out of his car, did when he was there with his life result, and I was I his wife would be told
who's gonna happen. One day I didn't think you forever remain alive. This happy about that. I, like it it's a month on some level, Why is it that was cool? I thought when she's, like others that have an inside it was like. I knew this would have highly, is finally totally value. It is always the lights charities that route you may have thanks again for doing the preacher after show my pleasure, thank you are to enjoy burrito everyone today and leaving noticed, com.
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