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Shane West (Salem, Nikita, A Walk To Remember) talks with Chris, Matt and Jonah about his character of John Alden in Salem, shooting the TV show in Louisiana, and what the world was really like during the witch trials. Shane also talks about playing music and joining the band The Germs! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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an email at events that nervous dot com. This episode is Shane West and he voting Salem, which show that I watch Sundays. Ten p on W G in its a which war people and so shines on my believe, Gender Montgomery, who plays Mary simply as also in Vienna Podcast coming up, but the shameless super interesting guy is not just an actor he's. Just an actor. That's been indicated, in non sailor. Man, a bunch of men, walked remembered a bunch of other stuff, also within a pump ban for a long time, so musician actor good do I sky, really nice guy, someone that attractive shouldn't be this nice, as he is he's very chiseled and Oslo intimidated. But he totally put me: it is very, very, very sweet and so watch Salem also enjoyed his music and
listen insects which- and now here is episode- number six hundred and eighty seven with Shane West Katy world. The thing please now entering nearest star com. You have you have adequate, I do now. I just hate, leaning back and then move the whole thing. Please don't ever do you know what this is? please what about stupid? It is slowly. This is a little bit there's a little bit of an audience why It was just the same.
Because these waterways and he loves the all- knew a three seasonality guys. Therefore, starting at twenty nine position. Thank you what I do here, just dissociate Shane West. I don't No, if you'll remember this, I feel like one COMECON, you guess, work, that's cool yeah, You have a lot of Zaire. Devoured Sunbury got ecstasy. How did you get that guardian ex, but our rights jets, we may live in a pile of toxic waste and
so sweet anywhere. Is that really applied as your kids go home raising and other key? I think I feel like I was at a party comecon, and I can- and I did the thing people do to me and I felt so stupid. Like. Why did I just do that? I said hello. Do you as if we knew each other, but it's just because I had I knew we were, but in my brain it was like Oh, I know when we know we know, but then I was like afterwards you're like high, because I was a kid. I was so familiar late. I literally say hi will know it wasn't like that it was like. I was more hey man, how you do it and you are like. Oh, I mean you're nice about but it was clear that I think you are trying to work out wisest. Why do they not only your dad's around here, because I gotta think Saxon thing yes like I've potential
bet you are known you for many years, so I could have been having the exact same moment you were having of like crap. I didn't know that I knew that I know where did they gotta there, but it was fun and I walked around like all men. I just did that thing. It's because I've seen a lot of things. I ve seen him once, though, the moves probably wouldn't actually know each other but my girlfriend- and I are fans of Salem and watched and behind season to just because of travel by season, one right we banged out in a couple of I only know being an Alec, we just watch, show with others. I dive your son is still make it look as though you, madam, is better. Why aren't you measure? Why
Are you pulled itself is also without making a huge did you do it as we want to achieve three agreed in the air? I haven't. I in my turn to thank you but we're, We are FED Salem and I am. I am I to understand that in season two Salem that you get to have your actual hair on the show and not the the John Alden hair. Yes, I do that's good that, through a pretty incredible transformation in the beginning of seas, I still have the Heron episode. One reason too and then it gets shorn. So I don't know it was a very to me when we started the show we knew. Obviously it was.
The fantastical take on this spirit of time, in history adding the word be real and things like that, but at this, when we we enjoy that, but at the same time we're trying to make it as realistic as possible shore, especially in person, we got in the season and so many things were thrown off like bathtubs. Were there no bathtubs back, then you were standing up in a bathtub, you were lounging and they are these beautiful, eight bathtubs work are right. I think we're gonna cottages going to give it. But we're making this really just gonna look cool. What does rise that we're not gonna. Do that our aid, so that almost like one one with the hair, Everybody else is usually like all the other guys had short hair dues and back then no one really had a short eridu. So finally, at the with all the problems that we gave me. Leave physically and emotionally. We we moved on us not via the whig. Yes, we fired the way it is. I mean what are they but that show that is the doing it and going in
customs are so intricate that everything and your- traipsing around in the modern day. It's just like in these destroying those cardiac. Yes in the growth of our economy, designers, phenomenal geese, getting a half the stuff in China is spins. Is summers and China brings back all this amazing silk in fabric and puts the stuff together now? For me, I'm not wearing anything. That's we're in self that he he deems appropriate and what might look cool, but I'm not, I don't think any of my son very expensive or anything like that, but to its younger sweating ended its. We shouldn't report, we Vienna, incredibly human, when that is incredibly goal in the winter, so we're sweating anywhere attacked by Mosquitos the whether its were destroying his his, but you know our peace and my you are from Louisiana crime that you home
It only arose. That's right, but we're not beat it still. A four hour drive from report has a drive to New Orleans. So it was close to being my dad's there, my family's there my little sisters there, but it was still it for. I don't want to go home, but we can, of course I too would like to. Please sit on the couch watch tv and relax, Is there a shriek I've? I've actually have been reports. What is there, then? There must be a couple of at least local haunts the wholesale cat sends oh yeah, oh yeah, that's about it! The couple like that's all we got on its behalf. Doubt it's not Shreveport about the people. Are amazing, and it's fun for me to be a part of gave a joke in in doing this, fifteen years now that I couldn't would never filming Louisiana somehow Just never gonna work out, and so, when I finally got it is exciting to be there fighting to be close to home. So to speak, but report. There is an awful lot to do. A gambling
Make casinos. They have a crazy law, maybe because of the gambling on the river on the river front that you can drink bars on Fridays and Saturday until six o clock in the morning he could still smoke cigarettes in. The bars sure it's a town that China has it, let's go, how that exists, its bars social, six, gambling arrest, trust me it gets all Gwig would never get over native unweakened arena one we have dealt with radon, but what the foods is good India that people are great dead. We have our little superior stake house which, to this day, Gaza we always go to, and then we had our own bar, the straight out, which was kind of a local on that all the cast in the producers when lot of production is down she for the right. Don't we envy, like this high amount get some high traffic, but its pushing more south. Now- and it's all right
towards that, like magnificent seven, the remake that film is gonna, be in in bad rouge, in the pitch perfect movies a bit and on regional New Orleans. The new series Adobe genes also doing on the underground rail road calendar ground is also shooting about route. So reports from losing some stuff. Lately we were kind of the only ones right now in them going in the entertainment industry, I'm sure we'll get something else His Louisiana General has like the best tax breaks in the country. You're supposed What changes all the time Access, Texas, wrestles with Mama time there there's random things shooting in like Mississippi that didn't really have an entertainment industries as much Atlantis, taking things over me and a man has got a lotta series going for sure. Yes, it's well because the land to it, and all of the Turner stuff, then let them both the Turner stuff there Davidson at all, but they most the Turner stuff there and then enough about like it's just enough of a city-
People like I go, go live in Atlanta for a while, but now it's getting the point where people are getting priced out like it, it's done. Two. It started a gale, very expensive to live in Latvia and Estonia like little five points out like was there recently and people say my gas savings having like is condos are coming up just like any wild area in any like outside of any city. The same things happened because people are moving their cause, it's like there's some a digital jobs coming up outside Turner, so I go and swam and TB ass. It would like so there's tons of people moving again given it. Yet if your day, I know some people here, in LOS Angeles and on our aren't exactly working out here that you know Mona. Linkage to Atlanta is rare, would you need an actor and you find out o your shoe? here like people, you should ever be like most people expensive shoot unless you're like on, come, you shoot everywhere else, but listen. When there is a show, especially series that is films? That's not! I. You know that our drama that Films Anne Elliot
it's a miracle. It just doesn't like when you are when you weren't, you have to think about it because it changes your life, your marriage, kids. Obviously, that's what you think about in you were all the a you say you are in your pilot season. Whenever that may be nowadays and you look at three, three new most likely that could be in LOS Angeles so that they can. I go for third, an episode somewhere else can walking dead in Atlanta can I go. Do that can I do twenty bore episodes in Vancouver. And you know that none of it it's it's incredible what you have to think about nowadays yak as well because one thing that is grossly Toronto, rightward fear the walking. Doesn't Toronto fierce. Other shootings around, etc? That away yes and allay shooting in Toronto? Think it issued in Toronto yeah? Well, I just did I'd Nikita. My last series was twenty. Two episodes in Toronto. Warrior Tash, that's call it gets cold up. It is very good
eurozone was the entire winner, Terranova nicety, greatly throughout through good city, when they were they shoot walking dead is these rural. It's like it's, not you. It's gotta be started. Yes, it's it's making way other way where its familiar with all areas of Toronto. Thanks to love, it are listed on HTTP Jesus Gratitude, us listen! We ve been over this. I want a lotta back. I launched a welcome. So basically a couple comes in and they are not a couple. They just act like other people, burial level, emu of a house, Jane another house and so to people will come in. One of those people try to convey. To you to remodel your existing home for a certain of money and get a person Israel's agent, he will convince. You will try to convince you and wasting money. Don't revisited right. Let's for this amount of money you go live in this whole other new thing, which would require no work or the
We're uttered suit suit, your needs. They usually love it. They rarely listed cosmetic. Like an full remodelled women dad maker want me to stay? Do only I usually in the process of selling miles right. You are so I should be watching their shouted yearly. I think maybe I should love your lives. I am I'm listening Did it and its currently, you know it s groves go within the eurozone europhile ageless. Yet neither it do the nine years, and that's that's enough. Thirty six hours through most my young, life and I had a lot of fun there and it was. He was good times and I love the place, but a lot of work more work than I expected. Stairs just constant things going wrong, which I know is part of being all more, but in this to case it was the just wasn't from animal at this point maybe something smaller how many more guns look, so I just got back from filming Sailorman been here, for
days, so I decided to stay in a hotel for a month which is a waste of money, but a lot of five colossal waste of my name. You know if you are able to do it, it's fun to do at once in a while, just to not have to about any of that incredibly nice and I've swore do the month and not to go it doesn't look good value from always works here. The tolls or to let a sheet? Someone just makes about bad all that come in and it's all. I know it's it's how many spending, we also trying to to love, replaced but haven't When you know I like I do. I want to see in the side these I live ass. Yeah my miles is on their side. Down to an end is it is you you do have to used to living in
so I'm so used to being around other people like being in an apartment, building are being or being in a lot of hotel. Was from right now the noise, it's probably a ghost. It's probably a goes where someone pregnant or someone break. My! U turn me into a ghost I mean I I really Irene they do. I mean it. You just homer basis, is one of those they continue. Just that I found the homeless lady outside my house, I was like laying in bad. It was like three o clock in the morning. Dora was out of town, and I heard someone cough and I was laying in my bed like that. I just thought to myself: I thought must be the neighbour of state I dont acquitted it s one or more frightening things. I think I could ever hear a car in the middle of the cap in the nose. Like that's right, went to the window and I looked up and saw her. I just grab my giants fire. Flashlight went outside flash, write her eyes and cheers charging your cell phone
it's like you for discharging its know how Georgia go over to one, their outlet to an outdoor out, call you in one of the other relatives. That's why I suggest, if you like, live in a house that you might be kind of creeped out by just get a cat cuz, you can just use it as any cuz. I was like this someone's breaking into your house, the window, Islam, anything. No, it is the cat. Has the cats breaking into the cats watching you can get a human being is evidently not people. Hate chatter, though I set up, I set up. There's cameras like all around yeah. That's what I have now after the six candidates fade cameras. Oliver on the nose, Why would you want to know where I live addresses when they were made? you're. The guy was like, like flipping the house, that we bought, like he put about like cameras because it was like Fancier Sousa Guide to put of cameras and was a poor cameras, stuff guts
again stolen computers. And walked away. Well, as number hammers down and still the cameras, nothing other than a get closer. The cameras hey wait a minute. These are two wires because in this day and age, the neeblings- yes, I know it's it. It is a little bit of an adjustment to you know like living a living, a grown up house when hotels are perfectly calm, what place no space, not a lot of space. Well, having those ways in a house is just We put in a house. You only really go to a couple of places in your it's like you, don't really utilize all of the space in your head. You oughta you don't cuz, it's four all right. What about anything that that it's absolutely drew? I noticed that if I purpose we did not put a fridge in my bedroom, because I never would allow It was a mythical I had my own exit from the house into my bedroom annex in an entrance into the kitchen arms.
I cannot put it better edgier of Nazi that everything else is year. You have to force. Yours to day not only about some years ago this bathrooms, both with the right right, but you I want to talk about your music career because it's it's it. We do its bit premium. When you go down one path and if they go this other path route reveal itself. Can you start having a very successful acting career and then you, it's almost one, which one do you choose yeah, that's that That is why I guess started anything wherefore in the entertainment industry was run seventeen and My parents, worn bands when I was growing. Been Louisiana therein inside was born and seventy eight. So that was the whole, but why? I guess the birth of punk rock and also the end of it.
And the birth of a new wave and all that kind of stuff. So my mom was, I can, in all new wave, banned all girl new wavebands. My dad was like an I've clash. Type type bands was like a lot of the music and I was listening to what other. What were they called over? The bands called, you know, is one moms band was called. The parallels. Does a good name. I was gonna, wait a moment tag it. I think still might. I will now be well I'm up, but then my dad was in the: U S Times nice and they were a lot of fun. They still are when it when I listen to their stuff. Now it's it's panic in now so for me. That's what I thought I do that Getting my mom moved is out to LOS Angeles became a thing where I I'll give it a try. Cuz. I was running into a lot of people that were doing it and I always a huge movie buff and just a big fan of of movie and television anyway. But I literally lived in a garage, and I had band, and started auditioning at the same time and the acting they encountered took off a little bit quick
in Slovenia, the music? I mean I could go back, never happen, I guess acting and ever happen either, but the music was you know, plan a lot of places. The gig on now rose well yeah city mourn the gang offer pico, which doesn't exist in one of their political weight. Fucking play that unless ones you rules, we lay that alot yeah, it was not fund. Kennedy was exciting, just apply by now with the OECD slackened. We're like my last grab a just like eyes like I couldn't get like any of my own bans going when I moved out here than some guys like you can be in my van of lecture I thought well for science in the lab rats- and I was just like I like. The guy was like it basically to sound like like the Roma, answer? Electrician ways are the queer some of that, but, like I said, do you know this Menzies? I never heard of animals like earlier. Does a weird, diverse travel, yeah right click and like it only under the drummer, so he's he's a little tied to an like. It's just loves region, we
yeah they're, like one my fair bands and its languages, whether things worth like, I, the sun, we're catchy and like all play, and it was just we played there. In its sock forgot a bottle thrown. Well, thrown at Hamath believe, but she died only the german slightly and then we played the garage yeah and I was so signals like. I can't believe, I'm proposing or something I don't feel good. You gotta be dedicated to science named ban dedicated to, and so like. It's like that the grossest thing words like we're playing. It was like one of the things we dislike about to be the end of a sound words like a big four times air hit and threw up right.
As I was coming down, and so as soon as I get eighties, music are not a single ass. A millstone around went banana you're gonna. Do that every individual ass? If anyone who was watching it would have gotten it responded to the claims of the signs of vomit and you're gonna have to throw yes phenomenon. That was, I wish to say yes or no video. Of course. Nobody now not even Us Polaroid voters. That's that yeah! It's we will debate. I started off literally a three bees. It was more like a I was really into ran said I was relieved, green data That was my labours greedy marchesa. What a translation nabon went from by those were the kind of bans that I was you know playing. The Swedish.
Five dangled melancholy. Then it really love error, milk. I love those guys and thanks to later on in life, when I started playing with the germs, I got to actually meet those guys are no ex trip for me, in course, like you, I just it became a thing where we had a lot of fun. We got. We were first called average, Joe and in which aims to do when we realise that can be, they could make any written. We Jane average Joe and then we changed too when we realise I can't be, that could be counted. We changed it to Johnny, was for, while in dumb plates and played some decent chosen, never gets but we tried for a while and then yeah we hit that moment of where the acting was clearly doing better at the time, and what sometimes sacrificed doing some jobs and things like that to go on tour with my band I was and declining. Try and balancing out. That's tough. You know I feel like not. Everybody can ever
historians or p s? I think? Is there such a name already or even jeered letter like he? He had put himself out there. So it's like people knew who he wise. We are completely stopped for a while and, of course comes back and went and ask her, but you don't, like you, know their it there's it's it's a difficult thing to do. At the same time, I don't think we can Gamblers Williston Russell Groves of Aunt Joanna Arena right. I couldn't get started. It is about to sit down with your ban and we, like guys, I'm sorry I'm gonna, have to when I have to grow up and take this, job like itself, only right that you're adult job is like well, I gotta go. Yeah. I can't can't talk about love. In writing on the toilet like blink, when it is all about.
You know it was. It was, but actually what transitioned it fully was. I had started work He worked working on your and then about the film called what we do secret, which is about the germs and its three years to make that Damn film and We kept losing finances kept coming back. We learned all that all the actors learn. The songs were taught by the actual germs, Pats Mere and. Damn balls and morn doom and it became kind like a family over the three years of my hiatuses in between he are. I would go and work on this on this. Damn film that became truly a labour of love that one started kind of, joining the ban in a way and then what laying these small shows with the actual banned in me, being the lead singer plant at taking over be crash with such an iconic figure. I realized I cant. Do
the music I was doing before anyway, because now I'm like realising this, this is more punk rock, which I didn't. Back to necessarily do with much much. You're too saying disagree in light of what I play drums and not impossibly fast org attire which just treading I just couldn't. Do that that and it was we were trying to sell records, trying to get side germs had already been signs a little back in the day, though it was Well, I'm close to thirty. This is what I should be doing is going to be doing this, so I was it was it was day, understood, name and saw the transition happening there coming to some of the shells and the like this is At the same, when we play like it's, not people trying to kill, you actually want age this arrangement, but I get that you're having the time of your life This is why I want to do and said I was at least by musical transition from one digress, Sub John right to a little bit more real pencroft. Do you feel what music always music
going anywhere, I mean I point, you could go back if you, if you wanted to or do you ever when you're on location, Yola comes gonna, go play this bar unloved too. I you know I get that did feeling any democratic. Shall you start to get that the urge to to be honest age again, I think, with one of the cruellest things that happen with with the germs becoming back together is pad smear reunited with girl during that time and was ass back in the providers, so it We changed. Patsy changed everyone's lives, but pats life. What kind of full circle in a weird way it rejoined on that, then I went to off to shoot Nikita for years in Toronto. That was a part of the future again we haven't really played in five years. We play one secret show recently at the echo blacks last lap around Christmas for our benefit and we couldn't find loan attempt within finer like what you will ask, which is typical.
She's fine, but I was just typical in this punk rock world and not just couldn't find the things we had Charlotte from the logos play nice to replace her, which is the first Germ show that was, it was actually we called it germs ago, which was from their for asylum whisky ago that some kind of work out in a way way. But you know, I think, play again what it's gotta one. Last time. I think right talking to friends about potentially putting something together, but once again it's gotta go without seeing ethic. It doesn't need to sound like the germs, or does it mean to sound like black lag or anything like that, but I want to be the ethic of we're not gonna, sell we'll play what we won't play right, we're not gonna, try and get a deal or not. If, if that happens, great a laugh but we're I'm gonna, try and do that. We're just have fun will the essence of what you think it should be about is literate, is, is not likely. When does that other stuff start getting in the way? You think I think, with your poor
like a lot of decisions are like I've been like you, you you think that changes a lot of times. You know you wanted to be what that that that that's what it's about, It's you know the treaty or to your form, to your medium and things like that, but you also need to make money. They also we sometimes even wanna live on I live on the counter in a garage like I did so you you that changes. Sometimes I guess it goes into the whole yourself. Terminology is what Alan down. Why green? you can't go back to a given street with us. They did they play their two weeks ago. They don't know this. Yes, I like and when a logic to sell us from was at all there like a bloody sloppy ours is replying. All the way out is that I was pretty Bristow dad's, that's cool I just want to get the hall of fame they're gonna, let you back, but it's almost kind of rock to be like
fuck. You were coming here anyway. Why you wanna can in a way you we're marking lot in Avonlea villages like is yet another ban? The word: gunpowder gunpowder, and I saw them like you know, like maybe years ago at a like, a warehouse base in long beach and there's Billy Joe, like wheeling in his own amp of van that he now with the other guys from the Bay area, so it's like Ray, like others, a millionaire we'll in his own effort for him, it's like of separation between like Green, Is this other thing and ass the thing that kind of thing the money, but then he has other Banda like it. Oh yeah, he puts out the records now project, yeah yeah, and so it's like it's there's any real separation. Like you know, four Hamish is making music and that ban is like that and the other like that, so I think you can do it. I think it's just like different our projects in our lives, difference between like a paint? and a video or I do think comfort is the enemy of Paul Reno like it when you start when you start getting
comparable and anyways. I grow you're, not really fighting against anything any more than you know where you can always bias after five. Like I mean that's, why they got, they got political because they knew they didn't have to complain about me. I'm not getting girls or against Stone Mary right that Deb yet, which is usually you now. I guess I would be the flag for a lot of Papa but yeah, yeah yeah, you good political. I mean, I think, give some bans keep going like became thanks to the germs friends with a lot of people like you know, grew up. Listening through the adolescents are great. There really are the originals in there still go on this island there very right and good stuff. You know new stuff and something it's like yet environment issues, whatever you can kind of complaint against four and you can keep he can keep doing about. Religion still continues to be just another, sound the exact same anyway
There is actually a sentence are still in a bright eyed about forty advance rashness. Let's get you could do that re against the Florence and the machine that demand web browser yet captivated. Actually, I punks on just about Florence right name: go gotta be in trouble at all to figure out how to do about me. You think I'm the let's talk of anyone. I know I was buying because TAT S what that means- maybe you were Alexander lobbied, who knows, or the essence upon, is that there is a thing about to be able to do that. It became Jack it in a piercing and tat uses up like that, but I was Castelo, is considerable. Combating Smith was consider partner. When I listened to the one lagoon I looked back, I listen to the shamefully worst you just down the middle of the road pop pop music. There is one ban that I still absolutely adore that I love you
I was growing up and I still of HOLLAND outside a hundred percent on, ironically in I fucking love their inducted land here too, the house where they really the higher notes, the fame as it was surprised it took that love to get the request, love inducted them. Really that's. That's. Ok, I wouldn't have thought of that began to doo doo doo, Danny dirty do good eaters gets a just like white man. Funky baselines. Well, the thing is I I I liked punk rock and rock and roll in general So it's it's in whether it's silly eighties were loved a hare bands. I do I can't help it did corneas hell some of that, some of them just cause of course, as you could ever have white snake I go again, you know things I got it's like argued for a first of all. I could never write that that's kind of awesome, I'm sure you'll like upon banning you gotta road ever like that's gonna, amazing,
So you know, there's there's a lot of other. Is there you do you know what a look at my ipod? The love embarrassing stuff inactive, that's good though, and I guess I think it's good to. I mean you know that this whole idea when I was growing zig zag, just because of the kind of cluster friends and I have a contingent of them world superpower rock rise they just where they were just ass. They were fringy people and just not in nine, the Norman. So I got it. You know I got friends like thousands, Kennedy you gotta, listen to music and- and I, But I would costly gonna, get this argument with them, because they would allow victims. They would reject anything. That's back. That's the best you're, just gonna warming, nonconformists em. You can't say that we're all conformance and you're, not a conformance you're conforming with its other cod, struck, the necessary side of showed inside of it. Just like you, it's like it's on the radio, thereby hated like listen to this so much stuff. I'm going back to now that I just didn't even pay attention to, because it was on the radio is on MTV
It should be, but, like you do get over and then you do have I got a decades worth of music, great music go and check out we're so its new for the first time oh yeah, we're it that daddy's daddy's aside a fact. It's always a side effect of like not conforming at the same time, it's only its incredibly hypocritical, but it's it's for me, never was that way you know it's like I list to the music by I listen to if God the sea I mean I would die school monopolies, so there's little well. The birth of grunge, you know, there's plenty of other stuff. I guess I didn't like when I first heard in a king, It makes a level now, but I didn't even really like Metallica guns and roses picks out those little harsh for appeared, a dime, unlike nominal bands, and I love them now. But there was like a baby sophomore year. I thought they were a little too rough I'll I'll. Take my Nirvana pattern away. But at the same time you know, like you know, couldn't stand
a candle boxes and collective souls, and a lot of the bans incredible right, I'm sorry guys what then I want them out now that I was the transition like you know, there was like Europeans. I, like the gym, blossoms idea had she has held very catchy adequate, but they were gonna want in pansy. Category can be punk rock and like the djinn blossoms even though they were, but apparently fully one of the most fully a functioning drug act, but, like you know, it's like you, like your pansy, They were my wife for them to be in the nineties. In my and our stage manager who then went on to us, and I was married to the lead singer, the djinn blossoms dating a we're working energy yeah, I'm totally in love with the guy
the gin block you and every other girl, Mary now where's my coffee, but we're like really dating. Oh, I get it, but I don't guess the image you think you're all data I gotta be. I got this single women weighted down there. I remember everything record soundtrack, really. Was the movie movie movie that really why your high big as they will Coyote sharing who shares I met. I met him reason why there were a couple. There were couple of those setbacks Manny days right around the corner. There really were basically like sound ratifies. Well, just been like Cato presented so angles, ngos reality bites realize for sure Empire regular records,
Currently we had a good soundtrack. That's all I m are the soundtrack now and yet what we like in the movies named after replacements rag, that's true shows what other good sound tracks in the nose ways welcomes predicts much back up. I want that I they will information about was the ballroom blitz. Now is like those we got, but but it was put it yes right right, and I was always thinking of the damned version today do did. Did you did on the waiver? after these crucial tonnes version of our implicitly put sweets version of now it's its crucial diagnosed progenitor. That's when I was a version that I knew anything else that it now I was now that's a great song, learn that the Swedes version the dams version things like that. Guerrero is rocketing, Guerrero, just read finally, peppers black Sabbath,
as always all run blitz, and this is my cheek where geriatrics once I add the consent, of course- and I think it's idea- Guerrero, Clapton, Rhino bucket else, Cooper, Ryan. Feed, my Frankenstein irate dig deeper analysis over a Alice. I dont want pizza, look narrowly way. It's all areas really wrong about this I feel like it. I was already obliged smash now that would be like more more pinelli obligatory to stamp it out, and I was like their first Papa note. I came off that film. That's favorite ban! Third, I blind knows the whole cemetery doo Doo hours of users on there for some reason who flat you sweet. I liked me these. We as replacements now is like the air,
I never knew about replacements. Connection to that movie. That's crazy! No third idea did you two based on a semi charm that cover up of Zyobite we're videos you during the car will consult the video there. Have you already know come on over. That was a man. That's right that you should do with the proper way so that this because they were wrong to your grand now's about. I did not could not like, that's right. You're not wrong is that jumps into the other guy? I don't love them. I just knew that fucking single region, infectious on other jobs around the clueless soundtrack, the months lesson Jackson, Radiohead Cheese, lady Smokin Pope's be supposed boss
of course, which is the Susan's Kalulu Azure Louis at oh, my god, you're Savio Pre. I kissed a girl. I remember The girl this is this: is this cosmic? This is one way to do it myself, and where she feel which intervention without hard crystal. Never we in my house, you wear this mere on your face. What we make, but why to the had a premiere party thing at the beach for clueless and luscious Jackson play I remember being there before clueless was even really think it just. It was just it had just come out and I was just about to come out. MRS Jackson played in thick therein them there, like a third season, a p m p yeah. In the thirties and they play If I just go dance I mean fuckin, Ague part was nobody. We didn't have a school dance as themselves. Mrs Jackson as well
We was in its path movie, I don't know if I saw its badly we play at the Vienna networks later. I guess I would you just over future with Stoneham alone anti Semites awesome. I dressed logically lad. With that rate, as I did, Tell them. I'm right here is low. Third did my god. Now you have to otherwise gotta keep living here. Credit while you they keep moving you, but also, I think it's even more expensive than using data on a daily rate. If you're trying to do a month, they may call that's how they save you, and also on no daily rate and a third holy man eleven, ninety thousand affix sculleries ninety mortgages mortgages. Italy's seasoned resale, please four, five, six and I think that regions really like they really are doing.
Really interesting programmes because they have that they have the atomic serious, yeah. Well, that's Manhattan and, and then use, and I didn't realize they were doing in underground railroad. True to guide, I mean it, you know I mean, were there, I think about four were episodes in in production, I called underground That's also foaming Louisiana night in my hometown boundaries, but then they they have another. One called the outsiders not about ass. He hadn't novel, ok, but I think that films in Pittsburgh and not just started with nobody is mine, we have I never like us we're on tight, feel and they're they're they're. Really some good gas together and get some good shells so far. That's there for them
clearly on another planet, with Salem of just up the of being the supernatural short I shall but historical in a way away. Yes, there were there always rail characters. Yes, said with the wood spot about that first season, two, as we is some of the easy stories that happened in all on in the first season were things that were told back then that there are things that people believed in back: the people that went on trial, the bridge, a bishop character. That would think we did and like. I think it was like the third episode verses, and that was a real character that was really happening to her and now she was hung by. Human beings and not by which is, but you know, that's that's kind of how we did it the fund to be able to play with the history with that, try and be as realistic as possible than just gonna screw that it is always it using the two that it never really seem to occur to any of the people who were drew were burning drowning. These, which is like all if they were action
which, as they would like, everyone up with dark magic, absolutely I feel like. I was a part of life with these two. I think in history that they would save you you this. You would get yourself out of this predicted, if like chained up or whatever it might have been. If you really you know like like widen use your powers. It is an invaluable delayed. They drowned or threatened whatever the outcome was in regarding which I don't really know nor the town was like we're, no good. As key burning in writing the wrong. I would say: oh they, even though their shackled up they visited me. Their spirit came to visit me right. It's pure panic in which you can have in this modern world of just of he said she said of a just. I guess which you could have. We happened. Time, but in this case its Emma you imagine living in the town, and then you just someone didn't like you said you were,
that's normally shit, we're not some crazy stuff. That's in a winner worked and will obviously became from powers which does in politics of didn't kind of running the town or running a country that was running the town of Salem until the governor, I believe, of Boston, govern Massachusetts came to check on what what's going on very on what kind of like that, what kids we're doing more of the flies doesn't like distant another set of they way that book ends in the movie ends of the captain Sunday like one. How are you guys get going on or even children and children, the corn, just the Irish, remember the scenes with like lend a hand. Peter Horton when they're like what are you doing yet at the same answer I have, I am well put you Rosa NET wrap up, but it's like those things, were you know until that governor came the ages were run, the asylum inmates running his island God.
It was real. That's what's crazy, that that wasn't fantasy that that there really wasn't. I mean it's funny to have the the idea, like you know where, but there's due process we're having a trial, run ragged rainbow rhetoric it. Oh we're having a trial to see if your communist or your communists are gonna answer where your economy argon, while the rioters Communists is a communist. What was I going to know? I didn't even comic jog over the free coffee and donors muzzle, but you said there should be Bagel thursdays. Thirty three bangles, let's have a trial you do in your ofttimes. You are you, are you do some. Are you working on something else? The moment are going to take some time. I would imagine my guess. Is that
schedules pretty fucked up. Would you two hundred shooting beginners yeah you like six days on one day this year is very easy actually for me, I can't complain JANET Montgomery that we heard earlier actress she was put through the ringer this season in the first season. We all characters were in the town of sale. I mean you're getting to know if you're the viewer you're getting to know the meaning of the plot, the premise the characters the trials were happening in things like that, but at the very end of that for a season we gonna blow up the story and make it get larger than the actual town of Salem, so characters off Boston, their own danvers yeah. We started and I started to add their native american tribes, french, French, the french indian wars. We start to talk about and poor, Jane, Mary similes character was literally left alone and say I'm almost by herself, so she had her scenes. She had to like talk to everyone. For me, I'm a reckless
season to it takes me a while to come back and haunt her down and trying to kill all these. Just because I was that was the whole point for John Alden. Was he becomes this kind of almost supernatural which honour and a weird way, due to two, really is down of of which is so I'm always hiding in season to south. I could work a day. A week Oh wow, that's then, sometimes, two days a week get my butt kit. Those days, but then I couldn't complain about him because, as you know, I was if I would like was leaving a satin since, just like my, I was exhausting and then I'd see actresses, you're, just like death dealing with so much work five days a week six days weeks? Sometimes I was I may mention go back to my probably re cats. You guys we're, albeit strange, obviate, raising gains eating chicken fingers Are you? Are you so you're done now? Do you know if you're gonna go back? Are you? Are you just taken some? to relax I think it's all of the above. We we are in a supposed.
We just found out that were doing another PAMELA Comecon so excited about that which were assuming means were picked up, receives in three The ratings been very good, and this year, so feel like it's, no brainer. We just, and we ve kind of been told without being told official yet, but I dont what that means summary of what European visited Tirana dream. Yes, just me home, but no they heard they are yet what we also we had our creator bran abroad who is one of the producers creators of the show he directed the final episode of season to announce pretty much alluded to get out. We're gonna. Be ok, don't worry about it, so we if we know that and it still along time off, because its cable, which is one of the brilliance, is chirpings of of being Roger knows timescale of terrorism. Right, Romania, that's right! That's right! You miss Mr Track. I was not a star trek. I get it
get in there now. Is it not all is not clearly when I just it's. My lawyer Netflix amount of work out. What are you gonna get ready days to get it right here today? I do not want to every single thank you. Don't love space, nine voice we talking Kirk. Are we talking, I say John? next generation, three Mick Jagger Good Jumpin there, while really random. Middle seasons are guilty of figure out who's who do with whom who's. Your sales wanted to show that the motto panels, COMECON and the sort of luxury position of like I sought to get to pick and choose the ones. I wonder- and I say- and so I had said like you know. These are the shows that I'm watching and Salem was on that list. So, if awesome, if they, if they ask me Too- and I was there- why wouldn't I would love to moderate that handle out I'd be a blast shows reality shows, shows really fun and thanking him for an fond and fucked up.
Anyway, that's what we we! You know it's it's one of the things that we try to do per episode. It's it's not we're we're trying to tell the unique and ensure story and at this in time, no, what John, where you are and remain in so they ve they ve thought of some of the most deadly the creepy hist weirdest torture devices, scare tactics whatever, as as that strive with, while paying homage to a lot of homes. Do we have that box, the Malcolm which I felt I have had a scene which a lot of under me examining orphan of trying to open the box and about very much like salaries are no reason had that we had that evil dead moment where that kind of dead. Back to life from the blood in that you know to me. I was like this is does autumn I learned is that the more truly copies and then we have even more of that in the second sees it. So it's something that we know we have to do which, when you do it well yeah, Bobby Anti, and I can be a kind of difficult so so far if you like, we ve
accomplished out in the first uses. The thing that I really enjoy about the show is that it's it's kind of and I- and I mean this- is a hundred percent Compliment Lincoln's. It's it's light, fucked up fun in the sense that there some episode like you, get to a game, under the upper walking dead than ever issues like fuck? I just need, like a minute, need a minute to recover ripe brows, I'm emotional disturbed and their fucked things that happen entailing, but its but its bonnet. Really. It is more than mere to fund yeah yeah. That's that's! That's a great way of putting it and I don't know- Why or how that would work, but I degree. I mean by a big fan of of gaming thrones walking dead as well and yeah it's when I watch or what I've when I talk to people, one of the cool things that we have going on its report is the the background. The pictures that we have on the show are have to be the best doctors of all time. It's incredible. The arse citizens of our Salem. They
are incredibly passionate, strange lovable, wacky characters on that we have to keep using just mall down, and obviously you to use the same background in what they started to do is to throw us seal on Sundays parties straight up and the entire background would take over the bar like any. There was like no look like you had to be a part of Salem, essentially go into this bar on a Sunday to watch it and was a great bonding experience and its whether we really cool and I've never been a part of anything like that on a weekly. You know, Qana Basis, and they you could see their reactions. And their reactions is kind like what you were saying it was. It was excitement little scared but kind of excited. For that scary thing. To happen right Even have a death happened or something like that. It's gonna strange, but what when watching walking, dead or gamma thrones or something it's a little feels a bit more tragic, I guess
I will just it's just emotionally scarring and I need I need shows that are mainly like a show that has fucked up things that happened, but but still sort of like opens kind of cool, it's mine and not right right, inhabiting, read that and I think one beauties about working in a town like report or a small town? Is it I'm sure you were in Toronto like I've, just scatters cause it's big city and you can go to New York and absolutely you can go. You know you there's a million things to do, but you really it seems, like your father, to be a community which is good. Yes, yes, I, Ray I completely, I mean I'm in being in Toronto the first seas and overseas and any Gaeta. Yet I get too big city, thankfully, because of their nine months of the year at a long dark, but in you have your sports teams, Europe restaurants, your music seen all those things that you can do and we got very close and agreed on by
together for that for that for a season in that second season Bodoni around a third and go into the fourth in Sunday at your own friends and you're gonna do in your own thing enough to schedule a cast. A coral dinner, ribald free, I'm a couple months whereas in report you, like I'm, not doing anything besides working energy, so there's not there's not because it to smaller down. This is not as much as it does Reed, stronger sense of camaraderie and family, and that is actually a very good thing. And it's been. It's the town just welcomed us and they ve been phenomenal, there are already it was. It was this this year being back like. I guess forty eight hours this year is true sadder leaving because it was one of those things we're like of condoms, we're still getting messages like while you gotta come back to the local coffee shop to that straight or to rhino coffee was like the Kaweah, we always window, and you know like Europe, one breakfast spot. All that kind of stuff, and you like well
we'll see in January the town of changed I'm sure you'll still being among the town. You know it get in. In annoying, which is right near whereby dead shoots like that. The town that was the governors town, yet it's been has slowly transforming over the years is like it's starting like walking. Paraphernalia other, you know. So she is report that could being like the new Salem. Well, it's it's a similar thing because they town that we actually built to be Salem, witches, really a real working said? It's incredible? Is it not in Tripoli, proper its forty minutes outside, so I dont know what will happen to them the show, and eventually it again, I mean it's like a town, we literally billions LEO Witches, Wilma man. What do you mean like if I may, as well be late Payment town out upon desert words like it. Like a living set that they built Fergus.
Western movies, like I like the studios that had that built it stopped using it, and then people just moved in and started bars and like us. Living in this we old Western. So now, old old western and they papua areas. This is like a balance right. I keep hearing about yet they ve been having shows there again answer gets like just people moved in and took it over now. Actually, just We can always that actually exist would be a trip there. I mean you could send a bunch of cost where's just live, there have Salem nights when we already have the matter. We have not done their onset every day. It is a trip I mean, but also the very easy in this sense, all you two locations it all up, Interior is on sound stage and then we'll go there. Forty minutes wax. You know where you're going to advocate a change is its period bees, so you're, never gonna say beyond downtowns report, shooting around corner of that you now chase.
Right outside its socket abbot. So there is a flash forwards, as happened with Flash that's a flash or jump way way way same iranian Brown around a timescale that guy that's true man or you can just have. And if we were to be really fun just like in the background you have data enjoyed a gas try according ass, just in the background like bad. Yes, don't reference it you Never talk about it. I have to have him here, that's gotta. We got our tv, the second phenomenal with it Why wouldn't you do that? Do that, especially in the light That is why we just did Doorn would do it for me, but I think spider would do it. I think, will would probably do it yourself on a card that great just in a way teams sector where they had period guard but have dry quarters connected? They would do
they would they Harriet garters they'd have to be a barrier to drag. It says no reading everything they just beam down and then they re I they know what's happening advance they would here. That's all. Card would just go. You know made seventeenth century, civilian clothing and re had been inhabited urban, a totally fit in that will be sent to constitute a bald head would definitely be able to have a we're ok, so we have here a period where aid are awesome. I'd love to see him, and then he be able to be able to basically used They may be able to use the federation technology to create the illusion that witchcraft is real dice to be wholly in and out and levitate objects, and we have a different Salem planet in our. They found their way to another dimension, to set up a duck line to observe or you listen, they do this programme at all of us can expect me to write it. I will I mean: what do you want apathetic Minister episode? We really want to take it. I do that for a bunch of seasons,
think is one genre and then all of a sudden you realize that is that there is a larger shell. That's a competitive, jumped genres and it's a completely different do. Is there a lotta is? Is there any history with? I dont think no, not really. I think that it is less price endings right, like you know, they got in would be furious. They got. It has to be really mad. Tough enough with I liked lost, and I know that there is a lot of people that were not happy with the ending of lost right. You know that, but you never really knew what that was going. But that too I store just like that. An old Grannis oars Rex possibility in the beginning first episode we're going through the through the plane. But, like you know, just there are a lot of possibilities that they do didn't Saint elsewhere slogan, the snow glow beyond mean that satisfies snow club with these two, the audio with the artistic child, the idea and what was interesting about that is that you could tie a bunch of other television universes together and say that they were because the producers of that shown
these people who had guessed start that all these other shows were actually just projections of this childs imagination and there are disconnected by detective munch. That's right, I mean, I think that that's what it takes a lot occur to do that, but but you can do that Salem into the study law? Can we yeah, maybe on it. So you can do It cannot just be taking place in their holographic q Picard out on his desk that in reality, what we argue, that would be an artist and we forget what we do want to swallow anything right away. This season drained I've been watching that jail. I watch the precepts of wayward pines, which is pretty pretty cool. Sure. Ok, I'm not seeing that end. They starting to lay out. It's definitely like a weird. It's. It has elements of lost in incense it there's this kind of larger,
going on a larger, weird kind of intangible, conspiracy thing going on and you would have said, Governments like ok, you know Their leading, though the writers are leading us down a path, and I hope that there is forthcoming that has gone into how this is going to be some way how it's gonna resolve and not just why you know weird shit: will job people tell in it will be like now, did you enjoy yourselves? You figure it out the re yeah. You know that the threats I got burned couple times by american horror story like all so we intriguing and in the end, like Why? No no you're! It's your job. To tell me what the bug is. Gonna ask why I can just imagine stuff by myself. You know how their lands please right. Right don't matter, we would all their united and wrap. That's why I enjoyed the verses and of leftovers, so I'm hoping give you see. I haven't. I know I know to show what that has ultimate
another. Never gonna explained what happens at the people rigid like this other from denied in the book, it never explain why my new you before this my quit immediately? It's like they say like Yo Yo causes damage seven was like very suspect rise. I hate right right up the bag. I just got it, you know it's never explained the source material, never explains it, so the shell will never do it. Well, let me just tell me, STAR Trek wraps everything up real nice? Does a rodya sort of all good things. The best financially it or those which are still next year. Duration entourage wraps everything. I know it doesn't assured TAT, Roger rather large large, live all the watchword. Plans of the recast met with Kevin Della daring ringing ass, the other gallon numbering bring in it all away rounds well done. Well,
Will I get an hour like we? We just burn through an hour and we will go. We did those, so nice to really met. You know cause I what I've been now. I love this. I'm so glad, and I should like, as you probably why I guess now it's been probably few weeks I know that you guys did an onslaught pr. We were trying to trying to write into your schedule like about a month ago or gavest. I wanna go yeah, yeah, yeah and heard me. Data in Germany would be the most noticeable people to have to do this, and will you get started a data? You can't drown him either through the Alps no the lad locally, the thing I don't know I won't do it come on Braga well, woody so where's, my phone? What are you doing? This would be to go down. I think AEGIS, do have that ground and never explained it whenever exponential explaining written to you just do it.
That- is the very there'll- be a very easy filming one mayor day, spaces around a corner. Look right, It could even be a close up democratic outside anything everything. Now why don't you see the vehement? You just hear the faint beam lemongrass surveys there wouldn't be a magical noise when they were beaming was merriment we ve never like an or any other website, and I would just them their molecules with just maybe that's their internal screams from being ripped apart, forcibly resembling atam or else the Galaxy glass. So this is just an idea that emits stats phenomenal. Galaxies tv show a rather different gas Well, the problems will turn out the blacker. What one study rash right mind? They are, if it's
It's some he's really funny he was. I could have like a few moves in a row. Randy was in hand, I didn't know if money cause it's like, like, for his very molecule, do thing where he's always like? When I see that guy in something and then he researchers it and it's never a good story. In any event, you never had a friend. Remember the guy had a thing we loves being the the year. He doesn't like he's just summit as where a metal May I I wonder where that shoots, fry LOS Angeles, actually shoots a new or well good for their good parent lay. What do you think they came up with the idea of shooting a show that space to New Orleans, I always like aided like I- would always see the CSI when irish downtown Erdogan, always civil society or people shooting downtown landline materialise from is down in a motorcycle accident November. Two thousand one. Now, what's created is working to reduce our energy and in the year after that accident he was in the country, but Disease a country bears oh, it was rat prior to was excellent.
Well. Well, it's a few years trivia. You look is Wikipedia, We have a lot of us ever just looks you're someone's, I'm doing page men makes up trivia he was part of a hip hop group from the eighties known as the groove beach chill. Is that true Why, then, nay? Ok, ok seconds later, he did say it's not true. That phenomena are not true, It's ok, it's true, everything's gonna about racism, I beg you mad. Yes, it is true. We have argued for me is a great pity that in the room,
I am BB trivia, I'm dvd for at midnight. Ok, a game in either or game. You have a real and a fake piece of trivia from me. I d be sightless eyes right there anymore, but I was thrown out of forty dollars. You twenties decouple tens it's really good to see you, man and I and I decided to go Maybe I'll see you data COMECON and if they let me do that panel, but if not, then the next time that I come up tat would be. Its crisis would know. I remember that for sure, we're sure. Well it's hard because where's, the comecon you so many people at one time, asshole in your brain, little scrambled, and then people are coming up to you that night and you don't you No, you don't know so wide, always been a value of your working in an also being like I'm watching
out. Oh, my gosh out of a thousand corpses left my life. So I'd always I mean I'd always been well aware and they walk in advance much talking deadened things. Are you know so for me to do the show is absolutely man, it's good to see you and I hope you. I hope you enjoy your month at the hotel at her. You know what I better spending the money, so yeah me to prevent work emit on that pillow one meant on a damn pillar. They don't hence a desire to man. Many for a month or now just baggage on. Third, like there's a guys I'm a month or what are you a day or lines where the air down hotels gotta come free night, while its up some?
down the lights, just three actual history and I get our other places and other places online. That people should seek you and say hi or not. Now I just do. I really do want twitter little muscular him, but I'm not really. You know I'd love to be more honest, and up front on social media, but I'm gettin trouble yeah I have to do. I have to stay away I'm thinking about starting some big ones, just to be able to do my own true beliefs, but things just find out. What's a lot of us, Is it always want to do with friends, brats yeah its hands, you believe so that's their beliefs, but no, I don't think you want to call it a y know, I'm not letting on no isn't my jubilee did you go to a jubilee amazement as you believe mats bearing a jewish. Ladies, you are going to become your way and I were not really sure what the real
four marrying a jewish girl Rebecca might be to make jokes. Haven't you ok what they are doing? This is a state aid. As soon as we have kids, I got jewish care. It's ok, my kids! Do that's right! It's a good fall back should we and on a groove, each Ilsa, see no other way to get other than that are candlelight being shown that even I write it submits creek
good, I'm already in the nineties. Teresa forgot the rapid yogi like as a basic rights as a guy. You left me five times for the operator. I gave up that banks Bobby, but rather a hammer memorandum repaired emotional, so comical, gradually recommend of every kind of propaganda will be on the right path in the sand dunes, man. I took the signal now just whereby one song, but burrito ever manner now leading noticed
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