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It’s an extra special hostful episode! Chris and Jonah recently joined Matt on his show Sidekick with Matt Mira on Alpha, and here it is as a podcast! Jonah talks to Matt about his punk band days past, Chris showcases some questionable Snapchat cat art and they compete to see how well they really know Matt! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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That's something I should say so hopefully is available in your country. Don't be mad at me. If is unavailable your country, I didn't do it, you don't make the rules, I don't make the rules. I wish I did not make it available everywhere, but I don't get this option. I'm not the Bruce Almighty of you know that's about Agora, lacquered shaking their heads but shaking her head. Yes, I decided that yes, agro black you're gonna be out an upcoming vodka. That's where this in your reaches recorded, forgets with them. So, listen to that one
but this right now is technically a hopeful yeah. So here's a we did so project alpha was legendary digital networks, programming initiative on that you can subscribe to you get a thief: a free, thirty day, trial project, alpha dot com, it's kind of an amalgam of nervous content. You can sundry content new shows exciting shows like sidekick with Map Myra. So Joan and I went, did an episode of psychic met, my run, it was so much fun says that we should make this also about gas is exactly what this is, so you can listen the audio from
Sidekick, Matt Myra, which you can then go, watch any right out the icons and watch all the observes. The project effort outcome to so psychic is basically Matt. Had this idea for show which is great were he's the psychic cause he you know he was a psychic on a lot of podcast. He felt, and so he said, why was gonna. Be aside, kick in my own show, so people come on and he becomes the sidekick and they effectively hosts the show. So that's what happened so Jonah hosting the show to Matt Sidekick, and I am the guest so but it but it all works. Alec. Also about just tough to get this has arrived together, cause Jonas doing a million things and matzoh running on the gold bergs, and so and then I'm doing some stuff too. So this I said it was just it's just fun to get together with these guys and be able to pretend like we're the only ones in the world doing a podcast. It's just us three against the world, so here's the Nerdist podcast number, eight hundred and fifty seven podcast sidekick with Matt Mara Kati Roll.
Now entering merely Stockholm I welcome the side with neighbour Myra. In case you haven't heard. I am not the whole division. I am beside gig. Also in case you haven't heard bird bird bird bird Bird is the word I don't know what you're going to do with that information, but your creative you'll figure, something out making you're safe word, riding on a boat, get a tattoo just below your belly button or fuckin choose a different word altogether. Last time I checked this was a free country. For now you have the power and there are a lot of great words up their banana jumbo Allah Rafale right. What's that Laura five,
failure. Josh, who wrote that, as in the host of today, show who apparently is Oh and I Laura File, which really fucking loves cats, but also as an incredible. She's, one of the causes and earnest park ass. These hosted the meltdown with commercial Non Johnny. It's actually called about our genuine camellias. Why it sounds weird when I say like that he's also ours, the cavity travel show I'd, see so called hidden America and the house. Jesus Christ Bro also the host of the rebirth of mystery science Theatre three, thousand plus he's been on tv. Alot Andy hasn't got their record label. When I met him, he was too drunk to remember me at a comedy death ratio. Ladies and gentlemen, as they gather Violet Joan around
man. I can't believe you made time in your schedule. Also. Just to your point, though I wasn't too don't you remember, I was Tudor when it happened back a bit of a different. I get it again. You know what you come a way, you're very busy. Thank you refining. I am to be here on this programme. Of course I've been wanting to do it for a while, and I am glad that I got an opportunity to be squeezed in before you wrap we're gonna. Do you cancel? I dont know. Bang seems like things are going gray. Is I guess the thing you love? You me. I do love me and I also love not being the focus of attention, which is why the directive
no Sir John. We both pull their weight equally of inherited pod Cassa lots, and after these that's is buttered true, but this is my show. That means you have to do work. So your first job is gonna, be delivering tonight's monologue sounds great. Eighty rate. Can we have a disclaimer that I did not write these jobs my name's on the show they know. That's. Ok, it's gonna be true Inspired, I'm gonna make sure everyone appreciates it with some sweet baselines, senior punch. A lot of raw scylla. You base Kevin you base, my God is putting great may I have given you base Emma tonight, mad band, not as good as you Bay, FAO, let's go, for it is time for pet zoo in another lives.
A group met your love. This zoo in the Netherlands has created an experimental programme, known as I could you not tinder for ring a tanks. Yes, and this allows female rang it thanks to choose a made by picking through a digital images on a touch screen. This is what we need to avoid. A whole bunch of orangutans taken shirt was mere selfies, a sharp their acts with the caption work, hard play harder banana. It would write banana eliminated. The unripened the joke. Even if I said all the words correctly got what he deserved. It was a long way to go, but it also wasn't worth a you know: it's gotten. Scientists have discovered that dogs actually find certain types of music soothing and even pleasurable, specifically re gay and soft rock raking in soft Rock Matt. It looks like thing finally found his new audience. You play the base by some pleasant thing
That's right. You know that was staying grass see later I'll call the police ok. So this is Apparently not your again again. I don't. I don't mean to say this about often, but your love this one. In South Carolina. A single parking space is being sold for seventy four thousand dollars for seventy four thousand dollars. You can buy a parking space in downtown Charleston or for two dollars more you, Just by downtown Charleston, Gimme a little. My name is not my name is modest from premises.
I promise that I was lying on the other times, but you're Isla this. What attacks a man was charged for possession of methamphetamine, but it turned out to just be Kitty litter, sounds to me like that met was cut. Was next to shit. Tat to me, though, it's always been the urine that smells. He's right. You re my audience, you know what I'm talking about Africa. Cat piss met earlier this week,
Pennsylvania, a pizza delivery that was robbed at gunpoint by teenagers, Sheldon, Isaiah cheese, that's right! His last name was cheese and I don't see what's the big deal is I can help it, but she is all the time. Sometimes I just eat it up and I'm like I want to go to ban them. Sit on that toiling. You know what I'm talking about. I'm just gonna like that bad dovers. They love Anyone in Pennsylvania evaluators extra on aeroplanes, as I respect too long doing the constipation. I beg your pardon you tangled enough re think so I think I may this guy's gonna he's gonna need a good, a defensive, sir, defence of Sir you don't you did the Magter guess, there's eleven, as he did say, on the motorways.
We got a mother, Fucker, Isaiah, teens dump, you remember what you did, what it he's. You helped somebody up. You repeat a man. He ordered a pizza crazy, like God, together that money. I think, he's gotta put it in a sweet bringing a working man. Obviously this kid is a moose. Our job on a scale of one to get the fuck out. Yet I do you work for low because I recognise and others, but at five is get the fuck out. Ok, usually well, no one issue in the process not join I've known for a long time,
real natural transition idea to make natural transitions. I'm just here to do it's impromptu, I'm here to make friends with we're. Ok, Jonah the question tonight, I'm asking you because you know you were so long. What is something about yourself? You ve never mentioned before. Well, I took a lot of people. I am sixty four sixty five. Thank you so much John L, people, everything I'm an open book you are I love and I'm open with everything my sex addition affected by sex edition in addition to Sex Dixon, I am also so there's all kinds of things. I like you. A lot is happening like about your early career, our talk in pre so called days, No, why you're on an island? You decided you might
try being at a punk banned in try. I did not do so. That's like the beauty of being upon ban. You barely have to attempt- and you are, do you like what was pugsy like on the big guy- I Wasn'T- I don't I mean everyone Onawandah, the one who is pretty gray is very diverse. There isn't enough people to just have like punk, music and there he also had the variations of it. Like one show. You would have like a right girl, bad upon ban a hard core about a metal ban and like a reggae ban, so there was a lot of different types of people all their just kind of, but a bunch of I saw you down and they also in that it covers la domestic covers. Why didn't you play drum? I play the drums. I was a drummer, I'm a German, I do you still drama. It'll joins the eye dram, all the time you did you. What did you did you like
the lawyer on equipment around where hated? What did you drive around Hawaii to have drums fit in it? My friends, cars. I like the point that the taken the drums up and down that was, though, is the worst part, especially when you are in a bad way. Separate Sanger when there's a guy that just saying you know you're done with the sad and then I have one has to do with our equipment and then the senior goes in makes out with the growing ever crush on happens every time you shoot em how so they're married Jonah are numbered. Eight hundred fifty noticed broadcasts how many of those that we ve been on four hundred and thirty all right. If I wish this whatever member Hardwicke, does anyone is anyone keeping count
many we're on. Ok, our some of your favorite noticed moments of over the years. I'd say, meeting male Brooks now is one of the best ones, but William favorite part about the metal Brooks Encounter I well remember. I brought the high anxiety, sound tracker to him to sign and finally brought to overturn these in YO. He kept on throughout the interview checking to see you know who was man who was Jonah. Just double checked alternately that job ok and then he gets. The record is easy to say: ok, John aren't too Matt, unlike, yeah, we just go across each crosses at outputs, my name, which is even better says. It's like. I love that I have a sign record now Brooks and also your name is crossed out.
That was I to my favorite things. L was and still is, he's sharp is a fuckin taxis varies very great. I'm around the silver well by the fact that got to meet him at all like us, I'm are. We got the car, we were kind of stunned and we can talk about it when you got a car to start to cry. Yeah just stay, just our bawling pull up is the road and cried because it just the idea that, like because of who he was, I got to meet him later in life and that's that's times our Yeah really like we ve been so fortunate to meet so many heroes, except for day Matthews. Throughout their Dave. I think he's great in the mess with ASEAN yeah, it's very, very inviting them of a gang. When we got to me like a lot of awesome people, I love that you know we got to talk to palm corny thousand thousand credible and I like it's like, without even trying to two whole Chris, partly show moment where its yet so lots eight hours.
A global milk. You realize you knew it was a vegetarian exile. That's a gentle like yours, my enemy! For us, this alternate milk. Then you go uses again. It's good good for you. I love you so good, and then I told Jeff Bridges to what he's doing the pitcher It's true. I address story. Guy bridges jeopardize was on the nervous. And he was a second time he was out and afterwards is like a man to go and throughout the ball judge your game, and I go you don't you should do you shouldn't bullet Ngos what we do and then a couple days later, I remember who is on biogas, but I did you see what your approaches did. He was the first rigid any bull like the boon, although that was it was
really. I was rather one of Europe's great better than the rest of our. What are some yours, my favorite, of its support for it. There's another person here. That could also talk about Hardwicke, we'll be on short Well, then, why do we talk about it? What cycle, but it lets me remember to talk about when he comes out. Ok enabled the other rural share a favorite moments, but I want to talk about in Amerika. I see so you yeah Josh watches x to hush it's great you're doing since half marauding zero. That's all! as you know, what these these vertically integrated digital Multi platform entertainment shows, are the way of the future. No denying it
Does it want to pay a little bit of money for a lot of content? I mean people, do it for networks? Why not theirs? They don't care about eggs, so Jonah, hidden America. Europe sees any went to bar you when you ask them my mother's the hurt me with the poster. That's you yeah, just like I'm wearing the same short. Let's take this picture, I got that shirt in two thousand five of goodwill. And I was born assured on a billboard. So I kind of calibre that our where that guy, I got a lot of great people that has brought more around your arm into garments in there. What can we look forward to and seizing turkey tells? Maybe a city went to we went to Miami. You see we went to Reno you baby, I've never been to Reno. Now,
No! I love LAS Vegas Nevada. Oh man, then you're gonna, love, LAS Vegas is shitty uncle. Rina Reno is just a dirty ashtray. Its spirit animal is dead, be dead from the seventies. As rights where I know what will I find in Vienna? Let's say I landed the Reno airport and I'm expecting some high class fun gambling what work- and I expect that in the casinos you gotta know its effect, travel so Matt. I have known the tires: writs real, real fake, but but I, like you, know it's it's a lot of people. Do that or go oh, like I'll. Take a picture of me like in front of like in Washington, rather washing Memorial, real hidden! I got you. Fuck. Has a history of fake show but the decision on this, these and we have Anthony Bourdain, which is a rule trippy, because it's a parity of his show, then he shows
on the show that he beat the shit out of me bone it. We can we kept the cameras Roland, so it's gonna work. I think in the end, it that's great. I do find it to be more work than he thought it would be or more fun. Many thought it would be a thing. It's it's it's! It's it's just work, and now it's like your constantly killing yourself to make your days makes her everything's funny and if I can relax and not be so so my head. I say as a lot more fun there s a lot less work, but I I can't you should do show like this. We, I literally do nothing, no, no, no, no It allows those yet Let's talk about your other people, scared of you know, God, no are you people by the people behind
the people I could see like no fucking. So let's talk about. Let's talk about without everybody's mouths, when they say you re mysteries, isolated freely, Yes, I am a new house of Mr Sized later three thousand, jobs beer microphone theirs? with Rob gone. The director Baron VON Anthony Elliot Elliot Kalen had writer on Daily Show John Stewart, it's it's a great it's it's it's a great experience and it was weird to be there to kind of be do you. I was like that's a huge. I mean long
for we ever even met Joe. I knew you were huge fan of misery, say yeah. You know I had to albums out to send developments in their both named after lines from MR signs here, two thousand, when the first Hollywood meeting has ever had what what what would you do wont load the Jonah shall be- and I said well, we should bring bergmans who says you through thousands means a host and laughed at me back as those two thousand three and had been off the air for that long and but little did they known this dull Jim, would be gold, baby yeah! You got a property, we want it yeah, but it was. It was a lot of fun, as that was a lot more work than I thought it was had. No idea that making the show was also what the shit like that the concept of the shows, what it's like, making the show you are tortured by these terrible movies. I gave me a new idea. It's a growing out so find me, my friends
got all died away, we're all thrown jokes at the screen and immediately guy, but what about like the third time they so like? A fifteen second shot of someone walking across the room I really do he's done this. Excited. It's up to you. Did you find yourself very, like pinch herself, every five seconds, because I mean you're really like it? I can't even like like in it too. It would be like if they said Matt we're gonna Reboot STAR Trek and we want you to run it. They did not ask me they are rebuilding it, but like this is what it's like you're living your childhood dream. I yeah. I'm little literal dream come true and that's. It only makes me scared of for the future like when it's done.
Oh, what do I do now? Suicides weigh up on the list area and I do to get a job- is direct suicides going to love to do that? You should care, be worse I thought it was a lot of fun. I thought it was a lot of fun. Why is it with guns and people jumped? There's too, there are too many fucking people they had to like. Introduce you to They did it too quickly. I mean I've talked about. I talk about this if the other thing in this, video. I don't know what it was matter, but it what you really you, then why do you need from my big they needed to do? They need to get a few more DC movies under their belt, where they had a few more villains that we had already met like they got you like How could I man in Sugar Heller crack that crime? dial man girl who is suited. You think she girl the girl. That's a woman. See girl. I dont know. If any figures,
Do you see it overall came out and I was a marvel? Listen, John. You can't tell us anything about which movies your come watching in the new season at what I can ask you is of the movies that have appeared on Miss precisely in the past. What do you think is the worst moving or have you know it's metals? Hands of fate has its own tax, because it's it's it's it's a good episode, but is a terrible move and you hear a lot of people trying to get it out, like Blue rang out following sure, but because of MR assigns later that's good. That's gonna, get
nobody itself, like an old like the movie, Glen or Glenda, is terrible. Rata best part about glitter. Glenda is the movie Edward right because you get to see two minutes of it and that's not share share your thing. Man. I was watched on its own. Have you done it? Have you tried? I fell asleep, it's it's not a good movie. It's a poorly made movie. That's the thing! That's what makes it, but that's what it's like with MR sensitive movies. They have to be kind of ok right. They have to be left to have a plot, but you can sort of far yes right actually helps the jokes. When the characters track, you can keep on adding Joseph character yeah, but when it's a poorly made movie its really hard. Well, you know it's not really hard bringing out our guest Jonah ol Man, this guy I'll I'll, tell you. Everybody loves here's the deal I got it you gotta bring about because I think this is literally dying.
From not being on television. I know this isn't technically television, but this show might sustain him until he can get back to the heat of network stage lights. Yeah I mean here you're some things not if we haven't said his name about five times yet you can see this guy hosting at midnight a great program. You can see this guy hosting the wall, which is one of the best new game, shows on tv, it's incredible and also the talking debt please. You know what he's a good guy ran and it's like I mean you know you love on. Please everybody welcome one above Edward people. Yeah ITALY was so much for US We really cannot think of a better person to call a friend yeah, exactly what am I doing? Our everybody listen, ladies and gentlemen. Current is a good guy
All we have a thing. I never thought we'd be together and I'd be the worst dressed of the three of you don't ever happen. No, I'm still on the bottom. Analyse this target sue does not really Good. I guess you'd be hosting and forward wars, her hipsters adorable. Why do I love what those who, like that's good, that's cool It's for your work and private life. They have anything clip to my jack and I do not see this is this. Is this a fancy Brooks brother suit, the tuna, its Ralph, Lorraine, regular, but this here's the thing with the sleep was there? Was it? Did you get that at the link the factory outlaw bars of liquid, the slaves who got the man. You look like you're about to start hustling familiar to looks like he's about to shoot up.
You can? You know I'm doing a star trek pod. Can't you see this show just you taken. You're close putting them died out. We asked Amerika what was your favorite part of match your job? again brought. Why did you tell him about programme? Is Roger Neighbourhood, the changing of clothes I'm gonna be out. I mean I was asleep my favorite part of that Joe and at one time that MR the male man brought over saxophone player, you're, gonna, say anthrax, Got it a very special rights for two thousand to survive: brow anthrax, so rock diabetics, revenge for two thousand to live. Aren't you
I probably know what I was thinking about her Mary railroad error. You noticing it gives you were talking about. You fulfil your childhood dreams. It is, one of them would be to run sector, but I would mention the other, for you would be like if you write a day. Matthews concert day was like hey, man get up, but it got there. Unlikely. It was a guitar for left handed Qatar. I wonder it now. You know what it would be. It would be if I think that's a great dream, and I would love to do that, but really for me, it would be like if possible, Cardinal was like, hey come play, beetle songs and then I would because his guitars would work for me, he's left handed and they would have to be a thing where I brought my own guitar.
Frankly for the audience, but would you will have it just taking practical you're worried about my dreams? Are there we go? I know how that, like that that moment, that moment, where we were doing the punk has upon Mccartney, and one of the crazy thing you know tat to me is it is: who brings publicists and people along with them and who doesn't right and with Bacardi you'd think already have a whole entrepreneurial just him we're just alone in the room and at the end he pulls out. The tiniest harmonica starts
and then all of a sudden, I'm unemployed who do I saw a bag. I can't even get my brain can't catch up with the with the moment. He was one of those people that, like you me, I think also like Tom Hanks is of the elk of people where you expect something from this person justly publicly or like of tonics prior pretty great guy and like he exceeds yes and public. Aren't you expected to be I'm fucking public art me? I don't need to do this. I ll be kind of nice and whatever, but he was like so just amazing without this thing to when he talks about when he doesn't take pictures of people, he just give them a moment. He was as onto yeah instead of sort of because for people like that would have come to learn. Is that they do?
feeling like they're a prop, and you know when they went in Macao and came on. I guess I thought I was gonna be really fun. You know he Patrick Stuart Run run taken all these crazy pictures. What a great time lobster say. So I get this really dumb, like Bowler had in this Monaco and a moustache and I'm going to take a picture with him and then you know we got in the pod cats and he was like, and I do not like it. When people ask to take pictures, I do like to insert like I've putting them I trying to high. By that I mean that story. Is that our vote with better to do ass right Patrick Stuart, when he came on because, like oh, yes, I would not like that at all put the had. I will you take me to go shopping, foot on the footsteps and there we ever recording of petrol or going you look like
Fucking Hitler, Gunnar was just has done little to sleep, but the little plastic moustaches in them. Or had in the monarch. All it was a Heller must that it was not at all. Jonah was not at all the trolley chapel mustache. It was that it was neither but it, but what I just think you know what I learned from the the Harrison Ford POD cast, that we did a comic which was you know like there was always uncomfortable. It was because I couldn't get a crack at. I couldn't cracked couldn't crack it, and then I got nervous and I gotta my own way and as soon as soon as smell blood in the water- it was a leg and and- and understandably so, like he's one of the biggest stars in the world, so if you're taking up his time, you should be able to handle it. I you know I double down on a question or
Like he's scoffed at a question I had my set out. You know I brought up after actual ignoring it. Like you re says, he didn't have control over Moses that we actually get nor nor he's he's kind of a producer who sits in the debate like it was at a thing you ever want to do these things like fucking a Norton. He says. Let me please I don't. I don't know how about nobody does was I I don't like it. I got my house, I knowed. Would you ever be in a position like I said I had a double ask, but it but it helped it helped. In that sense, it would help to go through that to realise ok, I'm just never gonna, be afraid of someone again that I'm sorry I'm going to talk to them like their people and that, while you are good, but that's what happened, British shit. No, I was pretty scary. I had this shit, my pants when I got out here. I came with it from home, but when I when I think about the logistics of that, like boy, what a great joke is gonna be aiming to ship. My
The ruling over with no, I gotta commit now have their, but but it was just the idea of it. You know their beads of bees guy and how many people talk to like a guy most people, probably pilots, other pilots, the nano goodbye lying. I hate you I would have taken that lay down on the eighteenth hope what a missed opportunity for him do have jumped out of the planet Did you see a title us, but he was really great.
At the at the force awakens panel comic kindness. There was a totally different experience than like that the coming hours before, and I wonder if that had something to do with it, we're just he was like all life is precious and nation. Appreciate that are used like in his head is like well, they fuck and killed me. So I dont come here. Nobody goes back, he seemed the. He sees personality, simulate different but yeah it's, but when I think about the experiences that we ve had together in some of the people that we ve met. Where we were almost kind of like this person would agree to me too slowly, and you know it really is on Africa. We I had a day with the podcast, where we were at the old Burbank spot and we were passing with Buzz Aldrin.
And I pulled up to my parking spot and it was not my right. Next. The parties vows Buzz Aldrin life. It is amazing that opening I had to shoot a thing, for course, for the fourth afterwards, and it was with Lake Jonesy, Steve Jones and Anaconda Keller and CM punk, and I had to leave Buzz Aldrin early like by ten minutes to go, hang out with fucking. Joan is waiting Cooper and CM punk, just like fucking planet. At my own, it is, it is pretty mine bending over celestial body, the moon. Maybe it's still foot so freaks me it's over. It's me doesn't matter too. I know your manager put it on Those treat me like a crazy about. I actually rising unemployment.
We're getting serious here but but I actually tried to get, I tried to Book Dave Matthews for upon cast for your birthday one year, but I just it was just ass. It was unable to make it happen. I don't I don't give up hope. I think he might one day decide here. The fact that no knowing what he does this Blake I was listening to these. They have these inner ear MIKE recordings Data. This isn't this. What do you call it
picture death like us, Ngos, because angle, I was listening to these inner ear. Mike recordings can someone were they get the radio frequency and they Matthews Ban, allows you to take the shows like the rebel dead like fish, and these guys would get these receivers for the Interior MIKE's and turned to the frequency of the band, and then you could hear these recordings, the bandit since band these. But you would hear him on my go and like doing, and then he heard a second later God damn. It was really thought it's just like what what a voice who buys a totally different, just a totally different speaking worthier anywhere people. There are people that they have completely did like. They have a persona yeah that at a party wants a nerve in diesel. Is there really nice guys been nervous, put played a critical role, pokes overtaken sundry, and he I think it was a little tipsy and will introduce- and I was expecting.
The speculators diagnosed and rigid, and it just came out we're like this nice that we are really. I just saw your balls basically, but it was. It was really good who says I couldn't be nicer, but it but yeah I mean I guess you know everyone, and then you saw realizing so please the indeed he is essentially one of us who just decided like Would it be the skylight key? Basically, he made himself a dna character. He started a losing his hair, then he went with it and then it was so to Billy. Then what fifty miles those guidelines that someone at the barbershop on saturday- and they were carried Maharbal titanic- was playing in the barbers just kept stopping when Billy's aim resigning. Pointing
glue line on is too long and so filling them like. I would guess that you would have that you would go to we barbershop. I do better Barbara with as many people I get speedy Paul. They will give me whisky if I want it. It's like this very small sharpened, my favorite Barbara. They used to work in a big barbershop open up his own place very close to my house, and it's like the best favorite shows the gold works like weirdly, he's like eyes like I'm like talking about work one day and I was like I am doing this karate Kate episode with the other Adam gold bird would become the and then he just looks at me Agus don't. Don't spoil it tat. I had my wife favorites, I love it. I don't want to be surprised as having come to a taping. It should invite him to do just that. Payment should occur to you.
To make us a compliment and walked away. I bet I give you a disco, a videotape like shit, that data Tipp Plenty threw him and no disco. So more after we got the money. I will now go now knows you're right, you ever tv, so yeah that and now look like that. You should take it take. It just get in the car will take your barbary writers either funny invasion in his head. No by putting vision, is, is just shades of the early days of the depth of you mean the mad everyone thinking Jonah was the main one we really should it opens up looking relatives being like Paper Abuja did you really mean the magic is just to survive? though I saw em so every time about public with you guys, that's our sitting together. That's our secret power. I
these guys. These goes very worse than was so like its regular means undergo wow you're, nice why you were always my least favoured this guy? Why would you does I why Chris announced any I go? Why are you quantify me and my friends? Isn't it isn t? So everyone is with their friends, they will give their friendship, they vulgar. That's that's. What makes a friend like a friend to someone you can say as a piece of shit still go and hang out afterwards. The area can get that stuff out as we did to strangers or family as a whole. In other words, the internet is exactly like we're in there were literally in their heads and may think that their having the conversation with us, so they think that they can to say whatever the fuck they want to say to us when they can't lucky guy. I love you have I love you have mugs. These are really nice and not a mad of mad, yes or no. There is great Jonah. These are great fears
the highlight of my sidekick career. I'm sorry, I'm sorry that we didn't you into the preview unity. There's pre it up. I saw my calendar popped up. It said a pre interview for sidekick and digital libraries, friends. What are you gonna, greener vehemently about this magic? I thought I told the guys I was like I don't know if they're going to do the pre interview just seems like a lot of unnecessary ground. I think I think it works Chris. You just don't count, target values, rob what five culture treasurer historic artifact. Would you like to recover? Let's talk about his animations L collecting, because you and I share a need to collect and too like have thing. I have given you a lot of shit over the years here. Guitar collection- and I am- I have far exceeded the obsession with me. You know so much.
By way of really boost sadder in this situation, met I feel like because you could just new buying out and you put him on a wall MAC and actually get up and play it, but buys it hears that lay myself. I grant you work. I rent my house He owns it. I've always liked dynamite. You rent out your guitars you're guitars. If any, I would actually I've texted people their servants of those. We reject what sells yeah there's a susan, some tree house of horror yeah, that's right! I know I have a bunch of really get those I bought and I bought it an auction. Some simple Tracy omen: simpsons, oh You recognized it that episode two yeah, I don't know I just you know an animation was for me when I was when I was growing up. My life was, you know, basically ruled by a comedy any comedy anything
during the comedy boom of the seventies and eighties all stand up, specials, every comedy everything and then Dundee computers, video games and then cartoons animation, and I tried to get into animation when I was in college, I buy basically went down to bunco where they were. Man ran, simply was being made and- and I I said, I by one work here, and so they you know they let me submit art and then I realized. I was not very good I mean I thought I was good and then I saw what real could you like? Do multiple poses of the same character? Like I mean just not great, you know like I when I saw what really great art was really great cartoon. Aren't we know with John Kane Vince Waller, and all these guys, PETE Evans. You know like there was just a who went on to do a bunch anchorages and then I realized. Ok, ok, I'm not I'm not, and so they really
me a favour by telling me I wasn't good enough cause. Then you know that was ok, I'm gonna! U know coming to pursue stand, stand up and making our days when it was the right. Of course. They went to a name day. They understood they were philosophy majors, they understood they understood basic character, construction and we know how old you still doodle seems like unto I've never seen you draw anything. I have ideas, an Ipad Pro, the twelve which one would depend on it and I only have drawn grace. I mean my whole snapchat account was just drawing pictures of dicks on my wife's cat I'll be right back. I can show you. I wish I d sent this. Do you guys earlier I could have. I could have loaded in well you're lucky for us we can do in post. Oh that's right! Here we go. Here's this first one? I thought all this is really fun. You know why so serious right there now guy you're, seeing this now. Can you go see this then and then a circular
moreover, my k there is allow full legs then, and there is always being by dinosaur. Now he's got these get stupid eyes. Ok, now: here's where he s getting orally pleasured by another cat. There, and these are you stop slapping work and then here is pooping office pumping around the fishbone then here is due in the weather he likes to stretch out on the floor. Theirs I had him, do it through the whether there and then Oh sixty nine lives, as this is a fun series where he had of another cat and then and then I got the Ipad the pencil and then the drawings got started to get really. It is certainly one of those I burned cyborg cyborg, not the cat and says why not cyborg various be hit being pleasure,
and instead pay there is clear. This is his murdering blues clause in his mind. That's what I'm saying there is getting stamped on: Mario Casinos, our squish down there, as for Thanksgiving one year, full Turkey, that's a human dignity is arrogance that Spain is out, so you know rob you are these yeah yeah. I really shouldn't. Do you think? That's your greatest accomplishment, this drawing this exemption, it's so much fun of me because the cats varies very sweet. Cat aid has no idea. It's being the draft and can literally has no his brain cannot conceptual. Eyes what I am doing subject and then so funny to me of motion? It feels no and that you know the cat is a very as an amazing life ii collecting, though of the cell, like what is it for you that draws. You too, I think it's only things that were very that were
I would I dont use by any old cell, like it's very specific, so like I'm about to buy some some lay out drawings from bugs binding. The three bears, which was a truck Jones, is one of my favorite. The three bears characters are so wildly inappropriate for children for Demi, not that any those were originally made for each other. But but if it's you know so it's ones that are really really really special to me in are really strangely specific, like there was an hour, partly in the eighties, and I really liked swung united by buying some there's gotta be what forty dollars not even yet like there was there. So you know an end depending on the show or the movie like the Disney cells can get pretty expensive, especially if it has the backgrounds with him, but
but I have. I have cells from the space s game and from dragons lair. We have some Roger rabbits. I have Pinocchio has Ghostbusters real goes, but I've got some of those with the backgrounds and left them in my office and now I believe, they're embezzlers office. You can buy those that actually real real ghostbusters. I bought the probably like forty bucks ivy. You can't get to go through the thing, a comical, unlike slip, thoroughly animation cells. They have no. No, no, I I thought about wearing a spider man mask going onto the floor and then flipping through the animation self. Nobody cigarette, but then they ll stick to my hands. I actually buy from like there's a few dealers that I get them from that. I trust and then
and in all see some on Ebay or you know, auctions, there's some actions every once in a while. For me with the with the guitar collecting. It's always something that I see that I think I will not see again right and I always and thereby will you have a particular. You know you, but you have a particular thing in that your left handed out and there are not a lot of Lufthansa, guitars nation and so it sort of like the same thing for me, I'm my my body size. I must medium, which is like I'm in between small and medium. So whenever I find a jacket that fits perfectly like right off the wrecked by so imagine it's the same fears like over that Qatar and left in the version on their theory. I have to say that if my wife would understand that we be okay so severe that argument, do you collect anything? No are you although in a record house collecting records for us, and then I saw them, give the proceeds to plan parenthood
yeah. I just know I want to start getting rid of stuff. I don't think I don't want to. I don't want to have stuff anymore. Yes, it's like takes up space and I you know doesn't know good anymore. I think it was nice to have that stuff. Now, I'm ok without really all about the hunting in the gathering, though it's really all about the collecting in the end, the finding that, I think is where the joy comes from. Yes, at that moment, where you you follow my gotta keep we live, Listen you get that feeling and then, and then it's nice to have. And then, when you see you go, that's my Now. That's really great really is about like to be a collector, is really about the collecting Ellie. I have I ever guitar that I got the Brian RE, whose parties led guitarist. He came out with the signature issue. Gibson S. G,
and I tweeted at hand. I was like TAT, they may well those lefty, I would love it and he deemed me and was like, is very serious and talk to the guys and see if they can make one I say: yeah, of course, is pregnant. You artist. Pricing owes a great gibsons insanely overpriced. So I don't hear for over two months and then a day s main Ngos. I got him to make two lefties one for you, and one for Paul God send me. Seventy five thousand dollars knows very of cheaper than any fucking coastal job S, Gmos in your life, and I have it in its amazing than theirs. I too lefties one. I haven't one public Arnie as for I have another guitar. I have this Dave Matthews, Martin, that
for four years of my life? I remember that he now remember this and they only made one lefty and then I found it and I bought it, and you know I had to pay a lot of money for it and then does DORA collect anything. She we were very funny they were we're in target the other. Last evening, coupled nights ago, it doesn't matter. Why am I getting specific about when we were in target? We were looking at balls, they have these little. She loves wooden bowls and and pictures she's, like all waiving of those like you, like, your balls, are like me, guitars and she goes yeah, but a ball cost twenty dollars I don't think that makes up for collecting balls likes balls. I wouldn't nice handmade ball, like giving striking a level leaks in your house
because that's what happens now, it would really be up. While you haven't said, if you come over dinner, I could serve you. Many things at both who made an Lydia, collects horror, movie, props, so egg, What do you mean by that? When we like, you know I I I came home one day and there was there was a Reagan doll the dummy from from the actresses, but it was the other, and so that was in my voice and- and I doubt I mean I'm- I love whore. We watch every everything, and even that when it came home, is like fuck em? You know it's and every day I M whole size human full size. Here, every day that I came home for the first week I knew was gonna be than ever came it came, that sort of you no sort of thing out of it at all. I get night. If you have to let go downstairs, I think you are really does know where you're going down the stairs, but it, but now and not now it's like a part of the family, but she doesn't mean she she bought
a gremlins now, but I was over your house around Christmas time and I don't remember, but did you did you put a Santa head on her? You should have we put yeah yeah yeah? We did we ve. Actually we put. We had like a christmassy club, thirty three hat on her, so she had them the Mickey S on their it's nice that you can change with the season. You know one of the great things about about about Lydia. Is that people go we'll just have to get a separate space. To put all your nurture, your wife prevalent like no link she'll out of the same stop. Now we just have double, yeah all of it and apparently that's a really big thing is that if you marry someone who likes all the stuff that you like, that's a cue you're like a careful, can believe that, but my data must stop that. I can I go now we'd she loves. We love all the same stuff, yeah! battle array of its great. It's great. It's like you know they think they get the stuff in new by nearby
then, when you buy their happy and supported while the deal at my wife is left handed, she does not have legged target. Are hooked on today, as you just get us lessons were Bertha. Maybe you should maybe we should just made the effects of like that satisfies Ronaldo. That's great want to, though, that I get tired out shooting at Vienna. She would, if you maybe you should make a guitar out of a bull that mrs unlikelier heads, on the fog? This is great diver, an ex segment. What is it Another one gather, as is after two months, and on ramblings right up my show, so we ve been working together for a long time ago. We ve run. But we all know each other pretty well, as we just establish remark, or do I mean well, do you guys know me really well wrong to find out? Because I'm not
guy, some questions all about me and the one who answers the most correctly is my biggest fan. Get ready for matter of fact, I believe your climate Jonah has whiteboard he's gonna happen. Each of us I'm glad. I know that yeah so guys. We're gonna ask the questions right down my Is it and we're gonna reveal our answers and see who is correct, but we urge this on the nervously we generate as a couple you and I couple. It was a newly what game Christmas, the House and we played against real life married couple, Jonah, whom I mean John Agrippa Whisper, commandment heavily, and we beat them all its rohingya. So your answer to that
there's some stuff, you might not know about yourself. Now I m sorry. I know maybe inaccurate matchmaker, ok guys. So the first question is: what is my favorite work outside and I'm writing right now This is a real answer and I have it in my in my playlists and I'm writing it down and if you think hard you re worry us favorites out my song that, like, if I turn it on, I am just fly through that treadmill worker guys. I think this is good. We should have had laid in some music of lake thinking. Music ripple boop, something like a book but not as dumb. Ok, guys, let's see how do we do this Dwyer of your first of aerial
No producers get oh what they Jonah reveal your answer, one big by famous work outside. I think when you work, and you want to fuck yourself like an animal, so I sit closer by nine excellent answer but incorrect Christopher. Oh now, I think I may be closeness when I said closer What is it crash? Where did matters? It is sky fall, but yeah of poverty. We must tell you that shit is real, may I have my my others use this
I think you're gonna do silk. Then that's question o, who is my favorite cheers character, favorite character on cheers? Ah, there's gonna be a fuckin trick question. I don't think it is, What're you gonna track, I know, but there is a really obvious. Why is it really obvious what it might be spoken cheers guys that my faulty was on it all right. Gentlemen, Jonah stopped. Writing Chris is placing the final touches. Ok, Jonah. What was your answer? Roach great answer, love coach is my second favorite character. Oh, what's your first favoured Matt,
I mean I said Frazier, but maybe cliff clavering dancers, Frazier Razors, Craig Craze, Ukraine Griskin. Somebody might not all, maybe it maybe in like a weird. You know what it's funny is when I first thought about this answer, when we are talking about it before the show I in my head, I, like all coach and then like, nor what the fuck Frazier is on the shelf. Jody may result guys. The next question. Zero percent of the afflicted, fed the pig voice from guys. The next question is what was my first AOL screen name. My first AOL screen, name guys. It was my first America online screen name.
I've said another pod cast. I mentioned it on the nearest BBC. America show I dont have cable. Let's ok, you can watch it on Hulu. Now my fake screen name, as it always said, was titty fucker. Ninety six, which are used in the matter a chat room, but my real first gray, man, ok, Jonah! You finish writing what is your answer? I can't imagine you being too clever young kisses, naira to seventy eight. Our aid to Well, now, none of the words or even in their Chris. Well, I'm actually masterly pretty sure it was warfare.
Dude. I do is blocking the Arizona Goldberg that I just wrote has a giant door: fun, Gulf Ref, really that's fucking, weird, but my real AOL. First to L, a was Matthew Data. Ok guys lean over before is what is my least favorite beverage. What is my least favorite beverage? It's a beverage that I see ordered a lot and I hate it it makes me want to bomb soup hard. I don't understand why people put these two things together in a beverage: it's not alcoholic. If that helps
I don't want to see it on the planet. If Donald Trump would bandit, I would forgive everything else is done. That bad cover increase, I think you can get it Jody feel. I give a good answer now. Ok, all right! We start writing Jonah. What is your answer? Your least favoured drink is not coffee. Ok, yes, I seen the sky so suddenly thirsty. He was so hard, so thirsty, iced, coffee, please. I love iced coffee. I felt sure many american as a day, Christie Overland. This was twelve a minute. The in the last part. You said it was. Why would anyone you know you're tired of things with these two things together
is it come sherbet I would rather drink come sherbert. Then le. Do nothin raw with Claremont, it's terrible, its clam juice and tomato. And there's then there's like chill out which is like, which is clear motto, unlike Budweiser Beer, better vocs self, our eye guys, never five. What is my middle name. Room up job vacancy I don't know, and I don't care it's. John probably. I know you're middle name, because it so it's everyone knows what were they don't know? Is it Robert rob its job
is it is it. Why should I have the same middle name Matt? Why Myra Paul. No idea we knew every day about what will happen because they're so relieved as big as the now, where the way why clauses about going over how many days Matthews concerts. Have I been too? If you can answer this, you are there writing more numbers than you burn, closest LAO going over prices right rules. John, has really think about it. Just really think I have mentioned a couple times. I have mentioned a couple times our. I guess answers ready, Jonah, go thirty! Seven! oh you're too la too
maybe not- maybe not a hundred and twenty four very over I was so fucking close forty. To them. I suppose you really don't know, may very well, and I guess we really I was better connection. Only really is we ve known each other longer gnawing away. When I found out. I like, I'm I'm sorry. I know this I don't know, I'm sorry Paul That was great.
We have now lost both of you on the prizes. You get to answer my questions. So when the parameter you know we were both gonna fuckin lose, I didn't lose. I want you didn't know where no one Irish, how could anyone could you guys got the violet rays request? That was worth fourteen point. That's so you can you play the game. None of the points in the middle of it until the end. What a stupid not copy, got nothin here, but it was a great you. Don't know man didn't find that hilarious. Anyone inside your head method is assigned my eyes. It is time to answer some questions to sell. The air fifty episodes of the nervous podcast? You guys should answer exactly that. Any questions or get ready for eight hundred fifty questions
J k- lol, we're not doing an investigator much fun, as that would be have too many psychic cars. We're gonna, ask eight point: five good, save everyone loves it. So here the difference in the crew where someone goes away and then Brian carbons laughing heartily back. There has not seen Wade's world. I guess this one, you guys know why it was his. You don't need it. Only the white boards we're getting a rapid fire just answer. First, aid comes to your head. First question: we're getting Jonah. First, I miss what videogame did you play most as a kid toe german Earl? Really Pentagon fucker trod
God, like the gay we didn't have a lotta gets, don't get sad. Chris Sumeria, three Sumatra, three is a great answer. The correct answer is tetra. Sorry number, to start with, Chris was the last show you specifically recorded on your dvr, the last racism My dvr it was. It was. The war that bad If you want to Know- and it deviates them all, I can't wait for the one where Trump breaks in middle. That's not It does not have other does make sense. Why would he break the walls? The thing he wants, the most, but last Tuesday mighty daddy, interrupted with his nominee for
Report a lot, the news anyway, I didn't give the rose too TED Circa judge from Colorado where the river to them ass, the Leah and I cannot pull his name or say fuck, you guys, ok, number three. This is gonna, be for Jonah first prior to the election, when was the last time you were scared. Genuinely scared. Probably when I got on to the set of the cell. I love generally scared. Got up there in the way again right ago that I said I have to go the bathroom hands if you say so, in the night came off, and so on
God. That's a question applies the Eucharist Renwick, whose I suppose. Billy scared, it was probably I got this idea just before the elections. I don't know. Probably it was probably a height creation? I I I don't. I don't. Love heights was probably a height situation. That was a dig at me. Is it yeah these heights are taken over here was afraid of the bad on the air in spelling, show the heights Jeff. You do Why would you put that song rag in my head of them ok member for starting with your grace were you ever embarrassed, buying a city in a music store and what was it?
What city was I am bears? No, it was probable I don't know, that's a really good question. I don't I can't remember it's been so long since I've been induced by a CD, really think about this thing about a job you having erratic bowed. If you're so embarrassed, won't you buy it understand the concept of that. You know guilty pleasure, doesn't get guilty pleasures. I now I don't either say it's like. I think when I wouldn't worry about it. When I worked at a meeting you get that time, people go like you're, probably gonna hate this Avonlea you're buying Madonna beetles. Everyone loves that, like, what's so, a baronet like who would who had by Metallica Andrew vodka lots of people to people they won't allow guitars, it's pretty fucking these islands. Where did? I was sixteen years old and I walk in and I said to the clerk after I'd. Look for a long time. I said if I were the old diamond. Where would I find my
that might have been like we're. Having regained Neil diamond barbarous strikes, and situate owner allied right. American songstress sense, Sir Song, yeah. But I mean when you're a teenager eddies exactly like that's, not the coolest thing in the world to me now I don't have a problem with worse in the nineties. Romania is an when I was a kid, I wanted it real bad, and I was embarrassed by one of the city that the show the dinosaurs put out. Oh yeah, I had it. Baby God. I love made big verbal eyes very early. Ok, number. Five, It is my turn over to start with you you're at an airport. What do we see go for it by a terrible things. So you're like its Chile's Chile's to buy
two. I gotTA glad stones classes I you know what I do. I like that too, how why is it like when you go to a Starbucks at airports as I when you go to an airport at the start. Starbucks there all the food is shitty are different. Why does the eyes I now have to be sure you hated them. I had a lot of it to get it through the detector here. That's no because I believe there is a completely separate company that handles airport food and they get the Starbucks franchise. But it's not. I don't think those are actually run by Starbucks Furlongs time you couldn't use your Starbucks are there. I think it has to do with the fact that whenever I gotTa Barnes Immobile and ready to start my scar, yeah whatever organization whenever the company's name is that so like runs the airport food and concessions they think they buy, think they run in January and, finally, to Chile's to Christian and Airport, when you eat which airport met again in a lot of em, the Denver airport I mean
usually go straight for the Starbucks, but if there is not one in there, I always go for you know like a like turkey. Sandwich is pretty safe. Yet so I just go for whatever, like the most generic turkey sandwiches cause. That's that's gonna, be the safest up here and I would actually like to elaborate a bakery turkey sandwich. Well. Yeah me now, I lay x is actually starting to get good food time it was the worst airports yeah, but I fear that that little farmers market air but yeah yeah yeah. I will ok guys. Here's number six that too many left Jonah, not starting with you Chris. What is your largest texting pet p, o my god? It's when Wolf, it's sort of two parts, but their related like when you call someone they just text. You back drive me crazy.
As a business means like I want to talk to you. I just seminal, let but outgoing, ok I'll, be attacks and its people don't understand like some like attacks words, just a fucking stream of consciousness novel. You know whether it where there's not if there's no economy to whatsoever. It's just and then I saw a cat and then the cat was like well, you shouldn't be in here and I'm like. I know it shouldn't be in here anyway. My mom said that, like there's, no fucking punctuation- and it's just like the long and you you just scroll, and you know it is it's when your entire text field on your phone is one bubble raised as a fucking. I can't raise drives me nuts, like fuckin, call me so much more energy to do this. My wife will sometimes when she texting she's texted me she'll, be texting on your computer. Social dislike type hit, enter type, had entered type it into. My phone gets like nine text messages from her, which is just two sentences right. That's crazy, Jonah! What is your texting pet teeth.
I guess I don't think about it much. I guess there's other things to worry about. Besides things that irritate me in texts, didn't I buy your get as they not hearing from my friends Jonah. No, I I hate Kay yeah, it's out of its dismissive. Give me an hour and further K. Fuck off have you ever care? How do you feel it? I do this sometimes the both of you. I will offer just set back the thumbs up a movie. I dont mind thumbs up emerging Pinochet, kind of a fan of abode Jia catches. It set it since it conveys a little bit of emotion in my car. It does the booty thing it Ray my text to me. So if someone does something like that will be like ok I'll see, you then medium skin tone thumbs up a merger, A glance at the maize. Ok number, seven. What is that
dear fur, show movie or app that you had first. Ah They are set up I know that, that I've seen em like I thought in. Can you think of what I like you? I can't I can't figure one of em, I cant figure, one of indicate, Jonah oranges and new black. It is mostly fucking sexy Asia. And ass, I said- and I honestly can I know I know I can think of it. I can't figure one what all maps? we both you're. Ok,
This is number eight. What is your best grooming tip? I dont have any that's true, clearly, really more frequent. I find that as do get older, I have friends who get up therefore, it is you know and growth, and I want to say I want to say to them like at one end and I'm gonna common silly. Do you not see all the hair growing out of your nose and ears? Like I said I was kind of one Do I have as an invisible to me. So I think maintaining knows and ears, because you know, as as guys get do your hair line appeared tends to receive any chosen. Ears are like I'll, take it from here and then it just and then it's crazy, so I think you like making sure that this kind of groom and then and then the ears like around the rim of the ear and then and then inside tuna.
Then? There are so that is those of those are important grow out. My stay nice anger of banks that Emily Hash, Emily ok, number, eight point five. This is just really set up to a fund jirga, as you want a stump, Google or being what are you search for? civil conversation, social media, but now it's it gonna psychic these data, because this is available in audio form as a package. You bet I have observed with you. Do I have almost ten which they provide, I'm so glad we got to do this, you guys it was fun. Wasn't regular army of this would put the citizen Why do you ask your big its bodies data, because this is available in audio form, as the part guys like remember, progress could also network they could.
Like it because you know why guys guys guys seven you're in a verse, or is it here in this way? This way, seven years at all started in time, Lenin's guest House did and slide whistle in Jonah being Jonah do I guess I called Jonah Re Haiti, one of Vienna package, sure, hey man, Duenna, produce pod gesture. I call time Lenin. Can we come here? I feel sure that one and then yeah? We did an unsuitable Sunday. Two thousand ten put it up Monday. We will put him them up ever since I believe my response was: what's a podcast,
I don't know you never. I don't know if I weren't the genius far too. I know we work to the genius guys it's a glaring. I fear it may wish to do again. Next sees them. If there is the next season, Chris ITALY is meant TAT, Amerika see so angry misery size later three network. I can help you, but I still well check about me that it carries out a Wall NBC because you care and because its mutual I met Myra fake you offer a fantastic seas and looking at the rug, Now, back over here, the traveller lights are broke in be sure to check out the entire foresees that of psychic Matt Myra on project alpha dot com. You ve been wonderful,
goodbye beg you to micro, trailer, my riders will see you again Now, leaving noticed dot com enjoy your burrito?
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