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Britt Daniel and Alex Fischel of Spoon sit down with Chris at Swinghouse Studios to talk about their newest album, toy record players and they play two songs live in the studio! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Local authorities pod CAS number triple five triple five: it's five five five it'll never be five five five again, the physical should be a special number or fives are like a jack louder. Some large coins should spit out the bottom of the whatever device that Euro listen in the past on. Oh my god, unnoticed by Caslon machine. That's ever gonna happen, but if it did, Matt would give all his money back to it because he can t get up and self at midnight. This week has a pretty fantastic line up. If you were a course done at midnight, a comedy central, but this week we have Moshe Kashmir, Donno, Rawlins, Jesse, Joyce Robert RUB fuel own Burke, her brown dollar, Jason, bigs divergence.
evasion, Morceau watch at midnight. Ethical bear money for Thursday on carbon essential. Also, if you are, if you're opened a listening to some new black ass, we ve got a ton of other ones, are manoeuvres. Packets network, you might want to listen to cashing in with T J Miller or competitive erotic than fiction or the nervous writers panel would then blacker. There are many many Jews from so if you just go in and put in the nervous network on Itunes than a bunch of come up or go to the nurse com website and look for some stuff there. This episode is the return of spell it wasn't spoon before was divine fits before, but deliberate Daniel and artificial spoon came and we went to the swing house studios in West Hollywood and we talked forbade and then they played a couple songs and we bonnets more, and so this is a funny story. Musical episode of the nurse plaid cast by the way spoon witches,
one of Europe's answer, both their new album. They want. My soul is out tomorrow, which Tuesday August fifth so pick it up. His nurse black cats number triple five with spoon, nor I mean new star com indeed I would like to warn people. I don't know I just like to have conversation and it really does work as you Whenever you're doing something this partly really focused on whenever the thing you're working on right, then is sources like the same five things and then your brain, probably just ices over again
this story, and this is true vesture you get this rap. But it is also hard because your turn, thinking about your shows in your also trying to get whatever you have to do in the immediate future and give a feeling brain, just sort of separates. Really, this is the part of my brain that saying words and I'm not really checked in on that right. Now that sometimes happens and creepy place to be like the present yeah yeah. That happens. It's happening shows In other words, like what am I doing even though, must go on wearing, it doesn't happen very often when it, if you like you're an alive show if you, your audience, will basically there cool with whatever as long as you're honest with them. So you can say I completely lost my train of thought: no go! Ok,
the more you try to cover up further like wait, a minute someone's trying to trick me. How did the divine fits to go by the way we did a lot of different tours? How did they go? I thought it was great because we're fine here your while it was it was a different type of banned. I mean I'd, never played with any these guys before for one thing in a band with with those guys to develop its guises. Just for one thing. Just you know Dan is such a charismatic sort of beam of light. Can you know, carry anything like onstage, this kind of cool, the beholder dislike, sit back and let him run things sometimes, but then he started yet achieved. Account can a ready to go back and do some more my own stuff, whereas we started haven't we do it
yeah. I mean just kind of ETA thing where we only I we always knew we're gonna come back. The spoon after divine fits, was done, doing record and doing a tour we to set at him. I was in the works the whole time. What number Alamos this for spoon? Eight stumper, eight, that at its I mean, did you ever think we're gonna make eight or ten or twelve or infinity of these? Now I sure didn't. I dont think I was thinking that even like a couple records ago really it sounds like a big number. Who we're gonna bans, put out a records type. Emily wreckers, Zepplin put out six ethnic sixtus well, now updated urged six seven. I think they stop get lonely, let's wait around there were in that were approaching that territory, but I can I wonder when you're when you start writing restart putting such together. Even if you
Tension is too oh, there's gonna be for another product, as a kind of does it go. But this feels like spoon, sort of get kicked back I have a really had that issue, but its use because, like when it's time to write it's time to write, you know. You know, I'm busy a lot of the time in southern at certain points and was like oh yeah, I'm gonna need some songs and about two months you start writing some. Do you approach it like it like? Are you able to approach it like it? Job like I'm, going to write from nine to five and then I'm going to go, have dinner and go to bed, or do you just right constantly, I'm kind of working constantly it's hard to set aside eight hours a day? Some comic some council really good at that, like they can write like it said job. But for me it's if I, if I an idea, three o clock in the morning. I have to get up and, like I gotta make a note of this, never remember you remember stuff in the middle the night you gotta remember this, and then you wake up and up what the fuck was. That idea
especially melodies you're, never going to keep keep melodies if they come to you in your in your in your brain that doesn't happen to me very often works like a melody that pops into my brain, without seeing it, you know, are trying to write a melody, but when it does, you got to put it down fast, with every time I convince myself. It there's no way. I'm gonna forget this there's no way and the next morning, when I I think I forgot the best look, I ever wrote and it's gone forever and I have no idea what it was connected, our rigorous, yet that the wax melted and there's something about looking for it. When you know it's lost that in seeking to prevent you from ever finding it yup your brains like not buck. You had your chance, you decided it would be better. How dare you rely? Well, mister? I can't find a pen do record and so your phone reducing listening. I was on data right when you travel like or is it sort of once you get home than its usually at home and they always I've. I've had gone. Two phases will try to do it on the road. I know some people can do it.
I know you're, usually so busy trying to figure out where you going to get a shower and we're going to eat and then we're. How do you get to the soundtrack? I mean it's just like you're in more so, like Hunter Gatherer mode. to fill your most meaningful stuff. That is the most meaningful to you. Does it come you that way or do you go, I have a deadline. I just have to get this thing out and then, when it comes out, you go allow those actually way deeper than I was prepared. Well, you know I'm taking notes the whole. You know all the time whether or not it's time to write or not you know. So, if there's like it an idea for a song or an idea for a were you know like lyrics or a melody. Yet you can write that down, but the real work doesn't really happened for me till it's yet it's time to like we're. Gonna need something here soon. That's that that motivates you. She like deadlines, yeah. I think so
What we do without a deadline would still be work on the record, probably work as we have all the time in the world. How do you know, then? Then you get to tweak forever. You don't have any sent, there's a sense of urgency to like we got to tighten the salary of a judge. You keep judging year, not that a good hats. It's not a good had spaces, cause you don't Are you hard on yourself when you're running or your dirty? Are you pretty much like? Does it and it's fine well and my heart like when you prejudge? Do you like to do differ? Do the thing where you go, you start to rights and that's dumb or do you go? We now want to see where this goes usually try to see it through and then and then there's a lot of. I think we're we're up everybody in the it is pretty good at knowing when some doesn't stand up, so you can put out a lot ideas and then just go through and find the ones that work in yeah and you it is that process gotten easier,
with this band after it out now really what certain things get easier. But what's that you're, like ratio of like stuff you put down, get in there and do all they finished, recording before you like artisans, now working like, and does that just eat away you? Well, I don't know them that their there must have been like another forty, fifty song, ideas that we had for this record that we never even really investigated. Do you go back to that that yes, sometimes yeah? I know that there is bound to be two or three gems in that forty or fifty and up next time it's time to write, sounds of first thing. Others it is these. That is like a starting As for the EU, Canada AIR, sometimes you ideas that you're rain emotionally, isn't ready to deal with yet like there's the seed of something and then- and I don't know, and then you
yet a little bit older, and then you can have a collection of experiences new, like all of this makes total sense. Now, there's once on the record that we tried doing for Gimme fiction, which is a long time ago and the sun was pretty much done. I'd, say eighty percent done and we german, I couldn't agree on a kick. Pattern and sort of you know like we, I kind of wanted it to be this, like, like kind of debts, kind of veal or just at least like that, what you call it form the floor just like propulsion, the whole song drummers hate that we can see eye to eye on that and then we'll all these other songs came to us and we put it aside and then you know whatever. Later, we were back out at the same song again I live in the same conversation, no, we didn't it didn't say, can naturally came to us without having to get into the like, but half the song has that beat, and
doesn't so nice was a compliment and its government weren't we weren't, we did discuss it, I mean. Is it I would imagine at this point: there must be some certain short hands that you guys have with each other, or do you find yourself does it feel like. The same conversation we're having. You know a records and we're still having these. I know there are certain things that that I am going to suggest that he'll always hate yeah. and vice versa. He always wants to do the etiquette detected Ticket Smith's sort of like arrive at. Yeah yeah. I thought you had yet to handle it. What's you and you kept you, can you keep trying to imagine this kind of foreign the floor area, but maybe that's what you're? Maybe
Maybe finding that balance between those two things is kind of what makes everything sort of hold in you know in the kind of a nice stasis where it's like the balance of these two forces actually make this work now, you're, absolutely right about that, and the combination of tourists, I think, is almost always gonna be better than just one aesthetic yeah. Unless your work with someone who comes from we wrong for you, but I'm m working with with german and most these guys for a long long time, Do you ever do can do you go often right on your own? This is what we're or do you guys do you present ideas and then, as a group, a lot of
me right along and then come up with a demo and then the if I get real lucky than the demo is just like some hot shit demo that we just cannot completely imitate or or build on top of, but I'd say most the time I do a demo bring into the ban. I say how we can do this is a ban. We discussed that quite a bit was a Newton like on this new record, there's one that that german aircraft and I just sing on top of like that's a new thing for us. Do you like doing it, though I did because I never would have come up with that kind of song. It's it's called outlier on the record number six we ve, yet we ve just never had a son like that before. How would you describe it daddy to be dangerous, we had a kangaroo met said it would be huge in Latin, like Southern America, South America We do not have a negative record Southern America very different result. Ironed out see. I saw that he said that that we need to
Push that song it'll be a hidden south, South America. Do you gotta help? Do you have this report change when you go around the world going on this in this part of the world, this these citizens pot more. But in the open America, these that we be carefully. We tend to put these out front more often, maybe for the warm up music there, but not for the set. Probably for the actual sir, are you back? Are you? Are you went to a right now? just one year we ve been known shows after the summer, like mostly weekend, we do gooder festive or do a run of. The couple shows that guy thing so once the real tour starts in September rights or the Adams Out August Fifth, Sarah yeah yeah right, don't you think so once that I couldn't fourth or fifth told anything happening those days So once that happens like what once the outcome I mean, you're you're, basically just in the well, it's done
so now we just have to go around and presented and that an that's it like or or do you still feel like now the things are still evolving, even though it's technically already done songs. I think that they do keep evolving and then sometimes use they've, all so much for your just like bums. That unit didn't record it that way, but you just got to let songs live, you know and if you come up with some great part, four door New Avenue for it, then he's got to play, it live album. Yes, I guess that is whenever it before heard presentations of your tongue. That's true! I've never like live elms, but that I didn't really see the point. but maybe that is the point of em you let the sun. grass and then- and then you record this differ marginal breaks out, we feel it as it is as a listener. Doesn't I don't hard and fast rules, some songs. I just wanna, hear it's kind of funny to go, see it and play a song exactly the way was recorded. It's almost like your testing them in order to see. If you could do this, though I heard it and if
they played exactly where you like, yeah, that's the fuckin song, but at other times I like, when they change their like I'm a big fan of that so the way it is not about the albums and when I address desire, let's see what we can do this now like you, ve already spent this time limits which are playing with it now or shepherd brought but bagpipe then just turning regional. Only back out the venue doesn't every. I wanna feel if that that the performer is present in there with them in doing something, that's unique to that. Setting in that night and yeah, you didn't get advice like some bandages watch and like all their power through this there's, I've been real, but when you see availing both nights,
there somewhere and yet exact same shame. Banter jealousy diameter, minerals, the latter heart ones. I heard them pick the same fight with, what's obviously an invisible audience member, so he cries look clever unlike no. No, who is that those social extortion, real bummer values like made the same joke and part of me, died off. There's something really wrong. That's like having us! That's like having a significant other call, a new and exit, another call a new boyfriend. The same pet name you can't do that. I special I was special in Euro is whether we can you know doo doo, doo like going to see music anymore or is it? Is it hard to go audience none. I love thing: musing I wish I could see more of it. So what is what would it would
you're watching. What's your experience is an honest man? Are you? Are you watching? Analytically? Are you watching and just kind of silently, judging by that, despite the same as you know, is going to have a couple of drinks and hope that there's something that's gonna make the hair on the back, your next in opium. Sometimes it happened. Some knows it doesnt. What is that lightning in a bottle thing like? What is that thing that happens? you know, there's somebody moving parts, so many things can happen Fallen line for a show to feel like holy shit. What do you think I mean it? Must it's hard to plan that mean tat? You can gain the system as much as possible of your super rehearse. Everyone knows the beats Europe. You feel Lucy feel comfortable, but what do you think that sort of that ingredient axes that make the show like always shit, I don't know I don't. I judge students there's no, There's no answer! It's a lot
things lining up audience ass to be ready. We have to be ready. Everyone else like meet halfway. I don't know What happens is great when you have AIDS albums to choose from how do you? How do you decide which wants to go back in and cherry pick for that change? that sets a there's just certain ones there you know you can play were well there's some ones that that you know that nobody wants to hear and then after that, maybe just pick out some just to be weird. You know that some people haven't played in three or four five for you, like you have to have him for you have to play. For you yeah? Well, for me, I love playing the songs that I don't know get me. Didn't we You play the signs that you know we're gonna be good and now I know why I just feel like we ve never really had it
a point where we were playing sons we didn't like, but that's gotta, such a weird thing for a bit, I just can't stop thinking about the police. Like ok, you're getting like a million and a half dollars a night or whatever, whatever it is,. You hate each other you're sick. These songs Billig, what? How do you heard? How why is it so difficult? This covers just but can play the songs and just just get along for a couple weeks, and then I can go back to our own. I don't know how I don't know like it's. A million dollars per EEO discuss but it s a really is that things like at a certain point is just not worth knowing. How do you infuse? How do you view the freshness into the relationship that you have with the music
and I guess each other as a group if it isn't quite naturally there at the moment, Vienna thinks part of part of the way you do. That is by just just how jazz you get about being in front of an audience. You know that that is the sort of unknown that's gonna make every. You know that you know will be We will rehearsed these songs for weeks and weeks before he went on to her in a kind of got a little like that. It's not inspire, and what you agent of innocent people- and you can be inspired and here is crazy- could read with rehearse for like two weeks We played a shower like after taking like a three day break for something like that, and then we, plead for a show in every room was playing different. Every website went to actually do play, yes this sounds nothing like it didn't merciless fucking awesome while gatherers essentially, but maybe it sandwiches maybe at times may have sounded Judy, but you can, I thought: was a company to Canada draw the mechanical part.
step away and then it just kind of like gets into your nervous system, and then you just now, I think both I would imagine like once you can take Europe. Take the get out of it, get your brain out of the way like once it's in your fingers, right at the early. That's what your hersel soiree yeah, you get it so that you have some motor memory yeah and then you go and try to find some magic in front of people and then all at a nowhere, you throw bitch and Marty Mcfly Guitar Solo, just in the middle and just see how everyone deals with that. I guess I thought with a friend when I went to see, go and play like. Maybe eight or ten years ago and he was it there was the house, the blues and life in this friend of mine was a new a guy in is banned and the guy said at the end, his band were like world class musicians and they said this guy goes. Never know like what key or tempo bucks gonna play. He just starts, and then we have to follow him. We have to keep up with him so that there be
We're just gonna like every night is the Steeple Tristram. I have no idea what he's gonna play or how he's going to do and that such a very does it to you, but it is working with it ends. Is that it's crazy? You have to supply him with a ban. The idea like, playing with the result that line and then they just know the settlers, they headed, I'm not sure what key it's gonna be are, the tempo or wind, which song is gonna start. When I seen him play shows and they are loose. first time I saw him he actually recited poetry in the Middle EAST. Are you recent eighty poetry and like his own poems and he also to duck, walk and then I've seen em more recently were, is just not worth wasn't. I think he was really drunk the last time. I saw him. He had. No, then he's also pretty up there up there, but the that I just the first on my son was not too long ago, and it was. I just think that he has on and off nights yeah I mean I, I guess is also the editor
why you just sort of like, I me you can I d like to see it because I don't think is really may have been doing it for the passion anymore. So, like you know, I can't imagine like that. Like all the sounds you're playing were written fifty years ago, like that's insane thought process is one of the giant here's bunch of stuff but have more than half way through my leg, me literally could be asleep in his mouth- is just still spitting out all the everything but yeah. I think that's why it's the same thing like you're playing it in front of this, this unknown an audience, and you don't know exactly what's going to happen while you're hearing in front of them on the stage and that's what makes it you know listing for him. That's why pray place one show in his home town, it's of Saint Louis a month. You know he has his regular show that he just as no matter what about mixing up. So the people leave a show and say: like did you see the pyrotechnics at the spoon concert? Have you thought about ever thought about doing anything like this?
like any stage they actually there anything we're not really. tell us tell us what is going on here. We should talk about them is able to do what he gives the ridges got. We just been the stage becomes out, starts. Rent, I pay is a big there's, a good look when someone can come up here he stared sincerity? Friends do that comes out he's already planned, I am still name underneath the state just lights on him right and then you come up your plainer figure guitar once it hits. Everyone is kind of like somehow proofs on stage with Europe, but when you're vocal, Come in, come how an effective hang on justice, he flying over the audience and land and then everyone proofs honoured, as you just know, he's coming out from under this amended sue, ok mean yeah. So Jim comes they. Let you come in here. You're things can have toiling, is you're coming up you're playing the guitar,
on that we write this. I heard twirling yours year, cylinder spinning why you're coming up and then so like then, once the song Everybody else I'm kind of proofs there with like cancer flames about poor thing, there's a lot of moving in flames. Did you I'm? I love that you ve thought very detailed I just think you re awesome want style mixes the chagos along like a queen disappear reappear. I could do I think Pierre reappear would be found. The fund has no one, would fucking, expect them and near eighty two nights in play. Says, and you do one normal stripped down in Iraq Ban and then one crazy stadium rock show with no self awareness that there's two different shows just plain: both real story. I think you, Darwin Stadium Rock show its everyone's like you're not gonna, believe it, and then you just act like that.
happen we go open for Michigan J Frog situation like no negative is crazy. That yeah, I would play something area. We can do that there will be great, adding refund of since we're in this music studio. There's instruments over there, I think, was a kind of fun to political songs and then by them now where bad. At that time,
wash Be this? SAM sad Sorry, ash Big,
breakout ass, I sat beside them.
I feel like, I hope yet? Yes, we tricked you into giving us a private concert. I hope that's ok with you there's a first, the procession. So what was the name of that's on inside out? What's it about yeah don't know can. Can you tell us what they want? A man? I don't know what that was about Well, it's about wholly rollers. It's about true love. You don't have time for he hadn't about in a real feelings versus the feelings,
taught to grow up with forget, as it has been this baby personal. So you can tell me to forget. I feel like we're prior round the same age, so do you feel now verses? You know ten fifteen twenty years ago, I do, you feel more comfortable with yourself and you feel come to what you gonna feel like I'm a grown up now feel like. I have wisdom, or do you feel comfortable? These still feel justified. Like others still missing still, and I there's a whole I gotta fill our know. How do you feel in your skin now? Why feel comfortable and I feel wiser, there's still a lot of things that you have, I feel still feel driven to try to do things and to try to get there, yeah. I think people who get wiser as they get older because you know if you'd when I was twenty five, if you had said hey
look at this guy who's. You know forty, do you really want to know who the fuck that guy, but then you start getting up to that age? No, I'm not! I feel, like me, you know. So if you still feel the same way when you're sixty seventy eighty years old, you something I've been talking about a lot lately, because when I was you know, steam seventeen! I I won't. I pictured myself dying or offing myself by the to be thirty? You know I just I didn't. Where I grew up. I didn't know of any third year old who were like living interesting lives. Read it was everybody seemed kind of dead, yet eventually know that sort of a short sighted where he eventually I got older and I saw the earlier. There are people who are still like present in. involved with. The real world- and you know like interesting things- are still happening to them, but it's like they're still that part of me that's like what the fuck We know that this isn't supposed to happen right,
remember me like this. Is I still recognise that guy's still in there somewhere, but you hear you different. Sixteen yeah yeah yeah yeah you're, so you didn't. You saw that I told you about my permanent, oh my god. It's so great will guide you download borrowing on the gaming. I can't I feel like it's a good thing. I mean I don't feel like. I was that reflective. When I was younger, I feel it is a good thing. I feel like there's a strive for depth something more interesting or something or personal. Do you feel like this That's coming out. You now is more personal. When you look back on the other stuff like that, was all superficially music, yeah yeah, I do feel like yet was totally the stuff. When I first started when I first started out, there's anything cooler than you know. wire and gang Afore, and you were right. Yeah does those bit there very cool, but there's
a lot of personal insights going on true. I still love him, but you know it's it's some point. I think around the time that sort of like my life started falling apart. Maybe I discovered that you know like this. writing songs, where you kind of express vulnerabilities and like what's really going on with you. This can be powerful and handy and fun, seems like there's a migration from writing from the standpoint of. oh writing is this thing I go do as opposed to a united systemic arms. If someone say about that about- and I try to simplify, does like you know, there, action verbs and there are being verbs and when your younger, I feeling you employ a lot of action groups, you let go. I have to go. Do this thing Cause you don't know who you are yet and you're not comfortable being you know so the stuff that comes out even more person. That you, when you're young, you might go. That's that's that mean. Oh, that's down, that's just the thing I've felt or went through, and it's like. No! No! No! No, but that's actually what
the interesting, not some external thing that you have to go in search of so are you you We feel like now like. That's that, if it does, it feel more seamless in that way now than it used to is far songwriting. Those are just life. Just Let's start with some writing and then go to live a boy. I feel like it. I feel like it's easier and I definitely. You know I got more, you know, like I say, like around the time that might have life start falling apart. I got a lot more accustomed to a familiar with those sort of unpleasant feelings and and realized that, like you know, some of my favorite records are ones like plastic ono band where people are talking and where John Lennon was talking about pain. You know that's been real helpful,
the records, did get a lot better and better. Do you feel like its necessary? Do you think you feel like it necessary to have not and can make a party record, and that can be like changing to both you don't have to, but I personally for me I enjoy mourner agri. Do I think the party records are fun, but. part of this is gonna, be a generality, but party records are fun, but the records that stick with me through Oh, I love this record, but then I stopped the record that I still listen to. You are the ones that are more. No, I the ones that I can connect with in that way they can now? Those are signs as I got. This is a good time. No party up or down on, but then there's the records that I've
myself wanting to listen to the by yourself record yeah, it mean I sort of feel fortunate enough if any figures for this way, but I sort of a fortunate that we have a way to deal with shit that alot of people don't that even when horrible happen, you feel bad for a little while, but then you start spitting out in some way. You know for me, your writing or doing this are. But whatever you do you do in the end. There is, but you don't know how people don't actually have that, and so they just I just kind of wonder like how to most people get their shit out if they dont have like some of metaphorical canvas, be like plan. The outcome, don't write, gun range that's where they get it an hour or turns into like getting and fights on the weekends They are what, whatever you get a lot of attention in energy and you gotta do something with it. They were written some. When you're writing. It you're like this is the most moving
spiritual song of ever written and then afterwards you here you go. Oh my god. Jesus Christ. What was that? Because it may was like two on the nose to look, Yeah yeah yeah, it's happened here. There was one on this, this last record that we never really got that song satellite, I thought was like four summary it had this emotional depth to me, and I was really feeling at one time and then we just never could finish it. You know I like that. One talks about maybe on the next record societies just out that we have like a her of recorded, so literally a satellite. Yet what exactly are waiting to be turned on these again at some point How long or how long is your tour go? What you guys go back out? Is it never a long time. Yet you know we we go out for, like the first want that Real one starts right before the beginning of September will be like three four weeks and you
home for a week. Can you go out again, maybe in another country, for a couple weeks, if it's always kind of like stopping and going but like, Oh, I don't know. Usually it's like a year or something, oh, my god, it's fun they depart while it is fun but to a virgin you know, I just want to sit on up. I sort of cinema porch and stare at the ground. None of the others times when it does feel like ok, I could use a break now, but but for the most part I, for I find that like touring is there's something actually farming about it because of what we're talking about earlier. That's just about getting a showers just about finding where you can get food right. You had this, this Ten are daily schedule, you know it. You gotta do wherein, where you gotta be when it's in that It's it's! It's coming, it's not so
on your brain right, it's more trying on your body probably, but, and it needed a glacier, is distracting and every night you ve got that obviously it's just a blast I am. I had it creation recently and I didn't know what to do with it there. I don't ever get time where'd you go, I don't go anywhere and used. What do I do with Tuesday? Like I know? Don't ever have those question right and it is really scared scared, the shit out of me beyond us, you hosted at midnight. I dont ass, opposed every member has just stuffed animals points. I literally like I mean the sound so sad. There would point the report of the day. I was just and I just moved into the house, and I don't really have any furniture slick walking around this empty house in circles like what am I supposed to doing examples, I must look like a fuck.
zoo animal like I should be out in the wild, but here I am, and I dont know how to live in jars since for those what are those zoo animals thinking that are pacing back and forth, oh, what a life zone grit. They think that that day, I think they think they're visiting the zoo and their seen. All of that, we are the difficulties I hate, seeing they just look there. Something going on there in their heads. I pray that their short and I know that this is not the case for a lot of it- are mammals, but I buy up, but I really hope for is it there, since you like goldfish and so that they just don't know that their going
same circle and every every second is fresh to them, so they don't. But I know that that's not constantly plotting revenge, you think that's without cutting. I advocates that's kind of what it looks like most. Definitely long undesirable. Your login pay wonder concentrating as hard as they can to try to evolve a possible funds or the ability to build complex machinery, irrational those phones that have fallen in learning the internet. Yet What's the strangers and was esoteric thing that you ever feel like, there's a song in here somewhere about the animal in a cage that is trying to while away the hours I dont know most esoteric song, I've ever written shipment. What you think about this thing you know for the next year, if you want, you know some of you that lights on Lhasa, rather than was something very bad elegans Alex. Do we have any weird songs, lyrically, weird.
Enough when we come to mean that the aims that file that way range, if like dine, was here, he would now daylight. Brine Wilson was the least ironic person in music or the most ironic person in music just hear about. Like singing about his favorite vegetables, I go that's either. The least ironic song or the most ironic song. My entire life, I can't decide which one it is I think it's raised, or like free design, arose in the what The free design known dude- you must now free design was like late, sixties Connell? I think it was like a sibling, jazz trio, and they did these really insane complex harmonies, but their songs were about the most literal. of a song about kites, just called Keyser Fun men have just about how kites are fun, and their resources in the title? That's why but the song is so beautifully negative. How is it
music, though we have to listen. While you know I weirdly do, but it does sound like super Sixty emanates. It sounds like super super super kitchen sixties miss. If I can call. I know I have cancer fund on here, arrogant, kites or phone permissive. Whatever the case, and you too both knew about yet another this parameter,
here? It's better kicking the idea. I mean as hide your resign goes over. What are they say? Yes, who is not a joke? I think so I don't answer. Yes, they caught the real failing that sixties like using existing, thereby sweaters one. I have no sweater. Let's make other sweaters match its basically like an awkward family photo and music, and it's crazy, listen to some other stuff, like the vulgar These are so complex that it's almost even more jarring that it so squeaky cute, because it so complicated withdrawing on her? They put a lot into those goals, they're like, let's make all these harmonies as complex as possible?
get in right, anything about what I'm holding great, that's mine! When spoken go with that we have a song on are on our new record. The country has a flute sound, like the other, really flew its weirdly intoxicating. Doesn't it very briefly, I am I can. I can go with the river referred for it, and it wasn't ironic and when it was not ironic, I was feeling I still feel I feel it is. I mean I listen to Fucking Accra along loudly Jethro Tall, rocked the shit out of a flute They they did rock the shit out of the fleet, but no one has really, since once you ve got Tal swimming there's, no, no one's gonna, we're gonna beat tall. It's time, though, it's been decades lass. there's an o c song I like that, has not yet meet drinks for meat step, lively. I think it's awfully etc. Help yeah
I'm pretty sure it it's it's. That's a wicked villages, reverie fleet in the background, fuck it touches, there's no way to make a cool face while playing flute, There have been some great one offs of flu, but no tall there's been no, no bakery placed all. How many songs regos willing to play during the plan we gotta get? We got one more planned for you have on our planet, you want to save it to the end, or do you want to do it like away whenever I can't do it now? You will you now young man? Ok! Is that what you're not about your driver's boat? I don't care you wanna play now play now, want nobody instruments again, every time they want a major players. One turn you go happy Anniversary Bay you listening to non members supported noticed. Will you call
Then the way that will you say that you were you know the one sided
sad, where you going yeah, judges, doll wow,
you like fantastic it was spoon I want to do like the NPR thing, guessing feeling when we're when you ve like when there's a lie performance here, just feels like it should be, because we really do in reverence, but also like bases laser into the waste there's a certain. It is a very serious matter that so much so much now about noon. I was listening to a case here that we are here today and I, like you, got to the point where every so hyper Ok, so I started having like a fucking we can say we will make you, someone get this woman, a drink of water, regional organisations to your bike, senegalese the condenser agony of turning off so what What are some rules? Do they obviously his you're at all. Your shows. What? How would you like the audience to comport itself, because I feel like sometimes it has come to a show and they feel like hey I've paid money, you better.
get entertain me any kind of go I'll write you just small job in your job is to just be open to be invested in Alex the executive? So are there things that you would say tonight? So if you're gonna come do spoon show try to keep this in mind to make the show? Is Europe for everyone. Will you know every every performance, audience to their to to get some something back from. You know it's more fun when you do too, where you can feel like. Oh we're both here we're both present some ravening here. So you know, volume helps clapping moving around, don't stay with you back. TED audience right at the front of the stage that happen. Sometimes don't tax, don't don't make this idea, but yet is a thing. You know
there there, judging us forward where judging them to I want to know what you should say that during the shell you think you're judging us were also judging. You were the abyss. Looking back brand, nothing amiss too. I feel I want to feel like I wanted. Try to figure out what the actual number is? Some audiences, the very rare, but occasionally will get an audience that just isn't great as a group together. I shouldn't hang out together, like members additive future summing up bit Remember that guy bit no girl bit adieu and is in Hawaii just like in a fight she's got mad that he was like he like moon and forever. Something animals a strong, they weren't they weren't. Now they were not there together. She bit him Oh yeah other happily ordinary. Does that There is a happy and NGO bit amid a show, and there we go together as well. Maybe look there's a number of people that can
an audience, and they don't know what that number is, and I would really like to figure it out, but because an audience really does take on, they really do become this unified throbbing mass. But at some point there are there are mine, our leaders in each section- and I can't figure out- is a size to energy ratio to where you want that sweet spot where, like the bigger, does more to get a push up and sometimes you're in that not for the huge venues relic, the medium sized ones like yes, gonna Fonda Vomitings, the perfect tricky have doubled in shows the words a static and at other times, was a little too big for what was happening ass, a little secret. It sounds horrible amounts to really off its own bat or what? What is it is it? Is it just because the waiver, the the thing, is the stages hollow not like not to some of the unfortunate situation of effects there, s just some good,
I and other things. You can't really say when you're, as is the case, this isn't sounds we're doubling the there they when they will see, do good, and it is your duty right at all costs You find yourself. If you have sometimes like a section of an audience, is really great, but then, like other side there. Just then having for some reason do do you tend to wade, the section, that's it that's doing better or who played to the section? That's not to try to like poem in I about Jimmy know their drummer? He always focuses on the than the ones that love us and my inclination has always been to go out and try to get the attention of the ones that that don't write but Sometimes you just can't it's easier to focus on the ones that are right there inside you mezzanine The thing that I've learned is that the narrative it's in your head about people or or what there
thinking are enjoying is not always the case that sometimes you learn like some people, enjoy things with less energy and then afterwards, the like some guy in the audience that you thought was hating. The shortcoming go human that was really great When you flung annuity lingers bright day, they just express themselves differently than you express and seventy go. Oh yeah I was, I was putting me on to that guy either it's funny the people that lose their minds at that. Is there not necessarily the kind of people that we would nets. sometimes even like their weirdo. I don't know I don't I don't we have chosen shows in whatever do happy day says or whatever, but but some When you see someone doing this obnoxious dances like ok, somebody's Vienna is good, but that's not me I'm probably were more reserved and understand and clashes back
when I saw clings the stone age recently said the rat. Yes didn't like the ticket that's a good point, even the people that that our loving it obsessively me be giving you what you want right. They just a little more chill and then you have to sort of, I think a lot of it has to do releasing expectations and not try to control, not tried to micromanage. All the situation too much into your crazy if you're trying to control everything, hopefully you get to a certain point where you going well, you know, This is how we do it and what they do, and hopefully it works. You hope it works out at that that the chemist reason. Pink Floyd the wants and armed uniformed goons into the ground and other give you which one that's a good idea?
That seems like a really important line item to have in your touring uniforms, danish of equipped in uniform goons. Are you good at performing? If you in a bad mood or if they give is performing an escape for you, or does it stick in the back of your head when you're on stage, if your life, if something should he has happened, or if you got an argument with some honor, if your bounder can you put it offered: is it sick with they re? Usually I can put it off, I mean. Usually each did you hoped that cutting hasn't happened to me before you go upstairs, but sums happen that day. There's this process of getting ready for a show? Some of it involves eating right, and some of it involves. You know at a certain time and unlike just getting your heads base, so that by the time it you're about to walk on stage you there and I think I can get- I personally complete
they're out there, because I do enjoy the shows, I loved you and shows, and their no fun when you're not there in the right way in right. You have the choice? Are you going to be in there they're in the right way, going to be there in like a bee enjoying it, or are you going to be obsessing over some detail. Are you enjoying success. You think yet again having to appreciate it when it's happening or do you preach? Could I feel like theirs I do appreciate stuff in a moment and then other times you dont really appreciate You appreciate things retrospectively where you go. Oh yeah, that the really good thing that happened, but in the moment you're just used to super focus on what you're like. What's going at, like what you have to do and putting out fires and everything I don't know span existed for a long time when it was very unsuccessful, and so when we started getting even the most small, success and they make and they did
slowly and gradually and- and I kind of felt like every step of the way we were appreciating- that, like okay, Hayward, not losing money on them, when we go out and do a tour or you know- we've sold whatever one thousand two hundred copies of our record this week. That was up at some point. That was a huge deal like that. made us happy in so every step of the way it was got a little better and I think we do appreciate it. I think that doing having those those rough years, some good- what of it? I think a lot of good comes out of that stuff cause you don't mean. If it I mean, if you mean, if you just if you really one record is like you sold a million copies. I don't know how do you know where you go from? Where do you go in there and how do you appreciate that? And how do you know like I feel like all of the and then that it's not threatened?
like failure. Yours is just like building years, and why not do not have that? You really have a foundation, you know and then how great, if after a few records like something blows up, and then people all of a sudden have a catalogue of stuff to rediscover, then have that in have that before I do not say, I mean really the same with ice getting a stamp. That's all I don't know music, I just know stand up and- and I always I think, there's a lot of fun parallels between what we do like even just totally in the way we approach audiences slick, your tools or a little bit different than mine, but ultimately it's the same like you're, just trying to former relationship in an hour rank with an audience communicate as quickly as possible. I always I've. Never like. I don't. I think that it must be hard, as it is a comedian, though, that you
You got your material and you know it's only really good for a year or two or or whatever it. Yes, but you know people come see us. They want to hear those songs that they know exactly it's. It seems like that would be gives you a lot of work. It gives you in your toes and- and you know when you write your first- like our of material. You like. Ah, this is the culmination of my life's work and say that you are going to do this I gotta, do it again immediately after yeah, and you know in any in any there's really only a four comedians that went beyond like three albums and continued to do well, but if you're a band serve like you really could your fourteen thousand could all the sudden like Papa. You know like in an that's: that's not it.
That's not as common in the committee in the colony commuted we're having to go and write a new Alan's worth material, but but the cool thing is that we know do a show and have these public performance is where you can draw on. You know a whole whatever in our case, twenty years of work I don't see comedians having that will get that. Second, look at that same luxury, but it's it's nightly It must be nice to know that if, if, if there were a weird situation or something, get on stage and play right now you gotta get up, and me like. I was just you know we can. We could bring out through something without having to heard anything like this kind of a nice comforting. Are you ain't married you not weird your young, you, you still have now, there's a couple Mary guys in the band german rub. Four brief. Second, I thought you meant they together,
we may I thought, says no extra stating and we're not bad comic reflex. do you need it. Is it hard I would imagine it must be really hard to maintain a relationship on the road for if you're gone for almost a year at a time yet can be. And what you said so yourself. Never on the road. I'm I dont go on the road for like a long joy of time, I'm I'm always back and forward. So I'm I'm here during the week and then I go on the weekend and then you know a lot of times. I could take that person with me, which is most, but you guys are unto her buses. I would imagine you're you're. Does your essentially living mobile life near and some bf you're dating a doktor, or something like that, not something you can't bring them out on the tour bus with you now his words. You gonna get the MEDS man right. That's
reversion to bring out on the road, and I dont really easy It isn't what I wonder if the I feel like the type of person that actually could be significant other in a relationship with the turing performers, a very specific type of person. I remain very patient person, if it were a personal desires, a certain type of relationship, men, maybe a certain amount of time alone, yeah yeah I've had certain Grover's they hated and being on on tour, because- I know there's something about the chemistry some people, some. women, love and sympathy they just like it makes them feel like ok. What am I doing here right now in some of our more for them? yeah. I guess it's true. While it is true that there are really like comedy groupies, well if you're single in your committee does not mean there aren't. I guess there are covered a group is but but
a little more common in your field, then it would be. In mine, No, they put it this way of narrow, double the really. Never all those years I'm I'm around he's been in relationships for all. I just from relationship to relationship, mine, retiring Stacy, Jack's amount, single and what the fuck did you do no along events in send. I guess what is it now, maybe five weeks, six weeks of fresh it still, I keep thinking like it. A long time ago, but when I said a lot of my are yet another just happened that still a new that still a new thing about you, I'm not in one now you're, not in one area and how long's it been spout. Nine months, you're gonna use that your country used to it now yeah. Well, here it's hard, I think the break up of your heart or the other.
Because you get you can get more and because, when you're yoga, these are just be no. This web stronger attachments in bonds form, although you get You know I feel it is time to write a break up Song Louie. Are that pacing tiger cage with all eyes are just upon us and listening and we're just parents were sort of yours like people are watching me, but I'm alone man is getting strike. I get. I had it your girlfriend back on a savannah somewhere, but we had to split up his long distance relationships. Don't work in the wild. He travels from citizens, Zuzu, yeah, yeah man, might be one of those on the nose. time, you can use that too give relative this idea. You use that. If you want thanks, you must
I did. I do a relatives like that. Don't say some great for your act on a lab at every time. I just southern but my dad, my dad for the lungs was convinced that the phrase come and go what he has to go on this same shit different day you could put bumpersticker if you are first of all thanks. Second of all now made that I guess I don't know be, why don't you see thought anymore But I guess he just I he just sort of thought that he stumbled on the bumper sticker ring of it that he thought that was his ears like no one, but I guarantee you if you, if you went to like a truck, stop off the eye. Forty somewhere between you know tolls, that you either, if you went into attracts out, there would never be at the very same shit different day and then a bunch of truckers with like sixty four out coffee's. I that's that
I don't know it well back on the road and stick my dick in this hot donor, so I feel, like I have some human contact left in the workers as we get here. I think it's up to you exactly what it is. A combination of actually talking about like things that really matter and then kind of feeling like not comparable with that, and then I may make a joke about a tractor fucking, adona writer. That's what it is it just sort of constantly availability. You get them. I don't know if you get better it's. A step ahead to your brain, or if you get worse it saying a step ahead of your brain. What do you think I, like it, you d, better at you, catch me brain. That's true, I maybe that's the last thing. You say or you gotta writers,
single tier just after those gamma ray. It's the veto, the hardest thing about harnessing about a break up her loss or wherever you can have a fine day and then your dreams just fucking, attack you why I felt I share that view. Given the morning before everything that's going on. Hits you again before you remember everything. Well, that's yeah! That's that, yes, which I always like into its. we like someone is dumping like hot liquid reality onto your brain before you. Wake up like Sonny, and then glue images like you just feel like any just sinks into all the levels of your brain or, if you of this idea of like This thing you can pick up morning, anger, rodeo and if you are with significant other new fight the night before How long can you feel, like you're, better term spoon that person in the morning before they remember like? Oh yeah, we're not
being right now: hate snuggling, but we cannot allow you don't get to stay and you just staring at the back of persons had us, nor did it get to real, let us get realer that right would supply what you really like? I can't get realer chancellor. I can't. I know me too, its defence mechanism, but I don't, but I have the comedy defence mechanism with you, events mechanism- I just get up there we're song. You know that I say anything new yeah. That's also do you feel like that A general musician credo is like. I might songs, speak for me. Well, it is he to just go up there, Yogi its pre scripted right now, the parts that are
spontaneous sir, are not with the words right. You know right. I guess. Braver Cox is good at that. The coming up with Should on the spot, but yeah think that having having a script makes it a lot easier because you can disappear into that. If you need to yeah you just you're not expected to come up with new content and release lyrically right. The spoon asked our improv JAM like I need a location and then an occupation and the need to start playing a song. Giving you guys gonna provides us all good weep of musical yet, but the lyrical easel harder for me. I know people can do that, but Alex. Can you do that now? You know Reggie wants now bugs action like yet
some he could pull, did emanate anywhere. We honoured gadgets two hours ago watching just because the public I play music thrilling afforded comedy and was the worst it. I'll, just mumble and things and currently like this rift, don't feel right lire and then the quadroon Reggie, who actually can take shit that you had a conversation about a minute ago and then work it into lyrics is headings but one of the most frustrating things about red I was in a musical comedy duo and we toured with Reggie in two thousand and four all of the West Coast to seventeen people max in each venue and Reggie would break out these really brilliant sounding things They didn't like to repeat stuff, so she would hit a sort of like the mute it was the music trap of you hear something one night we like Can we do that again that just wouldn't do it just didn't, want to refer guy Eggers, don't follow him around more, they
who got like jam. Banjos semi, isn't just tracking with those? That's not there's not Reggie Watts blue legs dotcom his yes, so many good They never getting hear again to Jerry, thinking about after this, like, what's number I'm gonna be, are you just focus on record number? Eight yams focused I for now does away with you when you were so when's the excellent right after done with one Did that? Did you get us I you and it's all right. I can deal with it. Merely so they have like fifty songs in various stages of development, trying to get us boss thanks, I like it when you coming about these, are there are just two songs, yea our were prepped for two to your preference. Ok know that too. I am. I am thankful that you, even the two songs here that we are able to give us this in and swing house we did the ban folds one and the urban small there Brennan Small, you don't do it here every week. No, no
It's only it's only when we can convince someone to gives private concert that we come to swing house usually recorded that the tv studio I do the seizure of so. But it's a does the nice treat for us. There are no other giving a drunk. It would send a man. using in the room we recordings. Does this brick room, but just echo is fuck and every time there is a God drums that would kill in here. At this idea- is tiny office room but the worst, for audio, just terrible on the entire product, John John Bonham drums and huge risk. you again, and I hope you have a nice time in an instant getting a little real on the show. You know I don't know em in as much pleasure. It is good to everyone's makes ravenous are now get to see a real choice. We have really figure out. How we were gonna play, like is solar acoustic songs, yet so we'd. This was a good exercise.
Yes, and you feel like you, feel like a how we got it yet we cannot and you're gonna go do one in Seattle this next week, so we're gonna go again, they want my soul. Is the album its August fifth available where music is old, digitally others still record stars. yeah and others amoeba can we go get them vinyl copies of things were just put out a final nice man, you gonna, go get it, but it's been reckoning, vinyl, Can you explain to me why record players are like hundreds of dollars, because you one really good at equality and to getting a high quality part, or so they know, because hipsters or pay hundreds of dynamic you know I would be happy with that old. Like I got like a mind like a hundred bucks. Remember, when we were that when you were young, but when I was young you could you could buy some. It looked like a tree, and it had a needle in it and set it on the record and it would drive around in circles and had a little speaker on top of it. I forgot This that you never saw that sell quality was terrible and I think you are,
no real, so the record was a moving you just yet. Yet you do. The record was would say still in this little truck had a needle on an inspector and it would drive around in circles toward the center, and I feel a lot of times completely demolish the record my process, but I would pay hundreds of hours for that. You don't have one. No, if you like. That's all that's given those plastic carry case ones. Now those my favorite jack White has one. Those yellow plastic and use put any like hangs out the side? I say I I know that there is a whole. whole in my soul is shaped like truck with a record needle on it and that's what gets you back into vinyl hardcore you're just by and records to put your truck I am actually surprise at there's not like some weird hipster move and already of just that and then deciding like all look it's
generally and like everyone, fuckin puts like whatever sort of weird ironic childhood memory. They have some pop culture references listening Portland. I would buy one we're in the middle or another Ghostbusters vehicle. I think product so comical my dad you should make. That demanded. Undraperied everyone out now, leaving noticed com
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