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This Q&A style podcast was recorded at the NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 14th in front of many fans. As a True Believer, I was already excited to "listen up" because Stan Lee is fifty kinds of awesome. I was even more delighted to learn that, in person, he is FIFTY MORE KINDS. I absolutely loved every second I got to spend with him. Please to enjoy! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Greetings, podcast Lings, its Chris or a quick business to get out of the way before we start the notice podcast number. Fourteen. First of all, I would like to thank you personally because in just two short months we amassed over a million downloads from a nervous project which is my blowing. We didn't expect that and we really really really appreciate your support. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. A million times also, if you gotta, be in LOS Angeles on Tuesday may eleventh really between them nervous, podcast, live at Largo can be an all music show and our special gas will be Paul and Storm MIKE firemen and Tom.
You probably know for me? No one in the state also a very, very special gas, whose name I can tell you, but it is a very, very, very special guest trust. Me aren't so, let's get into this episode. Today's guess is Mr Stanley. Now I've met stand before he is an amazing guy. Super sweet, vonny, charming himself deprecating just want to kidnap the guy force into your grandfather. So we did this chat on April. Fourteen that the National Association of Broadcasters in LAS Vegas and the ETA B is basically an event has been going on for eighty years, where content providers from all platforms come together and display their wares,
Reverend Vegas and it's going on, you should go and you get more information about that organization. It and a bee show dot com so stand, and I did a pre standard q and a in front of a group of people who are super excited tat. He was there and they got to ask questions afterwards in at all in all. I think everyone had a great time. I had a good time folks I had a good time. I know the crowd. There had a good time. Jimmy J J Walker had good times Joan of pride and have a great time pits. He wasn't there. Man had a decent time, he wasn't on the show, but he was running the board his times primate much better by the fact that somewhere in his heart he was happy, and hopefully you will have a good time, as I present to you, the nervous podcast number fourteen with Stanley
No minister com, please welcome Chris Hardworking Stanley. I dont, like you getting, is beginning production, as I did. You know we'll talk later. I don't know I to be fair, I think in the contract I got three less sentences editor, so yours,
You're still is still the main. Also, how do you like me being an opening act, the furthest guide, a warm up, the audience till the really good ones, so the magician come that's the way it goes. This. Thank you guys for coming out at nine o clock in the morning and in LAS Vegas. The bank and made for coming early release easy, we'll get to you Stanley, afraid of it. So Stan you were born. Name Stanley, Labour Stanley, Martin Labour Stanley, minds, labour, ok and then And then you change your name, the Stanley, because there was this idea that comic books for a sort of at the bottom of the Cultural programme Popple. So what can you just give us a little concept of what it was like two to go into comics in the nineteen forties shirt? Actually I change my name goes. The cops
after me. Ok, that's another story. The nineteen forties being in the comic book business you out Rodney Dangerfield you got no respect. I mean I'd, go to a party with my wife. And I somebody would come over eight. What do you do I know what what's gonna happen. So I'd say: I'm a writer and I'd try to walk away and they say oh right so I'd, say magazine, stories and I'd walk a little further than they keep following Finally, I have to say comic books, at which time the person would turn around and walk away. Of course, now it's different now, I'm in a room somewhere, somebody said wait a minute: that's Stanley! Excuse me prayers. By my. I gotta get exactly Y know why widened comic books have such have such a stigma attached to them? Well,
I can only tell you what my publisher told me at that those early days in the late bodies, fifties Stan don't use words of more than two syllables. Don't give me look about characterization and plot gimme. A lot of action. I want a lot fight, seems but Our readers are a very young, kids or illiterate, That's what the publisher should thought of the public of his readers. So nobody ever thought that Anybody who would educated would read a comic euro and that was the business I was in you know the terrible barbarously worked pretty well So when did you? When did you start to notice that await actually comic books? This is actually a viable career. This can actually my primary career, that it ought to be ashamed of it. Well, it really started with the fantastic,
were you know when you when you're in conversation this way, I never know whether to look at you or look at the people. Show I'm trying to do both I'm sort of an well opportunity and looking television based, we cheat out back. I want you to look at him him anyway. The question what. When did I know I like this is summarised these things for you. I know you have a short interest span. When did I realised that we were all wait a minute? Aren't you Stanley check the approach that we were onto something right? It was after the fantastic for that was the first. We did where I said the hell with it. I'm gonna try to let them talk like real people, might talk and react to each other and have personalities and so forth, and I was trying to be realistic in the sense if Johnny Storm the human torch, don't go, tell anybody if Johnny Storm was going to drive a car
be a whiz bang vague, it would be a chevy corn vat and if they, going to go to a movie, they wouldn't go to the Bijou. They go to the radio city music all and they lived in each side of downtown Manhattan and so forth. Instead of metropolis Gotham City. I want there to be realistic. Well, after a while started, getting fan mail. Now we had never had fan mail. Before all of a sudden. I got letters written in crayon, then After a while they were written in pencil. Then they a written, a name later on, I started getting some that would tight and suddenly The return addresses what from high school and a college. I said we're on onto something: that's nice and that's what happened it was. The email started coming in and the first impressive thing that happened. I've never forget for kids who are members.
The clear Suffolk society- and I don't know what that means from princeton- came to the office and they want did make began an honorary member of the Prince than Suffolk society. So I said of a ride. Comic books have now reached the proper level I think Creek Chris means crayon right thanks very much so couldn't there. Some academician who was interviewing me. I'm sorry, Stanley in conversation with me is what I meant they said this was going to but I was going to bring this up a lot later in the inner interview, but I ve been following your tweets. As a loyal fan would end that make you a brigadier about. My own brigades Bregetio all welcome to join, but you have to start as private
later on. I may give you a battlefield promotion, but that comes in time. I think automatic promotion for getting in line at eight o clock in the morning at the convention centre for everyone, but so I'm also friends like Ferguson and I talked to Craig last night- and I know that you guys have you guys- have a twitter war. That is afoot, and I spoke to so I could get a statement from him to see what he wanted to contribute in Craig said stand. I respect your legacy. I respect your talent and I will destroy you, the man doesn't nobody's up, so What were the early August curious to know what the early comic book conventions were like what, with early comecon like they were a lot different than they are today? I dont know.
How many of you have been to a comic book convention lightly, but the way they used to be they were all kids, little kids and again generally you'd see an that older too, parents who the kid dragged to the place because they were too young to come by themselves. Now, all you see a grown ups with a few kids they wouldn't leave it home because they couldn't get a baby sitter and it's a totally different thing and if, for example, the biggest convention The one in San Diego they get over a hundred and fifty thousand people there. I think, and it's all movie people tell people media Eve? You wouldn't understand, but I don't know let us and
There are looking for the next movie that export tv show and poor kids. They are outside with their noses prejudice against the window. Wishing they could get it, do you think that do you think that I mean? I know it's good for the business as a whole, but do you think it's bad in the sense that in comic books are necessarily be no an underground phenomenon anymore. There are so mainstream and corporate, and indeed this is that good. Is it bad? What you think I don't know. I think I don't think it's bad, because people can Young people old people legume still buy them and read them and they can still enjoy them, and I was during a little bit. They can still go to comic book inventions. No matter what they age will you say, corporate they were corporate amene comic books, even in the early days, were owned by companies corporations. It's just that now date. There more respect because everybody realises, if I read a comic book and I think it good- that is a good chance. It'll be
two hundred billion dollar movie in many that's a thing. It seems like You know when you were when you were first make up a you. Gotta see work thinking. I wonder how he's gonna. Look in a shot like you were just trying to tell a story. How do you know what I was thinking? I own a tortoise. I travel back in time and spoke to you sixty years ago, Tartarus three people doctor who so I mean, what's your- process like when you, when you're sitting down to you know when you come up with his character, any character. What what's the process? Does kind of company. When the shower do do you sit down and say I am going to Make one of the biggest comic book heroes ever today well years ago, when I thought of things I wasn't thinking it'll be one of the biggest gallipoot hero. I was thinking, I hope the book cell so well
My job and I'll be able to pay my rent every month, and that was about as far as your aspirations went in those days now, of course, if I think of something I say this would make a good movie, and I it'll be a great liner toys. A tv series is certain to follow our meeting. You think a little bit fire, let this guy with a great on jammies other. Do you have any time tales from the Stanley rejection by another, some characters that you were excited about, that you could just never just make worker You know that you really wanted to work now. This will sound terrible. But every one of them work. When you say I never had rejection, but it's not as good as it sounds I'll explain. I was the editor in chief, I was in charge creatively. I'm also my biggest fan.
So, if ever I would come up with an idea. I e that's great I'd say: let's do it, because I was the guy. You said: let's do it so everything that I did. I thought which terrific and so I got. No rejections, because I would have been the rejected and I'm not going to reject my own stuff, Hope that answers your question, but I'm trying to be you can tell. Trying to be as honest and forthright with you people as possible, and I hope it's appreciated So what is it? They appreciate grave Ferguson sound scotsmen? How do you know? How do you feel that come because, obviously you know we're such
a visually interactive society. Now, with you know, with the now everyone's three day in three tv, three movies, but how to cut you feel the comic books tell a story in a way that, maybe you know a movie or a television show, can't well every form of the media tells a story in ways that others can. I mean a movie this story in a way that a television show can the television showed tell us story in the way that a magazine you enter a newspaper, they're all different, a comic book is really like when you Do story boards for removing the good thing about comics now people in Hollywood really don't have the time and most em don't have the interest to read a full script. So if somebody wants to sell a script to a movie company, a distributed producer
this very little chance. The guy is going to read it, but it's so easy for anybody to look at a comic book. You can some through it and a couple of minutes wow. These pictures a great that scene, would look terrific on the screen, there's a lot. Action yeah. I want to do this movie you're talking about pseudo heads we're going back to the illiterate adults from before who have just spoken about and that a very good way. To put it, I can't think of a concept with words alone. Why haven't? I have a lot of friends who tried to sell scripts and they couldn't, and so they said well make it into a comical. And then they ended up selling settlers in the way it happens. I wish
stayed in comics what an idiot I am showed. Yes, smart. I am when comics a bigger than ever, I'm not doing well, I M doing some come to think of it. So that's ok, we're even unity of Europe. We would be a power entertainments. How is working with a company called boom button, we're doing some comics and a Balkan. Beneath the archery company we're doing a new kind of super here over the archery books, and we just did a comic book. It's going very well in Japan called Ultimo and it all over here, is a movie or tv series soon and we're doing a cartoon engine. Inanimated animated Cartoon Gold Euro man, which will probably come on. Sooner or later, and we're very big in Japan, the chinese jealous, but to make time for them later. But I think that what the question was, I gotta tell you matter now. I gotta tell you please I've done in conversation
with a lot of people, you're really good you. What are you getting this guy is going? Are you come right? That's all I was coming here. That's all I get so now what's up As for you, when you, when you're creating stuff I mean is it literally just you go make that do sit down the writer like what what what surprised, when luckily I'm still my biggest fan. So I like everything I do, but I don't have time to actually do the finnish writing right. So what I do is I try to come up with an idea that would make a good movie television show whatever, and then we try to get the best. Writer or comic book writer. What I can do and I sort of supervised. Sit around the executive producer, whatever that may actually I'm also very lucky. I have a partner. Low. I work with Name Guild champion who had been a
really terrific producer years ago now each part of the management team of power, entertainment and this guy really knows movies and television and he's been at sea outcome. That idea hey. I think it would be great. We have spider man, maybe we'll have misdeeds, man oh mosquito. Men sounds great, we'll do it as tv series. I might have thought it would be a movie gill things that should be a tv series and he knows better so I just come up with an idea and then give says where we should directed. So that makes it easy for me, because otherwise I would flounder there. There are so many places you get it if you have an idea for something today, Welsh You do it s a comic strip. Did you do it over the internet? Should Do it as a you know, we're doing something called time Jumper but Disney, and it's it's called a motion. Comic. It's a cross between
Comic Book and Inanimated. That's it doesn't say that I, since so you say to yourself you: it is a comic. Should it be a television show a movie, but I'm lucky enough to have Gill at my side and easiest bacon, emotion, comic, so I don't have to think you say, and that makes it I agree. I think miss man should be emotion, comic. I, like I said at first, you did say all I shouldn't blurted now everybody's gotta be writing to write a mosquito man. Don't tell anyone How do you know, how do you come up with Spiderman? How do you, how do you say combine man and spider like what's what? How does that? First of all, you have to start by being incredibly brilliant. Yes, no. What happened was I have told this story so often that for all I know it might even be true, but
I was trying to think of a new hero and I had done everything we had. The thing was the strongest sky around we had the human toward Truchen burst into flame and fly. We had the hulk generally what can I do that different and dim it occurred to me while I was sitting at my desk, I saw a fly crawling on the war. Now I don't want you to think my is filled with flies, one little light and I said dead G. Wouldn't it be some Exeter myself that it I don't know that I set it out loud. I may have just started I like to think of you. Silly going. Wouldn't it be funny if one does not allow the argument, I was almost going to say I thought to myself, but my wife always she's may and says you can't say I thought to myself. Who else would you think too
and she's right, so it has to be. I thought if you ever hear anybody say I thought key is self say: stands wife says you shouldn't say that. Can I please please just tell you. It is just as a subject that you just remind you that my dad leaves himself messages on the floor. Remember to do things, but he identifies himself to himself. So when you listen, it was theirs enriching you here. This is me colleague, EVA, remind me to leave out the tragic who do you think is leaving you with these messages. To do these chores you're dead is a great man Jordi? What the hell are we? Oh? Yes, so when I saw this fly- and I said he- wouldn't it be cool, no lying in those days there wasn't an expression cool, I said, probably wouldn't it be groovy, wouldn't it be groovy if a superhero could stick to the wall like a fly, you know, so I said it's a good idea, but
why man didn't do it for me as a name. So I went down the list. Mosquito man, whatever I I could think of, and then I got to spider man now I want you to. Spider man. I mean that sounds dramatic. You know work, show gentle column, spite very good at names also. I said I'll call him bite. A man and low election was born. And get the idea that really does were taken a moment. Now when you Finally, will make way for when they sort of making the movies nearly two in the early two thousands authority. We are to say that, but in the early as well? They when they made the first of the new Spiderman movies, did you didn't go yes, this is exactly you know, I mean because before that, in a film technology wasn't in such a place, it could look the way that it did so did you feel like it really would have taken that long to make that fell? Well, my first thought was:
This is gonna make me famous, but after that, but now I thought it was a great job. Sam Raymie really kept it true to the Spirit of Spider man, and he only made one blundering mistake, but I forgive him for it. I understand how it was he didn't make me play. The part of dreams a Jameson, the irascible newspaper editors and I was born to play that role just like maybe they don't have made plan Odin and the Thought movie buddy. That's another story: did you even audition, for they didn't even let me or did gave my one lousy, cameo and then go by? What are we
see a more. I want to see a full length Stanley feature film. I only starring Stanley, somebody it's doing a document relating to these days. Eddie, it's are doing, is doing a document, a ray of light and life in so far as its all about spending should be subjected to would probably the beginning of next year and don't blame someone else is doing it anyhow, but what did you say May I just really I could be looking at myself on the screen and that is there. I do. I look. You look you're good, really, look good! I like that.
Good. I like, I guess, we'll need em just keep it does give it. Your camera give a little kissed the cameras. Why don't I see it? This thing here should have a picture that little dumb diagram. That's I don't know what that is. Even that's. That's a flowcharts that some kind of flowcharts when I need a float charger. No there, it's! Basically advertising can be shown. So I guess in case you- and I forget- where we are there's a big screenwriter that listen. I hope your role appreciating this very scholarly discretion yeah we're having a kind of flowcharts. These other jerks made this thing and then there's a mosquito guy. Our thanks go every couple. People I see who are taking notes will talk to you later. These are all smart people, a photographic memory Stan, so you created what is now known as the marble method of creating comic books. Can you just gotta give us
little bit of a walk through deduce. Did you set out to create that are too just gonna go? I guess this is what I do So that's that's the marble method. I like doing He asked my questions. Any answers, then I'll give notice that very skilful. I am what happened was I was writing almost all the stories for all the characters and fast desire, Wonderful as I am I was having trouble keeping up now the artists were freelancers, they weren't done salary which men if they had nothing to draw they weren't getting paid. So if Steve did go is waiting for a script for spider man. And I was still writing the Hulk Jack Kirby. Let's say Steve had not do when he wasn't getting paid. So, instead of me waiting until I finish the script for Jack Herbie, I would say: look Steve. I tell you what he is the plot I would like for spider man
let's so and so be the villain and let this happen, you go ahead and drawing any way you want to open it. The dialogue later. So I able they give Steve something they draw, while I finish writing the Kirby script when Steve brought his scripted is all I had to do was put in the dialogue that captions maybe make a change or two, but that was it, so I realized I could do that for most of the artist. I would give them the plot and let them droid anyway. They wanted to and then I would put in the dialogue. So in that way I kept a lot of guys working at the same time and I began to realize it's the best system, a ball, because in Let me writing a complete script and say panel page to draw closer. There's a longshot or that in a medium shouted that let the honest decide what to do. That's why they're ibis their good at it,
and they all had great story senses. They knew I was lucky. I worked with the best in the business they made me look good, thank God, and they would tell the story visually so well, and then I would hold it together, even if they did something that wasn't right, I can fix it the way I did the dialogue and the captains, so it was the fastest way to work and it turned out to be the best I was getting the best of the and they were always getting the best meets that never change when it turned out pretty good, I mean it's amazing. It's an amazing. It's an amazing approach, an approach that just does not happen. The business where they say? Hey, let's, let the let's let these creative people do There are supposed to do creatively. Everything is so micromanage. Now I mean do you do? Do you think that its possible for us to get back to a place where they're letting artist create work without having to go through marketing people and not a case of place. It's just a case of who's. In charge, if some
is in charge, whether it's a movie, a television, show a comic book company or anything if there's more than enough to be able to recognise who is really got talent in a certain area and let those people go and make the decision in the area that there are good at then that's the way to do it, but when you talk micromanaging so often. People in charge. They want to say how things should be done, even though the doing it might be better qualified than they are, but on pay and use our you do it my way dago? How do you, my so serious, I liked it better before you like about before. When I was answering questions, I was as you like the way you engine understand. How do you feel you created Spiderman, I'm going to guess. You said that it was when you saw fly on the wall the worst year ever. I wanted by the way. Is this exhortation is this a business, a forty five minute panel? I want a make sure we give time for people to do q and I got it
Oh my God span wait puff of smoke, your gun they want to do it? Do two we have forty five with taken out
all right, lady, in the front that doesn't work here. Did you hear the groans when you said and now he's not another? Fifty forget it for our Stanley Marathon, what there's nothing else to do in Vegas at this hour you need to stay inside words, air condition, nothing to do in Vegas way. I had to talk to you. It did. These show biggest is weird because I don't I don't drink or gamble. So for me, I just see the matrix code behind a lot of egg. I goes a key one man on the face of the earth that doesn't drink. I'm not saying I never did, but at one point I did it for three or four lifetime. So do now, and now, let's take a moment to talk about our feelings
so I was showing you the Ipad back back in our. The area. So how do you feel that pay feel technologies is is helping or changing, or maybe hurting comic? Oh, no! It! Well, nothing hurts anything. It everything changes things I think they ll always be comic strip away. They ll always be books that are we'd, be movies. That are we be television. I remember a feud me. I remember one time: the first came out. Everybody said up: that's the end, the books, nobody is ever going to read a book. They're gonna just stay looking at their tv screen. There is still a book business. There will still Whether this is good or bad, I don't know, but there will always be comics and they may not be as biggest were they may someday be bigger than they were. You know a lot of these. Movies that are based on comics make people
who enjoyed the movie want to go and read the comic books theory. So it works both ways, one an watches, the other, and I love technology. I don't understand it, I'm no good at working anything, but I love the idea, all these new things and all that they do is keep people interest in all of the new ways of looking at his story. Or being involved in a story with video games that part the story, so it it's fast in aiding age, we live in a really. Is it true that go against the Marvel app on the Ipad when you swipe across it takes you through the panel's like are actually reading? The comic will create a completely different experience than the new and have before, and we You see time jumper, yet seen, but when I went to time, jumper could you'd be raving about it? If you had seen it, I got a mention added to Disney CO production with US time. Jumper is,
I even see it on your telephones now when eventually it'll be all over the wondering what They should make it a tv series or a feature film or a twig, a girl. Down there. You don't make that go gee. I yell at least belgian GR, yellow good noted when I said, if you get a double l, double l and story behind that? But that will be for another interview for another conversations that we got three more hours you my votes, Abigail story. Well, I wanna. Yet we just we have about fifteen minutes left. I just want to make that we get a few questions from the audience handle destroy me. They ve been waiting for the chance to get even with this over the Ferguson Army. The answer and the audits. The rules and he's gonna run out. Good victories,
I think I think I covered mainly everything. I want to know what I want to be selfish and taking it you're better off than me that you got already notes on a piece of paper, linear them on armed. The other thing I followed was the Craig Ferguson quote that I wrote thanks I, what exactly are the this gentleman was spry and got to them? first, what what is your name? Sir? My name is Marcello, Martin, Houston, Texas, Marcello, from Houston Texas. And what is your question for Mr Stanley? well. First of all, saying I've been reading marvel since one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. Since I was eight years old and I love your style of comics. I have like ten thousand of them specifically, what got me into comics at that time? This is a real geek question was the whole movement and the horror, comics and marble did that whole Spain on board comics, where it wasn't just the monster, was the human buying the monster course that kind of went away like we get
The eighties I'm just sort of curious on your spin on the whole, monsters and comics and more especially, the marble monsters. What do you think the future is there are? So Marcella was a huge, huge, whore The reason that he's repeating it, even though I look as though I am perfect in every way my hearing is in as good as it used to be. I can hear you, but it's hard for the words to focus through the microphone, so he'll repeated, so don't be offended. If not that I'm not listening What is it what the hell did? He said, but I also have a guy also have the power to repeated in is derived from a manner as possible. Myself
tat. We can I go now and sleep, so he wants to know like what what's would like horror comics. He was fascinated by the human behind the monster stories and he feels like that kind of went away in the eighties. So you know where to. See horror, comics, so sort of in the whole comic sphere. Oh, they went away, we don't publish them. The way we use do but horror is a great field. People love it. They love horror movies. At that chances, marble be bringing out some. Our comic and worry of marble doesn't pow entertaining well my little company so key, Keep your eyes peeled for the new horror. Finally, I hadn't thought about that. Guy is all right.
That guy or a book here that guy's onto something yeah there in Texas. Thank you and then Marcella was you should make a whore comic, make a married. What you're? What is your name? My name, is grant grant. How are you where you from this line there too yeah? That's it we're gonna, double fists and audience here? Where we better go fast is a lot of people. Yes, what is your name like we're having granted from really annoying Chicago four million? Ok, great guys can fly down the hall we requested action was first sampling called him Spiderman, not spider boy, because he was technically in high school spider team. I can't tell people Irene Spider, so thank you for that. He was. He was very thankful that you didn't call em spider boy, because he was tat. Equally high school. I got tell you. I hate little
near sidekicks. You know why I would call them, in spite of all these annoying robin size, you think, if ever I wore a superhero there's no way in God's UR thy would pal around with a teenager. At the very least, people would talk borderline, illegal, quick question on the issue of intellectual property question about. Excess video mash up. There's a lot of popular videos on Youtube with moral carers on there, and some people aren't as using parameter use their actual, maybe a little bit of money, the overly advertising. What is your position on people taking other peoples content report soon as a new piece of our. I heard people in world he went on without ok, I'll use, for example, like there was there's really cool thing on Youtube where they made called marble zombies. So they made
these marble superheroes as zombies, and they shot a little film and it was. It was great so he's saying: if someone makes a film that's repassing characters, they don't know like marble characters and then benefiting from advertising on you too, you know, what's your stance on that? How do you know it? Wasn't the marble people who did the marble? No! No! No! No. I mean here the internet is yes, replete with my only attitude there is I'm not a lawyer. It doesn't bother me and I figure it helps marble, because it's just more advertising and more promotion and it'll make tee Maybe you weren't interested in marble a little bit interested if they like the marble zombies. So fine with me, but again, I'm not a lawyer right now there may be a whole team of Lloyd is working on this. I dont know and then that guy's gonna use this defence. At least that I could do it. I just want Satan that kind of violence, but also makes bread was razor money.
Brad from Dallas Texas, stickler Myspace, because our bread- but this upon you, think Marvels army, also from back in the day. I just wanted to thank you for years and years of entertainment. That I heard when people that nice very well, you ve given me so much, there's nothing. I can give back to you. Stand the answer, no man. How are you up for a man? I miss that. What's your name again Brad Brad once and no appeal. Kick him squarely in the growing see me after the conversation he wanted. It
the manhood, but I don't know we can allow that because I don't want to set the precedent that everyone can come up and start groping Stan. I wasn't gonna girl. Thank you, stand for everything you ve done and given to me personally that you were going to consider that a verbal man of a brutal authoritarian and tough but fair. What's your name, you real but like drunk with power? You can. I am you you, you can make the decisions it out like what did I do? What's your name, minimum Steffens dungeon, What radio station that has got a real nice boys? you wish you did. I wish I did I'm from real Brazil nice
huge I enjoy your waxing. Thank you he's from Brazil. I've been keeping track. You laughed a little louder of what he said and what I ve been saying, you're in trouble. What's here, what's requested, first of all, thank you for all about it. He said, and probably because of comics dedicated my life to be and do good so we're out there and. First of all, I admire the way. Not only you started all the comics, but the way you kept into it and still develop. It still helping everyone everywhere. Has it been his he's inspired by the fact that you never gave up like you, its clear that you love what you do and you
continued to make comics after all these years, well, that's not exactly you see my wife is very extravagant about, but thank you very much, I'm starting a bit of a comic book in Khartoum to myself I wonder what aspiring Arthur or writer should do where to go. Since everything is so close. These days it wasn't hours in a spy during writer artist. What should he do to try to break into the business because he feels as very closed off to new people. So is there? Is there anything you can do it is? It is very difficult, as you can imagine, everybody wants to write comics. Now because a page pretty well but be if your comic book turn what movie it's pretty good for you with. You have created and written the character, so your competing with some
the top writers in America and I'd say about that. Only way you can become a writer for comics. Now, at least for a big comic book company is to write something in another field that does well If you write a novel that sells well and then you go up to the office. You show the editor look at that. I've got this novel figures. Well, you're, a pro I'll give. You would try, but just somebody who really has no credit so to speak, to come up to the office unless you're a friend of the Editors or there is a real unusual circumstances. It is difficult and artist is different because if you're an artist you can show a drawing give made and in a second the edit can tell. While this is great, I want to use this guy, but you can never tell if writing is great unless use,
a new read the whole damn thing, and nobody has time to do that and that's why it is up for a right it today. And I'm sorry to have to say that. But I really is, but honestly I mean a specially now with technology. Even you can you can create your own, stopping and put it on line. People can see it. I mean I feel like we're in a place where young artists and young writers. The ability to show their work in a way that was never at all possible he's right. If you can t up with an artist write something and have the oddest droid and then put it on the web somewhere and have people notice it. That is one way I mean it's a long shot, but that is, One way that it might I mean it. I definitely I mean. Obviously there is a lot of content on the internet, the alot of people making step, but ultimately good stuff rises, the top a mean cuts through that then so you know just just start making it don't. I would say, don't ask questions just start doing it would be
the advice that was not asked of me. I just realized like this is not my panel at all. I don't know what I'm doing here either. Thank you very much to do what is your name, sir, a pumpkin from San, Diego and one from San Diego some of those books and goes to the comecon when he says what is your name? Do you get a little nervous like, if I say that one name may not drug debate. I'm sorry, you're, not Paul. Acts of support came from a digital production, buzz we're the makers of the official plot gas for the innovation in question. Basically, I wanted to get your thoughts on the enemy show in the wonderful digital techniques that you see here in this room that he wants to get impressions of the be show and just then the techniques,
you see in the room, I gotta tell you. You been one of the best audiences, most tolerant authority. It I've ever spoken. Do I think you guys are great. I don't know who you are and what the bright light. I can't really see you but you're reactions. A great a new seem happy. So that's very emphatically of ease happy. I know I'm doing. Ok, I don't know why Ferguson is happy with war is not happy menu, a great. No. It is a dream, come true for me. What what do you know about gender question? I wanted to get what his thoughts were about. The enemy show which provided for so The around later for drinks
drinks house, so it's not like. I was gonna. It wasn't your hanging out of the show later now, as a matter of fact, right after this, I have to fly back to allay, because this is much work that is piled up and it was a great set we're a face on my part to come here, but I couldn't give up a chance to import some of my knowledge, some of my talent, the little of the greatness there may to be stolen. I knew I felt I owed it to you, and the expressions on your faces, which I can see is reward enough for me. I have a couple more questions. What is your name, sir? My name is Stephen Mccall
correct. Yes, my question stand aloft, Our people look to Europe, superheroes that you as models bears spider and its emphasis on, I heard iron men spite Odin violence on power and response, reality pairs x, men and their own ass social justice and it has made a merciful rights are aware we have let them go back a chapter one. You know he's talking about. The superheroes creates a Spiderman focuses on power and responsibility, whereas x men focuses on tolerance. Do you feel a way responsible for the impact your characters have had on the readers. Oh, he sang like the cat. Because as role models in oh dear, what what do you feel?
about the impact that they had on on young readers, as actually you know like. Oh, I should be responsible. I should be tolerance. You know that kind of thing I can tell you to be serious for a moment which is rather painful a lot of people do come over to me and they say gee. I want to thank you for the stuff you wrote years ago because it men so to me in an effective my thinking, in effect, in when I was unhappy and confused, and I read these stories that I felt better, not sure how that happened, because I wasn't trying to write therapeutic stories, but if people felt that way, I am very glad about it. Witwer spider man with the x men, the x men. There an underlying theme of anti bigotry, but that was underlying theme. I would really mostly trying to just tell an exciting story and with
bite a man? I was again trying to tell a story that people would enjoy reading, but I find what you write Reed things into it. You may not even have consciously put there and if, if you, found any elements in these stories that would good or beneficial were good for you delighted I don't know what else to say. There was good and that unusual for me I think that's ever one more question. Ok, you personal stand now some pleasure to be able to speak to you today on my name. Is time all the way up here you didn't Anderson aimed at. It offered it TAT Thames from Henderson Nevada. Just just ways away, I wouldn't want asked me about, was Disney's acquisition of marble, and this week I think the Disney store announced with iron man, merchandising stores and can have your opinion on how good
that is and how it benefits both he's asking about Your opinion on iron man being in the Disney stores and did Disney's acquisition of marble does, I think they Disney act. Session of Marvel is a very good thing that people were Disney. Very smart and their very powerful, and they know enough to let marble do What marvel does they don't interfere, but now marble as all of the weight and power of the Disney distribution machine and all the things that Disney can offer what people think o now spider man is gonna have Mickey mouse years. It's nothing like that. Nothing will change, except for the better marvel will do what marble does, but they ve got Disney behind them. Supporting them, and I've worked now with Disney people for a few years? And I've got to tell you that great there very created
they very understanding. They know the market, they know what they are doing and it's a good thing. It's nothing to be concerned about if you like, marble ok. I want to thank very much. I think we're at a time of questions, but forget about this marble. I want to hear the future a pal. I want to know time. Jumper you said it is coming out. What else can we expect from tat? This is the most frustrating question I've ever heard, because I take it back. No, that's ok at PAL entertainment, which is my new little company, and it's interesting. It's it's in between Marvel is power, and this Disney at the idea of brow being therewith, marble and Disney correct me up, because we're still does the little company but We have a number of movies and development. The Disney we have some tv shows in development. Animated, Itunes in development and were working on comic books and is the frustrating part not allowed to talk about any because this, You can imagine the
the studio wants to make the first announcement when the thing comes out the tv studio wants to make the first that now, so all I can say is working on a lot of stuff which doesn't have you any more than you knew before. Added frustrates the hell out of what emerges is making guesses we'd be like if I do that I'll get in trouble. Ok right! Well, I do want to say you all should follow Stanley on Twitter. He is an amazing twitter he is smiling Stanley Semi Ally and stay
We know that following you, I'm following you are the one now because there is already a Stanley and he's just a guy who happens to be named Stanley that best also so technically, not your name either, but that's all right. I don't know what is going to change it legally eagerly. You changed its right. You know when I sign autographs and sometimes at the do a lot of I think to myself, I'm glad my neighbors and mingle Bird Obregon steadily so easy. Well, I want to thank you for taking the time to come out here and then also just for me as as creatively type person. I love the idea that you ve been doing what you love all these years, you're not like the classic
torture, artist, you're a genuinely nice guy, editorial, lovely, lovely guy- and I wish I were someone else so that I could be friends. Maybe I'll bet you envy me for being able to meet you. I'm lucky is a guy, please have a huge hand for MR stand, yeah leaving noticed dot com.
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