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The hilarious Superego guys: Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, Mark McConville and Paul F. Tompkins, talk about the return of Superego, they try to figure out who in the group is god, they spoil numerous old movies for each other and announce the permanent addition of Paul F. Tompkins to the group! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Local authorities by cats number five. Forty eight do in another part, cash show it's in your comecon on July, twenty six Saturday, seven thirty pm show out and above all a theater and I'll be there for you to be there. I am actually done for going on. I have had a bit. I want picture forever. I just sit the edge of the stage with my note book. That would be fantastic. You should do that. I'm giving to see you man, Kyle Clark, briefly dude men going to be so now, that's why I love this show itself irrelevant it's just I feed off that generate and met Myers anger. That's phenomenal! God, yes, Kazanovitch, show overseer another surprise. If you listen is don't tweeted do not ruin Duisburg that do not
Let them now surprise for their ah good good good. That's going Iphone. Also, I've just joined the oddball comedy festival which starts August. Eighteen, tampon does a bunch of cities in August and September budgets. It is. It is a big ticket, comedy it's like a Louis UK and Sir sovereign and Gaffer gettin out almost like a comedy relieve signed to feel where it's like the comedy event of the aid and then those I am doing. I think I'm doing fifteen of the twenty day. You can't do that red rounds. I doing Red rocks still read, as that was the first one of the I mean. There are many reasons why I decided to do it, but as soon as I heard, red rocks as I do, that one is not just my makes. Writing on the Red rocks one, because I went to high school for couple years. Denver and red rocks is red rocks. You should then like salad package, it like the Dave, Matthews Red Rocks, album just like whatever the length of your said is for that and then just
but it in fundamental error or others. Do my jugs always Dave laughing all that even your balls, all though it turns out jobs, what they encounter. Norway go and the little then this podcast is. Were you gonna simply go is a phenomenal podcast that started in two thousand six. Its Matt Goarly Jeremy Carter, Mark, Mcconville and apologize cancelled, today. We know that and also there's gonna be season for superego coming soon, which they went out on the pod gas as well. They will tell you what date that is, but really really just like nice. Guys who happen to be. Fucking hilarious, sensitive Zheng, is likely as a huge fan and then we had met Gorlias nerd turns and finding out that he's also the nice
man in the World Bank orally does James Binding with Matt Myra met the mat match. Oh so so egoism, nurse Pakistan, where five forty eight with superego now entering new start com, so I want to bring up like. Has everyone sound off with everyone knows? I'm Jimmy Carter? Yes, Papa left its mark Mcconville! Well, so far has just recently joined with you, but you did you stuff for a while, so I've record with them
million town, one million one million. I didn't realize weight so that only a fraction. That means you must have done three million s death, a million episodes we ve only for fifty one out, banking. We live long. After all, we all Wally to be able to occupy. Could someone at least dub in some super audio to Wally for one is watching sick bully. References will be able to access some file to get all the refugees of Roma. Of course, I know, but it's sort of a future robot the biggest conquered for an open out. What I gave up here, make him do any they won't be here. I ruined the planet. This is yeah. I wasn't gonna for you. Do it yeah? I couldn't believe didn't find an ipod. That's how he should find out about superego ago well, Wally finds an ipod was he was right in the like residents, part of this room.
Your voices? Is I sound like gong as regards dwelling, I don't want to hear lake and you know it clap your We all this financing, the verse of what, if God was one of us by Jonas, do you want you, John? I think what we re. What we ve learned is that you are definitely not guy, because God would not have thought that I am AIDS or others show interview. We will be revealed until there's one God left. Everybody else will show themselves false one. I've just done. It I didn't do. I went straight this stuff, on the bus. So I followed you see me. I think Chris and I went to sleep so you're to suggest We do deity survivor, yeah
a vote each other off. We have equal powers, actual kind of cool economic look. It should be. I feel that's friend is now on the votes at some point from having had the tale of sometimes you, but you guys were podcasting before it was there. The thing to do so? Much really doesn't six rhetoric. And so much though I think that we felt like nobody's listening, so we don't. We can just do our own kind of thing and then in sensor ourselves and then people started listening mostly thanks to this guy falleth Tomkins he's to my left,
important dean. You are hearing the sound of that sum being pointed out. This is sorry already. He knows where we should mention that this is the announcement were making their Paul's joining us full time. That with this is not public really did it or it is sort of public knowledge, because a lot of people have noted that the icon is changed me in in Itunes. I guess yeah, that's a little treasures trail. We also think that it is Pollack, targeted, superego, other zebra has just been dropped to systematically its pilot dobkins and getting a mistake about the pilot. Can country to Hamburg I'd like to see the six seven, eight, so loud I've got. Someone has to have agreed to hack the country where gender issue and I don't know? What would you put in it?
Do you know what I think be singing like weird nineties thought likely Mclaughlin Group in there for debating Melvin Welcome to out. If I guess it Paul introduce, I mean to say, and I introduce many people to it as a right. We have it yet it what's the point of it jealous news. For now I gotta catch up as an end. I feel like I have to say I think. Maybe we had similar experiences within our time, which was that it's so dense with information that it's not you you not passively, listen to our time, and it is the bits, a lecture, basically lecture. You got a bit. You can't even like iron assured. However, always I hurting echoes of generics what I would have liked. I gotta I gotta stop because going back like we wise one, This is the episode about ironing shirts too, I think would be helpful. Next time we tackle passive
How was it as you so making them or is it I dont know I'm so back. On those he made a million of them in there is that if you had to stop we're ironing, can you listen to it? While you drive no half I dont know why you're show me: why would you think that driving would be something that demands lesson time not either out of your voice. I am busy right now, but I do agree. I do not know how could you, but you can't, because it's it's there- it's scholarly and there's a panel of there's a pantheon of Genie. I who do do nothing but the thing there too, about yeah yeah I got a message: I want to listen to the Norman invasion or I don't I will sarcasm. Czar was it really well
In our time I guess you'll sarka the guy right of the citizens. As a swedish citizen, there's probably word in your backlog of sarcasm, would be distant relatives I mean he covered anything. That's ever existed in the history of man, so any concepts any physical thing and act. A treaty I mean anything that has existed since man is covered in the gas is a wide berth of top quality. Those concept ones are the real mine blowers that it's just the idea. It just ideas like it's one thing when it when they talk about historical event, but then, when the just talking about these sort of things that we live with every day
like friendship or something like everything do and should go, and Carl Sagan gold record is not really meant for us. It's like for alien civilization to learn about us understand like I won't be able to profit from these watching VHF Ss Gigi or what was a movie whose weapon to you that was not, wasn't jelly with them. Imagine if we can't you think there be so many other so making available copies of Julia No one bottle of that's what littered the planet was not. Why do we keep making these completely littered completely littered, but it looks good and the bad man suit in jail. I take measures, I am not against the idea of him as a bad man, I mean it could independent. You know, just to be clear. Batman still affect personal, never existed right No, you didn't you guys, I dont use, I don't think about it
we got a man, they may have really purple rows of Cairo into it. Now for heroes of Cairo stepped up the screen to fuck me affair of a girl. You re a very narrow. I heard that is highly. Keep like he's going to fuck me me affair. Like use your faintly was cake. He's gonna fuck you up around these like utterances at this point a farewell, so you would have to step out of a pictogram mayo guys I almost fuels have gotten. What are people know? What superego is? I don't? I would imagine I suppose you another through rigorous, but essentially what, if you could do you Rapporteur, I will do- is to make sure it's just an improvised character based Audio Sketch Podcast, that then
we record really loosely and and tighten it all up in postproduction, and we have guessed sun and it's all presented in this sort of psychological doktor study format, but very loosely and were just about. This is another announcement, we're going to start a fourth little sea in for lack of a better turn out September. First aunt tat, a great it's for lots of beautifully produce, show think anything. I think it's great about it for an I guess the shells are only about thirty forty five minutes long, but it's the sketches or two to four minutes. So you just you really just bounce around there's, never it the show doesn't lag. Ya'll were were afraid to give too much to the true origin. It wouldn't survive. I don't like it. Was longer than we ever attic: twenty five to thirty five minutes. Otherwise, yet I've, come to shit on our own pod but a lot less sketches sketchy I see prospects as it is difficult to write it
the things in an ox, and then you have to and at a certain point it sort of like you know. If, if someone can it gets? What did what the game of the sketches? Ok, I got it. I just want to spit it out right, like peace, so it's nice. The shovels really really really fast. Yeah he's Landforms catches. Essentially you better off writing a play rang. It's like Yours- a series of one acts which sees in five one what all Christopher during around its ninety minutes appeal. Tell your friends, festival. Oh god, those little just those two terms together, but we started we animated what we use the innovation for a handful of them fruit for national and the company that animated those there's gorgeous company. It's really one, it's two thousand highly, but one guy doing all the animation. He amazing Mark Miller,
Brandon Albert rented did the animations. Those guys have been amazing, so what you guys were allowed us to do with that was fantastic. The the hr eager episode was it we play, on releasing that four months many die ass, and so we are falling down stairs and so will the same. Day it was very literally. Was I mean it was? There was like death roulette like the ship was on the day, and the day, and I think we pushed by a week, but that was the one that was ready. So we we put out a weekly just Crosser figures like please, don't think we're capital is on it. A handful of people were like power. If ever there was someone you could Tipp to up to the edge of death. With regret, we also the guy that invented the original gee I Joe die,
the week we put out the fire Joe One and that didn't catch anybody's, greater rigour, hers. I know life like the poltergeist, I'm ok. Now, if we're on our death squad here we go. We did we invent and we did others have video. We now video. We show that we showed, and it was this. Video had been done three months before we did this for months and that we can guess Brittany Whitney Houston died, but at the end of the video at the real price goes wrong. I don't know it goes to exert failure like we and other worldly and then her eyes, line up and then fades, but just the eyes, and we is so full graciously went out.
Look. I've got things you gonna have there is something highly topical issues malignant the part of, so it will be the port of his whenever he played by Britain, whose these goes through such a huge reaction. Could we didn't say what it was right? You're gonna see something at the end of one We do know it when he's this was pleased because, made months and months ago we dont everything else, but in this laughing at you got out of it beautifully, but it got to do here. I would like this is definitely a good or a bad reaction is pure, like Iraqi come on. Got there wasn't there was written guy? That's so how many times do? Did you guys do the do live versions of this? We
used to do a monthly at U C b and though we basically taken a break from man than we tour with it. Maybe once we have everything we ve got of done, San Francisco sketch fast, like I said Vancouver, we just got back from Beautiful South Carolina, that's rights and Solomons Island where their sharp it. I was pretty great that it is not its Charleston. What we're in Charleston that whole week, you got shot Was Charles Dinner, the river you what I said I was in beautiful, cha, cha, that is. Why do you need a breadcrumb trail for your life? It's why it's kind of a frenetic podcast. I can't keep track this put it this way marking to handle the technical data. Otherwise it will be like this is hooked up like up, afford L Tt, how do you figure
you know what I mean when your eyes, when you're building that, when you're building the show, how long how long you kind of referendums, it's like. Ok, I think we got it and then chopped up job. Well, I think it's and probably to three hours and will do maybe for four or five will try stuff. We know pretty much five. Ten minutes end like this is gonna work or maybe not Yes for it. For the last season we run into long. I was too hard at its at this time. We ve been kind of setting like a ten minute timer and we had a rapid up around ten minutes because they ve been getting too young for night at its all of it in its it In order that the longest standing we handle forty two minutes or useless in all this raw Riddick get four minutes added you already to deepen the mine with that are Nikko cases on our first episode, communism for she's, hilarious
really her sketch. She sings Germany's shut up in character and we retro fitted for country back to their improvised aka, Palestine. That's the most work. We ve ever putting analysis like I'll stay alive, penicillin mark played in which we just we weren't. You know you got me. Ok, let's make it you play pedal I do Yoda fucking heart instrument, the play. I will be learning how to play for there s my life. It's asset, it's crazy. It's a math problem, and a loom that makes music Churchill That was a problem in the morning. You will still be without its puzzle wrapped up in a where in the world is common sense, interconnected, The is its
What I love about it is the it's a double edged sword, because one of the reasons things can go on so long as you don't have the pressure of alive audience where you, you know what we ve done. This live it sort of works out, because it has two zones sketches, helpfully sketch links, sort of they work out. You find an out because everything's and it's like. There's people looking at you so this have. You know this has to have a bunch of satisfying laughs, and and then it has any as closer satisfactory way as possible, but then, when you're without that audience, you know you can go on firm for ever, but you do. There is a thing that sort of takes over where it's like, ok factor. Think? That's in there. Let's just get a button on this and you have brought a bunch of lines to kind of and the bear. It sounds like a difference between go.
Shopping when you're hungry, but you don't know what you want verses, I'm going to get cereal. Yeah yeah yeah. You noticed that it would do with the audience. You probably get two or three minutes in like right. Now we just need- and we just black our yoke Yandah like yeah, then the sea, yet you start shopping, not knowing what you're looking for them by the end. You know exactly what you're looking for and then you go get it right did I do that emerges as most of these onward. Rapporteur. Okay. So what are the plans ultimately too to take the show? I personally, I think especially the animadversion aiming to Tunisia, I really do my God self, the devil God's gazelle comes out. God data like a trend about of California. We pitched at around a couple was two years ago there were three almost
yeah? It was. It was tough because we pushed it as a sketch show and everyone we went to said. That sounds great. We're just looking to do. Narrative shows- and it's like that would have been key information have before the meeting was so I love when I left my I started to say I love it. I wasn't, beings are cast That would say that for the moment, Bracken sarcasm when I hate when you're pitching and that, as ever a pitcher show wants to a network a couple music for five years ago and they go. There was an option to go. We're not doing any shows indoors we're doing all outdoor programming. Now, oh you're fucking job that wouldn't you at least consider the passive. What, if there's a really great I'm, not saying mines it? But what? If there's a really great weird classification alighted? Would you repeated
woman. Gardener was preaching to the network. Now wondering where am I show is called shut in about a guy's is first boys bodily photosensitive like you're like that, it's from the others and Gaza turned out to be done already last February in the line they die from that disease, the desire that are light sensitivity he killed them why she killed because their husband died in battle and she went crazy, and so she went mad with grief and killed herself in Cuba, kids route, which would That's it was the it was this. Movie. That was only took two movies to destroy the mechanism of oh no you're, the guy yeah, it's a movie, extends the others and then no ass. Yet no one else could pull that should off again haven't seen the others, but that sounds like it D, IRAN, assize flowers in the attic or something while the iranian people
luxuriant children. You really ought to check no Nicole ceiling she's in a big giant house. And what is it erotic? no, no, not at all. It's just define erotic little goes yeah. Very very around who no longer sensitive to light happened. It's not worth watch even though that I just completely destroy what the What was that we had that that one in no way out with seven thousand always gets bogged man like a merely because we shall not see no way, but I know that in this world, but a year later, that's all Jean servants cowboy deplore that Ford, L De origins, wins and never to young. No, not apparently I ain't. We I notice me half animates, remarked
Malian nineteen. Eighty six hours it was runaway run away. Thank you you on what was runaway terrible, It was a sort of siphoning pride in being a matter of be like manner, but maybe now you're reaching beyond my now you, Baroness Ashton, on for me runaway she's a whiskey voice charmer. I think they should do a sequel to against all odds with Rachel Ward inject bridges. Now I think I would bet you'd still be highly arriving there. Think I would add that you that still be highly rightly that I never saw you call it. I like them on the cavity trying to lay there trying to gain the horse re system at that to me is sold in the room pitch only making
indoors, is it doing ok, commenting on the future and what they ve done? Is they put horse races and don't were back in Dubai gang of it, but the dome is completely transparent. That still count we're out. I'm sorry, I shouldn't waited so we signed the deal, but we're only fall on Bio dome. The movie yeah I've never seen it. So please don't spoil it for well turns out. It's done well, Sir John, it's done likely fellows who get trapped in a dialogue for a while and that one came out. Sometimes Brendan Frazier did and seen a man seen a man, so I would get them confused because I think I saw both at about the same time. You other two different scientific principles, one bit of ecosystem in a job and the other one is about a guy who's unfrozen and he was a day was push our water exactly, but only one of them has even bottling. Only one of our citizens Who is Brennan Fraser Baldwin?
sovereign weight so who is printed Fraser Stephen Polisher and who was the second who was like polish? friend in Cinema, but John ACID, while relented, you know his name, because I am also thinking MRS Erhead zero right. There's a little bit later. Errands actually did that were in Syria. That was a little bit later. Errands actually did that were for your consideration copy of areas like that all day afternoon to those the directors gotta their heads, I gotta criteria so that everyone wants to become a woman. It's very hard hit know that weight with that that movie, which no in dog you have run away because there's a movie worst now. You ve got me confused with
there's a movie worse now, you ve got me confused with with Billy Madison. Oh yeah we're steeply salaries, snipers in pantyhose or something and then Billy Madison Cosmos accounts are stricter than he crosses. Name off the kill? So I just cross borders, prosperity for semi was in their heads right, yeah, yeah, yeah, ok, Semi was an error. Heads right, yeah, yeah, yeah, ok, just timber first superego is happening exactly monthly, just just a lot of work. So, though, is no come on. Then, when it's ready, it's ready. We also some something. We call second opinion Oh yeah, I am naturally so we have some sketches. We had a surplus of sketches from season three that never early, so we took twelve literally, so we took twelve of the best Why, in some of them just now,
Why maybe it and make the cut? Why, in some of them, just don't work but without had been called a kind of see how we do this and in the process of improvising, these sketches and cutting them down, and maybe why didn't work in which seven a real good Every year we get some live action. Videos come now, it's just gonna, be a month of splendor from August. Really us at the gifts keeps on giving here too Wally in the future. I love how all of this work is going on in that dog is leg heard at Katie's dogs Gautier in a ton of pockets, and is you would never know how old is calculated? How impossible? That's? What I'm saying in daggers. Oh interests that just hang out by you, while the homes we
how you talk. It's bound to happen, because everybody else has a pot guest exception was people in its coming. I think that we must build certainly freed homeless day, and so did what Christs knows to see you can finish water. Wasn't planning on its huge united. We urge that even mine was here when I got a large fine, another drink it at. It was what series hence led to get you here. Well, I was just pick through the garbage commence. Smell good, formulate its particular Mona gotten out Beverly hurriedly your verging on a night like maybe it holds, I have not seen it since it was new
I am and say that everyone which I remember is being wonderful and dont know if they hold up demand. Beverly hills and ruthless people are too vague and logical me to play alright character. Comedies giant is like it was after it was. It was post, Beverly, Hills, cop air there like we could spend my gun fifty or a hundred million dollars What I mean I mean that yeah on a comedy like the huge, the blockbuster comedy film yeah, the action comedy yet always rulers people again it would lose its people was, was Bill Pullman and Helen Slater and violence. And the funniest over the work that maybe an end date area and they were basically, there is just a lot of heist crossing yeah clowning each other that was in Judge Reinhold without
where the Miller gets kidnapped? And then he then individuals like keeper or whatever its base on the ransom Reggie family? For ok? Yes, yes, it's been, it's been remade a number of times under different names. Far so who did the travelling pansy empires for its back, but that the original, but the really that's right, yeah we'll never get right on the move, in voting for the way she was floating around here. That's dilate, finale ale, next to HANS was quite right about us, and it was this we got in. There was shining weird career bill. Pullmans had that he people forget that he's done a lot of comedies he's fucking funny Funny you he's really funny and ruthless people. My girlfriend things like Doberman. I mean there's a little poor. You sit down. Buddy well, he's just really right down the middle listening.
That has always been my days, tepid yeah yeah. I think it's terrific I like em Do you know what that means? You have to How do you hear us? What do I know what I think about myself? Why I don't like long people had people tell me, I thought you guys, I'm not gonna, say ok. The way don't ever, though anyone ever known ever tell if someone can look legs and I will say according to Twitter, I look like anyone and anything that has a mustache. People's every figures of inanimate objects must therefore, like your friend. Is you oh? If evolve, Mr President, I would like to know just like things that sort of vaguely look like like a rock formations like this looks like you always Rocca muster some people's brains. Only
like they just zoom in on one thing, and I was here before I didn't know you were jean- shall it decides on the weird I am do just what well then double dip vindicated up. So how many episodes do you guys were? How many upsets constitutes the next season boy, where we typically do that? source of God? The past we derive sixteen new episode and maybe a couple alike. Greatest to it, and then this one, a private that shorter the we'll see you soon. Would you have a lot to stacked up ready to go? Yes, I dig it that's the found into the world and I around episode. Nine is where I start to feel my palm on my forehead and go. Real, dried up that message: voices, character, innovation, we started without the numerous characters eating we're all down to about two to three
Oh, I do two or three boys you gotta homeless. Then only ran back home with their. We all have an old man. We all that we are used. Lady everyone, I wanna hear presenting you're the old man and then I want to hear the confused ladys. I have two old men. One is there's! No! That's more middle aged man! That's more dick winters from behind a brand, the real guy. The really I interviewed guy, I loved you if you're the only eighty year old and the rest were young, but I'm sorry not to be confused with with They did Louis yeah right render okay. Well, look, that's fine! We confirm Dimas, stupidity,
why? What's your old man, Dr Affordable, do you hear me Well, I'd like to talk to people about things and its basically, mother. Only a young woman, in my mind, is the same thing, just whatever you're a man or a woman at its and that's that, where the fun We gotta think rays on our part. Guesses come up. The most is I'm a woman. Because in our heads were playing characters that are so clearly feminine job will be like good you meadows flower? Yes, I'm a woman. I always look at em. I beg the part about is again like we're really like. We were improvising all of its there's. No there's ways indicated, but often it's just restart and we don't you think about it.
A party man, you don't editing and he leaves in I'm a woman because well because now it's a failure, but when I think of the Research Council, what he was doing it clearly a man's voice and and Joe, I think you're, the one that might have been behaviour, yeah yeah, I'm a woman. Is this guy widow, judges just just just just pulled over there? You do don't listen to this. I talk about it again. The good old man yeah, let's get some. It is because our daughters Darya that's now that that that guy's sounds like someone in the twilight zone. Episode like that I believe that is a huge, its huge area. I started watching. That's why I survived so in spite of the networks, and I started watching from the first season for episodes I had never seen yet yap by the same thing.
I thought I had seen. I felt worries while I M so every time you revisit, there will always be for new ones. Yeah. I think it's like it, which is met at twilight. But I think it's like python sketches rethink. You seen the monitors actually like there's someone here, maybe I'd on the top of the high season before I think, there's the one where the kids parents are divorcing, so they jump into their pool. They find this little secret door in the pool. Pop up and like a hucks in fairyland of regime, so that are you sure this is an attack on their? I remember this when a girl is what's your name that place scout in to kill a mocking bird but then, halfway through inexplicably her voice, gets done by June for a rocky, the squirrel, it. I'd like they must have messed up the audio something. So it's her voice in the first act and then the second act like it's not part of the plot she just has a woman? Eighty are in her voice, it. So
Why don't we just get the young address a cutback in damage its but its prairies that's the one I remember the most here. Why do I do know that episode, but I don't think I remember and June for his voice. So recognisable whenever you hear it, but it is a machine. Billy doing rocky the squirrel I feel like they would hire her to do. That is an insult to the actor vigil not so bad. I wonder if we want to make an obvious you blew. It happened in all my friends that include a large, because there's only three channels of tat it is important to get Orson Welles. Did your voice wrongly forgive course, poverty bergs, friend of ours, so funny, and he had like a couple lines: the movie as good as it gets. Where he's a waiter and he serving something to Helen Hunts, and he goes it seeks the movie. They felt his voice like straight out of people.
Big adventure where he goes to see the movie and then there's somebody like heap is handing something too and had any here's, this worse go MA, am boys want There's no reason. No, I think it was. They told him. It was just like the ADI was bad or something but the other like a baby, the audio of your boy. Do you mean, like my own view, is that such a small amount of dialogue is like We're not going to do it but always greatly justifies rages. The editor Desolate MA. Am I worried about morning copy what we're gonna have to pay this guy eight hundred bucks to come back in and record our bureau it I'm a woman. Did you guys? Do you? U s! Work! I want a one from the beginning by our way, even before it was Channel one, yes,
unable to midnight movie, that's where I saw you guys, man in Germany in China, one stop before I we years before. Imagine arrears in years before I met you yeah, oh my when you do have to host the videos yourself back then no ill know you. The main by male too or rather their address. Order around out here, and then they would blow to their servers, but everything back then was. At old, silver bar Quicktime, yeah, forever to load yeah yeah as crazy, and I remember because they were so strict with the five minute rule. The first movie I made his car buckle up yeah, and it was only five minutes and four seconds, and so I I knew I had to speed it up. So I and up all of Germany's part. He played the villain, this country guys his character counterweight to the ESA, and it became this like accidentally, brutal goddess
there are five and we got it. I used to love it when they were doing it. I was it sinister, yeah yeah, that's just those monthly, parties in viewing, then yeah really fun at Youtube, really just kind of the wind out of all that stuff. You know that's its responsible for separate, because the show that we did that had its run was called alter, force based on a mega force movie and we set ourselves up for such heavy production value was innocent. And we we were set and they passed a pop apocalyptic future, but it was from the vantage point of the early nineteen eighties, since we're making these into the two thousand three. But it was ninety. Ninety nine cause, I'm a Lenny. I still think that that could become a serious idea, the colonel is there. I was very it's such a funny guy, so tired of it that we killed the characters and self cancelled, and then we
took a year where we dislike of wouldn't want to do anything and then when podcasting came around two thousand six, that's one as this would be perfect for us know all the production values there, but it's like in the mind and you dont we can just talking to MIKE seen near we both in thinking about my at my girlfriend at the time, was that you guys should do a video plaid guess. We're like we don't want to do anything video. We wanted that down we wanted just record stuff and the idea was that thing where I think everybody is done. This, where you have a tape recorder, is a kidney like MR funny Races, yeah, that's what it was, but what's so hilarious to me and an end. This is something which allows me that it then came a very worked, intensive, big. Like the whole. I voted yes, votes to be just simple fun, but that's made around, but that's that's. I think we share an affinity here that of like going in thinking. This will just be fun people together held a juggler lines is going and then it becomes
June Superman when its June twenty ninth year, like we need to sketches in Forty eight hours heartily produce made because we set our own standard answer. I parliament part of it, came back channel want to want to, because there was a really funny cardboard, aesthetic that like rob, throb and dynamic did so but then it became this thing were. I think people are kind of copying that might took pride and we're not gonna try. We're not try what I have to fail, and so we we always at some point- we're just go: what's, let's go go bigger, we're. There definitely is the return of the blue. He's all its stuff until there is a genuine back era. We are enemies. The boot time bow tie belt, Chris told him money and the leader of my man, rent computer mademoiselle, Zimmermann's laser for later Ringwald and Molly, I played you're doing a schedule.
Exit. I know yeah well, that's a laser far came about. He was joking. I played a villain and that called robot dick. It was like Doktor Octopus, but with my current grow from certain small just go on my girlfriend before that. The first time I met a parent they were very religious and they had googled man that was We knew about robotic demon last night about me: robot, I'm monetary geodata, real samurai, Sammy Primrose, Vassar Samara, last year I area that was fun. Did you ever do any of those were no Where did any of those? I was it today
Three was the year that I that I quit drinking, and so that was a year that I really was just trying. That's when you finally trot every night, Russia, I never like guy bales, I'm afraid a success. I guess I'm drinking, but so I wasn't really. I was kind of getting my life back together by the time I really felt like ok, you know it was of almost Youtube. I don't wanna one still thrived here, but yeah! I never I back in those days. The guy with a lot of big ideas, and then I get bored below ground down but I'd start doing something. I gotta go start this other one. You know I really had to learn how to know you have to Everything's out into process isn't always fun, but that's what you sign up for when you commit to something you know I was of those I d learn a lesson. Cause he's just be funded, sit around to get drunk and be like a man.
We could just we can break into the zoo. One night had open animals in the background, never in danger of being executed anywhere, but but that, but that protection of one one process was is such an amazing. Class. Basically in just make it fast, there has to be this and do it quickly and just I don't think it and get it done. Yeah how's gray is the elegant idea, but so kind of original even was very familiar and even before. It sent a space of is a toy and vine and they would sell out two or three eyes: two shillings a night: oh yeah, that's a twitter! Is there any more right? Those written about group is not there any more. No, I think there were standing shoulder I feel like. Maybe there are, and I'm just not seeing them, but if you like, there was a time between, like ninety eight and maybe like oh seven, where there are watching really cool,
like just weird alternative, shows oh yeah. By mainly that still exists, and I just I just don't have. I am. I think it does yeah, but I am, I think it's. I think that the did the age range of the people is probably still the same as it was outside of its people that are that are it's a mixture of people that are on their way up and veterans dropping in to do stuff, but but yeah it is like if with you got other stuff going on, it is tough to make the time to do like a set like that, like a drive in kind of thing, but some people may have some stand. There are some standards that absolutely make the time like they have to get on stage in that way, and I guess I'm just not guy words like I gotta get a ten minutes in tonight. I'm ok with you press with little free time.
Maybe I don't want to be in a dark room. Filling in that story again, if I get by, gay I go. There were a number of him. Thirty! I really right nothing! New Would it be the cape about first guy right, keep delivers so can get out of here lists. Underwater growth has not got now. I'm sorry, What I want to get home. Could you open the show with our you just missed him? I just they don't know. There's a part of this doesn't make any sense, but I want to go. I still actually, I think I just thought rather than the bug has the other day, the less Pakistan went up. I've been having real trouble doing tat sets its material. China is also used to doing an hour that I haven't been able to, like I'm not used to writing in the six to ten minute. Formatting gap, you haven't, you gonna cut, quick. Pretty we're everything's really like you know, so it's as these long stories,
figure out how to like. How do I just left out the nugget, whilst also because things feel connected and it's it's hard to envision it removed from the rest of everything else now and I mean to say, like I'm gonna do attended a part of this thing. I feel is a larger part is a much longer peace that all fits together right and it's it's sort of like this even makes sense to people yeah. I just do this part of it yeah yeah, it's it is it's tough to shrink downs also because, like you get used to going on stage and like me no can't warming the crowd up a little bag, it to know you once they get to know you and you say those rules, then you can kind of start talking with this idea that they have already and not itself takes them it taken. Some governments are really good it s. Just like one line establishing who they are the tablets and I'm not I'm not one of the few who I sort of just some.
I hope they have any idea who I think, those ten minutes slots we ve done on so stand of shows variety shows or whenever had have been tough for us too, for the same reason is like we come out, or do we ve done a sketch words like It's a radio call in like like part lines that love dedication thing if they get funny, but from the great there's nothing that is an absolute. This is what this is about. The time it's over, they sort of like oh yeah, you in our hands, and then within those our long. We're about great. I think the difference is that it's the difference between if you were to do a written sketch like we're gonna, do this thing and then that's going to fit into someone else's larger show, as opposed to an improved thing which that's its own evening. You know like we're going to improvise,
because when it's when it's in the one it's put plugged into like the Super, Syria show or something you know where it's like? Here's, here's, a here's, a night of a bunch of different acts are going to do things and then, towards the end. Like will throw in these improv guys they're going to provides things, doesn't involve you guys and all the audience that aren't there, I can ask for suggestions, we don't we now they're, just gonna make stuff up. You're gonna have to take them at their word that are making it up. You know it is. The just feels weird on audience needs, they just need contacts for something they can and throwing them occur. Balls really hard in ten minutes because they just gonna go. Ray. Steer and if you know sometimes our way through the other times their brains over here near here, and then try to your breaching yeah and additives, your finger ended its over you're hoping for what's happening and not what just happened.
Road and have amazing sets and feel really good where I was headed. Man come back and do like you know. Ten minutes at an art laughed downtown and like not have occurred What am I doing? What, like you know? I just really you use that, as I don't think um, you know when really you know maybe not having a great set for an art lawful of hipsters. Without any context is up indications right. You know necessarily a horrible thing right right. You maybe a barometer that you do pretty, but it does make this idea. Years ago. I had a I heard. Someone say you know why you should be good go into any room and destroy? I was like you shouldn't, say crazy. Who is there that the gene
chasing the eighteen like the deputy secretary absolutism is that there is a certain there's, a certain school of comedy, that's very aggressive. And it's all about it. It's very it's all about competition in and it sees any sort of sees it as comedian MRS Oddy and regret that you have to dominate them, you have to win and the more you do, the better of a comedian you are because then you have something against of: U S, something over other commitments like I can go in any room and destroy with my material and it's like you know at midnight. I think it was Chris Rocket said it doesn't matter. You can't ever blame the audience. If they're too stupid to drunk
ever it's like. Those are things you can blame absolute because I actually people are too drunk like. Why are you saying you know like when it sometimes I'll talk to the audience before and at midnight? Taping and I'll just say: look, you know you can get a cotton comedian doesn't most of the work, but you would you like a ten percent respond if you want to enjoy you just have the kind of pay attention and come together a little bit that cause it's a relationship assure that a lecture absolutely so you just have to come to here so that we can meet you and so dont coming across Europe's Google. Would be funny. If what you use an audience, you have two fucking make us bunny by just kind of just allowing opening your mind the possibility that you're going to pay attention and that you might enjoy as as in life the ideas that we both come together to the situation, assuming the best of each other like ninety percent of the work, but just like a little bit of generosity arrives. We were you know like really,
be open to the idea that it that we could be funny or that you might have What time do you know and smiling. But it's sort of you know those those late chosen Friday night, sometimes a sort of people weren't all day there they get, they start drinking it like spies and then You know that they really should have gone home. They got out somewhere first and they probably had dinner and a bunch of drinks, and it's like that's enough every time I go and what did you think you can dance with your way, but not with my wife WWW I don't watch hills with my wife, you drunks I've, a woman where's the Roma lol I will get saved. Is new, broader women. All of this woman You know we start as women in the womb,
MR came out. I came out playing deadly wigs, Tiddledywinks Flash, we're fine. Would it be sittings we good or bad or gives you just said? We still hope we all start off as female in the world. What if you'd die a woman right? So what if the indicated here rather dies, Dick falls off, and I know it's have your default and then a little later, but you do also did that reveal that there was a vagina underneath or is it just the absence of a woman, a doktor. I dont my both video about no guys. Let's what's figure this out, that's too much time inciting ideas, a woman. How do you talk to a lady?
Well, I'm right here, STAR target the arrow. I remember, reading the weirdest production of my fairly, they re really is love love. Those old class enjoying the shit out of this right is best friend is a bug why we puddings much given so much credit cause the way know he's what's left of man. He he took part in the social contract law. Two. They came together assuming the best of each other. You know what you're right, I'm a woman and the lords Let me feel you where you part way:
Will you being the larger revealing a paragraph? I am impact, it's a complicated, see here's the thing about it is that when you're a reverend you are compromise by the law or copper in all, is development company comes in the EU in the form of even goes is driving or is hearing in any new it can they. Depending on the messages are facing each other, sometimes times you're, just spooning The funding with God sounds like a bad guys. Outgrown album.
You guys, I'm so excited for the return of slavery too. As a member of the growing in the yard, you guys we're gonna. Do it useful to rewrite opium ass, alive and monthly at Largo. Next show is gonna, be I'm very, very excited about it. I'm not releasing the names of the guests anymore, just a crazy show that you should come see, and you should trust me that is gonna, be good, we now know that there is a bit of those. Sometimes when you'll do when we do progress on the road people go work figure a pirate who's. The gas, like God, will be there. It was your merely a vessel. To give me what I can do it
edit you out audacity most of the time of his little again, It recognises the voice and takes it out, like you know those old things where they swap the size and you can carry Oki was a great number. Anyone I remember thank you. You know I was a programme engineer back in the nineteen twenties. Is that so sir, all I am a man who was once a woman you're probably gonna die soon China just fell on go on I live in an anti gravity. Room seems antique gravity, room, just called a room gravity and the obvious thing I did get sixteen hundred for this in.
Gravity room. I found it when my grandmother paths, exquisite workmanship. Of course it's it's very lovely but, as you can see, is entirely counterfeit gravity room made by hondurans. Can I just leave gonna take this home if it's never again and game rallies sour our old lady. What's your name, please stay rough life. She at my father was a tallying and my memory father, he was great. Would you have to fathers? Don't you be where did you Finally resolve gravity room. Whose underneath spared dresser
in the space ship that my granddad do yeah. He took it to the Philippines. That space bought a property there and discovered New They brought it back to the United States, and now we have built grooms everything skimming if you're. Looking for an explanation, I could tell you there is none of our first, the effort and also we live that long. I'm working on a shot make up an hour. We did a journeyman album, which was my dear boys, so deeply because
The present rules, Europe, even journeymen. I think the old woman voice kicked it in the love. I argued outlaw country vans and we decided to make a full length record as our utter egos. The journeymen. I believe you guys you played at something down. The event was maybe like a year and a half ago that might have in my band ABBA Bluegrass Ban to that's what yeah I see now that we're camel Thank you. Yeah. We was for a book. Signing a thing cannot remember spy as we did when God spooning Mitchell, Missouri Odin whereby no way I can give you some rich elbow. Also It was an earlier said yet can damage journey? Look. I am stupidity. He was in characters in UK
he wasn't absorbingly information? Is Jeremy? Tell that character to declare our ears clean out my ears when we were threatens to Germany? I'm sorry. Let me just sit over here. Go ahead May this record and then Germany was like I'm making another one I was, I would do it again. It was there was a blast so and the boys, while agreed, come in and do, What I would say is exciting. Nonstop you're, just constantly cranking out as much material is possible at all times a break for a while, but it's good to be back. It's against our will to its, Well, because I've been forced to make that we want to I to sit on the couch and watch, so you think you might be able to possibly dance with my girlfriend, and I love it it's, but, unlike The way to be like that shows that, if you don't want to be,
so you think you might possibly or the death with my girlfriend. You think you can try. Here's a twelve gaieties Syrian get person. You know I like being at home. And I have a son and I like hanging out with vehemence women written by its, but there's just some stuff reads like a good. Do that you can't. Stop you super! You go. You have simply go that can go Zubaydah gossip regatta, who s superego, dotcom, fuckin doctor It is, I want to say or cheese and its
honest to God, I think it's like an auto parts, cars company. I think I'm going to it right now. It was a very good outcome, divine right for three to stop playing video poker for two seconds. She would play video closed tabs. What if it's a really funny podcast instead of pork, It's a portuguese splice door. Superego yeah! I think it is translated as pawns in what to the letter, oh yeah. You should a liquid you'd that Gee. You probably pronounced super go because of the european spelling
MR super with any on the air. She said they wrote it out Paul day, wrote it out, but if you do need a giant wrench for something get it from them. If your building a subway for Europe to rise to your bathroom, at which you should do just take a subway. I do you know what the garage gonna take the two, not giant hacksaw, but it's very important, subway construction. That's that's it! MIKE Ermine Trouts kit, good reverent, easier It really didn't. Look like you know, he's got like yeah, you go to the website, you look at it decide for yourself. We gotta come and then and then such a first Ganz, Aragon, Itunes he can subscribe.
Please check out those noticed animations. Is that this so far they look amazing and then, in its also fund too, when you see, if you see the innovations, first tells a fund to hear they read the audio sketches as well. I see mercy and some of those characters recur. I think we ve done several gaiters. We ve done a few family feuds. We ve done who did eager they mark Miller, who produce these told me this story. Let's end on this, it's gonna be great, so he is hours for Clive, Barkers Production empire is basically his main man, and he was hanging out with this director who had stayed at HIV, yours home in Switzerland and Gieger. Was I'm through the house showing him his paintings and they stopped at one in this guy cameras name. But he goes oh h, this
painting is bought two holes in it and he goes out. That's where my girlfriend killed herself to sleep in that house. Apparently that's a true story. I know she did kill herself, but I had no idea was in front of a painting and that it took several that's the I or a shotgun or the fact that he he cleaned it? the horse, and so when I say like that too soon this guy there's no such thing says with death and there's no impression I could ever do him. That's is weird. Is he actually sometimes Morgan he's worth you tubing in its own right? You know what you want thanks, Adam Wes, my pleasure, Adam West God that was the gods self cod. And the West if God was at last word, got it
just a year ago. That is worth a damn room, scandalous, go play, fetch bass, It's where I take a ball alarm which is fat, throw it formally catches. I thought it was an off brand dog gave Then in the United States or okay, so like happy birthday, that someone is the right when we were kids, we grow dog,
I got mine it. I can t I want to come over some candy long or some views ball. Court insert Smith. Swedish we all one year we now leaving no, dot com enjoy your worried that there was a lot of carbonate. Is online backup made easy plan sorted just fifty nine ninety ninety year, starting free trial, today carbonate dot com used the opportunity to get to bonus month with purchase.
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