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Tim Ferriss invited us into his home to talk about traveling, snooty college clubs, knives, and his book, "The Four Hour Body", which everyone on the show was implementing to varying degrees of commitment. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Working to the notified gas comic book, announcements are right. As you probably know, we are launching noticed at meltdown notice industries that muslim comics on sunset, Lord, in Hollywood, right across from guitar some were there, probably having some sort of a biweekly sail on fender strands of so Saturday April. Second, is our first show Jimmy doors pop in politics just added Sunday April. Third Nerdist Podcast live with James. He is the director of super with Rain Wilson and opens this weekend. So here's the deal with that show tickets are ten dollars, but if you show up with your ticket stepped from any screening of super from this weekend, you will get in for free, so free show. If you have your super ticket stub ten dollars over one out. That's at eight o clock tenet, of course, Monday. April. Fourth, black dynamite night, this other new show was also just added. May second,
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calm down like yours is only in people's over the drawer, like as Underwear George Bush's, like fool awake nights good day about why we did that he was like chicken. My underwear,
like you, said, there's also underwear in their underwear socks. Nine hundred Ives check out my under his guys specific raised by his grandparents. I know exactly what that means exactly exactly what kind of cat is like the kids smells of must have so many of those I had a few of those friends in high school, and you said such a perfect description. You go over there and it just they were like heavy curtains, and the house is always just smelled like emanating from the curtains or emanating from the grand plans. Mothballs mythology, grandpa love, my ball does marvels of greatest. Mary like this one bit, you have that, like the kids from old sperm yeah, that's a very I just I just have a bit old sperm makes reload. We, the kids, then I'll get better lead. Let us go they. They do everything, but like the way
The way a kid runs and Jim Class is like the over the sperm. I just feel like the word they run becomes not area its very it sort of recapitulates their time, and you know like getting to the egg or they're just it's like the detail, doesn't work as well and it just kinda flops around, but somehow they made it out there anyway. So the egg took pity on it, like I feel bad for this. One alright get in here is exactly what the mom did when they got married right. You can see the pattern repeating itself over and over again we're here in the abode of TIM Ferriss TIM regarding the other at its very exciting better. How can I feel like I've seen your pictures? Do that I've seen pictures of parts of your house from the detective had followed you around it and their very earliest years, the great photographer the shots at school composition?
It's really nice! It's like hey guys that all gumshoe stereotype that's the old days. So that's how we roll now shutter bugs. But when I I wrote a nice feature for wired in two thousand, I wrote in two thousand and seven it came out in two thousand and eight and it was about how I took these three different security systems and tried to apply them, because I was the time I was sort of self help obsessed and I realized noise spent so much time LOS Angeles rather than listening to the same playlist, and over again, I'm going to start listening to like improvement, audio books or whatever, and most of them are probably crappy. But if I can get one good thing out of it, then it's probably worth it and, it seems, seems constructive and so the members wired peace came along, and I and I review Dub implemented your book and a day without getting things downwards. Another book, I'll, never check email in the morning
and- and I interviewed each of the authors of I interviewed you on the phone I his village. We totally hit it off right away. You you're a comedy fan you're right, you're, normal guy, you know, did David out Unduly Morgan summer, both nice people, but they were very adult, and I was right postpone maturing or a long as humanly possible is very good. They were very, very grown up. He was like talking to your parents about like why you should clean your room and- and you and I think my feeling we talked for like thirty or forty minutes, not even about the book and then we can go to the broken in the minutes and we give us congratulations on the success. First of all four hour work week, which I really enjoyed. Thank you yeah. I'm convinced I'm fourteen minutes in my fifteen the fan. I don't write a joy that last sixty that I don't think I M a penalty destroyed all because you, if everyone reads for our work weaker, they read the new before
buddy you're, a guy who is not afraid to describe try stuff, ended and experiment on yourself, and you know I just feel like it. If your next thing with us some new thing that you decide to try and because there is, you know an almost infinite combination of things you can do. I don't think you will ever get stale in that way. You could ever put out four hour nap four hour nap. What are probably here, there's a lot of competition. The next in the industry I was going to someone had suggested. I do something on relationships and I said well before our marriage sounds ass. Anatomy, the flower courtship. Would be a better cellar, but I'm not sure of American understand courtship means it's like play with. That's right! That's what I assumed that it was suggested that put the finger on forty broken put the big right. That's what they're going at a hardship! Yeah! That's it closely, and that was that, like the sound of every woman just turning to Prague Castle, it was
a parody of how a shitty guy. I would say that we are dealing with a good parity, that dialogue is a very popular character than but so when you know, what did you just for a suitable time forward? We a little bit, but whenever you like me, I wanted we definitely want to for our body, because we all work that I read it and Jonah Georgia to peace. Gather use the ransom psychology. Others notes using Amazon review its expertise in others. It is just reviews of the book. I got an immense health. Ask men had a look of polluter binding I thought I had it. I really did too. Even after I told them you can, you can borrow the book,
I got it. I got it. I got an old soul done. I was like eighty five reviews yeah, but before our work tweaking for our body using one hack to hack, another hacker like two hours, tops salt life hacks on my fax, you guys so So what did you initially come up with the idea to do for our work week, which I'm sure is the story you told to fifty million times already? This story really began with a breakup. Actually I have a girlfriend break up with me. One thousand and four closest I've come to getting engaged and it was because my work schedule it was seven hundred- am to nine hundred pm ish or something like that, because I was chasing time zones dealing with different countries Ann. I was oblivious to the fact that was problem, which I think is true the lot of problems. It's like what do you? What do you mean you don't like seeing me ten every other day. She was affects our relationship and that
and then I realized the time really did The value of income had no plans to be a writer whatsoever. I had a traumatic, extremely traumatic express my senior thesis college and I vowed never to write anything longer than an email after in what was the thesis thesis was on acquisition of chinese characters by native english speakers, and looking at Finn, can semantic mechanisms for improving that process. Yes, yes, it's it's a big its will, There has actually my next book publishing visas. Oh really now I would get notably this right said. The notary leads were part of the problem, and so it took a year after a year and a half to walk about. Basically, it travel around the world and the first four weeks are dedicated to getting myself off of email that I could actually look at my life with some perspective, as opposed to just dodging bullets, and
hitting, send receive like a rat with a cooking impelled Spencer and that for weakest end up being extended because I'd live my life in fifteen minute outlook increments. Up to that point- and I said alright- no more planning, no more calendar, I'm just going to go wherever people recommend I go and that process I was still at the time. I still am now giving lectures twice a year at Princeton University in high tech entrepreneurship, which is a class I was In a ninety nine, I think it was, and I gave the lecture from Argentina allows there. I give you the floor. And instead of talking about my usual schtick, about how to build profitable companies without outside financing. I talked about quantifying your idol life really sitting down in defining what that post retirement or a twenty million dollars. Payday opposed
lifestyle is and then working backwards to develop business small, whether to career start up to support that really approaching it backwards compared to most people who are doing but say retirement is crippling the area an end. That was one of the main themes that I got from from forward. Greek was in a while, but why postpone- and you know why postpone your you know the rest of your life vacation right? Basically, when what what do you want with that time when you're in a seventy years old right at that point, one I've enjoyed now know exactly and give the class had a lot of positive feedback is the first time I talk about what I ended up: labeling Pakistan's I'm tunnel feedback and one the students in very ideally sounds like her write, a book and if I can download it why a colleague smiley motor gone as a matter of those like a slimmed down or a real suggestion by somebody to do so,
everyone was like yeah, I'm going to London in early alumnus. You mean yes, that's what I meant thank you for today. If you don't exactly, but that planted the seed and much much later had time to kill and put the other book, just for shipping and giggles? And then an author Jack Canfield began Cook created chicken circles. Ok, I sent it. I sent the proposal to him. Not many people heard this part and I said Jack my full crap, or should I actually do something with this and it's A pet projects were formerly any so now that you should be introduced me too few people as potential agents, all of whom terms except for one guy who knew as an agent but had been in publishing for a long time and Steve Handsome and went out pits. The book got turned down twenty six times and then crown within randomness bought it. And here we are laugh, but you do do you ever your call,
other publishers, would be like slick move guys. I haven't called them loading. I had some gloating time, but it's been very indirect right, I'm not almost a passive aggressive, but if I get emails are like you who deserved that I wanted to buy that book, but you know so, and so just didn't want to do and, unlike oh thanks, for the consolation, email have a wonderfully year or life sincerely TIM Ferriss, because the turn downs weren't like oh, no, we like it, but we can't do it now. It was like. I cannot believe you're so foolish it. It was like they were very so they were very strong. Those weren't sent to me directly with my agent like who is this punkass frat boy, which I wasn't the rapporteur, but I guess I look like once if you want to put him in the face when they see the about the Octopus but part of my polarizing appeal. Apparently so that's been real. It's been a real adventure, not too much loading butter.
Just enough to make my quality of your song gloating over at hearing I, having cow, how did you grow up in the immediate cause, you're, obviously very methodical person- I mean you're, we had dinner, maybe eight months ago, in you're, trying to you're trying to explain to me how how you learned turkish anything like we could go. Oh, yes, it's very seriously even know if I would ever consider that might be a possibility of priorities we like where disappears. Meares might write about yeah, I'm probably going to learn Turkish F ucking, I'm probably not going to Turkey now stay here, I'll just stay here. I think a lot of that behavior stems from early winds and part of that. If you look at the things that I've tried to deconstruct there, there is a high frequency of failure within the language law to failure. You're not going to get a language without making a lot of mistakes, and I do think
that very early on, I was big, surprise hyperactive kid and I was born premature, had my left lung collapse at a number of health issues and is really small, so I couldn't compete in any sports. Couldn't finish the presidential fit this test that they subjected every kid Disney yeah. I was a mess like I had horrible allergies. The only sport that I could participate in was wrestling in Kitty wrestling program because it was way class based you know, I dress, although whatever four year old girl, I guess at the time so small and ended up inoculating myself against failure. In a sense, I started viewing mistakes, failure as feedback really early on, because of that, while there is credible me, that's not that's not so it s, just not some most kids know to do yeah and I think also in american culture in general. It's it's in
it's a metal for everyone society and I think, that's actually really bad for people. I think that it does not prepare kids in particular for the real world. It's like hey Johnny. You did do that well, you're, actually horrible, but we're gonna, give you a badge and does it have you don't need to try any harder for those rejection, letters mechanism of apparent availing luck as this punk ass yours and then they get one of those in their devastated and they they dont pitch. The twenty seventh publishing and act like my pants roles, are very good at exposing me to a lot of environments, meaning whether as aquariums Org, the beach or going out nature and letting me, I think, those interested in and then just facilitating the exploration. They never pushed me to learn french count to ten in front of their friends or whatever, which is very common. I mean that's happened to many people, I know, and it's not necessarily a bad thing, but I never developed an aversion to learning because of that, except for math one, not Cj Fuckme
and part of the reason that I went to my to went to the school I did was that there's no matter what there actually a major factor in my decision or math is dumb. What's that mean less likely wire went devised? Why we do not give up the walk there? You go and I got a card. So so, where do you go to college, which makes it yes an end? So what is principally what was what would it? What does Princeton like as it is? it is snooty is everyone, says, is the main ones. As We, as the impress those around him that I know that snooty as the citizens makes them right at me? I did it. I would like to say this, but I do. I think it is far from there. I had a few amazing, experience is, there are a number of professors. I've never would have had access to. Otherwise we're just incredible. Like John Mcphee who's, one at least one. Maybe two Pulitzer prizes was able to do
non fiction him than Kenzaburo. Always Nobel Prize winner for earth was literature, peace Prize it, DORA called it a those are opportunities that I wouldn't have had. Otherwise, let it big impact on me, but collectively I found the administration and the culture of very conservative and while they were doing some ground breaking things in a few isolated areas very stodgy and stuffy, and I did not have the best experience there, I really didn't. I think that I I've been probably would have inhabits always easy to speculate. Had I been, let's say: Brown were a lot of my friends went or Stanford, perhaps, but I don't regret having gone there. I learned a lot, but the only I don't so I get hit, which is amazing to me. Instead of like a fifteen trillion dollars and Download, but need I get hit by fundraising letters and calls all is I'm which is still mystifying him. So what are you guys doing to one thousand three hundred and fifteen billion like I want to know where that's going? First?
Haven't you my hundred all Jagger arise under, but there is there, the eating clubs, stem and mutton people are familiar with eating. Clubs are fairly unique to prison, maybe one or two other schools. There could return these basically, but this is for me a little unusual. There's one street called prospect. Huge mansions, that line the street on either side and each of those are eating clubs, and so you can Their sign into some is eating. Clubs they'll have their stereotypes, there's one for this: their computer science guys there's one further, Bob players in softwares like banging poplars and theirs. Ross players on the look. They a called because lacrosse, who is the big like the ball or sport, and You can sign into some of the meaning first x number people to sign in Ghent and then there's what's called bicker, where you have to have anywhere from let's say five to ten interviews to get into these clubs. This is something which way:
People do no yeah and it was. There is one eating club where all kind of I'm not gonna say misfits, but in a positive way, people who don't fit in cleanly in one of those categories go just called terrace they've, big, rainbow flag out in front it's like all: the punk rockers, all the LGB Alehouse yeah, the Delta house. Exactly, and so I ended up with this one. I ended up in terrorist yeah. Ultimately, and I give money to terrorist, I don't give money to present now what does an eating club that you pay an obscene amount of money to ether? So, for the first two years you have residential colleges. Just like any college you eat at cafeteria, passed at the end of sophomore year. You can either go independent, which means you have to cook your own food. So I was out. I mean I tried that and of food poisoning will get, will get back with you myself, food poisoning within a week, because I cook this is awesome. I don't race car, I'm like. Oh, my God, rice cookers are amazing. You just cook whatever you just let it sit in there, and so I made this meal like Rice, tuna egg, and I was like
no. I don't need to refrigerate that I just let it sit for like two days. I got so violently ill, always horrible, so I decided you told me that I've always liked or something several days. I always go. I wonder how long it would yeah it's a yeah. It's pretty quick yeah! It's pretty fast! Apparently like tuna and eggs and rice and water. You don't that's it tomorrow, it's going good, so you pay money, your meals there, it's! Basically you can either cook your own food. Go to a co op which has its own culture little unusual at Princeton anyway, not bad the different, and then you can go to the input for they have professional chefs who make meals, and doctors while this holds needs whole separate social stratum that I never even get so I've heard rumors like some of these. I don't necessarily believe this, but I could I could see how the number be staggering.
One political ivy were F Scott Fitzgerald, J F, the lot of the lot of the blue blood and, again, let me kid. I think that blaming some of our being able to discuss stupid right so not damn it just like you, don't choose to be born poor if you're born rich doesn't care is but a lot of. Let's go there, and I've heard that the endowment of Ivy club isn't eating club. This has been repeated multiple times it doesn't make. It true is as big as Brown University. It's crazy! Someone again. Why do you need new lies, principally by hundreds of pepper, give What am I know, we'd, better gloves for the servers we need gloves for the servant servant. They're, paying by the grass blade that's how it's done, but the crepes are fantastic. I mean, if we're going to talk about it really. I mean I have friends at many of the different eating clubs, but
you can see, saw it's very stratified and that's true in all of society than its particularly stark at present is that everyone at the terrorists was that when you want to get it was it was everybody really kind of in it together like like, like that community, none of us fit in every understand that lack of you said there was a paroxysm game, lesbians, and yet there is, there is a pretty strong cohesion in that group, because of that ass royal, which was cool and even still, and I go back to prison, we'll go and habitats and nobody gives a fuck If I wondered em like the weird, maybe I could swear Dresden, why they all got here almost anywhere else. I feel really everyone can wander in them by shallow nobody who gives a fuck Moscow which, from what I hear, that's rare, to find in college where they're, just like a group. That brings you end because your different yet data, pretty especially at a place behind them.
Winston and which I mean it's an amazing school, but I did not have the best experience there, but then, after school is that it used to start traveling right. College. No. I came out here so I came. I ended up in the Bay area because my professor in the high tech entrepreneurship class, invested a lot of start. He was formerly head of IBM Data storage and did all this a whole assortment of things. When you said he was a congressman competitive. This kid her. It goes all right all right, pretty pretty unusual combo and I came here to work in a start up, which was a mass data. Storage start of cultures and store jury networks are trying to sell huge server server configurations paired with farmer, channel storage to dream works and companies that have their type of need, there goes my music without the right to life and death row values You guys think whatever your goes there and are these
undistorted megabytes antibiotics should answer the social fund a good deal. I don't really know him very well. He said Mister Kevin. I had a telephone cameo. Another guy members must remember actually spoken about Asia did from before, but I came out for fibre. General tech start up made my billions because one one of the when he acquaintances, who was a few years ahead of me, Polis, had sold blue Mountain six hundred million dollars the Yahoo or something like that can we're, like thirty one great ready. I was looking at you live in a b. The general consensus was are judged very smart, but ten billion dollars are like.
I have to give this a shot of one hundred and six hundred six hundred yeah exactly and not six hundred thousand six hundred dollars, six hundred million. So this whole of grads came out to Silicon Valley right before, then just imploded and allows one of them and then, after that company is one I end up getting to the sports nutrition stuff, That's what took me to the seventy nine pm work schedule by his four years later. Did you know as a kid when you had the helpful there you go over, I clearly over on stuff now, because I still have left long problems. Yet I still have impaired lung capacity.
To a large extent, the biggest issue with the lung problem and having I had my blood transfused things, my entire volume of blood, four or five times when I was in the intensive care unit and it screwed up. This is my theory at least 'cause. I've had I've suffered heatstroke three times and it had to go to the hospital and so forth, and I think it's screwed up my thermostat, like my hypothalamus. So if I go to, let's I've been to burning in twice and I left early this year, I could do. I do not want to hear and obey stance. I was asked that's why I've ever had a heavily travel. I got the idea. I have to be careful about the heat, but I still have some residual problems rather than see if you can get into shape- and you have impaired lung capacity- there's no excuse for anyone. I would
I would be happy to explore that Brazil. I have really really horrible endurance related to this in a number of other things so hungry to be running an ultra marathon in the next six months and have never run even a five Kay Hellesylt patterns that fifty two miles is just longer than a marathon. Whatever long they'll be doing double I'll be doing about I'll be doing it, I'm not going to be going too crazy. I'm going to one hundred miles, I'm going to thirty miles so about 50k, roughly, which for me is which for me, is impossible. I mean that's, I think it's for most people, so I wanted I wanna try to and going to let everybody follow my training so that extremely shamed, if I don't do it a good way to ensure that I actually take it. So it's actually interesting points point you feel like it's important when your goal setting to make yourself accountable to someone other than yourself, oh yeah, absolutely it's it's far more effective. I think then they are more important than
actual method. You choose whether you are trying to quit smoking change your work, behavior or lose weight or gain weight for that matter. I think If you were to, let's say, use an iphone to take a photograph of your food before you ate it in the case of the gaining or losing weight and post that publicly and then post your your progress on a weekly basis to let's say a wiki: these are things that readers have done already to wiki.
So all of your friends can shittalk and you can she talk back and there's some consequences. Then the outcomes are always better. If I were to split, let's say one hundred people into groups have fifty we're going to follow some very regimented, sophisticated diet. Let's say the zone diet, but a strict zone dial, and if personal trainers and they're going to training four hours a week, and then you have the other fifty who are just going to be taking photographs of their food with their Iphone before they eat their food. I would actually vote that the Iphone group will have a higher rate of success interesting interesting because they are being held accountable to their to their little social, social,
like repercussions, the other repercussions in sex, because if you have a job and he dropped from a job, you fuckin fired self. In most cases, that's a pretty strong incentive, not fuck up, but if you follow a diet, you feel if, if it's only if its limited to you, there is no real consequence, except for some vague future health which doesn't love anybody or its. What, but what I think I think happens when people future health have jetpacks yeah exactly that's right, but I think what I think happens is, though, is that when people set words for themselves and then they they don't make themselves kind of thing one, and then they don't they don't achieve those goals. I think at a very deep level. It just puts another notch in there I guess I'm not ever going to do anything, so I think it's important to to really try to break to try to move past. That is
you know the more the more times you do that to yourself, the more I think you just sort of set up a pattern of like yeah. I don't finish things I mean I totally used to be that way. I also there's a few things related to this. I would say the last the last few years friend of mine, another Chris. We we have assigned each other new resolutions. Oh that's, really interesting. We've seen each other news resolutions and we and we have to or we come up with their own, but we need approval from the other person, because if it's not, if it's not a big enough, if it's not a big enough goal, here's the issue. So let's say that I find that bigger goals are actually easier to achieve many people, and you can look across the literature there, their ways that you can look at this, I typically but keeping it simple and less use a four hour, for example, if your dream goal, as they are having to take a week off and go to Florida verses and take a month off and goat and that training cell and sell around at the first
is that the first stumbling block you'll be more likely to quit. If the goal is in the lead, inspiring. The goal is the true next out yet and where swiftly the governor to unloose twenty thousand so first of all, I dont they fought for most people. That's a big stretch. It's not enough to really inspire people to go through the suffering is inevitable whenever you're making any type of behavioral change. On the other hand, just met someone two days ago, their goal was marathon and then, as us measurable, very measurable timeline driven goal. It is really important deadlines and then they lost something like a hundred fifty pounds. As result of that performance call you all. I always have
people if they try to change body. Opposition have performed school penned a and if anybody accomplishing, also performance goal and then up appearance go. So I think that Having someone keep you accountable is the way as as one example that overcame came, my inability to swim MAC and I couldn't swim. Aids is acute fear swimming because my long it had near drowning experiences. A few occasions could not swim to lapse into poor without completely panicking. Having heard of the two hundred hated swimming- and I was so I was in- where was I Brazil with this- this key me buddy of mine and he's an amazing summer's whole family group on the water there all good at swimming- and he said, look man swings Lifeskill number one. You want to go with your kids, two, it's a survival skill, your goal. This is before we had this. This formal, like assigning each other goals. You'll aren't you know. You're nears resolution is an open water, one kilometer swam, oh wow, Leszek, ok
fine, that's Michael and he's he's like a sick, six double espresso day, gonna guiles like art, that's Michael! Your goal is nothing stronger than you. And he for a year a year for a year and is like ok, fuck it you're on and we both we both hold up honour on our side of the bargain. Now imagine quitting the calf putting that much caffeine. Arthur was really who is really, but I guess we applaud the latter man. My own story just continue so I went to visit. I went to visit this body in Australia. One point is living in Sydney, and I heard this horrible noise during the night, a psychotic sunlight cat and of our having some time health issue and ass. This horrifying tore fine noise now get up and
and later in the items one around the kitchen making my leg is that now look in his fate. There's a green tea, a green tea pot in the thick five pounds and Green T practices by annex II, manipulators again get so signal that name like you did you like a drink tea leaves. Is that what you did? Others like yeah, you're kind of missing the point of the exercise, getting a break yeah, so it was challenging for both of us. I failed multiple times trying to learn to swim and it wasn't until a buddy of mine and Chris Sacca introduced me something called total immersion, which is a particular method that I collected within ten days fixed now. What are the basic tenants of total immersion? The basic tenants get in the water, the basic tenets of total immersion are: don't kick harder to fix swimming, which is universally first suggest
journals. Any swimming coach makes like here's, your kickboard go kick and I would get in there and flail around. I wouldn't even move, which is pretty embarrassing and demoralizing. So don't kick harder, you're actually going to be focusing on streamline right. My left with just mean swimming on your sides: you're not a number one, we're too you're not trying to swim on top of the water and freestyle, because bodies, denser than water you're, going to expect that at least knives everybody's going gonna be underwater. So when you're swimming your head is going to be effectively underwater supper when you breathe and you focus instead of Paul, we focus on driving your arm down in front of you. Oh god, it's pretty unusual sits like if this were the water here, let's just say your life top of the water. That's the straight line. Your arm would be angled down almost at three thousand five hundred and forty degrees below your head, which is very counter intuitive, but the water pressure on the arm raises your legs up so you're more hydrodynamic. Now I went from not being able to do two laps comfortably to doing forty laps a session in about ten days. Wow and
Any stress relaxing there was just saying how quickly the change- I don't wanna be ignored about this, but I think there's metaphor. There is definitely good metaphor about how you know when you feel like you're under pressure. You're you're gonna pay reaction is that like to fight fight fight fight fight harder, rather than just so like? Ok, I'm gonna! Let myself fall into this and then just figure out how to glide. Through it, absolutely in one of the other recommendations of total immersion- and I think this applies to a lot of things- is don't don't try to workout. The goal is not to workout. The goal is to practice. Those are two very different mindsets. Like the goal, isn't to exert yourself, so you get out of the pool with your heart beating at this at some insane rate. The goal is to get out of the pool, having performed a certain tasks with as little effort as possible, and I thought that was also just philosophically and practically
really helpful, almost meditation that transferred to a lot of other areas yet isn't it, too bad. You know. I think that I think specific, really, specific, good goal setting language in your head is very, is very, very important whereas I am sure I am sure that the summit should before, but I but I've a trainer whose goal is to know you have to leave feeling better than when you came in Russia, which is a slightly different goal. Then I'm going to crush you ever and you come in and ultimately the result is still the same, I'm exercising and up and working out, but I'm just a little more into you know it's a little more. He calls them approach you decisions as a whole did you really kind of what they are reaffirming their proto pro EU decisions or you don't have to torture yourself? You know what really early on when I was doing a lot of the fiscal experimentation I trained a few of my friends is one of stone college sites and adds a pretty phenomenal results with gaining muscle and so forth.
In college, but I very early on in looking at the behavioral change side of things, and I would bring friends in about accounting to train. You know just destructive. I just like to be like. Oh my god, I can't walk in heels all Jesus, I'm like alright. Well, I have two days so eat up and everybody dropped out. So just like did you like? I worked the three years of no problem, mimicking toughens that destroy them and I've. I've completely reversed that approach, because The little changes are, what last and see you and if you try to, if someone change more than one behaviour at a time when you re, if you, if you have for trying to teach people over the age of fifty, let's say quit smoking by texting, fail because either those are two new behaviors. If you try to fix, exercise and died at the same time fail all the time
and instead of like my dad to use my dad as an example, he was two hundred and fifty at five six roughly when we walked in, he was exactly five sex. But roughly fifty didn't. I didn't change. Much is good news, but he would go to invite inside. He lost all really more than ninety pounds of fat and gain twenty to thirty pounds of muscle. It started with. Primarily eating thirty grams of protein within thirty minutes of waking up. That was the changes. I think I only focus on this one change, that's it! You have to fix the rest of your diet. You have to fix your exercise, forget about all this stuff. Just fix your breakfast. You can't postpone breakfast. It can't be coffee in the breakfast an hour later, thirty grams. With thirty minutes away,
so we simply used a myoplex shape to do that, and you went from five pounds that we had already made a few tiny changes, but layered it one time he went from five pounds of average fat loss per month to eighteen point. Seventy five pounds after that. One change- and those are the changes that last, because you get this tremendous amount of positive feedback in like ship. That was easy and that's that's how people need to respond to those initial steps. Wow that was as hard as I thought it would be. Yeah it's one of the things that I mean one of the things in the book. I'm writing is all about incremental change. In about how you know, when someone decides like ok, I'm going to get into shape and will start working out and they try to tackle it. You know four or five days a week. It's like no go one hour a week, because what will happen is after a few weeks, you'll start to better and you'll go lorries as we call it. What we did in this progress we so we started out one episode. We feel it one hour week. We can cover that and then once you sort
figured that realize it was kind of fire, like. Oh, you know do an extra hour weeks, not a big deal. So, let's just to do so, you know it's like. I agree with you a hundred percent. The incremental change is really is the absolute away to go rather than trying to two overwhelming to try to change everything at once. I also think that it's important it can be helpful to try to strike a balance between or a combination of, very high goals, very big goals, but very so expectations, so your long term goal is something big like running a marathon uh. Your short term goal is I'm going to go into the gym and ten minutes twice a week. That's it literally like ten minutes twice a week. That's it! I get all the channel for ten minutes. If I walk fine whatever, if you go in and you do, you decide, you know I'm going to keep on going and you do thirty minutes or an hour. That's fine, but in order to win to have that early win
need to do since you, ve, set expectation as ten minutes is advised him absolutely, and your brain will register that, as as apposite as as positive reinforcement you you get to, you did so to check that box in her hand, go hey. I did it. I you know I cheap, because I don't want your brain necessarily quantifies things in that way. It just knows that you intended to go, do something and you did it and that's a sex yeah and there are people who have studied this stuff, really methodically, like Bj Fogg at Stanford, that their persuasion lab it's really well established, and so my mistake for a long time was thinking that it was all about the method. I have the perfect method here you go and the perfect method doesn't do any good if you quit in two weeks, which is why it let's say you look at the estimate like Adkins Adkins is really effective for fat loss. The problem is, people will travel or they have a holiday and there will break that diet and then say fuck. I broke my ok. Why minds? What's pick it up in a week and then
they regain x amount of weight. Then they attribute the failure to the diet and then they go back to square one, whereas if you make a slight tweak to that, I mean we can talk about the carved. I later, if you make a slight tweak to that like adding in legumes and beans, and then you have one cheat day a week like today's my cheat day has chocolate croissants and everything else it's sustainable, and so, like the the approach that gets you, eighty percent of the results but can be sustained for years at a time, is much better than the person gets. One hundred percent results, but has a ninety percent drop out yeah yeah. I think I think people would you gonna have an all or nothing it's for it. It cause. You know the gray, air is very difficult to wrap your mind around like well. You know agree weaker in this sort of hundred percent society mindsets but, like I said Ok, it's ok to get a bee, sometimes you're getting a bit better than getting enough yet so you know, we'll easier on yourself, I think his lungs, your direction
really moving in the right direction as the Department of Redundancy Department but women in China to pursue that clarification, the over the Volga if you're moving directly positively. That's what's import said the people get depressed like oh, my god, it's measured by fat and thirty percent. Aren't you fuck? That's three percent. I she don't go fuck if that thirty percent is accurate as long as it's consistently accurate or inaccurate. So if you go for thirty two, twenty seven, it might in actuality be thirty four to whatever doesn't matter as long as you know the direction it had some workers, we all try. I you. When I had dinner with the eight months or whenever they want to go- and you said yeah, I'm I'm turning in the final draft of my this new book that I'm writing and you know
sir. I did all these we're experiments and myself in some from office killed, Beacon been a really intense experience you are talking about for our body and and then I didn't, I hadn't heard anything about it and then I I was. I was at the this Jim that I go to sometimes when I was talking your guy there in and he mention your book. He was like. I'm so excited. Do you know? like next month in Comparison Newport, I didn't bring you up first, he would we were just talking about. You know, programmes and seven and he said excited you noticed this TIM Newt embarrassed, but he's gonna like the body book who's, the guy you know about. Yes, of course, and so so you SAM you, sent me the book and but I just I just bought it on the Ipad, those travelling at the time- and I said doing it and my coffin started doing at night, and I blabbed about it to these guys today, so they started doing it, and I thought I
I enjoy. I enjoy the program I enjoyed the cheat day because I feel like if you're just sort of passively eating shit everyday. You don't even appreciate it knew just fuckin shoving shit, your mama, but when you can- and you know like oh saturday- is the day that I can eat whatever I want you get, you really really appreciate it as much as possible. So I just think I want to wanna Jonah Jonah Jonah did the the piecemeal that those like yeah I walked down. I walked down market street and then I just heard a couple I'm talking about stuff. So I just kind of assembled the thing, and then that was the program that was there was just like. I had like a date where I wanted to lose like some way by and I had it out again- and can I get you why I just I didn't have the time or the place capacity to work out and unlike designated for divorce myself so start doing that.
Sounds like it. I also got to a diet. So Chris mentioned that thing. So I kind of looked it up but, like I was like oh yeah that'll, do that's what this information not alot of carbs beans, and then I am like in the thing that I've always had problems with is the five small meals, because I find myself like running around all day trying to day you stuff and like to stop and eat is never really something I think about it. It's like you know. I just say I have like a banana and coffee in the morning and then around two hundred o'clock in the afternoon. I have a way too big of a meal, and then we want to take a nap and then I get them like it gets be about nine hundred and thirty. At night, like oh fuck, I forgot about dinner and then I have like a burrito or something that's pretty much the way it was going, and so, when I started with the small meals and like all the meat and then like, I was stressing about what I could haven't couldn't have it, and I M just realizing that, like our psychosis eat me all the time
I mean I sort of feel really really salty, like really salty glaze. In a literal sense, hearing yourself, people tell me something like my friend Paul Banana was just like it's like, oh, it's kind of like the paleo diet. You should do this, I'm like oh, alright, and I'm like this guy is almost like this. Do that, so I started getting all these other things and, like remember, I got my friend Boyd and like it's like they put down fruit in your diet. You can't eat fruit, which is fucking retarded sounding to me because fruit from the earth, this additional right. Of course it's nature's candy. It should be delighted which, like I, never appreciate it until like I just like. I went to a place that I got like an egg white omelet and they put down this fruit and it had it had everything, I've, melons and blueberries, and a kiwi and strawberry, and it sounds like it's crazy that you can have that, and I was just like it was just my friend boy go boy yeah. He just grabbed input across the table and I probably would have grabbed
that would also weaken here's. Your little died. I don't like yes like, and I was working out and, like you know there is, is this like centres? I should do in too many changes and like and stressed about like, like belly like, like works dressing me out, but just this diet and like it was all I could think about my girlfriends. They can all do with you and all we talked about online at work all day. Like I m me better for the food, we talk about food and fuck. You remember, member of the air, those doughnuts from it. It lays down the street. Remember the child they shaven CAFE, wanna one. There is to say all these things that I'm just a pianist eyes and wake up, and then I get it in the morning and I love sleeping in but then like I was just like oh fuck, I gotta get up and eat, and then you know just everything everything will be looking at my day in my life- and I was like I was constantly talking these guys just like I couldn't form.
So that's really weird zombie yeah. It was really weird and, like you know, my mind is racing and it's just like feel dry and I was trying to draw water like I just didn't like it. We are defending those all these now you're feeling like them later to. Who is really they re, like eight thousand and like it's like in a meeting like you know, like you know like. I love red meat, but I also love chicken and everything like that, but yeah. That's good chicken meat grass FED meat yeah, but, like I was just getting to a point where it's just two is getting too much, and I like my actually maybe not as much meat as we've been here like what the fuck else am I going to eat on this thing. Oversize me there's nothing else. I gotta fucking refried beans, again just like refried beans, which is like. Let me make another taste for human meat. I wish them like, no very softly
Fantasize about five minutes awesome, but it's gaming, human meat, skating yeah. So then I get to I get your point and then, like a Saturday rolls around and like I'm just out of it like I gotta go to the gym. I don't feel like going to that place right now and seeing those guys you know, working out like I just need to work on my friend edge- is a very fit guy. Very in shape- and he starts making me do these like sprint. Lunges like get up this hill sounds good when you're hypoglycemic, like I'm like I'm like I don't know if this is good for Maine right now, he's all come on. I was like: do you work out all the time I don't like? Is that what I do is all you could keep up and he's like insanely winded from these, and imagine how I am sounds like he's strange people like I used to train them, actually well thinking about when you were talking about your friends like you things like come on, you fucking, do it I'm like the home, stop yelling. Also during this thing I felt like I was on the every time I was by myself, I felt like I was on the verge of tears, because I was sad,
my virus doing this to me. I need to transcribe this and put this on the back of my book and then, like you know, and then I have I have like chicken for lunch after I work out, and then I had beef from this barbecue place and and then that night. I think it is a combination of this, like this diet that I was fucking up your leg. You're perfect plans is ruined by me. Your your day, utopia fuckin sullied by my, but don't you but might might like. My guess- and I might be wrong because you know much about this- and I do my guess for you was that you were eating enough vegetable carbs that you are fuelling your body. Enough is in the past I tried to just eat meat and nothing else before, like that, crazy everything and I always felt sick in and out of it. Just like you to cause you, you know your cards. Are you
you will, and so, if you're not getting that through your vegetables, then you're just going to be tapped out, especially if you're working out like you were yeah. I thought I was. I thought, like you know, like I've, just sucking dust entire bags of celery and carrots do nothing but make you fantasize about food, that's good! I gotta go any cellarage airbags, then soother pointless. There are pointless things. They should only be given to people trying to quit smoking to do something with their hands and mouth. They do nothing for your body or your fucking stomach, and it just makes you like fantasize more about food that would be good to eat. So what at? What was his mate? What was my diagnosis here? I would say that by a bottle of aspirin and instead of having to ask for nearly half a bottle of Austrian, it's important. That too is important. Do not blame the aspirin. In that case, I would say there are basically we blame the ETA would say assets if you think the the multiple small meals is something that has been has infected.
The recommendations are made. I actually dont really do that. I'm pretty big meal was ass. Great ass, I love it. The deed diet is not intended to be punishment. It's actually intended to be very sustainable, so I have I've three or four big building the where I would have started was just changing breakfast. That's it and then doing there s this stuff, as as you were the biggest the pride based take that people make when they're doing this is rather than eating lots of dense vegetables, whether that's lentilles or like asparagus, broccoli, etc, they're doing leafy vegetables plus like a chicken breast and especially for anyone who is active or on the bigger side, you're going to feel fucking miserable. If you don't
a third you're gonna feel terrible. Because what happens? Is your bodies not quite burning fat effectively? It still using cars? You you're not getting any harm, see just like your solving all of them. They are not a good feeling here and you get really really foggy. So you up on this diet. Actually eating nervously bags of celery, which sounds horrible, visible but you eating, you- do eat more volume, because if you go from, let's say having a chicken breast and a big potatoes to the big players, three calories, just hypothetically it's somewhere around there to leafy vegetables, you just dropped your total meal calories by two hundred and two fifty you are going to be hungry and feel really horrible, but yeah fixing breakfast. I usually start people off if they're just going from, especially if they are there
from ground zero, meaning that they haven't been exercising. They haven't really been watching the diet. I would start people with get rid of. Let's say, dairy, just get rid of milk, even like you can do cream because lower lactose cottage cheese. If you like that kind of thing, I don't particular, culture is a moment ago. The message I don't drink straight, a mill each Ivan I've been trying to sell to enjoy black coffee. Yes, if, if you just made the switch, take the milk at your coffee check this out. It's amazing to me at least its astonishes me we're better word with retract hundreds of people doing this, and we noticed even if they meet did, I said, eliminate milk and they said well, I'm having is a little bit of milk in my coffee, and I have two cups of coffee a day and I said alright eliminate that and replace it with cinnamon, just like put some cinnamon into flavor. If you want to put in some bit agreements cream, and if you do that, do we we saw consistently an additional two to four pounds fell ass a week.
Just by making that one swap see that's my biggest, my biggest addiction is like merely only they can I have left is: is a child? A young and so far if I have to those a day because I'm running around so much I mean that's not only like thirty grams of sugar per thing, but it also it's mostly yeah and the issue? There is no you're getting sugar, but the mill Not I don't get the super crazy about the deck technicalities were. Milk is, is tricky because on what's called the Black Sea MC indexes the amount that affect your blood. It can be relatively low, but there's a separate index of people only talk so much was, which is called an insular anemic index. All it means when you drink milk, even a little bit. Each mixture insolence Iraq, it is, if you injected yourself of insulin and if you combine outlets the sugar and a trilateral latte boy. I mean that is the recipe. If I want to make lab rats fat, that's what I do
the resolution be, the rats is their greedy, they loved each other. This weird, I wanna, be a veal in no one's head. Fat rats is worthy of the name of the guy who had a head Youtube, had an insolent, monitor, yeah, plant, I might even have another one here. Let me show you, but I actually right at this table, a video of me. I'm planting a glucose, monitor my side to watch this stuff and a lot of it's very counterintuitive. So even if you're going to avenged a let's say so the devil I mean the it's really important to read the full, perhaps not everybody, lessening I'd seen that work. A senior programme work just by the book in Doha. Over the same failure. I mean it's one thousand three hundred and ninety eight at the moment on Amazon, and it is the second most expensive expense.
And in the average lifespan and then in the? U S have heard but like for the thirteen bucks, just please read the details or no don't go online cause. It's full of everyone has a strong opinion about it, but the if you have the same bins D said today's. My often ran so mean after personify. Have a pizza. Later wild level pizza with egg on top second amazing private offer got out just like this specimen ice cream delicious. I love that stuff and I will I had some fresh squeeze great fruit juice. Just before I came to me with you guys, because what I By having this this implant. My side is that if I had to reproduce glass of reproduced before me binge started, it kept my blood sugar, stable, ass, witches knitting. Now. Does that mean that you want to have the refugees every everyday? No, because the answer also is,
the sugar in this by the fruit comes into it. The fruit in the United States or that imported is design. I mean it's engineered to have as much fructose. This future is possible, which is converted preferentially by the liver into fat. It's just like the most affective sugar to convert into fat for the most part c, don't have every day, but on your been stage, really helpful insurance and it's a sick just knowing that it ok call me, I have limited reproduce like my coffee or whatever combined. But just the wording is important with the recommendations. Don't combine them really effective for minimizing fat gain if you're going to have an off day like Christmas or whatever, really really effective. So what was the stuff that you had your dad doing in the morning like what was he used? It was like a shaker, so I knew that my dad. Like me, Is it if I say, wake up cook eggs and have spinach he's not gonna, do it
and if I'm running around or a book deadline, I'm probably going to do either because sometimes, like you know, like I get up in the morning and then just I have enough time to get ready to go to work yeah. So what I would do with my dad used a mile plex shake which has a lot of preservatives and garbage in it, but it tastes pretty good. So it's like look. It doesn't have to be perfect in the beginning, I want you to start this behavior and then once it's second nature to you a monthly we can go to on flavoured wavered in which gonna tastes like ass, but it's better Valea. I will go there late, but let s start with this but has some preservatives and all that shit in it. I don't care what your mother's going to kill you, and so I would just go: get ready to drink mild, laxative, forty grams protein or something any ski doesn't refrigerated. Wake up. First thing you pop on open, No you don't pop it over then shake it shake it shake it up, baby sitting around around pretty pretty pretty awesome to have a slow motion replay of that, but
really help the public see aid just it takes thirty seconds, and that is that your three grams above us is that, like a slovak title, it's it's an eas product mostly by or was useless he by athletes just protein Jake. Ok, I would not recommend muscle milk for a host reasons, but if you get a about lax or something that doesn't have as much crap and her pillars and the easy thing is just get just getting Firefox. It is pretty good and and stick with that for a month, and then after that, you can do something else, but that's what I had my dad start with any lost the eighteen night, almost twenty thousand for small, without doing anything else. That was the only change the name in now once once once so, for people who really want to lose, let's say twenty or thirty pounds or more, I say start with the diet. First, because exercise quite
It is not burn a lot of fat, it just doesn't an if you want to lose that focus on the diet. Do that for four day weeks until like this is easy 'cause you have your default meals, just like everyone's default mail. When I tell people you want to rotate the same few meals in the beginning, like oh, my god that sounds so boring, there's no variety, did you have for breakfast last week. Tell me like well, I woke up- and I had this and then at the same thing the next day and then the same thing the next time. But you're just use having another set of boring of cocoa puffs does not get boring. You could help us shortly covered sugar bombs. If they are, they are delicious. Unfortunately, yes, but I would say that starting, the diet and then you can bring the ashes later, is really effective because big. This is where the magic of data comes in because track. So many people in this, I think, is one of one of the big differentiators between this book and a lot of the books that have come out in the past.
What sort of like opinion, but I have one citation this works. It worked for me instead of doing that. What are we looked at a few hundred people and almost everybody plateaus between it's like ten and twelve and they get really demoralizing. If you don't know, that's coming you'll quit were a lot of people will quit. Instead, I'm like look hold off on the exercise, focus on that you're, going to plateau around week, ten, adding the exercise and then boom. You kill your plateau and it works works really well, and you did you have you been? Are you still doing this little carbon? Well, it stopped. I got sick this week, so I kind of stopped this week, but I will pick it back up again and cold day yeah I recall that everyone said some one had something going gone wrong, ordain and ever has been doing a thing or they'll take summit, robot cousin as well it doesn't slogan is not a lot of. You can do that things we grow there you're shake their hand and then you go, I'm gonna go yeah.
Funds are taken that signal. No, your breakfast, I found to be the easiest thing to do Ok, mind waking up 'cause, I just make egg whites and Turkey sausage and cottage cheese. That's my breakfast yeah, that's a good breakfast, but I'm fucking, tired of chipotle and then yeah tables you can get, and I think what I'm a do pretty soon is just track. What I do when I go out to eat, because I can go to french restaurant and change pretty much nothing. I mean the only thing I'll do if they bring the bread basket. Arabic. Now, no right to ask you this. Yet how bad is Glinda, because I do ok, splendor funny should say that isolation can I made from, should I just put out a tweet. I was scheduled to last night to go out today,
this guy, which which refer, despite because there's a car in in the book. I talk about how splendor and splendor lobby has flipped out about this, but around Nazis project. Yes, how it, how it negatively affect your Europe, digestive bacteria and more the bull example, someone just put up coming on the they and they said I thought I was doing everything right, but I like sweetening my my coffee with splenda switched from that too. I think we just saccharine and immediately start losing weight. So after being treatment I couldn't being or the pink packets. I believe that I believe that sweet love might be Aspartame, stay with mass with them, but if limits tv stevia. So I would say it's better than
other options. The problem is with commercial brands of Syria. There almost always cut with something else. There very tricky about it, so failure Stevie a product like over. We we did put in a little more pedestrian and above we did put in a little a little bit of Columbia, solo by tony little bit of cocaine, because every bit everybody needs a little yeah come on little pig Let me ask you about about you drink or worse. I know. Yes, I do drink. Yes, if Thou art clear from my my bullet burden out of nowhere as they did he ever want about, but the the the worst sweetener that I think you could use besides, pure heifer discord serve, would be a guiding at which people view is very healthy. Stay with him. The gun inaccurate, almost pure fructose drinking, yes,
I'm a large trigger of it. I like a lot but like, but I know that you do the standard stay away from beer yet because his bread, which is it which is tough by what are you? What are you therefore just do straight up those and on the rocks with Canada. Yeah, there's certain booze is like it's like more like spring wind. If you read the book you would know. I like I like red wine. There drier wines and others. I will also I do like bullet bourbon. I do like others, the more you. Drink, the less values I mean, that's pretty safe or because the liver is really poured for fat, yeah, but just say you're going to drink anyway. What are the better options? The better options would be something like a dry red wine or you could do something like would call them nor cow Margarita, which is its actually really too
this thing that gets you drunk, really quickly yeah. So it's like. Not only are you a cheaper date, there's less of a hangover. It's it's a pretty clean hangover as well. Magic is. What is this? What is this magical elixir watch, the moon and Hungary? That's actually to know about it, nor cal its index clumsy. But this is a rob. Wolf dimension. He's he's also he's a paleo guy and it is the juice of five limes.
The sounds like oppose. It tells you sure five is a new type of better law, making it dead cat over your head at midnight five times, clockwise supporters and technological animated really got really instructs its just like this look up. So you put in the juice of pilot five lives, splash of soda and high grade tequila. That's it it's it's! It's a good drank some level drank the lime. Juice will lower the impact that that has on your your blood sugar. If any right, the carbonation will get you drunk faster. It's a great drink, I mean you could have. You could have four or five of those and you will, but I don't know what your tolerance is. Maybe more of a professional I, my tolerance is decent. I do drink, but if you have three or four of those in a short time spent, you are done like your,
Your Satis Europe satisfied with your stated of drunkenness Winslow carved for logo, You have been worked out. Anything on the rocks is just about fine peaceably idea is links, are mixers, you'd, be if you're gonna be using Asia. Commodore AIDS can cause problems. But if you're sticking to I mean I have, I have some rum I've run here. I have tequila, I don't usually save those for the Cheat day yeah and she did it all goes I mean you could have. You could have spears, you want you, this sheriff regional, now get so it s a sugar for jobs. The resources. They need an assurance. Lesser garbage alone. Drivers operates, as did the The best thing you can do is use the least damaging alternative right. So have you diots like harm reduction? You know, so I have a friend who does she's on this. She she's advisor on the
Italian people call up and they're. Like look, I'm glad this weird fetish and I do all these damaging things, and she knows we're not going to change Well, let's just do harm reduction, nothing. This is a valuable, smaller heels when they hear the exactly this, not just more services and use the platform, shoes and others to let us in this particular case. If that will prevent you from bidding on other things late at night, then, are you sure of regional when I was on really strict Atkins, like diet? I think all the cyclical ketogenic diet, which is Not really, all that I got is not not as yet. The branding is not a strong. He died of a heart attack the so I would say it's fine, but like the USA, splendor, shots, the more you have the list I loose, but if you're still directional movement moving in the right direction for care ass, far ass the eye
used it. What I would say is a: u every sweet raving were you I would have gesture for yellow would not be about off, because it's it's also. It's not that dense. It would be better than having thirty ounces Tycho, for example, I'll either I'm a complete Tycho horrors now for the book Mama's insane about. I guess he just aunt. I don't really know it. I only drink water ends and childlike days and and I've tried to start moving over to you know: I've been sort of substituting Green T, forgive him for some of the child taste. Good coffee makes me sick to my stomach I can't drink it, even though I shall try your buddy you're, a matter that is, if you want to die about an amazing elixir. That is my favorite stimulant beverage of choice. Would be ever more than in other areas and does it it doesn't send you under the Fuckin panic attack clouds, because another heart beat fast
other things for that at the moment, but the with the for the sweet cravings other. Actually, I have a very, very good recommendation. I branches simple branch enemy. Ass. It they're, not expensive Bc S. I use a dermatitis called expensive on Amazon Agency and, what's amazing, they're usually used for waitress, that's really cool about branched chain amino acids. If you take a handful of these or a couple of these throughout the day, let's say at each meal, your body can convert it into just enough glucose to satisfy the sugar cravings, nothing, but no more, it really pretty amazing. So for for people who have sugar paintings, this is pretty ITALY problematic, very problematic for women,
the repression amino acids are are pretty amazing, and that was that was actually a recommendation that I borrowed from a guy named art, Divinity Arthur DE vainly, whose believe he's a professor of probabilistic mathematics at you see robotic as very smarties. Seventy something can still run like a five point. Orpheus hasn't he at four point. Forty. I find hard to believe, but for dashed. The guy's amazing. He looks like a greek statue crazy, vegetarian redundant. Another he's he's basically he'd, basically paleo guy, but his recommendation for the sugar rooms with was oppression. Molasses, and they will also help with fat loss. Otherwise, so I would say if, if you use those and then that failing the sugar free, Jello The other thing is just having really really really big meal is as your dinner meal that has play
good fat and that war usually stave off some of the sum of the sweet tooth baby, because there's this physiological than theirs psychological and suddenly have as we do yeah, I want you, take it out. That's when you realise woe, yeah data set of enroll yeah, yeah yeah, the brushing amino acids really hope of inanimate. She dares like perfect gonna, go get a centimeter, all add one both sweating. We meet again for a few days a little little rough, but I you know I just I sometimes I think about maybe I'll just be
engineering 'cause. I feel like. I know enough vegetarians who are older and they look fantastic. Do it don't do it? I would also say, with my diet, is probably by volume, six thousand and seventy percent vegetables, which is actually more in for looking at actual nutrient dense vegetables than men. Students should treat potato chips and french fries indicted Alice grasp it. Yes, I think this is is good. I think this is good, because you know a lot he in wasn't podcast. Maybe some of them are soaring, wait issues, so I think the lesson here is whether or not you get TIM's both for our body, which I recommend that you get get it on Amazon and I read it. I got on the Kindle out from here its later on the candle. It is a letter that can support it, but if anyone struggling then you know- and I guess this is something that we took away from four four Jonah is- is just change. One thing like just just chain:
is your breakfast yet entered in awhile and then don't you don't have to change anything else and just see see if you notice a difference. I will say these pants are a lot looser than the last time I wore them, because I like to wear shorts in LOS Angeles, but apparently San Francisco, it's a little cold, it's cold up here, but yeah. I think the breakfast help 'cause, that's what I eat for breakfast now is egg whites and turkey, sausage and yeah me too, I've been going. I've been getting rough with one cafe and yeah. I get an egg white omelet with spinach and mushrooms and then aside, a black beans and some cottage cheese in it, really it's real like everything altogether and they don't have to resources. But if I did, I would as illnesses I will say decided assuming the exit from a good source meaning for chicken vagina arrayed supposed here: they're, not human. You don't like how eggs, assuming their not fed some some bullshit
in that they actually get outside like eat with their supposed to eat, meaning insects, etc. Then eat the ox. You actually lose more about the oaks interesting Android, yeah. I don't know if I don't know if I could ask the attach it covered. Hipsters working at the one hundred and one do this: chicken eat insects Is it safe to assume that if it's free range they have immense, there are the wording? Gets the dice, because there did the wording is really abused. But if it's the consular honour, open rain here, I think it's pack pasture raised there was a worrying does get tricky, but this goes back to the issue Adele to do the best you can and a couple of yokes from safe we're gonna kill you you will you will lose more fat with Ngos, gotta Hawkins yeah?
yeah exactly or if it says like Omega three. They have also like omega three enriched eggs. That would also be helpful, so I use the carton, egg, whites and I'll get some regular examples and I bought I bought a I bought from whole foods, just mens multi, but then I also my girlfriend has calcium potassium magnesium supplement, so those up those pretty good too but ass. He magnesium are great to use on this on this particular Diane in the beginning, when you're just getting useful with mens multi vitamin I'll just make sure it does not have iron in it out, stay away from that, because most men don't men straight last. I checked, and that means one of the blood society in a mood the mapping of becoming a walking. So we men in particular one theories relate to white men. Have a shorter life expectancy on average than women is
we gotta get your asks, take more risks that we'd we dont eliminate toxic byproduct of iron and we heard especially more and more every day, yeah I'll check to see it. I'm I don't know if it has iron in it or not, but we're almost at the end of our with you, but I did. I did have one it's gotta be. Hopefully this is too big of a question to ask at the end here, but you but you're a guy who, irrespective of any one, follows you your blog witches is really fantastic library, video stuff on there and the video files, everything do knows that anything that you decide to do you have a very systematic way of going in figuring out breaking down and problem solving right. So what you know do you just? Do it have a kind of a basic set of rules or ideas for whenever you approach just so that people can apply to anything like what. What's? What's your problem, solving approach that you want to,
I'm sure the general approach is find the best people in the world, which is not that difficult to do. If you know how to use Google, let's say in the case of swimming or running, so I'm getting ready to do ultimate, and so I go out and I find the best alternative. Pretty good gotta find people like Scott Jurek is an amazing. Ultra runner go talk. Those people ask them who the outliers are clearly anomalies, so the best in the world, let's say Phelps or a jerk they're both for their sport. I want to know you know who's the two hundred and thirty pound guy who runs ultras. Where is he and how does he train heavy train other people? Is it replicable? So I'll always look for the outliers? If there is let's say I'm going to be learning arabic next month, I'll be in the Middle EAST for the first time great time.
Of course, you do another having some stand up dates over there yeah exactly like american history X, very excited about my interactions. We be wider, yeah, so I'll be learning arabic and to do that, I am trying to find the outliers people who have arabic, Arabic quickly quickly and the way find those people or the methods that allow people to do? That is by contacting some very easy. To be a lot less now, learn arrogantly already on so many wise, less ordering chemistry, kids, Amazon, but every watch list just back in the day when I had the anarchists cookbook, another twelve yeah, pretty sure that put me on every watch list, but I will call it signals. The the director of islamic studies that you see Berkeley get any deniston generally pretty here. I do not recommend razetta. Apparently I didn't know this. I got a call from time magazine. One point: when
razetta who was having European on this head. We we see on Wikipedia that you are a known, you're, a known critic. Of course, this stone is apparently on Rosetta Stone's Wikipedia page was like well, it's true. I know ideas on Wikipedia, but I'm glad that's how your sourcing your leads. In any case, I was for the outliers first and then I would try to talk to the outliers and ask them what are the biggest waste time, the most common waste of time among novices what are the most common
mistakes of novices. What are the most common mistakes among advanced and just a series of eight to ten questions. It doesn't take that long and you can really really learn a lot at that point or you can also ask them very practically, and I do this so in the case of running I would say: ok, you have me here my basic attributes, here's my here's. What I have you have eight to twelve weeks to get me into a 50k race. You have eight to twelve weeks to get me to functional conversation, conversational fluency in Arabic. What would you do dollar prize? What do you do and they always had those two neighbors have an answer it might take a while for them to formulate it, but then they'll have an oh sure absolutely and you find that these people are willing because they appreciate you know sharing the sort of sharing their knowledge? Yeah? Absolutely unthinkable express a genuine interest in your polite about it. Just I think up a lost are given the inter webs
So once you have this information and had had any die, but it doesn't have to be, let's say the best in the world: it could be the best purse. In your county in your state, and it's not hard to find his people is not about finding having Phelps personally Coachee. But if you find someone who is let's say on the olympic trial, I went to the The trials ten years ago is in your backyard. That's asteroid, but it's better than you. He knows more than you do right, yeah and been a very practical approach to take is to is to contact people who are not currently in the limelight. So if you want to get advice like I did for my first book, I want to talk to best selling authors, people who had near Times bestsellers worst time to get in touch with the people when they have a book in the New York Times. Best seller list wait until you're there, three years out, maybe feeling a little bit neglected yeah and it's not a bad thing. But it's like wait until they're out of the limelight and they still know exactly what they're doing sure, and then you talk to them. So for that reason, if I want to learn how to run I'm not going to contact
whoever is at the top of their game right now, they're not going to have to go through fifteen agents, I'm not going to get right, but would it be hard for me to find somebody who is saying big Silver gold medalist eight years ago now not hard at all easy super easy, that's great yeah and then and then you take that knowledge. And then you just I mean, do you feel like sticking out yeah? Did you feed you feel like people tend to over train or over? You know like when you're learning arabic? Are you going to study eight hours a day or you, like you know, but a study an hour before I go to bed because that's the best time to try to learn depends on the subject matter and what the learning curve looks like with anything physical swimming running the the most common miss. I would say that people make is two mistakes imitating the common, so whatever is most popular is almost always not the best approach. Two would be too much volume, so they want to fix the problem with brute force and, unfortunately, biology tends to respond really poorly to briefly,
it's not a good approach. With with something like language. I find that the density of practice is extremely important, so I will do almost no practice before I go to the Middle EAST. The only thing I will, the sun is learning the writing system. All I will learn how to read Arabic so that I can. I can teach myself as best possible and I get there and then I shall definitely be doing sixty eight hours a day of Arabic, without exception of that, wouldn't all be through sitting in front of a book. It would also be through practice, there's there's training and there's practice just and their an end. I think that's that's true and sports sausage language. And so you have to test things in real world circumstances talking your way out of a prison there. For instance right you know, and I think actually relax, I'm never going to Jordan, which, from what I know
very safe and perhaps Lebanon, Beirut also prevent ass things about? It will not be going Egypt on this trip, but it's it's it's about testing assumptions. Well, I am, in one of one of the things it so aspiring about what you do is just you know, you used to say: You want to do something as an interest you and then you just fuckin figure it out once which you know it's it's like now, I'm sort of at the point where people are starting to ask me: how do you know? How do I do several Guy last night was like: how do I do podcast unlike well, you just do it. You just provided you both by recorder, start organism but what's it about? Well, you have to know what you
right, but you have to know what you're interested in and once you can figure that out, then just do it yeah. You know. I also think that, as it relates to that attempting to teach whatever it is really helps. You understand the subject matter and it helps you improve your own performance. So if I know as a matter of fact, even if I even if I only have five people reading my blog- but if I know that after my arabic experience coming back to this accountability, also that I'm going to write a blog post about the process, I will have better result. Ah, that's really interesting him soon. So, if you have observed that that's exorbitant sort of a good back burner goal that that whenever you learn something that your and altruistic leave, this is just a good thing to do. Is that you're going to pass that knowledge on that's out of an interesting way to approach it absolutely in if the? If you even have a very niche readership, let's just say it's a blog or listener ship part of the reason that I
still blog it is it's an investment. Have time is because of the feedback that I guess I put up this post on how I learned to swim. This is this. Is why people? Oh, my god, I kept. Why do you read your comments on your blog? Like you have four hour work week, I thought you'd have people in India doing that and I'll give you a very real world example of why I read my comments when I put up my post on swimming. It was the Olympics, one Phelps mania, was going on and within the first twenty comments from fifty comments, I had suggestions from the national team coach by its suggestions for former silver medalist and that type of feedback is amazing. So if you attempt to learn something, you teach the people who don't know as much as you do, you will also track.
People into a hell of a lot more than you do. It looks like we're. Gonna go Willard set up for learning. Does when he knows what what what I had to address. What presentation from Wired TED Conference profound rabbit wires presented? We talked about you and increased the team. Any citizen it in a very complimentary way, but you're sick, kids, those guys you here but other stuff. He does you just think what is this, which is a problem, and then you meet him and you realize he's the genuine thing like he really is. He really is a good chinese passion about what he's doing, and he really cares, and we talked a lot about your piece, the video piece about just sort of shrugging haters off on the right. I did a presentation called how to deal with how to deal with haters next web, and then I did a blog post yeah and it would if it was, we actually kind of work through it, because you know Chris and I were of the impression of like look. Where have all the people were educated. We
oh how the internet works, yet we still get fuckin whiny when someone like, but you you know in a new and we use you as an example. We use that as an example and when I'm sure, with some of the claims that you're making in some of the things you ve gone through Of course, there are people on mine who, like fuck you to embarrass you, what the fuck you targeted. What do these do? Not dare you oh yeah, thousands, and so what you do is gonna write that offered you. You knows earning constructive it you do with it. I would say that there is a lot of very valid criticism comes through an and trotted. I try to dismiss the tone. I first of all, I don't read most of the comments on the internet about me. Nothing, that's a good policy, because I give you if you go two tech Roger you do when you expect gain something for me in your comments on other than a new prescription. For that oppressions. Never ever ever you're wrong. You guys don't did story you're coming out.
Out of your living room, which is how I view my blog, but when I do get feedback and I ask for feedback, I try to look at whether it is valuable and mr tone. First, secondly, if people, if people hate me- which is their plenty of them who do for mostly reasons- I don't understand- I I won't address it's in less there's some huge, factual discrepancies, if they, if they accused me of something that's completely fictional in some cases, I will respond to it, not in all cases, because I think having things of oxygen online is the most effective softly, but also of course, if you like, that's bullshit man, I never did ABC Dna Nude linked to it are you just you just gave that five more notches, often Google results and I and avoided, but I also think it is very important to realise that you can't my my general. What am I rules in my like philosophical operating system as you can
the reason someone out of a position. They didn't reason themselves into. Oh, that's really interesting right, so, whether it's religion, whether it's some type of dietary dogma, if, if they can, if they're, not showing data, forget it don't argue it's a waste of time. So if someone gets up to me in there, if someone stands up in a QA and I've done this a few times and they're like you know what you know, what what do you mean about this and that's bullshit, because of this this and this, and we have a big debate, I say: is there anything that I could possibly say any data? I could possibly show you they would lead to changing, changing your mind and if they're like no, sit down excursion cooking, it's a waste of time. Will you give people people right mostly when their emotional, which I always try to not to do because you're the one right when your emotional, those are usually the ones that you regret and when people write something emotional. The times and I have responded men like. Oh, you know this is seemed a little aggressive and they're, always like? Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I don't know I've been guilty of writing emotionally as well
No, this is a really important point. So what I've noticed? Also, if you have, let's just say, a spectrum civil line that represents your fans and haters and in the very middle there's completely neutral, and then you have the people who absolutely almost to a scary extent, love you and then, on the other. Hand's too scary extent hate you people at those two poles. Switch places really easily so yeah something I've noticed and both sides are equally dangerous. The so I would say that whatever I, if I have criticism on the blog and I have tons of criticism on the blog, I just try to make sure that it's for I do treat there's enough negativity in the world at all invited into my into my living room at it. Like I said, as I view my blog comments, and I want to encourage people to abuse each other, they ve, if they attacked me, that's fine, but they take each other. Then they get to it. It's grant very civil wars again with that. If, if I respond to them than eight
try to respond very, very common. I'm, like look sorry, you're disappointed. I'm sorry, you feel that way here to blogs I'd recommend you read instead yeah. I wish you well in person, like you said eight times out of ten that got shifted. I'm sorry I got like I got. I lost my job at it. Had it drunken and had had a huge you in my girlfriend, like I've, been a deck, I'm sorry or they completely flooding, alike. Are you responded, cool your awesomeness, your best friend, and then they become a die, hard evangelist Laguna referred fuck you again or if you have a die, hard fan and they feel like you ve slighted them they will become your worst right- and I think being aware of that's very helpful valve, it's all that just any kind of passionate love, passion or the hate passions, but we have we ve dominating your time enough, but this was phenomenal. This is phenomenal. I've heard that I'm so glad that we finally were able to get you on the podcast. I know you're about to travel. Some more and my pleasure building have pink packets of artificial skin
and, are your jelly. It is pretty yes, I will probably have to get after. I wanted some Today, these getting out of the office is a babysitter down. The law have been large, Julio Marvin enjoy your Bordeaux, everyone drew brutal, bore, no rice, now leaving nervous. Dot com enjoy your burrito.
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