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Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man) and Ed Zwick (director, Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai) talk with Chris about the story of Bobby Fischer, the making of Pawn Sacrifice and how his childhood may have led to his mental instability. They also talk about the stigma of mental illness, being dads in show business and Tobey talks about playing Peter Parker in Spider-Man! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Logan winners, podcast number, seven thirty one at midnight, is on an eleven o clock for the next couple of weeks. That's really confusing, I shudder. Eleven know is I mean I'd gardener had eleven, I haven't eyes do hashtag at eleven. Nato is not eleven ice. It is at midnight still at eleven. We're gonna be back on American Rebecca midnight, a sinister aeronautics over the David shown weeks, but we are doing a week in a couple weeks called bunch the functions round relations on every hour? That's into yet again, we can hear at any time you don't have run punches on. I think where's RON funds. Behind a desk? Is he gonna be in the audiences plants and our people, large numbers of go on the road and darted from the audience, and no girl where's run fund. Like I don't carrying around, and I dont worry. If you had grown up, what you did is of do in his own,
don't be Lerius snag. Is it would be like a fun buddy caught movie where none of your cops nope, but yes, we're gonna. Do then I think we might do in ninety steamed episode coming up, so where we have some fun stuff on the Meda programme, But what do you guys have and the nearest green, the Court Board, the l, a pot fast, is coming up next weekend, it's in Beverly Hills at the sofa, tell Hotel September's eighteenth through the twentieth. Have a bunch of shows there. We have really need venture our dining with Dugan, Karen Indoor, kids and the Todd Glasgow, and you can find out info and get tickets at Ellie pot fast Doc. Yes, unfortunately, I will not be attending but because, fortunately I'll be performing in Texas. I think a mantra together Sierra keep saying ago, a trend, and that's that as things I think the reason we go because I want to see the giant bongos do something live because there, the best. Will you got him? well, I've got a fella sent in his name's coolby wealth and he started and in
the grand called a liberation underscore nation and its all single image pieces that are a litter of words that also teach you speech there PE and build your vocabulary. Well, you know my problem. That is it. It sounds like using the grand for Sunday constructed yet ideas on pictures of you know like what, if I were to tell you, put filters over them, would that make it ok, which one of your favorite all your pay well done. Probably have you followed so quality Barbie. I have not it's fucking great someone. Basically, it's a city
It's the opposite of that of the fat iron it. But it's someone it's as pictures of its barbie and all the scraps, but it's it's. The amalgam of every annoying instagram ever sources, like you know her and for its barbie in front of like salt and strike, can sing like living my authentic life and like fifty hashtags. So it's so quality Barbie. It's it's Maya, my brother, whose instrument I dont know because I'm not good at Instagram Justice, pictures of our dog and princess Clia cups at our house? That's enough just different picture statement on Fridays. His oath, I think it's at think, think Santiago, but eventually Kay. As you, I see our categorize, you can search there, look for the one with all the the princess, mugs and uh huh yeah what he would do it Galileo is a word which one do you have a community and might have well hiking
a wise and, with her walk in the woods swearing, couldn't resist the urge to put plant life in front of my faith in the early autumn. Slightly hate hashtag live cattle. Kinfolk gag, let's go somewhere out somewhere. I know a guy this is really like everyone. I mean really body it's real, like they ve done such a good. Whoever is doing it has done such an amazing job of the other intensity of it is spot on what those people should follow. Duration underscore nation to do some good for the Instagram and learn staff. Of course I Kyle and your brother Casey. This episode is Ed's wick Toby Maguire their promoting pon sacrifice, which is all about Bobby Fisher. I played competitiveness. Cool I know all about Bobby Fisher, historians, sad and fascinating, and so there's there's a couple Good Bobby Fisher documentaries out. There are others a couple of just hit Netflix sorting in time with this
oh good use of your watch a brilliant mind, slowly unravel and then have an opinion on the Jews. Meanwhile was Katy laughed its by anyway he's running plants that are running pon sacrifice in theatres, Wednesday September. Sixteen and I think that a pretty good job not getting out on term acquire too about Spiderman bled through just a little bit me. I apologise, but I feel it. I was able to rain it back, and I did my best. You didn't point and scream spider man when he walked hand. Now I did not like high friendly neighborhoods, but I didn't dangle upside down in front of him your people do a lot of times for that took that old, battled that China, but in a way they were great guess- and here we go the nurse pike S number seven, thirty one with Ed's, Wick and Toby Maguire marital status,
like I knew what I was many many many years we didn't know over many years ago. Referral. I can't believe you remember that I was going to mention it and I was there. I was expecting you to be like the fuck. Are you talking about? yes and LISA. Failure was when I was like twenty two LISA was probably nineteen and she was in a friend, grew with. It was like tat. It was Toby, unlike LEO and J Ferguson Cabin crew.
We in any way that is it. That is, that group, the area where the same powers of ice energy Ferguson every once in a while. It's just it's great to see it just really nice, as you like everyone when opened again Did some great stuff, but I haven't talked to lease and ages who married, and I think she has a kid it's been amounts been years, soak a good job on everything. Working out I mean that's like I feel like this. This is acting. Working out quite well, some some ups and downs and you and then the other but I'll say is my very first paid. Gig was an episode of thirty something come on I was a delivery boy and I have like one line, but it was the episode right after Gary dialogue. Guess why? What Brad Pitt first thing.
Had one line in episode, so you're in good company, I'm not sure, were still in the same real rack. I thought maybe that was so does have its very closed areas like the difference between human and chimpanzee dynamically. Ninety nine, but a little more and bread love that avoid Jerry died while Ray I ads, they were there and then you can can always character was cleaning out all I watched the show but I'm actually, I know you guys are doing press, you might be impressed, don't get mode. This is a loose conversation. There's no hey, hey. We may I really did what what did I do here really do? Oh, you do actually listened. It's all you do. I do so you totally now. I did all this also yeah, I'm very happy to hear that I do. However, I am so blown away that you did a movie about Bobby Fisher. I was lifelong chess player and rum just Club Fisher Sviazhsky was always a big deal, and this story is
It is: does it all around just the events of the of the match, or is it follow lexical later into his life, or he completely flies off a handle with related? It describes the childhood and then jumped mostly to rake of EC, but we also talk about is a kind of denouement, what happened to where I had so so the seeds of the demise are contained within the drama that in their right here, there's the sort of there's always a sort of interesting point with him, which is how and something I'm actually really fascinated by his. How closely tied is genius to essentially mental illness. You know that day they seem to be inextricably linked, because You know when you sort of look at all the, although a lot of really great grandmasters didn't and
doing too well mentally. Do you think, there's a connection between this? Do you think there's a causality? Is it too much chest sort of breeds that or do you think, a certain personality type is attracted to it? I dont, I dont think that it's it's actually linked. I think that- and I think it's here we ve had many conversations about it and in particular Robbie Fisher, and we have touched on some of the other chest players but see we can get in debate and I could switch sides about about whether a chess actually sort of you know, held off Bobby Fishers sort of mental health demise because he kept him occupied, but occupied
for you know many many hours every day and focused on a goal. I think, as he got close to this world championship and times when he went to go face competitors. You know, I think he was extremely competitive, really wanted to win. I think here a fear of losing but also fear of winning, and if you look at what happens is after the World championship, you know it's a pretty quick and steep descent, Ya B. So said to me. I was sort of like there was. There was nothing laughed and he didn't have that same preoccupation. So I could argue that side, but I can flip on the other side as well of the arguments. So I don't, I don't have a conclusion yeah I mean I think I think somebody once said that every man his has his addiction, but some choose the wrong one road and an eye
It's not entirely clear whether he chose Cesarea chose him because he was so gifted in this thing that that he was fated to to follow this particular pursued. That inevitably lead you into this utterly introspective, introspective, isolated self contained universe, and if I think you have other mental issues as he as he did, I think there was maybe some kind of of residence back and forth like gasoline and matches sure that that, maybe conspire to be synergistic. In that way I mean his. His childhood is really fucked up. It was based on funds that he didn't know who is dead were really thought. Is that was one person and then try to hold another guy and as one arm, but in fact he knew the guy was dead, but didn't know he was a day I was. I was like nine mom was at his mom. Was an activist monsieur, had a big file honor but every time you they would interview hurriedly like she feels
our didn't really feel like a super warm household to grow up in here. I think I do think that that is mother did care about him, but was had other interests, then things pulling at her attention. She was an intellectual. She spoke of many different languages, she was somehow involved with the Communist Party and you know which would leave Bob at a young age in the apartment at the neighbour. Is next store, like you know, I think, probably I'm speculated decided how we sure the neighbor was next storage or the Bobby was there, but there would leave or nine year old kid, which is also, but in that era wasn't as unthinkable as it is today, but I've also known a lot of people who were red. Diaper babies and their parents cared a lot about the people, but less about people with a red diaper baby. They were the children of Communist
Oh red divert yeah right and they believed diapers yeah. They believed in mankind sure but weren't, so preoccupied with men I'm re was it was that it was right, was a sense that did their mission and the commitment to the saving of the world in times of dire need, was more important than the actual tending and care of of those around. What was a much more. I was a much broader honestly, Nato is socialism were like all we all for all of what about your own kid. Well here, You got me we're all here. I know, but your kids freaking out, but I have to stop the war and then and then would body. I think it s six. Seventy two his chest and some other Games and it was you know, in my mind. I think we probably are closely line of the said that chest was report.
Four Bobby August saved a place that was safe for him and he didn't like games that had any element of chance, because it wasn't as pure, there's less control and something could come intervene and I think part of that is just strictly competitive. It frustrating like somebody role dice or something like that and then and then it is thwarted your advantage, but he also talked about the purity of essentially the exchange or communication over the chessboard. Right, I mean it's this idea with them. His his home life seemed relatively unstable, but you know, then you can focus on something that you feel you have complete control over just remember having to give up competitive just because it was so. It was driving me crazy and kids are really kids. Uncompetitive chess are like
look back. I'm much rather would have been punished in the chest by Jacques because at least the bruise heels, but the psychological warfare of sitting across from some fucked up nine year old, who has just trying to pierce into your soul, and you know analyze. What will I mean when I think about great athletes and adjust? Is sport? When you really get to know anybody who, who is at that level, the one constant is metal toughness that ability to retain guess and and concentration, overlong intense periods and whether that Michael Jackson and the four quarter of a game when you're, already exhausted amusing, to raise the level of his game or to tennis player is going into the fifth said of a match. Someplace, that's also what you're talking about your terms of that kind of amazing amazing capability? I also love the document is that I think about Bobby Fisher. It's funny when you see the footage, because it really
represent such an interesting cold war era. Battle between the so It's in the United States, but seeing old footage of like a I'd world of sports World Chess championship see hilarious to me that you know that we were so entrenched in chess that it was being covered. You know on regular why they were interrupting television programming to bring you chess coverage insane in other news, Vietnam, today right yeah, but I mean, I wonder if some of that was also, you know how much Bobby Fisher obviously kind of being in his own universe. Think you really took on the weight of you know the United States versus the Soviets. I feel like that. Wouldn't really meant that much to him. I don't think so. I think Bobby was a
air of the attention and aware of to some degree presidium that the importance put on the match and then use did as leverage to negotiate for better conditions and more money. That's that's how I think, as I think it played in Is it a consciousness and his tactics moving forward? The echoes we're saying you know his people who were close to him because he kept stalling. Imagine no one knew he was gonna. Sharpens basket was in Iceland for, like nine days, just waiting Bobby Fisher, never shut up. You go to the airport, leave go back and in one of his friend said, I don't think it was a tactic to try to focus basket. He just little. We couldn t he just kept getting scared idea, I think, is a combination of fear and and not others
he was negotiating by going to the airport and then leaving. I think he would be genuinely bothered that that something in just the way he wanted it to be, which I think you know that it was his particular way he would process things in and the control he wanted, which is sort of coupled with an underlying you. No kind of fear in terms of the way you function and then I think he was also afraid of finally meeting the month meetings basking in that moment, as you will have to ask you a dumb question. I apologise, but I'm always fascinated by this, which is as an actor when you are portraying someone might not be totally stable. Do you have a weird fear like fuck? What, if I discover and I'm not stay or what, if I can't shake it off and you are you able to separate I've made the discovery
not stable comparable. You know, I think mental health is a very interesting topic because it is not. There is not a clear line where you know if your left of the line you're, you know, consider to have a problem. If you're right of the line, I mean we weeds it is based on our perception of people's behaviors, and then we we cluster those behaviors together and they give diagnosis to people right now, like you, you have this disorder that decision and to me were all on the spectrum, someone somewhere everyone. I know I mean that everyone has some type of. I really anxious surrender Esther I'm not this wrong, dissociated like there's, always the stigma of mental illness. I think needs to be. You know, I think I think we as a cultural seem to go. You know everyone's everyone's gonna little son.
The up, and so how do we, you know, have well what is normal like what is? Nor will it also when you evoked what his childhood is like, I think, whatever the currency is of your life as a kid I don't think that's causal, but as you, if you become of So if you, if you have any kind of disorder, I think that the nomenclature what you seize on might have to do with what your frame of reference is. So the fact that he was revealed the fact that there might have been some sort of sort of incipient paranoia whirled around him, that's something that you would go back. We all have it's like comfort food. What are your taste? What are you, what it will do, your patterns of attraction, the it all formed in some young age? I don't think it makes you marry the person that you Mary, but it has had an effect on the girls even attracted to throughout your life Ryan and and were conditioned by all of our sir
stances right. So so you have your early circumstances and then you go meet the bigger world and the bigger world then then suggest different ways to behave, but if, in fact, you then don't evolve from their right and Bobby, I think was largely shaped in those early years and added and move forward. You know, and and again partially so this we can get back into the chest. Part of this was repetitions in Japan will yeah, but he also had chess so as he went to school or or interface with the larger community, where people socialize and change their behaviors, and what is normal Bobby would retreat into Yes sure so so? In that way it might of it might have well helped him not make you know, made it possible for now.
To confront those issues in social eyes and evolve in that way, but also there is, when you're also suggesting those that there's something regressive in the thing to which attached at a very young age, so not surprised that he might harking back to some of the feelings and the andean universe that surrounded that area. Yak is at an end, and I wonder I wonder how aware of himself he works and you look at the vicious basking match. I think it was games. Ex he throws out this entirely weird knew it up. He was very ill. Very predictable, like you did the same thing, time and time again, people always and then all of a sudden at a brilliantly strategic time. He throws basketball. We are balanced by opening with this, with its other, I think, of obscure british opening that he never did and it You didn't know how to deal with because they expected him to do the same thing every time, yet it it seems to me Bobby,
you know was, was strategically far as the game goes and likely worked on that opening and that sequence, knowing that they would not have prepared. For that Is this a smart guy knows how predictable he is and that's why I think it's probably a ton of work to go well on in a direction that you haven't worked in before, but he was not afraid of working. Did anyone that everyone? I'm sure there must be documentaries about Spanky, but going back to Russia after losing after forfeiting the last match. I mean: do you wasn't that guy's both support, like like a well well, I mean first well, it's it's very interested in it. When the Soviet Union broke up, he chose actually to come to the west, to whom he had a wife
and family back there, so it was inevitable that he would go back and they were very afraid that you know of defection, but he was not about to I don't know what happened to him literally upon his return. He continued play chess and he actually was in this remarkable as kind of generosity of one sportsmen to another continue to be very good to Bobby Fisher. When in his decline, right yak as Gary Gary Kasparov also came over the army, he now he lives in the Stacey out o pollyanna human rights. Anybody and insults interest me see, like some of those guys got out of a situation. That seems maybe not great for them, especially when so much of you know so much of your regimes. Identity is based upon whether in that you're gonna you're gonna beat someone Toby are already described. Bobby of incorrectly has been somewhat of of the river the reluctant gladiator
expect he was similar liking. These were too great sportsmen who looked upon this as an opportunity for their personal ambition and and and and the sport, but not as a sort of representative. You know out for the ideologies of their respective countries. Did you talk to any of the guys who are currently planning like Magnus Karlsson or any one to do? Where did you haven't conversations with any jested nor were hoping to meet him ass? She would have been a mixed weak. I owe you are nice. Now we can watch first hand to see how he holds over the years, have an eye on him. That's right to see how you doing I'm I'm relieved to hear how so you know we were barely kind of acquaintance when we were at centrally teenagers and then how did you? How did you
survive the valley you know like how to do it can be very. It can be a toxic place with a toxic. I don't mean you know like the physical valley, but I just mean the sort of mentality of like Guenaud actor kid. You outta there there's a lot of different ways that could a God the answer? How did you stay focused on what started you know like what really helped you find your path that the question. I am not sure I you know just put one foot from the other and then kept moving forward, have good friends and I always wanted to work. I like I like to work and if I don't know distractions would get to decide.
Acting than I would get rid of them and in others the arrive any me no secret secret ingredients, for that is just go forward. I think that is actually a pretty good ingredient. I mean it might seem I'd like to you it's what you did so you might not think either, but honestly. You know having clear goals and said on your path and they are not getting to distracted. I think think that actually is really about yourself. How did I get out of? I didn't for a while. I had I got soberly, years ago, but I I did that to vote today. I try and now is there to tremendously hopeful. I don't think there is. Some time has been real twenty years, the years while it's amazing, you ever think back on what the alternate universe we Maguire is doing like sometimes have we're dreams about, like my guide, that other preside, recast version
dead somewhere on a beach like its I've, definitely pondered it, and it's You know I've also had throughout the years, as I'm sure you have to where you have friends, that you were very much similar things- and you know you got out and didn't them and have watched. Full of people that I was afraid. His or or friendly with die or or Beverly. Rough lies I think that's why I'm always do people ever do you ever have to reach out and go hey man, I'm kind of thinking about quitting and it seems like at work for you I mean. Do you have on occasion on occasion I kind of like those variances. Yes, I feel like then I feel like all the fucking up was was not for no reason that it actually that if someone else can benefit from the was there was just a general feeling of all. I should probably get my life on Track
focus was that ultimately, what it was for you yeah. I mean I had some experiences that that, were you know, shouting to me pretty loudly, but listen. I was nineteen when I got sober wow and then was a general sense of I want. I want to be productive. I wanna go towards my goals. I want to live a great life for myself and and derailed and I'm self destructive, two degree and its. Its frustrating and I dont want to just be stock. I want to move forward. That was the general feeling. I think it's great and I think it so impressive vetted maintain you made that decision. It took me. I was like thirty one by the time I had to go
Oh my twenties before us, like, oh yeah, don't do this anymore. One of the things I think is so remarkable about what you do at is the sort of back and forth between television and film is it? Did they both scratch? A different it's for you, there's a guy like you, I mean that they get an early moment that was considered odd. I think now it's become the norm. I think it's interesting is that for me it was. You know you, like dogs. Would you like cats and answers? I really like the ball and- and I think there is an opportunity in television because it was such a writers medium at the time,
these increasingly became less of that to really go deeper into behaviour in character and dialogue from the things that I really love as movies became louder and brighter, and in a bigger and faster than that. I think that there is an opportunity to look at them. What was epic in a small life and indeed in movies, what was small in more epic lives? So I think it was sort of this odd kind of vibration back and forth between the two things they they they each expressed. Aspects of of who I wanted to be as as a storyteller, but also maybe who I was, as a person sure have you ever thought about this television ever sick television is basically like the new Indy film in a weird sort of way. Have you ever thought about finding a good series? I'm, I'm I'm dead.
Things some things now in in film and tv and United like good story telling in Reno wherever the the clue. Breyer's. I'm excited to work with her going. The only thing for me is because a lot of people She is outside of L. Lay there you would be dead, for me to sign up for something that had the potential of going. You know fur multiple numbers. Are? U else because you ve got your kid, the eggs I found. I was lucky enough at the time to be raising kids here when pretty was here: oh yeah, so that so that, actually for me, making movies was not just a away to be home and cook soccer and dry carpool, but it also is awaited. Then tried have the time to develop the movies that are really wanted to make, and I have to take a job and, in the most practical sense it provided cash flow was able to live from one movie to the next, which were very difficult to accomplish.
And so it was a bit of a business plan as well. Do you have held your kids now, eighty six, oh wow, does it does not happen How did you think you would ever want to have kids and when you have them, did the magical thing happen? You're like? I can't believe I never thought about doing this before. You always want to family I was at a sense that I would have in that I would have a family I had my first Charlotte was thirty one, which was little earlier than I had been thinking obviously, but of course it said, ass. They, you know they're there, the best things that I've I've done or been a part of and it's really challenging in and with The challenges is
lot of reward is well yes per slamming other than them and their phenomenal. But I mean for myself that the demands it puts on you as a person which again is is difficult, but but it's at such an opportunity to you know oh yeah. Have you show them Spiderman you do what you show them your work like, or I would and one of my kids a little bit of it and I didn't want to watch. It is little scary for them. Oh, I would imagine if they did they not they. Why don't they dont little love? islands in movies so ends meet. Others, we have some violence, they just don't like watching and they know it's. They know about moviemaking, and I
I should have about. You know how it gets made and what it is, but it just it's it's I'm actually like it. I dont I'd rather not watershed stuff right now and to keep the innocence in and look at it in a little more of a realistic sense. But but I do explain what is actually happening as they understand your pretending to be other people, and it's not real evidence of their impression there, like emotional reaction in their impression of it, is too strong. So I guess that's true. I never I mean, because that was why
of them. That was one of them is a completely changed everything in sore inert culture and brought it out from being a sort of niece thing to true no Spiderman and x. Men were the two movies that really like all these are viable genres that can be told, really beautifully and be really cool and- and I dont think that movie is being violent or scary, but I guess of your six or eight whelmed foe godlike that's bag is. Are we pre horrifying? If you, if you were a kid yeah, but at the time did you realize that you were sort of helping to bring what had previously in the nineties, not an amazing, not an amazing genre, into the forefront. While I was in on its surface, I didn't I was interested in the project at first because of what you're doing that because of this sort of perception, of the genre and where that had been made,
historically, if there are there are, you know, I think that Superman movies. I think particularly one in two. I really enjoy I thought they were very well done and you know Richard donors, very down to director and Christopher Reeve and Catherine, is good, people and their good stories and I enjoy those movies so it existed before. But but current trend was not towards. I don't want to see, trying to make good movies? Does I think mostly people are trying to make movies, but it wasn't wasn't what was happening. I think we also have to think about Alvin Laura and did you these extraordinary are dispossessed? Why themselves better? I did it because once I started meeting the people who were involved in the first script was David cabinet. Alvin sergeant wrote the secondary movie, and
and Laura Diskin producer and SAM Raymie, when I started target them about what they wanted to do with the film. That's when I got excited and ultimately joined joined up with them to make it because they wanted to make you know a character based movie that was about that and end the kind of superhero action sequences were really coming out of character. Yeah. That was the aim. Anyways I remember I remember, member. Whenever we came out and paper like well tell them, where he's like a serious actor, and I would I said if we really, No- but I know many- was a kid and he's totally this guy and if armed news, too heavily glasses to new stuff like big glasses, when you were a kid I had I had there is However, there is a time when of gender and say I think you're like what I what I feel bound to say not say, but
what I was going somewhere. That was like you, no kind of an exclusive sort of place and you know there's a door Percy gotta get through and and I was with a friend who was bringing me and I was wearing this Old, ratty, pink t shirt with holes, sweat, pants glasses with, on this. I am, and I was a stoner kid and an eye such an attitude of like will, if they don't accept me for who I and I'm not gonna go in there and I had my and begging me like please just like put on some somewhat presentable closed because because it just becomes, my problem is isolated.
Them into letting you am. I I I just didn't think it was right to not allow me in because of what I decided to were what they get you man, I can accept me for you. I remember also early days in the business when I started getting in bided to do shooter. Premiers are different kinds of events, our thinking If I ever go to the Oscars, I'm gonna wear shorts and no make up, and if I It therefore comes. See how these like good, looking people on the cover magazines and while I'm really going to stand out and also as much as you like, Just how I am you also don't want that to be your complete identity, be that guy some Maguire and forget it. The fuckin holes in the shared Xyz every time I really do you know
I'm sure you hear about it a lot, because I'd be no obviously with those movies worth so huge, but but your Peter Parker was such a grey, you're so grounded and and and not not aware, like you are not aware that you are playing a superhero. You were just two years, so they were perfect you're just so great, and I hope you, I hope you up shade. Thank the impact that those movies had in that character, even though they ve they keep repeating them, for licensing reasons, but I really, I do think out here how many fuckin Brits tragic. We're here and take that ground? But I really do hope that you realise that too acute more generational sector of our culture. You are the definitive Peter Barter and I hope you. I hope you understand that thank you is funded funded. Do in addition to you know when you got pass that
was it scary at all or nerve racking, our I can't wait to go. Do other stuff, I just wanna. I want to be able to go to other stuff, yet they were very I'm consuming in in the making of the men, the prep and promoting so over. Some like a nine year period, I was only able to do I think, to other films. Side of those movies somethin like that I'd to go back and count on my fingers, but I think I did see biscuit and the good German in between You know one to do and in two three so I was pretty. I was opposition to have more opportunities to go. Do other things I had a blast and it was a great, a great team, but again just so time can how how's your browser process change now when you're picking roles verses, you know when you first,
so I would say it's it's. It's mostly. I feel thing and I think that that's it's been the same. For me, through my whole career, I mean there are things where I'm ill considering who it is that I nor do, I want to work with the team involved in this. Do I like the story, but it really just adds up to a feel thing. You know, even even in those sort of that that sort of analysis do. I appreciate the movies that person makes what they're about. Do I like this, this character. Dwight, ultimately feel compelled to go work on it. The did you guys know each other before you start working on. Oh, I think peripherally. I think, as I think we really met earlier yet when I was making blood diamond yet
I knew I knew what good friends they were in an end LEO it off and talk about his childhood and he would talk about Toby. We talk about a break finally, but also very comically and send, as you can imagine and under, but you know that means a lot that that, when you connect with some one and they really talk of us all, with as much fondness and and and great love that with which he spoke about Toby. I somehow intuitively there stood that this was a good person and a serious person than an artist and and the funny thing is it those commendations as you're hoping to work with whether it's a deep your designer you there is you know the kind of honor among thieves, we do talk to each other trying to ask about people, because it's a very close and intimate and high stakes
Should that you're going into your ear you putting your trust in someone, you don't necessarily know, sir, and and you want the experience to be of a certain kind, not just in terms of its execution, which is most important, but also its its price. This right is this. Is your life as Toby Ruby nine years that defines your life years. Many more there, then you are with your family or in your home, so you're saying yourself? Well, what will the nature of my experience be right so when, when there is the possibility of us working together was in my mind. It was didn't cause it, but I think it informed something for me yeah it is. It is important I think because the matter how successful are famous or anything if you're dead? sooner or later people are not going to work with you if they dont howls and believe me there's a rap there. There there's a just a kind of way the people refer to someone in this code in which you know you want to run
screaming in the other direction, because I believe me it usually defined by a certain lack of gratitude, sure that their those people who just for whatever reason are in some kind of pain or org or deprivation, and they want to act that out in some public circumstanced, because the movie business will give you a licence to miss behind? yes and and and there's nobody whose regulating matters run it, and if you find yourselves duration with somebody who's abusing it, it's very painful, yeah, you're right it is, it is yes, it is definitely enable than this business, but I feel like it. It can, last for two to I mean, maybe maybe a couple cases, but if you like, I can't write is on its own, is all tied. Did two dollars: incense ran if there is there the driver of veal those that are making lots of money on generally, nobody will not nobody me
There's an individual, but but by and large, so go unchecked and that in a way is, is encouraging that behaviour than they have been exhausted hi in them. I think- and I always am speaking generally, but they might start thinking ass their secrets US forces right right. Yes, because people make Association the right, but also you know- I mean there are enough. There are enough hurdles that life will throw at you Why create more? Whenever ones? Just when everyone coming to ganja standing there is, there is a carmack, we'll sure I've got you, do you believe that he turns and we ve been around long enough to see it turned
seen a turn. I have an interesting. We. It sorted dovetails back into a Babby Fisher happened just that story. It others it there's a there's. A great story about, I think, maybe was game to or gave no game. Three against Basque zipping Fisher forfeited game too didn't show up, and you know he kept on what these cameras go in the other room and I wanna be hidden and you guys are trying to spy on me and, unlike this there's too much noise and- and there is one point where he and where its basket was. Finally, just like fuck I give up, I don't know, and I think that this arbiter, this Icelandic guided put Hands elements like sat down and slay me: did you notice I fucking play already ourselves. Sitting around all bad and that's my job.
Almost everyone getting this pledge, pretty closes the thing you like to do. Remember the thing you want to do, but I think it's. I always always talk about this idea of. I think this business exploits people's insecurities, but I think it also attracts a certain type of personality that might be a little more prone to being in secure, because this performers and artists, Europe, were NASH. We sensitive people, because you would have to be in order to absorb and then re express things into the world right now. So how do you? How do you guys petty balance, those things? Well I mean you, you do want to take advantage of someone sensitivity because that's their instrument, sure, and so I like to think that that if I have any job at all, it's trying to create some atmosphere of safety.
In which wish this allowed that you that you know you can go out on a limb or you can be someplace where you're not being judged, but rather you're allowed to just be I think only if you have a kind of relaxation that comes from feeling safe You actually than do the work. On the other hand, I, on the other hand, the idea that we are all seeking to fill some. You know ache or whole that we think will be filled by the embrace of you know of rangers so startled him and were also hope, inspiring together tube to be due to have that that fiction that we're gonna get this thing that we need from this process is dead wrong yeah
yeah. Do you do? I assume you what exactly very strange when you're working with somebody who seems like perfectly well adjusted has great boundaries this is your talented to your deal here. What's your deal, I don't know it's it's interesting. I I'd like visual images of a veto. People are fleeing their home towns to join in the circus of our business and and me going like oh yeah, my people and then, and then these are things that we do, whether it's you know through. I don't know exercises class script did stuff? Where were playing with with ideas stories, words all make believe I mean we're just playing this stuff and promiscuous sure the ice
that fantasy and the the sort of contingency of lives that you're gonna live another life, either in a character or in a moment a chapter in another town with a group of people who, who, whom you didn't know until it moment and may never see again sure that that is actually a kind of it it wouldn't. It would appeal to a very particular group of people, absolutely and was not exactly continuing on their but but still in the same area. I think about you know a success, full rehearsal on some really really dramatic peace, where you know we're sitting there and going to the depths of something and howling at the moon or eat I'm going back and forth and afterwards like
fighting each other. What a strange exercise, whereas others put on this. Add music and, let's put it so just here. You know, I imagine two degree this happens with with acting, but just you know, knowing the Bob Efficient would sit over a boar play himself play every. You know chess game there. I think, probably more possible combinations of moves and our atoms in the universe, radio. I used to think that being introspective and being in your own head met. All you have done. Then you're, smart and you're better? And now I think you know I think it's better sometimes to put that away and connect with the rest of the world, because I think your brain does it make the d
action between reality and just observation. So in your head, if you're just in your own had the whole time, I think your brain can start creeping into areas that are not necessarily real, but your brain doesn't know the difference. So how do you just as resort, are rapidly up? How do you guys unplug? Well, I mean those of us who know think that that that, if you start again, if you, if your life is about trying to compress reality- and you start to believe that the only thing interest in his life, with all the boring bits edited out your headed down a very dangerous road, and I think at the beginning of my career or a lot of our careers, we start to endow the experience with much too much.
Whartons, but, as you get older, if you're lucky enough to connect to friends and family and have other things at validate you, you can approach the work with more detachment. It's a certain kind of his end detachment. You know work any less hard, but I dont think your entire self regarding your entire self worth, is caught up in this its success or failure, and I think that's, though, that, though the hope of how to try to have that sort of dumb duality in your life did having kids help me with that you, I think I think distant same point, the sort of fuller and more balanced life, I mean I'm always be now trying to figure that out and make adjustments to their and also mean oh, give give the proper amount of can attention to the project in front of me, which there is
you think. There's a I mean, I'm I dont have at any particular concern about carrying it with me. Anything about Bobby Fisher of courses he's doing their day after day week after week, year after year after year after year, where I work on a project for a number of months, or maybe a year or two, but but only really, intensely four may be nine months then I am unplugging. So I'm not I'm not like fully First, in any one thing for long enough that I I feel there is any danger. There are less good well and you guys have other chats that you have to have today. So I hope the I hope, the junk days kind to you and I were I'm curious. What are you? What is Europe like most? What are your most ask? Questions like when you lies landowner, like ok union like again
oh good, am I a chess? Did I get better? Why did I wanna play Bobby Fisher? What interests me about the story? reasonable enough questions, ok they're reasonable, but you have the you got these sometimes. I think the best performance is taking place in the room when you have to act as if it's the first time you ve been asked. That was I it's beyond its wonder what can ever, who else send it may add, like all its internet like they tried it. Naturally, Things are, even though you just got athlete thirty times, help that that is a good question Oh yeah, I guess you would want to know that. Well, fuck, you read them. I got my camera, but it's really nice chatting with few guys and it's nice to see you and congratulations I'm so glad that you too, I'm so glad that Europe that Europe sobriety and choices and one foot in front of the other have led to amazing work in and congratulations. Thank you as good as its as September eighteenth. This comes out,
teeth in New York and allay and an eighteenth, a lot of other places. Ok great upon sacrifice: Edric Toby Maguire enjoy burrito everyone, ok I learned about to give me a worried now, leaving noticed tat com wow.
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