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Worker, the nervous Pakistan, a birth, three o three very exciting episode, because there is a first in this episode, which I get you but I will say if you live in places around America and you have a means of transportation or know how to get a means of transportation, then you come see any the scent of chosen doing around the country in our cities, like Tacoma, implementing, Indiana, Denver and Furthermore, in d c and tonnes or go to notice, dot com, slash counter, come out and see this and of show build the new, our comedy hugging. people along the way it's a tour of hugs ends. I don't really know what smogs smugglers, the kindest carve anything could be smug. Hugson smug had now the hated. I just hate alright you're not gonna, get a rhyming to her name, but just come out and say hi
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conference called and that everyone can elect opts for a second there like no, you go. No, you go, but but Absolutely could not let this opportunity go war and Alice agreed to cover the Pike S very living writer of things which you may have read is written all over marble deep sea transport policy is a book that he wrote its huge then also a freak angels is really cool web comic that he did and then and then released it in print, not by the way. I do want to point this out. Port else that we are trying to do is not the violence from the caves band. We teach them about that, a little bit which he took remarkably well, because I imagine at this point getting ass if he is in a cave was banned, is probably his version of. Did you fuck journey Mccarthy for me, so I appreciated that he was so good natured about it, but a really great guy.
we Skype domain from England, and there were only a couple, little technical, which is like once we're gonna go to the rhythm of it worked and the call dropped. Maybe two or three or four times we snip those parts out, because why do you want to hear us going? What can we listen? I think we lost him. Why should we call him, though you got him? Oh Jones, gonna go take shit. While we are trying to get the line back up, which happened. So we cut our part out because you don't need Giotto. Shooting in your life. when I was by the way, has a new book that has just come out called gun machine, which you should absolutely pick up. Amazon or wherever you by your books, morgue at the ADI version ever whatever
but it just came out a few days ago and you should really really really read it. Dark awesome, supercool or analysis prolific, an awesome and british. A state of really late swiftly could talk to us, because there is a time difference. On the spinning alive. We call planet earth The notice bar gas number three o three with war analysis, no entering star com, learned war and its Chris Hardwicke? Can you hear me yet? skinny him. I can hear you very good, oh my god,
this is exciting. You're out of your first Skype POD cast in three years I'm in three years since we started we'd, never done a Skype podcast before you are our first I shall always by disaster this strike at any moment, and this has been great. We only wanted to be a minute long as we don't want anything to go south. So thank you for being here, but where do I go? We ve already started recording. Is there anything you want a dust pair. You good gives it ok. There we ve started now. I'm good I'm just going to warn you that I'm very tired, so I might be a little more subdued than I might be any trial off. Let me know: okay, no worries we can all take breaks and get up and do some type of calisthenics to get our our pulse rates up and then you wanted list,
don't have to move as well. Go we're gonna, tell so the signing of the move that shit. This is that this is the. This movement podcast grew just like you notice natural movements, man, it's just it's really a groovy expire lifelong. You now get up never once alive or twenty minutes, so here on the by guess, there's myself and then Jonah re, hello and now and then our friend Kyle Clark, There is well how do there, So, let's, let's at least I mention that you put out a sort of hang on Twitter, where you said you know, I'm thinking about doing some podcast again and instantly, everyone was like Chris, where you going and I would like to shut guys to just give me a minute. I got to figure out how to ask, and then I think I just tweeted that you and you just wrote back in your life
Hey great like it was so I built up to be this like we do. We ve done this for a couple of years and we, but we promise we won't, You know Miss handle the situation and you were very sweet about it. So I appreciate that. yeah, but you are also a pretty. Was the only person who read back so about Peter through areas that give me drew known I There is an actual again gas, and then I was work is Kirk Men Kirkland said something like are you're, not going On that path, guess like oh, please, born, doesn't understand your acerbic sense of humor. are you do know. You know, I do know Robert pretty well, I I don't pay attention to correct. to get the guy you, these voices so muffled ribbons deep inside that money, baby? Anyone there
I simply assume a drunken gold coin. The rum dipped gold coins. It's an agent pirates believe that he is running out are you: where are you right now? Are you your home home in Santa no say in ethics which South EAST England, what's the weather leg much as you would expect dog, rain Rainy Code now warrant our dying of exposure. The pirates but Johnny Johnny Depp doing a Keith Richards impersonation, I imagine, Guessing as a reference to a film, I haven't saying it's actually out pirate country. Here the pirates came from Eastern, where they came from the sand bank there, because we have,
silver creeks in small rivers, that the odious when revenue cutter couldn't get damn. You drive later this five miles towards the coast and you still find pubs the main weave graybeards one only go take a look into the pub they record I you as a stranger possibly from the future technologies, and let us have a lot of soil and until you turn on leave again, you should just when and start telling them things that are going to happen? Hundreds of years from now I would buy the show the Rhode, they can get one shot. Often they after taste like five minutes to reload its lie. When you go into No, you don't want to mention things owning electric toasters, because you don't wanna be burned. At stake is our age, but I I I you know. We of course were recording this before the apocalypse, of course is going to happen and some of its members-
but England, but you being in England, you're no stranger to that, because if I'm not mistaken, the dollar, the cyber attack pretty much every christmassy when you guys Rebuild Christmas, just became the apocalypse burnish not meant that I always go bad for London. It's like you, know every Christmas you get attacks by the day eggs, and then you spend another year, rebuilding big banner. What have you are pulling? I thought about it, but there was the rustle Russell David run the show for so long and he's welsh, This presents himself was destroying London methods in a way that was palatable. He, migrants, mountainous, that's what it is. Every year This decision is a it's time to write my fuck, the English. It's almost like it's almost like slit, let light like
polyps, seven that you would run in a computer like this time. I started in the Thames the next time I started over and this at a town and just one off I'm a wide. Why didn't notice on that? Joe is every time there was a new, very recognisable building in London. Tat was kind of what the decided to set fire to fill with dialects solemn waiting for about the out the Olympic Stadium here. Oh that's! Right what ways which from a distance just does look like a giant radio dish were you it's out? What did you were you there for the Olympics? I was in the country for the Olympics operator. I went nowhere near the edge life itself, but still married. What point gang you'd be saying if you set in the cheap six there you like a mile away from the middle of a stadium, whether doing stuff and read
Is that good way to watch out you re, I dont know if there is a good way to watch archery all there are good Wastewater Military Bay evokes you being close enough to be on the safe king, arrows and well then it's a two day trip. You have to bring supplies to get from Central London to the the Electric stadium allow, my god, you have to bring supposed to survive the trip from that in pigs. Station train station to the stadium. I was- and I was in London Guys- are eight minutes away- argued that, though the Olympic Stadium Citizen frame line that I used to get to London from here, so I've been watching it being built or most of the time not being over the last three years. I was there on last year and I just had the traffic was so bad, and indeed just in this in the centre of town I was like and there's no Olympics. Yet what happens when there is an olympic? Is it just over four
Everyone is there. I intelligent jeeringly Olympics the travel, the traffic situation Centre London was marvellous because there was no bugger there ever was a free, the girl, three quarters of the cabbies I told you in London, went on holiday or ice now bag. In London, or am I drove anymore headphone? Those like here LOS Angeles? They shut down one of the major freeways and we had what was called Karma gettin, where which was postal like paralyzed, the city for a weekend and in the end it was great because everyone thought that river there, whatever was gonna, be out, so no one came and it has really get. It was five, but we we got to scare people with the lawyers or a traveller, Thailand traffic? One of the funny things I ever saw were People in LOS Angeles winning reigned one.
Or we can handle that. We also have the apocalypse. Now, where are those that are about to adopt in the mornings automating? I looked at the well known as a mild drizzle switched on the tv it literally bled storm. While we love making graphics. Four things are plastic together already up the thing, let level the logo for Mamma get em up I got helicopters report is in hazmat suits because water is falling from this guy. We can't handle it. We get. Traffic was backed up all over the city I'm looking at you. I wouldn't even for a fucking council to go out there that you know if a drizzling, the generals sentiment is like. Ok, we can
we'll, be ok, we'll be ok and then it starts raining, hardly get the kids out of school. Let's get the bucket shelters survive ass. I could see curls Goma by ten percent in the passenger. Soon also when here knows how to drive when the roads are wet, and so they go about five miles an hour and discuss it. scale not of the roads were built to collect rainwater, and so the hit the roads get really bad. Baffling was all the small and the sky. It just drops down initial oily everywhere. Yeah outside it doesn't fan. They lie in the best of times, but I've gotta admit that day was pretty funny. How often do you get out to the states here I don't want you better since twenty ten, which is the lungs,
How are they will attract for someone? I'm usually there once a year and it's a bad idea here, but this is the Rick with Skype is that for people at once? I know you go. I don't know you girls, that answer you go before. We start full polite people you go We usually percent me once a year later, the last couple of years, a bit crazy, so have that chance. asked was out, there was doing the pr for raid the thing oh yeah, yeah yeah, that was two thousand ten right. Doesn't twenty yeah yeah? Well, let's talk a little bit about I mean I did they just sent me your book. I got gun machine in
male a day and a half ago. What wasn't it wasn't your fault? I was gone for eleven days, so when I got back it was it was waiting for me, but so let them then yeah yeah, you don't have. you don't have to assault anyone. You don't have to. U can retract the clause. Wolverine is as good as dead shit, I'm tired! Do you get thank you when you're tired or do you just get like, I don't fuck. I want to deal with it our cranky, when I wake up to the whole five years of trains. Metropolitan is basic. Didn't you? just may first thing in the morning I was actually thing that driving over here, like with trans much pollen that I think more than any other Like Vertigo book of that time period. It's really the one that you look had got. That's just the writer sorted thrown stuff out, but what's going on
is an even. If there is any I mean it, then it is the absolute worst pop up up up up to. I don't agree, Who is spot in Jerusalem about allow things really and give the bastard has room anyways horrible, but you love him so much when you're reading it to you. Just like this. It's what it's weird like you sort of bond with this guy I I don't know they don't be his friend, but I want to watch him all the time right, yeah a sum how many would Urim, and would you just driving desire and read the thing without making himself even worsening is because he is unbridled aid. Is every I'll I mean you, you have such a. I mean it anyone who is familiar with you just does even a minor search there.
See. Essentially a mountain. I've been like the amount of work that you have generated in the past couple of decades is pretty remarkable and you know when you're, when you're taking a different projects, do you use the? Are you just pulling little bits of yourself for these different eggs or you kind of in this zone where it just like. Well, that's gonna, be that that's gonna be that of India. At this point in your writing career, do you even have dig around too much, or is it just so a part of your routine? Now where yes, phenomenal, writing boils down to police, little bits of yourself. I think there is unavoidable. Sometimes you sit down to just via yeah all right about the things you interested in, but if it's a longer project or you had a specific go, when doing it, They knew find yourself writing about something to find out what you think about it all
writing about something in order to get the root of what made you interested about it. In the first place, discovering what it about something that made sticking your head ah come here out of said it before we can be likened to an autopsy in some respects. Yeah. I love that. I love that idea because I think a lot of people really like young writers. Maybe think of writing, is oh. I just have to make this story and I have to make it makes sense, but I think there's something really nice and a kind of romantic bout. It's a discovery process, and even you is the creator. Don't exactly know how it's gonna manifest until you just start doing it yeah yeah I mean I don't do it inquiries longer. Why, as some writers, William Gibson is, is the classic
sample and he terrifies me because he says you just of military with an image got no ending, no structure. He writes the book now need to find out what he thinks about things, but to find out what the bookcase, oh Jesus, is. Less rigid he's just got the edge to write a novel and there is obviously a cloud of things in his head. The is recently been interested in. And then an exciting incident old. All I think it was some spoke country. A literary just had an image you wanted to start with,
does the aim, it seemed to him to be loaded with the book and if he sat down and unpacked their image extrapolated and followed all the little threats that time off their image, then there would be a book. Oh my god, it is complete trust to the process. Because you could very easily get twenty thousand words into something like that, and they discover this neighbour. There are very that's, that's that's kind of a divinity and sort of like well he's inside the marble, I'm just freeing the images and air like ok, I get your genius. Us is Julia. William Gibson in a small Romania has in Vancouver, go. You must Spirit quest once everything is fine Now, what is hidden
jungle in the back of his head. How much of it is I mean how much but for you have you been able to emotionally separate between, like the commerce of it and really just keep me like the art of it nor stories you wanna tell: firstly, how what's the balance between those two, I don't know there is a big because I'm a professional rights which made some collage artist, that doesn't mean that commercial outcome be sublime. For some of the greatest out of the nineteenth century was done for french advertising boardings yeah, you know the the mindset the works for me? What I have in the back of my head,
Is there a commercial right? It does not simply mean giving the people what they won or trying to predict an audience or trying to write towards I've saved customer base. Ah, I may even that the grossest of commercial artists have been aware of that. Story, this guy the flight? Consulting on top down. while want a shooting there, he wondered at these local beach and he sees Jerry Broke Keimer watching the teenagers lying around on the beach chemicals Bro was the saying no one hidden, woke up and say you know which of these children you gonna drive back. hey a simply a watch, Jerry broken and walked up German said. I see
what you're doing you're you're trying to decide what they want and then work I had to give it to them. This is why your study, in this day and age, is an injury book. I most genuinely shocked and stepped back that none we dictate what they won back. I wonder if Jerry still do that very probably, but what it boils down to is no writing what the the UN's wants, so much is perhaps suggesting that you know what we're trying to say is maybe something they would like. Instead yeah. Well, I think, there's it there's a weird sort of you know: people get cranky and they get You know like when you when you work on sometimes when you work on something- and maybe you found this to be true or not, and maybe it's a preexisting title.
Its popular is commercial and people like hey man, that that that guy thing is selling out it's like nano selling Is when you compromise your vision for money, it's not getting paid to do something that you love doing like those are very distinct things Air is bogus shit anyway. It's one of those hammers people like to use our new to drive you down to a certain high. That's over it your accused selling. You want that disease? You manage to get paid well for doing a job in the way you wanna. Do it that's what people many people made all right in what you want. Instead of what I want you sell out, I now at it
It is kind of interesting that you know particularly someone like yourself, that has so many titles under your belt. He worked on so many different with so many different characters and created so many characters and taken the existing carriages and different storylines at people. Probably start to have some sort of an ownership over you and oh, do you feel like that they like? How can you do this, but what I'm just a guy, I get it every now and again, but you know I wrote a one thousand three hundred page political science fiction graphic Do you wanna come may a sailor after our laughing
face it always ice sheets reward Ellis broke into our housing squatting over the bed, but allowing a thing after doing some English stupid as a thousand page political science fiction, growth, ignoble, I'm pretty much inoculated, and then you Father by doing something like planetary, which it seemed like for the first year was running, did nothing but make people mad or and at the same time, in dear it sort of everybody Possibly you pay more attention to reviews, an idea. What I read a lot of them, I remember was coming out like people were either Super insanely into it or the maddest I've ever seen about someone at a comic book
really yeah, just just because you play with a lot of troops, and that was in a time period where a lot of that stuff was happening. You saw a lot of you who really like classic comic book troops to not be fucked with, and there was a lot of people taking hammers things that, because of that came out right around the same time as like a budget stomach Mark Miller was doing things like that, so we just do as a fund. if you like, watching things get turned on their ear, while United buried there, they line every mountain Miller. Comic US, someone, sodomized, I'm pretty sure I would have come a fairly easy compared to safer, there's just a lotta laughing and bed shitting there's. No. I do want to buy the way, extend my condolences on your little printer. I feel really bad about about. I was reading my greek bunny. I did manage to get the thing reassembled body involved, hammers, who, with.
Who is the who was the woman, whose I want a little more back story on cause. You were it all, you really done yet there wasn't any delay. About how the talons destroyed the little printer was just dont. Let an old relative in your home with talons yeah yeah. You really don't move many more things will go to I'm glad everything is up and running again. It's it's! It's mostly working. I just have two conversations. Berger bits inside it that are currently mixing with events were important. I'll be seeing you You are, I guess what any. RO person would seem to be an early adapter of web culture that
he saw pretty early on. Like movements is aware, you know this is this is not. This is not just like a walkman like this is the internet is going to be a way of life in a way that people are going to exchange real information and interact, not just give information, but really, you know, with all of your work, with message: wording that, like really interact with a community where, when it doesnt, when did you start to feel that was a viable form of interaction, go online. I guess around ninety four And we ve lived my daughter in five. Some island, time, the way to build any kind of profiling comics was to go to the state and do the convention circuit, which began in April or may and finished in October? yeah LA time Lula money who are travelling
I didn't have time or money, and I essentially quite lazy, I'm so on passing around ways I was compelled to serve on a computer batman, which had a nascent forward, chat room amongst other things, and there was a comics. Forum they called. It then was, is sort of like a message board and there was a guy from many who is evolving comic convention about a few. In fact, I think it was ailing and so on. They suggested to me that the capability was there to do the open Is there to do conventional like networking without having to leave my chair, which are found greatly, and then you saw like this is the future of that sort of way, that was sort of the the is that research
feel the tinkling of this sort of like trends, humanist movement. At that point, do you like some day we're gonna, be avatars at a machine on actual I've been following the trains human stuff since the latest? But back then it was just the occasional. Can he had done a fine magazines in obscure stores. So now I've been interested previously, about across the way bro allow that allow closer back in the day a mailing lists. Yes, I remember when people didn't have spam filter. Is I really miss mailing list, since the weird thing. I missed the old trains humanist list. I miss Fringe where Terence MAX Had a great mailing list, it really is a it's a shame, because a lot of these a lot of the built up these mass
user bases at move just like well people, don't they do that anymore. Like our shit, that was years of work, it was whether we want it wasn't. The technology to these things went away in large part. I my old mailing list had at the end it prepared twelve or fifteen thousand active readers. At the end of the day, the technology to run it went away and did you did you would do you panicky almost sense because it was like it was such a good way to immediately alert Europe fans I mean. Obviously I know we have social networking now so their way. to you know like. Obviously you can alert people another, but there's something so personal about getting an email
in box. That tells you about something that you actually care about without having to sift through all the shit and social media. There was a fire of a few years when weighing things that twitter already started. Jumping people didn't one email anymore. If you looked around the Tec blogs, every other post was about how, ITALY's broken. So what happened to Vienna? My main man list is that those knowing agent anymore paper were just trashing of filing without actually reading or clicking on everything area, At the end of the day, I had this le impending technological failure, was no engagement anymore, because people did didn't want meaningless anymore. So when I shut it down back, there was a really for everybody
the drive and email. Finally, you dislike shut out still out, without though I like it, I like a little bit theatre. whenever, whenever I shot something, then there is. There is always great ceremony. Amuses me greatly. And then, with the pr starts here, I'm going to show you one of the things that They talked about was a newsletter so other or other start newsletter again in this time of day using your expensive publisher purchased. It would just be easier for everybody and barely post on that one the weak, as happened the time and I still got like five or six thousand leading edge uses on that because it around again, people are starting to crap in their twitter fades yeah
so a mailing list. This coming from this one place. No one can reply to me broadcasting. We list has a certain strange appeal to again for some people at things: social networking is getting noisier and bury. Mailboxes may have these filters and airy my husband quieter. These almost black. a desire again to get something interesting in your email will now. Basically, social media is just work subscribe to a constant email, less that is perpetually dynamic and big change. Waiter was some other people's posts. bringing a timeline yeah. Who do you I you like to follow, who do you think, is like what you think is a worthwhile who is worthwhile and social media.
Oh it's spring it up, because you're asking me complicated things: no, they involve memory. Sir, I mean besides add noticed her of course, dress again at no death, Obviously, luck. Take a fair man, a new stuff online I've got baby say breaking news guardian, that sort of thing John Hodgman- is always good to allow the twitter Oh yes, it's Chris Hardwicke. I noticed a love. It's hate paper. I've got the bags can and MAC Jones and Emma Jane and less woman, but I met back in the summer. Who's got the best name in the world: Doktor Rebecca S, but with two guys doctor.
Rebecca, kill. You have to steal her identity and make us now right, Doktor Rebecca. Can I give you such that's? That's a bond scientists do absolutely brilliant she's. She's out ahead of our school and evolving architecture design Does it not speaking goings on in the evening she's a DJ force, oh I'm just assuming on weekends. She also assassinated people and no one would expect it because her name literally kill and so that we like to advise. You obvious awoke this right. love music people are much less double click men's Owen and people are very.
Baby say reporters. Have you comics Paypal for my things, because it's nothing quite let mocking Jamie MC held in the middle of the day, is it going to listen to these nets, specifically because someone mentioned is known, hey. Hey worn Elles was talking about you about gas minutes. Thirty, one password right through these looking. There is now really do have a lot of bloody journalists and take people, and this is terrible, are going to start making approved. You gonna send out the heard a little bit. Haven't you been forcing myself to add more people, because it seems like a fellow fewer people do most other people. Do it's been a struggle to get two hundred fifty people I follow. I want to keep my followers like how maybe my followers
hundred sixty six. Regarding the point when the Melians or on Myspace, that's how many, while friends they lead on on their myspace page, where the summary further ahead. So I tried to that. But it's it's it's tricky because every time I will fall that and you have to quickly decide who goes somewhere- and I can I can I stress out about it like I do this quick before zone sees that I have six hundred sixty seven, not me not this guy That I'm not gonna people who got their followers to re member, so I must add that person and then have also day for a week because they follow a hundred one people. I may can't think of any one to cut that number is in front of them an ace just essentially rum and it's driving me crazy. Where do you think we're? Where do you think it's gonna be like this idea of it? You know I think I feel, like I remember, was a short story called procession.
Semi lockers earth, something which oblige, which essentially kind of mapped out what ultimately kind of became the matrix and then ultimately now is sort of what we're living I mean like you, don't we don't? We don't really see real images all the time we don't really interact with actual people. Interacting machines are interacting with edited images. I mean. How are we pretty far into it at this point right now? The internet is still nothing with Paypal, Oh I don't particularly garlon were as far as social media goes, I mean dismayed. There were still learning arrogance allow. Yet there were as follows social media goes away. I hate her. Mayan metaphor where, at the end of the long cycle, where the end of back to one of social media,
Ah, we reach the end of the cycle. I filled that started with friends. Durham live journal, yeah. Where the same assume they divide into maybe three or four players. in social media right? he's. A little social media started a grown up into big media that essentially calcified into Maybe I am merely have big media problems the whole thing with Twitter Instagram a couple weeks ago: oh my god, yeah and an end. The thing: that's the thing that sucks about it for for users is that you just want. You want a clean experience with which integrates well, but each company has its own set of rules, and ever since Facebook brought Instagram they ve been,
heavily kind of walling off their garden, and I feel like Instagram has forgotten that it was able to sell for a billion dollars because of the community of people that supported it. Framing this imagine the dispute between Twitter and Instagram as a cable television carriage dispute right Because that's essentially centrally what is yeah that's the kind of problems they have me ass, the kind, a bunk shit that television gets its fossilized our signal, with yeah. That is our times there is the sign they are now big media. All their problems are basically going to be pacing matches and it's not about. The users is about what the users can be used for right, I'm what the uses and be leverage against.
Which was we other services is illustrated in Twitter, Instagram I have some sympathy for twitter because people tweet Twitter, trait twitter luck is a natural resource. People build businesses on twitter. They do like, like its water, I'm just gonna stay here. The grand in this fire hose he's gonna jets up out of it. I will build my business on top of this Twitter is not a natural resource, and you cannot expect them to like being treated like that. You cannot spent them not determine aside, while I'm so you didn't just hit the ground water came out. I mean
the shit and I might be letting you playing it, but when it comes down to it, I have to get paid to make the shepherds ask why you did save you bitch enemy, that you don't get to earn money based on more I'm spraying here, then that's gonna bullshit alchemists! Well, I don't you know just from having the podcasting. You know like, after a while, we had taken on sponsorships and we try to explain to people like you know it
expensive to give away free things. We all take everything for granted. Now I mean I remember when you had to pay for email service and then and then you know, like you mentioned, you know, copy server prodigy here you know any the order. The old AOL, seventy Marie hours, but but now we take everything for granted. Is it's all supposed to be free? However, you know like this recent news with Instagram and you know like where we have the right to advertise again you're content, and you know you know really own and if you have any more for all intents and purposes that you know at what at what point is it like? Ok, I get that you're trying to make money, but now that's that feels like it's a little eve well yeah, because the easiest way,
to make money our evil they thereby the evil, and by now, on the other hand, have been playing paying for my Flickr account Miss out time. Yeah. So if I didn't think about Jesse just pay a little black fourteen hours year, whatever that little pro yeah. I'm like twenty Quaid every two years or something you have. Let that happen. Jimmy I pay for the the premium vimium yeah, no waiting, not nothing! Well, I just is this. Is this? Is this the start of? I just feels like this. This is that sort of you know prelude to company takes over, We used to think of the idea of like companies taking over humanity of taking our over our physical world, but essentially now
all they owed all of our information. I may not want to sound like a crazy conspiracy. There ask is honestly, I think it's the prelude to a very dull, a couple of years really way: services are going to be less connected. I already started early start to a twitter twitter pull their api from. If this, then that right now, all of a sudden twitter became a lot less useful right, they're gonna be proposing twitter, various places they started already. Things are gonna, be less committed, the ward gardens- and I don't know you against- won't gardens because it turns out people like them. Isn't that interesting that you know like I got a line and ninety four as well. And there is the first few years where if you are on a well or whatever service IRAN, you're sort of walled within that service, and then you branched out to the worldwide
Web and you can go anywhere as some of us do, yeah and then People are like reading those either in Iowa Chatrooms, yeah still yeah, probably. I don't know if they still there, but I remember the time I don't want to go to the web, and this happens every week garden. It turns out people like them, you, rather than the quickest way AIDS and not get anything red Online Journal back in the day or frankly, Tumblr these days is to post link. That somewhere other than live journal or tumblr right yeah through is gone? to go outside the. Why would way it's the same sort of nerdy tendency that keeps you in your house from going out into the world is the same as what we want is a bad southern. Ones, to have sex with me the way
Please you may Jimmy. I wants to advertise in front of me. You mean you made a large Harry gay man, but I won't, I wonder just is an interesting idea, that people and an I'm guilty of this? A hundred percent, but looking at the lack of integration between Instagram, a twitter and twitter and Facebook, and you know whatever other social media and and kind of getting I give being like why can't this all work? The way I wanted to its we assume social media is of is like a God given right that we all have in it better work exactly the way we want a bug in crazy, crazy time. If I didn't want you to think that they never used the word social. Now, that's true enough! If what they mean privately owned ward communication. Next, then, someone should have, though the different fucking word sister
when you call some things social media invite suitable I all things flow into the bull about it very big Louis living denying yeah if they remain in a personal network, publishing systems or any other fucking thing- and I'm presume in this will start changing on presuming people will start adopting new terminology to describe what will be the new territory where Twitter is used as a tv rating system by Nielsen. Yes, that's that's going to be very interesting to try to measure that, because I wonder sometimes if, if the metrics of twitter can entirely be trusted the way people want below the way people want them to work, I don't know if they actually work that way. I find it interesting because I was curious and I still don't know where the impetus for that kind of the networks have been pushing.
for new ratings analyses, packaging for while and rightfully ours because of time shifting- because they want to get more of a sense of Tuesday, the hiring their shows yeah, on whose what you're hurt every time. Shifting is the thing because when it works council by advertising. And the lower the ratings on the night of the less they can challenge for advertising. Next time said they need these boasted figures. I can go back advertises, I well, it might be a one point nine overnight, but when she found during this distant stature, three points those are we gonna change about? This is a three Asia. But without numbers from things like this, the advertisers say no fuck of Ukraine.
well, it isn't in such an such an antiquated. You know like, like the whole Wilson idea of how we put it. There is some sort of a tracking system. In some you know in a small control group number of homes that represent what everyone does, but, but I feel like and I don't know what the answer is. I'm just saying that it seems like because of the way there. You know ten different ways that people consume things There should be some sort of a three dimensional metric that takes into account cultural penetration versus how many people watch this thing at nine p, DOT M on a Thursday cuz people, just those aren't really the habits anymore, that Now look at it. Looking like this, does he sent a writer said the tv rights, three or four years ago television shows our delivery system for advertising. Of course,.
The most successful tv shows deliver more eyeballs. If a show delivers less advertising them by as historian Darwinian. Tradition is taken up in the stables and shot. You must think of television shows, first and foremost as deliver systems for advertising. Their success. EAST first on that basis, of course, it's the same way that in a comedy club, you're distracting people so they'll drink and eat food right, but you can't be a successful delivery system for advertising. If you'll pitch
Delivery system is well, you won't get a numbers using you gonna get on the night of Erin, but trust us in about ten days. They will be their red saddened. That's why they may they packages that doesn't make it any more or less daunting, because you are you, are you developing gun, Jeanne with churn with Germans group on consulting on it. Yes, your consulting an ok, so you know the idea of being involved again with it with another television private project. To you I mean, obviously that has a lot of upsides, but are you like, fuck televisions, a pain in the ass right now. Are you pretty excited about it television is always a pain in the ass. I don't think that there is no way for a long time over a good time to make television and I'll giving and be made the network television? As we know it is going away, so
It would be nice to do some while we can. I don't think that'll happen silence. You know idler obliged to do british television, where we ve still got terrestrial television and big aerials in it. All these other things be nice to do what we can do it before it goes away forever. What's the sort of main difference working with british television verses working in american television. British telecom- Jim is one project, one writer for the most part you can to do that kind of no ballistic television here which in american network Television forget it there is a rare, I think- should be incapable cable. Do you, what to ultimately shift in just focus on film or do
You, like the film business, is suffering a lot of the same stuff. This is business always has problems unto itself the pole. A fragment. Of course a is William governs our saw. Nobody knows anything. they just some years. Even fewer people. Anything than others, which is a mean that there are bigger than this last year's floods in the last two to three years. this disastrous floods, which you now makes for grace back take Osho speaks to Bingham one of those periods where the film industries in his own little bubble- and you think any idea could have wondered onto the dismissal
The Disney lot excuse me and said here. You're gonna run John Carter against the hunger games, you're insane, and let me explain to you why anyone It was half conscious that day could have done more for this need, but there was no Consultation. Conversations as ever serve office is a blessing. That directive is a terrific director, but John Carter was just off at its genetic level. A film Idea that was no gonna receive success in the early twenty first century. It was, it was kind of an interesting I mean I know I get. The idea like you know something More inspired by that story, and it it it it in, and you know it ended up informing so many of its content. very. I find that we enjoyed. But again you know it.
Written in the early twentieth century, and it's so bright. Young people were inspired by the imagination and the imagery of vat on their own. I'm usually in adolescence. Right. I would ask you, if you're taking something air us as what they can save us for quadrant film and your clock is as follows, Those white soldier wonders into a cave falls. Asleep example: Mars gets superpowers throughput millions of his own business strangely colored monsters gets the girl wings. The end, if you think that's gonna, play applicants the hunger guns. Which is poor girl from massively under pressure. lived society
is threatened, covers menaced and ultimately betrayed by authority. While she fight for the right for her people to eat. I also think there is a great business to find relevance in the present day. Shall we say then white guy superpowers I have already had to wait a minute everything. So it's a wait. Let's amended active white guy work does great treads. Onager gets attractive, scantily, clad clause Martian Princess some Albert. in the martian atmosphere, yeah yeah yeah one was
he's gonna play, one always really kind of wasn't what you should this studio should bring. You probably feel that says similar way. They should just pay a small group of people, including yourself in a couple others to come in once a month ago. Here's what we're planning on doing and then have been you as a storyteller can go in and say yeah. You guys don't really understand this the book, because I'm sure none of them saw that is like White Guy- takes an app and action, We have crafted like, like talented storytellers, tell them, here's what you're really selling and here's. Why that's not going to work with what I'm sure, I'm sure I happen somewhere, but also imagine very successful studios what these Nick, I imagine it in a coach anger effect, is probably insoluble.
On the other hand, I marvel they have led the club hands at my voice, a bunch of that the memorable writers who get It concerns on all the mobile projects and their debt we see sitting outside the studio system, the production, as is our neighbour. The idea excuse me, is to put a fresh voice into the room. I guess so I did you see a lot of it. Do you see? How do you see big comic industry? At the moment, I ve always with your pay very little attention to those that now it's not necessary anymore, so tat you may well just in the sense of do you need. You know like just like any other industry like like the record industry or television history. Now that people can self distribute and people like do you feel, like you still kind, need a machine in place to help with promotion. Or do you feel like you know what maybe
not around the that you need to go down anymore. If you're, young creator, my problem is always been. The cummings industry is very recent cyclical by which I mean to say that every three years we have all these same fucking conversations, although very fucking right arm, and that brings its own special kind of exhaustion right now. Our digital has been adopted to light. Not fully enough. I dont know if there ever really Ebay the traction with digital coming. So I like to have seen there has been enough people gambling doing web comics initial wake to print model,
I understand the dairy markets as a girl, they go down and go up again. That didn't seem to really be trained over. I'm all reason. I think the last well, a chart looks like everything was still slowly drifting name again, but I've no access to bookstore sounds numbers on. I presume the tray paperback business. Still eyes in supporting the prince, and I showed a friend whose time you did it Sort of shifting the other way a little bit less for years, because I got an house right is the trade thing was going and I guess the monthly sort of has a novelty to it at the moment and it sort of rising backup MA. Am he thus interesting because the big problem monthly Coming says you can only buy them into my bookshops. they're closing all the time. And new ones already opening at the same right, sir you'll probably looking referred.
America, I'm probably Britain too. In total you probably looking eighteen hundred retail locations where we have are we about. We run a comedy theatre that back a meltdown comics in LOS Angeles, and every time, every time, if I do Digital comic. I always feel bad and, like the guy that I work with a star I've taken money out of it, I'm taking money at a gills mountain hidden, but then you don't think it so hard to travel with like a stack of comics. You know it did with the highest Michael. I mean this is this is obviously the argument allow coming stores, Ujiji bug digital because you taking money away from us, the bricks and mortar retail Paypal. But I know people who have to drive for two hey, I was to reach their nearest written location near I'm, gonna tell them No! You need to suck it up for six months. Do you can write a horse to the nearest comic books right right,
That noise is a good one, because it is in the twenty first century. Is I want to buy a cubic at three o clock in the morning? I should be able to regardless of whether the shops and then read the next nine issues, one after the other immediately How about I went over that were not enough. I would actually almost think that it's probably better for the comics industry because of impulse buying most because of signals, recommendation engines- and you know, and what not, that you you're more likely to whilst by if it's right there and you don't see any money changing hands and you can just poker, you know an avatar yap raise my understanding that digital sales Green Toto, somewhere between ten and twenty five percent of principles. Right now, oh wow, I didn't
it was that alone. Oh yeah it'll keep going up. Do you think? How do you feel about the sort of rise of comecon? Culture is sort of being like a dominant. ass of a pop culture right now. The boy tat was true, then scuff pilgrim would have been the most successful television. Maybe, but but then so with skyline sky me? While I was there in last amounts it sending Ngos in twenty tame and they let aids from skyline in the buildings knows this, doping. However, as the ads for Scott Pilgrim, they covered Anita front of a hotel with scope, pilgrim posted we're staying in that hotel. I remember such a friend of mine cause. I got six for we were saying currently
staying in size, go pilgrims bowls and he's he's all hunched over, so the guy's crunched up and excellent marketing year there was the data held Bay front. I remember I remember that marketing campaigns, but I don't know I don't know if the successor I mean I don't know I I I don't you six months or a year to ahead of its time. I think that site guys with the younger audience. That's gonna go to stuff like that. Wasn't quite as hipped do it as it is now, or do you think it's just that's got pilgrim was not like like it was. People were aware of it within certain circles, but if you didn't know what's got pilgrim was Woodrow goes everyone. I think it was terribly terribly let down by the marketing year. Yes, well, did you ever see the poster yeah good NASA? It's a film at the top of Mercosur is head yeah yeah, I mean
Was that was the message saying knows there was no effort to sell the Phil. There was no effort fine, let alone described the film, I think they'd, they begged a lot on open, we're gonna see that we ve done a real life version of this comic immigration. Burns everything on comecon they. So if you know the bus started, comic on it'll, just carry them all the way through. And any was comical never gonna be powerful enough. I mean nothing. I there and tell them to the question I fear was were about the power of COMECON. These tv journalist asked me about net culture and mad culture runs,
Everything now tell me about the power of Goma come well. It's I that's really interesting point. I guess you're right, I mean like they didn't. They didn't come out in droves, first got pilgrim, but there are certainly other movies were they did and- and I just I remember- going to comecon- where wasn't a hundred and fifty thousand people like it is Definitely there's definitely something there and there is definitely been a paradigm shift, but I just don't you know The girl was first there in ninety seven. There were forty five thousand people any already felt like too many, and now preview night have come On in San Diego this year, preview not used to be the nitrate like you. Can free than you can walk around in this year was like fuckin move got a lot Chris, stars earlier every year at the COMECON creep, funding never seems to win. When you think about how we are there any films that were made by comical well, I mean
a village. Smaller things sometimes work. A little better is like there's. Definitely things like that. Dr did well come again. Similarly, died at the cinema Maybe they just discussed start making better movies and selling the comecon. tv, I am missing dreaded by. I read the script and tat. The script was terrific me, sir. I had was good friend of mine, really dug it then it was tat. It was just like the raid while event did well. That could have been another fence out of date. Do quite well, but I'm not gonna screw that one too being accepted its Andy anger. Oh, you dont think so the avenging was always gonna do well. They could have a clean all all pale. Just, but they gotta go aid would to shoot that fell. I think walk not enable debating itself film of his wake yeah, because you know it.
all the stars from three three three previous, very success of Berlin. What films did well, but iron man, but iron man was completely resurrected in our culture by the iron man by the Federal movie like it wasn't, I'm everyone, When I presented trailers retirement and like We go there really starting to dig a little deeper and dig into comic books. You know it's like get these superhero comics out after Ex man in spider man and you know, and then iron man ended up being a fucking. You know I avenger did well, but iron man wasn't really much of anything serbian Cinema. Before that, I honestly I mean all respect to anyone else who is involved. I honestly ascribe a lot of that to a great public for Miss full robot, Danny Junior, maybe, but he had kind
I didn't even know, even when he was at his lowest. there was a kind of bull on honesty to him. People responded to Where he sat in front of the judge having. I don't know snorted Coca rhino in it to play a part in that it says well you're a very bad boy. I was a new to praise him, a robot damaging, looked at the guys it your eye. I fucked up this dead, there's a whole generation, a kid don't even know. There is a period of time or you could just wake up, and Robert Downy Junior would be enough: next a war and who is sitting in your bed laughing interface is our generation of people. You don't realize aerobic damaging. You used to be a serious answer. Frankly, very serious, after a really good one? Yes, an exception
yeah I mean he went away for a fair bit, but I think there was always a public or miss for him when he did. I mean it was very much just Robert Danny Junior himself turned up to eleven. Seldom did did you or did? Were you not involved? with those iron man anime the army. My I why Dade is. I wrote plot lines over those that were then said. Japan translated and Zuma, Billy, adapting some form into cigarettes, but I think they were treated as no more than spring boards as I saw one at this the iron man anyway, and it didn't really. Reflect anything. I dream. I watch the first episode and it was- it- was a lot of talking. There was a lot of time,
and then something and then something happened, and a lot of talking was you know Tony Stark, saying like yeah, I'm retired yeah, I guess I didn't do anything they really about a separate or DORA soda structure. Well, do you like do you like taking on existing characters and seeing and trying to find a regional places. to go or do you like, so can you repay? I know it's so loud here right now, there's a fuckin! Now, there's a and others a leap, lower ads are worn, he's gone you can speak with your true feel how he's got shut up shut up. What are you doing? Nothing just talk into this perfect ranger. If you ever want to see your family again, Jonah Guide Chris, please, oh god, farther Bartha she's, an older woman. You know my style, I'm here I was
we're ready simply do you like D, like taking care, preexisting characters in new directions or like something like freak angels, where you can you get to create entirely. new thing to put into the world The ideal is always creating something you what I do company and work I'll, be frank with you. It's often to get the money coming in order to raise my profile in the industry, a bet who always select things that I can personally get interested in and find new angles on its? Not just the the money, but is a commercial job, I'm not gonna. Put aside, I am I'm being paid to paint the companies have arrived on the house and our own. she's out I'm the pine right It's always gonna. Let me in it then something
democratic myself. How do you feel about adapting you're work until other gotta mediums. Instead, people pay me for the right to adapt I'm what that means is I take the money and may go away and adapt there and they have the right to not me have not have me sit on my shoulder psych around you're, doing it all wrong. You bastard, you bastard, eight for well, that's what happened with that's. What happened with MAX Brooks is like, I think MAX like gave them a draft of the world. The script in they were like we're. Gonna. Do this other thing and he was like em out. do whatever you want and I nothing to do with it and- and I think was even resist to even watch the trailer and finally did well and we, the child, don't blame you Still do you have a hard time looking like added afterwards, like I know, like Alan marginally famous, for not loving alot, of the things that have happened, just sort of quiet,
nor is of yours. I like Alan on all four law she's gonna sell those rights. Then you know everything. upset you than those other fucking rise. Among other things, I watchman. Obviously he had no choice. I could understand him not wanting to watch their Things way he had the choice: in a cell in the rights, then you have to accept the about film may come out of it. right happened. I said you know. Don't necessarily want or need it to be a little adaptation of the third. novel, not least because if it had been a little out of it would be
you ve been a half hour long if they thrown into musical number, but some why one s film that people will like I want good film and I thought rate was an entertainment phil? I really like Ray. I am at the signals coming out in an legged too little lessons you're right, you're about you, this the wrapping up the shoe tomorrow, and then I would again at the set this time in their wrapping up. At least the London ended the shoot tomorrow I think the fish we do it makes summer. Have you ever had a conversation with Brazil, I still can't get a red on the guy. Yes, I have had come social superfluous, I mean thirty: seven members will see are we in Toronto, on on the red shoes second unit and the shooting
the scene in the CIA offices, where he's where Bruce is fighting color but yeah, I'm there still building power that sat there too. With the start, menu stung coordinator and second, during this time, is still a guy up on a ladder trying to get the idea that the roof in that the same sorry on the room and he's warbling ally on this ladder, and Bruce is going to cafe in easy standing soft next to the light of the party with his back to it. and then I watch Morleys talk any doesn't miss obey a sticks at one foot to study the buttons dead letter I'm reaches out, is free, I'm up to the top to study the stick louder, stabilizer laptop, doesn't look at the carpenters. Honest at platter. Doesn't Look reprobation acknowledgement, he's not he's not think in his chair
away, but is is just taken a second to make sure that by the study for that guy works And their does, I waited Spilett coffee. A little bit Bruce beat the shit out of a rare. That's that's Bruce what its Bruce Willis ago shows up to work yeah and he doesn't Have we go about it? I m sure he has a lovely girl, but when he's This said he is a show not with everyone else, to work, which was not what I would have expected, but, Sir, it was nice to see the great rather late tonight who was with John Malkovich you. I was terrified at that meeting, Do you think he was just gonna be like crazy method, actor we're all going to have to address and by his character name?
Oh you know, one of the great journalistic sports in the Eightys and Ninetys were incredibly shitty interviews with your milk of it. Whereas are waiting to interview John Malkovich, and he tried to make me into a chair ETA, just hurry the judges, of bodies behind him, other journalists, hedges, burned and moved on, a kind of a rap and our movement through the hotel room, Obiang, Osage guidance offers cigarette and one of the producers when she said that bar mooring up on me Uncle John Malkovich. With me, major Malkovich, Emma I'm just gonna go for cigarettes are now you want to get Mr Markovic settled. I'm John Malkovich comes out with the huge is goofy smell. You ever saying comes via its wine. It's so good to me. You I've had such a good time,
I've been shooting guns all died. I dont even know what kind of guns I take photos arrested, son and he tells me Jeanne guns, thousands of bullets, they give you the most lovely utensils, and so it is like a giant child. Yes, a separate loveliest guy. I know one set lower, keeping a running list of milk of each isms. Your memories of. say something like that. Every day, that's right now, this guy on earth. It was amazing spent. I did, I guess, are there: dark tales? Our this person's gonna be great. I guess repression did right. I want to talk about that I mean those british jobs. wage and Helen Marin, who is just lovely yeah, have a valid man.
got a little crush a little bit of across frightened of mine, a friend of mine, MAC Helen a couple of years back I'm he was over sir, an age of, shall we say when many of certain kinds of her with bearing during his adolescent. Yes, and he walked out. signal. This man I just wanted to say you: U, films, I loved your phones, whereas younger she gave him a dazzling smile. Apparently I do hope you enjoyed my breasts she's even hotter and the girl. I did also, if a guy for a cigarette, alternating Helen merit, but you understand so the leather, I just want to ask you like one one more kind of one more question before we release you back into into England It is when you, how do you get past
wall when you're writing and you need to get through and there's just its. It just feels like bleak and dank and its do do you have any tricks that you do to push through the wall or do not really experience that you must as much as you right, a couple of times on gun machine, because there were a couple of sacred season in the novel that were kind of tricky And the me that was available that they didn't have the skills, Those tricky bits, but you have to member only the end product appears Libya. As your writing. It you can jump Randal over the mounted and the trick is just a cake thinking things moving, so I would simply move to a section of novel. I knew I could write that day just to keep them
increased just gave a guy on. You can always re right. You can always go back and fix the incredibly stupid shit. You did the day before nobody watching. Nobody knows what goes into the sausage until it, so you can. You can back up in be merged. Epic twice right up to the point where someone else's got a manuscript until then you can just screwed up incredibly sire. I were, I was simply jumper The pace is anyone could do that. I just keep moving. I like that idea. I've never heard it described quite that way of, like the. U of that day, wasn't prepared for what that task was ended. what are some days. I mean happened some days. I just don't have it, but you shouldn't confused that we ve been blocked.
This means that the EU that is present that guy doesn't have the enough. functioning brain cells. To do that, one thing doesn't mean you J? Something else say you just move Oliver, nothing Can't do that day, yeah. I do think people get caught up a lot because they think it has to not only be linear the entire process, but also that everything has to be perfect when it comes out of their hands into the green and any real like some really great stuff happens from fucking up like oh, I hadn't you, my fuck this up than that totally spawned this whole thing thing, I often do every day just to get moving aid to go through a fix and rewrite a jungle. I did the previous day did take care or the stupid taking the stupid. The part of the job.
Do you people if people I'm sure any one of us knows, broadcasts ray what they work? What if they're not? They should check out jet transport Intrenchment metropolitan. They should certainly check out freak angels. Your blog is delightful. I don't know it's just really nice. like it's like a night: it's just like a nice glimpse into a real. I will I enjoyed Spectre module, which is basically just stay pod cast of ambient at spooky music. All its awesome, yeah, just like weird, sounds and sleepy it's nice. I'm get really mean that stuff. For me little happy I gotta get on with it the great thing about every music that is, it can sort of free up part of your brain. If you wanna do something else at the same time. Yeah I mean that there is a big part of its function for me, because Isabel structure, in no other way is it about writing?
besides, it's using a different part of my brain and it for me to think from wise when I'm putting one of those together, so it's funny relaxing but don't worry, is also widely refreshing. What people should also are you doing anything with Nick gave at the moment where's zeal, but about actually be the permanent place. Some weird. I then that would be the perfect grasping I'm hoping these next. They we mode death, I think I think a perfect place and the progress it makes all you do anything where's off, but that's that's pretty much. It.
Ok do we are still looking for the strike Ok, I'm so sorry weren't! You ve been vetoed by the internet. Again! What are we going to start installing air stroke buttons with stroke buttons? I think NASA been around since then Please, it's gonna tell you D done deal diabetics you remember what was that was that there was basically remote, controlled sex toys right. That's right! Chris proliferating, you don't remember! I dont understand. How does that? Does it give you the best orgasms you ve ever pressing
You didn't have one in one of those in the drawer I'll just why in the drawer, I kept it in a display case, but this is really. I was actually kind of nervous sick as I'd. Never I you know I I I I ve never met before, and this was done the escape and we were and to be able to connect by locking eyes in any that any point in so I was kind nervous but was really wonderful and and and honestly anytime. You know any time you feel like just it doesn't really have. To be frank, specific. I know a gun machine comes out in January, which people people should pick up a goat pick it up. Are they should go to war now start com or at Warrant Ellison on Twitter? They should also by it after they pick it up. They they could get opted to arrest. You should either who need to fate, and then trade gonna I ve so bad reward. L is, fortunately fell asleep in a cage,
became king of Mars. But but honestly, you know if it's been is really fun. Sorry, if you, if you, if there's any time, like hell. You know what I feel I call it in and just rapid about whatever than please. Please feel free to do that when everyone worn like just. Let me I will steadily so that is very kind of you. I think I think a recurring, I think a recurring worn Ellis segment like honestly, if you, if even if, there's stuff that you're that you're writing- that you want to work out and say out loud to people You want to just call in, and you can just do like a ten minute like he was something that I'm sort of crafting and you just want to hear it out loud and have us you know like fuck around with it with you. That would be so much fun tat would be fun for me because I'm in the middle of the next novel right now and some of their. I am still working out, so you now was an idea
you have my email and you have an open invitation and dumb, and thank you for staying up late to do this, and would you know will get it up we'll get it up really soon, if not next week, then than the week after it will be my pleasure and thank you very much you made this very easy goes all thanks warrant. here have a good night meteorites. Thank you. Take on that by now, leaving notice dot com
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