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Wayne Knight sits down with Chris and Matt to talk about what actually happened to his character in Jurassic Park, working at a carnival as a kid, working as a PI in New York and how he found his niche in acting! They also talk about how Seinfeld got away with everything in the show and his show The Exes on TV Land! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Everybody welcome it. As far as I am admirer, Chris died. What is here, every day. On the credit side by died that you would announce that better what now I think that was really a good way to do admirer. How was your that cassiar crystalline mapped place? What has happened in the EP? Is it something to do with me and get me up and
so you're sleeping with a ring out trail, the visible as your voting under chapter vii of the UN, the juices both on the up on your phone down over the athletic. It's really these free. I found out that that people can take what I guess. It's called a vacation. You actually isn't don't do anything, which is nothing was amazing, but we're gonna talk. We start modifications that, due to their homes for this week, what I do believe you it's true
it's not an empty promise me promise you'll get alot of earth upward outward level we gotta do. What did you do when I was guy wealthy? We did. The New York was gone, you'll stay there for a while and then went home forbid then went to palm springs time over there. That's right! Yet how did you know tat next to jam mayors giant new mega tried? It was hard to do business allowed me at my road ran insipid John Meares yeah. I, Sir John Mere under the naturalists shuttle beat up
the measurements Germany would not by a joint megatrend. Maybe we could get closer to nature. I guess this check if here listening to the still somehow God bless you first of all, a second of all go to jam is instinct and look at this giant truck us out of our hotel, and then I didn't put it together until I was, I thought your marrying the hotel and then cover these laboratory was looking at his instagram sure enough. There was history, some shit when you ve got a really cool. Forget president actions, be my my brain told me that it was obviously former cattle ranch and I made it up or or a drug. Lord goes like seemed like just like
guy who took arguing through a network you're was it was. It was a Beverly Hills illustration, cattle, rancher, shoot, Stryver ground bubbling crude came up, black of terrorist attacks is tease, taxes tee, and so that's that's probably there there was a cattle ranch like so many hopes you knows fund is that where we are going to be doing more hopefuls, I'm scheduling the Myra government knows really fun of the pact. Yesterday was way night Negri himself tat. He was great sea. Was
quite a talker with a very interesting life situation of the whole friends. Don't spoil guys were yet for actually pretty interesting. A whole thing. You ve got one night is running the axes, which is Wednesday at ten thirty p m on tv land. You should definitely watch that show. It's got all your favorites from previous comes our phase on an endless progress and christian their jobs and she's great system jumping on our part to have no she's. Never about that. You should be otherwise. She plays in Austin powers to she plays the kings, thinking of nothing but a fun. Cameo ass, ours, those buyers, Agri Way, night nurse back ass, number, six, twenty that guy for our sponsored a ring, was waiting to enter that entered nervous progress number six twenty. Nor was she sounded like your time
they will get a discounted. They do back. There was called a type sag way didn't know you made it just one thing guys we're not might be from company. I'm sorry guys, just seven second, but you just take about Christians. Are you gonna tell you why not that way? That's my work! I know me nervous. A calm sinewy shape atrocities in Europe.
Which makes it really bad when it super cold outside because lack and where because I basically have the cold tolerance of a newborn, Chihuahua, luckily wing and I'm wearing a hands like undertaken with ourselves here. You know what does not know elegance oh shit, because any kind of weather is the city, basically just folds in on itself like this, it everything starts to implode and if it ray like this for more than a week their words there would be martial law like just don't really know how to process. Just wait till nuclear winter happens. Is that really well? Well, we reiterated the rain, but it buddy engine driving nuclear Britain would directly at the explosion. I gotta put it, but you know we're just it's, because we're not
used to this kind of whether it is a basic like throwing a squirrel in a pond being like that, you know, and all the other fit all the fish watching just point and laugh at it where it word the squirrel. It's an interesting analogy with one I won't use again but you know somebody you're gonna use at an hour. Yes, and then I was like Ireland upon analogy, goes Berlin, be when I women Emmy, which will be never that's not through you can only when an enemy and end. When, when you do and when you use a squirrel analogy, then I would like the apology. Our very well. You were right. It's fair analogy to employ. It's really nice to have you here, one thing: our big bands of yours. What happened when did it and go and never did ended when you refuse to use this our job. That's up to that point, but a mat raise probably
You have you Flaubert on when no Diana was eating into it now appears meaning gopher what even notice like constantly watch Seinfeld Jurassic Park, but further park like the jury agreed rather nervous. This last word or worlds or I don't or asking me like. Are you coming back like David Dilophosaurus just me, go with you how jeep what happened? Suckers slobbering me, I'm not coming back. We didn't actually see your body so bad. You know numerous times. No one seemed to list now. I think I am. I thought you know big meal, small dinosaur. I come back as an amputee. Why not? Why action the thing you know about this about,
somehow when their frog dna when nature found a way they did something. We got a new transformed into a hybrid human dinosaur creature, what why don't we just like make a move out of the Red Herring that was the can a barber saw. What was the point in the care of our vessel was none of which it deliberately we show it in fall in covered in modern something's gonna take some of the barbarous always another example of big shaving cream into film and trying I was given. The other thing is like a why? What do we do like product placement on I Tana toothpaste? You know, why did you come up with Barbara Shaw about shower violet
doing exactly. You know I mean I mean or of or black jack or something like that. I wrote a thing at the nervous channel. I was over there adding Youtube videos for you and when another, with nothing ever happened with it. But I was we're. Gonna have you and the that gives you the barbershop can, whose name forgetting in the movie. What is his name? Yes, yes and then bad things happen again. I was gonna have was what you are saying that the Erika Dotson I was gonna, have cut to somebody who goes take. The shots finish the pie. I never got a lotta goods duffer, barely with immigrants. Aid me is like the people who died in indirect support died for courts. Yes,
You know like this. Guy is grotesquely fat, kill him. Man is black. We can kill him, but he smokes this guy's. A lawyer good enough people cheered in the theater, when the lawyer, I pulled cheered, does better than my pitch of away Knight rider, were I like that all the way- and I basically you as yourself, basically get kid the car and you basically Take him around on errands all day. I really don't think we need to stop the contain sardine Wayne. I know what I'm trying to organise a furnace. We're going on paper the parking lot air among people, please don't eat in the car. What was your? What does Europe once you background? Weren't, you weren't, you started to start like with where you are. Oh, I know well sort of I started out as an actor I am
went to from college to regional theatre. Got inequity card went to New York by twenty three hours on Broadway and I did that play for three years and then there was unemployed, because I was a fact- director. I thought my the world is my oyster knew the play ended, may reside crickets, none of them. Nothing. I didn't have an agent when I the play I didn't have any representation, and when I saw this play- and I said you know, I can play their part I made up a resume. I handed it to the state. Manager and walked down the valley to the guy three months late. They call me an audition. I got the part that no, when you made it right in pencil, Reverend mother, I mean I'm like The bottom of my first rosemary was unafraid to consume. New product absence We know skills. Do you write a horse? Perhaps we're brown debts.
Fourth operators on Broadway, but I mean The council was a sixteen year old guy who have temples and glasses. I actually at that time had where fat suit in order to play the part. Does you times have changed the butter. In any case what mariner did Sketch comedy ended. Some company group staff I used to go down Improvin catch rising, star, sit down, front, laughed heartily and have, and they say you comic and I just didn't. Have the ball you know I mean the thought of being out on the road Damn getting slotted knew no two in the morning for people from Kansas. I just I did have enough drive to make it happens. I d group stuff and always envied stand ups you know for their tenacity and mental illness any further. But you know I mean there was something about it and I still feel you know it's just like
I done the comedians in cars. Getting coffee verse, of the commercial on the Superbowl, as close as I'm gonna get to be a non that this you know. Jury is respect for comedians and people who go through life right men. I think, there's a difference being a comic actor. Then you know facing in one in front of angry p, when you were going to catch and improved What year was that an who are you? Seeing? Let's see I mean Joe Pisca Bow- was a host all my Gilbert Godfrey was getting up being thrown out. I've been traditionally throwing him. I've got another element. There's a guy Gary Mule dear you know, I'm trying to think Bob Shaw, I'm just trying to think of the people who were in that time. You know a browser
seventy eight seventy exactly like the beginning. That was the sort of the that was really. When the near I mean there was a thrive your company scene in the sixtys, but that the comedy boom, like them, rabble late seventies. You know people are spending, money are going out like stuff. Up is a thing great time to be in New York, and I was like really, you know an exciting kind of thing. We know it, always been hanging around Bacardi. You know so Never really have the balls to be a clown, but I enjoy big shoes hero. Because literally when I was a child, my first job in show business was as a shill for a carnival I grew up in a small town in Georgia and at the base the hill, where my house was the vacant lot where they put up the James H drew position, which is one of these travelling carnivals
and I would ride my bike down there and just sneak in every day. You know, and the guy says, hey kid, a kid. Help me out here. Am, I sure, don't talk to strangers. I it was that you know you throw the baseball's knock over four doll was the Beatles. Was here, be Italia. S arrival mop top guy had a springboard behind it that wouldn't allow you to knock down the fourth one and when I would come by he'd step on the thing release the barrier and I throw it knocked. The thing: I would walk and they give me the Teddy Bear, and I trailer walk round back and give it to his wife Rosa the trailer in the back. I never won the Teddy bear up. I just what she'll for them like eight times a day, here is another fine weather. Tony's of that get did, and I guess I could, though, and I thought this is it. This is what I want to do shoe
I wanted to network tat, yes, which created of everyone aping you take the Teddy Bear back into. The onus is on its way and we need it anywhere back he's gonna addressing now. We need the terrible damage. Did what war they paying you or was it just free admissions? What did need to be paid, was the proximity to they wonderment. That was the girl. I remember like all of the things there was nothing there called the glass how's, which is like me like a trailer with mirrors, and you know, Guy s house ass, we show the way and you'll find the way out. We show you the way a new final, my mom I'll, bring pop pop up in the kids, the glass ass around here, and then they had to something is a killer rats Paris killer rats from Paris living in the India's sewers of Paris. Ahmed for their protection from the heart.
So the pirates rats from price you get there there's an of Madeira. And which, by the way, is also a kind of exotic, like Georgia, nobody's seen an arm until I so low that bank teller units there's not all our friends, that's incredible. I mean what good is there? There are few better branding operations than a carnival ways here, take a room with a mere presented at a fuckin armadillo, they probably found in Texas and they turned it into- you know like magic. It's magic! All you need is somebody talking about it and get a couple of rooms to walk just once what that I think that that is a pretty valuable to learn as a young performer gonna, be because your basically learning that that the importance the way to connect with people just the rest
Tori and it doesn't matter what the product is. Not long is the story around. It is good and let them feel like through discovering something that they haven't discovered before, what made you not run away with the circuits? Well, you know what the did the people, Carnival would use the municipal local pool as a big bathtub. They were somewhat less than savouring, so I was around for a while. I'm gone, you know what's wrong, a cab. Guy smell like this one man you know like our way near new friends, do shit in the living room. I was young and pretty much scared of everything, so I don't think that that was gonna happen. For me, but I did eventually run away to New York with my friends and is a waiter in audition for terrible things, and
and then I got a job as a private investigator, which was the other side of waiting a second. You get a job as an actual private investigator. I wanted He I'm your for five years, why you know as a survival job, because I ve been on Broadway and then I crept up in my Jesus mechanism. Waiting tables, LAN friend, who said do you now get your job at this? The agency in Vienna you're, not criminology, you don't have any background. That's right! Why what they hire you, women? More importantly, why would they hire me? This is well. They like actors, because actors are inoperable mobile they're usually conversant They are more than willing to misrepresent themselves and they have no scruples, no idea of this therapy, I connections are less like for you, like a well
a lot of homework work. I did background checks on people. I did background checks and people in venture capitalists, nuclear plants, I followed p and a red hot Brooklyn you I did a couple of surveillance things and marital thing like that. But at the time I had a very high opinion of myself. I had done a butcher's blend dog food, commercialized, recognised I gotta be a voice and follow these people don't turn around three. Aren't you the Butchers one guy and say why is my dog balkan area, but I recognise the formula that perfect cover. You could go. Yes, I am the butchers leg idly harangue wouldn't be following when I have all dogs and integrity. I have this teddy bear any DE return. I'm a million commercial, I'm a thousand a hundred need this just sign here, imposed for this picture this. How would you do
These. How would you do a background check before computers? You know is unbelievable We had a room full of phone books, do we want a bad weather? Google server is. Is it a revolving like this? With with foam to the ceiling and, like you, I gotta do Biloxi. I need a bit C mon now manage eighty one and eighty two, and then you make these cause. There was nothing who calls directory calls directory you'd say no! I need a reverse on this phone number and they New Dress and then you get the nearby to two people, and I side of that when you call one of those people and say that you were the cause. To one of the people in that apartment, nor house and you wouldn't locked out, they were supposed to be the key. That may didn't do you know where they work? Do you know where they are and you call they work, and then you call this
adviser in you, check their employment using how are these workers- and I always wondered diabolical Freddy's and I did want on this. Guy was trying to get a job in a nuclear plant as a start engineer and you know one of his references said about you. You know about the hospital thing, but really wasn't that bad. My hospital thing so the next reference I said, look we know about the hostile you might as well tell me more about it, because it's just gonna stop them from having this charming ass. Well, you know, I mean depression did happen, anyone, yes, that's true and then the third, when I said why no he was in for depression, but how badly with above they go. Well, the shock treatment only lasted for you know, and you go well you're not going to work in my new queen plants, maybe maybe not so that I called a nuclear.
And I told like we found out that the guy was having shock treatment just last year. Whatever end they were like. Thank you. Thank you for saving me from Sanyo hiring this guy. Why my killer I've killed this? and that's fan tat. Well, he's gonna go anymore shockingly then, of course I got a call from the guy and he's like who are you had hunters Thang, you're calling us you know I haven't worked in a year. I thought my family was just gonna. Leave me another. Unlike last known job, lightning, rod yeah you don't sign- was like that's enough feel good, but what a great improv game you're playing, I now basically transformation of career but real time real time. Improvise dialogue would be wholly improvised and where there are stakes well, look I and I was talking to have rules and I'm I'm talking to like you frankly, heads of and then I would say things like will, as you know,
I mean anatomic collider is never going to be able to control the heat problem and in which it well. Yes, that's true They will go on so learn how to improve some kind of segue way. That sounds like you, had some education. So is that the best way to get people to talk here pretty much fly and then leave a gap. I mean you go to telling the story so well, guy stop gap. I just give you a gap. Yeah. I've learned mind the gap. I've been lying to the life of the wing, nice. A private investigating you I've? U not written about this before thing, it's well isolating one thing I kept trying to pitcher show about it and and more ironically, Now we don't like p eyes what
like the thousand shows, where doctors and beyond its over, when I do it anymore, and the idea was the guy who trains the act. Is to be. You know, p eyes, because you treat me was like a kind of a stream the man whose brain had boiled have whatever that in some form of incense it is. His brain reached a temperature where it ceases to be a brain usually, but I owe him a kept going. Say things like you'd. Look at you go. Then your that's cowboy talk Elliot Van Gogh's, keep your ten thousand dollars I want my bicycle. Oh no. This is basically his brain was
an ash, pious view, little things firing, and he was the one training me how to be apply. This is why I went back to act as they put it so so far. The pattern is you basically that's twice that you shield? Yes, everyday beggar, though just better continued. Yes, you read it sir. You went into commercial chilling in Vienna uses the same com. This is really good. The earth like it's an acceptable, giving acting as an acceptable form of lying. It's been, except I mean I still think that actors are considered. You know people who we really don't like, but worship strange. We we do work
them, but also like to look down on them. At the same time we waiting for them to slip on the banana panel, so we can kill them yeah well, because maybe it sets why teams is so biggest like. Look, let's kill one. Yet I mean it is. It is like a weird. It is like a weird hunting, kind of a thing. I wonder if that's because maybe there's something about like well, if you kill, if, if you you destroyed the your idle. You absorbed their essence and their power, like maybe there's some sort of. I think I think we secretly want them to be no better or different than we are, but we want fame- What we would come down to is that is the currency of the United States is not money anymore. It's momentary, faint, I wonder what people think is happens when that comes Long may like what you do. Come accommodation and new, you gettin in terribly wealthy for no apparent reason and have a larger, but just the opposite.
It is because that is what wealth and a bigger. But I am I a beggar button, some money where that's all right. I guess why there must be that obviously there's a biological me For us too, to a sin, the ranks of our immediate. Community. I guess firm, I mean there must be a biological reason for status. I mean today, the entire idea for me when I started out, I'm I didn't. Audition, you know speech class in high school. In the guise of euro for the local theatre, the drama tours are doing action has sent me no flowers and there's a role of a cleaning boy like ok decision. That thing- and I noticed that they were all these people sitting on each other's lapse- sitting on men. Laps men that they were not marry too sure and they were married, and I thought I like this. I like this are hot. You know that
in reversing the actual play house where this was going on. There was this girl from a rival school is helping get a prop down from some shell? she turned and we wound up kissing, and I was like first time. I said this is it I can get laid doing this Maybe this is the only thing I didn't get laid do I think you ve got a second people and, to be honest, yeah, maybe you could have done that yeah, but you know. The bearded people sets out you know. Maybe I am proud of the fact that you have been in the Bible. Luckily we also have appeared. I would assume a guy any the less we ve never seen it though I can provide citizens with. No, we have no picture. Certain haven't method dick but is about it, but it is. But I guess when you are when you, when you're young and in what what was your, what was your dynamic like in school? Was it
does do know anything here. When you re a good student, we always popular boy were or about. Why was popular, but for no apparent reason. Madam Mina, because, while I was you know, effect kid and and smart and skipped grades was a young fact kid. I was a snide and would make jokes at teaches expenses and get out and Ghana, Canada, that now for bottles, that's right right We join any club had become the president of that club comparison. I do not the opposite of the gradual larks theory. I became president that the mechanical drawing club and I didn't know anything about mechanical drawing, never even been I'm leavin mechanically drawn by not one I made and so once you became the present mechanical drawing club, you have any responsibility.
Like I got what I wanted fuck you guys. There are a lot of responsibilities for the president of that club. You know like make sure the was a sharp? What do you do a lot to do you? I we heard me one, the protracted I don't know you know I like that this is sort of like I like this empty over achiever thing wrestling. I wanna get all these titles, but when I heard was in the in the yearbook just photo after photo of like President Wade presently life resident way might present of a club called the mystic? My we D renovated a jeep that will be enough, yet nothing about it. I did that. I was present them half cup, one of the world's worst math students imaginable, because nobody wanted. I would go to the clubs that people didn't want gonna, doily club. I make clear what it is like me.
And ended this. So this sort of elevated your status in school then and then what when, when the acting started, people said you know, because one of the good things but being a young fat kid is you look about thirty years Your brother, so put a little while you're here like shit, your middle aged. Haven't you goodbye beer for baby? I was fifteen, you know I got a middle aged, but playing middle aged characters and plays a subway lesser used believable. Yet that's me, that's a mate! So so you get in here and you're working as waiter, and then you I just for this plan, Uranus play for three years. Yeah do have an agent timer. Do I went to an agent said? Look you know. I just landed this probably shout
I've seen it we haven't seen it with me is not going again. What do you mean? You're, not gonna gazes, if you're in another show chemical. If I get in another bro, What do you mean you're gonna cases if you're in another show Jamaica? If I get in another Broadway show what am I gonna get another Broadway show being has struck. Now the time by now I'm going up nothing so I'm with an agency that handle children, dogs and athletes that literally They couldn't decide what category should we put him in these kind of a frisky? but be kind of a movie. Did he tell you do anything athletic? Now you are young, you know it's, so there was nothing. That's why I was in the play for three years. I couldn't couldn't leave there a place, go between you start doing background checks on people and, as I can recommend, simply really will be that your way
about this girl that you ve been seeing was so it was so depressing that but There was a guy India in the play with me, whoever an agent and capping turning was in the play at the time she had come off the doctors and she was this was before the body he She was on her way to to do body and she had an agent who was also Gonna be later her boyfriend end and I chased after him, and he was my first big time: agents: Catholics, there's manager, agent, boyfriend, yeah how's, Kathleen too In order to work with darling The issue is one which she mildly, british back then he's, been mightily villages but from his things, but you know she was an interesting. Is you don't you meet people who believe in themselves to a degree that something good is going to happen?
an you either envy or dislike them for their confidence. And but it works yeah. I think that a lot of you, worry like, why don't want people to think that I'm full of myself, I think I've got but then other people? men are really give a shit. What other people think that's what I'm gonna do like that you and your focus and they do it. You know they just because they don't There is anything wrong with the idea of them leading a film or them you know going. And doing climbing mountains but they do what made you think you could do that did you ever the governance. No, no. I didn't terms of Yes, he did because I mean walking into that audition and whenever I felt like this is mine? You know, I'm gonna take this in I had unreasonable confidence about certain things, but I I wouldn't say
two audition for juilliard or something like that, because I was afraid that they would laugh me out and throw me out, but I would audition for a part that Many from Julia was also auditioning for sure thinking. I could beat them for that part right, but I would not be accepted by anybody real sore. Are you are you? Are you must be a good audition? then you know not. For years I mean I am additional. But usually I get another part than the one. I'm auditioning for really I recently when an for the Kohen brothers now like this, you you know being a different part, and I don't know why, but I think I have you prepare to audition the current brothers- and I know you been working for a very long time, but that is blocked. This- for Juilliard yeah, No, you know there is think about
environment. I will have had these additions for people in the past I, like Oliver Stone and people. You know and I went an audition Oliver Stone and gives me thank, coughing always got on the air here. Let me push the button we don't know about you just touch on the desk with your finger there's. No but I went in and was a recent Raymond and Billy Hopkins where the casting directors neat thing, pull me assignation, don't do anything actually, nothing. Actually, Oliver hates accurate dont be accurate MIKE What do you think I was going to do it? How do you do I almost never some of you look Mars is beginning and I'm going to do some breathing exercises movement,
so usually my my philosophy on Auditioning- is get in. Do it and leave as quickly as humanly possible? Try at the same time say I left outside and then don't come back as I believe them wanting more out of a thing now, just leave them just leave them. She has ever worked, it worked and if it didn't there's nothing you're gonna do that's gonna, make it better, but I just work, and I really think I think Europe, it's been wonderful their busy and they are just trying to the restraint of move on yeah and watch? What will when did you start when you really start working? When did you start to feel them? item happen. Actually, I had a moment which was a kinder to analysts. One is I had gone off done a sketch comedy show in England.
I'm a Thomson and waved Sadler allow Yellow Williams, who you wouldn't think of as a comedy beast, but use use funny. Death in Berlin TAT spoke as ironing out here is really great and is really funny out, but usually he plays guys we're stripping, skin off subterranean right right, but so I often done mad men come back and nothing was happening in. You know me and with Emma and Emma later, was going to be doing debt again. Whither. Then husband can ran and said. There's a part in this field Would you want to do it like? Yes and then going out to allay to shoot that, and he was hot at the time if a director says yes to you than other people are willing to see you and then suddenly, I started having auditions with other big directors, because I was in a film that a big director was doing and then land near you book one or two of those and next thing you know there is a little.
Bit of roll going and as long as you keep that role going, you're, fine man, if you don't It just was an anomaly and ministers haven't half for maybe The other big moment was a modern persist. Your guide done Ishtar. One of the world's worst films is proclaimed to be so dirty dancing and both of those had Jack western in them spend time with job and jack, anyway remembers Jack Western, but he was like than he is like a kid great past the drink and so a motorcars fifth avenue I bump in a general way. Now I already they'll, listen I'm in this play and I got who often do this movie? I led the play ball. I get you in our for news at Lincoln and are doing measure for measure Shakespeare Open
when an audition for that got it replaced him in that that led the casting people for that where the casting people for restart, and so I had audition through them, for Oliver Stone got the Oliver Stone Movie, which then leads to p for home and then basic instinct, which then Spielberg sees me in basic instinct in Kashmir and drastic and this all comes from crossing the street environmental, but if they did technically does come from crossing the street, but I mean you can deliver and while of course, what the but that's a lot of jazz, I mean like you, you might my feeling is that if you were that consistent, there was gonna, be some other weird break. You know like anyone. Can it also helps to be you know, gigantically fat and someone who might die at any moment. You know I mean people
look he's gonna blow cast him. I don't think anyone says there were reassured suggest, assured that's true. Look when I was in England you trying to get insured for the for the series say the doktor was humpback or hunch who smoke cigarettes through a holder, and so does he look like there was a chimney above How does the whole do? What you do realize you're, describing the penguin you got down on your drivers are so he said. Perhaps you would care for a smoke in my relax. You like nothing. So he Emmy lay down on the table and put my hands in in warm water so is this lower my vibrations? Now I'm going to make a plea, what's
my blood pressure down and he did it somehow he got my boy put you just low enough that they can cast. Oh, so you would like that cobble parts, a gene check out the glad said, Sir well in but its net doesn't did that make you go like oh, maybe I don't know they. Are you comfortable with that? Were you comfortable with that process? We mean is as to what like, maybe I should lose fifty pounds by tomorrow. My hands and hot water up my ears and water and take the gig. Thank you very much and which, with this, which was, This was the sketch commie Series, which was called assaulted. Nuts, at that sounds really familiar, I don't think it It means as a person who possessed with comedy right. He was myself, gotTa Daniel Peacock, there were three Brits three Americans and it was.
The first shows on Sinner MAX over here, and one of the four issues on child for in Britain show for just darlin and so we were like cutting new ground, you know me sing british humor and american humor me sank somewhere in the ocean cousin truthfully they dont bled right. You know him in a wheel way remain. One is Wordpress. In silliness and rather intelligent and the there is more kind of down and dirty. And and they didn't quite Mary, but It was an interesting time and when I got to go off to England and do a sketch family show that nobody knew I was doing well we do not speak the same comedy language I mean they're, there there are big otherwise. In ITALY, Connally would not be able to walk the streets and in America and nobody bothers seminal right right. I mean, there's, no God in the rest of the English. Speaking on us, big head of the class fans whistle
I hated then our Desmond legs phenomenon this jumpy, are these amazing directors? Is it. Are you kind of our EU processing it as its happening like go? This is really this is. This is different. Well interesting. We enough it stopped happening just as soon as signs that well. I think that once you become iconic, it's rather hard to disappear. Here into a film in the same fashion that you would you know as a percent of aid want to cast Newman, I mean I'm not gonna be you know, I'm a character actor, so you want me to be that guy whoever you know the guy who, as opposed to oh there's, Newman doing that got right. It's right, you so that its different of your headline in something that I think than if you're flashing out the people
round the lead. You know you know to be more real, how many episodes of thy values Newman in it. He like shit tongue, but even more than it actually is because people meant but I'm here I think that that's, like you, think, they're more hull opinions in ray and actually than there is just one? But you know it's a very powerful chile given advocating a k I've already ever, who is the most makes there is the to residual. Most intriguing director that you worked with. I think Gus means just because He did say a lot, but he kind of intuited but he needed to say to get out of here. What I wanted, and it was a move, is a very comfortable experience. I was, I was afraid of most.
But I work with prison. I'm afraid of you right now that now, because you were holding that Red MIKE, I am holding a red light, my army, wearing shorts and cabbie hat was, but now over you know stone. I feared him with good reason speed. Was very nice to me, but you know at the same time you re I say, you're dealing with Patten and there's an army standing behind him and he goes. Let's move over there The whole Ryan removes there. You know I mean it. So it's a big deal. Up on my open the door is like TAT, the camera on me o on hello. And was very strange. I want to know poor for him and he had a video camera up. Why I'm doing somebody's gonna? come on me o on allow, and so You know what we're doing port,
eventually will take close off and I don't know why I'm doing somebody's gonna make me take my place, does turn in some ways. He did. I mean he says that no mention you're. Looking at you look, you look, look looking because maybe you'll give a leak with your time. Maybe like just like. Do you believe I give to giving us the I maybe two legs? Maybe like you wake, maybe we're like like two legs. I got Liberia, maybe three maybe see licks, maybe look like I do like Big League, because not too many links is going to take my penis athletes now I ask you, that's what it is. We ages of Robocop everyone you're making Jurassic Park which, by the way, come
who really holds up a hundred percent one or two percent, the effect like the movie completely? up. It's amazing isn't really when you consider the fact that an ironic we, the guy, who shot me in the face with died, black K. Why jelly? When air rifle lives across the greed. For me, I got a nice house than I do. That guide me crazy. You see him every Christmas Halloween we're out decorating away, Did you know I remembered that there were the velociraptors will kind of like sitting down Below, where we're doing they control room and there like waiting to be used puppets because this Stan Winston. Then the puppetry thing, and the thing that got me needed Dilophosaurus is, is a puppet window. They built up
its floor and then people underneath operators operating in operating its head, its mouth and everything, and all that holds up. It's not see Gian in minutes fashion down and dirty, and it looks like you're acting with somebody, because it has he was very very what about the nuances of movement like when it would look at me and be confused, curious and then his head and looking one eye and all that kind of stuff. That's all like great puppetry, but this e g in the movies up to which young remarkable. Considering that mean that I think that's it's one of the reasons why I have such a low, tolerant, Forbad CD, like first of all, You know like an angel. Ninety two. They did it and now you can do you can basically during your phone environmental and video toaster came the videos and you're. Seeing syphon shows that we're done an afternoon. You know I mean they're, doing like not bad.
Carbon. I mean I'm trying to think what shows before that we're done. Video toaster the quite literally by one five permanent fibres. Unity of those videos are certainly very shitty starships. What because you'd see that you could see the wire frame need the shape you know, I'd ever lie, never liked it and then I would like in it and then you go back to like STAR Trek. Unlike why that work is. I attended the effects on the first of these and they read those models. Their physical existing model was so now what about the the trailer what you thought on the trail. I actually just watched writers room here over it at midnight. We just watched a side by side of the Jurassic world. Taylor and drastic park right and they found they just put together shots every shot from Jurassic World is a shot, a classic part you're. It's me
like steel from the back. So for some reason I got me more excited to secure hats, equal or others like oh gag. They can enjoy that, but I can't I'm looking forward to. Why was the amount? Trailer for a star wars is the the other world. Add trailer bachelor thing with that really was the fan made videos. So good, like these fat legs, star wars movies that like what I personally prefer Lego now, don't matter, of course, watching the star wars trailer it just the whole time for me felt like some kid did this at home on final cut, an avid like that's what it felt like watch, because the effects are so effects at home. Now are so good at these kids like doing this, online and then like when you watch there's only one can do that now, whether on Youtube. Anyone can't do put our support on the screen. Show me that no, I was just
Do I know I'm telling you it's just a teaser. They can't they can't blow the HANS all alone. Now like there's a year, but The boy becomes seed by the Junta loads Abrams can cast, which is a good thing I am I largely Rachel was sergeant, I'm I'm. Actually. I am actually very much looking forward to I mean I don't I'm not like I'm not like the idea. I want to like things I dont want do not like. I don't go into things when I no longer go this programme, so because what if it doesnt? What if it's great but gonna, come Listen. I have a friend of my last night, whose an insane same star wars, fanatic is look. We have to admit to ourselves that nothing is there were not. We don't get a lot of first experience. Is right. The first time you saw star wars, you are young, you were impressionable They was, unlike anything, you'd see to constantly Lois State in the EU,
cadmium members like lining up and going in there, and you know just like it was because I was in new york- do not play you. Don't like seventy seven. I think it was seventy seven year and it was like man, you know I I you just knew that you were in a transformative kind of like boys, have Saturday morning, cereals look bad. Had the mind I heard about them. Now we get them, you know and we get to have that kind of excitement. Drastic park was was very similar experiences that that was another movie, that sort of widen the birth of all. This is possible. Now this is you could do I know, and it was a different historians and a new waiting to to do it in and it was. It was a very, very much I'm kind of thing, but we don't think the older. You get the less of those shocking new experiences you get live because they can't I mean look
I'm, I'm watching gravity and thinking my God, I'm living this experience and I don't care because I've been there. You know I am even though this is done so beautifully. Well, that it's not the first time you ve had that experience that the thing about Jurassic that made it so exciting. Was you know? Oh, my god, I'm looking at new dinosaurs and rise like it's he'll looks real. I really feel like I'm there. I mean you know, and I think that kind of her similitude is not enough anymore. You need some mouse, you need you need. I mean for a movie theater experience you gotta go. To the next step. What is the next step? Smell evasion, earthquake the movie again with the rumbling see there were no one's relieving corrected treaty yet so three days is about three, the kind of blows and
People have been training make us, but you when I was a kid. We had three of course, and it blew the outs as this is the way to get one. Ticket prices, and you didn't you do you know you the right thing from messaging. I mean about rulers to dog. I remember seeing the spider in three d at the EU at the girl. Theatre in and cars with Georgia and the table. The double bill with the five you know, and then we have one other film where this guy would burst through the screen, this guy on the screen and these like cobbling together within a serene literally with split and a guy would walk through screen, go grab a girl from the first row of the audience and she's screaming pick her up
he would walk back and we got demolition of do that they should do. I feel, like the arc light, would do that if anyone would do I not instead of stupid, fucking Swedish made about against do. We need a current speech. Now grit somebody from the already make my life worthwhile for once. You know, I don't need another five minutes. You know somebody dress just like Ok, fine, but, but I was so am. I was telling this guy that you know we have to be put to you. You have the kind of go into this experience, knowing that it's impossible to match that first time You saw it yes, so as long as you know that you can still appreciating go, it is of great. I want would you like it I want to. I want to have a fun experience. I don't want to go in. Bickering about it, nor will diminish experience that you have, of course, but I mean look, you look had gone with the wind You know like in this the first a lab, use a mat paintings. You know you like
like the burning of lead in that its Matt Painting, m m. You know so that was technological. In nineteen, thirty, nine, the equivalent of what happened with Jurassic and ninety two, but we didn't Get that again for longer. Ninety two then it to twenty two years ago was it really ninety to her now. Yes, it was made known as they cannot maybe I shouted ninety do it came out. It was ninety two was well now cause ever being ten years old when it came. I thought I was in your browser ever getting kicked out of a movie theatre for not being thirteen Fiji. Thirteen, I snuck integral secretly you're, not thirty. Now they still now, you now need to be as I go and see them, because people come up, my to your love you and your ass. For you know, I mean
I've seen your two year old, like this back stabbing computer program or there's just offers. I now I've I've. To the I've been to the the archives Skywalker Ranch where they have a lot of original everything and they have the original Matt paintings from start for star wars which are basically done on shower doors. They got These shower doors, because there, the correct aspect, ratio and they painted- and so there's this there's based weights. Looks like the vastly we non, what or or like we're like when there with all the storm troopers you know like in there in the hangar and saw the storm troopers and innate there was a mat yeah and They slide him out and you see I have pictures of it and, and you look at it, and you got or like, like them out Millennium Falcon, and you look at it. You go. Oh well, that's really nice painting, but there's something about the way that it's the way that its painted to capture light that when you take it,
sure of it and I'm never, I'm not allowed to posting a patriotic there. But when you look at it as a photograph, it's fucking looks real right, but when you're looking at it in real life, it just it looks like a beautiful painting, but as soon as you can as soon as you snap a picture, it looks, it looks like a real thing. I mean that kind of artistry, and it is Jurassic Park or or even just like the original Warner Brothers cartoons, and they were spending all the money. It's like yet surprised that you know, because you get what is it, you get quality time and money and you're only ever ever allowed to have to rise things rain. So if you spend a lot of money on something and you spend a lot of time on it, you know that you're gonna get then it's gonna come out quite then you go to something like you know. You never know like a I you, mean, seemed directors, same possibility for it a monumental transformative kind of thing, and you know you,
Now some stories resonate with people more than others. I guess I support. I like the idea I did like I was long, but it was. I enjoyed the story of the little boy that the reverse give it all traffic will recently, there was incredibly long. Oh yeah, we heard a boy who was one. This is a person's life reasons why it was longest added to them so long age. It did it in a spirit of a movie boy. It was quite an achievement, but it was one of those movies because of the way that it was made. Where I would I was going, we want a more what I want to die
this is a whole life because there was because there was no traditional AG structure. I could not. I was basically in I felt like I was in a deprivation chamber runway there. We have you seen the after. They did before midnight after midnight and twenty minutes after midnight midnight again it's yet I'd tomorrow night, nor Thrones extraction, you don't know where you're you don't know where the half way point zero, like hell, we ve been in here when I don't know I've only way of allowing engage. It was a having seen the knock em the kid in interviews ongoing about knowing how looking at how old is so. I'm waiting for that. Its and having no the idea of just even pulling that all our absolute. I mean that's what is more fastening, of course, he's than any, but all these films, like a thing there's always like there's always like some hook up like sir.
Met a hook. That's not you know, so there, then that that was a good one. That was, it one right now but took some work agency interstellar, yet that you enjoy the length of moving on you know like some. There are times when you can spend a very long time and in it needs with you in a way that you can remember it moment by moment. There are times like that. Essentially this one, but there are a check that that does happen very polite way of saying that I was there. I just realized that we want empty for an hour, and I just want to- and I haven't mentioned the axes, the show that I'm on for God's sake. Why would I come? to talk to you now is anti verity. Please thank you. Editing and I was talking over Europe would know the seriousness doing is the axis. In its on tv and a ten thirty on Wednesday night and
and many things happen this year, something transformative in the life of my character, hassle, which will make it giant change in him in the second part of the season. Oh, it's except those boilers. While those wireless did you Did you audition for Seinfeld just going through the regular audition channels, or did they seen you in something and asked? No. I like I came in the part. Was you know done. He done an episode of Newman voicing it They didn't letting cast an actor so now they're gonna. Ass Newman and they have this in. The The episode was, you know the drakes cake thing. I would like how long do you wait before hitting on the the girlfriend of a guy in a coma big? and it's a jerry once they had on this, you know girl, whose husbands in a coma boyfriends in a coma, I'm a friend that a boy and I'm the kind of building snitch. That was the premise of the character. Like
is the maybe this son of the landlord or something I bet- that's how he got an apartment, He buys me off the dregs cake, and that was a, happened. Was that I'm sitting there with Michael and we looked like thing out of a nineteen, thirty, nine worlds, fair, there's like a round thing in a needle standing beside sign your these to look good together, you know India and I just started coming back and it just was one of those serendipity things. We thought it was a one off and it turned out to be very five. Forty five everything I've ever voted for. Purposes a dollar ten, an amazing thing and meanwhile, but it somebody has eight hundred ninety million dollars, but at some point I mean an end to that sort of organically the relationships organically develop, active, developed devolved, then it France magnified, I mean because originally we were working as a to Michael Myers
and together and then one day he says I gonna do it anymore damn so I went away for a while, and then I came back his jerry's nemesis that that for me nation would not have happened. Had it not been because Michael's process is very particular very different. From my mind is more of an improved base, and like wherever. You are fine. What's there to make funny, and his his is basically go in a corner and flag. It uses up for a while and then and then sound fun and then have Lahti and moves and things that are all prove kind of preordained that he knows he's gonna. Do he likes to be very secure and what he's doing before he does it that's not necessarily a necessity for me? Was it a fun sets, there were times when I was, I mean, there's a war I mean I think
most when you have as actors, you sit down at the table and you go. This is Ryan, I just don't fuck. This up, this right really really good and then when you do that. Every time you come you go on the other side of that weaken. This thanks doesn't sometimes it doesn't, and so I think that what may that show, if not fun at least elevated wasn't always felt like a broadway opening. You know you, we each time You did it. You knew that you're making prince you're, doing a thing. This is a great. This is a great joke. Let's not blow this job. Let's get the time is right on the joke. If we do the entrance right.
Do the thing right. If it goes right, we're gonna get the big yuck. You know, and eventually you get the Big yuck anyway, just like you know as a comic, your priests, your priests old. After a certain point, people are laughing regard. Less right of whether or not its funding the natives ass to say Newman in Asia, and then you have to fall back on internally, in your own ear and know when you're getting but still you wanna, you want to get it right. I mean it is for that that that that is. That is a pretty incredible. You know when you, about, like oh, that's like when Ralph crammed and would come in and then and then Norton would come in and then everyone would erupt with applause, because that was the you yet. I think I think we have to tell the audience like you know, stop applauding laughing on Kramer entrances its blowing the moment
and also we would shape laughs narrow instead of to their actual dimension You'd come and do an entrance, maybe like yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, and then you see the shoulder I don't have time for that. Laugh you. I mean they would like a hundred pages. These twenty two minute showers, sometimes you're here seen double l or something like that? You know so they had to keep its role, and I mean it was a different kind of idea. You're doing a lot of short scenes and burst and go, and you know which we don't do the same now strangely let me cite they ve- never really effectively copied the technique of the show. What do you think? That is because I think it's hard Do I think this was a marriage of two's philosophies that blended it's like you know,
you enjoy reaches peanut butter cops, you know, and you go. Let's try a liver potato chips noticing it doesn't work. You know whip with Larry and Jerry. You had the observational side and the annexed meeting each other, and so there was, observation and then the meaning of the observation, and then another observation and the meaning of that meant how that dovetails into this, and it becomes this cascade of control panel things that just funny you re made they just we're funny. Do oh terms of the way it was written with us. That sort of that. That often city nugget of all the stories you know growing out of something that happened to arrive, one of the writers ya know over. This really happened to me and then they develop it now, the sudden, it's a sort of weird human, experience will like I lived across the street from the soup Nazi fifty fifth street, I mean actually
me no work out again in whenever, when he hears man yeah, now is the suit Mammy is selling stuff, but then it was international soup, kitchen or whatever, and I you would get a little tiny thing of regional lobster biscuit something in May. Bread, maybe not bread, and then that was you know. What becomes of that thing? Come for me just an observation that it actually occurred and there are other things about sign. Like wouldn't they were never worried about product placement or getting clearance. They just do it. No, no, I don't think anybody call drinks cakes. I don't think that anybody they just use whatever product. If nobody said we can't say Pez you know they just did it right may come Ganis and then, as the show becomes more more popular, nobody comes in, gets right without yet they don't do that now can get everything that's if we cleared every mention of every product, yet
just cable, you exactly like network you, you mean you have that one measure yea and you also you have to be careful That's just lawyers, the business real rats construct that we ve bought into writing. Set that they're going to see what was the last suit show me the documentation of that suit. You know like yet strong, linoleum, nineteen, seventy one so But you don't want me to my care or local. As my might my feeling with all that stuff is that I just I feel like I pick by try to pick wise battles. So if they go like what you can't say this, if I feel like for, if you like it, it's absolutely necessary for the thing we're doing that I'll go what we really need it because this, but if it's not only married fine right because it is not worth it, worth, arguing with a lawyer, all the time it and their pretty cool the west, but it still you know it's just not work
go into battle. Everyday overstepped, its, you know mostly insignificant. What does your standards and practices kind of situation? In that context? I mean they're, really cool doesn't mean because we're on at midnight were, you know, they're pretty loose the pretty loose within finally as you become more popular, thereby losing we started off pretty lose. You know. You know what I find now is that I'm almost kind of I think it might be Hoover's to self police a little bit, because no let left left our own devices left her own device. This. Just like. Oh it's dick jokes and thought this. In fact, that and right no I mean at a certain point. The it just starts to get messy and muddy with all it takes the place of crap
it take. It does yeah it's it's, basically a smoke and mirrors and its end and a lot of times five to introduce an arrangement, the same sort of stuff. We have the same like this. If you making jokes about the same fangs and you haven't a fine different angles to take to have a point of view for the show for Christmas it just gets to be like a little, but I also know a lot of acrobatics, but I also know that, with that, with my stand up, I know that when I thought, when I throw fuck into something, then if it's not absent, necessary for that peace. I know that it's me being insecure about the rain range hanging like about the the suddenly I'm uncle dirty, yeah, exaggerated. It's basically me saying, like I'm, not really I'm not as confident with this joke, and so I do that to you know, and so it's something that I think, but but there you know, they're they're, pretty they're, pretty cool with us and we get away with. I think I mean it
I can't think of many other shows that get away with the amount of stuff we get away with in the things that we say, and it's only and there are very specific things that, just as we are fighting for their like, where you can't mentioned a specific point, site or we haven't leap. Come you have to tat, you have to believe girl come here. What about Jews when there is a lot of completing the latter comes leaping? And if we write out judges on, if you see on the screen we have to stop you can register a prompt rage against ridiculous, but yeah we say spunk circumventing sewage, through an agreement. The name dreams, Tolliver may cream actually is a great title for a book. She way nights man created Chicago based a DJ, me too,
However, the Euro live in Jakarta, that's really funny, it's really for I did neither, but I just just from doing, from a data bank Helen you do. I remember I was last as you must have done, and I was frightened because you know they did they warn you be careful going and so Just going in the stern is something I beg. You know that a careful nasty and whiting, but my impression of being announced, indirect holding the stern once years ago, but it never actually been ensue. Might my impression is that the broadly actually really cool they don't have a choice. Runs yea like it's all. You know I, but I think there are some ice are some morning guys around the country, though, that we like guys barely hanging on by a thread going to attack you just yes, there's nothing better to do nothing better to do, and you know the and also the monotony of having to get up, three thirty every morning does take a toll on your psyche. After
how do you like optimum? b, on the other side of the cat ways, you know you kind of created this Multi headed hydra of they'll hydra me in popular person who How do you describe yourself now? I mean what are you? I don't know when people say if, if someone doesn't know me No, what do you do? I go on the Canadian. You know like I'm a stand up, which is what I am that that I work, that's what I always wanted to be. That's what I was that's how I perceive myself even though I have been writing as much lately, but but it would have been a lot of stuff that I do most of the things that I do were designed to put my voice into the world. So people could decide if they want to come see me live, Use would you take a breaking go back out. I do I don't I just do it. I sandwich it in I'm, I'm I'm sorry tour. I'm doing five dates in San Francisco and a cup of tea, and then in January, when talking, that's not shooting,
I'm going out doing sixteen weekends, so I just I just smash it in and then its due note, two cities are weakened, so just do it is a living J, lentils, old, like a father mother and about the cars the let the animal was Lucy K who would deck? I could be imprisoned, indeed, figure out a way to sneak out do sets like he he would I'm I'm not so create like. I did. A set last night now lay, but I will you that five nights a week in New York, you know Lui riding on Conan and he'd when he wasn't supposed to sneak out, do set then get back. You know like he's Just so like you like. Do you think he felt it was restored to him so that he could write. I feel like I feel like he well, my guess, knowing what I know of Louis, he probably felt like you cannot call yourself a stand. Unless you're doing stand up and out of the way, and also he I think, knew that it was good for his craft and I think, also it's a kind of thing where people go. I want to know how you do stand up
Well, I'm not a choice. It's like it's just something that your impelled to do for whatever broken reason you have, and so I think, that's part of I think, that's part of what it is. So when people ask me I say stand up in it. You know I started this thing and we make stuff like I don't know how to. I don't know how to describe it. I make stuff and I get the whole shows when I do stay, but she knew this there's a certain degree of envy that I have for stand up, someone sense and that in that you, start out as an entertainer that you're not an actor you're entertainer, who sure. So you can do almost anything and you dont be smart yourself. By doing it, you know if you want to do a game? Show you tat should want to do this. You can you you wanna host this. You can do whatever you want as an actor you like. Well, I don't know If I can do it would really be Smith, you know you would do ashore I'm not sure if that's true or not or just like some actors tell
themselves? I don't think that it's about the work that I don't think that's as true anymore, as it used to be a meaning Jane Lantos Hollywood game Nights might act like it. It's that there's so much cross over now. I think many years ago. Even ten years ago it was you was like Yoke, Euro host your comedian, you're a movie purse, you're a sick, come actor dramatic. I think the movie person thing is the hardest one to blend with the other things sure. I mean that staying in that, while do the others is harder in America yeah. Then it is and say Britain, No in Britain, you can do a Christmas pantomime. Do her a chat. Do equate, shall really ever does everything yeah, because it's a small a pool, and so nobody judges you for any of that. I think, there's much judgment as you might think, and I certainly not think there is much judgment now but I understand what you're saying we're stand. Ups stand stand up. The base of autism
more of a swiss army knife, like you know, but I also think that I think it actually stand. Ups, don't get cast as just actors and other cast as them selves, whereas right a funny guy, because there are definitely not I'll stand up so great I mean that you know a lot of times. Mused you see the you see Add that happened because the sun was probably a fan of bells and you know like they had, but sign, for that was that Kay know what I mean he was doing like aliens. Is the legal right at Palermo understand that you know. I think he I have been bells or get that they did police cake had that happened because the sun was probably affair.
Builders, and you know like they had, but with. We know Paul riser right that my assumption is that he was in New York actor guy. That also did stand up link that I think there were a couple that, but you know you you usually see the dvd usually see the crossroads when early on in someone's comedy development, are they a sketch person or are they a stand up? Person and sketch people tend to not like to be themselves on age and stand up tend to not like to be other people on state right. So I think a lot of it depends on where you like your creative responsibility too. Personally, I like to be responsible for everything I say not as a character, because I was feeling well, you know me, I mean that's astute making that's why Chris Rotten do as well on s an EL as he of boy. That was, you know, for people who don't really on Stan, you know when you think we go Chris Rock of courses in the pantheon lackeys, Rushmore re Roma, but he did flail quitter
on personnel and which may bring the pain a couple years after personnel such an explosive like home work. Where was that guy, you know and just sort of realizing? Oh, not every form of comedy, suits every performer right. You know so yeah having some people like to be themselves and other people are yeah like someone is great character person, but you sit down and talk and want to wonder you put them stage where they have to present an award or be themselves, and they just don't know, they're not comfortable. I'm very interested to see what's going to happen with James Cordon, oh yeah, that that to me, as it is an interesting experiments, he'll be good. I mean he see his usual were about ease I've seen and be riotously funny in texted material. You know now. However, we don't know yet I mean I, I think it's it's a good, you know it's a risk. Rules will see what happens, but I've written for.
Because I think he's no. I sum on New York. I used watchman british stuff, whatever hosting with his former part. Whenever I think he's funding, and I think we can never underestimate the power of smirking, some rye british charm, like the accents. You know that sent alone, we were like who say more in a bend in the fact that he's funny you know, I think it all. I think it, oh, I think it'll probably work. I mean it's tough late night is such a weird. You know if we will you ve discovered, I mean when you knew whether you D crafted it would happen. The tone for late night is very. Significant of how to have an irreverent playfulness that allows you to go anywhere. You want to go that you know, in that as an audience member, you want to come to a show and feel like I am I
somewhere. I don't expect shore, and that is part of the late night feeling it's hard, though I mean like just because audiences are so splinter, late night shows, you know I mean. Morning and late night are challenging because your basically trying to break into someone's ritual right. You know- and so it's not it's like What do I do before? I got a better. What do I do? First thing when I get up in the morning and I feel like morning shows morning: radio late night shows our difficult began, intimate you have to? U have to sort of earn your place into some ones like this is what I do have an eye before I go to bed at this. That's that those the times of peace to feel the most familiar with their programming. Should you feeling it has to be codified into a kind of like we ve gotta? We can't
this is too much as we do we're gonna blow. No, I feel I feel like it's at a point where they should try to change it and I think any success that at midnight had was because it was different. You know it was a different way to present material and So when I see a late night, when I see a new late night Camp Show- and it's like now to the Mai law. Don't you don't have? Are you? I know everyone else's a mile or their dues jujitsu buck and makes it up you don't like people can see monologues I mean. Ultimately, it does boil down to the strength of the point of view of the person presenting the material and, if someone if they have a strong point of view, that ultimately what people were gravitate towards. You know people love Ferguson's approach because he tore up the cards and he would just he spoke like a person in writing broke. The form Annie actually spoke to people talk to people. Just now is frightening able, and so we know that that was that was his thing in, but it put it very difficult to you know, like you know,
I'm british, but here I am another white guy in this late night line up of of of white, do how is my take gonna be different than there. You know, so I don't know I don't know re interesting Cecily, you know I'm in the idea of walking away from these things. Shore is very interesting. Yeah? I find that. I think that you know. I think it does. Our shows really. For me to do every day, because it the structure, is ultimately similar to the night before and the contents refundable on the comments are different but having to do like, I am genuinely, and we put sort of play with Fallon in terms of like always basically doing fine time. You know every night like a carrier but too to basically do of that type of variety show. Every day I don't have it doesn't melt your fuckin brain yeah cause. That's you how much effort soulless Jeffrey somebody games and so much like thing
David. You ve got to participate in all that gas. Yes, and you have to? U have to not only be engaged in your guest, whatever the fuck it That then draws them to do force them to do it right also carry that carry the if there be no cost, not everyone's a great guest, and you know like it's that type a late night show feels like it. Wouldn't it would drive you kind of yeah, but that you know what I'd like to do just cut to five years from now right, Would that shows like yeah who know how you do it? Even super lop celebrity devil there. You know when you look at the Carson show I look at the original tonight show back in the sixties. Into the Seventys and then what happens as you age and go right, I'm not doing that, but when I am glad they shit anymore, I'm not doing this anymore and Letterman too. Is he you know these different things did while young and that you just can't tired. Tired were also, I think, the older you get a mean when you're. Yet when you're younger yours
super hungry. For that thing you want whether it's you know, notoriety or the audiences approval, or I gotta be the funniest. I gotta do anything as people get others like shit like that when they generally as people, don't fucking care anymore. I think that's worth that's where the comedy our dips cause. You need a little bit of an owl rocard started, getting good factor whether our target, but even you know like you, look like you know, Joan Rivers until the David she died, which Socked alliance was still like every day super hungry, leaving I mean, leave em. Writing jokes about people. She didn't even know who they word five minutes ago, professor, you like what is she doing? Then you write a joke about it. That is pretty I think we had hunger and that kid that net curiosity in that drive to you know, and we ve had a few people in the show who are older
who have that you're like? Oh, that's why you still you know are excited make stuff, but then you know, I think, that's what can happen with comics. Is that you need that fire? You know you need that fired. Can too, you know that makes you leave your job and go. Do is set and come back to your job or tour. When you don't really have the time cuz you, you know the only thing I don't how much more money do. I need how much I don't need attention. I don't know I've got it to have enough. You know people to get tired. I think they just get tired so in other words, you think this is an outgrowth of stand up for real, I mean not just like you do stand up and then to get you to this stuff. This is stand up. It's just another. Warm me like podcasting and everything I mean. I mean the idea that that you, you you you still observing about think sure. Yet so you got shit say that
You know you ve got to say shirt and it keeps you from back up yeah. It's all. It's all part of the same. I mean it's the different mediums, I express it differently and the responses are different in different ways, but ultimately it's the same mechanism. You know it's the same as the cycle on this show the jokes come out through this structure and stand up. They come out this way and in this pod cast format. This is how they come out and there are different but complimentary. I last serious question yet leave you write so in terms of stand, we you're crafting when you're in Seinfeld Lexicon of how you craft words and pauses and commerce, and you know over and over again until you get it just right and just right and just right see you crafting jokes that play few gangbusters one night. The next thing you learn. Ok, then I know do this and I do that. Then you
in this, which is very disposable what's coming out of your mouth, leaves and young leave right, and that happens on a daily basis. Sure so does that in fact, your stand up infected in in a negative way. Now I haven't found it to a matter of fact. I think that the the more other work I've done- expression with is made me more comfortable and has actually help me get understand myself better, which is which has helped me withstand up, because now my support point of view is my point of view, is now a lot more personal than it used to because he's just write about other things, and now I come to have a better understanding of myself. Some sort of writing a more about I believe your interesting I say that we in Europe: do you know I'm trying to convince people if I can trick them into thinking that, but you know it's learning how to get to a point you know and and and understand through talking really fast.
How to come at that in a bunch of different ways has actually really helped stand it because I understand my net my rhythms more now right. So I more likely now on stage to get laughs, if I'm just describing something the way, naturally would, as opposed to five eight years ago, ten years ago, where I would have been like how do I make this thing funny like now? I feel like there's more of I understand the the mechanism just a little bit more involved than it used to be. Like Louis, I opened firm, probably in two thousand seven into Phoenix Tempi and he went up on stage and for the first bit basically did like twenty minutes material that I hadn't heard The previous shows that after its ears, like yeah, just riff, the first twenty minutes, just wanna see how far I could take it and it sounded like Britain stand up, because here
machine was becoming so refine than that the just the way that he was expressing ideas on stage just sounded like stand up in it, the jokes? Basically just fell into line as he was talk, even though he didn't really know what was going to come out of his mouth next, because that was, I mean like that. You know when you can really become like a hey, mailer words just like shook and then like that's that's a good place to its is one more Amsterdam were actually funny way attack any guy used to walk through. We are you know what your house and give me any topic Am I going to do anything so yeah, so utterly maple. Who knows? Maybe I'll drive you stand up at some point, you I'm a people. Try I mean I've had people recent, say you know it's time you shouldn't new should force yourself too, live a life or die right. You, because I think that that's what I get when I talk to stand of society
you know, don't be afraid of it, because you bombing is part of it. This is what you do in order to you know it's like playing guitar. If you can't get through the Kalis period, you never go to. I will end the name and when you're in a player in a sketch, if something bombs, you're stuck in that construct re, but when you're with when you're doing stand up, you can make a quick left or right, turn or you can talk to somebody they like you're free. It's I, for I find it to be way more, freeing than stuck in something that you like. Well, they didn't like the first ten minutes of this, but there Eighty more minutes, you know right so of whatever this play whenever this sketch out. So I think it's I've had to meet, feels less risky from that. Well, I've had that. You know conversation where sometimes somebody feels more secure in an arena right than they do in a room.
That way too, like I can get weird when there's just a couple. People in a room was like. I don't know how to. I don't know what to say. You know, but podcasting is actually made me more comfortable just because now I can now. I can talk to pretty much anybody and I feel ok, I was not that way before you know. I don't get the sense that you are broadcasting the sense that we're having Brazil, China Broadcast knew what we learned that false and secondly I know, but that's the idea of when it works, woman and hope You know you are having a conversation that is heightened because you trying to make an interesting well, but I think there's also, you know, I think you have you in your young performer like. Why me and this this is the performance me in separate, and I my presentation- and I think, the better you get the the closer those two things become until all familiar just yourself, because very hard to think of yourself as the thing that is working like now,
I'm not telling Marceau Martyrs and on my phone, your work and I am going to tell him that guy I dig up shields and you are now they're dead reference. What Paul What I would have thought that was outside your demographic. Only only my my resemble hard for this ban to spend a year and a half and a rise in the blanket patchy. Oh yeah, when you get enough shields in Europe today we gotta hard Castle, Mccormick Reference Holding macro, no use really dig deep, but the axes is on taxes on Wednesday night after Hoddan Cleveland, which is in its fairly to work. This is, and I was shocked, to hear how many episodes that show had been done. It was an exorbitant amount of episodes for competent pump and pump undermined if Albania thick that did they their Betty Betty White. They just like
workhorse slow, you know, will workforce in more ways than you know, because I know were her age and very well Jeff witches in, and he right, you're back several tat every day today, kammanu out, please I'd like to stop. I know just said this was a great The great chat with you. Are you on social meet anywhere that people can come on? I'm on twitter, but I mean I barely respond. That's not true. I will respond, but in my own way, in your own speaking in generic terms about things I am doing so. On the other hand, Wayne is getting background. Information on you and away. No writer will be in theatres, Christmas of twenty sixteen yeah and if I may that it might, then maybe we maybe we'll bury lieutenant doing ass good ass. The event thanks. Invariably everyone now leaving no
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