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BONUS EPISODE for the Whovians! This is the 40-minute Q&A following sneak preview screening of the first two episodes of Doctor Who series 6 to a packed movie theater of Who fans in NY on April 11, 2011. The panel consisted of Steven Moffat (head brainiac), Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Alex Kingston (River Song), Toby Haynes (director), Piers Wenger (EP), Beth Willis (EP). THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE!!! You can listen to it as a pre-game, parking lot BBQ kind of thing before kick-off. (those are correct sports references, right?) Special thanks to the BBC for making this happen! (You in particular, Devin Johnson & Matt Stein) The new series of Doctor Who premieres Saturday, April 23rd at 9/8C on BBC America! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Welcome hooligans to a very special Utopia edition of the notice podcast number, eighty one to special q and a that happened after the BBC very generously screen the first two episodes the new series of doktor, who, a couple weeks ago in New York on the panel you'll, hear that Wireless appears Windermere Executive producers, Toby Haines, who directed the first two episodes in addition to the Christmas episode and less them soda, less serious dependent opens. Also, you will hear Stephen method. Will your care Galen, Arthur Garbled, Alex Kingston, unmet Smith? Everyone I have to tell you, is just as nice as you would hope they would be their incredible, so it was a real tree to hang out with them a lot of who fans pvc supersize people lined up the night before the shrieking, their literally align outside in New York, for like twenty four hour, so good Maxie, good boxy on your part, could hustle, and so this panel telling about forty minutes long. There were so many demand was so high for these screenings that they did a second series of screenings so really had about forty minutes after reading. The first represents to turn the theatre around to let you know another, seven hundred, two thousand who fans come in and a screen the episodes again. So this new series looks incredible possible astronaut for observing the second absurd as well were minded blowing to me. They premier April twenty third Saturday at nine p M eight central on BBC America, especial thanks to mats dine in Devon Johnson, the BBC and everyone over there who just made this entire squirrels one of the most but experience in this nerds young life. As I know, my company tourism now, if you're a movie and please come and see me these data poverty, jokes I'll, be in Minneapolis, try, Dallas, Seattle and lots of places so make sure and check out all that info noticed dot com. That is it here. It is the nervous episode number eighty one who Toby Bonus episode,
Now entering really star com Allow a reward. How are you insane? Oh, my God, there was a fair bit apparent scrapping by me back sage. That was insane
I want to get this going because there's a lot of people there going to be on this panel as well as you can tell by the chair, is so. Let me first start with the executive. Producer Doktor, whom Mr Peres Wanger is here. The other executive producer doctor who Beth Willis is air as well appears. I think, what's that sort this way and then and then we'll go down this with this work excellence all right. The director of the two episode, which really just for like a move, Right that was the movie work, and the director of that film was Mister, Toby Haines, who is here. I met a wonderful unless we also- maybe you may have heard of this next.
His name is: oh Stephen Moffat we're gonna love. You. Ever washing my body again in the work that was grows. the role of our river song. Eyelids came what
and they were all About- Rory Williams, Mister, Arthur Diver, where is of course, as Amy Pond Karen Dillon No man smooth really wanted to be here
And I you gotta whether the documents formats This is the true. While I shouldn't have these that you are here, I would have been ripped limb from limb by angry fence, Brazil. You guys, I know One of you guys started lining up last night. This. This is amazing. You guys, I mean have you ever watched. The show like this in front of a crowd before
Finally, this Europe is this. Is this is gonna go down? You guys are so much more funds. Be within the UK, Odin saw those where you can order so that the UK audiences don't wait a moment. What is more hours and they politely clap- you guys were great. Yeah that's what do our bigger so is this. Is this your first time in the states you guys of you will be opening out. We ve been here. We ve been here many times, but it feels coming home this time, water well welcome together.
turn Arthur out of you guys had a little time to kind of traits around me or the last couple days working by this across the yes amazing city with. Maybe so. Why does this legacy for Stephen appears about why the decision to finally come America, you know, after almost fifty as an excuse to come here. I suppose you know it was just ass. It was the idea for the story. It was the we had an idea for a story it was was set in and Sixtys American, our NASA and all that, and then we shall we spoke to be busy America methought. We can actually do. We actually come and shoot on location that big, it seems odd when actual can go anywhere in time and space to make a big fuss about it but trouble you could actually do it a plain, but it does change the loop.
The feel of it now wishes to it, which is to be excited to do I mean I don't know whether or no that's how you sell it to an american audience, because it's not like american audiences are stalling of shows. Sat in America. Sitting around saying our enough, another bolivian sitcom they are, they have provided that, but I think you get to see our in insane. Daphne
These characters bumbling around the oval office and an canyons and stuff on there and that's funny it's a different way of looking at the show. You got shot a neutral offer for quite a while road. Nobody, I was, I was amazing, I mean just the landscapes, these John Ford Landscape things, I've seen in Cinema before United, just kind of to actually see them for real. I may actually fell, like the majority drop them afterwards. The Fiji islands is looking at it just looked phenomenon and to turn our cameras on to have these guys standing in front of it. I mean these guys are, I comes, you know, we're mixing the videos and it just feels great yeah. It is amazing I mean I I had the most insane nerd pleasure of watching the show with you guys down there and that's what about the one that first shot on Utah when it's all just the open planes did Matt was like, would like everything so called that you guys are funded in Utah one. My voices of imbalances. Excuse me. If you call me.
Yeah it was. It was incredible. I mean it's some. It's been such a journey to get anything Toby's, John, just marvellous work. In it we had fun, it was kind of hot and cold, but it didn't really feel real. Sometimes, Macao looks like Listen you remove. One is dodging ever feel real right. There was a lady just this
integrated in the toilet, but it's pretty amazing, as I know that I mean you guys. Do you? First of all, you do an amazing job at keeping things under wraps. I don't know how I mean will do away with the first thing we do not just do it right now is we beg the press and the audience not to say anything that we did this a few days ago in the british press launch, I just stood and said: look, please. We can't force you, but don't tell anyone who dies. Don't tell them. And I was brassiere as well, and I know this is a boring thing for me to say, because you think about tease them term men, the dome eligible, We agree we do a better job and apple at keeping things under wraps this insane. You swear, you won't tell don't spoil it for everyone, you promise!
and that goes for like up or other theatres that are watching. This, too, were actually were actually watching this along we're being watched by for the theatres. That was the demand with so insane and they still had to turn people away, and this must be. This must be amazing, for you, guys, executive producers. Here we just have to scare lots of people into into into no internet, revealing the plot points, but no to be here and to sit and receive. This sort of perception is incredible. Now what when you're new toy, no people did track you guys downright there were. There was like a mini Woodstock of campers. What what. Well, you don't need a microphone you're. The loudest personnel arrived I don't talk anymore, he's nice book about.
This panel this and I will go to a barber thereafter. We'll have a mini panel, just you and me so I mean that there were like campers and people who are going to do it's. Did you expect that kind of reception, but also we didn't really know where we were also so for other people to find us is whether this guy is costing cholera, and then we really there was one call where we were there for in the morning and they will already family stand and- and they may just somehow knew that we had another. But then it was breathing menu recruited, like comes in a blue box. What what They come from
whatever the nature of the secrecy of everything they were allowed to watch it, obviously because it was quite sensitive stuff like so, they should just to turn up too because working how much damage to do you guys know about what's coming up? Is it is a sort of like lost? We only get pages at a time or do you have a disorder that idea of where, where things are going state teaches us, visas has been Alex. The most I know, least kind of like the actual story yeah. We get a kind of episode by episode. What was going on. We wait till the end episode. Six, I'm talking to you.
Naturally, your jaws are gonna, be on so it's exciting as we get to soar to learn about the plots like light like the funds the week by week is great and we have to be often give full sending say well what I was saying to read through never think ended, weirdly, enamel, scurrying corner and look at their own Stevens laptop to find out what we. Is it is it I mean, are the three that the three of you just drunk on power all the time? You know the unseen secrets in your head that people would call each other's eyes out to get these new jobs within Tartuffism Basque. Even generally, I was pretty drunken powerful.
It is a real testament to the writing, but put forward is that we obviously you know and I've. Actually I went to Galifron. On which the huge doctor who convention and as happened yesterday, but I know that the biggest very devoted vans- and so it's your second series. You know therefore view but people embrace you guys we're right away. I didn't see one negative thing online like what this isn't gonna work like immediately. They were on board with you guys, so I mean
Congratulations to you for for doing such a wonderful job. I mean I mean river Riverside. Every time you came on people feared and then the gun flipping the laser blasphemy, and then also I mean these are questions of metres lavishing. You with laughing at you like, like a puppy butter and roar you're sort of the the companions companion and it's amazing dead? it's a door, and it's amazing that it's amazing, that the fans genuinely. What does it say, roared the? What worries me? my spirits just a bunch of work, very arrow spirit, animal animal, Yeah, well, I'm not a wider it sort of a native american
all right. What do I mean it's entirely native Americans, but but the fact that you know you play character than I think a lot of people would expect all the doctrine, the companion of priority romantic engineer, but people absolutely, route. For you guys as a couple as was emigrants, and then I have no did you know You know only on like that was was Rory, gonna, be a character that had been planned. Early honor was just. I didn't really know how much I was going to be in when I started. I mean it was literally script by scripts, and then you know. Dying. A lot last year was was nerve, racking yeah, I'm him Stephen doesn't give much away it was they do. It was always the plan that we, the married couple on the Tories, seeing what that's like adopted with the married couple standing
can't control. I'm thinking what have I done. We are lucky to get off Epochas. Yes, it's always been Stevens plan that we fell in love with him last year and he's. Say completely brilliancy wealth and clearly very comfortable with this. I have really look at his body like this means. Give me attention right. You don't really it's a spur. Animals Why, when are we going to be microphones? Second, about opening up to you guys cause you're? Why we're here, when I present, but the chemistry that you guys have is amazing. Did you mean you must have hit it off weeks? We Haiti eyes. I saw the Christmas video you may last. Raising have yourself a little Christmas.
It's not a cast through these really so right away with their instant chemistry is being thrown into it so quickly. The area have time to think that we have not got underway dreams. I've also fighting off my by strangers, something in the better. So I can't tell if we ve got chemistry. Sarkozy yourself, I just had to say whenever I. Come to do some of the episodes these two boys tree Karen, so badly layer likes to brothers, who gave us been recognised.
I'm like you're, going down newly nobleness of, or was it I mean you know doctor who obviously legendary, show particular in great Britain I mean you're. Your lives must have changed overnight, but what we do sort of one or two time what we I mean, no Alex I've seen you intend to set up a you're amazing in the these guys, like I haven't, seen a lot of stuff stateside here. So what what was it like? You know, sort of this overnight transformation where we were more goods. I guess you know it's. It's it's quite drastic transformation to too soon
go through, I suppose, but it's a wonderful job and we worked with wonderful people in them. We very fortunate to come to be in New York. Have people Waterloo screaming and it's it's it's kind of people genuinely quite nice too. So it's good fun really, but at the same time, these these these guys are now stop doing street, but they work six days a week and they spend that Sunday starting line and they they work so so so hard. That is my sister pain doctors. We've ever worked with. Are actually very, very boring people. We don't really do anything else when I want to talk about our job, so gonna be nothing too. But we do love real I also want to give a quick little shadow to Mark Shepherd.
I want to give a quick little shadow to Mark Shepard, and so we questions I wanted so request. when asked what the episode, but I'm actually gonna podcast this and I dont want to spoil it want to spoil too much. But let's go to the eye. If you go into guys other questions that you have other icy. Fifty hands right I what's your name Yeah, it's ok I'll cover things number one I just want to say here is my question that I I study acting here in New York at least Osberg Institute for Film in theatre. Now, looking at a couple of things like, I know, we're curing guillemots cast a spotlight EU,
is on the website, and I just thought that leads me over sixteen to be on it, and I was wondering if there's any other rated like the plague asked you show in London and love well yes. I, like will apply villain career body like kind. Eighty, nine, like the girl, Who is in silence in the library illegal one of that kind of wash? You know me, I'm Sophia Software, Look out, but I also want to say that my favorite show in the world and right now in kind of I read my mom was voted down, fixer me and asked me
I wasn't it I am dawn alone. I have a comment for the Ladys and a question for Stephen. On behalf of being a female ban and also a feminist. I would like to thank Karen and Alex were playing too of the strongest science fiction. Roma not always out here, and you guys are exceptional I mean you, don't want it wouldn't want things about. The shows that you guys constantly break grounds with society may like to go back to the two does boxers. I feel it. you, you always put interracial couples in the show. You always put gay couples on the show. Whenever you can, I think it's nice to see that on television, particularly in Cyprus, is that I mean it. A plan to cause I'm. I would love to see more than on television.
a plan or I do really prevent political correctness is just sort of more fond feels more doctor. We go quite that later went We left at seven- oh, my goodness. What did you tell us about it western coming on I'm nervous about it don't be nervous, my question is: actually you arguably right for two of the most exceptional mines infection, which is doctor, who Sherlock Holmes and, at the same time, you write for two of their most ordinary partners who are in of themselves extraordinary men which is Watson in roaring. How do you find the parallels between them, or do you really manage to keep them separate? The parallel between Charlotte conducted is ourselves. These hope is gonna, be made public as make the it's it's me kind of movies you there.
Bones and big knows he's only sorry there. I forgot you with that. Don't don't tell Bennydeck he's using a film of the horse s taking a risk not as the Easter Island YAP thought about. I get to be honest. I dont think I live in the democratic basis. There are told challenge our will cold and coup in remote and aloof and the doktor I'm only values his mind on that there is mad and funny and silly and really wants to go to the function and locker unjust value is a genius at all its effort this for all this, not that the kind of opposite. And the way I think, I'm always saying. As you know, the shallow comes as a human being aspires to be God, and the doctors are going to aspire to be human. He likes the fun things he likes the silliness, so that one day That. Is it true that when you guys what we weren't can currently shooting Sherlock conductor who, at the same time, I heard a story that when you would benefit-
but that would pass each other. You go doctor or latin No sorry, that's not true! We could make it so that we can make it so that's right. on the other side? I I just want to see before my question a group of us we're here for like twenty one hours, we all froze together than we all sweated together, but it was so worried that my question, my question is besides doctor who, what is the most challenging role or project that you have done? Ok, mills are without well, I have to they actually in terms of a row physically, I think river song is the most challenging just because I get the chance to
You know kicks amass Andrew Duff on. Why then, and which I love and an eye level the running around in and it's just fantastic and to be given that opportunities grades. Please let me have some more I can't you remember well done. Average allows its challenges. This is this works. Is really high schools which amazingly words, I think that this job for us three wearing we constantly reference and and and and say it probably is the most challenging thing we ve ever done purely on a practical level to learn the lines everyday, but it's also the most thrilling and
rewarding and so on. I think the doktor is is this is the greatest part either plates. What about you growth. In that I want to play an exit, none. Look at that was pretty. islands in ITALY that was a short film for four tunnel for in the UK have in common The programme is what others has not been: a proliferation of anorexic, none comedies, another anorexic non poverty come on guys gets body. What we I know you you appeared on the show earlier on right. You were never CBS episode,
I was in the fires of Bombay sincerity. David ve done an undercurrent eight, the doktor and the companion. That's why we were just sort of you. You know you just did that one episode. So how did you know? How did it come around that you have been completely unrelated? Actually because these guys it's a whole new team working on them on the last two years in the series of such a solution completely unrelated? I'm just coincidence when you audition, really like I've already been unshod and no one is that I want to tell them. no, never got. No Karen went on noise
Those are, would you when you're a doctor, you're auditioning, for something like I don't want my mouth, such don't screw this up. So I totally understand next question my question. so I would say, Arthur. We all love you up here, a lot of good things for you. Might measures actually place even when you create your characters, you seem to know their backs stories and head of the well, but also where they're going. What do you find it easier to create in your mind before it's on the paper, where. Then you're, where they are going to go well, are also happens at the same time. Really, because this is a story, your telling you are thinking that this person's gonna committed from the Gonna do this and each of them, expands that way, and generally, big I'd right my way into at right dialogue. It seems an you and you start to who they are and where they must have been aware that probably going to go at that sounds like a terribly Vegas That's because you re them,
An absolute is a bit like dealing with the silence. I never remember a blind thing about what I've done. I just watch on Italian like, but not yet You cut you, you are making up as you go on its or the one for us is properly either on form, but I want to say that I loved coupling was genius, never wrong. How do you manage to? I mean you basically have decade of storylines that you have to kind of work within so I mean how are you able to balance? no writing a step and staying within the rules. Would you mean those with doktor who, because of the long history s? Yes, I can never. If you think about it, first of all a terrifying fan level. I memorized all the doktor. I don't have to think about it. I know it better than those guys Can I find the funds needed as an artistic list
making fine, I'm number one on the king s a terrible things. That means you don't have a girlfriend ever thought. It's you earlier, because I just heard a sound from a due to their that took. That is a personal challenge. Will say about that Stephen moments. I bet you like. I know to be honest, you writing doctor who s not be thinking about the actual backstory, a doctor who is tiny to write a little precis of it for an addition to the title sequence for some foreign sales in its government and some of the whole backstory of doctrine. Three sentences really really quick on this issue. Like my forget, my active nobody's, he's he's called the doktor eyes boxes bigger and inside the travelling times,
What have you got that things are important point to note? Stop so easy enough. Really excellent! Yes! Next question! First, I would just like to say to me that you were my doktor from the moment you started, and this is a question for Stephen though I would like mats pinioned as well, and so whether or not this is even better dear. What are your thoughts on bended Comer back as the master? Well, Do you think my luck is confusing and listen Johnson could hear you.
You would not live another hour. He came up to me after they. I should tell you this, but I'm going to after the with the press launched for the end of time, and he was and even say I think other David's left is the doktor. I would have to leave the master for me, as I just made on fire, they don't all regenerates. At the same time, look at me I'm faked Hamilton Benedict. Has. Wait in line probably, confusing, ripping off cheek bones and one screen outside Europe stood between those two in a photograph. There are already really good way. Look extra ugly legs posted.
I owe my bike, but that's a belated over I just wants it thinks my boyfriend giving them show Anna question actually is per man. If you had to choose a hat like a new Now what kind of habits where while I for me, like we ve, had this debate current goes from if, as I go, for the stairs There is, but any weeneth, rare old somewhere along the way. In other areas. I don't mean to be a critic.
No, no. We just watch was probably the best speed of television. I've got no pressure, wait a little bit of which a room a lot on always have probably so, as we do on the internet. This is sort of like Egypt, come to life. We like to think of a terrifying. we can initiate We look at those that we love and we sort of combine them like I would say I will see doctor who go up against Godzilla. What impossible thing would you like to combine the you can never actually do like to show with doktor. nobody can do any of them. We light really go away. We just do a version. I thought I think, probably that, for me, is fine. As I said, the doktor
Mr Spock, but I dont think you can see the dogs and go meet with Michael Poland have to present to I. I would love to see the targets land in the british office. You're growing and ready to raise with the next question? I wanted to say Arthur I,
worry is the biggest meant that has ever appeared on doktor? Who then, indeed in my name, is joy? We're going to have rights, you did she die so more seriously. Similar question asked Stephen. Go about writing a script em. If you work out the plot in advance and then work out the dialogue where you do it, save time or I'm putting right or so I'd like to. Generally speaking, doctor, I'm thinking of great big fun things, what would be an exciting thing to happen you know I won't be a brilliant, weighty, start, unique challenge, We can dealing with as far like to remember innocent. It's a panic,
I'm very very late and aware that I have two not spent the entire budget before the opening titles, but always do I I star big strong idea, a big, question at the beginning. Surprise in the middle of the big bang. At the end he adopted severity, I've ever appeared on the show in the background somewhere. Would you ever appear on the show, no you know, I did that once a kid show you, two years ago, I actually got myself into the background of a Chinese with rubbish. It can't pull me back from the signal, know what we're look. That we are going to have better known and you have to be there all day as it not get. Someone who looks like me, I'm not doing little again pulled back into a never ever doing it again. It's really boring. Never and you know what they take ages to make repeated over and over again, you ve been a film set
just once. three more questions, so they better be good I always get out of here now this gentleman I mean even I am The dramatic rise in values are like. and I love like oil episode stuff, especially to jail. That's my favorite. I'm going got Hale. Is that what you're saying My question to my question is like what advice? I guess. Would you like to lay a young like starting out like dramatic writer s right, there's, nothing isn't everything else is easy. Everything else get your scripts red easy. All of that. Piece of basic rights all the time right, every single day and being
credibly critical of what you write and go tell people is brilliant when it's not on being be your first and worst critic, always but right. Just we met with the Arab. Well, who claim that they want to be right. I've got one spread right. Right and right and the first hundreds Gretzky rightly rubbish and it will be rubbish to you. Gotta get the first two hundred out of my pretty quickly. And then maybe one that will be mediocre the ground, not kidding! That's what it's like did you say you say, said you were going, we writer was at it. You say you were an actor. There is a need for integrating ok, excellent good here again, yes, user is receiving first, but to say that Europe's blink, he wrote all three year goshawk. So thank you but I know as a trend with Davies, his writing every season here, ripped somebody. We must be as crimes season. I too, thank you. So much will ass he's in the past
and you never forget how behind it we have a cast here. We love wives, the obvious back the season, as you know, with the fiftyth anniversary, coming up. No big spoilers, but perhaps you guys lesser while and are you working towards something for us to do that virtually of noise you ever to season story going? He was nervous before. Are you asking me to tell you what I'm gonna do and if I was gonna, be working towards something big for us Do something big is my passion for man I see were tied. Today's yes tell us what is truly cooler about. I die all boat icicle guys. We have time for one more question: anger
to take lessons ones, really simple, a lot of people Mr Autograph signing such because, let alone he was in here about it. So I was wondering if your signing things tonight at all in the other question is, do you feel, maybe just a little bad about the terrible cliffhanger gonna get people after watching that first episode, Oh, do I look like I got feelings now now it brilliant. I love it in other words our gets Bob. It's gonna be a long summer. I mean other
no idea what's going on, I'm not I'm not sure. That's it. That's gonna happen you guys, and then the theatre went was like a zombie outbreak, I'm not sure if there's gonna be assigning. I know that the BBC has these guys on a strict schedule and they ve been running them rag in the last few days. So
but whatever happens. Whatever happens, you get to see the first two episodes before when you got to ask the question: they responded. Everyone like each other. There were hung by me in them. So anyway, I think we're at the end of the panel now, but please please. Please join me in thanking so much we're coming out here. Love it ten other Garbo parent go in and match we'll tell anyone about their. Thank you so much for coming out. Everyone goodnight now, leaving noticed dot com enjoy your worried
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