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Chris, Jonah and Wil Wheaton (who sat in for Matt Mira) hung out with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy for an amazingly in depth chat about his path to becoming a musician and how his kids like having a rockstar for a dad. Make sure to stick around at the end for a few songs from Wilco's sound check at The Wiltern! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Welcome to the nervous about gas, it's Friday and I'm taking like how very special for their reception team it's too few hours, I'm not cheating my parents as much as I thought I mean, maybe just a little we gap into nothing more than normal. That should be alarming in any way
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Let us stick around and record some of the soundtrack, so you actually get some never before heard performances at the end of the podcast which are from the soundtrack. So if it you know, if you hear like neutering around and then a song, that's cause it's a sound check and it was it was with reaches the. It was just like the three of us said sitting in the wilderness, eater watching like a private show of we'll go, I couldn't we will get look each other like powerful. Did this happen? How did we get here, but not too loud exuded want to stop the ban, so thanks again to will go into their Mandarin Pierre people, who made this all superfine and seamless, and now we deliver the goods to you, the nervous package of so number one. Sixty nine we'll go we'll go we'll go. Will love you baby,
now mean nearest star com. What are you Doin well that's the Jonathan, your lab. We offer maintaining Viva everyone cross your arms and were maintained a defensive body to us here and it can operate guns at each other. Like the enterprise report, our agenda, but we will be supporting Alaska, stand on
They see this through, they say state which Emily S character, gets killed by the cops outside of that's how lines I like to think that he gets away. We will keep that in our hearts. Just really! Thank you for me, thanks for having in your own dressing room yeah nobody ever Joyce illicit you'll, get your family, I'm crazy. This is Jonah. This will cause a goal Are you guys we're you all set up? Do you have any more rehearsal or Sancho Agri We have subject, result Amazon. The wizard we here, a fair man. It's always been early release. It shows you became back. They had us back, so I think olive oil as well. I'm, expecting it to sound better than the palladium.
Lady, why do people go to the police? The worst sound, even sound in the when we pretty well last night, but it was not. This never gonna be a pristine commercial interests. It did. You really depends where you stand in that place to Lhasa Pixies there, as I asked stocking blows in the night on my way to the very middle centre and as a spy stare. Resumed. I got a lot of really nice compliments from peoples. I think he did a good job of peoples who never good time but yeah we place. They cater to the broad stroke. Paragraph six of the rules is a weird boy plagues where those rooms there, like that delay. Not let die like its died. Numerous times than someone's like we're, gonna fuckin save you palladium ended. They kind of the huge fuckin room
Aragon in Chicago sorted. This is a big big old dance, That sounds like ass they just can't let it go. What was there was a just about the getting the van? space to break up. This has been the palladium one night, nor will turn the next time gonna do multiple lights in the city, which is nice to do. Instead of doing one big show, it was. Way to make them. This shows feel different in create sets that felt working two specific points. This is in rooms and shown back of it employees every night. I don't know we ve done that too, and that that that can be funded. Just awaited way, make it a little your for us on the night of my basis and a maker Really. Really, your mother ok see the venue across TAT S. What allows
slipping Oliver Equipment or you do you like the bus, you fly around, don't fly around, we have of us. I want to do it to us. We just want to stand up in earnings and its citizens are ratified. It's really not that it be if you want to go to sleep well we have. Two bus is now which is nicer than when we used to have everybody on one bus. Crews, on one person, the bans on a bus locally, We all get along pretty well that when we in Europe we have a double decker buses, everybody's nineteen people on one Jesus, because we're cheap I always I always marvel at the idea of I mean I feel like resort spoiled is we're spoil his comedians because you
then you and it's like- will sound check. As you just tapping the mind, I actually balls the genus. Ok, we're good with you as a detour crew and abandoning the know how a ban makes money with excessive Expensive is, it is to tour we have to stay on the road to make money there. Yet string, buncher, shows together to cover the overhead, and then, when you start make money, so it's weird Harder than you with a small small sort of like Nerd Vaudeville show common stock and the most pressing thing in the world is after we ve had reached a phenomenal show we sold out and is being only then doing birch for three hours after the show of jam you have, the show is done audience loved it. We that and then we get home and figure out, like whatever of any kind of takes away from the show you a hundred dollars. Maybe I should go so allow the evidence
but that's not why you do nobody Donna. Yours, I don't wanna go. You know you want to be able to not go broke. At the same time, I feel very, very fortunate that we were able to take care of a lot of people employed people and have things still my favorite let we had the same group or do you just? We would urge Horatius. No, no, we ever consisted of familial relationship with a lot of people, people can recycle out. Sometimes if we have a gown period, people jumbled,
another tourism thing occasionally, but for the most part we don't have like the pure road dog, but pack wearing hills in Tunisia, as Gaza did start out that we always on a smoke break. The bank has a God I didn't know you arrive special gas somebody here, beer eighteen year as we'll go yeah it has it is it any easier now or is it easier. Now I mean I mean that's those It's tough questions because I mean were you doing eighteen years ago? Is your life?
easier now than it was eighteen years ago. Actually it is- and I think that's only because I'm older- and I I don't- I don't worry about the same things I did when I was young. I don't know what to give a shit about one year, whatever in your 20s, They grew older. You know what to care about it's easier to know what what actually makes a difference this year to know that one show isn't going to destroy your life? liberating. You don't agonising over the breakdown of every show like like glades. I used to do that. I would like with like watching these tapes. I always felt like the guy and best of times right out is watching me miss that catch over and over and over and assessing about it. But now I ve never really did that that much but being stressed out about the things you do not have any control over, you know like
how's the audience going to reactor. They have a certain amount of control over it, but not entirely so you, like you, start there think you can will certainly action They now is much easier to just go with you experience is actually gonna, be like hope into it- you spend it all the internet or do avoid the internet. I I think it's really fascinating. I do look at stuff right and then end and reviews, and things like that. I just think it's a fucking, fascinating thing I feel very detached from. I don't feel like it. Has much to do with me at all, but I find that the psychology of the people doing it really really interesting itself, empowerment kind of thing and exits how an negative voices are so amplified over positive voices in certain before
is more deeply despicable than other ones, because there more and I'm sorry, you know they just all the different in Europe rock criticism itself is like very threatened, right now. It behaves behaviour, Mary threatened herself while there that there are useless, because everyone is accredit, everybody can the year everything gradually the only people they can really making depend upon. Two, to neither opinion are people that are very, very insecure, There are very insecurity begin. And I guess at a certain point you realize, like It doesn't really matter what did said about you like people who, like yours, stop we're gonna, find you they're gonna come out. I mean it's. Honestly, the opposite is the best way worse. You know nobody's talking about. Your banned or carrying out of the way in which we now
they realize Asian. At some point I realize it will go was in the band that nobody had ever heard of any more right. There's your bandwidth and b that most people had heard of not more than a vague, almost most gets a lot of people of all of us. That fell. All the way and on something all of a sudden. I would never have expected them to like care about, or you know yeah. Ninety four is an interesting times just another you had been before that. Do you have any of you? recordings of like the plea are any of that stuff. You haven't. I wasn't in the police J for hours every night. I think, there's stuff not really do you have suffered like when you were in high school. That used to that you like. Is there anything you seventy time, capsule that someday release I mean I'm sure I do, but I'm not much of an archive is that in my my mom was so
We inherited arrived when she passed away. I think I'd probably got a big box stuff like that. So, but I haven't like on my mom me like every few months boxes, I was on STAR Trek. Teenager and when mom brings me these huge next generation things and then she's like you through this away, but I kept it for you, last year my fingers Dunstan divergent views. Will she says, because I thought you probably would want this someday right and it it scripts and call sheets and pictures and things- and I hate to admit that my mom is right about anything but she's totally right. It's rate of that stuff. Consolidated down into one. You know what an ox, my parents is early years appearances garage flooded and all my stuff other boxes, my seven around the bottom of everyone else's. So everything from my childhood got waterline ruined our general experience, our younger son,
All of his stuff is great things. You're gonna make you from school and they were in the garage and rats chewed through a box and made a nest of all of neurons things, and ongoing reader the areas of energy and that would have saved the rats in us and say here my wife wanted to throw all of it away and actually pulled out some things and certainly cut away the edge of it. They said you know it's better formative this year, zero scratch. Add that places like the rats got more use than you, MRS Le everybody lives on their own little. Private landfill so so? Ninety four I've been out for his interesting time. Historic, that's kind of debts, the beginning of the end for the traditional music model. I think when did you start to realize. Like oh,
crazy, like multi million dollar record deals are going away and. I don't I don't know if I ever really prior to that? I thought that it was in the cards for us. I was. We were like more. I think we believe emulated the business model of in the independent rock band, storing and vans newer and bought that it be fantastic. If to give touchy goer as dear somebody gave us a deal someday and we ended up. Do look at an independent record deal and we did a deal Warner Brothers, below. It was one of the round. I guess starter her deal has an I got. No, we really think you guys you're gonna, be a sensation. Gonna record deal is more like
I will see what happens with these guys, so really had anything like that waved in in front of me and It's really care cared when they started in a you. Would you guys got signed by a big label? Did you feel like this a moment where levelled up and now were going to do. Levelled up and now we're going to do. You feel like you're, constantly auditioning for the label to get legal support as well. I think I've always been a little bit deluded, maybe had a certain is a certain amount of well being immediately. They really cared about that ours. We be manufactured small goals to feel like we've achieved or really is the things that were within our grasp for most of our career. I really believe that, while less We are in a way we played
Where was the hundred less people gain? While this amazing hundred more people came still doing it in it now two years later and with all the records doing brands around, I must say- and this is a sound well I just honestly, I never in any other way. We're like a long haul kind of thing. This is so what I want to do. I know I never I thought that it was something I don't and job it was They have a big pay off like the lottery you were die. You like you made, you think you think figured it out. You win that. I know people there. We think that way like us. Even if someone just said okay, with because of your commitment to we'll go years, a billion dollars now you're gonna stop music in world, I think
actually happens a lot of bans, I mean not a billion dollars, but a lot of money can really disincentive eyes. People of overtime, like the individual members of the band camp always beyond the same wave in terms of commitment to interlink desire to do it? And what do you take that existential need to do carrier family, the equation. I think it's hard for people I think it's either. You think it's good work and it is good to have a job and you feel like you need to do it and I don't think it's counter intuitive for there to be a creative pursue either. Do you think comfort? kind of ruins creativity in a certain sense because you're not as you don't have that Hunger drive like I'll fuck. I gotta get out there and make this work. No, I mean yes, I know, I think that there is, I think, it's good
You live your life that experience things that people experience lake. An annual anxiety, doesn't there's world being comfortable idle? have any problem. I don't believe in and tortured artist myths at all in all. I think that people creating of all the suffering that everybody goes through in and Myths of always been really damaging. More than anything, I find people who are tremendously successful. I, who am I friends who were communion too seeing them when they were not successful, comedians amend tipping over and becoming about sex. The successful as you could become- and there are some that when they have the anchor the anxiety before about money and success, then they got and the anxiety just transport over to something else. Really, oh you just Tuesday. We see that this exciting somewhere I mean I I worry about back as I'm I mean I've. I've always had like anxieties in russian panic issues, and so,
you all you kind of in your mind, you go. Oh this material thing is gonna fix all that it's not fix it. No, it's ours, anyhow, Well, yeah I mean comedian, away worse than the musicians I think for for that stuff is such a solitary pursuit. You don't have a lot of There's not a lot of places to hide if you're up there by yourself with a microphone, so those anxieties probably are pretty pretty stay in touch with regardless of your financial situation. Are you any kind of river resolve the oh? I mean, I think that Well, I mean I get it all the time because of it fairly. Well, publicized bout with addiction and anxiety disorder and all these other things and people they like all your healthy. Now, how do you write
What is why was it changed in those like the party me that wanted to make sure it was there, when I was six years old and still does and anything I suffer more now, because I don't get to take drugs. Let it be less suffering. Is my problem now try to explain: didn't like people who are not to non creative people. That is, I don't know. And why would creative? It's just the thing that makes us it's the best way to describe it as if I'm not making a thing I've I feel like I'm just I may as well not be breathing war, or you know it's like I needed the way like a normal person needs to eat and I've got to create a thing all all the time. I think it's something that we all share yeah, anxiety seems to be part of it is a consolation is for will they don't really have does
Reality or religion in their lives, which moose and don't precision and are now this. This is a spiritual, vague awake is that you are making that wasn't there when you woke up in the morning, make chief closer to the idea of God are creating or something and then when you go a day or two without really writing aiming downer giant anything, I'm gonna do it. Within them, the art that you like, it's like, they feel like shit, yeah. I don't feel issued anymore, because I've come to figure out. At least I believe that Did your beating yourself offer something the dirty does really worried about that. It is in part of who you are you working wonder when you don't think your work, I feel I feel like I can't you have treated. I really believe that about your subconscious is obviously the part that you try to get to you all the time. So why do you think that you can consciously?
Steered in any direction, except, I think all you can do is get better and getting into it and getting out unscathed one of those weird like met the logic Stories were signs in I'm going to give you one never did creativity, but I'm going to put your ego in the way of it, so it only exalted little exactly as it directly as well. That's one of the reasons people think their experience with drugs. As eliminating that editor, that the ego that observing going away that that people associated with great because its meaning these leaders ways to do that without drugs in I think you of sacrifices yeah. No, I went I mean I don't I'm gonna give up the booze many years ago. I did have that one. If I never writing they again and for me it was the opposite experience of life god. I think I met my nodded weird is all the time I can actually think clearly is likely to be the opposite to be amazed.
Get it like when you're when you are looking for your keys. You really We really looking hard and thinking about where your keys are in and they have no idea. Then he stopped Thinking in your hand, just goes behind the couch and vines gas from other european countries all the time. I feel like creating the exact same thing. If you looks wearily at it, there creating now I am making this under them. And you don't surrender to just the process of whatever it is. You're doing the task at hand. I just thought I don't know, I don't know how, you stay present and actually create, Think of something maybe we set for. Like a view, you know, if you do, have a benediction problem whatever it is and then used you stop, I must be like theirs. As a huge, well creativity right there, because year, when you stop Conniston knowing that stuff with chemicals. You started
to deal with the motions in a way that you never did before, and I feel that there is a lot to write about or create just just from that way out in water. The dictionary. Use are obviously fear based. So confronted his fears, I think, makes for much more powerful. I mean at least from your own perspective. I don't know how is what the other war or parts of the world or what did the other? You know how people perceive but for yourself I think, is much more important to confront those fears. We're waiting for show was like when you are totally sober. Like you remember what the experience valet different thing Oh. Well, I didn't like playing very much high begin. When I try to manage my methods in way,
is that I didn't feel particularly high. Ever be honest, I wanted to feel normal, oh god to, and it was difficult to do that and certainly applied, shows high thinking. I was normal Might there wasn't a go? I was never in pursuit of some oblivion in all the botched romanticized idea that it was a really thought I wanted. I just wanted to have energy to do this shit. I wanted to do and not feel terrible and and it just escalated for many many years ago. Jim Morrison Syndrome, Do we disadvantage? Morrison was a dick. When it can we wasted your Morrison nope, not please it's wrong. You didn't look. We was just like our rapporteur and leather pants literary can doing. Ok, ok, right on account. You revolution
revolution that is wearing your girlfriend's endure, there's three areas where they can process than just eulogy boars and would have been that guy in your like English, your theatre class you're, like you believe, with this one guy said, another girls are like he's a nice guy in the Woody Allen movie. This is pussyfoot among others, that audio, like Jimi, Hendrix Plan of the troubadour Jim Morrison's they're, just fucking wasted. Gets on stage is like put ass flood it was the year Jimmy just got on with excessive either going to settle. So maybe you that asshole annunciators dude, I have ass it inside my head you have a voice raising Jimi Hendrix! That's when you know it's bad
yeah. I see no sign of life like when you aspire Chuck very was how do you explain? a, I don't think so, I know the likelihood of a major us this the guy alleges that ribbon guitar smile I dislike elegance- I am, I and actually visa waiver conspiracy there, rocks- are dying tell you, went off our about how Jimi Hendrix was drowned by his manager with wine. What Did I like that of wine? Like go away, he like shoved down his throat again does little thing that there was no off all traces in his blood. Born on the coroner's report, but his lungs were full of wine so that he can
maybe just as we demand actually looked at the corners reportedly eyes tat. He really is a? U like when research that I like everybody's nerdy, about something only idea, like Jimi Hendrix Clue, the butler did it with a larger was: was a health angel and apparently Jimmy had was getting ready to fire him. Responded with that but he but the manager had understand that that meant he was not going to work either way right when she feels heavy address. Okay, I mean statistically, it just seems like
that every rockstar that has ever died was murdered in some one to think that they act actually very tables. We also realise that what you think about our seas are not affect other types of aid painkillers. How did we managed to have you managed to sort of just keep it? people come and go and the ban is changing over eighteen years in you, you know you're. So, the centre on you. You manage to keep together how the hell did you do that however, these you, varying degrees of success at keeping it together, and certainly I mean a couple of things are really help. Me is I didn't have. A lot of finance is much financial anxieties. Maybe I could have because the boys operated
the band within it needs a voice. It was really silly to like a bunch of money for tourism, poor old people, a bunch of money and never wanted to do that, so that eliminated a lot of stress that would have otherwise done in most bands of any. I think that is what the dozen most band I feel is like I just out myself. Am I love your band? I was also introduce me to your band thousand two or three, and I first heard Yankee Hotel Foxtrot when you guys just put online. And it was one of those why I've never heard anything like this. In my life Wanna hear anything not like this for the kind of experienced, so I became I sort of felt just as a fan. I felt invested ear success I felt like use abandoned you ass, a musician had serve
extended a hand to your audience and like it's silly to things that as an event benchley, we been slightly What did you do? Well because I value and done a kindness to people and loved your music, and I have seen that I live on the internet and I've seen this week, every album since then people so excited when somebody leaks when you view problems? It's not. A lawyer incorporated that goes, hey man don't be decorate. Its will. Converge relates to them. You know to have this relationship with your audience- that Stalin, rock the interest. Don't, firstly dating back to a time when people were still ignoring me internet company Brazil still ignore the and to eat it. To even the even just back then you're like a it's, never gonna yeah. I mean I am
happy with the amount of good will that seems to existence in ourselves and our audience- I I I mean I can only guess as to why that exists and I've never been banned, that it has an x Didn't I really would like to go on a small, smaller waving. We haven't our collaborators and patrons of people coming to see play and I feel We have treated them. As is patrons of the arts and collaborators and not consumers. And I think in some ways with the old we made You could be much richer or something if we ve been good at being treated like consumers. You know
If anything, we had a mark that will eventually uniting the things that we end up, doing as merchandise and all kinds of you know. And be creative about just how we present are banned. Those come, you know It confuses. The market, is really exciting to us like flood use. The market has been our motto for a long time and whose attitude as I guess I was making. When you, when you guys made Yankee that the label, then the level the time was awake. None such so now then they never is? Ok, but didn't it was the other like we're. Not gonna, put this out near like our eye and then you just took it and put it online yeah. We need those, nobody, no one to tell us. We couldn't do that that it was a bad idea anymore. Once you get the record that was and you just like we're fucked, someone's gonna, hear this a little, but it honestly I was most were practical than that. The ideal is we need to get out on the road
Is that how we make money? We don't make money off irreverence so obvious this model, if you want to call it that is, is really what has ended, being everyone's business model now, but then as well. For us, we only were able support ourselves on road and having a new record down in wanting to play those songs. This man was let people euro because then they'll know what's up, you guys have always I love it play the love for everybody in sky came, it clearly, you guys have always love it when I love and sky blue Sky, and you just stream that online like days before the record actually had so I open that up in a browser, tab and listen to it. Just animals four days and when it came out I was led record anyway, but I felt like it just felt like like you as a ban saying here vans. And he was a man. This is what this is. You know banks.
But you also want to say: hey here's money now, because I had this experience and I want to give us two will mean we just can't look at it like any individual is Howard. To be supported by anybody if they get one record for they might by another. If they get one right, free? They might come see the show are, they might be a t shirt at this. I don't know it's like I just four year there are definitely tons of sales that have been lost over the years this the waiting big business is gone. There is no doubt that boy for us we managed Keep her head above water by not focusing on the law sales by focusing on the people that are there supporting, whose work I reckon store. When lawyer guilty foxtrot thing happened, and I remember like a lot of organ in because they just want
about it because he has got a copy of it and when it finally came out, although say people came in to buy it now realise that those really cool like it's, like all those people that we're too so into a minute when they, about a big humor ever got this battle, go where again with yours, utter arms. You if you want to get those four now finally came out. All came back into the story was a big, the watershed moment for us and it wasn't like designed solely to publicity stunt asleep, but it did work out that way. We leave the story, the story, I believe, has made that record as much of what it is as music, those eyes out, I'm I'm proud of the record. I personally
we need better records and gotten better as a ban, but let's not for me to say that an interesting thing to admit, though, is that you know like people are gonna attach, meaning that maybe you didn't in ten dollar thirty pretty well, once you surrender view your record abandoned it. In other words, I think that Things that hurts people in the long run to is is maintaining the illusion that you have any control over it anymore. You know that you don't world is going to make whatever it wants to make of this stuff that you put out there, and I mean why were probably more in tune with playing live, shows still has that's on a night tonight basis. We have a certain amount of input, We get the meeting. That is how the records are going over. The world is first of all people.
Like it's gonna happen in a week in everybody's, can assume that this record is what it is and it well, it will ever be, is what happened in the first week of the reverend came up no records, it mean anything to me. Hardly. We're records that I got the first week that they were out. I got him years later, there, fifty years later or even just listening to irregular lichens like the records, I still don't go back to constantly our records. When I first heard about ok, it's late listening to and you start to find out more and learn more about it as you listen to this also sort of this weirdest ride, like I don't wanna turbulent a sort of weird chemistry, strategy thing that happens with an up where you just have to be ready for it in your life. Time to Rita. It's yeah. I think. We obviously gun is like was severe, are poetry or something some point, its builds upon
lots of things and unfortunately it's when he gets a little academic, sometimes some records you actually have to have a listening background to kind of get to know Some things are more media pop music is certainly more immediate by public others. Lots of art requires you to have an investment in not just that artist Trying to understand our period How do you sort of refilled thing? Are you constantly writing throughout the year or do you need to take a break? two rider were worried. How do you keep finding stuff to say, or do you go I don't I dont worry about having stuff to say. I've never had anything to say
No, I'm not saying I haven't said stuff, but I've never really felt like I had anything to say, but I've got very much trusted the idea that if I put something together, lyrically with some music that makes feel something when I sing it. We see something the image happens. I can't I can't Keep it from having me Then I'm on the right path. If I'm sitting there, struggling to put meaning into it and trying to make all the dots connect. So it tells us story, I just I've done it a few times and I'm really happy when it pull it off his lot harder. But I necessarily my my forty more intuitive than that. Just the way that you kind of the ban, I mean, I always feel like oh yeah. Of course that's a welcome sign, but stylistic Lee. You know the apple kind of weave around the minutes.
I don't even know I mean it's pretty points. Run a categorize. You guys is anything, but do you just sort of sea? This is like a sort of flooring. All these things that I like playing around it They always tell people I mean it sincerely and even if it sounds sort of pretentious or something I know it's like, don't get the goal of things narrowed down I don't really want to come up with a coherent philosophy of the world or music. I want to learn how to like more learn, understand war and that I think I will go has developed over overtime. What more? What else can we put in here? That makes sense, or how can you know do we feel this enough to despite this job, this this the style. But in general I wasn't anything. I don't have it.
Color of set listening patterns at all, I really just all like to be listening to something where you Would you like a minute? They I was in the studio a little bit before we left here, so I was being in the studio, the time period were you listening to music like ten hours a day and no. It wasn't no music outside of this year Because you don't want to leave you scared, it just you. Alright, your ears get tired. You need to rest, so listen like kids, there's friends of my sons, the earth can I have given a lot of really big offers these days together. Record knows helping them make early school. That's her ass. She suddenly seven peace ban with the wrapper and stuff it I mean it's death,
can I have the highest concentration of an words, but that does not mean that does not even know if he's not in the band, how old you son, he sixty. He's at an age where his friends are aware that his dad is in we'll go right. Yeah, Why does my others litanies twelve? They both are. What's that, like war, I think MIKE had seemed to be pretty together with it. You know, I think that I don't really know it's their experience, but for the most part they seem fairly daunted by They both seem to have a
personnel? They feel pretty self possessed, can shrug off. Maybe Is it more than my younger son cuz in high school and he killed people? Think of your dad's in a rock band is a rockstar and that you're rich and you ride school in a limousine and stuff like that, and do it within you showed that stuff all pretty easy, because its is idiotic and so ill informed. This there's an age where, for me as an actor, I was working things them My my son's peers didn't care about it all this when they were in elementary school. And suddenly walking onto their school to pick them up to date. History treated. Me like. I was a rock star, then I went back to doing things and they didn't care about there. And I'm workin on tv shows where there were my kids. I don't care they're, my kids like it. It does not matter very that sometimes their friends.
Their friends embarrassed them. The way I always try to embarrass them as their father, and I just do just like speaking as a really interesting notice, like as a father is there where were you kids ever Frank, is now being like I just don't see, we'll go, is abandoned, ignite, listen to butter, really emulating for teenagers if I'd had we'll go. When I was a teenager, you would have been my the smiths there been a few people would come over with my son's that act, a little weird they get over it quickly? Is the union just into huge dork?
embarrassing dad? I thinking you to take the school one day in a white stretch, level with will go in sequence, up in the back to oblige blood playmates and in the hot tub, and it made him in your sense. Better gets out another like all right, I'll, see you later on their private through the mink. The ones. I would Spencer this school and he really bad coal, and so is eyes were watering and his eyes were really read and he was a little bit late, so he had to go to the last he said: do you got really I know the office in they're going to think I was out smoking pot, I said you want me to walk in you and tell him he said? No, because then really
stereotypes? Schools, as in Iraq, women? Actually I wanted it also just quickly very, let you go the whole of his great. I not, It was only just today that I realise that you guys have any. I had been video with king features, they made a will go by video I heard of the Senate blocking Awesome glove. On Wednesday. So it's the bureau's Wilkins Spinach darker than embedded images pops up in Jeffrey, toiling Knox whereby, with olive oil, its life big like. Why do you give our oil are alert. They sit. That's ridiculous advisers! Well,
and later you know your rock band. You can break or harsher run back to part by he's, always hickories a fucking door, man just assuming that there is some sort of long term relationship developing they really did Bob. I favour, because olive oil, like really is just, has been too weak within four. For public doormat with an addiction provides good. I just never understood what people see you now that's why she loves you, why she likes you so much that attract Lillian. This morning, maybe in the thirties. Just the other day we ve been in the thirties. I think she would have been only Essentially we need competition is Betty. Boob come on you're very good is like foxy yeah
I don't know I always like Skype. I liked the skinny nerdy girls loaded is like. I always had a pandering to your audience. I almost skinny near nerdy girls, olive oil is something beyond she's, not a human lanky liking it, but it's. The first is the first step. Popeye's handwriting per by a common and the long long time it's really good ambassador exactly. How is that, like the classic, like king featured like that class again, I shall die of black and white we're all the characters are what we should do our savings vehicle cathedral Did you nobody drugs to make the characters moves are always a little. There was a little jumping but Danone is a really is really great song. They end So what is so? What's? What's next January worrying already working on it? You early just kind of right. Now you came out
Bertha were worded is busy touring in any way. His many shows, as we get in before We drop by asking The questions that people submitted, ok, cool and then this going out wife was no. No, no, not exactly like these. Just reporters, no don't know yet these resilient, you get at it and we are really it much on the show possess it. Just gonna goes as this is a quantum tar up our K. Wilkins say they do not relate to tie the Argentine up. I think he's living whether you know that's an incredible lacks you're more of these new Jasper S. Yes, I guess that means. When are you coming guard Tina I have no idea. I would we would work. South american war. We ve only then to Brazil, but we were
way to go there a one time, and then there were like eight different president's in a period of life. We must look at the voting in the June elections in Argentina. In far by the way, like you, I think you take for granted like, I was just a little bit farther than Texas Big knitted know it's like twenty. I would like to say that it is a choking your life. This is from spirits. My question is: where did attraction to like, like noise, ecstatic squeals drones as sonic element originate from Why really? I really liked records when I was a little kid, I think is from it: as early as remember during my mother. I would just stand and pointed the record player until she put a record on and we actually
My father worked on the railroad for forty six years and was so obvious one of the records young was sound effects record of trains. Steam engines He really likes dimensions. I like that I heard a lot and then, when I went to but I never really went to class library and I was in the records because they are all kinds of records that they can find anywhere else in. Some of them were like that, and there were John Cage, record's cartridge, vs ages, records, whether just manipulating the departure, phonograph and all right and radio things like that, it was really liberating- did think of that is being anything as opposed to just popular. Virgin records radio, my brothers and sisters sixty three right, so it is from that that there is just a name, I think,
just listen to stuff and also just disk there were things like that to listen to you, consumers, but I can't remember his you come to the phenomenon of number stations to the current project or through short, if, through the current project, so, did you ever listen to short way when you were growing up? my father was a ham, radio outbreak, ok, ok, we'll go Gottschalk I've already out of you. He was electronics, self, taught, electronics expert. So that's about the high school letter. The names maybe come from exactly area radios. A radio workshop, the basement in once our neighbours who we really didn't wife, gulfs and walking talkies for their birthday, something really volleys my dad hacked into their
It's all them that he was in an arrogant way could see them and then evasion come back out at midnight because he's gonna be flying back over any. If they They stand out in the back yard, with with the flashlights swooped down, maybe- that's the way to set out in the back yard and watch them in their back in their back. That's bad story. Along with this. Done, mills any chance of a third mermaid Avenue evermore another rubber Billy back. I don't wanna talk anything to controversial, but I read the sense that I got from that experience into Gaza: I was like Well, we're gonna bring huge, really rag bands and then, after the end of the animals like Billy brag, was that the easiest person or whether the world
you, don't have to say that it has and whether there is a box of the first two records with a third volume coming out this year, because its woody centennial I think our involvement is gonna, be there extensive, but it's better in school. There are some things that I guess we're left over from the regional record and on forgotten about, and then a lot of things are really have lain around that. No, if I ever heard in their two of my albums ever so? Sadly, there wasn't a better experience I really really around they gets all I mean I personally was indebted particularly great point in my life, so I gave you can accept a lot of for not being a great man.
Later that time. So I don't think that helped anything, but there were some really questionable business practices in things going on that I still don't understand and- and made things difficult over the years due to the fuel percent on board with that project, even though I'm one hundred percent on board with Woody in for all that shit, gets in the way our especially like, when you have someone that you really respect, and then It's gotta be so much better than what the FUCK I was really I worked with an actor who I love, slapped him in everything and he was the worst personally in the Euro area, he was just, he was a nightmare. Was horrible, Rucker how're, terrible and- and he was so that he actually actually ruined movies- that he was already infamy and players favorite above all time, an area time watching laborer
he was such a sum of vision said now. Did you call him a cheap dies, It applies to you wanted to have like a raven on one arm and a key with a sordid, and we were like you're right. I'm gonna, give you play a prize, is gonna be a finger, but not I thought it was the candidate shepherds. Considering collaborating with our you know, who would have been actually one of the people in the top ten people. Think now This sounds right has twenty. I was now even like to believe that, like the art mattered and the performance mattered and making a great thing mattered and that just
the scales do fall from my eyes, then one less pressure for Jason, for Google glass wanted to know why you general, do the weather forecast for the refugee ideas from Chicago like that would be amazing. Do weather forecasts for the region may, do we performing, the gene. Ungodly hour for a rock band, be anywhere performing, and then they asked of it. Many of us wanted to do the weather and censure and That's why they were just gonna go to me. Do it whether it involves feel worked out. I thought I d really funny to pretend that a virus and swept it is basically is doing everything out
only I live near, ok, stay calm. Peoples will avoid the w g and area, but then they they got pregnant. I told them that and they flew they got cold feet. And so then they had him introduce me, and so they totally fucked up my bed. I came out. I didn't I think one has a high pressure. Some wind thanks d, I thought of it. It was funny. They say that the five vapour forecast sounded kind of optimistic view. Compliments because cargoes like such a huge comedy, a brewery comedy becoming Van. I definitely like comedians in comedy, and I do benefit a second city every year, and I know Vermont comedians, somehow
over the years- but I like I like making people laugh. When I have a chance to cuz. It seems I think it's going to like shooting fish in the barrel are fish. In a barrel, though, from Boracay especially Russia, has some sort of. I think we will have a perception, is being so serious, yes much more surprise. I would never want to get up and try my hand in real time in front of an audience, but but rock audiences are pretty easy to coincide with something unexpected. One of the best statuses ourselves from TAT Leo during until there the pharmacy shower you're, just like you and bits of between a resolve just vertebrate so funny when this is the nice extra thing like as a fan regal. Oh my god knows these agreed. This guy actually has a personalities, humanizes area. Answer, I just can't muster any new again Channel lay inner David Lee Roth.
No? No, no last night, no, I know we I was ruined because on the way from San Diego to LA we watch, the Sammy Hagar Concert live on on charter tv and is like made me so feel so. About the amount of energy I was putting on stage like my ability vigorously. Than audience they needed was ever gonna drive. Fifty five, I mean you gotta know that thing you know. Looking at the do you No, I he look like a jet skis salesman. Workers and as you will use your high school like that five or six years ago, and she came home. So how was it and she said I. I can't believe what
guys can do and there like either fifty right right and like you will die. Portly Libya under those Portland gas will create what one show. I just think. One show that saying anything you should come out in like me. It's where the fucking, crazy diamonds Where did you give it a go? Just give it a go. I kick don't ever reference emergency view it does. He know that that is the problem. I would do and there's no. I do not have that skill set. Just we launched a martyr innovation in the video. The concert we saw there was a bar with euros indicates, dancing on stage cowboy ass, and they would deliver shots.
He looks it enduring is just one stage going and don't forget to get your will go readers at the back of the council will be able to do it will they were like attractive girl. I hate it myself for that. Those who, like us, girls, they're, stupid their cunning, but is this european charged by the occupation? well. This is amazing bit of easing and we thank you so much for every living as crash address agreement, I think we're gonna we're gonna get us. From soundtrack, but he had been there. I can hear them. Probably waiting for me will. Thank you. Super super awesome and we really appreciate I registered thing, as I thought you guys, you thanks S, expense Glenn, key to you all, my idle.
yeah? we want to how shadow you say was this.
is she
This is me.
It was built, we can see shadow is Why? me.
so long Sloan, the song wound The reality is mistake is it the way long take rest. One way that's been blown no snow found a fix.
This is seen as a kiss lagoon six,
such as
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