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Everything's possum everything recording already set up a storm according to get. They don't have the sense that they know. I did believe they did. They ask for it to be professional, but we don't listen. We don't really. It's almost like. We don't see with thousands of tweets complaining about the audio levels. By has your microphone Matthew, don't know. I hear he tell me. I can hear we're good Hauser, like you're, like compassion,
and sat up. Nothing bothers me more than like high gas, the blow my ear boy, let it all users became the voice of the audience, gave them. Was the auditor compression on them because we're in a professional set up now Miss looks really There's a lot of equipment and vigour burns onto a c d a compact is giving will that uses back in the nineteen hundred. Remember now ever never! Writing your big wheel cycle to the record your! What do you do in the age? Wonder? I love a ninety him there's an out of here, I'm so excited that you're on are showing for having I'm thrilled they're. Here we had, there was, there was a week where we did the same episode of Chelsea lately and then the next day
right is all you at the further social we're doing like a late night. We're stocking each other jelly nightly. Did you do the other ones into? I don't think so. Those are like the two ones I bid. Those are the two. It was weird though I mean that was weird. Do I do I do I do you talk shows idle. I love it. I love doing cultures unless I think those guys are really nice better. Sometimes it's stressful, but I like it when they have no pre interview linking or if you can can not that they have no, reentry about. If you can convince no brainer view to the next, because I like just talking and then Vienna is more fun. That's that's what for they mean that's, what's so great about largest inert Alan, both like they'll just talk to you like you're, a person, it's so nice, it's weird when people are really stuck on. No, but that's the thus the old style of
show that you are usually yeah. They d, like gather story, and let me tell you what that's we remind you what bizarre that on the phone and then and then J will ignore that and start a whole other thing murmured. I recently had some trouble at the airport wait. I was just talking about kids here in the airport. Now he's very nice, They're all night Einstein was directed at those foreigners- measurements Ferguson, Craig Ferguson, yet there. I enjoy them all, but I like that, cried Ferguson, let's see like go off and I feel like I like, I do, I feel like a jack. S is unity with your husband Ben. My family has now he looks really familiar s eyes. I don't let that I went home and I saw the governor go. Oh yeah though, in she's great and husband bear he totally really guy can't keep place. It
so two issues like fucking kidding me because I'm a huge debt cab mother service end and it just for some reason. There was just a disconnect. I just did I don't know why I have like magic, our glasses. I lost a ton weight within the past four years right. You love, bake. Thirty, oh! Well, I guess I just for summary. Then it was not. I did not. I guess I just didn't know you were married and so declared tat, he was tat. We live in wearing his glasses, the Tipp you also read. I was kind of his violent thinking or anything that is not where it is buried, shirt wearing his Europe at the back I am and that it is difficult to order backstage, certainly isn't rub it in your alignment of eleven. It is money, my dad, this energy, wherein he shot a rolling stones back memory and like the early
these when I was a baby and I was like looking through all this stuff, like that, my mom, gave to me, like you know how your mama calls you up and as they come get your stuff like save while you're like little drawing them up and then one day of the nets, like not important, burning with six of some days ago. So I got like this box and for some reason, in this tour laminate from rolling stones. Nineteen eighty one ended up in there and has like I was flying. Guitar looks real really like unprofessional tourmaline make them days. You know that they obviously inured. Will you do with it? I was at. Let spend the night together yeah, I went on a date in sixth grade to go see. Let spend the night together now get this. I went on a day when the girl ass, really but before he said from the eighties, around some documentaries really helping your dad was the one who shot the M was a cocksucker blues. Was that one worth
you're, all something and I do and heroin. Oh, I don't know it's like that's kind of an unofficial release, issues that have you dream that, no I didn't I didn't you can get it like bootleg does. It would always come into the record, so I work that it would just always be like gonna, VHF tables robot calling like? U S, rioting and Indonesia Garrick, then we records in Venice Beach, and I was ordered amoeba magnified like now, recommending enough like now for giving all my friends discounts Adobe REACT net. I thought I had lingered out the way, those we're going to make friends now, just like any other job hell yeah, I just I kind of like a bigger like there's no way for them to tell what's goin on re, and then I guess I was looking over my shoulder and told on me, and it was. It was we're because it was like the All that was like my best friend there she's, like. I really didn't think I wanted to tell him, but I had to bring new. Me? I guess it was now an official friend discount, the area
it's like your mom? Turning into Joseph Mccarthy spell? It was my response in America, where you have to do that he loved Red tee shirts. I had to turn a man. But as part of a long term plans, you know you're going to follow your passions and life and become a writer, urges like I've done for your own good, Sir Sir. The kick you out of an as yet go anywhere ever words are never every day we were performed, the amiable, sir. I haven't ever I've shops there ever I've shops there, many times, though it's fun, it's really fine. I can. I can drop a lot of cash. That gives you like just go through like one small faction and new up any. We pick up a bunch of stuff and then you're like in another like there's like such specific organ,
vision to the year ass I mean, and then they have a lot of vine I'll. Do it uses more those places where you start to walk out? Neither we ask it is pretty amazing, though, that any impulse bought a record player a little box, regular players- I just another one for my desk. You must be reviewed and why does it just be if it is a complicated situation trying to record your vinyl onto your computer was really I could do it easier than the set up they had for it, but the EU is able to, but it looks like the guy with the address again lifted up. She likes you days were you I want you just put your will often in front of us, be it on the record that was that was like I mean so many may make Thebes off of my parents erect like my parents had like a really huge record collection, like of course like when school, you have no money to buy at least anything I mean, I think, not you're of your parents yeah additives and they had good taste, the music and they had all these records that there there were just sitting. You know cause they. They were pretty obsolete at that point, like those it was pretty.
Fine all becoming something that they'll want I'll. Just take the rock then I would stay there. The boom delay heaping yeah, I'm gonna do box in the basement and my dad is kept all the forty five that's awful in America through them. When I was a kid I'm a big thing I like to do: is dubbing Cosette tapes to another Cosette, to name because it would do the high speed loving and what speed everything I was. I remember that was like a thing where thou not lose heart technological, the eye funny James Zephiel sound like an chipmunk ere. I there as well The guy subsidies are actually really please don't go back the if there was a song. I want to hear more because with Tfc you have to remind there was a song that I thought like. I don't want to hear this more than I want to buy next day or twice, but I repeat, because you don't have to feed, they have to find it in there,
We want a nightmare when you gonna put at the beginning of the side. Did you love? I even IRA One did. You do like radio dj suffer. Did you just may take mix there I mean just tapes, we we did a little Raby, my sister and I made a little afraid of my Fisher press rather player Plato or slowly. So we heard that ITALY, men are like that bastard yet report like the emperor's, really love. What were some over some of the hit songs on the old, so additional mix tape. I was the allowances ice. No like definitely Lake Lake. Limited via, like my dad's record collection by lot of cats. Stephen James sailor and others Eve. Oh you said was old Christian Rio's will Graham Parsons, that's understand,
seven. These book, a law that like I'm going home gall does like, I would say, my area of love and expertise. And had caught her my browser way into a cross Celia hospitals across a great guy summaries, diving really at I'm a girl or like the summary, isn't that, like a little more blue eyed soul, but the little yeah. This is over in a way that is in some areas is kind of good. Take us a little far from here, but what we do, but diamond girls get that base reptilian. Indeed, in due time, I scored like a really sweet, like collection. That was like one of these lake collections, that Lake Warner Brothers would put out in the seventies lake. Let you know about the hit, isn't it's called men gold. Yes, for desks it's
me too. I mean, because you can order, offer tv Yeah, yeah yeah, I mean you're, not in HOLLAND and serve. Is it? Is it yacht rocky there? Isn't it doubling cross? over into yacht rock, but I would say it's more. Just like straight up mellow go see because I do have a mellow gold, either right rock ass. While the back these links, this is, yeah. I haven't got right playlist on no, I don't. I don't think I would say like there's like a Stephen still solar track there a wreath of Franklin Track. I mean it's really spans the gamma, but it's a good men will tell me tell me many these. So this is on this is on my. I can't see that far. What you read this gotten better, that's better! No! I cannot and will not meet over human. Ok though I have ever do it again by data seventies, classic song, doktor hook,
now you're, her Pablo crews, no, no, no steal it in there's some still, there might be theirs. The leader of the type of thing that would be on their. I don't think, there's ilium! I can look up this particular record and see When men no go yet I got the cannibal on theme on here by Chuck Mangi own hat. I got a I mean shitload to Stephen Bishop. There is, I feel, like there might be a demon Bishop track and a bunch of my Mcdonald, the others know they're. There might be a DB brothers track good I think I might have the hook up. Mellow girl, that's how they sold it to removing or Sylvia. I dont know if you can find a you're gonna have to like look really hard guts and honour that it sleek super easy fine you're lucky my parents was initially music, so I was stuck machete music. When I was a kid oh, where did they listen to my dad? Why
I was in our country music, which I've since grown to Irish by love country its. But like said These, like Wayland Jennings, which I love, which is yeah it which is good in a lot of old, like like re price and like real classic good country music, it my ma, listen to like I mean I know we had that they know. We had that very good frustration. Duet, album, ok guilty our aid. We also Had love on the rock spaniel diamond, ok and oh yeah, yeah, ok, I know I know divide, so is a definite. What's your name parents were trying to lay each other with their meaning that five, eight a country music, my dedicated hated, like my mom, me neither whether we weren't you grab. I grew up and in London, California you did yes. Would you go to high school? I want a crossroads. Do you know, of course,
Did you guys AMOS? Earlier now I went. I came out here, my senior Highschool, our where'd, you go. I went to a Jesuit school called Loyola, o cool, my sister monthly, Moldova is our sister school Yasser Arafat was inaugural school yeah. My mom of trying to make the Catholic school thing work fur, like my sister ass. She liked my Mama Catholic School like I don't know. I don't think it like worked were like we're like crazy kids. Italy could tell us why you're a crossroads run yelling at yet worked for me. I I never went anywhere out like we spent one. In London. I I I went school there, but I once crossroads all the way through, but my sister switch. Lot lot of my friends that we need to be nurtured, created a lot of my eyes at her former high school dropout ex all winter grass roots are but three years. The thing I am like this is like a very nerdy fact about me and that seriously pike
I like em, terrified of drugs like and like. I would hear those things about kids and it would like. I I never knew anyone like I mean I knew people who did drugs I never saw them do drugs. I never knew until a later when they got caught and kicked out and stuff the same way. You know idea like I had no idea. I saw like an anti drug commercial when I was seven that sphere. We saw my leg still to this day. I'm like, I can't believe it I want to be the guy sitting. Like oh came by myself, I thought with a patient care, do as the dry back learning for every kind of drug, whereas it caused by my best friend MIKE this girl he knew and by your party and she casually through, and that there is gonna be crack departing. It's such a comedy word that it did not like her trying to
I set off like it, wasn't a vicious like yeah, so you're gonna, be I call people, music is gonna, be some drinks crack you gonna, be jobs like well, well, well! Well, what's what kind of ships isn't that great investors are really in the bar grounds. That big no there. I know they're. There was that that thing about something I got an amazing education. Their night, like tat, amazing teachers, and I actually did very well when the Jonah he'll go there. You know a lot a lot of fun nerdy Smarty pants kids went went across the EU. Could you could really? You could really get on the path of of of of smart clearly have paid work, Well, that is not in a swift and I'm just like trying to talk in Layman's. My brain by public school rank air, like I just sugar from our readiness filter
Marty known ass, it was worth Jonah word for word is not a word, derives Kosovo, where the figure meant smart, So when did you you did? Did you go to cause? You got a college. I went to Northwestern, oh, but I dropped out to be an actor that seems to be working up pretty well may the practices? It's all right with you in future and reflection by what I well it will it's. It's not a conservatory programme, though I was it was like a liberal arts education. It will. I did have a focus on theatre school. He asked yeah. I was only their nine months and there was. I took some great classes there, but but I don't it's it's it's was along with their job, got you to direct quit school you just now. I got this movie almost famous, and yet he dropped out. Now I was I was, when I was five. I was gonna fly home to start rehearsals and I I was gonna store my stuff at school cuz. I was gonna, come back. The next fall
and then just on a whim. Mouselike I have. Five hundred dollars to like to oh, I knew I had five dollars to fly home, but I I didn't spend all that I'm a ticket I got like a cheap gets allows a well. I've got three hundred dollars us I'm just gonna ship, almost of home myself. I used all the money, it myself, those before my man, Tom or would you prefer the fuel? We could get a ticket really two hundred dollars to follow a last minute. Not anymore man. I mean that we were trailing alot now. Are you tonight well we're doing a show now you're sure got picked up. Yes, my show that congratulations in Euro the gradual issue yeah, I'm really faded of jewels. By did you You say that you're gonna make the conscious decision. Like I'm going to go, do tv now. I know it was like that. I had to be honest, like
I never thought about doing tv really I mean just you know I had been heads and tell them and opportunities, but I never really thought about doing. And then I read the script. I had that's not totally. Two I had been developing a show. It ll be out, but that never really want anywhere, and then I got the script for the show, and I just really it was really funny it made me laugh. So what was the age we all want to think of my mother. We were actually based on pure Monday Bars book, I'm with the banned the S, that's right about groupies, but it would have been that would have called too, but it just you know, you know developing things kind of like a hit her mouth near us as we have such a great. I mean what's so funny about you and your career is that I feel, like you, make very specific choices about the kind of stuff you want to do. Because the usually when I hear that you're in something I always think of that probably has
be cool vibe to it, because that kind of stuff that you'd ten year you tend to pick. You do make that can't you turn stuff down that you'd die, yeah. I just do whatever I want really enough. Incidents like very simple, but no I just really em it's just like do. I feel like doing that right now. It's very much like it, based on just complete Lake Lake seat of my pants decisions. Really like I just Emily guess: no! Yes! Now I make decisions very quickly. I think just cause. I don't. I don't want to. I think when you like way pros and cons you much if you let yourself be every time, I've let myself be talked into something, and I have like I've bad movies and they were all, because they let myself be tough in it. Like someone like made me feel like it was. Like a good career move or something I usually. It was not
I'm gonna learn anything: it's drop out of school, you what you have done, every ship, your I make. It actually does the festive actually pretty sweet to be out of the gratuitous dollar plane tickets. The rest, your shit yeah two hundred dollar plane tickets. I never I see that you are again look at I met. What's with religious thing is, is it was routers thing? Is that you know There is an actor where you sort of firm, you kind of become almost Hunter Gatherer and we re in a way that you in this mindset of I just have to take. Comes along because right, but knows what I want to work again, but then there is something very interesting and unique about saying no to things as you don't want to do them. It creates more weird cool stuff yeah. I actually like I that's where, like I mean I I also like right music. I am ban and so have.
In more than one job, makes me feel so much more secure because I don't have to take jobs just because that's a bad place to be in if you're. Well, I guess, but I'm not getting any other work. So I have to take something you hard to wake up in the morning. Cuz if your work on a you have to wake up really early and like we get before the morning for something you're not interested in is void, because then you almost feel but almost feel secure. In there's prisoners and I have no choice, I have to do that in and then a reflex poorly. I knew of you if you're like phoning everything your friends are hitting, because Odin was complaining about the job you guys are really hard to be. You know I am we're.
Very familiar with she inhibits of I love who sang. I particularly enjoy the song, a black hole of volume, song thanks man. When did you I mean I know I. Obviously you had a musical background. It you're not just like all. I'm just gonna start thinking when everyone, when you and when you sang in the Movie ELF ever was like of o ass. She actually as anything, not just let us act. Your thing we ve been the thing she button when a giant black sang in the high priority. Like oh yeah, that's the thing he don't. Let's another thing we only went across her dear. He did go across rosea crazy thing about that. Some got one as we go, the extra Venice some guy has just watch. I fidelity. Into the store? Is a hey there's this guy at the end of the movie high fidelity that sings and it's so good does he is he a singer does even album out, and it was like the week before that
nations, the album came like a day back in and actually can be bought it and they came back in the day after that is not what I expected. You deserved songs about wieners. I wanna hear buried over the upturn, Fa Cup internal overdrive. When I heard him I met MR shows gets. Universities are second season of the year that libraries papers reality have to hear more under the overalls one. That's the other farmers daughter and the farmers when we did when I do of ages and allay with Kyle. He said he was like a jack piloted alot of that stuff, like I'm going to his apartment once and he was in his underwear and there a pizza boxes everywhere and he had drawn the tonight de logo on a napkin and any just showed it to went.
You gonna pick this place up a little baby. I start there then we'll make a ban. So how does it know you guys have to albums out yeah yeah? We am. We prefer tuckered out in two thousand and eight, and our second record in two thousand and I also enjoy more. Does a solar like here involves up on the pandora all the time why Maya roadway channel or my I love pandora on, but actually I was a huge fan of Matt and am I was reading, tons and tons of music. Like for no one like it was literally just sitting. I hadda dislike of big files. Of music get my computer that I was recording. I'd start writing music unequal and it was getting like to the point: where was Lake Creese Lake crazy persons old. My little league I'd play it for my mom
you know my mom's lake really encouraging to think you're. Really. Guy, then you have to play it for people and I was like when people have wanted me to do albums of like standards, because a song sooner than off people kept coming like I've got an idea. Why do an album of standards european, not I'm not going around ROD Soria, but so so I met Matt and I just I gave him my oh, my home demos, and luckily he saw something is that I wrote in his growing to produce them. Yeah he's such a great produce is so fond of work. What about dislike? Really creative? You? You could tell to Allah the like a lot of the other things he does or doesn't do in. The songs is not just something I've carer but there's one hour, there's a little lick in a song, and this is the only time it kind of comes up in a just as la interesting, so
I saw him once live. My friends Dios miles, open up form at the M, was the tiny little the theatre? Croatia. Is it the Henry Falada and though the Henry Ford Reward yeah he's playing. It saw the piano, it was beautiful and it s very arose a very happy in their smiles all of us, and that is because its hooked up against the hill, here came down. Certain was at the back of his days during the song like it was like a fucking Disney movie. That's my goddamn. Everyone's mines must react, melted under their eyes and then, like. I think you turn around and Meda. No isn't that many left on it ripped out its throw our business. Why worry about a large shows? It starts off his own mellow. Without it turns into a war, shall decide slaughter. The dear resounded may at last borne by late, more hard, Koyetsu headway with.
So interesting like that's. That's me that to me that's a sign of a really great artist You guys can come together in your sound is totally different and his son s probably different from your solar sound a little. Find it is really it's. It's really cool because also like. I think the other thing is that like when you work too, while with somebody it's like, you know like when you work while was many everything goes feels goes quickly like The day you know at the end of the day, you're like ominous. That was a whole day like it's fun and like your work, what someone you're, not buzzwords rooted leg, like an hour, feel related teen ours too. So yeah. No, I love working with them and use also he's also a virtuoso get out of here. It's crazy! and he has his own totally unique. Guitar bling like hear him play on records. They don't
no. He play it on and I'll be like that's Matt like playing guitar. I can hear his like particular disease left handed, but he plays a right handed. Are aware- and I got plans part of it it's pretty awesome special ass. There was the YAP bad hand stronger here, you're mortify, on the price I left my let's get on with it. So you do. Do you plan your tour? I mean. Are you going to happen head like a right. You know tv movie tour, yet right, songs, tv movie too. Does it just sort of calling a kind alike and the falling in places like when I feel like doing. Something in the book like I almost took lake. I took a full year off like almost a full year off last year, just to I just from acting, I just was touring last year. It was really fun. I did one little movie in the year.
For that I did one movie babe, I really slow down on the acting for the last few years, just cuz, I was touring a lot which was fine and now I'm excited to see show another event like the idea of doing tv shows you to stay in town yeah, like it's It's fun to be harm wake. I definitely get it rose, I grow weary of living out of us. Uk is simply this is your show, is its multi came. It is single can't single camps, beg you actually, so it's like shooting a movie all right, you don't get that sweet tend to five seconds schedule now that it's not as swedish schedule. But but you know I I don't know I've done a couple like episodes
Multi camp chosen and I totally respect that are like it's. It's a complete scale that I think is really amazing, but I prefer to be able to do things a bunch of times and like a just, my performance further involved, because yeah like if you dont know, if you have like you, know five cameras on you and they all ones like a wide job Monday. I would do different things for every shot. Sure has just keep your hands in the same place. Be a robot I know, but now I think that's cool I believe that the biggest really cool when you're doing sitcoms- it's like you really there's, not a lot of leeway. Terrain around their way out of the com is one cannot single camera so does bisbees then touring alot, now yeah he's he's touring he
He is his record comes out like next week, but I don't know what It is according to the pilot single than you singles great aunt. This really. Does this go up after that? That comes out. Ok! Well, you comes the out, Arrival got out sword gaga they'll get believe that I didn't write me like I fuck inside play it bumbershoot. One year, like I humbly apologize, Is it? Is it is it they keep? video microphone again equipment looks somewhat professional. Actually not amazing, in all of the arms everything that matter profound doesn't really work very well, have had done now, but this is an arduous assiduity. This, this belongs to reign, Think has belonged to ride secrets production, so I don't really know asked our school. He lets
guys camp out in here this whatsoever? There were do you like now you're here he might well, he go, go, go, go nowhere. Does a Vulcan hasn't now again, I see hasn't, isn't weird here. He has this weird force. Almost these part machine concerning those nerds, Sometimes you materializes through the long awaited air was written. I tweeted about my MAC ipods? We did something about it one day about like we're going. I have I have as many jobs as Ryan, but but with money and more nerds, and I want to start telling myself Ryan see, plus plus crest treated back our parts code any day, Everybody has a thousand crazy you're. Also like I, how does You do that because you literally on air, like if you think about how many jobs that guy has like he's on and are all huge he's on air from. Like six our saviour right up there. That's what I hear
Maybe he might be the architect. Oh Johnny, Maybe I hurrying him on different things is a glitch in the matrix. Oh, it is maybe maybe issues lose the killing of a fourteen year old boy he's a cyborg Godfrey. The governments like regain control of any longer creating reality. Television rest, here we are a long way to go. Into his recharging arc colony. Sound of accidentally whereby just baubles radios, we gotta, do it now an unusual half laser laser laser pew pew laser. Recalled into a morning. Radio show who might done said the one well. That was a large area, and I was thirteen years ago yet now makes me laugh more that, like I, if I ever,
on the morning. Radio show like I it is so funny like it, I just fine and so on, It affects the way yeah like this The way that the tradition, and the way than those traditions at lake formed over the years and like what is expected of us? learning radios? Like eight pages, I can't I can't I might it's like I became being floating above my body like later watching myself, talking to a morning, radio house and its Larry. I can't even picture you having to call it to do that. Hey. We here are the ASEAN, the dig dig it here's the picture me laughing hysterical on the phone and my house and my pajama. What you have just said is all these morning guys have strangely similar personalities in the sense that went and when the MIKE's go off they there they're. All very anxious, depressed people, and I think part of it is
I think getting over every morning. Yes, like seen lowly human being, drawing their the fabric of there being yeah, although I think I think, there's a they're all very obnoxious, because I think it's a big plan to keep you people from falling asleep at the wheel on the way to work in the morning is like a display of noxious and people stay awake and they'll be less accidents in the morning. I think you have eaten alive. You have to go into a character if you're doing something every morning that our because, if I were just too can just talk, like this. You have there is. I would have voted she myself in the face of migrant by come down, and you know I gotta. Do it I'll get more of the next day than I do have to like wake up early early, sometimes and drive, and I do have to say that having released something interesting happening and stuffily us here. The warning of embryos. Running, shows hilarious to solve my god energy and the big head? Do you need this morning he was aware is get philosophical Dixon
cs. I mean, if we really want to What is a dick hilarious? How do I know the same boat or that your seeing a boner Superman about ITALY or boner narrative about it or down? I don't care, did you have any? Did you ever? Did you ever do any live comedy stuff I've come anyway. He's got an improvement of again in school. I did a lot of its improv commenting. I enjoyed it, No, but seriously, I daresay I keep trying like I love of doing improv. I love it. There is literally like not a class you can take in LOS Angeles. That's not that they, you don't have to like start. As a beginner only work your way up and I'm like. I do not like being a jerk care, but lake I'm professed actor, I've been doing it for fifteen.
As I been bade to act, and I'm like, I think I can skip getting ambrosch area, doesn't Jerry economies from the four he goes and takes their progress over time starts at one or one wound Where is it I mean to get a very. He has his own set of things. He wants a were not one word on beginning umbrella. Also, you should have been in stand by me. Worried choice. The jargon do ever done, never done ASCAP monologues, you see be they asked me, but I was, I wasn't sure exactly what it was you? Basically just you go up the right kind of wanted to lake. Not do the power that they were asking, will you wanna, be terminology, will actually be improv. Yeah don't want tell us or even act. I'm telling you I the day at last I have, we are, we I haven't. I haven't alive, perform in space.
Would you like life shows and so that, if you ever want to do, I would left and if you ever want to do. If you want to put a new programme together, you can barely fire to they'll, be ass, yet be super Thank you for your course. Of course. Whatever you want to do, What are you gonna? Do you, like my mom and the audience everything very severe doing great, hardly yeah nice? Yes, then work there, good space work its base where they looked like a phone, because one is about something that I read about you that I want to talk to you about was because my girl, the same thing is: is gluten insensitivity, yes, which didn't realize you, ok, and so what I think we're I think we're learning really just the last few years- is that people who thought they just head Mrs their whole life are actually like it's a much more prevalent in my eyes. I really think I used to get sick all. The time I mean I used always have like every lake, I would have liked sinus infections and bronchitis and link everything
and they stopped eating that and it really like I mean, but it was because I had a blood test, two people just stop eating gluten there like. Oh, I just don't do gluten anymore you're by like its awesome. If you can eat it later, though you know, I don't know, I had a blood test, it said, don't don't do it, man did not that they glue question mark, and then it was no. There was just a dashing and there was a driving around with the arrows going back and forth gluten. No, no, you, dear Papa yeah, dear dear, did you did you he'll instantly. Did you feel the results instantly and fell lake? I sad eroded there's a morning period when you like a loser: bread, privileges, you can find. Maybe cakes is lengthy. Baby. His great downtown, and also, if you go to places like port
and in Seattle you paid a light all about that at least the first pizza herself, again, free pizza, wrangling, actually game, not good incentive. I get the rice crests at that Lucifer's cause. It's It is a good I've. Never it's really good. It's right on he'll Hearst do they have a cause. I can't eggs either, which like cause allotted gluten free baking, has eggs and because the egg, the protein an egg make them because gluten as the protein, the binds lake everything together and you can actually bake without eggs like logjams interference. Baking signed, but I heard it is decided to submit his desire and I'm you can like make you can just you can actually like make stuff with just wheat flour like just regular flower. If you put like vinegar and his you set off the gluten The reason why a lotta gluten free aching baked stuff tastes, weird because it's too,
crumbly, because this dumping held together as a protein owner, ruining oyster yeah, did nothing to hold it together, directors of the worse. What we have to make a lot of your own voice, they now. What did you have voiced? Many girls hate the word moist durable study, saying it's. I'm just were stored data. I David a girl in college and she hated that word. What is another thing that major mad was what is the difference between moistening moisturising, unlike what wished risings morbid? Third, while I don't know like I couldn't really can really make a century. We will not say that working where that were drove her insane but of your. Then why does a drive you into its girl, you don't have you don't have like little buzzwords it just sort of like the just feels like an electric shock running through your body, really that I know of one go apple, as it says so, do you make of it
you're on food or do you have to I mean really like I used to be a vegetarian, I'm not anymore, and I it's much easier to beat a slick eat me does eating meat? The leg makes thing going good right stakes urging stake other time. Yet no, I dont. Actually doesn't include. Gooden right stakes urges instead, No, I don't, I clearly state by eight menace and check and answer it's really hard. I don't think people realize such gluten, his little earthly, everything and whatever soy sauce so I thought of this means a man in, and you know it's just that thing were influx. General eat something and then like an hour later forgot factor must happen: in that light, she can tell she she just me: you haven't allowing yeah yeah yeah and it she feels awful. It sort of feels like you,
thanksgiving dinner, but you only eight like a little bit like then you're like I eat something doing serious. Zero larger, like philosophical theory, about like why so many Blake, because I've area of theirs there's some sort of evolutionary thing? I I I mean I don't want to be like I'm not claiming to me like an expert on it that day, say that it has something to do with like how its it as a vault that it has evolved over time. I I think there are people who just don't eat gluten because they think that, like all all we in our country is genetically modified in the in Europe. It's not right, but I actually have like, like it in my blood, like something that saying that I shouldn't have. I think Actually, I'm per Irish and there a lot it. If you go to Ireland, there is like
in free items on every menu cause like a lot of people. They are good and intolerant. Oh that's interesting! I think it's just like I. I think it might be just a genetic eng. Yeah really. It really has exploded in the last couple years. Just the arms of Emily gets like also- and I am nothing. Anything about anyone, but a lotta actresses like I'm, you know like Donnie Gluten because they think that, like people like just restricting the rolling like like self largely being about right, you know being like well now I don't need this now well yeah, and it's and it's almost you know I almost feel like I'ma, we don't got, we don't go out to eat a lot cuz. I don't feel like JANET. I have to justify it sometimes to two people at restaurant. It's her? No, I I can't go in there, like, ok, sure, yeah Northwick, getting food like it's like getting food poisoning to her. If she eats it lay violent illness. Yet it definitely can be hard
and use have to know I mean I feel like they're, just like the places that you know that are ok to go, but but definitely she's, not Is he a vegetarian? Are now? Ok, that's good! I mean it anyway that we much much that would wake it ready Europe. I couldn't only the only thing. One outrage during only the agony was you know, those like the enemy is like race, like paper rolls. Were there like it, just like a p The league race paper around letters yeah deferred until Sweden's hours, us yeah- that was all eight I'm sorry, I can't do that. Yeah. There's a lot of lettuce wraps to gas was waiting just on the ghosts becomes impossible yeah. What first of all its hard to eat even remotely Healthy yeah is blue, no general travelling time to go to the. But then, if you travel not is not as nothing much into place as she goes r r b know their novel foods is the Saviour of travelling yell whole foods is great yeah. I mean
having been on tour, or last year, like I just like a aegis eat the same stuff every day which is like However, I would just like eight yogurt for every me put it on the rider yeah exactly. Does it yeah, you know it, they publish people. Lake, hospitality, writers, and so what you like. But it's not funny because, unlike the wood I really think I was cool if they thought it mine with mind like Greek elinor. No, I think TAT S really cupcakes or something like that visiting our I worry, there's nothing else on earth. I worked with the registered in Venice, which, with Ronnie the baseball from the ban, the MOSS and a huge waste on restores where they would all get together and think about what you can put on their on their writer too, so they can just half stuff when they come back, they would put twelve packets of of toilet paper and his
Instead they would meal ever there having venues do their arrows regime, and so Botswana tours over. They said the other March part the van would be gone and then we'll be replaced with all the help they come on. Let's put it all up and then we'll have to go shopping for a while, and I had a genius I am no, I will not. I think I know you have to pay for all that says the vows think like it's funny when they do back zero like pulled that person. Is you guys realise that that person's paying for like the elephant, dollar whenever there, like crazy things, often regulars misread the shield. Him shows the oh yeah, out of slaughtering dear think. I would have liked him go bigger, goes biggest possible following I want to kill it offered by hand about a lot of water Buffalo. Let's do it when you're writing deduce, do sit down to write or
Is it one of those like? I have an idea for us all and now I'll write you four out of the right. I have to force myself because otherwise I get distracted. So I have to accept my I have like lock myself in my house for days on end and the like. I I think I I don't like I dont, really right ever with other people, so I kind of lake iconic. To be alone. I have to. I have the feeling of being alone, for like enough time before a surgery like it's sort of like a strange thing, that lake like like that that was reading. All that music, I alone on location like doing movie, is where I really like lonely, didn't know anyone and I alone hotel rooms with like a little keyboard rating, saw them like our travel, Guitar Mosher record onto were originally. I would where I had an embargo which has taken the port of all the tools and they had like mine.
But in literally like I would travel with a suitcase full of staff. Flake outlay came all's only microns, and so you ve a flag, is a dangerous agony. I gain new value Malaysia legacy, traveling would like a slide for a guitar late. No one knows what that is applied by everyone thinks you're doing something: and and like a folding, guitar and link He bore seen those holding the car that they actually sound. Ok totally sounds not bad lake. Because their job to get the job on its own, like style. That way, but yeah. Just traveller glockenspiel, I'd like a bunch of crap and there are the Glock yeah. God I love the Gluck angel Block and think This'Ll folding one leg. You like a one lady ban to insert into hotel you set of recording studio. That's what I used to do about like now. Lay
computers have built in migrants which actually sound better or easier. If you just trying to make a quick downloads like so much easier days, internal. My garage them yeah then wait a minute. And then like having to deal with like I my first I'm all as I would blow out like every take like because I'd be Lake Sucro Asian, like they have a really specifics out there, like I didn't know nothing about, I had like no knowledge of like record in order that lake to them. You must be mistaken. Ok, ok Everything like, as I believe, you're going to like it. I live like putting up that egg foamy egg, create on the wall and staying away. For that I had a digital eight track. Ok, a Roland, oh yeah, and before that, when I was in high school, my first recording thing was: if you had a karaoke machine, but met this.
You like an old fashioned like over dub, you where you just go like like almost probably like. I guess how, like last Paul D, they will be like an old fashioned like over dub you, where you just go like, like almost probably like So, like last Paul did at lake originally take a tape and then you'd have it in the thing, the harmony go on to the next step and then you'd switch the tapes images new mixed up. We once in awhile right a bottle of the rail without a fourth literally go back and forth to track. You dont have it's not like yet nuttin, there's no mix down it's just literally like you screw not be a there's. No. Turning back- and there is no no no going back so yeah- that's pretty awesome. Yeah It was that it was there. It worked. How many songs you think I made you feel like
given a song for like fibre, albums songs that and been that have unreleased. You know no, because Lake There is a reason why some Santino, like some songs and upon records and lend like you, know some you know, are you note, you know necessarily worthy of the eyes like true his eyes video. But these were really there. I mean there. Some saw each other some sound, but I really feel like that x records We all knew songs and it's gonna like that. Third record thing: relaying don't have your whole life to write, runny! More, I'm too I'm As you know, I like em, they say like you have you
left right. First, rocker, right and others are certainly call the sophomore slump. Buzz Lightyear kids are gonna, be ever make me like the stuff in working on their whole lives as their funding. Had that's right. That's why that's that's what the reasons why for the reasons I think the arable is monitored fear MIKE was version and what liars as these are the reasons why the concourse and want to do a third season, because that is the first season. They did all they're a stuff, and then it was like. Maybe they go right, hit songs again. Yes, that can seize and you're gonna go Freddy Mercury. They just thought it was awful. The experience what just hold this like ready. Mercury is a good ski referencing things. People can't see with their I can imagine that recognising juggling over those
you just tuning, and why would you be wearing those ballet shoes, sir? That short is where this is? It's? U disguise it! Your jackets on fire. I wouldn't think. That's all. Radios we all know the Bali that horse in here right now that you know it. Anything, you know soap, acting music is there anything else? Is there any other cut their meaner than anything you want to try to die, and so I started I just I'm sorry. You say that like it at an neither maybe we'll be interested, It's the common EU website for girls Action called he hopped about it. It's about how local
calls on my friends, my friends, Molly mangle you're losing of all are yeah yeah she's, my mother, my partners, and that my other friends so fear Rossi, whose a producer we started this website, so that Russia she married to a guy he's not marrying I'll get around, but is there is also. A born surnames, Sophia Rossi. It is not the porn star, it is the producer. So you know I was also porn certain Chris Hardwicke. Maybe they wonder why there was that there was a comic named dick hardwood. I'd. Give anything could make my last name worse, its beneath his first name, of course, wish what what's what the exercise there have been richer, Hardwicke, richer. What so? What's it was them is it is it? Is it sketches of blog format or with its actually it's a comedy lifestyles though we have like law
again and then we're gonna do like more. I mean we're just starting so we're gonna like more video content and stuff. Like literally everything you know some. It's cool, there's like not enough stuff for girls. I told currently being a girl like there's, like almost been like a tipping point. The last year. As far as lake like there was like there's like there was no place for girls and comedy like if you want to be like in a lake in accommodating You have to play somebody's s friend we have to play somebody's girlfriend right, mobility, wife, yeah, exactly and an arm. All and- and a long time there weren't that many women writers, like how many writers and, like all the sudden, there's just been it's like up like a total tipping point, now. Is a good time if you re I'm fall into that so many of the car pilots. There were picked up. The season are women. Would moose go go to
over which is crazy and she has a talk, show which is created also has a function, so she has the one that she wrote with her friend yeah, I'm sure they won my story than an raids and then day of the torture, Jesus lot for one that is allowed to rise, the cry of she Cresty come on you guys. What are we doing here? I'm like really has done over the coming years crazy or dollar eight. She is, she absolutely is. He would have to be there so, yeah it's cool, and then you know with bridesmaids being such a huge success ago. Yes, will honour its awesome cuts anyway, where we started this website for all. Are our friend who are finally decided about you, something's gonna, be brave, yeah I'll, send you a link to it that will prevent we you know you're. This package does not follow me on Twitter. We don't I do you
Do you have anything like it doesn't have its own paganel nervous. Did I married you? Don't follow ideal value cries last. I may I followed, you knew did not while I'm a hundred percent positive on the real. So we d- I know you, are you just hit our atmosphere, twitter, little man? I thought he's my friend neuron to talk shows together individual ever I have followed you follow them. Oh yeah, that's me Ok, if I wish I d, never usually thou know. Why followed you first,
I believe that we can fight about common resolve everything. We end then no weapons. We can sit each other d. I am, I love twitter at great cell phone. There really has been really has been a lot of fun. I mean as much as you know, sir. It's funny I like, I feel like over ones on twitter, and then you get to the middle the country, and then you go who hears. On Twitter and he just hear this now it I dont dates and I'd want from a cat. Let the goals they got up. Had breakfast, no think of something interesting to write to you, my brain, you all about it, and I am surprised how many people have twitter accounts, who don't have Google like they'll, be like when you're, so on I'm not going to answer that media. We got a lot of listeners like this. They wanted and I will go up just how not at the website cause. They just think it think it through. You could have deleted something like
five minutes ago and then ask people ask your If you can't quite get as I can't help. What are you did? Did you like dirty stuff when you were growing up? What what constitutes I mean they're, so many different types learning you're absolutely correct, we were you into a room. Peters and our? U indecipherable were you into a video games? Are you into any any? In the year I mean yeah was like I was I was I would call myself like an extremely nerdy child, but I don't know like if I was like fit the box of nerdy, but lake is there a box Learning not anymore, we take those two sides different flavour. I was I adorable. Oh my god. Thou is good thanks thanks. You should always professionals, watermelon grape, there's, watermelon and there's no cereal, definite watermelons gum, yeah I mean I was I like red all a kid and I did like
intended arise when its energy and Joint Fernanda, I was really into Zelda. So, did you go on Irina up on your iphone? You can play the oculina now. There is really no you play by blowing into the no real yeah just because part, though, is that you can there the map of the world that you can go and you can listen to other people playing law. Yet, when they're playing there is like an edit- and it shows up as this green gables we're Akerana Theocracy, because you listen to the way people are planted in Japan, yeah and then you can go until the Eastern Bloc of Europe and there is no different. Only different die. Tonics anytime there, a quarter tones, there's gonna, be some different yeah. I was definitely, and Super Nintendo that was listening but like actually like a little too into I feel like it was it got to be lake.
Me in a really terrible mood. When I would have to like be pride away from right, you know cause you, let's get out of on a roll you're like about like, beat a possible love of bloody gives and have sat arms. I do. No, It's not gonna, because Mass now I therefore understand to get appendant there's someone is great, but there's always somebody greatly to videos have kids freaking out when their their game work when the council shuts offer like oh my gosh, or that they their game. I was also one of the computer games to I really like there's a game Transylvania Vainer know of this game? It's its along the lines of its the ones where you type in Commander Billig Move Raja takes like exhort, like that, like the leader of the movie big, where his game, Ass was her yes, yeah so absorbed
in that, as in other, actually really loved computer aims? I really like computers, but I never liked was like programming computer. Some like like make my own games or anything. I dont know how far you want me to go into this nursing. I want you to start programme in Euro aims. We did learn a little bit like when like an apple to ease or was it was that the turtle name was called we learned year, like you, type all this code, and then you just make the turtle like walk across Senor. Oh my god, I can't believe you're, my god, you tabled last slash that like it, but it literally like I was just typing, as you just be like. Ok, if I wanted to go or three inches after in time, by I want to turn circle hard.
He has his leg boring. I taught my phone like what I'm when you on their okay, so like like, like the Nokia phones, Lake in two thousand and wine, and you can open yes, yes, I any was a bit. It had to be like yeah like you, but it was a very complex. This summit. There are a lot of character, do needed to enter for like each note, and I taught it to play some like. I I just to item play innocent man on the hood of us, like I'm, just like I had like the real work like the jars like Facebook. I I had that. I'll, say I was really bored, and so I just taught it to play a bunch of like jazz standards. I tried to. I tried hard to make my maker doctored re sound It's in your work, better with, but it's like who, once a year
phone blinkers, I call trains run it and that's how you make it sound as wide as possible, be able and its own that comment. It's real spreading a fan, Percy faith conductor killing of so gorgeous really am. I am until anything out it's all its old. The Norman Linboff Squire. If you know what they are, Well were pretty, At the end of our anger, I discuss really fast coming in with that. You never want. If we ve got it out by will will go, get some good. Peters at any whispers as long as there's no exit Coca cola, and then this is what I wanted to give you the thing. I start getting, but I don't know even something that you that you want
some reason, I'm on a someone's sigh fi romance novel list. So I have all these crazy. Like do you only a writer review where none at all I wake up, but this one just like this. This would just look kind of fun. It's called ministry of peculiar occurrences, and it's it's a weirs did they lie lyin, ready, long curls gives on buying the rights they all these works. I dont know what that's all a man has the take up rate. I liked it isn't. This gentleman has its pinky fully as you know, is valid. They are now, but I think The lady thing. In those days, men were Danby that aim steam Andy's. Yet it does seem, but because they both have goggles
like hell? You know, that's not so someone on Twitter was once you pointed out. The steam block is what happens when gas discover the color brown. Yeah two or when they want to get crazy. Ngos sepia Well, this been awesome. I have that. Thank you so much for coming over how it can come back again. If you I'm going to have you come back, they literally by more than a third thing, we're gonna, do whatever you do I'll show you knew alive, improve, show how they don't do it. Ok, com have to start of the one hundred level king of Yahoo com lies here. You're gonna, get that think the first I'm like our. I call I guess it's an orderly thought of dear you're gonna, like the template Erlich, I should live up to you. I was keeping com
So it is not just that second Rebecca Romania she's living, like account also Heather Grams uses likes you thinkin classes over it used to be as well was really ere. I didn't notice them why I'm here ya, look at the student roster of that theatre. It's weird I follow her everywhere paradigm. Is that one stop? She was making everyone gains. Catcher were then improv. She was an improv cause you like have to like work your way out of this gas Jerry. Whenever you have to improve your way into writing weird yeah, I never you know As someone indeed like in the the nineteen hundreds, I took some of the ground these masses, and so I was our. I had already done. A bunch of improper dented when I started taking the classes of this area Did I hear a book? Is I never thought about the rules before we have a real and they have different rural legal, different rules, rosier here and there
all be like none and then, as the latter is it a glass of the growing cannot only six thousand dollars. They cut me air with our lifestyles. Just had an article about the like how he thinks that the shore form games are the better improv than the long forms of yet alive. Long from people say that your form games are real, improv, yeah exact, it's better. You know there's no rightly now bearing all improv guys all improv taught the top the funny offered up there and there is some kind of a bunker. It doesn't have to always be funny. That's the thing not just basing I I really like. I think that, like one people try to be funny it at sunset, that's why stop doing improv, because my stand up my stand up. It was the model notwithstanding muscle was to try to take control the scene and make jokes right in that.
Always the worst in problem. People are trying to make jokes like right. These things have to be organically funny with everyone working its re rain has three as the war controls, ivories I'd really hot today. Isn't it I cast off. Folding doesn't have you the heat I have hot farts. He turned produce far why in writing. While deliver this baby. There is no so much more rigorous things for having me guy and they are these annexes. Really that's the jobs they obstructed. Yeah, he doesn't care. Does this?
You ve been told early, never heard here at the last as a judge, and they have real bottom came with scarce growing I've. Just gonna go it like the last seen of full recognition is put a pillow over his face and is suffering better. It's done. You got nine hipster Beatrice do ironically, Norville PBS, I gotta, look because its Larry, I see, I believe, also played out now, leaving noticed dot com Are you alright? This episode of the murders podcast was brought. You buy, go to meeting meet easily with colleagues, even when travelling or working remotely for your free thirty day trial. Was it go to meaning that calm promo code noticed.
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