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2016-07-06 | 🔗

Listen to episode 74 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Creating Harmony and Success. Edited and adapted from Success Through Thought Habit by Benjamin Johnson.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: "Secure Harmony First" is the best advice---for where Harmony exists, there can be no nervous tension, sorrow, bitterness, recrimination, resentment, unhappiness, envy, or anger. Instead there will be exemplified peace of mind, health of body, a contented spirit, freedom from want and abundance for all desires.

The very word "Harmony" is in itself a marvelous combination of sounds. There is something strangely soothing about it, a hidden meaning that implies far more than the accepted definition of being in accord with things. It seems to hint at latent power. And just as any observer notes that harmonious sounds will control, influence, and uplift an audience, so a truly harmonious personality influences everyone for good and leaves a memory full of inspiration.

John Ruskin once said, "Hundreds can talk to one who can think; thousands can think to one who can see", and so with Harmony, hundreds can talk of it, thousands can think of it, but only one in a thousand will really see and thoroughly experience it...

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You in part by book, observing makers of inspirational, fashioning gift ideas visit them online of zen dot com. Today's podcast has been at it in an adapted from success through thought, habit by Benjamin Johnson, published in nineteen o eight to the person earnestly seeking success. Nothing seems more difficult to accept and understand. Then the advice They must change their habit of thought. Spend time in practising right thinking. They say, that's ridiculous: they want something more tangible, something more difficult than mere
and besides, they are quite sure that they have been using the best and most uplifting thoughts for years. If only that were true, as ralph waldo emerson is said, thinking is actually the hardest thing in the world constructive thinking. In addition to being difficult, also requires constant effort, and that is why so many people try to get out of it. They want success, happiness, prosperity, but they object to the price at which these qualities are sold. With ears successful friends and acquaintances and you'll find invariably they have paid for whatever they have attained. The successful musician has spent long hard hours in practice each for many years until finally, there very soul is filled with. Song
give to the world the poetry of their music. the gallery artist his study patiently to understand not only the technique but the sea where the blending, their colours and after patient, years of work, the laurel wreath crowns their efforts. The architect has studied form, as well as material has his travelled and observed put their knowledge into actual service by producing in Wood and mortar created in their thought world. Nothing has been an accident all success careers had been earned by the persistent application of individual habits until five. Lee every obstacle has yielded and victory has been won.
Scientists have affirmed that everyone is nothing more than a collection of habits to change your life. You must first of all change your habits. This idea is not alone mean to change your manner of eating sleeping dressing in working most important of all and first of all, your habit thought must be re made or remodelled and then the other matters will follow as a matter of course. But where shall we begin? Success means different things to everyone, but they all must share something in common philosophers, poets and religious seekers half ages struggled to discover the mysterious something that will make the problem of living a simpler and more enjoyable process. Ultimately, they have all arrived at the same conclusion that the one thing now
sorry to the living over perfect life is the possession of the quality familiar to many, but really known to few. It's called harmony. Haven't you use a condition of mine that can only come from within and being, contained within. Despite the adverse circles. answers environment and almost overwhelming odds against it. Secure harmony first is the best advice. For where harmony exists. There can be no nervous tension, sorrow, bitterness, recrimination, resentment on. happiness envy. Your anger. Instead, there will be exemplify peace of mind, health of body, a contented spirit. abundance for all desires, reward harmony is in itself a marvellous combination of sounds. There is something straight:
actually soothing about it a hidden meaning that implies far more than the accepted definition of being in accord with things it seems to hint at latent power. Just use any observer notes that harmonious sounds, will control influence and uplift an audience so a truly hormone. his personality influences everyone for the good. It's a memory full of inspiration, John ruskin once said, hundreds can talk to one who can think thousands can think to one who can see and so with harmony We can talk of it, thousands can think of it, but only one in a thousand will really see and thoroughly experience it. Each day We meet examples of people who are distressed always in debt
always longing for happiness and comfort. Always complaining of their misfortunes. They in small ways: blame others for everything, that goes wrong with themselves. they are indolent insincere, instil continued. The wonder why they do not succeed. They both feet when I say that the problem of living is too hard for them to solve, We want harmony is indeed but their idea Of harmony is something they may purchase were secure without an effort or get out of a book. team, when everything goes there way, not something limit, developing their own minds in spite of depressing conditions. Occasionally, people feel that the study of the best Gurus will give them what they need and they sit wildly for the self development books. They think may help them.
One such person, who had read many pages of good advice, but it failed to improve. To one of the greatest teachers in the self help field and said I have ten days and weeks, fighting against all sorts of bad habits, and I have resisted temptation is hard as I can, but I still find it harder all the time to be better the teachers smart, then said. The reason for your trouble is very clear. You really have been thinking. So much of what you wanted to avoid that you have been since trading on your bad habits, rather you're, good ones now for a time Just stop weeding your mental, guarding and affirm harmony is hard. Is you can but objected the young person? What can I study that will help me? The teacher replied, study, harmony, eat; it think it drink. It sing it.
breathe it whistle, it fill your mind with it. The last thing at night and the first thing in the morning and last but not least, demonstrated in every action friends who watched this young persons pro they spoke of? It is remarkable that the sensibility became phenomenal with a smile, that was the most winning dan ever known, individual became one of the most successful business people in the town, many called the person lucky for they did not know of the many hours and days and weeks that this person is spent debating the harmony habit Which they were now but reaping the reward, occasionally finds a hard headed business person nor bitter academic who laughs at the idea of harmony is being practical, but these people Lord becoming less evident every day,.
For the whole world is beginning to realise that it is a lack of harmony that creates business failures and domestic troubles, as well as fills our penitentiaries and mental hospitals. A young woman who had been studying constructive thinking wrote to me one day and said that she could get along beautifully as long as she was alone. But that are family annoyed, her and major irritable. When I am turn that her family could not irritate or annoyed her less. She allowed them to do so. In that nowhere on earth. Could she develop bush stronger, harmonious consciousness than amid such unpleasant conditions should became Indignant. Then one day she came to see me and ass, I talked I picked up a ball
the table in something inside rattled. As I shook it, what causes that noise? I asked why the way you shook the ball, she replied yes, said, but if the ball had been solid instead of cheaply constructed, nothing inside It could have rattled you see, I was only a medium for finding out just what, Israel, the ball, was made of whether good or poor answer daily experiences proved to us whether our philosophy is good. For me, The poor imitation of the good for it form, the right habit of thought. If you are, really harmonious, nothing can rattle inside and no shaking can disturbing From that day, on, the young woman, understood by another person, could not disturber unless she herself was weak and let them.
So, let's go over these ideas once again, absolutely harmonious consciousness will produce perfect health happiness and abundance Harmony is always manifested from within, not from without The truly harmonious personality cannot be disturbed by people conditions nor environment. The only been necessary for the development of a harmonious personality is constant practice and the constructive thoughts that are necessary for development of this consciousness. night, you should relax completely and affirm. I in harmony at the same hi breathing rhythmically the same process. Practised in the morning in the intervals. During the day now many times, people honestly believe their projects harmony because they make these affirmations, yet they at
same time. Indulge destructive thoughts without realizing For this reason, I am going to share with you a list of constructive and destructive thoughts, with the suggestion that you conduct a self analysis for one week by keeping a record of your thought It's the result will surely be beneficial oftentimes instructive. always will prove the truth that harmony comes from within and not from without no matter what causes mason really contribute to the harmonious effect. Let's begin with the destructive thoughts which you should try to avoid, but which you should always acknowledge, feeling as applicable. Doing your evening inventory of your thought, habits for the day. Anger
And anyone for any reason, abuse of those who have offended you. Blame someone or something for your failure: criticism of your friends and associates, condemnation of any offender.
Deceit toward anyone envy those more fortunate in you, fear of any thing person or condition fault. Finding were complaining gossip at any time, hatred of any one indolence and intended see to shirk responsibilities. Intolerance of other people's views jealousy for any reason self pity, because of your condition, selfishness and not sharing with others
Slander lose you dislike untruthfulness for any reason. Now let us move on to the constructive thoughts which you should cultivate during the day and meditate upon each night. I'm going to bed appreciation of your many blessings. Charity in thought. Indeed, consideration for others: courage in every emergency
fulness under all conditions. Confidence in your own ability desire to succeed, enthusiasm in your undertakings, fairness in your dealings with others, faith in the ultimate outcome, Generosity of time, as well as money good humour, no matter what goes wrong, kindliness
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