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How to Find Your Best Self (Pt. 2) | New Year's Motivation

2021-12-30 | 🔗

Listen to episode 642 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Find Your Best Self (Pt. 2) | New Year’s Motivation. Edited and adapted from How to Get What You Want by Orison Swett Marden.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Last time we talked about the importance of self-discovery. The great problem is how to get at the force in the great within of ourselves, and then to put it to work to the best advantage. For whether life shall be a success or a failure depends upon the call we make on our resources, the extent to which we develop all our possibilities.


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world girl, many inspirational living fat cats praise reading was cited in an adapted from how'd. You get what you want. I also swear morning published a nineteen seventeen last time we talked about the importance of self discovery. Gray problem is how to get up before us in the great within of ourselves. Lender put it to work to the best. For whether life shall be a success or failure depends upon the call we make on our resources, the extent to which we well of all our possibilities. The other day I was trying to encourage a friend is start out on their own instead of settling
I own in a narrow groove to work for somebody else all their life. I am afraid they said. I haven't the courage to take chances. I've always worked for somebody else. I never made a program for myself, never start in anything. On my own. I don't dare to make the attempt, because I might fail. Their friend will never get a hold of half of their resources because they are afraid to trust themselves, afraid to branch out to take chances. We don't know what we can do until we try and only use faculties never grow or strengthen everywhere. We see starved stunning lives
people, who have discovered only a little bits of themselves, little patches here and there in the great wilderness so their possibilities, they don't believe in their inherent greatness, don't realize that they were born into this world to do a certain work, and I have to do that work. They will need every bit of power. They can develop. The average person starting out in life has no means of knowing what their total assets are. Aura. Systems of education do not help them discover their possibilities that you see only the assets that lie on the surface and if they
not instructed how to find those that are deep down below the surface if they do not get into the right environment. If they do not make a call on the divinity within themselves, they may never develop the person. It is possible for them to be calm. Now we find ourselves in very different ways, struggling with difficulties. Disappointments and failures is a common means of self discovery, but any ordinary event. Any easy way of prosperity will not do it. It must be something which shakes us to the very center of our being and knocks out from under us every support. We must feel that we have nothing to lean upon, but look
creative power. Withem began, who made us so long as there is no call made on the great way in front of us. We never know where rome resources. On the other hand, the structure of many a divine success has arisen out of the ashes of a burned out fortune were ruined hopes like those plants which must be crushed before they will reveal their swedish fragrance. Many people never reveal blue swedish thing in them until the year crushed, by some great sorrow, they go through half a life unconscious of the richness which lies bury within them. When suddenly some great grief, some overwhelming misfortune reveals a wealth of personality and
if the power which not even those who knew them best dream they possess the shock of the civil war which uncovered the greater abraham lincoln, also uncovered the greater ulysses s grant when forty years old, nobody outside of his own little community new grant. After that time, he had not shown the slightest sign of what was locked up inside him. No one ever dreamed, there was anything remarkable in the may, and yet all of these years, walking around without distinction, was one of the world's greatest warriors. There was disguised in that apparently mediocre individual,
A man who, next to lincoln, was the play of the chief pardon me saving of the country. There was locked up in an ordinary may, one of the greatest military geniuses that ever lived. Century of ordinary events in ninety give a glimpse of the giant sleeping within him. He never dream what was inside of himself up
his thirty ninth year or later, everybody who knew grant would have laughed at the idea, as he would have done himself that he had ability to take any prominent part in this subduing of a great rebellion. He had graduated twenty first, then a class of thirty nine at west point and thirty two. He was a nobody and was forced to resign from the army because of his great weakness. He went into the real estate business, worked in a store in a tannery and was a comparative failure in the
lol. It was the supreme emergency of a war which threatened to disrupt the nation that revealed the real man to himself and to the world truth be told many people pass their fiftieth, even their sixtieth milestone before they find themselves before something happens which unlocks a new door in the grade.
Within themselves, which reveals new powers and new resources of which they had never before been conscious when, in a few years after their discovery, may end up redeeming half a lifetime of ineffectiveness. We often hear men and women who were found themselves, tallow, no particular things which awaken their ambition, the accident or sorrow, but a book or a suggestion. The emergency or encouraging frank wish first gave them a glimpse of their own possibilities. Uncover power which they never before a dream they possess. Follow. The people who have done things worth while in the world would only give an account of how they were awaken, would tell me
things that had aroused their ambition. What a wonderful help it would be to those who are struggling. There are a multitude of things which can assist star self discovery, for example, keeping our minds in a positive creative condition, keeping ourselves physically, at top condition in perfect health, maintaining mental poise, a cheerful, happy attitude
By keeping our minds free from fear, worry and anxiety, there is no secret about any of these things. Self confidence is a potent self discoverer distrust in self depreciation. Close the doors to the lack of out and see some powers within a focus on the door ran releases then seek every possible experience. We seems to open your nature and release new force. For instance, after listening to a wonderful voice, are going to an opera lovers of music feel something inside of them released, something which had been locked up before, something which they never really
new they possessed until then. Sometimes a great play will produce a similar effect upon people may leave the theatre feeling conscious of an enlargement of soul when children are frequently chain. The ideas about our future career barons, oftener puzzled and troubled at what they think is fickleness. This often occurs because education unlocks new powers in the child opens up new passive, nobody's to them in changes they arrive. Deals in a vision is one of the great advantages of education and wide experience is that may help us to long cover more and more of our hit him hours, and then you see
many exhaustive, all, no matter how many many discoveries we may make make ourselves nero, apparently is no de munition on the remainder. In fact, human life seems to be a sort of funnel. We pass in personally small and upper and lower farther. We go the larger and larger grows. The funnel horizon keep several pushing out towards the infinite. There seems no limit to our possible growth. Many people go through life without having their nature opened up to any great extent, because they do not seek occasions for growth may do not take sufficient pains to get into an ambition, arousing ideal awakening environment not long.
Well my watch at night and in the morning I found that it had stopped. The hands were just where they had been. When I wound it, I took it up, but the hands didn't move. Then I gave it a violent shaking and it started at once and then ran until the main spring was exhausted. The following night. The power which enabled low watched.
do what it was made to do. Was there all the time all I needed was a little shaking up this started going everywhere. We see people standing still mentally and spiritually, making no progress toward further self discovery. They have ceased to grow, both men and women who are trying to make the most of their lives, never stop growing. They are always on the road because their goal is always receding as they grow larger, broader and more. Efficient may only stop or fair way stations to unpack a few things which they no longer need impediments which hamper them They resumed their journey
away all along the path of life. He would like to get your hidden resources, stimulate your growth in power. You must continually being proven yourselves somewhere increasing your intelligence by closer in keener observation by constant study. You people in things I broadening your mental and spiritual I'll, look by getting away from the south and then an enlarging europe sphere of service helpfulness parenting his heart, but being a cat
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