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How to Overcome Fear | Courageous Living

2020-06-25 | 🔗

Listen to episode 487 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Overcome Fear | Courageous Living. Edited and adapted from Everyday Efficiency: A Practical Guide to Efficient Living by C.H. Forbes-Lindsay.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Everyday Efficiency: A Practical Guide to Efficient Living by C.H. Forbes-Lindsay, published in 1918.

Fear is the most devastating agency in life. It prevents initiative, paralyzes effort, promotes disease, hampers development and in a thousand ways mars the character. And yet, it is one of the most common defects in character. Most of us are subject to Fear in one form or another. We fear fate, we fear death, we fear disease, we fear poverty, we fear failure, we fear accident, we fear difficulties, we fear responsibility, and on and on.

While writers on the subject agree that Fear often becomes a vice, few offer any practical suggestions for its eradication. The reader is generally advised to use their Reason, which is well enough as far as it goes, but the fact remains that the conclusions of Reason are frequently not sufficient to control action.

Lyman Abbott states that if we look back upon those times in our lives when we thought we were facing danger, we will see in retrospect that the lions were almost ways chained. We know from personal experience that situations which initially excited our fears, were rarely, if ever, as bad as our imagination had pictured them.

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the continuation of our part cast for years to come back. You today is reading, was agitated and adapted from every day of fish and see a practical guide to efficient living. I see each forbes lindsey published in nineteen eighteen fear is the most devastating agency. A life prevents an issue paralyzes over promotes disease hampers development and in a thousand ways mars the character, and yet it is one of the most common defects in character. Most of us are subject,
to fear in one form or another. We fear fate. We fear death, we fear disease, we fear poverty, we fear failure. We fear difficulties, We fear responsibility and on and on while writers, on the subject degree, that fear often becomes a vice few offer any practical suggestions for its erratic asian. The reader is generally advised to use their reason, which is well first as far as it goes, but the fact remains that the conclusions reason are frequently not sufficient to control action. Lyman habits, is that, if we look back upon those times in our lives, when we thought we were facing danger, we will see in retrospect that fell
irons were almost always chain. We know from personal experience about situations which initially cited, our fears were rarely if ever as bad, as machination hand picture then, but the fear feeling persists. Despite this knowledge, in the great majority of instances, fearful person is acutely aware of the unreasonableness of the emotion they may known from former experience that their dread is not justified. Nevertheless, with recurrence of the alarming conditions. They fall the newly a custom fear feeling here, the cause, largely in habit and suggestion no amount of reasoning, will thus a factor remedy. It must be found
in undermining the basis of fear. I counters suggestion and in the exercise of your will. Fundamental causes of fear are uncontrolled imagination, lack of self mastery weak reason ill health any or all of these, it made manifest itself. Fear is a mental state impacts you in several ways, such using your nerves, in your moves in a single bull, sorra, chronic habit, a totally unbalanced condition. The abyss to master render destroy fear depends upon physical fitness power of will and mental balance. Fear is inconsistent with perfect house
That is the state of the same mind. Mynors sound body. Much depends on a healthy and fit body. He rarely happens that a person so strong, sound money, nerves is subject to fear, but with the establishment of robust health tendency to fear invariably vanishes or at least is greatly reduced self respect. stimulate you to against the tyranny of fear. After all, What is more, a humiliating then the consciousness that, despite your desire You will be over master by a feudal emotion whenever it may arise. Epictetus rights, no one that fears or agrees or is anxious is free, but whomsoever is relieved from greece fears.
anxieties is by the very thing released from Monday. The state where our my news constantly no favourable condition to accept fear, which we then made no effort to combat, for example, of thousands of people are. venom from making progress in their lives solely by their fear of failure. In many instances, they actually possess the ability to accomplish those things which they had not the courage to undertake a timid self restraint is indulged in until the failure moody's produced and they become entirely without self confidence anticipated failure before their main and effort. The shores of fortune are
with this strand wreck, so women and men of brilliant ability, but who lack courage, face fenders four parish days, more resolute, but less capable adventurers arrived to take their place, fewer afflicted with any form of the fear habit. It is essentially your success in life you ready yourself of. It is not only because of its immediate effects, but even more so because of its and deleterious influence Suppose you were a general character, make a firm determination to throw off the yoke of shakespeare said screw your courage. Do those sticking place while nothing can arouse sufficient courage, energy, to make an attempt. We often find, It is not enough to carry it through to the end
effort in laws, pain, self denial, difficulty a conflict of desires of those some the desire for relief battles with our desire for a punishment. The latter must be made strong enough to prevail or failure will ensue, always member that decision in resolution are strongly damaging. The fear view decide upon a course of action and are determined to following, regardless of the consequences of fear, feeling willow subside when retreat is cut off, and it is certain that the thing feared must be encountered. The feeling of fear usually declines.
And often do so peers entirely soldiers are familiar with this fact in anticipation of a battle they are commonly overcome with a sensation of dread which later falls off like a discarding cloak when they are launched in new action. Many actors in public speakers experience nervous apprehension before facing an audience, but then become com and self possessed at the moment of stepping on this stage or platform. So here is what to do when you have a condition attire score, a duty which sites you were fear do not allow your imagination to dwell upon it. Having decided that you should do the thing in question resolve that you will do it despite every
Thing then excluded from your mind. All thought of the unpleasant conditions or consequences say to yourself. We have cancer, duration and allowed if possible. I oughta do this thing and I am positively going to do it that settle its no use, anticipating anything unpleasant. I shall have to put up with those things when they come and probably will not be half as bad as I imagine, they reside so loosely no sure cure for the fear feeling. Then the practice resolute lead here too, of envy ably doing the thing they you fear to do. This will reveal the groundless character of most of your apprehensions gave you confidence in your power to rise, superior to them and break down
Heaven or mood of fear. I know what a famous millet, general, who in boyhood, narrowly escaped the attack of a rabid dog that one of his schoolmates, causing his death from rabies. From that time on, he experienced the most acute fear of all dogs site or sound of one unnerved him in its approach threw him into a state of uncontrollable terror. This condition continue. who'd unabated for years, when he became determine to overcome it. I extreme exercise of well. He forced himself to pat every dog back came within his reach, although for long he could not do so without trembling. He them purchased.
Dogs and gave them freedom inside his house, despite my misery that this caused in four months at the end of a year, his fear of dogs had completely disappear. Weird any ultimately became decidedly fond of them. Make it a rule to do the very thing: You fear, whenever occasion arises, sternly repress the temptation to escape, and compel yourself, perform dreaded action every time like you were with less asserts itself the degree of Europe fear feeling will be diminished. However, every time night you yield to a fear, feeling beating their retreat before it. Its power were, you is increased, fear comes and now from doing irritation,
his infallibly from the not doing fear is the deposit of those solos inaction that wish you really undertake, but gets courage seemingly the antecedents of action. Courage is actually the result of doing something and courage, like any other, have it comes of acting of doing the thing. One fears to do decline, always why you fear, and the death of courage, is uncertain. As law, do always what you fear, except the immoral and the death of fear, is also with sir This law most cases, the foundational fear easily mayan anticipatory imagination, condition Simmering apprehension is set up, Julie increases and then common.
sin in emotional overflow that subvert self control. The process is much like that of generating steam in a boiler. To the bursting point, I fear is actually comparatively easy to combat in its early stages, afore the occurrence of the occasion for it. You must resolutely exclude the disturbing thought from your my and, above all, never allow a mental picture of the thing or situation. There is fear to fix itself in your mind. Remember that there is a distinction between thought and feeling. The fear thought must proceed. No fear feeling important pointers.
who form the habit of nipping the fear thought in the bud before it can develop into a fear feeling at the first approach of the fear, feeling suspend all action for a few minutes breathes slowly deep an regularly. This will still you're nervous agitation and produce mental calmness and a sense of energy in this condition and ever loved. The will is comparatively easy, you're physical to them will inevitably effect your mind, producing a condition in harmony with the appearance. All of this is in accordance with the laws gesture whistle lame, whereas smile for fifteen minutes- and you begin to feel cheerful late. Your shoulders drew in your gave me, come downcast and a sense of dejection will
steal over you. Likewise, the habitual maintenance of the right physical attitude will prove a powerful force in the cultivation of courage. Make a practice of carrying yourself with an air of self assured. throw out your chest, all your head, erect in look bull, your upon the world. Do this for one week and you'll see just how strongly and positively it drives you toward courageous living The inspirational living on task is the production of the living. Our frames for in your life, In thirty days with our majesty meditation programme are unique. Autosuggestion sound method, meditation will help. You achieve success,
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