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Inspirational Life Lessons For Adults (Young & Old)

2016-08-29 | 🔗

Listen to episode 89 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Inspirational Life Lessons for Adults (Young & Old). Edited and adapted from Our Sunday Talks by James J. Owen.

Self-Help Podcast Excerpt: The materialist may balk at talk of the soul — for they view the physical world as the all in all of the universe. They see reality only in those coarser forms of matter that appeal to the physical senses. In fact, they deny the existence of any and everything that their senses cannot grasp, forgetting that there may be keener senses than those of their own organism.

We use the term "coarser forms of matter" because to the undeveloped mind, those are the only forms that make an impact upon the senses. But science is constantly unfolding new and imponderable forms of which the senses take no note. Traversing the field of matter, it enters a new and unexplored domain which seemingly lies outside the boundaries of matter. And here in a maze of subtle forces and forms, the unfolded mind is lost in wonder and reverence.

We should therefore be modest in our denial or rejection of what we do not know to be true. Comparatively speaking, there is very little that we can know of anything save the simplest rudiments. Whoever dogmatically asserts that a thing is NOT so, because they do not KNOW it to be so, simply advertises their ignorance to the world — and that goes for scientists as well as religious preachers.


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