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2022-06-02 | 🔗

Listen to episode 685 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Make a Decision Today | Success Podcasts. Edited and adapted from Character Sketches for Boys and Girls by Henry Davenport Northrop.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: There is one habit which you should cultivate, not only for its usefulness in general, but especially for its value in developing true decision of character. That is, the habit of doing everything that should be done, precisely at the time when it ought to be done. Everything in human character goes to wreck under the reign of procrastination, while prompt action gives to all things a corresponding life and energy.


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The inspirational living pack cursed phrase reading was agitated and adapted from characters sketches for boys and girls by henry davenport Northrop published in eighteen. Ninety nine no person is weaker, remain the one who is a weather vain. They turn this way and that with every wind that blows, they have no mind their own, no fixed opinion, no firm resolution, no strong determination. Yesterday, they thought one thing: today: they think another they are unstable, went hence weak. They drifted about straw, those in store. They come to a conclusion. They do not know how to hold it
They are ready for another and then ready for the next easily influenced sway this way and that people say of such a person. You never know where to find them. I say: do not trouble years. to find them at all? They are now were finding now. On the other hand, we also don't like to see a person whose chief characteristic is stubbornness person who resists soul, appeals to reason, makes up they're mine hastily and then both may never give up their opinion. They are absent in. It am proud that they are so a mule mayhem most excellent qualities for a meal, a person who is mulish, who is stubborn and little else, but stubborn zone
to be ignored. Such a person is too weak to form a correct opinion. They have too little mine to every change their mind. Now this is and to say that we should not be firm, steadfastness susan, global quality. However, when it is guided by knowledge, it becomes obstinacy. In other words, we should stick to our resolve just to show strength but, having made up our minds were, what we are to do is right in reasonable. We are, then they do it, though the heavens may fall, do not be drifting constantly from one purpose to another, keep the ending view impress toward it. Have the power of decision, which means success and get rid of men in this
which means the feet here is the secret on many of failure in life. Undoubtedly, you have seen those who were brilliant mine capable of achieving march endowed with energy and activity. Yet simply spun like a top whirling round and round and accomplishing nothing, may think they will do this and again they do it. They think they will do that and go about it. They think they will do something else, try it and then give it up. One thing they should have given up was their senseless and decision for so long as they're blown about by every wind that strikes them all effort is our failure and life becomes an absurdity to be fixed and resolute. Is a virtue
to cultivate this virtue. You must learn how and when they say. No people who cannot say no are never their own keepers; they are always at the command of others. Is it too much to say
the world or a miserable on this account miserable themselves and also a source of misery to others. Is it too much to say that the decision of character is more important than anything else now? Why would say it is not arise in everything else? They who, like to change themselves, must begin with the smaller matters of life. Great trials of life come but seldom they who allow themselves habitually to vacillating hesitate and remain undecided in me. Everyday concerns of life will inevitably do so in those larger matters which recur less frequently. No one will succeed.
In a choir intrude, incision of character, we fell perseverance, a few feeble efforts continued a day or two or a week are by no means sufficient to change the character or former habit. The effort must be earned his energetic unromantic. It must be persevered in through life. There is one having which you should call debate, not only for its usefulness in general, but especially for its value in developing true decision of character is the habit of doing everything. Made should be done precisely at a time when a oughta be done. Everything a human character goes directly under the reign of procrastination, while prompt action is to all things a corresponding life,
energy. Everything that impacts decision of character is laws by delay. It should be a sacred rule for every individual who lives in the world for any higher purpose they merely to never to put off for a single moment a thing which ought to be done immediately, even if it be no more than the making of a bad, and I see a person neglecting their correspondence letting letters or emails constantly pile up. I never failed to conclude that, whatever other excellent qualities, they may possess near a stranger to the one in question, so who cannot make up their minds to answer a letter when they know where it ought to be answer in general, a letter oughta be answered soon after it is received
not likely manifest decision and other things of still greater importance. Indecision shows itself, in other things, are even less import, since then, the writing of a letter, or example right thing in the morning. The person who knows it is time to get up here cannot decide to do so, Council lies yawning a little longer and yet A little longer still can never wildly singling sending this
Fishermen are in no way be decided in any thing else least habitually. Yes, the decisiveness may occur in fits and starts, but the habit will never be so confirmed as to be regarded as an essential element of one's character when I'm trying, especially to encouraging you is bold decision that grain determination, without which no person can be more than half a woman or may firmness of purposes to me, master of the situation being of a great number of difficult perceives. Think of the many hard things people have to learn. You are anxious, let's say the mask
research and subject: do you think he will attain this goal by pursuing it with enthusiasm for a week and then giving it up for a month you get down over your desk problem is a hard won. It suddenly occurs tee. There. You have a headache which is very convenient thing I have, since my problem is so hard. Your efforts suddenly seas, but if you could be decided enough to take the problem and stick to it with grim tenacity, you would doubtless have the sweet scientist. direction of having conquered in and would approve something of even greater value that you are not so weak as to be driven from your purpose by trifles or difficulties years ago. One of the hardest undertakings known to the mechanical science was the making of lenses for telescopes.
There used to be only one successful maker of these lenses in america and that company furnish them for the largest telescopes on the continent. It require not only mechanical genius for cutting grinding polishing energy, testing the glass something vastly more was needed. Imagine the getting a work which is shorter last two or three years, with the possibility that, even after all, that labor and time it will still prove a complete failure, something flow might appear. Some disproportion, some unforeseen beef. Which would defeat the whole process. Then a new beginning must be made with the chance of a similar result. There.
Wonderful, is the lanes through which the Heaven was bursting new splendor, more marvellous. By far is that steady aim and unflinching perseverance, which declares about it, shall be done The assertion strong and on yielding as have much to do with many of the great successes which command our admiration. Where many people fail is in a crisis of conduct, they know very well the course they should pursue, but they are attempting to do the opposite. They fancy. If something is to be gained by yielding safer, were possible ever to gain anything by his sacrifice of character. They have come, knew a fork in the road
one road or the other, they must follow. They have a grand opportunity to say no and do say it would place the brightest jewel in their crown. It is just here where people break go to pieces and the wreck is more tragic than that of the richest merchant ship ever cast upon the rocks. That is why their decision of character is such a grand virtue. Wine has been celebrated as one of the chief elements of human success. A great deal of labor is lost to the world for the one of this.
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