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Reaching Your Utopia | Motivational Podcasts

2022-06-07 | 🔗

Listen to episode 686 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Reaching Your Utopia | Motivational Podcasts. Edited and adapted from The Secret of Success by Frank Everit Mitchell.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: True success is not the result of luck, guess, or chance. It is the ripened fruit of persistent industry wedded to intelligent conception. And the reason why so few of those who try succeed is not that they set the standard too high, or that they have not the ability to reach it, but because they lose heart on the road, relax their effort, yield to discouragements, and thus become careless or indifferent. They lose sight of the end they had in view, and allow themselves to drift with the current, resting on their oars, waiting for something to turn up.


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