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100: With Tim Ferriss. Musashi, and How Warrior Way Relates To Life

2017-11-14 | 🔗

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0:01:00 - Tim's recent Silent Retreat.

0:09:12 - Musashi, An Epic Novel of The Samurai Era 

3:03:52 - Final Take-Aways.  The Path.

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This is Jack, o podcast number, one hundred, without which our and me Jocker willing good evening, echo good evening, and we have a guest with us tonight who is in large part responsible for this podcast existing in the first place, who has provided massive support behind pretty much everything. I've done, including in part, Gaston events and all the other stuff that I've been getting out. For the last couple of years since I deplore the shadows and into the normal world in this is the person that pulled me from the shadows into the normal world. Mr Tim Ferris TIM welcome to the shell. Thank you for having me Jack can we have you not an inch, listing state right now. You do because you just got done with a
Ten day, Sir I went retreat and- five day fast, embedded in there somewhere right, I did so my first handy You know that, don't you don't my notes, weren't here after I said that my notes, Dude question mark, like dude, we have just voted tell us about it a little bit. I know you'll break area later it was. It was in retrospect, probably layering a few too many things on top of one another, but it was my first meditation retreat? Also, my first silent retreat, combined and consisted of ten days of waking up at five thirty and pass. That part beginning. I note sleeping in starting by thirty, have woken up stars and while end
sitting for forty five minutes of meditation walking for forty five minutes of meditation and doing that until nine p M, with the exception of meals. But as you mentioned, I fast it for the first five days out of ten weeks. I wanted to see how that affected my state and I sat down. Meals, effectively meaning meditated during those times as well, and it was an intense unexpectedly, intense experience
because it fun layers your psyche, in a fashion that I hadn't experienced before, since you have no distractions, you're, not permitted to read: there's no music, there's no talking you're discouraged from any writing there, no devices, and that means there's no real escape from whatever is ricocheting inside your own head and as you go through the passing days, you drop into deeper layers of your personality and the stories that you've constructed for yourself, as well as direct experience and memories that you haven't thought of him. In my case, twenty twenty five years- thirty years thirty five years in some cases, he's very vivid, intense memories to come back, and so people have a very difficult time.
At points and the teachers are there every other day to interact on a one on one basis to ensure that people don't have complete psychotic break. As was. Did you hear random question did you hear people like crying in their rooms or whatever hurting crying definitely hurt people crying people went through a lot of pain and there were sublime experiences, swollen moments of deep clarity or alleviation of suffering, but I think that was actually just looking forward to describing the experience to our mutual friend Doktor Peter TIA, who may be the most like cerebral, intense impatient. Analytical person, I've ever known to a degree that even I find hilarious, which is difficult
through its use in this war in this world. In this life and his level of obsession and per cent Rating under four on concepts endlessly makes me want to do a second retreat Peter when he is not allowed to tell me how you feeling, because I think the more you have
run your life through your prefrontal cortex, the harder you fall, and I would not recommend it from US people really, because I would have left the retreat three or four times probably, were it not for one particular teacher who had decades of experience with tens of thousands of treatments, because I felt like I was going to leave in war shape that I came in, that I had regressed to a very reactive emotional state and that it was going to be a huge handicap. When I left I felt like I was regressing tremendously and he was able to write the ship a little bit along way, but if, if he had not been there, and I had left even on day nine, I ramrod like people-
supposed to be in this deep state of bliss, or at least that was my perception. I feel like I've just been rub, broad, all these nerves, that I've have numbed from difficult experiences in childhood and so on have just been exposed at the surface. So I think it's, I think it requires a high level of supervision, and this may not be the the forum for discussing what I'm about to say, but for those people who have the experience it might make some sense. It had the characteristics of a very a very strong psychedelic experience, but laid out over ten days where there is no escape so instead of ripping off, bandit. You are being exposed to facets of your life and character that perhaps you have not faced in decades. So ya was seventeen days,
we get when you did when you get sleep deprivation which have gone through some significant sleep deprivation. You know you have those kind of you know you take a trip without leaving them type situations in it, for me, was nothing, nothing crazy or anything I remember seeing. Bob signs in the ocean and traffic It's in the ocean and stuff like that. I'm not crazy work, a crazy! It's not it wasn't some psychological sort of unpacking where I was meeting my former self or anything like that but yeah. You definitely that that's when I I've never tried psychedelic drugs and when I people talk about him to me, it does not sound fund to me. Because I think that where I think that where I would end up would not be happy place in and I don't really need to hang out there very much I should. I should also say that I don't in the case of the south,
treat or in the case of psychedelic, do it for fun and in I've had a few people ask me Did you enjoy your experience? I had a few staffers afterwards I go. Did you enjoy retreat and, like I found it valuable I wouldn't use the word enjoy here as well, you obviously you're gonna unpack this thing and I'm sure you'll do awesome episode talking about it as you look back, on it right now. Your brain is still it's still seventy percent there and they told us at the end, which I thought was very appropriate because it applies to so many things. They said, or one of the teacher said, if you you think you know, right now and you're, not you very hypersensitive, you retreat is half time, so it will take ten days, the equivalent amount of time to re, integrate and Gary tethered. Mauritania,
I'm fucking book once comedy I could have ten days to gingerly, walk my way back, very helpful, but nonetheless a street for so much for any minutes. If you have a book and your book is ninety percent done, I'm right hold a more seasoned writer when I was running my second book as I'm ninety percent down there s an old congratulations, only fifty percent, but that's the trim work just like building houses. The trim work that all that little stuff that takes longer than you think it's gonna take well So did you set the stage a little bit number one we're on the spot gas before which was an awesome episode, and you talked about some of your heart experiences group growing up and going through college and actually having suicidal thoughts beyond that suicidal plans that was passed. Asked number fifty and it helped a lot of people. I got an immense amount of great feedback from people, and so thank you for doing that and on that
podcast. We also briefly discussed a novel called Lusatia and This is incredible, but that you read night red and the end of the book is just full on epic and it's all thousand page book and it takes the hope that the at. The ending of the book is literally the last page and half so that's it you have to read a thousand pages to get a thing. This ending and we decided on that part Gaza. We do do that book for power. Just one hundred so here we are and We talk about the book Musa she by e g yeah. She cower e g. She caught and I'm just going to accept. The fact that I will be getting my japanese pronunciation corrected all day, I won't correct it unless you want me to go well, maybe after I get done with something you could tell me just gonna sock that
There is now the book So if you don't really think about a new motor massaging, great german swordsman and he wrote the book the book of fireworks and I actually covered book on podcast number. Eighty. So if you haven't listen to fifty and if you haven't listen to eighty goes into those too, I will give you some background, which I don't want to spend a bunch of time on their cause. You spend a bunch time on it on that podcast, but the basic understanding of whom we saw she was born into a samurai family around fifteen. Eighty four. Fought first dual at the age of thirteen against a grown man who he killed by throwing underground a beating him with a balkan pocket book.
Bulk- and this naturally but oh yeah wooden with his wooden sort gesture to do said, wooden, sword and good in that in and then through his life. He traveled any did all kinds of things and he fought. The sword doors I used to think that they are all too the death but actually work right, there's some of a more just like if I you could submit. You know that Could you say yup you want, and you could agree beforehand what the rules of engagement would be who cares they could have a discussion and determine the sent to which you can inflict damage on the other person, so they were all to the debt. They could have a biscuit gentlemen's agreements like let's not kill each other. Today was only do this one to broken bones and handicapping. How d you gotta. Do you gotta? That's a hard core coming
yeah. But how did it? How do you come off? Not look like that. Was you dont want to say: hey, let's break bones data, let us pray pounds you you'd, be like now we'll go to the death. That's it that's weird but yes, but a bunch of a more to the death a lot a lot of them were the death and again there. Then he got done with that. Fighting and he wrote the book. Five Rixey also wrote a book called up like steps called Dakota Close Japanese has this. This stutter CASA for people are wondering. Why am I like? Japan conciliatory it's it's because I lived in Japan. My first trip overseas ever from fifteen to sixteen as an exchange student robs the only as you will american in. If a five thousand person japanese, high school
where I also worry uniform and did judo and lifted the japanese family for an entire years. That is why I am commenting on jammies Doc, Google, Docs, gold or dog, who is alone. Coal, is to walk. Let's say, toys wage is the same. Dull from Judo were IP, though which is way so it's the way of walking alone, and I should have said that. That's the reason why I thought would be awesome to have you on here, because you do have this knowledge not only of the language of the culture, and you did this it you done a bunch of weird stuff, cool Yahoo, job summit, japanese, horseback, archery right. Which, by the way, also pretty dangerous, turns out and so that's what that's why I wanted to have you here, because you got an amount, massive amount of knowledge that I dont have so again and that that due to close enough gone with whose role is is covered in podcast, eighty as well, and also this is
a spoiler alert, and I guess I should do this every time I do a book cause. I do books on here a lot and I always tell what can happen, but for this one this the spoiler, because the book it does have the most epoch ending. I think it must be. It either the most beginning of any book. I honestly think that it might be that and we going to cover it. So If you want to read this book Then it would give you about a year to read it. If you haven't read it yet, maybe you're not going reading, you should just listen, but if you do want to read the book and get the full satisfaction of it, then it stopped right now and then Go red massaging take another year to reopen the thousand pages long and and then come back and listen so can. I say one thing get absolutely salute this book and we we can get back in summer, the history, but I bought this book I've a paper bag version decades ago in Tokyo at
Bookstore called Keno Quiney. I showed you got a huge bookstores. I once at least four floors, maybe six or seven, and I carried it around giving myself Scully owes us for years and years of so intimidated by adjusting its a bit a few inches thick lip. The paper is take onion skin. Unless I can't everytime, I pick it up its kick it into once I started, I could not put it down and I finished it in a couple of days. I mean it's, it's that good, so it's don't be intimidated by this it by the size. It's not it's not as much of a as long as you would expect Nels once you get into it. You just get sucked in and the the writing is beautiful. It's very clean, very clean. Writing. And the story is that's another thing. I should say to us that so there's a bunch of intertwining narratives in their about a bunch of different people and characters and eight they all are interesting and impact foreign and they all the story, obviously, for a couple
we're podcast we can't get in all those in and really we like this. This that the main plot line- I guess, but there's all these other things that are that are going on that we're just don't have time to touch on that. Are there really great to read about in their so many If this guy would have been a screen, writer alike dialogue alone, the book worth it yeah, it's it's is there a great book and that's that. I guess we might as well get into a little bit and when- we did when I did podcast eighty with a book five rings. I started with the beginning of this book: and I said when I did- that that when we do this book, I'm reading it again because it so a jet. So here we go talk as though tuck is all tat is all, tat s all lay among the corpses.
There were thousands of them. The whole world's gone crazy? He thought dimly a man might as well be a dead leaf. Floating in the autumn. Breeze. He himself look like one of the lifeless body surrounding him he tried to raise his head, but could only lifted a few inches from the ground. He couldn't Amber ever feeling so weak. How have I been here. He wondered. Flies came buzzing around his head. He will the brush them away, but couldn't even muster the energy to raise his arm with stiff almost brittle like the rest of his body. I must now for quite a while. He thought wiggling One finger at a time. Little? Did you know He was wounded with two bullets urged firmly in his lie: low down Clouds shifted ominously across the sky. The night before
some time between midnight and on a blinding raid drenched. The plain of second, your horror. Now pass noon on the fifteenth of the ninth month of sixteen hundred. Well the typhoon had passed now and then fresh torrents of rain would fall on the corpses undertake as those upturned face. Each time it came opened and closed his mouth like a fish trying to drink in the droplets like the water. They wipe a dying man lips with he reflected save each bit of moisture, it was not his thought. The fleeting shadows of delirium. His side had lost. He knew that much had, Aki, supposedly an ally had been secretly in league with the Eastern Army and when it turned on mid sooner, his troops at twilight, the tide. The battle turned to her.
An attack. The armies of the other commanders, you Keaton, she Mouser Coney. She and the collapse of the western Army was complete in. Half days fighting the question of who would henceforth rule the country was settled. It was took Java, Yazoo the powerful YE dies diamond. Images of his sister and the old villagers floated before his eyes. He thought now, a tinge of sadness is this. What it's really like. He felt drawn to the piece of death like a child, Morocco, by a flame So that's how the book kind kicks often. This guy was just born on the battlefield basically and is fighting it
savage battles as as as a kid as a kid, and I think it's interesting that you start to book where a guy's about to die. You know- and I think that's there's something significant to that- and it's not the only time in the book when he's the die. He faces these bad situations when over again and again, we just have to fast forward through massive chunks of this book and sceptic one kind? I salute me for those people who are well, during why we're saying talk is all the talk is all is, it. These represent about seemed to characters. It can also be read as massaging, so there are different readings for characters and japanese depending on if they are adapted chinese readings or native japanese reading. Some with such he is the would be called D. The economy
or the japanese reading and tuck is all seem to characters, would be the chinese reading. Basically him in the chinese origin reading which scope on YO me, so The same person talk is all and then move such are. The Japanese in chinese characters related linguistic law. They are very, similar said the the Japanese took chinese characters which they call Kanzi and they converted them into to what are referred to a celebration. So we have an alphabet abc DE we have thousand continents in Japanese. They have what old, Scylla, meaning they hurt. Syllables instead of individual letters, singer cocky, Kook, ECHO, Mommy memo saw sheets say and Furthermore, Japanese have so much trouble of almost every language. The kind of got robbed, one like the gods were handing out sounds, the trouble with a lot of languages including much, but
less v. Those simplified versions of the characters. So since the character for they could say resents peace in Chinese, which is, and so, for instance, like the word in Chinese would be untrodden such spent time in China as well in Japanese, announcing its very similar and then the character for on is, has a roof and then a woman under a roof, and that represents peace that was then modified into the sound, the vow ah, and there are fewer strokes in that. So that's some of the framework for the japanese writing systems if two scenarios and then the chinese characters at these. The dead languages are not mutually intelligible bow. Are they not at all
are certain words that are not terribly close, but maybe what you would find say between portuguese and spanish sugar, for instance. So would have a word like telephone, which is literally electric talk, which is an even electricity as cloud end dragon underneath it was gonna but anyway the that's. They were in japanese deal in Mandarin and then Joan Kwan Korean, because a lot of the words in Korea, were also borrowed from the chinese character, sir. But beyond that, the grammar. Everything else is completely completely different. And will, I think, Craxi in your cover where he gets worse, of the new name or when he decides to take the new name Jaso that guy them talk about the beginning, as just pointed out, that is massaging tickets up package,
pockets or its attack gazer, the Azores is along, so Turkey's packets, all talk, They got is massaging and you find that out shortly for those people who are watching the video that is talk is all and massaging those two characters. What's so? What is that? What is the rest? That thing say to bookmark? What is this? This is the wrapping that was put around the cover of this book in the english section in Kinnock, when you're bookstore, so that people could figure out what the content was without without having to read the back jacket in English. So this is with us: she homeopathic cocoa, long ago, so on and so forth, and then Miyamoto massaging and then Yoshi Color HIV is all here and little description on the back are there. Just copies of this area. Everyone read this in Japan this I in
Maybe miss remembering this, but I remember the time looking at this book in reading about the as they would come, but on the back cover the best selling samurai epic, in somewhere reading that this book has sold something absurd, like twenty million plus copies in a country of whatever it might be a hundred and fifty million people. That seems now that I've been through the process few times: It cannot be true, but it is a very, very, very famous book in Japan and everyone, gonna know who they would say, Miyamoto Massages, as they would give the last named. First, everyone is gonna know this guy is, and they have many hundreds of comic books and so on. Historical comic books, fictional comic books that have been written, about massaging yeah, and this thing originally came out
series I think, in nineteen, thirty, nine or nineteen thirty three nineteen thirty five or something like that, an error They came out of the series. I think him like a magazine or something legally right, quite possibly could be the case. I don't know, I'm pretty sure, so what with it all right now. We are going to get to a point where again were fast, forcing it and at this point, We saw she's been accused of murder and he's been hung from a tree and talk. One took one. Popcorn S. Talk one sort of this kind of travelling priests on any sort of counselling in and advising and serve counting advising lusatia, at this point? And here,
can a wandering around, as we saw she's now been accused of murdered, hung up that up in this tree, where they're gonna eventually come in here if we go down the book took one save me Turkey's those cry for help was loud and plaintive The branch was beginning to tremble, as though it as though whole tree where weeping I won be a better man I realise how important it is. What privilege it is to be borne human. Most dead, but I understand what it means to be alive. And now that I know my whole life will consist of being tied to this tree had undo what I've done finally coming to your senses for this time in your life, you're talking like a human being. I don't want to die tuckers. Oh cried! I want to live I want to go out. Try again do everything right this time his body can
post with sobbing tat. One please help me help me. The monk shook his head. Rita, XO. It is out of my hands. Is the law of nature, you can't do things over again that's life, Everything in it is for keeps everything you can. Put your head back on after the enemies cut it off. That's the way it is Of course, I feel sorry for you, but I can't do that rope because it wasn't me who tied it. It? Was you all I can do is give you some advice. Faced death bed. If we in quietly say a prayer, and hope some, but some bothers to listen and for Sake of your ancestors. Tech also have the deal seated die with a peaceful look on your face, the clatter,
talk once sandals faded into the distance. He was gone and talk Oh, cried, no more follow the spirit of the monks advice. He shut the eyes that just experienced a great awakening and forgot everything He forgot about living and dying under the myriad of tiny stars lay perfectly still the night breeze side through the tree. He was cold, very cold. I mean how busy wrote a book Extreme ownership will you're responsible for your actions and you need to take responsibility for things your life's. But this thing where he says I can't untie the rope Because it wasn't me that was that tied it, it was you you put yourself in this position, and that's that's the way. It is what your head is cut off. You can't put it back on massaging or puckers gets
just crazy stuff to write his young any does crazy things in one of the crazy things he does is his sisters in some kind of jail or something, and he just like attacks. It in any loses and neither gits arrested and he gets put in prison for three years and at this point, he's getting released from jail after he's been in, for three years and again, I that the just get three years of this guy's jail time, which actually has pretty short in the bucket. Did they not spend a lot of time in jail, but he's jail for three years he gets out, and here it is he's having a conversation any gotta, so small. Finally, I want to wander about on my own for awhile, talk, one, whose back that's resolving the conversation with sorry he's as usual, change your first name to talk: wanna interjected, why not read the chinese characters of your name as moose? Instead of talk as though you Keep writing. Your name is the same as before
it's only fitting that everything should begin a new on this day, your rebirth. Immortal massaging it's a good name, a very good name. We should drink to it. The following day: they both left the castle we saw, He was talking we saw she was taking his first steps into a new life, a life of. The plan and training in the martial arts during his thoughts, your incarceration, he had resolved to master the art of war, explain the the first, the first last name thing motors that that's a place right or is it in this case. In many cases it refers to originally a place, so my understanding is that Miyamoto refers to whether it's a town. Or a village or brought not province, and you would be smaller. Where his family originated from? It's not all. The case, but even if you look at English Nancy funds ain't that right, so it could have been in English,
and in a lot of languages it often relates to an early vocation. So Ferris, for instance, comes from fair sick, Effie, R, r, o? U S like ferris oxide iron, because back in the day. At some point, my family worked with metals and that's where the name is me The first name are the last November to is the last name. So is similarly the authors of this the other this. Agent. He or she call other Yoshi colors. The last name. Why do I say Miyamoto massaging the gene companies always say the last name. First, they say the family name first, except for in the skies case E. What, They said that this is where they hung, because in intelligent and got it yeah. That makes sense
making some progress, for instance, injured very slow progress, autograph intellectual capability MAX a gallop rigour yes in in in Japan, for since even as a young kid when you're talking to your friends, you you'd, never Ike. I can recall even once sang someone's first name, you just say, boy you Yamamoto Tanaka like you'd. So are you? Are you ferris? you don't mean well, I case because Ferris was like you not confusing but they knew I was american and TIM, like team, as they would say, was shorter, so there's colony. The alchemist team. Aren't you get any military too, where everyone candidates introduced by your last name, it everyone for a while everyone, just kind of calls each other. You know willing Ferris ass. You know right, sir, that's how they dress each other brain normally the altar with the x
option of saying my host family worm dealing with everybody was the same last night giver confusing. So then I call them by their first check check all right now. And it's so it's it's absolutely worth coming covering because it's the v the way it gets It's it's absolutely worth coming covering because it's the Lee the way it gets handled throughout is just freakin. Epic Oh his romantic interest is, a woman named to water ass, see I'm or to an His again, we can't cover the whole story, but this is his romantic interest and we will he's he's cheese and now the story, and the main point is that, even though his desires her and wants to be with her at the same time, there something that's more important to him, and that is that the sword.
So here we go back to the utmost She covered her small white hand, which was resting on the railing with his own. Listen, he said plaintively. I beg of you to stop and think What's there to think about, I told you just become a new man. I stated that must be whole. For three years I read books. I thought I screamed and cried then suddenly the light dawned I- stood what it means to be human. I have a new name Two massaging I wanted dedicate myself to training and disciplined. I want spend every moment of every day working to improve myself. I now know how far I have to go if you can to bind your life to mind. You'll, never be happy will be nothing but a hardship, and it won't get it any easier as it goes along it'll, more and more difficult you talk like that. I feel closer to you than ever now.
Convinced. I was right. I found the best man I could ever find. Even if I search for the rest of my life, he saw was just making things worse. I'm sorry! I can't take you with me well I'll just follow along as long as I don't interfere with your training. What harm would it do? you won't even know. I'm around me. She could find no answer. I will bother you. I promise He remained silent. All right, then, isn't it just wait here, I'll be back in a second and I'll be furious if you try and sneak away Oh two ran off towards the basket weaving shop moose she thought of ignoring everything in running too in the opposite direction. Though the will was there, his feet could move out looked back and called remember- don't try to sneak off she smiled showing her dimples and we saw she inadvertently nodded satisfying. By this gesture. She appeared into the shop if used
to escape. This was the time his heart. Told him so, but body was still shackled by oats, whose pretty dimples and pleading eyes how sweet she was certain no one in the world would save his sister or save his sister loved him? So much wasn't as though he disliked her. He looked at the sky. He looked into the water, desperately gripped the railing, troubled and confused, A tiny bit of would begin flow from the bridge, into the flowing stream, Two reappeared on the bridge in new straw, sandals light, yellow leggings and a large travelling hat tied under the chin with crimson ribbon she'd, never looked more beautiful. But who saw she was nowhere to be seen with cry of shock. She burst into tears.
Then her eyes fell upon the spot on the railing from which the chips of wooded fallen. There carved, with the point of a dagger, was the clearly inscribed message. Forgive me. Forgive me, I love her measured, His emotions, are in the process. Clearly did not dislike her heavy. That's like that. Like I love you and shock, is it is it is, but that is the that is the nightmare scenario for women rate that is banned in many issues and, having spent you know quite some time in the seal teams, the This is a real thank you know guys they have to choose between this girl and their job and
Of course, some guys can make it work and blah blah blah and I do pray decent job of making our work. But I'm telling you it's hard, there's a ninety, divorce rate, this you'll teams in the military tie so this is a real choice that guy's had to make in its. It can be really hard and that's just a nightmare scenario. An enormously what's jacked up at the guys are actually trying to do the right thing there are. They trying their there. Looking at a girl, Saint Luke, You dont want to sign up for this, but this is not going to be fine, and you know, of course people fall in love, nay those emotions start to take over decorously and an you know. It's one. Thanks, but that's a nightmare scenario for yeah. And for a guy. I think this is the weird thing I can't speak guy girl. I can't speak for real cuz, I'm not but for most guys they read that and they cannot.
Least. I do you get it. I mean I'm. I'm echoes a softly I've. I've been drinking that Japan and right late for so long that arms, like I I bet- we had in a little one, like meters were. Book invoke, yeah or or like. Spike on the presidential debates where things would be like people really agree with this thing. If you have that right there and males between the ages of eighteen and Eighty five were hearing that there are like yeah yeah, walk away, dude across other than one's rights for this you'll teams, that's the totally nor more culture. Oh yeah, are you going to choose the teams broaches the first? You you don't want it, you don't wanna put her through this, so that's gonna messed up. But it's the reality. Sorry was specially. Imagine if your your intention is to go dual people to the death repeatedly
I, the odds are not in your favour yeah, eventually someone's gonna, be better than you. What was that? Do you section mark that you are reading about how he felt about people that had gotten the upper hand on him, because that was pretty epic I find it and now, if you don't have to listen to a bad Japanese, here we go. The adversaries he had done not gonna do a good job of reading his Jacko, his been he's well practiced, plus he has the audio book voice, Jack O willing the adversaries he had defeated, even the once he had killed or half killed, always disappeared from his mind, like so much froth, but he couldn't anyone who got the better of him in any way or for that matter. Anyone in whom he sensed an overpowering presence That was the line. I underline anyone in whom he sensed an overpowering presence. Men like that
wealth in his mind like living spirits, and he thought constantly of how one day he might be able to overshadow them. That's that's! That's deeper! their drive, that's also ego issues. Clearly, those hard to deal with it in the end Unless you recognise that it's your own ego, that's causing these problems because water he bore so intimidated by I've. Seen that many times where you get like a young seal, that a real bad ass. When he's coming up- and there some of the sum of the senior seals. Maybe that are also ban asked you to basically get to alpha males in a room and it can be problematic and unless one from real the old guy realise is usually the old gather, realise haters young about common up one do is trying to help him instead of Troy keep him down, because I'm jealous and That's when we saw she's as that attitude of you know it is you care about the people better, that he beats
has led to Steve jobs of sailor. Actually, I was thinking about this on, pod. It would be awesome if you did like if you, if you D, like the jobs book and use red parts of it and you thought about it. I thought you. You know I've I've, I've, I've considered it because I've, I have listened to a lot of your episodes as you're going through books ends. I have all my highlights. Furthermore- and you saw this earlier, I showed you my index that I created for your book feel manual. And I also have a notice. This is what I was looking at. Is your reading. My own index, at the beginning of my associate with the page numbers and things that I found interesting, so I have everything locked and loaded and ready to go before all these books. It over
I think it'd be awesome, especially because my friend, since you know I do book about war, primarily cuz, that's what I can relate to the most. But you know if you were reading business books and- and you were, talking about. You know what these went through and I did you could related. What you did in how they notice either could be. I like that. I like the idea of biographies. I because I recently nodded digress too far, but I interviewed the Isaacson who I know actually who wrote the jobs book and because he just finished a new book on dementia witches spectacular. Yeah. I actually noticed that book because our telling my whatever the altar was just a good reason, while we're gonna go off the rails for second, but every year, every time I have a book come out. There's in a garden who writes cookbooks barefoot can
ass, a who, for whatever reason, always comes out the same week and then just like lining the wall. She has her own walls, the bookstores, unlike how am I going to compete against walls, I'm trying to get end calf and then also on Amazon? Every time I've a book literally every time I took a screenshot of it a couple we. I said man this book is so hard core it. So undefinable giraffes can't dance. In Bulgaria and its pits It is always just slaying beyond my books on Amazon, fortunately not the same category four, the vessel analysts, but that, yes by others, these, and in going through those to tie in pieces, would also be funding. Second, I could compare my mindset in state might develop at the time that I made the highlights with my observations now ahead of us
and I think again, I think I'll be I think a lot of people get out of it because you That's something out of it and then you get to look back on and you get three perspective. You get the person's respected priests. If you get your old perspective and you get your current perspective, that's pretty legit that's a lot of growth and knowledge coming from you know pretty quick statement, so I just what red one more and give it since its right across from when I just read the anyone. Whom he sensed an overpowering presence. They dont have the full context. Europe, except I'm, just looking at independent highlights, but it appears that massaging has been approached by several men in some environs and there are asking questions some. Talk massage. She wondered why they were taking up their time and his with their small talk. It became apparent that he would find out unless he asked so the next time there was a break in the conversation he said, prison
Maybe you came because you have some business with me. Lies dialogue is also yeah. They fain surprise at the very idea, but soon admitted that they had come on what they regarded as a very important mission, and then it goes on and on its. So many good lines in there. So many guidelines, here's a good here's, a good part moving along in the story here he has throughout this thing, it's when when I was a kid. I remembered watch what was the Saturday morning or one day they have come through, theater was actually called confer theater and on four theater was always these no, my school against your school and end, and you know that that seems meat, but that's real, like that's, not really happened, he had these feuds with various schools of martial arts. Like you, too, confused the theater and particular one
He had gone in kind of walked up on this one school. And then but like the leader, wasn't there and So he writes a letter and there's the letter that massage rights, which is to you, she yes yoga Name your shoe, that is in your she coloured character. What does Yoshi mean yours look at the same time. The item, I don't recall off him a year she died. She this yoshi that Yoshino yeah all that same year and this is yours, so Here's a massage write. The letter says I am told that you and your disciples are searching for me as, happens. I am on the I am now want. The Yom MOTO Highroad my intention being to travel around in general area of Egon essay for about a year to continue my study of swords and ship. I do not
to change my plans at this time. But since I regret as much as you do that I was unable to meet you during my previous visit to your school, I should like to inform you that I shall certainly be back in the capital by the first or second months of next year. Between now and then I expect to improve my technique considerably. Trust that you yourself will not neglect to your practice. It would be great shame if use ok. Campos, flourishing school were to suffer and a second defeat like the one that sustain last time. I was there In closing, I send my respectful wishes for your continued health, help massage I love the little jabs your flourishing school wink ha it's so jacked up, but yeah, that's old school talking smack right, respected cycle. What they do in the british parliament rules,
Hamilton. If you see the play same thing, I haven't like with kindest regards after you basically say I want to meet you unduly and shoot in the face, with kindest, regards and wishes for your continued hell. How we ve lost there's something to that. Isn't there you know like getting just have a feud and still be respectful to someone. I respect your intellect in your capacities and yet stop at nothing, but until I destroyed So this is another Dodo storm which again. This is a modern term that I think digital people created. Did you ever used the term Neto to her that if we ve never her dough Joe Storm before, though just arm is when you take your digital guys and you go to another, and this happened it again in San Diego San Diego. Where we live is, is it's gone? Do the phase already of all the skull speaking, all all, battling against each other and really the battle. Theirs
reasons, one of them is because and the day before you tube, you could actually have moved that you could keep contained in your school and you could say hello. Dont show anyone this because, when he uses in the next tournaments and we want of which is either, actually would happen. Japan to buy the were so with school, with these schools, so you'd have secret moves. Will now, honestly with Youtube and every competition is on Youtube and you can watch anybody from any school and you can see what moves they're doing and there's all this online. So so, basically, there's no more secret school, they can knowledge anymore. The other thing is, economically, one time it was done my school cause you're my students gimme a hundred fifty bucks a month and so don't go to a school and what then initially it worked? You could keep your students, but will realize that if you want to get good, you have to get out of tune with other people. Sometimes and so, if you weren't gonna, let me go in train at other school. Sometimes I'm not gonna training, your school and
actually end up losing students by trying to keep the students are. I think that's what kind of levelled San Diego out and other areas that are high concentration jujitsu, because it's, because now is that young people will come and go and trying to different schools and everyone's cool. It's just a much more mellow atmosphere lost Rembrandt toothache. And when I first move to the Bay area and was training and jujitsu, and I walked into the school to take my first class and the head it wasn't very well written from a legal standpoint, but they hadn't India and Non disclosure agreement that they had people signed, so they would not teach the interval kings and techniques of said school year, exam as it used to be a lot. I don't think you too pretty Such is the thing that destroy that, but but back in the day, the Dodo storms or take place, which was we would go from one school and go to another school. That was let s a school was saying. Oh beat these guys. Are we have better jujitsu? Oh really got better just google hello
How you doing we're here to see widgets is better and it the Dodo storm and sharpened, and you you know The thing is determined on the mat. That's a beautiful thing about you. Do too So this is old school Joe storming, and this is against the wind- was blowing for where the school is he's kind of like a little bit lost looking around for where the actual schools and there's a priest eddies working with. He recovered Dodge a storm, and he's here He's showing up they're kind of looking for where the school is his kind of like a little bit lost, looking around for where the actual schools and there's a priest and is working with when he reappeared the priest handed him a registry and ink boxing right down your name and where you studied and what style you use he spoke is known. Starting a child. The title of the registry was list of persons visiting this temple to study steward of the housing
we saw she opened a book and glanced over the names each listed under the date on which the samurai or student had called followed, the style of the last he wrote down the required information. Omitting, the name of his teacher, the peace of course was especially interested in that massage. Answer was essentially the one heed and at the Yoshida school he had prayed is the use of the truncheon under his father without working very hard at it since may up in his mind to study in earnest. He had taken has his teacher everything in the universe as well was the example set by his predecessors throughout the country, up by saying: I'm still, the process of learning, learning you probably know this already, but since the time of our first master, the whole zone has been celebrated everywhere for its lance techniques. The fight that goes on here is a rough and there are no exceptions. Before you go on
you better read which written at the beginning of the registry who saw she picked up the book, opened it read the stipulation which he skipped. Over before it said having come here for the purpose of study, I absolve the temple of all responsibility in the event that I suffer bodily injury or I'm killed I agree that said: massaging with a slight grin I wanted to know more than common sense, for anyone committed to becoming a warrior all right this way. So that's the introduction, and that's actually call do that's an old school jujitsu thing when you come in for the other thing that could happen is challenge matches and out of using video from the old school grace, you gotta meet the challenge matches area, but those guys would come in and signed a waiver like gave. You die we're not gonna libelous, the the older market black market copy over copy VHF of grazing action. Here we had My old teacher Fabio Santos and he
add videos of himself doing Gracie Challenge matches at the greasy school. Been towards, and he would in force and it's the same thing camps on you ever and then you're gonna get your own broken hit by the way. First, a break, your leg, Vienna, which we like. Why so point. He goes into the school and there's some ass he's not the head of the school, but he's like their best guide, he's up their kicking ruins ass. You say next, roughly guy up and kicks it s been next Rossiskaya next and finally, no one else wants to fight, and Here we go. This guy's name is I've. A g, o n uncle icons and unusual the guy that's been roughen, everyone up isn't is there? No one else. Bellowed are gone now holding his, actors, Lance horizontally, the brain steward was comparing is registry with the faces of the waiting men he pointing at one no not today.
I'll come again, some other time. How about you know I don't you're, quite up to it today, one by one they backed out until Musa Massage saw the finger pointing at him. How about you? If you please If you please, what's that supposed to mean it means to fight yeah, it's, ok, he's gonna go in, and Nepal couple highlights out of this thing, but but but the this guy you leave these. So this guy gone hee hee really does, like a practice, run at some board that report his lance right through in a sort of like an intimidation, tactic ready. Oh, you want to train cool watch this screams and put his last right through this. This right, this thing and. Is actually there's a there's, the old guy that had brought him in it.
That abroad and we saw she's looking at him insane, hey, don't be a fool! You look stupid, that's not a boy you're about to take on meeting just killed the board the piece of wood, but that's Guys not just do aboard but extent it back yeah and and and paper targets, don't you back and they don't move that something said many many times monsieur. She then says for he does this. You know like this crazy scream and puts his through the wood he says are ready now back to the book. This solicitude drove are gone wild. His muscles were like steel when he jumped he did so with awesome likeness. His feet seem to be on the floor in the air. At the same time, quivering like the moonlight and of ocean waves, we saw she stood for
we still, or so it seemed. There is nothing unusual about a stance he held his sword straight out with both hands but being slightly smaller than his opponent and not so concerned you muscular. He looked almost casual the greatest. Differences in their eyes. Massages were sharp as a bird, their pupils- a clear course tinted with blood again shook, his head brought to shake off the streams of sweat pouring down from his forehead, perhaps to shake off the old man's warning wards they lingered on was he attempting cast him out of his mind. Whatever the reason he was extremely agitated completed, shifted his position trying to draw out massaging, but we saw she remained motionless, Ganz, lunch was accompanied by a piercing scream in a split second that decided the encounter we saw she buried in counter attack. What happened- God's fellow priests hastily ran over and crowded around him in a black circle in the jail.
Confusion, some tripped over his practice, Manson and wet sprawling, a priest up his hands and chest smeared with blood shouting medicine bring the medicine quick. You don't need me medicine. It was Old man who had come in the front entrance and current quickly assessed the situation is, turns sour if I thought medicine would save him. I wouldn't have tried to stop him in the first place. So that's, it I see one shot. One kill takes the dude out and resting the here's. The advice of that guy that had taken a man is the actual master, and he says, is your name me? Martin massaging, that's correct under whom did you study the martial arts? I've had teacher in the ordinary sense, my father taught me how to use the trojan when I was young since then, I picked up a number of points from the older SAM align samurai various provinces. I've also spent some
time, travelling about the countryside, learning from the mountains and the rivers I regard I'm too, as teachers You seem to have the right attitude, but you're so strong much too strong believing he was being praised. We saw she blushed and said: oh no, I'm still immature, I'm always making blunders. That is not what I mean your strength. Is your problem. You must learn control it become weaker. Which also fun to do, and I'm thinking doing this when I read this book and fall again is to spend some time on Youtube watching a high level. Candle competition to see how fast it it's just you idea of the year much can transpire in the blink of an eye. Is there a referee that calls it, as
kill shot. How does it out they get score to dear? There are referees side, a chance to to training, can know when I went back to Japan about eight years ago some like that eight or ten years ago, and I trained at this place, called our cue may come and I still have the armor still have everything and you you have, too much like calling your shots and pool. You have to call your target a split second, before you hit or as you hid it seems like men is head door, is abdomen. Court is the gauntlet by the arm and then scheme is a joke. To the throat which is pretty nasty, and you line up in such a way that the sword is. The tip of this sort is basically pointing at your points throat as you track them, and you can see there are referees and cases of any type of their definite reveries in cases of any decision. They're. Very rarely disputes
It's so subtle ended the the this are so close. Much like really maybe really really high level boxing main events on Perry's. It's not like it's traveling, a foot to the side of their head is just grazing the side of their head and then they counterpunch. Then you see it and kind of the movements just faster really wild to see you get your bell wrong. When you get hit, I accept did because I saw the armor and the armor seems pretty hard that you don't you absolutely get your Belarus especially remember my first class and yeah bigger than a lot of japanese guys, not all in their that's some big, japanese guys- and I was. Or heavily muscle there like. Oh ok, and there's and most of the job that this has been my experience in japanese schools, whether its Judo Jujitsu, Kendall or otherwise spent some time way back in the day, with the pancreas guys and so on, but for a may really came to the? U S
is, generally speaking, everyone's pretty cool. I guess possesses driven as to then there's does one or two guys really: oh forerunner. In my school, ok, I want to bring your bell and there was one guy there they wanted to wanted to fight like. Ok, because I figured reflects a pretty good but the reflexes of head movement in Kendall, bad idea, you always what have the sword in between you and your opponent and to protect the centre. So, if you start moving your head or your shoulders in the way that you might say of a veto punch. You really expose yourself, so I ended up getting whacked, not just on the top of the head, but behind the armor cause, your back is open and the back your head is open, and so I have getting whacked like on the upper traps and neck with these. She navies bamboo sorts which hurt those those absently warring your belt, so you feel it differently
The dog brothers right, I have those they bring it. They really bring that their awesome. I have nothing but respect for the dark, but if you know what they are eating check him out on you too, but they do for contact, simulated knife and stick, and I think it started with stick fighting. Start with, stick yester with screamer and had my understanding as they have the gathering. I would say I was watching these. It is at the same time is watching the greasy inaction. The videos- and I remember people were just learning what a triangle chirk was a coup at each of you acts as new thing, and I am always in this video of I think it was the gathering already have some the dog and so on, and the participants who come just have to mutually agree on which weapons are acceptable: seed, everyone guy with a garden wholly and then another guy with, like a candle sword with, like the Tipp, cut off split open. And then they would go out. It now. Remember that this one point I saw this guy-
or guard the people just got not some people cross helmets on him. You think it's just bonkers mad MAX and these two years ago at it, and ones. Clearly, wrestler takes the guy down and gets caught in a trying. Oh my god. I guess that's. It then he's like no, that's not it, and the guy took his his escrima stick and took the end of it and just shoved it right in between his ass cheeks. The triangle turns out and then just Denon just proceeded to beat the living shit out of him with a stick on the ground, that's not I don't like that offense at all, like that at all I think, we're getting into another just just good. He's he's about to meet up with these more more of these hustling guys for some battle. All the
Greece carried, lances blacks leaves talked up. They were ready for action, apparently set upon avenging the death of a gone and restoring the temples honor they looked grotesque. Like so many demons from Hell, the roan informed semicircle, so they could watch the show and at the same time, keep lusatia from escaping the this precaution, however, done necessary, from we saw she shut. No signs of either running or backing down. In fact, he was walking steadily and directly toward them. Slowly pay Spacey advanced, looking as if he might pounce at any moment for moment There was an ominous silence, as both sides contemplated approaching death we saw she's face face when deadly white and through his eyes. Still the eyes of the God of vengeance, glittering with venom He was selecting his prey.
Neither the Ronin nor the priests were tenses Lusatia, their numbers gave them confidence and their optimism was unshakeable still. No one wanted to be attacked, wanted to be the first attacked a priest, The column of the lancers gave a signal and without breaking formation they rushed around two massages right. Mazowiecki I am in Shun, shouted the same priests, I'm told rest. Only what you see in here Hilda gone that you later publicly insulted the honor of those. Knowing that you might, despite having posters put up all over town, is this true. No, How did we saw she if you're a priest? You should know better than to trust. Only what you see in here, you should come are things with your mom and in Spirit it was like pointing Pouring oil on the flames ignoring their leader. The priest began to shout saying too. Was cheap. It was time to fight they were
CS seconded by the Roman who'd group themselves in close formation, and we saw she left screaming cursing and waving their swords in the air they egg, the priests on into action, massage she convinced that the road and we're all mouth no fight some turn to them and shouted all right which one of you wants to come forward all, but Two or three fell back a plate case each year that we saw she's evil. I was upon him to the two Three brave one stood ready swords outstretched in issue the challenge wink of an eye. We saw she was on on one of them. Like a fighting cock. There was a sound of a popping cork and the ground turned red. Then a chilling noise, not a battle cry, not a curse, but a truly bud blood curdling howl. We saw she sword, screeched back and forth through the air, a reverberation in its own body in his own body, telling him when he connected with human bone blood brain spattered from his blade finger.
In arms flew through the air. Most of the time we saw she wasn't really conscious of what he was doing. He was in a sort of transom murderous dream in which body and soul were concentrated in these three foot. Sword unconscious his whole life experience the knowledge his father had beaten into him. What he had learned at the second Jara: The theories he had heard at the various schools of swordsmanship, the lessons talked to him by the mountains and trees. Everything came into play in the rapid movements of his body. He began a decent bodied whirlwind mowing down the herd of Ronan who, by their Stunned bewilderment lead person as a leader and as a new and more short, you have to do. I'm trying to think of why these particular passes, but one of the things of this disan body meant, which I talk about all time, being able to be detached from what's happening.
Is so important as a person as a leader and as a new and more Schwartz you have to do to if you're getting so wrapped up around the thought, what's happening you, you won't make a decision, but this actually goes beyond this. This is like getting in the zone at this. Is you know when you're not thinking anymore- and I was saying you just too, if you're, if you're thinking about your next move, it's too late already doing something to you, but that I d of being disembodied and being detached and not Thinking about what you're doing, but just doing it is is epic, if you can do it. Tat we were blue chatting a little bit I got you know before we start recording about, Zella, Garcia in New York and have spent some time were Marcello and rolled Marcello, and I'm not by any stretch, I would say, did you that to but nonetheless had a chance to to spend some time about him in Other guys, sweetest guy- You could ever imagine people who don't know the name.
Specifically to say the Michael Jordan MIKE Tyson, weighing Gretzky you Jesse, rubbed into one he's, he's just kind of Kathy Kimura, after which the cameras named so who is a very famous judo gun, also really good at you. Jitsu fought Helio Gracie people in Japan used to say before Kimura no Kimura after come after me No Kimura like a downturn, growing phenomenon. And more rose. I mean gotta because I mean he's is really good and one of the things that you observe with Marcello on Josh waits can who cones schooled him is very close friend of mine also considered a chest prodigy he was the basis for searching, for. The fishery says that New Marcellus nickname is there. I think the king of the scramble, but he doesn't view it as a scramble and what
what Josh was time is Marcello can basically see a move in, and movement in general and more frames per second So, where most people see position a tree, this that is kind of undefined to position be. He sees thirty positions between a and B. And you see that when life, if you, if people really see some wild stuffing and check out, this, got the Marcello teen, which is his brand of guillotine, which is really it's. It's so technical for something that can be so sloppy Wendy I know there is some technical and he can catch people in a guillotine from any conceivable position that most people wouldn't even consider.
Position. I've seen him. I've seen him catch people and guillotine people who way three hundred pounds and not fat, three hundred like big big, big people, and then they try to come around his legs induce in North south position and he gets them to tap when they appear to have him in a north opposition, but He seems to be all to access the same type of mine state at will. There I mean obviously How do these training all the time and all the time, India all the time and he just has turned his mind off and his body is working without him. I bet you. I bet you if you hooked up like brain scan and you see what he's thinking about you. Probably thinking about like chicken for dinner or whatever you gonna be like these thoughts are just not there. That's how I feel when I have good. When I do go. Did you too? I am come off the map and some was a hey. What was that movie data? We have no idea what I just did. You know. I just know it: We want to know what happened
and sometimes if you're thinking about something you might remember bits and pieces, but that's what he's about nut section is like hey. It's not even you're, not even there, it's it's all! the trainings there, the things you instructed the practice that you ve done. That's what's there and that's. What's executing the movements to beautiful place to be whenever people Ask me about meditation acumen, they Giacomo get digital eyes, rota yeah, I think you're, the brain you mean it's just present state awareness and not endlessly thinking about whatever it. That my occupying distract you. Otherwise, the gay gives you that. Actually, somebody asked me that the other day I was doing it- guys know how do you do? You will change your batteries, I just check your going on all the time. How do you reach your batteries and my initial, I actually bonded, I said look I don't, but to be honest, we aren't really recharge Eminem going and there's this
and then, as I thought about it, I said you know I'm wrong. I recharge all the time and all the time solar powered yeah I'm. So if I move myself to get energized right, I'd like the wind, watch or whatever but know the reality is. I recharge myself through physical activity. That's where recharge myself is by surfing into Jitsu in working out. That's the recharge. So I just to build on that. Accepting its really important people, think of recharging as as physical rest, but a lot. If anyone is really gone through very, very stressful period in their lives, whether that's the death of a loved one or break up anything you excessively think about you can not move for most of the day and feel like you, ve run five marathons so
I getting out of your head and into your body, saying jujitsu or surfing you're, taking a break from these leaders that we can replace that are what drain the battery yeah, I think it's again. I luckily the guy asked me that question and I realized. As I was answering your first, I sounded like an arrogant, jerk cuz. I got it almost, don't want you don't I don't need no recharge. That's not true! Actually, I go days without training are without work. Now I start feel like crap and I, and how do I recharge I get home and, like others, my squat rocketed or theirs them You can get on it and drain so yeah, it's totally true, totally drew. One quick story that Marcella, which also makes me you, can tell Marcellus Twitter, I think he's think about massaging Is he famous for being hard to find when he gets called to the mat when it's his turn to commit? he even at a world championship level, and he,
almost always found, because Josh's had tracking down a few times a sleep like in between the bleachers and back we're so Marcello Europe into our guy, who, until I get up, stretch and literally walk fifty feet like seven seconds later onto the mat for the finals in the world championships and just turn it on and then destroy people culture- and I don't know I had in the book, That's not what I'm researchers thanks is resources would show up late he'd have duels in each of our late fifth, Its eight twenty minutes late and have that person getting all frustrated. It's an inch emmi you'd. Its I was thinking about this because I was I remember this about massaging and is trying to think of how to explain in a culture like Japan in that here What showing up an hourly might equate to in the? U S: We would be like coming over to meet someone at their house,
seeking their hands sitting down at the dinner table than getting up on the dinner table and taking a shit, ran on their it's his men and asking them to clean it up. It smells bad you'd, be a review that route. So of course- and it also did you think of this book- I think its hold winning ugly it's about tennis, but it relates to this form of sex logical warfare and like taking too much time like him. Queen serves and making your opponent unnerved so that, even if there are technically superior, you and a beating them? It's a massage, it's the simplest trick in the book, but he would show up late lay, and these People lose their minds and in then If they're, like others, I was shows up late, many shop, three hours early and scout the whole place out and then kill everybody. This is an interesting peace here
another weapon and he's working with this guy who designs weapons and its key. The chain ball sickle, so it's like the sickle and then a chain and then a bald again. This reminds me of Kung FU movies. When I was a kid, but he seeing this- and here this guy's name is bacon, be a. I k e en bike bacon did you just chimed in over there and I'll cut your own. Why is that? but none on many busy things good use with Jack producers are not only a little bit. I d, like the idea of calling and bacon live another clear, I'm not enjoy the pronunciation very similar bacon liking. Bacon insisted. You said you wanted to hear more about this change. Ball. Sickle I'll, tell you everything I know, but let's have a few drinks while we're talking when EU returned with the Saki Bacon.
Poured some into a heating jar, put it on the fire and talked a great length about the chain, ball sickle and ways to use it to advantage and actual combat. The best thing How did he told me so? Was that, unlike a sort of gave the enemy no time to defend himself? Also, but, were: attacking the enemy directly was possible to snatch his weapon away from him with the chain, a skilful throughout the chain. A sharp gang and the enemy had no sword Still seated, they condemn bike. In demonstrated a stance you see. You hold the sickle in your left hand and the ball in your right. If the he comes out. You take him with Dick on, with the blade than hurled the ball at his face, that's one way change positions. He went on now in this case. When there's some space between you and the enemy you take his weapon away with the chain it doesn't make. Any difference. What kind of weapon is a sword, Lance wooden staff or whatever
I went on a non telling. We saw about the ways of throwing the ball about the ten or more oral traditions concerning the weapon about how the chain was like a snake about how it was possible by cleverly alternating movements of the chain and sickle to create optical illusions and caused the enemies defence to work to him. Detriment. All the secret ways of using the weapon. We she was fascinated when he heard talk like this. He listened with his whole body eager. To absorb every detail, the chain, the sickle, two hands ass. He listened the seeds of other fats formed in his mind. This it can be used with one hand, but a man has two hands and that's where he gets this idea for using two sorts when he fights and I'm sure you know more about that- the NATO Yes, a he. Originated the style that has
Many different names I think they're there few different of employee and get this incorrect, but there's a neat. Any cheer thing is one way to say it, but the The form of having one long sword and then be a quick let us say I would imagine in the military of of like aside, aren't gonna like a pistol sea, have your primary and then you'd have your whatever might be blocked, nineteen or whatever, and Typically samurai would use their primary and then failing that if it broke or if it was that they were disarm than they would use their shorter sword, and he would, in some cases, utilise both simultaneously, which is very, very highly highly unusual and requires a completely different method of fighting, because the grip on the sort is very, very particular when you look it's kinda sword and how its position
if you, if you have then two swords, it requires a completely different repertoire of technique and I dont know. I don't recall offhand if they get into it in this book, but with such she was also an expert in in weaponry throwing so there were instances- and I would level loved to have seen this and I'm sure there's a video on Youtube or someone trying this, but he would routinely thro his shorter sword, and also later on, because he was an add on a step too far ahead, but he would also instruct in the use of should again, which are the throwing stars so use an expert at throwing weapons as well as wielding the sword ends. I it's it's a completely different school of training that some people still use and candle at the highest levels. Haven't seen it very much because I think there aren't many He turned suddenly go. It is legal as far as I can tell.
There were people who I've seen demonstrate it, and you can find some video not much but a little bit of video of using one short and one long and its aid They are not a degree of difference. Their different species are altogether. That's weird, sometimes when unrolling jujitsu and. You get sweaty enough and slippery enough and its added it's a little bit of a different sport photo. You know like it's like. You are not going to be able to do this to me right now, claims to slippery and and with Glee Novi. It's weird. You know, of course, I would tell people again Novi their differ but there are the same in and then It goes one degree further when you get to super slippery, no game, it's it's a the difference between key and maybe quite as much but Their Marcello story can resist.
So I trained with Dave Camarillo for of time who is he's one of my favorite human beings, I'll just a sweetheart of a guy and a hell of a competitor and also a high level judo yeah, and so when he can Jujitsu must be poor terrified of his stand up and they would kick their hips and then he would do a flying our bar and routinely he's lying arborescent, everyone who use totalled beast competitors be. I was on the complete competition circuit around the same time as him and some of the other guys we're talkin on earlier, and they gather killers, so Dave went to New York. Train with Marcella for a period of time, and to me I mean Dave is a high level competitor like I've. I've! Never seen Dave thrown around or anything like that, and so you telling me about his experience and he's friends with Marcelo, but the experiences of rolling noogie, and I was like oh well. That makes I suppose that makes sense. I've heard so much about Marcelo, but once you put on the gear,
different game. I assume, because of all your spirits journeys. I know it was even worse. Yet. I find that would deal a buddy dean. Is you know world champion multiple times with no gave everyone, thanks. Oh if you put the key on, maybe you can neutralize must have no it's worse cause. You can't move at all and he d and it's not like he doesn't know jujitsu with he's Sab. Someone's really good gives or control they already have control over you, ve never have even more control. Another have handled yeah, it's not funny you got one you one read you know a yeah I wanna just these are. These are things that I highlighted when early in the book in its talking about a period of his traveling and he says or Ashton reads: he stopped along the way to look at several
and this is one that I highlighted this is from fairly early in the book, which means it's like the end of a normal buck early in the book. In its talking about a period of his traveling, and he says- or I should say its, he stopped along the way to look at several wellknown temples and at each of them he bowed and said to prayers. One was, please protect my sister from harm. The other was please test the lowly massaging with hardship. Let him because The greatest swordsmen in the land or let him die. Please test the lowly massaging with hardship. That's what he's praying for and that's what you'd think when you are getting into the professional where'd you like, I bring it does you were scared either you're scared about what is going to happen. I knew that I had Le Tivoli high paint since, and I could handle a lot of workload so,
with I was preparing myself for several years of being lowest on the total pole and suffering, but making up for our lack of it. Sperience by just absorbing more punishment in the almost done working hours. Work hard doing more always doing more and certainly well the time got an idea for a book anyways exactly and then, when I disintegrated itself polluted, I am, I differ book the allies This is another one. I know it's referring to. I believe MRS she's right eating and says. Well, his writing has a certain childish quality, but there's an appeal What can I say, directness about it I had a swordsmen in mind, I would say it shows spiritual Brett. The boy may eventually be somebody just like them
the childish directness, the others. Good stuff. And again, that's that's what you were thinking about yourself like a at that time. You were the young swordsmen coming up in the business world, that's right having to make things happen There's a there's another fight seen here, he can't fight scenes of. That sounds like a move, I come from movie. Not that is anything wrong with come from. We get some confer movies, are awesome, but some We are also cheesy the movie professional their echo Joss yeah, I'm thinking. Be called the scene if it's a book or another This also seen in a book. I guess it could be. We could have used. They reads like a scream, so every screenplay we could call it a b it received. I think here's here's a scene after
This is a fight with a guy name. Then, Jeanne Shiro. After an interval of two or three breast density, Shiro shouted, we saw she. He was well aware that the man standing several feet above him was in a very advantageous position, not only with you. Perfectly safe from the rear, but anyone trying to attack him either from the right or left would first have to climb up to his level. He was thus freedom, vote, his entire attention to the enemy before him. So he's about to fight this guy and, as you said earlier, sometimes he shows up late. Sometimes he shows up early. In this case he showed up early. He got an elevated position. And so his enemy destined Charles is sitting there looking gone out this sucks, I'm below him and he's As for the back and left and right, and then Mozart. She says: are you ready resources, question was calm but trenchant, falling like so much ice water on his opponents fever, six excitement dense and Charles now got his first good. Look at my so this
the bastard? He thought his trade was total. He resented the maiming of his brother. He was vexed at compared with monsieur she by the common people. Anyhow. In great contempt for what he regarded as a country, upstart, posing as a samurai who you too are you ready? It is well past the hour of nine. Did I had been exactly at nine. Don't make excuses. I've been waiting a long time, as you can see, I'm fully prepared now come down from there. He did not dressed to his opponent. In the extent of daring attack during to attack from his present position in a minute answered me, she with a slight laugh. There was a deep it's between you idea of preparation and his opponents dense and shiro, though physical prepared had only begun to pull himself together spiritually where we saw she had started fighting long before he presented himself to his enemy. For him, the
I was now entering its second, and central phase the Gue enshrine. He had seen the footprints in the snow, and at that moment his fighting instinct had been aroused. Knowing at shadow of the man following him was no longer there. He had boldly entered the gate and made a quick approach to the kitchen. Haven't waken the priest he struck up a conversation suddenly questioning the man ass to what has been going on earlier in the evening dissension. Disregarding the fact that he was a little late. He had he had had some tea and warmed himself up. Then, when he made his appearance, it was abrupt and from relative safety of the veranda had seized the initiative, I guess I was wrong in the section he hasn't show late, buddy or he shows up late, but he like gets to an advantageous position without the other guy, realizing it, which is just as cool. Did you find one I got so men. I mean this when this one. This is good because it high
It's. How profound is maybe too strong a word but deep some of the characters in the book are besides massaging, because there are quite a few characterised in here- and this is a teacher- this is an exchange between is as follows: until keys imo is one of the teachers were put perspective, teacher and whistle and we saw she has brought a letter that he wants because I under read, which has some type of request for instruction and keys Iman, is ignored, ring both massage she and the letter, and he says, but just please the letter I dont want to just please read the letter. None in writing a letter and then please read the letter. I dont need to and then massages has what's the matter. Can't you read cause I'm and snorted then massages as well
If you can read, read it, and this is what he says- you're, a tricky brat. The reason I said I dont need to read it is that I already know what it says. Massage as even so, wouldn't it be more polite to read it, and this is how the teacher responds, Sir, warriors swarm here like mosquitos and maggots. If I took time to be polite to all of them, I wouldn't be able to do anything else, The news, I feel sorry for you, however, so I ll tell you what the letter says all right. This peace right here is just good. This is it the continuation of that fight scene, which actually goes on for multiple pages. His text it is better than mine. We saw she thought candidly, yet this I'm feeling fear your tea at call. You are you castle when he had been encircled by four leading swordsmen of the yacht goose School, it was Why is this where we face swordsmen of the unearthly of the orthodox schools for his own tat
He was without form or reason thing more really than a do or die method stay Debt and sheriff he saw, that the style you should with you she got Campo had created in spent his life had both simply simplicity? and complacent complexity was, well ordered and systematic and was not to be overcome by brute strength or spirit alone. She was cautious about making any unnecessary movements. His primitive tactics were refused to come into play to an extent that surprised him his arms. Rebelled against be extended. The best he could do was maintain a conservative, defensive stance and wait his eyes. Red searching for an opening he prayed to. She man for victory and then go through in its is dead silence, snow accumulated on. We saw she's here and there
and he kind of breaks him down mentally. DES Insurers feet inched forward of his sword, his willpower quivered toward the south? of a movement two lives expired with to stir of a single sword. We saw she attacked his rear so it's not up behind him. Lusatia kills that guy and then kills. It's just other of another great battles de the eyes lit up the eyes quite a bit in his book and I'll come back to KEDO, where You experience something very uncommon in japanese culture, which is really intense, direct eye contact doesn't happen a whole lot in Companies, culture, even in the martial arts in June- it's more of a relaxed gaze and you might come out first and there's some yelling you're here that quite a bit. I don't know if non Japanese do it, but in japan- and I was watching certain people can
or competing myself and eat. Come out and after they bow, though let out a bit of a scream, but then its than its down to business and in cash do you hear a lot more vocalize, asian and really intense eye contact? Are you train to look at their eyes? Yeah? Ok, so Would he? Where do you look and wrestling in rustling in I should say I mean I was I was it a decent highschool rest or how to good competitive record, but I wouldn't consider myself any work like a deal. Unrest just marked the floor with me, but I would typically have kind of more of a soft I kept Tigris? I may almost people's chest in every hour on looking kind of like naval and chest, usually kind of watching the hips and wrestling but in camp they teach you to look at the eyes in Kenya. Oh sorry, handle they teach you look the eyes. Are you looking for like to see
but they're gonna. Do that's why you're gonna see their movement, there isn't any explicit instruction and why button You communicate a lot with her eyes and who can tell if someone's intimidated, you can tell it some once angry. You can tell can also throw people off. So, for instance, I mean you have men door court, then all this stuff, you have the targets rank and what I realize pretty quickly is that much like and say more ties on high kickboxing, one of the oldest tricks in the book, which is really really unpleasant. If you happen to get caught with it, his particularly since I gag up to say I caught with it. When I went to Japan, because I wanted to also across train in striking- and so I went to breathe. Schools, including place called though K come in Congress, is its at the end of my code or cut this this kind whatever it is, that sort of place of practice rent
and first time I sparred someone in the in the karate school In Japan, like your machine and so on, they dont have had contact with the fists, but its bear fist. It's your punching, each other in the chested body and so on, in the sky- was wailing on my legs issues like hitting me with these these round us kicks the legs and I'd never seen like kicks before. So I was punching him, right in the chest like just blew his collarbone right, blues throat and then putting In the stomach and he's kicked me legs out like a broken I'll do this all day long inside put much as I had to skip school next, because I could but the trick in mind that you see a lot is like look at the leg: locate, look at the leg, locate, look at the leg, local, look at the leg, local and still really until early starts hook hurt and then look at the leg had kick and you
A lot of people get knocked out that way. So Kendall, you can do something very similar where you're so telegraphing deliberately with your eyes and going for certain target, you get parity, do that five times in the new telegraph the same way and go for a different partner, but yeah led the eye contact us with its really. It's really hence, and if you watch candle once a Youtube Imagine what the eye contact is like, if their eyes wide open staring at each other. Adds another layer of flavour to the entire expiry Then you can read a passage like this in your like. I could see, Opposite of Jujitsu, where you don't really looked the person here, it's almost like the little unwritten rule, like dont know I contract gazing lovingly into somebody dies where I do it like purpose. We, when I'm trying to really mess with someone. You know I just look right Adam ensure
my head very suddenly and you probably notice that they never really look at you. Unless you do super deliberately like Jerusalem. When Euro Zone for like noticed where they're looking it's almost like, they're, just black my driver. Blank range the weird thing: tourists with Digital. You don't even have to use your eyes they I I used to know. I don't notice it so much anymore. I used to know system was in a good position on me. I would actually close my eyes. I started viewing it like. I was not there wasn't smart, like I was doing it to relax myself. Someone gets a good position, I dislike close my eyes. Could you do you know where they are their freakin on your back or their across society? You know exactly where they are, but I would just close my eyes can relax. I don't do it anymore. It seems like a bad idea right, where'd, you close your eyes at that stupid. It brings about energy, though I remember doing, training with leered Milton whose one of the most famous big web servers of all
If anyone hasn't seen the documentary riding giants- oh my god go see that the invention of token surfing, wholly god- and he leered is beast. I mean he's one of the most incredible fiscal specimens. I've ever seen is in its fifties and just wipes the floor with a first round draft picks rich only in terms of work out, and he likes to do a lot of underwater training with weights and needs devised. All of these original exercises. Like there's one called ammo boxes. Were you hold it dumbo? He holds a fifty pounds, melted his chest and then swims across the surface of the poor, or just slightly submerged with one arm and then does all manner of different exercises and his wife be Gabby Reese, who is also a world class athlete of her own right, said to me lacks your eyes, because under water, when I'm holding like to fifty
domvilles, understandably my eyes or bugging out of my head she's, like your burning to which energy she's like try relaxing your eyes, and I could hold my breath for another ten fifteen seconds, just by relaxing my eyes and just just another side. Note that's related, and I think relates to a lot in this book. Also. Not just Jujitsu, is in in tango, making it a point to bring obtain every time a talk publicly about colonel attended as being the best female dancers very frequently closed their eyes, because if they try to read the males movement in order to respond it's already too late. If they try to do visually it's too late, and I think that a lot of martial arts, certainly that in particular with grappling, I'm in your body since it before your eyes can interpret, and that's why I was doing it originally much like thee.
We'll take a member Gregg had drill where you'd start back to back. It's ok the closure is going to try to get a close your eyes and then grapple, and I remember doing anything- it's not that much harder as long as you already connected with a it's, not that maternal, so speaking of tango dancing in women. Here's again, oh too, is in and out of the book, and at this point he is heading to a battle in the odds, are against him and oh to want to go in with him and Jack. Want to die if he dies, and so he's having a conversation with her, and here we go don't be a fool or two. He suddenly there's, no reason why you should die. Strengthen his own voice in the depth of his feeling. Surprise: even him he's One thing for me to die: fighting against the EU should focus not on Is it right for a man who lives by the sword to die,
the sword. I have a duty. To remind those cowards of the way of the samurai your willingness to follow me to death is deeply touching, but what good would it do? No more than that the pitiful death of an insect Seeing her burst into tears, he regretted the brutality of his words. Now understand how over the years have lied to you and I, I to myself, I didn't tended deceive you when we ran away from the bridge from the village or when I saw you at cannot abridge, but I did by printing to be called an indifferent. Now The way I really felt. In a little while I'll be dead. What Try where I'm about to say the truth. I love you too. I throw referring to the four winds and lived my life with you, if only drew pause, he continued in a more forceful vain. You believe every word I say because I'll never have another chance to tell you this. I speak with
their pride, nor pretence there have been days when I couldn't concentrate for thinking about you nights, I couldn't sleep for dreaming of you. Hot passionate dreams, o too dreams that nearly drove me mad off hugged my palette, pretending it was you. But even when I felt like that, if I got my sword and looked at it the madness evaporated and my blood cooled her. He turned toward him, tearful, but, as rate as the morning glory, she started to speak seeing the fervour and his eyes her words, cod, her throat and she looked again the ground, the sword is my refuge, and he my passion to overcome me, I forced myself back into the world of swordsmanship. This is my fate. Oh two, I'm too between love and self discipline. I see be travelling on to pass at once. Yet, when the past diverge, I invariably manage to keep myself on the right one.
I know myself better than anyone does our meeting. Genius nor a great man. He became silent again, despite his desires to express his feelings. Honestly, his words seemed to be concealing the truth. His heart and to be even more candid that the kind of man. I am what I can I say I think of my sword and you disappear into some dark corner of my mind? No disappear alter gather leaving no trace at times like that. The happiest and most satisfied with my life, do you understand all this time. You ve suffered you ve wrist your body and soul, and a man who loves his sword more than he loves you I'll died vindicate my sword, but I wouldn't die for the love of a woman Not even you
Much as I'd like to follow on my knees and begged forgiveness, I can't, another speech you another seen their most and would rather not go through yeah and another. Again. I know I don't were relate to every normal person at all in very little ways like when I read that almost a year as an I'm talking about- and I've been married for twenty years to an awesome woman and But yet when I hear that I just take out: that's how you do it right, hey, look everyday, third thinking about you. I just look at my rifle and be good. I want it I want a chimera, gets out another one that is not chronologically yeah. Sorry we're out we're on our way out of sync out. Ok, but I dont have the ones that I underline tend to be universally, I think universally applicable in some ways yet so to the fore
This is an apparently it a discussion about some type of battle and they're going back and forth As of this is massaging. Then. What else can I do but challenged him? I realize, of course, that even if I do he'll probably refuse to come out of retirement, so I'm challenging this whole castle to a battle instead of battle. Of course, the four and then we go so His arms still held by cause I'm on and de boots in massage she looked up at the sky. There was a flapping sounds an eagle flew towards them from the blackness enveloping melt, soggy luggage shrouded. Silhouette hid the stars from view before it glided noisily down to the roof of the rice, storehouse, and then this is the part that I highlighted to the fore. Retainers the word at sounded so melodramatic as to be laughable, but two,
saw she barely suffice to express his concept of what was to come back Yes, this part so so massages it had this another clan. Another group that he's been battling with and the senior guy in the family, the senior guy from the school died, Orison yeah, he's, died and this thirteen year old boy is now the senior kind, the family. His name is again judo and he shows up to these challenges again. He challenges all these people to fight any shows they show up and he gets by some tree and of it starts off. Lusatia you're late cried a horse cried a hoarse voice. She took a shiver. My dinner table, many look encouragement from resources, Deco declaration that he was alone. Believing it was a trick. They started.
Looking around for phantom seconds aloud, Twinning off to one side allowed, was followed a split second later by the of we saw she sword flashing through the air. Oh somebody shot an erratum. The arrow aimed at his face broke falling behind his shoulder, the other half the other half the Tipp of his lowered sword, or rather, where his sword had just been from. We saw she was already on the move, his hair. Bristling, like lions main he was bound. Toward the shadowy form behind the spreading pine. Ten zero hug, the tree trunk screaming help. I'm scared Gaza Mon jump forward howling as though the blow had struck him, but it too late. We saw she sword sliced foot strip of bark off the trunk it fell. The ground by
gyros blood covered head, it was active, a ferocious demon. Moose saw she ignoring the others, had made straight for the boy. And it seemed he had had. In mind from the beginning. Salt was of savagery beyond conception, conjurors, definite, reduce the you she goes. You show is fighting capacity in the slightest been nervous. Excitement rose to a level of curse frenzy and so that's how he kicks off the battle. There's a threat. Ten year old boy. He goes right forum in cuts off his head self and this is the first time he starts using both sort. I think this is the first time onlookers who had a clear view of him covered their eyes and horror. This is as this battle continues most
or ghastly still was, the site of the dead and wounded left in his wake, as he continued his tactical retreat up the path he reached, a patch of open land, where his pursuers surged forward in a mass attack in a matter of seconds for five men had been cut down. They lay scattered over a wide area, moribund testimony to the speed with which we saw she struck and moved on. He seemed everywhere at once, but for all whose agile shifts and dodges we saw. She clung to one basic strategy. He never attacked a group from the front or the side always obliquely, an exposed corner where A battery of samurai approached him had on. He somehow contrived to shift like lightning to a corner of their formation from which he could FR on only one or two of them at a time, In this way he managed to keep them essentially in the same position but eventually me saw was bound to be worn down event.
We too his opponent seem to be seen bound to find a way to fort his method of attack. To do this, they would need to form themselves into two large forces before and behind him, then he would be in the inn. Even greater danger it Almost all she's resourcefulness to stop that from happening at some, white, massage, drew his smaller sword and started to fight with both hands while the large short in his right hand with smear with blood up to the hilt and the that held at the small sword, in his left hand, was queen and though it picked up bit of flesh the first time it was used. It continued to sparkle, DVD blood we saw. She himself was not fully aware that he had drawn it, even though he was wielding it with the same after as the larger sword, so he's just getting after it with two swords.
Eventually run crowd, cried a thousand voices you fighting by yourself run run while you can. He just crossings everyone, there's another weapon that at a time when this book that he was quite adept at using, as I understand it before he began fighting it swords and goes by a number of different names in English. Sometimes it's called the juts or a jetty J. You tt in Japanese, its g g g d means ten hands literally and it was a baton. Basically, if you can imagine this will make sense, moment. If you can imagine, a half inch thick
iron rod, that's about eighteen, inches, long or twelve inches long. That, then, has what looks like the clip of a say, ballpoint pen. That is little that is pulled away from that rod so that you have a space we in this house effectively and the right policy guards and so on would use. These is the equivalent of a police badge, because there are forbidden from having swords in certain quarters because they can be used to assassinate high ranking officials and so on end, you can use that in combination with a sword to effectively Perry or catch the bleed in between those two prongs
twisted Olympic twisted away or just use it to temporarily arrest the use of that blade and then pull your own long sword and cut someone doubt and we saw she was very adept, as I understand it at using the day before he started using two sorts. You can also use a dictator like club submitted, we're not sure exactly what it was used for now as the story progresses. You know he matures Anne and starts moving into a little bit of a different phase, and this is kind of where the first party started his wounded in these travelling. Eventually he lays up for the night, they said good night. We saw she went to his room where he lay waken the dark, his eyes glistening. The way of the samurai he concentrated on this concept, as it applied to himself into his sword Suddenly he saw the truth. The Tec nix of a swordsman were not his goal. He sought
all embracing way of the sword. The sword was be far more than a simple weapon. It had to be an answer. Two life's questions. The way of Suki tension and our months master normally was two narrowly military too high bout. It would be up to him to add to it. It's human aspect, to give it greater profundity, greater law Dennis for the first time he whether it is possible for insignia can human to become one with the universe. Surrey starting to are, like I said, sure you got one you have one which is
softly very similar in brings back one of the characters that you read about earlier and refers to a lesson that he learns from head. Learn from talk one and here's. How goes it wasn't that he that's massaging had forgotten the lesson. Talk one had taught him the truly, and that is the true Be brave man is one who loves life cherishing. It is a treasure that once forfeited can never be recovered. He well the two live was more than to merely survive. That's the one that I highlighted. The problem was how to imbue this life with meaning how to ensure that that his day would cast a bright ray of light into the future, even if it became necessary to give up that I for a cause. It see if he succeeded in doing this the length of his life twenty years or seventy made little difference. A lifetime was only an insignificant interval in the endless flow of time. I think
You say that court before like, and I just surviving living, is, providing that's kind of wild. Maybe this is where I mean, I don't think I've heard you say the quote, but I'd think I've heard you say that concept before yet I have and maybe a meal This is where in accepted me twenty years, the US and the suffering he ends up with a guy named Yuri, who sort of a student of his. And their living in the mountains. And again, I think this is this is as. As they as he starting to mature and grow in this area. Where he's going to where he is. The mountainous area in Japan and probably have been duped, fan it's gotten incredibly beautiful, beautiful mountains and incredible. Yet beautiful, even right outside at Tokyo, for people who were ever thinking of going this place called legal, which is an eye k, o o long neat, gonna, beautiful temples and mountains. Now
Is where I did japanese horseback archery in just as a as a side note on the japanese horseback archery was so great, so there are. There are not, as you would imagine, many schools for horseback archery, but one of the the families of the clans that still exists, the Odessa water so the August. So what does the family and in her do like our, why you is the school and that that do comes up a lot in massages life? If you look at the history like such and such a view such and such do, you like the school of whatever. In August the water do japanese horseback. Archery is what I ended up studying with one of the members of the Oda thought a family, and we did it in Nikko. Does a stunning place to train and just as it will allow a little bit a context on what exactly this me and so the ceremonial version of japanese horseback archery entails,
a straight away that is marked off in in the in my case. With metal rots like rebar, so you effectively have these eggs in the ground that are about three feet: high of rebar, like every five feet, two parallel lines running? Let's call it three hundred or five hundred feet and you get on a horse at the very beginning of this track, and there are three targets laid out equally distance over that five hundred foot space. The first reply comes up about a hundred metres and their about size of a big dinner plate and you're on the horse. The saddle is, would sealant sit on it, you do you squat above it, and you have Tubby on which they split socks. You dont have shoes on in these stirrups that actually do not include the foot our around if they dont circle with foot
If you stick it in kind like a slipper and you have a really wide stance and then you have a bow which is about six feet, long I guess my left hand and at the bottom of the boat you keep inside your thy and then you have arrows that are stuck into your belt on your lower back in your first arrows knocked, and then you pull thee. Line slightly and lock it down with your index finger so that there is tension on it and then you have the reins and youth, take off at a full gallop and then you throw the reins down and you fly it. You gallop with no control the horse and these rebar that are set every five feet: keep the horse galloping industry direction and fire the first era, the first target and then after reload your arrow, by reaching to your back pulling their out, there's really tackle technical somewhat
complicated way of knocking arrow very very quickly, while you're writing a horse, and then you intend to hit the next two targets while you're yelling their certain things are supposed to yell. As you shoot, your target and it's it's an incredible incredible demonstration, and they do this at the temples in nickel with which to me is what comes to mind in terms of imagery one we're talking about his experiences mountainous regions and young lesson number one. You do now when a fall off people do fall off, because if you fall off your horse, you get trampled by the horse and you hit the rebar. But the reason I brought this up is TAT everyone is seeing. Restaurants say that say established one thousand, nine hundred and forty six established one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven stylish whatever and the sun young guy innocent
thirty's really strong the bowl I shot had, maybe at sixty pound or sixty five pound tension, which is rising difficult for people who have not done much archery to hold that at full extension for a period of time, especially in a hoarse. It's that sixty five is, is seventy pounds is, is queer quite legitimate on all along bore recur foe and he was pulling a bow. There was a hundred twenty pounds like nothing and his jacket he had would what might look like serve a shining like me, Tina ease, break dancing, jacket is kind of look like with like that, like the elastic tube portions, on the risks and on the back, it said. Oh go so yeah beside me established Levin. Fifty seven at the slick goes back. Oh did you had the targets at the very end? They did.
You got that because you know, shooting from vehicles is really is really art, cheating guns from vehicles. I mean it's his heart. I can imagine trying to do about air or horse back on a wooden yeah. It's definitely didn't thing. I was very surprised that actually ended up hitting targets butter. At the very end. How long did you train it for Another thing I would not recommend Ike I crammed into week at week to trade It is not a rudder horse. Before I had some experience in a hoarse by western and western style for people to know if they think Rodeo, where your you're lively seated in the saddle sky, like the Harley Davidson of of horse right thanks your feeder out in front your usual. Your heels or drop you don't post ends japanese is somewhere between its it's. It's closer
English, where you'd be more elevated and other position very, very different. Your effectively and almost a pseudo stance like you're you're, very much abducted, like you're you're groin, it is very, very open, so extremely store. I felt like I was doing like suspended squat practice for hours away days. After a few days of that, pretty uncovered when we lost YE days. I want to say to rain. On week we couldn't be too dangerous for the horses and humans to train, doing anything in this conditions. So we had about four I'd, say four days of real training, so speed. Of reigned there up their lusatia, an e ory are up there in well
you were go into the book as autumn waned. The insect voices faded into silence leaves withered and fell, massaging Yuri finish their cabin. They built a cabin and addressed themselves the task of making the land ready for planting. One day, while serving land we saw, she suddenly found himself thinking. It was like a diagram of the social unrest that lasted for a century after the own in war such thoughts aside, it was not an encouraging picture on to me saw she how to hop potan jihadi had over the centuries been buried. Any time by volcanic ash from Mount Fuji and the tone river had repeatedly flooded the flatlands whenever, the weather was fair and the land bone dry whenever there is heavy rains, the water carved out new channels, caring great quantities of dirt and rock along with it. There was no simple stream into which smaller ones flowed. Naturally, the nearest thing to this,
being a wide basin lock sufficiently sufficient capacity or desired lack sufficient capacity to either water or drain the area as a whole the most urgent need was obvious to bring the water under control throughout this big piece of land Many things are going to turn this into a farm. He doesn't really know that there's no, wait for the streams or when the water comes down out of the mountains when it rains. He doesn't know that there is no effort to go, it doesn't make sense to the water, so it just kind of floods, everything still the more he looked the more. Good question why the area was under the undeveloped. It won't be easy thought excited by the challenge posed to joining the water and earth to create productive field was not much different than leading men and women in such a way that civilization might bloom two masai? It seemed that his goal was incomplete agreement with his ideals of swordsmanship, come to see the way of the sword. A new light, or to earlier he had one
it only to conquer all rivals, but now the idea that the sword existed for the purpose of giving him power over other people was unsatisfying to cut people down triumph over them to display the limits of one strength, seemed increasingly vain. He wanted conquer himself to me, life itself submit to him to cause p but to live rather than die, the way of the sword should not be used merely for his own perfection. Should be a source of strength for governing governing people and leading them to peace and happiness, He realized his grand ideals, were no more than dreams and would remain so as long as he lacked the political authority to implement them. But here, in this wasteland he needed neither rank nor power.
He plunged into the struggle with joy and enthusiasm day in and day out, stumps were uprooted, gravel, sifted land level, soil and rocks made into dykes Massaging Yuri worked from before dawn until after the stars were shining bright and the sky now as he's doing this, the villagers keep come by and they say what they think they're doing, and how do you think they can live in a place like that and you're wasting your time? That's all the villagers Sanctum they ve seen us for since eleven hundred or wherever they ve seen this place get flooded any keeps going. He keeps trying and every time he make some progress. He the original rain and everything gets washed away or it'll get flooded, and then he thinks he's doing ok and is a big snow in the mountains. So everything's survived survives within. It falls in every all. The water comes down again So he goes on. He keeps working the land he keeps trying to make it work back to the book
She carried on in his stubborn struggle throughout the winter into the second month of the new year it took several weeks of strenuous labour to dig ditches drain the water off piled dirt for a dyke and and cover it with heavy rocks weeks later, everything was again washed away. Your he said: we're wasting our energy on something impossible. Is that way of the sword. The question struck close to the bone boom saw? She would not give in only month, passed before the next disaster. A heavy snowfall, followed by a quick, far Yuri on his return troops from the Temple for food, inevitably wore a long face for the pull their road him mercilessly about. We saw she's failure. And finally massaging himself began to lose heart for two four days and on into a third, he sat silently brooding and staring at his field, and it dawned on him. Suddenly
unconsciously he had been trying to create a neat square field like those common in other parts of the plane. But this was not what the rain called for here spite the general flatness there were so variations in the lay of the land and the quality of the soil. That argued for an irregular shape. What a fool I've been he exclaimed aloud. I try to make the water flow, where I thought it should and forced the dirt To stay where I thought it ought to be, but it didn't work, how could it Waters, water dirt dirt. I, can't change nature, one of to do is learned to be a servant to the water and protect of the land. In his own way. He had submitted to the attitude of the peasants on that day. He became natures man servant
He sees trying to impose its will on nature and let nature lead. The way At the same time, seeking out possibilities beyond the grasp of other inhabitants of the plane, snow came again and another For the muddy water ooh slowly over the plain we saw, she had had time to work out a new approach and is the remained intact. The same rules must apply to governing people. He said to himself in his note book. He wrote, do not attend to oppose the way of the universe, but first make sure you know the way of the universe, As I was telling, where might your buddies about this? We were talking about that. You can't you can't as leaders a lot of times. People want to change people. You a change them and you you just you can't change people right. I mean,
You can shift them and vacant change themselves, but we try. Impose change on someone you try and make someone what you want them to be it it's a very difficult to do. If not impossible, talking about this one had a guy the opportune and had potential right, but he had some flaws. You know he was a loud now that kind of thing, and in June, wanted like to bring them along and tried everything, beatings, counselling things did before adding more beatings did everything and you know he would like makes light adjustments for a little while and then you go back to just be in the way was at events as it. Ok and while we have to lead the way Yes, that's where this person is and you know how do we work with him so he's working within the confines of things that he can do and do them acceptably, but having people
caught on the idea that they're going to change people- and it's really hard- and you see this, especially with people getting involved in relationships with people- that they think they're going to be able to change and you're not going to be able to do. It if we go in. In your own life experience. We, how do you separate the way of the universe me. In you personally, the things that are just you that you shouldn't try to change versus the things that you should try to improve these. I think that there there's the temptation for a lot of people to say well, that's just the way I am but its it absolves them of the responsibility of doing the work. I it asked a similar question in ITALY, into a black asked by those work with account, neither the day- and I asked you to, I've got a guy, that's really good at something, but a purse That's not really good should I should I just give up on trying to get the person. That's not good at that job give up on them and just let the person that's good at it. Do it and
I said: well, yes, and no I mean if we have somebody that is a really good shot like ease. Sniper, but we got a that's, not a good shot Okay, so we're going to give the sniper all the good missions and he's going to go, do all the top shots. Okay, yeah! That makes sense that doesn't mean we just left the other guy, never learned how to shoot. No, we actually continue to train him and make him better and I think the same thing with your Europe, your individual self right. If I've got weaknesses. I don't just say well, I'm can avoid being in those areas where I'm weak. I'm gonna actually go in trying to better them. Now, to make that the focus of my life right. I'm going to try and become ballerina right. What I like to be more flexible absolutely do I need to work on that absolutely, but I'm not trying to become a ballerina. I wouldn't focus on that because it would be
significant waste of my time end of my entire life in a very fruitless situation, but that doesn't mean I should try and be more flexible right. So I think you you, you still apply sometime tube to try and improve it, but you don't waste, you know you don't waste valuable energy you'd still, look at what you're good at and say in on better it at doing Jujitsu on better at whatever. Can I tell you of the thoughts that, for whatever reason, consume my mind for about an hour and a half by sanitation, thinking about drafting dance. This book, this this demon layer that crushes me on Amazon, always by like five spots. When I launched a book- and I started, thinking about how incredible it would be to take Jacko the cartoon character
As seen in the Jackal approved logo on your tea and have a parody of that, called Jacko can't dance with, like thought bubbles, that's what you're thinking throughout the broke in any case, for whatever reason, that is what my mind decided to settle on. I'm sorry, so confession over confession concern. Do you find that yourself that you say like I'm, not good at this moment, avoided it or do you find yourself getting because at the EU you're talkin about what we saw she's? What what they describe Mujahadeen as earlier, which is, I only worry about things that are beating, right. I only way about the upon the baby, just like the only book you think about. As this book giraffes can't dance with one book the beach you, because that's what your folks, don't you worry about these other books crap out. I also just like talking about it because I love the fact that its called ask it s there and it keeps you do you think you get focused on things that are these?
We focused on or that you're wasting time on. I, U K know what you're good at I do. I think that I've become better at working on Or distinguishing between low level weaknesses in high level weaknesses and what I mean, That is, if you imagine say a peep seem like a champagne pyramid before some those that weddings release you stack up. All these having listened to pour into one or could be any type of glass, it caskeys down into the others or you think of it you're a domino analogy. I use this analogy lot, looking at led dominoes like what can I do if I have a task list, let's say which of these five tasks will make all of the others easy.
Or irrelevant and that'll help me sequence things in the right order, so that I'm not wasting energy five needs of energy I'd rather focus on identifying, at least to begin with the lead, dominoes and so a high. Level weakness would be a wee, a lead Domino, something that has down stream negative effects on many different areas. Even that can compromise your strength right for me, for instance, I think for a very long time I ve dude. I only viewed impatience through the lens of the benefits of aggression, because having a good offence has always been my model ever since I became fascinated by Give Dan Gable
is about is close to a hundred percent orphans, legendary wrestling competitor and coach, and I have a lot of stars but dang able credible, incredible guy, but I would have realised and less be years, for instance, is that there are low level weaknesses. Let's say I am not. A programmer. I am not good at a b c d or e skill that is, moreover, a technicians craft. I will not spend time on those things if I can delegated or answers it, but if There are core psychological traits that are higher order. That can negatively impact other things, then I realized for the long haul. I do want to at least experiment with develop those capacities which I think has helped me. A lot is,
I'm always- and I was when I was in this whole teams. I was always looking at other people I was I was looking. Their leadership or looking at what they're doing also looking at why they weren't getting along. I look at what was wrong with the platoon and I would sit there and watch these people I would learn from because and I see I see two people getting along- and I say and these guys get along what's wrong with him and I'd watch em an idea, This one guy has a giant ego, Owen, sows the other guy and instead of one of them, disarming the other guys ego they they both can't figure that out and so they're just battling. And it's you know you got that inside of a substance, a horrible thing: and so as I'd watch em it allowed me that then I could see to myself where I would see. Oh, I, like it get frustrated with someone. I'd say, or I'd get have a negative thought about someone, I think why that negative thought about that person. That's actually about ass or it seems like a really strong personality or strong presence right. Why do I have that? Oh, I have
That's my ego, and this is thing with one eye people getting excited I don't think excitement is usually a positive thing. I mean it's, not it's not a negative thing, but so, times, people in a meeting someone just immediately has an opinion, and- and I think and I watched their their opinion fall apart because they didn't listen long enough. They didn't assess things long enough, and so I hear them state their opinion and they stated with vigour. And with with conviction, and then you listen to it an almost immediately. They can't help but look bad because what they initially far was wrong and probably had the same thought it I set to break my mouth shut and I listened in and so I see people do that. I say you know what, when you're in a meeting and there's people talk about things you don't need to say anything, you don't you you appear stupid or whatever it is it better to appear, stupid and open your mouth and remove all doubt right. This is good But I would learn these things about people which I were helpful to me, just
watching an end, seeing people in being really really kind of it York, in my own mind like I've, I watched people like a jerk like. Why would you do that? What's wrong with you very was a tory tone in my own head, but It was really easy for me to flip that back on myself all the time and say what wait a second you do that to wait. A second you make them same mistake, so I think that from a psychological perspective- and I think would have given me a good perspective of my own psychology- is watching other people intently and closely with the with the all of actually helping them correct that of building up the guy's, a hey man This is a unique oversight that guy's and here you're gonna want to. You is gonna, have to disarm the other one or your guys are never getting along, and this never to move forward. And so I think that really help me out. A lot of sure did- and I have found certainly that there many benefits in my case, of being a soul,
at dinner, so to speak. Being unemployed, sly self employed for decades now, but the one of the key downsides that I don't have that in person peer group to observe superiors or subordinate to observe, with the rare exception of a handful of employees. Now but You see what I ended up doing for myself to try to improve, because I didn't have. I assumed- and I think this is good for a lot of you- will do so you may not have sufficient. Self awareness to accurately self diagnose your weaknesses in strength so I would seek out environments that made it very obvious and the way I did that nothing with such in a way allude to this If you you say or on the battlefield in massages case yours
thanks and weaknesses or leisure least your weaknesses tend to become clearer or magnified. So if I can put myself into a real the intense training environment like acre in San Jose, professionals there that the time came Velasquez in a number of others and training with Dave and a handful of folks. I could watch my response to increasing levels of stress. How did I respond to extreme heat? What was the self talk when I wanted to quit? Did I at what point was I incline to try to find someone easy to roar with, like how many rounds did it take was and then could Then I would note that about actually taking notes. I bring my notebook since you have no books everywhere and I would note them now just the technical learning and what I wanted to approve, but the the
the decisions in the self talk that I made that I want to prove upon an experiment that so I used the physical arena as a way to try to identify the high level weaknesses that I could work on, because everybody has a plan till they get punished and face her head sites Tal, great and theoretically, academically beautiful, sit down and try to self analyze when you journaling anymore which I also do, but is quite another thing to be, like ok, tough guy, and that's that even where that would with that long explanation, I just gave it look at all these people I didn't come. I wasn't consciously thinking actually women consciously thinking about it from a psychological prospectuses thinking from a pragmatic here's to guys why don't they get along and then when I would see myself dude, I go you your like. Yeah. You do the same stupid stuff. It wasn't like this. You know that
idea. I was looking at myself and I was just doing what I had to do right. I guess there's always the the subconscious, feeling of like trying to do better internal self improve, but a person that as the the costs like I'm trying to self improve. I think that it's just a natural thing like that, I'm trying to get better, of course, but that's not Don't think about it. Does I guess that's my point. I think about about focused on it, I'm just doing it doing it in living it. Yet I think in your case and I have, while we have some mutual France and from the seals, but also for shriek on end, a number of of friends who have been engaged that very high levels in ITALY ranks within the military, and I think that, in my experience thus far, most of them have, whether its by virtue of the filtering that.
Their careers impose on them random in five thousand people, dart at step, one having to make it to step a hundred that these the self select and are selected to have a high degree of what I would consider or what you could consider Mindfulness, which is usually associated with like hippies in San Francisco, did reducing burning then and so on. It's a buzzword there, but I think the ability to detach in that way comes naturally to you and to many people. I know who also have made it to step one hundred. They seem in a military context. If you don't have that, you, and certainly you can do- killed her get washed out for many different reasons, but I think it from One of them seems to be. If you have no self awareness, you just you get broken
you get disqualified at some point uniform or or you you get as good as the machine can make you- and I think that's that's the real difference. You get him is the machine them she's gonna make you good right, but you the only person I can take. You pass what the mission can make as you and if you're not self aware, if you can't, if you can figure that out. If you can't look in the mirror and sixty like things- and you can correct then- you're you're, just gonna, be with a machine made you, which is a high quality item. I mean you know the Terry's filled with some high quality, guys great guys Gillis guys that perform outstanding, but then there's like this one more little level of guys that are real. You, you look on when you go mad at guys, really good what. Why is that? That's cuz that guy the machine got to be here and he's with himself going. What can I do better he's got that detachment and that's definitely definitely Morton. I gotta introduce somebody in this book now that there's
his name is Saki. Could euro gun and have similar party. I got the first you in our. Why you gonna do you got to be hard to say real company. I guess I'm gonna go with what yet so this guy and he dances the in and out throughout the book, but this is moose, saw she's, arch, rival, The other swordsmen. That's got this incredible reputation. Only he's been a little bit more. He stays on the scene, more resources go in and China Farm and do in other things, and this I kind of on the scene and there there's, one part where these elderly gentleman are talking about coup is truly the best swordsmen slash samurai in Japan and he would the book as he compared the two. He had to admit that the most Daimyo innocent right down Daniel Daniel Daimio would prefer. Could Europe
he came from a good family and needs of the art of war thoroughly. Despite his youth, he developed a formidable style of his own any gain considerable fame as a fighter. The story of his brilliant defeat of men from the Obama Academy, on the banks of the Sumida River and again at the dyke on the Condor River. Already well known. Thing had been heard from. We saw she for some time, his victory at Jus Ici Georgie had made him mutation, but been years ago and soon afterward heads Read this story that. The story was exaggerated That we saw she was a secretive after fame, who had trumped up the fire. Made a flashy attack and fled to mount. He. Every time we saw she did something praiseworthy. Spain of rumours, followed them grading, his character and ability,
it had reached the point where even the mention of his name usually met with critical remarks or or else people ignore them entirely. As the son of a nameless warrior in the mountains of memory Saka his Lenny was insignificant, self he kind of faded, and he does some dumb stuff too Like he does dumb things like he's a young people, you didn't come not from the the ranks. That of people that we're counselling and keep me lines we did dumb stuff like have battles, are kids toll, castle attack. People me was kind of crazy right, and so reputation and then, of course, you know this like- I, I guess Can social media right. There is rumors Navy post signs about people, and they would do these things to denigrate people's reputations and such and they had done that considerably to Musashi. I was just thinking about how labor intensive it would be done, was spreading posters
to hand create piles of holsters that you'd then go post to denigrate. Someone like the equivalent of a tweet was sitting down for a week, then hand making posters deodorant out, and they do it in this book. The air and its full time as they go on both sides, people right side, and we saw she does it the other people. Do it. It's there it's crazy, we're getting getting close cos We saw she's wandering in the mountains, and here we go back to the book. At times he was so tortured with his sword. It seems a weapon that turned against him among the possibly he considered was choosing the easy way. Bring himself to live in a comfortable ordinary way with Otobu life would be simple.
Almost any fife would be willing to pay him enough to live on perhaps five hundred two thousand bushels, but when he put it, but when put it to himself in the form of a question. The answer was always know an ear, the existence impose restrictions he could not submit to them. Do you get got the idea I could just Mario to get a good job making Kay Year, work Allah good. He doesn't like tat The easy path has restrictions: it is the discipline That provides freedom apparently for saucy Mr. As a contemporary example, one of my concerns Teachery certainly become a friend, but. A political, originally elites weakened
The? U S! A polish political refugee in Jersey, Gregor Egg is now in the sixties, lives in Woodside, California, and he's a world champion and world record holder, analytic weightlifting, as this is why the EU. Does a goodbye gasping, he's he's off any so salty and to give peace We'll be back on the first time I met him, hushes at the time suffering from a malaise in a general fatigue with the her sensitivity of the barrier, her and I walked in to meet him for the first time to get an assessment and we sat down and we drank Marco Polo black t. It's only two that he drinks and raise a privacy so sit down or talking is asking you at my goals, but my athletic background past injuries, in a crossroads. Easing great shape is in the sixties. He he can still do what an exam, I've seen him on an
no board. You know those earns imbalance, boards wobble board, on top of the cylinder, with a loaded barbell holding a loaded barbell, position, like a hang on an Indo board, he spinning these, throw it up like a hundred fifty two pounds and land in a fool ass to heels, snatch. On an end of our gnp, and so he reached across sipping tee, and then she stopped mid, mid thought and reached across and pit pinched. My right tit and just said you are too, so I just love this guy like after that I say. Yes, we are going to work together, but his one of his Montrose that he uses for everything is easy choices, hard life, hard choices, easy life when it was freedom for sure. That's awesome. That is awesome did you like on the programme with him. I did for quite a period of time here,
and when you were you travelling down, I mean how do you do to reform the structure? I trust me coaching. I travelled down regularly and made excellent progress. It's very to do. Olympic. We lifting the way the Jersey would want you to do it and which is the way I would want to do it. You really need hands on instruction its highly highly high technical and also you need a logical progression because most people who just want to do a weekend coarse and figure out the snatch they do not have any. Of the ankle or shoulder mobility through ass expire mobility to even perform the right movement, regardless of who the instructors they could have a five hundred time world champ teaching them in doing video recording, but if they had done at the mobility, hurt them so I went down regularly and then, when I was too labelling would send him video and he would reply with video commentary great experience in iced. I still think
The jersey style relative Narrow stance asked the girl ass overhead squat, one of the best man since what how why does his grip only does to snatch grip? so to be a wide variety of wider grip, but he can their videos, Jersey, people can look it up. J e r Z, why Gregor Refugee R e g, o r K their videos, and he is one of the most flexible mobile humans, have ever seen a strong, an ox, but he can with his feet together. Holding a say. Thirty, five pound plate overhead with his hands flat, underneath it lay he's holding at dinner, platter, go down into a perfect squat with his chest, up ass to his heels, holding that overhead with
fingers basically touching which people might say. I could do that. Trust me. You can click trust me. You can either that's all some so we're getting to work towards the end here this again. This sum rivalry is brewing and finally, there is a speaking of social media. There is command issued by the castle and here's what it says on the thirteenth day of this month, at eight o clock in the morning, on foolish Jima in the Gordo streets of abuse in society, Euro gun rule a samurai of this five at his lordships bidding fight about with me. You motto, massaging Marzano, Ronan from the province of me massacre,
strictly forbidden for supporters of either swordsmen to go to his aid were set forth on the water between the mainland and Fukushima. Funny Sharma sorry until ten On the morning of the thirteenth, no sight seeing vessels passenger ships and fish both will be permitted to enter the straits. Sixteen twelve, that that that document right there so there you it's they're going to fight and for people, What Ronan is that as a masterless warrior, that is a samurai with out a Lord floating, a floating person, ninjas person and You could think of them. In some cases I mean they. They would either be free lance self. Acted learners, an auto died act like Mississippi or they'll, be mercenaries so Ronan were also sorts for higher
negative connotation? It negative connotations, I would say for sure negative connotation simply because The lineage and association in japanese culture is so important that, if you, if you don't have a a master or a particular feature that your associated with, particularly if you come from your born of unknown origins or from a no name warrior. It is very much an important class distinction. Saki. Also as I stand: it must make him up later but used slightly different sword? And yes, and we can get hold of nano its core. He he uses a sword called the drying paw and four years until
I was actually prepping for this podcast. I thought that was a bad ass name for a sort of course, but what thought, I was to myself. That means like dries, you of your blood, that's what I thought it met it drives. You of his of your blood and then, as I was research and for the Spock asked it's actually, Correct me, if I'm wrong, but from what I found there is a myth, of course, of drying your clothes on a stick. A long stick and his sword was longer than most swords and so the full name of that was the closed drying sword, did I get all that right? That part poor, not sure if it makes sense to me- and I remember well, Japan, a number of years ago I go back, is as often as I possibly can, and I'm still in close contact, my whose family I've been do my brother's weddings and so on to spin fantastic and I went back and I went
who s japanese sword, museum, which was incredibly hard defined and it was empty and the decent at still decent at reading Japanese, but it's been a long time and has been almost twenty years more than twenty years. Since I formerly studied it. Given there are thousands of characters, one gets a little rusty, and I went into this japanese or museum in the displays and everything you can imagine- means we're. Pan things are clean, meticulous and I went- and I was just war- and walls of displays with different sorts from different areas. So I mean swords. We're talking about swords from these areas are their preserved and they look brand new and as walking around, and there was a gentleman who is cleaning, and I asked him a question at one point about how to pronounce character and he proceeded to pause his cleaning and walk me through the entire museum explaining how each of them was used and one of them or what,
type I should say which I believe is what Sasaki used. It is long and it's called a dodgy. I think it's duchy and the difference, though the most remarkable differences aid, Yes, it's very long and it is curved and it would be used very often by horsemen, and it was curved so that they could strike down their opponents without getting the blade stuck in their bodies? if you have a straight blade or relatively street, played like a Catana, it's almost like hell, a street bladed hatchet that you swing into a tree like fuck, and it gets stuck love your on horseback the problem you lose your sword, you're in a very position, and so it with it would be more of a slicing motion as opposed to a chopping motion, and the duchy was very effective for that
also another reason and tended to be longer there. Could you frightened from on top of a horse? We gotta reached down yeah. Apparently, there saying that this sword was about the twelve inches longer than the normal sword and they gave it this name. The drawing pole, which again I always thought was about through my mind, works. Echo, Charles though we laughin turned out to dry and every month there, where, outside on a broom, handle everything's cooler, my brain or two, who, by the way this whole time that she's been in and out she's she's, they ve never actually like gotten together, as is whatever mates or as permanent partners right it's we ve just been this kind of thing- very japanese yeah, always average others Yeah. I would say so just this very what we would consider observe, awkward, detention,
that never has resolution right. Mother, then that's that's exactly what this is. That's exactly where they ve been four nine hundred, sixty pages of awkward attention to four nine hundred and sixty two pages. God bless her. She still like saying: hey, I'm here for your, even if, even though he told her, I love my sword and not. You will not be fair. He said I love my sword more, that I love you No, he said I dont dislike you, which in like speak, like I will love you tell my die through so she's, going to say goodbye to because there's You know this is this: is this a match where someone is going to die and its, I guess I'm looking at us a little bit the older guy that is better practice against the young stud debts In the game fully so It seems like people are thinking, there's a good chance. He's gonna die.
So he's. Having that final conversation with her oh to please forgive me. I may seem harmless, but I'm not not we're, you're concerned, I I know that. Do you truly? Yes, but I beg you say one word for me. Just one word Tell me that I'm your wife, it would spoil it If I told you what you know already, but but She was sobbing with her whole body, but with a burst strength. She seized his hand and cried say it. SAM, your wife throughout this life. He nodded slowly silently then one by one, he pulled her delicate fingers from his arm and stood erect, a samurai wife must not weep and go to pieces. When he goes off to war last from the outset. Send me away with a smile this Be your husband's last departure.
Both knew the time had come for Brief moment he looked at her and smiled. Then he said until then. Yes, until She wanted to return a smile, but only meant to hold back the tears. Farewell turned and walked with firm strides towards the water s edge. Parting word rose to her throat but refused to be uttered the tears well up. Irrepressibly could no longer see him. The strong salty wind ruffled lusatia sideburns, his kimono flapped briskly Suzuki bring about a little closer. Though he had been waiting for over two hours and numerous saw she was on the beach Suzuki had carefully kept his eyes averted. Now looked at me, saw she had said right away. Sir.
With a few strong rapid movements, he pulled the boat in when it touched the shore we saw she jumped lightly into the prow and they moved out to sea. Oh to stop this the shot withdrew Torres, another guy, that's there on the scene, who was running straight toward the water he raised to her startled Gonna Suki, and also be joined? The chase also stop. What are you doing? Dont be foolish. Reaching her simultaneously. They threw her arms around her and held her back. No, no She protested shaking her head slowly, you don't understand what are you trying to do, let me sit down by myself, her Was com, when they released her and she walked with the due to a spot, a few yards away where she knelt on the sand, seemingly exhausted She had found her strength. She straight her collar smoothed her hair, Bowed her head.
Towards resources, little craft go without regrets she said that's how you do it right. So again, was mentioned, or if I can explain alone of this battle, is gonna, take place on an island in the middle of the stream and restore the Earth Street. What's the difference between those two? Well, the great question either way. I said this is his fun, so I mean a novel like this is created in your own head right. It's an active experience of creating growth so in my head, and maybe I don't know what a street is, but the way envision. The street was almost like a small or extended. So long but narrow sand bank in the middle of say a river. Ok,
or a, but a wide river like Mississippi, yeah, that's gonna when I pictured your aperture wide, a wide wide river that as a little uninhabited sort, a strip of land in the metal exact. That's my picture and that's it. You purchase region because we created the same thing: So he's in this boat and he's headed, obviously he's running late and as per year as per usual, we go to the book. Suzuki you have this? What is it this broken or in the bottom of the boat. I don't need it. Why do you want it it's about the right size. We saw. She said cryptically. He held the slightly waterlogged or out with one hand and squinted down it to see if it was straight one Of the blade was split off. He placed the or on his knee
totally absorbed, began carving with his short sword, sucks he cast backward France's toward she more sexy several times, but we saw she seemed oblivious of the people he left behind. This the way a samurai approached a life and death battle to You mean like Suki, it was cold and heartless, so is important. He picked up this old water logged or from the bottom boat says. Can I have this? The guy says yeah sure, and now he starts carving it so Suki was growing more and more nervous with each stroke of the skull he had broken out in a cold, sweat. His heart was palpitating How could a man going into battle be so calm? It would be a fight to the death. No question about that. Would he taking a passenger back to the mainland. Later A cruelly maimed, corpse,
there was no way of knowing who saw she thought. Suzuki was like a a cloud floating across the sky. This was oppose unloosen, she's part for in fact here, thinking of nothing at all, he was, if anything, a little bored He looked over the side of the boat at the swirling blue water. It was deep. You're infinitely deep and alive with what seem to be eternal life, but water had no fixed, determined form. Was it not? because man, how to fix, determine form that he cannot possess eternal life. That's not true life begin. Only one tangible form has been lost. Two massages eyes life death seemed so much froth. He felt goose pebbles on his skin, not from the cold water, but because his by felt a premonition.
Though his mind, had risen above life and death body and mind were not in accord with report of his body as well in his mind, forgot there Remained remain nothing inside but being inside is being but the water and the clouds, so he's gone into a forlorn like yeah for one transom having had a little bit here. They arrive at the island go straight in massaging flew off the quoted called the now advanced at a very restrained pace says you can I'll bring himself to stroke with vigour. His arms moved only slightly exerting little force, Sound of bogus was in the air, so Suki sir. It shallow enough here. There's no need! get close. You don't wanna damage your boat. Besides, it's about
time for the tied to turn silently Suzuki his on a tall, thin pine tree standing alone, underneath it when was playing with a brilliant red cloak Suzuki started to point But realised that we saw she'd already seen his opponent. Keeping his eyes on gun room. We saw him Took a russet here, tower from his obi folded. In four lengthwise and tied it round his wind blown hair. Then shifted his short short sword to the front of his obi taking off his long sword. He laid it in the bottom of the boat and covered it with Red map, in his right hand, Held the wooden sword he had made from the broken, or this far enough. He said this is a key, so
he's going to fight the best swordsmen in the world. He carves. Wooden sword, out of an order on the way, leaves his long sword in the boat and there is This is a novel, but there's also historic precedent for this, so he would routinely use wooden swords when dealing with opponents who are using live blades How came back to the book at that moment Moose Archie his how comma witches pants early? yeah? It's kind of like a jerk japanese kills. Let's say very, very long, usually comes down to the ankles, has a coma hitched high on both sides jumped lightly into the sea landing so lightly. He barely made a splash, he strode rapid
Lee toward the waterline his wooden sword, cutting through the spray five steps? Ten steps. So Suki. Abandoning his skull watched Wonderment unconscious of where he was what he was doing, has gone wrong. St away from the pine like a red streamer. His polish scabbard caught the glint of the sun. Monsieur she gone through planted his feet resolutely in the sand. Unwilling to give up an inch, we saw she stopped and stood still exposed, the water in the wind the green appeared on his face, could euro he said quietly, on earthly fierceness in his eyes, a force pulling so irresistibly it threatened to draw. Could euro inexcusably into the peril and destruction. Waves washed his wooden sword
gone ruse where the eyes that shot fire- the blood thirsty flame burned in his pupils, like the rainbows of fierce intensity seeking to fi and debilitate massage e no answer Mozart. She. The sea rumbled ominously in the distance, the tide laughed and murmured at the two men feet, you Aid again aren't you is at your strategy as far. I am concerned- is a cowardly ploy. It's too With his left hand, he slid off the scabbard in food into the water she did not reply? You did this at each Georgie And before that, at the rear, Gone method seems to be to throw your pointed off by deliberately making him wait that trickle you- know where we ve gone through now
pair your spirit and come forward bravely. So future generations will laugh at you. Come ahead and fight massaging, the end of his scabbard rose high behind him ass. He drew the great drying pole left hand, he slid off the scabbard in food into the water. Waiting just long enough for a wave to strike the reef in retreat We saw she suddenly said in a quiet voice. You ve lost Code Euro what gone was shaken to the core? The fights been fought eyes you ve been defeated. What are you doing, about. If you're going to win, you throw your scabbard away. Asked away your future. Your life words nonsense to bad. Could euro ready to fall you wanna, get it over with fast com.
Come forward. You bastard. Ah monsieur he's cry and the sound of the water rose to a crescendo together. Step into the water. The drying positioned high above his head gone. We faced massages squarely alone, of white foam streaked crossed the surface, as we saw she ran up on shore to gone ruse left, we pursued We saw his feet left the water and touched the sand at almost the same instant that gone rue sword. His whole body, hurtled Adam, like a flying fish, when we saw she sense that the drying poles coming toward him. His body was still at the end of the motion that it take out of the water leaning slightly forward held the wooden sword with both hands extended out to the right behind him and partially hidden. Satisfied with his position, he half
wanted and almost noiseless sound wafted before gone? Yours face the Paul had appeared to be on the verge of a downward slice, but it wavered slightly then stopped. Nine feet away from who saw she gone? change directions by leaping nimbly to the right. The two men stared at each other. We saw she two or three paces from the water had the seat was back God who is facing him his sword held high with both hands. Their lives were totally absorbed in deadly combat and both were free from conscious thought. Scene of battle was a perfect vacuum, but the waiting stations and beyond the sound of the waves countless people have their breasts. Above gone through huh the prayers and the hopes of those who believed in him and wanted him to live.
Above who saw she prayers and hopes of others of Sado and Hungary on the island of oats, you and also oh suki and Gonna Suki on the beach of came. And not a hockey on their hill. All their prayers were directed to. Heaven here, hopes, prayers and gods were of no assistance, nor was chance There was only a vacuum in personal and perfectly impartial. Is this vacuum so difficult of achievement by one who has life. The perfect expression of the mind that has risen above fought and transcended ideas. The two then spoke without speaking then too each came, the unconscious realisation of the other
pours of their body, stood out like needles directed at the Adversary must flash nail, hair even eyebrows. All bodily elements that partake of life were united into a single force against the enemy, defending the living organism of which they were part. The mind alone was one with the universe, clear and untroubled like that election of the moon in a pond. Amidst the raging of a typhoon reach the sublime immobility the Supreme Achievement seemed like genes, but the interval was in fact short the required for the waves to come in and received a half a dozen times a great shout more than vote coming from the depths of being shattered, the instant, the
from gone through and was I would immediately by massages shout. Two cries like angry waves. Lashing, a rocky shore sent there spirits, skyward. The challenge your sword raised so high that it seem to threaten the sun struck through the air like a rainbow. We saw she threw his ship under his left, shoulder forward. Jews right foot back and shifted his upper body into position. Half facing his opponent, His wooden sword held in both hands swept through the air at the same moment that the Tipp of the drying pole came down directly before his nose. The breeze of the two combatants grew louder than the sound of the waves. Now the wooden sword was extended. It I level the dry. Paul high above its bearers head gone. Who had bounded about ten paces away? We
Had the sea to one side, though here not succeeded in injuring lusatia in this first attack. He had put himself in a much better position. How he remained where he was this? with the sun, reflecting from the water into his eyes. His vision would soon faltered, then his spirit and We have been at massages mercy with. Nude confidence gone, we began inching forward, keeping a sharp eye out for a chink in massages defence and stealing his own spirit for a decisive move move ah, she did the unexpected Instead of proceeding slowly and cautiously, he strode board boldly. Gone through his sword, projecting before him ready to thrust into gone yours eyes, the listening of this approach brought gone route to a halt. He almost lost sight of mythology.
The wooden sword rose straightened the air with one great kick, who saw she leaped pie and folding his legs reduced his six foot frame to four feet or less. Yeah gonna lose stored, scream through the space above him, drug missed, but the Tipp of the drying pole cut through massages headband, which went flying through the air. Gone roof, mistook it for his opponents head and I'll flitted briefly across his face the next instant his skull broke like gravel, under the blow massage sword. Has gone through lay with sand met the grass his betrayed no consciousness of defeat blow
stream from his mouth, but his lips formed a smile of triumph. Oh now gone through forgetting himself, you warmer kabuki jumped up, And with him all his red, their faces, distorted with shock. Then they saw Go to subdue and yuri sitting com incidentally, on their benches, shame they somehow managed to keep from running forward. They tried to regain grieve composure, but there is concealing their grief and delusion. Some swallowed hard refusing to believe what they had seen: and their minds went plank in India. The island was quiet and still, as it had ever been. Only the rustle of the pines and swaying grasses marked the first guilty and the environment
of mankind. We saw she was watching a small cloud in the sky as he did His soul returned to his body and it became, possible for him to distinguish between the cloud Himself between his body, and the Universe society could euro gone through did not return to the world of the living. Lying face down. He still had a upon his sword. His tenacity was still visible. There was no sign of anguish on his face thing but satisfaction at having fought a good fight the faintest shadow of regret. The sight of his own headband lying on the ground, said shivers up and down Lusatia Spine.
Never in his life, he thought would need. Another opponent like this. A wave of admiration and respect flowed over him. He was grateful to could for what the man had given him Strength in the will to fight he rang tire than Lusatia, and it was Because of this that we saw, she had been was to excel himself. What was it that it in Naples, we saw she due to defeat cushion Cordeiro skill. The help of the gods While knowing it was neither of these, we saw she was never able to express a reason in words. Certainly with something more important than either thanks or godly price Prudence could Euro had put his confidence in the sort of stuff thanks and skill.
Who saw she trusted in the sort of spirit that was the difference between them so Lastly, we saw she walked the ten paces to could euro and knelt beside him his left hand near the nostrils of. Could euro and there was no trace of breath with treatment he may recover. Massaging old himself, anyone I believe this wanted to believe It is most valuing of all adversaries would be spared. But the battle was over. Time to go farewell he said to. Could Europe. And the officials on their be benches. Being bowed wants to the ground, he read to the reef and jumped into the boat. There was not a.
Drop of blood on his wooden sword. The tiny I moved out to sea. Who is to say where there is record as to where gone ruse supporters on he could Jima attempted to take revenge, We'll do not give up their loves and hates as long as life lasts way, waves of feeling come go with the passage of time. Throughout resources lifetime? There were those who resent His victory, and criticized his conduct on that day. He rushed away, it was said because he feared reprisal. He was confused. He even. Acted to administer the coup de la the, world is always full of the sun. Of waves. The little fishes.
Abandoning themselves to the way these dance? and seeing and play, but Who knows the heart of the sea a hundred feet down. Who knows its depth the end. That is how the book finishes up. Who knows the heart of the sea, who knows its depths And as I read that I wondered
to myself. Are we just the little fishes abandoning Ourselves to the waves to sing and dance and play that what we're doing. And I'm not saying don't have fun, I'm not. Don't sing and dance and play enjoy life, of course, and relish the joy of life, but Think you have to make sure you don't dance your life away, don't be one of the little fishes and in Dakota that final writing of massaging before he died, the
Ass thing, he wrote. Was never stray from the way, and I think that that's what this is about. All the fun and singing and dancing and hold the play. It's ok! It's good. But all those things can be distractions. Because there is a path there is A way and. You know what that way is you know what you should be doing.
And it's hard to stay on that path, because it is the path of discipline and discomfort. But it is the right path, and you know that, and it is that path that will ultimately lead you to wear you really want to be so you can live and you can die without regrets. I think a lot of times people are true to find the path
looking all around different places and different people in different influences. But man, I think so often that path, you know what the path is and people know what they're supposed to be doing, but they just don't get on the path and stay on the bath, and I agree or it's some- felt when there were eight or twelve and they they travel the world or travel through life's experience is trying to find the answer that was in front of them the entire time, so they come
to see what they knew with different eyes and recognise that they knew the path all on, which is something that I so enjoyed about this book and the character both real and certainly presented by the author of massaging, who is using his experiences in this domain of the sword as a means of thematic interconnectedness. So, unlike this, could you
and he's not just a technician with the sword all the way he is a broiling technician. He is tilling the soil, he's constructing buildings which later he did quite a lot of interest of architecture in overseeing the building instead of destruction of things and finding at the highest levels of performance with the sword in felling opponents. The the principles, the first principles that he can apply at.
And that's part of what fascinates me so much about massage here? Anyone who's the best of what they do is that it could be anything it could be pottery. It could be sniping, it could be calligraphy, but like the best, they see the depth. They see the ear, the interwoven web that can expand from that one, fine focus and everything that they do, and I think that, for me at least, is the path, and maybe it's just coming off of asylum, treat that I want to talk to my, but it doesnt strike me as something that is cleanly expressed in an Instagram post or a quote necessarily
it's it's more of a feeling, like you know, if you're sober and take a moment to sit in the stillness and by stillness, I don't mean sitting on a mountain topic. Interests be five minutes of silence when you first get up in the morning and observe your own mind in how you feel like you know, if you're on the path or not- or at least you know, when you're not totally agree, you know you know you're not on it, and I think that the feeling of being on it when you're on the path it has that beauty of mindless or no mind his without say and six in the state of no mind and it sounds like unconscious, but it's different. It's not unconscious. It's not subconscious is something else where you feel
you are exactly where you should be doing exactly what you should be doing and you're not planning you're, just putting one foot in front of the other on this path that you didn't have to find, because in a way the path was seeking. You the whole time and it's just a. At a really it's a feeling. I think that everyone can have, but they get so caught up. We all get caught up. I don't speak for you to finance all speak for myself it's easy to get caught up in the noise in the shiny objects and just like the little fish you're talking about You see that lure to recognise it as a lure is through the first step and then to realise that when you look past the lower right, there's a lure sixteen inches in front of you and then you're in an ocean that has endless fathoms of death.
What a journey here the same that the line that says the world is always filled with the sound of waves, again those towns are going on in the waves are out there and fish. Swimming around in the waves Will you you- and I think you ve, experienced this type of that type of clarity in many different contacts. I haven't surfed much, but I have done a bit, certainly not as regularly as you have, but the fee link of when I've been out in surf that suddenly exceeded my capacities which is also not necessarily something I recommend, but I've had this harrowing exe
it particularly as someone who didn't learn swim until as my thirties, which separate thing that I think we covered in Epps at fifty. I have fear related to the ocean, which I think is healthy on on a lot of levels: boys when you're out there and suddenly sets come in that are seventy percent, a hundred percent bigger than what you went in with the feeling of or just sitting calmly, on your board way. For us at and looking out over the water. The sense of insignificance that you feel is not a list that I feel it's not a negative thing. It's a very. Has it do use the word, but I can't find a better one. Spiritual experience reeling. Oh yeah, that email that comment on social media
that commitment I made to go to an event that I read now really six months later, don't wanna go to who gives a fuck like we're a bunch of monkeys on a spinning rock in the middle of this whole thing. What this whole thing in all? That thing is singing and dancing and playing in its psych compared to the depths the ocean. It means nothing. I think it's it's I just. I love the purity Of despite his stupidity- let's be honest- very wary talked about like he made a lot of stupid decisions storming the jail anybody. What do you think's going to have and so on and so forth. But despite all that, coming back to what he knew, one of the few things that he felt, I should say no felt to be true to him, which was its commitment to the way it sword. It doesn't have to be.
Limited with sort, but I've always had a certain envy fur people, including yourself, who, from a very very early age, just felt a beacon for a direction that call really lucky. I feel like. I was really lucky in that aspect or you may people I've met, for instance, Hamilton. I mentioned earlier he still serves every day wakes up? It force stoked to go out and train and he's on the path he's on the path, and I mean this is a guy who he was with. I mean he's out there with large tiger sharks, which are routinely out where he serves and why We spend a good portion of the year and efforts stories in these repulse Lisbon Hut. Several hundred years later. Embellish storage is a real stories ripped someone was
by a tiger short bleeding out. He went back to a jet skis. They had took off at some piece of clothing. He had put in makeshift, they get on this guy who's bleeding in the water with tiger sharks, keep might already didn. He has been lost to the jet skis hot wires. The jet skis and brings a guy back and saves and end I'd say every few months he saved someone's life in the water business fifties, we're sitting at us in esteem room at one point and I in retrospect realise not a good idea to tread outlast, Laird and esteem. But he was saying roughly along these lines. Like twenty want, it's twenty feet, you can start to have fun start to play around. He goes.
What is forty, thirty yeah, you're, really jamming psych three thousand two hundred and forty, you can definitely get into the zone he's like a buck. Fifty you're not allowed to fall and that's his day and he has kids. But as far as I Gabby, whose just incredible incredible on so many levels in her own right. She understands like this is his path, he's still chasing giants and he's not going to stop. How could he like that part of who he is? What do you think draws people like in the wrong direction, that in their life just a little distractions. You talk about echoed little distractions, little things that just pull you off, and I think I think maybe people don't want to accept the fact. Like they know what the path is, but they want to deny it for worry for whatever reason, but I think that's.
I think that can be part of it. I the distraction of the path I mean. I will say for those people out there like or for God's sake, I I don't know it my path is, I can't find it. I don't know if I could see if I could say to someone with absolute conviction. My path is acts, but I can tell well I've strayed if that makes sense, there's a certain agitation, there's a certain scattered feeling that I have and as two reasons, people get off the path and, I think people may have multiple paths, but you were going to say I was going to say cuz I've been I'm trying to formulate what what we're talking about, because I know exactly what you mean like like the path is, It might not be like here want to do this thing like there's something else, and I think
I think that something else is. The path is how you are going to live that's not necessarily destination that you could. You could follow the same path and get to a bunch of different destinations, but the path itself of how you're gonna live. How you can go through life. How you're gonna do things? That's? That's what I'm talkin about and even the path that I'm on could have led to other things and in my life and even you know I was in the military for twenty years, the military and more, still on the same path like the path is the same of the way I'm trying to live. My life. That's the same end, common point, I'm in business the where the where, when my business I'm trot, announced on the same path, it's so the path. It's like the way you're leaving your life more than anything else, and it doesn't matter if you're in college, if you're starting a business, if you're working for some one hour
you on the path that you're supposed to be, and are you leaving the way that you feel you're supposed to live that you know you're supposed to live, people get off that they get, no doubt living the way that they know they should live. Regardless of circumstances you ve been in horrible circumstance before we all we'll go situations where things just went sideways and then you can either stray off the path and turn into something that you're not or something that you know you shouldn't be You can stay on the path you can continue to do the things that you're supposed to do and do and leave the way that you want to live and really lately I've been talking about box. I've been trying to explain this you know what the right thing to do is right. You know what you're supposed to do as a person as you, you know what you're supposed to do. Do it that thing. What is that thing? But you know you're supposed to live a certain way and when. You dont limb! That way like you,
at their stairs, friction in their tension in theirs disruption, and it doesn't feel right and when you live the right way, it's often harbor. It often is less emu Gratification but the The internal gratification at you get from leaving the way you're supposed to live is very satisfying. And another thing I need to absolutely point out is I am by no means sitting here: try to say that I've always maintained that, were Human ever am horrible. And you I was on with us, with a guy Charlie, plum became on the pie and a guy named Jim Jim Congo. Charlie plan was Vietnam fighter. What shot down spent six years in the Hanoi, Hilton and another guy named Jim Congo, who was of fighter pilot in World WAR two, and we want this conversation like about doing good and at these guys up just
Levels: infinite levels above me as first be good people and an I kind of went along with the conversation almost as if I was born there like had that level of goodness, which I don't you know, I mean I'm trying, but in order when I was a young seals maniac, you know I made massaging, look like a brilliant saint. What is your fucking? I was crazy, maniac kid filled with just mayhem in my brain and all my friends. We were all the same and we got after it and Believe me, I am not trying to say that, but I will say that I've grown up I've. I've! Think of myself closer to leaving the way that I know I'm supposed to liver, I do what I believe to be the right way and the right path to be on and so I just want to make that quick, caviar that anybody it's listening. That's like it was really just saintly person wrong, I'm not even remotely making that claim.
But I am trying to give myself at least that much dreaded. I think that everyone is a work in progress in that the path so speak is. Illustrated for me in this book and I'll get into a couple of specific might be helpful, for people will think about, or at least have been helpful to me, as I think through What distinguishes the relative lack of Friction in this scattered in and Agitation versus states without those things, because- on the path is not necessarily for me, a feeling of overwhelming joy and happiness per se. It's it's a lack of access, agitation and distracted, nervous,
and I think that what what I've found for myself as that as I go older and feel more at peace with what I'm doing and how and behaving like you said it's it's having certain first principles in mind that transcend any given project any given conversation. Anyone relation ship and early on its as you're to define yourself or five and yourself or build yourself. You are a very often succumb, because how could you not to pursuing shiny object, up or shiny object, and in the beginning I think that's fine, and even for a very long of time, you throw a lot against the wall to see what sticks and to discover what you're good at what you're terrible at what your weaknesses are, what your strengths are, but over
I'm whether you're, looking at some of the most successful investors in the world, like re, Dolly of Bridgewater Associates, they manage a hundred and sixty billion dollars at last count and or athletes like Marcella Garcia, who will not train a technique that he cannot use on a three hundred pound muscular opponent. He just will not change the eat. He did not. He does not draw nix that he cannot apply to someone twice the size, and these are principles, whether its sake and in you can take principles from one domain and transplant that, which is why I think this book. Such an excellent illustration of the value of becoming exe exceptionally exceptionally good at something in a very, very narrow banned, because when you do that the constitution and the frameworks and the principles that you develop for yourself can then be applied.
Everywhere, so in Jiu Jitsu, let's just say, and I'm talking out my ass a little bit since I certainly don't feel qualified to speak to too much on Jiu Jitsu at the table. But if you take something like position before submission right, let's just say for what, for whatever reason, Adopt that not work very well for you. You can apply that to a lot right before you can apply that to a lot of things and when you start to really think about three steps and principles in the cold. All that last short book or treatise of massages is is in effect of a boy, the list of precepts and pretty tough to fall off, often at the same time, by the way to freedom. But if you just have a few I'm dead, they can be very plain v
Much plain speech, let's just say its say what you mean you mean what you say. Do what you say you are going to do on time and in very simple rain, and then you have a recipe book. You have an algorithm which is really just a step, a set of steps it produces given no and predetermined outcome. Usually, if you follow, those you! You can start to mould and define this path, your way of moving through the world interacting with the world, but if you're stuck in, say the weather patterns of the world instead of looking at the tectonic plates level and your focused on these things a chance, You're very, very quickly. Like the new cycle, like what your friends are saying on social media at all times the year
fear of missing out social expectations that are set that make you want to posture because of your friends are putting highlights of their lives on the internet, which makes you feel like a failure, because it's not all glamour shots. Those are all shifting weather patterns. They mean nothing and you just you shouldn't let those pass as they say in this book. It comes up a lot as much as fraud, for that comes up a lot in massaging and fly half flies and insects whose passing phenomena versus thinking about in his case he uses the mountains and so on? but the lower levels that tend to be less there, sexy. They don't move as quickly by if you understand those sites we're moving and by extension,
timeless principles and you can use it to carve and form in fine rediscovered your own path, then I think you just give you much greater level of peace in part, because it gives you much greater level of the agency. You feel, like you, can craft your experience of life as opposed to being tossed back and forth by the vagaries of fast changing factors control over their well. I suppose we could talk about this indefinitely, but were using up too much bandwidth already echo speaking of the do you have any recommendations? Have maybe how people could stay on the path? And you know maybe support sure real quick though it is
pronunciation goes one there's like a double: once in it, you can see him both her like like this dakota, you say doc Kyoto, yeah, there's a little stuttering yeah I could sounds like you have to finish the first care and then start the second key yeah. It's it's it's it's good, yet kind of, I think you'd be considered with it with a collar glottal. Stop. So Hokkaido in Japan is actually hope either right right, but if there is only one case, be Hokkaido, that's right, our school took a long time. This just really embarrassing. In the beginning, work no may pronunciation, I had to say the word school a lot. I was going to school walking to school. When are you going to school and it's got goal which has that little stutter and I mess that I certainly cast abroad.
Apology to all of my left. My japanese friends especially be gone crazy. I'm sorry, this interesting that you care could in in in the wine language. They put it we considered another letter it it's called be keynote. Basically, an apostrophe yeah in that you enjoy there's a lot of our good together, and so when you went when you want to do that, little function to separate em. You put the keener there like, like toward her I e Hawaii this two eyes dancing Hawaii, remember you asking me why I see quiet, how do you say quiet the choir kawaii? I mean technically it's kawaii Kawaii book, typically, don't say Kawaii anymore, the best very, very similar but similar deal rank similar deal activities with consonants data and take us too far field that you There are some really weird
similarities between japanese and other languages were there may have been trade routes, stabbed wished for the dawn of man in weird places. Cities there are some commonalities in polynesian languages, and then you also find incredible commonalities, with Turkish of all languages there, nearly identical grammar. I remember no. Second, linguistic classes- and there were they would point out these weird. Weird commonalities that you say well, that's like things that, like the number one things like the sun things at you know every one kind of Hasta have created a word forts and when the others definitely some strings Africa. What they are. I didn't study hard enough I wasn't on the path closely enough, but a lot of these languages, like the newly even the the of like a is. Are you know, Jack he's hawaiian yeah,
all the very soft owls, typically yeah, then that eyes, like ie yeah, Japan. Japanese people can handle spent, ashes, pry the closest that I've seen language? It they can handle any language that ends on consonants. Alot is gonna, be Sir Member, if such stuff on the you at the end of tv and TIM Tim, oh yeah, the same would be to or you'll be it another beaten. Mcdonald's is market, a lot of them near and and a tough time fights the innate in for this? People wandering the reason they can't we're have so much we'll distinguishing between origin else, which many other people do not, but in the case of Japanese is because they have a blended phony above blended, sound, it's it's. A combination of r l indeed
so Don t you do it all is how this so that do that, like sound, is not clearly distinguished into multiple continents and Japanese, which is why they have so much troubled arsenals. We can teach them to fix that in a few minutes, if you explain other tongues position and remember at one point give credit to my first japanese teacher, Mister Shimerda who was fantastic because we would hit a sticking point in class, would be going over some concept. Those really difficult for a native english speakers brain to wrap itself around like they have subject markers and the difference between wine gone. If its known to the speakers that
not known to the speakers that you like? What's that mean, and he could sense, because I transferred from very weak school, very bad school on long island variants, highly competitive school in New Hampshire that had classes sixties, weak, mandatory seated meal like dead poets society, mandatory sports classes from eight a m or so to about six p m and japanese clusters very often the class after sports people, wiped out. Hadn't at dinner and we'd be struggling in getting agitated with some aspect of Japanese and he could tell that we were we were. We were losing it, but we still at forty five minutes to go to its error. It had a really strong trappings accident, maybe, like we're gonna start from it, and I am going to attempt to say this word for you and you would write squirrel black part. If you want to talk about a word, I would be designed to be
knife which his person, and so you, if you would take five minutes for just comedic effect, he's gonna score squirrel screw any do that for humanity we crack up and loosen up in real life. Ok, everyone is learning new language. Has some type of sticking point like this, and then he be like ok and have fun and games now back to the arts is an excellent, excellent teacher budget. Speaking a hard stuff speed quick. My brother is for the love of God good. I was going to talk more about your ici, but we can talk about them in the meantime when takeover joints, origin mean dot. Com is a good spot to get these joint supplements. Jocker supplements super crude oil and its regular guerrilla super. A young girl accurately there is actually both data. Also another one called Jacko joint work.
Fair. The blend joint, deject, nation warfare, weapons, chair, technically also for some legit fitness gear. If you indicated indicator bills, yeah have some in my my garage see only the only fitness to have an hour or two councils. A girl, some bomb. I guess I m per annum on it. Yes, why I gotta get over there. I never yeah yeah yeah cannibals, don't Firstly, the ones from on it by the way werewolf guerrilla big foot, This listing the ones I like your girls, and I let me call me names- you try out new names. Not altogether have university stick while they don't want. Did you say artistic or autistic art this case is nothing nothing. But there is a second, but they are built. There might have been a year ago, regular once I have
I saw where we're sitting here in ask and access not too far from on at age q and I actually bought two of the standard issue. I know you like me, this could not cut, didn't decker, patients and is go, legal training in star wars. That runs, though they do yet Darth Vader one in storm. Fitter one school yeah. I've seen you gotta admit it after a while you like, ok, I'm me out of here. I'm like hey, come to my house, you make it a well the other dope, but some people jocular like now to safeguard Gourbi gotta, admit a moral bob effect. I myself but mere delay in check those are on it. Come MECCA, they got other stuff on there too. Pretty much for any kind of work out there. Then why, like your typical, Jim work out like them, mesas and whatnot.
On your home, is a side note for people. Listening, don't have had enough coffee and I've been off caffeine for ten days of your personality arena. Don't let perfect be the good when it comes to working out or home gyms or anything like that. Don't say I can't start, because I don't have these seven pieces of equipment for two years when I had very little money in and was training and you just when I just moved to the Bay area, which is stupidly expensive. I had two roommates and no space whatsoever. I had one hundred and fifty three pound kettlebell and I did think what that cattle now I did and I got into that combined with Jujitsu. That's all had spaceport with one can about. I got into some of the best shape of my entire life camp of thirty three pounds. It's nothing! It's a hooker dude he fifty pound of beer as you're done, he answered
Maybe he knew one reveal lobby. What can you do? Want disorder fifty pounds this like the goal here, from the outset on sales against kettlebells before. But you know, when they first kind of came on the scene here and in people gear kettlebells and look who we are you not like when people do that you cannot build this pen. Unnatural, not resentment, but just it'll is some resistance. Like MRS jump on your little ban, let s see what you're doing you know. I'm sick of this work and then find I got on the boat and the gun on that earlier kettlebells- and you don't need to be- I will say, not don't play on the internet, but just to you to keep. Jockers liability insurance premiums low. Kettlebells don't get to fancy kids, the kettlebells don't pick.
But credible for the first time and try to do snatches, yeah good way to get reconstructive shoulder surgery here you don't need to do a whole lot. If you just do, two handed cannibal swings properly, which I would not in my book, would not be above the shoulder and. You do, let's just say some turkish get. Ups, even partial Turkish get ups and a handful of other exercises on particular windmills and cossack squads, and so on. You really don't need much and you you don't have to do potentially dangerous ballistic movements a lot of kettlebells ear, and I personally would even go further and say: don't do much expressly like to lick Turkish get this now. I too like these ones, where snares view other yet
your turn, a leg. You lose your mood, you can give lemme get that big cause. It's cool look at him, and this was like, obviously bigger than the other online. I got out and earn. As last year, my house, I was over there dude every exercise with the figures at kettlebells. I asked ass. I dig it man by man, if you start doing snatches or that man ahead the big foot, it's ninety pounce Amy, so I can I mean- and now I can boot cleaning- ass one hand, oh good, like I'll, go to the site and to this end and tooth in order- and it wasn't What was it warm? Where does he did at the wrong angle? I got it up to here and in when I press it up he was too far away like when I press is weird GMO Kettlebells really dig Tang back there, so an oppressive up its arms, like it went backwards most of my shoulder little this year You will be able to press as well as you can clean. So if you cannot clean
a weight extremely smoothly to your side. Do not try to press it. Yeah, maybe speak start like that's the point, unless it Uncle stood movie. I must say anything because of the liability of the worst advice on the Scottish. Also, if you I have a copy of Mississippi I'm gonna listed on the website, go to. Go part cast dot com go to be books, section right there in the top many public on their it'll, be actually it's been on their it's been on their sent. You mentioned it spent on their four year. Yes, all right all right at the top even after school down. Boom click on it. Could I had another book to the way you can forget it?
you, Cortland grown hundred thousand percent Falada percent on it, so I will bring That is out which Jacko is part of an and is a continuation of our are lifelong partnership. Georgia is a reappearance in tribe of mentors, which is, I think, the easiest to red book that I have yet put together. It is brand spankin' new, has a hundred and thirty people all asked the same eleven questions that were most burning for me and is that a thousand page book it's this Dick is shorter than massaging, which isn't saying much. It is about six hundred fifty pages. Each profile is ranges between two in ten pages and a number of the people who came up in our conversation like Dan Gable, who
the gold medal in the Olympics, fluorescing wrestling without having a single point, scored on him, ridiculous. Winning Wimbledon without having a point scoring, it doesn't happen. People and many many many others so covers every possible facet of human performance. Whether its fiscal training expert meditated is world class investors, the founders of Facebook, Twitter sales force linked any name it if you want super super tactical nuggets of advice, including some from our good friend Jack The charter men towards is easy to digest Chooser Adventure book. That would be a nice nonfiction compliment to our friend, massaging mere on put it up, right next to both as what that does the click on it takes two to Amazon. But what was the was the whip setting and for your bench, Jacko Podcast, dot com. I think be slash books. Maybe, but
these swinging on the top menu website, but it just and buckled from but from episodes would have him. Yet they can there be inflicted and if you do any other Amazon shopping, you know in a carry on. I was going to stop you there also subscribe to the Balkans. I was just going to say they may have already removed this little glitch in the system, but I used to be able to buy trap bars and so on. On Amazon, Prime, with no shipping trap bars, so hex blogger, alright, alright snigger. It's like sixty pounds, two hundred pounds of metal, so yeah Walter Picking up your brain food, you can pick up your body tools for nationally yeah. You know shipping mammas on yeah Amazon's, pretty good with their ship in situations like, even if the EU wants, like whatever the next day, you know we're low pay, additional shipping, it's like four boxes and optimism.
Something right on our also ascribed to the part guess if you have an already on Itunes and teacher and Google play Spotify, I think think real often it whatever you listen to the progress on boom subscribe. Also on you, too, If you have an already is more than just the pot guessing you two excerpts unease to what are you gonna put some some take away their when they got out takes from this. I want to go. There are some very fine words in the area as if they were, but we were all laughing. I think so. In fact, yes, that's exactly what I'm gonna. Do She is one of the many reasons to subscribe to the two general. In my opinion, what is the tibetan jack of
Do you want it for all the ubiquitous naturally legacy? We spell it, I'm so bad. At this I'm just the handwriting, Pretty Barton guy you, I guess technically were too when we say subscribe to the biogas. Technically, we are asking them to go on Youtube. Search for Jacobite, guess make sure to the Grech on you know. Sometimes it'll be like juggle tat jungle. There are starting to see team. In tonnes pal you you could just get you could get in there, since this will not be published for probably few hours at least you guys could get a url like Jacko, subscribe dot com and then have a point to a page on your website where you have all of the links where people can wicked for different services to subscribe man. I wish I had somebody that worked with me that, like did computer type, stuff and stuff like that, <