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111: Being At War.. In Life. How To Become The Ambush. With Jody Mitic.

2018-01-31 | 🔗

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0:10:34 - Jody Mitic.  Dark times and how he got there.

0:33:43 - Jocko's (Limited) Experience with Drinking and Drugs

0:44:10 - The Military. A Crazy Life.

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This is Jack Podcast number one eleven with Charles in me, Jocker willing, good evening echo believing so Almost two years ago, I had a guy on the part of gas By the name of Jody Medic- and we ended up talking. For so long that we actually turned one podcast into two podcast. The first one was a review of his book, which just come out was called unflinching. The making of a canadian sniper and we did a second podcast right after that that was us talking in discussing some more of the details. Of where had lost his life had gone since that book had come out in those pod costs are-
number twenty four, an number twenty five and if you haven't listen to those yet to stop here, go back and listen to them first and then pod casts we discussed Joey's early life and how we ended up in the military and his sniper training in his two deployments to Afghanistan, and the events of January eleven, two thousand and seven when during an operation he the lion, mine and law. Asked both of his legs below the knee. And from there. Struggled to stay alive, but he did he made it back to Canada, where He then struggled to recover from his injuries and any struggled to adapt to his new life and alone. The way he struggled to overcome addiction to pain, medications that had been-
given to him so freely. But he did overcome those struggles and me New life and wrote a book and got elected as a member of the sea, the council of the City of Ottawa, he continued to raise his young girls and take care of them and, by all accounts were About a model citizen, in fact, I'd goes so far as to say a motto: human being, but. Things aren't always as they appear, Although Jody look to be doing great by any measure behind that possible persona. The struggle continued and I saw a glimpse of it when Jody came down to be on the.
Cast, I first noticed it when I made reservations Jody at a hotel by my house, and I just gotta- my soul hotel near by me. So I could pick him up easy and didn't think much of it. Even the hotel information than a couple days later, he called me up and said he'd needed to transfer to a different hotel, because the hotel that I had made reservations at didn't have handicap possible rooms, I felt like a like an jerk. But at the same time I didn't really understand, because I'd seen all these video clips of Jody walking around and in actually running around, they need and second, place in this tv- show called the amazing race we're doing all these different challenges. I saw pictures of him and videos of em running in driving cars and in even
writing motorcycles deriving motorcycles. So clearly, there were something that I didn't understand that was going on and me He wasn't mobiles. I thought he was and when I went to pick him up, airport. I wasn't really sure what to expect, I don't know if he's gonna be in a wheelchair. I dunno he's gonna need help getting around and as I drove through the pick up you're looking for me wasn't hard to spot. He was looking at the curb big b, over six feet tall and he walked off the car with confidence. When we really zero indication that he was walking on two prosthetic legs and You know so we recorded the pot gas after afternoon and it took forever. Five hours or six hours, and then we got done with that, we went grab steak and the next day. You know he said hey. Can you give me some more San Diego? Can you show me, you know some of the sites around here, and so we did that- and I took him onto the the
compound were the seal. Training is and then I took him to the seal teams and we want the? U S, s midway, the aircraft carrier museum, and we were can all over that and and then he want to go down to the beach down where I live in, so we walked around there and it was awesome. And he was enjoy being down from the cold frozen tundra of Canada and as we got towards the end of the day. You know Jody started, walking a little bit slower and I noticed on his face- he had a look of discomfort right that whose give it try not to really reveal it, but it was there and in finding said he you. Nor can we started out from these things start to hurt afterwhile in his point down at his legs and ask said, of course, no problem we sat down for a while and He recovered a little better than we got up and walked a little bit more Kennedy said a man who sat down again- and I said yes, of course,.
So then we sat down for a little while and then, when he got up again, he said he's head back to your house and and babysitter. Is it around there for a little while just needs to start her pretty good right now you know The skin wears off they started bleed and may not doesn't feel good man and I said yeah brother no problem So we get back to my house and in we went up on. Deck and we sat there and just kind of hung out talked and it became clear to me. Something that I did know from my other friends that have been wounded badly. That is a lot harder than a looks he's in the bionic man than its high. To adapt. The intermingling of human flesh with mechanical parts is not a natural thing. It's not a smooth thing. It's a battle.
And it's a battle that's hard for us to perceive from outside. But it's a battle that takes place every minute of every day, usually behind the scenes privately, because. As soldiers Marines, these men learn to suffer and bear their burdens, silently and without complaint and it was here at my house- the Jody explain to me why he needed a handicap, accessible room. He said yeah, you know manic, I get home and I gotta take my legs off and then got a crawl to the bank. From to use the toilet, gonna crawl to get in the shower, and I need a little handles to pull myself up bitter struggle
Jody suffered and struggled again, not outwardly, not in public but alone. He pressed on and we kept in touch over the last couple years. You know text messages and what's goin on, did you see this and I sent you that I watched as Jody continued on his journey of his life and is often a watch and he got back to Canada. He's start the podcast and he continued with his political career. He wrote enough. Best selling book called them today. Heroes and. You know from a distance. Everything appeared to be go and great. But again Things are always what they seem and behind all that
Jody was struggling, and a couple months ago I got a text, a simple text from jail, and it read Bro. The enemy to me now in military terms, that's about as bad as it gets. It means the enemy has attacked. You weakness means the enemy, has the upper hand. It means You have lost momentum in the battle ten means you could very likely be overrun. It being overrun means that you're gonna get killed and I could
see from that text. That Jody was at war again, not on the battlefield, but in his life but Jody is a soldier. And Jody fought back because that's what soldiers do. In a little while later sent another text that read on fire, be turning into the ambush and stuff, to fight through. He attacked the problems, he's back on track again back on the path and Came down to visit me enough talking to him a little bit and discussing what he's been through I asked him if he would come on and and talk about it so other people
not just veterans but everyone that struggles? All of us can learn from what he's been through and what he's overcome. So here we are once again and with that jury, Jacko, welcome back to the past, just while you had me in Rio, didn't feel there for me. Don't you The amended Zalm thank you for that each year, you're talking to me last night about about the texts that you'd send me. And you said you know there were some person. Be taxed. I sent you in and I was really and you said yeah and I go there. I pick up when you were like yeah, yeah yeah, I thought
you did well know when I read through my clearly did yeah and just do the responses in conversation we were having, but that that first tax that you sent me hours I damn and and of course I went in, went back under social media. Looked weeping onto you, dropped off social media. And so you had basically down said, you know her brother need a little air support over the side and so What happened from I mean just you leave here from the last podcast two years ago you go back, the candidates, you start your I guess that was going great. Great podcast, Goya gonna, let you lotta people listening to it, get a lot of feedback from people lot. People hit me like our duties. Progress is great so you do and that any work and on the other book that just came when in a book about a last October last, Toby hit the shells best seller runnin boom, yet
I was already I was already hadn't. Odd caissons me actually, last pod gas- it it was some guys from can solve them, start their own company tackled, Beaver them is like spoke, springboard us into the next podcast. We had some other guys come in. Some other can soft. Entrepreneurs and Certainly to cannot shift to boarding veterans in their business opportunities, and it seems like we're all becoming Entrepreneurs are the guys that will employ our friends and things that that's. What I want to focus on is how do we help the troops after they go through what I went through cause. Had zero plan. Nobody really deal with this stuff in Canada, since Korea, really we had some guys and Bosnian inhabited the chain of command in them in the government. Frankly lied about the fact that clean forces were in combat. In the former Yugoslavia. That aside, the point is we were. We were too
Led by Irish finally by example: Luke my my Luke was was trying to help out and he was doing his best He was seeing the wheels fall off the Jody Medic Machine and you kept trying to put him back on and gun tape, vermin. Do is Batsto because him and I had to sound like we're like close buds like we're, not like besties, since we were kids or anything so he's trying to keep his distance and keep that like. We make podcast Jody medics and I'm I'm Luke. I could tell, I kept tell my friends that you know that were close as well. I and tell you really wants to help, but he's not sure and then one day. So I had a kind of a perfect storm, so I moved out of my house in October last October: sixty And in order to get them out of the way that was the beginning really of things going south and its lack of my and I are enemy.
He's by any stretch, we're still friends. We have two amazing kids. We had amazing life, it's just something, As you know, sometimes it units don't mesh, ran, assist color. The way when we know we both have different visions of earth. German and things like that. So, but then you Hannah gotta put on the face for the public. You know, And so I stopped going to the gym at that time. I stop seeing my therapist just cuz he's on the other end of town and I can't be bothered right now. I got too many other things to do even when I was here that you said you saw, I forgot about that, walk in your right. Our members sitting on the wall at the on is it: is it ocean Beach, o b and I love leg of the mare americana. That's what we call a gay americana. History is amazing to me in the California Beach each beaches don't history in the van the group I look in
talking about and am looking around at all these buildings built in the forties. Fifty sixty in them and in my mind I drove sixty six to get here like I love history of this of this country. So much and then I was on route sixty six. Until I saw the pony express trail, is to your left and I went okay turned laughed and I would call the pony express trail, daring to Arizona but even then, like you said, pain was really hit me and I'm terrified of the pills because of becoming addicted and so ok what you for pain. If you're not taking pills. And I'm not a weed guy like I know I talk about it, not reading, but I don't know anything about it. I know a lot about Crown Royal and Jack Daniels Captain Morgan and I are good, buddies. And so I found from having a beer after work. In my case I like cider and get made fun of four, but lose booze voice in arms. I'm
can we have the zuyder after to get to the public. The with the guys tell lies now, the guy. When I get to get to the pub with the with the guys, tell lies now the guys it you're talking to our your fellow people, you're working within the government, a lot of them are politicians, but also just some of the boys at otherwise lake, the biggest military Posting cannot occur, but also all the Cannes offer in that area got it. So I got we know, but that are coming back from deployment in Iraq on and off, and they come in their home for months are gone for three home for three gone for months. So. Every day you hear from you run out and of course they discover, from the sandbox so where they want to have a beer too, and you know, and I am like ok began- it might like. I'm going going gone, gonna get up at six, Put on my suit go to work come home and I'm in pain the whole time from the pain you saw two October. Twenty. Sixteen
and then comes bring twenty seventeen. Now it's just its reach points where I wouldn't, but I was thinking about drinking before work and its knock as I'm leg, stay out anyway stressed out, but is more like Man like me, but I use there- is it deadening of the of the rain pressure and if I will override, is only twelve boxing at the work in this and that are my staff derives right by my place to go so I could have her pick me up and at discipline, kept me from doing that for awhile, and then I had a trip to Oregon to go shooting at the Leopold Shooting Academy they opened their. That was a great, but before I left, I think I took my legs off for a solid three to four weeks. My wheelchair I get sucked cause my car is set up to drive. You know my plea. They got, which is really the block from the house? So it's not that far from the kids in the axe- and
so. You know I'm seeing them a lot anyway and stuff, but Nothing else in my life is set up to live without legs, even like where I keep my coffee in the kitchen, is for when I'm on my legs, Solomon, I am in my wheelchair, the stay and I'm like, I don't really make coffee when I'm in my wheelchair do I ah tongs, it's like I get out of the cupboard reach off this, whatever adapted as like Cato gonna work to shoot, and then call my staff and she picked me up- took two goober. But then I went to Oregon and that was a weak link. It was about Seventeen. Ninety nine days on my leg straight, shading pain, the whole time or whatever, with happening the doktor. I finally went back and she said that, like my skin and reached a point where it couldn't regenerate fast enough, so we just breaking down and then the way I like to wear. My legs was being rejected by the bodies, while the wherewithal gets called a section as such and holds
like a vacuum, until you release it with with a valve my body was lay will were done with this, but like now. Meaner lake legs Legs Lee, legs leave takeaway mobility. Me no want- and so my you know that never gonna be dumb, It'll tough thing comes it you gotta, be tell yeah, and you know, and and and- and I didn't have now- my livin with with a medic anymore right so he's not there to be like hey stupid, but yourself. Take the legs often, and let someone take care you my mom actually moved Ottawa December. Sixteen and completely ignoring her advice, casino. Mom mom is always going to and look after, but come on forty years, all Jews and I was pushing away, I guess the lot of the same things. I would then in the same day. Would tell people egg aim in a people. Look after you Can I get tax of price same as you write a text, be I get
DE aims on Instagram in and twitter and Facebook by my fans. Age in it and in the pod gas page. Hey, what's goin on like I need help with this and we, like don't be afraid to go, get help to be afraid to reach out those around you love you. Let them look after and I'm completely ignoring any this advice myself, because, unlike Ike dogs, cotton. When I was twenty two who are thinking on deployment. I stop smoking just cause. I wanted to drink on the weekend? I dont need to drink, but meanwhile I'm sitting there king these messages, while having a drink I know when I look back early so stupid, but I guess sometimes you gotta go through is the reason why you go back to basics is like in your mind when you're going through that. Are you thinking yourself? I could see if I wanted to go? I just don't want to go. I don't! get in the way of anything, I'm still functional, I'm still at work. I'm still doing to me. My main job was what I was elected to do right now before
in my mind- is that it can I been in the army we for years for your commitment So my go right now before your commitment. I'm not. Gay outwork, I mean at some point star during our work, but in polish x in business, as you know, like sometimes after lunch, going back to the office, you have a beer and you still working you still talking about issues are still getting lay. I used to get a lot of advice from, I should say: used to waste, I get a lot of advice from the other more experienced politicians, because that's what you do. And we all would have a beer or a cider and then They go back to the office you know, and at another group of guys. Phone and now I one more you know, and then another group of guys would come in from Lake Oh hey you still here, like you know, Doing so is already back it's at all. What kind of work kind of drunk. Are you happy
I'm a happy go lucky I get a little loud, but it's not like I'm like a was gone. I voted. Better anyway. Well, I know it dear. I maximized asking. I agree you could still com fallen below gay body, but some people when they drink they get angry. The air. They slur their speech really bad. We got all these different tigers you don't dream. When I drink. I basically just like a more of jock, oh yeah, yeah I'm more Jody yeah for the most part, I do, sir, but even I could be like eyes there. My words I will drinks of water for a minute and then I'll get it back or I'll have a coffee good I'm not a normal, and even when I'm like, I rarely get fall over drunk right, if ever but Let me remind I know it's a long answer to a short question, but so may get back from organ, and his leg. Dian,
had to go real, quick down. The albanian cause of part of my job with the city is on the sports commissioner, and am desk Lee trying to get the crossword games to bring the eastern Regional Games to Ottawa, because I just Debbie awesome to have an order. While we in all got the you have seen in Ottawa. I, the part of that. It's a really proud, and I said when I got the job I said I want do two things in the four years at the Uc and get to Crossfit games. So I'm twenty do the cross forgave games, I got less than a year to do it, but I think we can do it, but I believe that a lot of people that participate, ass for that listen, this progress may be idle movement. I've met a lot of them and you know what the cross for guys, crafty in Albania City itself. They don't want to lose across, we gave so they knew I was in town and they started to. Sweden deal. If you know what I mean and cross for games are well odd, was offering us this Albania, which guy thing its business. I get it, but you know what I'm coming back back from that trip- there was about a four day trip from. Auto what way back and when
I was here with you guys. I didn't bring a wheelchair beginning, by a crawl around, which is why I can Stay your house, but I don't want your kid see in a grown man crawled to the bathroom and it's not because above crawling, is just one of those personal things in my own space, I'm not above and around like loved ones. Okay,. So that's what you want, your own space and even and stuff. I that's leave when I visit my dad. I get a hotel room ran on my dad I mean it, I'm not that, but it's also, myspace or violent to crawl around naked- I can write in so anyway why that so then I get back and am I take the legs off and I I can put it back on. I look. I would like I don't. I set it on your show last time, but I have mornings right. Look at my prosthetics, I'm sorry, savers were- and I know we are loud but maybe a little bit better man, echo Menotomy
I mean I don't want you haven't elbowed out things. They say the old girl I took him off and I just looked I just through across the room said I can't deal. I have a wound in my left: stump a debt I showed you know it's been there since April of fourteen And it happened. I remember this. Second, it happened my brother and I were doing an amazing race thing. Posts show in Alberta and we did it like all go, hey jury inquiry for raising raise. We got a few bucks for it. We gave a speech to some kind of convention and then I was walking down the airport to to the plain, and I felt something go on my foot its and it's like having a hot spot where you're gonna run, merge or whatever, except I can't the shift. What program foot and walk out on a date is. Can
and it went from a little tiny leg break in the skin to something the size and can we have Tunisia? It's two dollars you until you guys use the dollar them said, peace, making fifty cent piece and then back now it's down like a pin prick of scab, but that we talk now. Our almost four years right and admittedly that the whole time It was painful and I got a couple and I got to infections and in the four years from it, but that's where I was like that's it. I need to let myself heel, I need the lake, let my body generate, except now, from that, and it took me until fall. Late fall to realise that when I did that, I myself I've done a landline and I went through don't be too late for the girl, because I was lake, that's when things really went south cards you, basically nothing
basically because you lost your legs again. I lost my legs again, except because, truly when you were down here, even though you are paying Bro we're doing you know we're walking up and down stairs we weren't we're doing whatever we walked all over that aircraft. Mario, that aircraft carrier pronounced there's we walked all over the seal compound Wachter EDA. We I loved it now it out on the beach deep when we walked out on the tree. You guys torture, the the Recruit death in every step as it dig through the sand. But to me that's hollowed ground burly. When you took me the grinder I'm stand, their likeness is the grander I'm ok, I'm clean and army, and but there's things where you go. You just. You feel right. If I brought you up to the recruit spot for basic and Cane Army, you beat you'd feel you get. That feel that this is where soldiers are boy tat is, I don't say it has been a lot of those little. They have little friends on the grander. So what would you do about is where train seals,
first day. Movies rate is- and they have little Finns so like little died since there is little for the marine corps they have boots. Yet in the army, the boots name on the ground. They paint on the ground. Well, in the end, the grinding buds, they have little Swinton too little tiny, swim, friends or pain in there's little couple government when you get out there for peace You stand on your little status when dance and then added days, go by others, less and less young arrangements and in an I've, read em. I've read. If red lesson. Twenty four may be sealed books from from the, beginning to today rang yours, included. I'd be surprised, I read, I've read yeah, the old, lurks, read and write about those guys. I've read about the original rangers. I've read about the canadian
Eric and special service for us actually when, as with Rob my buddy from the Green Breeze down Numa as wearing a ranger up t shirt, that's like a special service forest tribute in all. To me, like that's our history, that's the hysteria of of of soft income. A new Essen in in and then you know and buds in new green bury our names here, the Green braver kind of created by Kennedy. The same policy look at me: I'm a fucking nerd. Comes this done so You know the I haven't been there but I've heard about it because a lot of my friends have been there. The office they have a parade ground like in a middle of their compound. Have you been there? No I've never been to Australia they're the only time they use. This parade ground, apparently, is at memorial services for their men, and I believe that no one walks on it just in the middle of their compound. No one! Why why in Canada we have a similar thing were, if you're on the parade square and is not parade. Leg, you're goin on extra duty
If the sergeant major catches you on his prey square you better be we have a brewing your hand or you better be on parade and, if you're not like It is usually like all my go from here to there it's right across the bridge but it's a short route near, and it's like one of those tests rate than the new guys in the hallways of most units that the unit emblem is in the floor and there is one of those sergents that just has nothing better. To do. But the stand there and watch and see who steps on there and even if you're, like family of one of the troops, my problem, I beg your pardon, you get the knife and its awesome, but when I was here, I wasn't gonna not go see the grinder you have. My word like and legs heard, don't be a pussy and I'll be honest that first night after you drop me off at a couple drinks too, the east the day like when we left your porch, and you draw me back at the hotel there, I wish. I had a few drinks, though tell bar you know what I I was. Actually
towing with talking to about this stuff Magdalen, because it was bug me, then ok. What do I do? I talk to tacos a guy echoed is economy energy you want to be around and, like you know, that's one of this part of these, this trip for as ten days I've been honest, Jakarta, like refining flow by canadian american friends have kept me on on the straight and narrow. Whereas I much candid for Jody mimic enough brought to constant wrestling match rate- that little evil in the good angel except the logjam, say hi five, each other very, let's see what happens and yet a man. So when the legs came off, so no car to know. My mommy goober my staff or my acts are drove me around all happy you do all night like hold minute. Me, but at the same time manner, I'm not a sandwich meat, and that's why I kind of turn my head back
can, can you drive my car and take me store and another I kind of turn my head backwards and kind of, like you know, try to lake cowboy. Do it, but I took me again till then my daughter, turn nine September. Nineteen. I think it was her. I missed a lotta, her birthday from being hung over, and she was at this awesome trampoline place and I'm in a wheelchair we're getting there be like all when to do right now is jump on tramp leads me with my little girl and I can a and b I'm an hour and a half late for her party because I decided to have two major, exactly and that was when I was a good. The fuck is really wrong with me, because I couldn't really get it and then what What is the escalation? Rights you're down here with me. You know worked hard. We
because it's it is, you know you in a pot cassock moved when we do sit there and talk to each other about intense stopped for five hours. Then we went eight. We stayed up late, we, Early next day we go do all the stuff tat we did, and you get done. You havoc for drinks right. What what is it, escalation, look like overtime where, where you're like you know what you're, not even saying like. Oh I don't know if I should have drinks you're like a as as Jacko gets in his car, I'm gettin some drinks right now. Something that you recognized? Is it something that you just don't? You said yourself in all of this kind of aid? We feel better right now and I gotta go. I don't remember exactly one month I was here. Do you I remember now I know- was a warm month in awe and Canada leg. It was cool, but I was Springer fall we started in December. It was twenty four pod gas. In how many December of what a thousand fifteen so I must have been Spring Fort. Fifth, a sixteen the string, sixteen so
I can. It wasn't was cold but like we're reference, the worn down vests with suit with hoodies and stuff, when I was doing my quick podcast, four left so at that time I was it was this. The pain was just kind of like a couple drinks, forbad rate, but even that was bugging me and that's what I mean like when I was, but then like, if everyone everywhere, had been this spring, where we met. The? I would have been like this the whole time in as soon as jog ozga. I might just like last night, when we had dinner, I might as well forget I'm having drinks. Our job easier because Being around someone like you, I know you we, the guy who could I want it during I'd go months me like I drink, they can also involve a drink and an drink and you haven't ranks into your leg in your twenties and ignore Mono. I haven't drink since I retired ok
this time, I felt the effects of alcohol, which I felt quite strongly, basically the day retired yeah yeah, yeah retired, which was October first, two thousand and ten course I mean the boys went out. We had a budget thanks, in the morning, cuz I to wake up early. One morning I was like well yeah, that's done because, I got other suffer gotta do now and basic when I no longer had welcome, friends to drink with you, then. I yeah well, I'm done with that, and I just ever since then just haven't really I've and another thing is sometimes people think I'm like offended. If they have drinks or whatever Mamma. You know, I'm a fracture when I was on the first part. Castles on was TIM viruses and we got them. The broadcasts- and you know we were now to go- grab Food could withstand the right of this house and we went out and
got some food, we gets mistake and he's a do you mind if I have a glass of wine with this now like bright of care here earlier reformed. Al Gore has decided. When do you, like my dad when they use like that gets in the way work. Yeah, that's that's kind of my attitude. Isn't really yeah and if I want to drink something that taste good, then I'll, drink chocolate, milk, they. I love the taste, Jacques away to write to me. That's enough reveal- and I just young people asked me about a lot of it. I need is something that I need to addressing the progress, because everything is just Dublin has little bit right at this moment, but when I was a kid I wasn't hard core music. I was, into an end, type of music that I wasn't too was against drinking and against the what's the point that the budgetary ridge guarantee our Talkin strayed edge, we're talkin minor threats were yeah real. Yes, absolutely it was almost and I was again I was never really I'm very
I'm very I'm not a real good follower so any time, there's some kind of a movement going on. I more like say, wait, Wiseman gone! Why be a mile in question? I just jump in I'm hard to get on board with something like that, so it around. I wasn't like so there's it there's a thing straight edge because of this. This thing was called strategy. It started in I'd, say it's the the epicenter of it was in Washington DC. The first band really the coin. The term was mine, threat, which is a punk ban, heart heard I've heard of them? I assume they were parties, no not at all by the NATO, and so one of the things that one of the symbols of straight edge was Yo Yo to a bar or when kids used to go to bars for a shell for four of music show, if they were to younger drink wants to win the Belgian looked at their. I deckard they'd put a big on their hands and so the straight edge symbol was dead
the access on their hands, meaning look, I don't drink and it's actually form because I took my to my kids to see above Buffalo the other night in city ago awesome and but my point came when they show their ideas, they got the excess on their hands. Ass. I was like an insight into what the swedish kids would do is they would draw big actually on their hands, meaning airlock, Ahmad drinking so that mean that, of course, morphed into like a gang, and there was an by the time. I was a dunno a teenager there was hard core gangs that would all people that drank- and would get crazy guiles together the jugglers he hath so it just so what so. When I was a kid I will Okay, and I wasn't like a full on- I wasn't drawing I kind of forgot. No, I never like. I had exes on my charger. I get what I what I understood philosophically
what was being Sarah, which was look, I want to win right I'm hard core. I want to be stronger. I wanna be aware. I wanna be alert and drinking drugs doesn't give you your thinks so at dammit. We're not so sorry, but even at that age you understood the fuel it goes into. The machine affects a performance. Yes, you. I didn't get that as a young reality, so here I am and anyway I wasn't discipline and you had a bore the seals. Oh yeah, I had a band a hard core band The name of my hard core band was right. Age of discipline. That was the name my hard Corbett. That was That's what that's Bronson Children's! My first ban when I was thirteen was called bronze children. But then, as I, older and more hard core very became rage of discipline. There is also about nine orange brides. These children bronzy around was Charles Ultra hidden drink. I don't even Oh really like that, you know only when you don't Charles Bronson was about ass. When a kid I fought, childbirth
was a man because he leaves a bad man of the planet is a tale Gunnar enough. You know Palmer Emerald WAR too, and he grew up in the mines, ways a kid we have ten years older, eleven years old, he was working in the mines and until he was old enough these after, where dress, because you have it's enough money to buy him closer to wear one of his sisters, dresses down in my. If so then he went to World war do and then he became an aged he's just had great movies. Noise played the stoic character that has on emotional, and so I was your pay. When I grew up. Be Charles Bronson, of course, so that we had a bay under was called brought the children. Well, as we got more hard core eventually that may morphed into rage of discipline, of which l James was the guitarist whose another body mine that echo is matter will come on upon gas at some point until his crazy life story which I'm up, big part of in the beginning. Until I later we got the idea that the pre military-
jack so I'll be turned into Thou long story, Then I join the motor so when it joined the military, what I want I wanna be or out of EU us you're gonna be a fragment. I wanna be the best frogmen I can be. I show but is guilty, what frogmen do: frogman drink, ok, cool! I didn't know that are the real that give me a give his shadow Yeager Meister Rock n Roll, and that was sort of how you proved yourself and that's what we did and I was immature and dumb and and this Everything I just said about, like a little bit dom has into really follow. Well now, I'm in the seal teams- business dream job, and this is what I want to do it you don't buy in you're, not in yeah. It's like it's, not, I don't even know it's just like that's the way. It is that when I first drink. I was seventeen right after I finish training. I show up at the regiment and their leg. I, what are you drinking and I'm like good, my family, full alcoholics on all and is not a vote against
Like you know, grandma was my other grandpa was in grandpas. Grandma was in one of my uncle now ok, they might hear this, but we all know we do. Gay rights are not big deal, but an dab dad was one of those guys use. I will address, doesn't affect me me personally that you as a kid I'm like, really see the interest. Like one August all by myself, and whatever whatever- and I was one of those kids at say. No drugs actually worked on in all lake. Now moulder lay man I shouldn't smoke and weeds as like twelve and shit, but I still doll about it. I just like you see the effects on people like, whereas abounds like yeah the vague to guide us mode. We'd were really mellow here when the guided token drank like they were the wonder the problem, but When I get to the regiment, the first night of parade is done in their like care. What he drinkin, unlike warm seventeen alike, there's an army mass like it's. Ok, just we'll worry we're all gonna keep not like it, look I'm not trying to tell the world like a under it,
we'll drink, but handrail people drink, but it's an environment full of people that are there to look out for each other anyway. So had a couple: ranks and only ok. This is the way it is same thing, work Monday to Friday, you work your ass off you, you go hard as you can. Like ego harden the paint right you use, your tyres are still earth stir stripped at the end of the day. Friday roles around ok. Don't see it. Eight a m Monday morning, boys- and you know, if you're gonna, to do don't drive, but if we do drink driver, that's when you I told you when you're dismissed for the weekend rate and basically have fun blow off the steam. Don't hurt anybody, care of each other's. Basically, what you're told so the seal teams definitely is a culture. It was even more when I first got in cuz now you're talkin about the old Vietnam guys and it wasn't a war going on and it was just a what you going to do if there's no war going on and your your frogman. What do you do? Well, we drank and
I'm not! I'm you look down on me. We had a great time. It was fine laundered. We really know where was it was fond? It was what you do is what we did not even trying to say anything negative about it, but that's what it was and unfortunately there is a lie, guys I should say a lot theirs decent number of guys that do well without call manner than a ruse, Eliza, ruins or careers, and that socks successes. I never really had any issues I drank when I drank and never interfered Macedonia in any way, and you know that was it in a huge deal, and I mean it worse. When I mean what I'm talkin, when I was nine ten, twenty twenty one twenty two and we drink all. What we do a lot weirdo, your body luxury laugh and you got up in the morning. You deal with the next morning barometer you. I was nothing, we and then ass we did, but like. I said and even now we known I when I go out
to bring. I was on my old bodies, or actually it's more now when I just whenever gonna with and hang out with some wild buddies, we probably don't even you know, maybe have a beer, but when I got to see the young guys, the Ngos are getting Africa, don't look down on them at all. I think it only getting after I've wound, I found when I hung out with my bodies that are still serving your not in the gig anymore, you're, not doing the job so you're a little out of shape. Your you drills are a little rusty, maybe or whatever I find. When I'm around guys my age that are still operational, I can't keep up with them because it's part of the training as part of the culture fallen off and even like before I was in, I didn't really drink and then I got out. I stopped drinking as much in on its eye like again guys we're not Jacqueline iron. Santa military were off, funked like what we're saying is just what we do.
And you know you remember the job that that we volunteer to do. We volunteer to run into gunfire for our countries and for fun like let's face it. A lot of us think it's fun. I thought it was the best time my life, but you still got a book. Of that Stephen Booze is really good at lubricating, that you know the lives of the machinery of blowing off steam. So when I, when I started drinking for paying, though is where I realized, because even the pill- the bro leg. Let's go back to my pills, I didn't know is addictive, build until I watched intervention Billy was addicted: dogs, cotton. I was leg, as I said this on the show last time: Archie, cotton, sounds familiar and I pick up oh bottle. Let's next to me and I go oh I'm an ox cart, and then they say the doses he takes her. This on, like I'm on three times the dose he's oil, and, unlike that's when I went, I get addicted the pills I get, was so far into my brain that doctors, doctor
meet me in paying darter go here. Soldier. Take this and I got ok, I take it. No more pain go fight more here, that's that's going back there offering is, is- one more thing for me I was just about to say this was ass. Any luck, winter back in the day before the war started. There was nothing else like getting the better it is gonna get drunk. Now the they point to be better, I want to be faster. I dont want to get in a fight and want to get it they never reason to be, do have a reason to be there and they have a reason not to drink there like RO, I'm gonna go fight, a war you know like I want to be in shape. I wanna be better. I wanna be faster. I dont want to get in a fight and want to get it. Do you I so there are smarter than they are and that part of it. Cultures slowly changing anything. It's look, it's us, I think, is awesome and I hope it continues again. I think it's
it got overemphasized when I first came as overemphasized in the nineties, it was like, but it was a way because we weren't fighting anyone else Zachary, so you drink to be a man and you fight each other than of another. Platoon shows up you fight. Those fuckin guise of another squad shows up or another company are eight band together. I know we were just fighting, but will get back to that that there's a rhetoric, an armored regiment over there really go fuck, those guys, others there's something that I've been thinking about on this subject is either the military right any even in life as a human. You Prove that you ready to sacrifice yourself for cause, I'm unwilling to make the sacrifice. Well, bizarre and the kind of on fortunate way. Proving to Jody that you know what
this Jody I'm gonna drink sixteen July are not firewall you're, not ass. Although your now I don't care, I would have the cardinal bitch open. I prove light up eighteen line up eighteen army versus Navy. Let's go that's havoc away. Goes echo echo! You play football talking about that earlier about or on the show is enduring taken a shit with no stalls. What's Yad Football, we'd rip the doors off the stall out. I don't care. Watch me shit. What what's more avatar hours out once more at the happened, I was gonna, be like hey. I can clean and jerk. You know two, eighty five: what can you get an end? So the guys are therefore on various examples on their blown out shoulders and near. I will talk about that later, but though I guess what you're saying. As in the canadian forces, we haven't had a war since Korea and we had the what combat we had. As I was coming in was being downplay. We had guys take
had a guy in this history disapproving he took an hour he d round through his chest, like this, to kill them obviously and everything, but his face- told he was killed in a roll over Our Gunnar was like this post he's key. Where was it? the former Yugoslavia, it I know a guy, it took us neighbour round through the chest. As a tank commander, he was told, shut the fuck up Take your pension in Europe Benefits Guy full benefits like it didn't, didn't downplay what you got with your wounded. They do said, don't you they are tell anybody buddy. We had. We had a unit come home after, like fighting some of the most intense combat in Europe's and World war, two when the crow you're trying to go through a serb area and ethnically cleansed and this is in the nineties when the Canadian, like Rep for peacekeeping, really got which was known since Egypt, but came back because our units and the french Foreign Legion units were the only units ever like fuck. You are not moving if you're good athlete, clear, are you going through us, whereas all the other you and units ran away
and they were in four or five days of leg. Intense combat bunch of wounded no killed, thankfully, but the government and then, in the end, the chain of command relic, shut. Your fucking mouth go home like nothing happened, that's real! That's real brought with Google made act. Pocket can enforces and you'll read all about these. Do who just leg based. Clearly hanging out drink coffee, smokin butts until in war stories that didn't never happened to be in a war and going home, shit, a buddy of mine, madam he put it a book called. Shadow keeper ghost keepers I'll, get the name Sorrento Uno, and he was the first canadian unit him and, as you know, were the first ten you it's in the box near and their shit. They saw in the things they went through its a great book by the way goes: keepers Why would he be mad at you for talking about it? None forget the frigate glad at but The point is that at that time He was told peacekeeper, you Boston, tell we don't we don't break
reason if you, if I want to go, kill that guy in your and my way didn't know. This can happen. Well that you don't peacekeepers out, bias, heads. There is a reason if you if I wanna go, kill that guy you're in my way guess what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna try Three re legged think they dig this concept of peacekeeping. You know his leg in order to guide the Billy club our guy Riddick even now air sea, like that's kind of what the politicians thought levels, we were college, kids, sometimes some beyond even running and then every now and then yes smack when over there that Billy Club Later- and I think- and I remember my first tour in kosovo- even we trained for a crowd control. We train Four a whole lot of things, but then the fight. Training exercises when we all went o because the Russians rolled in and took over the airport in Kosovo and of your members idea and We did alive training exercise to join them
armoured, a full combat team exercise, leg main battle, tanks firing and like I'd. Never I'm my dick with rock hard. You verify. We got five hundred rounds on each other. It is like fine everywhere end like like raid, the range control safety was like minimal, regularly Turnus Emily real harm at. And there we got the but anyway. The point is that when you don't have anything to point yours, just ass. They turn on each other and at that we're getting earlier, but terror, and out the whole lay what soldiers board soldiers are danger echo. I think if you ve been around a group of active Navy seals of, I think, maybe even army, guys, like you gotta else, the fight of just fight each other they did. We must we do whatever wait for a plane to go on a trip like my youngest, like start off with oak? let's see you can hit that pull over there were the rock. Yet right, all the son, it's like. Ok, let's see you can hit the light with Iraq
And then, all of a sudden, it's a let's see you can hit that car tyres with a rock increasing yours higher is whoever bunch of idiots embracing. If even if you have an Iraq fight right, which is, he's not smart. Your Hockin rocks Sicel Baseball's at each other or whatever The way we retire always does it. The newer guys see how we did it but they have an enemy, though the absolutely they have any real and we have a perpetual enemy that is not going away and so I see the guys that in my unit now come in and they are like okay, what supplements are going to keep me at my bags act like they read my book. They go okay, so Jody you'd stop drinking coffee. How many days and free deployed to like, while least five days, so it's out of my system, because when I'm out there get after the enemy, I don't want to be having a caffeine crash, and but if I need it, I want that piece. Did you ever get that wake up gum in your rat's? No like four cups of coffee and wine,
day or two cups of coffee like when you need it like. I would keep that in my pocket, till the very unlike the Hilo may be coming to pick us up and if I didn't take it, I was happy, but sometimes it I think that in the middle of a mission in your leg, ok, I too more days in me right, but the point is like they have something to aim themselves rise at the beginning. We didn't, but even then booze wasn't. Big deal to me. It was his we did like you, said fast forward This fall that would just pan and I realize arm crash and I felt like a museum to send. You saw something: oh you see, exact gonna cut you off your talk about seeing the programme where they show addicted people. What's a program called intervention, you suddenly, I would imagine when I Who's got wounded in O seven. And that's what I realise as addictive the pills were not addicted leg. I need a pill. It was like. My body would just start reacting and I would be like I'm itchy for some reason. And then that's when I started using off and I never took a pill after fathers day, twenty eleven
but even that you read the book. I added a buying pills from a guy in an alley once and I went what the fuck is like. The system is treat me like an asshole, because I want more pills I got you view pills you got to come to the hospital every day, to get your dose I'm like I'm, not a fucking junkie. I just don't let the dos you're giving me isn't enough to keep me from feeling like an egg and then a mitigating. My stress the pills. So maybe, Ok, so go to more therapy. That's why I started rebuilding in forty eleven so come the fall of still not on my legs. I'm right, this is twenty. Eleven twenty eleven gonna quit the pill. God and that's, why I thought booze a problem cigarettes. A problem. Boozes problem, you totally oppose immediate Quit hill, whatever it was a whatever when the time comes. For you declare booze you just quit: that's it you're the one I'm ready I'll be done with it. But what I went and what happened in and if your politician, the most important thing, federal state, municipal, so a cannon
stay would be provincial budget money money. The big thing that everybody worries about in private life and everything else. So with what? When are we Talkin about right? Now? Sorry you're already back here by now, I'm bouncing around a little bit, I'm just saying in my mind, two thousand and seventeen wasn't that big a deal as far as the drinking because I'd kiss all these other habits- and I whether to real or not I had an army psychologist once tell me, I had an anti addictive personality, because Yes, like you like to me, it's like, ok, well, what's gonna help me function better. What's gonna get me, next day, without too many issues? And if I want to have a few drinks and have a few drinks- and I can cost more morning out be anywhere until nine p m anyway? So what from a little hung over Wanna get there have a coffee and a glass of water or gator aid that it advocates not a big deal fast forward to again my daughter's birthday. It last fall o dad
can't be there yet some of still hung over Ray. I got my car up and I- and I was when I realized- I am through. I I felt this before. Can I kept ask myself what We keep screwing everything up and then the boy, it's process started, that's where I'm going with this and that's where I remembered I'm not cuz you're ugly you're, not a private citizen anymore. You know that right. What do you mean? Well, if you fell off Instagram tomorrow, there's a million people are there probably like where the fuck is Jacko, and I was hope, posting less is being less a beat in what I did post the few last couple pie had cast even going back to the spring, on one of em- we guy loaded, and we said it was for but I, like I needed a drink myself. And I'm certain is budget, Budget is money that's what everything runs on the city of Otto as a three and a half billion dollar budget, in council mitigate the budget meeting.
Furthermore, we protect services committee, community Protective Services committee, oh he's not feeling well, his legs are bugging stuff. I would my staff, said I would therefore ask me: what's Goin on boss and unlike yeah, I just the needed by me some time, but that's when the media and the voter goes not an ermine we get, you like to read books and you like to do podcast you like to shoot guns and you let you know you were dude and we and we accept you as who you are, but are Your commitment at the biggest part that commitment is making sure that money is spent properly and on the things that we want it spent on when we elected you to be that voice, why you at that meeting- and personal private matters. Can they get you so far during like the most important part of of your job rate. While they go on medical leave or be it? The meeting is basically I was told right, get a dog there's no to be here and that's when I
doing their radio interview in December. When a really, go ahead, and when I had a really admit to myself. Like I'm border, I think I was in my mind, I was borderline alcoholic- I guess, but I was I was just not. Able to deal with that failure in myself somewhat how much come. What are you drinking the peak it was forty ounce of whatever, get my hands on? Sometimes it was like to Morrow in time it was to twenty six out spoils of rye of Crown Royal with my branded choice and if that wasn't around again Baghdad linear door. Again you get done with work and, as you know at this point I just waken up in the morning and drinking Saddam's on work, like I was just I knew in the morning I couldn't go and then you feel like shit cause you drank all day so you do they go for the hair, the dog and not just turned into a perpetual circle
and then the wounds I was started. What earlier there not healing, because my bodies about alcohol. A friend of mine said you know what my dad used to have their problem, because he drank too it's too, and he would. They cut his hand. Workin online guy would work in the shed and it would be there for lakes eight nine months and then he'd sober up for couple months and then it would go away, but then he'd fall back and I went dad the maniac. You ve told me stories about birch and she was again like Ok, so this is really becoming a problem. So now I'm dealing with the internal struggle of I'm a complete failure of a human being. I've met failed. My kids. I failed the voters I failed like friends of mine, Jacko and ECHO, who you know we expect certain things from each other rate. Are we see, we think we do and you you can have a terrible day, and I would never judge you for it, but you don't know that until it happens right any If you know that you still don't want to admit it, never de Jacko or ECHO. Have
to yourself right again, AIDS. Meditating I'd, stop going away, therapist I'd stop going to the gym. I'd, stop podcasting! I'd start writing really. Even though, and then during the book, you're in October, I normally whining a little bit, but I The last thing I want to do is go in the book to her, but the boy because coming out in that's a commitment that I signed- and you know you're dealing with all this an ice. I did the tour in my wheelchair in areas like all you do is much better cause. You're, ok with me in the wheelchair, another yeah. Who will close a hotel room door and like open a drink right, have a drink. So December was the worst month of my life. Waiting blown up was easy in my opinion. Dealing with this shit but what I didn't do into other seven was actually deal with the fact that I was blown up frankly I was so like recover big, be useful to the regiment beasts. Will the Queen Bee get better for the country put. Setting legs on life is normal issue,
and the now, I'm like ok, first of all, dude your forty Second of all, nuclear give kids now a word of lake I would see them and they re like we, ass. You like. Where have you been like one? are you around more and we should do far away like. What's your excuse cause I am ashamed of. You see me all dealing with the next day of being drunk and stuff. You know an egg and it really a really it really became. I understand now. I've I've always been sympathetic, the attic since my Archie cotton days, but now I get. How pressure can really make you two. Someone not worth saving in your own mind and I get I get and I ve I've, never dis. I've never thought hate fully or anything of friends. It have
I'll sit within, have water in a good, just, don't get it and I was doing You're not in it, you don't get it and you go man. Why can't you just like readable or listen to some comedy you're not drink. Today they have with the have water and you just don't get it. And I was doing a lot of this on my self isolation too. Because you don't want anyone seeing lay this and then the few people are due: hey around are often same. In one of the levels of a fuck up lay fuck up, and so you know, I've talked this before. Where then, that you're describing exactly a dogma. How like people, get in a place where their basically in a storm right there there's a storm all around their head and no matter which direction they look. They d C clouds and thunder and rain and horror right. Everybody. That's outside that storm. Look
a month ago. We are your and stormed come over here and you'll, be out of a storm, does move over your nearly starved, put down a drink, or you know star wars now again or whatever you just move over. You and you'll be out of Estonia, but but that person can't see they can't seized. Russia's everything around them is a storm. They don't understand how me coming over. There is low climbing, a mountain and not to give anyone shit, but maybe a little bit of shit if you know you're haven I want to watch. You have see tonight at my place yeah cool accept, hey bro, I'm in a wheelchair, I can't even get in your front door. You come to my place where I can get around and take a piss without getting out to bottle and you know like being embarrassed, and from your wife You have all over there like rewarding, plans and shit like we're cool about next week. In that that didn't help as well? people like they don't like in coming here, you're, like all buddy, carry up the stairs and, like you, I trust you.
At the same time, like some, my friends offering to carry me into their house for like a hundred forty pounds, leg, soaking wet, never been lifted, await their life and nothing against them, but its sake. You want me to as my physical safety or you just come to my place like and they don't get it, and I don't I'm not mad at anyone about it. It's like this, like that saying like I, don't hate them about it, but at the same time it's kind of like all right and I'll just watch the fight and we can text and I'll be at my. Play alone again rate like illenium my dog is not the place where Marina rape soda all thing, just kind of fell into a big blender and in December. How long did that so did this You got back in your wheelchair but the leg is really dismay is so in May, when you feel like a century, can one long trip you went Alban you come back from that now now you're like a dumb down with my prosthetics, their freakin, killing me and I'm getting. Wheelchair back in a wheelchair,
Is that sort of like now you're, just a united, is gaining momentum going downhill? I Thea Weather that's crazy things. I thought I'm starting the climb up, because like finally admitting can't wear my prosthetics. I would leg walk the council, which is the big leg. Every two she do the big meeting in that's her all, like all everything you went to the bar and drank abode and then went to the mafias and lay out argued behind the scenes of each other. Now you sit down and you are in favour. I all those against a lean old, nay unnoticed. Our resolution passes and now it's illegal led ice cream on Bank street on Sundays, which the bylaw in Ottawa that I'm going to actually try and get changed by the way from like one thousand eight hundred. But the point is that the big show like all the other training rate that that's the live fire exercise, that's the actual off right to that's what you work for. So when I
did missing those at the end of the year when we're pat, like the budget, is the thing that, if without budget you have you noticed that a government shut down over budget, that's you trying to avoid and that's when the media, who in all our do their job, but Jody they're gonna a headline gets clicks, and now Jody mimic, the guy everybody loves. Oh he's fuck it up Goin on here, one guy even made a video called no show medic cause. I'd miss like four five meetings. The meetings I missed were the ones out like you could miss every other meeting throughout the year and nobody would give a fine fuck up going, don't it which is a saying in a book, a series of books. I love, but. But I miss these three meetings. Oh no, honest man like these are the meetings we really voted for you to be at work. Had no show medic undisguised gonna make a name for himself as a political commentator. Whatever he's an asshole but point is
I should to my face. The point is he's right, though, Where is no show medic and now in mock? That's what I wasn't my had already right and then So I thought, if I said personal family matters and personal health matters, they get it. They know me they know couple dealing. F along the way, but their legality? It man, but if you dont, tell us What's going on and we're gonna assume you just fuckin, late, being lazy cause? Why Why shouldn't we? Ok, order buddy of mine, and I sent you a couple tax. That's when I and when you said that earlier I my skin when leg you know, we ve got the goose bumps, because I forgot I sent that and I was starting to think like ok, I gotta go back to basics. I gotta remember: HU. I am what I was and my own advice and that's oh yeah, I got two comfortable in my pity and the enemy now is on my left flank and I have zero defences unless flank and what are you
instead of fighting a shitty, losing rear guard. You turn and you face the fuckin. You face the battle, so I turn reporter friend of mine and fruit and first for the region, reporters are not really friends with those friends that you kind of keep at arm's length and you're always ready to punch. But you never know right. You know, punch? But a threatening anyway, violence, you pc world weirdos, but the heat. He called me on a personal note, any said: hey man here what's being said in the in the in the media world, both you- and this is what could be going to headline. If you don't say anything soon, Ok. Well, some! That's true! Some of that made up, but that's what you do and you oh no, and I said our I can I come on. You show and he's like one That's what I was just about to ask you. If you want come on my show and that's Evan, and we and then we went- and we talked about it- and he was very kind to me- is rough. He's a tough duties, a tough, a reporter,
At the same time very fair, and he hit me with a few with a few It said I hit him back, but what I did was I got it all out of my system because it you basically you feel like you're, wholly, never mind keep it a secret from Jacko and ECHO. Keep it a secret from forty thousand residents who trust me to be there counselor. Then there's all the fans- Jody Medic, better there in all the supporters? who were all amazing and who all are willing, to support you through the best and the worst of times, but they cast George you without anything that day like today, Am I just stopped podcasting for no reason and I've stopped being positive on social media so well like what they do just decide, as is the real Jody now is that who, like a real faking it before, like that some of the messages I got leg, all, obviously you figured out tat. You can still make money and b b the asshole you actually are, as I oh shit, please it may maybe I am that asshole, but when I do
my buddy show, a huge wait went off my shoulders. I should say buddy, let you know but the point is that that was the beginning of me. Turning into the into the fight and set a running, and I had a couple setbacks. So some elements of the show that you did and you you said you less. I did listen to Europe, but the the premise of the show was what you did for lack of a better word. You took ownership of everything that is going on. I even laughter I was laughin right before I went online. I went on the show. I said, I'm doing it. You're gonna, take an extreme remoteness. If you went on her own, so you went on there and you said, were I'd like a baby by the way. Anyone I examined. Tough guy, I been drinking too much. Yet what do you do like what were the facts it. What will the things that you took? Ownership of was That was a major thing right, while the booze caused a lot of the black of energy lack of a two attended at attendance went down because,
it's one thing to be, but It's another thing to be completely hung over and fucked up and show up for me. Like you, you know yourself. I know myself, but I know like if I go in there lay this re. Now people be leg, he completely fucked rape. I'm swearing lightly apologize, but. You avoid that and then so I said: okay, guys, will here's why I miss this meeting and here's why I miss that meeting cuz I turn to an old friend Crown Royal instead of my my therapist, my doctors and my friends and my family, my supporters and all the things that made me able to cope from two thousand and seven to two thousand seventeen. So for basely a decade I forgot about I left behind, like never my I was there. When did you start the gym? stop talking. My therapist stopped talking to make stop talking to my ex stop talking to my mom stop talking to my dad, friends again of self isolating and
There were times when I want to pick up the phone and his colleague you or raw or for some, my friends at home or some away labour buddies as Blake. I don't want to do. And now you're man, echo right sure, a man try to make that call and I'm not saying it's a man problem say it's a sheet deftly human problem, but I'm the guy everybody thinks I get told you that Who is your child of success, post, injury and leg in my head, unlike my fuckin bullshit, her like that? you feel that, unlike whether I am or not, I've been, lucky and I have made a few decent decisions on for my own accord and I am sure I am through hard work and discipline and now what and now I feel like I'm losing at all, because I have I have I been faking it was. Just a right that I was on a now. I'm done I wanna get off like the think. The thing go through your head now, first
I was never suicidal red, never thought northwest might I don't know why I just didn't, but I did have and thought one day row. I think I stand why some guys take that path, though I as such a day. One day were it was in December and it wasn't like I with things be better. If I was dead, it is like. I just I was at such a low moment and I went, I think, get it? Why sometimes guys take that path causes gist? like you only give it just such an extreme combination of everything from all sides, and I went, I think, I'm gonna get it now before I go to www I've. I've tried to figure out why some of the guys go their route and I just keep hands. But that woman. I went ok, I kind get it and it was it wasn't I thought solution for myself, but I I just there isn't very quick as about two minutes of in and out? stuck with me, though, because I went that's. The first
I've ever had any thought, lay the rape and then so much on his birthday is late December. Miss Thou into and then. New year's eve- and I'm already made plans to go and do an assessment that would tell me how terrible of an attic Diane. As far as an alcoholic, because that's what you're you're an egg and I'm going to a kind of sourdough, and I have a sponsor whose all over me a great guy- and I will say name here, but he knows who he is and he's a beautiful human being and he trying to get on top of me and Luke, trying to get a job me and my mom and my ex and my friends and they're all trying to just be like okay man like we get it now, we've heard your cause loud and clear. Now? How do we help you and then its like mitigate that and then You know it's Christmas. I have a few drinks
I sold the world this, but you know I can handle it. I'm not I'm not that bad and then the next morning, like a man but the new year's Eve. I had some company that came out there. We heard you may or hear its new year's eve. The Tang. Oh, that's, beef was have fun drinks we're all here to keep an eye on. You can get but we know who you are. Morning it's like I did what because now all the pressures on now to get better and I was here and radio interviews were there? I was my news in Ottawa for a couple days, were wow real brave of him to say that now, how are you gonna get back? guided imo me I have to retire, are Resign from politics, in Canada, with the gun, laws, as they are, a public said, any one can call in a threat on anybody who owns guns, ripe, so some gun he King citizen and I'm not paying them for this unjust hated them for being a dick. Said. I
prominent gun owners guns taken away? If I call the police and say, I think, he's a threat to public safety and that's all you have to do it completely anonymous which bullshit and anyone can do it against anyone got two gun owner and so now the police car they say: listen, we have to do investigation, so let me observe that actually happened. So this was. This was re before New Year's eve, so I'm leg frequent I am losing my shit and because, like- I don't know how works now- they're very understanding, but they have to do the check they look once it investigation started real or not. Stand, she ate it or not. We gotta go through them Epps one does it okay, so Are they going to back the guns aimed the guns or save the guns are where they're supposed to be everything's locked Ireland proper that that talked family no business been threatening with them by and then leg and then
and the newsy roles around- and I have that's terrible- is the last eyed, the last drop of booze. I had was nears Eve and why started with a small bottle: Drake, it all myself and dispatch music. Dispatch easy access to its today twenty twenty three years ago, twenty three days ago, and the next morning I got a little bit of a low down about what I was like an eye column, evil, Jody and he came at once in two thousand and five after my foot. Deployment to Afghanistan and perform a second one week ago, wounded and I was bound but at the time- and I was you know- I haven't some little but to find new life. Maybe, but I was also drinkin too for the wrong reasons, the time in a lot of us work as we had The cane forces we hadn't dealt with in all combat alot re, like I said, and a lot of it.
For green when we went into Afghanistan the first time so maybe a lot Mitt leg. You said it there are a number of us me included, were maybe choosing the wrong ways. I was done. Attaining let's all mitigated a little bit, but this I got He will Jody. He came out my friend I went to one of my bodies who talk to his police labour now, but he He pulled me aside. Any said: hey man like live ever ever seen you actually that ever no matter how drunk, you were when it was going on or how angry you were, who piss you off what the fuck was that about, and I went oh that someday grandpa or whatever. So I locked up in a cage- and I the joke that you know: don't don't let the came in and out of his cage and then but that eight so that twenty five days ago or whatever was he got out, and I did hurt anybody in anything. But I said things he D,
shouldn't and maybe made actions, but you should yeah. For me, the biggest thing is when you you realize that you had no control over what's happening, enabling a lot you re memory. I was that's what I'm saying I want and I really did eyes things. I said what too, who? Oh God and you just like you, think I and I called, and so I called one of the people I was there, and I said I am so sorry and his leg been there done that dude, you gotta, get your shit together, I'll be here when you're done when you're ready arm here tomorrow. He was such a great guy about it, also the world, doesn't pay you for me in a fog up at that help too, we talked about this last lay like who, when you mitigate crisis David Letterman or Tiger Woods, whoever, like don't Follow Tiger Woods Book go with David.
Only to explain what David Letterman did. Good side is: oh yeah, so it in in in in a nutshell, David Letterman got the he got caught an affair on his way. Vivid Letterman by the way is, is echoed, talk, show, host height and will you I will not yet not in more, but I guess he was and you spoke, popular at some point here is our ways. Some people knows there is a Gulf player, so he here if you haven't heard of armies, leg, eyes, lake, half black half tie, and you know it swung a golf club pretty good for a minute, but he got caught cheating on his wife to but David Letterman Guy blackmail, letter, for one of his shows and the guys that I know what happened and that it will have an affair, something he had had one or he was having one and it was like Amy forty thousand dollars a week for the rest, my life or death, or some I'll tell the world and EVA, I fucked up
and he went out next and I don't remember eggs, I did see it, but I don't remember exactly how went but basically usually they do a monologue. These guide for their show. Anyone It's a monologue! I'm going to look into the camera and say how'd, you know my wife, and she knows about it, our working on it and somebody else found out and they thought they were to get money from me. So he looked in the care of it fuck you, the police, are governing to your house right now and as to you, I apologize. I'm sorry am I to my wife. I apologize. I understand if this is a problem for us is that we want to deal with it again because a who I am its world news, he he owned it. He, owned all of it and the other day. He interviewed this guy named Obama. He met a herd of him on his new, showing Netflix I forget it, the next gas or something and he was on easy. He still seen as a good dude the only didn't any any work through it. Any any didn't not talk about it, and
is what Tiger Woods did, which bills. Now he was worth a billion dollars, a one point, any loss at all because of not owning a fuck. Five years of discomfort chaos in his life before If I leave- and I think now he still places in the bottom fifty practices the pda- I don't know I'm still play off, but my pride of place to pay the bills. Now he was where the billion dollars a one point any law. Us at all because of not owning a fuck up. Give rise to utilise a lot of it because his wife took half, but regardless sponsors dropped him. He himself as a human being, couldn't look himself in a mere I'm sure rate blah blah blah. So I said: okay! Well, this is my Tiger Woods or David Letterman moment. Like going on the radio I thought was it now or two weeks later. Whatever was two weeks late and lake well either I never drink again or I continue down the path of bullshitting myself saying loud get better when I'm ready
and this journey, I've been on since I left when they leave. I forget Jan eight, in nineteen o hundred and Ottawa, and I've just been driven out. When the driver sixty six. Since I was a teenager You know, like I talk to the key did they talk to land. I talk to my mom. I talked everybody that mattered. I said I'll be back. First city can so is January thirty. First after our Christmas break anyway- and I said I'll be back. Can I go visit some people that are gonna, look me in the eye and tell me from I'm shit or not. You guys been some of them. And when I get back my there best already have an appointment. My my doctors for my legs and going back to basic training to learn how to use prosthetics again. So I dont go through those issues again I'm gonna talk about me. Dixon issues? about why I'm not
go back to the gym. I have a diet plan already have a trainer waiting I'm I'm going to the base on back on a basic training, to be human being again and I was five this morning. Listening to your show about them, sick training and Marine Corps base in Paris Island because as leg flagman ages, I keep doing this every three or four years. I I gotta go back and real earned. What it's like to be Jody Medic, because I am. Evolving b, I had to evolve beyond the soldier and then I had to permanent citizen in the now now I'm a turning into something else. I think, because I had a plan until I was forty four, I thought Twenty five years in the army or twenty was seven years retire, become a contract. Dirty shooting for the rest of my life and just be that grumpy old guy that in our view, are noble, shoot know about shooting, be good, decent money for aid
to get rich. I just want to pay my bills and hang me my dream, retirement was gonna beat I heard alpaca around oh my horse with my rifle shoe, coyotes in and listen a leg gangster rap read books. They now is it. That was what I want to do, but but if as a funny way of point new directions that maybe you need to go in there, you didn't know you had to go in. Back in the Jackal Bugger spill. In my whole life in my soul for everybody and I hope somebody he learns. If we keep one troop from, listen. I have even if you're on the road, where you know you're fuckin up pull over. College air support by jargon said leg. You got we have so many resources. We don't know about. As you know, we all the and the lone Wolf. Well, even lone Wolf runs a pack and I Big, that's all I've thought it leg was soft guys in a whirl alpha's, but wherein team
You know when I rolled in a team of three hard core geysers me my boys in, but we At the same time, I knew I had artillery support. I had air cover. I had this. I had another neighbour team covering the flank over there in Ricky. To northern you never alone, then last night like I saw bed I stone, a t, shirt I drove in all day from the teacher. I were the day before and he showed Doc. I've never seen joggled dressed up in a like. Oh shit, jocose likening button down sure knees, whereas those oh well, let's logger crazy. I had, on a pair of genes, vans a t, shirt and a flannel shirt, your desk button, but unlike technically, unlike unlike okay, so I haven't seen it seeing you in two years- is give or take a few months. We ve talked, but is only we ve been on the phone for hours. We like a brow. Let's go now. You know you were busy dude, we kept in touch them guys, I guess do, but we down don't like. Okay do I eat
and then tell him tomorrow or I just basically threw up all over and you and you're awesome, and I love you for it, and I appreciate it, but I needed that our of just talking about myself. I feel bad about it because I'm like I'm even ass, the most kids are you, I have friends it'll do you were willing to do that and I've done that for hundreds of guys but didn't when it you do in the talking man. It's tough and I get it now yet it now more than anything so guys you near you gotta, pull over. You got a like you! Just gotta taken me: and led. Somebody else take point forbid and is the way it is You know your said. He said you kind to understand when people feel suicide.
You don't really remember what you said that I know I know, and I said that a bunch of times since it happened. But what's your question sorry I'd like to do cuz, I think about that too. Sometimes that's the only time I write it, that's all I don't think about meat other people like what does it take to be like you know what I'm an end, my life. My question is: do you think that it's like that feeling is it's almost like this immense boredom? with what you look like you did you just don't know it's not like pain that I got to end its more. The leg is really no reason for me to its like you're going up there. He'll, but the hill isn't that state, but it's just never wrong yeah. You know, I think, that's part of it. Yeah legates its leg, from what I have read the few suicide note. So I've seen when you know when you fine, like we had won a target on the issue last time we always teaching us neighbour, coarse and one of the guys. I was talking to him at one moment about what we're gonna do Saturday girl
eyes, you work with right. That's that's kindly, I'm sure to say with the seals, alot of them that come this neighbour course anywhere guys you ve picked out of the blue tunes. And then you know, even if they pass, you still have a meeting where you go okay to be really want to work with echo guys like. I know we gave him the badge, but is it? Are we going to let him into the teams? And then so this is one of the guys all you know, I'm gettin a normal little bit more either from the other battalion and yak. Oh man. I know this girl in town and this national carried on and twenty minutes later. Really, growth factory go we're dead, roll call where the fuck is he a. We found him hanging from one of those. You know the pavilions are out. The training area forget shade, lectures so he's out there find this letter on his pillow and a red, and it's about these. They feeling there this pain, that's never ending and I'm not boredom. I think it's just this. The cloud end somewhere in the tunnel lightning as you are asking that question that the word I wrote down was was
we ve been talking about her. We ve heard from it from the last couple podcast that we did and it's the same thing said. It hope so when don't have any hope. This is going to end when you don't see any light at the end of the tunnel and, like I said when you're, when you're stuck in this storm and everywhere you look, you don't see the light at the end of telling you don't see that this cloud and somewhere in the thundering lightning will subside. You just are in a storm, no matter where you look through the storm and they say You know there's no hope of getting out of the storm Agnes were that's where they start in luck having those. Luckily, though, when it, when the thought entered my mind like I get it, and when I'm again I never thought of suicide, but I had the thawed go through my brain. Where I go, I get why some people might see this as an option exam did see like as I'm texting him, I'm taxing raw, I'm taxing my my buddies and in the can solve am I regimental friends, my my mom and dad my brother most
people that should be aware of this problem. More aware so I saw had lots of come in, but it was my now it's your choice. Are you gonna go towards it? Are you gonna stay floating where you are. I guess this is way bug. Are you going to reach for the line or you going to sit there like it's just out of arm's reach? yeah. I talk about detachment all the time and this is another situation where Obviously, when Europe, when you're wrapped up in those kind of emotions. Right you you, you can't see anything else so buddy that outside their perfectly your can help guide you out of that, even though that's gonna be hard and there's things did not understand and all that, but they can at least they know that their outside that and they can see just like on the battlefield summits at elevation. You know you grow building, I'm really does neighbour position. Some guys know left go left, go lags, go right now, like Foch, so
you can reach out to somebody that can that has a little bit better altitude on the battlefield but you're in there. And if you can reach out to say man, I can see what's going on. All I see is darkness point me in the right Rex and they're gonna tell you some dams shit like hey. Ok, let's get you to a doctor. Let's If you stop drinking, let's get you in the german interpretation. Stop the sounds stupid itself. What sounds were way too easy? Yes, ounds way too easily. You think it's out easy for focus like that, but you know When I like what you said, is you like manna, keep having to go back to boot camp and its That's really if you think about what bookkeepers, what is boot camp there like ok, put your shoes on like this, make your bed like that eat this food. Do this work out? That's what they do. They get you on the programme, at least its lowest success, and it leads to having your life somewhat sorted out once you get that, then you look around. You go okay, now these
your problems, I control these little things. I can control this distant if a little but bigger. If I'd control that I control this thing, that's a little bit better control that better controls of the thing s little bit bigger, but when you're, not simply talk about all the time with a do the Chechens and the Russians not from you failing that First WAR Bennett, started when they stop shaving all the same thing with your personal life when you, when you disregard these these fundamental things that you would do bookshop. Yet when you see let them go well, then if the little things fall apart than the bigger things fall apart, but true to that. When you put the little things together. You can start putting the big things together and ask that our new environmental podcast I've talked about what had I stop doing. I stopped all while FUCK Tony Pee to say is that, on my proscribed diet, that I've the eight for years and make me feel good and keep me in good shape because fuck it today the next day. It's like. Why do yesterday agony of cocoa butter breakfast and it was
The downward spiral of I don't need to go see. My therapist is all the way on the other channels. Town and I know my life sucks right now Don't get somebody to tell me that my life sucks area? Hey? What do you do about with a therapist. What do they talk about what do you do? Their job I'm assuming you ve, never know I see Lake AEGIS Bounce life off them around. Nine is, if you got a guy this listening right now: that's Ike, as an embarrassing not even embarrassing, if you're the guy, this isn't right now that's gone. Who or what the hell would a therapist tell me. Why would it not just me right in a journal or some like down do that to worker. I write. Journal, which I again, which I stop doing again the Writing in the journal. As I yourself check because I go back, I was reading through major. I kept a journal throughout the year kinder, but they know not, as often as you should and I was reading through an leg while I'm even bullshitting myself in this? My last
therapy session, which is right before the downward angle started. He said a few things to me that needed to be said, and I cannot get to hurt. I guess I can shit but base He said you put in a lot of work into being Jody, a as I like, you man, you live in, Euro even know but like and like this is over a year ago and right now, like I'm still like ouch, that hurt by he was right to me this whole time to get to the point where I'm levelling off now, but air B is in all I think I said this to you last night. It's like Tiger Woods, a hate tire would bad example on how to mitigate crisis, but had a gulf coach. His whole career, ass when you started sucking when it stop seeing Gulf coach now,
one is an expert on life. I didn't have PTSD Wanna go wounded. I was cleared two different. Their business, a psychiatrist both said, cleared a PTSD. Ass of depression, which is normal for losing even a loved one night, and when they you, when you lose a land, they said like losing a loved one. So too, ones died when about whatever, whatever by Peter. Have to be cut out of the body or replaced Are we call it stress, injury which I was diagnosed with? Which- like an injury, Sylvie Sprain your ankle or break your ankle. It's an injury one here, differently from the other rate, the loan? They both led? The failure ankle will completely deteriorate and fall off and have to be cut out of the body or replaced. If you don't treat, it is, you're, an already gaze, call Humvee or what you call a truck the yeah. If your hammer blows and actual you yell at it and tell this toughen up and go, have a fuckin drink, No, you said for fuckin maintenance and I
to say this, the troops all the time I'll say it again, and I have said it before. I've said this the colonels and generals egg you'd man, if you need maintenance, go go to the fuckin mean and shop, which is, in our case the Fuckin mine guy. I a talk with the chief, a defence staff which is are nuts. Davy Jones down to determine the Jupiter. And we were talking combat units and I said well, you know where we are both could get known the flaws philosophy, go side of things Samurai used to meditate project and they do practice calligraphy to perfect. And the tea ceremony a warrior. Monks of Europe would meditate pray and fast the mongolian hordes even had their ceremonies, were they perch the demon. Then let it. What is more, modern soldiers do there's no sir, reflection, there's no meditation! There's! No! We got a stir,
from basic training. I've said I don't know if I said this one last podcast, by did I apologize. I forgot my own advice again. What's rice. Bryce free body were rest out ice compression elevation debts taught you the floor day, a basic training cause you're on. I remembered it right, but that's your vehicle rate in your vehicle of your body there too, and to combat, which is where the unit needs you, which is where your country want to watch as for the mind and this is where we all as a society, have to go back and think about These things like Jujitsu, Digital it says it is there. I didn't like to serve them, but this is my point. Well. When you go to a therapist, if you have no judge it in your life, you dont have surfing. You don't have calligraphy you dont know how to meditate this could be the beginning of you learning how to be of the beginning of learning race for your mind and that's all look at it, but even still
I know enough about medicine that I can take care of myself for the most part without going to the doktor, but guess right now and then I had something I go fuck. I need a doctor so therapy, it doesn't mean you have to go every week on border like clockwork but have someone that Europe? That's here Air pissed or yours. Psychotic tryst or whoever, whatever level you need or you qualify for in your benefits. That doesn't mean you go see them all the time I had a guy that I saw when I had two, but a lot of it. Up to you to the individual is still a big part of this. I as an individual. This is where it hit me really hard and when you heard the emotion, my voice on the radio that day eyes stopped even paying attention to myself, and I as an individual fail myself. My friends might ve sorry myself, my family, so my dog where's my axe, my mom, my dad
everyone who loves me for who I am no matter what I do and then failed. Everyone around me that My friends you guys- and this is how you feel- because I didn't as an inn visual take ownership of the problem so now I am- and I am going back to their being born back to the gym back on my diet, I know it all good, but him on the road in all those little powdered doughnuts and look thing with a coffee, while you're driving delicious outstanding son, what the chocolate covered ones are the poor, those ones too. I found those ones at a gas station in labour taxes somewhere in the art on that road. We don't have those things and Canada they haven't America, drunken donut doughnuts might be better than to Morton's. I'm gonna go and say there better, Odin, Canadian. There was a fight me Timor disowned by Brazil in company now so whatever, The point is, I get back to that life that led me that kept me in check because getting you like loan, a rough go
and I'll tell you there right now, but it's not impossible, but like any injury. I have a spot. My back, like MID bagged, is below the shoulder blades that I heard when as fourteen and I felt the basic. I felt it through my whole career, but you work on the muscles around it and you learn to mitigate its impact on your daily life. Mental. Injuries are the same, and I can tell you, I was cleared of pity DE, which is like the extreme mental injury. But I did have a mental injury and I forgot that and then I had physical injuries on top of it, that I am basically ignored it like even the mayor of Ottawa, you Billy, hey Jody limping today. What's going on, I didn't think you're gonna make it to this event. This is before the wheels fell off. I go yeah Mary did you know I was feeling a little pain and I know I don't have to be here today, but then I remembered yeah, I'm not a pussy, so I'm here I need laugh, glycol Jody. Your beauty call Leticia, that's for sure,
but what I M saying is: I am too stupid to stay home tonight so that tomorrow morning I can feel better go to the gym played play. Kids, my kids, you know I mean legacy to two to talk to that dumb here so A lot of this clearly is ego. Our goes on and mother Fucker aid, it's funny because in its desire to others all die, but like obvious. You wouldn't be who you were and have done. What you ve done. If you didn't have an eagle that drove you that want make made, you wanna be devalued. Why would anyone subject themselves to going to say preschool. I've got you southern cool job, it's it's a shitty job Socrates to do, but guess what your ego you like? I will do that our best Donnie Wahlberg shows you the sexiest per the job, with the shooting bad guys here is so rare by the way like yet there so the job. So so you would have done. I mean that the box, the politicians, the park, everything that you ve done
there's some element of ego that drives. It obviously want to serve, and it will you wouldn't be if it was just pure ego build a duty there, because you you have to have the will to serve and a desire to serve your country. And your brothers in arms. That's true too, but to take the next will you gotta have meagre driving and then what that's that thing, it can drive you to success, can also drag you down. When you start say I can do anything I can get through this, I can got through me help. I can keep on this path. I concur drinking whenever I want was wrong thing we're here, your beer. Your ego is your biggest enemy, but you are your own biggest critic as well. Job Oh I'm sure you have these thoughts like any other human being like if I've anyone today, the person I don't want to fail as myself. Because you have an expectation of yourself- and I know I know- how about you and I mean we're the need of the same guy as much as we are different, that the big his person I'm trying to live up to these expectations these are my own.
So when you get up at four a m everyday and God damn it, I wish I could. But I'm not Hilda broiling to sleep have to. If I don't want you anyway, but Sixty listen right now, like I get up at three hundred and thirty, my fucking wanted to K. I just don't want to. I don't have to I get all my shit done in eight hours, cake, Jaco, but Yuri. Always the one that goes. I can do that and then your critic is one goes making a bitch and If you fail the first critic, that's there looking and is the one. When you look in the mirror NEO, I would do. Man I would fuckin do, look in the mirror. I stopped leg. Big did exist. I looked I keep a bit of a beard most times my beard got big that it started growing in here and that's when you know sums up with somebody? No, I'm serious right now, Lucchese I wouldn't look in the mirror because I lived in a mere eyes. I saw someone who, in you drink as late again dinner. Fuckin, loser, good job
yeah! I you shower and go and work So this is a very common in because even if look in the mirror, is just enough to be ok, I'm not a complete mess run out the door. Herr grew it's it's It's weird man. I can I'm the trying to write this down because I like, even if it doesn't come out for any but but myself it's it. I didn't go through with the legs losing the legs. It go through losing my legs again, but a whole. There's a bunch of stuff was happening, realizing. I know, said the soldier is dead, but Maybe I didn't really realize and I had all these people looking up to me and also Turning to me to have ok, hey my bodies and in trouble go talk to Jody this guy she's in trouble like a new taking on all the other stuff in. Honestly, men self aware cod
of care, and this is what they call it. Health care is your first priority sulphate. We got some self aid by the second first person. You take your unluckily. My daughters are so awesome that need I talked to them on the trip every day in the UK, when you get back yet will will kick it right where we left off, but there the first one that are going to forgive you if you asked for it, so I've ass, my daughters, I told them daddy's, going through some stuff ray. You noticed their bootleg yeah, because Kizil give I don't give a shit at cuz. You got kids right and you'll, see how many you got against you and I didn't Their first I'm going to tell you- and they were the first one to tell me like hey upcoming, coming around as much as you said, you would ethics, dammit that is really busy yea. I ve always been busy. We want to go. The park May I'm on I'm just Turner rebuild everything in and state stay the path. Finally, I hope when I'm fifty I'm not going through something again because by victims can be too
Old want to deal with shit, you know I'm like I'm, not saying. That's all I'm just saying like you should have your shit together by the time you're. Fifty, I think or maybe I will, but I they'll. Have these lessons learned over the last. Since two thousand seven China right these down, you mean you're writing down what you're gonna do right now, I'm ready down and also because I am in the position. I am in right in a word. We're authors now ran out of anything else like we tie, we what this lastly doesn't make US artists, but it does in writing. Is an art people, people can learn from what I'm going through, and I know others have written books and done that had gone to the exact same thing, but we all have a unique way of presenting things. May I turn into a lesson. Maybe I turn to something I read like I've read your book for time. Since it came out I've. Rereading TIM Ferris is book again for our work week, because that's the direct of life that I would like to go in. Politics are not lake. Do
get your way, but in a way that's smarter, not harder in the army ray we learn, theirs reform our way, there's the hard way and then there's the army way or in the Navy. I'm sure it's the same And sometimes none of the make sense, but you get it done, but I you know, I want to spend more time on myself, my kids, my loved ones, my friends and I think I stood, the sounds a little conceded, a little bit egotistical and a little bit selfish, but I've realise at getting my legs blown off. Maybe I've earned the right to just do what kind of what I want a little bit more than I did in the last ten years, and I wanna hang out with my friends do so constructive for society still, but if article should, I wanna go shoot. If I drive my across Amerika, why I want to do that and I think of her and the right to have a little bit of flexibility in life, to just throw my kids in the Congo
Well, I actually know you were not right and I told you that the first day Matthew when it when you were too what you're doing- and I was like manner- you're doing way more, that I'd be doing that. Ivy I'd be spent a lot of time like it, but you know you have goals and aspirations and in Europe, Eve, those you know and you ve done a great job therein, and so that's good. Asking to see, and if that change actions and now you can focus on YO, Gary or family. Take care of yourself, which yeah have you earned how we are very well, I think what we always forget, what I forgot- and I've continuously have to remind me- someone is I'm the beginning and the end of everything in my world. That sounds like yourself. We called self self, profits, ignored or know well,. Self involved a little too self involved. But if I'm not up and ready to go at eight a m, my kids don't get school in time and if my kids are late,
teach admitted them and that as a snowball in their life, if I'm late, they wonder where I am. If, if I'm not a day office, my staff has to tell someone- hey where's council, He's Nigeria, where is he I don't know where they may have to make an bullshit excuse? and even, if you tell them your job, is to live for your boss? No, no! It's not Your job is beyond moved to work on time Jody. So so, care and self help? been all that stuff is and take care of yourself as the beginning of taking care of everyone that you feel you have a duty to and that's Ultimately what I want to talk about here and what I want you know so You know I what I'm gonna bust your balls, Bulgaria with three through the morning. That's what John who does to make sure that everything in joggers life falls in a place for those you have four kids broke out keep up with a all. I only have two and I can barely do it, and- and so I'm saying when I go back to my having my legs blown off, earns me the right to be a little bit selfish about what I do with my time.
Well, I'm gonna be selfish and take care of myself more, which I haven't for a decade. Well, I would expand that too, to really to everybody. Lemme tell you what I mean You owe it to yourself, everybody, whether you ve been wounded or not right wherever you are life, because the fact of what you just said, you gotta remember this. If you do take care of yourself. You can't take care of other people around right. An answer. You have to relax the dictators of my simple thing and my wife noses about me like if I dont work out, I'm. Not a good about I'm, not the same person. Good purtier goes away you, but but real If I'm not taking care of my health than ever else, kind of follow me and so yeah you gotta, take care yourself, and if you don't take her yourself, then you can't take care of the people that you care about an answer that the duty really and that's what I wanted to talk about a little today and what I was saying before about if you feel in it pull over
That's the thing like you can't expect anything of any one else. If you can't, if, if you catch but work on time like. Why should your staff and, if you take care of yourself and then why should you expect to take care of anyone else and. We all have support in on it I don't know- and I are NOME hammer in this little too hard but dude I'm. I'm I'm learning a hard lesson here and I'm trying to avoid. We all they have to learn it, but doesn't like there's. You can learn it harder than others. May they gum learned at the really heard way because I am a public person like I got a private business. Why can't? We call him Loggins Loggins is like smithing in the army. So if bloggins is having a rough time, he doesn't have to go on the radio and tell the world he doesn't have to go on the Jocko podcast and tell the world tell somebody that's the biggest thing. You think you think scary to go to a therapist. Who is it? in professional, I think of it.
Airbus, like going to the rifle range and learning from the masters neighbour. That's what you do you're going to learn how to shoot? Except it's worth it for your mind? Would you not go to the range to learn from a masters neighbour, if you wanna be a better shot. Of course, you fuckin would I of animals neighbor and I go to the range and learn from ascertainment right now. That's what a therapy their psychiatry, Mr Psychologist or council. Any of them are professionals in the men Game of life. Now, not say in all our equal as well If you don't like one fire get a different one, but there and stirred looking for them it's available and don't put it on yourself. Again, if you think that's embarrassing, going to a stranger which is actually pretty easy. When you to get in the room and start talking you find you might, they might have Titus shut up because they're ours up try going on the radio or the Jackal Biogas or writing a book like you, I put out a lot of my words in that book to and I'm still learning.
I've got all these resources, so it's not it's not. It's not need. No one who proud no one's too tough about done like hardwood or something fun right now, bro, like it's all good man and I think as we are talking- and I didn't I didn't know if we were to do about that tonight when you came down here. I don't know if you want to talk about this afterwards going to hang out. I appreciate it. Cuz the whole drive it. I've been thinking and talking to myself and listening to other podcast, I'm like I needed to do this, and really like what you are saying is gonna is obvious. He's gonna help people, especially the idea of God. Talk about this little bit, you kind of food in there, but like looking at yourself in the mirror right Looking at yourself in the mirror and saint yourself. You know what I need some fire support here. I'm going to reach out I'm going to get it fixed people and there's not a damn thing in the in the world wrong with that and that's how you sort of
That was the thing. That was a thing that made you. Ok, I need help on the go. Make this happen. So it may be that can help some other people. That are he'll do good right now. Go look in the mirror, admit you're! Have you got some problems? Maybe the problems are little but bigger than you weep combat situations that we're bigger than us. You have to call on fire support, there's nothing wrong with it. There's no shame in it. Go make it happen. And take her ears, take ownership. Extreme ownership by like do you think you here? I think that's a good play. Math, gets a good place to jail. If we want to talk about something different, we can do that really easily. All we do is we just ask echo to talk for a little bit negatives. The place at echo. Charles, Yes, you you know, we want to talk about something good. Can you talk something good like, maybe how to support ourselves and if If there was someone wants, maybe I'll someone could support this buck. Ask if they want it, which we should hear chuckled
oil and joint warfare. Here's the thing you know how My colleagues have been hurting me lately, yeah, and sometimes you can build it to some joint warfare for sure yeah. It helps, in a non drug, Wherefer Font Pharmaceutical where skirt interesting, but it does works fresh if you're getting physical and what not general joint disintegration, or degeneration degeneration not does not deserve to know how much you tell with disintegrate. Nonetheless, dockers. Some supplements the good supplements. Therefore, year joints, one is crude. Oil supercool oil, yellows, called joint wherefore glucose mean, could join your sent Kirk Human Incorrect, human desperately cartilage, it's all right. It's during all of you know like when you're monistic is or like you EL. By stop saying such big words just talk about I'm telling you this is. This is the truth, the real deal. I take this. The knee I tweet the other night.
This will help. It wouldn't ask us around my kneecap. Yes, the the joint work farewell I'm into it fully also what we kind of talked about earlier Jack Odin. The plan pre work out. We call a pre work out, but it's the permission possess cognitive in answers. Peevish Joey's taken enough fight up about it, the less that's good, that's good for anything you're about to do so. We say pre work out, it can be pre study pre, Am protest breed report, gas podcast? What every night for whatever you like good unless you can learn to scoops dont, be opposed to take to scoop guys like my letter, what do we say? We're sorry for aid? No, not at all. I had a real. Long live the other night of of work I took three and what we normally do too.
So, what are you? What are you in and out to twenty two, probably too thirty to thirty. Two scoops is enough for you yeah. Yeah, ok, swastika, to scoop for now by my rabbit up to for if I really have to be careful, that makes your I have something to do I thought it at my door just take like ratings yeah. That's right! No, that's a great time! If you have to write them. Do you mind it? Does it make you jittery? No, none. Other organs only got a smooth, but you got the energy I gotta fiends, pretty low. The cabin is very low, the same caffeine as Jacques away to the same amount so per scoop so you'll get double that precise fifty milligrams, so it's meant to night. Make you all jittery cause. You can't that's not good! Everything else I'm reading in here and what little I do, noble nutrition. This is all stuff for free. Yes and long term like energy release. Yes, the only thing missing that I got an idea,
no science is be vitamin that in their re missing it not practical. Turning forty means I have to wear glasses. Now, to buy away when I wrote that I want you to monitor, might be referring to think its neighbour vision, I think, is good for longest. But now my dad murder You got to find the sweet spot, that's what it in there that it right cuz your eyes can't like held her shoulder. Are we too can have a case You never get rid of this rigour that's good and surprisingly, taste good, expect Turkey to be like make two very hyper about making things more years. Things out, the various I'd crop than my life is hard. Food should be tasty. I dig it and I understand that, but you will you I really chart on you can drink Susan, it's out of character for meat. It want em in life easy, and I heard ending. I think that the dichotomy you heard that before even like with you said you don't drink. Coffee you're, like I just like that the coffee. Why would I think you are-
Liquors Navy, Jacques, was going. We not refuge like the tasted, only to trace really funny lucky. I write Did during my friend you drink beer, Canadian is the drink beer you, I might be, tastes like shit, I'll, drink cider oh, the apple juice alike, as got more our gallant than beer, bitch, legates, wife, one when he lake it ain't coffee he likes. De, I think, weighty socks but a jog. Oh we got this are making this protein power now and criteria, number one was the address, be good protein and all that, but the Strong second criteria was he's gotta, taste, so damn good idea, which I think you drink and protein at the first sample, tasted really good. I was shocked to how good the first supply we tweet it a little bit. The second sent What came back. It is even better I mean weighing on how much sugar we target. There's no sugar, oh no! There's! No! That used to be the trick. Routine, so good yeah, but it's no sugar and
we ve got one more common back, but the second integration of it tastes delicious here, an area samples of no echoes, yes, recycling, Zach. Well, you know I never liked protein programme. I brought this, has nothing to do with you. Wanna drink protein fodder, you'll be driven. This like you, want a drink up those Ruby language track and elk. So good! Yes, I know you on that one, you get all the shipwreck echo, the proof is gonna, be in the pudding as they say, Where do you mean that's? Where get it also at origin, Mendes COM, you can get, you will get geese rash. Kurds is for digital by now- you Sir made in Amerika I know Jody is from- can buried maiden somewhere else,
We don't have time to make keys and stuff like that and get something good way to support. Also fitness gear, that any kettle bill that is heavier than mine is in his head is it is it? Is it your little head that you got on? This might as well be doing my out of the greatest. If nothing else comes from this, for this little haven't heard of you, the one zero approve I wanna get amulet of your head yeah. They ventured has already in the bank book a jungle of guns. Yes, good yeah, they care about should be his head Because the reason he got it was because I had a heavier kettlebells by happens stance by the way,
get ready. One just irresistible pedal bill. I can buy from Jack o er the suggest job. I was about to say, which reminds me every time, but to talk about kettlebells the cannibals I have you know the ones from on it. They got all of them yet me to accept. I dont have the big foot one to have as laid out for another guy eggs. I can't pick that one others too heavy IRA settings and I d- and I have picked up anything for a rear anyway. That's what I'm trying to implied a jackal that like since mine is have high can pick it up. He can't pick it up exaggerates to hunt everything. That's why you got the heavier want, Roger that yeah tracking down drag London. Six pounds! Congratulations! is this: what is it has to made kettlebells not got it from Rogue fitness robe rather, my boys are rocard. Yeah, but it's like made America's like the boring round. One you know figure the eye the ones. Yet that's why I thought you meant the Jocko was come out with it about. Obviously it's gonna be shaped, like Georgia should thus made my because they could do that now
The product was just born, maybe actually somewhat some said there Ok! Well anyway, I agree, agreed in the lobby or Marshall ever buy is not a commercial you we deviated from the commercial Roger it! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I know we're supposed to do that. Ok, it's part of the deal right. I know I forgot. I told you I'm in basic training for life again, nonetheless, back to the kettlebells, if you get kettlebells in a way, that's not competitive with your friend or if its competitiveness whatever the ones reminded. That's the coolants Judy as a whole, since I have the whole set. If you have the whole set, you cool like us, not like Jacko. Also when you get Jody New book. For chocolate book in the books. We read go Org over em, but guess I made it easy for you got a section on the website books for the website from all listed by episode by the way like slipped through their get him through there will easy good with to support as well I'll. Take you Amazon, I say sorry
unflinchingly, the Canadians, neighbour and everyday heroes. Yet my two books above beyond webs, bravely on your, whereby everyone get and they are available through Amazon and the woods the Kindle there were calls on can handle the Amazon to think it everywhere. I like your book, it's gotta, be I will I've been on the website, so yeah when you get tat bone click through their way easier for you, ethical with sport you ought to continue shopping on Amazon, to buy your we'd workers. And what else, by an Amazon glared, do that too good were also subscribe to the button if you have an already seems normal, seems obvious. I too, or if you wanna subscribe, is foreign subscribing those it's more about like you listen. Do you listened Itunes, yeah, that's what it is.
Exclusive eggs. I write some people they listen to. Google. Can you subscribe on? Google Plato? Ok, that's what I was getting that I dont get nowhere else like it says the same thing, your router that and there in now there's different apps now like their basically, I believe, you're not stop your confusing. This is ok considered this way night at this. I'm new to this to look at where I tunes when you think podcast, I Ipod Podcast, so podcast exclusive Itunes, tunes Dr Yields way reward using pockets or on Itunes. Obviously, here think packets podcast just goes. I has its like. If you only have legal, if I just went to the website which your website again dogma, casta com so I got a job I guess I'll com. Could I listened straight from the pod cat fur? Sorry for the website? Yes, on my computer, yes, Bob your uncle, who there it is in
I did ass. I did not know tat. There is basically all these different ways to listen to it and if, whatever way you choose to listen to it, there's where you subscribe in the event of these things offering subscribe option, which I think they'll do not shirk our export, Oliver Disheart works. So what I'm saying is, if you want to subscribe, subscribed good way to support, also anew to which we have you two by the way Jody Medic Roger that not just the video version of this part gas, but excerpts and various creative videos in their end, some outtakes. By the way, I'm not many, but you have a few more up. There also jugglers door called jungle. For job of stored outcome. Obviously, that's where we get or we make these shirts jury, see the shirt jugglers on a the victory Mme Venezia. He always has a turn on by the way when I last night. That's why I was
There was underneath my final Roger as without even recognize. That's why I work my friends, so this is attacked will be reassured and its canadian companies, thereby scans off guys. Dude. I was going to wear this last night, but I didn't I thought jogger would show up in t shirt, so I stayed the t shirt yeah and anyway. So now he's a t, shirt and I'm in here you're just I am in any way I too will be ruined my last podcast, if you listen, they were on the show, is good speedo. You went out to Dublin. The shirt jockers on and the shirt I have on with dark was hit on it. And if you want this shirt, chuckle stored outcome is love. Some discipline. I have a green and black when, in my suitcase bag in the hotel of our own I thought I'd be weird, wherein you're sure yeah. I thought but there's a deeper meaning. I think the fact that jackals head is a minor Adam sitting. There you're part of the show, so you got aware all where do I find where the echo shirt sometime theirs
Echo sure that as many private, I have four friends myself. I want that you're very good. You got it thoroughly and I've been I've been a member since may be hurriedly Soria you that unplug sometimes you know it and that's going back yeah. I unplug I want our faces. While personal, The business side personal stuff is goose anyway finish, what you're doing I'm so now you're part of what we're doing I'm not gonna, read a list of things that you should or should not doomed. Unless you about him ass, Jacko about Double Tom, you hurry up, I'm in a hurry, whatever that's how it always works. Nonetheless, Doc historic dot com. Any short, you are Let me know: Jonah gonna go right after the shoe. Yes, this also, some patches on some hoodies rash guards, hats, women stuff on their kids stuff on that's good, chinese Albania's are on their way. So if you go like well, if you Venus could very well be their honour,
you are being better Gerardo. What is both asked what he called out without a fabulous even for you. Ok, alone. If you just hang us here to win, then hit with no fashion now, shirt looks good Oprah for sure in Jakarta come not think by something not saying that be should. But if you like something get something good will support, also the aeronaut about this? You might psychological warfare that I mean, I know what it is, and this is something that no one wanted to download it aims saw. Psychological warfare is an album that we created wooing with tracks, Jack Odin, Playlist, yes play playlist here for an ox tab, mix tape you mixed up, of Jack was hurt essentially, but here it's forthwith Lord Grey Right rise, not complain the ukulele physically. Now, indeed, hey telling you how to get through certain weak moments,
his name is Bismarck is videos to now late, now, better more specific. So here here's what it is it I'm getting really glad you got. You dont know that the specific cloven caselli you can talk about a priority. Eight minutes factually number one and eight, and by the way, where you of that I downloaded that I never listened to it, though sober you don't need it. I wonder, therefore, my friend you give the support yeah, that's it but it should have let it support you to a price. That is really what is for. For you ISIS, you know I, like you know when you work out in you, don't feel like it. Are you gonna work out. You don't feel in a fairly after last eighty Mona ending on and what I'll do it tomorrow abbot say: that's it. October are with you worry over twenty. Sixteen. I would say that they do. I thought that was my biggest weakness, a calm, the Jackal doing you feel like working you I mean, I know who you're tired judges. Do I work here. Another job, but there's more to it than that,
simple and he explained it. As said, you know what we going to record, that going to always at three I was the birth of the psychological were very rapidly. What it is I should I did downloaded. Actually when it came out. I just I forgot, I even had a look at the tracks, his way to look at the tracks and be let cause it's not just missing work out. It's like procrastination. I'm an approach that now the s alone, I'm a black belt and progressive asian brow, yes or consider one. They they you're like. Ok, not only will it help it a one hundred percent get you through it Roger that been the case for me in a given and you can get that on Itunes. Of course, and anywhere where they fill Mp3S Amazon, music. What not to go down couple other things on Amazon even get jock a white t, it's no big deal unless you want a dead, lift eight thousand pounds minimum than you drink, jock awaiting your there. No questions asked one hundred percent guaranteed be afraid that if you wanna get some books, you can get Jody
Xbox, there's two of em unflinching, the making of a committee Canadian sniper and also his latest book every day, heroes, witches or stories from the generations by Joe, You get way of the warrior kid, so you can teach kids to do the right things in their lives. You know things like beyond the path, Thomas Dismissals Freedom field manual that book yeah. It's about. Getting on the path and staying on the path? That's what it's about, not miss anything About one I will accept or that the audio version of that book is not on audible it is on. Anywhere. You get an mp3, which means. I too, Amazon, music, Google play and then, of course, the first book extreme ownership, by leadership. Theirs,
version out its black. It makes a little cooler. You get that Learn how to lead also be on the books in the podcast. If you need leadership, let's say leadership, guidance and direction at your company at your business or at your team. I have a leadership and management consulting company, it's called echelon fawn, and that is what we do we come to your organization, we assess the situation and we problem solved through leadership. It's me. It's brother Leaf ban that wrote extreme ownership with me who was one of the bottom commanders that served with me in the battle of remedy it I repeat now was the point man and the lead sniper of dealt a blow to in the battle over Mahdi, Big Dave Burke, who was whenever eighteen Marine corps fighter
top gun pilot top gun, instructor, top gun, senior instructor F, sixteen I would Effie Team pilot at thirty five pilot F, twenty two pilot fur, you sound these pretty good he's not bad He's the first operational squadron commander for the thirty five he's the only man in the world qualified to fly. Those aircraft, but none matters because what he did was cool was. He was on the ground with us in the battle over body as a Anko team leader with his team and was with what what is an Anglo? It's, it's I would call for fire they do. They think you attack the other, Hey Jack spoke the Marine corps as agriculture, but Dick holidays ago, air naval gunfire Liaison Roger that Europe and what he did for us outside. Guy he's been, our guest number. Sixteen nine number, sixty nine. I believe so he's.
Part of the echelon front team is well also on top of that, there's the muster it is the leadership seminar with us, the echelon front team, again in two thousand eighteen were only doing to masters. People think we're goin on a rock n roll tour were not known on Iraq, nor to we're not going city to city in Aachen. But in Cleveland it's not going to happen in Milwaukee. It's not going to happen in it's not going to happen in San Diego. This year, Where are we going? Places gonna happen in Washington, Dc Mason? Tinted eighteenth, so that you're on the EAST coast, the EAST Coast, ISA Mississippi, come to Deasey, so it went to a day may seventeenth and eighteenth if you're west of the Mississippi you come to San Francisco October, seventy eight seventeenth and eighteenth that's it legacy we're not going anywhere else. So.
The reason is because we don't have time to do. It's too, all the echelon front, team together and set it all up, it's very hard to do cause we're working with clients all over the country and all over the world. So we can't just You must use all the time. So that's! What? two of them? If you wanna come sign up. All before that. We wait that we ve had so far have also doubt these going to sell out to four hundred percent, so you want to come. You gotta go and register to attend extreme ownership, doc can I reserve to spot renew and in Washington? Yes, you can go to vote. Yes judge, jury plus one until then, until the master. You have. Questions were answered. Ferocity you'd want to checking in sheer your winds. I noticed people do that now on social media, chair the winds skin. I got this promotion
I overcame this little situation. They give little brief on situation. He had this guy. Those Wrong. I took ownership and boom problem solved. Just wait. I gained wait. I got stripe on my White Bell, India Jitsu and I'm proud, and I am proud bigtime stopped when you get that strike on the white belt or the bluebell. Sometimes people get the black belt the bramble, but what we see is progression, legacy people lose weight. People gain weight, people stay clean people, stay the sauce people stay off the drugs people stay on and if you want to check in with us about that stuff, you can do it on Twitter on insight, Graham and on bad boy. Had she bore Jody.
He is at Jody Medic, J, O D. Why am I t I see echoes at ECHO Charles and I am at Java willing echo enclosing thoughts? No thank you for coming on and it's great to see. You again did you Mr Jody Mitic. You got anything else Jawga. Thank you for give me the mic back for five minutes, I'm just kidding. I just want to say thanks to you for bringing me on I know you did this. If you didn't have to cause. You want to do, and I appreciate that I needed is a goal of As always, you should stop drinking by the way. I'm now that I'm a reformed drinker. That's that's it! That's that's the answer. Yeah I'd, get just stop drinking. Surprisingly, it's big answer today: I agree with you know. If you look at that study, that comes out, I forget, who does it I'll see you in the most destructive force on earth? Is alcohol above code,
Heroin, speed crack at all. Put together boo, still ten times worse, like did. I want to come because its available to everybody right eye, Thank everybody that's been with me through this. You know. Sometimes you think you're alone and you're. Not I've had friends and family that have not stopped. Basically, you feeling their bugging you but they're, not they're, keeping an eye on you. And all the supporters in the fans and then just the Jody Munich fans. Thank you for being their form Thank you for being honest with me and thank you. To my friends and my family for putting up with me and I fell off the path I lost my bearing pretty bad. But now I ve reorientate the map and I'm back on track. And give me give me some time, the jury. Eighty five asked we'll be back up and running in short order, Gimme six weeks issue and we should have
we pump out some episodes who knows maybe I'll, fly jogged Ottawa and will do an episode. I don't know the point is something becoming and there's a few heart? core. I'm talkin granite, hard fans that have legs stuck it out and they send us at least a tweet a week to be like. Where are you? Bitch is at we're coming back. Quick. Does real quick, showed my friends a tangle beaver if you want some of their stuff just go and tactical beaver? Yes, like the animal You can get some of their geared pretty cool and twist a canadian flavour you're, in our view, the one guy in your unit that has not canadian, you might be a you, be be popular four minute, but You know, and the last thing goes out to my kids alien, Cura, ailing nine peanut curious six squeaky they're waiting for me at home very patiently and was soon daddy's home. We're gonna go to judge it too, because daddy
learn to- and I know you guys a leg it now, but when you're older, you will appreciate it, for the rest of everybody else. We look in the camera. Fermented, ECHO Union added that in right sure I know I've said sorry before I say it again and I thank you. Say it over and over again for supporting me and is because people are I'll go in who you'll meet, whose embrace and some other very special people. My leave that I am foundered and they get back to be myself in that body that I can say thank you, ass a brother. Well, it's Ozma! you back on again and you'll, become about. Gone again and again, You continued on this, journey around shall be better and I am again just keep broken down help and others feel good. When my next book comes out, I will come back. That's all some and so factual common on it
awesome see again and MIKE I said, will will keep doing this for the next twenty years and My thanks to all the server men and women out there right now right, I'll think about that right now, right this moment in time, there's Women out there on the front its face to face with evil. So, thanks to you all for Britain the US and our freedoms and too the police law enforcement fire fighters paramedics in the rest of the first one. Ponders, thanks for your service and your sacrifice to keep us safe here at home, every one that's out their grinding working, driving trucks, poor concrete,
hammering on a project. Building bridges or building software sewing some garments or sewing a field. Farmers fat three workers, engineers, electricians, plumbers and pilots and ground crew and cooks, and choices, everyone out their working hard and listening to this and just trying to get yourself a little bit better. Today, then, you were yesterday thanks for listening and, as you meet struggles, As you struggle to stay on the path, first of all, remember don't have to fight alone, reach out to your comrades in arms
all four fire support when you need it, we win wars because we stick together and when we stick together, we can overcome any enemy. And the struggles that you face when they, when they do try to frank you do what Judy did do, what a soldier those turned into the ambush, turned toward the enemy fire and attack until next time. This is Jody Medic and ECHO and Jacko out.
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