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117: What to Do When You Have Bad Luck. Tactfully Question Leadership. Tyrannical Leadership Proven to Work. Ratting on Your Boss.

2018-03-14 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:00:20 - How to question leadership, and respond to someone questioning your leadership.

0:09:10 - Problems with exhaustion in Jiu Jitsu.

0:20:33 - Steve Jobs was know to be a tyrant of a leader sometimes. Can that work for me, too?

0:33:48 - How to lead people who are older and/or more experienced than you.

0:38:26 - What to do after you've pushed your team too far, and into negative attitudes.

0:49:19 - Does Jiu Jitsu truly relate in a real life fight situation?

1:02:02 - Should you ease into getting in shape? Or go Level 9 hard core?

1:23:44 - Why not to draw hard lines in the sand.

1:29:40 - Should you tell the truth about your bad boss to your boss's boss?

1:44:55 - How to deal with bad luck and not catching a break.

1:48:26 - Support

2:07:47 - Closing Gratitude.

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This is joggled podcast number one, seventeen with ECHO Charles and me jogger willing good evening, ACCA goody me and we're doing a cue. Me tonight, first, one in a while had a bunch of other guests and books and what not so puny scope cool first question Jacko from one fifteen podcast number, one fifteen as leader how best to reach bond to someone like Corporal mire when it brings up good questions in in a brief that need, dress without derailing the brief and calling your come pretence, flash authority into question ok, so what he's talking about is on podcast one fifteen with Dakota Meyer, which, if you haven't, listen to it, listen to it its long and it's very, I don't know it's awesome anyways. It part of that podcast
Dakota he's getting told how they're gonna conductress operation in Dakota raises some point and says what about this war about that and what about the other thing and they don't listen to And so the question here is: if you're in charge you the leader and you get some of that brings up the questions. During a brief during the plan that you need to be that need to be addressed, I d, do it, how do you handle it properly? Ok, well, first, the wall and the most important part of this is, if you involve your team, planning itself, you won't have these questions come up during the brief they'll come up during the planning. So that's that's the ultimate and best way to solve this problem, You dont plan in a vacuum as the leader and then present the plan to the troops and expect that you can have the perfectly it, is on your brain working on it. What about not his brain. We're not ever noticed perspective, they have experienced, and they have knowledge that you don't have so in if you involve them in the plan.
Then they ask you those questions early in you figure out what the rights answers to those questions are. So that's how you solve the problem right there now if it happens, that, for whatever reason- you're, you didn't have the opportunity to address. You didn't do well enough, for whatever the case may be an start getting questions on your plan, while you're briefing well. First of all, if they ask you questions that you dont have answers to, that that that that could indicate that you're wrong. Actually, you could we be wrong and not a lot of leaders like to feel that way, but you should actually be happy that someone, your team is pointing out something that is gonna, make the plan better as a whole. So there's that and it's really easy. If someone, if you're in a brief and some of them, brings up a point that you didn't think
and it makes sense well, then you can implement that into the plant. Okay, so that now you might think that it hurts Europe. Forty right to say: hey, that's a good point. I didn't think of that lesson in you might think or feel like that's going to make you look bad, but if the opposite is accurate- you if I don't know echo hate plan he completed you weren't there for planning such be quiet. That's the guy that no one respects that's the guy. That's not looking good as leader nuts Percinet lose. Authority. So you don't look week. If you listen to members the team, whether junior senior It also shows that you're incompetent, if you because you because you, Mr Powell, Obviously the question is pertinent that they asked, or I should say if the question is pertinent and it is
point. It shows that you missed important angle of the plan. So open your mind, open your put your ego unchecked and incorporated in there now. This can also happen if there's something that you know that you're right on, but something that you know that you're right on. If there's something like that- and you and this we'll, maybe at one particular individual- that's keeps pushing back and keep pushing back and you. I have two in those cases say- you know what a echo. Let me talk to you after this brief is over to explain to you exactly why we're doing it this way. So that way it doesn't derail the bra. Cuz. It might take a longer explanation that you wanted your friend since the typical seal briefing was we try to keep it fifty minutes to an hour. So if you're going to just got to spend eight minutes holding up a different map and explaining some detail of the terrain to this guy that, as a protest, what you're saying you might say: hey, listen, we don't
brief, our police, I've. Let me show you that let me show you the terrain map and you can see exactly what we're using this insertion rod or whatever the case may be, so you can do that if you have to and even then they might end up having appointed you didn't see, and then you can say, ok, wait and see that now we have to give everyone a quick on array briefing on some change in the plan. But again none of this will happen if you bring your subordinates in and you let them for I'll, let him do the planning that's ideal. Let them come up. Landaulette echo come up the plant mccone up when you go, come up land but a check with you and make sure The plan is going in the right direction: measures not totally off track, and then you will incorporate all things and I'll have a better view of the plan. I can stand back and to tackle genius as we talk about the book extreme ownership, like that's how you do it so that the answer will at least is an answer here. Maybe other people have other answers,
seems to make sense to me yeah. That's that horror, it's hard rate when you, when you it's all the things you always gonna, be I'm of when you have a plan or war whatever, and someone for lack of Belgium pokes holes in it, Billy Cable, but the sort of others, and then you have the that does elements that you gotta keep in mind where it's like the fact that its your plan and when the plan be effective, this I mean your emotional attachment to the plant, yet you gotta keep the emotional attachment to the plan in Jack verse. Is the actual effectiveness of the plant and people have a hard time doing that and what coup What's school is once you break away from mindset it's really easy just be an end, everyone just kind of how ya jockers he's gonna open minded wasn't area as a whole. Someone that has a closed minded without you can't you get into anything I this guy, and would you just gotta keep guinea does even helped and point things out. You won't listen
Guess what you're, using one brain, verses, twenty brains and more important than the brain power, the perspective, the different perspectives is the guys in the ground, in the guise of technical knowledge, tackle knowledge, they're gonna, know things, you don't know, that's the way it is you can't nowhere the thing that they know. And so, if you shut down all those different perspectives, you're looking at something from one angle in D c, the complete picture, when you only look at something from one ankle now, you don't know, sir use those. Are the perspectives, check self, correcting machine let go of the ego, the taking a personal? Well, If not, then I was in a sealed teams. I called it the emotional attachment to the plan a year later people carpet plans and they would be so addicted to their own plan only because it was their own plan not for any not for any tactical or strategic or up racial reason whatsoever I may just like because they thought of it- is that all
The is very natural and there's some element of of benefit to that right If your passion about your plan and compassionate my plan as long as we can eventually come to compromise, then we ve put forth the best idea I don't want you to not be passion about your plans, while you're planning it. I was really really come up with the best plan that you really believe in in its interest in you know. You talk about poking horse right, broken holes in the plan and We all know that it's very easy to sit back and Portugal, Ireland, and what I'm telling you to do as a leader is too absolute and I'll. Do that not be a jerk and antagonism leader? If I, if I let you do the planning Venice, for me to sit back and focus on the plan, which is good. It's good because we're going to come up with we're going to fill those holes, poked holes. We're gonna fill in that. We know that there can give also, as leader from up from a perspective point. You think I'm jocker really knows what's goin on, he was able to find.
Tools in the plant, the real reason I was able to find a mrs, because I was not totally at at. Miniscule detail when you were. I was up it altitude relaxing looking around here. You can see cheating so but not cheating like eating irritating it's that much easier, it so much easier to sit back and do it in and let things go that way like You know when you watch a movie and you have liked some critique the most outstanding and then you have some could together that shows that guy for that raw or whatever, meanwhile the movies like grow, are you whatever you knows as easy to poles in the movie? Meanwhile, I know it's done you're only looking over the little imperfection. Do that all the time mixing dig
videos, probably anyway, next question we have been training, did for two months now we started actually rolling a few weeks ago from our knees on the mat like not starting from standing ethically of train for an executed multi. Oh I've, train for and executed multiple marathons competed completed, a number of tough mutters trained, Harding Cross, it hiked bite, swam and nothing compared to the total mental and physical exhaustion. I feel I have to change How can I combat this time? Train more supplements just suck it up when I get home beat and the next morning I wake up feeling like I was hit by a bus than feeling despite the eggs.
Soon and still sucking at it, it superfluous, hooker, less the user. To that end, Oh, yes, it was a couple thing here. Yes, it's gonna take some time off the train. You train more. Your body will become condition to it. That's probably number one number two is, and this is so hard for people to do. Relax it's really hard. Four before the dear, especially when you first start out. I realise that the way you get to a point when you start to relax is when you win win. The capability of your technique surpasses the capable you your strength. So if I know that I can escape your choke attempt, by holding your hand and pulling your thumb and pull your arm off and that's what I know: that's what
gonna do when I realized that I can use a technical escape of swimming my arm in and then place my hopes on the ground and scooting away from your joke I'll do that instead, but until we figure out. That's all we have is muscle. So you the way you do. Is you you just have to keep keep training, training and treat you can try can people actually when they try to relax? Do they actually get? You tell me help people like relax more road flexibility, I just can't relax I'll, be relax harder, but what is it so hard for relax cause people say: oh relax. I just get submitted the right so, but if you relax, you at least be aware of what's happening, and if you relax, you can think about the technical, the technical movement that your spouse due to escape yeah yeah yeah. I feel like just in case
the way you if you all know the move, you're just gonna go with what you know: em it's gonna be dispatched in one way or another in opposite. If you but those on whom is likewise endeavour effect because because I'll I'll go into yes. Yes, sometimes I have to spaz Dean. Calls me out on that along well here that the good diverge you just spasm will, but Europe has a big more than a sprinkled, technique. You know that's the thing if you're, like you, and I told you what I mean, how, like you say, yeah you're, strong in that's kind of an insult in Digital because, like that you're strong, but you have taken, is kind of like that's what you're implying but- and I said this to you- and I know that you have like strength- your strong in your like. Not defensive word like new technique or whatever else like yeah. I know that I like she that sounded bad. I mean you have
technique? We already know that you in training for twenty five million years and you have good technique but with that technique, is like a lot of strength in there like when you There's like stuff, oh yeah, when, like if you, if I'll be inside you're on on top on you and you have this, first I've your hands in the correct spot, just to begin with this to be, and you can just kind of get your leg in real, easy everything, but I can't stop it, stop it. I'm not weak, I'm not weak, but it's like the strength of that move Art, unstoppable and that's what I said. It was a key year like strong when you do a technique, it takes its strong techniques and I would say that there's a lot, I would say it's probably seventy percent technique and thirty percent strength, which which may confirm what you're saying you that thirty percent strength is still more Then, if someone has additives that technique, yet they have only ten percent strength to get back.
Fully in even saying it's in know, seventy percent technique. Thirty percent strength- I mean that's gonna- vary from tat. From moment to moment sixty so if you're spasm, even that's gonna, be spectrum like how much strength to do you, dick me kind of thing actually get spouse for a long time now you can use be tired. He asked be gas so when I say you're strong, here's the thing, the fact is your strong, regardless of your technique or not, you can leave a lot await your big to grab like I'd, I'll grab your wrist and when you break the grip of the risk, its way more violent than the typical work there are strong person. So there is no denying that. I know it sounds like an insulting but number back to the point. Yet if so, if you if you have strength goin in before gain all that technique over the or the is just like. You said, that's what you're gonna use. So the key is here, I think, is to consciously- and it's not easy, consciously focus in the Tec ME
consciously like remember. Ok, where am I may have Cardona, because you know like in the beginning, when you first learn that the positions half guard is real, clear guard is real, clear, when you start rolling around your halfway upside down, maybe you're twisted, maybe your arms in the wrong spot across your body. So maybe you kind of remember away, I'm in half guard right now or I'm upset down, but I mean you know I'm on his back still whatever so you don't. He doesn't just stick in your mind, what position you're in, but if you can do that, then it starts getting getting routine. So now you, after that, you can figure it okay, my safe here cuz! That's why you spaz! That's why you you can't read: cause you don't off you're safe or not so you, China move in and get out of there or you know giving us a missionary before he does something. You know where this applies to life. This applies to life in when you're, interacting with other people, and
You start to lets a unit or having a disagreement about something about right and you start getting the upper hand on me and instead of me trying use technique. Get out, I'd use, go that's stupid, echo, your dog, or rather the right. I did not interrupt you cutting off, raise my voice. I am actually losing now and ATO. You know that at but am relying on brute force as opposed to technique. Now it could be also we talk about really could be got I'm wrong and if set of admitting that I'm wrong or or taking like- sing, relax and looking at the technique in saying you know what echo has a point here, that I cant do debate against he's right, and I'm wrong. I need to admit that same thing. If you came up with it idea for the plan and you're He was better than mine. Are you had a point that I needed to bring it the plan on my side. I second relax and actually pay attention, then a mockery.
But do that. So that's how that's one of the many ways when I was about Julia to applying to life. This is another example of where hey. If the argument starts to escalate and here using brute force to get out of it, you're, not winning just like it or not winning introduced to eat it gonna gas out you're gonna bureau loose we'll go use brute force, yet not even thirty percent well Maybe something spokesperson for the other thing is the other thing is hard and well it's it's attached to what you're saying don't have death matches. Every time I don't like you, partner, just be like. Ok, let's try and make sure that we're not using so much strength can roll with you or with Dean or with Andy or whoever, for a long time and in its you know we're. Wedding were tired, but we're not using all this strength, don't walk, if the mat with up with with it.
Doubt muscles it's a different, more of a cardio. I would say, then, that a strength thing when you get to a higher level because you're you did just movement, its movement, it's happening, you! No one You know one someone's going to accomplish something and if you can fight it. We muscle you're. Can you can end up losing here and go back to the time think were possessing? Is it more time and the answer? Yes more tankers like you, you learn that and again like where you knowing, where to be we're not to be where you're, safe in where you're not safe. Indeed, you through the b So you know like ok, let's say it's, and I know this with Yucas. Let's say I pass regard. Are you? Let me pass your current animal you? Dont spasm, like you know like in a tournament where the guys like really trying hard to let you settle in Garda, and so that's it scenario of course, but you never do that you, it's like you get to appoint, pass your guard when you can get a you just you set on your gear cutter, relaxing cuz
it seems like anyway, that you know you're not in danger or a submission, so that's kind of really where the focus is it's not the fact that who he passed my I don't know that's terrible. It's not that it's ok. Now, what technique duty to implement to keep myself safe and the more you nobody due to the more you realize it doesn't take a huge amount of energy to to implement that technic. It's usually just like an arm position make sure his hips like over, there are not over here and that's kind of that's it. That's pretty much it but if you don't know that you're, like all men you using whole body to get out of their kind of thing in that That's why you're leaving no reserves in a military perspective, new melter, you're, always post to keep you reserves, you can't: oh yeah, you just united reserves trying to spaz out get out of a dominant position. You also attack a dominant position. Will you ve spasm try and get out here. You're you're, just going crazy Trying to get out of this confirmed position. I mean across the side or the mount those positions that are really sure. There's a chance,
additional time when you should definitely spaz to try and get out once that's surpassed. Will now you just beers, expanding energy self, Defence lordy check your diet to if you're, like really sort everything major getting enough. Protein natured get enough fat make sure you're gettin maybe get some odd. Super grill or some or some joint warfare both because Do your body needs it? So just other things to try and put off that sources and the pain yet wisdom is there there's way I taught under joints. Yeah, I heard at the earliest, not get a worker. You know they get to work out that you won't be getting doing other studies unless some construction or sent uniform like that simply in gaining a joint letter, but you keep it supposed to be for the deaf matches. The death matches the White belt death matches, yeah, probably
I would ask to meet forty percent of all injuries in Jujitsu. Come from white belt. Deaf matches is that you think that's a good number, yeah I've not higher and higher. Here fool on next wish talk about. You talk about empathy in perspective and buildings these chips as a leader, but I look at led a leader like Steve Jobs, who is known for his hostile attitude toward people. Isn't that being default? Aggressive like you talk about, if I'm more naturally that type leader? Should I go with it if it worked for Steve Jobs should network for me. So that's a good question,
and I haven't actually read the book about Steve Jobs and I think it's probably more than one but there's one. That's real popular real thick and someone gave it to me and I have it and I will someday, but I haven't read it yet, and I've heard it's really good and all that and I that being said, I've I've heard the same things about you know Steve Jobs, leadership style and he was real tyrannical and I pulled a couple things here. Just from what year ago, in his book bout, jobs time at next and returned apple. The second coming of Steve Jobs, Alan Deutsche describe jobs, rough treatment of his underlings. He would praise is a court. He would praise and inspire them, often in very creative ways, but he also resort to intimidating goading, parading belittle belittling and even the humiliating them. So in there's another article. By Ronald Reggio who's up
each in psychology in it, and the article came from psychology today and it says he was obsessive we controlling and given to fits of rage, owing tantrums and yelling at employees and board members, he could tear. Someone's ideas or the person himself in a public display some have said he took credit for others ideas and is com and led to a sort of over the top arrogance to the guy's kind of tyrannical one time when they were put together. The mobile me application and it wasn't working well and jobs, told the team that was put together you when it wasn't working. You ve torrent, apples reputation, you should hate each other for having let each other down. So. Ok. So, first of all, let's look at the facts, and you ve heard me say this before that people: strengths, are their weaknesses and their weaknesses can be their strength, so in Steve Jobs case
obviously some of this stuff, some of his weak, is that we're talking about here were also strikes. He was totally beyond driven right. He was completely obsessed with with doing good and all that in, and he pressed Toward his vision extremely hard, he was relentless in trying to make things happen again. Those are very positive characteristics. Have you got some of this really driven in their driven to the point of almost being obsessed and you you take that and those are kind of good characteristics. But when you go too far, this whites dichotomy about leadership right when you go too far, you become a tyrannical leader which is not good. It's not good for a team. In its end, its and a team that is subject, acted to that kind of attitude will not perform as well as a unified team period period so the guy was clearly hostile and
same time clear clearly that he was one of those most successful business leaders in history right so. Would you look at it and say: ok. Well, maybe I should be that way. Maybe I should be a tyrannical leader and I would say that no, you do not get to do that and hears. Why? Let's look at some other characteristics that Steve Jobs had. First of all, he was perhaps the foremost technological visionary in the history of the world. I mean he had a vision of technology that very few p. In the history in the world of had and I will go on, a bit more narrow. I think he understood things on and out another level when it came to technology that the part of how, human beings would interact with technology. That's the part that I think he really had just incredible
for he realized like. Oh, these people want a computer in their house now want to reflect the way they live in they're gonna. Want me music in their pocket. They're gonna want all the music in their pocket. They're gonna want a phone that can do you know he had this vision. Of how people would interact with technology that I don't think too many people have so so that's number one number two. He had a phenomenal feel for design right for design and how to merge form, function together in in an in an ass vertically pleasing and oftentimes stunning way rivulet, the design and that's on common, especially for someone to have that feel for design and still a massive. We technical background right, so so that again work work work
we're making a personal like one percent of one percent of one percent already on top of that he got the business his business at the right time in the right place. He had the right background. On top of that, the guy could speak well, the guy was very articulate right. He was very articular with his vision. If you do you choose keynote speeches that he would give at the whatever when they have the apple convention, would something called the applicable there that thing we get up on stage and talk about something and he would articulate that and he would do with real clarity and he was very convincing and he was very captive. And people were innovate, say apples Occult bid follow that guy, so he had all those skills. Old class skills and I'm not use that term. Lady, I'm talking world class skills and
they're, all those world class skills are combined together into one package, one human being, and there you got you get Steve Jobs, so he's got all those advantages, and on top of that he's had some luck along the way right. You had some luck in his timing and his upbringing and in the exposures that he got and being exposed to, you, d programming in those things back in the day, was rare and he got lucky in having that unfold from three had all these things going form that helped propel him and his company to the top. Now, if you're thinking, maybe you should use his leaderships tile. The the question that you should ask yourself is: are you a one in a billion vit technical Google, visionary, visionary of any kind. The answer that is likely know and if you think it's Maybe you should check your ego little bit, then you have
ask yourself, do you have an eye for design on artists? I for design like leg divinity, Michelangelo! If you have that you probably don't, if you think you That maybe you should check his ego again. Are you a gifted? speaker and storyteller, and can you convey your vision with total clarity to big giant groups, broad groups of people, If you think you can do that again, you should check your ego. Can you count on luck, or do you want to count on luck to to close the gaps in some of those in other areas? so if you could do all those things of you answered. Yes, a hundred per cent to all those questions and ok, maybe you can get away with me being a kind of leader that Steve Jobs was, but if you're not
person. If your normal human being, then maybe you should try to be a good leader, and maybe you should be a leader that build relationships, informs cohesive teams and coalitions that help. You drive your mission forward despite the ups and downs of whatever business you're in so that's it. Steve jobs had a lot of other things that made him successful and leadership it in He objects, eventually read the book, but he clearly had some people around him that that utilised that scale, the skills that he did add have an moved, help move our right and other people at the company, other people early and an apple.
Saw that hey. You know what this guy he might be over how to deal with, but he's got some things that we won't find anywhere else. So, let's problem up and let's move forward and that's that's the way works you. I think they call it survivor ship bias where we like. You see all you see a successful annually, Agri Laelia. He did it that way. So, let's do it that way, but yeah you and I dont see all the other factors whatever almost like if you really think about it. If Steve jobs were to be like in these tyrannical ways, what if you were to be less like that, maybe there would be more, there is more soon safe, but he was so strong in these other areas that it kind of like mitigated the effects. You know there's there's businesses that are successful, because there are successful business model in they have really bad. Your ship yeah and even that count as they do anything that Europe, even the bad leadership. Doesn't it is this? The model is so good
which is a little bit contrary because you know, I would say, leadership the most important thing on the battlefield, but in the business world, if you have a phenomenal idea, then you can, you can be six. Warn that idea alone. Now, that is that as a unicorn, that is one of those rare things where you have something. That's that incredibly different Nan stands from the crowd. So much that is gonna. Be successful, no matter what You know when the when the early gyms, mma type gyms, if you had one, you were successful, didn't matter what kind of leader you are, and you add you had it, and and now the competition, if you're, not, if you have good leadership in you're, not putting forth of good product amongst all the competitors, you can have problems. Jobs. Will it yeah in the more I gotta, listen to you and leave no more. I realise that even then the deed like it's almost you have to have a minimum level. Leadership, but you don't be have to be perfectly You have one of these situations where the product to the Bismarck, no good, but
still even your leadership chemists, thou, oh yeah, you can absolutely because you humanly yeah like hearing to issue where it like. Not now known ones were pre. Now. What are you a good nice ever made him? You haven't you gotta work work there. You know the whole time and you get in also going to kind of fall apart after whilst for so maybe like it in the beginning, it began, better fall apart and all his laboratory to pursue, and you can see that some who's, the guy that just got removed from over. I have to go into the Eid after really drill down on it, but the seal of Ober got removed, and you know the businessmen awesome and they still remove the seal. Why? Because there's position Is there and so well disagree business model, but we still need good leadership Sorry I like you like it, I'm basically confirming what you just said. The good business model will get you to a certain level, but then to get to the net
level when you're gonna need leadership, and that's why we should, most importantly on the battlefield, somewhat the moral don't necessarily be tyrannical. Mills, in fact, don't be straight out radical, don't and I'm not saying that there's not times where you have to have a little tyrannical flare cause they're there Maybe times where were you need of? We need a flare up a little bit, but should be rare. It should be rare, the promise it becomes a crossroads, they just continue to do it more and more and more and more, and then that doesn't work. It's like the it's kind of like drugs to read the like when you ve like when you flare up on someone, anyone or whatever Diana likely works. I work and you can allay feels good. This powerful thing, some people, the time for though doing work and a guy. We need that little yeah and what even worse like when you win. That's where you you from someone, that's
you saw and then the you do it and you work for me too, and I'll have to be as treat people bad and be a jerk and yell and the my support in its will do what I tell you do and they will write a subordinate wool. If you bark adamant, The amount of they're gonna do what you say at the moment: the promise. What kind of team of you built? That's a problem. What does at supporting Gonna do when you're, not there, you couldn't do everything they can to to cut corners and and really I don't care about, they don't care about you that only one do good job for you when you're, not they're they're, not gonna, do a good job for you, so you get addicted to yelling and screaming, but it doesn't work in the broad sense of what you're trying to make up and slovenly calling upon that's question: I'm twenty six years old, I'm currently an undercover detective. I have recently been told that I'm being promoted to sergeant
uber department's investigations, division, I've been the youngest person to hold a position in our departments, history, all the guys I'll be in charge in of are much older, some in their late. Worthies, how do I, as a younger leader, led them? How do you demand and earn respect from an older group, I'm ready for the job and no, but the job entails, but I'm nervous to lead a group of nine people that are all older than me so I've answered this question over and over again and I'm do a job and that here just because people may not have gone back and listened to all the other pod gas, but we have listened. The answer is always the same It's always the same, whether you're a young person leading old person to whether you're, an old person leading young for people, whether you're, a woman leading man, a men leading man leading women, whether you're coming in different department into a new department that you don't know anybody, whether you're going into a thing that you don't have expressed her. It's all the same.
We what it is you're going into a leadership position. If that's what it is be humble, listen, take advice, build relationships, keep your ego and check also that one of the reasons I pulled the did Polis carcinogenic. Now. Do you demand respect? Will the answers you dont demand, respect and if you don't, if you do demand respect, you get anything bought respect from people so so get that out of your head, you earn respect, and how do you earn respect? You respect them in this case, you respect their experience. You respect their knowledge, you respect it. They ve been doing it for a long time. You have respect for and when you show respect for them. They're gonna respect you back now. None of this means be passive right. This mean coward down nor eat. You still have to lead. You still have to step up, but it does mean be humble, be open minded, be proactive, listen, asked questions asked
opinions, decentralize, all ASP, acts of operations, including the planning which we already talked about and then with all those things set a high standard and then the final and most important. Well, I know it's equally important I'd say work harder than everyone else and expect nothing in return. That's it! That's it you're! The boss, you better, be you better, be outwork before everyone and you better be leaving work after everyone and that's how you develop a reputation of being a hard worker and Bein. A whore worker in its own right garners respect from most people, there's theirs of a fraction of losers that are like. Oh echo, he worked so much it's it's so lame like now
like us are making it look better. Somebody I use easiest easy, like there's a small fraction, people that that might think that way. But but no you work hard. You you putting the time you put in the effort. You study, you read, which are supposed to read. You get the professional How do you supposed to get you dont in who's that on people here have it cause you're your book, not when you start off? In this situation, your book knowledge is the stronger the experience guys guys in this case, you know in the in the law, enforcement guys had been the streets they know stuff that you don't know. So you study what you can, but you keep an open mind. You can listen to what their experience says. Don't both on em, when you say don't impose it on him, does that mean don't impose them like make them if I drop them? Echo section four: two alpha of the document says that we're supposed to use this methodology. When we do this,
You should know that methodology show understand why that methodology is important. But if you hey jogger. We don't do that way. Here's why I got up and down here by the book by the book. Now it's by the book, because its there's an ethics reason. Ok will not make sense but its by the book, because that's what the book says viable. By the Balkans? Where were you the guy who's like who worked extremely hard, buddy kind it in a way throws it in their ones face. How high is only that guy? That's that's an important thing. It's a very important these! Don't you dont step on people's toes with stuff? That's wrong! Don't do that check it! Jacko I'm extreme extremely driven and have high expectations for myself and my team Europe is that now I may have pushed them to art and their developing negative attitudes, like you're, going to say, play the game and develop really
ships with them but I really just ignore who I am sure they try to be someone different than myself yap. Will you that question question person asked this question. You called I it's exactly. What am I to say from an essay. You need to play the game. Look at what your current path has done, get what you the real you look. What it doesn't real you ask, is created a negative attitude with all your team. That's the real you so is that what you want to perpetuate creating negative attitudes against you do with your team and by the way there just getting started. Many of you negative. If you think you're in he back. In the same way, in the negative attitudes are gonna, somehow miraculously term positive, that's not happening yet, more negative. So
when people have negative out, I saw somebody quarter of this year. The day on on social matters on twitter, someone you know the quote was like no! No! No! It's not my fault. When I saw my subordinates, have a bad attitude or something like that and about a bunch of people responded, You should read the book extreme authorship, because it absolutely is your fault, it is your fault your team as a bad attitude, it's yours, this year, the leader, you only attitude if their attitude is bad than its didn't. Actually, your fault, now? This is not to say that you can have a bad apple on the team that completely possible whose response for getting rid of the bad apples. You are you're the boss, big the fact, the matter as you might have a bad apple on your team. You might even have to bad apples on your team. You dont have fourteen bad apple
on the team when have fourteen battles, are apples on the team. Guess who the promise you so here's what you do little little tactical advice, try and get some perspective from them, trying to understand where they're coming from what challenges they face. What's point I'm off track and when you do this, you kind of take ownership of it in your approach, so you said: hey guys, I I realized. I don't think I'm really seeing things from your point of view and I need to because I'm here to support you, And without you performing well, then we fail, so I think I needed a better job of supporting you, and I can only do that. If I know what you're issues are, so I can do my best to get them fixed. So what can I do better to help you rights. Another gonna start telling you all here's what just problem there's that problem and then what you do. Is you listen to their problems, you actually listen to promise? You don't say, grew complaining,
Oh, you actually listened to their problems and then you actually see which can do to mitigate their issues and, as you do that gas what's happening, you're actually forming a pot you're actually forming into a team, because you're working together to solve issue. Again- I it sounds really simple right, but we hear someone asking this question now again: if you have some members, the team that are that our actual negative, complaining whiners, then you might have to get rid of it. That's part of being a leader is knowing when you have to get rid of someone the ito, I sometimes people degree they take the extreme ownership, attitude, and they say you know what I'm the leader I own everything extreme ownership
was not performing. Well then, that's my fault, that's my fault. I need to go to more. I need it I need to do. Is my fault that my team member is not doing well and that's correct. It is your fault. It's your responsibility, turn him. Mentoring and do whatever else you can do to fix them, but at the end of the day, if they still are not competent at their task, and you ve done everything, you can it's your responsible, to get rid of them. That is also a part of ownership. So yet, like I'll, have someone complaining that they ve got eldest? Don't want my team leaders like their talk, another subordinate team leaders of whom were MIKE this disguised it's too bad leader MRS Doyle, they all your tea. That team is doing well, could ever badly to whose fault that ruefully while no! It's your fault you are in charge of the leader is ridiculous. So, back to the original question, you're,
whatever you call the year, who you actually are is not working well, he probably is thinking, is Steve Jobs type ably cobbled gotta. Do this, but its not working and he's in a unicorn business model that still making a ton of money regardless. So what do we have to do? Play the game? Build relationships, see the perspective of your team so that you can actually form a team will be a better leader. That's basically what I'm so yeah, so they in it. It's interesting, the take framing in a frame sutlers, something certain way to make it can assign a certain way whatever so exe? we driven and have high expectations for myself and my team. It appears that now, I may have pushed them too hard and their developing negative attitude so having extreme.
Being extremely driven in having high expectations. Doesn't equal equal driving him too hard fully well that negative, only those are two different. You can still be exchanged so yeah yeah, absolutely have extremely high expectations. You can be driving the extremely hard and you can still have a credibly positive attitude. We already no doubt report it so and then it gets equated into that's just who I am so we just kind of put it all into one ball in without one there's. No, other kind of situations, just not how it is so, apparently you might be committed. He might be committed to being all of these things and that's why I am in that's kind of it in a kind of thing, and I think that's like domestic you make me say it's a lot where people be like hey, I'm just straightforward. You know take me to take it or leave it kind of thing to be like okay, but you're going to in your case, lose you know
your situation- that's. The big piece is that in their case, they're gonna lose yeah. So let me ask you this question: if you're so driven And you have such high expectations that you- the wind, so bad, but the way you performing as a human being and as a leader is gonna make you lose. Then what are you supposed to? Do you change the way you behave, you'd be a better leader. That's what you do yes, sir, so you take, and this is total speculation on my part, but you Kiki so this region that were presented with its being extremely driven. Keep that high expectations. Keep that pushing your team keep that, I would say to harden. That's gonna, be a judgment call from day to day for sure, but
is appearing here. That's more implied that you're being an asshole somewhere in here you been NASA hobbled. You take out that part, take out the beans, asshole part and and keep everything else ceiling because you can in no one you being a dick. Nothing unless you like not been honest with yourself. There are some people who don't there's something. I don't get it there's something, I don't get it all right. It's like you know like when you don't will they just can't step outside of themselves and related? Okay? If you let me I wouldn't care kind of thing and growing breath, you know. Me and why are you you're right? They give attach absolutely people, but that don't know air socially incapable of receiving no clues social clues ample social cues from people here you know we not see the look on her face.
When there are talking to him yeah. That's true, I mean I'm thinking of like three examples, razor eyes of examples. There also let me now go back to what you're saying how get input from them. So you got a tenant athlete cake. Do the same. Will problem? This is a very solvable problem and I've seen people solved this problem. I've I've helped people solve this exact problem and the weird thing is they think it's part ego, but it's also park there. Just don't pretend they think they're doing a great thing like they think that their dry. I wonder if the everything that they're doing in their mind there just awesome for beings proportions far too just the way I am, and they think it's awesome. But again, if you will the wind so bad, then you have to play the game you won't win by abusing people
You want one with a team anywhere, you want, it won't happen, yeah! It's! No! You being the best answer, if you're not invited on the dance floor, one with you. I was the next question actually that problem is so solvable that you could this is possible or you can just show just that much like. Lord Ravenel carrying or respect just that much. And do for like two weeks now just the idea that just the fact that you're doing it now it will be like hey. We let him where's listening. Here's the thing: if a person has an ego which this person could very well have a big ego, because that's why they have these high x. Stations and that's why they're so driven because they just the if they, Have that? Can you go? That's the person and you can't help, because it may just look at team and say those guys should be heard
workers, those guys aren't working as hard as me, they're, not as focused as I am they don't care. As much as I do so to everyone else on the team as a problem, but but I'm perfect and you can you know, look at our driven. I am looking now focused. I am look at how hi, my expectations are of myself, but if, if you keep here's another think if your tea You cannot relate to your expectations like they don't even they don't same as realistic or achievable or anything what good workers expectations we're gonna they there on a good that'll make any sense dear Jacko, I've been watching something Youtube. Links with great interests must be a subscriber to
Youtube Chair, watch videos, I'm sure your extremely busy. But I have a question which, if you have time, I would greatly appreciate your play. I have taken very light opening, but I very much so kingly incorporate that approach. I've been to I've taken up, be J. J G to recently in London in the UK saw the self a beginner I know, you're a great advocate of this system. But my basic question is your opinion: does it truly real to real life fight situations. I'm a man approaching my mid forties in pretty good shape them looking to focus on a martial art. That would help me if I ever need to defend myself or I love the discipline in humility of Bee J J and as a work up. I know- and I know the floor
three of the judges that most fights and upon the ground, and it's here that be J J excels, but what of the other guys or what other guys who might be standing around. The battle bottle you or kick you in the head. Once your grappling on the ground at such again, this is a question that first of all, we have is a lot of times, but I'll answer or more tighter digits is the best place to start. These also learn boxing wrestling kickboxing. This is all in this political freedom feel manual. So if you get that book this'll be laid out for you very well does so so. Yes, that's what you should start, starting with this guy mid forties needs wants to learn something yes, starboard jujitsu! Does it relate to relay real life situations? Yes, it does it absolutely
Yes, I've been in its extremely effective and you can see that over and over again speaking of Youtube, you can see how effective jujitsu is in real fights. Now it's important to remember that for self defense, the grappling arts in general should be used primarily to get away into a we're going to the ground right like when you bring up over that one of those other people that might be there. You should Why are you on the ground? Jujitsu will give you the best opportunity get up off the ground. What it gives you and then you can get away from the people are getting ready to stick you with a bottle smack bottle or getting ready to kick you in the head. If you don't know, to guess what you're doing you're on the ground and you getting. The you can stabbed with a bottle that Are you train jujitsu? So you can get up off the ground? Not so you take someone to the ground because by the and I have said this before. If your goal
was to punch me and you're standing at a punching distance or a striking distance. For me, I can just run away. That's myself, the fence. I can get away from you. So that's why we train jujitsu that the primary? That's why you should start with it, because otherwise, I'm just gonna, get away from you if you're not graph. Once you grab me, though, I can't get away from you and more now I have to be able to handle myself. That's why no you did too I can handle myself once you grabbed me. If you're not grabbed me, I can just get away from me to run away from. You You don't want to run away because it's gonna hurt your pride. Well, then guess what that's Why you train all the time I mean not. Now we go back and forth and we can talk about The negative things will happen. If you get new a street fight like the fact that you can get hurt, you can get stabbed, you can get shot, you can get sued, you can get arrested, you can ruin your life, you can you all these horrible things can happen if you get a street fight. So so, so that's why advice to you is to avoid three flights. That's what you do,
and by the way. That's where you work on your awareness. That's where you make your ear year, your wife and your children aware what's going on around them to pay attention to what is happening in the street. So one thing is resting. When I was in australia- and I was in a nice part of Australia, there's our talk, innocent people about it. You know there's just a very relaxed atmosphere where was. I was stated in a very nice part of Australia, there's a very relaxed atmosphere wit when you're in America there's a heightened atmosphere is heightened awareness. You have to have a depending on where you are. It is the same thing I'm sure in Austria on went to nice part. I'm sure could go to some some tough areas where you better be more aware of what's happening but teach your kids could some kids don't know the difference? Maybe you don't even know the difference of what to look out for what kind of people who need to watch out for the street so work on that and then yes train and up
UK you came in and of course, I've said this before. If you were true, Lee in a situation where you feel threatened on a regular basis. Well, then, what you It is a firearm, because, if someone's going to attack you with a knife or with a bow or were themselves have your gun. The only jujitsu was gonna help you Boxing's gonna help you screamer not gonna help. You with someone has a gun, so yeah and by the way, oh yeah. If you're not fight in you know some a scream of that will help you, but what, if the other guys better than you, what what if there's two of em and if you put to people against one the odds of winning are just extremely low, the extremely low does it happened. Yes, it happens.
Can you not someone out? Yes, you can that's why you turn boxing. So yes, again, train some jujitsu start their anger and keep going and don't stop yet seems like this question always comes from a place where they just assume all these things Those things are, I'm many choose to get in a fight with someone bring it. They are in the middle of the street or India Club on a wherever. Wherever there is potential other attackers with bottles men kicks to the head. And all these things are just assumed kind of like that you take to get to now. You can go to the club and get in fights and win all the time. It's kind of like that's kind of where the questions coming from. Where are you egg. It allows you to get up at its base. It allows you to control your situation, your fight, say area. Yet more, yes, and I would even say it allows you a lot more to control it, because, even if either You do take it, let's say you take it till it, whereas I met more by
little bit more than nothing air- and I am saying a lot more cause really when you think of it and I try to granted them even like a beginner level. So let's say: ok. If you choose to engage somebody from gotta fight it up to you how heavy you want to take that fight. You you want to go to Tammy you go to ten. You want to go to just one. You can go to so if you wind up on the ground, which is the worst place to be, if you don't know anything on the ground and that's aside from haze, if it has a gun and shoots, you that's, dare you talkin about thus ending in a fight scenario? That's you! So you wind up in the two gunfight camphor. If you
oh no, boxing, you're gonna have almost no control over that scenario for solid ground Apulia. Your boxing is your boxing is not worthless marginalized offsets, but its heavily marginalize the heavily marginalize the same thing with you know, kickboxing and wherever so There is that, if you know just just a little bit it you get too if you're on the ground, you have control of the fight more depending on your level whatever. So, if you, if you're at that point, still facing the threat of phone with a bottle or kicks today ever while you're on the ground. Compare if you know G2 versus, if you don't know, do you still save away more controlled way more, so meanwhile, like the box situation or current situation, whenever is gonna gonna be less effective in in controlling your situation? Now, if you don't look at it like that, like, if you look at it like ok, this guy's squaring up to me now want to mess.
Map is quickly as I can then? Ok, you know like you, can do boxing in just take it too but you will have the option of taking it from one who you through nothing. Like the apathy of the figures like it's hard, knocks someone out That's the sides, hardly lock someone does it happen, yeah, it does happen and can happen. You do it can happen. You do it, but it's hard knocks went out and it's it's risky. As soon as you start saying. Ok, you and I are gonna. Just trade punches. There is a risk from for both of us as a risk. For me the assurance of me being able to handle the situation the way I want it to go by closing the distance with you getting control getting hold of you, If I'm trained and you're not you're dear you're done you're done reacts away work, yeah and then even then, that's like, if you choose for this guy to be done. So I fear
you'd. Sole purpose is to keep yourself safe here you could just put the go to sleep and walk away, yet more gently, lamed, arrogant lobby like Mount, I'm not even heard. I'm not gonna put him say nothing about you see a guy. You can see the guy coming with about or whatever may more. If you know Jujitsu Well, there's the whole thing of when you're just used to the physical contact due to the bodies clashing in grappling less shock so yeah tragedy to catering boxing wrestling kickboxing and they of course now public? What about you? Don't? Yes, strange Udo, Some, oh yes, train somber, without without sternly do what about problem capture train it yeah train everything! I'm down I think I would urge you to what you said on a real general level. Is the most critical things like when someone gets a whole. Do you like an you put this in the perspective a while ago in Euro, like if someone wants to fight you walk away a runaway
by means that all these scenarios runaway go with you and can be so safe. You dont be the best thing to do to avoid the de getting punched falling on the curb dying, getting stabbed getting kicked, getting stabbed with a bottle. Getting arrested, getting lawsuit. Getting all. Things happening depressing, do runaway walk away Lee fully, and then you said, but what happens when you can't run? Why? Because I grabbed dairy there, you have it yet. So, yes, he's like yeah I'm going to train boxing. So I can do self defense. I know you want to fight somebody, that's what you want to do. You want to punch people in the face Why don't you did you? I mean I mean, but boxing as is skill, that every body should have not everyone. Good people should have because there's two critical things on that that you learn from boxing's powder punch people how to avoid getting punched here and how to keep your guard upright fully for the report.
The really important skills have yeah fully, but what will it mean as if you're, starting from nothing and you're like ok, I'm gonna? You know I'm not used to address my self defence. The situation? You have a fantasy that You saw a guy on Youtube that was clearly a box or up knock out to people in a street. Fighting you like that's what I'm gonna do What you actually watched was a guy. There was a golden gloves boxer who is, Ober knock out you draw idiots and guess what a golden gods watch will do that in respect of gold goes boxer, their free in good freaking good looking there there there there, you know like a black belt in boxing near and they will marked out too drunk guys all day long, yeah yeah, it's weird, took a z. Cannot if one of those ever third drunk I or even that, first drunk, I grabs a hold, the boxer
and just and get him to the ground. The boxes gonna be in trouble is the way it is within. This isn't like my thoughts. This fact is my eyesight what's in dispute in the fuel metal is. I look, there's no conjecture its like I wonder what would happen? No, You know what happens we know what happens when two people fight and- and you can watch all the different various tie. Styles going at it and you can watch what happens and sure can find the rare. Video where hey this box. Knox out a couple drunk people were or or even hey the box or knock out the Jew together It happened. Yes, it can absolutely happen. That's why you train Oxen. Do you next question? I have not been we're. King outrigger leaf regularly for several years now. Obviously,. And lazy, wanna get after the cool
skin is, should I go online level, nine destruction, maximum madness or easy? into that level, three cruising respect this there's a couple different approach: now. When I hear this. First of all, you you don't want to get hurt right, madness, but then you can't work out for two more weeks. Well, guess what would you do in the mean? No, let's say realistically, you got dams comes sure. So, if you just destroy yourself that what he said, we destroy yourself level, nine destruction, maximal madness, but then you can't work out for two more weeks. Well guess what would you do in the mean? No, let's say: realistically, you got dams comes true right, delayed onset muscle, saunas. Let's say you did so many Berbeus that legs. You couldn't sit down without your legs being in pain. So now down, so you take so you take three days:
four days have you ever had DOM so bad that you took four days off. No ok, let's say you take three days off What did you do during those three days? Did you all the line? Did you stay on the path or were you eating cheaters yea on your record a whole, the that's it you are doing so If you destroy yourself to where you can't stay on the path, that's not good! You want to stay on the path. I think doing something that you can handle or made something just beyond what you can handle every single day is more important, going at a level not now cruising level, not level three foot, let's find a solid level, five weeks can you you're pushing yourself? I write a thousand today, when I'm writing and Flickr Do the equivalent of that right. The reason I read it cuz if I said: okay I'll, do it tonight. It just happened today. I just have to write five thousand words. That's five hours: Do I have five hours today? No, I don't. I can squeeze out fish
Two minutes, though I get a thousand words written that I can do so. That's that's where I think you need to do. You need to get consistent. If you bite off more than you chew, then you can chew your view. You might very well choke on it. Sometimes so don't do that as your picks. Huntin realistic due to people say that I don't have first time. I heard it so if you buy it, I have more than you can chew, you might you're gonna. Did you make that up and that from somewhere I figured by the outermost? I think I made it up, but I m sure some light be like know this guy said it in nineteen. Seventy eight, but I heard it the beauty of it feel good. So pick something realistic like something that you can handle and then get after it. The other thing here is, he doesn't talk about his diet at all and that's clearly equally important in you have to change.
Your die. If you change your life, you can change your health so stoppage ever sugar, stop being processed foods, no more soda and juices, and no more gatorade just to start with. Right or wherever it is. Whenever there is that you're doing, asked this question Whatever you know what you're doing, if you're eating donuts well, don't don't you found it anymore? Stop the stop! Beating those rid of that sugar sweetness craving thing and then just keep making your diet cleaner and cleaner, as time goes by so. That's right, I think, is there any time that it's good? For sometimes I think it's good. When people do go like all right man, I'm gone, I whatever happened, they went up the staircase and they they they got tired
and they say you know what I've done it starts tomorrow, but I think in those cases most the time who was who was that we were talking to talking to someone someone that they I was talking to someone that their first thing they try to do. They couldn't do it all like they try to run three miles it in. They were like. You know what I can't do it. I can't run three miles or might have been that guy there's a guy, that's losing a bunch of weight on the entire webs. Oh yeah! That's what is it he's down in Texas, but he's trying to lose a lot of weight and the first time we went try to go for a run, didn't happen. It didn't happen so he had, it is rather less had. It is. Walk actually starts law, so yeah you, you start with what you can do, but there is a little bit of
There is there is in, I would try. I would say this, keep this one in. In the back of your mind, there is the whole thing of like you know what I'm changed my life right now you go home, you get, the garbage can out you bring it up the kitchen? I throw away the twenties you throw away the pop tarts, you throw away the that you pour the the crappy soda down the drain and you get on the path and you just don't look back. That's a good thing to do to, but again If that person's three hundred pounds, they're, not gonna, be able to do I mean they're gonna forced themselves. They could push them tomorrow. We just gotta, be careful yeah see, and there is funny when one I'm kind of looking at the question of Michael obviously want to start slow right. Obviously, but then I'll tell you hear about these guys. Just like. I said that they throw everything away. There are like I'm in a different person ray. I think I think we're we're we're crossing streams.
I am there's diet and then there's like work out because diet. You can pretty much go cold. Turkey, too yeah it lids an you may or may not be able to relate to this. But if you go straight extreme on your dialect, all of a sudden, your hit with these the Bible, six of changing your die, especially if you, if you'd like like mountain, do every single day and you just all of a sudden, born, stop doing much real, go through stuff that you might not. Speck like the craving. Will we use the word I on free in May more doses of now get out. You have they violate basic areas, they are drinking about. Do you don't need an idea and you're going to go through withdraws right, yeah, calving withdrawals and sugar withdrawals. You're gonna get the the he'd o flew and all those things are gonna happen and it's gonna be rough, but yeah, but don't just say it like that is gonna, be rough, bought their talk about serious. If you go into that in your experience, these types of things and they ve got up had everything by the way. Any big chain,
that, you make where you you have to deprive yourself these bad things. I've become addicted, do whatever you gotta go through all kinds of changes that goes for work out to buy them. Cause like just the soreness alone. Oh dang, expectant scientists. Oh I'm, like TAT, now, because the work out like was kinda hard, like OSHA, wasn't expecting that over expert Unifil right after my work I'll everyone says it would ever so. You gonna run into all these little things. It tells you about and then it's like war. I did sign up for that. Little part of it in the way I little more and then you get a glorified diet thing. I figure wrong. I think the diet thing, I think, if you agree, I think it's very. I think it's easier. In fact, to just be like on it's not like. Ok, you know what I'm am only going to eat a quarter baggage vetoes day from now on, I don't think I works. I think you're gonna be like no. No, no, no data is not notice. Those are my house, but I do think that you can work out so hard, you're so sore that you that you say Abed man, I'm just use what come like the you question earlier on.
Maybe what, if someone so sore, that they can't do their job right and they're just sore all day at work? Well, that's not cool, so I think for diet. You can, you can go called Turkey or actually called steak. At stake, sir, I then I think for working out is the one you you, you figure out what you can do and you push a little bit harder, but you don't go level, nine maximum destruction, madness, I think you're wrong, respectfully and party thing I'm wrong on that. I think, if you go extreme with your diet, I think the it'll work for some people for sure but depending on who you are, but I think your moral. If you go extreme of the diet, you don't like slowly phase out, whereas we know your digesting. You know it's interesting. If you remember, I read a letter, while back on the podcast about a guy that had read way the warrior kid and he like fixed his life in that guy did what yours
he D made little changes. He made little changes along the way so. Maybe it's person, it's probably personality. In fact, let's just go and saved its personality, some people are gonna, just have to get the damn cheated out of their house all of Europe itself we'll say you know what we have this one cupful of shadows every day and eat, and that's ok, but but here We gotta be careful. You may lie yourself player. And you'll like yourself, lawyers often be I you know I really that that that those big of a deal today, I just have a cup of tea. Nine Cubs Gaeta later people, but you ll, see respectfully. I don't like your Tito's example like because you like.
I'm an allow myself to ok, don't I'll, sell Tito's, that's not how small of a changing to make if you're not going to those in rain. I can indeed us anymore, I'm saying like if you go extreme on your diet, let's say you, but would when you say what you're saying is hey. I'm gonna change my diet. Ok, I used to eat every day. I need a whole bagger Tita, and now I'm only going to eat one cup of Gmos from the bag a day, hats improvement. Provided small improvement will and if I could do, that, why is that? Not? Ok! Ok, if you choose to do that, but I only know went into the specifics of a certain persons. Nokia thing I would say- this is more along lines. One thing insofar as specific examples, if you can if Germany, one beggar cheetahs, obviously that's not all meeting I'm eating other stuff, I'm the small change is anathema toodles anymore, I'm gonna cut out cheaters, that's it. I'm still
eating that good economic, courteous or, let's say a guy. I get you don't drive through every day three times a day marker. I won't get DR through anymore or all. That's a big change, not necessarily deepening, what you get going from three drive through the data to zero. Does that not a bit Yes, if it be, TAT is going from like and their certain people actual talking to someone the other day that had lost a hundred and fifty pounds female and whose interest in her. Nutrition, she hired nutritionist and then She said: ok, water, the food. You can't live without you and will work around most yeah yeah, pretty cool thing, and what she said was. I need cheeseburgers and fries. So then, what you got it was something along lines of ok. You can have cheeseburger fries on Friday yeah right or the failure lead, and instead of you, know this. This whole thing of I can never read it now,
What I'm saying is there are people and I I'm one of these people where it's like? Oh, if I have cheeseburger prize today or then I might as well does get a majority milkshake with it. And if I did that tonight, then you tomorrow morning? Hey after I get don't training? May the elections but was good. Yes, you have some, my own personal weakness, but for me, I'd prefer to be just like on the Yeah, that's why the eighty twenty rule I talked about this new field manual, the twenty role. Maybe it works for some people, and I guess it does work for me, but I'd let us be straight on the programme, remains an end and then you know what your TIM Ferris has. That thing were, or he's talked about, the thing where he goes six days, hardcore strict and in the seventh day literally eat what everyone as much as you can. Am I that I have it really really good, because you feel
really really good, not only physically, but just about the hold the I'm on the programme. No, and on that, on that she D do we called the? you eat whatever you want and you don't feel any deal at all. Either when you're on the eighty twenty, it's like you the becoming offer real strong weak. Did they be to feel good about. Also worry like three. Others are good to yeah That's right! You really that's bad of a cheat data to raise rise. Fries! Then you certainly go into it for sure, I'd like you to Gee Day like asked him hilt, it'll, be like you're a whole, a doughnuts reacts a cookie whatever, we want straight whatever you want to discuss. Here's the thing, though, with one you when you start to eat healthy and each day You try to eat a whole box? It don't. Let's you after, like one, two, three, maybe six, eight! Don't, gonna be like
as you know, we in six donor, easy and six donors in one hardly gosh. You know those I think they're called into means fashion there you don't little chocolate doormats! You Nora, full! Don't read up little bit, Do you not needed? you know about any further meeting six donors. Ever since I started talk, summer smack about doughnuts. I knew I care literally can never happen again. My life, you know you're not allowed richer, hundreds of yet a united around alone, oh yeah, even further by even if you really its own as ok, just bought it. When I was a little kid, my parents would by the chocolate dawn. That's the hostess chop again that would have covered in chocolate and vivid things are good. Anyone have one of those get no united, the sixth day cheap broken. Not even then. Ok, I did do you know fashion donor is right. It's like a zero. Not right now, all it's called
fashion donor there like gum, it's the kind of glazed and almost like a northern crispy, but they're kind of hardy are hard, ok on the outside and then their regular soft on some info, and they have this Glaser Europe. Okay, so I think it's I forgot the name. I think it might be intimately they have old fashioned. No, that's where they're not as hard with a kind heart hard there, just eater anyway? Those are my favorite wanting to get chocolate. Milk in heat up the chocolate milk roads like hot chocolate, doughnuts and all easy money like to work with those for sure I used to our lawyer saw not appoint there is, on the cheap there. You just go cheap, but after the things you can just eat doughnuts four times a day or through to a you, just don't feel good, like your stomach gets all upset in the more healthy you eat the more it's gonna be like that so them longer you're on the path you stood like. If you ate some don't got the other day we went to the dominant park and ate some ice cream, some shock, which it basically was a good
fine, those good, but you only kids are doing. I was ever structure the night. You are you eat a big large double. You know what I, after after that you light Brown, don't feel right, you know so, unless you're just committed to eat it goes on, and I always did. Someone like that you can be like are my cheat mutual days now can be that that is what I mean our car, but I still don't have that make it happen- depends on what you could put some chile phrases like you refer us, I so yeah she maybe what the verdict, think just in the middle of the road, not the national identity as a balanced since imbalances, well I'll say, though man, if that balance, doesn't work for you, you can have to step up. You have to go hard core. I'd. Give yourself two weeks, two weeks for a balanced approach: on the diet side, if you can't get your shit under control in two weeks, you got go.
Core you gotta get in there with a garbage clear, can throw away the twinkies for away everything else. It's crap in your friends, and give hard corn that go against ass to life. Now, a fast is awesome, a great we'd actuated, wait, there's not much to expect the only ever a day if you never done it before it's that Beethoven, dial, there's no little stuff, don't eat your day there. There is not take it from a normal human being, this little stuff they, if you're, not if you go in and not prepared for it like. I hardly think the more you think about it prepare for the more psychologically, and it is just like all. You know what I woke up this morning driving at last. I'd call muttering until tonight retired? I fast yes or when I'd like that. When I'm like I'm not till this, then I go through little stuff. But if I just happy and the two into work right of only drink, coffee and forget, unlike dang, if, if I eat not haven't eight for Lake
no twelve hours, then I'll, be there all just gonna three, that's my fifteen is like fifteen or eight fifteen hours is when your body starts apprenticeship power to like having fifteen. What are you so it is with that showers like cool done, but if a planet, that's when yeah, I don't know depends on who you are, but that's a good, and I agree with the view as off a good way to kick. Things often get like jump on the path. Yeah he's jump on with a fast legacy, your doctor, what However, the efficacy of doktor too fast, twenty four hours, I think, should, if you ve, probably out lazy, so she, if you're their or something like that. I think, does it have a personal trainer.
Given the number, how many women I just talk to she's like personal trainer, nutritionist hired him, both, he asked a hundred whenever pounds, so I think he was in excess of three hundred pounds and when I met her she's completely normal right, like you know completely like you, wouldn't even suspect that she had anyway travelling in life. That's pretty amazing, so pyre the train or higher the the the nutritionist yeah, I think so. I think that helps I always look it like: why would I hired like a trainer or something like that when I can kind of look up that stuff, but here's the thing I went in with this bias like good that kind of had a background in it. So I'm like? Why would I can just go looking, but I'm looking it up, but I have all this other knowledge, the same rule. You try it for two weeks, see if you can keep yourself on the path and if you can't got to bring someone in right, here's what I like higher trainer
I like the current everyday cycle once a week trainer who can get you a little programme here and, as you know, it Independently or straight up, who can keep you on, Next, the news, paralysis- and I said this a million times like you know what you need to do. You know what you need to do. You know you know what you need to do. If you can't get yourself to do, it may be need to get someone to help you do it. The weird thing is like nutritionist and stuff you can get nutrition is that could come to you. Gotta came running up on a low fat diet. You know what you'd be really not good thing in the longer. I don't know how many of you think are still magicians that are doing that right now. There are, I know there are. Actually there are others who can be careful jack, that's west, lasting
I'm not dried out, but you said you know you need to do in one time. You said imagine what your day would look like like if you'd like everything he did. Was you did the things that you knew? You were supposed to do kind of thing. The full. The full statement is. If you wrote down tonight what you were supposed to do tomorrow, and then you did the things that you are supposed to do. I imagine how that day would feel and imagine what you get done in that day and then imagine if you did that every day for a week and imaginative that every day for a month and indeed for year, imagine where your life would be. Your life would be in a completely different sure, Jack to reckon plea completely different and that's true with working out. That's true nutrition! That's true with business! That's true, education that truth, knowledge,
truth, everything everything your kind and know what we're supposed to do. Yeah, how I thought you were gonna say some people dont know what to do, and that could be the case some people they ve never worked out before and if your personal never worked out before, you probably need to bring someone in the game. That's gonna help. Show you how to work up. If you ve never done any reading about eating and you have no idea. What's gonna be good for you. You're probably Percinet might need to bring someone in the game to help you get over that yeah and it still completely goes with exactly said. So you know what you, and even to help that you know what not to do like when you you're about to make to see him. Do this or not do this, you know which one is you should or should not do so. Let's say I don't know anything about working up, but I know I have to get initiate. We all know- and you know we'll know when we got to get a check. So
then you know, you know, hire somebody. You know you gonna do something. You know that tomorrow just be little one, not gonna do it. I don't know. No can do things to do tomorrow, be any trainer joint, Jim, get a trainer I dont know what to do. Ok, this way you can do find out what to do they go in there, for you make sense of what you put things in just say: stuff, just put it on the table starts to make sense expression, I'm a veteran of the infantry in when I took over fire team for the first time, I made the mistake of drawing hard lines in the said this Mediately alienated members of that team that together for some time, and in that make that mistake again, they definitely learned from my experience so cruelly. There's not a questioner. You and I forget, pulling this out from I gotta lotta emails and messages and all that
but I thought it was a good point to bring up to say. They know this idea of drawing hard lines in the sand and what that does to your leadership position. It's it's a it's a difficult usually not a good thing to deal with our lot hard line in the sand, and eventually you realise that the either on realistic or people can't maintain em. You have set yourself up for failure, what is that exactly electrons? So it s no matter what we will not bob yeah, there's the leg, no matter what we would we a win every single road march, and we do as a fire team in this while we're, while we're here on this training, thick. Ok. Well, guess what that's that's hard there's other there's some other fire teams that are also want to win and answer you.
John Hardliners and that's not really a good example of a good examples like no matter what we're gonna muster every morning it for three in the morning, no matter what. And you know when the guys are out on patrol until two thirty eight in the morning and now The next morning agreed no matter what levels, it's not good for them on realistic. So You do a hard line in the sand and now you gotta back down so an we have to do is often the statement a little bit. Hey guys do, to our belief. We can't wait to get here every morning at four thirty four monster, there's a little there's a little room to play their writing and that's that's fine. So again, I there's there's not a lot of. It is not a question here, but one of the reasons. I think that that is what I wanted, talk about what is, I think, people look at me
even hear me on a peripheral level and they think all I challenge laid down the hard line here. It was my way or die way right near and the the opposite is actually and the reason that I came to that conclusion was because I worked for leaders like that and I hated working for leaders like that. So I tried to never be a leader like that and there's a dichotomy right through the huge dichotomy, because this doesn't mean that you're not driving and pushing this doesn't mean that you're not saying hey what be the best, whatever would be the best task unit, doesn't mean you're, not saying hey, look, we're How can a rest until we ve done ores-
Do doesn't mean that what men you that balance does feel like that with you, they liked. It feels like that, but when you're one I mean my experience obviously is when under no like extreme circumstances, but just like dislike the symbol like it really does seem like you, wake up at four thirty in the morning every single morning do or die Madam president, I did that. I do unless, like there's, sometimes when I get home at remember a little while ago I got home at one o clock or two o clock in the morning, and that's basically MIKE off zone. If I'm getting less than four and a half hours asleep, then I'll be like go of all Wake up and I've been my K. I only
two and a half hours sleep last night, that's not enough! I'm going back to bed right. That's it! That's what I mean we're of tweeted that out before you hire yeah, I get there. That's that's what I mean. So it's like one when that happens, it almost like he catches you off guard in a week when you do when you did that obviously not like all roguish daughters, strict. It's not that feeling, I'm just gonna like all, you do have that flexibility. When you know when it's the correct thing, cannonading you after you not asleep tier rigidity. Well, what you're saying is I don't draw hard line in the sand? yes, exactly right but it's really easy to go down the slippery slope of like why you night, I actually did eat real good. Yesterday's our protein needs more sleep, the recovery at a really well, I'm on it.
Rest day. Some eyes will turn the tv will be good with tease me some popcorn. Ah, be good was about four makes them. She sticks in Tibet. Minutes. It's rusty down the slippery vowed tat saw him free. I guess I guess the opposite of the of the of the path is the slippery slope exactly. The question, I scenario is actually legitimacy to think of it to be It's a legit way to think things, give your the path when you know what the path is, as we talked about timbers if you're on the path which you know well, when you step off the path it slippery slope meal, off the path is the slippery slippery slope area? Would you just say the popcorn can lead? she'd sticks, ITALY, the dams, that's the slippery slope right there, and sometimes
slip so hard that you just plunged deep off the path fall off the way land hard Scenario, my team leaders, boss, came to me and asked my opinion on my horrible team leader, the bus, my boss, his boss, when my opinion So what do I do praise him to make the team look good and maintain my relationship with my with the team leader or tactfully, tell the truth and build a relationship with the boss, with my boss is by your question, is this really tough position to be it? Because you have to be careful, you have to be balanced and there's a couple things to think about for small, no one likes rats, yeah right. No much rats, but at the same time you kind of also have to think about what's best for the team on top of any kind of the opposite of no one, my tracks is no one likes brown noses
love, but at the same time you have to build relationships up another Jake and one of the toughest things about this and what you, to be so careful about. Is that you don't know what kind of relationship the boss in a team leader? Have you don't know for a one under the spectrum, they could be friends. So, if you say bad about him. That's going right back The team leader and here in Europe Europe hard direst, put much worse position. Also, they could be enemies and Supporting the team led to the bar: I could actually make you look stupid right, making make you look bad and- and it's important to say Here- is it the optics of like? I don't want to look bad. Is that what I am talking about, because that's what I just
I like it will make you look battle. Make you look stupid. The reason that you're trying to look good is because you want to do a good job. Could you want the team? Is you want the mission succeed that that's what's important and you dont care? I don't care if I have to equal I don't care. If so so I dont mind looking bad if it's for a good reason, I don't mind my you go taken a ding if it's worth right reason, but this actually! I hurt way. I do my job because. My boss, my boss, sorry my boss. His boss thinks I'm kind of an idiot. It's that means when promote. Comes time for promotion. Even I might be I am skyrocket promoted because I was a guy with two blind to see that my team leader was an idiot, so I would be very careful and fairly neutral In what I said, especially to start with right, so you know
the boss says a has at team leader. Don't my response, because you know what we get the job done. There's that so noncommittal right but what about team here is he is he a good leader, I think is, I think, he's got a pretty good hold of what's going on right that's that's, there's room to interpret that in any direction. Really, I think he's got a pretty good hold. I think he's getting hold of. What's going on or on the one, would be why how's your team will, I think, our performance Gonna shows where we're out right, so you're not you're, not giving away, and those are those. Those are sought, almost are very open things that you could respond to and. And I think the more your boss, probes or the start them a boss, team leaders, bosses probes, the more
You can open up a little bit still with caution, but as you see what the bosses opinion is, you could not a little bit more and share but more the truth very tactfully, or if or you could go in the other direction. Right Oh, you know that's my best. Guy I've known bill forever, I brought him here at bills. Couldn't He's commonplace in a debate that guy you you can you're pregnant derail yourself too, because that guy has legitimate relationship with, so that that's a tough situation. And I would say the best thing to do in this situation is remain as neutral as possible. And again you know what there's there's someone that's listening to this right. Now, let's go now. Jack was kind of a docks kind wimp. If I was just tell the truth, because unless let's talk about that
sorry about what happens, because I've been in that situation more times than I can count where my boss, what kind of an idiot and I get asked by boss, hey houses, guy, doing Let's say you rat em out. Well, does it in that the baskets fired immediately. No may just me that your team is less respected. It means that you Less support. It means any You do get read it out by the way. Where do you end up now you and but a bad situation. Whether your boss knows that you rapid him out to his boss, you're hate it your hate it? So I want to win. Let's go back to that point. I want to win So does it help me win? If I read my boss, or if I ran up my team leader to my boss, doesn't help me with it could
Could if your boss happens to be completely aligned with what you're thinking he also happens to have a replacement ready, that's more squared away. That's another thing: you get rid of one, team leader now you get a newbie but team leader. How do you know him whose that who is that person where they come from? the devil's was at stake devil, you know is better than the devil that you don't know. So I have a team leader, that's not doing a good job, whose fault is that I can help my team leader receive my team leaders weak. I can help them become strong. I can help teach them tactfully, not Stepan on their toes, I would rather rat. Than rat, my team leader out up the chain of command. I would rather fix my team leader. I would rather have my team leader become better support him. And by the way when you do support your team leader and they become better and now they do come. For promotion. What do they know in the back of her mind? They know that you helped them they
you know that you got in there guess he's gettin promoted. Now you are now what my so concerned about getting promoted, because I want to want to outdo ever No, that's not why she went away to want to win. I want the team to win out. If I thought that you echo would do better job if you became team leader instead of me I'd be like hey, I appreciate it. Echo would do a better job than me. He should be the team leader so. The end and also, if you, will this? What happens if I'm really a person this this is. This is what I'm getting at if I'm the person that really wants to get promoted in that's my main goal. I wanna get promoted that Michael, Why do the team leader random? I throw him under the boss, so that's the person that we all hate. A person that rats out the team leader that that says. Oh, I can do to general job. I do much better job and gets back. I fired, and now I get promoted. What are we all think of wealth that guy's turd now
as opposed to the sum of this. As you know, our team of years weak needs help need sport. I'm gonna help em ominous boredom amateur do the best. I, can we do? You seem to tell the boss? Israel is how to get out of the two had. I added sounded like I'm, not gonna knock off from all of us now, if we have a guy, that's horrible, that's tyrannical! That does a horrible job that abuses people. Then we get to a situation where you say you know what boss there's some problems so, if you have that one which doesn't really what this guy says, he able team leader. So if this is a horrible team leader that irredeemable Irredeemable qualities its negative? We affecting the team because he kind of makes it sound like make the team look good, so there's theirs. Still a possibility that the team is doing. Ok, though they have our leaders, they are such good troops, as I would say that sometimes a petition has a bad leader, but great guys in there and the policeman leader
smart enough to be like a camera. Let them come to run with it. They'll be successful. So, My goal usually is to help the person above me in the G8, while it's always to help the person above maintaining man. Can you get whose situation where someone is so bad, that its negatively affecting the whole team- and can't win because their position? Yes. Well, then you need to step up and do something about and say something about it. Do it tactfully, do it slowly. Dont over committees statements early on, because if you do, you might say something that is out of line. So that's It's a tricky situation, there's no definitive answer. We have to these things out generally, if you can help someone when you're gonna win generally, if you help someone you're gonna win if it so bad that they're just spring
now the whole team and you cannot win with them in that position, you might need to say something, especially if Iraq On the team kind of feel the same way, as can be a little bit easier to be like here in oh yeah and be straight here, but even if everyone, if we we have a gang mentality right, like hey man, the boss, socks, you know what he's the team leaders horrible. He doesn't know what he's doing. Hey guys. You know what we see complain about it or we could You tried like make him a better leader. What what do you guys figured out and then we could try and get a replacement form, but at least he listens to us right now: ever. You know at least he at least he understands job, hey, let's try and lecture problem up. Let's try and get we what let's get rid of him, but let's get rid of him by teaching him a lot. So we get the educated. So we can move on and get promoted and it will have a good relationship with him. In the team will get more support than we can do our mission Better Year egg. I guess he cannot understand what
some according called horrible version for like what. If what, if I like em cause, I don't like his tie out an unlike his hair. Do you know I don't like him? We don't. We don't come from the same time, the tracks whenever anything, what one of the things that would be like if the guy's arrogant the guy's arrogant well how we can bring him down, how we gonna break while how it not bring him down like bring him down from his job, but how we gonna bring down his ego. Mellow him em out. You know an academic belong project, that could be along project year. Soldiers, just like I It is damaging the performance. Curving, yes, that's the most important thing is: what is our performance like Can we bring this guy out good course I'm sorry, there's no definitive answer but at this, time. There's some leadership is, is an art here and why did the asian art and science, but it's an art, sir
The case where the artistic part, as can be more important area, the dichotomy from one blood's. What are we called martial arts, Marshall Science? It marked Marshall sites that I wouldn't think since it can occur come on we're bloodworth, Vandam ya know. I know, I know what the movie is called it Marshall. Familiar with that. Even as a kid I thought those movies were really cheesy. You can t like Romania. I got lotta mme well guess from my Emma may gosh, I was in the blood sport Even when I was a kid I will. I wasn't thinking blood sport was like legitimate. I don't why I thought it was. The democracy, Rocky IFOR Rocky was more legit gazed yeah. I thought I thought that Rocky was more legit than blood sport. For me, blood sport seemed fake. Yeah right, it just seemed extreme gas- goes but blessing. I think with
sport, the rumours circulating that that I was real real Ojeda guys you're sure it's movie cool made a fun, but Israel? I fear again, I would say I hated blood sport, but like You haven't seen it enough to know that the guy referred martial arts as Marshall Science cells. Earlier early in the morning when Vandams teacher, you know it's yours, african movie right, there's a there's, a guy he's getting be down or whatever, he goes through training process, there's a prism, on like an empty, more team, America, world police, there's a montage, straining thousand then comes back and in which there is there's like most your fight movies. Here you know the man tat year. He give be done early yearly drains.
Becomes awesome, but then there is the arch enemy whose train to hear but still a bully- and he has been here thinking with credit but you're, leaving out the montage part training montage, which is very important for the best. No less credit kid. You ever seen the movie, never back down, no the care, so you wouldn't be. Never was this movie, isn't it Mme rights, as I remember when I came out yea I, but is this basically credit? Yet listen its literally like radical, but just Emma may now and a little bit more cheesy. Maybe a lot more cheaply good. I enjoyed it and watch. It was near learn from like a master digital rights yeah brazilian guy, who please is played by an african guy, the guy on mere rumour gladiator human gladiator at Russell Chrome, the black tie in their the asking a vaguely the here. You know the one he has mainframe, There is the guy, but he's a brazilian guy. It doesn't matter
because I'm busy next, MR houses on portuguese Access to Africa, but nonetheless, on paper might seem cool, but it came up kind of I like You know they over emphasised, like all things like he goes to the party in the parties just yet look into it. Nonetheless, yes, science and art a dig it you going to have to buy me back the question you have kind of wonder why the boss is asking your opinion to. Is it just a general pro black hey how you guys doing how's the Boston kind of like that or is it? We have some it's about your team leader. What up you know kind of think you're, not even that you got to be careful because they can lead you down that path. Maybe maybe they're probing you there, maybe baby May leader said hey nor. I trust this guy is ready, says about me. Any go any go, hey averted, bad things about this guy. Would you Think of me, I tell you what you write that guy's, a dirt turd with ear
yeah, I guess is to see a lot of females. They turd. One thing I think I think it came from, but at some point it was called turns quite a bit and then a person that was kind of maybe just just not a very good individual would be a turn eight years the downs in why this a little boy same thing do boy due to boil, but obviously not in any kind of discipline said we have one more question. Yes, next washed last question: juggle I've been disciplined working hard and stained focused, but I've had a run of bad luck and I can't seem to get a break well. First of all, you are lucky because if you capable
of of working hard. Then that's a blessing. That's luck! Because there's people all over the world, they don't have the ability, for any number of reasons, may of those reasons being just bad luck, but they can't work so right out of the gate, you're lucky that you can get up tomorrow and you can go to work now. You say you can't get a break. And maybe you're getting unlucky with your career or your personal life for your business? So what are you gonna do, but you give up. Are you gonna surrender? Are you going to assume that? Because you didn't catch a break today,
there's no way you'll catch one tomorrow or next week or next year. Aren't you going to leave it all to chance. Or are you going to do everything in your power to force lock your way to create opportunity to to? shift the hands of fate and even then, if the break, never comes even if you, roll across the finish line of life bruised and bloodied, an empty handed from the fire At least you know, you know that you went after
as hard as you could. Then you gave life everything you had an you know in the end. You might still be unlucky that good but I would much rather be an unlucky, saw that far until the end in died with my sword. In my hand,. Then? An unlucky saw that submitted, bowed down, gave up and surrendered, so stop waiting to get lucky, stop waiting for a big break.
Instead. Be thankful, truly thankful for what you do have and go out there and fight and battle and brawl to make your own luck. That's all I've got for tonight, so ECHO is speaking of fighting hard sure is raising you know about that. Can help us stay in the fight, stimulate continue, fighting hard check. Sure first thing to do need to do is take care of your body. Habit is use that word wrong, but body habit is is like you,
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Interesting, nonetheless, all levels, even if you don't have any judge it at all, in fact, last time there is a group who didn't have, I think, is like some didn't have any diverges came when on this, like you know like summit You learn if you know how many duties like. Ok, that's not gonna fit into minority because you have no, not so it's like. I don't understand this quite yet, really that I now we did that the fundamentals class form yeah, yeah yeah, even during like while it was good I had a group on the site of like a good, like twelve people, inwards tune is the basic knowledge of lentils know the answer yet for sure
all levels and by the way, if you're beginner, yet it's cool, but also, if your good, you also get some awesome. Turning their visa from everybody, gray, geyser, huge good, any actual yeah. It's our butts up and main echo lake. I am echoing the Cimarron. Oh yeah, we're rank Achior ECHO Lake Layers echoes, got his own, make sure echo park leg. Nonetheless, yachts up new origin, main dot com, you can look and see all that stuff, and I want something yet something if you want to come to the emergency camp company immersion can always do yeah. I hear you so mad. Last time you couldn't do know you rib Ribeiro Rivers, Jack this year will be Jack LAW on some good bye intimate were also for fitness,
year, when a very heavy worked out, you wanna implementing new movements, kettlebells D do kettlebells. I know jockey do cannibals another, but that's a question you do make grand she right. Like this guy he's a brown built or back what they forget in Carlsbad area. In we have known for a long time. I work with a sister aren't even off. He remembers that. But so what do you know what you know? Jeff Clark is yes, I ve done it. He hit me up his account. They get into kettlebells. Now he's a come looking at the onawandah, whatever you know asking their advice, here's the thing! I am not an expert on the kettlebells, but Do you know this? Don't get nuts with them don't go too late either about accountable for my daughter she five now those just looks cool. It's like one of the twenty four kilograms
anyway, the smallest London, but when I picked up, unlike no matter what fitness level I am at this instant and do much for me. So don't go too late, is what I'm saying the nonetheless get em from on it on it does come flash jocose and good stuff. What options there! You think you're stuck in a boring move. Jacko work out super hard, but but boring you gonna fall off that way. Wagon, maybe ETA knocked against We are, but if you want a varied up, go on it to accomplish chuckled get some do some good finished. You also when you're getting any of the books that we review and this podcast, I gotta Morgan S for you on jackpot. Casta click on the top books, books, section think specifically to
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which may be little more with thing, because I personally, I don't sound how I look still get that by the window. No, I just talked over about the other day. Yes, yesterday that America, where no until everyone is seen me, sees me anyway, if you're interested in that Youtube, video version of this fact has also excerpts. Take little chunks of hot guessing both dump the sheriffs. Little have to listen to two and a half three hours The whole pot guess again one lesson, one specific lesson: that's a youtube! Video on the lady just made a new video aditya, making more videos. Now time is short now time's running out as it already or don't. You know the. So choose little excerpts or whatever to be lacking. Know what this one to me hit harder. This little message
he said, and now it was because it is one of those ones casino. Having the old saying where it's a year, we know we have to have a limited time on this earth, but we don't act like a little thing and real. When you think about that. That's more true than I think most people realise and that's why people Don T like mid life crisis, In our view, they hit a certain point. We were lawyers and get a corvette yeah. I gotta get back out or not. You know it's that scrambling situation ill. He scrambled get yet more n, but you're just gonna come a time. You can't do that. There is a little old school footage in there in that video, two. If you want to see me when I was like the thirteen or fourteen sure. Maybe there's probably fourteen I mean it S. Fourteen parents and children, bronze children, but ones that France's national. Since I was afraid of it,
raises re, yellow railways would environs, identify fully the actual costs. We are a bunch of different names, one of the names of the band was rage of discipline. Rage of the three out of his way, even though disciples of discipline know something else on the areas I have just one. It was raging discipline and it was, it was struggle, it was locked, load, which is really militaristic for someone that wasn't in the military to be like my band called law? Cannot I realise how cheesy that is now not really doping. I don't know, but any less rage of disciplines, real millet military is seem right. You are you even before the angles. That's it that's. What were the guy? You got the video footage from out James. He when he comes on the park ass, he sat down in a Toby. He
I actually just stop spoiler exec, I can wait to tell everyone that you had a band called rage of disappointment. You have for ten years old, I was gonna laughin about that yeah. But you're in the making from the beginning, yeah yeah. I guess you could say that, but you know also I Also look back and think. Well, man. I did some dumb stuff. When I was a kid you will you didn't get a handle on the discipline the later, but the seed was there You're, like a little rattlesnake, you know they say that the most dangerous, because can't control the venom didn't have the discipline oh, but they want the discipline. That's what I think that's it. I was like a little round snake s interested here. Unless you can see these videos, unease about the videos, go radio thanks, Jack and Java controls thanks videos also Jack was dark, called Jacko store. This is where you can get. This money goes freedom, shirts that word again, discipline.
I consequently also rash guards on their women stuff on there, hoodies on their being ease in the brief means a little bit more of a process but moved- and you know, there's gonna be some being is on their new shirt is out just in time for summer. A good job of it even though there they'll need him down in Australia in New Zealand mere summertime down there, in the southern hemisphere in Hawaii. No you're wearing a new shirt today is out back to the book itself. It It's available thing is, I didn't, say anything I just kind of snuck it on their, so some people got.
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drop its all graduate, and no one can believe that fully. Real substance can can raise any human beings deadly to eight thousand pound minimum, but there is a factual, factual books, our books, you get some books way the warrior get. This is a book forgets. The book for kids see the feedback go on. Go on social media. Go on twitter, go on Facebook, you Baja and see kids studying, see, kids doing, pull ups, see kids doing jitsu seek it's getting after it that'll tell you right there so many here too, I can't my kid now wants to study this possible of kids making math flashcards, I'm talking about. Imagine if you get your kid dupe, math flashcards voluntarily boom. So that's what I'm talkin about
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You gotta dig that still selling in an and also announcement just one over a million copies sold here, which pre legit so thanks everyone for for doing that for buying some books, these books and by the way you don't solemnly copies of a box of a book on just hype and and we didn't do it through paid advertising which I'm leaving. No, if you could do it through paid advertising the book sales, because the word of mouth So everyone that listens is podcast, buys the book spreads. The word gets a brother, but you're the reason that that book is selling so well still. So thank you all for spreading. The word tone people get it for them, get it for their team up and down the chain of command extreme ownership. Pick it up. Furthermore, echelon front: that's my leadership and management consulting governing. We solve problems through leadership,
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Get your pragmatic leadership skills in all, it's important to know that there is no green room, there's no backstage what their hanging out, answering questions talking eating working out and hanging out with every one that shows up so join us there. You can register at extreme ownership, dot com and also on extreme ownership doc There is a document that we put together, so some people they want to come. The conference may need on another train, a command and They kind of say what watch I say majestic meant. I want my chain of command to pay, for which is awesome and the chain of command should, fort cause they're gonna get back on a much better leader in their organization, but we document on there you can. You can click on the link that the little what's at the little link against guess, link sure it's called creating leaders at every level and that's also
extreme ownership, dotcom, we'll see there was yet the muster and Until we do see you at the monster, you can find us interacting and conversing and cruising on the inner webs on Twitter on Instagram and on dad Stop on hockey. Echo Charles and I am at Java willing and thanks. To those you out there and uniform around the world on foreign lands. Sky over our heads and on and under the high seas, protecting us from the evil of the world. Thank you and thanks to police and law enforcement to the fire, I and paramedics, and all of you first responders thanks for taking care of us and our friend please, when we need it most and to every one else out there.
The nurses and doctors king, all ours, to heal us and the teachers trying to educate our youth and the guy's hanging dry wall and pouring creed and rustling in plumbing in electrical and the farmers, growing crops in the factory workers, building products and the fishermen and the lobster, and the long shorten and the bankers, advised in the sales people and the waitresses in the cooks and the dishwashers, all the men and women across the land in every job and every capacity that show up every yea banks will listen to us and thanks
doing your job and doing it well and doing it with pride and thanks for working hard to make your own lock and to make your part of the world a better place by going out there and getting after it and so until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko out.
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