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134: With Mike Sarraille. LIFE is a Gift But Not Free. Don't Waste It.

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This is Jacko Podcast number one, three four echo Charles and me Jocker willing good evening. Echo good evening may be I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can. See where someone could get that idea, but I actually dont think that I don't think that at all it's in fact, quite the opposite. Now, Looking back up there were some. Tough times. There were some awful times
even go so far as to say there were some wretched times there were Knights filled with discomfort. And stress and fear and there was pressure. And sometimes that pressure was so rate that I thought my mind just- might fracture break apart. But fortunately I can tell you that I didn't break. There were times were times when I saw the cracks I saw, the crew
starting to split open and I had to work hard to keep together, but that The way it was in my old line of work. My work had some definite downsides, On top of all that pressure and stress and fear and discomfort. There was death even during peacetime. Even during peacetime I lost friends and I lost teammates. It goes with the personality profile they, say risk takers so
Even peace provided little piece. And then once the war started, it just SK awaited. Not just for me, but not by any stretch whatsoever. Every Military member has dealt with death in some way over the past seven. Ten years of war. Some more than others. There have also been lie Changing wounds. Of which I was spared. I was lucky. But many others were not so lucky.
Because the bombs and the bullets and the ideas and the murders and the rockets they do not care who you are at all But, for whatever reason I made it through, I was lucky and now my life goes on They may be a little more paranoid than the next person, and maybe I don't always sleep that well, and maybe there are times when some fought or some memory catches me off guard and I end debris leaving a moment from the pass
From the past that I wish I could change. And you might think. Wouldn't I just want to change it all. We know when I go back Erase all that pain and replace sit with relief. Replace it with ease and with comfort. And the answer to that question is no It is not just no it's hell, no because,
wrapped up in that pain and wrapped up in that discomfort and wrapped up in that stress and anxiety wrapped up in all. That is the polar opposite of all those feelings inside All that turmoil. There was relief, there was Certainty there was Happiness there was focus and security and there was peace. Peace of mind in knowing that, no matter what. No matter what horrors befell me. Things would be ok,.
And that is because I knew tat my brothers would take care of me no matter what. You see my old job allowed me to work with some of the best guys in the world, not all of them, you ve heard me talk about that before there's some standard people in every organisation in the world, there is a bell curve. In the bottom of a bell? Curve is filled with the same defeat in people you'll find anywhere. Lazy. Scamming Europe, possible self centered, whatever. But at the high end, that Bell curve. The guys I worked with were righteous
and noble and hard working. And it was humbling to be around them now, where they perfect. Now. None of us are, did they have flaws, yes, apps, we all of us fall short. But could I count on them Could I count on them without question and without hesitation. One hundred percent through all the horror and the fear and the pressure. There were always some guys that I knew without a shred of doubt. We stand beside me and hold the line, no matter what.
They would never let me down, and as fate would have it I'm look not to have one of those few men that I knew I could always count on no matter. What here with me tonight He's done more for me and for the teams and for our great nation in the world is ever going to know. His name is MIKE's rally. He's a former Recall marine the very recently retired seal officer and he's someone that's never let me down so might welcome the podcast and adventure,
nominal on brother jack? You happen to be her an echo. Thank you for him. So he retired, how long ago March First March. First, and So no one knows anything about you which is the it is, dumb. So, let's get to know a little bit about you, starting with the begin. Let's start nor a cow Does he roared right, Norka, tell Auto California just about thirty south to San Francisco, higher family. Born and raised in San Francisco? There also backer accept from abroad FISH Montana, but You you it nothing to really lack entered a grown up. I had a great our family You sometimes I described grown up this. How slowly household is being
nineteen. Sixteen nineteen, fifty Germany, Berlin except I was on the other wrongs out of work, have given a very catholic family, loving parents, very, very strict, stern parents, but I got the idea the benefit being the last child, and by that you know that They order brother and sister they'd worn down, but they were done. Your parents, a little value, Dade, worn down affairs a little bit, and so I got away with that bloody murder to appoint but standard. I Bring it of a seal, I had my share of awe of trouble the cost and at his brother one. Why would the popular I want at what point did you at what point did you realize that you run aground and alter? So you know I keep a pin point at a specific moment, but everything was right and that driving me that way. I did have a grandfather that was,
first of the five o first, a in war war too. Actually you trained without Patton Non Oda. Yeah the late hour, training centre? Yes, I see the actually trained at the other lake near under an island zones. Solvency interviewed actually hit the very early part of Africa in I came back to the states when airborne and he was a quartermaster further so the final say, I'm sorry first, the father first nonetheless He still one three, our train. He would jump in with him, and so he was actually a third day of Normandy Drop Day and then for me the battle of the boy. In the black Forest, a joke that humble confidence, that he never spoke about, and so my mom naturally Tommy stories and down
it wasn't until I became a marine that he actually Revealed a lot of the stories from Roma from one or two, and then he knows he got older. It was. It was the same stories, but I would sit there and listen for the fifteen time as if it was the first time. I was here. I respect you know it's interesting us talking to Dave Burke once again today, good do any good! You live, and we are talking about reading about face, and I was saying hey when you read about what. The older. I got the more dead men me and there's a quote from we. When I talk about the past, which is its some, like this there's no market to get together perfectly right, but it something like this when you know the way, then you see the way and all things so about faces. Not a leadership book at all But when you read it- and you are thinking about Leadership- it's just all about Leadership- it's a hundred percent about leadership,
it reminds me of what you're saying like when you're a little when you're kidding you don't know the way yet and your grand father could be telling you these stories sounds kind of cool or whatever, but come here too, when you actually no one understand Warren and you just a toy really different story It is a matter of fact, speaking to that when you run in the jobs. Of course I was I came in, and I was gonna do like the brief that I would do to chart a course and you know you were there, it was like the tenth time you were going to watch it and I was like. Are you going to hang out watch this or you just going to leave and go to like work out or something? Are you like nah, I'm gonna stick around Why you for what you like- how can you every type of dead, so that's pretty definitely when you get older, you can appreciate some of these things from mom. When you know the way, Let's look at extreme ownership, I mean this is why you hear people that I came reading it for the seventh time
does that they will get ten new things or their perspective has changed. That's the name, that's the part that I didn't account for. I don't know who told me this is somebody told me this like it was summer come to multiple monsters, and I say You know how do you like This one and all the monsters are a little bit different, but the first three were not that different. The first three were the same. Almost the same, and someone said? Well, it's only been a year, but my perspective is totally different. Ox I've been promoted one time and I got different situations going on, so it's I'm seeing differently so that that's another thing that happens as you get again older, so bad To you, how did you pick the Marine corps ordered them reincorporate. You seem a little bit about out of options. No hate suit your standard again high school sports loved. In love wrestling the grades,
Not so much was infer from lack of aptitude, lack of complete effort, Joe you loved to party if you didn't have to do with parties, are girls I wasn't involved here, and so I actually was only one of my high school class, not graduate yes and dogs you haven't going for you learn to make my mom is or is a little canyon, woman and Don T you she really is the rock other family. And you have to know how to play my dad is just the disciplinarian. You feared him Yeah just bottom line. But you're. My mom was a and Recker ended. Plenary and you just how to play both sides, because once you put her Under the disciplinary side you just had no safer safeguards whatsoever in this very house or so They did you know my dad had served in Vietnam,
The reserves do not have to go to Vietnam cuz. He had a very unique skill. He was very good of football. In back in the day was stationed for policing Louisiana. He got a sign of a body what he didn t the army but very different army. In fact, in the military, just we will. We were different in those regards, but were were very much alike. So I went off to the universe, Colorado, cholera, border the weight. How do you do this region graduate? I scorch get you know so I went went back for the summer school summer session and finish their flight had already been accepted in the university college. Did this year that the early stage of my life is not just. Can't say, there's a whole lot of primarily from the end of high school until about the first year of college, so why I did not pick up or ROTC and naval ROTC scholarship at border. But you can enrich as a volunteer in hopes of picking up a scholarship.
So I join the Naval What is it you mercy, Colorado border? In short, we got kicked out just for getting in trouble. And I remember the italian, big shipping commander pulled me for my counselling, and I said you will never become a Navy seal. And also that I'm you want to be the seal fur is usually. I was going between the seals and forced return in loan behold. This guy, then I want you. Last night was a force. Recovery in force at the end She Colorado border as a marine me set Marine Unlisted Commission Education programme. A summary It was just impress impressive built like a little tank. Everything about him articulates smart, confident, not, loves guy in the room and so he sort of took me under wings, I had don't worry about it, college is dark and work, however, use go. Why don't you
do what you want to do and died me down to the other, recruiting office in Border Colorado, signed. And when I signed up idea, came back to our northern California for fuel was waiting for my Maya, my bouquet update. Myself in there now when it was time to go, your sorted dropped the lot information on my bed mom have enough, that was in the military. She accepted a pretty well and offer my father. He was, he was not. Be given his where everything is about our perceptions, wrote it lighting his perception. His experience with army was not feasible one, and so he was lifted and dumb here. We have a few words and he did not see me off to the airport brother now my mother did in fast forward to what to do camp. Ben again had to give merely vice like a you, can turn this around in the marine Corps will give you every
every opportunity that into a crust UKIP graduating Honour man out of three hundred kids and graduation day or the prior you'd bans can come out and see you in the line up. The entire recruit italian and low hold, whose in front turning the got on me. That's the one time you know my father do not get along in high school because again, not his fault You see in doing this and shaking his head and you ever since that a time like my father and I see each other in different light, we still clash because we are so like out. Every year we ve got a common understanding and not he's just a good man. My parents are good folks, I couldn't tell you, I was never want for love for discipline. In this law household was a it's weird because as apparent you're, always thinking,
if you try and impose too much on your kids you're, just gonna you're, just gonna put him in the other direction. Europe's answer. In a free electricity. Your dad could happen like no you're, not join it, and you would have been so rebellious, proud, adjoined, anyways and done either you then you would not gone long even more, but he had you're. Ok, a mockery, see you off, but I'll, be graduation due to pursue this way I'll love the Marine corps, Run service, albeit through the small service best, runs service. In the U S note, I eat you just can't debate. That and I think what he saw was and a boy off in like within three months. He saw the beginning of a an enemy he loved it. He took it on wholesale heat a lot. It's so much that he would pass recruiting office you'd stop get some donuts and bring into the office in check your hand to any heel. He loved the military,
this point is sought from a different any. We literally changed his experience in Vietnam to favourable one. Yeah. The marine corps has really just mastered that whole thing of taking to recruit and turning them into marine. They don't really could that they are really good its ass of the thing I was said about the the marine corps as theirs the onus, you'll teams, you'll get the totally great guys the high end of the spectrum and you'll, get, will back much worse guys at the lower in the spectrum, the marine corps. It just keeps it on its much tighter group. Like you know what you're getting it's gonna be. It's gonna be a marine and it's gonna be good to go. You talk about like their minute of angle, permitted illegals. Tunisia is the I'd shot group the you don't get some, we get
awesome guys for sure, but then you get a couple scattered couple stray rounds is better off paper. I don't know where that little jack so sudden, where you, what year was this now? The second I can name Yait. Maybe I was that it was ninety eight. Ninety eight so so glad I came in both before then I live because I got to see the pre war military in an eel became what I call the the g. What babies were absolutely spoiled in this house. You contradictory is smelled by war area. So what would you do it? Would you what was your Emma less so winning as a cheese, Sonny forget it? I Oh three, eleven riflemen check, but so when I was at the school of these rights, Marine sure nuclear waste. Other Regan raise a day of the dual cool idea. The the double trouble and here's a little longer and they stand a little taller, and so
on me. They they literally had a trial that that day ensure that was my to you to get into regard early and did extremely well finnish. First, in that class in there I could get you wanna go reconnaissance, yes, absolutely two out of school victory. When I graduated from there, it was straight to the basic Constance course right next, while in Coronado for three, on Sunday, guys go straight through that pipeline, like that, you do it the flowed. Usually you had to do some infantry time before he tried out, but we are in a similar there too. The demands of our post nine eleven. When we started looking earlier, the Green break me restarted. Opening up the eighteen Ex programme for gas off the street into the special forces recall would occasionally do the same thing. And so very few, and I just happen to hit at an opportune time, passed the screening and I'll tell you what be or see poor stuff in, and I have nothing, but
back for those gas. It see. You know it's not. They don't have a hell week, but it is is man, town in every respect nicety because, obviously with him Paul's, I'm calling your glasses so and then use would you go where to go after that, so first we combine camp Health and was able to weekly thrown into schools. It was awesome, so got dives school right off the bat just a marine combatant died course in Panama City forward out, which was all day what most seals don't like to hear this. It was as tough as second phase. If not and even academically They drove in a lot deeper to die physics. Medicine, so you guys getting dropped fora for academics, and then, after that it was short how to sniper school, which I was ill prepared for loved,
I remember my mom and went back to San Francisco because that weekend off night and you had to build your own ghillie suits- and I built the word- we assume that you probably had ever seen. I still haven't in our storage. It looks like Chewbacca line on the ground, but that's cool by the skin of my, and I think we started with forty one. Actually twelve and literally came down to the last start, and I again o Brien from Idaho, who had been with a stable tune in the Marine corps, which is more or less a snug opportune and dot. Literally up my last position and sacrificed himself because he didn't need a score per square on IRAN and in past, but I made up for it in that year. The detail, shooting move, yak issues linked to the shooting was not a problem. It would just stocking since I had no real preparatory work. Only in those guys add it was duff how is your patients level Dern, starting with good
and were Del forum, which is called, and so we were out there all the time the promise we we would just now, on January California, which is called in so we're out there all the time, sometimes rain, so you know the patience was We find it was just the pain of sitting there which work which he had to contend with and then were, and then you go and deployment now. So today I entire work up actually shifted over to another between, because I was at First Recon battalion and it was a company the time we turn battalion when I was there, so I trust from some put into new opportune and continued work up and Had a great officer pull societies. I meant I want budgeted for the Meda programme, which again is the marine enlisted Commissioning education programme four listeners, that's where they set in,
of duty marine. Usually a corporal sergeant or staff started to go back and get their college degree on the marine corps done and then come back as an officer. It's because you shown some progress. I said, I'd only been to alcohol, related incidents and rigour, and so this year I was rather unjust, but I so did also put me, and I feel that the package and got it selected as a corporal there, early. In my career, and so I will. Ask me what I wanted to go when I go to the University of Texas did not get in case was act back. They look at high speed rail rendered him no in so I believe it or not. It been do wedding in Austin when it when my recon bodies in love, the tat Andy the same guy. What to me, I came in what what what are you tried text? Saying M? Is, I guess,
It's like the next best thing. It's only about an hour and a half outside of our arsenal. My Boca are it, of course, I'm a corporal I don't have the money to go. It takes a sailor that was not exactly boom at that time. And so I just committed navigation actually submarines. Ever there called me and they may sound like a great place so when I went out there drove out there with my three boxes of household goods, and it is just a country down with fifty thousand questions and die. It was a great opportunity, but college station was not for me in the war and kicked off in. So I finish school three years and get out of it and then how did you go from our point? You tell me you want to join the Navy, so You go another idea about a seventy five percent had already made my decision that want to switch over the seals even
if you look at it from a time perspective had a gun, the tv S and then you offer of recourse It would have taken me. The same amount of time to get to a ceiling is so just major common sense. I with a few seals during the work. Ups Newark, first, we come a. They were older, statistically more highly educated, more physically fit in the biggest part there were parcel got in. They had the money I was still carrying and sixteen eighty two as a recovery must neighbour We just didn't have the money we didn't have a gear and so You never see seal switch from the seal teams to regard, but you see a lotta Regan Marine switch over to so Community Hugo Seal, Green Moray Lawton went Pga at which for the listeners essay I air force, rescue job, so I did go to Marinos. Yes, I tell you again
was a challenge. Lost. I I went in and around probably one eighty five and lost twenty pounds that he didn't need to add to lose I was a summer gwan ago and I was impressed in you talk about maintaining that standard, that their quality, Spreadeth Marine Corps, docile Well with it, especially within their also ranks, that's the reason how long's, how long's marine corps? Oh, she s three months and how did You, if you knew you want to go the Navy, how can they sent you dumb recourse us? So the me yeah program. You actually get us yes, after the work during the first, and what you can assure degree than the commission one year the time continue. I told you to read what you ve been shared. Agree then you, the commission, one Your prior yours, the funny thing so when you prior to graduate said he went to
my marine officer instructors major, whose prior was games off great guy? I am I getting wider feels like a whisper action, because it gave the motors give her gown flashing either way. Do you want to do the commanding officer was marine colonel. Did not I was just so during the process of the treaty for a pretty much I deliberately to the major premise: Daddy's, like I just listen, as this is not your head and step up the room, I gotcha he had done so in a transfer was almost immediately. It was day, was daddy's, EVA process, but They told me I needed to attend something called out many boats that summer of my junior So when I show up you have about thirty, five Mitchell from now. What is he units Benevolent Academy and then one sergeant
in his marine Charlie's, and it is your khakis catchy top with her blue bottoms with a red stripe, and I am amongst thirty, four guys in white, and I just gotten. It was gaudy. I wish to always in our cars down you're still very much sergeant said it did it love me the end because, like they said we need this done, I would stop, yeah. Well, that's! Let's get this done. Baby s own rally round me. Low behold. It ended at I hadda spot waiting for me when I graduated and it didn't hurt that The sea of birds was a former marine himself. Oh, that's, that's awesome! the good way to get that in their the primary aims that community joys got little squared away this inside me in the brain and buds any factor buds
what was said- and I do not in fact a non factor is the you have patience. It was patients. I asked you about patients, no preschool. What were you impatient with you? Travis Gladstone Outta, oh yeah, that's right! So You stepping into community. That, I highly admire that I want to be a part of was the easy party was somebody instructors at a very high there? They were, they were very artistic and getting on your skin It now seems that now, when is, it owes its gross? Oh yeah, threats or its game. Time and in fact I think you view you were deployed by run that up there well, I was two point: two thousand through two thousand former years upon the direct cause. Your counterpart, your sister predicament of visiting me ok, but colony is ripe for years. What already and on which I have a forty story about a job,
when you Jimmy speeches so did, or did you just did that patients are going through the price you and you went through jotting you didn't anchor, I do not remember that. That's weird so. You have you a little bit impatient of going through bites basically you're saying ah Madame ready to get in the game, and there, like. Ok, take this this grinder and do all this dumb stuff that you have to do percent. When people ask because people ask me all the time, hey, I'm thirty, three years old, I want to go into military. You think it's a good idea almost like here the problem. The problem is you're. Thirty, four years old there, some real benefits that in that year mature- and you are small- and you have knowledge about the world. Here's the bad part your mature you're smart. You have heard about the world because, when they're like hey, we want you to do this completely ridiculous task.
That makes no sense whatsoever, you're not going to feel like doing it and you're going to have to do it and that's going to great on Youtube more. When I was eighteen years old and I join the navy. Literally didn't matter what they made me do. I would like. Will it be where you decide when you, when you join wrinkling and when we Ben said you hey! Look! You can you just do what they tell you doing, and life gonna be good like I'd, I didn't know it taught me that born I got to boot capitals like oh, I do They tell me doing life's gonna go. That's what's gonna happen to look out for my underwear, whatever clean a toilet table, to do this and that's a lot easier when you're, eighteen, the nursery or thirty, four a lot easier. It is and you know it's not so much what they tell you. Do they tell you what to do, but they want to leave you performed we're trying to create robots need a lot of people. You have two demystify that about the military, but but just a long process and then, while we're going through it their time US stories about which he has written overseas, or we had one seal pathway in Afghanistan the time
someone received a Navy cross in front of us in the whole time you want to be. Gas, but the metals or any that. But you want to be the gladiator in the arena, and you know you have twelve more months of training before you can even shorter zeal. The other, the other big thing, and you knew this, gives you been rigged. The other big thing that people don't understand is the fear that We all had that this thing was gonna end and we are going to do anything, That was the biggest fear I had was this war is going to happen, is can you in three months, and I won't have deployed and often do the rest. My day, the career never ever go never going to combat, which was the net the biggest nightmare. I can imagine total nightmare. That would have been the same for the Gaza in the Gulf WAR, but you got to go over there and they sat behind thinking of they were going to back them and where we can be alone more and then it's over in one hundred and sixty
yeah, I'm adamastor she'd friend, that was on the last plain to be the last platoon going to Vietnam and the police and the plane got shut down. They didn't go second to total nightmare from them, but the hard for people to understand that mentality of how bad you wanna go. And, just the way it is man. I wish there were some nice thing to say about it or some psychological way to explain away like hey it's just you know it's like I just gonna, say the waiters when you're young, and you're in the military you wanna go to war. That's all there is to it. I'm I'm sorry, that's the way this would, you believe, you believe in what you are doing: there's a sense of purpose and again, it is counter intuitive that anyone would want to go to combat arms Cooper stoked that you feel that way. I'm gonna here to tell you and admit to you that, like I just to go to Walker. I just want to go to war. I actually another old Vietnam guy. He when he left seal one he goes.
As I do in the Navy and nineteen seventy, so I could kill people for my country, and I was like I told you talked of how in this year the funny thing is to start a loving start to love our oh yeah. It's not a bad thing. If I took a job went right when I retired a text saint system was the director of Olaf. Veteran services for all twelve campuses, but I sort of old hen data, and mother had legit. I just didn't really like me and we greens she's like What is the worst part about war and on? I look at her and say that it has to just what right look here, that it is the classic line that they got right apocalypse now is win Kilgore Sykes AEGIS, keys, straw is talk about they bomb in the morning
smell- that gasoline smell of oil smell bike victory. Someday this wars gonna end and that's the worst thing he can think of cause. Hey man he's Battalion Commander of Cavalry unit, vietnamese God who stand, the world is on top of the world. There's nothing important world them ever. He can't even imagine it and he's depressed at Sunday. The wars in it he here so so, where work to get on with buds buds the biggest thing people who ask about the physical part of but you're a good shape, no factor gate. Yes, it is exhausting. Of course you, what do you want these? Yet I don't you know what it is all also. Is it Nor do actually starts some men in your reputation and again I was very much still sergeant in it I love me because I would valley, the boys. Even
You know what I like Goya Althea uptake healthy disrespect for authority. Is to get to the gas fired up against a movie for and they didn't pay a little bit. You'd see working the eyes around. So it again, you know get the fire in the gut the boys. Then there are the rod Ramey officer, you got fire the got yeah. I've heard that too much heavier that don't you I haven't heard that too much. I a caviar or what is called out of real. It's called, but I had one of my body strikes me that the oil you you make it sound like blood, Zuzu Breezy, it's not easy and acknowledge Nano limit limit, correct myself or not. By disease like you said, but it's hard, it's it's equally hard. The porters thing to me, I think physically, is that it goes on day after day after day after day after day, and so when you do to form our time brought, which should be pretty easy. Cousin first phase, you got thirty two minutes. Do that that's along at a slow pace, even
a grown man. That's a slow pace him for big, I suppose, but when you ve done whatever eight thousand eight count body builders the day before, and then you got up at three in the morning and you did for eight million flutter kicks and then you go on get on the beach and you do a time drawn and solve same boots on it, It's not easy! That's what that's trips! People up! I think the grind The one thing to for me that was at the driver is there is no way that I was gonna disrespect, the marine reconnaissance You know there are some warriors: there is a lot of workers within the community, so that was always over my head no way was- I don't really know that would just be a complete. You complete and utter lack respectfully, I get from the quitting in but is really hard to understand and I had like us. Like a mid life crisis several months ago about because some people
that I knew about and that I talk to had quit and, unlike I didn't, get it and there has been guys from the marine corps that have gone through of that I've and, like all that's awesome and then they went you think yourself how is even happened. So I'm a hundred per cent on board, with the thought that no one knows who's gonna make it through No one knows like you can't say this guy is going to make it he's a stud or this person is not going to make it cuz they're weak, you, you literally don't know now, could I bat Two percent may be seventy percent. Maybe, but there's no way you could make a sure thing. Does not one person in the world that you could say this guy is going to make it through buds, a hundred percent there's no person in the world, you can say about that, that I know of the most humbly lesson. I learn buds. You can find it's funny was I won't. Robots with a guy named right. Job
and again remember. I'm really fired up marine sergeant I just been on bars and from judge in a book by its cover. You look around you like you're, not can make it everything was sloppy about him and down, and told him the one him in United Square now and just to watch him the instructors Herodian on him in the kid had no quit and even then the how weak, having beam, beat more than any one in the class, these structures, she pulled him aside, said: hey you're good, go like we ve throne everything at the kitchen sink and use the strong? You can be a great deal and I watched that in the poligized? Who am I to judge
Megan who's, not- and that was that was a lifeless and I still remember it wasn't until remedy that I apologize to Ryan. He started getting on. The second is that you all thought I was going to make the like. You said, though, no zero quit zero equipment it doesn't matter what you do to me omnibus right here. And you get done you get done with it So I came to talk your job to cross. What I talk to you about you, so you do you and your task in the commander. Ok, payment Oct about that Poland is over, but there's a narrow on the second act. The classroom for junior ascertain course which I eventually took over from for life later on, There's a narrow, passageway and task, ethnic manner for Jacko Joggled come an office building can ensure had sir They were standing like this. They created a little late and as you thus walk through job with lean it basically make you,
me through with his right of the downright about right. Both guy isn't he screw this guy. Now you wants to listen to, it naturally I use a fiscal intimidating did but, like you really like, I'm really sorry Burma, I was a way forward and as though it didn't stop there more than anything then he showed up me would write to you when you go right, a team three after that date showed up in November two thousand for and down there three slots open four jails immediately and died. Went to our own- they ve get. I got stuck in ops, and with a great guy right, we both now and
Absolutely looked out remains a semi do freefall right away and then, when I finish that up he's like a jolly good joined the voice of seeks Christine through sport, the dynamite, so was shortly after December, found myself on a plane in ride in Baghdad in Bonn, I was finally in the year. I was there, that's out the battle and I love it. And then what we do and just tagging along with the boys. So yes, they give you some strange the job description, but it just meant Way to go and work in the de jot naturally is an assistant operations officer, but there was no shooting out. There was their number. They were due. Do you want alongside tilting three, and down fell in with you subject matter quickly and is like a job on Hungary's your fifty cow Gunnar. When we go out just watch your thing you said about the Koran with,
vehicles and slowly learn and so on. Yo out now jump into the The heavy as if it together- and I I wasn't haven't, yeah. I was an absolute evidently rather better freakin stoked there. Came back so come on from that deployment, and then you get put into the jeep, Is it the? Did you get it platoon the next summer, you like? Did you get stuck being ops again in that task in it? So I get your guts doc bit. This is a good deal for conceals guts as to you, Charlie Opto, gets So again, though, their slots for full I'd have wait for. I see it would mean I still get to deploy access, it's a double benefit. When you look at it the other day, I actually get to two points. Those guys their done with her assistant particular door step of how to go elsewhere and so it actually was a blessing in disguise and then Ok, so you're in that task,
an interesting leave? That task unit is in the book extreme ownership, in a very short passage out, lookin out to think about what said about it, but there is a task unit at children. At the time and the SK unit commander and one of the petition commanders they didn't get along, They had issues with each other and they couldn't. Couldn't get they couldn't put it aside, did just couldn't put aside and even the commanding officer again. This is in a book and commanding officer said a look I'll. Tell you what I know you do have issues, because if they both costume separately in and price drew up a story, but it was something like this: they both came to him and said: hey, look. I can't work of this kind of excesses. I can't work with this guy He brings together and says: look it's Friday, by Monday, come in here and tell me how you to organ work together, understand and like yeah, I got it sir. They come in Monday and what are they say? I can't work with him. I can't work with him and he goes okay. You guys can't work together. Guess what you're fired you fired a both of them, which, was a
which was a great move. Actually I bet, I think it was a good move. You know if you ve got to people that can't figure out how to together under the threat of being fired from your job. That's a real problem, especially if you can't substantiated I mean if you can't go in there and say: listen, here's the reasons why can't worker the sky to this this in this cause obviously had the opportunity to do that and their situations. Where you say look, I can't work. This guy has a moral or his on ethical or he treats everyone horribly, and I can't sit there and watch as happened like there's reasonable arguments that you could make. Were you literally can't work or someone, but when can't even substantiate on arguments as to why you can't work someone and then you get told ok, I guess and I don't hear any real reasons, so you to go figured out come back and say no kids not happen to you You mean like a good move, is ok neither one of these guys. I trusted overseas and formulation, ships with other military units and to foreign military units and do their job properly and he fired on both you Somehow they said,
guy! You know what collateral damage we're gonna takes rally! Removal in attacking a browser, that's what they did, and I was stokers I've wanted more people, always you ok, You get another. Fifty cal gonna get another officer, you another shooter, you get it it's another person, its awesome and I was told to have you come on board and it was There was like a little bit at you. I mean it was. There was drama because we know inside inside. Browser was like no drama like we. Don't we don't play drama like we solve problems, we keep our mouths shut, we do or swells do we? If we got problems, we figure out, we straightening and we move on and we could see all this drama unfolding in that other task, which is not currently like. Seeing that it a sealed him, you up a wholesale tb, kick ass, you see if a task in it that's in turmoil. It's like not to fund the watch, especially as I knew I basically knew every player in their new every one of those guys and you just fallen upon and Eagles fire or not, but it just a nightmare man. It was a nightmare anyway, you get bitten, we are about he catastrophe
outcomes, MIKE's relegated asking the browser and death. We're still I've ever been best worse deal, I ve been up so you jack in an hour but I was thinking to myself. Ok, I didn't know you Looked at your record, I knew you were in the marine corps. I like. I knew that you're gonna be squared away. That was my. That was my as much as you. Predict, you know I was thinking all kinds of Galveston Marine Corps just got to be awesome. You seemed like you were serious and you want to do good job and I was my assumption. Was you're gonna kick ass? How however, I have to be a little bit. You know how to do a little precautionary precaution. It takes them precautionary measures to make sure that you understand where I was coming from, I want to make sure you knew where I was coming from. While I haven't a little fun with it to a system of justice made So. That's why that's why we so introducing you into the task of bringing you and I want to- let you know like hey. This is where I met. You know we roundly job. That's why so
That's why we did the whole the old briefing so in the mechanic so in the mechanical room, so at tilting three at the time there was no ceilings, in any. They were doing this big remodelled and there was no ceilings in any of the petitions basis. Our task in Spain, there is all just. There was a wall with no ceilings. He could hear everything that has been said and, so, whenever I had something legitimate like an issue to bring up with someone- and it was on one it was in fact it was even almost always, it was always my my jails, who was either leaf or staff or one of the other jails. And bring him in there, and I do I get yours. What's goin on cause in the mechanical and there's not a loud noise, and no one can hear you and that's that still had a ceiling for privacy for privacy, corner silencer, coda silence. So, whenever someone was doing something that I really need to tighten up, some was getting out of line and I really need to talk to him on
on the secret level and by secret I mean I don't want anyone gossiping about when I was about to say so I bring him in the mechanical rob and intel more was up into that's what I'd that I welcomed MIKE into the task in it. Go ahead. Take it now you have so have you come out of it. Incident were aroused wrapped up in a lot a little bit of drama. Indeed shifting jet that incident, though you are just sort of like in that group, or were you you know. So since I was close, the operations offer, which is basically that the guided handles the data affairs, the troop commander, I was naturally close to him, and if you want to step back to that task, because it was one of the again many greatly Bishop lessons across the course my career for a new guy watching that it seems it was I would question, maybe this committee he's not here. If this is the norm, is that this? my first experience means. This is normal to me.
Just like back stabbing he goes the petitions they performed in a state out of the drama for the most part, but between spook manner in the in the task in committee. It was from day one. It was just like watching a train derail. You just saw it coming. In effect, the boss laid down the rule, and they come back on Monday morning in paint him into a corner, I dont know what they expected there and they both got fired and edit both affected their career. But he was it. You know? I actually. I can say that as a new guy. It was a great thing to see in retrospect, because you learn what not to do there when I was told to report into two Jacko are not the best over of speed, it's too, and I knock on the door to detaching browser and say, might really jogger report in and said Roger come of mania.
He'd paper in his aunt principal's office. I will see what I found into. Everyone knows what the mechanical room has, but nobody goes in or near. Aren't you What a pity like cogs. Turning like even louder steam come out and made my an ELM street. That's a pretty clear. Didn't is a worry you actually Tom it Bob to add down, takes up to you basing laid on the love. I heard what would happen. You have clean slate her but do not bring drama into my task unit. Here's your car! can shoot you been formally council. Bernard left the room. I think I sat there were thirty seconds to buy yourself just staring the wall like one like my my career in the show teams, as Galicia extra sure, I'm getting from all directions in what he did was you lay down the law. Stood. There is just one thing to do that. That point knows just before
for the other backdoor here is- is that the petitioners talking about that perform well inside that task at the balloon chief and that, because He was used when my good friends from way back and there, is all this stream voltage going around about whose fault this was and the came up to me. He was hey you're, getting rally and also yachting us he's talking to go and other jack and that's like literally all I need to hear because when he told me that I knew like he's got back his opinion I actually knew you were going to be good to go a little bits longer than I denied gave no Now he was in terms of first people. Meat. The James was certainly welcoming to every new guy. No hazing whatsoever performers new guy, your partners, batoon you have a voice and don't want you found out to subdue sniper found out. I was a sniper than rigour. Is it go?
I'm going to call the army right now go check out of sweet of guns and I was shocked in trade as a sniper as an officer for the entire work up in because of that one guy who welcomed me with open arms and dear despite his his long history in the teams. I mean no ego whatsoever, how both past dry, so you given him that paper, the formal caroling- that's like, isn't something we normally do give you get in trouble. Some artificial used all the year, a rubber missing, used to Syria to make us straight up integration in like hey Erin, oh by the way, I probably wrote in my entire naval career less than five, I might have written three, maybe You didn't even do anything I know I know I had to give one to life. One time like my. May I make a relief leaf did some thin and the exile
was like you need a ride him up and I was like of definitely sir and I wrote him up in and at an eye it it later. Whenever he knows not, but there's a very few times that I actually did that, but again we didn't you late. It was pretty late, we're goin on employment soon and selves like ok, let's go get some subtle You know said the expert to front. You know they were not point around We all unemployment will remedy well, because before did that we did Sir Tax and all that kind of the last but a training, and then we went on the planet Romani. Nor did not I and you x. I literally junior three weeks before we deployed God so I was that fresh task to bring new relationships, with a few guys that again, you are to budge with actually so, never mark lean. I transfer over the Santa Maria DA after sir decks? While are you sure
more money than before I was an yeah. I think Mark was before yeah. Yeah is. Oh, that's right. Does everything fell apart, insert x, for you guys, but you're sort excess before hours? That's right, you need when we come back in Panama. When the year The shit hit the fan. Within that it's then dear, get ready, go remedy and what would you do you he became what did you, become like, because I had a guy that with the the task in an ops, do I make you tat? You did assistant, perhaps Carson. We demanded. That was the didn't you. Unless you are correct I wish you, I was a ops. Quickly became limits limiting some. This is against the great a great point, because all that like basically, no, that is really it's a test. Am I right you up the future attitude as you have you noticed. Attitude is like Roger no doubt
What don't worry about it? There is an ok you're, gonna work for the other guy. That's probably look lower in rank than you that has been in the military for a year and you're gonna work for him. How do you? How do you take that? No marks out using Roger that I'm here to work those things like when you when those things happen, because people ask me this of that kind of question time? Will you know someone else, copper motorcycles got? This is what you do. Oh you are cart. That's and that's exactly what you did in Europe a matter of days before I was thinkin. Ok, these all give a little bit more argument with a little but more and then very shortly, thereafter technique. I guess what you are ops now, which is but this huge great job, but it's it's. It's pretty significant ones were on the ground, and commodities lot responsibility there the count on you for a lot of stuff and- because you were we can squared away and were like. Ok Roger that no attitude. Note never did you like I give you and then we got oversees. I remember I gave you the first job, which is I sent you tv right, the tv for those you that
don't know too much about the military. There's a there's a headquarters above the task unit, which is called if the seal team, but when you're on deployment, it's called a task group and they have all kinds of administrative staff that they gonna handle, and we we had a great team with great support from our head shed, but they needed p work? They need people to drive. People work is basically what they needed, and so they need did on officer to go over there for thirty days, for thirty days and git work do all this paperwork and I had to submit an officer night. I sent you Anders two reasons: why did it well number one the number. One reason why did it was because I knew that you'd get there and figure things out and help us Greece, the skids for everything that we are doing well I sense a more open minded pull out off as well and to because I knew when I get you back. I could do something awesome with you like get you in a field which is what it did so
yeah if you're in those situations where you like you're you deserve. Better just be quiet suck it up. Do a good job and if you're, the other part that people get paranoid about as they think will. They won't notice me. The only thing I should tell Jacko how awesome I am I tell Jacko that I was in the marine corps. I should tell Jacko that I I must sniper. I should to like they got a better idea. How will you just be humble? I just work, and if you, it out, and job losses are a menace escort aware when wifeless widower, Mukwege, rapid, always in the Marine corps, oh you could always use a sniper. Oh, he was and recall, ok gotta piper you're cool. I can and these humble on top of all that, as opposed to eight look at me, because believe me, there's plenty people that come in and they want a beau up and act like the bad guy on the planet. It's like that real problem. That's a real problem! because they have a bigger if it was to the point where I knew I'd burn my purse,
capital It was done to rebuild and even before he suddenly the vast group. You're, running ops, quickly, give apparent that the other guy goes ahead and I just want to pick up the bill, but a leaf ask me, for I wanted to go out, and am I met in everything in me wanted to go out on a mission with em cause. He's got are already starting to kill a lot about combatants, but I have work to do in terms of jobs that jocular dashed down unified went out it wouldn't gotten done in you. Let me made that call new long ago, but I asked in life you were talking about that yesterday I was leaving their taxes and he's I remember that one thing and we knew that was a sign that you really get your stuff done in any actually made. The right call and are you using your worries and under they know what you were doing. You were looking out for the task units that are looking out for Goin off. That's what that is. We were looking out for the task in instead of looking out for yourself. You were taken care of.
What your actual job was instead of taking care of yourself, that's again for that's wondering like how to act letter you act take her the team before you take yourself. You stay humble you dont. I think that you deserve more than you're gonna get when you get headed a shit sandwich take a bite to it, put a smile on your face and ask for another one and make When squared away do that's out, that's how you gonna, were you wanna go which, for you eventually meant going to join, dealt to awesome best experience if ever happen again with a opportune that is humble in if the as a presentation of that that is J B to know those guys welcome with open arms, and I was taken back by the year by the EU
They just the sort of work in the way described alternatives. They were like the little guy. They were the little guy and asking a browser it in the sense that they were just quite with what they did it just different personalities between jolly indulging. You love both buttons, but he had a very different story Of leadership in again naming names cosmos most on active duty, but it felt like home, in being with south was educational, given the experience they had gotten within those like to Montana. Wasn't there to have three months and dumb? You know there was a steep learning curve after three months called after them, and I'm Stepan in his eye had a light speed up to that bitch with the speed of work as they are already there. Then they had a heart of experience that border maneuvers was insane amount of experience
the the they the first. At one point they did twenty four straight patrols into the Mahlab. I contacted every single time. And then one they didn't get contacted. They were like way up in the North EAST section they didn't get contacted at in the neck. And they went out which was a day later. They were right back in it again, so the amount of experience that they had was just was was ridiculous. It was it was, I remember size briefings he just sort of that quote right there, and I was like These guys have been in contact on their last twenty three, their last twenty three operations and the the Hawk watch offshore comes walkin in MRS Ek, Sir, yes, he was. I just want to let you know what. Decorators inner erratic right now and I was like Roger that
the promises made at twenty four thousand those those pretty awesome we use do when those big bigwigs would come to visit us in your body. We would we would. We would attempt to, make it all nice, but what that look like with so? Obviously wretched, that, like we would, we would say: hey you know if we ve got we'd we'd lay out the the MRI coffee for them, so I gave you a couple of years, the ammo regarding we and we make it like. We are doing our best to give him like the best treatment, but like the treatment that you gonna get your socks cause we're out here in the middle and supply chains, not as good as it could be an hake. If you want a week, we will wish you have coffee the habits of years. A memory coffee you can fix it up here gets up where we cleared out the Spla closet, but backup yeah yeah. Anything Zalm talk about the task route
my time there is for those where's that community it was such a deviation from what soft was doing in Iraq prior to that and you I like you use Colonel Macfarlane who Unita on the show, the the laws. Will you dire now The general forward, Monrovia, one wonder, forget combating it. He realized we weren't winning. We are not willing to take, Did you operations, as we have been doing, is the wrong called things need changing even out the task group loved the commander. Overall, because it was a deviation from what every other she'll team had done. You could see him struggling, The weather was a right corner. Member a few times. He called me in tat my opinion. But what was going on? But you wasn't really looking for an answer. He was you. Me just as a springboard for his own thought process. Until I would talk very little and even just sort of keep on talking
it means he had a very solid sort of thought process. Along the lines of how he justified it, and, ultimately you know he looked out for you. The rest of the documents there and they allow us to look out for all the conventional says that we are working with active there, one when eighty in the first five or six, no one, three, seven and three raids and all those guys that were on the ground thus there who, We were able to help out as much as much as possible because we got clear to do as operations which, as you said, was a was out I'd the norm outside the normal daytime operation stay out in city. Supporting conventional forces, which freak some people out like, why would you be supporting them? They should be supporting youth will now they ve got whenever Thousand soldiers and they're taking down a giant part of the city and we can help protect them, so we are supporting element, but it's going to be is going to have a big impact. So it was
it was awesome so when you got when you got out to Corregidor. We, the first the five or six How awesome is first, the fibre We must first, the vital sex firstly, the five or six from it. Down were hard core Here's the eight some of the strongest leadership. So now major General I'm sorry Rhonda Clark was the metallic Maynard Donald Agenda, carnal Dave, what I mean I've, never seen twenty years. Stronger, sir, off conventional force relationship other than remedy? was a textbook case of unity of ever. Nobody worked for the other, but they all worked in unity towards the same and state it was before Voyager Wrong Clark. Of course,
you shot and all the boys it set that relationship out. They had done a wonderful job and on the facts. You I got out there before he bestowed the first of the virus ex spade on them. And if you like, I was there when he got stood upon us a just. I mean You need qualified, as you know, getting the tried. It was one of the biggest things, These complements my life, but there was just like a different sense of pride and almost rates That is bad ass, lieutenant colonel that that had been in the software, so long bestowed a infamous. You know symbol on her shoulders and set a? U where this comment that was setting biddy, there's very few words descried outlet from I was like you said the relationship between between everyone between us between everyone at the one one idea it was just freakin, awesome and
I don't know if I will be able to capture that describe it, but man was. It was awesome, can end, They did for us and what we did whatever we could for them and what they did for us. Man was just that, activists is that they made in the end the effort that they put forth to support what we were doing it was it was. It was ass. If it was just awesome talk about just give like hey this is What we are doing so Who can hear from your perspective like again, you know you don't need to get into tactics that, but just hey just a general. This is what we are doing. We we were covering moving with the first two five six, that's how I put it we recovery moving again, all in the city in pursuit of the single is win remedy and dumb. We could, with the status quo with it the night we direct x rays, but you just have to win back the bed. What the other conventions don't enable gonna go up. So
we really lies. The skill set that was unique. Conceal teams now was the cyber of watch and disposition. Is there a sniper positions because we would again we defied sort of traditional of those two to four and went out, maybe six guys in its neighbourhood and we went out in force. Firing position, citing position scarce shortly after the first few kills from our our snipers. It quickly turned a new battle position, they can sort trying await where you rat pissed off the bodies lying on the ground in a had become very good. But we would move out ahead of the frontline trace of five or six set up ass, never of watch mutually sporting stubborn watch, to really protect me conventions, doing major clearances rather lob district, and it was highly successful, yes, dear to me, we operated on the other days. Sometimes it did.
Most often we would have night prior to you, use the advantage of Nigeria to two unit set up prior to the other conventions comin in early morning in starting the I'd declares operations in Europe a lot out from the day or stay until night. Just to give ourselves, Yo mitigate risk is best possible, but you you cannot argue the numbers, don't why you cannot argue with the numbers that the cigarettes will go down. Enemy combatants were killed were were stacked up and slowly you take one body down that elephant. We move further and further into central remedy, which was, and we held territory until two aspects: and then from the other side, Charlie between was coming in from there from the western side, ahmadi- and it was like eventually we just all men- men- had a little and called a good. So. And when you got over Corregidor.
I mean, obviously you workin for stoner. When you first show up their how's that stoner great Estonia, a very I, don't have the word eclectic. Is, is good way to scrub, and so for lobbying me so donors, it is enable calibre graduate highly. You know the guy always had a photographic memory. End up getting his arm is masters from prison. So clearly these guys intelligent, what would he say about sixty six? Three Yes was eight was big dude. He was overly aggressive sort. Some extra tissue above his his eyebrows, a sort of made him look like a cave meant, but still had a reputation of of being you just that aggressive in that's what was needed in that position.
But he wasn't reckless and let me say that he was. He was methodical, thoughtful indulging out, mostly their decisions. He made an dumb you for any leader that Burma Command is, is a lonely place near dashing commander here, even though you close with leaf jogger life now and safe. The EU also alone in four out there, all by himself Casino Andrew taken off used by himself, and he really had nobody to two commensurate I think I wanna get out there. You know he was relieved at data also gives us a the war grass of confided in May So I went everywhere with Seth every meeting for the first five or six, I think he was in relieved you're one of my Frank's Gregson in its sights to say this was. I was actually very good planner very good when you took
a pride in the fact that I was a sniper, and so I can do a lot of analysis mission now stone and mitigate risk, and then I was very good at making other products almost my own demise and handling it funny story, but I sat a new, you can rely on me for the little things to get that done to clear the way for him to focus on the more strategic picture would in the battle and money and so on. YO, because I respected him for what he had done up to that point very much sense as a young seal? I was trying to earn his respect as well, and I think I did that towards it is. He knew even rely on me and I can quickly dogma feel approved. My worth,
You remember him and also with a sniper Ethel now itself. Finally, in the game is worth, but we grew extremely extremely close to the point where he started about off bouncer matters off me for my opinion, before he weighed waiting with some final decisions and it again brother, quite frankly, and I'm gonna win bid as follows: ever led the way and in making sure that he was sent off out adult opportune and in fine fashion we gonna Vietnam decibels. Eight was a nice pistol is like two thousand dollar pistol. The boys were happy to shit man, so we we nature that we sent set off with as much love as he showed the the boys in limit. Let me finish with south in that regard. He loved love the guys he would hold them accountable by all means. Yet he was close with gas, but he did not yet the way of him making a decision.
A right decision not what was best for the gas, but what was right for the eyes and he would make this hard decisions and he didn't mind being unpopular, fit in well yeah I owe at some point we talk a lot about. You know now so now we're Palmer done with the appointment, agenda?
you guys had a matter of. I don't know what to call it. The number of emissions laughed might be zero might be. One might be too. But it was almost time for everyone to start pack up and and had no end that didn't mean that the first of five or six was going home. Cuz, they weren't didn't mean the one when he was going home and they weren't didn't mean that they were to stop doing it operate. They want. It did mean that the enemy was gonna. Stop to kill Americans and so that meant that we couldn't doing what we had to do until the next seal? team came in to relieve us and take our place. So there was no. There was no stopping. There was no sir. It was time to go home,
close as we were in- and I remember consciously I said to Myself- not good say: hey this day will do our last mission because I think that's like call me superstitious, but that to me like a bad luck thing. Ok, Ok, guys. This is the last mission and even in my own mind us it ok! Well, we'll see. Others one goes and if another mission comes up- and so I never said to Myself- ok this day or this something we're gonna stop, and I just knew that at some we'd have enough of the of the new group over the new team would be here, and we could say I could say. Ok, you know what we're good now we're going home and I didn't want to make that can't I didn't want to make that legged set date. You know, or so time, reset number of missions. I do said when when we are ready to be relieved will stop stop and will both pack up cause. I don't want guys out in the field thinking eighty, if I can just make it through this cause, that's bad or.
Guys in the field. Thinking it's the last one. I got to do what I don't want that or anyone in mind, not even mine. That's why I even trick myself into said: okay we're going to keep going until we've got enough strength or the other team, then we'll just stop that when we, when that day comes. So you guys can operate and whenever it kept operate, kept going and. He was still despite the significant impact or been on the enemy. The enemy was still bringing it and they started to get a little bit more desperate and because we really shut down a lot of their movements and they were started really. Try strike back Sidney Secondly, when they could, So, basically, almost
Ray time that we went out into in Romania was on at this point so September, twenty ninth, two thousand and six- you guys we're doing enough. Another operation in support first, the five or six operation Kentucky Jumper, the hare them lob district, read by the stadium, Numb we'd inserted the other night before Again in the area we have operated multiple times before we knew like a bad forehand. We had taken multiple positions in that area
in on this specific one. We have taken a very dominant building when I say dominant in terms of high divide, we we add the height over any other Billy. And we were has diligent. Amethyst article as we were, we any other mission, the hum. And shortly after sunrise, we worrying as with the enemy. First in the Bible, six, oh, come into clear several sectors of them, lob district and in Gaza by noon. Often another she'll never had the need for yes and dumb. You two had. A sort of lay down get some rest because we ve been up for closed twenty four hours and making eye were holding a in my ear.
He jumped on my snub arrival to get some again time and seal to his left three feet and I was three feet is right, in course, what it wanted things as a young guy- and I realize now, as I just always pushed to the edge, sometimes to take care of the guy. Gif take care of yourself, and I just didn't, learn that early on to what I always try to stay awake and I try to sleep as little as possible. Cuz I thought, be there. You guess you need me to make a decision in reality they didn't neither to make a decision, they had it and I was very replaceable, but when you are young, you eat on toys. Realize it until I was in and out asleep in a body since sitting on the ground like he was sitting in a chair and Mikey, and I were in conversation basically about going home because we knew that was more last missions and mighty was excited. Does he was going to Cyprus. Go if you remember that you guys at line that up
you ve been a machine, Gunnar. Most of the network, all appointed look right next to J P? Who was the point then ensure that was mighty? Job was to over watch like Snake go over Watch J B in case they ran into enemy contact, they would be the first ones and mighty would lay down. In my he had laid down on multiple multiple occasion before in India thing we're talking about is a state girl. We were time that me he knew. I was excited because my daughter was two years old, and I I don't think I talk to my family much on that politics. We're just Busy and that that sort of my style two's once I'm deployed is it was easier for me not start my family, because it was actually distraction could hear it. Wouldn't it
as for my mind, so you knew the mission was to get home your family's quickly as possible and in the best way, for me to do that, I'm not saying was the right way was to focus on what did you do it? It had a hundred percent of my attention because I would not for life of me. I would not allow what am I gonna do I killed, but unfortunately that's out of our country. It's war in wars, not clean, but I midday you contacted died down. There were still movement now there, but during the conversation a grenade had come the roof and dumb again I was in sleep. But what really sorra snap me to heart was racial? Highway was mighty snapped up member. He was in a seat grenade, come over the roof near him in the chest.
On the ground right in front of him and others that there's a lot of accounts out there that are wrong. I saw some other seal speak to a crowd about this, that there was a entrance to the roof, taught that stairwell that would go down in the Mena Main building, and I wasn't true. We are actually like fifteen metres from that stairwell. At the very edge of the roof closest to the street when Mikey I said, Mikey had the greatest chance of getting it away. Is that all he had to do is dive in the other direction. He most like unshakeable shrapnel to the bottom of the feed into the gaps, but he would have gone home. The thing that amazes me is your: not the dull. To the shared Norma, the sharpest but the cognitive abilities to assess what just happened in the potential out,
I bet it if he chose self preservation, which is not a wrong off that the seal to his left in myself. Would you just eight and the grenade in the face completely just done in the other she'll to his left hand, gets his warm and dumb. You know you, you play this over your head interests me. I played every day, and the first thing I think about when I wake up, as is mighty. My kids, and the last thing I think about when we go to sleep, is making the kids, the reason I say that is there's a pitcher of awe of mighty on my wall and he knows that iconic picture Mikey with south at another see on the background of the yellow smoke any scaring the machine gun handle beheld Gounod in Vietnam.
Do you go down on it and does not admit of the situation, but it's almost like that. Seen from my snatch were You guys are frozen. The shocking zone, Authenticity Cythera, with a stupid little face. Our brother sat there with a stupid. Look on my face because one we were in the heat MID day. We ve been up twenty four hours or exhausted and dumb it just happened so fast and mighty just took action in a matter of No seconds media assess the situation, he knew the outcomes in made the most selfless decision that anyone Can ever make there's no walking away from that nine others decent people out of walked away from Japan on organ aid, but those that those are statistical, anomalies and done it went
and on by him smother in it. It finalized the grenade blast to the sides towards The seal to left to myself was a mere ones like throwing throughs in both legs in you, I've never been that close to an explosive We we are. We work with explosives all all the time. Within the seal, but we're very diligent about mitigating Riskin parameters that you have to be so far from the the explosives The thing actually pick me up in Flint me over and done I just I get feel the pain you people talk about if your shot wounded, but you don't feel at the adrenaline takes over that in the case.
It was immediate, hot metal burning inside my legs or through through wounds just bleeding show at the time I didn't know via legs. I couldn't even I didn't want to look so I put my hands or forehead on the odd dusty rooftop adjust took at big sort by eight, the pain and on a third or fourth seal was already moving towards our direction. You ve been affected by the blast as well did take any shrapnel but rattled all of us, and I looked at mighty whose head was turned towards me and I'm Mikey mighty and it was just lifeless and dumb so that the next decision will actually happen, as we start get lit up by in the machine gun fire all chaos
Sprague announced pure gay ass, pure peril, the eye lucky soldiers on the roof with us, except for one whose close to us, but he was actually stricken Inferrin, feel position. They all ran off the roof and left us, so you ve got one critically mortally wounded to somewhat out of the fight to care. Stand up and then the third is dealing with out with mighty. Until we were left pretty much, we could say left to die by the iraqi soldiers, so I made a we went to my in better to take over south who was in a mutually supporting of watch position about five hundred metres away and dumb. The blast had knocked out my other until I'm goin. Finally, I pull them they're out. Let's just click screen and I turned back on reset it, but the bitter has to go through a load to programming.
Exact minute was adopts. I didn't have a minute still so. Still at my my legs look around, I see the iraqi soldier. Remember. Names Mohammed actually spoke English and he's in the field position and uneasy stricken my fair into I get up to run over to end as I stand up to run. I just go right down literally on my face. The legs just wouldn't work and again sorted, eat pain, Which glad to do given what might use go through right now? What you didn't did for us- and I call over there in the iraqi soldiers used Motorola and surf- add Iraqis with him as well. I actually yeah called out Seth, Sir,
eventually got an emerald roller in an I said: Edward worry, it bad might use down hard. We need you now and they knew something was going on because the fires, just you. Hidden are building, but you as a commander yet wait. Let lead lives. This wish enveloped find out what you're, what you right here. Systematic, amateur call back into the sit rebel. What's goin on he's, probably you on the Rio trying to find out, but I got back you'll, probably within a minute. After the whole grenade blasted had gone off in set said, Hoddan were coming.
And so I call back to where mighty that, though the foreseeable drag him away from the wall and the nome these drawn a work on them, and I thought I might get a machine gun. Member Mikey cares them. She knows right there and he starts to lay down return fire and dumb. It seemed like ages before safe got there. But finally, some Marek soldiers would come out nor starting to return fire, but you probably took Seth five minutes be got rid of. Second, all those guys were set up within their position. They were ready to move on Sudan leave livestock behind me, sometimes you not wearing your new kit, because it so hot you're. Therefore I was what forty eight hour operation. You just do not always get to the throne. There get probably get to us, when they move into the street? What happens then?
measures of other under fur and dumb. You know we didn't have our morphine kits, and this was a problem with sort of the process how that works. If you remember, we sent home the guy who's side for about a week earlier its. I remember. I find the courage to look at my legs yet expect to see anything their endeavours to two legs very bloody. Ah, I see you pets, but they are there and have sort of relief and sense. Ok, my legs are there, there's not working right now and I went to grab from my morphine and was gone. It so, though, shown our were real repaying, but get no more be moving on set eventually gets there, and I may start working a mighty They didn't know the building, wherein it apparently again mother, I think you actually activated the year the brothers and medicine, the backside of building a completely differently
again. There was there was some confusion about where to go, and I did my best the clear that up. From what I remember I don't remember very well well then to the gas from says, element Grammy. And I led them through the the stairwell down there wasn't a Jason door to building behind them. It in the backyard, so we went through that building to the road that was on the other side of parallel road from the the road we were operating on. And it was a day was a main road and dumb they throw the other it's your myself in there and then the guy who was carrying Mikey brings mighty into the rally funding vehicle and dumb. We take off in that guy. The look on his face, was pure exhaustion now within the military yours, yet we we trained in the baltic area and we do it as part of like physical training,
but you're also rigid when you're carrying your buddy and he's got his hand in your back and Mikey was not a small boy easily, probably to dent about six thousand two hundred and sixty three and this guy carried him was, I mean, he's a physical stud. And he was exhausted and we talked about a years later because he saw him put mighty down the Valley view vehicle and he sat down. Disorder was exhausted and sat there, a yellow my care. What doing no Start CPR in ease or snap to and start CPR yet again to be years. Late. Music. Man really sorry about that, unlike you don't have to apologize. You would just carried him you'll, probably a hundred meters with combat equipment on it, and you just you you weren't with it. You took a second After that, it's not your fault, but everyone finds fault mid day. Never one feels bad J P
in there, but it cut his finger. If you remember new, wasn't there and dumb. Yeah it was. You know you talk about the relationship with five or six again. It seemed like ages from the Bradley to get from our position in Central Romani MILAN to the regular aid station, and I do remember when I got there- the automatic amiable shot of morphine and not three minutes go by and talk about losing exposure, his hand, I'm freaking pain, and I regret sameness, just like the stupid things. You say when things go wrong and I grabbed by the collar MIKE I'm a navy see you ve got a ramp that shit up and you too, I could tell the look of sort frustrations. I comes back and statesmen. Finally like the morphine heads in supply paid subsided, but
What I remember vividly is one had very little capability for surgery, in fact another on, and he had a premise two, forty forty six as were bound to get us in who shows up Dave. Womack com farlane, I'm sort, colonel I'll, run Clark and the senior leadership from the first of our sex. In fact, there was probably a hundred soldiers out there, and so they bring us out of the structures which grew strap down and on David MAC has mobilise members still mid day and he puts mommy went on the structure and I flew off with his uncles and if you know the army, they don't get could gear, especially in the industry that I just gave me his like. I protection that it flew off with, but they saw us off and dumb next thing. I know I'm end up in our allocated to you. Do you
for surgery and again it is waiting for me, rob your gonna and I all the boys, it so yeah you're before they rush in industry and put us on her brow was there, but they thought in retrospect YE. I still struggle with us. I could have almost upset with it at the time it was almost like Robin Dogs face in his own feces for taking a crap on the carpet is they thought we would want to see mighty and dumb, so they laid both of us right by Mikey, whose declared to cease by his point me, which is almost like a point of shame, a point of utter shame and getting luck. Others, hills and terrorism
I just couldn't look, and I know they they had nothing but the best intent, but at the time it was just because I gotta see us. I know what I did. I know what happened they did advocate about five minutes and in Russia. Linda. Next thing I know I wake up in Baghdad and I go through another procedure, then prep to get the matter back to Germany two to go through another procedure and on the great thing is that other shown our together the entire time they gave us to goes to escort us and dumb Germany were there private three days and years people kept his a visit in at the time it's just, I didn't want to talk to anyone. I did want talk. You surf in
When I talk to you for the first time is when you got to Germany and dumb, It's because I had I had my sit rep to pass in I don't know how I'm sure, because the other seal before seal on that rooftop stables said that he said was aware of what it happened. But I need to talk to you guys be like hey. He jumped on that thing in the military when somebody jumped on a agreed grenade, you know what that means. It is the most I was active valor that there is an dumb it needs to be reported. Does usually if the medical wreckers check out the due diligence has done. It shows that it is truth. It is a medal of honor and dumb. I think that's where I started a citation. To get to you in the after three years there we are.
That, instead of just f, why? The only thing you told me- which I I asked you to try to ask questions about. Hey man are doing, know, how's the other seal, let's wounded, and you just were like that's all you're tell me was about Mikey saw your tell me. If he does a drunken man, because if you want to make sure I knew what was going on, you want to make sure that the water You want a reactor that I knew you didn't care about anything else that you dislike This is what he did this. You did, I'm telling you! This is what he did on like. I know man. I got it Are you? Ok, you like dont care. What did he say me? He said sky he saved all three of us up there. That was the only thing you cared about
And so then you got home and are. Yeah? I remember you know people ask me about, like you know, the funerals of my guys, but I was never there. Still we're still deployed, but I know that for you were From you know that. Ok, you imagine for you what that process was like
it will shape the. The way mighty Bast. It's one of the most intimate ways brothers can pass with one another. It's your way. But rather in the conduct of a fight guy get shot fire. It selfless, but when someone makes a sacrificed, Magellan grenade that that is done. The message of today. This is my gift to you: keep my memory alive and live well, but to the galleries saved, You are, you feel ashamed, and I know you you The same sort of feelings is really responsible for these guys in. I think we all connected career with God help me There isn't anything. I could have done in the planning it risk mitigation,
in preparation for this mission or during the conduct of the mission. That brings my guys home. Then I am wrong, and that is on me. In short, I come home even though everyone was It was so welcoming gracious and n n and carrying it. Just you Who is this point just blanket of shame in funny enough were not. These buses waiting for us at some sand? Eager reports memory was even some private jet tourists from the faster to dissent. Ago into they were- is upon a Boston and straight to allow both and my ex wife, my daughter, who were waiting there and on get my dollars to the time, but she would not come in any way they had little sidewalk, mom daddy and I, my ex wife,
give China, because I'm stone stretcher drag. Shall I give you my daughter to age? She just wouldn't she was clean. Automatic would not come to me and it was just even that, like I remember that so vividly, and I think it in a subtle way, like I held out against my daughter for for a short while he's like you is just like it was almost like a shining like she knew what happened she was like. Shunning me like she was scared near the bottom launches a two year in advance, as he's got my cam LISA being with mom. But I just He had a few everything and just looking at all at all the watchdog seals their addicted to celebrate mightiest life, it just a it, What the hell we're only do. That's it! That's a selfish feeling, haters isn't about you whatsoever, but it was useless like How can I do I let that happen? Why didn't you just like? How could you not get there in time very slow?
Could you not assess what a stupid and dumb? I still don't have a good answer flat. You know, but what really just we talk about this is like somebody needs to homey accountable. That's why Somebody needs to homey accountable and done you. The boys pick me up with your own course. Maybe other guys back up the wheelchair thrown in the back, the spirited and when we get to the on the mass prior to the funeral, Miss months were Israel waiting Andean, I'm ready to her own. What had happened and before giving its words out she wrapped her arms around the other children. I insist, I'm so happy. You're
Thank you for me what my son and, at that point like ok, I have no idea what to say users totally through me off my game. You could be upset. You just lost your son, and you are thanking me for me with her son in Tommy. You are so happy to talk about it. Following the alternate mind, thank you but that is just a testament of the family that mighty broken for the audience Mikey was a southern California. Kid again pretty big kid! That's six to buy you ten dries humor and was a devout catholic in the family still want to know what you think of the snakes religious, fairly day or volume of the day, their beliefs, Southern California
There are the most sir, whose family I've ever met when you meet them and you spend time with them, you quickly realized where Mikey got it it. He went to every mass accurate or when I say Mass, it's in a bond out building with some new Harry Priest in about five people, one of which is mighty pass now communion and he had safe and getting to know the family was actually very easy after that, but with time ass time went on, you know you begin to feel like you re reminder of their son and not the best light, and so I think over time I pulled away from the family can give them their the rest cause at some point. They have to put it down a move on with their lives, and I don't know that's right, gone hen. I still struggle with that today, but I love the family. Even there was
sense of guilt for my parents when they met their berets. Just how good people feel like why their son and not ours are My parents are now don't get me wrong. Extremely grateful, but there was a sense of guilt throughout our entire family that we get a move on in their family lives with his burden. Much like we do for Russia, Well, I can tell you that, when you said that a reminder not a way I would actually dispute that with you and I promise you that it's it's a man, they love, they love him You were talking to you in, and anyone same same with marks him with rising with tinged with all of our friends are fond of. You can go. Go and tell a story David her before or to tell a story that they ve heard a hundred before it's it's, it's worth it. It's worth it
at what point did you realize that you're gonna he'll quick enough to go back into another pull too. The actually they told me to take up. Take any. And they wanted to Gimme orders at of seventeen three and to take a easy tour and relax. Which is the strangest thing I would ever think to hear from a bunch of seals and it was asked okay. Then you need to heal when you get back in the game as quickly as possible. Cuz, that's what's best for you, so in light of the fact that unites enemy with insulting three sore. They do In response to that they allow me another platoon that is heading to pick up for listeners page, I mean specific man. That means we're going over the Philippines to work with the young. The philippine seals in evil not being combat, or do we not
nation building and funny enough when the align the cartoons there's these little placards. With your face and dumb in your name and in the Bastard Chiefs, that's a big mac and dignity, the Weeds board, because that's how they stack up who's going where and so the mask tubes office. This is no getting story, was open and they ve got. Three task units with each the balloons and the Tibetans and all the pictures of whose, and what and I'm in this, but I'm gonna pick on. So what I do is take by Take some junior officer that an EU see in a second but in going back to Iraq, put my picture there, but his picture in the pig home button. Literally got to the tax base and get most of it. Names, a hey Sancho, you ve just been assigned to this, but to go forward in I'm not kidding you dad is how that happen.
In no one ever said the thing either one they didn't know didn't recognize it didn't happen or to the just talking about this in Scrooge over a kid. By sending him to pick on. First were first motive. I don't feel bad about it. So you knew how long it up so it was about four months of debris meant so in a way I had some holes hours deepest half a golf ball, the end. If you don't pick the scab off, then it'll heal in a concave mirror. So this little doktor female doctors to go in every day. She would pick it this gap to keep the woman fresh, should it deals out collar, doktor pain, but did out for about four months, how to get to work and actually start to walking and run. But overall for months could remember when we wouldn t
back from a deployment to go into a six month, individual training cycle, so that Europe's neighbours gone. So I had time deal, but there still allow scrap metal. In my, in my legs. We format. The cartoon I'd put on some bad wake up there. Throughout that entire to your tree. Twenty cycle. In fact, a guy named Derek Benson and we, both known deck, was killed on exporting seventeen. Would I cut into my legs the strap mental those pushing towards skin? He would remove its. I had one jar of of shrapnel throughout the two year period that he would take out me love. You, love drives inside and then you roll back back to Iraq would remember, were anything in work up any speed. Dracula, will you give me that look? Well? When I put the work of every that look
I've been working for Jocko. You know We're gonna be on me Naturally, I put myself what one of those who are self employed, to pressures that, using an exception me too, form at a higher level. Given the thematic combat experience, I had a new had by that point, drastically changed how the western societies prepare for war, and it was. It was good. Pressure? I, like pressure, I like when somebody holes me accountable in they get on. I will talk about this. You have a very uncanny way of having Mercedes and without in a word resource The eyebrows come down lowering if you just stare what I have said is like you: would you do Look at me during the drain ability. Here's the standard for everyone else, here's your standard, get it done good doc. The two. Are you d probably runs brows, horror myself? Then you are but up
I do remember up now notice. Operations are terrain specifically in Kentucky and out some of the best raining ouida. We got and again I was drastically different than the prior worked up brighter Romani agenda for the gas it had not seen combat given what happened on the next appointment that that actually prepared US fora for what Yeah I mean come on back. I was so ideal for me to go back and run training. I mean there's. No better. But could and that's the really lucky that a good relationship with you, Ronnie said: look: where do you want to go, and I said I will go run trade because I need to get these gatorade. Doesn't we got back remedy wasn't done yet it ended, finishing up pretty quickly thereafter, but
I would just make it hey. What can we go back into the same thing for another? The average counter insurgency last seven years, the started six months ago. We got like many years worth of fighting in these guys need to be ready for that specific thing that I know how to do, and so need go run that training and in that and that's what I did and I was definitely its forty percent when you talk about like but like I, with theirs alone, buddy. Carrying going on when I was running training and the reason is because I I I got debrief, you know, like its eye, like this is gonna, be if you get the situation, it's not it's not What you think it is, it's gonna be hell and yeah how'd you prepare for you prepare for it. You do. Is you make? This is close to combat as you can possibly make it, then that was my goal and There was freaking hard training, and I know I had so many guys come back over the years after that, when I was running training that will like eight Eu Asia, act, rapidly innocent. Thank you and
The firefights were literally easier than going through a block of land warfare. They would be so stoked and it was awesome. That's like the best. Compliments I've ever gotten. My life was having those guys come back and it also you're Talkin to Morocco. Talking to the guided told me that you are going to go the other day. He's he's like a. We would had so many blue on blues. If we can go through that work up, we were so much better. We were so prepared and they beta friggin hardcore deployment to Afghanistan and kicked ass. Any yeah. We were totally good go because that training set us up, and so that was there was a real honour for me to be able to get to do that. But you I was a little bit. I was also a little bit still like. I remember I member and I've talked about this before the progress but like I'd, be in Mount right. It watching urban training on and I'd see like a new guy or somethin like standing in the Middle street, and I would literally feel like a sickness and my stomach like a pit like you like one thousand or modified, see someone street you'd like to get the street, I would have
feeling is gonna, go over and talk to him. It would you generally be like like hostile like Bro. The hell. Are you doing you here in the middle the street get out of here, you can get free, can killed and so yeah It was good and it is good that we put you guys do that. Are you guys we're right back into the fire right back into the fire on on that next opponent, any to lead into that last month. Have my son, who had him after Mikey, so his name is Michael Anthony Really it's Michael any months or you know she's not named after me, get to see him born less. Two weeks after that, we all end up in DC to see mighty posthumously recognize with a medal of honor. And then from Washington D C. I fly directly to the Middle EAST and any direct
and in fact it literally, but it up when we are deploying again it's your we end up back in our our province, Iraq. I end up spending. Clean remedy, which is completely different, completely pacified in Party, just can't believe you just like no notes, wait, just wait. It's coming, they're gonna attack in no it's not that way. What? At the same time we were arriving in Iraq, the solder militia back by I ran Iranians special groups there. What we call the cuts forces there, their special forces had dolphin major raw spring offensive in the spring of two thousand and eight the army is getting hammered inside of HA sought or city soldiers who died and dumb. They request sniper support from the Eu S special operations command, specifically siege, sort of a p. And that's just sort of knowing that
The three had run that similar mission in support of the one one ready combat brigade. Thereupon, it prior said: hey, can you guess, run this mission? So are commander of the time machine for faced with a decision. We commitments and ally of our products. You just couldn't shut down location, it send that entire unit to saunter city that that I work so he had to make a decision of taking seals from all the to give out stations now embark, thrown them into sort this hodgepodge unit. So you had seals from too Conseil team thrown together and out we loaded up a much argius. I think eight eight Nall forty rushed grow out too I did in airport and said up a new unit called debt defender
adamant naval, such warfare battle, detachment Baghdad. We named it defender, Saint Michael, dark angel defender after Gee emigrate. It's bad ass, a patch that at the archangel honor we all knew in some of my keys boys that gone through buds were in this new year, good good friends of mine. I doubt weren't Vienna, Iraq, that I made to point to the Philippines so we are located in Baghdad, but saunter cities like an hour fifteen minutes away from Baghdad International Airport and show you know their screaming for us to get in and again, this unit has never worked together. Some of them have like these three, came from this burden, they work together, but they had worked with these guys in in the but the conventional since they had ass. He just out of her scream for us to get in there, and so we did the best we could rehearsals planning we had never operating the area, babies,
people had, but those were the very senior seals and we yet thrust into sought or city primarily around this. This route called route golden they were trying to. At that point. The strategy was to cordon off or enclose solder city with these large Tiberius, so that we can control the entry points into the city and hence cut off supplies or any troops coming into the city. In. Ultimately, the strategy worked: the first night in all forty let's go in and dumb again river. We dislike young Intel officer who just come from first time in Iraq had come from italian bar, where you're dealing with now other sunni enemy. It were now operating it shia territory and shit completely to different styles of fighting terrorism purposes. One will
get a g hot on to the point where they die. Others are not necessarily any given a lifestyle in fighting and pull back and find no there and die. He didn't understand, really the difference, and so the Indo wasn't it We aligning can we had been not area, we go in the first night and all hell breaks loose member crystals with us. These are led sniper, we're trying to get into a position and dumb I mean we had e f peas, detonated on our patrol fruit listeners in e p. Explosive forming projectile again, if you remember these were Iranians made in what it is as a concave plate of copper with a lot of explosive behind it. When you detonated it turns into a molten project, Bolton regard. I am bullet yes and thing could cut through Bradley an orgy in Abrams Tank
right through like a hot knife through of butter, these things were nasty and they were killing troops. We have that didn't he draws the owned the rooftops and they had what we were trying to do to them so we are just like fish in official near shooting Chris one round in the helmet bounced off- and you have said had now taking your position as the release of the bad guy battered together, our task in Brazil, and so set his back with the tracker company that, in certain us doing his job to conflicts and mixture we had to sport, we needed it shortly after we called for hot extract, I'm in Gaza get Mono enemies maneuvering or be Jeez
He can't fire on the rooftops down into us how we do not lose a guy. I will never know what I like to say that Mark Rhine and Mikey were looking after us. We have you, got this one bringing to give this one year. It reset button, we called separated from, though behold I do remember this about sectors as the strikers come in. Strikers are second armoured version. Never humvee with wheels, beckoned, carry more troops and hunting larger and done it s a pretty get our remit weapon systems and. Ramp lowers south runs off start, Finally, we need to do in the course of his s eyes. I look. Go get all the strikers and I, the guy start load up and the strikers are getting after it to the point where they went Winchester getting his out there.
In one of the strike operator, says: hey Gimme your gun thy hand, my my Sr25 twenty five and he just starts going added my into my last Maggie reloads and he just kinda after it while day what humbling explain put it back in the same position like a new guy dramani. Okay, we got some great experience. We got to reset and we we should hey. Do us like thirty six hours. We need to do some serious planning. We need to do some serious workers will be. Do that in we'd sorted shortly after that an EU the fighting is the only time I got really felt vulnerable and remember. I called my brother before we inserted that the next time is a day. I dont think things in work out here, but my gives no alone and make sure you, Madam up to the personal care to make sure my grandma. My son goes up to be a man in my brother. Don't talk all that much, but for him
how to make a call with probably a bad choice and for him to hear that probably put a lot more concerned on his plate, but we inserted and we got into position and we got started knock it out of the park and then mission definition. They just kept. The limit God Combatants Cigar tax started to dive we had one. Seventy two our operation were the guy's eliminated fifty fighters in three weeks, I wanna women do not want to prettily here, replied numbers. I things like one. Twenty five one. Fifty within three weeks, the guy's eliminated and sick acts went to almost zero. There is not much to do for the rest of the World Bank's significant activities of enemy attacks. Basically, but what's also interesting is that that tail under that the shape inside Solder City came out today. Look we're good work. Where make friends now what were done with this and what was really awesome. Was it sought or city had been a complete nightmare for fun
straight years I mean Saturday, was completely uncontrollable and then in us week period give or take that that those operations took place. It was I've done. It was like they. The shapes. The amount set up will will keep dishonor control. What we want peace and and What happened that wasn't? That was a thousand unbelievable set of circumstances. Do you know what the United Monitor Member in in you it's your died, earn sets trust because of the distance between the Baghdad International Airport in Sawder City, the conventional That was supporting us when we go into solder was in outside our city. So, as I came and I think all three weeks spent all three weeks. Areas like a state are planned. If you need your requiem cycle out with conventional since over three weeks I wasn't with the boys, they would move to me in and we would exclamation, but you learn what we had about unity of effort and putting
yo aside in building personal capital through relationships, we built a great relationship with the other turned mountain and they If a saving we needed- and we there's lotta lessons learned from ahmadi- that real we took it we actually stepped up in terms of the mission planning preparation with some the assets of the tenth mountain had, but I was, with conventional spot myself. If I need to get to another out station or a cop, they would have. Convoy of Bradley waiting for me just for me, and I love it, but sat realized was probably get a little authorization employed. We conducted a mission. We got back to that that larger, Some he's a go, get your stuff back like I actually the guy Barton enemies, I kill you shall have a bank that was passed through because I was loving. I was Colonel Kurtz in medicines, love in it. The ito he made. The recall sir
I know you guys did an outstanding job there and and again it wasn't obvious. It wasn't just you guys, the tenth mountain freaking, unbelievable job, the some of the images that were coming back at that time of those guy putting that tv off right in the middle or right at the what side of a starter said he was at the eastern side of Sadr City. You could see those guys out their put. That barrier put those bears up. The conventional army eyes was freaking osment. What what? What asked guys, When you come back from that deported you'd think. Maybe you had enough yet not real. What on that? I in that vein, I sat down with that commanding officer of tea through the time. Orders to an east coast. Team die you know use do my final for rapid sent me off pretty hot good relationship me said MIKE.
Last thing: I want to leave you with his at some point. It becomes about family and I'm looking at him and I pause for about ten seconds Roger, that's her. Within the hamster wheel. Turning my was. Are you Freaking carry me. I'm going deploy as much in as often as I can Thing is not gonna last forever and dumb Dear dear another command went with it with a bunch of warriors, and I know I want to get right and stride in full as much as possible, but in Russia Georgiana. I realise what he was trying to tell me at some point. You gotta pull back there, so wait till you another. What there figure that out see, the EAST coast and now you're doing just more appointments, First, one was too. I too have guessed able to great group guys government, I loved love these guys do. Feel too. First mission out was probably with it.
Tapas mission missions ever been on in terms of just like terrain, because re worried corner province. Now then? How I would describe corner province? Is man town? Take you some of the worst areas of of the Colorado Rockies and it may be multiplied by two and at the end, I mean they were. This was their territory. They had prepared positions It was a dangerous area. Interbrew put injures prospectively, more fora for the listeners. You know. Of all the metals and honour within Kennedy and I think the majority all them worrying- that tone. Armourer Stan area to two glued to go to minors and on the first mission, the age, as was like an eight hour, our.
Suck rest and I actually so Adam Round Was- was killed in operation, and that was my are sort of la baptism of fire to that new unit, and I relative get friend at Jonas misgivings instructions of dealers in April on missions like I know that was that it does not, however, been idle by just one meter, and you get my head right. If you like, I know myself into burden, It was getting to work without that team. Get that experience in that a lot of time with it with them. Time side as well, the boats, but in all within what was at seven more bonnet with
Ray guys and Lhasa more brothers, namely extortion. Seventeen, which was the large loss of life in Afghanistan just yeah, it's a travesty when we lose one soldier Marine sailor airman, but when you lose thirty one that is just that. That hits the melting dated two, the listeners they may say, while thirty one soldiers you guys can easily recover from then you can All that the man ours that go into training those guys the level profession he a crude over years like that is like that is a catastrophic failure or
judgment in order. That is a loss of a lot of capability, yet alone, but pain for this thirty one families, the children, the order, not orphans, whether the kids are left behind the wiser left behind and in that will never have any solace other than that their loved ones were for doing what they believed in for them defending, but overall any great seven years in just nothing, but lessons learned and leadership, lessons in terms of being a troop manner, in. Quite frankly, you know my last exe I learned a lot, which was not my best bitter experience. You look at extreme ownership and there's ways I gotta handled certainties. It's better and I think I reflect my entire military coup just on man. I could have done that better.
What we all do back and think maybe we could have done that better, it's back to what I was saying earlier about like if you know the way than the way appears everywhere, but when you dont know it your singing like little Even I remember when I was young man young, and I do something that was like partially right, but then I do some that. Wasn't in, I think to myself. If I would have known guns reinforcement out of figured it out better. You know like figured it out better and you just don't, and that's one of the hardest things about Horace things about not just as Europeans is the military. When you complete a job, you don't get to do it anymore. You you you get done with your assistant between commander and you like. Okay, I got this figured out, I'm ready to do it again. They like no not going to be able to commit her, and then you get done with your platoon commander. You, okay, I got this figured out. Do they know you and we attach greater than you soon as you get you figure something out, you're done without job, and you can't go back into very seldom. Do you get to go back and you yes and so we all sit around and look back and an end.
Another weird thing about this whole deal. This whole deal is that Is it so hard to Someone's gotta have a real open mind to build a teacher to people. You know someone's gotta, be wait when someone's got, have an open mind like I would say. When I was running trade at, I would say, like thirty or forty percent of the people would be listening and absorbing and which is a point which is pretty good? It's actually pretty good, but there is thirty per cent of people that you know I would try and explain something to edit. Just wouldn't they just wouldn't you're putting the way in front of him but the they don't recognize it? They can't see it, and so it's easy now that you know the way when you look back at your own experience, you go there. The way appears everywhere, but you didn't see it back. I didn't see it bag bed of does look at article burn. Why didn't I warned that figure that out
it's one of those things that I think that's one of the things that that makes I'm doing now what you're doing what we are doing now as a team is to be to try and pass these lessons on two leaders everywhere and leaders in the military leaders and police leaders in fire leader in business egg. Everyone. To build a say. Look, I it over here, I know this is hard to see, but look at this end which awesome to be doing what we do now and say: oh and have people again a bus, the percentage of people that go. I got it, I got it, I can t. And what interesting about our business now is: people are raising their hand they're asking for it. That means their mind is open to their open to it. They want it, whereas with in this, does happen. Occasionally, when we work with companies that organ imposed on didn't like them of directors and Eagle fix this company discovery. Screwed up you gotta go fixing.
We will not have open minds so they're they're, looking when you're talking to him they're. Looking for reasons that what you're saying is wrong, that's their goal is set. That doesn't apply to me. Prior to this market? Doesn't it's? No, actually work with eight companies in your exact industry, your competitors and they have the same problem. This is how they fix it, but no, this different Ross. Ok, it's different for you! It's there! free leadership is different in your specific company. Leadership is different than it is everywhere else now has actually not true, not true at all so it's an unfortunate you know what site I've been thinking about this too, as you know, I gotta get up. I got a son, you know I got three daughters and in law the fact of the matter is see yourself as much in your daughter's as you do in your sought. Rather, your son ease, Easy even a boy, a small man. And man. What I wouldn't give to be able to just like put the knowledge in there. You know cause you seem doing stuff nigger and you could, you know,
This is my own flesh and blood by the way that I say, hey that's not a good way to handle that here's a good way to handle it, and he looks at me, like I'm, an idiot right How would you ever know what it's like to deal with a school teacher? You know what with a coach. How would you know what that's like to deal with another person what you're right, I'm sure you have this year! Fifty now through you got it all figured out. This is the one thing I leave you with the guy tat. You might my old man was partly right. Ninety five percent, the tamper did I listen there now now please Your father come up to me to be like hey. Can you talk to my son when loves? You was museum, I what leaving with listen dear old man, he may not know what Right decision is right, isn't certain things, but he will tell you what the wrong path is sometimes knowing what not to do this is valid,
Who is knowing what to do? You know that tell him. When fathers asked me to talk to their sons, EL. The science I say, listen. Your dad action He cares about you more Then you do. He wants an outcome for you, a good outcome for you more than you do. I know that doesn't seem possible, but for to come and ask me to like talk, you means at what he wants more than anything in the world is for you to be a good place in the future. That's what you want he doesn't want to screw you over. This isn't a plot to get you to fail in life. He actually wants you to win more than anything, so you may want to listen to check. So it's at this point you do leading. So what do you have did nine deployments overseas total ten. Nine ten points overseas and Finally, the little voice in your head says. You know what I need to look at, something
else? Probably probably the toughest decision make a lot of guys like largesse you are a thirty year that easy using the third problem more in their use, so this about me. In Ecuador, I will talk about this age. You came over me like a like a wave just crush me. It was just like yep, it's it like. I'm, I'm tat an out. Many set at you today. You always ring the bell. Do community that I got your wedding quitter, and URI dad I'd had one with a different with a different group. Awesome, often work with these guys and down. You know: there's lots of things you're on, When I finally felt the the fatigue in the hardest thing to do for any seals dab out. But it's because you know that you're no longer like the best guy to push that uniform,
and I also go through divorce at the time and dumb things were just things were out of balance, And even though I wanted to take the actual squadron, I knew I was not the best option for the guys. And even though I could probably maintain the job. That's not the right answer. If I could not keep them uncomfortable moving forward. Then then I wasn't right guy and so we talk about brutal self assessments that wasn't brutal self assessment, because he eyed in it that All in all, however, good I thought I was and what we did, what we did a just come to a point where things were degrading and so on over overseas. I should call back to my c o that I myself I'm done and died.
They said. Okay, we understand that I met a mature decision. If he wanted me to stay is like I want you to be my ex oh man. He actually referred referred, the the captain from the the raven Philippines, the ranger, the one they did the planning on about four the name now, but to call me that and I said I understand what you want to do. So, if you want to get too are met us in like working with details of us? Had no hay gimme orders to Texas. My ex is broadly Rumack, Texas. That's where from animal be close, my get! I need a repair that relationship you ve talked about it. New families come second with bottom line. When your war, You have shown me responsibilities on Sonia one brain guys on that. The families come second No doubt that was my new priority it. So you, testament to the sea or community. They made things
and they realign things, and they got me a bill it at the University of Texas. Naval or ROTC were one admiral. William Craven was sitting as the idea you D chancellor boom, and it certainly did you go to school, so you got down. There was to get your degree it now it was to be an all ROTC instructor, ok and dumb they'd. Also Let the battlefield, save the commonest getting a masters degree won't give. But I was the collateral gas to get your degree it so literally add one wait week to play for the full time and be a programme that you Took the side of the GMO, I took the ace we have drafted a very easy to a sitting. And down a jury. The jury. Thank you. And the scores were one too hot. Of his vo goals, got in dumb
that was only experience as well to start We we in a sense and was a master, do we become very good. I become being seals at the art of war which takes years in years, the home, and even then you never gives you think you are, but you put it and potential he built some level mastery and industry into accounting and finance with Twenty seven year olds hinder the thirty nine year old, NEA course, annually this puzzled, look on risk one! You been blown up a couple times next day. I went to some training really like you. Ve suffered cognitive delegation to the amount of fifty percent can make that excel. Spreading me slower than your eye was grabbing these younger kids, ok, which gets you're talking about. Ok, and they all. Let me they they knew. There were some different about me- I came to him for the other first test in one of the younger kids, who is actually one of the others in the class is twice as he likes.
When's the last time you took a test on my fourteen years ago. Has I shut up but I really was a hard setting back into an academic environment. People like what did you. The combat busy, be easy for you, a different type of stress brother and like one we will drive ourselves to do well and the first test in I'll come back favourable, MIKE's rallies, calling a joint buckle down it done. Dig why well, but after the first semester, the basics of business, gave me a gun. In my case, I think I can do something. I actually think I can do something good pay back to community. They hug me up to be, where there's no military base specifically battered humility in I know, there's there's a problem with debts getting out specially seals, they're not get jobs commensurate with their abilities income.
You should be swallowing these guys up leaders, I mean The one thing you can't denies the military, the pre eminent leadership, training platform in the nation, no debate nah not slightly the world. If I'd be the world, I'm not saying, there's no great leaders out there that have not been the notary. Actually there there there are more than than than people there's a lot of great leaders than ever had military training, but as a high As you said, about the marine corps. They tend to turn, have dismissed the standard product which is about God above and safely with another general, and so you talk now Mama created in a great idea. It was his vice chancellor, major general tilney can go up in disguise, become a real big met at any level we talked about, and busy walked myself into a project which we got by themselves business school. Twenty, that's We did a
analysis into the systemic challenges facing veterans when they get out in terms of employment, and it was eight sixty page paper which was met with quite a bit reception. Then again walking myself in a more work Edwards like hey, did we ve got a business concept of this round of this paper? You need to taken one step. Further war proven other project than Exxon Esther in heads. Something called vat was formed and to give a brief, embedded so vetted having all the gap analysis of programmes either in all the research we did we fear. We found a solution and Huffington Post held that it as revolutionizing the weight of veterans exit the notary so bar none the most comprehensive programme, other still building itself up so a partnership between Wharton University
Texas MC homes and the aid programme and the text, a sane amazed business programme and be a programme, we develop something called a veteran accelerated management programme. Its optional five months of my education through the Wharton Business Foundations course as a predatory to achieve what's in house residents program that basically a very strong business acumen over the cleaner within that two months over the course of this month, they receive more career development, which almost as important is acquiring the business skills. Then and be a student gets into years nets. How did her view how your daddy refine resin optimize Redmayne lead in mock interviews, day they hit all the basic vertical business, even entrepreneurs, and they have a business idea. They came in. They have a executed, a business plan on the back, it for those are only going to industry actually every Thursday Friday,
working on a yacht industry, capstone embedded in a company, so turn that a week, seven Thursday Friday working a project inside a company which means industry experience that go in the resume, and then two organizations offer their placement services free of charge. At the end, that's one front overwatch and Bradley Morris. In which the two have to be strategic partners, which I am sure will get into, but of the first pilot programme at the University of Texts, MC homes of the twenty five veterans, all our placed, except for one year- so that so you just kind of tat sort. About the next thing. Obviously, when you talk about us at some point. Why are you doing this and life and I were with us front, and we were with companies all the time and every but we work with guess what they They need people need good people any they need leaders, that's what they need.
You know as you and I Scots listen talked about it and I don't know if I don't Who made the connection Bentley. I think it was you who made the connection metal you like I'll, wait, you you need people and we're making people. Let's figure that out? sort of where we got into this idea of a salon over watch, we did. It was used to binding chocolate, peanut butter, Jesus was magical, how'd. You know a moment of silence so you know there is a lot of lessons learned from that it, and you know when I started that there is a lot of in his manners, my very successful business matters that are like did you need a capitalizing near the town? I couldn't see it like. You might true or tourism. Sorted drove like no need to be nonprofit reacting George people for this now I recognise that in a capital stock market even do more good on the four prophesied and any cannon prophesied
we live in a free society. Free enterprise and I never sitting down and in Austin with you guys in like eight. I remember you telling me that every company you talk to me like we're going to get like five and not just wasn't your game at the time, but the end of the day, your talent all about leadership becoming a too magnet or having a talent mindset within your organization is about leadership knowing our communities special operations community in combat aviators Day Burke, Resident fire pilot that asked me to make a deal Dave. We knew we could start something answer. We created echelon, front over watch. What we got you ever watch over watch being the term that the mission we ran. A remedy in, I think, like it, has little appeal in the sense that now we're over watching our brothers scream raise named seals. Therefore speedier societies, Marcia guys getting out, ended export come personnel moreover, watching them in Heaven
their transition were of watching the companies that are in a war for town, I think that people understand even the seals, are always hunting for the best talent. Somebody asked me you have only what, within with the most important job in the seal teams, isn't there they thought it was easy to comment on the front lines that that is important at the end of the day. That's what we do. I said no, it's actually but beat about budget trucker. That is like being a hiring men. You are the filter of talent coming through, which ultimately will end up in that trooped manner, and that that droop, chief, ah hands in there has to be a standard. We need to put some of our best guided buds nature that only the best or passing through the same thing applies to business. You are personally in this war for town and we could think of who town pulled and combat aviators, cobra pilots fighter, its again all the special operations guys in the direct support personnel come of so gone that have the soft skills leadership skills that you want. They may lie.
The hard skills you look at the Razumihin. It may not scream right fit, but once you get these guys an interview, you see that one day the leaders that their humble but the willing to. Older, sleeves up and get out it actually listening. Learn that is the perfect employ If you get more these guys in your business, I guarantee you will create your own army that will dominate our in whatever industry that uranium? It's it's its awesome, because for every every single time ago. Talking company veil, they'll say merits. Like you just it seems like you know, did you do a bunch of research to figure out? Did you have you been working with us and we didn't know about it and public know? Well, how do you know what problems we have oak as your company, because your group of individual group of human beings are trying to make up an app and guess what there's dynamics there? That happened with all different organisations acting together and guess what, if you
these leaders, for their amazed that I can understand their business to know and understand your business. I understand leadership. That's what, what Echelon Fort, we understand, rears its. We can go in and look what's going on and say: oh you gotta leadership from here Here's how we fix it. And so to take that? And so you know what he can actually give you people that understand leadership and make an help. You solve these problems. That is, like you, said: Rhesus peanut, Butter CUP, peanut butter and chocolate. That's what is so he's been on. Speaking of bringing On talent like wind, This whole thing was born out of psycho. How far we can move MIKE's earlier it s frankly, factors guess what that's what we did bring bring the band back together and That's why? But that's just been. It's been awesome. If anyone has come of the master. Sk Mike's. For not of a great talk about
the ship inside the monster, friggin, everyone loved it. I myself included and had gone out working with companies again now we just have some one else on the team that after that it understands leadership. See solutions were bring it. We re been bringing you out on a bunch of stuff now, so you see other companies, and you see your starting take even what you learn at school. Put that, on top of it, article applications that we see now, you know the way? So you see it everywhere, you look! So that's! That's! That's another benefit, so that's it you're right now talk about it now. You talk about what get out of bed in the morning. Companies. Like you loved. You do not like the fact that Jacko wave myself J, P Dave Flynn, on a phone call talking about leadership on my dears. Nothing gets us like we actually we love to solve these problems because we ve seen him before we're in young people. People often say like warm hearted,
The seal, slight synonymous with business. You just said it a unit, your accompany you're dealing with people and deal with the same issues and on It has been great. I mean how long I've been on our three months. Then I just love it. My fiance sees a different version because frivolousness I took you are high level higher education, executive director veteran services for the text. I m system in Egypt, you, even though the work was rewarding it just wasn't the same as being part Ashuelot front, end Jordan, has seen she's like you're you're. Actually, how did it not a bad woman, now gap. The with the boys, that that makes a big difference and, like you said, you can't even shut us up like we will have a like. We ve got this thing called the tank where we'll get together and talk about like a leader like working with three, bodies and he'll be leadership issues at each one of the companies and so we'll talk about the leadership issue
and then how that problem, should be approached and These calls that are scheduled for an hour will end up on the phone for you two and a half hours or we'll end up in the in the tank for three hours, then they're going by and cuz we're learning from. It were also learning how we can apply what we're talking about it's just it's just it's just an awesome. It's awesome to be part of the organization and and, like you said to be with people that are just into it into it neither the funny things. Having got my india, one thing that is not addressed in any and programme is leadership, They know right now. I've seen a lot of NBA programmes set up or or stand up centres of leadership within their their NBA programmes. And you have had some great discussions- Demi Great professors, their insult any strong leaders, because they they were private sector leaders before they came back and in it spoke, but, I mean you can in it we're not highly successful business practitioners, but at the end, the day like it's, not a recipe for for leadership training.
However, there are no, let's do its bit Osman. That's why the business has gone to great, because there's no one that often lower down the stairs theirs. They will who's your competition like we do want. We don't. I don't mean us in a negative way, but- cuz, I'm sure. There's companies out there that are trying to do something, but there's no one. That's saying hey this is this is what you do. This is how you lead this. If this is the way this will apply to your business visa, was that you can use and you can make happen so yeah that's been we wouldn't pretty lucky in the fact that we we, the correlations between these two things and some pretty clearly so the good of you to say so. The muster in D C users or five was my first muster naturally, you guys know my mum filled with him, Frazier sort would rise me one went against grubby, but you know I was deeply on board because you guys you yes, my brother's, unlike added, I wanted. I love discuss and leadership, but naturally You know I always have a
are you hold back a little like? Ok, when we see with his masters about and on the fact that you guys are changing lives and people are coming, to me off one speech. Hamish like do what is going on like I give one species like people like. Did that? Actually you perspective, that's all my life and I glad to hear that I didn't realize the the impact he added ass. Now, it's it's. Its awesome thing to be a part of, and when I say a thing to be a part of its awesome to be at the monster, the people that are at the monster not just like? Oh we're, a part of it and you're, not know it's like everyone that there is a part of it. And everyone that there is there is. Contributing to the now I that that's being distributed and increased so yeah, it's a docile to get done and that's where you're at now, there's probably a pretty good place to the approach,
were touching three hours almost right now or due to have for some like that probably a good place to call it and I'm sure will do this multiple times again in the future? of course obviously venture come coming on As for your service in the marine corps in the teams and now echelon front at on fraud or watch clearly MIKE is out you're doing his job he's done his job, and now maybe we could get echo to do his job talk about how we can all do our job better in some way. Somehow she could you help us with that. One year should be happy or on the right here, I'm on the path juniper about Jacko Job
Who is the path we are then you're crazy at the very least you're all upon the path I am trying to be on the path of grammar girl me do get crazy. So that being said, rob I understand the path the best we can, so you are the ways to do this. Someways somewhere, the earlier such some suggestions here, like you're the authorities away. I hear you're right, you're, right, you're, right and also the ideas good ideas proven prove of most of these are proven that prevented through experience, true, you know, etc. In affirmative origin, origin main dot comes called. Origin are company origin marking made stuff geese. Rash got for digital other stuff is well apparel. Why does apparel peril get like us like a town in all, because, as you know, you get
but the whole like apparel, like you're, not a fashion per, will then again apparently fashions different, ok, yeah, Janeiro ones. You where, as a human area and fashion, is something else that you're trying to look a certain way or give a certain flavour to your vibe, Yes, I I'm not a fan of you're, not a fan of Malaysia to your nine inches, your goal. I to when I went to college there was this woman who was, a buddhist monk and as I was, learning about, Buddhists, they want to things that they said was like you're not supposed to stand out like just just don't say not just to fit it right. That's part of the programme, agriculture is not fit in its just don't stand out like maybe one of us are in if you're a practising Buddhist, you can come on a brief brief me on this, I'm sure and help. This is how I read it. Don't you know, don't stand out you're, just trying to be used
It's like an eagle thing right. It's like don't look at me. Don't look at me because I'm just I just wear a black t, shirt and a pair of jeans. Don't look at me, I'm just a normal! Do it over here, nothing! now when the laying, as they call it, sir. No so, but there There is a person there that was a buddhist monk and the Buddhist Monk WAR, all the buddhist garb like the robe and stuff, which I don't care. When I was out when I was in Thailand its awesome. It's actually awesome seeing the buddhist monks walk around and they come and gather rice. For me in the morning and its across him, it's seems to be those really chill and religion out that right, and so down with the Buddhists but If you're, not in Thailand with other buddhist monks, where its normal will. Then you would guess what happens when you put on the robe,
stands out in your same look at me and that's what I gathered from another hey. No look at me. In fact. My goes like this Look at me, that's the go. That's all look at me yeah! So ok, so I think in article two, forty, into this service were desire, but we want to know where you were here: hey you brought it up. True journal, it's less about good, because when the Buddhist puts on his garb, regardless of where he or she is when they but on the guard does just how that's just the garb kind. Being heal. Their does not, regardless of where we're here where he or she is because check it out, If you're in thailand- and you put on the normal monk outfit. You look. Norman If you're in a university where everyone's dressed in west clothing. Shorts, T shirts, and you put on the garb, can guess what you're doing,
look normal. You stand out and it almost says, look at me because the true, in my opinion, like a bull, if you really wanted to to attain that level of legal less enlightenment, enlightenment, then you just be nothing like the normal people dress, nothing more, nothing less! Just write down the middle right, but no looking at me I'm just over here, doing what I'm doing, but I think- and I don't know- but I think it's possible that gets less about the result of them standing out in more about the effort or lack of effort or no effort made to stand. Because that's what it is, but it's like you can't be attached to like your personal for its lack. What I am saying well, so, if you if you're, using into putting on this the garb every
that's just how oh I M like Jane. I put this on you guys. I can stand or do not stand now. I'm figures on this guy you're way out earlier in looking well, let's go all change my attitude towards the monk. Then I went to college with this. Let us leave the political leader. What does he do anyway? How origin- may help us down. That's why if order, something from origin made. You could order something that is neon green, that peat Raw, design fats are or have me or you can order something, that's his black or black and gray, which is very low profile, low profile, while the joggers a low profile looking for as the colors, and why not, but their job it's it's gonna, hip! That's the thing! Raina joggers! I've got a few of them, comfortable joggers in the world, by the way proven proven by experts expert anyway
How can it give us on about? Ok, you did you do to your stick with you. Newgate bombast keep medium echoed by the way, since I think this is another Korean comes up. All the time is Should I wear the white key, the black ear, the blooming in my boots. Mind it was always look the white gears just playing Gee, that's it where the plain white guy that await us. I always only war, the Whitey guess what I caught now: locker higher Lucky guess what it doesn't matter anymore, because everybody where's all kinds of different colored geese. While they were white, blue black right, there's no it no longer is a thing to wear used to be like. If you are a you like it, everyone's eat. Like look at me right now, don't give cares what kullak as theirs, a lot of those different colors circulated. So, whereas, a year ago, I'm seeing only a year ago, I would have been like a listen. You needed, you stick with the weighty, that's just how right now, The Mai has been opened. If you want to get em black, if that's the one that is
you know what you're into a black one or the balloon, or the blue and with a green or not Goodnight me and Greenland Andrea. Just for clarification purposes me and Green was one of the color. That are in the spats which are compression pants for anyway, so the path get a new key. Continue or start Judea to bomb path. That's right! On the through the middle of have to buy the way. It's not you not be enough budgets part the back off I just want to say jogger sure. Yes, there comfortable, I get it come there's! No! in the comfort zone whatever, but your poor, near jogging, green algae, running doing these things you wanna put on sweat, pants right so to speak, and you put on some comfortable made America, origin, joggers, bright you're still in the path big time. The huge time actually far enough, the Gulf data both boom. So there is growth in the comfort zone in a certain small exe,
should, could talk any more about clothing I will be like, I regret that I have discovered the army entering the fashion area after we like ok, wait. If we talk I could see even by me sing like where this nowhere that that's leading in the zone- and I should be it where does the leads? I'm not gonna go there. I'm dies about supplements Agri food supplements. Okay, so MIKE member supplement right when you are young, everything, the throng, what's the muscle earlier at the risk of landmines, here we can talk about this doesn't get about it even more so. From what you give me the money there. What the protein pressure, the stronger better, everything, away, live more waste, be more big, big ourselves once in one less work. Now and then smaller t shirt, you understand exactly as all berwin and we never thought about hey what about joint supplements.
Like when you young you like a cool, maybe for like older folks or something like this, and I get it, but no man came in. Voting potter, Gimme, the beast he s so current. You know as always in evolving new information, better information, accurate information, joint supplements are more important than protein powder supplements. I would agree because look if you join, working well in lifting heavy. You don't need protein supplements. Could you can't lifted? AIDS to get to need the recovery for the protein and for growth and gains Suzanne. That is valid point, no, even up your forty can barely get out of your car after driving for one hour yeah and here's. The thing that said is funny, but shall funnybone knows it's real and which brings me to my other. My other point, which actually all joking aside is a big deal, is the biggest deal that I've actually found when you, when you get caught
more healthy joints, Every day activity is like we different almost to the point where you didn't realize that you had jammed up joint, simply like thing all. This freedom was waiting for me on the other side of healthy joint decision. Making point is Jockers supplements does joints along the boy. What makes here I figured we talk about miscarriage, given what an get educated as well anyway, joint warfare. Cruel or super crude oil. These are things that go directly to join other benefits by the way, But if you want somebody glasses together, I am my knees hurt how does joint warfare no, which need to go to the here's how it knows the guy had to have the answer to that joint joint warfare and knows that it goes to both knees.
So it's like hey cover move recovery with like ok, we got a bunch of guys. We got a bunch of guys like we ve been working out as they have some aren't. You gonna say like no, it knows these two before you eat it before you take it it during workers they had left me. Will you take? It feels like that, but is what it really is. The joint warfare doesn't know the knees. No, so it's like they were working world in various we're we're moving work, cleaning, Ethel, we're doing by removing the lion moving our bodies through sport anywhere, where in yard. Work grant me MIKE Jock or some other folks that we know after outside. Site you and then born. One of our. My wife comes outside with a big bucket of ice with waters in rent jockers little bit bigger. He may have worked little bit harder than US movement where he might be might need a summer. Water might work
little bit. He might need a certain amount of water, but we all need varying amounts of water from the least water saving. I've been in the shade, maybe not working that much. I maybe half what about your assessment, so my wife is the joint warfare with, although mega threes in all the other stuff they need. You guys are the knee jerk off the bed. Me obvious. I'm the good me. I need lesser that stuff. So we are the knees, choose what how much water meet this need, and this is the worst thing about this is this is also This is all scientifically proven. A hundred percent than me will dry and the journey knows the joint wherefore. Does another Nino similar check the doktor echo that literally how it works here, also by a very important supplement. You'll know just take it. You know and he had discipline. You can take that
you might have seen a video that ECHO Charles made about discipline that I'd die was taking three scoops of discipline, in that it put me into this is called the zone zone due to act, rigid the zone of digital excellence here and you spliced up that video displays the Argo they beg you space enough to make me look pretty good as honour. I need on all had Andy's Armand S, eye Tang. I look there s two. So everyone knows the other roles. Don't always look like that. You got some good little glimpse of earlier. Some actually really funny about that. You bring that up. Looking so all that foot Remuant occurred and tumbled over it, and you really redeem for a lot of that time and you don't Ro Dean, if you're not just dominate Dean is good. So he was gonna, get you for a little bit so dean errant, like literally that, ladies taxing hastened me that footage hastened If we only see Jonesy footage Nina this. In that you know, I don't know, you know he's here: what was a minor dissimilar footage and other Gaga didn't send it to? I forgot I wanted to, but then
shoot. Should I sent him this footage, you know what like what a peoples on the internet would air man? That's what I'm thinking. One of my ok anything as eighty said some like that, like you were Foeman any Andy's, all oh aid you unroll, even though he here from a dude, I dont care, because you oh Oh jujitsu? Doesn't work on drawing up he's not going out? No, no actually do. Did you worked on darker and chuckled ever with green job get caught in a damn arm, lock, dean. Wants this this footage. So I look at but again there's one of whom he takes. You die. You know he's sitting by eighty down wily sitting down by the way, and then he like mounts you and you a grain is elderly has like. Let me not put that part in it ass. I made you look good and what's socks is like. I was doing good. I was kind of getting after it up, suffer Edward in exactly maybe look good to me you D, MR, does nothing. Thirty, eight, also
You talked about protein not being important and actually think IRAN. Well, tat you need protein. Anyone is what gives you protein from the what commonly known as the real source of protein, that's good, which is mark What is more, you not monkeys, in it. He heard here. Oh you mean writing, not tried. All then sorry, gruesome, Witherspoon Upper yeah, you, your yearn extremism, yes so yeah, get mugged Peter Burma could be out peanut butter, peanut butter, chocolate mocha be out, we'll call it. We'll call it very soon Within a week, in a week or two. I had it in its yeah see, which kind of goes, you'd think it's coming to lifted his whole thing. With let's make something. That's like you, healthy, good protein, clean
all this stuff. But what it has to taste Delicious is simply a kinder goes against this whole hard core toughness thing right. Just like that, discipline- you made sure it tasted good contained in that kind of funny- You think it's anyway more Goodwin, replace you deserve with mark in boom. No sugar Protein is weird substance on earth that you can replace your steak. And your dessert with one item unnecessary. I'm not saying I do that, but six months ago it cook mistake, is a pain, sometimes takes eight minutes we are having a sometimes boom. Makes it look you're good what kind of immersion Campbell have markedly immersion camp in Maine August twenty six September second jujitsu emerge Can the other way due to emerging camp, not italian,
and can presume, won't be spelt speaking Italian there, nor any other language is most likely. Maybe a couple not poison was resumed. Portuguese, some S money, maybe some Esben Yorkshire yeah. You ve got any other anyone else. It was common, speak other languages, all the stuff that echo has talked about. Origin may not com, you can get it. There is true, also good way to support yourself and the spot. Guess if you want, is the fat or knowing that ducklings door and is called Jacko storm? Ok, support self with Jacko store. If you want to represent here in the bathroom, represent even get assurances, dicks display, negroes. Two no new designs on there. If you care about that's, why are you still offering the old one? Yes, that's an interesting decision Their different are slightly different. Yet they're just mean overhead Ok, so I have disciplining whose freedom shirts I have the Green one, the you not the rig,
what he called the Heather Gray and, what's the other, unlike a charcoal seemed to say, so. Hey you know. If you care about This kind of thing, hey, I'm gonna, go out on a wherever the post office got possess, the k cool sure you know your charcoal disbelieving through I gotta both of Next M wearing the Heather one day, the he's late bro like what up he disliked that same his eye and so much you get it in all colours as a yes, but it's I'm still after the thought, like man. Maybe I should get a different decide, but I like Discipline, equal freedom susie Ok boy? Why did they obviously need designs? Worse, I come back to the Post office, the guys like hey I like this. And it goes from to that's dope, but- still he still has the sense like. Ok, he has more than just that one dealing simply Susie. I do yeah, I mean I know can overstating it. But it's do it's a thing: it's not nothing broker so
on doctors or even get rash guards tee. Shirts, trucker hats eating it. Other hats, you get hoodies, you can get majorities and an hawaiian Hoodies TWAIN Hoodie. If you know Doin hoodies means which we don't because Giacometti up it's just light with real it could be called Southern California ready to no good circuit suppose it gets to be thirty degrees. California, the hawaiian hurrying and got it yeah. I think so. I nonetheless lightweight they look nice anyway, Fiona represent double stored outcome. He likes me get something always support also subscribe to the podcast. If you haven't usage do it. I don't know placed at her. If you leave reviews, I read him. Sometimes make me laugh. That is good. Because they can be rough, but then you reader of good review, that's making that that's positive, so make that happen. Also you too, by the way.
He liked very video version pockets and a warrior it broadcast. If you haven't, been listening, the Warrior goodbye gas check it out It's for kids! Ask him! Jake questions. Do some good questions in there Kids, definitely check it out you you can see echoes legit suppose they jet videos, oh yeah, the x, Serbs who but also the ones you do your fancy yeah the men, the again, Your supersensitive above video making everyone should no longer aka Makko anyway, yeah, so what you made it! You made the master, video and someone disinterest Someone put someone, I posted it. To my facebook. I bill I posted there in an doesn't your people commenting and then someone wrote no credit to echo. That's it
echo, just do he's doing his job uneasy out yeah, that's it doesn't want that kind of credit, yeah credit Actually, I think that it may do the trick you did your job, they re usable sticker! Congratulations! Well, I think, technically to in I mean in the spirit of just accuracy. I think most people kind and know that I made the Dear guests! I just make the video that's like the routine right, that's what it seems like anywhere in the world. Kid puck has its dope that's on Youtube as well, by the way also if you want a very up your work out which Think is important thing, but you know pay people, people so MP were different, but the very we work I'll, try some new stuff gonna on it not come slash Jackal! You get some new gear gear in all capacity, all we don T socks. We have the club to club heavy clever enough
So there are none of the club that you picked getting nowhere. You like hair, you didn't, I thought you had the least for juggling yearly. I know that's Africa. You'll kill somebody, probably yourself, but he's see that backs up a point that I said before about those doesn't like. Oh yeah, you know, like call at the club, looks like one of those clubs that they juggle pins or whatever, guy yeah, and you pick it up you like Bro. I can't juggle that that's like something you work out with in his thing yeah this full work out with that club in this very late to every anyway you go a website. You can see what work. How do do a good info on their switch up? You worked out man Itunes, Google play mp3. You can get psychological warfare. It's an and, yes, it has tracks, and it's just me telling ECHO and you, if you're, listening, not to be weak at that moment in time now, you know how it held it helps you ll, be we were working on the second album. While I should say I'm
compiling the thoughts second album, which would seems a determine the working title at this point. Is all your excuse, or lies ground seems to be a hit home with me with everyone What white you get it on Amazon, in Canada and in America. You get Eighty loyalty bags that you brew or you can get Can we? gonna, put all the big on healthy energy drinks report about a business. Yet that's the best. The prediction sure why would you not drink doc await tea while you drink something? That's gonna kill you. When you could draft directive, making more healthy. Tastes better and it makes you feel better The German any answer that don't that's right cause. I'm right here attitude is wrong books if you're on Amazon, anyways waiting your kid and our mission and wrinkles freedom feel manual. If you
that on audio, it's not an audible book, it's mp3, I It's gonna play all that other stuff and extreme ownership which by me, my brother leaf ban about leadership, and we have a follow one book to that called the dichotomy of leadership which is coming up September twenty fifth, and we're getting some feedback on right now and people's really stopped laughing If we stopped at its core coequal book to write, the problem, the blue area, that is the area that people have the most problems with you. How do you balance between being too much more micromanaging being too loose? How do you? How do you manage the being? you're kidding too much with. And too little with, you do. But how do you manage? Being too close? Your people are to a too distant from people. So all those little things always little balances that you have to figure out his leader therein. That book check it out. You can prove it
anywhere pre order. It is helpful because that way publisher, who is You know just not aware there not in the game are not listening actual somewhere lessons for if there listen this progress they should be. They cannot know what we need to print a bunch. These books, don't miss out on the first, the dish. You know this a dish might end up. But if you ordered, but it's been, which for leadership, training. If you read the book, you need a little bit more inside your organization, echelon front. We problems through leadership me wave ban, Jamie too now Dave Burke, Flint Cochrane and now, as you have heard, my brother MIKE's rally Gloucester Zero, zero. Six must there is sex in San Francisco October. Seventy gradients Mikey I talked about this, but you're feeling like the master, had we'll have good impact on people,
its most have ways can have impact on people speech up in just The two days identity I walked away. I can write that Georgia, like cholera, might do Don't call me do I am blown away. In fact, the funny thing is, you remember: there's a green moray backing listeners eight year there there's drive rivalry rivalry between the communities all offer fun, but even here domain is like do. This is amazing. These guys are having an impact and we're going to a very unique place, Silicon Valley. That is without a doubt one of the most innovative places. Lacks leadership. Innovative products but lacks leadership. So this is gonna, be magical
we had to go, and that's one of the things. One of the reasons is capital companies. We work with up in Silicon Valley a lot of times a day have the technical capacity. Their smart they even have the business. Understanding, but the only thing that they need, especially when they start to grow, as indeed they need better leadership and That's why we're the companies? what's up with that. We work with up there. We know that day need this, and so that's, why we're doing this one in San Francisco, Toby. Seventy radiant come on. You can register extreme ownership, dot com, you'll see that on this one you'll see like a lot of people from the last one. Priscilla kick we only because not only updates or whatever, but just like her out you're, saying earlier, where the more Ok, you learn something. Then you go to the field. You know you practice.
You need a plan for form than you like all wait. Ok, now, other problems arise. You liked his memory. I scientist promos other problem, because I M really now I see more vessel book, I'm going back to the muster seems in and then back fearful you'll, see people every time you get it. There was a updated and have your data, so out of Zeus, Europe This is a police officer came up to me I should say mounting from Nova Scotia. Secondly, I want I want you to come down one department when he saw that I spoke with the legal Kentucky State, which are my boys police department, measurable. His pilot is a gay ease amount, so were were nearing, I gotta go out Nova Scotia put his ears europhile. That's how asked me a you speak of law enforcement. Is we Because of the because the popular the master and because there is usually law enforcement, military, border patrol firefighters, paramedics, all first responders biscuit people in uniform
They ve been common, all the masters, but we want to do one. That's a little bit cheaper, focused on those types of jobs or doing something in Dallas, Texas September, twenty first, it's called the roll call if wanted to say, I'm registered, registered free Marshall dot com. You got to be one of those. You got to be one of those jobs to come to that that's gonna, be focused on that sort of dynamic leadership that you get into in those situations. So that's that call, zero or one September. Twenty first, of course, now one more thing to talk about echelon front over Watch e f over watch so check it out real simple to put this out. If you're a veteran, and you're, either in the military, are getting ready to transition out of the military soft. Off support combat pilots, if you're in that situation, E F over watch dot com or
you're a business that wants to bring this time, of leadership into your team, then go to. F over Watchin, you see their real simple instruction to follow and will proceed to move down the path of putting the best people in the best positions and On top of that, if you want to you hang out with us a little bit more, virtually until we see you in San Francisco to muster worn to wish you the roll call, or until we see that the emerging camp and main that we're on the inner webs fully only gonna webs on Twitter is to grant an epoch MIKE. Is M J, Sir Elliot M J S, a r r, a I M, oh gee, that's him on Twitter, MIKE Sierra Leone Instagram Michael solely on TAT. Her face book intercourse, echoes.
At ECHO, Charles and I am out Jocker willing, echo anything else, yeah. Are we getting actually you silly going back didn't mention You said: Minnie buds, decent, many buds, that's where you went through not like many when many boats, so I think it's called something's government announced now chemicals who did there is a vast pool of getting caught. In that enable academy that one drought be off surgeons buildings, because the competition is so fierce. The summer before the graduate actually become commission as officers in the Navy? They actually have to compete for the few billets that exist for buds off. And so are you ve got by thinking with maundered doing she probably more that trying to get into many bugs in there's always so many. I think, like there's thirty per class there too many buds every summer of,
thirty candidates each so sixty gentleness by like five hundred getting beaten for the slots, and then, amongst those sixty there get a slack that things like fifty percent thirty. There actually concerned in the budget as Navy engines a tree, to become ABC loss, or so you know it goes back to that talent one is always in a war for doubt looking for the best candidates. So good I mean buds, you pay, then you get a buds yet equally, if you're lucky, if they select you got, you never form well any butts oversight again. This is just free officer pipeline. If your, unless the guy you, unless in the navy you could you go to buzz, know many both for your God did you have a prep course now up in Chicago after boot camp you you stay in Utah they try and get you ready for buds, but but a friend of his vs different. Ok, I don't think that even a selection, it's not a selection and adjusted as this lecture. They can t select you but the purposes and dislikes nothing.
Airbus was as it did to deceive. We get statistic: increase the number of people that yeah through large exciting is it it has proven effect have you any dates they want they, for whatever reason it's an eighty percent attrition read like almost all time or seventy to eighty percent. One of my friends said this about, but by passing, but that this is the fact is that the tell tale, but it is a fact where, if you're in a group that he's gonna go back the leadership I kind of interesting Lee If you're in a group where people real negative and then you know when you you're negative, you want to blame other people, this, your native person. Whenever you don't take action, so if a guy is seemingly getting ganged upon- pheromones, ok, you're not pulling your way. You know I was getting frustrated and then the everyone's like the heart, on one guy. That makes them quick way quicker than if they
it was a catch all it's ok. We can do this. You know like you like. If you have a leader whose ok, it's all good guys come out, we got does in this connection. Nobody on insane like hey, we're all we're a team, if anything, but if you're, like hey you're, holding us back in everyone's ganging up on their guy he'll, quit way quicker than losing track. There's only one exception. I think that's probably accurate to react. Sport, there's only one person anything I've seen sorted defied out and I was range. I get my guys had men and tough as nails yes seemed like that, would be of a factor but yeah you get brothers disguise like that, and we're like nor a mild die before I quit. You know it was just simply not option, no matter how deeply go crazy. You asked me what what do you get through buds? Don't quit! That's it like any closing dots now, one the few
people back one you to, you All the boys and serve with across all the commands observed in many areas of brotherhood awhile. Might not have gone along with all the devil. Learn something from everyone and it is a brotherhood that you will never replace Amanda, and that was an honors, her longtime, those guys and then- I think the last who one won my kids Cameron and engaged in and that is any means legacy Is our Eurasia kids, they mean the world to me and Anna though, this person is changed. My life is my fiance, which, hope you get a reserve in the date Jordan whose changed my perspective on a lot of things and help me through air. What is not easy for any veterinary there's act that is transitioning out an altar and a day what positivity is infectious and she calls me out on my you know, The dam
she's younger than me, and it's a hit the ego, so banks do are to do that. Our group Miranda body asked Ozma well, luggage Of course, thanks for coming on. Also like out he said, and what, I can never say enough. Thanks for your service in the defence of our freedom, you talkin all those deployments over and over and over again man keep going back into the fray frigate. Some vague for doing it, and grass on your retirement on North Fairview said that to you and you retired, but it's a glad that you got the old retire and its awesome to be freed and working with you again so dogs MIKE looking for too many more years, snakes relic, and everyone else in the military. That's still out their whole malign doing those deployments over and over again. Thank you,
And to the police and law enforcement and fire fighters and paramedics border patrol and the rest of you that a whole malign here at home, thanks for What you're doing and your families as well thank you for supporting those that support us and to the rest of you. Oh life is imperfect. And I know life can be hard, but it is still life. And it's your life and there are those that have given their wives we can have ours so for them. For those heroes, if a good life live the best life you can buy going out
their every single day and getting after it. Then, until next time, MRS Mike and ECHO and Jacko out.
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