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162: Seconds Count: Urban Combat Lessons Learned From Hue City to Ramadi.

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0:00:00 - Opening: A Letter from General Kelly to Gold Star families.

0:24:44 - Interview with John Olson, Combat Photographer.

0:27:33 - Lessons Learned, Charlie 1/5, Operation Hue City, 31 January, 1968 to 5 March 1968

1:50:00 - Support: How to Stay on THE PATH.

2:21:48 - Closing Gratitude.


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This is Jocko Bod gas number one sixty two with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening, ECHO bidding On the twenty second of April, two thousand and eight new Marine battalions, the first Battalion Ninth Marines, the walking dead from Vietnam, fame and this in Battalion Eighth Marines we're Switching out been remedy Iraq, one battalion going home two days and the other just during its seven month, tour to Marines Corporal Jonathan Yale. Lance Corporal Jordan, heard her twenty two and twenty years old, respectively. One from each battalion, were assuming the watch together at the entrance gate to an outpost that contain
and a makeshift barracks housing. Fifty Marines the same broken down ram, shackled building was also home to a hundred iraqi police. They were. My men in this fight begin, the terrorists in Remedy Yale was a dog Poor mixed race, kid from Virginia with a wife and daughter and a mother. And a sister who lived with them and he said ordered them as well. Ten thousand dollars a year hurt her. Was a middle class white kid from Long Island. The two of them were from two completely different worlds in our country, not good, not bad, just different. Had they not joined the Marine corps,
would never have known each other. They would never have even understood that multiple America's exist simultaneously. Depending on your education level your family's income status, maybe, but they were Marines, they were combat Marines and because This bond, they were brothers, as close as if they were born to the same woman. The mission orders they received from the sergeant their squad leader. I am sure when something like this. Ok, you two clowns stand post and let no unauthorized personnel or vehicles pass clear on that. I am also sure that Yale and heard her then roll their eyes.
Then said in unison, something like yeah sergeant. We got it. We know what we're doing just enough attitude. That made the point without saying the words no kidding sweetheart. We know what we're doing. They then relieved the two other Marines on watch who turns out we're. Probably the two luckiest Marines on earth that day. And they assumed their post at the entry Control point at Joint Security station Nasser In the Sofia District of remedy, I rack. A few minutes later, a large the truck turn down the alleyway. The alleyway was no more than a hundred yards in length and said.
Its way through the serpentine of jerk, concrete jersey walls, the truck stop just short of where the two were posted and detonated. Killing them. Both catastrophically you know what combat is like you know what I'm doing about when I say catastrophically. Twenty four, masonry houses were damaged or destroyed by the blast, ask a hundred yards away collapsed. The trucks engine came to rest two hundred metres away, knocking most of a building down before it stopped. Our EU de guys are explosive. Guys reckon
blast, was made of at least two thousand pounds of explosives to died. And because these two young infantry men didn't have it in their dna to run from danger, a hundred and fifty men. Fifty, U S. Marines and a hundred Iraqis were saved. When I read the situation report about The incident a few hours after happened, I called the regimental commander, and I asked him for details of what had happened. It seemed different to me. Unfortunately, marine dying or being seriously wounded is common and combat. We Spect Marines and for matter, soldiers, sailors, airman and oh scarves, regardless of rank or ammo s, to do their duty,
And their ground and do their duty and to die, That's what the mission requires. The regimental commander had just Turned from the site- and he agreed with me but report That there were no american witnesses to the event, just iraqi police. I figured if there was any chance of finding out what actually happened, then, to recognise and decorate these two young Marines and acknowledge their bravery. I'd have to it myself, because I understood that the bureaucrats back in Washington would never except iraqi statements for what had taken place. It's getting these Marines properly awarded had any chance at all to come under my signature. As a general officer.
So I travelled to remedy the next day. Both individually to Does my iraqi police, Paul of whom told the same story they said Blue truck turned down into the alley and immediately sped up as it made its way through the serpent, in jersey walls. They all said they knew immediately. What was going on particular We, as the Marines began to fire. The iraqi police all begin firing as well and to a man. They ran for safety just prior to the explosion. They all survived. Many were injured. Some seriously injured. One of the Iraqi said to me that
all run from the danger like any normal man would to save his own life. What he didn't know until then what he learned that very day was an american are not normal with tears. Well, up he said, Sir, in the name. God no sane man would have stood there and done what they done. No sane man, they saved all of us. Well, we didn't know at the time in what I didn't know at the time. And only learned a couple of days later, DR wrote a summary of this bravery and submitted it and see me Them both Yale Furthermore, for the night crosses, which is number two award for Marines and sailors in combat
I didn't know. Was at one of our security cameras that we had the location that was Damaged initially in the blast had caught everything it And exactly as the Iraqis had described it to me exactly six seconds by that recording from when the truck The alley until it exploded six seconds and you can watch it. I did watch many. Many times on this recording the last sick, seconds of their young lives. When it first started, I suppose it took,
A second or so for the Marines to separately come to the same conclusion about what was going on had no time to talk it over only enough time to take half an instant and think what the sergeant had told them to do. Only a few minutes before led no authorized personnel? Are vehicles pass at that waiting, a recording. The two Marines had about five seconds left to live. We took maybe another two seconds for the two Jar heads to raise their weapons take aim and opened fire on the truck by. This time the truck was half way through the barriers and gaining speed the whole time here The recording shows a number of iraqi policeman, some of whom had fired the re case now, scattering like the normal and rational men. They were some running
Past the Marines, the tumor. Means had about three seconds left to live. For about two seconds more. The record It shows the Marines weapons firing nonstop. The trucks windshield exploded in charge of glass as their rounds took it apart and on Out of the tour into the body of this terrorists that was trying to kill their brothers. I am aware of the danger of the time. The other. Marines and iraqi soldiers in the barracks could take comfort in the at the two Marines we're on watch and would die before. They ran. The recording shows the truck careening to stop immediately in front of the two Marines.
In all of this instantaneous violence Yale and heard her now Four hesitated. They never stepped back Never even started to step back. They never even shifted their weight. Their feet spread shoulder with the part they leaned into the danger firing as fast as I could. They only had one second left to live, then the truck explodes the camera goes blank. And the two young men go to their God six seconds.
Not enough time to think about their families, their country, their flag,. Poor about their lives or the deaths. But more than enough time for two Very brave young men to do Their duty into eternity- that is, the kind of people who are on watch all over the world tonight, for you.
And that was a speech that was given by Marine Corps General General Kelly, and he gave the speech Gold star family, Caesar families who Lastly, service member killed in action and he gave speech on February twenty first, two thousand and fourteen and General Kelly was obviously speaking from the heart. Not only was he the commanding general in charge of those Marines.
But he also understands loss on a very personal level, because on November night, two thousand ten General Kelly's oldest son. First lieutenant Robert Michael Kelly was killed in action. By land Mine, while he was on patrol leading opportune of Marines in Afghanistan And that story of those two Marines is yet Another example of the dedication and the devotion of the Marines.
And we know full well that there is example after example, after example, from all our branches of service examples of sacrifice. And you can think about those six seconds six seconds. We throw those away all the time. We can waste hours and days. We can even waste weeks.
As if we have an endless supply, but we don't.
If you are giving six seconds to live, what would fill your mind? Would you be ok with that? Would you not your head and think? Ok, it's time. Would you be filled with regret in those last moments? Would you think about what you should have done, what you should have said who you should have been
And in the end, would you realize that there's no reason ever to waste six seconds of your life? That is one lesson we can take away from General Kelly's speech. Six seconds can be an eternity Another lesson we can take away from the speech. And from its offer. No-
that General Kelly lost his son is that we have to move forward. We have to move on and this to say, don't feel anything because that's wrong, and that is not what we are doing. I mean who can fathom the pain that General Kelly felt at the loss of his eldest son. Ass, his eldest son, pursue. A career. That was no doubt inspired by the general himself, but he moved on. He drove on.
I was talking to a friend of mine and we were talking about survivors guilt Which is something that we all feel on some level when we're in the military, Sometimes I think people feel as if there's something wrong with them or they feel like their weak. Because they let their emotions get a hold of them. Sometimes. And I could see my friend dealing and I told him about an interview that I did with Colonel Tom five on this part ghastly, whose army officer that had served in World war to Korea?
an Vietnam he's got the purple heart in all three wars. And I explained to my friend that as Colonel five and I were discussing the matter- then, he lost in Vietnam. Colonel five got choked up. Colonel five got choked up. Despite fact that fifty one years had passed since you ask those men. Fifty one years You still got emotional. Why is that? it's, because we care about our men, because we care about each other and its because while we hear that time.
Heals all wounds time does not remove the scars, they are going to be there and they are going to hurt and that's ok,. And that's normal, it's normal to feel the pain and its normal to feel the guilt, and I think that one of the hardest things for vets that I talk to is that they do I think that this is normal, but but I am telling you it is normal, every vet that I've talked to From world war to Vietnam,. The guys that have served dinners,
and Afghanistan. Everyone feels it is part of the deal. It's part of the job. It's part of the aftermath of war. It's always existed and if you're we know that, then you should know that you are not alone. What else do we learn from this speech? Well, another thing opens. A whole, Box, a whole pandora's Box of lessons learned, we're talking about urban combat then how fast.
Asked things can unfold there, Urban combat is exceptionally stressful. The this- time continuum in In combat is very compressed, the threats are three hundred sixty degrees. The enemy can be, they can be five hundred metres away. Anything else be five metres away in one ways that weaken mitigate them, stress And thereby mitigate cash tease and thereby mitigate the guilt that we all carry. Is by knowing, in understanding that of combat to the best of our ability. And as always, history has much to teach us, then I wanna go now to a direct source, the leadership
from Charlie one five Charlie Company first Baton, fifth Marines Charlie one five fought in the battle of waste city, brutal battle, took place during the TED Offensive Vietnam night. Sixty eight, the battle lasted from January thirtieth March fourth included. Levin Arvin battalions: for: U S Army battalions? Three: U S! Marine corps, battalions, or from the air force. Then they were fighting against the strength of about ten enemy battalions. It was a massive battle and way was built up. City. Pat a population of almost two hundred fifty thousand people. It had The goal urban terrain and also some unique terrain like the citadel, which was a massive walled portion of the city by the
I'm it was over the we have lost thousands of men killed the south Vietnamese. I four hundred and fifty two men in America suffered too in sixteen men killed in action and one thou five hundred and eighty four wounded inaction. Fearsome quotes from an interview from the digital jury list with a guy by the name of John Olsson and Army combat photographer. Who is in way during this battle? He said I was wasn't way for five days I've been in Vietnam for one year at this time? I'd say The want of battles my father was pretty experienced, but I've never seen anything like way, there were. Tremendous bravery allotted dead.
There was a situation in way where we had Marines and a courtyard. They had been moving from house to house and transition year across courtyard? They had rocketed, a lot of them were wounded there was no radio contact, we were pinned down and in pretty bad shape. We had an element that eventually came to into leave us indeed at a priest, and he gave last rites to the dead and he was a very generous priest. He. For to give the last rites to any of us that wanted them dead, wounded or not scratched at that point,. In context. It was such a horrific battle with such horrific images way was different there were tremendous casualties and no way to treat them no way to get there, taken out
Were reports and ass shown in this image. There was a marine who is badly wounded so badly. He couldn't be treated than he was zipped up in a body bag, while he was still alive. That's what way was like. I was in way for five days and we were under heavy fire all the time. What am I? ever quotes was a journalist asking a marine how many times he had been wounded in way, and he said today, sir, so it was a brutal battle there was just. Incredible heroism and said: Christ course. There were many lessons learned. And while the lessons focus on urban combat and they focus,
when the battle ways- City, I think, You hear some of these lessons learned you'll see they apply broadly to leadership as a whole and as we know, if we understand the way we can see it in all things, so Let's go to this document. Lessons learned, Charlie one five operation way: city thirty one, January, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight to five March, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight. Even under the best of circumstances. Fighting is a bloody business. This was, in the end, the ultimate lesson learned by the United States Marine Corps. Personnel who participated in this historical battle concern or by many to be bloodiest of the Vietnam WAR.
The marine forces involved in operation way city lost a hundred forty two Marines killed in action during the month long battle, including the initial fierce clashes involving primarily fighting throughout the southern sections of the city and the climate, Dick, full scale battles inside the Citadel fortress itself? hundreds more Marines were wounded and had to be met. In fact, on both sides of the river enemy Ultimately, estimates range well into the thousands. Although operation wasted, he will long be remembered as an overwhelming victory over the best conventional forces. The enemy could throw at us and although the fifth Marines overcame very unfavourable odds and ultimately triumphed in the finest traditions of Marines and combat. In truth, this battle was a very close thing.
At the squad, platoon and company levels, casualty rates were very severe as high as seventy five percent or more in some units this, especially true during the four Day a day or two of each units, initial experience in full scale, urban combat there's an import peace right there. Specially heavy casualties during the first day or two of a unit going into combat what is mean that means then that first day and to dare to you are learning a tonne. And that also means that if you can find out and figure out how to stimulate that combat before you enter into those situations, you'll be able to overcome or at least mitigate some of those initial shock, things that happened, that shock your system and you're not ready for them in
when I talk about this. With with learn self defence and you, if you are a female that wants to learn self defence- and you No, you start training jujitsu. If you dont, train, jujitsu and Some guy grabs a hold of you you're a year and shock you not used to it, you haven't you. You have The contend with that something that you're on accustomed to. If you change your jets, guess what you have guys grabbing you every single day. Their grabbing either grounded on you, they're, trying to move you you're used to that. You have to overcome that say. Thing with combat the closer you can get to simulating what you're gonna face and combat the better you're gonna do in combat, and you don't have to learn these horrible lessons. Your first entry- and you know you know, have talked about, this too. If you get if What's the London new move and you do too, and I did it to you- you you'd I'll, catch you and then
show it to you and all of us and I can barely catch you waiting. That's all it took all it take. Is you knowing and understanding, and can we talk with businesses and we do would you roleplaying exercise as the leader and how you talk, how tell someone that they need to improve their performance, you do a couple role place and you get good at their objections at they're. Gonna give you were the reactions at they're gonna. Have you can get better You wait until the real thing. You're not doing yourself any favours. Can like ambush, ambushes so effective. But if you know that, she's coming three exact? Let's not if they do not even effective at all at once been ambush? Like imagine I mean it happens all the time any anytime. You expect. No one understand. What's gonna happen, you're infinitely more equipped to handle that thing. As opposed to. I have no idea what's happening and I'm going to go and figured out on the fly here. So
experience is the best, but guess what experience? expensive. It takes a lot of time, so you have to shift to train the state, What, if the only time you read what, if you want to get good street fighting and the only time that you got to practise. What are you gonna street fight Yet, even if you literally went out every day and got in ST fights to things, would happen, number one you get arrested a number two. You get all the first street fight. You might pick the wrong person and die. If that is true right. So what do you want? Do you want to get into a trading environment? Yes, and then you want to get yourself killed me. Same thing with the military same thing, with fighting same thing with shooting same thing with business. Anything that you're doing it's another thing I see like business, people, there's businesspeople, have been through what they d been through an aggregate acquisition before they know what to expect their anticipating, what's going on and
makes them that better at foreseeing. What's gonna happen in mitigating the rest to it, how do you do if you can't go through the acquisition. What would you do the bottom, steal the interview. Learn about figure out what to expect behind hire someone on your team that has been through and acquisition before, so you get can capitalize on their experience, yet crazy I guess when you think when that crazy, but it's interesting, so you know like sports teams, for ample like more biggest football, say football, for example. You practice for five or six days practice practice preferable to sometimes more hours, every day, Today, you know maybe a day off, maybe. And then yeah for one gave the so it's like there's training than this performance kind of thing and they go hand in hand like you, gotta perform in training, and then you know game or whatever that you learn suffering the game too. But it's it's interesting where
one game is predicated on so much training there so straining, but then, when you gotta work, it's like you, you kind of expect to have gone, or they expect your whatever the expectation is that you went through your training, ready and then the ad sprinkles of training you somewhere like work, is normally hour when you work for it. So every once in a while, you have a glare release. Train. Quite honestly, us that's one reason s love! I shall front is doing well People are realising that if you want your leaders not lead, you actually have to train them out lead and that you can actually do that. So that's one of the reasons that its new echelon front. Is it try demand because weaken actually train your leaders to handle these situations that are coming up against in when you do You have this massive advantage and we see the companies that we work with they. They
their performance just improves immensely because Their leaders are working together, learning our lead most powerful? You can have its it's weird cuz. I you know I'm kind of behind the scenes. Guy with? U S on Friday, I feel, like you know, any video that's been done. I probably seen it you know and I'm around you know, all the time so essentially, I'm getting the course to end It's interesting where, whereas I think probably a lotta cases, I probably more trained in it than most people even more people, companies that you work with their whatever, because I'm kind of getting it second hand and listening because it applies everyday life. You know like this whole deals his work, isn't In fact, for me, I mean yet applies to my quota, will work but a place like family. Stuff, wife, stuff and I think this is a big things at a difference you the material you but you, cause your position.
You use it on your family, but you don't use it in a work environment and therefore you get to learn the technique, but you don't get to roll you know. Bar not is hard and here's the thing when we work companies, it's not Oh here's, this information, then they go apply perfectly. No. I'm back into hey this didn't work. I went octagon, he said: that's, ok, here's how you got overcome that so there's view to get the initial information? Yes, but you still have two point, even if you train a group for combat desk watch as you possibly can there still gonna have a certain delta that there and a need to rise to when the real real curse, and so we see that with companies we see that with individual leaders that are part of companies where there there Can I show sometimes you there's some people out there that are just straight up in the game and there The game before I even show up
like it's the icing on the cake and even people that have read extreme ownership. Ten times they read dichotomy leadership, twelve times they listen. Every single podcast, and they are still ask questions about. Things because they haven't a white put it together. We spoke like there. It perfectly on their situation. Right and just like, I said like it takes it, takes Ok, how you say I dont really a spar, I do. I do get a spar, but the real, easy, breeze foreign partners who do I gotta go you I got my wife you make these coming easy spoiling technically ever there for this data is Emmy technically you're the easiest mooring partner, because you're just like you're doing the same very also like there's no friction I mean very little friction, maybe some, but the song, but the universe,
people at work when they apply it. When you know, when you have a corporate job or what or whatever and anytime we have bigger teams, different personalities, you know you care about one different levels. It's like way more and more effort and more time on the mat. People to get proficient to where you look at a situation where oh here's, what this here's the prom going here disguise he goes catalogue of patrolman, massage evil little bit Anna. Let him have some more control and that will make you feel better. They'll do a better job like it takes a lot of experience to get to that point and an u dont lot. At times like I said when we go work with a company that is fully in the game and veal, be batting they'll, be nailing nine out of ten and then I ll be one more thing that they needle adjustment on and dig they make. Smith, and they all yeah. You know everything makes sense so training is how you get good? Don't waste your time getting beat up in ST fights in order to
It doesn't make sense moving on the ultimate. Success of this operation could have been significantly improved in our opinion, by several factors, including one improved, less restrictive rules of engagement, including situational flexibility, down for the two level. This is something we about all the time. Here's the deal that what that really means is decentralized command. You need to trust your troops. You need to explain to them. What is important? What is not? rules of engagement to tell someone you can not do this What I'm saying, if I say echo, you can not shoot at this type of building, If I tell you that what I'm telling you is, I don't trust you to make a good decision based on the information. I give you if I say, listen somebody buildings that are marked with a star buildings, are historic,
oh buildings, that will cause these civilian populace to NEO giddy we address so dont. You did them. If I that you and I say, explain to you why it's important and then I say, hey look, then again, remember you're in the field. You need to protect your man and you say: got it and are you gonna field and if you're a good leader- and you trust me- and I trust you and I have explained the commanders and ten well it. You understand this strategic impact of disobeying or of of going outside. The rules have been that there or not the rule. But the direction that I've given you the new stand that that's great, make a good decision, because what that does mean entails you're getting shot at from one of these buildings, and now you Take it down if I trust you to make that decision. What do I do? I put strict rules of engagement on you? And now you can't do something, and that is that not decentralized command. It's not generally good. Do you
To put some broad rules in place yesterday absolutely do, but you have to make sure but the people on the ground understand that those rules can be banned if they have two and a half to have the authority in the leeway to do that. Next to improved communication of intelligence information to all levels of command. Of course, communicate. Communication is one of those things and again, I feel I always feel when we go to work with a company. It's one of the first things I have to ask is: what are your methodologies communication through your company Would you communicate with you frontline troops? How do you communicate with your mid level managers? How do your mid level managers near for wine troops communicate with you? because sometimes the frontline troops might see something out on the battlefield, but you don't see cause Europe in the ivory tower, and how do they communicate their back to you? do you have a methodology oftentimes communication is ineffective or its They don't have procedures around their protocol on how to communicate that bad, so communicate,
up and down the chain of command. Simple and concise. That's the way. It's gotta be free acquisition of improved, intelligent, daddy particular concerning the disposition size of enemy forces. Call it a little bit of universal fantasy. For her military people, that we want great intelligence, we want nor the enemy is. If we knew the enemy is party yeah, so that's a universal fantasy, and we should always strive to achieve that fantasy, but its very difficult to get you. But then they go to this reconnaissance and small units. Probes to fix enemy positions are critical. One what that means is when you what intelligent go get it go find it gets the Intel yourself as much as you can, For improved supporting fire plan, access to artillery naval gunfire direct fire from armoured vehicles and air support should be judiciously employed deployed. So
was, I mean we need to cover. We need cover from big guns, govern move Five: significantly: increased training for urban conflict street fighting practice and preparation. I think we discovered that training is always paramount. Six deployment of available chemical weapons, in this case tear gas for offensive operations during early stages of the operation, these guys he's tear gas and it worked well. The North Sea Enemies Army had didn't, have gas masks and they didn't like it. Of course Others people when you when you say Chemical, happens. What do we think of? We think a must Gas there's other mean. Oh there's, nerve agents and nerve gas. That's when people generally think of when you think a chemical weapons, but chemical. Funds are also tear gas and
Gus can be very effective. So some people- I can just Bt F through continuing seven, improved dissemination of operational plan, details down to the fire team level fire team leaders these fire team that leaders the fire team leaders and you're talking about some of those in charge of four guys or six guys coming to get a really small little element. If those people understand what you're trying to accomplish as a team. That means they and execute at their level and make things happen. He can move the ball in the right direction. If they don't know where this post begone guess what they can help you, they can help you. So broad guidance needs to be given needs to be updated. People me understand,
China before we try to take this area were trying to across this line, everyone needs to understand that they don't understand that their there actually no good to you. If you get it our team leader out on the flank somewhere. That has no idea that your truck, and to move forward or move Easter Western North that is just sitting there waiting for you to tell me what to do their own worthless This also means, if you're Fireteam leader, but you don't know if you're so we go North South West wherever you should be raising your hand and a what are we doing? Tell me what we're doing. Continuing on the other side, the scale small units experience individual marine determination, the body system, the quick look, incapacity of Marines under combat conditions, the combined leadership officers, staff and scenarios
of one five at all levels and the ultimate ability to coordinate fire support and execute street fighting tactics under heavy fire were factor. That one. This pivotal battle, despite incur The odds, high casualty rates and the rest LT turnover of officers and anti owes. So It comes down to your individual Marines and your your frontline leadership that my these things happen which no doubt the military are the: U S. Military is awesome and in their front line, your ship and from my troops there, make. So many things happen, the even in many cases, despite poor leadership, you just you just have great frontline leadership. I mean us, I would say that a lot you know you gonna pull tune that had kind of a marginal and, if not maybe even a bad, tune commander by you, just get some guys, networks that are awesome. The balloon would awesome as long as
the leader was humble enough to take guidance if the heart of leader wasn't home one of two guns, if they would because you just drag everyone in his terrible ways down if he is here the common sense to say when I listen to these guys are let them can run with it sooner. Do fine. Continuing on. Certainly using twenty twenty perspective of hindsight. This battle could have been decided in even more timely, indecisive fashion, reducing friendly casualty rates in the process by paying attention to the fundamentals of planning marine operations, proper path, You're planning prevents piss poor performance and they actually did it out piss, because their squared away, Marines, yeah gotta come up with a good plan and had they done that better? This is, local situation, hindsight always twenty twenty and I I.
Always avoid becoming a armchair post game critic here in the middle, I mean how could criticise someone like a fighter in the EU of Sea or whatever wind comes a military operations. It's really easy to sit back and throw darts and say: will you I would Donnie Smith, you weren't there. You didn't see it. I didn't see it. I wasn't in the situation. I have all the facts. They didn't have those facts. Moist cautious about hockin darts into the past. Any deal with like that. Can you its, then you can use it. You actually do you use this as when you say you can sit back and be it the tactical genius through whatever yes, I can. I don't. If I make a video, you can like sit back and be like these, like ten mistakes or ten things or whatever, meanwhile theirs a thousand elements, so
nine hundred and ninety elements have had to be created well and in working all this stuff and then it's you can just be like at those cuz, it's actually those are created for you. You know you don't have to create those things. The Deuce Poles in the tender in I can focus instead of having to focus on a thousand things. I can take a broader look and see the ten things that you screwed up or one then even turn officers being not an eye. Mikey slick police want. Maybe you are right, The following details regarding the lessons learned from operation wasted your offered from the former members of Charlie Company, first behind fifth Marine regiment: first, Marine division who served in combat during operation way city and who were directly involved in the battle with envy forces inside the Citadel fortress from thirteen February. Eighteen sixty eight through five March nineteen sixty eight said you in terrain there, an infinite variety of possible landscapes that may be confronted by a marine force. Given the mission of attacking an enemy force in urban terrain,
infinite variety of possible landscape What is that remind me of that reminds me of life itself, when the Tet offensive broke out on thirty one January, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight in conventional Nva forces over ran major sections of largest cities in South Vietnam. Marine forces were literally knee deep in rice, paddies in jungle mud, since first establishing a beach had in nineteen. Sixty five Marines had been assigned the mission of conducting a counter insurgency arose conflict fighting. For the most part, a gorilla army the TED offensive changed all of that and for the first time since the height of the Korean WAR in nineteen. Fifty four marine, found themselves with a mission that involved urban combat. So. You have to be able to eat. You should never turn your back on something I had.
Fighter. I was training for a fight and I was like hey. Let's do some groundwork know will be with you on the bottom and the dude was strong. He wasn't it wasn't good ressler wildly visit a decent ressler, but not by any stretch. You know not a call it not a competitive call address or anything like that, but solid, strong, very strong. I said: hey man Let's put you on the bottom, the response was, I'm not going to be on the bottom. Hey. Well, even if you don't think you're going to be on the bottom, let's train for the unlikely event that you happen to end up on the bottom, because it's a fighting anything happen. I don't need you, I'm not going to be on the bottom so we can sell where the stories got near. You went to his fight and fought and was on the bottom. Basically, the whole fight is a free round fires on the bottom, almost all time, so it was our clear
and why? Because you can't, you can't neglect one part of the possibility. Second unfold even even for us when we would get ready the boy to Iraq, we're going to Iraq were literally going to a desert and gonna, be in the middle of the desert and weeds he'll do dive operation. We still do maritime operations while we are getting ready to deploy. Why, We're not gonna happen we do know whether were next wars, gonna break out, so just dont neglect anything new and I'll tell you what else if you're good when that, when we, when we enter a building in instead of being a route, a bunch of rooms So if all we knew how to do as ETA rooms. What happens when, when that when we, when we enter a building and instead of being a route, a bunch of rooms is a giant warehouse, though it needs to be clear, like we gotta think about these things, but them flexible. You are the man, capabilities. You have that. That's what I'm looking for the more
capabilities, you have the more flexibility you have so learn. Different skills sets dont neglect things continuing on preparing to remove an enemy battalion is captured a forty story, skyscraper a college campuses much different than information than getting the enemy squad. The house school or church in a small town, the common After all, these variations, however, is that, in all cases in urban combat structures dominate the terrain. Studying in assessing terrain, is fundamentally issue from. Green commanders, when planning mission this this of terrain. Is so important. The way The advantage that terrain gives you is, I don't know to compare to in other in anything else, If you understand terrain, you can, it's like trying to do
where to position your hands where the petitioner, you need on rocks. If you know, if you're going to do, I don't understand on hooks, you will destroy them. If you gonna get some of that doesn't understand why, to position your hands where deposition position, arms, you will destroy them. If you going to get some of that doesn't understand. How do you like the terrain, you you will destroy them If you don't know how to utilize the train, you will get destroyed and by the way that doesn't matter if you're in the city or in the in the world and find his matter where you are. Studying in assessing terrain is a fundamental issue from marine commanders when planning missions is even more critical and planning house to House combat operations, building materials very worldwide and their ability to provide small arms cover to a very high degree for use of reconnaissance and intelligence. We recommend conducting a serious assessment of each building or structure that is within your units area of operations, because tactics and
and taking each objective building structure et Cetera, may be different in each. Case a small would frame house may offer to the illusion of cover from small arms fire, but little else I'm places walls or paper thin even houses that you some form of plaster account reconstruction can prove to be unexplored the poorest and at the worst possible times. This is something to consider all things are not always what they see us, that's what Border Things are not always what they seem. You you think you hiding behind a wall and now you're safe. No bullets will go right through it. Continuing. No, the basic lay out of a structure as much as possible before entry there. Something that I would say our standard operating procedures in the? U S? Military now are so good that we don't really. It notes that the lay out another structure,
We're gonna go in and be able to handle whatever the structure. However, the structures laid out, that's what we do. If you don't train to Anna Rooms, regularly not trained and enter buildings in your train, to build a contend with all these varieties of things that you could face. You won't be able to If you try and say, okay, we need to know what the the building looks like inside. Before we go there, that's a horrible horrible idea, it's not going to happen. And by the way when you go in there. The first thing you come across the barricade. We can't go down the hallway. You gotta go fees! Other rooms, you weren't, expecting continuing approaches, structure with an inch, a plan and a surge plan and make sure each member of the fireteam in squad as well versed in these plans. What I say instead of that, it's not plan Caesar standard operating procedure, she develop standard operating procedures, so you know what to do when you enter a building, and so does everyone on the team
establish voice codes in commands and communicate regularly with each other. Yes, concern entry ways, existing doors and windows to be extremely dangerous likely locations for will be traps and to be avoided, if at all possible, where Possible blow entry holes using satchel charges are rockets once a. Replanted, finalized and understood? It must be executed with fear determination. Prepared for anything and be ready to improvise be system? I can check everything basement sewer acts attics rooftops trash cans thoroughly before establishing that the objective is secure, so One of the most important things I take away from that is that the the existing in three ways you gotta, considered dangerous. How do we translate that into life? What that means these well established patterns are exactly that end. I'm not saying you can't ever use a pattern that someone else used, but
at least at a minimum, have to be aware of the fact that when you doing something when you're using up a path. What else is already gone down its unknown bath. And so you can't expect to be able to prize your competitor when you do Something that's always been done, the same language, so think of how you can approach things in a different manner and if, in fact, that manner might be better. Sometimes you two things from a different angle, and you ve. You realize it the reason that everyone does it this way, because that's the best possible way and make some huge herculean to try and do something I d just to be different, sometimes at the wrong answer. I get that, but consider it yet victims. Those Sweden, like certain industries, are like this, but the name, but there there so used to doing it a certain way, because that sort of like what they learned solve rigour, Somerset as an industry. They don't think of like what
Why they're doing it that way? Well, yeah! That's why that's why there's been so many disruptors right in the last few years I mean you Look at any of these disruptors companies that are come out of nowhere that you know you can Can t ride sharing applications If you were a taxi driver, you are thinking. Ok, how can we get more dispatchers? How can I be higher more cars? These you know these rights. Sharing peoples at all. We were knocking on any cars, scream, say with air. Be writing we're not gonna build up, town when use random people's houses and put you in there. That's looking at it from a completely different angle. Seeing a problem and coming up with a completely different solution. If you did a city and said ah well, there's no rooms in that city, hotel rooms in that city. Where am I gonna put everyone? Okay? Well, let's do what everyone else does will build
building and will pull rooms in there and staff the building and will put a restaurant. That's what you do me has been done. Guess what. Someone else looked again said: yeah, there's no way stay in that city, but some people might have empty rooms in their house. Was let's see if we can access those yet, there ya. I wonder how was the where the guy one of the guys who lay K shoot find a hotel room. When I go to San Francisco and then the friend of like a just, come stay with me and then when he stayed with him, he was like you know. Become. If you give you can find a hotel room, you can always stay their bit higher not the only right away. I'm comin up here, I'm comin up on you know my companies pay come up here, so I can get them. You know, though, give me money for the room. So may I could just pay you anymore. All co, we're gonna, do a kind of get a little that helpless, kickbacks company cool and the next thing you know high
other ceilings have, I know a guy down the road. He has room early you. So if you have any coworkers Uno and if you know anybody like, I too simple as that new simple as that, it's looking at it from a different angle. So look at things from a different angle than what you can you know fierce determination. First term It is always good mix them. There economy to first termination. Yes, there is, can you someone that's too fiercely? firstly, deterrent? Yes, you can. Yes, you can, they don't know when to stop me next the other aspect of urban terrain or the spaces between building streets, alleys and other pathways are normal routes for humans and therefore must be. Sus must be, must be suspected to be under observation and possible enemy firing Lades. Whenever
we'll take the most difficult route from house to house same thing when you talk about look for a different path, A stab was ended and theirs usually there's dichotomy to that. Constantly just taking a hard road. All the time you might not make any progress is also bad bad advance in plan of plan. What do the event noncombatants are found in urban zones and for marking buildings that have been cleared it kind of crazy? Then you have an idea of how they mark buildings that were cleared. Continuing make absolutely sure that your Marines are aware that, while inside a building being secured, they are at risk from both within and without. Always assume that every room of every floor in each and every house contains enemy soldiers.
Always move very quickly when moving in front a windows, Boris, always nowhere enemy positions may be in buildings that are adjacent to yours, as in all marine operations, watching your buddies back watch your body back and run as fast as possible when traversing open ground care? What your guard down can't! Let your guard down. Where do you? Let your gardner me yeah. I can't tell you it's probably a pretty broad area. One hundred percent of my life is own time. Were you feel like a? I need to get my guard up, This is why it is your question for you run around hyper paranoid jack. I am yet what in life you mean or in did you two were lay everything here like outside
it put it this way my guards always up, but it's only kind of like a twenty five percent in it, for a kind of fluctuates from moment to moment luxuries up from zero to three stays at twenty five than those it goes up. The like thirty sometimes earns in check multiple story, structures presented even greater challenge and strong single story, buildings in medium sized village or town or small city that is dominated by, one two and three story buildings be very particular the taller buildings, which are naturally used by the enemy as high ground. If possible- make entry to taller but I level buildings via the roof and work systematically and thoroughly downward, always look for the high ground so as a sort of the thing in August gear, the high ground can seem simple, straightforward or whatever, but is there like a blueprint like a simple blue,
for like remember, Tolmaeus story where your son was talking with like neighbor, something who had but I don't know if you went to Vietnam or something like he wasn't using the military whatever and you get in. They played like laser tag or something and your son like whoop them, because he knew where you at my son new some fundamental tactics. It is when he was younger, so we wasn't really up to speed. Yet he was like seven or so but none of this we shall use he was already through. I think they use through level. Seven of my tackle course he's programme level seven. What tactical quarters I have like some tackle lessons I you know, would mean that you run like as a father or is what, like echelon front, the tactical course they will know, I a tactical concepts that I teach you teach
Life is eating. Told me nothing over that time will represent a veto. That's just the standard rate. If you do so certain things you have to learn in order to be taxed very proficient and I might I have learned, like I'd gone through seven of the courses to understand the tactical things and there was a friend of my wife's friend- came He, yes, he was a prior marine action. Whose active duty marine and yes my son, challenged him to a laser talk tag competition and yes, my son was victorious three times in a row and in a religious did simple funding attacks, and it wasn't even team. Sport was one on one, so Are you defeat someone one or one? Well, you maneuver very quickly. You dont fire from Saint same position multiple times you get the high ground because you like
He knew if you get onto my garage roof which had access with a ladder, you're gonna be able to defend that position very thoroughly and the personal below you, because I have to do in your on the glass roof is dark and your hidden parapet roof. So I assume the deck up. There doesn't want This point: how are you gonna beat me? You have grenades with lay your laser grenades, those lived. I ground. I'm seven years old or six years old. I have the high ground. I have a laser weapon. You're trying to attack me you're gonna die and then the next round, when Europe try to get up on that thing, another anymore, Alleyway, up the alleyway up behind the fence higher still You're still feel the high ground is like the golden. He is You know when the first time I found out that high ground is. That is the spot to be where, when I watch the movie called the
fuck. You also shown carrying where the Navy seals come up, you know they gotta get Alcatraz come up through the wherever the terrain or something like this year and big. In a boom, their sort of surprise by the I think, they're Marines deterrent their mercenary at this point, but nonetheless or patriots depend threat, exact clearance. Yeah. He was like hey guys, are surrounded it from an elm, their position. They're gonna like this no brainer. You know this kind of thing. I guess that's the thing, and it is a thing you know hut and they end they kill them all their except for Nicholas cage. He didn't That's that's chemical agent by the way right, the Ex Garriga. That's what has been said here, but when you know that was real,
Patriots president resident is dive deep right to that. I was gonna to but little pearl. The little pearl bother interesting back to the book. The mission assigned to marine forces during operational wasted, he was to remove any forces that had captured major sections of the ancient, you'll capital of way during the surprise, NBA offensive that was quickly dubbed the TED Offensive do today, Stork listen closely. Due to the historic aspect of many of the buildings in way they use judge of heavy weapons was significantly restricted during the initial days of fighting on both sides of the river. Friendly casualties mounted and as initial estimates of the size of the enemy force in a way city area was significantly increased. Fire restrict and were ultimately lifted. I didn't want to damage these historical buildings, and so they said, hey, don't don't use
Fifty gal, don't use, grew whatever. Whenever weapons they said they couldn't use. And then eventually when the casualties got so bad, they said, okay go and do it. You gotta do. I say rip the bandaid off right. If you're gonna go, you girl If you're gonna go go, don't play around A good lesson America learned over and over and over again, if you're gonna go to war, go to win, your number one priority over everything else should be to an end by the way, if they done that I guarantee the city would have been better shape at the end, because the he's going to drag this thing out. It's going to take longer you going to have to end up destroying every single building that there continue in our respectful opinion, our ability to successfully complete the mission, was initially severely impacted by the rules of engagement again, and this is a lie,
lack of trust up and down the chain of command. If I have to impose strict rules of engagement on my people, I train them well enough. I dont trust them later trust me, they don't understand. The strategic mission and we have a real problem continuing, although it is understood that mission and rules of engagement are not the exclusive responsibility of marine leadership, ethical to company, battalion or even regimental level, strongly recommended that every effort is made at every level in the chain of command to ensure that balance has been achieved. But, we the demands of the mission and the effect of the rules of engagement on the ability of the command to perform the mission successfully. Yes, you do have to have balance, but you really should have his trust and understanding of the situation so that people,
need to be constrained by rules. If I have if I am, if my leaders, understand what I want them to do,. And they understand the constraints, and then stand the mission there and the impact they don't need any rules at all. They need to get told the girl. Yet I think by, like certain laws were if if this can be the law, the land that this law applies to every but he thinking with rules of engagement where they got it cause they kind of that apply to everyone. In a certain is so that's why they wind I've been so strict or they can and I'm thinking about laws to wear. This certain groups are individuals as a man that law condition and apply to me cause. I know better knew where, like intellect guy who's like ok unquiet. Quite as this red light, my disease or the stoplight monk, quite where the crossroads of that stop light is a door
road and on both, if you turn in the dirt dirt road, either direction, there's a gate. That's always closed. Its only could open its for Like Kane trucks and stuff it was evident what it has now been in the can truck guys have the key to the gate is big long. You can in turn in there, but there still stoplight so it's, never read because it only hence green, when the king, but everyone swallowed, be read in the game. Be closed, you know, and all that happens It is a thing you see the gates quote. No truck is coming even if a truck was coming like they gotta stop. It opened the gate whenever she used to hit that red stoplight. And you just blow for the light you'd can you responsible adults should have the authority or whatever, to see that and go through the lights, but he's got applied, everybody, that's the thing has to apply them. What about the new driver whose, like this,
can discern quite as well, where a safe red light, running situation, verses and not so safe red light, running situation and then there's a spectrum. You know when these rules get put in place, like everyone in the lowest common, didn't, eight or person, and on fortunately, these highest hired dynamic, nation nor people apply to them too, because you know you just go down the line. It be like gave this rule applies to you but kind of kinda. You know just maybe thirty percent. This rule applies to him hundred per cent. Of course, in him to you, one percent, is this really do so you can have ultimate like it s hard to do that. So you need you like a bunch of people, whether The opinion that sometimes Susie Apparently, that's been bothered you for drawing up. Well. How did you know that american afforded mainland like think about like the court system or, like you know,
well rules? Will rule skip put in place for sure because people don't trust, subordinates that have to follow the rules right. You tell your you're not allowed to go in the yard, cuz the pools out there right. What you're really saying is I don't trust that you're not going to go in the pool or I don't trust it, that you can swim well enough, a good leader, you'll be like okay, we got it. We need to work on this evening to understand the dangers, but that's a little bit of a weird thing to talk about because drum the pool for a little kid. You always have to air towards the side of safety that they would not the best example, but if you your kid. No one's allowed to come. Ok, I'm gonna on a trip Friday night no one come over. The house knows the rules, if MIKE
actually understood what I really meant. As I gave you one of copper, kids over that's cool, don't get crazy, don't eat my food. We are to stay away from the morgue, no weirdos, no little advantage to Allah which actually it s. My kids were William Hague. Gotta complicates color target. If they broke the trust, then things might be different than I have to go and implement rules here, but, on top of that year, two you're talking about like your kids or, like you know, in the military for dealing with like when you near one little group of people, but that rules of engagement, or in your case, like the rule of people coming over what? If what if he didn't discipline your kids, what if it applied to the whole block or the whole town or whatever? So it's like to keep her one safe. We gotta said this is the standard, which is why we don't want communism
because they also make those that blanket over every one that allows art even future. You know like, like the gun, last, consider the deadlines for their like hey. We need background check the good rules that apply to everyone. You know you can like discriminate, kind of thing you there the applied everybody, so it's Man well yeah! That's the gun. Rules are a perfect example because they don't trust the the people. Everyone certainty. Boy, oh everyone, just can't- have a gun. You have to get a background check. Ok for enough. Why, but did it goes there? continuous see. That's it! That's why? That's where you run into practice where I much debate about online because pretty much everyone says hey, I get it. You should. Probably some kind of a background check before you get a firearm among us and I want somebody- that's been and want something? That's a phelan or advice criminal to be allocated, got cool. I agree with that. The promise Is it stop and and then the problem on top of that is because,
of the: where does it stopped because the slippery slope thing the people that don't want any gun laws they do so we don't want any, every single you know. Well, we think we split the background check should be an extra three days. Why and meanwhile the other side. People are saying every single thing that they can do to restrict firearms from being had by anybody. They try and move it they're. So both sides are are just in extreme position and no one wants to have a normal logical conversation about what- going on it's just. And even when you do men, it illegality and screaming. Yes, in that from the polar polarized positions year in an elaborate, and even if you're in that in the moment like you, can step back and see that when that happens, when people just like hey you're, just defending your position just kind of blindly or what have you can see that I am not saying like it's so terrible donates natural right to get it, but even
you can have like an and civilised discussion it still hard. He could is based on people. You are leaving it because, like for me. I should absolutely be be able to have what ever guns. I want right. That's that's the way. I feel I feel that I should and I guess you can check my background- you can five, I am a felony, violent criminal. You can see that I'm not ok, you should be the guy should go to get whatever guns. I want and but there's some people that think hey. You know we strongly is I feel about that? If you like, I will what get whatever guns I want. If someone says oh well,. Then you agree that every She'll get every gun they want to know yeah- I don't agree with that. I think that there is some people that don't need guns I can say that I can say:
Without without thinking without saying, oh well would shockoe believes in gun control for everyone? I know I just said what believed XO. The rules are about trust. Have to figure out where the trust lies within but when you have to figure out what the minimum amount of trust is that you can overlay on people everywhere and that's where that's? Why governing a giant country so hard and depending on where you live to cause Depending on where you live. You have different needs. You have different like there's some people that I the other different, but depending on where you live like If you live in a state, there's predatory animals and you about the Bush somewhere. You your damn right, you need guns. If you live in a state where there's predatory animal, that are human beings that will break your house and kill you guess what you also need to be able to protect your family, that's good to go.
Somebody asked me. The day is like is, is actually TIM actually TIM, pursues asking me if peppers, he's good home defence are might pepper. Sprays good home defence against a person that isn't carrying a weapon, I said, but if someone breaking into your house or coming to attack you, they not going to have a weapon. Do you? Are they following some kind of a rules of engagement where there are ham ham going on at basic, be tonight, I'm only going to bring you know, I'm only to bring my my my pillow to hit people with light, know they're going to your house to kill you or the breaking your house to two. Your family whatever the breakin in your house to region, be breaking in your how these area and their products to be able to defend themselves because they want to get caught. So what do they do to prove to them cells? They got a knife or they gotta whatever they gotta go so pepper spray great,
problem with pepper sprays, you you don't. You know they're, not falling rules of engagement, rules of engagement, yeah, that's good question too, but, like peppers free. Why would you use like think of a real scenario where you would use peppers, whereas it is a view that girl I had again it because you have valuable goods, regardless of where you got the Oda. You can be at the post office so that those valuable goods at that price the term might want as a girl. But let's say okay, I'm Ferriss or I'm gonna meal whatever. Why, when, when I use the papers, prepper pepper spray, realistic them sure the twenty one Denari was is asking that, because It's a legitimate question. Be grave sciences. Look I'm not really comfortable guns, but if someone wants comes in my house, I want to build defend myself, how many pepper spray and they leave the quick answers like yeah, ok, cool, yet It makes you go all that kind of makes sense right. At least you got something the reality is the persons coming in your house. It pepper sprays as long as you don't have a knife, as long as they don't have a gun,
case the pepper, raise doing you no good. Could you pay spray me and I have a knife, grabber holding human or communist cut your head off right. That's what's gonna happen in a situation that either ease of pepper stress, a legacy ones like burglarize in you and you turn on the light and they scatter you'll need purpose re for that kind of situation in a peppers. Whereas for someone who like well yeah- but you know that there is a matter- we just like you, don't know if they have a gun or not yes, yeah yeah, and if you're prowling around in someone's house that you're going to be in a serious situation, I think you should be recital a real bad situation, yeah, so that's what rules are and rules of engagement so going by trying to bring this back rules of engagement? That's exactly that's. Exam why rules of engagement can be tricky, but they shouldn't be. If you train,
Are people well if the people understand what the strategic mission, if they understand what the problem is, you put the primers in there and they're loose enough that people can maneuver inside those parameters, then occasionally they Call you up a hare had to break the rules, and you say what happened and explain it. You gotta go here, people need to understand that continuing on combat is nearly always conducted very close quarters. It is not uncommon to have opposing forces fighting from positions a few dozen meters apart, most the fight it's done from a distance between fifty and five hundred metres. Due to this close in nature, it is got know where the enemy is and how they are deployed. Again. There's a fantasy. Knowing where the enemy is and how their deployed is really hard to do Even when you have even you have overhead coverage looking in the city or, to give an example, I was
watching my guys out on a mission was watching honor you av feed, so we're watching were watching and looking for enemy often we see weird activities of vehicle. The vehicle stops. The economy, but stops again guys get out, look round the open up. The trunk and now we're totally focused like. Oh, these guys are getting ready to attack open up the trunk and they're, starting to pull stuff out of the trunk. My guys get hit from a different spot that we weren't. Looking at you can't see everything firstly in the city because think of it with buildings. You go off angle a little bit. You can't see the street anymore because it's down inability or worked. We ask totally focused on this one thing in maneuvering the the era that to look at these people in a car and as their as we're monitoring these guys. These suspected enemy, personnel of the Mai,
I get shot out from somewhere else and we'd completely miss it, and We continue watch these guys and they pull out a jack and a tyre and they lift up the car and they change entirely leaf. Like you, it is normal, but it looked very suspect so to think that you're ever gonna know where the enemy is and how their in deplore, It is very, very challenging at best you do the best. It doesn't mean you don't try. You definitely try, but you you, get all that information used, don't get it! Those you Eddie, how how high are those depends on the? U Av, so I can these can they see him like can people him or they depends on the USA, like I'm not. I don't know what the classification of all that stuff is some other good about it. You know, I just know that Diego different heights Only with the work on the internet, you can see those in others videos every once in a while. The others have on play anything dangles, guy, stoning and see that or in autumn if they do or donor good optics too
real good optics, I mean just imagine, yielded optics that we have in the civilian sector even those are good enough to be. Pretty amazing is so talk about knowing where the enemy is. This lesson was learned the hard way during the initial stages, the battle inside the citadel during the first two major clashes between Marine and Nva forces on the morning of 13Th February, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight the enemy, surprise us and we took significant damages very quickly because we want exactly sure where they were, although the the in which the of the south whose army had been in several major battles in I the citadel. I do recall receiving any intelligence attribute, it should to them regarding the enemies, exact location. Further to my knowledge, no Marine Recon unit was sent to check out the situation before attacking on the morning of the thirteenth. So. That's rough and I'll. Tell you One thing that, from my mind, where's the enemy. The aim is everywhere:
have to approach things as if the enemy can be anywhere and the only way you can know that they're, not where they're not everywhere, as when you take something down new secure, that's when you're, not there than you move on, we I commend that all intelligence assets, recon units and surveillance devices that can be made available are deployed in a significant effort to fix the exact location of enemy soldiers and units. Again. This is you can see where this is a common out of this. For these guys, they must have been completely outflanked Alla time where they were thick and where is the enemy? We need to know where the enemies- and it's really hard to know that the enemy battened. Who knows where his enemy is hiding experiences. This experiences a decided advantage in prize and the deployment of fire power. Of course, now again, this doesn't like to seen its hard Daphne doesn't mean you may get it doesn't mean you don't put up you ain t, so you can see, maneuver doesn't mean you, dont gather entails, doesn't mean people should report back in and expand
where they think the enemy, a sweet least, have an estimate, continuing combat Urban combat tactics, the tragedy of urban conflict is that the battlefield for each firefight is a neighborhood each objective, two, and is someone's home or a school or church, or some other structure that has value and four and more or less significant meaning to its inhabitants, consent the possibilities. It is not difficult. Matching tank battles across mall parking lots, mortar fire hitting a church, a hospital or community center, heavy small arms firefights between homes and artillery barrage schoolyard while these images may be grist for the mills of Hollywood, when we think about them in relevance to our homes and our neighbourhood, schools and churches, the tragedies, somehow increased. However, it is our collective belief the life of one marine is more precious than ten one hundred homes, schools, church
is shrines shopping malls or any other building known to man, therefore all efforts should be made using any and all weaponry available to stand the enemy and support Marines advances through the use. Supporting arms and without regard to damage to buildings so clearly the whole idea that the started off with the the rules of engagement that were restricting heavy fire power because the historical nature, the city, a if you don't want historical buildings destroyed, don't have a war. And if you think we should say If a building in that because the wife of one of our brothers not happening
continuing. At the same time, the use of heavy weaponry and urban combat isn't an two edged sword, as are many assets in modern warfare. Rubble can be nearly as effective as a building for protecting me firing positions further artillery and other flat trajectory weapons may be somewhat restricted by the height of buildings and their distance from each other, any cases. Mortars, although smaller in caliber, were superior because of their higher trajectory so interesting way. Indirect fire. Indirect fire taking the indirect approach is often better than that. Flat trajectory. I'm gonna shoot through your front door. No we're gonna lobbied, surrounds on you, so we about that. When we are dealing with people punching when the face is not as good as coming from an indirect position, Dont quite see where it comes from, but still gives him a little back in the it even to the point where he says the young
even though their smaller in caliber. So even though. Somebody does something that you want to straighten out on. When you hear him in the face, we know what the reaction is. They get offensive. I love it when we come from from a flank indirect fire its smaller calibre, not even as is doesn't hate his heart, but it's more effective to more effective indirect fire all day. Long continuing, supporting arms, supporting arms. The most effective are most effective part of danger, close to minimize the potential of friendly casualties and maximize preparatory fires. To support the infantry attack during opera, and wasted in the most effective indirect fired during danger. Close was from an aged gone. We recommend, supporting access of fire be perpendicular as well as parallel. Finally, in the event as The case of operation wasted that, due to political considerations that proper preparatory fires would now
be allowed that a variety of artillery fire such a smoke delayed fuses, high NGO can be incorporated with the infantry attack bind arms. Training for urban combat is critical to cover move that's worth supporting arms. Do they lay down cover, so you can maneuver other advantage. The preparatory fire include the destruction of the camouflage of enemy position, the psychological shock factor against enemy troops and the fact that heavy weapons can create new avenues of attack and negress. For forward vehicles. Pretty straightforward, one of the most effective aspects of supporting arms during the battle of wayward the killer teams that evolved the M forty eight tank and the end on toast onto us is like up it's. It's pretty crazy, looking machine, it's got a hundred and sixty four hundred six millimeter like cannons on it, and it's got six of them and their
Dickie. Now that is a light armoured vehicles. It's like a tank aunt I take vehicle bottom onto- prepare up and maneuver together as a team. This would allow the tanker the answers to maneuver into a good fire position where, while the other covered, Cover move, thank you, Further, the devastating fire power put out by the ninety, no matter ten cannon and the six one with six of the outer turned out to be truly beneficial because their capabilities to deliver pinpoint firepower armoured vehicles can provide many benefits to the infantry engaged in urban. Combat as they provide some cover from its enemy small arms far, however armoury you can also become rocket magnets, producing casualties, Frank Infantry troops in close proximity. He's gonna see that target and they're gonna like it and years advantages to having that power, but there's also
minister. You have to always way those things out as a leader. You have to pay attention to this as a leader, you have to think Every advantage that you have there's gonna, be some negative too. It is going some disadvantage. When you bring and avenge the table, as can be summed it disadvantage, in jujitsu right for you to be superfluous. When you're not that strong restoring another flexible here your cardio doesn't last wherever right, so there's gonna be advantages and disadvantages that come with each asset that you have. So you have to you gonna go for full ox. That's cool you're, giving opposition is all kinds of things you have to wait as outlined his leader. We have to look, don't get don't get rap, around the positives of something great. Just just Pastors there's not just positives, were for really anything that just straight positives across the board. I, I guess right sure we could think of some yeah sure you can.
Continue other than instances of harassment and interdiction. Fires. Buildings that are hit by heavy weapons should be attacked immediately. This, good buildings there if I have you ever, should be attacked immediately, don't hesitate. You catch pull off guard, don't hesitate, don't hesitate. This happens This happens in in everything we we get. A good a good position something an advantageous happens. We hesitate indebted to any advantage, we gotta hear and then. And we did we let it go. We're happens a business. Do we get to? situation. Oh, we finally get the we finally get our competitor to make a mistake. Are we get an advantage position and we said the instead of just finish, the job here, which is a big bad thing, do now.
Remember that when calling in fire missions, you can request splash, your friendly troops have time to take over mealy prior intact impact. These call anybody bombs right on top of a lot daytime operations, the use of covering smoke is often helpful and Marines. Both tackle cross open areas. As was Lord Dern Opera, wasted. He even with proper support of heavy weapons, which was ultimately provided to Marines. We faced hard core northward vietnamese army troops, who fought from Paris heard positions moved a secondary positions fought again and finally, very reluctantly died in the capture of each room, each for each rooftop building each street, it was ultimately the marine riflemen who won the battle, it is as a leader as a leader. You always have to remember that line right there in the cap,
for each room each for each with top each building each street. It was ultimately the moaning riflemen who won the battle, as meter. If you think that, all you need to do is make a good decision and then you're gonna win you're wrong the folks on the front line, have to truly understand what is happening and they're. The ones are gonna carry the day and you could come up Best battle plan: ever you could come up with the best strategic business plan ever and if you'd have folks that are engaged in willing and are gonna, take the fight to the enemy and are gonna win that that foothold they're gonna entered one billion go out and sell into whatever industry you're trying to get into it have people that you trust Better trained that are ready that are prepared. Few have them best path. Battle plan in the worlds in your work.
Is critical for aid for two units snow. Both the capabilities, as well as the limitations of supporting arms. No you're limitations right. This is again the positives in theirs. Negatives,. Another aspect is supporting. Arms limitations has to do with helicopter support, control is not very forgiving to helicopters. It may be forced to make an emergency landing helicopter, it might be reluctant to fly over urban terrain. No, these things. One very tragic aspect of using supporting arms in urban combat is that the likelihood of civilian casualties is very high and at least situations that we are aware of. The envious used civilians as screens for their infantry troops and fire missions were, of necessity called
on those positions. So no expect pre discuss these things. Let your team understand, put them in Rome place in areas where they have to make a decision on what's happening, it's better to think through it twenty times in make twenty mistakes. While we're doing some kind of a role play scenario it is to have to make that decision. For the first time, when you're on the battlefield. You can't discuss you can't debrief, do not to mention the stress. It's gonna carry out there. Absolutely, Use chemical weapons
during one five battle inside the Citadel fortress, which was kicked off on thirteen February, nineteen sixty two battalion progressed a total of four blocks along our avenue of attack and had secured a toll of sixteen city blocks within our assigned area of operations. After nearly two weeks of heavy street fighting and after suffering, nearly fifty percent casualties at the hands of a well prepared, determined force of envy soldiers, a force that finally asked made it that was finally estimated to be nearly eleven thousand strong and waste in the way city area of operations. On February twenty fifth nineteen sixty eight marines- from Charlie Company shot off three ie. Eight gas launchers about forty CS: gas: grenades toward the enemies last known position the next morning. One hundred and fifty two control of the remaining twelve city blocks in about three hours without a single casualty, because the Nva was not equipped to deal with tear gas attack and was forced to withdraw so we're
from fifty percent casualties, desirable, taking a different approach. Utilizing weapons that no one was useful, utilizing the enemy we had never had not seen. They have Yes, master is how to get out of here in that e gas walked launcher it's like a suit case looking thing and it's got tubes that have eight rounds, each of them and it fires. Unlike second sports we're talking like a gas. Especially the shot off three of them. You'll want none of that No one can ever be certain that the use of chemical weapons would have made a difference in the initial stages of the battle. But Any of the veterans of that battle have often wondered what might have happened if the EU had been deployed in the early stages of the battle, we recommend
judicious use of chemical weapons, such as to your gas, etc for combat operations. Administration, planning and preparation, inherit complexities of urban combat are such that special attention needs to be paid toward planning preparations, training Training training practice makes perfect. A coordinated marine attack on an enemy held position in a town or city, to be equated to an intricate opera or Broadway doctrine, although the stakes, bid higher and Protect makes room, search and clearing techniques, voice, commands indicating movement or progress. Fire discipline, the use of age rocket, supporting fires, communications. All These must be rehearsed and improved. Till. They are second nature. Second, nature, I was talking to you the other day
You were saying something about my eighteen took that it was their quickly this year and I will say in its second it's I should have said at second major, because what I did tell you is sometimes I become aware We'll be rolling and almost on a black I've gotta guillotine right. Now I ain't even this way just showed up there with zero fought whatsoever. That's how you need to be if I have to think about putting a gdp on someone. Then that means they have time to think about defending grip, divided think about it. It just happened to certain yeah and ended in net the split hairs, it's less about the key teen. Specifically it's just about your hit like what you call a head control unit. The Chintz draw its that were that arrives, and then sure it'll become guilty for sure or a cobra. When one of these other treacherous, Move you like to implement it.
The time near. But yet, like like your head, why feel like I've? like its second major from ahead to just landed. There is what it feels like a future, but I was here it's your fee, oh, no, but that's the way we want a trade deficit, trade and, I would say I'll, add to this that what we want to train is monitoring for chaos. We won't turn from mayhem. We want to train for the enemy. To do things were not expecting. Thus, we want a trained for causing you train for the enemy is not x, you that you're not expect and we do- you actually get good at reacting to you know- you can get good it at scrambling. We introduce to you, can get good, The ending up in positions that are beneficial food, oh conscious thought, but because you ve scramble enough the night. You know what you're looking for these little LISA things are going to happen when given Underhook Imma get my hips in the right spot on the move my head over here. That's what we want to do ya like behold.
Almost cliche saying to the get comfortable being comfortable tied a thing. You know it's a gay changes to be uncomfortable, ordered, betray NIMBY in being York into deal better, but I'm trying to get something I'm trying to reach a different point here. My point is this: if I let's say let's say. Here's there's a through z situations. I can put you in and are all different if I train you for a and b all the time, when I rode- you entered your eyes, if I throw cute. You you're you're lost me, I train you, so I get you a b, but then I start turn you d s tone you ef. I start phone, you m you! start to realise that even in these disk scenarios there
some commonalities and there are some base positions that you can go to. That will allow are you the time to assess and make decisions? More? Certainly you can you can get good at chaos. That's what I'm saying you can get good at chaos good at. If you can say. Oh when I see things happening, that I dont understand, here's what I need to do. I need to find a good covered position, hopefully elevated. Where I can look around. I need to figure out where my troops are. I need to do it very quickly. I need to identify a problem terrain feature that I can move all of us to in a rat. Manner, so that I can get controlled situation right there. Now, with those things that I just said, hands get in a position where I can look around I'm going look for it
for your where my people are to look for a prominent terrain feature that I can utilise as a stronghold guess what I just solved for just any scenario that unfolds that I dont understand. I have a plan, I plan that I can actually implement against any situation. Think about that oh. If I get a contact front, I have a plan or we started a card Shot up from the front I weren't in open ground, I have a plan, its assent, operating procedure. Oh, I start getting shot out from the front end we're closed rain. I have a plan. There is a specific emitted action. Draw we're gonna perform a wait, a second I'm getting shot at, I'm not sure where it is. I hear screaming. I know that we're getting hit from multiple locations, what away need to do. I have an immediate action for that too. I'm going to find cover, I'm going to look around I'm going to try and figure out where my troops are
look for a prominent terrain, feature that we can move towards their now the sun. The chaos isn't really cannot spread. Now, the sudden I have a plan can again can actually apply that plan to almost any scenario so, the more that you train people for things that they don't expect and don't understand the better they We'll get it dealing with those things and that's very positive. Moving on. Further Plans must be communicated and rehearsed at each level of command from the fire team to the company and above it sounds like guess did not have the decentralized command in terms of actually knowing what the overall plan was concerned that the fire teams were there. In opposing the fire team levels were little bit lost at points
in particular platoon commanders, platoon, sergeants and squad leaders and fired team leaders must be aware of each man's assignment include, who goes into a structure first, who covers cover, move Nowadays, because we ve done in the: U S, melter, it's done so much urban combat in the last. What has been seventeen years every military unit in the: U S military, they can take down a structure and they do it well and they do it off of standard operating procedures, not off of a specific plan of who goes where. Continue on her hand and arm signals as well as vote. Commands should be established and practised, and the last section is called command and control
in full scale. Urban conflict, especially in situations where enemy dispositions are not well known. Initial contact with the enemy can be a unexpected, be at very close range and see massively devastating man and control the bay. The Marines connection to his leadership can disappear in the blink of an eye during operation way, city Charlie On five lost all of its officers, except for two sergeant became platoon. Commanders Pfc were squad leaders urban combat. It would not be at all surprising to find Pfc as platoon commanders, given the potentially high casualty rates, the critics factor for unity. Survival in these situations is that units ability to immediately determine the enemies position and to return. High volume of sustained fire on those positions allowing
Maneuverability, despite the situation with a jerk met, her too critical things there covered move as one, decentralized commands to that's what They're talking about you to be other, put down high heavy volume of sustained fire on positions so that you can maneuver and At the same time, you need to be able to do that, regardless of the situation with a chain of command decentralized comment. During the first day of one five involvement in operational waste city For company lost it seo its exo and much of the company cp group of nurses, The alpha was pulled back the battalion rear for real, organization. Loss of a few leaders effective. Eliminated an entire company. Also delayed the battalions, attack, blunting or initiatives. You grab a plan if people go down whose taken over
That's gonna, be that's gotta, be ready, The individual marine who is under heavy enemy fire from very close range, who may now be cut off from his team and or squad leader, needs to have been thoroughly informed of communications codes, lines of departures, lines of stoppage, friendly unit dispositions and the ability to call in supporting fires, conduct contingency plans. What does that mean? That means the. Troops need to understand what is happening in short in urban conflict situations command. In control needs to be understood at every level down to the basic marine. Based on our experience, is during operation way. City expect the unexpected expect, chaos and plan for all possibilities And its side, Scott Nelson First Lieutenant commanding after Charlie,
one five, Nick WAR can Lieutenant Platoon commander, Charlie one five as Kurd Second Lieutenant artillery. Orders are attached to Charlie one five and John Mullen staff Sergeant, platoon, sergeant, Charlie one five Nick WAR is his name w a r r. Please stop to be born without war was he's in the Marine corps, which me, my name, is actually war, so yeah an end to hear from these guys- and- and this is this- this document, which is now wells, Fifty years old, nineteen sixty eight and they're still lessons learned in this data, Why, too, really apply to everything applied a life?
to urban combat, applied a business by leadership So there you have it and of course, when we see the way Bobby, we can recognise it more. We can see it in more things in it makes us more effective leaders, regardless of the battlefield that we're on to read and appreciate the lessons of the past and echo speaking of. The way I know I know u, Jitsu is sort of. Beneficial sort of. Full in allow us to understand the way more clearly and perhaps even more broadly, I don't you anyway nations of how we can t get in the game and stay in the. U S I mention G2 is like a waiter, nice things,
its soul it such metaphor, to use. A word metaphor seems like it's like detail. It like it is life in so many ways like all. Even this thing that I'm listening to the red unlikely. Just to every single one- oh I just don't want to bore born with ok, more digital stuff as great as that on the job so far ass. It we did. I was talking about the fact that I I have to give credit some credit to judge you for sort of revealing to me the thread. The title, leasing, scholars, J P was in town and we were rolling Jujitsu yesterday and I was thinking as Likewise, we were done. I was thinking man when we were in remedy well years ago. I was a backbone jujitsu like I
like it was beneficial for me, then, to a bit of black. Don't you do not because I wasn't going out and grappling against the enemy, but, I had already started to connect some he's dots and it's very, very helpful in life. It's also helpful because is a physical representation that you can feel. And you can see you it's not a theory there's theory behind it, but it's not fury it's happening to you. Therefore, when it happens to you, you have something physical, something concrete, something that you actually spear It's not a physical level. And that allows you to understand it metaphorically better.
Like when you get caught when someone's trying to choke uniform, they are mark you, you just got flanked matches hat. And to you, it's not metaphorical, you You truly understand what it feels like to get flanked. If I explained to you hey where telling you this thing over here, then I come out you from another angle. You stand it your duty, you just starting to grab grasp the concept but didn't happen to you. But what I'm trying to choke you in you. Go for the defence and import you get our market. You didn't see it coming at all. You feel a flight. He feel the effectiveness in real time in real time Then that's why it's very beneficial to train some of that. Do you expect He hates me laws of combat feel them You will have a better comprehension of
it injured. We don't get in a rustle that stuff, but we get to like fight. You know I don't If you can keep that in mind, and then you can go on the other side of the spectrum where it's like so you just fighting with your friends with no consequence where I think alike, time. Wasn't me Give me a few hey. Let's go train right now. What we're gonna do when you say, let's go train sure we might go for some time were fighting, but without real consequences were win or lose friendship. We don't get injured. Freedom in our resolve that stuff the, but we get to like fight. You know, I don't that's. Also good yeah So in his thing, like his thing, like some people, and I think we most people like we'd like fighting, but we don't wanna like fight people like one of fighting. Everyone knew well because then you can get arrested. Well, sir, mostly
like, I said we'd all in this fight. Because it's all kinds of different reasons or whatever, but when you can. Just we need to have the opportunity to to fight someone with no consequence just to see how it would go. You don't like it, Even these huge, huge men, guys, we're like seven feet, Orange conscious, huge young men and stuff like that, You know what a necessarily fight them but you're like would be like role with the fight with that guy. You know, when you did, he gets a you get that get that opportunity straight up you. What are you gonna terrified this? I wonder how many while their wondering Pieter Feith Chuck. But to sail, beat him up, not to say I wouldn't buy. I wonder how we would be that in a lot of people show up at the gym That's exactly what I don't if one is, is, does amount of their white builder. Blackboard spirit is too, like yeah, see see how that that experiences. You know you can easily smiling fully.
And really when it comes down to a mere, unless your turn a hurt, someone, you know, there's a bunch of different ways to hurt someone. If you want to hurt them, could you dont like home? We think they should in a they deserve it all. This stuff is not about that. It can be but that for sure, but that's not ultimately what it is it's more about like. I wonder I wonder how it beat a fight that person in there when you start to learn more and more and more you just you really just enjoy that activity like I like right now. If I wanted to see, if you have the time or whatever mean you, we could go through. You go fight right now, be like in a good, safe way, wrap this up, then but you see I'm saying that's Do anyway, ok are back to the path that the path in approach part of the path by the way you would it be you without you did. I, wouldn't you wouldn't even be like happen. I would actually you knew. I was be happy at all, especially if I knew but
hope that I wouldn't have connected things that I vegetative connected for me. There's something else. I would not be. Who I am I am going to straight up. I would not be who I am about to get here. You won't be, who you would not be on this podcast without gets? No, I couldn't talk to you, stretch anyone gets as we go through this tragedy with or without you did your release. There's something without that there be talking about tv, shows an ideal. I fear will be like meeting your microphone resided. Necromancy sold, you did say hey. If a lifesaver seem saint there get. You wanted all candidates thing. But a year. You too, then, even if you're, trying to like it stay on the path of dragon, and I dig it men, but it's important when you're, when you try to get on the stay on the path b b on the path it
only feeding Farrell, it's only feeling. Ok, let's say: ok, let's say you have weapons training, sweet! Let's see you can drive a car really. Well call you get haunt you. Can your capable you can you know all this stuff friend, but if yours stripped away of like your tools, then, why are you know this man on man? Yeah? Just don't have the judges in this area, and this is more than just a real general like way to look at it. So it's like you watch me black meliodas. Eleanor carefully remember to hear about this may not even be the movie but It's a movie with one of the it's like this big wrote, creature right and then they find out is just a suit in in the inside the justice little World, Tiber person thing. You know their cunning,
serious, invited new digits you're our dispute glow worm. I would read the egg strong guy what everyone like all your tools were taken away. What are you left with kind of thing? Isn't it weird when you meet people that are that, like they do their like big maybe even their strong, maybe they're aggressive, but they don't have Be rather have a skill didn't have the skill right, that's kind of about that's a French. This is a situation that people might be listening and think. Ok, well, let's say you're, situation. We don't have the skill. Will you have two options? option one is the easy path, which is I'm just never gonna get that scope, we'll go near to judge I'm never gonna get in a confrontation with anybody cause. I don't wanna be proven to myself that I'm a worm inside of a suit. Or you can take the hard path, which is even though
thirty seven years old. I'm bomb that I missed out on the bar. Took me while, but you know what I'm gonna go figure this out go at least learn some of it immediately he learned some of it. I would take that you know, I know it's hard cause people You know we are when you get older, you dont want to try something. New threats are, even though its prove it that law Something new is completely beneficial for your mental physical Health year in ice. In Yeah, it's not all like pleasure, double roses and stuff. No, no did you know, there's some their struggle in their brahma. Tell me about it. There's theirs there I had a little, Mr Dimas I was internal position, the investors shoulders he leaned back up. I was internal position now inside control for toys two minutes the other day and that the struggle
and also he was pushing my face into the mat and saying what color is the mat? like as they well was that for the answers now its high level struggle there, because the typical person you going to do that. Second happened to you so that like the struggles, the less so that's gonna get. Some of that has a purse vendetta Your existence has on yeah yeah. I think you're, the city called kill. Jocker does indeed yet factually nonetheless, are he's gonna be some struggle in there. You get a jump in there just like everything. When you learn golf, there's gonna be struggle now: you're gonna, miss their whole, sometimes brine up things, remember nay, but on a brush found fundamental level. It all things,
unless you need a key and when you get your gear, you gonna go to origin main decamp get an origin, gets best kind made in America from the cotton grown in America loomed or weave woven, moreover, in America assembled. So stitched presented enjoyed in a utilised in America actually can be utilised wherever, but nonetheless remain in America, and they are actually, no, not me opinion sounds like an opinion, but its factually there is actually the best in the world what causes the keys are awesome, but there is a problem the problem is the promise. You can't we're a key to the store, now, when I e to the rest, none Yet you where the origin pants anything I wouldn't mind. You know they had a pocket. I Roll out right, especially we get the black ones like it's not is now,
crazy to think hey, maybe I'll, just gonna roll out to the stores or maybe go take my wife For dinner That's, ok, I guess we got no Denham origin genes, dig it so those common gear, their not quite out yet, but I got mine yeah, I don't mind you doin texting, PETE. What I want to buy a busy man, he does a lot and I want to I don't want to, my personal interest started, create roadblock orbs me bumps this whole thing, but I do want those genes, so that's it so I got a balanced, the little dichotomy, my personal interest in the interest of peat in his discourse, unless I will have Wilhelm, we were when, under the come out, then Jocker in the process of common out right now we have the material. We are cutting the material now So in the material yet interesting cause. I don't really get excited about aims.
Or out and get it like new genes coming out early new. I funk I don't get excited about that can stuff, but for some reason, kind, excitement or retail. I'm a little bit excited about it. Because of this genes are american right means represent America, let's face it. If you wanted to draw stereotypical american human, they beware to pay Jean Pierre here's, the problem genes were made in America. Genes were invented America, Genes B came famous in America and then we sold our soul and put him overseas let him get manufactured oversees, something that shouldn't happened and so to bring it back to America does not feel good. Indeed. Yes, it does mixer. I dig it. The you have a back other coasts their teachers and stuff margin. If you can get even if you dont want genes, you get,
Irish right now I am an internet. Trumpery supple to join warfare. Krill discipline, disappoint, go. Discipline go so when I work Sometimes I have to work for two three straight hours without any interruptions got to be a resume, and so I would be drinking discipline and all of a sudden I'm an hour and forty minutes and and guess what I gotta hit the headlines, arrest and break you're. So that's where we made discipline go dismissal, just a pill tat we ve a capsule caps. We got the gotta goodness in it, and we also have coming the discipline going again yeah, that's like that. You had a yet yes in that There is one where like where we're wasn't. I did you just give you one in New York, when we were did the new year tat. I had one before that cop. They sent me so yes good. I got it
more coming today, hopefully, will be here, but yeah acts that are becoming Corsica Mark, which apparently Doktor Luke hates meant chalk. Chip passionately and yet heard him going off the other day. Why would you want to say to payments made to paste, so we have little disagreement to settle TAT one on the map, but just go with peanut butter, vanilla girl or something good and Don't forget about the warrior kid mark no kidding. It tastes like strawberry, nestling, strawberry, quick, that's what it tastes like this. Can I say that is that legal, yes oak? whether or not I can say I did said and its tastes exactly like that, I'm using exactly like, robbery ness these quick, but it has no sugar. It's got awesome protein and it will make your kid into the Neck
but this is something illegal written the next, squared away. Athenais, hey you guys are s name names guides even do, but so that's always remained darkened crop. To all my people, all my people up at all, Jim, that are working every day. Someone cotton stitching, moving shipping and make pretty much good after a big terms. Also, we have a store, scald, Jacko Store, you know stuff little bit more formulated for representing the path itself little bit skewed, but good stuff, on this new stuff on there too, by the way, oh really yeah, they, the traveller, travel, mugs, hunker, Cannon, new, I'm putting a hoodie up their black on black subtle, have Ok, I'll have heavy, yes, is legit heavy Lydia at every level. Like it's the head, is it the heaviest heaviest one in existence? I'm sorry to say no, but
There has been one that you ve ever made. Yes, ok, it's hell! It's I want noticeably heavier than the original slackened like you got it. No less bits off on their rash guards on their to forge you, forty due to represent, the path bigtime on now, and also you can do stuff with russian words as well, but we have some good stuff on there. If you want to represent support, stand the path that go Jackal stored outcome, here's the thing about getting new stuff too, and this is a signal at this were six year old, ECHO brain comes out here and whose essential ADA, but it still applies itself, and if this dawned on me from time to time session when it hit me, when you get like a new thing right this room, you get a new review, our six years old, bra, dont, even active life. I you know, I think I think you think the same thing as if you feel the same way. You all necessarily admit it special to me, but I think I think feels anyway. Ok,
you got a new humbling it or something that that excites me to get new. You keep doing what you're doing and I'll think of something more think. Surfboard think whatever we unless they go. So if you get a new, a rash guard, a new key, even new sock, sometimes new, shoe I've gotten your socks. Eighty two, forty three ragged sucks from on it for I get fired. Nonetheless, you get something you get a rascal. This is get after. If you don't have one already, you will be looking for the going to digital that much more than that good thing about like these things, there There is little girls, a pat on the surface its hundred percent correct, try it. Finally, I would say for anyone who has like usher to whatever they they felt it. That's what I thought I predict. Ike. I understand what you say:
Actually, it's true when people when you get the that's the classic classic seen from literature where the I think it's like dawning of the uniform of a warrior. They do in movies. Do the collage, where the heroes put his torn and then he put his webcam. On an even just when people see superheroes secret thing opens up at all: gear lawyer areas are fired. Yes, like the the said TAT: go into that chest in his or liking Mikey, the dragons, you know when he opened opening up the chest and filled with war gear. You know I ruling out of act as they understand exactly very get those same deal: Jacko Store, dot com you represent on the path get fired.
Up about stuff. Go she something like grab something also jock await tee. Still doing that, I'm still doing that big time, because I was never a t person with I mean I'm saying that's that's saying something cuz. I was never that each person, but guess what looking me I want kind of I only drink this tea two year Jacobite T person, apparently tat a dead lift huge eighty one hundred times actually been as regards the park ass. If you haven't, I the prestige reviews. So I yet fuel if you want, if you dont, want them, don't What also worry you kid podcast grab to downloads on a podcast yesterday and they me to say, subscribed to their podcast, and I said I don't. Even ass people described my podcast another glass, yoga kinds. I do it now. I just did maybe it's
yeah. I guess you and I had this discussion many times as a wider. We need to you, you echo people need to subscribe, maybe they haven't subscribed. I mean where a hundred and sixty two podcast deep, that's gotta beef were five hundred hours of listening. I dont think someone hit subscribe yet well. I agree with the fully surreal: can we cut this out now weak yeah? You wrote this. By the way, but yeah. Of course we can well. This is this. Is the carryover yes carry over. Oh, yes, look! It's us doing what we talked about before earlier today about doing things like because his destiny You know we got gotta think I think, Why do we want a waste five seconds insolence and tell him in it? Just kind of like what is it like, a boy called redundant or something it's kind of like you think everyone do you think anyone ever got to this point three hours deep into the podcast and you were, I said and subscribe and they reached.
Two there are like the homeless. Not yet all she do that area with a year. I let me say what you might forget. You might forget to subscribe to the warrior kid broadcast, because it's not coming out quaintest consistently at this time, but it is a great part cast for you or for your kids to listen to to get them on the path they also, if you have kids, that's it. Oh, if you have kids, definitely good one. If you don't have kids, it's not about was you can learn some proof. Fundamental, Those are lessons that you kind of forget. That's where I was two warrior: kit soap, irish oaks, ranch dotcom, got young Aden, warrior kid making soap. Interest, may have in his own business down some support. Whatever irish Oaks ranch dot com, real silk too, by the way, the at his leg, let me by the soap kit online input might play.
Uber in there and sell it. You can do that. I don't know you could do that even know that the kind of weird knowledge. I don't give a Youtube and that's where you can see, echoes, legit videos and get on? Watch the video make sure you re not unless we do have you two general. That is a point. That is the point because you know if you like the video version or you didn't know, there was a video version. You can leave comments there too. I read em I read you two comments, even though Joe Rogan tells me not to yeah coolly, do that's a slippery slope as if a comic comes and it like it's? What's that Where's can come. It is the cane that's true or pay. The true that, like
just like your same like it won't eat it's not a hard place with indirect fire, its indirect fire, but more effective. Like you know your nackerson it. I think that it has to be a little bit true. I accidentally I've told you this before, but I was one night I was reading. You tube comments to my oldest daughter, me because they were, and I forget it wasn't it wasn't- are podcast it was. It was a different podcast, a package that maybe people were as much on both programmes. They had a lot of really color
there were so they just eat Joe Rogan, saying to you like, don't read em, and this is why doesn't ag fat? He just you didn't, say it like a jack. I don't know. I guess I owe you can read. The EU do not always met rail, say like that. Yes, and that's what I mean so you just knowing that allows you to go in and in no like. Ok, you can read on, and you just gotta know that that successful movement of everything I would Jordan Petersen Like says he reads but like the impact of yes, he does unless he online, and I know you're going to tell him that I told me: that's like that's not a normal comment. Section is what I'm saying it's not like on Instagram, where it's like hey. You know it's like it's just the denim used to make these videos. You know this, but I used to make these videos like that. You know parodies of like Darth Vader goes on dates, and then I made this one, but those are my channel on our channel to channel we're still watch. I mean they're funny energetically, but I made this one bikini light Sabre,
bad. It's like yellow glory in them. They're just firewood late, savers at the beach or whatever viral well you're, not the evil, people watch em, but men. I look the comments on that man. It's like people. I think someone wanted me to die. He said Weber made. This should die. Like literally said, he was aiming about it. What were they aiding about it? It was dumb which is by the way the it's like two girls very mad at something and might have lightly down than they fight like and then, like sheep Girl kills the other one and then like spider man comes out, is basically all the problems that I had my how likely reek of video here as those I use dumb for sure, but brag you'll have to say that can comments I gotta die now. Has its down appoint the plane is yeah. You gotta get a kind of know that that that's not a normal comments me you too there, but I get it. I get entertainment out of it. It's pretty fun. Also psychological
warfare, that's on Itunes, Google play and be free platforms, and that is a album with tracks about out overcome various stages of weakness that you might occur that might occur during your day. Does organ say about that? Once get desperate consent, the its job? Go, though, by the way on the tracks, something also on it on it, dot, com, slashed Jacko. This is where I get all my kettlebells and socks. Like I mentioned, it seems odd, like my only just get socks want it, because if we can don't be ever what the ever look at this ox on it, good yet really good, Lex, from the wife Hatter. I got all of em, so weird flax, but ok No, when you want to flex at the at the people at the tac, I keep I keep wanting to use the term flax like in its modern way, as my kids use and I keep wanting to use it- keep trying,
I think you did pretty good, but no, I haven't really appropriately used yet. Will you used weird flex but ok on to me not about me, like you, were you saying about someone out now, but you're speaking to me know: cuz Casey had a video that was called that weird flex, but okay, and that's when I realized it was nothing actual think. Weird flex we're. Ok, no, you told me it was a thing. Yeah I don't use. I want to use it, but it's sort of humble brag right now, where'd, you ask almost yes, yes, like you're, bringing about something kind of weird to brag about, but cool man. Do you take an affair? That's what the answer cases was. Weird flexible. Ok was He was in a meeting a movie and you can like flexing that he was and ears I broke is outside the be more like hey like. I can turn my eyelids inside out
we're flags because flexible you see what I'm saying is nonetheless on it this way, yet you view fitness, thereby you d, you know how hard we all have home Jim's most of us and you know you wanna do you want some were kettlebells lonesome jump, robes battle, ropes like stuff, more good stuff to keep you on the path keeping shape does regal on it dot. If you want your mind in shape your brain in shape, then you should read if one reads in books that I wrote then call you can making the dragons best children's. Look ever for children under the age of six voted by me and you, and our children and our jobs actually, someone asked my daughter, my middle daughter, the other day, what's your favorite of your dad's and she said, might be in the dragons interesting,
my daughter, didn't. We didn't have any kind official like all. What's the best one, but the one that she always reaches for pushes for is where the warrior kid to readmission. She likes marks mission. So there That's making the dragons there's way the work to Marks mission there's way: the court working one risk where the warrior kid soon to be way. The warrior kid three writing is complete. John Balzac is Kneedeep in the art right now and that will be coming out the spring: I'm gonna get it on Amazon, for pre order as early as I possibly can, so we don't have another scenario like we had with making the dragons where we bought. You all bought a lot of them and have him on one hand, let's say digging their by everybody Chris herself for that one way, the warrior kid three will become an hour and then, of course, we got display. Freedom field manual which
awesome to see that impact people oh good, gift, to give to people at maybe no mere just german redirection, extreme ownership and the dichotomy leadership. Those the leadership boxer wrote with my brother leaf band, and they will help you with your organization and in your business and in your life, lead and win. Also, we have a salon front, which is my life ship consultancy. It's me it's late, Bab and J p D, now Dave Berquin, Cochrane MIKE's rally might by Emma there's a picture that Listen to what has been learned. The picture on the website, but he's not he's not one of the leadership instructors. He is one of the leadership instructor filmmakers report
hey man, I'm on the website, so that really are so what we do is resolved. Problems through leadership, go to a salon, front dot com for that we also been monster coming up. Two thousand and eighteen is going to be: may 23rd and 24th in Chicago September, 19th and 20th in Denver and December. Fourth and fifth in Sydney, Australia, got a trim, ownership, dot com, they all have sold out, and this will solve sell out as well, and when you go to that you're gonna get granular explanations, multiple angles: on how to work and apply this stuff, and if you can't come to muster guess what Ngos, we're all gonna e f online dot com. This is what we put Together took us about nine months to film, put together design. It's me in the rest the echelon front, team training, leadership through technology and it's available for. We wish
originally designed for enterprise for companies that we work with that have for eight thousand employees and we can't travelled open train them all. So we put this: Of all mine, It is also available now directed to consumer therefore my and our camp, and also we have over watch you have washed our com, where we are connecting proven leaders from combat aviation from special operations and were plugging them into companies that need leadership to win at their mission did it go to e f over watch dot com? If you need that and if you want to pass on lessons learned to us, we are kicking it. Donnie into WEBS on Twitter. On Instagram Anon face. Echo is adequate Charles and I am at jock willing and of course they
to all of our military personnel around the world who stand their ground to protect us. And also thank you to our police and enforcement, the fire, writers, the paramedics, an e m, tease the correctional officers, the folks on border patrol and all the first responders who stand their ground here at home to protect us and everyone else. I always say that time is short, but most of us have more than six seconds. The six seconds that Corporal Jonathan Yale and Lance Corporal Jordan Herbert had to make the ultimate decision.
And the ultimate sacrifice they could have had more time had they run away, but they sacrificed it. All they gave up. Their time, but we we still have time. The time they gave to us said are wasted six minutes of it not six seconds of it, not one. Second nobbut, none of it get out there every second of every day, get after it until next time. This echo and Jacko out.
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